Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, June 02, 1843, Image 4

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_ a -..i.--se.- •ci ., -...,.. 11: . . if,,,. • sod oil seteessful lertsve
cr rib , , -i--- Li_ loss ef time with BR• MDR rre's Pmts. They mildly bet
- 'ii itta - tfilii Pillhlie llta e . DAELErS ALSO ICA 1. PALK ER
,i-.':•';, f 11.,, stately remove all impurities from the blood, and no case
iljtr,,}MOL/1111111 4° , :161ir 4 . •i i rearoß iirestimable ;it pot only eurrsqulcker , bu i of eicknes.s can affect the human flame , that these tele
:,-Flt'es2,;-- - I. INV • S'a tegnrd,direeft • • .. - .
:•ii -., ,141141111:44:4. , iseLW.2`.. w .,,- - ..., L-' • 1.,--b.:,Axiid , iv.„%no additional punt, nor leaves a tear. Fire Is post Mated-Pills do not relieve as much at medicine can do.
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1-Zr''..*1101.4.4141.14011441aW1,_ .17., :71.„, iiiieTbs-;--,;irit:t.iii-. (w
rendered harmlett.: (810 bus been offered sly Colds and coughs are more benehtted by the Brundreth
.....,•- - -IMlterelliellViSliT-6. "'''':- if---'''' - - months to an v pefsced retarding an empty hoz, and saying Pills than - by lozenges and canaies. Very well, per.
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' -.' isptloll fs, is aka . '-pes of tiliehiMness,of ao Undertaker . , - - .
- ..,. :a-- up a e ...,, . . It .
will im i, er red that all agony on anointing is not extracted i.' a few tan - harra.as palial Ives, but worth nothin. as eradicators of
tb.l4°llll4olllr Pablit:-.7°."-"...efiCe4:"9iL fergesi"-aand. - -Atli:yet n o, cone f ro m iboosapds or tools since has claim . diseases front the human systetn. Tire PlaseeeferePtus
— 4 - -- -,_,-- 414 .11 j 4 en PMSique .wew...*.. - • .. -- - ed the bonus.) Parmits antiou-t to guard agalnstgenera cure, they do not merely relit ve, they cure diseases ,
e .-- _:: • ..0, 4witliromq L. ils l *PA'. 4 409ipr......e4 I IiSTo ex Of, ;., . ,
Je . '4... * ..-• • , Wint!e••, 311 d Sae e time, fortune and life, and prevent whether chronic or recent , Infectious or otherwise, will
-''-'• .. ' SiriteerWiSlie iftentlPtl OW 5.. , ..•! C' ; ",:,•,„ Z ara ,
.iNriirotPioriiie from being disfigured by burns, or even certainly be cured by the use of these all su ffi cient Pills.
" Vile ,. idericeArlittl' 4.Wwli of. i. small oox pu-. toles , (0 possessing the enviable power to CURE,OF A CANCEROUS SORE. •
b 0 ins? ,: . ',oth qr* •t!likt lOW r ‘tel,..olllY sfillitlthn ' -
A , - , • , ' replace therellutary organs destroyed.) can do so by ob.
ata1111 1 1, 111 ra : -:'; ~:. ,1•;41, it . ironing t' is inimitable salve. Many deeply burneetases Stile Stem, January 21.1843.
Doctor Benjumin Breedrste—llotiored Sir:Owing le
----.Virg,-;: .:. z ,_:-:,,. b-04115.01P.D• , t :.1
ittitiat: -." - - rrcii. p . "the city can le seen, rind one entire face burnt over and
: ) immoded three distinct limes in the same spot while heal you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, lam
induced to make a public aelinowledgemlutt of the benefit
' i Lots m -
' •' ' ine, yel in Po' case can be traced the least cicatrice or
tkeis • : my wire has derived from your Invaluable pills. About
mark' For nil kinds of hurts ns rapid soothing effectsare
three years this winter she was taken with a pain In her
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
i k tl e s i t t - Lniepforcla::.,,i.lo;,etivdebnes o u r n e k eyes ,
..a I t i t ‘ n h fi e i t i o n i t l a c t t i o a n n s d a n tt u d rse bro ry,
• for' (-Marius I tic skin of pimples, removing chafe, etc., will
(1,1,1 it indt:,t,efisahle... One ii i ii , ig eel) , will forrver „ m i. for the doctor. During hisattendmice the pain and swell
' tit;lt.ttiesovereign REAL•ALL (lentil y. A flee this no,
swollen, so much so that we became alarmed. and sent
in; increased to an alarming degree, and in three weeks
'il' . c'e; imads of families allowing torture for months, and from its firstcosnuiencine it became a running sore
410nitite1y.di:torted feaiure.s. can never 'while away re. She could get no rest at night the pain was so great.—
Nirtia&l4...rstly uttered by s."dtsabied child, for neglecting Our first Doctor attended her for six months, and the
to.,trittnott over fire. . . received no benefit whatever, the Fain growing worse,
. , 4..Entereti accordine coact of Conress. A. D. 1841, hy and the sore larger all the while. He said if it was heal
..rineistsek Sr .Co ,in the Elerk's'o ffi mi of the Dist rict Court ed up it would be her death, but te appeared to tie at a
4.the United Stale; for the Southern District of New loss how le proceed, and my po wife still continued
to suffer the most terribletortures. We theeefore sought
Warranted the only genuine. ' other aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when be first
-Utanstock .IF.:t.M., wholemle Drue,gis N. York, havehe. saw it that he could soon cure the sore. and give her
come tite.eole . wholesale agents for Mr. Dailey, In Amerl ease at once. To our surprise he gave her no relief,
ca Tor 20 yews. All orders must he addressed to them' and acknowledged that it baffled all his skill.
