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    • Niglish Ministry, backed by the most cor.
rapt Parliament, the most overweening
Aristocracy, the most luxurious and weal
thy Church Establishment, the most de
--praved operative, urban and rural popula
tion that. ever cursed a nation—wielding
the-iminense resources of. the British cm
piritfOwenty millions of plunder, and half
a million of bayonets.
With 'odds so fearful, the conflict will be
terrible, but—
'On our side is Virtue and Erin;
Oh theirs is the Saxon and Guilt:'
'The battle is not to the strong, nor the
race to the swift.' It is with the Lord of
Hosts-to decide; anti whether it has pleas
ed Him to permit the approaching crisis
for the maifestation of His inscrutible
signsiin the greater purification of the ev•
er faithful people of Ireland, with the fie,
ry ordeal of further persecution, or in their
full and final tegeneration under the gui
dance of the modern Moses, time alone
can tell; but that crisis is at hand, no one
observant of the times, can doubt. Events
pregnant with the most momentous con
sequences not only to Ireland, but. to the
cause of civil and religious liberty all over
the world, have, for the last six months,
succeeded each other with almost ominous
sapidity, The sublime demonstration of
the devoted people, 50,000 strong, a'
Olones;.the 120,000 dashing Garryown
boys at 'the city of the violated treaty;' the
80,000 bold peasantry at Carrickmaerose;
the 130,000 stalwart farmers of Me.a.h and
Westmeath at Kells, all asseinbled within
eight days—good men, and true, as repre,
sentatives of the first Irish Parliatnent,
.trumpet-tongued proclaim the contest has
Sir Robert has no alternative save coer
cion or repeal. Confident in his stregth,
anti secure of his support in any anti-it ish
crusade he may attempt, the Premier will,
in all probability, endeavor to crash the
Repeal movement and Irish liberty at one
blow, by some 'bloody and brutal enact
ment.' V.Fe via/3! then woe, woe to the
people of Ireland.
Again will be enacted the sanguinary
scenes and whulesorn,, mlgslcrra of '9B
and '4l—the times of the Beres'ords, the
Cromwolls, the IVlcrutujoys, and the Coot
re, of by-gone days—then will the pitch
cap and the picket, the hatchet and the
halter, the blood-stained bayonet, and the
murderous musket, continuous files and
unsheathed swords, spread terror and tits
may, devastation and slaughter over the
green field's of Erin; until the ground again
be drunk with the blood of her butchered
children. Again shall legalized robbery,
plunder, and confiscation sweep with the
unerring certainty of the simoon over the
lands of our sire'', our nearest and dearest
connections to enrich the hired myrmidons
of' British tyranny, British cupidity and
British cruelty. Once again shall Ireland
be struck prostrate to the earth, spurned
beneath the iron heel of the sponger.
'Already the curse is upon her,
And strangers her valleys profane;
They come to divide—to dishonor
- And tyrants they long wilt remain!'
Fellowscountrymen, shall this he so?—
Shall the green field of our fathers be err -
sanguined with the blood of your relative ,
and friends: your nearest and dearest con
sections? Shall Ireland be again handed
over to the tender mercies of tne ferocious
Orangemen of Fermat.agh, or the hired
Hessians from Hanover? Shall the cha s t e
and lovely daughters of Erin he again ex
posed to the ruffianly gaze of a brutal soles
diary? Shall the illustrious Liberator
himself, now approximating the goal of his
glorious career, be insulted with arm est, I
and mock trial before another Norbury and
a packed jury? No, fellow -countrymen
it shall riot be so—for
'Not unavenged will Erin fall,
Nor e'en in ruin be alone;
Be Britain's will accornplish'd all,
Erin's destruction SEALS MU own.'
Irishmen of New York, arouse from
your inglorious slumbers; shako off the
culpable apathy in which you have been
too long buried. The liberties of father-
land are endangered, the cause of Repeal
is periled. It is for yu•l to avert these en •
OrMOUR evils, these hideous calamities.
this national disgrace, by the unanimity of
your actions, and the generous liberality of
your contributions on behalf of your long
suffering country.
book at the generous aid contributed
with•so much unswerving regularity, so lit
tle of ostentatious parade by the patriotic
Repealers of BOston, Philadelphia, New.
ark, and other cities and towns of the Un
ion. Are you less liberal, inferior in
numbers, worse Irishmen, more inditfer
eat patriots, than these excellent men{—
Are you still content to be least and last,
instead of being first and greatest, of cisat•
!antic Irishmen in the struggle for Dish in
• Irishmen of New York—in the name of
your common country, in the name of suf
faring humanity, in the name of Ireland
and Repeal, be once again yourselves;
come forth in your strength, united as one
rasa to avert the impending doom of un—
happy Erin; show by your acts, not less
thee by your words, that England's proud
lords shall no longer keep Ireland in bond,
`On then—and Hosven send every blow,
With tenfold vengeance on the fue,
'Till slavery's reign be o'er.'
