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    I, :
. DOLLARS a year, payshle in
tdvooce: . Birth copies TWO CENTS—for sale at the
boomer of it* Mlle, and by News Rays.
Tks Xercury and Manufacturer
publfahea WEAKLY, at the same office, on a double
radium" ■lut, at TWO DOLLARS' a year. In ad.
TIMM Stogie copies. SIX CENTS.
Terms of 1
Doe ..Viriertion,
Two Ineertions,
Three Insertions,
One week,
Two weeks,.
Three weeks.
C11•1106A.61.1t ar PLlC•flellt.
One Slaare. Two Syrifiret
$13.00 Six months, $23,00
04e year, 25,00 One year, 35,00
ry•Larger arivertieenients in prnrortion.
CAlltoAef four Dees Str DOLLARR a year.
etiteroar Orrice Third bet wren Market and %Vood
alre•tts.l—R. M Riddle. Ponmaster.
I :ogre 9 mac Witter, 4th dour from Wood I. Peter
son% Snott4irt.l4 alajar John Wittnek, tf:ollect or.
Lirr Tansaunir, Wood between Firm and Second
teeetti—James Bartrarn, 'Treasurer.
eounrr TRICAAWRI, Third street, nest door to the
Phitd rieshytertan 17Iturett —S. R. Johnston, Treasurer,
Mayo ea Orrice, Fourth. between Market and Wood
itreem—%lerander flay, Mayor.
EXCUAyQC. Foort h. near Market. at.
Pirrsettkop,between Market and Wend eureets, on
rnird•nd Fourth streets.
Mkt -ermrrs' &RP MANntAnTtlittne AND FARMERS' DK
tOnT flask, tfornterly S.eving Fund,] Fourth, between
Woo 4 tad Market selects.
EXCiiiiKOZ, Fifth street, near WOO 4.
MoxQxaJagt► House, Water street, near the flridgt.
Elfell.lolo4 Ho rat., corner of Penn and SL. Clair,
alacacetairrs' (inlet., corner of 'Third and Wood.
1141111 RICAN fillTEL.C.3tfler ot Third and Smithfield.
Mame Sra - rx4., corner of Penn street and Canal.
PritICAP E►OLE, Liberty street, near Seventh.
itt.tatas N►warnx llocse, Lil , erly St oppn , ite Wayne
Rite k autirr )I►wvos Horse. Penn Si. opposite Canal
1111 16 COUNSELLOR AT LAW.—Offfre rerno
NM to Salieweli's offices on Grant St., neat ly opposite
tne„new Collo douse, next rooms to John D. Malmo,
doq ,—First floor. sop 10
ftliioS. TI. ELLTorr, M. D.— office rrtao.d to
St. Oki,- Street, between Penn and Liberty SI C ,
Pfttolistrell. w o 10
UG II 'CANER, Alto , nev ni I.nw, North Eaq roroer
of Smithfield and Fourth stmetft. sep 10—ly
nCANDLESS doll1 9 CLURE, Attorneys and
Counsellors :11 Law: Office ehe Diamond, hark
vethe old Court House, Pittsburgh. sep 10
SUI:r-NIG FINDL AY, Attorney': at Law . Four th to.,
near the Mayor's Office, rittstireli. sep 111-1 y
gitiOS. HA \I I LT4 )ti, Attorney at Law, 1 7 i n le, between
Wood and Smithfield sln, Pitishurgh. !op ►p—l y
%VII: O'HARA ROBINSON, Atiorocy at Law;
mir 'Ofnce nn the nor h of ihe Diamond.benween
siarkei and Union st remit, ups' airs "P 10
AI. DURBOItAIV, Attorney at Law; tender*
* hit profrupti4nal set.* ices to tin. public. Office cur
er of Firth and Market streets, above 0. Lloyd 4. Co's
atore.PitisCurzh, Pa. cep 10
EVaTER i t %NAN, Art-orney. al Law. (Are
removed from the Iltamood. lo "Altorney'sßow,"
natty mitten( runrtb street, between Market and Wood
I I fil.ol.*
has removed his office to the corner or Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Cram
orreels, Pittsburgh. sep 10
G.f:OROE W. LA YNO. Attorney at Law. Office
Na. 54 FilThatreet, near the Theatre. PittEturgh.
.ep 27-1 y
ATTORNEY AT LAW. —Office in Rears' Building
north •treet, Pittfiburgh. Nov.s. 1842.
.1. MITCHELL—Attorney Law, office
corner of Smithfield and sth rte.. Pittsburgh.
