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    APRIL ‘S, 1843
tg 0:21.4 11 order to give our readers a com—
plete report of the interesting proceedings
of the Irwin Dinner, we are compelled to
omit our usual variety of editorial matter,
-TOW, &c.
New Auction Lam.—We refer the pub-
Soto Messrs Fahnestock & Co.'s Auction
advertisement. Mr F. is a man of busin.
OM, and having been engaged in Mr Guth'
ries extensive auction establishment for
tits past year he has a perfect knowledge
of de business, and will no doubt be able
to render entire satisfaction to all who may
transact business at his store.
Prof. Bronson's Lectures.--As will be
dean by his advertisement, this is the last
"• - lipaddLciessor Bronson's entertain
amnia at L&oTel'arean. The charitable
will be gratified to observe that it is the
:Attention of Mr B. to appropriate the pro
vends of Monday and Tuesday evenings to
The benefit of the pror.
"11ristoerewy Row."—Two of our morn
Ingcotemporaries have annouced that Ar
latocracy Row is to be demolish e d ; and
lament over the fate of poor Bind Sam-
It really looks queer to see editors take
such an interest in the affairs of that spot.
Temperance.—The Temperance fever
iSge:ting up again: From twr. n;) , to thin.
IT names are added to pled2e book
. relach night of meeting. This doing a
gaol business considering the material
they have to work with, the regular drunk
:4lMA having all been picked up last set son
ion. W. W. Irwin.—We learn that
this gentleman leaves this afterniinn for the
.the way to his place of destination
ill the old world.
.61upertdous Thejr—Ti,e Pittsburzh :Morn t g
host ,as laid claim to the comet, and talks us
filippantly about "the Pittsburgh comet" as Cap.
aia Tyler dues about his cnns. , ienee.—Cin Eng.
his indeed strange if we have not as
Much right to the comet as Cincinnati has
to all the. mobs, eartbgnakes and sights io
the 'skies.
Melancholy. —A child about 4 years old
took a fit on last Saturday, in Di.irn, , nd
ley, opposite Mr Fergusou's shoe shop. It
was carried is by the fureinan, Mr Mackey,
where it expired in a short time.
Bank of Cairo. —The Peoria Press says
that this rotte4 ectieeni made an asrign -
zo"nt of ail its pn. FQ ty, estate : ml effects
'in the early par' of I , SL month, :,td
Wisiiigenienis are being made to redeem
vs tulles now in circulation, at par, in pay
ment of pr, ouerty now at iro—that city
bring the ptineip,tl debtor to the batik.
This may all be very true, but we reckon
that.those who hold -mall accounts of ifs
-notes will never see the day of redemption
'Cm them. If the bank has any pr6peity,
it may be that some of the larger bugs will
light upon it, and there the matter will
It is worthy of remirk that some of
those who managed the Cairo Bank while
it wasswindling the public, ate now strong
advocates fur the assumption scheme of
W. Cost Johnson. Although the public
have lost heavily by the Cairo, Bank we
lave -no doubt but the tnaitageis made
sufficient to enter largely into the
!speculation that the Johnson swindling
iproject would afford.
.:Legiakture.—Our news from Harris
burgh is only up to Thursday last. A bell
'from the Senate for dividing the State into
:Senatorial and Representative districts pass
•ed,the house on Monday with slight am
.endments. it is supposed that the Senatp
will agree to the amendnients and it wil l
become a law. Allegheny and Butler elec t
two enators, and it gives Allegheny four
'members. We will publish the bill to.
The National I ntelligencer of Th irs day
.report of t' e shooting of five
eeamenon board the U. S. s hip John Ad
el cannot be true. It had us uriju
probably in ti e fHct of the John Adams
'having received on board from a whaling
*hip five seamen, charged %% ith mutiny.
We have seen another report also in
circulation of Captain Voorhees, of thy
.211avy, having shot L'entenant Boyle. 'cilia
-report is cet•taint'y false, and probably has
no other foundation than some injur y sus
rained by Lieutenant Boyle in one of hi s
- bands by the accidental hischarge of a fire
arm, in consequenc e of sitich he is said to
_ he on his return home.
The Bahirnote Patriot, in speaking of
the latte► report, bays:
The rumor which is abroad, is to the ef
fect, 'that . Capt. Voorhees, who is in cum ,
mord of the frigate Congress in the Medi.
terraeean, had some difficulty with one of
his midshipmen, and in consequence of
some violent insorbinate language, fired a
pistol at him, the ball of which struck the
midshipman, and glanced and struck anoth
A letter from Genus, of the 24th ult.
_which states that Lieut. Boyle left there
for the U. States on the 27th January.
makes no mention of any auch affair; and
as this letter is about as late news as could
well -be received, it is concluded that the
Itixtie rumor is unfounded.
Painful and improbable Rumor from
The Phila Euquirer of the 30th ult has
the following rumor from Washhtton:
"Quite an excitement was prod uc id i n
the news circles uf our city last evenirg by
the arrival of the painful, and, as it seems.
to us, an improbable rumor from 'Wash
ington. The ivory runs thus:—That on the
an ival at the seat of government, of the de
cision of the Court Martial in the case of
Capt McKenzie, a Cabinet meeting was
held for the purpose of discussing the
matter. The decision was found to be fa
vorable to Mackenzie. That in the course
of the Cabinet debate, the Hon John C
Spencer, late Secretary of War, aid now
Secretary of the Treasury, and father of
Spencer. the alledged mutineer, said that
if Com Mackenzie sere not dismissed
from the navy, he (ihe Secretary) would
resign his place in the Cabinet; that the
Hon A P Upshur, now Secretary of the
Navy, i-aid that if Mackenzie were forced
to resign, he would instantly abandon his
place in the Navy Department. Where
upon, so proceeds the improbable narra
tive, high words ensued, the parties be
came excited, and a personal cogisi( n took
place, in the course of which, Mr Sp , lacer
was somewhat injured.
