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    iiViiirmaginna RCM
JT_TNt 12,1842.
Trades? UlllOlll.
o,!`"The•trernkrers of the Trades!. Union
muet hot forget the sajourned meeting tot
b?, held on Thured9y night.
, Theatre.—The entertainments this ev
ening are for the benefit of the obliginl
!'tieptit keepers of the Ilox anti Pit. Don't
forget them.
, 4allenge.—The Manchester Barge
club ban challenged the FaThon of ihis city
for. a trial of speed, over the usual course,
for `lO6 dollars, to come off on Saturday
June'Zt 'Come on, Macduff,' as the say.
:Tam Phelan, the Pugilist.—This notori'
T ous personage, well known in this city. has
got himself into trouble in New Orleans,
: :by indulging in what would seem a pi 0.
Tensity for putting his fingers into men's
pockets. He escaped the Penitentiary here
by thelngenuity of his lawyer (the Hon.
W. W. Irwin.) and was, by the exertions
!of some people in Cincinnati who took
compassion on him, released from the
'Penitentiary at Coldmbus. We think
Zlielf visit Jefferson, Mo., without doubt,
for this last offence.
'Pray, Doctor Sk uitz, what on airt't is a ho-n
. "Why, warm, you pervive I.lWt when the nor
lamal tour lase far procrastinated by a supera
bundant apples:inn of the oleagine ous, cid lions,
piperine, mustardific, ovipur ions components of a
erustacen-piscatory sttat, and its Orlon: and sli
cohnlic aceidmits, an undue expansion of the steam
achic integuinetas ensues, which, in the pregre , s
of its, constipating influences, stigma Liz .3 :he ccr.
ebrat functiws. confuses the nervepttesjstem,and
gives a scope to the horrors."
A man named Rubinson was arrested a tiny
tjaissaince in Paysun precinct, Illinuis,on a charge
cf passing counterfeit money. In searching hi n
They fouud upon his pers,n letters from six waves,
all living, that he has married in diti.:rent pirts al
the country. He had a wife with him at the time
of his apprehension.
The St Catharine's, U. C. Journal says:—A
sheet time ago, a steamb,,at, on her way from
Kingston to Montreal, having on board a guy di.
of soldiers, with thr .e deserters in custody, pot in
to French Creek f,r wood, where the anard. pris.
oners, and all, deliberately NI. a 'h..d tff, itioi.lt.t a
lia'rge concourse of Yault.•e D.,cr'les•
On the 17th u!t., the voili ty uI T.. 11 ttleza,
lOatria, V'tot visi:ed by a hill storm, which utterly
ilestriyed the e•opl. The ‘Valchinail ad is that
'the hail was as large as and !ell t
depth of tvro and a half feet ir. low pacvs, and a ,
gainst the sides of fences and buildings.'
The c;ty of New York owe 4 shoot S13,000,00(1.
The Mayer recommend, the stdi,limeot (dal'
,offices oot strictly meeszary.
Opposition Twelve tickers. each coons n (Iv
hold, r too priasage l'rum Nea• Yerlt to Alvanv
have bern sold for one doVar!
Tbe, city of Brooklyi , ,L 1, must ra;- , , this y‘'in
by taxation, $.117,11.50. of which $3 .?.,(11,M 1. 1.4 I:,
toreot on loan, $5,1100 for tit v e.tcin tia. of d‘i.
*4050 for ,m 1 re , :d ie, (F 4 0(10)
the annu LI cost ni g ei•y .
e kern item the Ch,rl othtsti , Pr—F•
that oti Fridnv , a 0 Ln.11.:1 11 " .•ri242 . 1 0 wzn tried
hz:fore the Exurnoo to ! Court...n the t h r,:t3 ulfor
ging the name of the M .ster _Armor ral I rpeg's
Ferry, and acquit'ed.
Beds and blankcns will b.• in drool t.l on the 17 h
('1 June. in Boston, in cou.cqo. !Ire ot 0:e a , ea ,
collection of pen•on: to witni , a, tin c f
Bunker Hill. hiany peryon, w,ll be ohli;red to
sleep 'as thick as two in a bvd '
IL is proposed to complete the tower or P ,u;'
Church, at Louisville, which k n:Av ontinkl:ed,by
raising it to a he'ght of .221 fret.
The amount of canal lolls recnivPd in N. York
during the month of May, woe $315,563 46.
There is great excitement in F. , ,ex en.. N.. ,
snit especially in the town of Sti;lveat..r, in eln.sc.
queneeof the appearance of hydioplinbia among
She dog=.
A Parisian florist. famed for hi; camelins.
X5OO worth of that flower slime during the Pdri--
ian season, for ladies' iivets.
The donation, and le , raeies Trade to hospitals
end-other ehari'able institutions in Parity, donne:
the year 1842, amounted to five milnrus of frn nrr.
Tbelast relic of the 'Well' of London has been
*obi by the zotporntion of that city, to I) , puled
down. It won founded in the time of Cutiqtan.
The astronomers of India have calculated that
the . recent efintet struck the orbit of the earth, and
will become a second moon to us. All moo i -
The New York Pleh:ian state.. that Sheriff
Hart had settled his d fricuities, and is again ex.
emitting the duties of his office.
As en evidence of hard rimes, st,me 200 bo:tioq
Of Madeira win^, sold in New Y rk r on 1 uesddy,
for three doll„r. a bottle.
Tho Yearly Meeting of Friend+, in New Eng.
land, will commence at Newport, R, 1., on Saint.-
next, the 10th inst.
There are now thirtv..two steamboats ... a ili ng
out a Buffalo, N. Y., with an aggregate tonnage
0113,304 tons.
Geo N Briggs, of Pi:lsfield, has hen nominated
by the Whigs of Massachuvt's for Governor.—
Davis (huneFt Johu) declined John Reed was
Dominated for Lieut. Gov.
A man named Poor, in Kent co , ;lid. has Lccri
killed by lightning.
The Regular Meeting of the Young !Urn's T. 4.
A..sociallon will 'or, held on this (Thor , dn,) Evening nt
NOTICE. 61 o'clock P, M., in Liherly Hnll corner of Wood and
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Aaron Hart , Fifth streets, over Davis' Auction Poem.
