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Subject to the declnhan of a National Convention
TUW. ►e[LLI!/ it W. H. UNITE, IDITOiII &Wb raoranrroas
FRIDAY,r JUNE 1, 1843
Business, ais'yet, on our public works,
has experietteed no diminution• Immense
quantities of produce are stored up in our
ttienstportation depots, or leave daily,
([laid freight for the east is still pouring in.
The tolls on the Western Division have
increased thousands and even tens of thou.
Bands of dollars, (as compared with for
mer years,) and the sagacious and prudent
policy of the Canal Commissioners, is
working wonders on the improvements of
This state of things, So gratifying to the
Board, and to those who have sustained
them, is constantly eliciting some new
fact going to prove the rottenness of the
olilsystem, and the baleful effects the unno
ly alliance formed last winter with the view
of wresting the state works from those who
have honestly controled them, to put them
virtually in the bands Of the combined cats
riers, and their profligate political allies.—
It is known that last winter the alliance
we speak• of had almost triumphed ; and
would have succeeded entirely had it not
been for the Governor's veto. The fear
that they would succeed, and their loud
boasting that they would prostrate the sys.
tern of individual competition, prevented
many men from building sectio n bo4t4 who
otherwise would have done so. The re—
ItUlt has been that there are not enough
boats to carry eastward as ra;ii.lly as its
owners desired, the freight that has been
offered, and freights have been raised from.
6to 8 cents per hundred poundal This
increase in the price of corr . % ing is perni—
cious in the last degree to both the state
and the carriers. A scale of prices was
adopted, and circulated all over the west,
with every assurance that it would he
permanent. Goods were sent hither un•
der that belief,and now,as a natural conse
quence of the fact that the number of boats
are inadequate to the wants of the trade,
prices have been raised. Had the Truck
System been permitted to.,have fair play;
Bad no efforts been made to discourage
men in building Section Boats, there would
have been plenty of boats provided to trans
port any amount of goods. This, however
as we have before stated, the untrlly alli—
ance prevented—and it must be set down
in the long arrear of injuries and outrage•
they have pet petrated against the best in
terevts of Penns) lvania•
We indulge the hope that the increased
revettuee and extended usefulness of the
public works under the new system, will
aid to resolve the Gtvertior as to his action
upon the bill for the sale of the main line,
and that he may veto that most dangerous
and ill•advised measure.
The Rail Road to Connellsvi Ile-
It will be seen by an ordinance publish..
ed in this paper, that a vote of the citizens
will be taken on the J3th inst. as to wheth
er they will sanction the tax to pay the
interest on the proposed $300,000 sub
scription to this work. We hope - that there
may be a full turn out, on . the occasion.
It is a most important movement, and evm
cry man should form and express an opin.
ion in relation to it. A meagre attend,
ance et the polls, and the adoption or re
jection of the proposed tax by leas than a
majority of the whole number of voters in'
the city, would afford ground for cavil by
The defeated party, and create no little dis
satisfaction in future. We would, there
fore, press upon our fellow-citizens, to
examine the question well, and to come
to the polls on the 13th, prepared to give
a deliberate vote upon its merits.
From present appearances we incline
to think that the fate of the measure de
pends wholly on the•amount of private sub
,scriptions. If the $200,000 to be raised
frog this source, he subscribed before the
day of election, the tax will be sustained
by a large majority. lf, however, the
monied men of our city and county hold
back,—if they decline to subscribe the re
quired amount, and thereby render the
completion of the work uncertain—we an•
ticipate a contrary rink The money
subscribed by the city would be, measu
rably, thrown away, if the road cannot be
finished entirely. We trust, however,
-that the enterprise will not fall through
from this cause, and indulge the hope that
before the 13th the whole $200,000 will
have been subscribed.
- *bile on the subject of the Rail Road,
it tit,Proper to say that the Address of the
Committee appointed to correspond with
the Corporations of Pittsburgh and Alle.
gheny, have published an able Report--
Much velo able , lnformati on is given on ev
questiee that can arise relative to the
Road, *ad the fecti laid down will greatly
4ee First‘Page.
The 'Canal.
aid area ci Zees in the insponstist bolgtb.
silt* to burn mod before they vote on the
The Blue Nose Ticket.