The eennine only to be land at TUTTLE'S Medic i Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
- tenet! SS Foe.rth.street. Nov 1.5 the experience of two celebrated physicians in vain, in
absolute despair. My poor wifes constitution rapidly
• tailing in the prime of her years from her continued
suffering. Under these circumstances we concluded that
we would try your UnivermiVegettble Pills.determined
to fairly ten' their curative effects. To my wife's g
comfort the first few doses afforded great relief of the
pain. Within one week, to the astonishment of our.
selves and every one who enew alive ease, the swelling
and the inflammation began to cease so that she fell quits
e asy, a nd w ould sleep c omfortably, and, sir, after nix
weeks' use she was able to go throw:lt the house, and
again attend to the management of her family. which
she had not done for n early 14 months. In a little over
two months from the time she first commenced the use
cf your invaluable Pills, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than it had been In quite a number of
years before. I send you this statement after 'wo years
test of the cure, cooside.rln; it only an act of justice to
you and the public a' large.
We are, with much gra ilude.
Very respectfully,
P. Ft. The Botanical Doctor pronounced the sore can•
ecrous, and finally raid no :pod could he done, unlssthe
whole of the flesh was cutoff, and th bone s cra p
T h a n k a kind Providence, this made us resort to your
pills, which saved us from all further misTery. endL. for
which we hope t . be thankful. . 4.• E.
try-Sold at 25 cents per 1,10%, with direetion..
Observe the new isheim each having upon it two eig•
natures of Dr. Brand reth. So each hits of the genuine
has sit slgnatures—three Benjamin Brandrelh and three
ft. Brandreth upon It.
The only place in Pittsburgh where the real Bran
itrcin rills ran i.e obtained, Is the Doctor's own office,
N 0.93. Wood street. between sth and Diamond a ley
Mark the :ermine Bra ndreth Pills can never be obtained
....4 '-t. 1 , ....
... u-tIT. I .
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- ..r. , -- . . • : +4...- '
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•: ,-. • -- ; ? •.:; : .A. , :: ' ''',•-„,,*--. ;
~,,,..Ift, .-1 , ;• ... '
it•ix.: 1.:«- ---
'i•:'''''.: .- .. . . -
`rt i ;c ,. ' : `..k,,..*+? -
.. 1•!, `,.. ,-,F •, ......: , ..f.1+
trj ,- ;'.7„ , ,,...tz,%'
~ ,,,.:-..t • -,,,,, ~ 0
- -','S . -.•-•
'IA 114tiViiaa' k
... oy your teeth so unusually White?
Quoth JoTh•cdolefilla loahim t'other night,
- To asakeyottrzlook so, with a grin, replied lost%
I'verbrought youa bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
'Tisthe best now in use, so the gentlefolks say.
And since they have tried this, cast ail others sway.
But to proireit the best, to make the teeth shine,
Look again, my dear eat, at the Itt.tre of mine.
Then try tt is great tooth wash,
The Teaberry tooth wash.
And see if this Tooth Wash of Thorn's is not fine.
Baying tried br.“Titorn's Tea Berry Tooth Wyslt,'
and become acquainted with the Ingredients of its comp°.
siion,l cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
Its one of the most pleasant Tooth Wasres now in us-e,
Pittsburgh Sep. 15.1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
I take pleasure in stating, having made
of the best dem
use of- , Tliorn's
Tea Berry Tooth Wash," trot it is one
trifices In use. Being in a liquid form, it comb!nes neat
ness with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfume yelds
a fragrance peculiarly desirable. J • P. TIBBETTS. M.D.
The undersigned have used "Thorn's Compound Tea
Berry Tooth Wash," and have found II to bean extreme.
ly pleasant dentifrice, esercising a most salutary Win.
sacs over the Teeth and Gums; preserving those indis
pensable members from premature deca
y. preventing
flay. the
accumulation of Tartar, and purifying the Breath.
in re.
Ing thoroughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure
commending it to the public, belieeing It to be the best ar
ticle of the kind now in use.
Prepared and sold by WILLIAM THORN. Apolbeca•
ry and Chemist, No. 53 Market street,, Pittshu rgli; and
at all the princifia Druggists', and Tuttle's M.dical Agen.
es, Fourth street. sep
ERESTING CURE performed bYDr•Sn'a3"
reiropossni Syrup of Pruner Virginiana, or fri/d Ch
ry. Having madeuw of this invaluable Syrup in my fam
which entirely cared my child. The symptoms were
wheezing and choking of phlegm, difficulty of breathing,
attended with constant cough, spasms, convulsions, 4e.
Of which I had given 'pall hopes of its recovery until 1
was advised to make trial of this Invaluable medicine.
After seeing the effects it had upon my child, and con•
eluding to make the same trial upon myself, which en•
ireiy relieved me of a cough that I was afflicted with for
stony years. Any person wng to see me can ra at
my `sou* in Beach IStreet, above the Market, Kensington
I. Wmcox.
VasitIA9III,W.OVI "sittet,
• 4ewits-7.wa.t.-6-taii:ti.
.034 . iiOn ti g ;
ttubdrg It .10,1),re
- Doctcrelt
hr e. • I ry 10
We call the attention of the public to the numerous
eartifiertes which have cit y, ! circulation in our paper
and Posse others of this highly recommending Dr.
W7Satli Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry.-We have
Peen the original certificates, and have no doubt but they
was from truly grateful hearts, ex pre;sive of the benefits
Wbkb they have received from Mat valuable compound.
We have. acquaintances who have frequently used the
above medicine. who call speak with confidence of its
virtr e3.—Saturday CArsaids.
F[ll.O9F .Crrissits: —With sincerity
lways t I wool
have a
you, one and all, Loth sick and well, ao
bottled Dr fiwtanalsCompoond Syrup of Wild Cherry
le your .booms—fl Is Ingaluahle In cases of emergency,
seek as Spitting of Blood, Airthma, attacks or violent
coughlog. which Is often the cause of spitting of bloon,
Violent Nervous Affections, which occasionally come
(rem fright, and various other causes, productng treat
alarm, sudden colds from Improper exposure. which
are often let run to an alarming, extent, for want of
111102111 being ready at 'lanai—and as I have u.ed Br.
*wailer'''. Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry repeatedly
In my family, and always with marked success—l can
recommend It with confidence. as being one of the beat
family medicines which has ever been offered to the
pabltr.—Eaturday Caronislc.
