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    tarty. fire at the first man who raises
an atm alzainst you—bold on!'
The other pasiengers, who had been a
bout to use the weapons they held. pans.
lid, but the man who confronted Kenneth
—perhaps feeling that his honor was con
cerned; grasped his heavy handspike tight
er, and-raised it with an oath: They were
net a foot-apart. \ The man a strong scwol-
log butevidendy a determined fellow, was
erresised by those behind, and Kenneth,
with his left arm twined around the rope,
4nd his foot on one of the blocks, was ne-
-cessarily draws close to him. He saw
the weapon raiaed, and heard the oath. It
roused the devil in his nature—all the
fierce passions of a Highlander kindled at
the resistance offered to him, atid the jeop
ardy be was in. He put the pistol to the
man's very brow, and cocked it. 'Throw
down that handspike!' he cried, or by the
Gvd above us, I will shoot you through
the head!' The man saw the youth's pale
lips and sparkling eyes, he heard the clear
click orthe pistol—he felt the cold barrel
touching his brow; he was no coward—yet
bis heavy weapon sunk down by his side
—for he felt it was death to hesitate. And
be was [right, for had he not done so—
had he wavered, even for an instant, as
mule as the sea waves were around them,
the pistol would have rang before his eyes,
and a bullet would have sunk into his
'Now, hold on, men! hold on,' shouted
Kenneth, to his patty, who had watched
the issue of his threat in silence. All this
passed in a few minutes. The ship was
running fast out,of the Firth, dragging the
boat along s ith her. The passen g ers had
no longer, recourse to tilt eats, but 801
showed a determined front at the vessel's
side, while the seainen, who had also
caught the spirit of resistance, kept crowd:
log all sail upon ttte ship. The fficer,
all this while, who knew it was a service
in which no half pay or pensions were al
lowed for broken bones, sat cowering in
,the boat, shivering with terror at the ra
pidity of the I.,otion and the prominent
part which he seemed likely to share in
any measutes of warfare Yet both parties
held their own—the assailants kept their
holti, and the ass.riled their attitude of de •
fence. The ship continued rapidly run
ning out to sea. toe ;notion of the boat be , .
came more - violent, which with the fatigue,
began to relax in some degree the efforts
of the boatmen to hold fast by the vessel.
These, indeed, were now assisted by Ben
Blinker, who, heedless of the fierce glan
ces that opposed him, grasped the thick
black lope over thf , head of one who seem.
ed by frequent looks to the boat and the re , .
ceding shore, to be losing relish lot the
-chase. But the sun was fast sinking, the
passengers becoming mote confident and
more determined in their resistance, the
officer Still remained passive and fixed as
it were to his seat, and Kenneth saw, after
all his efforts the prize passing from his
'lt's no use, master, muttered the brown.
faced boatman,' turning round his head,
'we can't get on board the ship.'
'No use, no use,' cried the other three
and the officer together.
'Hold on,' cried Kenneth fiercely, 'hold
ori.--01Ecer, you must spring on board
with me.'
r'No, no; impossible,' cried the officer,
turning J et paler at the proposal; and more
firmly grasping his seat.
'Stand up and hold on,' cried Kenneth.
It's an affair of more than life or death
Stand up, sir, and do your duty, and be
prepared to spring, on board after me.'
'No, no,'cried the officer, trembling both
at his own sit4.tation, and the importunity
of the other.
'lt's no use, sir,---'
( Stand up,' shouted Kenneth, grasping
him by the throat, 'or, by Heaven,
strangle you where you sit.'
The officer was a tall, strong man, with
bone abd muscle that would have comman
ded respect even in a prize ring, but the
instincts of his nature cowered before the
superior courage of the youth who threat
ened him, and, quailing as ho was, lie rose
to obey. But no sooner had he risen from
his seat than the violent motion of the boat
which his former position now made new
to him, caused him to stagger, and tAltieg
excuse in this he sank down main in the
boat. One of the boatmen at the same
moment released his hold, and suddenly
reebmed his seat; the passengers gave a
loud jeering laugh of triumph.
'Maddened at what he saw and heard—
young, bold and active, and with every
feeling now strung to fury, Kenneth des
tetmined to make another effort to regain
the deck, or at least, not to suffer himself
to ba defeated in his object by the apathy
of those around him. W hispering Ben to
keep fast hold he let go his own. and
bending down in the boat, pulled out the
plug, a round piece of wood filling up a
hole b t the bottom for the water to escape
by when the boat ia hauled upon the beach,
and throwing it far over one side, once
more resumed his grasp of the ship.
In rushed the water and up sprang the
officer, while the swing, round faced boat
man, turning his eyes for a moment to the
boat,-twined as it were his brawny arms
round the rope he held, and with a face
pile with sudden fright; shouted in a
voice of thunder. 'Hold on men. for your
lives; the boat is sinking. Hold on like
grim death!' The boat almost instantly
filled with water, and the officer had bare
ly time to grasp the neck of the last speak,.
er when it dipped and sank.