There are some competent and clever
men on the Blue Nose ticket, and were it
not for the unfortunate position they now
occupy, and the suspicious company in
which they are found, they would no
doubt receive a respectable vote. There,
for, instance is Dr Hays, the nominee for
Sheriff. He is admitted, on all hands, to
be an excellent fellow—kind hearted and
poplar, and capable of filling the office.--
But then he is an incorrigible Anti-ma.
son—a blue nose of the straitest sect—as his
nomination on the first ballot will suffi
ciently show.
The candidate for Prothonotary, too
Mr Jaynes, is deserving of a better fate
than that to which he is devoted. We
like Jaynes—be is one of the few Antima
sons whobad enrage and firmness enough
to resist the transfer of his party to the
Whigs-i t 1833 ind he manfully refused
to It t his paper, the "Times," he agoon
ed int • the support of Tippecanoe. His
conduct on that o . c.:lsion will procure him
some sympathy fro n D:mocrats, who, if
they should have no candidate of their
own, might lor:k with some favor upon him,
However, his conduct in 1836 entitles him
to a share of their commiseration; their
uniform enemies they will defeat without
remorse. We have no dollbt that (alt ho'
Mr J. ii now a good blue nose) the opposi
tion to his nomination arose from the fact
that he voted for Van Buren in 1836.
Visi€ers in Cincinnati. —Th e Times says:
Our city has not been so fu 1 of strangers
since the string timers of 1840. Most of
the Hotels are crowded, and the Broad
way and Henrie Houses, at least, have had
to turn off many applicants within a few
days. It is one striking feature in the
c ise,that seven- eir.4hts of the strangers are
from t he interior of the State of Ohio and
the adjoining States. Not one in forty
hails from a place east of Whirrs , ing. A
very large proportion are Country Mer_
chants, now in the City making their sum
mer purchases. A pleasant wedding party
from the country and river towns ocra
sionly diversifies the character of our visi
tors in an agreeable manner.
The Texian Sgaadron. —The New
Orleans Tropic of the 20th instant, says:-
4'We learned last evening, that the British
frigate Spartan, 10 guns, left Galvesto n
Bevels! days ago, the commander having
in his possession the late proclamation 01
President Houston. Captain Elliot, the
Briiish Minister to Texas, sailed from this
port on the steamer Alabama, on her last
trip for Havanna, and no doubt is enter—
tained that he had Houston's proclamation
in his possession. These movements
clearly indicate a determination on the
p irt of the agents of the British Govern
ment in this guar ter, to aid the President
of Texas in his mad crusade against the
Navy of the Republic. We shall not be
in the slightest degree surf., ised to hear in
the course of the next few days, that the
naval power of Great Britian, under the
sanction of that infamous scoundrel, Sun
Houston, has driven the . Lorie Star' from .
the Gulf of Mexico.
Twelve Millions released from Slavery.
—A writer in the Journal of Commerce
says that recent intelligen ce has been te
ceived in London that the British Govern
ment have officially informed the British
and Foreign Anti Slavery Society, that
every has been entirely abolished at Mal
lacca, Singapore and Penang, including
twelve millions of peop'e lately in bondage
Trent over the FallB.—O n la..t Priddy a
man went over the cataract on the Canada
side of the Niagara. lie drove a cart in—
to the river opposite Navy Island, to get a
load of sand, when he was borne off by
the current. One of the horses and the,
wagon were taken a long with him. The
other hur,e swam ashore.
The Queen has settled deeper since she
first went down, and she is now in 20 feet
water. The Lord Svdenharn is, of course,
in a much more favorable position, and
Capt. Armstrong is of opinion that he will
have her in port in the course of eight or
ten days.
Some of the passengers on board the Queen
had a most provident escape from death.
One lady was f.r half an hour with the
water to within a few inches of her mouth,
expecting every moment to be suffocated.
Another female, a servant girl in the em
ploy of Henry Pemberton, Esq., of Ques
bee, saved two of her master's children by
placing them on her shouldars, and keep.
TWA of Silas Wright ,
ing them in that position for two hours,
Seni9r.—ln 'an opening was made through the upper
the St Lawrence Republican, we find the deek. In several other instances
following announcement of the death of parties
owed their lives to chances which seem
the aged father of Senator Wright: miraculous.
