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    Malone. Yet it should be remembered
1 hat debts which in Europe would be
deemed light, would here cause our psi),
pie to stand aghast. We are not used to
being ground in the mill of heavy taxation.
But the people•of Europe have been so
long debt ridden and down—trodden, that
the itighteat burden taken from their
shoulders seems to them as great an alle.
Fiation he the payment of the entire debts
of many of our most heavily indebted States,
would seem to their population.
It cannot be remarked too often, when
we are disposed to undervalue the pre.
eminent blessings of our government, or
disposed to denounce as robbery, even our
comparatively moderate taxation. that it
would be wise to recur to the condition of
even the most favored na , ions of the old
world. Cross the ocean to Europe—tra
verse that land in every direction—witness
her half-clad peasantry—her mud howls
for her people, and her pa'aces for her ru
lea: Go to her manufactories, the famed
seats other greatness and hor power, and
there witness her half•atarved, blear-eyed.
area deformed laboter3—not overlooking
the moral blindness and ianorance eleven
her medium classes,—and then, on the
eiMtrary, mark the officers and menials of
government pampered, amid this vast la
ser brae of human woe. After these
things have A been seen, let him return here,
and even die" worst of our misgovernment
will seem lrke good government; and we
doubt not, even such a one woul•1 sat•,
..wh e t we have, we priv: not to the worth."
JAMES Bilell .iN N
Subject to the decicton of a Nat 'mini l'o , ivent ion.
The Rail [triad.
We ara much gratified at the result of
the Rail Road election on '['u ';l ,y, and
hope that - it 'will be 'the means of induriog
capitaliststo come up at ooze and subscribe
the amount of stock required to ensure tl e
completion of the improvement.
The gentlemen who were most active
in-getting up the projcct of a Rail Road,
are , among the wealthiest of our citizens,
and from the zeal manifested in the prelim
ifiary movements, and their industry in col
!acting 'information and facts to show the
great utility df such an improvement, the
public were led to believe that they would
be the foremost in subscribing for stock
- when the books were opened. But we re.
grata.° say that public expectation was die
appointed. The books were opened, but
nest of the large .property holders visited
the room of Committee, and at the end of'
three days the Commissioners adjourned,
without having received the name of one
.of tae wealthy citizens who it was expec.' More Removals. The Alrxandria Gaz
tad would have the subset bed. says: 'The Custom House in this place,
We understand that the principal reason was we understand, theroup lily renovated,
assigned for this unexpected coniuct,is,that no Saturday last, by the removal of all the
the books were opened prematurely, and subordinate officers appointed by the Har•
that the effort to procure individual sub- rison administr,ition.' That's right; let us
scriptions should have been postponed until have ''a change," In IS4O, the coons
the feelings nf the citizens were ascertain. , said "a ehange"woul bring '.better times,"
ed on the subject. The election of Times , so let us keep changing all the time, or at
day thas decided that questi .n, and shows least until the coonskin revellers are all
that 'the people are willing to incur the driven from place and power.
cis necessary to enable the city to sub- Right.—The papers very generally in
cause te the road. But if the originators ,
allparts ofthe country are expressing their
ef this measure are now to lend no practi- disapprobation f
ofthe annexation (. Tex
ca! aid to the improvement, the decision of as t- the United Sots?. This is right; the people is useless, and the Councils,
the project should be discountenanced by
should take immediate steps to protect the;
tae-payers every honest man, we have enough villany
tae-payers from being involved in an ex- amongst us without adding to our stock the
poaditure from which they can never real.- immense quantity that h-is accumulated
is. any advantages, unless those who p r o - from all quarters of the Globe, in the
jetted the improvement, will act with that ''Great valley of Rascals."
spirit of liberality which the public expec- ! -
ted from them.
We would not say or do anything that
would throw an obstacle in the way of the
Rail Road; we have been among its warm.
-eat' friends since the question was first
broached, but we would be derelict in
our duty as public journalists if we did not
• notice any indications that looked like
throwing the whole burthen of responsi
bility on the ci y. To protect the pea --
platform this, the Councils should not con,.
scusemate the subscription of s3oo,ooo,until
it is-clearly ascertained that the amount re,
quiradfrom individual subscription can be
raised, And that the large capitalists, who
were moat anxious for this undertaking,
and who urged so eloquently its utility and
adioantages, are willing to incur a small
portioh of the expense of its construction•
If these men will not subscribe, it will be
worse than useless, it will be unjust to in_
Ire the city further in the matter, and
- 1 011010 2 .,
writiope the Councils will now pause until
they know the amount of individual stock
that will be taken.