The public generally and young roc n especially, ale
deetased. late of Pitt township, arc requested to '
state parnent to the undersigned Executor. and those Invited to attend.
I Several addresses mac he expected.
having claims or demands against said Estate are re
gneated to present the Fame for settlement. By order of Com. on INl. , ctinvr,
CEO. 15. June 8 J. rionsErt, Seer
No. 2,; Wood st
may 22-3wd4 w
20 SEAMS 'Cap" writing Paper. ruled,
10 gros3 Bonnet Roar , l4 on consignment, and (or
June 6. 43 Wood st.
yrigsgausambeatJaatert Rout. now lying at the wharf
'St Pittsburgh. her furniture, tackle and apparel, in
aft respects in good condition and randy to take in a
'cargo, will be sold at public sale to the highettl bidder,
ssu Thursday the 15th June next, at 3r:o'clock P. 111,
The/antes Ross was built last fall, of the Itesrmaierla Is
pd la the most substantial manner for low water; she
'Will carry 200 ions of freight, and Is well calculated for
paissesgers. For strength and lightness of draught, she
Is not 4geelitd by any boat on the western waters.—
?erste tams known at time of sale.
SAW 30—d4 wtd
F.OIIINEf 'TOC Aa- Co., SueOestors to 3. .Cuth
!..7• rle, at the old stand corner of sth and Wood stR
havlngeempliett with the requisitions of the new Aut. ,
lion _haw. , re prepared to mile advaucee rte t onsign
ments and to sell Ott favorable terms. They hope by
continuing to make ready tares and prompt tett rnv, to
receive a fair portion of busineMt.
In retiring from the Auction Lusineo. I lakegre t
pleasure iti recommending to the public [desire. tamm•.
Fahnesinck 4. Co.. who have comp:ied with the require
ments of the new Auction Law and will do hii‘int-Rs at
my oid stand. .I. B. GUTHRIE.
auril 3 1;143.
New is the time of year "ior persona attacked with
Coughs, Coulds. Rheumatism, Gout, 4.c, 4-c. —To those
attlicted,a speedy cure can be effected by using
PEASE'S 110.912110 CND CANDY,
Watch Is , allowed by all who have used Ii to he the best
remedy ever offered r.r Corirrhs and Cords,and
an outward remedy. with the
nn inward application, la a certain and positive cure for
the Ft lien mat ism. Gout, Contracted Cords and Limbs.—
No one need , niTer from thez , e diseases If they will use
the above medicines. The cenuine to he had only at
TUTTLE'S Menu - At. Actars.
• pritea i.te and Country merchants tvltl he paroled at
Nicw YORK price.. PG Fourth Street.
1N put snarler of the provisions of the 4111, silt and Gilt
sections of an act of Assembly, passed the 11th day of
April, 1843. eni it led •, Att Art to provide for the payment
of the Domestic Creditors"( the Commonwealth, sale of
State Stockmand :or other purposes," them will he ex
posed In Fale,:lt the Merritant I: , c , •llam;r.. hi the city of
Philadelphia. on TuL, , twAr. the 13th day corium, ne%t,
at 11l o'clock, A, M., the 1 . 0110.1 , 1 g :docks Lwiteit by the
Commonwealth, to wit:
lira of shares. Companies.
5231 Philadelphia Bari.,
3750 Batik of Pen nsylvania,
254)0 Union Canal Company.
1500 Prn'a. rind Ohio Canal Company,
500 Che-speake 4- [M'awa re Canal Co.,
101)0 Navt2a:trin Company.
320 Bristol Stearn Tow float and Tran.porta
ion Company.
2905 Danvire anti Poicsvele Railroad Company, 50
2000 Cnitilierland Valley Railroad,
60 Sr liu ylk I and Poll:town Br idze Co., 511
120 -teltittlk ill Bridge Coini any at Matsoli's Ford, 50
640 Downingtown, Ephra'a and liarrilditirg
Turnpike Read ':ouipany
503 Sprlnghnitse, Northampton and Betlitellem
Turnpike Road Com Pan)", 50
350 Belmont and Easton do., 511
500 Ride Road du . Stl
51) Phila. Brandywine and New London Jo , :10
253 Philadelphia and Great Bend do
1500 Delawwe anti Sr hirc 11611 l'on;11 do ,
138 U Perkinitten and Its ailing Turnpike to., 11
328 Doylestown and 11. itlow Grove do.,
933 Bald Eagle, and Spring Creek Navigatton
A t.PO at the Capitol. in the liorntigh of flatrio,„„.
on itiitrity the 19111 nflone at 10 o'clock.
41111 11:1,0, and r Rrid•,:e i'n
2111);1 !' , .1711.'1•1 'ntnpa v,
41111 IN (;,,11‘,1.tug do,
COO Cndo s Nat - i..:ation Conipal,y .
( i.tr pa 1 , y
2123 it:irri , luirr, (Th rli•le
1.1(1 Clirt.hers .
Gap /trot Newport tin•,
- 2;0 %Vt - ty 11-4
I'd 1) 1 1 ,, •:!:11000.vn, l'lnirrldnvn 800 P.,CI
Conin-doga and BAr f.:311 do
580 and D.,llVoid do .
10.1 1..111ra,,er. .!c• Nliddletown do,
iUO 1:0011(• nnIK t-Itar
, - )11 3.111 Vo.rt, 1i.w...1;11
401 V.lrk all 1 Cl:lly,'ltirq 110,,
I1'; 111/11:1111i 110
pi,nl,,,l,urz and dn„
1110 ••••
717 i:lrr 0.. ia an,i L^n 1.1,,,v (1,•
7711 dn.,
HU9 1 1 ,4t . Tis•mvz ,
M .1 and li inn,l_.l. , r ,
2 0 tud . 1 "
1160 ren,C4t..e, nvddir . g and Von to2nl,lldms 0
1(11) ;L•,d •
k 1 ,, t) P
:01 :Zro,• , 11(le . 111 d 'Fur. pike
I Tot rn;.14,1• I
:AM V, out h ur
. .4)! Sort hit.W.crtn,l,
~r .111r1 , , nt If) 0 . 01) - 1,
rf er '
4011 NwrIl.1 , 11,1! er tali! 7.r1 , 1 . 4”
6:ql Danytt!. t'o- .