-On still rushed the mighty ship, cleav
ing and whitening the green waves, with
these beings clambering wildly to her side;
the most determined of her passengtrs ap.
pawing unprepared for such an act of des
perate resolution, and standing for a mo•
meet in stupid wonder. 'Faking advan
tage of the surprise, Kenneth suddenly
sprang-on the bulwark. Already was a
handspike raised at his head, when a quick
blow, thioegh the ratline, on the head of
hith vi:hiiii!ehtit,-friom the practiced hand
of Ben Blinker, - Made, the, heavy weapon
fall harmless on -the ropea„ And the. next
moment Kenneth stood Upon the deck.—
lie was instantly followed by Ben and the
rest of the crew. The strong iron framed
boatman, being the last who scrambled on
board, with considerable difficulty, with
the c.tricer still clinging tai his neck.
Sohjert to the deelston of a Nal Iona! r oovent ion
MONDAY, MAY 29, 1843
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A New Project
The great hall, over the new Water
Works, in this city, is causing no little
speculation among our citizens. All are
endeat oring to discover the best and most
appropriate use to which this magnificent
building can be put. We have been told
that a project has been or will be laid be.
fore Councils, to apptopiiste SIOOO toward
fitting it up as a pottiait ;.!Ilety, for the
pictures of such of the "city fathers" as
may most merit such au honor. It is also
said that a gentleman, who has filled many
important posts, and who is well known as
the Engineer who blew up Cecil's alley, is
to ga forthwith to New York to get his
Iportrait taken, which will he the first to
grace this splendid gallery.
.4,16 Dancing Societies.—A paragraph
the the N. Y. "Deutsche Schnellpst,"
from a Munich paper, says:—`in this puce
where heretofore dancing has been the (a -
vorite recreation, especially among the
young folks, but little has of late been done
in that line. Our young men have come
to the conclusion that dancing is an
moral amusement, and that tobacco amok
ing and I eer guzzling, and of course their
consequences, aro much more innocent
and creditable. Under this idea, several
'Anti-Dancing Unions' have lately been
formed, and their results were forcibly
brought to my notice the other day, on
seeing a young man in broad day light, stag
ger across ihe street, and fall full length
in the kennel jiiq before me. On raising
him up and asking him where he came
from, he stammered out, with a thick
tongue: "From the—hic!—Anti-Dancing
U Mon!"
The Largest Steamer Yet.—The Alba
ny Journal contains an account of a new
boat, to be called the Knicket becker,which
it is intended to ply on the Hudson river.
Her length of keel is three hundred and
eleven feet, width of beam 31 feet, depth
of hold 11 feet. Besides the ordinary
berths, there will be state rooms for more
than two hundred. This magnificent boat
is being built by Isaac Newton, Esq. of
that city. Possibly, his object in building
so large a craft i 3 the same which actuated
Sam Patch when he jumped off Genesee
Falls; merely to let people know ''that
some things can he done as well as others."
Rumors.---A small swarm of rurrihrs•are
at present rife at Boston. They relate to
local appointments-in that city, of which
the Boston Courier says:—'The rumors
yesterday were, that Nathaniel Greene,
Esq• was appointed postma , ter, vice Geo
W Gordon. Esq , removefl: Seth J Thomas,
Esq Navy Agent, vice J Vincent Browne,
removed: Robert Rantoul, collector of the
port of Boston, vice Levi Lincoln, to be
translated to the gubernatorial chair of
Massachusetts, in 1344.'
Unnittiral illoaster.—The London Spectator
slate, that at Liverpool, Batty Eccles was con-
vic , cd of p iisoning her step son, at Bolton, in
September last. She admintstered arsenic in a
pudding, for the purpose of obtaining the usual
allowance of money from a burial society in the
factory Et which the boy was e npinyed. Suspi.
r .ion was excited because a f ,rtnig ht before she
had made a similar application to bury one of her
own children by a former husband; but shr - ! was
told that the rnor.ey was only allowed ou the death
persons actually einploied at the works, or
their children, an.i neitlier she nor the child came
under that cin litiou. 'roe b:) , i les of her
(six) were disinterrei, and arsenic was feting in
the stomachs or three, includinir, those nentiol,:d
a bove. She was sentence to drn . .h, and prayed
hard to be I, l ff this once!
TLe 12‘3pe.,1 to receipts of the Dublin
Federal Association fur the first three months of
the present year, have more than doubled tho-te
of the corresponlioz term last year. In 1842 the
amount received up to the sth of April, was XI,•
522, and in 1843, £3,390.
Then• is an ornamental association in Arbor,
Michigan. Its o'..ject is to plant tr,..es around the
public sqnare4, and to urge the citizens generally
to pursue the same practice. There arc a han•
dred aspociations in the world of not a tithe of the
gtilily of this one.