If the large property holders will now
tame forward liberally with their subscrip
Ikea. the airy can then perform het part,
btu awn this is ascertained, we do not be'
tiara that any of those who voted for the
tat, Tuesday would desire that the Coun.
ails should proceed any farther in the mat
ter. If they hold back, we must reluctants
ly infer that they are desirous to plunge
the city into an enterprise in which they
will risk nothieg them.elves, and make the
iPe FirCt
tal c - paysr:olleftey the expensed of anivn.
prostit, the_ principal benefits of which
will acciiiito the large property holders.
The wholeamount of stiiek should be
subscribed befo're the city is furtbei com
mitted in the project. By the terms of the
charter,. we believe no individual or cor
poration, it matters not how large their a
mount of stock may be, can have more than
thirteen votes in managing the busioess of
the Company. By ibis regulation it would
be in the power of fourteen individuals
whose aggregate stock would fiat exceed
$7BO, to control the vote of the city of Pius•
burgh, and to make whatever disposition
they might desire of her subscription of
$300,000! This is a difficulty that we
hope the Councils will duly consider, and
that they will take the proper steps to
guard against such a contingency.
We do not make these remarks with
the s:ightest desire to place difficulties in
the way of a speedy corn mencement of the
Rail Road, but we write under a full con
viction that it is our duty to watch the in
terests of the lic, t t give the alarm
when t here is any pri.hihilitr of their
invovi.d in heavy rcsponsitii ivies for
the heu.tit ..f a few inditiduale.
The Ruff Road
By the returns of the election held yes
day to decide as to whether a tax should be
levied to pay the interest en the Vail Road
Loan, it will be seen that the measure
has carried by a largo majority. We con
gratulate the friends of the Road on this
auspicious result. Every conceivable
obstacle was thrown in th way of the sue•
ce,zs of t h;s project by Its opnems.
They re act.vely engag in every
ward—meetin : zs were held. and addresses
made, in which the tenors of hi 4 h taxation
were magnified to the extent of i.na,!rna
lion. In spite of these 4: Tort., th- majori_
ty for the Tax very nearly rea • ht-d 600
There can be doubt that this v f .t e is full
a n d eone!usire as to the wi-hes of the
people. If there had been a large r turn
out, the urikrity would have heel larger.
There might, perhaps, be room to doubt
the correctness of this position, if the ef
forts of the enemies of the Tax h d been
less enerrtic But they left no means s ith
in their reach untried, they were signally
defeatcd, and we hope the Council kill
construe the result as unquestionable
struction from the people to subscribe
5300,000 to the proposed Road—and that
they will do so the momont stiff) ient stock
is subscribed by individuals to complete
the work.
I Electione. —We will eoon bavo busy
times recording the roeults of elections.—
' They will shortly take place in Louisiana,
Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois and North
Carolina. In the first named State, the
I election takes place in the, first week in
July, and is for members of Congress. In •
diana and Tennessee besides members of
Congress, Govo rnors are to be chosen. In
diana, Goy. Bigger (W.) is a candidate fur
re-election, and is opposed by Mr Whit■
carob, Democratic. The election takes
place in Angus', and by the middle of
that month we shall know the result.
The election in Tennessee also takes
place in Aogu , t.
In inerrOers of Congress are to
be chosen also in August.
The election in North Carolina is for
ineinbers of Congress.
But the grandest struggle will be in our
own county; the contest of 1840, would
not make a patching for the bustle that will
take place in 1843. Perhaps there was a
little more noise and foolery on that acca
sion than we will have this fall, but the
bittetness of feeling with which the coons
fought the democrats then, cannot be co rn .
pared with the rancour that now exists be.
tweet] the whigs and bluenoses.
Chancellor Kent has been invited by
the bar of Philadelphia to partake of a pub
IL: dinner in the that pla'e, as a testimony
of regard and esteem fir his professional
and private character.