200 N(Fct)p,rl; d r ,
92 ' , fillet!
irMj Ceithe Colupa oy, (('torn P. 1(1111..!
4(10 I.) cornina and Purer Turnpike
:204 ne,rut own and You itgatatudown Ao., :At
9$ Lewiedurg ard Von rito own . - 0., ,;(1
128 IA in Weir?. and Jor.ey 1110 re
500 Towanda Prid - 2.•Coud , any, 20
328 3u-rptehanrin 11. irent Turnpike do. 1110
ALs'n—at Wiike4harie, Oft the 2001 day of June
nevi. at 10 0 clock, A. M.
.Vo. of share,. Componirx.
4.10 Wilkvo,arre Bridge Company,
250 15'ilke4i , arre Turnpike Co
5,111 Fil-qtieltanon and
1240 MOP - int and 0wn..79
3 0 0 Cayoaaa and Somnehanon
516 Bridgewater and Villkeenal re
160 Bethany ai,d lii ngroanr Cled. e
100 Ilthoont and Ogliqoae
154 (3101"drd and 11 - Oksharre
24 Catbendate and Inc:, awa nna
48 Laeknwanna
64 Sterling and Nnwroondland
96 Lenox and HaTmdny
Purchasers will he required to pay fort he storks at
the time, or immediately after sale. In certificates issued
by the Auditor General. in pursuance unite resolution of
7th April 1842, notes issued by the Banks of ;hie Ciim
monwenttli, under the art of 4th May, 1841, sped.. or
the notesoffspecie pailieg Banks. The transfer of stock
will tic made In a re:isotialde time niter sale.
J ‘111:14 CLARKE,
EV %NS tIOCEft.t , ,
108 MANN,
Corn's for sale of Stale Prock.
bine 3 —ts.
50 Rags Green Si. Ja2o Coffee, just receivPd, and for
sale by II 11 L7ll N, JEN N SCS 4. CO.,
0 " SACKS Dhio hers, prise article) on consign
e) mein, and fur sa lc by
4:3 Wood Street.
rikANilil., M. CURACY, At.orneynt Law. 0 f
flee on Stlist between and Sodihtiettl . i.p 8
Es'r 4A Hart•s emle
Pittghtirgh , A pril Ist 1843
Sale of Stocks
pif.r I'~nu p:mr
Ilarri%httr.7, Slav 24
rrHEpart ncrittp herelofore ellFtlnz 111 , 1 tv , en the silt,.
scriheri; under the firm of Young 4. Bradbury, In the
Machine and Sclite btulitless, fc this day dry , nlverl by
mutual J A M P,74 BR,%DHUKY,
June 7. 01tS VOTING.
i.) - 1 G,) DOZ. Corn Itrnorns,
f~IJ '4O 20 '• • Bruslieg • reerdwed and C.T. pale by
Water mt, between Water k !Sinn It'd
II T large and commodious warehouse N 0.61 Lih.
erty rem, in the occupancy of the subseriher, 20 feet
front, running through to Virgin z.hey 85 feet, substan
tially built, with the unexpired grrund lease of six years.
The above house Is in one of the heat hu.iness stands iu
the city for a Grovel y, Clothing Store or FOUtuiry
Warehouse, and he sold very tow and 110. , ..q.1 , M0ti
given immediately. Enquire of R. M. DAWSON,
on the premises. June 7,
rri RE subscriber most respectfully informs IbeldrVe
...l men oftltl , city and vicinity that he has connitewerd
the BOOT and SHOE making bulginess in Pearl h street,
opposite the Mayors office. Having been totems,' in
some of the most fashionable Boot Shopa In the Eastern
citier; and having furnished himself with the best French
and American Calf Skins. Inc hopes by Ills attention to
business to merit a share Orpublie pat rooms% To those
gentlemen who have kindly patronized him be returns
hiseincere thanks and can with confidence appeal for the
goodness of his work and know ledge cf his business.
may 11. KERRIGAN.
This is to certify that the subscrlber has been fur some
time afflicted with the Rheumatism very severely, from
which he could get no relief, until, being nrivis,rl u pro
cu re some or Dr. fitch', , INDIAN VEGETABLE
ELIXIR, which he accordingly did, and from which
after a few dose•, he was entirely relieved.
Columbia., April IS, 1752. SA M'L PEA CBF.:
Near Rire Creek springs,
Rirnland Uistricl,t3. C , April 30, 1838,
I certify, that my son, Thomas ?allelic!, Jr., aged 15
years. ha,, been Lroubled for eight years last pa. , t with
the R tiromatism, and for the last three years has 'teen
unable to help himself! Isis pain was very seVere, so that
lie you'd tint be moved without great agony; Ills llntbs
were naralized and drawn up, and he presented an oh-
hopeless to all who knew num, I resorted to several
l'lty,.teinn.: for relief for him, without eff..rt. Having
heard .if lir. A. Fiteh's Indian Vegetable Erzlr, I pro.
cured the same for inv son, On inking it he was much
relieved, and by continuing It to the fourth kettle, has
rut kel y removed the path, his flesh Is restored and he la
now enjoying good health. I would, in a rate of f; bea
m:lllAm, earartdiy recommend it to those who are ntfer.
ire Will this excrorl-ling pain. TUOB. MITCHELL
1V being nelehhors and acgnnintaneee of Mr 7 . 111111 Me
j 111 jichell, and having often peen the situation of bin non,
folly eotrtototate the above case, and, twi we believe hap
Itern cured by the Indian Vegetable Elixir.