Sold by Wm. Thorn. Wholesale 4- Retail, only ae s
of piqeburth. N 0.53 Markel Street. s
J. thoottllG—On Friday, %health of last month, :thou*
Sgelock at night,the Plantrig.Droovin2 and Sash Man
siketory, owned by Gay. Dilworth If Co. wilt' a Large quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all consu.
sled by lire.
The Iron Safe which I hough t of you some time. back
WWI in the_trioa exposed situation during the fire, and
Was entirely red hot —I am pleased to Inform you th was
opened at the close of the fire,and all the books. papers,
ke.saved;—thls is the best recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
"Unrivalled Blacking,
DIANUIPACTURED and sold wholesale and seta
Strrs lisazar, one door below Smithfield.
act 21-17
oTO SE BUTEWORTII. Auctione sad Cum.
61/ sirs Nerck T
antll, LOlLiSsine, KY., w e il r l
attend t r
salsofEsal Estate, Dry Goods,G t merles, Furniture. 4e •
4.4. Regular sales every Tuesday. Thursday, and Fri
Say glossing, at 10 o'clock , A .111. Cash advance's
10 made
isla noCnlgnments. cep
CP CafrPTELD tam removed his warble Estblish -
IC gloat to Weed s4 opposims Febnesioek's Dru:
• orbeta be will keep constantly on band Tomb and Tomb
' • Stoortweete sic. ep
COMORKS. Portrait Peistcr. north at., 3d story
01011111/010110. 3.oaborne wad+ , solicit a tall
setti-00.111 Portralm M t
m ime Pfits
Wittebtirch Lard Oil ST anaNctory.
_. _ - • moM -
. .
• . _
---.--t-, -.4 % .
~.",.. ~... . ,
... it..: tr se .
.." —:-:-
C l i es .„ -
.„_. I"
.. _
-• :-- • •••• •-•- r 4".
%• • • •• ""a •. i.-- _ . , -7.
CONSTAXTLY on hand a superior article of hard
Oil, warranted to burn at any tenter:we, and
equal to the hest winter strained tzprrm Out, without
its offensive guagiies, and one third rt.raper, man.
ufactitred by the subscriber at the old stand. Third nt.,
nearly opposite the Post °titre. . C. EDEN'.
kin .4,134.1 ,
ripliE subscrilter having opened a shop No 61. Second
1 street,between Market and Won streetitharg,
in conneetir n with the Factory in Bham, respect.
folly Informs his friends and the patine, that he will lir
I happy to he favored with their orders fur any articles In
his line,
i Door Locks and Fasteners, o f Carina. d , scriptions. nr.
! hand 31111 made to order.
i Tobaeco, Mill and Timber Srrews
Large Screws, for iron Work , , and Screws for Presses
ode as nosy he required,
Carpenters and Builders are rrque,=ted In call before
I. for jobs, and examine his articles and price.
I. orks repaired and johbing generally tone in .he best
manner, and on the lowest terms.
may 2.-6ul JAR. FATTFASON. Jr.
j) OBERT PORTER, At Carve! at Ger.—Office
1:111 , on the cornet of Forth and Sinol,llel,l gig. "et. 10
Looking Glass Manufactory,
And Must Furnishing Warehouse, 104 Wood
Street, near sth.
/1111 F. Subsrriber having completed his arrangements
at his nets stand, now prepared to offe r sort toment lois
friends, and the mitotic, n lame anti complete as
of Looking Glasses. and ItonseSurult.hing Hardware.
(at priers to suit the times.)
Pier and Mantel Glasses In Colt rind %labor:any
Frames, atilt! most approved and superior w Orkman.
Toih:t Criaf3(ll with 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 drawers.
Common. stained, tinted, and p liar fratned Glacses
suitable (or
Merchants, (or throw watith: cheap _lasses.)
Japanned Waiters and Trays anti rotors and patterns.
Ivory handle Knives and Forks. in setts or d ozen s.
Buck nad B.lne handle Table Cutlery.
Carving Knives and Forks. do.
Dixon's Brittania Metal 'lra nod Coffee SttlA (Au.
perior quali) .)
American Mannfariu ;dn. In nits. or single pierce.
German Silver Tea• and Tale Spoons,
Silver plated and Brass
fo Candle:ning nirks, Snti
IVeIP do,
Brittania Metal Lamps. r bur Spor Lard
Brass and Wire Fire Fenders. (various patterns.)
Fire Shovels and Tongs, Hand If ons. pa tterns.)
With a variety of other art tries ton numerous to men
tion, all of which will he otfereti at the lowest east; pri
Portran,llliniMnrmnnd other Frnmine any . -
shorleon notice, rennuring nfnli Linde 'Wendd tn
IneGines pintes.by tne hO or All2if` rrili is fo - r Fra
mine conqiantly on band
Headache! Headache!
4 RE now known to thousands as a tnost extraordina•
ry remedy for Ibis affliction as well as the incon
trovertile fact of their turlng IIYtSPERS Ithose
suftering only ask among their friends if they have nut
known of the poaitice (lee, of said Villa. nod if they
do not hear them more warmly pral,..ed
b (and dem. leeerverily
too) titan any other, then let Ilion net uy thn
these few remarks, all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothing will he said of their merits at any time
[ hut what can he fairly proved by respectable tnemters of
oar corniuunity.
Read the followinz certificate ziven by a reffwrinble
citizen of Allogliony ciiy, and ottestrd by rite of thipjudg.
es of the Court of Commot , fleas of Allc;hcriy co.
ALLEGHENY CITY, .13T1Oary 9.1343.
Dear Sir—l have for a number of years past been af
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headache, a
rising from derangement of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medicine re.
commended fur lie core, have never derived any mate
Hai benefit until I used some of your truly valuable An.
ti Dyspept it Pills. I have not taken quite two hoses and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that distreving
romplaint. I have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the best medicin Y our s ever used.
, Respectfully,
I ant acquainted with Mr, Tarim - , 1 have no hesit a•
Orin In certifying that I consider the statements of Mr,
T. respsming Dr. Brodie's P. 113. as entitled to theVlmS.oot
perfect and entire confidence. HITCH DA
rm. sale, Wholesale and Retell at the Brodonian Pill
Establi=timent Pittsburgh Pa ; an.i by all authorised a
Gents throughout the Union.