Ala democratic meeting lately held in
Steubenvile, Martin Van Buren was re
commended for the nomination for the
Presidency, and W R King. of Alabama
for the Vice Presidency.
The Demncrats of Indiana are battling
manfully for a victory which awaits them
lied their cause next August. The can
"didates are now all in the field, and are ,
pod ' men and true."
ilkeat preparations are waking in nos•
tan fot the Bunker Hill celebration on the
17 la. t. ,
The typography of the "Union," may
challenge a comparison with any journal
in the country, and the contents of the
first number indicates that it will be a pow-.
erful advocate of democratic pri , ,eiples s —
W e hope the party throughout the state
will extend to it a liberal support, and
thereby enable the proprietors to publish
such a paper as will he creditable to the
democracy of the old Keystone.
The Repeal Movement.
The exciting and interesting intelligence
received by the last stParn2r, relative to
the progress of the Repeal movement in
Ireland, has infused fresh vizor into those
who are laboring for Rveal in this coun
try. There were five meetings in the city
of N e w Yolk last week. each one evincing
a rapid increase in the devotion and en
thusiasm of the friends of Reveal in that
city. At these meetings above .jl4OO w ere
collected to aid the cause. A mass meets
ing is advertised for the 14th, which prom
i•es to be a tremer.dons asgemhlage of the
enthusiastic friends of It elmd.
We publish, on our outsi l e f'rm, a short
address to the repeaters of N. York, which
may serve to convey an idea of the deep
feeling manifested in that city just now,
by the friends and advocates of Irish liber
We observe, too, that the excitement is
high in Philadelphia. 'Many rrteetings
have been held there, at one of %1 hich $419
were collected from the members present.
eacon White can comprehend when
he is most effectually floored, we think he
should "curl up and quit," after reading
the letter of Mr J. W. Lightner in yesters
day's Advocate. A more complete expo
sure of the unfairness of the Gazette's tar,•
tics and the unprincipled mendacity of its
editor, could not be desired. It shows
clearly that the Gazette, ill giving an ac
count of the late Whig convention, made
statements totally destitute of truth, and
when the persons calumniated asked per—
mission to correct the falsehood s through
the medium that forced them on the pub
lic, the editor refused to let a word of ex
planation or contradiction appear in his
columns. We do no not wonder that the
w hig strength should be increasing so rap
idly, when the antilnasonic cause has to
bear the odium of all the blunders and
calumnies committed by the Gazette; arid
the worst of it is there is no hope fur a bet
ter state of affairs, until the new paper
which we spoke of yesterday is establish
very large and enthusiastic meeting was
held in Baltimore, last Friday evening, for
the purpose of sustaining the credit of the
state and condemning every movement that
would tend to encourage a feeling of repo..
diation. The meeting was called by a
convention of the democratic party, but a
large number of o pigs attended and ap
proved of the resolutions ado ted.
There has been but one birth in the vii
age of Lee, lowa, in the past year.
T. •
deoWi of* Vildithiltr-Pitonventliali;
TUESDAY, JUNE 13,1843.
4ee First Page.
"The neat. cratic Union."
This is the name of the new paper is
sued at. Harrisburgh by the proprietor s of
the late democratic journals of that place•
The new arrangement, by which the three
democratic papers have been merged into
one, will, besides giving to the party a
powerful organ at the seat of government,
result greatly to the advantage of the prof,
prietors themselves, and make their posi
tion not only m're pleasant, but more
profitable and independent than hereto
fore. With three democratic papers at th e
Capitol, it was impossible to keep down
the factious feelings that. were engendered
at every meeting, of the legislature, and
every election of public printers wai
tain to ori,littate .3010 cause for envy or
dispute that kept the party in turmoil du.
ring the brlance of :he session. But un
der the new arrangement no annoyance of
this kind will exist; with but one demo,
cratic establishment, there will be no dif
ficulty in electing a public printer, and the
proprietors feeling secure in the confidence
of the party, will not be compelled to sac
rifice their independence to secure the
support of doubtful friends.