Th e above, with a very large (wort men! of other
far *aloe,
ineilirierc, have prif In en received and are fir
rate liy ilir quantity or single bottle, at TUTTL.rs, :;r,
(IN Ihe qo, rhy of November a Fon of the snli-
A- 07 .cilli2r t amed J.1%1E3 KELLY, 1 1 1..t1100111 9 year.-
or ht. 11,, , ,: I n W;IP Free a fca days MA' In
iNirp , hllft:ll Ito bac a fair tnnipleilon and lair hair
and Is rather heavily built On 'he 30th of Ike same
'how h. his low or. boy then egezt shoot ten ycare,nl.n
it away 111 , name is Ell‘l AR 11) KELLY: Itr lias
hnir dark eyes, It is prolinlile that hoili the I.
may tlenv their trne I.3lllPti and lIIMUME ar her?. Any ire_
Ihrit.nt ion C01.C,r11112 them Will be gra chilly received ti)
, their Allicled Irllft te, PAIN KELLY,
, may 9 Progprrt street,
rum E undersigned will 11":IEP Iwo raring situaied is
X Elst Deer township, with the necessary tenenenis,
and R , tm 75 to UM Re HI cleared on rile h. A hin. mgr
fill,. N 1 ,11,1.11 in t,V, t (her township A Re 2 heny county
wit It rion• 71i to 7.3 a• rrii rivaled. TI e Blioye dr seri rd
pr•ipeiti il•a-01,161V 2 , ed repair. la% •eg ah wit 1
mile., froth tin • And within two noir ••
I of 1.1.! 1111%1 i•nd ant be or; reasohaide
Terms kit from I to • i•I ee ycarr, to good truant..
um - Fri:Am MUR It Y.
Mardi 131 11—.1 C.
Par ra u.
-141 r... run!
SA W-M11.1.5.
1 rn r Self : 4 4 iter. r.irS - awirtilll. , 100, h
011• 1 4ll (101% . 1,0/ . 11 to ditrertrlt Part'. of 111.
:11)! 1 . 111 .1 , t 1 ri nest a . Pitr , hur:h aryl
11‘ 1111, s. ,n Irl clic! allon al a ngn,brr nl
511 nr Mr
~ 111, 1111 1. 11111 1/1,111
gilxvoi3ll (11:11•11,er.' ntlll ,
Nlorti.olC, , 1 111
11: . 1 ,, v , r mm l
r.m I. • WA:111,11. , IC. W. N :,!la, is plop on Liter r,v <I
1111.•',1, i p. nnJ Wt , ..fl•
11170W1 . 1 AV:110,1 1:11711.. A ; , 11!. 10
F. v,'. •r or IV
•Is()X 11•CeIVI'd i .1!
no' Y wn't• 11.‘1;,11.A N. JENNINCS r 4
wn 7:1 ”.1,1
por , •r wail t , t,rricoli 1100 . the 10 , 1,
for t.,,! , !i• I .1,1111.
Ili^n., rtij Iq r..1• , v0
1.11: ~f ht. t:, r %sr•r I. '1.11•1 r.l
, v it, atlonA prntn ptiy In I lip rohrrl ion or wertil t: y
of o,ltll Nil prof, 1.1•1,1( . %• (I In 14,
',re in !hr ran rJ 1.•4 of 11arri, aft, .leffer..on, Br;m-rt
Oseroren, Telpral afros, Ilatme,, C'eshorl on C , rro , l
Slnrk n,,! tront, n
Ir:cro•r 10: M. traq an, I.ctrinit,
fl 1 7eIl 0.1 nett, In , :
John 117iritor.
'l'. 111 e
16. 1 .1±11 'FILE PROPRIETOR
Par Value.
1104 well known end commodious house, iillutiled al
Ike ••••rlll rlnl of the rilit /Ale:Menu hrid^e Infornix
ri end. , and the pnlOir. that tie line every Chin?, in cool
weir order fir inn r• ,•To,ol, arid •nlerlitloment of iraris
carat and permanent Mardi nr. 1114 rlinrces art
!node ra le and lin t NIA - vino,: will I. stored lo make en.
journeys and keep rip the former reputation
of lib Impute.
Court elatolin:i for any nu Ober or harpeft,
d n,.
I'ilfll 7 . patrons of (111 R pleasant retreat and all wboneek
Weasnie ill the pure air of the country, are informed
111.. t Ihe NlOlllll is now open for vinllore
A raffia?... will lenvethe Mt. Emmet Ilotel every day
at half purl 2, nmi hal pas: 3 o'clock, Sunday. excep
may 31--,4v.
54j BOXF,S Ground Pepper,
1,1 51 dn. Clwr.olale, from Fltaer.lx Factory, (Solt.,
Ju, , t received and for sale by
93 Wood street.
No. 43, Wood P
f I 1111". half of a very valuable and productive !property
for , ale to a cood partner on very low and accom.
modal in, t, ms. The property is in New Castle, on the
PettriFylvania and Ohm canal, to Beaver and Mercer
countle+, and ~ 011.i., 1 of a Saw-Mill, with Iwo saws
that cur about 3600 fret per day and rents for 650 dol.
lars. A four story brick Poor Mill with four run of
flu, re, k ran manufacture about 116 bids gnod flour per
day. '1 hr Flour and rzaw mills have all new work+ and
MAC ilinrry and in first rate order, The mlll rents for
1300 dollar per ;tannin. A Rolling Nail Factory
and Rlonittery for making Charcoal blooms, all of which
is workediby water power formed by Sbenango and
Nashannock creek= . . The Rolling Mill Is drove by steam
—22 itictre,,, cylinder and 51 feet stroke. The Rolling
Mill's large trot convenient and has a Sheet Mill, Bar
Icon mill, Hammers :Ind small Guide and Hoop mil
Furnace, sufficient for doitts. a large business. LUala
pass up and down the race from the Works to the Canal
and saw" expenses of all Jraylng,hattllng coal ¢r . There
are II dwelling houses and a number of shops and sta
bles°. tho premise+, and sales at New Castle for all the
iron. nails ke, manufactured and demand increasing.—
The Englio; and ton , rl of the machinery and most of the
imprevemrnts have run about six months only. The
Iron %Yorke witi rent for about 5000 dollars, The pro.
perry cost, two years agn,42,ooo,and since that time 31,
000 dollars have been laid out in Improvements. To a
good partner who can pay 15,1100 dollars down and the
hnla tire in a year, a good bargain of one half of the above
will be given,
Apply at ISAAC HARRIS' General Agency and In
telligence office, 9 Pifilt Rtreet. June 6.
JUST RECEIVED. about 50 bores of good Burlington
. Herring, 25 reams of wrapping and writing paper,
and a lot of good B ye Flour, for sale on accommodating
terms; In lota to suit. eustomert. ISA AC HARRIS,
June 3. Com. Mc7'bt No 9, sth et.
J.W.Burbridge & Co.
