Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, March 30, 1843, Image 4

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• st ' A int' M Ut corraA w.latEgousg, Ante
St, two ?Loot* frogs tAs T. 8. Bank. Wns Tr
regdertak or, re.ipeetfn i I y informs the publicthat h
119 removed - 1:1s ready made coffin wavehouse 1 0 the
%Min% recently occupied by Vr. t. G. liattfcrd,rlirectly
Opposite hie old stand, where•he is always oreplivii to at •
end promptly to anyorue.sin his line, and at•'
tendon t 0 all the deta . ,i -, of t.iieliti•iiness of an endectlaker
he h opes 1 0 p 1 1 . 1.1. pub Ile will he preparcJ
az it t.l.llo:t2 ritaratw, Biers, C ioges an
slur, reg , .• lite nn t , le Mo+ ieuns. Calls from the
evattry ,, v . :l ., ^l,:::::,nt!y al tended to.
His re stlec , :e is in the Rams intildin: with his ware
horw, witnre thaso who need his services may find him
etany time. zariertance.t:
er.ee vavrts. RR?. JOIIX D6LCK,O. O.
typos tirTcot
w. S. IeOLORt,
am 10
*lane individuals la wart ntrocrotts. Th'y ars those
*rho Work in an unhealthy al mosn'•ele Printer', work
men In feather stores, atone cutters:, takers, white Ic^e
. manufacturers. are all mom or 'r,el qu'llect to direaee ar
etOrdina to the strength of thzir constill'loo The only
method to prevent (Peeve. Ig ttr: occarional use of a
'medicine which 'Ostrava from the circul lon all ri-le , e•
lions humors, aoil expel. than by the howele. Tonto-
is any form are ininrions, as , hs.v only 7,,31 off the evil
day to make It more f. nl. The of 11.aodre.lre Pols
will-insure health, hecin‘e thew take all imnnre mater
Out or the blond; ,nri the bade li nol weakened 1101
streugthened hy their oneratio , , f r these valnnloe
do not fame. hut they as+i-t nature, and arc
bat itarmooite with her.
Sold at Dr. ltrandrot 0.11^6.
IPlii,hur,zn. Price 33 rents ner W. , '• lull dlttf';'ll,
M A 111{--Tite Ware In ~ , 1 1 wq, the
'f;E:4L7I7 , :E r.an nl.tained,i,the (•f.
fite, N 0. 9 0, Wood street. coo 10
inorsksoLurro v 0 r, •
no,slt.p . •71 ,
11111/1d .1. 11orlin is t!li4 !1,1•1,1•1:1211
The e.volitirvis aI I tr du
ft,. •rr; -xl •
of both parit-inliiPX
Ph - fl Ify the e..i:i-cri'atir until Q.'ler eirau;:e
re:et ed; •
'Poe ice, 0 ,1 , 1
phis, if 3pp'.ied for Irn r
0f 2.4 n. ,2 ,4 1 "
Wat.I3IDI)LE, •...o•oel To
Ms °Li •o 1. No f)7. •e. -t.
where Ae can !) c".:0it , ! , 1 any r,, , ur
on h4s prart,,l,,n.
‘A • r
CO: 1,1...
troth, 111'41 1 1r: n.tR I, I 111,. 1
Old itt.ifid, In T0,r.1
--: Balighti , ol.l, in 1 1 1 , . 1014 .107 , , or i...•
(P. 1.1 : 0.1.1:. 0 . 1 :
IMlrtuneol of Fr . tnitio t tb! , ...
w'1 , 1: 1 n.,
rutrieja so liter rain e F.! n:
N. H. ari .1;
PhfFadelUhla,Avi!li t 4 r 1 1 .14 !•, r,••
rite reCellll3n 1.1,..,1
IDay rely 041 it:V:1112 ttif , r ord
this ‘ateNt yle
Sept w
175 F 1131.5. ‘t .a r • 1.4
ra'thy J.G k A.n , 4ncr4,
La ! what 1,14. , ~,or
Qtloltl Jott's tl,n‘ r ,r
To make yours
rite bruit you t har
• Tim the Itesi new in It zr, ...ca
And firl"e ll,e\• I aV, It :lii<, a 1101, 4 awn).