"pied, in Weyb:idge, Addison county, I The complimentary benefit to Mr Foster,
Vermont, on Saturday, the 12th dayof Manager of the Cincinnati Theatre, was
May, instant, Silas Wright, Esq., after en a very brillant one. The whole beauty
entire confinement of more than five years, and fashion of the Queen City ware to be
from an extensive paralysis. Mr Wright ;
was in the eighty fourth year of his age,
IThi pre s
is clever sum to be in a Box officejunr. The proceeds were about $5OO.
and was father of the Hon Silas Wright,
junr. of this county." now..a-days,
S,hipman's employers will /use about • Gen. Bennett is lecturing on Mormon
-12,000 dollars by bim. I ism in Louisville.
In a Hurry. —The two crack steam
boats,t he Empire and Curtis Peck,were so
busily engaged raring down the river from
Albany, on Thursday last, that they could
not stop at West Point and take on board
a party of upwards of forty ladies and gen..
tlemen, who went up in the morning on an
excursion. The Captains of these two
boats should he blown op by the bursting
of heir boilers. —N. Y paper.
In that case they will be crack steam
boats in •the true sense of the word.
Errors erthe Presr.—A late German
paper gives the "following as examples of
conscientiousness on the part of a certain
class of newspapers thereabouts:
"We stated lately that an Englishman.
named Hodges had invented a new ce
ment, by which peices of iron could be
joined together, so be as strong as one aol
id piece. Our statement was not exactly
correct; the inventor's name was Jeffrey,
not Hodges, and the cement is not for iron,
but joins wood so firmly that there is no
necessity for nails."
Another case:
"We mentioned lately that the town of
Messina, in Sicily, had been destroyed by
an earthquake. We feel called upon to
correct this account by stating, that the
town is not is Sicily, but on the Danube,
and it is not called Messina, but Belgrade,
and that it was not destroyed by an earth.
quake, but that a dreadful conflagration
had occurred in it."
We re.nember a story which is a match
for these:--A woman being about to be
come a mother, a servant was despacthed
in great haste for a midwife, named
Schweizer, living in Frederick street.—
The servant was gone the whole day, and
by the time he returned the affair was
safely over. 'Well,' said his master, 'did
vou find the midwife at last?"Oh! yes;
but she does not live in Frederick street,
but Yager street, and her name's not
Schweizer, but Hausmann, and she's not a
midwife either, but a police officer.' The
w.ay it happened was this:—Mrs Schwei•
zer had moved from her lodgings, and the
neighbors had directed the servant to a'
nother of the same profession, named I
Hausmann, living in Yager street, and he
had there stumbled upon a police officer I
of the same name."
Later from Yuert/art.7--There were two
arrivals at New Orleans on the 19th inst.,
from Yuca . an, bringing dates five days la'
tvr. A letter received by the Tropic
states that Com. Moore 'had another skir..
mish with the Mexican steamers on the 3 I
inst. But a few shots were exchanged be
fore the steamers played their old game
of crawling off, and there was not wind
enough to follow them. From the confu
sion on board one of the steamers, it was
thought that one of the Texan balls did
considerable 'damage. All Coin. Moore
wanted was a stiff breeze.
A hard fight was anticipated at Cam
peachy, as Gen. Ampudia had been rein
forced by 2,000 men. The Campeacha
nos, however, were expecting aid from
Merida, and were determined to give the
Mexicans battle to the death.
The men wounded on board the Whar
ton, and among them midshipman Fays.
sous, were all doing well.
The Mexican division, whirl) had capit
ulated at Texpsnal, and retired t:r Telchac
for the purpo s e of embarking for Tampi-
co, had not been able t leave, having no
means of conveyance. They demaiided a
delay of five days. ‘vbi c h nut being grant
ed, they were obliged to SO rretider them
selves prisoners of war. Many attempted
to escape, hut were soon I fl-lake-n.—
Among the prisoners are Gees. Barrage
and Lemos.
erious Steamboat Collsion.—Th e Mon
real papers state that on Tuesday morning
last a seri.m s c dliaion took p'ace a little
below Machiche, between the Queen and
Lord Sydenham steamer 4, whikt petforlit
ing their usual trips between Quebec and
The atmosphere was dense with fog,
and the boats Here alm , st on board of one
another bef ire the dancer was seen by
either. The Lord Sydenham struck the
Qoeen un th e hrboa, d side, with such vi
:dories that she) alm.ist immediately went
down in 17 feet water, her promenade
deck being just left visible; and the com
mander of the Sydenhain, who had turned
to render assistance, finding that his vessel
was also sinking, was obliged to make fur
the shore and run aground, where she
now lies in 12 feet water.
it is known from the books of the Queen.