Otr.W Chapman sod B Debar are at the B t
Louie Theatre. •
I Washlmitates Birth iiay - awake ttaiiiik. i lelt • ' Tait Tors" ae.--7-The knovvrunetes -of Marc&
istailas• '6l.ll;aorttaiiiin article - ritt the' late comet, with,
1 The 22nd of Feb., was celebrated in One diagrams of he appearance and of manse.
HiMalula by the American residents inithe ; the moat extraordinary conclusion of which is
island, and the US ship Boston. The cer- that the cornet has been thrown from its pelioeen •
monies were very ittereittirig . and appros trio orbit by the combined attraction of the earth
priate: Captain Long, of the •Bostorr, made and moon, and is revolving round the earth as a
new acifelitel The article also strongly intimates
some remarks, concluding by ofreting a that the cornet had an encounter with the moon.
sentiment: 'The flag of the Sandwich Is. "Missouri Staodad" is the name ore
lands—May it float over them in triumph new democratic daily paper in St Louis. Please
as long as they stand amidst the seas." (:change.
The flag which has been adopted by
the people of the islands, since they aspi
red to rank with independent, civilized na•
Gone, and rent embassadors to the prinei.
pal powers of the world, to obtain an ac.
knowledgentent of their nationality, is a
combination of the American, French, and
British ensigns, under the joint patronage
and protection of which nations they con•
eider themselves. Three days after that
sentiment was offered by a 'Commander of
the American Navy, and which moved, as
our informant stated, the King and other
natives almost tears, the flag which was
complimented was torn down by vio
lent hands, and tit. , bloody cross of St.
George streamed in in.olent triumph over
the fortress which had before displayed as
well the tri- color and the eagle. Will the
tricolor and the eagle consent to be thus
displeased, and a feeble people who vol.
untarily sought their protection and adopt
ed their emb'ems, to be plundered of their
territory and their nationality ?—N 0 Bul
The Portland Tribune say:—Sornc time wince
we gave ar. aeconot of a man who hid been confi •
lied in our workli-use fur inure than forty years.
fie died a 'short time since et the agt of about 70.
Ile was deaf, dumb, anti blind, and foie more than
thirty-nine years had been confined in the
of the house,and daring this lime had irt commu
nication with a mingle individual , and lived more
like a bead than a Pittman being. Ile •lepi on
herd boards, an! wore navy a shirt and pan!a•
loons. flis fun! wit dai y 11191.1 fit n, when lit
ml , l rine., take it 111 el'. an 1 1 / 1
bard, whore he I c t. , lcri up ti I a er meal
wnn broui4 lit is 11,e name w:1. lf
In this manner It hit t c , •114,
nn^ in the c 1 ar in the unqi r, arid anothor in an
outhouse in i.u•nmer tit long period. Prcvi•
ous'y to his conhoumcut in the poodious-, he was
rive years a ten ant in the county jail. It paid
he war bri.lht and active vk h, ti a eh ld, but severe
sickness destroyed hia sp7ech and icarmz. P. 1 4,
gtaglig a violent temper and derrave I withal, tic
cominiiiel various crimes. uti.ch iridur:cd Lis
friend+ to coriti•.e bin. Ile ,:•:ce set fi
I.!hrr's house, ‘VhLri talco3 In 31:1 h, no2cr
,1; 1914 1 intenl^, Via? h• t ,••• it•lt „ re , Li
n 1., nurl
J no, and 1.,!;,.4:
r.%IT , IITA111.1? —The N 'w k rc
O r the Nation tl Intelog• -ave:—Durtn 2 tho
fri met FD's)),. , :,,v)».. , !• -) t I) »
drn3ry Astiir are hi be tun a .: ed with linen
jackets lodine in—one on the hit(, ”rt•very chair
reopect of (the s.ze Tani
t , dit privately that holt:the ex.en.n r this , airy
furnihin,zs is Lorne by the %enders fanc y toi+
pehderQ, as it is priemmed chit no r eri'leinan
he wilhoz to •'hit !rimier!'" britr , r. - impany
who is not diiritily provi!ed in this line.
Extralrdinrvy Despa'ch.—The St Louis Old
School Dsinecrat says, 4 •Mr Len 11,aeli, whole
sale dry roods merchant of this city, received a
lame lot of new goods last week, in !Wormy-one
days from New York, wly of New Ork•uns!"
Cn rai,•ing the steamer gieLti,whirli was sunl
in the St Lawrence a few days , ince, in conse
gurnce of a collision with the , teainer Lard Sy
&inborn, die body of a sailor and that of a waitrr
wore found. A boy vis known to bare be e n
drowned at the time of this colliFion.
The Wilmington (Dal.) people have adopted the
old Connecticut system, rektiva to travelling on
the Sabbath. No steamboats arc to touch at the
wharves, and no passengers to he landed. The
'nails, however, are to pass without. hindrance.
The wife of Wm 11cDale, of Bethel, says the
Nea , Haven Herald, was found dead, on her lam.
ily's returning from church on Sunday last. She
was much lirtiised and disfigured, and there are
sußpici9ns of foul play.