Alle'v city Jan 9 1845
'Upholstery Furnishing's.
TULE subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and
the Public that he has just opened the store No.
30 Fifth street, near the Exchange Bank, and adjoining
Mr. I. D. Williams' Grocery where he Intends to menu
factare in the best style, and have ready for sale a full
assortment of the first quality of Upholstery Furnish.
liege, such as Hair, Shuck and Straw Mattresses, Feath
er Beds,racklags, to-which be will sell for Cask at seat
ly 100 per cent less than 'fanner prices.
ALSO:Softie, Chairs. etc, Upholstered , car Pets mods,
1 and Curtains arranged after the isewc la
it fkahload — d l
which be offers to execute in a mangier useasated
this or ansurpoesed in any other city.
mar 1M ly JOHN T. STEWART.
in any ern:: store.
The follow in.! arc the only Agents appointed by Dr. 11,
Brand ret It, for the rates( his Vegetable Uniser..al
in Allegheny county:
riIINCIT•IL Orgies. Mn 911. wood street. Pittsburgh.
Mr. John Glams—Allegheny ,
Robert Duncan—Birmingham.
C. P. D'elil—Elizaheth l o wn •
11. Rowland —M'Keespo rt.
Pressty Irwin—Pleasant Hill.
John Johnston—Noblestow.
Chewtman Spaulding
Arden k Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Turentrim•
George POWPf —Fairy w.
Da•ol R Coon- Plum township.
Daniel Nettles —Bort liberty.
Edward Thompson-10%11k inshorgli
VVrn O Hunter—Alien'. Milt
Judson & Flancgin,
ATTORXF.YS AT LAW. Smithfield near 7lh orrei.
Colle linos made ou mode,ait teens. ren*lon.
(or widows iof old soldierq under the late arl or cn
:reps. obtained. P:wel..xod drawin g . for
_— _ la
the Niro, mor 17-1 v cf
fice, Prepared.
A ('A R 1).
II nn I•and a large and wrll as ortntstork
1• P V W.113E. sof nide for the sprit , : nod
sitinn,er and am prepared ni short nonce to fill
all orders entrusted to me. lily stock is entirely
to new •tilt
made of the hest mai erinl, will he sold at p
II rices
1411141. MerrilatilS will find me well prepared In fitt
their orders on the hest terms, for any description °flip
huktery coods Or their ensiomers; and Owed
served Izens want•
inc. any article In my !lop, will he promptly .
their favors thankfully rrWN
NORl.E.l7hot.ter e r.
No. 4 Wood 31 . near the river.
DR. E. MERRITT, DENTIST', of c.i. Smith I
field, &stress Second as! Thirst Eta, Bourg of
hu+inrss from 9 A. M. 1111 4 P. M.
Dr. E. M. manufttei••Tfl,Proeelain and Mineral teeth.
Dentists eon Ile supplied hy the 100 or single teeth. Blocks
of teeth
with a heauilful 111 n full sets, or parts
of setts, will he tonne In order at the i•iltorteat nollcr. by
forwarding an exact impre.sion of the mouth. Also.
for Tale a few inarhines wlthemery wheels for grinding
and fitting mineral teeth so lawful to the Dentist—all
willtte sold low for rash. are 23.
PILES coned by the Lee or be. ilarlietes Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient FM/
ffir—Shortly after I received the
Agency Dom yuu for the pale of your medicine.
formed an acqtainlancewilb a lady of this place, who
way severely. afflicted with the Flies. For eight or
rears this lady was anklett to frequent pal
e& attac,
I and her phypician considered her case so complicated,
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throocis
my persuasion , she commenced using your Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, Eye. JAMES R. Kt RBY
October 3. 1840. Ch a mbershirßa.
fr-r Office and General Depot. No. 19. North Eighth
Street. Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner 0
Liberty and Wood streets, Pittsburgh. sep 10
jnn 13—ly
F OR carrying Merchandise andita Produce to
York an
Boston, by the Pennsylvania Canal and Rail road, on
entirely temperate principles.
Stock of this line consuirs of new large Tidewater boats
built expressly for Ibis route. with all the modern
movements In boAt building; of a supet abundant
of first rate cars on the Portage Railroad; nnd a boats be full sup
ply of strong and commodious Pennsylvania .
'wren Johnstown and Pittsburgh; all of which will be
conducted by sober,indust Hous and experienced captains
anti superintendents. Charges will be paid on all goods
intended to be shipped from Phtsburgh to Philadelphia,
lia,timore, New York or Boston, and consigned to James
Dirkey s r Co.. Canal Basin, corner of Liberty and Wayne
etc. and will be promptly attended to and forwarded with
All Goods and produce intended to be shipped from
Philadelphia coastwi.e, or via the Delaware and Rani
tan Canalland consigned to Hart, Andrew and McKever,
will be received at their warehouse. first wharf übove
Race street, Philadelphia, and shipped directly from
thence without additional handling or expense; a line of
Boston packets connects with the line at this poin ,
Shippers are invited to examine the stock of this lin
It, the e
and Judge for themselves,before shipping by any other,
as their interest will be advanced by shipping by
propritkors being determined to exert themselves to the
utmost of their ability for the interest of their custo
mers and prosperity of their line.
Insurance can be effected cheaper by this line than any
other, as the route is considered the safest.
Hart, Andrews ¢ McKever, from Philadelphia and Bal.
timore to Hollidayebnrg.
Henry L. Patterson, from Hollidaysburg to Pittsburgh ,
Hart, Andrews McKever, Philadelphia.
Elder,Heiston 4. Co., Baltimore.
Henry L. Patterson, Hollidaysburg.
Jessee Patterson, Johnstown.
James Dickey 4. Co. Pittsburgh.
JAMES BLASELY,notitinues to execute all kinds of
vrritinge.such as Deeds, Mortgages, Itymentleas In.
dentures. Articles of Partnership. Letters of Attorney,
WllhOtc. }•, in a neat and legal manner. and at half of
muter charges, at his old stand Penn street, near b the Stb
ward sorbet Noose. fe,
--- ,:.;----------
-, 1(•0n 1 r 9 ,1,4711.11909911.-L—Alls, 79, 'Foil - 41
tiStreet, Betasersireed and lihnithid sts.