(Kr Collections made. A I nuttiness entrusted to his
are will tie promptly attended to,
: fbh 16—Ir
113110VA.L.- t. Morrow, Alderman; offi e nori li
sfille of Fifth st,, between Wood and Smithfield
Pittsburgh. sep 10
FIR. 8. H. HOLM ES, Office in Second street, next door
to Mulvany k Co's Glass Warehouse sep 10-1 y
TURNS l'uti ¢ lIMMTOII, Booksellers. Printers an
Paper Manufacturers, No. 37. Maricrt Pt. Pep 10-1 y
JOBN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water et..
lien r !he Monongahela !louse, Pillalurph. gen 10-11,
MHOS. B. YOUN(. & CO" Furniture Warc
1 Mourns, turner of Hand et. 4. Exchange Alley.
retinae wishing to purchase Furniture, will find it to
heiradvantaze to give us a call, being fully gat isfied that
we eau pleaxe as to quality and price. sep 10
C 0 L CO.,Gene:4 Agents, Forwarding and
Coararksion Merchants trvee Street, Vicki borg
Ilia* They cesperctfullyso.ici t consigstrients.
WEST! CLOSE:Y r S Boot and Shoe Manufaclo•
ry, No. 83 Fourth St., next door to the U. States
ainki Ladies Prititella, kid and Satin Shoes made in
he neatest mauler, and by the newest French patterns.
sip 10
GARDEN TOOLS, crinsisthig of floes. Fancy Spades
Tranaptanting Trowels, Edding Took, Budding
Kairoes, Paining Knives, Pruning Shears, etc., Jnsl re•
aseived and for sale by F. L. SNOWDEN,
Sep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
M4GISTRATES'BLANKS. for proceedings in Al
ticiimsat under the late law, for sate at this Office
FOR SALE.—Lots on the North East corner of Coal
Lase and 111:h street. Apply to
amp ilfs) BCNJ. IDA @LANGTON, Market, near 4that.
100 L.B.S Landreth French Sugar Beet Seed.juat
received and for sale at the Drug and Seed
184 Libetty street, head of Wood.
!tore of
sep 10
1 o be used in Bankruptcy proceedings, printed on
sited paper.and in the forms approved by the Couri,fOr sale
at the Office of the Mercury and Democrat. nen 1O
I v y". MUBBA.R.D, Ladles' fashionable boot and
shoe M amlifaCtil ner. Np. IO Third swat, NM wee ti
Wood and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh sep 10
JAS.FATreasobl, Jr.. Birmingham , near Puiskurgh,
Pa., Manufacturer of Locks. Hinges and Boits; To.
lace°. Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws; Hansen Screws for
Rolling Mills, te. sep 143—1 y
ORN BrIcLosK_EY, Tailor and Clothier, Liber.v
itreet, between Sixth and Virgin alley, &min
Kt to
W. BUkBRIDGE tc• CO., Wholesale Grocers and
Comatisidon Merchants— Second street, bet ween
—Wood and Smithfield Ms., Pittabur:a. seitto—
JG. f A. CORDON, Commission and Forwarding
• itlerchacas. Water st., Pittsburgh. sep
Birmingham ar, Co.
a-lowansioa -vow FaleirdjiDlXO NER.
CS.ltArrB. So. fiY Water stater, Piusburgh
I'ealsel--iinceising and librppleg S mats per 100 lbs.
nualsdoas ea Partitions sad sales 2/ per seat.
1,50 i
One month,
Two moms,
Three months,
Four months,
Six months,
One year,
IYAIti . . 11,1:0111NING 'POST
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
And Dealers it Pittsburgh Ni2Hilfoctures
No, 43 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
II A I LM A N, JEN Nitit'GS & Co.,
Cotton Yarn Warehouse,
No. 43 Wood street.
Agents for the sale of the Eagle Cotton Factory Yarns
March 17,'43.
H ANNA'.- TURNBUI.L'S Paper Warehouse. No.
lA, Wood si., where may be had a seneral supply
of wrPin: wrapplnt, printing, wall paper, blank to oks,
school hooks, ttc, fc. pep 10--ly
C. TOWNSEND k CO., Wire Workers and
Jlionnraetarers, No. 23 Market street, between 24
and' d streets. sep 10—ly
I 4 1XcIlA NGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and Si. Clair
I_4l street'', hy !deli IBBIN 4 SMITH..
cep 10—ly
wn•d Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25, W3odst., Pmslinrsli. sep 10 —IY
N E W GOODS.--rrestm. 4- Mackey, w huh...rale and
retail dealers in English, French, aid Domestic
Dry Conde. No lit , Market st , Pittsburgh. rep 10
TWIN IrDEvlrr._ Wholesale Grocer Recl if% ing
dP ()Willer, And Dealer In Produce and Pitishurgh
Manufaciured Articles, No. 22-1 Liberty Street, Pitt.-
hergek. set) 10
sst 11. tVit.rit tote lona S. DI LWORI
(grocers Produce and Commission Merchants, and
!eaters In Pittsburgh Manufactured article s , N.. T. 3,
Wood street. seri 10
Jong R.: 4 iikk Err JA.,. N. 11 ILAN
caIIERIFF & ICEANT, anufart ureri; of Copper.