Mob and Row in Baltimore . —Quite a serious
one occurred in Front street, nn Friday evening,
in which a spectator was much injured by a brick,
Question for Debating Societies.—The
isville Journal proposes the following question:
Ought not the wives of the Siamese twins to he
indicted for marrying -a quadruped?
A man named° Allison, a barkeeper in
Philadelphia, has been arrested for the
That most excellent paper, the Cincinnati'Mes• molder of a woman named Thompsonovith
sage, has employed G. S Bennett as an ersistaut whom be-lived, though he was not married
editor. It will now be richer than ever. to her.
Erne 111 - ifwsiiltiti ;Courier Says; — 4 Wn may
expect a greater flood of emigration during I
present season, than we have ever had t,efure du
ring any one year; and we shall bo much snrprised
if it be not double that of last year. From all
quarter; there seems to be a desire to emigrate to
Wisconsin. We say to emigrants, come on—we
have room enough, and land enough, and to spare.
'The Now Yo-k Evening Herald calls Frank
Johnson and his 13and "a squad of trumpet blow
ing devils." This is nice, and shows that the ed
itor is liberal, and charitable withal, altogether
haracteristie ',(f l 'some of the neutral papers or
Gotham. Frank has a black exterior, but we will
wager a peck of apples, that he has a whiter heart
than the uu who could thus assail him for no
other cause than his color. The Herald is the
only paper that has jos , ified the Allegheny mob.
IG'The Cincinnati Me.sage ea)4;---"N. B•
Clark, formerly wage.manazer of the National
Theatre of this city, and late of Shires' Saloon
leaves for Pittsburgh this morning at 10 o'clock
Our best wishes attend hum. The American for
est chief, Jock-o-sot, accompanies hive to Pitts
L—r Many editors are so used to iving the B)s
-ton Post credit for items, that they give to it
thintTs which belong to other Posts. The Bro
lyn News has been guilty of this. If Greene get.,
credit for his own, he will have glory enough
without getting credit for ours.
Dead Letfer Money.—lt is stated that in Eng
land before the reduction or the postage, the an•
nual amount of property found in dead letter: we.
about £143,300. Since the reduction, it lids olds•
been ..£198,000.
The N Y American says;—' The Warran county
murders remain shrouded in mystery. The story
that the wounded boy had made certain develope
ments prove io be false, and the Sussex Register
tells us that lie can remember nothing. Coleman
has been again discharged after a thorough ex
amination. Two nr three others have been arres•
, ed, examined and discharged; and we are glad lo
learn by the Register that it is the intention of the
prosecuting officer to canvass the neighborhood,
fearlessly, patiently, and thoroughly. It is scarce.
ly possible that such a sitting should fail of re
vo sling—something,
The Mnr tier al Beitsrille —The Baltimore Sun
of the `3l•h inst. says—qt appears that the de
ceased was named John Smith. and ;was 55 yrrirs
of age. He was employed as miller at Hamilton's
Mill, Beltsville, and was killed, it is believed, by
one of Ha Hilton's mgrocs, who was desirous to
suppliant Smith in the capacity of miller . Sus•
picion was directed against the negro, and upon
arresting h at his clothes were found to be consid
erably staived with blood, and upon his examina
tion such evidence was adduce dos led to his com
mitment to await his trial at the ensuing term M
Prince Geogre.'s court.'
Flm Boston Bollcu❑ thitiss it would he %yell that
no convictions should take place in P,Tina)lvania
with:nit the Gtvernor's consent, which would
nude it a paradise for rogues. We wo :Id find a
Pca body here ahfoil then.
A gcntlemv,ii .1,0110, Ralti
more, has invented a sulf
said to approach to perpelual (notion, as ocark
HA any thing vet eisvnvered
Fb , Alp Vtc!ori.i, of 1( 0.1 umi s .burthen, will be
auw-hed to-morrow in NCNI Y(,rk.with ht.!. royal
Yards across. She is. said to be one of the fine 4
ships ever boil( in that city, and will he commdn
ded by Captair E E Morgan.
A few days since two captains of canal boats,
were arrested at Roche,der, on a warrant from
Recorder Morris, of N ew York, cha:ged with ha-
VII/g stolen goods from hoals,4rone time last fall.
r Chas Bagot Ex-Governor General of Can
ada I dead
Mr Samuel Langtry, who was so soveri ly woun•
ded, a few days silica at Cincinnati, Ohio, by the
explosion of a Soda fountain, died on the 17th in-
A fatal rem:mitre occurred at Lincoln county,
Ky., a few weeks since, between G.lmund L-ach
and B A McKenzie, in which Mr L. was shot
through the heart and expired immediately.