'wo doors from the corner of Wood street. . COrt-
Mealy on hand an assortment ofloo read, made
COFFINS, of every size and dmriptlcrn; covered
ones. with Cloth: Mahogany, Cherry, Black
Walnut, Poplar, and Pine Coffins.
ACiO,Tlates neatly engraved; Hearses and Carriages
furnished; Graves procured; and all services rendered
that friends may requite.
A credit given in all cases, either of coffi
vote r es,
requested. HENRY BEARES,naker.
rep 10
SPRUM ENTSI— 7'. McCarthy, Cutter and u
instrument Maker, Third street, rearlg opposite the
Post Office, Pittsburgh
their in
Physicians. Dentists and PrlngiSill can have
strurnents made.) , tire subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and SclsSorS always on hand.
also Hatters Shears. a superior article. Orders respect ,
fully solicited.
N. Et. A ilarticles warranted of the best
------,- quality. a
sep nd
lobbing done as usual. lo
---- - -
ALLEN ' , IRANI Eft, Exchange -Broker, No. 46. Cor
aer of Wood and Third Streets, Pittsburgh Pa.—
Gold, Silver. and Solvent Rank notes, bought an d
ra d so fis
Sight cheeks on the Eastern cities, for sale.
notes and bilk, collected.
Pittsburgh,Pa, Wm. B el le s Co., John D. Davis, F
Lorrni.J. Painter si Co.,oph Co., James May
Philadelphia, Alexander Bronson 4- Co., John 11. Brown
Er Co. Cincinnati, 0., James M'Candless. St. Louis,
.111 o„ J. R. M'Donald. Louisville, W. El. Pope,
10 q.
Prret Bank Ry s
-_ -- --
REIROV A L.—The undersigned begsteave to lilfOrltl
the public, t hat lie has removed from li old sta
to the eorncr of Prnn and St. Clair stv., oppositethe
change 'Mier, where he has fitted up a lame PIANO FORTS
Wall Room. and now offers for sale the most splendid
arrsta k
rt ntent of P ever offere
ent d in thiot 'nark&
111 pianos consistixtros
of differ patterns, of superior
IZOAC Wood and Mahogany, beautifully finished and mo
deled, and constructed 1 brormhout of Ctreetone, as well
ry her 4 ma.
lcrlals,wllleit,Ebr duratAlity, and quality or
I R.; WWI, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
As he has en!arged his manufactory, and rhaite arrange.
meuts to supply the increasing demand for this Matti,•
ment, tie respectfully requests those intending to
chaste to call and , -x: his assortment before pu
sing elsewhere. as he is determined to tell LOWER, for
cash,thnn any other establishment east E
T or west of the
mountains. F. BLUM,
Corner of Tenn and St. Clair streets.
sop 10 Oppo.ile the Exchange Hotel. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Evaliteb Camomile Pills,
esitltetcATES.—Letter.from the Hon. Alt M'Ciel•
lan,Sullivan County, East
WTertnevsee, Memulyberof Congress.
AVIIIIMOTott, J 3d. 1838.
Sir—Since I have been in this city I have used somel
your Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and Sa
faction, and believe it to he a mast valuable remedy.
connt One
of my :twill inents, Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell y,
Tennessee. wrote to me to Fend him some. which I did,
and lie has mployed it very snecesitfully in his practice,
and says It is invaluable. Mr. Jolimnan, your agent at
this place; thinks you would probably like an agent In
Tennessee • If so, 1 would recommend Dr. A Carden. no
a proper per.on la officiate for the sale of yam' celebrated
medicine. Should you commission htmln he Is willing to
act for you. You can send the medicine hy water to the
care of Robert King /t• Sons. Knoxville count y,Tennes.
ree, or by land to Graham 4- Houston, Tazewell.
Tennessee. 1 have no doubt but If you had agent. In
several eounlie.s In East Tennessee, a great deal of medi
cine would be sold. I an; g o
oh% to take some of ft h om e
for My own ttac. and tha f my friends. and s
like to hear from you whether you would like an agent
at Elfuntville. Sullivan County. East Tennessee; I can :et
some of the merchants to act for you as I live near there.
yours respectfully ,
ABRAHAM aI•CLE.I..I.AS.of Tennessee.
For sale tVitoles.ale and Retail, Ity
E 5F.1.1 ERS. A:tent,
No. 20. Wood etreet.helnev eterond
Pk. W 11.1.1 AM EV A NS' soovitric s - v au 1..
This Infallii.h. remedy S
bus pretterved hundred.
when thought pa , t recovery. I:cn convul.lnn,.. As soon
an the Syrup to rutted on the itlitia,lhe child will rem v.
er • This prettaration is so In ocent,an rthrarinue. an d on
pleacatit , that no child at.. 01 rerti , e to let It. gums he rub
bed with it. When infanta:lre nt the age of four month*
tho' there itt co appearance. n( teeth. one hottle or the
Syrup should he tit vd to open the pore.. Parents shoilld
I ever lie wi11..... the .tvito to the ntilfrry where there
Are vnnnt, children, for if a child wake,. in the nizbi with
own in the v,ttn=. the Syrup ontitedh,ielv
11,,, tlve
wragr eveio
.i ,
niwit::.2 t h e pn.r?, and hentine the Dnin-; .
in: l'uttvu none. Fevers, 4.e. For Sale ISb:dr. - ale and
R. n.5r.1.1.Ett5.A.,. ,, i.
Retail by
.... T , 10 Nn. 20. Wo , nl •treet, brio. , F.rennd
- -
mitt 23. 1843
(AortCO —Thc sea
%_/ son a
for the above c omplaint N s
now at hand. :toil ail
persons alto are t,nljected to the Inclemency of the
weather are respectfully Informed that they ran hod.
Covarres BAt.m or Lira. which Is a ell known to have
cured 11100,,ANDP, who were in the two stnes of Cot
. Certificates ran he protlured of its wonderful
TAYLOR'S II•Lg•14 or Livit.Rworr: is another remedy
(or Liner Complaints. Cars hs and Colds. It comes high•
I y wort mended by all who have used it, and is pleasant
to take,and speedy in effecting n cure.