_ -
FOR LA Y err E, /rat ash
'Elie fli!W Steamer CECIL! A , Clonot
et,Anx„ r leave for the above and intertne•
diare lantlincii, on Slciolay next, April 3, at It) o'clock
•-u, (' "r irright or passage apply on board, or to
3(1-td JA \I ES NIA Y.
The 3 eri!ta is provided with Evans' Safely Guard.
Aaster. gave ntr the Hislryt` and
diate lattrlinff , , on Thursday next. Apra) 6th at i 0 0 . .106;
M, For Froi..tht ur l'assaae, having suite, tor :tutu',
m mini inns.a pply ou board, or to
mar :3(1. DAME' MAY
Birmingham & Co ~
And Cleveland Late.
March 22. '43.
J. W. Burbridge dr. Co.
AGr.NTS for It , nle of IlentiN's Vox% der. RatersT
weer' Rood and 3mitlilirld.
Ala ,h 30, C 43.
Stand Unrivalled by any Medicine known
for the cure of the
- ' ' . p
ills OF A s ED LIVER.
General 10,8 nf,tppetilc, sickness I.lthe stout -
pain in the head, 01, ul, ers, t, ek and side!.
II h g' ts, e, ;live
nvss of how, ls,ll.llowed in smile ,•Isen by.loosrmvss,
c , mgli, low spirits, with disinel , n,tkii
Lo every duty, are proinirie;t syinwows o r : I di , -
eased stale ill ilic Liver. The Liver
inue!i der tug 11, trio the ino,t for ulid.iiitc
:ire tili-ent, all bee 'lots s..u.lv out of
ord , r bvfore it is known.
1 . 111. 11•101r4 , / , 1 to di' t. he , a iti 1,1 , 1
for d-Odi 11:1 4 a-.p.red a p0;• ,, 1d ,,
ly (111 otz I`,e I vvr c 0.111) II C:11 is •Ur
ittiV re-m• Whea the
s I lIIM t• 1.,. prpoi ;pro, i= p,t th
w , 1 , 0 , 14 to r , f0 , 1 , 1 ."on. , ,icr,%ed
ti , e the pIL.
KrAl 411 l'arermve Pill. m.y ire
nut !..“ ri,.l c .e.i, sh .t,;(1 be tist . tl ;du ,e
W11111)11/. of tie d" .
Th 1- loon Itev.(;. 1.. Si,
fl[,, of the Nlt•lii•llliSt 1;;I ' , ld ~o d %%11.01)
(;,,c•eno.n • 'V I y;n: that
rho nig sprina I w.,s ~11lie
v.•r. i,, .odted by the I .•s llelp.g ad
vi,ed to triad,' 11.4 e Of `Liver I did so, and
lielo,e or a tIOX I mmy qui I
heal'il• I,'el boun 1, c , fo•ttle atioti of
the I, nefits I lia , e rem ed the to• 4 . .
CAllilletid II tiorlF!,- similar aril C•
tit)ll-. 1 ,. .•:1114 Oiklidel I I lied II a Cheap
aml succe. , :sml I mmaiv
IZ,•po, t.ui V your-, &
Pitt, Dec, G. L. :31:-,S(1N
Shinn & Scllcr•e' celeinaf,nl Liar Fills not a (2,(aCk
e rine;
' l ' follow I Ic•I In moil u Dr. Pn lrllo , 1;1
Portsmouth, (lb n, a g ,- Idtiv,•d and an uld
prctiti , mer, soll.c,ent pr .or r.,r ii,r 111.+ , 1! inCirdn.
Ihal : , inn & St . V.t! Ct . lehraled I;lNcr Plus
do, at., C:il reiiesf, 010 atil;C , Pd.
1 1 eS ,,, '• & Seile ,, -601111 , atruds
me3'e-et p1,..50,0 In sl% that 1 ir.ve made reneved
t,ials d 1,i%0r I'dk, awl find thew
11 , iter a 'apt,l to dn• purno-e 10, w hieli they /ire
(I.lsrf (11 4 ,1 S .s.) II an at , )' Hied!' .11C or
cotiOlioatioo of in, illeihns I vale ever used. Tits)
are in gi cat deinand herr, and act ~rrll.
Ynto s,
Mio,J,JII , ! 15 h 11.'331•;.
Read the lollowing les!iinooy and disbelieve z/ you
C tin.
Car luichaelto ti n,
Greene Co. Pa.
Mr. it. E. S , l'er;—Fiir i=evc al yl ors I was the
nn ,et cra '11,4 unvifj int , atl lek of the Liver
complaint. It wini'd be lin- me to rotempt
In Bite y u an aiinnunt nrin,i -A'. ring, as it cowl
my be fill, it Bat -.lc I thy!
verity „lilydi•if•ase. ti r o 14,r d.,ys a Id vkk,ks
trt.ther, I krir: A. wlictlivr I , hou'd4rver r
Inv a+11:11 11.•:1: It.
coati:Hind in t its wretch candd too, until tin
,n Adv wale fe:l into try hand and upon
entn;atritvr ;he ,yinatimis of a I live,. as
.!i...ett In the advertisement alts my own, I found
that they enrresinnided in nearly every parti , 2ular.
From that itm-lanea lit induced to try your
justly paprilar Liver and you may he n'isU
red LI L A I( is with Ilia jzre.atast pl , asure that I in-
Form you that the Liver I' :Its have been of more
servi e to me titan all other reh.edies I have ever
used, and I now enjoy better health than I have
done ti,r the last silt years.
Signed, HOR fl ER.
Pitt ' , field, Warren ra. Pa., Der., 24,1841.