The Union will be the organ of the
whole party, and whatever may have been
the practices of certain journals at Harrisn
burgh heretofore, for the purpose of conk
ctliating particular branches of the Goy,
et nment, we feel 'teamed that hereafter
the dem )cratic editors will find it to their
advantage in all cases to pursue a high,
itidepen.lent count•, untramelled by the
schemes of petty factions, and unswayed
by the di.Aution or lavers of unprincipled
Sara Reptsllillkean f *OW
inst. safe: Etio4asseallittar a•ho
telts tltatail
tea diana brie Wait heard
from in.thi'vl4sity-Orillator Taylor's settlement
on Lalg,'ltronine.
Some negroes working in a field reported that
they had heard Indians talking in a hammosk
hard by. An examination was made, and some
rum:cu•in tracks found. Maj. Taylor sent a
message to Gen. Worth. apprising his of the
fact, and asking for troops.
Answer was returned, that as the Indians had
decamped without doing harm, and as they prob
ably would do none, it was not advisable to mo
lest them. The settlers at this spot sot forth on
their own account in pursuit oldie Indians.
This very injudicious move will exasperate
them, if they arc attacked, and they will probably
rt wogs themselves by falling upon other settle
It is presumed that they were either in pies of
heir putnes,or perhaps fur sometning that limpet.
t former period buried there.
The, above extract, although on a seti
ous subject, really affords more matter for
amusement than apprehension. The ne.
groes, it seems 'heard the Indians talking'
in a hammock, and thereupon the poor
darkies gat badly scared. It would seem
from this that 'lndian talk' is more alarm..
ing in the Florida hammocks, than in more
civilized portions of the Union. But this
was not all the grounds for the terror
which took possession of the poor affright
ed Africans and their chivalrous masters.
When all seemed safe, the hammock was
examined, and terrible to relate, the aw
ful suspicions were confirmed by finding of
'moccasin tracks No doubt could pos.
sibly exist that there had been 'lndians
about,' and Major Taylor, who was in
command at the: stltion, seamed resolved
to have the red interlopers sewed up in their
own hammocks. To compass this, he sent
a messenger to nen. Worth, to ask for
troops. The worthy commander, howev,
er, did not think it worth his while to
move in the malts,, and advised Major
Taylor riot to 'molest them.' This advice
was very good to ho sure, bor,perhaps,will
be thought useless as there was no enemy to
I 'molest,' and might not be one within one
hundred miles.
T he next paragraph, however, offers
explanatirin of the peaceable beha
vior of Gen. I Vorth. It is said that the In
dians will be 'exasperated it they are at—
tacked,' and like the hyena in the men•
agerie, will become furious when irritated.
Now much blood would have bee!: saved,
if this cautious and prudent course had
been pursued by al m litary commanders!
The fame ofthe tightinz generals must de.
dine before the sag icious Worth—and
benc-forth the great struggle of generals
will be t,-) avoid irri:ating those whom they
are sent to romper
This whale article is but a fair sample of
the ridiculous accounts of the Florida war,
and the kind and considerate manner in
which the Indians are iredr e d. I t i s a
wondcr that (71r:ti. \\Twill did not send
some of his people to help the Indians in
catching their 'ponies!'
in our country when rry.riey Iva: S.) plea
ty anion" all cla , ses of inerclyint as now.
A li ,Use Whidi a re V 4 drys :I g ) made a sile
by auction to the uro,.oos, am ortiti g
to 5150,000, and offer, d to make a dis.
Hon. Jam... Buchanan. count at the r ito of s-nien oe ce for h,
This gentleman left our city yesterday received but twenty thous. r
ind at
dollars cas in
morning on his return home with many a notes. The rate of discount on lists of good
warm and friendly wish from men of all notes, without endorsers, is live per cent,
parties for his future welfare. During and for selections, four per cent.
his short sojour n in our city, he was wait ,
ed on by hosts of our citizens, and he cart- . 10 mination.—The IV higs of Massa
not but feel gratified with the many evi., chusetts held a convention on 'Wednesday
deuces of friendship and esteem that for the parpose of nominatinz candi
were manifested by all who visited him. dates for Governor and Li out. Governor.