I which have been saved, that no cabin pas
' sengers are missing. There were about
50 in :he steerage, and of these it is hoped
that all will yet be accounted for.
The situation of the passengers in the
Queen, many of whom were below immer
sed i t water, w,is frigh•ful in t he extreme;
and some considet elle time elapto d be
fore they were relieved by the Lumber
Merchant which was on her way down,
and the Lady Colborne, coming up with
the mail. It was then found nocessary to
break open the deck in order to get them
111xtracil from the Mose/ Atticlo of the
Y. Herald.
h eleCarlaeCticut Legislature, on the 23d inst.,
the bill to constitute the Danbury branch of ths
Fairfield County Bank, an independent ban,k bet,
fog under discussion, Mr Hubbard offered the fol
lowing amendment:
"And et is hereby provided, That the private
and individual. property of each and all of said
stockholders be held liable for the payment of any
and all the notes, bills, liabilities, and demands
whatsoever, of the president, directors, and corn
piny of the said Danbury Bank."
This was carried by a vote of 92 to 73. Efforts
will yet be made to nullity this salutary provision,
which is looked upon as killing the bill. West
stronget argument can possibly be given against
the expediency of bankinz, than for its friends to
avow that individual liability will prevent them
front embarking in it? If those who project and
get up banks are so thoroughly convinced of their
gambling nature that they will risk no more than
the amount of stuck they subscribe, like the game
ster who stakes his specific sum at a a faro bank,
why should the people suffer them to exist?
There is very little alteration in internal bills
this week. The rates are as Inflows:
Rates of Domestic exchanges in Neat , York, June,
1841 and May 20,1813.
June,lB4l. May 23, 1843.
Bailor , par a a
ehilacelphia, 4 a 4
par a a did
Baltimore, a
44 a 44 a a
Richmond, .5a a 6 1 a 14
North Carolina, 5 a la ala
Savannaii, 3 a 3 a a 2.
Augusta, 15 a a a
Chdrlteton, 14 a 1} 4 a a
Analuchicola, 30 a 1 a 2
Mobile, 10 a JO al2 l l
New °deals, 7a 7 1a a I
Louisville, 8 a 9 4 a la
Nashville, 124 a 2 a 2a
Natchez, 3 a 3a
St. Lunt!, Ti a 2
C.ncinnati, la a 2
Illinois, a
Detroit, 44 a a
The exchanges have regulated tliemse:ves in a
remarkable manner, in the lace of all the predic
tions to the contrary which have emanated from
politicians. Too uniform currency of this coun
try as regulated by the Constitution, renders ex
change operations the simplest that can be. Nu
passible derangement can take place until the
constitutional COM is supplanted by the myriads
of paper currencies furnished by a thousand is. ,
string banks. When that takes place, exchange,
from being simply the cost of sending 1,000 silver
dollars from one point to another, becomes coin.
plieated with the comparative v due of paper, cred
it of the batiks that issue it, and the supply which
they furnish al. When the several Legislatures
have cleated this confusion. they seek to remedy
it by granting a monop..ly o: Lire business to some
large hank.
The exchanges of Europe are conducted with
the greatest regularity, precision, and cheapness,
in the hands of private bank,rs, altirouat the ripe
rations extend over many different nations, the
currencies of which arc entirely diff.rent. Fur
instance, lithe French mer..hant buys a quantity
of wool in Spain, the sum to be paid is hi pistoles
of the k ngdoin; but he has only francs and 'mi.
times wherewith to buy or order of a banker upon
his corresaornient. in Sp iin lor the instoles The
francs aye to be transferred to Spain in the shape
of pistriles, Ace .rdttigly the price of the hill, or
the cost of the transfer, is rigulat "1 by the rela
tive value of toe two moneys, the relative value&
of g - rid air.] silver, the actual st. ite of the exchan-1
,es ur b.,lance between the countries 1 - fin Spin-
1 , 11 p stole is ab eq .al t 15 franc.. If, there..