KJ Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware. Nu 110. Front sl , Fats
atif:ll. !louse SpOilling and Sicamboat work ri
srp 1(1
: 4 • l 5 MAKER, No. 7, St. Clair sireel, Pilip-
E 1414 !, burgh,
se p 10
JEI supply of Landoctlt's Carden Seeds, always on
baud, and for sale at los agency, t fit. Drug store or
R EMOVAL—Malihrw Jones, Barer and Hair Dre=ve
er, has removed mo Fonri It sl reel, opposite( he May
or, office . where h e will I, happy I o:wai it upon permanent
or transieni rondothers lie golicii..B shale or poblir nat.
1 OFIN 31 9 FARL %ND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
~11_./ier, Third at. between Wood ti' Markel streets,
respectful Informs his friends and the public that lie is
prepared to exectite all °Mara for Sofas, tdeboa rd. Rii •
re:llM ftediteada, Stands, flair and & : prilitz
Mattraases,Curiainii, Carpets. all .orta of 111rIniliorriii:
work, whieli lie will warrant equal .0 ally made in the
rily, and on reasonable ienns. !rep 10
O E.VOVALt--The tib4eriliers have remov• d to wa.
IL ter between Wood and Smillaield streri,. where
IlleY will , onliaiie the Wholesale Grocery and co mm ,..
skin llUSille , B and would re.perl fully sohrii the hair°,
are of heir friends J. W. BUR BRIDGE 4- Cu.
Dec 3
A. V. PAT PERSON. ?.trice on Smithfield street,
❑ear Sixth. Sep ID
rskr4T - ; 4 5 .7
F ARE REDITDED. •tr S. MAU. tuft or Slants s‘n
HAIL. nO•D CARR, Iron Pdoslnirgli, ♦ia Bedford,
Cnambershurg, Barri:More and Lancaster, to Plioladel.
phis, connecting 41'11111hr. Mail train Or tarn to N V .
.Sr. Only 150 mile,,Aaeine and one night out.
A the Direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia 89.
Baltimore, 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M,
(Mire second door hef"w the Merrlianis lintel Wood st
let, 2:3, 1843-Iy. Proprietors.
CONVIXCLVO:- Having been afflicted for nearly
two years, with a hard swelling on lie cap of my knee.
%viilcii produced much pain, and used various applica
lion• recommended by the Faculty- -.111 in vain wa.
eared completely by rbe incl of one bottle of Dr. Brand•
rel les Linament, or External Remedy.
WO ners to hood JAMES TAYLOR,
Ohio tp Alieutieny co, Pa. Jan. 10th, 1830.
Dr. Brandreiles Extol ual Rotordy or Lioamoto; sold
at his office, No. 98 Wood street, Pittsburgh, PRI CE --
50 rents per bottle. fob 8.
bC MIDS. N. 0. Sugar.
UP 40 bbls. Molasses.
Just received per Steam boat Ashland, aril for sale by
J. W. 1113 ft BR I DC; E 4- Co
mar 3. Water st., between Wood arid Smithfield
JUST RECEIVED, Twelve boxes of Oranges and
Lemons, of the finest quality. for rale wholesale and
retail. nv WM. THORN,
felt V—tf. SJ Mal ket st.
ifrA 7 ANTED, a boy of from 14 to 16 years of age.
V Application to he made before the first of March to
3(.1() BBLS No ISaI t j o lo r d ,
R e n ri d n f l o p r i; e: E l I e 4.
mat 24 Water at, between Wood add Smithfield
00 (inn LEIS Cotton Yarns, assorted
- Nos.
2,olXl)b•rf. Batting.
2,000 " Candle Wick,
1,000 " Carpet Chain, and
500 " Cotton Twine. From the Eagle Facto
ry. For 811 C by
Cotion Yarn Warehouse,
No. 43 Wond street.
r 17
46 SA CK S dried A pples,
23 idds do, do
10 Sacks dried Pearl:es.
41 t;arks re:Oilers. Just received per idenmhoals
rvitil and Harisbureh.and for rale very low for earl,
mar 21. 43 Wood et.
al have entered iato partite/al:lip for the purpose of
trannarting a Wholesale Grocery: Produce and Commis,
stop business ender the firm and style of MAILMAN.
JENNINGS 4- Co.,at No 43 Wood street, opposite the
Merchan s' Hotel, where a supply of Groceries and Pitts
burgh M nufacturrd Articles ran always_ be had on lite
al terms. March 17 '43-
laiirlDS Prime N.O. SUW.
10 rimers Rice.
19 bbls. No. 3 Iktaelierel.
For sale low Lo close consizncribt, by
[ New and Cheap Temperance Documents.