PIAPT:IIIIO•RHOUND CtNOT.--This is a highly valuaide
and pleasant medirine;il will slier' a positive and certain
rure for Coughs. Colds, Con snap/ ion.and is an effectual
cure for the Wtmortno Cornets. Tilts isa very pleas
ant nredicine, ail are fond of it. and children never
aubsc fugc
to take st; Its cure is sure and positive. Therilwr
tins a ceitificate of Agency direct from J. Pease,' son,
so there can be no mistake. All persons who are effected.
are invited to call anti not delay, for the time to take
medicine Is at the commencement.
All the above medicines can always be procured at
TUTTLE'S i f EDICAL AGENCY. 86. Fourth. strut,
TO FEN A LEE.—There is a large class of Females In
this City who from their continued:Offing, to which
their occupations obligethem,are affected with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex•
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound ,an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling in the how•
els, sometimes a sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion Is used, as going quickly up
stairs; temprefickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few doses of the Brandreth Pills The occa.
sional use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or eve
°Fen three of
the Brandreth Pills just before dinner, are n f
highly beneficial; many use them eery advantageously In
this way; t hey aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper COndiliOn,enllven the sPirlIQ, Impart clear
ness to the complexion, purify the blood. and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. It-antirctles Office. No. 98 Wood street,
Pittshurgh--Price 25 cent.; per box, with full
M ARK—The only place in Pittsburgh, the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own
10 Of.
fife. NO 98 Wood street. sell
------ ____
LIVER CONIPLA INT cured by the use of r. liar
Itch's compound St rengthenints, and Aperie D nt Pills .
Mr. Wm. Richards, of Pittsburgh, Pa„ intirely cured of
the above distrev:ing disease. His symptoms were pain
and weight in the left side, loss of appetite, vomiting, acid
erUclallung, a distension of the stomach. sick Itead•ache,
furred tongue, countenance changed to a citron rolor, diffi•
culty of breathing. disturbed restottended with a cough,
great debility, with other symptoms indicating great d o
rangement of the functions of the liver.s M rece r. Riveichardno
had the advice of several physician, but d
relief, until using Dr. !tartlet's Medicine, which !ermine.
ted In effecting a pe.fect cure.
Principal Office, 19 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh by Samuel Frew, corner of Llber
y and Wood streets. sep 10
These Pills are composed of hell's, which exert
a specific action upon the heart, give impulse ,or
strength to the arterial system; the blood is quickened
and equalised in its circulation through all the vessels,
whether of the skin, the parts situated internally , or the
extremities; and as all the secretions of the body are
drawn from the blood, there isa consequent increase of
every secretion, and a quickened action of the absorb ent e
and exhalent, or discharging vessels. Any r
which may have taken place is corrected. all obstruc
tions are rantrived, the blond is p urified. and the body
Mimes alk sal Mee slate. Pori ale Wholesale and
ULM by R E SELLERS, Agent,
) Wood et. below Second.
the most valuable ointment rot Burns, Bores,ever
invented: no matter bow badly a person may be burnt
or scalded tbls will heal them immediately, without
leaving any scan: Every fitally should hare a box is
their house, no nneshould be without it.—Every one
who Mrs tried it recommends it, To be had only at
dee 8
TUTTLE'S; 86 Fourth street."
For tho Transportation of .llferchandi:s and Produce
, Between
DEVINn 4 McANULTY respectfully inform the pub
lic that they have completed their arrangements
for the above Line on
The public has long wished for Individual competialone
in Transportation on the Public Works, by which
it can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to Its lowest rates; that wish will now be realized; the
State of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks on her Rail
Roads, Individunic; owning
rade Portablandesuccess Boats
fo a lly to coin.
re enabled
to bid for the Corry
pete with companies.
This line iscomposed of Twenty new, tour Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as enterprising, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and advantages of the Portable Boat
over every other mode of Tcansportatlon,. are too well
known to shippers generally,to require comment; wall
lice it to say, that. the detention, foss,separation and dam.
are to Goods, invariably attendins, three Transhipsteets
between Pittshurgh and Phladelphia are by the portable
Boat most effectually released
The Portable Boat pommels the great advantag
e too,
of being well r entiiared and cool in Summer;
vants Flour from souring', and Bacon and Tobacco from
Devine isteknuav, standing as they de,between the
owners of goods and the Boatmen who carry them, and
eqaally interef.ted In protecting the interests of both, will
make no promises to the public they will not faithfully
They arc now prepared to receive and forward Pro
duce to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Boston
in the shortest time, and pledge thernvelves to entere int o
no combination with other Lines,tint always etand ad
to carry ont the princrotes of their Line,and contratt for
freight on the'rery rbwatteerns.
To ;gee ittulonMed.seeintty to o wners and shippers
of goods an open policy of Insurance has been effected.
by which all merchandlze shipped by this Line will be
Insured without an! additioual expense to owner.
Devine 4. Me Anulty will receive all Produce consigned
to them at Pittsburgh, pay freight and charges to imam
Boats and forward the name without delay to Philadel
phia, Balihnore, New York, and BOSIOII wtthout any
charge fur advancing or commi.sion.
DEVINE de McANULTY. Ag'nta..
street, Pittsburgh.
Canal Basin, Liberty
272 Market street. Philadelphia.
MOORE d-.CHASE Agents,
Teich 10. 1 n 42 75 Bowler's Wharf. Baltimore.