Ifes,•rs. & St her,: —I chi , y rea-onable
wey , th ar,iinsrint, anti I must say that I hate i.e, iced
,sore benefit I,ton your ',ills than from any other
merti , ine, and I believe them to be the best pill we
hay:: ever had in tins part of the count y. When
iu PittA last Sprin t , I bought a halt box•
is of your pirs, and I reached twine I found
my wile veiy ill, with the, doctors attending her.—
The disease old not abate until I gave her several
doses of the Liver Pill; since that she has gained
much, and is iinw able to attend to tier usual work
I ara nut of your pills, and desire you send me half
a dozen boxes by mail; the half of the last lot were
distributed amongst my neighbors. I have bought
your pills now for toree years and shall continue to
do so as loog as I run lumber to Pittsburgh, as 1 con•
udder them the best pill that has ever come before the
public, Yours, truly,
Prepared ONLY, and soh: wholesale and retail,
by It. E. SELLERS,
(Successor to Shicti & Sellers.;
N 0.20. Woo at, below Second, Pittsburgh.
March 7.
Bank of Pittsburgh. par ,
Mirth. ¢ Man. bk. pal
Exchange bank, par
Bk. of Germantowx "
Easton lank, •
Lancaster bank, die
Bank of Chester Co. par
Farmers' bk Bucks Co.
Doylestown bk do "
Bk of N America Phil.
Bk of Northern Liberties,"
Commercial bk. of Pa. "
Far. 4- Mechanics bk. "
Kensinty.lon bk.
Philadelphia hk.
Schuylkill bk.
Southwark bk.
Western bk.
Bk. of Pennsylvania, 7t
Bk of Penn Tl. par
Man. a/. Mechanics bk. par
Mechanics hk. par
Moyamensing bk. 3 1
Girard ba.,k, 451
U. States hank, 50 1
Liimbermens', Warren, --
Frank. bk Washington, par
M mere bk of Pot Invite, 6
Rk of Montqomery Co. par
Mon. bk Brownsville, ;i
Erie Bank, 5
Harrlshurzli bank, $
Far. I.k Lancaxler,
13k or m
Bk. of Chambersburgh, 4{
Carlisle. hank, 4j
Ilk of Northumberland, 6
Columbia lac k 141,1... men. 2
Ilk Sumnellanna Co• 25
Rkor Delaware Co. Par
Lebanon bk. 41
Celt ysinirgli bk. 4}
fork bank, 41
ar.k Drovers bk. of
Waynesbureh, 7
Currency notes,
"ming honk. 10
Pit 10021 i 5 n 51
l'ouelry do do kiatif
Rerks ( o 6anrc, 71)
w fst nw
M.untpleaea and hk
Far. ..1- Mech. hk orStcu
Beforont bk GT" St. Claire
Marietta bk. nentand
Bk. of St. Clair, 10
notes, 11 Do. do./ ,* 11 Smith 5
do Currency notes, 14 CANADA
rolumhiana lik New Lie Good hanks, 81ti 10
hon Demand, 1.1 Eastern Exchange.
An Post times. 11.Philadelphla. 4
Cincinnati specie pay- New York.
1.1.7 hanks, 14 Baltimore, i
Mech. k Traders bk of Boston. i
Cincinnati. 5 Western Exchange.
Moon 1.1( of Colurobte, ICincinnahl, par
Demand norm.. 11 Louisville. par
Circleville, (11. Lawrence Cleveland, 4 die
Ca#liieri 14 W'
.1, ,
Zane.ville Lk
To Lel,
kV (toothed store room ~n Market st. over
Mr l'arirf . /4 mew Book store. fit nt. 131211.
A dwelling on Market street beiiveen 3d and
Re. 160
A three :Oro y brick holi=e and .tore Oil Nifirkel te.
.IMI oniolte N flolotcs' Exo , ange
Rent low.
TWO itIO;, rOOoIR On Nlirkel ,ortow soiitlle for Print.
0tf,,,. nr 7 4 0. rel y rnoinc. A ko, mourn I.'lll 2d s 0.%
0111 , , entrJ ore on Mon het street. Rent of earn
A dr,/ and weir le!hied cellar Irelcw the rup and hat
store ul %:r Nardi. Market nt. Alen, a cellar on 3rd st
nearly opturirtre the Put orrice.
Er quirt I
1, D , 11 rr,.. uporr or 16r career
JCL% it
A1.?1I„giwo SIMI V Hrirk flout , 0,1 Ihe• rurrrr of jtle
Union streets fo- a (Inv..llif, Iloncr and
Grocf•ry Store. ri.rliry of JAMES !t! .1Y .
21. 2 .v d.
Fon R _ ;\ ~,,, (ru1a, • 1,...ew 1.,1rk
1, 4 110114 , , , i1011e in (',ll Lane near 7111,treet
' 7 1L1 6 . !" rur r Which wilt Ile mu,lcralr.opplrlo
I r 30--i I
f'~,t3 ,dery 01 Inc hoildinz °erupted by ft. A.
L Itan,or, a. an Inr.loo store--heretnfore known
`•,,; I, IIIIIW, 1,1111 ROOM,' corner of Wood and 5111
lenwre of R. Morrow. ,1111 st. jan 2.3.
ir ors I'on s ‘LE.--Etior Lots In Manchester. itOf.-
1 1011Ith Aura or Land on Holmes' Hill. Lots
tot. 41 . 42 . 52 .53.54,181,182 and 184. In Cook's plan
of L.d. on Holme'i Hill Also, Lois nos 26 and 27. In
Cook's p'an of Lnts on High nireei, near the new ("nor'
House ror terms apply to Z. W. REMINGTON
House gency.
No. 6 we,t of the Market [Plume, Penn st.
sth ‘V'ard, l'itt%hurf.th Pa.