He was invited to partake of a public din.' ( - 7 1"'" the first ballot, the ii " . jr " Davis '
ner with his political friends, but other en late Governor. was almost unanimou s ly
gagements would not permit him to accept nominated for Governor. Being informed
the invitation. We will publish the cor- of it, Mr Davis declined the nominatio n.
respondence to•morrow, or the day after• , Another ballot was then haii, the choice
with unanimity fell upon the lion. Geo.
The Rail Road.—To-day the election
will be held to ascertain the wishes of the i Briggs, John Read; of Cape Ccd, receiv
citizens in relation to the tax for the con-
ed the nominqtiot of Lieut. Gov-2.rnor.
struction of the Connelsville Rail Road
It is hoped that the vast importance of
this improvement to our city, will admon
ish every person who lois a desir e for the
permanent pr.spetity of Pittsburgh to at.
tend at the pc Its and cast their vote in favor
of the measure.
An Old Soldier Fuzzled.—"Notle but
the brave deserve tl.e fair"—Chapman
crows over the following. It is indeed
humiliating to see a man who has braved
the musketry of the British and the scalp
ing knife of the Indian, at last conquered
by the wiles of a woman.
Married, on the sth April, Mr John Miles, a
Revolutionary soldier, aged 86 years, to Mrp Sal•
ly Fnzzle, aged 82 years, of Fuzzle's Creek, all of
Rankin county, Miss.
It has been ascertained that T Downing.
late sheriff of Washington county, Miss.,
has been murdered in a house of ill fame
in New Orleans, where he spent the night.
He had on his person at the time about
$3OOO. The parties were arrested.
They have in New York white slate
pencils, made from a soft white stone quar
ried at Castleton, Vt. They are said to
be altogether preferable to the blue slate
The St Louis New Era says that the
Weston b rought James Watson, who is
implicated in the passage of the cancelled
Treasury notes stolen at New Orleans.—
He was brought down in the stage from
St. Charles, and, we suppose, headed over
co the proper authorities. During the bur
ning of the boat be made no attempt to
'4''' ) VikeW 0014:;:-.;- - _tT ::,;:.: 77 :;:i vexing Postitoubted tatitits cicala*, but Inlhis m4l, :,'''''ou , Unusual Fatality .—The Philadelphia
speaks -of iiilevillOtteriy of a novel have played - the Plagiarist. You hatiOst
__.,_: en
Inquirer s . ays: 'Young Cro%ley, who was
r ..
, • . • a Willing pupil, a ehiple tad of' Enaresb tailess
drowned tii the Delaware on Friday fast,
ar destructiWe kma now exhibiting i n that men, but in no public net Of Tour lifc waiter
city. 'The plan of the battery is, indeed, C
d complete end , entire 'dcyotion to h;P:;I:ah liO ics was found yesterday min ing, and in the
y dz r ! ri i t a ies inero . strikingly m ut t' D a - . - afternoon con: igned
i t o the grave
,nn the
similar to any other of .that form. The i a- e s i e d titan i sty adoption and pom g corner ol Pine anti 4th streets. He was
important difference consists in the manner lion of Sir Robert Peel's notions of the practicabil
an only sort and his mother was a widow.
ity occfl . ,!c , iie r a just and equal Tariff, by means
by which its armament is brought to bear of treaty and ingo . tiation. But, sir, in your hai.te His rowpanions in large numbers, follow.
ed his corps in procession to the grave.—
upon an object, for this purpose it is made You have overlooked, in your zeal you have alLhttd
t , l , i r e impo rt ant t g r d n i ro ff n e r n e ti nee n s d in u tEc he i. nature h ?f , the iie i or-. The Rev. Mr Brainard, in his address, said
o revolve upon its c:ntie, and if this rev
that: 'seven of the mine circle of relalitfes
olution is perfameil in one minute and the such a political move in this country highly ino
hadfound a watery grave.'
practicable, whatever rinight be its results on the
armament comprises a hundred guns, each
other side of '
the-Atlantic. If, then, hoer.u by ••••••
one of them may in that period of time be this borrowed rims, (for it is nothing more ) to
discharged at the object • In no other way raise op the agricultural and commercial interests
CAB so
of this country, and range them under veep, stand
great a number of guns be brought and in opposition to the manufacturing intrirest=.