1 UST reed (ruin N• York. n fresh supply of the latest
a/ temperance documents, viz:—Bacchus Prize Essay,
permanent Tranperanee Docunients, Art hues Tales, Si:
Nigiiis with the Washlngtontans, bound; Jewitt's Lec
tures, fikeheock's Prize Erssay, Cold Water Dialogues
and Magazines . Dialogues, Hymns, Songs and Fables,—
Confesaro us of an Inebriate, Beecher's Sermons, Bar.
berry Howard, Dead Child, Journal it. 3000 Tomb's Ad
vocate for Urinary, Fcbrnary, Mater and Anti!. for
Sabbath Schools youth's Temperance soderMs.and /be
Teampecawn peolle. for sa'est low each. ar 124 a
yerir to subscribers, 1w 1 AAC emitus. Agent sad
CORE Merehl, No 9 .sth st. ap 33
184 Li her' v street, head of Wood
1134, Liberty head o f Wood et
D ANIEL M. CURRY, Attorney at Law. 01
fine on 5 , 115 t between Wmal and Smithfield. 8
PEASE'S HOARHOUND C. ,1 -iror'—'l'i r has
received this day from New York. a frr-sli supply o.
the above celebrated cure fur Coughs, Colds and Con
surnpl ion; and is ready to supply cm , torricrsat wholesale
or retail, at his Medical Agency, Ss Fourth at.
nov 12
D AVID CLARK, Rg't, e'us Atonable Boot Maker,—
Iles removed to No. 34 Market street, between
Second arid Third streets, where lie wou:d be happy
to see his old customers, and all others who feel dlspos.
ed to patronize hint. He uses nothing but first rate
stock, nndempluys the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to business, lie trusts t taut
he will deserve arid rtceive a fair share of patronage.
sen 10
A Hunker cespectfully informs his friends and the
public that they can always find the hest quality of Ice
Creams. lowlier with al; kinds of confectionary and
fruits, in their .ett.eon, at his establishment—No. 11,
Firth street, betwc- it Wood and Market.
. .
N. B.—Pariles 6111117 hr d on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. Sep 10
HAM .1. CLEM ER, residing at 66 Molt street,
New York, was afflicted with Llyspep4la in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head.
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, Idol.
hurn, pain In the chest and stomach always alter eating,
impaired appetite, sensation of sinking, t the stomach,
furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomit Inge, dizziness
towards night and restieness. These had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when. on consulting Pr. Wm.
Evans. 1110 Clint ham street, and sutomitting to his ever
successful slid agreeable mode of t real mem. the patient
was completely restored to health it, the short space of
one mouth, and grateful for the Inca lculahle benefit deriv.
ed. gladly cant.. forward and voltilfirered the above state
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
Cheap for Cash.
Prices Reduced.
Short Reel Yarn. Long Reel Yarn.
No. 5 at 16 OS. per Ih 5(10 at 9 cis per tia
6 at 161 ditto 600 at 8 ditto
7 at 17 ditto 700 at 7 ditto
8 at 17e ditto 800 at 6 ditto
9 at 13 ditto 900 nt ditto
111 at 19 . 4 . ditto 1000 at 4 ditto
11 at 19 ditto . .
12 at till ditto Candlewick at 16 ctliper
13 at 20 ditto Coin Ratting 9 ditto
14 at 2i4 ditto 'ratolly do. • 12! ditto
15 at 21 ditto :Cartt•t Chain • 20 ditto
16 at 22 ditto 'Cot's •1•w lite • 25 ditto
17 at 23 ditto 3iocklll7, Yarn and
IR at 24 dill° rovrrhri Yarn always or.
19 al 23 dub hand
20 at ;: , 6 ditto potion %Varp4 made to order
0;r- mrderg promptly :mended to. if left at J. 4. C.
Paiute,':. Logan 4- Kennet]) 'it, or the l'oitt afire, address
10)27. _ J. K. MOOR II F: A 1) 4. co.
50 11HUS N,tlSuxar.
230 BllirS N. 0. Mcla.ses
40 Tierces Bice.
211111.1 s Nrn 3 Mackerel.
10 do Nn 2 do.
7 Tierces Sperm Oil. Jut received per P B Exprcf.
Bad and for sale by J. w. BURBRIME 4- Co•
war 4. Water FT Itel wren %Vood and Solo lifield.
rpti suhscr iher has reinnv d lit. Fa.dtionalile Thiloring
Establishment to the Morionviliela house, 3d door
from first sr. on •mit htield fit Av here hisold en.tomers and
all oilier.; who may favor him with a call may depend on
basins their work done in a superior style. From lira
Mir,: expel leore In the business in this city, and In many
ether fashionable cities in Europe and America. he feels
ronfhlent that lin can _five rallnl,cl ton In all who may
please to favor him will their custom. By toilet attention
to toe.iiies, and superior Nor knot uship he hope, to merit
and receive a share of public patronage. Ile iriend keephig
on hand a slimily of _odds and trimiiiiiivzsiiita'ile t'or the
eus;nmer traJe a 111,11 will Ire sold at very redui ed prim,
B. DON /16' 11 Y.
1110 7'llE PUBLIC, and particularly to my /acme ,
1- patrons of this city:—Having retired from the
practice of Medicine, I may be permitted to say. that it
has latlen to the lot oft ut few persons to have enjoyed
3U liberal or large a share of ohm retrtcal practice as tuy
own has been for ili.• last 30 or 40 years.