It i, stated in a London paper, that in a case
heard before the Court of Bankruptcy, cne bill
broker admitted that he charged 40 per et. in
iransactions; and another would not swear that h e
had not received 200 per et.
The Louisville Theatre belonged to S. Drake,
and was not insured. About $6O were stolen from
the boa office during the fire.
A severe tornado was caper encei on Monday
of last week, at Montpelier, Vermont. Sheds
barns, and fences were blown down and several
hundred tree
The United States brig Somers WdS at Charles
ton on the 18:11 inst., to sail for Savannah and the
West Indies
Mr. the comedian, lost a large trunk as
the Railroad depot in New Orlean, a I.!w days
since, whieh contained the whole of his theatrical
Francis P. Blair, Esq., editor of the Washington
Globe, is on a visit to General Jackson, at the
I:l:7Sir John Herschel) disclaims ever having
contended that the moon had any influence on the
The Cumberland river at Nashville, at the latest
accounts, was in fine navigable order.
Krßrough is giving concerts in Now York.
They still have hopes that Sir Chas. Bagot
will recover
::!rJea/ousy—a violation cf contracts.
!Huddled.—lt is said that Lord Brough
am has been in the habit of u=ing strong
drink to excess, and that he was probably
under such influence when he spoke his
phillipic again -t Gen Cass.
- •
Vroisi BickneWs Reporter.
IN riucEs.
The revolution which is going on in this court• .
try ana in England,with regard to the cotton mans
ufacture, is indeed extraordinary. The N. Y
Herald gives a list of prices of domestic cotton
goods in Boston, such as brown ahirtings, sheet.
ings, drillings, jean and negro cottons and linseys,
at different periods, by which it seeing that trio
average quotations in Agnst 1939, were_ 13 cents
per ya,d,and in May 1833, 9i cents. The aver
age lowest price in December was 8.600 cents,
while it is now 7 .700 cents. This reduction, ar
gue,, ihe writer, is the true reason of the ability of
New England people to exp irt minntactures.
The raw material. it slivull be recollected, has
fallen at a still gi eater ratio. Thus, in August
1"30, Upland cotton 4old at 12 and•l3 cents. Slay
7th 1813. it sold nt 5. to 61. Genesee ft iur in
August 183), sold for $6,75 to $8; in May '43, at
$5 and 5,11 Beef and pork have also g-erely fal
len in price, wild:: wool which sold in 1839 at 55
and 60 cents a pound, now sells at 3'2 and 33. The
writer fill 'Avs nut the subject at stone length, and
arrives at the fullowin,, conclusions;
"Here is a reduction far greater than that of
manufmtursd goods. Let us look at the results
-100 000 yard- negro plain cottons in 1839, wou!d
:ell for -15.000;lhat sum would buy 107,14 lbs•
'slew Orleans co:ton, or 1000 hbls. Incas he f
[lie same number of yards will rimy sell for $lO,-
011. which will now buy 142.856 ibs. N U cotton,
or .11.42 bbls mess beef, as follo.v•:
Plain rotion, ILa. rcaton MI!.S4 11111er,
A 1 1 .411141, 1330, 100,1100 Vlli 170100 1117,141 or 10001,4
May,lB-13, 1 1 )0,000 0.000 1-11837 or 1042 •'
Actual Gal. favor manufacture
'Fbis is an cx , rinrilinary re-ult ; One th s t • d less
:nooey now cr,lol Inds !lie -rime inan.
ulaettres as Itt 1531, which commands 35 per et.
in ire raw inate , ial th in in that year. 'l'bis is the
true secret of the ; roeetion of domestic in inufae
lure. Toe wa,rzes and board of the operatives, lOs
per week, is OWN nearly the siine as in 1639. The
immense demand Irr go ids fir rxp ;rt, wilieli is
likely to grow oat of it -cprices, will in..re;l'e
almost inde famtely th •de lried fys r Theo!
results ate .lcstr ;yeti by a high tariff atm paper
currency, which praduee an artifi,nal state of pri
ces, utterly des' ro best interests of all
concerned. While we channels al: trade are cho
ked by the twill', and thin OrOCCgS of itillatioa is
goiog on, they are app,en:ly netting rich, but the
maxi nuns i. 5 , ./911 attained. and prices fall back ~n
a destrovr l trade ;ind accumulated stock. In the
present position of the Aitieri , .an (111111V . V!illr 'a,
Ilardt . tird dawn under the decreasing cornpromi-e
act, with a Inc and steady sp-;cie currency, with
such a superabundance of agricubural supplies:the
trade of the Bu rl 1 is op m to Cm enterprise the
United States. The manufactures of En , land,
"crushed wider accumulated •protc,:tion' I.) all in.
terests, will invariably be surn.rce
A Race between t'redito, s. —The U. S. Court
i n Bo.don was occupied two days in the trial of
an action brolieit by Charles S. B rre,derit
of the. Girard Bank, Watson
Freeman, Deputy Sheriff of Boston. -nit. ac• ton
wa : brou , lit to recover damagea for ii'larhing the
carzo tithe brig Nlel_aiitora, which arrived from
Nlotitevideu in March, 1811. It appeared that
Ch e ney ll.ckrn in, of Philale'phi r, was l'ornierly
in iliart.ier-hip ttv r Spiel img of B Hion,
tin d e r the n one r Sp &Co , and m Piiii•
4 , 11'1111111i. 11,111 , r the firm of('. 111C:i111:1t1 S.' (21).