.ore, a version in Paris has to pay 100 pistults in
S, atn, he would hate to boy the pi-to ex, arid
transom rhwn , %%hien %v, u cost probably 40
francs. [owe./ lid it, lie go-- to the hr k r,aiiii
ti .ds that he can buy Co 1,5 5 ham:, which w I ;
ensure iri n lOU pi-t. , les in Bubo+ in Iliiriy days.
flu th reby saves 23 fra ics. Too bo-tunas he-
L.v entire two couutim a running nearly rural '
its and exports, the sepp,y of toils is a, net
ail, iibLui equal to Ilia deco :id, arid the individu a l
bou es buy and sell ut a Inaction one per c.
ard to a good b The steadiness of the
exchanges IS L!fedtl, fiseiblatel by the vd,4
rC,lll..ir corr. s, ond rice of the h .1181-8, eirab:lng
theist to arbitrate CM any third point wheu the di ;
rect rates run too high. For instence, between '
Paris and Alll•terd.,in the quotatiuu is alway's 53
to .58 pennies de kris-. for 3 francs. If Low a re
m Ranee ii to b.: made fro n ?aris to Ainst rclain
01 6UU florin-, and in co .seq i-nee of great scar-. 1
city of bills th rate hills to 4 . 3 pennies de gros. furl
3 tratits—thill
1 florin equals 40 grotes.
48 grotes .` 3 Iran a.
600 liori a 1.500 do.
Hence it would cost 1,500 fl dfl.ll to remit di
rect; but it app-are that the rate on London at the
lime is 25 francs per pound, and that of London an
Amsterdam is 35 per pound. Then
1 florin equals 40 gr. tee.
12 grotes 1 'craning do gros,
35 isehillings gros " 1 £
*99i .0 " 100 .£
600 tlori ris " Cr. 1,435 74
"This is d per cent. due the Landon barker
fur drawing.
To remit direct, then, costs
And indirect, at certain rates
____ From the 22.1 to the 29th May inclusive.
64 25 1
May 22 Aurora, R Graham , Lard,bacon.tobacco,
This operation makes the balances due from ' hemp, floor, &c ; New York arid Philad
one section pay the deficit due to another. ! May 24 A Roden, Lard, bacon, hemp; Philad. 4 ,
These, complicated exchanges embrace all see. Baltl.tiore.
lions o f the continent, running to each great mos May 25 Congress, J B Frampton, Hemp; Philad.
ne3.centre with th i greatest uniformity and stria. ' ~ Shamburg,S Dicker, lobaceo,flour,hemp:
dines,. There i 3 .110 national bank, no paper sys.
Haltimore and Philad.
tem, and no monopoly of any sort. Every thing I " Pauline, Win Ford, Hemp,fire•brick,gro
s ire:
ation" is i ver venture lup ini. & trade an I fair coinnetioun. No
idea of i ccries, c.; Philad. and New York.
May 26 Mayflower, Thos Kingston, Flonr,bemp,
In the U. States, on the ottii•r hand, embracing , linseed oil, &c.; Philad. and Baltimore.
18,000,000 oi people, instead of 250,000,000, with May 27 .... , tmerior, J Rntledg, tobacendard,hemp,
a gold and silver currency fixed by the Cunsiitu i and bacon; Plated. and Baltimore.
lion of the same value and denomination through- I May 99 Tecumseh E Coarbbacon,tobacco,hem.
out its whole extent, it is gravely contended by i and windovv glass;
and N Y.
statesmen and polit cians, and echoed by the un- j " Glauctia, R Frceland,bacon,tobacen,heinp
thinking, that a merchant in New York who has i
11 and window glean; Philad. and Batt.
,000 silver dollars due him in New Orleans or
Cincinnati, or a ny other point, cannot collect it
unless Congress charters a great corporation with
a capital of 30 to 550,000,000 which shall build
100 marble I.alaces in all sections of the country,
and empl y (say) 1,000 officers, at large salaries,
to collect fur him. Business men incline to be
lieve such an absurd chimera, although Jacob
Little stands behind his counter at no expense
ready to collect their debts for them at par to 4
premium, with the same regularity and prom
ness, and far greater skill, than Rothschild of Pa ris
facilitates merchants of that city.
Capture of Stewart, the Murderer.—
We learn, that Richard Stewart, the
wretch who some time ago, at Washington
- county, (Ark) shot a pour wood—chopper
and gave his body to be devoured by his
dogs. was taken a few a days since on the
Ouachita river, near the Bartholemew, by
Ia party of Louisianians. He was cot cap
tured without desperate resistance, and
was wounded several times in the limbs
and body in the course of the Liht which
terminated in his capture. He had a large
amount of gold, some 82,500 on his person.
From his ',mien: resistance and lang,unge,
it would appear that he greatly dreaded
being taken to Arkansas, as he would
probably be Lynched—a punishment to
which he declares death infinitely pr e f era _
ble.—N 0 Bee.