The experience of that long period of active life, and ;lie
fact of my havins bees twice, sine , ' 1830. associated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, in the pi artiee of medicine, (in boil, a
period of five years.) enables me to judge fully of the
merits ()flits pills.
So conventenc,so efficient, and yet nil safe. did I esteem
these pills. t hat for the last five years in my practice fbr
the cure of chronic diseave4,of whatever nein, and those
of females in p.m icular, I have used more 01 then, than
all oilier medicines.
Like every oilier medicine, t his must fail in some in
stances, hut in my hands. there has been tens dkappoitit.
merit and more sal isfact ion in lie administration of this
one remedy titan of ail others; Its good effects sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a Life aperient medicine either
• fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pt.ls were just
the thing I wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity of the fiver constituted the
disease if my patient. the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a case requiring en einntenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
difficulties, Indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the •turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills werejust the thing I wanted.
Thus, without resp..tet•to the name, a disease might
happen to wear al the time I have hail It under treat.
meat, particular indications or symptons arising. were
al - says trialt promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number ofdiseases, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should be cured more readily by them than by any other
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my mind as that a great many
persons should Itecome thirsty from t.ti many different
causes, and vet all require that common and greatest of
all blessings, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, it Is due the eputation of tbe medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and unconditionally, that
the Wilson's pills aretheonly combination I have ever
met with in my longeourse of practice, that really pos.
eessesanything curative or specific for sick headache:
Yours ,ke., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particularly for the sick
Ilaed.A rhe, Dyspepsia, Constipation of the Rowels ere.,
prepared by the proprietor Dr. R. A. Wilson, and for
sale, wholesa ie arid retail, at his dwelling In Penn street,
below Ma-bur,.
Oct 1
'I.4USTIC or the Knife was formerly resorted torn all
—"cases of hums, scalds and wounds, where morliBca.
was apprehended, The necessity far such sharp prac•
tire exists no longer. The Magical Pain Extractor, from
Comstock 71 Maiden Lane is a far more efficient preven
tive of mortification titan cold steel or nitrate of silver.
The application of this wonderful compound instantly
removes the local pain,and lithe wound, scald, turns or
bruise has not injured some vital organ so as to render
cure imi ossiiile, it is ill in a very short space of !hue
restore the part affeeted to a sound and healthy state
without lesvitil the cicatrix behind. This preparation is
also a certain remedy for inflamed eyes. cancerous sore.,
uiccrs, broken breast and core nipple and all ebrasions
and eruptions of the skin. Its success as a cure for
the piles is unparalleled and the vouchers for its cora
aye stroperties are &Int the mt st respectable and en
lightened sources.—Herald.
For sale at Tuttle'g; 86 Fcurtli street:
Hair Die--coleta the hair and will not the skin
This Dye is in the form cola Powder which in plaih matte.
of !act may he applied to the hair over night, the first
night turning the lightest or grey hair to dark brown; and
by repeating a second or third night, 4o a jet black. Any
persou may, therefore, with the least possible trouble
keep his bah any dark shade or a perfect black, with the
positive assurance that the powder if applied le the akin
infil not color it. There is no coloring in this statement,
as any one may easily test. Then* facie are warranted
by the ches.ist who Manlifattiiris it.
For sale at TIITTLE"thI, 36 Fourth street, wile** t
large aasortmemtaPatent Medicines may aiways 6,64
at *biker whole:4le or retail
..Don'efer.rac ! 96 Fortrth strati 1"
No 20. Wood street, below Seefind
O lt• GOODEIS Celebrated Female Pills. 1 hese
Pills arc strongly recommended to the notice of
the ladles as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
hose complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex
ercise. or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
llreciions. These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Uni•
Uri Slates, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
by R. E. SELLERS. Agent
sep 10 No. 20. Wood Sircei,below Second.
WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe ,Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the head of Smith f ield at., Pittsburgh.—
The subscriber having bought out the stock of the tale
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
In the aid stand of Mr. R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In his line, In the best manner
and on tile shortest notice. He keeps corstantly on hand
a large assortment ofstwe findings oral! descriptions and
ante best quality. lie scd;:ilte the patronage of the nub
ile and or tile craft. WM. ADAIR.
seprl 0
and Arles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach.o and Eliptle Sprines (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Axles, silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Flub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Hinges. ke.,
St. Clair .11., hear .! e ' , Tetchy 13/4. lgr
D.SELLERS, M. D., office and dwelling In Fourth,
near Ferry street. aep 13-1 y
..-witrmllon ‘ftlio•e who have been somewhat seep.
/cal in reference to the numerous certificates published
.n favor of Dr. Sum vne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cher
",opteenuni of the persons la.ine unknown in this sec
tine ior the Stale. is respectfully directed to the following
ceriLlieate, the writer of whirl; has been a ritlyen of this
horgegh for several years.and in known as a gentleman
of I itegirlir and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. KIR Tor
ft " _ a ye`
ia i lisZn t rtn,:rwnamy
l e: C a o u n d i p l lied h,, y
non i p h
e o s f i , Wild ,l3o ; i
rev fir *rough, with which I have been severely al
in jwintriltat it klhe most effective medicine that I have
bee 'ableln.procure. It composes all uneasiness, and
agree:44ol with my filet,—and mantalns a regular and
!food appetite. I ear freely recommend It to all others
similarly afflicted. J. Shaping, Borough of elm mhersh'r.