W hell Il cknnan ieeeived n letter contairrm in-
I ,rmat ion that his caw.. was ,hipped for Bo4tori,
he immediate'y as,iened it to Boker, tose• ore a
note of $3 wh ch he Owed B 'ker. 01 Vie
other hand, when the carco arrived, the erctilor.
of S d anidm:y. & Co. ;Wu:2lyd it as their property.
Th.: re it 11 '•%:1, as to who <leouldll.ll/
Cre T on
mart !lie ere 10 Ir. , S r.ru 1111 ,,
let,.-.1 it Toe 0 1 iintitT caoteu edth it the cirri
vas rti private p•o d e iv the p ir . IICF , I/1, V.lllOl
Ilic'aman ha I no r :01111 for his privati.
ac jdr V nn ,1 a vvrdier f r th ,
h,• rt .h y the pr pert) in Clt
Go+lon inn
The lettliag Passion ,S7ronz, hi Death.
—When La wr-mcc was lying stretched on
the de:•k of the Chesapeake, mortally
wounded,and the immortal spirit was about
quitting its frail tenement, his list dying
injunction was—'Don't give up the ship.'
\1 hen Bainbridge lay struggling in death,
on th'• bed of sickness, his memory rever
red to the stifling scenes in which he had
many years before bone an active part.—
fie imagined hirusel i I command of a g a l.
lant vessel, surrounded by his officers, in
the eve of an engagement—and summon
ing, all his energies fur a final efforr, he
exclaimed, Call all hands to b oar d th e
enemy !" When Porter. in a foreign land,
was sinking into the grave—his body worn
nut by the exposures and hardsips to which
it had b-en subjected, for a period of many
years, in the service of his country —in his
last moments he directed that his body
should he buried at the foot of the flag
staff. that even after death the glorious
stars an stripes of America might wave
over him.
A Seulptoo:4 Model.
In one of our English Journals we find
recorded the following death of a singular
character—an old man in his 96th year, by
the name of John Ennis, who, it appears,
was considered one of the finest men in
Europe, and had amassed a little indepen-
dence by sitting as a model for all the pin
cipal sculptors and painters of the present
day, foteivi as well as English. He en.
joked excellent health, and wore his beard
nearly to his waist for scriptural subjects.
in which his portrait may be seen at the
Royal Academy, and other institutions.
Not long before his death, Mr Relines,
the scu'ptor, waited upon him, and retries.
ted permission to take a cast of his face for
a bust, but. this he refused. The old gen
tleman, it seems, always purchased his own
provisions, and, a week or two afterwards
he left home one morning for Covent Gar
den Market to purchase vegetables. On
his return, whilst crossing Soho square, he
was for the first time in his life suddenly
attacked with illness, but bore up against it
and managed to walk home. On entering
the place he exclaimed. 'I am struck with
death.' His (laughter desired burn to let
her run for a doctor, but he peremptorily
refused, saying be never had occasion fur
one and never would. In five minutes af
ter he was a corpse. The Coroner and
jury, on viewing the body, expressed their
;admiration of the symmetry ,if the deceased
!person; the beauty of which will be perpet•
uated in countless models both in painting
and sculpture.—Bost. Trans. •
The St Louis Gazette of the 20th says:
—"By a passenger on board the Weston,
we learn that three men_yvere struck down
by lightening at Weston, on Sunday last s
and of them died instantly."
The Coroner wil engaged daring the greater
part of yesterday, on board of the stoop Peracve
xanee,Captain Warren, at the Rai . road wharf,
Southwark, cx uninine, into tire circumstances of
the death of a hand aboard that vessel, a c4lored
man, about twenty-five years of oge, named
liam Fisher. It appears from the testimony elicit.
ed on the examination, that on Thursday last - the
sloop Perseverance was sent by Captain Warren
in charge of a man named Thomas Hansey, or
Hanser, (who sometimes goes by the name of
Ander,on,) up the river Delaware for a load of
sand. Fisher, the deceased, and a man named
Elihu Ridgway, were employed to go as hands
and a min named John Evans went with them fur
the purpose of getting employment up the river.—
They dropped anchor at Richmond, and Hansey
and Evans went ashore. While they were gone
Fisher took up the anchor arid hoisted sail. :his
was discovered by flansey and Evans who ran to
the shore rind hailed to Fisher to stop. The lat
ter paid no attention to:them, and the vessel pro.
corded up the river. Hansey ran along the
' hank, while Evans got the small boat and at
tempt , dto scull after the sloap. The latter find
ing that he could not overtake her he returned to
Philadelphia and informed I aptain Warrer.—
II insey, in the meantime, after running along the
ha.ik for two or three miles, hired a man to take
him 'o the sloop and got aboard. He made an at
tempt to le' g the anch,r, when Fisher seized him
around the waist to present him. He then picked
up a tLind , pike and heat Fisher with it dreadfully
over the head arid lace, Ile als r struck Ridaway
severiil tun•tv in he scuff's, and the latter subse-
querit'y letl the vessel.