Ir.rr 11.er having for a number of years Item) en•
gaged In renting rii y property, collecting rents 4.1.,
and wi-hing To lend his Lip:int,: in this way. respect
gully oil, rq , er1:1 , •••14 in those persons owning, or who
inav charge of iimpe•ty 33 Executors, AdminkiriX
torn or Ili the city or suburbs, and who may
not hare itivolre to ni lend to it i heifirelvesoo rent
I liZ9, ;V:1 re Farms, Lots, fc•e, Also, to collect
rents, dividends, Ground rents ,;-c. A rev,inter is kepi
where a description of all primer! leg for tent Will ice en.
term, free of charge, reference Is re , perlfullv offered to
the following gentlemen for whoa, stitrseriher has
heel, agent Car runty years pa..t--hlessrs Michael Allen,
P. Mel 'ormick nod Jame, S. Craft, Esq., lan
SI 11,irl, F;i:3l Ho•opran Agent, ; 11,33. John Brown,
Itirniingliam; R. lel.elnin, Elecinnidi; Gamed Patti.,
31iitar. Lawreneeyille; PIMP. Jones
Liberiy; Daniel Rather, Mail) township; Dart
tiepin ton, Sewirkley.
lilt 21. J 151 ES BLAKELY.
VO It REN'le r .
A 1"/ ?
- po , inosnlon on .4 lor .peril next; it
hrirk hone nu the !link orthe Ailetzlienv river,
.torie.llll• 4 li, 4 comfortable roornn, besides cellar and
k lic lien. II in very plena:wily , iitunteil)l3,l nul side
coy lino• with n lii lview oftbecilyof Alleigl , ny, and
walk of the lipari of Hoc eily—rtnt
very low.
niar 13. Ilonne
For !tent.
T HE ronin Ocroiii..(l Aldornian Siewart, on Penn
st., anon office—rent $36 per year.
Ilgo, two roman ortupled a 3 a Grocery store, on Penn
street—rent $36 per year.
rriwo store rooms and dwellings on Penn street
1 (5111 ward.) Rent very low.
.11)01 v 01 the llonso Agency, Penn st, 511) ward.
Mart 15- ]411E•ll rtI.II{FILY.
ON brick dwelling house, containing a large
hall, two parlours, 4 looms up st tirs, with fin
: 11"1 tithed garret, dining room and kitchen. with car.
riage This house Is pleasantly located with
yard in front and rear, on the canal hank, corner of
Chesnut street, leading to upper bridge, now In theoc
cupancy uf Mr. McClurg, rent to suit the tiniee— Enquire
of Dr. Whittaker, Allegheny City. mar 8,
. For Rent.
TIORa term of years. Two building lots on the hank
of the Allegheny river, ndjoining the Cay line.
Apply at the house Agency, Penn street, sth Ward ,
Birmingham & Co.
CHANTS, No. 60 Water Street, Pir.st.tirsh
Terms—Receising and Shipping 5 cents per 100 lbs
Commissions on Parch/amend gala 21 per eent.
mar 22, '43 •
Post notes,
Oh Itlicotlie,
Fran. hk Columbus,
•G ranoifle,
Coin. hk. Lake Erie,
Far. bk: of Canton,
State bk. 4. Branches
State Scrip,
All banks.
State bk 4- Branches, 60
Shawneetown, 70
Rank of Virginia,
do Valley,
Far. bk. of Virginia,
Exchange hank,
N. Wesi, bank
Mer. 4 . 11ec. do,
Baltimore Banka,
Country Ranks,
All Banka,
All Banks,
par and
Clay }Luke. pa
Country Itnl.e,
(safety fund.) a 1
Red Bark, I to 1
Boßion Ranks, pt:r
Country .•
Orlea nR Ran IcF, Rood, 3
Ranks, 2
Good Banks,
All Bank,.
,GOLD A 'JD sit.v ER, par
E. fl t;AzzAM
No 51. Third At
j1)11N 11 '11.0SK ET.
Three filz Doors Likeriy
floube. Agent Sin Ward
23tibls do. ' do
10 Backe dried Peaches.
41 Sacks feathers, just received per steamboat•
tVest. Poiut sad Llarishargh,and for sale eery low for cash
mar 21. 43 Wood et.
NoricE to Steam Boat Orrnere.—The subscriber, hi
consequence of the difficulty of the times. has redo
ced the mire of htsBafety Guard for the prevention of
the milk* ien ofeterm boilors,to $l5O per boat.
It Is hoped that all bnat owners will avail themselves
of these reasonable terms, not only on account of the
perfect safety they afford, but also In point of economy.
Boilers with the apparatus attached will wear :thou
wire as long as those not provided with them.
March 6-3 m C. EVANS
Traveler's *koitld select Boats pranisiell with Frans , '
Safety Guards, for preventing Egyhreren of Steam
Ir 'would be well for the traveling comionnviy to heat
In mind that their security depends entirely upon
their own encouragement of limits that have or may he
al the eXpinte of procuring the above apparatus. And
that every Individual making curb select kin to rontribu-
ling towards a general introduction of an itivemion ad•
milted by all nierwho understand the principles or the
Steam Engine, to be a sure preventative against those
dreadful disasters You have ee leanly, it, the hund.-ed<
of - explosions that have already taken plareoheir almost
daily occurrence, and the thousands of lives flint have
already been lost, a sufficient warning. and indurement
to make inquiry for ■ Safely guard Boat, and in every
rase to give it the preference. They have went to nn
additional expense that your lives may be secure Ought
you not therefore to meet them with a corresponding
degree of itheiality, and by your preferenre show lilat
yt.o appreciate their laudable endeavors to slop till. aw
rut sacs-Bits of human if.:. They do not spurge more
than olhet Wats; !heir acrommodet lone le other respects
ate coin', and in many eases superior; and es there w
one leaving Pittsburgh every day, why wilt you rut
any risk, when it le so corn !tidy In your own power
to avoid ththe digesters.