March 9. I^4ll.
rep 23
For sa'e by WI 1,L1.1 M THORN No. 53 Market si reel .
D ERSONg deriroug of procuring Fruit, Shade. and
Orenmenial Treer, or Shrubbery, from Pliiindel
pl.la or New York, are reone' , ied to make nordirnilon as
noon fIOSPihIP. at the rirriT and Seed Fiore of the ruh.
reriber, where Tim be had retalogne., grainitotinlv, of the
most excellent F. 1.. S. NOWDF,N,
seri 31 No IR4 Liheri street, head of Wood
If lAM C. WALL, Plain and Fancy Portrait
and Picture Frame -Manufacturer. No.' 87,
Fourth Street PittsbnrArh.—ennvans flrtishes Varnish
¢c., for A rtists. alwars on hand. !molar,: Mosses. kr,
promptly framed to order. Repairin done r.'t the short
est notice.
Particular nt I stilton paid to regllding and Jobbing °fey
ery descrim inn.
' Person. filling up Steam Boats or houses will find It to
heiratiyantnge to call. srp 10
W STEF:f.E. ( , itrcessor to H. M'Closkey; rash•
Boot Maker, Liberty sl., 2d door from
*Mete. The subscriber respectfully informs the
public that he II:1S commenced the above business In the
shop formerly occupied by Mr. Henry M'Closkey,
affil he Is now prepnred 10 attend to ell orders In his
I Ine nrhnqine., wit It tlespat r h and oil the most reasonable
terms. Proin hta Inn 7 Pa rwrirrire In the ma nn rairinre Of
l'ashlonabie Roots, he feels conndent that all nrildre
from his establishment will sive satisfaction to his pa
Irons. A shntr . ol puhiie patronaze is respectf.tliv solicit.
set, 10
111!RD SEF:DS A f es,k supply or Rgrl Seedg, coo
-1-0 Fl . lin:: orcunnr% mri 1 0 ,1 (tr i pe ; Just received 17
fell 3. F I. SNOWDEN, 14R Liberty st.
Parra '4e Platform Scales on wheels, to weigk 2,5001b5, at
$55 00.
do do do do 2,005 al 845 00
do do do do 1,5110 at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do , do do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the u's of Warehouses, Flouring
' Mills, 4 - c.,the same prices as above.
A Iso, White's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from R to $l5,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
I Mills. Saw Mills, Salt Works, ric„ double and 'Mee
geared slide tat hes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a superior article; circular
saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Tinner's ma
chines and tools °fall descriptions,also for making black
ing boxes,a superior article; governors fur steam engine•
stocks, taps and dies, coffee mills. bedstead or joint hots
and machinery for making the same, cotton factory ma•
chinery made or repaired; printing press platlens turned
and printing presses repaired• r
sep 22—if
WINE. AUSTIN, Attorney at Law, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Office In 4th street, opposite Burke's Building.
WILLIAK E. AUSTIN, Rag., will give his attention to my
unfinished business, arid I recommend him to the patron
age of my friends. WALWR FORWARD.
LIBRARY of Rellgious,Histotical,Polhical,end
cellaneous Works, will be open every day, Satdiath ex.
cepted, 7 o'clock, A. M.,until 9, P. M., In the Ex
change Buildlng,corner of St 'Clair street and Exchange
alley, where punctual attendance will be given by
seri 10 GEMMIL.
'United States Express Litre
Leaves Pittsimr2ll daily, at 2 o'clock. P. a, via Steam.
boat in Brownsville, !hence in splendid new coaches to
Cumberland, over the great. Nathmal Road, and front
there by
in superior new eight wheeled cars, to Baltimore,
Washington city and Philadelphia.
The aim? , Line represented to the traveling public
as being unequalled between the Ohio River and Eastern
cities for comfort and expedition, having made arrange
ments to convey passengers through in two days, and
no night travel, either by Plage or Railroad Cars._
Think of it? Only 75 elites Stage travelling, and 56
miles less than the Wheeling route, and that in superb
new coaehei.
Fare lo galas)* e,
Mae le the Monongalseta Hoes.
at - as
improved Hay
ern] inclined be
t. between Me
fib ,oreet, two
nee (Intl, Pitts
annfaeture and
and the follow
ng scalesov MI
y composed of
net at):
No. 1, Port
,h le Platform
;rules on
i) weigh 3500
uutids,at 4365,-
fOtINC 4. nßAnrioßy
Stage Peoprieto
- - -
For publishing a nem Daily Pape,- ix the City of Pitts
bio.,oh, to be retitled the
THESubscribers, baying made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu•
ry Into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the lit le of the Daily Morning Post.