IOHN' dirctc,,sicEy. the old oriental. has on hand the
splendid assortment of Clot hiri: ever offered
Wee Sly n ork is hire e, and lam dispnied to sell at the
OWL I poe!...ible price Itlysioek is heavy, and as the sea:
,ain ailvand it:: I will flat loner prices Iban ever. I
only the pleasure (Penn: confident that a
look is entlir tent. nrware of Counterfeits. Remember
tba TPREF. RIO DOORS. and the SIGN
PAVE-% FNT• 3.184
R. DANIEL 21:c.11/..IL, Office on Fifth !tree
Ifilmmween Wood and Smithfield et reels, Pittsbh - rah.
der Ifl-1Y
r‘ llloEiii,iileer.iihanorndrinftlestpirncel,ftlya inmfaonirtheuppisillidripe:,l,llid
1 after several years experience In'the. heat tamps in
the ra.lerii ritie...illey have opened their New a'la 'Oxide
in Third su., one door from Market. and nearly opposite'
lhe pn•l office. whele they airy prepared to execute all
'.v any other e.taldishment in the eity• Ilavine: made
trransrments for the reception of the cno4 modern sty , e
.0. - fa.nions, gentlemen whilling chillies made in a super.
i,,r style, would find it to their interest to give tt.ent a
We wish the puhli' to understand that this is not In.
endedto tank among the fnl.ome gull advertisemallenge
ents of
lie day; for n
to style and
they challenge
competitir , n.
Marcia 4 41
11E110V/ 111 4
HAVE removed their Paper Store from
from t Market
street to O. CA Wood street, o ne door he
corner of 4th, where they It , ep on hands thelroeoai no
9ori nie,:t of W ALI. PAPERS. for papering WRITING
tries,rhamhers. kr. nod also PRINTING, 'W
all of which they offer for sale on accommodating to rut:,
fel, 14,1843.—dt f
Caveat entered 9th June, 1842—Patent granted to
Benjamin 13, andreih,2oth January, lea.
The extracts of which Brandreth's Pills are com
posed are obtained by this now patented process,
without boiling or any applicetiou of heat. Thn ac
tive principle of the herbs is thus secured the same
as it is in the
The Publie shou'd be elittlioO(4 of medicine* rec—
commende i in advertisments stolen from me, in
which the CoNTEMPTITtLE. ROBBERS steals my lan—
guage, merely Micron; the name. Time will show
these wholesale deceivers in their true light.,
(KJ-- BR ANDRETH'S PILLS are the People's
Medicine, proved by thousands who daily reccom.
mend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH ei
PILLS are grov:ing every day more popttlar, thr
vii tues are extendiog their u.selrilness. The sick of
both sexes are daily deriving benefit from them.
No case of disease but they can be used with advan
tage. Blotches or hal II lumps of t
with SO
with indigestion, so with coughs and colds, so n with
costiveness, so with cancer, so with hot parchd lips
and canker in the mouth. Let the affl r icted us
other.e this
medicine, and they will find they require no
Sold at 25 cents per box, with directions.it two
Observe the new labels each having upon
signatures of Dr. Brandreth. Sn each box of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Brand
reth and three B• Brandreth upon it.
The ONLY PLACE in Pittsburgh where the REAL
Brandreth Pills cAN BE OBTAINED, IS the Docior's
own O ffi ce, No. 98 Wood street, between Fifth
and Diamond Alley, Mark, the GENUINE Brandreth
Pills can never be obtained in any nave STORE.
The following are the ONLY AG T
ENS appoint
ed by Dr. B. Brandreth, for the isle of his Vegeta
ble Universal Pills in Allegheny County.
Principal O ffi ce, No. 98 Wood st. Pittsburgh.
Mr. John Glass—Allegheny.
Robert Duncan—Birmingham.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland—McKeesport .
Pressly Irwin—Pleasant Hill.
Jchn Johnson—Noblestown.
Chessman Sc Spaulding—Stewa rtstowni
Asdell & Connell—Clintoa •
Robert Smith Porter—Tarenturn.
George Power—Fairview .
David R. Coon—Plum Tosrnship.
Daniel Negley—East Liberty.
Edward Thritnpson—Wilkinsburgh.
Wm. 0. Hunter—Alton ,
s Mills.
VHS subscriber has just received Ids annual supply o
Landreth's Garden Seeds, consisting la pert oftb,.,
° flowing kinds—all of the last ycarserop 1. we/molt
:ermine: ; 0
Mater Melon,
&c. &C. &c.
Tor,ether with .t variety of Pot k sweet herbs sad Ss,
VrOrtiers for Seeds, Shrubs; Trees, tr.. from Cattlem
ern and ethers will be received and Ilpromptty riktcarktri
I to. F. L• NtiOWDEN ,
No. 184 Liberty. head of Wood M.
• janli
T. PRlCE,Wholesaie and Retail Baker. Con.
. feetioner and Fruiterer, Federal street, near Dm
Diamond, Allegheny city. !1
Every variety of Confectionary at.d Ornamental ,
Cakes, suitable for weddings and parties, manufactured
from the best materials, at abort notice. NOV
F AR al FOR. SALE.—The undersigned otters forint •
his farm, lying in Ross Township 4 1
miles from th -
City of Pittsbnrgh, containing 119 acres ofland of whie
60 arc cleared and under fence, t., ml 5 to 20 acres of
meadow, 2 good Orchards of Apples. 1 few Peach soil
Cherry trees—the improvetnenis arc a ;urge frame boasts(
containing 10 rooms w ell furnished, calculated for a Ta
vern es: private Dwelling, a frame Para 28 by 60,atone
baseEo.nt, and stabling, sheds End other out houses suit.,
tenementt-2 good Gardens surrounded with.
able for a
currant bushes. and a well of excellent water, with it
pin at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
pump d
Allegheny market, there is no place now offered aie
sale with oreinduceMent to those wishing to purchase.
near Pitts b urgh, the terms will be made moderate, fbc
Maher particularsapply to the proprietor at hiS VOW.
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin
N. B. If not sold before the Ist of October sell. pts
will be divided into 10 and Nacre lots to salt meld
dos 10 ,
JAMES HOWARD 4. CO„ Neirefecterere of W.l
Paper. No. 18, Wood Street, Pitteistriya, Pe......
Have always on hand an estensive assortment of Satir.
Glazed and pain PAPER HANGING S,nd 'Velvet
Imitation Borders, of the West style a hand
patters , . for papering balls, parlous and chambers..
They manufacture and have or 10w4
ha n d
d Paper all
Prlntina.Writing,Letier. Wrappinv an le a .
net and Fullers' Boattis—all of which the o
wy offerhic foy
.1 sale;
on the must accommodating lerms: WA th IPey
invite the attention or merchants and ethers.