All boats marked tht, [s] In the List of.trrienle and
Departures. in another part of this pater, are eupplied
with the Rarely Guar .
List of Boats provided with Ike Safely Guard
1 .- XPIit , :KS MAIL, oRPHAN BOY,
; . :(1,11 , F, will),
I:4)1:•1• PIT r,
1; k LENA. QIIEEN of the SOUTH,
.1. 11, BILLS, ROW( NA.
.lEWEss. R ‘L'IT kN.
w A - SAItAlt ANN,
ILLINois, r 4 kir INN 1,
vicTitEs‘'; V xi LEY FoRGE,
inir 2'2-
A, new and modit Improved form of B%lllk Lraro,, for
ale at the office or Mont
ljegutar Niornina racket
•. - -4. • The r:,dt tannin: and well known
SHARP FIRMIIIILL, Master, will depart daily iron)
intreli at 9 o'clork, A. and Beaver at 1 o'clock P. 11
For (reighl or patti.ttpt, apply on hoard, ttr to
& CO.
No GO W.llrr
N rt.—The rent tar canal parker in Cleveland, Ohio;
Greenville and Meadville Pa ; and M :uFFullout out the
Ohio Canal. connect:ie.: with ineamer Cleveland at Iten•
ver.will he to operation immediately on opentnq of nay.
:tattoo, mar 1 13-If.
r i lgt t Eatt.tiviitv - 21100 ponnitti Feathers, a prime ar
1 Cele
.111,4 received and tl,r ate Ity
4J Wood si ref"
Fl.,VO.3lEfirOX f.lh" Cif I— /•. as
1 Flair Dir--rolo, the hair and will not the skin
Thii Dye in the form 01 a Powder which In plait matte.
of tact may lie apidied to the hair over night, the firet
night taming the 11211 test nr perry hair to dark hrhwn; nod
by repeating a second or third night, too jet hark. .h fly
person may, therefore, with the lea , t ponWilc trouble,
keep his hail ally dark shade or a perfect Mack, with the
primitive assuratitti tinit the pa wrier if applied to the skin
win Ira/ color it. There is no eolorinz statement.
ns any 011 P may easily test These riv:s are wartanted
by the rite oist who manufactures it.
Por , ale at TETT ME'S. $6 Podrtlt street, where a
larae asgorltnent of Patent Nictikineg may always he had
at sillier whoksa•e or retail
•Don't forget ! Fourth hirer? f"
H DS Prime N.O. Sugar.
..tryt 10 Tierces (rice.
19 hills. N 0.3 Mackerel.
For sale low tu close consigenrmi, by
mar 14. J A NIF.S 'll
It A I L It 0 A 11,
In superior new eight p , hceleil care, to Baltimore.
washinvor city and Philadelphia.
The :ihnv, Line is ritre , enied in the traveling public
as being unequalled between the Ohio It iVer and Ehsterit
WIRT LECTURES..-THE LECTURE Cr..lt cull., tor comfort and e‘pedltion, having made arrange
.MITI'EE: Oh' 7 . 11 E if'IRI . I. I I'STIPUTP: mats to concur Ila.-voe,•ra through in two dnyS, and
lakes pleasure in announcing that the Lecturrs hefore tin night travel, saber by Stage or Ilatlrond Cat s.—
the Institute will be resumed on Tuesday evenin;, 28th Think of 41 Only 75 miles Stage trivet hag, and lit;
instant, by
miles le , s than the - W hi cling route,
PROF. RICHARD S. MeCULLOUGEL we , % coach, s. and el at in superb.
of Jefferson College, Cannonsbetre. Pa. Vi re throu2h. $lO.
, i 14 contempt:lied that Pi of. McCullough will delivr.r Office In the Mott ongithela hangs,
a full course on the i. Rise. Progress Cad - destiny of As. I A. ll CSDEP SON 4. CAL.,
trosonty." The Committee, in presenting this coarse, j uinr :I —dint l age Pr..prtetors
of front nix to Lecinres on a roust interesting f•Olt
PC I of thought, a tidy, and seien ific rest-aid', feel us.
ill red that their exertions will meet e ith the general up
piohatton of the patron: of the" Wirt Institute Lectures."
We deem it proper here to expresso r thanks for the
patronare extended to this course, and to , assure the
public, that whatever delinquency limy have occurred In
the fulfilment of our or:ginal pro , pecius, it cannot be at. i
trihuled to any want of attention or exertion on the part
of the Committee. but to the fact that c rcumstances
which could t*tt he controlled prevented those who had
GROCh:RY STO , t F., if r .9 UGT/0-17.
consented to lecture fro., fulfilling their engagements. ,
'Tickets for the course on Astronomy, $l.-
~ a single lecture, .1,- •,, ,
,4...) C, . WILL he sold , rat the store of Stevenson el• A iken
corner of Walnut :110 Penn gtree(4, on Swor
d ty, March 25rh,nt 10 o'clock, A. sr., their entire stark
W. W. WILSON, of Groceries: also, fatures,coneters and shelvlUg,. Sale
JOHN B. SEMPLE, positive. Terins—eash. currency.
%VAL B. SCAI FE, mar 23-2 t R. 1. BA USA! AN, Ailet*r.