wiihout claiming anythinz like prophetic powers, I
to bear on one point.
think that I may boldly assert that you arc doom-
It is designed to put this in practice hy ed to a speedy and bitter disappointment, Let
erecting a circular f,rt of fifty or a hun- i not then, Sir, I entreat you, the present silence of
the press and the people upon the subject mislead
dred feet in diameter, of plates of wrought you; theirs is not the silence of consent butof
iron. By means of steam power tinder , surprise; after time for reflection and considers
ground, which shall cause it to revolve on , non has been :41oweil, you shall hear the uninle.
its centre, all the 'guns of this fort will be likeable voice of their disapproval a d indigna
oh lion , and you will be forced to flee to some other
brought to bear at each revolution on a scheme to sustain your fast falling honors. Itis
gject. The practicability of' the ' only my object in this I tier to suggest to those
plan remains to he tested, and the most im- who, like myself, rna-i; have had sonic curiosity on
portant point would be to procure easy, uni-
the subject, a hint for to- porpose of unraveling
form and rapid revolutions of so large a e,
t h ,mniuriat
iecl oe ; i c o irnit7 present .i
your i
rme to movements: spe a k lii of anr the the
mass, though it would be smaller and less
frail tha tru . merits of y.iur borrowed schemes• your mo.
n some au uctures moved by me- I tions and your actions arc, I well know not
chanics at the present day. easily seen through, but as I ascribe but little to
your pa triotism, I will be likely to err on the safe
side, in speaking of your intentions.
The Flour Busioes.
Quite a smart competition has• been
going On in our city fir some weeks past
in the aitiel: of Flour. Here tofore all
t he large purchases of this article were
made by a single house, and by confining
itself to that line of business almost exclu
sively, and having, an abundant supply of
funds, it had the market to itself and could
drive off all smaller' competitors, flu t a
rival house has sprung up, which appears
to be as well skilled in the business, has as
long and as well file I a purse, slid
po-•esses many advantages for the sale of
its fl inr in the east that are not enj ived by
the old esti!) Ish•nent. This rivalry will
divide the profits, but there will still he
enough for both houses, and it will be
the means of fornishing our farmers and 1
millers with a better and more certain mar
ket fur their pro-dgee.
Whipping a man with. his own wea
pons.—Yesterday the Advocate applied
some caustic remarks to the Gazette, in re
lation to the code of "moral principles"
that regulates the conduct of that journal; in
the evening the Gazette attempt 4 a reply,
but not being able to say anything as cut
ting as the attack of ita neighbor, it made a
few ilterafinn s in the Advocate's article and
adopted it as it s own, an,; thus geve its an_
tagonist a first rate flozging with his own
weap erns.
illoney in New I.7nic. —The Journal of
Commerce says. 'There never %;% 1 19 ;1 time
Impudence.—The ctlitor of the Gazette
talks about .free discussion,' after having
refused to open hiscolumns for the correc•
tion of a tissue offalsebood s he had uttered
against sine of his political brethern.—
What barefaced impudence !
To the Han. Daniel Webstes:
May 31, 1843.
Sia—You have, it appears, again tekrn the field,
and are about to interpose the power n''yo ur
giant arm once more for the prateetion and sal
vatm rof the country, Au rue cithe I
cannot hot teal curious to know, what has occa
fdoied this charge in your political attitude. It
tru. , you 'rolled off' from the cabinet at Wa-h.
Moon; it is true, that even your servility could
no longer tolerate the repeated hints and eviden
ce+ on the part of the President, which indicated
most plainly that your absence would he accepta•
blo. It is true that you could not longer retain
the State Department with the slightest regard to
appearances, but evea this evident necessity fur
your withdrawal from that post, fails to furnish
to one as pryinz and inquisitive as myself good
and sufficient reason for the stand you have n rw
taken, and for the intrigues into which you have
plunged so rapidly, and wi,ich appear to have
been fully under way before your retirement from
Washington. Are you, sir, about to urge your
claims fur the honors of the White House? and if
you are, into the arms of which party do you ins
tend to cast your partly proportions for success
and support? Perhaps you look longingly to the
JefFersonian Democrats,of whom you so pompous,.