AGENTS for the We of Beattv's Powder.. Water at.
between Wood and Smithfield. - •
March 30, 1°43.
Farm% lo Lease.
1l U 1.11 iIA r: . PI(
Attornefi and Counsellor at Law,
Mount Emmet.
expreesly . far powder trutibudner, tot
Cl/very suitable fieeiftriciiesseect'ips, the materials of
which they are constructed will ,nofrest from the action
of the salt, will be sold low for cash: -
muy 2-6 w JAS. PATTBREION.
DRY PR.dCRES.-50 bushels Dry ?ruches, just rz
eelvrd for rale by H. ILMAN,JENNINGS 4" Co.
may 11. 43 Wood street.
Corner of Penn 4• St. Clair sts. PittsVgh.
MIRE Proprietors of ibis elegant and commodious es
laWiFhtneni, beg leave to announce to their friends
and t!e public, that their price for Board, from this dale,
is reduced to ONE DOLLAR PER DAY.
Front the locality of this house, being situated mid•
way between the Canal and Steamboat landings, don
the great thoroughfare to Allegheny city, the proprie.
torn trust, thot with continued exertions on their part.
they will lie enabled to afford every attention and (aril
Icy required for the comfort and convenience of their
guests, and hope to merit a continuance of the patron•
age that has hitherto been so liberally extended to them.
The principal Stage and Packet offices, age connected
with the lintel, and for the better accommodation of
their guests, an Otaxibiss will at all times be In read,.
ness to convey them to and from the House.
an 25—.3ni. McKIRIIIN 4. SMITH.
No. 108, Market streef, ?Wu?' Liberi y
t: rrertecifuliy tnformslll. customers and
1 the public generally, flirt lie hat, Inst returr,ed from
the emat with a IFIT:e and elegant 11 4 .0riffirill of goods
In lily line to which he Invitee Merchatott and otlteto who
wi , th to purcitn.e evhrlesnte or retail, very low for rash.
fultowlng comprise. part of stock, with a vet y
large tmsortment of fancy goods and boys.
2110 Vneks English, Clii•rman Anwriran
Nil thousand I.nst needle?;
110 , 1 tape=:
z." , olorq 4 ,(1o1 rnli on
160 1' p:il ent wren;;
2.1 Few in: si' k,
i• 1.4 t 5110 e t 10 1 ,34!!
104) rOIRIII threat{
7. - t0 IterruF , dutt rap.:
11;1) Flit tu..ttutz
1. It .ro-c pearl .hire Iluitott"..
I 2..1 gto•4 shot , lure.;
100 doz. iortoi-r shell roar'-+;
I. z torioi , e tuck and Ilufralo cond..
I:i6 doz. fin. Ivory ren,ltf;
.200 doz. dref,ilig rum),
3;11 eoz, combs;
f: ro—g ;troth I , rn4lle-;
20 d. 12 zosni led hair and tIW Ilrn•ltr
--n - trti
:1(1,1,4 ,perlarlt-F;
Sil :1 - 0,4 a-•orrd whalebone
2" , ,loz.B,..nrird .i7.PS111:111.f;
Itl.rrn+,lrrll p.•ns;
IX, 0,1 oa rd's rviel•ral.-d prn linlder
XV na:nr , (11r111 oral) ill(k or Va 6(1 y
rad:r.c. in,rket and (.1 her
o • A. , . h•r. WOlOOl in part War In vt:e Ilir
I . 14e. ladle- , 1,1 hi. , fine :1,1(1 tarzr aN.ort anent of
•Leif rufl:On ti n.Es f.n, Gr6..ani's re:t•I.1:Ort1 cit
r. •d roilon.ll.k el lif le !Wick; 11'1 , 4M. !my.,
r:on ff l llllll a if 11111 114 frpre‘oll..l I
r• twrfll, , ,t, whlrh hprn rtie4
~-; • rr•3 1 :‘ rnr f(•1:13i, and fin. innrirnn Ott and round
on.ky - 2 ! ,P. 1G En.
- -
X) rom.ll,
111.1er , cored, tr..r.-tvcd Wiy
t:171;1 . 1, krZ i A IkEts,
rfintr:,..nv :0 10
T: Cll. ur. Nla-trr, y F r Ll av at
10 I) 111
Tl' nr•fltlelf rvery Sat
Imlay al 10 u'rlock n.
The 11Naress. • yln-•r s, leaves Cy, v SII
day .0 111 k In.
Aw ELL, fur, ished krirk t,oum., wit!) a well cultiva
led Flower I:mien ,d'abonl half an acre, and pro
cided with QI:Odc: and lit is of.
fend r , dat their.'. ' title wail the fist of April
""" • It - tro , d nn the hank, of the Ohio
Whorl dicta ore frOin Ito oil v, and for voriVVllirlier and
and comfort is not rx,-,•lled by a ny oilier In the to 1210.00.
hood ror a ot.nall iatnilt , who will lake
gOOd care or 11, peen i.ee, llds tune of it, m0,.1
nide locatillll9 I il:1 con - , he oll'erril. r Itirthrr infor
mation 3i,jily at refire, or to :11. Kane, Jr.. Ltherty
J •ele ti-Iw.
bur r
Pat ri , lc Keary or Abraham lito-rider will call at
t he office of the Pocr, they Mal', perhaps, hear of
met Ill.; that h ill be of Interest tootle or both of them.
NJ , NOTICE. That f have purchased the extension
of %Voodworth's Patent for his Planing Machine. for
seven years from the 271 b day of December lase, for
Allegheny county. All perions infringing will be held
accountable, Those who have 'limiter dressed, carry
it to or lake It from the machine, are Mole to proreu.
;lon, ne. well ex those who own or run the machine.
IN conformity with the provisions of an Ordinance
ra ,, cd by the Select and Conlin nn Conoclls of Ilie city
f Piltshtir:.h, on the 29th May. 1843, providing for or
E'er' fon to be held in sold city, to ascertain the wishes
of the citizens ac to the Imposition of an additional lax of
82.5,000 per annum, In pay the Interest on $300,000
proposed to be subscribed to the capital stork of the Pitts•
burgh and Connellsville flail Road company, I, ALEN%
ANDER Mayor of the said city, do issue this my
Proclamation, declaring that on the Second Tuesday
lu June, A, D., 1843, being the 131.11 day of sold month,
tie freemen of each ward of said city, qualifies to vote
for ;Bator and members of Counctisof sold city, and who
shalt morenVer. have paid a tax to the said city, within
!We've months next preceding the 29th day of May, A.