On Friday, I vans was sent tack to the vesse
by Captain Wa• ran, and reached her the same
evetong. -She was ut the time lying near Brides
burg. !Linsey was found Mainz, on the Hatch,
and expressing great satisficCem at seeing Ev
ans, went on to tell of a fight between Fisher and
Ridgway. Fisher was found in his birth. He
came on deck a short tune afteruards without
speaking, and immediately went hack again.—
'l•h it night he rested well. The next morning the
anchor was we g' ed and the vessel procee:ied to
Dontle's Ferry—i id in the course 07 the day the
anehor was again weighed, and toward, evening
droape I at the N. W. Bre ich
Fisher, on Stturday, was bad, an was brought
on deck and his 6tct washed and face bathed, and
some water given to him. The vessel had an
chered at the last place above named in cause ,
(pence och7s increasing illness.
The night grew worse and worse every mo
tile:et, and Eat na .at up with hitn. Towards
midnight Evans fell into a doze and was aroused
by the death ri.t.th's in the injured maws throat.
Hanley was awakened and informed of Fisher's
situation, bat he refused to believe it and contin_
tied to sleep. In a few minutes the dying man t
expired. (Linsey, on being again aroused and
told of what had ocenreu, %aqui!! wit at first be
lieeu it
. When satisfied of the fact, he was
areatly al it med and s rid he was a crazy man--
Evans, in about an h o u r atterwards fell asleep,
land when he awoke at day break the next rn r.
n,wr, he dlie,tv red that 11 irises' hal taken the
d.ad inah's shots from his feet arid 11. d.
Ab oil 10 o'clock t mornin (Sundt}',)
the ziss,t .nme elan Irishin 7n who had b •en taken
abaard as the vessel 'NU , ' grog up the river, and
who was se•z -d with fits as soon as he came on
board, Evans link up the anchor and started down
the raver- The Irishman was put ashore at the
Bath 117eisr, and the vessel with the dead body
react ed th.. Railroad wharf yesterday morning.
The jury re'tirw•d a vett! et "that the deceased,
William Fisher, came to his death by blows in•
tlicted upon him by Thomas Haney, on board the
sloep Pcrseverance on the river Delaware."—
Phil. Sp Times
Llter from Yurnion.
We have , ouvr r , e i n h a gentleman fr.in
by way of . M. (tile and Sisal, who
,tint_ iiissenrer in the s• h r flew) . Clay, four'
s Ow !icier port, which touch, d al too
Il ilizo, houo.l to new York. Our intir want state.
eln i, It.: Calllperlely, the MeXIC , III fleet of
vss , • . : wan lying a. Lerma. 'The Mexie to
trot v fIIOJ w o n Was still in possossion r,l the
Rntrr.encie 1 f,y days previ tus.a flag of trice
rots de-oat , h d by the Thixte.pns to the gat ris
Campeac ty, ..0.1 the :11'..ixacen General, Autpu
dia, met Mendt z at the house &tithe French Con
sul at San Roman. Ampuilit propo-ed at this in
terv,ew. that Yucatan should join Mexico against
Texan and otf•red on the part of Mexico the most
advantageous terms• Mend zth irempoo agreed
to sospe ,d opere'ions until he could confer with
the an'inz Governor, Barbaohino. at Merida
When the prop ions of the Mex'eans reached
Br:tibial° r, the Mexico!, troops had already c
ul,ted, an I Barbachino's only reply was—" Give
thorn battle instantly."
B tore the Henry Clay left Sisal, an ex, rrss
had arr ved staling that a naval combat had been
fright b•owoen Commodore Moore and two Mei
in to arme I s'eamors, woo, it appears had been
ordered by Gon rat .Ampualia from L ma to Tel
chat, frr 'he poroo:e eonveyinz troops that had
capitulated at Merida.. Moore was at anchor at
the time. and perfectly boc lined. The engage•
meta la-ted three pouts. Oo board t h a brig What
ton, two mon were and htur wounde'l. The
loss (lithe Mexicans was not ascertained. The
steamers after fighting shy and at long distances,
seem , d to have had qui a enough and retreated.