8 a 8
a 8
7 a 7 a --
1,500 00 francs
1,435 75
EX PEN SIDS CFTfIE COO '.:1" or 'ranA.-
The following is the bill or apprciprialions pat.
aed by the Count) Board of Ph.l.idelphia. at •
recent sitting. It will be seen that there are but
few items of an extraordinary character. The
amount is not greater than that which is annually
expended—and less, perhaps than has sufficed for
many previous years:
Civil Courts
$2O 000
Criminal Courts
16 000
Convict Apartment of County Prison 1 000
Vagrant and Untried Apartment 16 0110
Debtors Apartment
1 000
Fuel for the several apartments 2 000
E4stern Penitentiary 4 000
House of Refuge, by Act of Assembly 9 900
Agricultural Society, by Act of Assembly 750
Sinking Fund, by Act of Assembly 20 000
Public School.s, Requisition of Con•rol.
Board of Health, Requisition of Board
Interest on Permanent County Lo n
Road Jurors
Broad Street Improvement
Bridges and Repairs to Bridges
Elections, General and Township
Assessmem s
Judgments against the County in case of
damages from riots 11 300
Commissions and Allowances 35 000
Books fi.r Register and Recorder's Offices,
copying Indexes, ac, by order of
1 000
Sundries, Fuel, Stationary, Carliage Hire,
interment of Prisoners, &c.
' For repairs of Cou ity Prison, new roofing,
2 000
Repairs of Court Houses and Offices 500
Commissioners' Salary 3 294
Clerks' do.
Auditors' do 2 000 .
Solicitor do 2 500
Superintendent do. 300
Assistant do. do. 200
Messenger do 96.
County Teasurer 450
Coroner 4 000
Making out T 3 500 ax Duplicates 3 000
Auditing Tax Doplicates
Sheriff 200
Christian Street Culvert 18 500
William 000
Mancely, damages, opening
Franklin street
Estate of John Fox, damages of, in Irish
Frack 106 C
County Board Expenses
Pay of the Military at Kensington Riots
The Conference of the Methodist Epis
copal Church have decided in dividing the
New Yolk Conference.
(B!aliup Purcell lectured before the
Calvert Beneficial Society of Baltimore,
on the evening of the 23d.
Commertiai Weino.
AIM_ ii:ll[7_llE• Mita
81 feet water in the channel.
B.,ats !narked thus (*) are provided with
Evans's Safety Guard
Reported by SHEELE & MITCHEL, G cncral S. B
A,g• nt., No 5, Market street.
.Clevelund,Th k inoh.”,
•,1 ,
Pinta, 1 /.edi2iq't - Y, Su 4'1.1,
Al , y Flow , r, Louisville,
B, Brow nsville,
'ut:er. Co. ins, C.n„
:11....zu Chief: B. WIP Wing,
Alpine, Cockburn. Bre wnsville,
Dna. (lend, telt, Nl , rgu..town,
* BridgeAttier. Ebbert, 15'brelinm,
•,levela,./1 Hemphill, 13, aver,
• llictkan. Bt , itts, do
Belmont, P e,
O. Ha, B. wntan, Brrmnsville,
S%iftture, Barker, etneinnati,
dl•tntez+nna, 'damn, Louisville.
Pinta, Vdndegriff", Siln6sh.
In the Ohi ‘, at 06.4 place, there is about
seven and a half. It the rain we had yes
terday was general, the tributaries above
will soon be pouring out and we shall
have a rise in a f-w (lave.
The steamer Messengot which left here
last Thursday for Louisville, when about
18 miles below the city, broke her pitman
strap, The Export ca we along and towed
her into Louisville.--Cin. Message
MAL RIEJ).—.p,I Tuesday the 30th by the Rev
Mr Garland, Mr James MrLaughtin of Crogh
ansvilk, to Misi Mary McGuire, of this city.
We think the happy couple for the handsome
presen , that accompani-d the ahnye notice.
I j ia l t e * FOR ST. LOUIS AND
The new mkt splendid paesenger steamy Olive Branch,
will leave for the above and intermediate landings on
Monday next_ sthinst. at 10 o'clock A. M. For Freight
or Passage having superior accommodations apply on
board or to
The Olive Branch is furnished with Evans Safety
Guard, to prevent Explosion of Boilers.