D.. 1843, Will acct together at their usual maces of
holding elections in their respective wards and derlee
by ballot whether the gild additional lax of 823 000
per annum, for the a orementioned purpose, shall be as.
sussed, or not. And each person Voting at Cite said elec
tion, sled: depOsile a Written or printed ballot, having on WILLIAM DOUGLASS
It the words, .•For the Tax of $25 000 per annum," to ti
a A tni T do
nr A ,ot N ni.
tim it a c E s n , R d ' a fo t E r t v i t: e a:l ' e o . . ,: d i w e s s h t e n a r i n i e P ;
which he shall sign his pQer name, If he approve ores
sessing the said tax; or. if he disapprove of the sante, ho I sale
shall deposlie a written or printed ballot, having on it ior Douglas ?doom
Wood 73 street. ma) 5.
the words, “Agaiost the Tax of $25,000 per annum' _
to which in• shall sign his pruner Mime, as nforesatd --
The said election shall he held at tile usual places, ann 800 000
LB? of Bacon, for sale by
at the usual titne, in each ward, by the Judges and In- moo 30-Irn. 4th st„ near Liberty
•Tectots of other elections, and shalt be conducted as near
as may he, like other elections. But if the said Judges I FRESH HERRINGS.
and Inspectors shall refuse or neglect to attend at the 5111 fiRLS Fresh flerritiss, Just received and for
proper time and Ware, their respective wards, for th I/ sale by LIAILM AN, JENNINGS if CO,.
111 Ir pcve of holding said election, then the taxah!c: inhab• (nay 27, 43 Wood street.
ita ale Our the ground shall proceed to elect other Judges --
Inspectors, whose duty it shall be to conduct said FREEMAN'S FIRE BRICK FOR
election. SAL.E.
Given tinder my hand and the seal of the said city of
c IUST received, 5000 Freeman's best Fire Brick. which
Pittsburgh, this second day of June, A. D. 1843. will hereafter be kept constantly on bend and sold
ALEXANDER HAY, Mt4or, I low for root,. i y liIRMINGDAM ee CO,
Mayor's Office, June 2tl, 1843.
may 2I• No. 60 Water sk .
june 3 .—die, r -
Thrmingiuun dr. Co.._ HIDES.
S ,
Calf ins reccive4 nit eons! nment n
And Cleveland Line. for PAP " BURBIZ I E - do a l
Mardi 22, '43. I pone 3, Winer s4,lieineen Woniiand Smithfield
Its ,Ivernd hooka and ry.
omoo hooks and ryr,;
ORRICTSD IRO jar,jllrt ALUM 1101 raiJIGX Brtitat
r FraYLvTiiii
Rank .if Plitebor,;li In r
Met; h. 8; !Ilan. bk. p;; ; I
Exchange bank, part
Bk, of Germantowr "
Easton I ank,
Lancaster hank, die
Bank of Chester Co.
Farmers' Lk MICAS Co
Doylestown bk
Bk of N America Phil.
Bk or Northern Libeitics,
Commercial bk. of Pa.
Far.* Mechanics bk
Kensington I.li.
Philadelphia IA
Selmylk 111 1.11
Sonibwark bk
Western bk.
Bk. or Pennsylvania,
Bk of Penn par
Man. 4 Mechanics bk. par
Mechanics bk. par
Moyamensing bk.
Girard t,a.,k. 15 1
U. Stales bank. 41:1,
Lumbermens', Warren, --
Frank. hk Washington, par
Miners bk of Polisvile, 4
Bk of Monicomery Co. pnr
Mon. hit Brownsville,
Erie Batik, 5
Harrisliti rah bank. 41
Far. hk Lancaster,
Bk of Middletown,
Bk. of Chambersburo. 4 1
Carlisle bank, 4
Bk of Northumberland, par
rolornbla bk.* ilrlden co. 8
Bk Susquehanna Co. 40
flkof Delaware Co, par
Lebanon bk. -
Geltyaburgh bk. 4
York bank, 4
Far. ¢ Drovers bk. of
Waynrabureb, 4
•• Currency notes. 4
Honesdale, 2
Wyoming hank, 10
Pittab•gh State ~ t erip
Country do do 4
Berk. ( n bans, 7 1 )
Lewistown. 2
Monnlp,r3 , ant bk 4
Par. 4- Mech. hlc of Flea.
brnvillr, 1:
Belmont I.k of St. Chairs.
Mariettn I.lc. Demand
do Correor y nutem, 4
Colomldano l,k d ew Lie
bon Demand, 11
do Post roles, If
'inch nazi specie pay•
Merit. 4. 'Traders bk of
Cincto on 1.
Clinton bk of Colombo!,
Drmand nofrv. it
irelPville, (11. Lawrence
Zanesvitle I,lc
3d etory of the building occupied by R. A,
Rati.iinrin an Auction etore--beretof.re known
as "Nrainith'a Lon7.Room.' corner - of Wood and sth
turret* Inquire of R. Morrow. sth at. jan 23.
y OTS Fon SA LE,—Four Lois In Manclis•dsr. One
I and A (north Arrrn of Land on H01m...N . fi ill. T,nt. ,
41, 42,52. 53. 54,181. 182 and 184. In Cook's plan
of Lfds. on flolms'A HIII Also, Lola nos 2.3 and 27. in
p'an of I.ola on High NI rPPI. near Illy lIPNV
'10n... For t Prnn. apply to Z. W. REMINGTON
. o p in
xi) 2lv en 00 the 14 of April nexi;
brirk hone nil The honk of the AlletTlirnv river
iwn 4 comfort:o , e ronmv, besides rel!nr and
k lichen. IT Vert' WeIn:MIIV .411111eli ins, mit side the
city tine. with n firl view of theeftp Of Allegheny, and
within .!fl inintitei . walk or t he heart of the ei:v—rcpt
t'a'il' low.
r I
ONE hrick houzo, coutnioin? n !aro
t77t hall, two it:Woo,. 4 Inntni Itp Ftnirs, tvtth tin
khed carrnt.ilolitte room and kitchen, with car
Till. Oo11 , 1• i pinagantiv located with
aril in fro", and rear. on ilie canal hank. corner of
=tiol ctrnet, tnortlntt to uptirr now it, the oc
cltirtnen f Mr. McClure. rent to ',tit Iho inte.F-- I:l , qUirf
of pr . Whittalsnr. Alle;:hrov rit v. war ft,
For Rent.