Commodore Boylan, of the Yueatarietie, r acy,.
was at Campeachy, hu-ily employed in fitting out
ten gun boats and the schooner Champecano.—
Toe gun boats are from forty to eighty lons each
and c try each one or two 12 or 23 pounders. It
is his intention to unite with Corn. Moore, and
act together against the Mexicans ,
r ' ,ini eac
A relic of the Steamer President.—The
Boston Mercantile of the 11th, states that
the Revenue Cutter, Hamilton, Capt. Stur.
ges,arrived in Boston harbor from a cruiz:
While at Thatcher's Island, (Cape Ann)
Captain Sturges was informed by the keep
er of the Light House, that during the se
vere easterly pale of last October, a board,
evidently a part of a vessel, was citified
ashore, with the words tSteam•ship Pres
ident' cut upon. The hoard was after.
wards destroyed or lost; but from the de
vription given, it acems not unlikely that
this was a part of that ill fated ship.
"0! Rare Bill Johnson!"—The fellow
Wm lately palmed himself off, in lowa, as
"Hero of the Thousand Islands," has,
it appears, ahsvatulated , in company with
his "magnanimou4 daughter."
To the lionorahle the JudLtes of the Court of General
Qxarter Sessions of the Peace, in and fur the county
of Allegheny:
The pet ii ion of Pat rick rnFsily of the 4th ward of the
et y of ,1 negneny, In the county aforennl,humhly anew.
eth ,
T hat your petit loner hail} providi.d himself with ma
terials tor the accommodation of travelers and others, at
his dwellin; house, in the oily and ward a.oresaid, and
prays that your hunors will grant him a license to keep
a public bowie of entertainment, And your petitioner,
as i n duty bound, will pray. PATRICK CASSILY.
I Wr , the stubseribers,eitizins of the 9th ward of the
city of Allegheny, do certify, that the above petitioner
is of good repute for honesty and temperance, and Is
I well provided with house room and c veniences for
the accommodation and lodging of stra d travelers
and that said tavern is necessary.
John T. Connolly Joseph Ruppert, obn Reynolds,
Jonas Metzler, Jars Hamilton, Jaw Murphy,
Thomas Reilly, R. Render. Alex. bteel,
I Jaeoh Fiche, Robert Rattle, Chu Coleman.
may 92-3 t.
Later from Yucatan..camptaehy L'elptamra.,
By the arrival of the bark Anil Lmtisa, Captain
Wilson, we hare advicea from Vera Cruz to the
28th of April.
We arc informed by a passenger that the
steamer Regeneraclp fired a rayal salute as she
cattle into the barb* of Vera Cruz, having heard
that the Mexicans had taken the city of Coo.
peachy; but it was not generally known until the
steamer (Iv of Dublin arrived, a day after, on the
2.5'h, which confirms the news, stating that the
city was bombarded by the Mexican steamer brats• -
daloupe, and was captured with very little re
auttance, only two men being killed on board the
steamer. -
Tie Fchooner Vigilant, of Philadelphia *
capture i off Campeachy by the Melissa*, and
ken as a prize into Carnpeachy. She wis so
posed to have smuggled gonds concealed amen
her cargo, which was wholly of corn. %Onus.
was dull at Vera Cruz, and it was very healthy
tor the season.—N Y Tribune.
AF" cnpies of this highly interesting work bur
bee% received, and are for sale at Sr. Patrkir's -
Church, by t he Sexton. may 29.—1 t
TOW landing from N. B. Massacltneetto, a lot of
111 sour' dried Hides.
Also, a lot of dressed Deer Skins. Apply to '
may 29-41. A. BEELZM, .
LL persons indebted to the estate of Aaron Bari A deceased, late of Pitt township, are requested to
make payment to the umietsignrd Executor, end thine
having claims or demands against said Estate are se.
quested to present the same for settlement.
N 0.26 Wood at.
may 29-3wdt w
psorosALs will be received ant i the ]oth day of
June next, fur completing locks and dame nulaheet
Three and Pour of this work. The contractors to nod
the m.cesiary matmials, labor 4-c., and to receive pay..
went Iron. the tolls of the locks after the work Hs finished.
Tile proposals to be aMlressed to the eobscriber,
WM. EICHBAVM, President
of Boarcitof Manama.
may 29—10 t
T. Wm R Lecky, Esq:
rue, the undersianed,voters of Allegheny county, with.
out distinction of party, would suggest our willisame
to support yr u, Nh. old you suffer yourself to become a
candidate for the offire of Sheriff.
I n selecting candidates for county officers, we stmaid be
more influenced by the quatifications of the individnale
than by their pt.rty politics.
tinning known you for a number of years as beetle
c;ent ill sheritrof this county, and having perfect con
fidence in your ability nt d worth, we pledge ourselves
13 use all turworal. e weans to strove your election,
should you offer you.:-..f n= a Cit.zeo'e Candi:late,
Respectfully, :icor fellow eil Übe.