ly declared yourself to be a disciple, beneath the
broiling Virginia Sun of Richmond; perhaps you
mean, oven at this late hour, to cry hold to the
pretensions of the old sage of Ashland, and to di',
vide if you cannot tear from him the affections of
the great whig party. Or, perhaps, there is still
another plan, dark and deep, and desperate, which
nevertheless your giant Main has conceived, and
which you have the means, as I doubt not you
have the audacity, at least, to attempt to execute. Wheat sold yesterday at 76 cents
1 ;
What, ibis plan is, (as you lam confident will T ,,,
our, $4 as 4 25; Lard, 4 a 441; Mess
not enlighten us upon the subject,) I will take a '
yankee's privilege and guess. lam now willing Pork, $7 $7 50; Hemp, 82 50 to $5 per
to yield you all the honor and respect your un- Cwt.—,,l'g Levis Organ, 51k inst.
• For the root.
Messrs Editors:—The 22i1 day or this month
will be the second anniversary of the Pitt towmdi'p
Total Abstinence Society, and in order that it may
not pass by urpmtieed, the Society 'contemplate
having a celebration, which they anxiously hope
will redound to their prosperity in the great cause,
and bring nhnut the successful refninatien
ny who still rentain the invincible foll,wers of
King Alcolut On such ocoasions as anniversary
jubilees, it is indispensably requisite to procure
the most commodious It mse within the precincts
of the district or village where the celebration is to
take pace. if not, much inennvenionce and very
prcltably rani osier) be the consequence; and
the P;tt township society desirous of avoiding. all
difficulty at their ceieb-ation, made application
through their ex-cutive committee to the trustees
of (tic ury Chapel for the privilege of using
the as it is the most spacious, and in point
of location, the best adapted for the purpose, of all
other churches in the township—b ut when the
matter was brought up before the trustees at their
last meeting, it was unanimously resolved that
the Temperance society should not have the chap
on their anniversary dav, as will be seen by
readimr the lotto Nice. document:
iittihermis, the tart Temperattre nit cling held in the
basement oft he church was conducted In truth a manner •
as t o z ty c otrenre to members of the church—in wearing
bats in the chore b , , to•tlitz ballad. without any spir•
irunlity whnicvcr, an 41 in miler manifestations of confu
sion--thotozh wr rr i=h wen to, and highly approve the
TClllrenttee cao
rit'Verthrlo• , . R , solred, That we do not feel at liberty
to permit the house attain to be aced for a Temperance
rel.:lot:A ion—and the Pitt township Society will therefore
please excuse !lA,"
The reasons enumerated in the above preamble
for withhelding the chapel from the Temperance
people, I feel inelinzit to pronounce altogether too
vague and trifling to the trestees in the un
-I,:yorelih, steed they have taken to the interest
great merel ewes, of Temperance, which
has, eel is. and ever well b.t diseeminating the
cein'Orts of itie to the loot and debased of :he ho
.uari• raee. I l'eel eonh lent !ha: the irtiitees them s
selve - = lie in a few moments of unbiassed rellee•
Tien, Would see the impropriety of the cow se they
hate pursiteri in pertnittine. such light reasons to
if:flu-nee their mieds a eain , ,t the reasonable re
el •st made by the executive cominttee—if arty
eers,, , e. were th , it hats on tremor oleastens, ears
taiWy all sincere Washingtonierre watilit detest the
, refire an ; them openly—but can the
mereeideus recoil et and point cut tho e
whe guilty nf this misd , rnermor,
ror :here were sue!), r remain for one, entirely
ignorant of them no to the pre'-eat time—scone liewevet, thus s tine thoughtless per , Clll eL
hileted their ignorance of deeerum in wearier
their hats Burin, a Temperance meeting, is not
the floly xerci , es of the people of God interrupt
ed and ereitemptiemsly anise by clans rat wielted
men very often? Cortein!y they arc—but the peo
ple of God do not cease their efforts simply he•
eau , e men "wile are led by Satan at his will,"
are amonz them, and are they going to throw ob
strumions in the way of our cause because some
p: , rstms throuvli forge;fulneee or excitement forgot
to take off their hats during the meeting's? So it
seeroir. ts:ineinie ballads without aey spirituality,''
seems to h- nuttier objection, The sentiments
remained in nor Temperance Songs are such that
n rUtle ink mind could have the least objee•
to, f , r thy are the lire and enevey of the
great principle which tits so signally defeated the
lamentable evil of intemperance. The sengs this
Pitt T. e'neiety mede use of, are those which
arc sung throughout the enentry and sanctioned
by all societies, and of enorse, offence to the
church members was never theieght of—it the
church members had thrown out the slightest hint
that the purity of heir spode-is hearts was writh•
ing beneath this singular imposition, it Wduld
have been checked in a moment, and save them
from suffering from "mere ballads without
ualily," I understand that one of the trustece has
asserted that all the remuneration received was to
merely pay the sexton; therefore, if each is the
case, a member of the society must have received
it—For the regular eexton never attended to the
church when the society held meetings, with: per
haps one exmption. If these gentlemen can clear
themselve: Before the impartial scrutiny of the
public and still hold up as their motto "do unto
others as you would have them do to you" it
would please no one Inure than A MEMBER,
ontincr fiat Neins.