A cry\iN'ENTF.NiT th,PO .t.nry brick riwpilinT hmtm
.ifnateon 1:1=4 iiireet near Fourth. Rent ::2125.
ritir ln. An l )lv to JAME 4 M AY.
Tifit.q 5 rears old eol.ner JirIIIIeA Moni»lT.Rheln
4lrf!,ye. WhiAry on consirnment. and for sn'e by
au I ‘Vri ter het tVP•II ‘VOnd nd Smitled •
20 lION Rudd and Rnbe , !• - on'..F No. 5 LUMP TO
20 RnY 11,1tnri,,d
tn f ellior will n rrnernl n. , nrlment of
..vrry thin! , In ihn Grnrrry Our, and for gale on the mn,“
neenmmndnt term.,
43 Wood st.
4. .emmt,VEß • -•A •
he ranal pa , ket r.nrc.l. M. Shaw rangier, will run
rev)! r tri_weeklv packet between the ato/enamed
ports, leaves- Reaver on 510ndave, Wednesdays, Frida s;
returning, leaves Warren on Tnn , liny!, Tfilimlilys and
Saurdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to eleveictlni
direct. For freight nr nasmage aunty on hoard or io
m ay 10
The old stand of M.o. hew Patrick,
••• (Lately occupied by John Irons.)
11\ HP stib.rrlber wtshe, to Inform the eltizens of Pitts.
1. burgh, and the travelling public, that he line leased
the above well known stand, (Aituated on nni, street,
between Market :,1111 Wood,) where he will he ha pm to
accommodate all his old mends, and as many new ones
nit will lie pleased to acknowledge him es t:;rlr host.—
Itr , terms will he moderate, strived to the tines. ills
tattle will he supplied with the best that the Market at
fords. Hip bar will he furnished with the choicest of
liquors, both domostle. and forelyn. Rio stables are spa
clans and commodious, conducted by exper!enced ani
attentive ostlers.
wonld Inform the citizens that he is prepared
to nceommodate n number of Weekly, Monthly Of Years
ly hoarders at reduced prices.
fATCSor 130ARD .
Sinee Meal. 25 cents. Lodging, 12& ci s
Tiontrl ner Week. S 2 r
- inft SALE.—Lois on Ihe North East corner of Coa
Lane and lll4h street. Apply to
. e p ill Rr.v.l. 11A R N(ITON, Market, n ear 41h a
%foam ss. . _ . .1}
Illa S-. ,n, du
:Int,t..zky. do
Cealiaa, do
Norwalk, do
Xenia, do
Dayton, do
Scioto, :35
Poet notes,
Fran. 14t Columbus, 1*
! : GI; : au. i n I:
v [ 1 1 11 . 1 : 4 ! °l k i eine .
..' L
Lake Erie, :33 2 7 s °Bo
' Car. bk:of Canton,
State bk. 4. Branthex n
Slate Ferip. 'l7
All banks,
Si ale bk 4- Grandma. 50
Sim weieelown. 65
Punk of VlPgibia. 1
do Valley, 1
Far. bk. of Virginia,
Exchange hank, 1
N. IVesi. bank 1
11cr. In. 1
Baltimore Banks,
Country Bank,.
All Bank,.
All !hill* par and 1
My Ranks. par
varety 1
rßosi N e ß n e ed t u V a n n 3 E i r ,, N k. Ito
. O LA N D.
!Country rt
[OrTrans Psnkp, !nod. 3
13311 if
Ranks. {al
rood rnnk., 20
All Bankp, 3
Ilk. of St. Clair. 10
Do. dn. J fl. Smith 31
Conti lon nkc
Eastern Exchange.
Ennadrlpnia, 4
Now York: J.
Ilaitimore, 4
Boston. ii
we.4t ern ! Exchange.
'Cincinnati, par
Louisville, (IA r
Cleveland, i din
Wileelins. par
11t E' Ht.
!lolly! A zri , . sth Ward
MiNntl Sz: Cn., Pitighnteh
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
X W. Cone?. of Wood .5- Irk fib.
Tar prOprlelois Or thr Monsint Port and ltorrtctrit
♦ND MAxtro.4.c.rcaka respectfully Interco their friendn
and the patrancir those papers, that they have a large
and well ehneen assortment of
aralimit frimr - Virgimpiisas
ANN) Atir9/4 @MZE. ard MAlVRatgeatEte
Necegsary to a Job Printing Offirg, and that they ire pre
pared to ex
Bills of Liullng, Circniars,
Rill fiend:, Card',
Blank Checkß, not Tips*
SU Mobs of Blanks,
sear.. StOsaboat. sad Canal Boat Bills, with awbo•O
prictle Cottit,
Primed on the shortest notice and mast roasonsitinteress.
We respectfully ask the patronuse of our friends NM
be ,r,Uhlic in teneral fliiQ hranell of our business. -
" 1114 " Sh• Sere— 39.1842. LLIPS k SMITH.
W E .vould invite the attention of nor friends and
the puhlitTzenerally to our assortment of GOOda•
which we have just teceivcd from the East, all of andel
we are determined to sell at n small advance ou cost.
Customers may rely on Navin, cheap, good. well made)
and handsome article", warranted to fit,sldcb i s *vex,:
desirable crm6lnat lon.
Pere.onis WM) Yihit this etnabllshment can depend on
nndine an ehilrety new nr.sortment orsprln% and stiartmef
soodS; we do not qty one thing"and mean anOthmwhett
WP par
OUT ainwirithent is Inroe, fashionnhle, hand/mad
and cheap. w! mean that it Is so, and cannoLbe
passed In this or any other city.
may 31— If, ALC EO k MeC
ATovire to Steam Boat Owners.—Ttip .'ulmrribtt, Id
LII ciinovitneevr, dr the dlfile it It r or 11, !irreg. ling reen
cod the pee* orbit. Safely buard f." the prereption of
tke expleeitty of steam boilers, to $l5O pe r boat.