June 2
Informatin 'Wanted.
ma n
aced about 45, left this city
in January last for the residence of his sister In Arm..
strong county. Re left her house on the VA Jay of
February, crossed the A llegheny and came towards Pitts
burgh about 8 miles; he left the house where he lodged
on the morning of the 23d,4. has not been neen since- Be
' had been partially insane for some time. and It la sup.
posed he went away in a state of mental alienation.
Any Information en..eer.iii.g will be gratetulty re_
celved by his brother. R...bt. Bell, Atter:briny city. or I y
his family, who reside in Mu.kinsuni cn., 0. about 15
triOri rr..m ZaineAvf7l,. ;tear `xi m,ll
NB. He bad on wren s,vm, a drab iwprapat .
large rope; Mite stralzi:t ...et, brown paNt.aLoops,
and new boots. Fitpere generality are requeinedlo copy
June 2.1843. 3lna. •
50 G ap G reen SE. taco coffee, just reeelved.aod for
No. 43, Wood a
195 000
4 000
85 000
1 500
3 000
9 000
16 000
- FR INT CTFULY offer En voe/f a candid:it. Caress Ak e
JIL of Prothonotary of iiteuhanY con my ..tstjeet teahouse.
float of the Democratic county convention, whidk sbadio
on the 30th August next. I;JEO. R. RIDDLE, -
A I ieg tesny:City, stay 31—to M,
Suction Salto.'
--- --
T HIS(FRIDAY) Morning. at 10 o'clock, as
aloe Ito of Dry Goods, comprising a general amt.
meni or seasonable goods,
AT 2 O'CLOCK, P. M.,
10 Bode Baeon,
12 EGIPS Glass Jars, Plates and Salta,
100 Reams superior Foolscap paper,
40 doz. Schyth Rifles,
Aso, new and second band Household and Kp h
Furniture at private sale.
20 Cask. superior Philadelphia Call-Skip Boots Ord
Shoes tit FA IINESTOCK it CO.
June 2. corner of Wood and S1110bli,:"
Of this well known and commodious house, sltualidat
the north end of the old Allegheny bridge, Informs kb
frlends and the public, that he has every thing In
ptete order for the reception and entertainer:eat of true&
tent guests and permanent boarders. His dangle &St
moderate and no exertions, will be spared to mike iih
Mourners comfortable and keep up the former repinatlea
of his house.
Good stabling for any number of horses, •
Mount Emmet.
E patrons oft his pleasant retreat and all whorteak
pleasure in the pure air of the countryotre infbramg
that the Mount Emmet House is now open fOr visitors._
A carriage will leave the MI. Emmet Hotel every
at half past 2, and half pas:. 3 o'clock. Sundays temp.
ted. MICR swEENT.
May .11-OwlM.
W E mould invite the attention of our Mandl' aid
the publicgenerally to our assortment of Goodi:
which we have Just I reelect! from the East, all of which
we are determined to sell at a small advance o'4 east.
Customers may rely on having cheap, good, well amide
and handsome articles, warranted to fit, t bleb is a Very
desirable combination.
Persons who visit this establishment can depend s$
finding an entirely new assortment of spring, and mamas
goods; we do not say one thing:and mean another; wheal
we stir our assortment Is large, fashionable, handsOMS
and cheap, w. 3 mean that it is so, and cannot be sir,
passed In this or any other city.
may 31— tr , A LGEO 4- Idea JI •
A FEW copies of ibis highly Interesting work bag
heert received, and are for sale at St. Fattiek's
Church 1 by ihe Sexton.
iii OW landing from S. B. klassacbosetts, a lot of NIL: .
IN solid dried Hides.
Also, a lot of dressed Deer Skins. Apply to
may :29---4t.
A LL persons indeliten to the estate of Aarcn Bart,
deceased, late of Pitt township, arc requested td
make payment to the undersigned Est - moor, and timed
having claim for 6'111811dt; against said Estate ars re:
quested to present the same for seittemcnt.
No. 26 Wood st.
may 29--3svd4w
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
i rr Will attend promptly to the collection or seeterfij
of claims, and all professional business entrusted to Rid
care In the counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Befiatrit.
Guernsey, Tsseararas, Holmes, Coshocton, Carey ati
Stark and Wayars.
Refer 10: Metcalf and Loomis,
Dalzell and Fleming,
John Pittsburgh:
D. T. Morgan,
may 27. —tr.