A few days si ice, near Johnsvilk, Frederick
co., Md., thr. widlw Wilson, a poor w , n).111, nzed
about 45 yearq,e rn , nit.ed suicide by banging her_
8(l12 feet from the ground oa alr e. She had
Lein 'always subject to fits.
aa - R , ,bert. Tyler, E:q. 'has been invited to de
liver an cration befare the Irish Repeal Associa
tin r f Dos ton.
Stows.—There have be. n smart snow storms in
'exam] parts of N Y S'nte
From ',ovation.
Th date of this letter is four days later
than the dates via New Orleans. It doe s
not speak of any new insurrection in Ha
vane, and the movement of troops may have
led the New Orleans writer to think they
were to quell an insurrection.
Correspondence of the N. Y. Ecpre.ts
HAVANA, May 27.
We are without news of importance.—
The recent ebullitions of popular will in
Hayti have some w hat aroused the vigilance
of our Government and a small company of
artillery has been sent by one of the steams
era to the eastern end of the island; which
is in a most defenceless Ptate, (nearly the
entire army being at and around Havana)
in order to protect us against any unquiet
spirits which my lend there.
The French Opera Company from New
Orleans is performing here with success
The Basso has been very well received,
and is much liked. Voizel and La Bor.
ghese also form part of the Company.
A new company of . Toreras' has also
lately arrived from Cadiz and in a few days
this favorite Spanish sport is to be open—
A :klonster
yelr; d:ar,
A Trinity anon,. the Ancients —Thm Philadel
phia Enquirer states that in the second of Mr.
Gliddon's lectures upon Egypt, that gentleman
says the ancient Egyptians represented some of
their Gods in Triads; and in superb paintings
from ancient monuments, the male principle, the
ferns!) principle, and offspring were emblemati—
cally predicted—thus showing that in the remo—
test times the sublime and mysterious doctrines
of the Trinity was darkly shadowed forth iii tho
human heart.
Money.—Th e rates of interest still have a sur
-I.risingly downward tendency. The New York
Express states that on Saturday last $50,000
were loaned on Federal Government security, at
two and u halt' per rent. The same paper stst,s
that Eastern capitalists who have re,urted to th.rt
city within a few days past. to procure business
per, have been entirely un.ueceelful, at
though they offered their money at four per cent.
per aunnm.
The robbrry of 11 - . e Trust Company is not the
only tragedy t,f which the town of Columbus
(I.; et) ) has het - n the scene. Mrs. Eitzsztru G.
TH t.1111.30N also been robbed of a j,!wcl (of
man,) .ir.d advis , tli with the public tuuc!iing the
r•arne, in wfortis lull IA to wi':
$5 Ravvaan —Left my bed Find board, vvith ut
any pat Cllaie or provocation, :sty husband, Ali x.
Thompson, to whom I Was lawfally married by
Squire lii-Kendree. The said Thcmp-i.n left
this city, a few drys since. for parts unknown to
his iOVlfl,7 ant dc‘oted wife. My liu-band is a.
bout twenty lour or five years old, bdt has not yet
arrived at years of discretion. Ile is about five
feet vi.. inch's in der:: compLixion,
I slow: hioh , nz rye, arid is usu illy sespicious and
dist•ib.tfol of tho.c he LikeF an interest in. Airy
one w ho will give in orma.ion of the above person -
u'r to roe. ~t Co'u :au., will receive the above re•
ward, arid the thinks or a most chaste, virtuo-is
aril c:ieconsoldie ait•,
C ,, l”mbils. 11.1 v 24
(o — Editnis wit., feel disposed 1.) aid the cause
of injoreJ Innocence, will please publish the a
Surely 'hie ALEXANDICS IP s a ayward chicken
t ramble from the al.eltering wing ofpn careful a
h en. an d we phould not be eurpriz.ed to learn that
he 14 of kin to It m of whom sae writ in sad he-
ToMill j Th un?s .n! Tumor; Thompson,
A lit•trlr: rorre•o , ,ndent of the C.,lombutt
rioirer, frreborl rig the anc ettri. , aitv of the pub.
lie, hai, m a ti,u long narrative. or.vel'e 1 thzt
t , 14 Or!. Or the Hi! start . ll Wench" ELILA.
ar - rii. We c urt it furhear nit oing a part.