NI feet water in the channel.
All Boat, rnarke.i thus (") are provided w
Evans's Sllety Guard.
Reported by SlIF.I11.1: & MITCIIEL, General S
Agents, No 5, Market street.
•Cleveland, Hemphill, Beaver,
*Michigan, lloies, Llc.iver
Montezuma, Martin,, Louisville,
Eveline, Jack C ie .,
•Bridgewater, Ehbort, Wheeling,
Allegheny Belle, Hanna, Franklin,
Allegheny, Dean, Cin
Della, Bw.vinan, Brownsville,
Visiter, Hanging Roek,
North Queen, EcLain,
Mingo Chief, Devenny, Wheeling,
*Raritan, Sheble, Cin.,
*Alichig,an, Thies, Beaver,
r7teveland, Hemphill, do.
i3clinont, P, e, Wheeling,
*Clipper, Crooks, Cincinnati,
Tioga, Blashfotd, St Louis.
Last week but one of the (Season.
For the Benefit of Mr RICHARDSON and Mr
This evening will be preFented
Doors open at 7 o'clock, Performance to enea"
mence tantan 7 -
Lower Boxes, Sacentsl Second i1et",371 tent"
Pit. 25 " I G,diery pi cants,
1TE.161 BOILER EXPLOSIONS,—The Board tip.
pointed by the secretary of the Navy rfo *die
perimental trials of such Invention= and plans ~ deildsted
to prevent the explosion ofstearn boiler, and collapuitg
flocs, as they may deem worthy of examination." re
quest that those persons who have apparatus to present
for trial, will forward then to the Navy Yard, at Wash.
ington, without delay, as the board will be prepared to
proceed with the experimental trials by the 15th fast.
The Instruments sent must lie on a practical scale, and be
ready to be attache? to their boilers; that which has been
prepared for the experiments is twenty feet long, the
feet in diameter., and has two twelve inch flues Raga;
ihrouzli It.
, .
Navy Yard,Wasitinztom lune 8 1843-- [luriel3,3ii
OTlCE.—Thepublie are her.,... -
I itarbortn-
OTlCE.—Thepublie are hereby cautioned against
harboring or trusting my wife, Remo., on my u _
count, as she has left my bed and boactl without any
jiiSt cause, or provocation, and I have resolved not to
pan any debts of her contracting after this date.
june 13-3t* JOFIN Ate Blt Me.
4 ,
My name having twen men , inned hnth for Pro
honorary and for Gffigresh—a diversity obvious
ly injurioua—l take the liGerty, under advice of
many rriends, to "define my position," and 'to
state in this public manner, tr.at I shall be a Call -
didate b fore the D.mocratic convention, only for
the notnination to C'mer , '!••
T. the Voters of .811egkeny C 01111iY -•••1 reppectro i or
fer myself to your consideration as a candidate (iodirpes
dcnt of parties) for the office of PROTIJONOTAkY
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election. As I jowl
come before yen I erommended by a Cenventiow,thoicet
you to whom I nm not personally known wilt please es•
amine into my qualifications, kr.; and ifso fottttnie at
to °Main a majority of your sittfrnges, II shall endetat or
by str iet a !tent ion to Me dut icaof office:to satisfy yen
with your choice. ALEX. MILLAR,
tnly 10 —tEO Of Pittsburght
A T the solicitation of a minute,- of friends of all pol
meal parties , I respectfully offer myself to the een
shier:llion of my fellow citizens tor the office cl County
Commissioner. That my sentiments may not be e ‘ shien.
derstood, ei th er as to pothical or private affairs, I *lke
free to say that f have teen nil my life a consistent Re.
pubtiean, in tbe true pence of the word. t As the county
is somewhat embarrassed in its financial atralre. see the
reduction of salaries ofpublic officers has received . the
approtrition of large majorities of the people ; the ee4er-
Si2lleit would not should he be so fortunate as tole elec.
ted, in any manner attempt to resit this salutary- re•
form; should II reach the office of ectimy Crmmtssienee.