The leading object of the r•Posr" will he the dlsiernini-
Lion and defence of the political principles that hrive here
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their best efforts will still tie deVotVci to the
advancement and succes:, of those doctrines.
Although, in politics, the paper will be thoroaritify
democratic, yet the Editors hope. by giving an
candid history of passing Political events, foreign
and Domestic Intelligence, and brief notices of all mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the sobers
ofa Public Journal, to make their paper sufliefentiy in•
eresting to entitle it to the patronage of the public, fr
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
be fouad in the ..,,horsing Post," the Editors will lake
pains to furnish the business's community with
the latest. and west liittresting COXXXRCIAL 114TELLI
CENCE front all parts of the country, and to have prepa
red such accounts oft he Markets and the Slate of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Illerchartts and Business
Men in their several' railings.
Terms.—The Parr will he published en a large tinned
al sheet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Journal) at the ono-unity tow rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum,payable In advance. It will also be sold by
news.boya at the fow rare of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will he in-cried at the lowtst rates
charged by t he miter daily papers of the city.
11*-T ENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
August :31, 1R42
Rai ct Co. Landon, for sale only by 1 , 1. N
Wickersham, corner of Wood street nod VirAli.
alley Piilsburgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
Is sole azeni for Western Pennsidvanla. Prp 10_
Passage and Remittances,
etin t or.
g 24- 1 1. 1 .
*ill.* it
/1 01 ‘
• •
New York and Liverpool Line.
pERSONS ?estrous of sending for their friends to
conic from any part of Great Britain. err respect.
fully informed t h at the subscriber is at all times pre.
pared to make cuth engagements* He is prepared
to remit monies by drafts, which art made, payable at
any point throughout the United Kingdom on presenia.
lion; having been fur the last 12 years engaged In the
business, lie feels eunfident that his arrangements on
both sides the Atlantic are such as will give satisfaction.
The Shops comprising the above line, are all ofthe first
class a nil are commanded by careful and skillful masters.
leaving Liverpool once each week during the seasou.—
l'or further particulars apply Irby letter to
N 0.61 South street, New Yoik,
at Messrs Ddlzell 4- Flemings, Water street Piisligh
March 3.--2md.
S. NnnoTv,
or Tin, Copper and Sheet tror
Ware, No. 17, Fifth st ~ between Wood and Mar—
Keeps constantly on hand a 2ood assoi iment 0 C wares,
and solicits a share of public patronage. Also. on hand,
the full swing t elides: Shovels. Pokers, Tongs, Gridirons,
Skillets, Teakettles, Pots, Ovens, Coffee Mills 4-c. Mer
chants and others ore invited to call and examine for
themselvs, it he is determined to sell cheap for cash or
approves .
tnar.l --if
KA RTand Cap Mannt.rturcr. 148 Liberty at, between
Market and nun.
rt• NI. DA WSON,
Manufacturer of Tin. Copper and Sheet
Iron Inre.
No GI Liberty, between Market and Gth streets
W OULD respectfully inform the citizens of Pitts—
hurch. and the palate in eeneral that he rontinneN
lorarr y on the above business In all Its various branches
aithe above siand; where he will always keep a gener.
al assortment of nil articles in his line, a❑ of which
will he made in the same manner and of good materials,
and will be disposed of on the most moderato and ac
Country blercnants and other dealer= will find it to
theirgadvantage to call and examine his stuck before par.
chasing elsewecre.
Steamboats; nooses and portlcees roofed with copper.
zinczi.ie. lead and iron on the ,shortest notice; Gutters
and Conductuts made and put up with despatch a• usual.
apr 5.
'521107411. - .g' - ) -
AT E W line of U.S. Coaches for WasAJ. glom City,
11 Baltimore, PAiradelphia and .New Fork.
This fine is intall'operation and lenvesPlttshurgh daily
at 6 o'clock A. M. , via Washington Pa. aad national
road to Cumberland. connecting here with the rail road
Co's. to all the above places: Travellers will find this
a speedy and comfortable route, it brine a separate sitit
distinct Pittsburgh and Cam!ierland line ,. facithles will he
afforded which have not keen heretofore enjoyed. Et
tra coaches furnlthed at the shortest notice, Wito the
privilegr of going through direct, or taking cne night's I
rest at their antler,.
For tickets, apply at our oar . at theMottongaltela
House. L. W. EI'OCKTON ,
Feb. 3d—clic. President of N. R. lik2ze Co.
YAWL 'FOR SALE.—A Taw Clinker built Yawl
(McNaugkica'a Latta) for sale tow for cAoh. Ap
ply to BI QM ING A M Co.
ap 18• No 60 Water at.
1.00088L3. Supernal!' Floor. in ,tore and fix
sale by J. W. B TRBRIDBEt
ap 10. Water at., Des we 20 iVoeJ and Proittißeitl
7.77 -7 7. I' 4 -7'l'4 •
forum Washingtuu.
The following budget of nee a is from the
Washington colYespendent of the N. York
Express. uodr r Vie date of the 27th inst.