"Hunt it reel; a•ii••,:t atz•n 7 or eight months ago
ri•ii ii,•,l kin from Sie , ,n art knunty up
here Se kouried a \f.stur Thompson,
i‘ater•no !!•in<, and neck
lire I np st a le, re ..bite Rua & Biro ;ro's
11;.11 I , lt Lamm Barrow's hoAtiur
.d slt
;di e• , ..cri him fir a short hole, he to
ft le — T;;Nrisa EM Fill' vs,"..nd f I !take ti • hurd
she I,rid • CJ1.7 , .• , n c n ;
rta," an tha war marryed The Lest rominin
be .wore she wan an aniril,ti ()man w6,,t jist sold
I ,•I,e I ririn't Dirt a pare of in 7
amt the tc.,s ri It to, Ile konsul:;rl seyral
wyern abom th • h, .t way fur him to go about
tak n char,ffe (tilos DULCVNEAR !WY T, an altur g t_
tin thur advise he watt to bur Annie to proklairn
him elf ••st i. 4.1 RFC I , P ALL MX ?UN VAYDP:. " lie round
that all warnt gale that litturi—ah, onfeclia
retch! had rieriortid his t cttur hal". she ar now
on the leek out fnr him, so site ken give him a
(atirkshunate kretur) for she
nriz didn'i knrry cony wi h him. She request.
ed me to any to t ifu could git enne infurinaahim
korismn , n hirti, that n vrul oblige her h 7 drappin
liiir R fu lyr•J. thro the poet 01 Trzei and 'hut she
wishes u to r kwest the Presydent of Texas not u
let him marry before she tits thar.
"fla r ho'y litme—hale saltr•d_tye,
%Vital bincs 2 gental soles 1;
On ckwal wings that pleshurn fly,
In ekwal stremes thar aisrrors run.''
Jist du all u kan fur the p 4 r • woman. 0 wim
min, lovely wimrnin! Judze sa'd in a
sw•ech he maid in the Kort II use on Greene's
tryal, that u was the konncctin lynk between
man and the Der I.
Cots fling.
country gentlemen lately arrived at
Boston, aixi immediately repaired to
a relative, a lady who had married a mer
chant of that city. The parties 'here glad
to see him, and invited him to make their
house his home, (as he declared his inten
tion of remaining in the city but a day or
two). The husband of the lady, anxious to
show attention to a relative and friend of
hid wife, took the gentleman's horse to a
livery stable in Hanover street: Finally
the visit became a visitation, and the mer•
chant after an elapse of eleven days, found
besides lodging and boarding the gentle
man, a pretty considerable bill had run up
at the livery stab'e. Accordingly he went
to the man who kept the stable and told
him, when the gentleman took the horse he
would pay the bill.
'Very good,' said the gentleman, 'I un—
derstand you.' Accordingly, in a short
time, the country gentleman went to the
stable, and ordered his horse to be got
ready - . The bill was of course presented.
'Oh,' said the gentleman, 'Mr so and so,
my relation, will pay this.' Very good,
sir,' said the stable keeper, 'please to get an
brder from Mr —. it will be the same
as money,' The horse was put up again,
and down went the country gentleman to
the Long Wharf, where the merchant kept.
'Well,' said he, 'I am going now.' Are
you,' said the merchant, 'well, good bye
'Well, about toy horse, the man said that
the bill must be paid for his keeping.'—
' Well, I suppose that's all right, sir.'—
'Yes—well; but you know I'm your wife's
cousin.' Yes,' said the merchant, I know
that you are, but your horse is not."
A landlord, named Biala, was unmercifully bea
ten in Baltimore on Saturday last, by one of his
tenan's named George German, who wag arrested
and nominated
()z:rMr Orrin Had! etn, of Dorchester, who re"
recently attempted to commit suicide, is dead,
ELlzAttTrt G. Tlic4trioN
A LL rwrsons Indebted to the estate of Joseph Porter.
late of Robinson township. Allegheny Count) ,dced,
are requested to utak,. immediate payment to the under
signed 4 and all persons having c aims agnin-i Paid estate
Will Please present thew prop erty authenticated for ad-
Justamlnt. JOHN SIHPI 4 O:4,
CONIESP orreascs.
To Bon. James Buchaxm►.
We, the undersigned, on h.-half of our
Democratic fellow citizens, entertaining
the highest regard for yourself personally,
and admiring your plitical course as a
patriot, a senator and a statesman, respect
fully invite you to partake of a Dinner, at
such time during your stay in our dlr . as
you shall find convenient.