Committee. ------------
mar 22
300 BBL No Snit on hand and for =ate I y
64 TONG c Tenne
consignmentssee Pig I ron. For sale low to BUR tlft I DGE CO.,
feb ,by ' roar 34 Wafer. st., bet wren Wood mid Smithfield
J --
UST RECEIVED, and on hand. a good assortment ' 0 ftnxes 'Anderson's' nd of Nails. Window giass gind Sash, Writing , Leiter Ir./quality, together with pou 1B lo lip of **Perim'
I 4 1,-,x,4 hPIII FiaCilflllll
and Wruppin! paper, parmirikantings, Shovels. IIXP! and ears (or sale low to rit Ils^ll,
handles, Hu;helS, Pecks. ¢e:, Brushes. Corn Brooms and - mar 15 1 o3e, liy iS 4B .it , c :(
A 0 C e.tv . t
Wisps, Augurs, Castings, Ch•rns, Bllcketa, Woo len Bowie, —................_--
carpet and CArriet Chain, kv., for !Me on ac- BArON. . . .
cromrnodming ternrafor rash, Pitt slinrgh manufactures or 1
~..,rOOO Lbs. new Blifilit, plat receive(' by wago n
Country produce. 18A AC HARRIS, Ao. !JL tJP froth Ohio, for sale by
mar tiu and Com. March% i
,mpri,,,,,uskoa di a,
fl. EC - 4WD kaspii,-:-.' The antiscrTher hatronlittlida /h. the tr ur t ty• -eMonvo t ,--www ar—welN
Frail mi l iply of fiat, half round turd round handsaw
Ales; and expect, ilia few days a foil supply of Rasps
for sPir by the &ere a or angle, tow tor C.:, It or , !Xelyn . Q,dt h er
Mary g he
Burner,n y' e o
b . ,
p lil , 2erin , 18b.. No.' iSiL
for .grwds to suit I :.on , iglite I tt.k !IRIS. agent and friend .1. B. Love, Ilivorre • Vhsankt
mar 15,
vs matrlmesil,
Ginimissiol i Met 'lit, 9 rtftit '.4 '
John Earner.
And now to wit, Mareh 28in, 4411,
• - On motion of Mr Toorr,theCourt appObit
ih.) )
J K linear/son, E‘q. ao Aide/man Of MMMM HIV of Pitiahursh, rommissonar to that
te.itionny on the part of the plaintiff; sot
order that fifteen days norke be gliten to
defendant by three publications In the Daily Morning
Posdof the city of Pittsburgh. fly the Court
To ;loan St.rater abate named: 'Take Not lee—Thar
In pursuancenf the above order or Court, the depositions
of witnesses to he read In evidence on the trial of Ilia
above C.:IIIPC wilt be taken before J K flendcrrhn. EO.. ar
his office on Idmithfietd street, rittshursh. on Friday, the
14th day of April next, at the hour of 2 o'clock P. pt. or
-said day; When and where you may attend gyms think
proper. MARY BURNER,
mar Si—St. 'by her next friend 1 .11 Lak., Of,
Jusl. REcEivED, Twelve bases or Oranges still
Leinnntr, (A - the finest quality. for sa!e ‘yholesale and
retail, by
feb 32—tt".
i 3 Market .
F AMILY 'FLOUR —Just received a few harrele of
Superior Flour , made expressly for family use. Fur
sale by ISAAC CRUSE.I,I4B Lib, St.
In Store 50 barrels sap. flour.
M 4 CKEREL AND CODFISH'—In sinre, 4 ca,ks
of Codfieli; also, 5 barrels No 2 Mackerel, and 15
hart barrels, will be sold very low, apply to
mar 16 ISAAC cßuse.l43 Liberty
Q blide.N, 0. Sugar, this dayreceivel perstestmer N
York, and for sale by J. C. 4. A. CORDON
dec 10 No. 12 Water Fit
20 000 LEN: Cotton Yurns, assorted
2.000 164. Ratting,
2,000 " Caudle Wick,
1,000 " Carpet Chain, and
500 " Cotton Twine From the Eagle Facto
.y. For sale by
Cotton Yarn Warehouse,
No. 43 ' -yr
tn4r 17
APPLES.—Just received from Ohio, per wagon', 35
barrels of green ripplev, ronvl,t ing of " Pen flocks" 4
"Stairs.' ALIO, -SO bushels. of dt led apple', for sale by
Who keeps ronslanify oe has r Timothy and Glover
seed of the best quality mar') 8.
JAMES W. 1441/ XXV' 4- JOE.A.e' P JE:x.wAras
have entered faro partnership for tie purpose of
trrtasaciins a Wholesale Grocery; Produce and Cotnints
elan business under the firm and style at HAILMAN'
JENNINGS 4 Co—at No 43 Wood street, olipoOte the
Merchants' Hotel, where a supply of Groceries and Pitts
nurah Manularturrd Articles ran alway.. he had on Übe
nl terms. March 17 '43
I LLIA M r. WALL, Plain and Fancy Portrait
and Pieture Frame .Idanwfacturer, .Vo: 87,
Fourth Street Pitts&argh. —Canvass Brushes. Varnish
4c. , forArtists,nhvacson hand. Looking Clasees.
promptly trained to order. Repalrlng done z.t the short
eat notice.
!articular attention Patti to regilding and jobbing ofev
cry dostrlption.
Persons fitting op email' Boats or houses will find It tr•
heir advantrye lo call. sep 10
134.A . NDR,ET El'S PILLS,
TR crs
Caveat enterer! 9th June, 131:- Patent granted to
Benj ttnin IS an It e , h,2oth January, 1843.
The extracts of winch Bramiteht s Pithy 'are corn
posed are oblain,rl by this flow patented proCPss,
without bwling or any applicption of heat, The ac
tive principle of the het bs is thus secured the same
as it is itt the
LlN ' t NG VEGETA 131,E•
l ' he Public shon'd he cautions of medicines rer—
carlimende i in adctolismnits s(olen hoin me, in
which the CONTEMPTIBLE.: Ronnll steals my lati—
goage. merely a Itertn.; the name. Time will show
these wholesa'e decei' ers in their true light,
B:t ANDRE Pfl ' A PIUS are the People ' s
ioe, proved thmt - ltid , who daily reccom
mend the : to the afflicted ' rho 13;:.1\ DUET!!