A N ORDINANCE in reference to the Pittsburgh and
Connelsville Railroad.
Be it Ordained enacied,by the citizens of Pitis'sh, in Se
'vela 4- cornmoncouncil Tll N I nn elercon
he field for the purpose of aseertainlne the wishes of the
•tinzatue Inhabitants" of the city or Pittshuren, on the
atihjeel of a n addttionai tax of twenty five thousand dol.
tare per annum, proposed to he EIFAPSAN to pay the Inter
est on the subscription of, three hundred thousand dollar.;
to the capita, stock of said Company, by the c;ly afore•
2nd. That the Mayor shall lesue his pioda motion for
such election, as in oilier I'Af PR, giving at least ten days
notice thereof, and each election shall he bed on the
thirteenth day of June. at the usual places in the several
wards of said city; and shall lie conducted as newly as
may he, like other elections. by iiie Judea atidlnspec.
tors of said wardv; and he opened and eloped at the
hours. And in case of the neglect or refusal of said
Judges and Inspectors to attend at the proper time fa
their respective warder for the purpose of holding said
Meet lon.then the taxable Inhabitants no the ground shall
proceed to elect oilier Judges and Inspectors whose duty
it shall be to conduct said elect inn
3d. That all nelsons shalt I e entitled to vote at Each
election who may be legally auiarriPeti to vote for May—
or and Councils of the city, and shall moreover 'have
paid a tag to the said city within the lost twelve months;
and the tickets or b Mote shall he In the following form
and subscribed with the proper signatures of the.perlions
presenting tha same, viz:
For the rah of $.25,000 per eltlllllll
81g (led,
"Agaixsz CA. Tax 0J25, 000 pet ass**
And the Mayor is authorized and required to have each
tickets printed n o good writing paper, and distribliled
in suffirient numbersamongst the several wards 14 opal
4th. Duplicate returns of said etecUon shall be, aide
withintwenty-four hours from the cinsii,g of the . pals.
by the office s aforesaid, to the Prenideots of the fledeet
and Common Councils respectively, and said Tree pia
th e n rail a meeting of their respectivereounclta to iwiat
eat vention to he held on the sixteenth day of lOWA.
D11843.1n the room of the Common Council, whewitad
where said returns shall be opened and read, after_whkh
the mutt shall be entered on the records of the' Its.
peel Ive Couneile.
sth. It shall likewise be the duty of 'Rid Judges and
Inapee , ors, immediately after counting the ballots and
making up the returns as aforesaid, to return the ballots
to their hazes, which shall be se ,led up. and deposited
with one or other of the Clerks of Cannella, who shall
produce the same at the said meetincs of the colleen.
Joint convention as aforesaid at which time said balk"
may again be counted, should any doubt exist of &brie*
curacy or faintest, of the returns, or a majority of the
convention should deem it expedient.
6th. The sum of Fftv Doha's. or Ten poilan fur each
ward, Is hereby appropriated to defray the expesses of
said e'ection, and the Mayor in authorised to draw his
warrant on the Treasury for the same, to be paliloet
ofany money not otherwise appropriated,and be champed
to the contingent fund.
. ,
Ordained and Enacted into a Law In Commie this
2916 day of May, A. D. 1843.
W, BICH D %DM, Pregfalont
Common Coosa: _
Attest, E. L ROIRF.TII,
A. kIit.LAR,
13 LOTS,fluitable for Melding, most eligibly 'keeled,
and within two minutes walk of the Stems her,
Boat Landisg, will he sold at primes to suit the limes.
The terms or payment will he made easy, either for cash
or each barter as can be made avnitable. Apply to the
subscriber in Birmingham, or Mr. P. Petersen, No. 4,
Perry street, Pittsburgh. JAS. PATTERSON, IR.
June 1.
LETTEREI testamentary having heen granted this day
to as, as Etecutors of Mr. Andrew Murphy, de.
ceased, tote of Lower. Bl. Clair tow ratio, Aiihrgbeny ea..
notice It hereby given to all ahn sre Indebted to him
estate to come forward and nay the same. and to all wh•
have claims or demand* anion the estate of the said
decedent, to come ro , warrl and mate known Ike same to
it , without delay. The Ezecut rix and Executors treacle
In the city of Pitts' arch.
une 1 w
JNO. SHIPTON, Pre*lmit
Select Connell,.
IVRY •31 )
.I.lS'. R. MlR:illy.