William Wilkins, Alex. Breckenridge,
Thomas Wynne, Benj. Patton, Jr.
Thomas O'Neil, H. H. Van Arnringe
Thomas Phillips, C. McKibben,
Wrn. H. Smith, P. McKenna,
J Birmingham,. Geo. E. Smith,
James Boyd, T. Hamilton,
W. B. Foster, Jr. H. Toner,
J. Anderson Seri: H. Gold Rodgers,
R. Porter, M. Kane Jr.
H. H. Peterson, H. Cassiday,
J. Lavely, E. J. Roberts,
J. Sather, J.Anderson,
C. I3arnett, - David Lynch,
J. Fleming, James May.
J. A. Irwin, Hugh Sweeny,
John Rea. A. Burke,
J. C. Richey, J. McClelland, F.T.
J. Harnmil, Brown Irwin,
J. B. Guthrie.
"Pittsburgh, June 9,11, 1843.
PITTSBURGH, lath June, 1843.
Gentletnen:—F lease to accept my grate
ful acknowledgments for your kind invite.
Lion, on bt half of your Democratic fellow
citizens, to a public dinner; and for the
approbation which you have expressed of
my personal and political conduct. It is
truly cheering to receive such commend
ation from such a source.; and this will
givo me additional confidence in pursuing
the same course iir which I have won your
regard. As my enasgements require that
I btiall leave the city oo Monday morning,
it %%HI nut be in my power to accept your
invitation: but I regret this the less, be•
cause I have already enjoyed the profit
and the pleasure of conversing freely with
many of the Democratic citip-ms of Pitts
burgh an.l vicinity who }nye done me
the honor of cal!ing upcn me at my lodg
ings. I confess I prufir tihs free and un
reserved intercourse to the formality of a
public dinner.
Dutiniz my short vis . t to the city, I have
üb~er•ed, with great gratification, such
marks of returning prosper . r . ty as cannot be
mistaken. The productions of industry
and the saviu2s of economy have chiefly
liquidated the large indebtedness created
by past extravagance and speculation; and
e are about to commence a new career c,f
prosperity. How long this may endure
ki ill depend upon nor ( - ‘n conduct. It we
have learned wisdom from our late severe
experience, it may he perpetual: but if we
should again he curse I by the spirit of cxs
travagant Inrrkitig and ex'travagant specu
lation, night does ri-)t succe.-d day with
more um-rring certainty, than that we
shall suffer the inevitable penalty of our
own misconduct.
With entiments of grateful regard, 1
remain Ymirs,
Very respeclully.
To Wrn Wilkins, Alexander Bracken,
ridge, Benjamin Patton, jr.. H II Van
Amringe, CI ambers McKibben, Patrick
McKenna, George P. Smith, Esqs., and
New flampmire Legislattire
This bort.- met at Concord, and was or
ganized by the election of Democratic of
ficers. on Wednesday last. In the Senate,
th e Hon. Titus Brown was chosen presi
dent: 11. E. Baldwin. Esq.. clerk,
Moody Currier, Esq ,assistant clerk, with
out opposition• In tire House, the Hon.
Samuel Swazey was choson speaker by
52 majority, and Albert G. A lleu and Laws
is Smith, E-qrs., clerks. The Patriot
statPs that the Democratic mjority in the
House is as large as thirty five on any test
Mr Ayer introduced a resolution, direct
ing the appointment of a committee of ten
—one ;km each county—who, with such
as the Senate might join, should take into
consideration the expediency of inviting
John Tyler and Cabinet to visit N. Hamp
shire. The resolution was laid on the tas
The democratic State Convention met
ou Thursday, and organized by electing
Hon. Levi Woodbury President.
The Convention nominated John H.
Steele, of Peterborough, for Governor, on
the first ballot, by a vote of 151 to some
70 for all others. Gov. Hubbard was
chosen a delegate at large to a national
convention, and the selection of five others
was referred to the counsellor conventions,
as previously practised in the state. The
qnestion of nominating, euhject to the de
cision of a national convention, Mr Van
Buren for the Presidency, excited consid
erable debate, involving the policy of the
nomination by the state convention of any
candidrde, but admitting that Mr Van Bu
ren is the choice of the democracy of New
In the City of New Haven on the 9th June, inst
aged 77 years and 14 day.; Mrs Lucy Ann Shafer
widow of N. Shafer,late of Middleton, Conn., Mer
2 BUILDING LOTS. on Hand street, tetwren Penn
51.. and Duquesne way; Pittsburgh, at Auction with.
out reserve. 1 / 4
The above Lots will be sold nn the Feiniges, on Fatnr
day. June 24, at 3 o'clock, P. M.—Terntslll24P known at
June 15 Is.. .1011:s1 D DAVIS, Auct'r.