ALSO—Blank Rooks of ail kinds and 4be heat pa Om;
School Rooks, etc. always on hand and for sale as 1111144140 , 0
N. B. Ragas nd Tattlers' Scraps' taken In eschaage.
N. S. NAGA SW... ................... P. SIS
MA GR AW 4- HAMILTON, .9 ttorwri is byes
removed their Office to the residence of 13 .8. 01a
etacv.on FoortbM, two doors above Smithfield. sett 10
Egg Plant, Parsnip,
Endtve, - Peas,
Kale, pepper!-.: ` ,
Pumpkin, Brce-coli.
Radtsh, !Overate, 1
Rhubarb, Rhnb
Salsary, Carro_.
CaUlnWef , s3pioadt;
Celery, Oktit i ~,:
Curled Cress, Ortina t , . •
C l*errley,
ucumber ,
Mustard, (white and brown) .
Cincinnati, Febructry,ls, 1840.
Cr. Styr Ana—Dear Firt—•Permit me to take the libetty
of writing to you at Otis time to express apprb batioss
and to recommend to the attention of heads of famil
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compoaln
Syrup of PrunutVirginiana, or Wild Cherry Back.
my travels of late 1 have seen in a great ma
elie ny
vi ng nsta
the wonderful effects of your medicine in t
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughin"
Wheezing, Chocking of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks , 4c.
ke. I Rhnuld not have written this leider, hoWevet,at
peegen• although I have felt it my duty td add my testk
molly to it for some time, had it not been for a late ISt
stance where the medicine shove alluded to was tastel%
mental in restoring to perfect health an .. only child,"
whose ease was almost hopeless, In family of my Se
qualidanee. , •I thank FleilVen," said the doating motile
.•r,••ut y child is sewed front the laws of deal
child is safe! bow, 1
reared the relentless rays:er But my is
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup ei
tVild Cherry Is the most valuable medicine in this otany
other country. I ant certain I `.ave witnessed more ihas
one hundred cases where It liar been attended with cont.
;de succes9. I am using ii Myself in an otetnalt coat .
rou e
tackifirfironaifis, in which it p
eve ritd effectyuof tbe cue.
al in a as.
short time, considering
I ran reromend It In the fullest confidence of its eupertet
virtues; i would advise that no family should be witholat
it; it Is very pleasant and always beneficial—Munk '
double and often ten times its price. The public are as.
mire is no quackery
Formerly Pastor of the First Fresbytertati Church.
N. Y.
Sold by *M. tHORN. wholesale 4- retail, only anent
for Pittsburgh. No. 53. Market street• sep 10
what will destroy Life. nod you are a resat is em 'Ai'
"Discover what will prolong Life, and the world IMM
call you Impostor."
"There are faculties, bodily and intellectsal, within Id
with which certain herbs have gffilliii, tad CVO? which
they have power." .
Dr. B. Brandreth's 'External Remedy, or Linimeat
which, by its extraordinary powers, abstracts Pain iste
Sorene ,, s; thus Sprains, Stiff Sinews, White Swellingpth
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the .lolittigy
Tumors. Unnatural Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Thrall%
Croup, Contractions of the -muscles, Eterollitoue 'Mil
largements, Tender Feet, and every description of
Jury affecting the Exteriorof the Human 'risme, ate
cured or greatly relieved by his sever-to be seffietontin
extolled remedy.
Cycels.—The following letter front Major G
etn el,
era' Sandford, as to the qualities of the Exter Ma nal Rotate.
dy, speaks volumes;
New You, Fe1,. 4 9, DAL
Dear Sir—Will you oblige nm with another bottle of •
your excellent Liniment? It is certainly the hest of .b*
kind I have ever seen. It has cured entirely my .sw
knee, about which I was so uneasy. and I have found ft
productive of immediate relief in several cases of Wei
nal injury in my family. A few evenings since, sty
youngest child was seized with a violent attack ofCroup,
which was entirely removed In twenty wirattes, by nab*
Mug her chest and throat freely with the External
edy. I think you ought to manufacture this Liniment
for "eneral use, instead of confining the use of it, sire'
I have heretofore done, to your partkular acquaintances..
Yours truly, C. NV. SANDFORB-
Da. B. BRANT:M=O.24I Broadway, N.Y. . .
U"For sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at blO
office ,No. 911 Wood street. Pittsburgh. PHICS-50 cantor
per bottle with directions. mall)
FIE subscriber would respectfully inform the citizen*
Tof Pittsburgh, Allegheny and their virir Ries, that har
bas commenced manufacturing the article of Lard Oi
and Candies. Ile intends making but one quality, wbiell
will equal the best made in the Union and not surpmftell
by the best winter strained sperm oil either for machine:ll' ~..
or burning. without Its offensive properties, and owe
third cheaper. 771£ ABOVE IS WARRANTED TO'
BUP.X IN ANY TEMPERATURE. The eltillirli •
her wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
It is not necessary to purchase any new tangled lantyte Iliad
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to buirwthi
lard oil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant tigbf,
can obtain it by calling at the old stand,3d street, nearly'
opposite the Post Office.
M. C EDP.Ir.
The attention or Wholesale dealers, Churches and
chlnlsts respectfully solicited.
N. B.—Alt the barrels will bear the manufactuaer'ir
name. Jan 21 1343--tf.
B BLS. Spirits Torpextite, tbis flay reeeivedsoe t
VP for sale by J• G. 4- A. coano
mar 8; 12 Water st
BPERRY takes this method of Informing the pelt(
In general that he continues to Clllll en Mt
above business in the Mosowastrzts Born. Rattirtiros
No Water treet. where, wit h strict personal attention
be I
hopes to s please all who will favor him wi,h ti-ois pa
tronage: Prom his loot gip in the business, be
flatters himself that his work west
be eaten& In neat.
emend durability,at least west of the Mountains; bus
it is useless to boast fair trial is the best &Ashes
To S
t r out ube times be easoefaetures Boots at verbose pet
ernr. ris low as filet Sellers up to big heat quality
which be affords staves dollars per !NO,. it WI,