Clear tke comae for the VAteleers..--, -
WILLI FOSTER. Esq. or A iteziteny elk" wil
candidate (or the office of Prallouotary of Allegheny
comity, at the °etcher election.
F rAs just received from Nem York and Philaielphis
.11. a large and general assortreetd of valnzble
Family .Vedicines, and he is now ready to supply Drug.
tit:signed Country filerchan's, at the eastern wholesale
prices—A reasonable discount for rash—amon g ieUteh
are the following, viz: Indian Vegetable Elixir, amities'
Nerve and Bone Liniment, Lion's Rahn of China, Lirin's
Tetnihirerce Bitters, Oldridge's Balm of torunebta, row
nos-n. of A nnisseed. Rowand's Tonle Ili:titre;
Comstock's Sarsaparilla, Hays' Liniment (for Plies;)
Spo Headache Remedy, Gridley's Teller Olittasept,
Elm. India Hair Dye, Essence of Tyre, HSPrfittil Oil,
Overstreet's Liniment. Bartholomew's Pink Expectoreat,
Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, Scudder's
Covert's Balm of Life, Humphreys Pile. Ointment,
Poudres Sub' Iles, Linn's Plasters, Brandreth's Pills tgee-
Mom) WI son's. Dyspeptic Pills, Fahnestock'e, Brodie's,
Evans'. See's, llibbertli and variant, other
Also, Fahnestock's Vermifuge, Depurative Sr nip, 0 po.
deldoc, Cough Lozenge., 'Pneumatic or Cough.
ele., etc. A good end general assortment of AL t; the
valuable Patent Medicines always on hand, and ferule
wholesale end retail.
Don't forget 86 Fourth street.
jnne 12.
t t 0
the Honorable the Judges of the Cott, t of General
h Quarter Swione of the Peace In and for Allegheny
The petition of Matthias Wilson, of the Stlt. Viusit of
the city of Pittsburgh In the county aforesakt, humhly
shewrth, That your petitioner hath proyided himself
with materials for the a:commodatron of invert:sand
others at his dwelling house In the city and ward afore
said, and pray, that your honors will grant him a litel o se
to keep a pubfic house of entertainment. And you"' pe.
titioner as in duty hound, will pray.
We the subscribers, citizens or the Firth Ward.
cfly o.'Pltr,sburgh, do certify that the above petitioser
or gond repute for honesty and temperance. and Is well
provided with house room and conveniencies for thy
comueortatlon and lodging, orstrangers and travelers..aid
that .•aid tavern is necessary.
Jas Gosling. Anthony Mangle, R. L. Agnew,
Bernard Buerkle, John Kearney, Jacob Hoek,
Geo Porter. Katt Blnslev. R. J. Hugh,.
Joseph Snyder, Wilhelm Bolimidt, M. Forster. -
WOOL. - •
rinllC highest 3lTrket Price paid for WOOL, de!
to I he'soliscri! er, at.hls warehouse, No. 100 Liberty
sfreer. OppoAie. he foot of sth.
411 kinds of Groceries, and Pittsburgh Manufactures,
a lwar on hand, and wilt he sold low.for 0/1;
:3000 yards 40 inch Burlaps.
1. R. multrHy.
Corner of Ceeird Alley 4 Lilterry
June 12—w31
M RS, MOODY, B having adoptedDlNG her present residence
on Liberty, opposite the end of Ferry st.i for the
reception of boarders, will be pleased, to accommodate
a few gentlemen with-hoard and lodglity,er board alone.
June 10-4 t.
it the old atavd of YOUNG ¢ AfcCURDY. Aro, 4
RSecond, between frond and Market streets:
ESPECTFULLY informs the friends of the late drat
and Inc public generally, that be is prepared to
till all orders forCabiret Work, of any kind, With all
posAihie despatch, and Warranted Jo be equal to any In ' 4l '
the city
Every attention will be paid to furnishing COITINB
fc., when required. June 10.1843.
WARD & HUNT, nemtiate Liberty "etrete.
few doors below &Clair 4WS,UMC