June 15—Bt•
I RESPECTFULLY present myself to the effigies* Of Allegheny wanly, as a candidate for the Mieriffilky.
subject to theactioo of the Democratic eouseurkteWll,lllb
owls on the 300 of August pert, , -
AS a suitable candidate for the ahove office. we pro
pose ALEXANDER PtiILLIPB, Jr of Roliiimou
township, subject to the nomination of the Democratic
County Con veto Lou. Ills zcaionx and unwavering map.
port of the Democratic party and its principles, and big
superior qualification• for discharging the dunes of timso'
Mike, Justly entitle him to the support of the party.
As there never has yet been a candidate 'elected by tite
Democrat is party from that township to any ales, and
t having teen always a strong deinceratle district, eire
think we may, with propriety, expect not to be cootie-
Pally overlooked by public attention'. We have not been
lit the 4,04 of office hunting, nor do wei wish to be
considered as each now, but only ask for a 'turrets those
favors, which. have been so liberally conferred on other
districts,l.o he entire exclusion of Democratic Robinson;
and shouldl; , lr. fellow democratic citizens of the minty
think with bs that it is lime for us to have • candidate
well, if not; still, we will, as we heretofore have ritten,
abide the nomination and give it our cordial rapport
with ou: former zeal and cheerfulness.
Wm Gribben, Joseph McFarland,
John Phillips, Jr Wm, Briiwn,
John Samp.on, Robert Porter,
Wm.: McCoy, Alexander Spears,
John McFadden. William Andrews,
James McMichael, James Shoreline,
James li. Stewart, Witti m Giasr,
Samuel R. Kirk, David Sampson,
Robert Sterling, June 1.5-11.
The young men's T. A. A. meets this evening
the 15:h inst., at 7i o'clock, PM , at Liberty
Flail. corner of sth and Wood its. Ben Tevis,
will be there, also several other young gentlemen
e ill address the meeting, Lidira and gentlemen
are reciv.cl:tilly Invited to attend.
June 15 W K INCA ID. 'Scotty.
Warranted equal to any now before the
DCr No fatuity ought or will be without It after a trim , to
East Palestine. Jug 29a, 1840.
Rle:srs Shinn and Srlle P.—Gtentitulm—You
ri collect that when I was in Pitts' argil, in April taw, t
purchased of von a dozen of your Verntlfage. To tot
Its viitue, (after having used without effect the Amerkaa
Worm Specific, and snme that 14 made in yonr city by
falinestork, and said "never to have failed la a 'lwo
Instance,') I gave It to one of my children who bad
(teen complaining for a long time. and I am happy?* in
form you. that It brought away • largo qtlardify Or
worms, and that myettlld in flaw zilinYinZ good health.
I have also delinsed of one or two vials, and I ifor ,-
sons who go: Uuw stain that It pro tined the bombast
it 13 equal if rot puperior to any Permltn:e
before the pubic, lam your friend, AND, CRAIG.
F , 0 , 111 James R. 1311'1,41021. City Treat'lOW.
Mr It, E. SetlerA:--10 IA with plearttre that I testif y
to the errry or the Win
rifnae prepared by you, I
hare found it to he the hest "worm medicine'. f peer MI
for my children, and w.mht recommend it to the puillie
.35 rneerlor to any mrd . eitte used for that onrorege.
ritisburgh,May 12,1343. JAR. A. ft
Mr. Ft E.Seiters:— T vial cf Verntlfnee ttouebt of
you come two r r three w. Ors since, I tore to my datakh
tor, according to direellony.ntid am pleaxed to ghee that
throe doreg produced an a untlant dl charge of worms,
tinvinz full rinitlenee to the effi!acy of your Vertbifute •
Itere'tv recom mend it to the milaic,
Upper St, Clair Up.. Allegheny Co. May 14, 1843.
Prepared ONLY and egld by R. E. Sellers Whole.
sale and 'ail Drugg4.t, No 20 Wood street, intent/Th.
- --
yllO the lionorahle the Judges of the court of General
JI Quarter Sessions of the Peace In and for the county
oT Allegheny.
The petition of Michael Kreig, of the 4th ward of the
city of Allegheny in Mc county aforesaid, humbly Mew.