1t ta hoped that Mtn. at owners wilt avall liIPnIiU.II7PP.
Or theft reattimahte temp, not ottlY un .steentint of thif
perfect Lindy they afford, but nl , m In point ttf economy.
Boilers with the apparatna attached wilt wear abort
w too AR tone as those not provide dith them.
M a rchl -Sm ' ' e. EV A ttall
6 do shookletft, thou dot , rewired and rof
gale by I. o. croßnnN,
nivaler Ft
remnvPd hle office to No 63 Firth street, he.
ween Wood and Smithfield sts. next door In Aldermad
Morro*. apr
$BOO 01it . 1,000 on Mortenee on real erinte. Tit
property Is atnone the heat frrOhnlrit in t bd
city, end the adverther to wirline to rive a bartelsotne
prerntorn kir the &holmium. Far further partiet ars ap:
py at he office of the Mullin!! fort.
L. eic J. D. WICK,
Wholeitnleroceri & Dealers in ProllTlctp
116 Wood Street. 4 doors above Fifth st.
iltandart, Ingtahain At. do.
- G EXTS for the AierrharostranaportaiionCompany
Composed of the Merehanis Line, Erie Canal.
VS'ashington Line.
fluster. Patmer 4. Co's, Line of Steam BOWS ^f'
.elf. en the 'Laken.
Ch veland Line Pennnylvanin and Ohio (anal.
Proprietors of the Aftretntols Lihe Ohio Cana'.
ttrFse. To—
rt-mug 4- Enswbßi.u, SO. 1, Coentics slip. N. V
It. MINTZ'S. 4- Co. AI ba ny.
rtrts ro.rs. Roston.
Ps.cianit 4 co.nunio.
I.T. WILLIAMS 4. Dow, Cleveland.
lion Jams M. ALLEN, do.
("if t111.6:9 M. If:MINI:S.
J. nIcISSY, Renver.
Ries:int - mos 4- Co.; Pitinhurgll
an 1 1813-Iv.
• 40141 11011 : " : •
STACY LLOYD, Jr:, Wholt..ee and Relait Groter
nod Fruiterer, No 140 Met!) , et met, Fittsbarrk
may 20.
Tlll - .: sabacrlher has just receiiied (ram the 'Novelty
nf Landreth and FaWon near Philadelphia, a lin of
the chnlee.t vatieliN ofPench Trues, to which he venqd
call the attenthin or rite piihlsc P. L. §NOWirgiNr:
in HI # 17 0 16.4. Liberty et head of rrond.
Office, corner of Smithfield and Third Streets.
i',l7llBClia7l, rEPINI4
mac 25, 1843—:-1y...
3LOTS,pnitable for buildins, most eligibly situated.
and within two minutes walk of the Srearn,Feery
Boat Lardiujr, will be sold at prices to suit the. tunes.
The terms of payment will be lands easy, either for rash
or suet' rafter as ran he made available. Apply to the
subscriber in slratinEhain, or Sr. P. Peterson, No. 4.
Perry st . itet, Pittsburp. JAS. I.ITTEMSON, JR.
june 1.
• llectilnr Morning Pnektl
tn fast runnina and well known
4-4 t; Simmer
Su.ne ligarrnim., blaster, will depart daily from flitt,, , z
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. 111,, and Beaver at 1 o'clock r •
For freight er pasti.ge, dppsy on hoard, or to ,
No 6D Water street:
N. n.—The rely tar canal parte; to Cleiretand. Ohs
Greenville and Meadville Pa ; an& Prf tisaillon en the
Ohio Canal, connect:n.4 with aleantet ttrretnilli St Ilett.
ver.will be in operation immediately on epeninenrinte
ittation, Mar !Gr--tr.•
I:sultseritter hasjitst received from Philadeiptatteed
New York, with a general and extenstvo.froork
men! of DRUGS, CHEMICILS. PERP(74ERr, te nd
every n•tiele in his tine of bukinges, %Thick Ifeis deter.
mined to felt on the most reasonable terms for. Cash.—
Ile ttelleies he can offer stronger In diteenienta thin anY
sindla eviahlishment in 'Meetly to country Physicians_
nod Merchants, who Wish to supply themselves n ills
Drucv and Medicines. Nis articles have heen
with the utmost rare•, and are warranted oft he twin qual
ity and uniform strength. Orders w;tl he filled with ac.
enracy and elertnee. Pstnilh a can he ptipiOted with rfnes
and Fancy Soaps-of every coneeliahle Variety, and of
the moat exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Comnetics of every deserliV inn.
The undersigned returns his t ha nka for the litters I nip_
port heretofore extended to him, and hopes by a ronpont
disposition to please and accommodate—a rare in pid—
curing and netting only what is excellent and genulne--a
close supervision of the sales and t ranadel lon of the estate_
listionent—preenttilon and accuracy in com poundte t ! nod
icines—and by Industry and perseierance. to nwrh an in
crease of public patronage
may 25.
WO the Honorable the Judzt.s of the Court of Cetberef
Quarter Serrions of the Peace, In and for thocono.
ty or A Itefhpny:
The petition df Samuel Flutings of Indianan t0W411 , 14p.
In the county atiirctla Id. humbly shcweth—
Thai your petitioner bath provided himseN*with mate
flat* for the accommodation of travtlers and others. at
1%4(1%14411mi house, In the city and waid aforesaid. and
;Mays that your boring' will grant hint a license In Seep
a public house taentertammenl . A nd he will nr3v.
SA M'L 11 ULTNGt 4 .
Ifrr, the enberribe re. cithiens Of Indiana I'p, do reentry
that the above petitioner lief !rind rertof for honem 5 , and
temperance. and la Well provided with hense roam and
conveniences for the accommodation and fort:3l,lg orgas.
!rec. and travelers, and that said tavern in nceess.ti y.
lamps Wilson, A lex. 1. B. Power,
B. Bell. John lleAiees , John fla ses,
James Halstead, John freadr. Pion l'ot•ec.
.IZII3 VA Power, Wm Armen*, Alleia*tee
inne 9.