Mr. Fletcher Webster is no longer chief
Clerk of the D'epartment of State. have qui
etly passed from that position into one of
greater emo!uinent, if not of more honor.
lie yesterday received his commission- Ss
ecretary of Legation to the China mission
at a Salary othire thousand dollars per an
Mr. Cusbing leave the 'city this after—
iioh fur MAsSachuSetts, with the u'eterrui,
tied purpose of taking the stualf in his dig— .
trier. for the next Congress at the epeeist e
lection first Monday in 'June nekt.
Rumor says that Mr. Websji r will 'like
the Reid also, in his behalf, and in person;
iii Mr. C's. district-.
Mr. T. Hartley Crawford has beet
moved from the'Office of Commissio'n'er in
the Indian Departrnent to make roots or
Mr. Tyson. of Philadelphia. The rerno.:
val and appoihtment to take effect May Ist.
The Chief Clerk of the same department is
also removed, to give place to some Tyler
wan froth Penni% lonia.
Many other 'changes are spoken of, but
these T enumerate a's certain to take place.
F. 0. S. Smith is spoken of in place of
A. K. Paris SeCond Comptroller; giving id
the Governor in lieu thereof some appoint;
inett in Maine:
Isaac Rill is talked of in place of either
Dayton or Pleasonti n, the fourth and fifth
T. L. Smith, Register of the TreaSury,
has issued nearly par handred thousand
dollars, 'worth of Treasury Notes beyond
the amount authorized by the late lath of
Congress be'ore he discovered his error!
As to Mr. Webiter, the general belief
now here is, that he will retire next Month.
The fact t .at his son has already left the
Department, and that Fe is going again to
MassachlisEtts; to .stamp it for Mr. Cush,
ing, as the report is; lends force this belief.
The Statement about the Register of the
Treasury, the editor of the Express says:
"we do not yet credit in the full extent.--
It may be founded on something; and thus
one of those puzz ing posilione arise in
which an Editor is called uplmeither to dip
press what tnay nevrtr, or to publtili an
unfounded charge,—for we have no mean s
heie of iscertaininir in truth. But If the
'rumor is unfounded, it is well fur that offer
cer to know it is in circulation So that it .
ran be promptly correced. Doty 'compels
us to add, that Mr. Smith, the fiegister, is
a man - 'tipen *ham all parties have. placed,,'
reliance for hobeSty, care antl fidelity.'
t From the New York Sun Extra.]
N. Y. *, -; cri office', April
By the arrival of the pacliel. Eq.
land, Captain Bartlett, from Liverpool-, WO
have received files of English pOpers Nim
EAUOn fo the Bth and Liverpool 1.6 the
lit 'the House of Lords, on the 7th . , ord
Mughain brought forth his motion tor a
vote of thanks to Lord Ashburton, .fo'r hav
ing successfully negotiated the 'reeeniirea
ty with America. He rec - apitulate'd the
redding incidents in the history of the
birundary,disputes between the two coon,
tries, and pronounced a strong censure on
General Cass, whom he described ':!a ex
asperating the ill feeling which prevailed
in the minds of the rower classes of Ameri.
cars towards England,.:and pandering to
the worst passions of the mob, fur the pur.
pose of succeeding to the Presidential chair
of the Union. lie then reVieVved Lord
Ashburton's negotiations whildi ended in
the Beaty, contending that the honor and
rights of this country had in no iihape been
surrendered or compromised. The noble
and learned lord dwelt at great length on
the subjects of the French aiid English
boundary maps, the merits of Lord Ash.
button, the attacks Whir h had been made
upon him, and 'contenderJ that it more
Bible aPpointriaent could riot . have beau
made, in order - to bring to a
. .fattUrable con
clusion the disputes between 'this country
and America.
It was further debated at great length,
when Lord Bidugham, in reply, defended
his motion from the imputation of being
unprecedented, and the motion wai carried
without a divi,ion.
In the House of Commons, in • y
Lore John Russell, it was stated by Sir
Robett Peel, that shortly after Easter the
financial statement for the year would be
made. He also expressed his regret that
he could not give any satisfactory informs•
tion with re3pect to progiesi in the formal.
tion of commercial treaties with other coun
tries. Ile was even doubtful whether or
not it was polite to pursue too far the sys.
tern of negotiating for reciprocal conces
sions, instead of pursuing an independent
The House then west into committee of
supply, proceeding with the remaining
miscellaneou4 in.natts. Several %well
were Passed without much observatioe.
until the vote fur the national systein of ed•
ucati n fot Irelamd, wai proposeit when -
M:. Shaw renewrd . bis protest ageing the
system. as derogatury to the Scriptures;
and oppomed to /he sentiments and feel—
j lugs of the Clergy of the Established
'Chuich. In his °pillion the system was
' a decided failure.
After aonte cottrersation, the v)te wag
agreed to, es were severs! others, without
opp , sition.
~~~ ~;:-
~.;.:;-• ,;.':.:-,;; i.
, -4. V-t