That vnnr petitioner has provided !dowel( with
materials (Or th e aecomnicohlion of travelers and
at his dwelling hottee In tle co y and ward aforeraW,
and prays 0131 pill, Him Ors will he pleased to grant hhio
1 license to keep a ituh'ir house of enTeria nment. And
yOUr pethiorer as lit dii y bound will pray.
We, Theri,~~,,,,~of I lio 4th ward of the
rity of Al.ezhenv , .1,, (ri lily I hat the above peltrintnrr
is of _nod repute for I oresly and temperance. and Is
well provided wkli Mil-. loom and cooveniencles fur
!he accnmmodat ion and i 0.1.11...; of stranzers and - other',
and that said laver , .
G. llordon, MatthOur Voetrdly,
Louis ()Unman, C. Walter,
!N• Reiner, F. Gilmer,
.Ihm • fin vR. Victor Feil.n,
jdoe 15-3 t.
litaltLOß dit CO.'S
'pug ondersiened, arent+ for the Omen. cerebrated
inamp of Steel, will nln ays keep on hand an al
yort 'Lent of the SAIIIP, COnSktlflg In
Bea Refined Unit Sled, equaled, flal,ronnd
end Octagon,
do do do do axe temper,
Extla do do du for Ball cutters,
Rest e,) Double and Sinte Shear Steel.,
e.nelleh Blister, German. Granite, 'Vedas and Crawley
Steel, at wholesale, by the race. or In atnaller lota to Wait
purellawm LYON, SHORT{ CO.
June 24—(13m,tw6m.• Foot of Rood p,
ISt BOILER Board op
palmed by the Secretary of the Nov? •.to mallets_
aerimental irial:= of such invention: and plane, departed
to prevent the explosion of steam !milers and cottopahl
flue•, as they may deem worthy of examlnation.!' Fe.
quest that those persons who have apparatus to portoaag
for trial, will forward them to the Navy Yard, at Wash.
legion, without delay, as the board will be rimmed
proceed with experimental trials by the Jsth InOl.
The instruments sent must be on a practical cents, and ty
ready to be attache(' to their boilers; that which hashes*
prepared for the experiments is twenty fret lour, aim
feet in diameter, and has two twelve inch Mies palar
throltch it.
Navy Yard,Wavltin2ton June R 11343. rinnel3.3ll
OTlCE.— • l'he public are hereby cautioned usenet
k harboring or trusting my wife. R ACHIM, on my ate,
count, as she has left my lad and board without any
Just cause or provocation, and I have resolved 601 tO
pay any debts of her contracting after Ills date.
Jane 13-31* JOHN MeBRIDE.
My name having been mentioned both for Pro
thonotary and for Congress --a diversity obviuus
ly injurious—l take the liberty, under advice of
many friends, to "define my position," and to
slate in this public manner, trot Isbell be a can
didate before the D•mocratie convention, only for
the notnimition to C•mgrea , .
To the Voters of .1111eghery County:-1 respectfully of.
fer myself to your consideration as R candidate (hrtlapaa -
dent of parties) fort lie titre of PROTHONOTARY of
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election. -As I dotal
come before you tee° mine nded by a Centaenlisn, Mow 01
you to whom 1 nm not personally known will please et
amine into my qualifier' lions, 4.c.; Slid ifso fortunate at
to obtain a majority of your suffrages, I shall endeathot
by strict attention to t be [Mika of t be office, to satisfy yes
will) your choice• ALEX. MILLAR,
may 10 —tEtr Of PiEtsburgb:
A T the solicitation of a number of friends of all poi
.tl.lllcal patties, I respectfully pfler nly sett' to the roe.
sideration of my fellow -citizens tor the office ci County
Commissioner. That iny sentiments may not be vacua.
dcrstood, either as to political or private affairs. I make
free to say that I have been alt my life a cons:sleet Ite.
puhliran, in the true sense of the word. i A■ the county
is somewhat embarrassed In its financial affairs. and !be
reduction of salaries of public officers has received lbe
approbation of larce majorities of the people, the under_
shoed would not should he he go forinnat e a. r a be elec.
fed, In any manner attempt to resist lids !a Wiry
form; should it reach the office of County Crnimlasioner.
Clear tha rewrite for the Vdatiteers.
IV I LLI ANI B. FOSTE:R. Esq. of A Ilectiany City aril
he a candidate for the office of Prothonotary of Allegkeiy
county, at the October election. JD tie 4.
R. Ro'lj.,
Jaen!) [Away
John Haney,
L. hitlier .