PI U.S. are gec•n - e day iiincr popular, their
i,tues are nVer.dil.gi tt , elalness. The sick of
'Mtn cp.Xl , are daily deri , iiig beitent front then]
No cite of chscsse hut diet . rail he ozed ui(l) advan
tage. Eiotches nr !moll io•mps Ihe , rk+u they speed
dv cure, so with erripelat, so widt salt rheum, so
so volt) cottL.hs sod c olds, o ith
wi'h C trier so II irened
raid cauker in the mollin Let lb, cc I use this
uIC'L ei,,e, /Old !hey find nit , v no oilier.
.S ' n;rl a , 25 Cones prr h 'x, a ith I el . ierilge
e each I aymg Imo. it 1,0
(doatiires 01
ea I, koc (f the
tienulne ha,. six - igoaloi CC— t
and ,'re B. Brrni , lre,ll
rile ONLY PLACi. In wit •to the tt':.tr.
Ilrau'L,•ih Pig's CAN Be OCT ‘1 , 7F1)
()Am I. ) 111 n. !H ‘Vimd beliVee.ll
ami Dialn. nut Alley. Mark, the lit.srive Bi an Irt.lll
Pi I , rail never be , 10:6 ed in an.' nu 00 qTeRe.
The I. iltiwina ale the I IN Ll '
.NGENTS ilopoint
hv Dr . II Brand( ell), :Or die ;(.Ie of his Vegeta-
Coiver-al P 11. io iler,lleoy Co,mly•
ipsh ()tli , :e, Nil. !R st. Pittsburgh. J
Ale John I;l;is,—Ali-glieny. ,
Robe( t Duncan—ldrolio4lotm.
C. F Do.l—Elit.atiettuov.o.
fl. Rowl;illd—McKr cvort-
Pre•sl) Irwin—Pleasant Mil.
Jelin Johos-n—Noldestown.
Ches•nt (ti I..__Steuartstoww.
A-.(1,11 tit Coo, .11— C iuton
t Po r vett , um •
David R mn— Rom Toviodlip.
Ed ,ard Thompson —Wilk•o.horgh.
Wm. I). Ilurre,--km.i.'s
1k133W ROUTE.
LFtt)3l PITTSR CRO II TO 11 41.T1.410RE .4 ND
fiILADEL Plll.l.
United States Express Line .
PllO,l 111... h dal y, 01 3
co ,lips
1701111 IPTIAI.ti, Leer 1.1.0 :it k; :Id, Ul:d fruit,
there by
W .R.VT'EI),I3.‘ soon ns places roc:la tillrohei
of Mechanics, frookkooners, Sale:men, clerks,
and boys In wore, schr ol teachers; for laboring men,
women, boys and _iris nil kflith; of work. Il.n , firr
coachmen. slealo nod canal ho.tt men and b u y, , pon e ,
ors, tc. Also, wanted, n ronrlgrom on .2ootl properly
worth four or lie.' time, the ;;;Lmnnt-854)0,700.
tr. Fur sale, twelve 'lean truer:. Of loud; 01111 for tent.
several pi"rrC oroptrly. Apply :it.
Arency und liitelll;ettre Office.
No. 9 . Sts;
J.A!iftS MAY
ANTED, a bur of frlmi 4---7i17----ip;ycnis of age.
Application lobe made before the first of Morel, to
F 1. tiNOWDEN,
• 184, Liberty bend of Wood et .
66 Bstta. PLANTATION MOLASSES. reeelved
per Steamers Little Ben and Fuiron, aid foe
J. G. 4. A. GORDON.
12 Water etreei
sale by
ma- 27
A !pollen:lan qualified to teach the usual branches of
a Zoort englkh education, is wanted in the Third
Ward School of the City of PittsbUrgh. Annlfentioas
made In writinz to tire Secretary or T'reedent (Mr.
Adams) at any tithe before the With of April, will us
Wood s
'by Order of the tion.rd,
TI;IOMA9 HAMILTerii% Sec'y;
roar 23 '43-1 wd4iv
Gazette copy once a week In dollo three ticecki,
ALL persons index ed to the ovate oft:Ulcer P. 11144 , ,
hie of the city of Plushursh.deceased, are hereby
notliScd to make payment to the usdersigne.l adminttetra•
tor,and ait having elalma afainq said estate are 'relates..
ted to present their accounts proncity nut henticated tOt
emement. JO:1N flfAfft.
mar 23—St. A Ilminfsfratiir..
60 TONS Soft Pig Iron, htit blait, tbr site by
mar 23. JAMES bIAY.
etaton—Poraate tow, by
Amid nre r23. JA NIES
101.1 hhda. N, 0 Suzar.