J•NN.II D• 111..
A t.rx. eltutte,
rUNI •N C 44.51•1711,
J Fox,
JAMES Rl:ll.mm.
Gentlemen—l have received tour kind communication
requeßrillr. MC to offer myself as a Citizen'aCandidata for
the office of Sheriff.
With feelings of gratitude 1 return you my thanks nor
the mark of distinction which you have been pleased to
confrr on me, and in complying with your request, I
would respectfully state that shtuld I be so fortnnateas
to he elected by my fellow citizens. I pledge myself to
perform the duties of the office to the best of sty ability
and without partiality or political hltiv, believing as I do
that the count y officers or other public servants abash'
he governed by Ihe interests of the people instead of
party f cling
Yon bay, thottaht proper in your rail to romplimeal
ine On all (111:iiitira1113r), to tilt ILe office or Sheriff ,kr
iv hi. h I fet•l serf n orb Bat tercd, and tan only evy
111.0 I have filt,tl tin t , ift,e rti D 11111 y Sheriff or hiscoon
le l' , tr a number or trarl, pas:. and *hiring the same time
I an. plea,ed in lwar !bat my services have received Ibis
approbation of the public.
With .entiments of esteem,
1 nubscrthe myself
Your kilo , citizen ,
'l' , , Jamee ,, Dare, Ales Miler. Duncan Galb altb, Jebel
Fox. Will Wilk incon, Jan Rulong and other!.
5/a KEGS of SHOT aaso4ted, for sale by
1 11 may JAMES MAY.,
Allecheny city on Sunday evening the 2111. - tad.;
Oold Pencil. which the owner can have by a:Mitts
al Smith 4 Span!?ler'sTnilor Shop, Federal otteet, and
Ind paving eXpPIIFPS. may 2,9-3te
Office, corner of Smithfield and Third Streets,
PI rrszczon, Priurs.
may 25, l84:3-1y.*
At the Weetren exchange, No 9, Mar•
111 y 9.7
Attorney and counsellor at Law,
c• IV ill attend promptly to the rolled ion or recority
of claims, aoJ all professional fuslnese entrosled to his
care In the counties of Harrison, Jeff , Behast.
Guernsey, Tuscaroras, Holmes, Coshocton ; Carron,
Stark and Wayne,
Refer to; Metcalf and Loornht,
Dalzell and Fleming, pittsbursk.,
John flaroer.
D. 'P. Morgan,
[N. 0 .B , e.] I •
y 27 _lt
ml ' • •
ft IGS LEAD for sale by
50u PIGS
ADAMS `• CO. respectfully antwunte to the Pittahotab
nit laic, that hay log effected an engagement With ttnig
Ptaseer and Ezpress Packet Line," INV will start en
Exrngss for the above cities on Monday the 29th of /lay,
wh rh'will run through to Philadelphia in ars* days
and a half.
R. G. RERFORD, 85 Four lh street, willnetai tee
aunt of Adam., 4- co. in Pitesbarga. Packages and
parrels should hr left at his office before 6 o'clock p. m.
ADA MS 4- Co. will receive and forward either by ihelr
own Expre”, or by eonnexlon with other Expresses,
parki:es and parcels for Philadelphia. New leek.' BO
tine, re, Washington, Albany, Tray, and every - city mid
town in Nero England.
ADa ns AND ct,, possess !rest facilities for nuking
Collections, and Will pay particular attention to coneetine
or paying Motes, Drafts, 13111 s, etc. Competent perigees
are always employed to attend to orders of goods. etc;
noses or hates of eo ids too large for transportation in
the Exprese Chests, may he heft at D. Leech and Co's Qf
flee, Penn st, marked Adams and Co's Repress. 'Spey
will he handed over to Adams and Co, at Pollatelphia,
and forwarded to 'heir destination with the atmoet dee.
patch, and at eery /ow rates.
A NA MB AND CO. will endeavor to transact ill boon.
coo entrusted to them in each a manner a■ shall give sat.
isfaetion to their employees, and obtain for themnlvea
the esneidener of the community.
may 26—d I w
QJYYDER'S un rivalled Self Setters forSawmllls which
1,7 have been so fully tested in different parts of thet
United States, as well as In the cities of Pittsburgh anti
Allegheny, can be seen to operstron at a number of
mills In this neighborhood, viz; at Mr Wickersham's
mills on Penn at,; at Bowman 4. chamhers' milks; near
the upper Allegheny'Bridge, and at Morrison's mills. Mk
Hare'S island, and others. The above named infield llNi
Can be obtained at W. W. Wal lama's shop on lii4.lo.t z
near Smithfield,where it is fitting up, and whir*
machine will be constantly kept on bands.' Ap Lk,"
F. Snyder, or W. W. Wallace.
PiTriinten. A pril IS. 1843.
ket street