UP I-20 t)11111, N 0. Mnte.. -
In prune order, -just recelyed liy S. B. 4 rcadm,iil
sale by
J. W. eugaßloost Co.
near :2 Water at. between Wolid and Sallibiel
25 BBLS. fresh Faulty Flour. For isle by
near 14. JAMES 11.11"
64 TONS l'enl,s;en n
For sale low to c!oaiconsfratiferit, My
.100 BUSHELS Dried Peaches,
Fur sale low by
TREA,CRII Deranzaseat,
I Vrishinzton,l6ih March, 1841
Q.EALED PROPOSALS will Ire received 'et this De
partment, until the 17th of A pill next, for building
the Hull of an Iron Steamer, to I,C used as a Revenue
Colter on Lake 'Erie, of the following dimension,, M.
one hundred andTorty (140)feet on deck,twenty•three
(23) feet twain, and ten (10) fret hold. Model, drawlage
and moulds for building 10 I, furnished by the 'Depart
ment. It is expected that these horde will be built in re
fereece to (hinter or Ericsson's Propeller. The Iron
used In CODSICIICI ion must be A oteriran, and of the very
beat lionliTY. and is to he painted with two' good relate of
red fruit, (one before Ole work is put up and the Other
after). The whole ofeaid Iron work shall 1,0 weighed,
rifler it i. wrought rind tweli to tta appropriate place,aad
previous to its being finally put together: payment will
be rontle according to thin nett weight per pound,lhalu •
ding rani hunkers, water tanks and galley. Thol'Oinin
water!, linhittayti and alt iron work neceeverY to the 11 11 11 ,
spars, rigr.2ine,.ail and guns will he Included in pro
poortl,, and the prise for 'trio work will he separately
Staled. A -par deck of white pine, 4by 6 in., to be laid.
retired from underneath, with the "wood strew holt,"
rauiked and Waned. Berlh deck of nab or yelloW 'pine.
qo caulked and planed, to the bettli detib. •
the fl ooring heads, $ inches thick, therice yellow
4 itictie,i thick. to the !oilier deck clarnfts.all Or Whirl vril I
he estimated by the .•ituare superficial f.et. The mete
risk and U•atd In the eon:traction. ro be a 'proyeat
and the work to Ik, liripected by such officer na De Be.
rrelar of the Treasury niay n ppoitit, and the work
tat done :ierdrtlift f: to the direction of the sizpeNnienda or,
ye,..el 10 re rompteled within six toonths ff.( in has
day or delivering ti • moll'aq and plans of bui Ming-
Tin' workmanship to he inspected, preyionsto delletr
rt., by two competent judertg; one to be rhott:n by each
of the parties of the contract, who. in the event of their
disaveenient, shallaelect a third, who are to deterrolo•
whether the work Ilan been executed in all respects, as
vordln: lo the proposal and tte,reernetit.
roar 22-1:07
Tr EA.,1:11)," DEPARTMENT.
1,V;14 •
j nizln R . 17111 NI n ri . ll, 1343.
IQ EAL.EI) PROPOSALS wilt he received at . this De
pnrtnient until elle 17111 April next, for six straws
eußi !ICS% I.IIiIPI'S end ordpeller,, constructed upon the plani
known ds "Bunter's Plan," two (2) of snit engines. 1,014 '
Cr' and propellers lo he delivered on Lake Erie, as de.
signaled by theA , terretary or the Treasury: the others at
such Ware or p!aie ß on the serLconst, as the Secretary of
the Treasury may direct, also, Iwo (2} ette,tr,ev, toilets
and nropellersupon the plan known as.,Ellerteen'sPletr'•
le he deli=eredal .t.inie glare on the are roast, aathw Pit•! r rrlary of the Treasury may (Wert. The eneins.heitleew
land propellers to Ire mode of the very heat wcwettain. hr
I her! l' Ihe proof of Imperil' s /a of smell person or persona .
I as toot' he Reireted by II:. Seeretary of the Tretrucry.--.
The hollers to have not Rs. than seven hundred r 00)
r, , e, fire nit/arc; working pressure. elghly (110) poodde td%
the ,o.rare inch; proof, twa hundred and forty (24U
pounds. Six ciliween inch ey !Indere, with three (3) few
i s:rnSii. The wont,- to he delivered as directed, wiittfre
flee menthe from the time el/receiving the drawings awl
p i a no or I 'llthting. The propocala will stale the pike for
which ter; engines. ?loiters and propellers wilt he deliver..
ed and nom into complete o
1 cal l peration But si the appii,
i"I'; of the en working to ell her of the aid plane
l• a 7Astent rieht, the proposals will .116 trate
naked, iirchidi.e. The aitihnrily to ore the pates!. ttglis.
I wad also the price exch.:sive oftaid authority.
1 1 , n l• -! 2- I - I 17
'anus to Lease.
191111 E nodersigned will lease Iwo Farm, situated I
Mast Deer
township, with the necessary lenenanra.
and from 75 to 100 acres etrared on each. Alen, aim
farm silnat,d in Went Deer township Allegheny county,
I v o it from 50 to 75 aires 'crea red. TI e above deserthed
propeitv la In reasonably good repair. laving 3 1 0.001 IS
miles from the pity of Pitislitirch, and within twe miles
of the Penn's be leaned or' reasonablit
terms for from I to three years, to good tenants.
BARTRAM 411,111 RT,
March 131b_tr.
U. U. U * K_IT.
Aril ENTERAL AGENTS and Comenleslon at,rfinnata,
ItcfPr In:
Megers. Torbert. Royer 4- Menowen. ?
W. H. Campbell 4. Co.
ripio ut,
.. Cope. Tod Monti% ¢ co.
.. 1 1 ! aryl n. Prut cher 4 Co . ( I , L ' il a.
~ iVPiHis. Yeatman 4 Co,
•• Woods, ChrISAY t , z , ~.o al. . CO, '"
Feb.'.-113 m
201000111;rraSteen2eg! gr i e n tl ' a p e nn a d, 2d iumr:et ;:efrieedW,
for faRA, hy
mar t 4 BIRMINGHAM. 4. CO,
IfoLAR D Cor,gyr A R ..... - .....•), OTT R. Cm.ktitait
' 0 /..F C(1.,r1F!1..i A !Troia. Fbrn rdlllll t , rn..,ni“Onr.l,•tettrals- LrYPIP Ft f!,•t W
Vlibar ßi4
'r • I
rfsc.l2 r-
4 17olivern Si,cd end I-:m strewaii. riabibuWk
dcc 10-11%
Secretary of the Trenporp
Ferrets ry of the Treasury