!kr( tO p.-ovdt
LOOk 2.4 a 41..,r • ;0, Ow 1,14!,-,! of
Tra4rrn. 1.1 ill]
And see if 'Wm 'root h 01 T . ,111 ' .1 I. 11111 fine
Having tried Or. ••Thor.,', berry 3.11,.
itiebeernilb he imtredt•mts of i;ot coomo
dtlnn.l theerfully Fey, 1 roes me, r roe of the :=rfest, a •
his Wee of the most ple.vath. Tout 1, IV:is' I . F hot: iu 11,0.
Pfltinurgh Sep. 15, 1 -l2 It %Vitt Fit'N
I take ia.eioni re lii stator!, mode Ilse of .Thorol,
Tea Berry f 0.,, wash," I . r tit is iine of the he , t den
trlikes in uoe. Being in a tigntd form, it r.oilitime:
mess low coovenion,e, ti hsea the ei,:mo ,
and removes the tartar from the teeth, it , pm ., t em,
a.fragtranee peculiarly eluAirahle. J. P. TI is 13 D,
Toe unitiirM , Znetl have ii's 'r e n
Bern, Tooth IC.kth,"aa , l hare it to lie:in czt rei,,
17 Wei...quit rteri7tft-t6, toSereleto.2 a inoW
erne overtho Teeth aad Glum ; ps -, 4ervio2 111,.e
pensable tinemliert , frontpremarurr. deeny. pt evenf inz I,
actunittlation of Tartar, and purl tho tine P•real it. flay.
ing thoroughly tested its virtue?, we take pleasure he cc
eountneroitag It to 111^ pudic, adieei lig it Io tie the hurt at
tide of the, Mori mow in use,
R 0 8 .1" II PEEBLES,
J N MUORIIF-1.1). S C .7 PT.
Prtp'- ,n 1 sold Lt.! :';I• PUS. A rn.ll-cy,
ry, and eter,oo, N 1 53 .0 ',Let ,;
at an the PrinCiPa Dra,L;l4ts',.a.r.l Tut :s2eit
ray, Fouro P^r.
Compound •S!, , r+ , ! cf Pru., + rgz tri;.l C!.,r
yrAluyitlg maden-c , ii,v t ,
which enil re% y uti nit
wheezi”.7 nnd s r,r ..0
atteMed tv , tl , Fpatwk. S.
o r w hi c h l njd Over. Up ilt liege- .t: rerov,•-v
was advised rn m.,kru n;il , l , 1 'll7l'.'ii D owi- we
Aft e r 't ont for 1" ti . I.CI A it 1,1 r..,
Carling 10 make the !,an , r , 1,1,1 "
ifely rellered ne ora rough ilwt I tyns afflicted t‘ilh
many year; Any p,,rson v c:111 r
any house In Beach Fitrcet, above the Market,
We call the atlenlion 01 the public In the nuinerow ,
serttficelee which Lave teen in titre WHIT! in ow piper
111"8"'e of t rl'y, rem:tin:ending pr
terheee's COW ponn , l wild Cherry.— have
Ono the original certifienies.ntid have (.0 dviltd but the ,
tone time t ruly hateful henet , . esp., —re Of the hehr6l'
lerettb ;hey hare received from ti.,t va , n:,h , e Compound
We have aequaintaores who hove fr,ro,‘liv us ed
above medlelne. wbo rim F peak With confidence Or iir
irtees.—Siiiterday Chronicle.
PILLOW CITLZIIIII:—Witt; sinerrily I would odylee
so. one and all, loth sick and will, alwovs to hnv , i
Jettle of Dr Prtiorser compound S . 111(luf Wild Coen-)
al your
. boos.—it is invaluable In car , . rrr.erseittv.
—Pb as o.iihtiole of Blood. Asthma. attn , k, of %Inte r co
*met is often the enure of spit this of Moon
'rtevona Affection'', which °traria:thy come
dud various other, viuser, producing ere.ai
fthra improper exporgre, wit!r!,
;ur wont of
'pd;—SOS as I hare. creel Dr.
• PnTWM Cherry
t with mared . rtcress—T tan
b tetne vne of the brat
Atyps 10 ;he!
RIM 101111 PS ISIDI.
REV. iaKits Y. DANIS.
arv, a. P. swtrr.
:9:01 :
4 F,
F:. .t
GE~~% IC.`l(i'.
rif.,s : S 'LILLY
44* Istiol, only oaay
1.. 09000 . TR- Dtt f r an s d a i A " orcl e r r . v e t ip
TH4O7OR 'anti - It not only en rev qulcker,but
given no anions! pain, nor leaves a sear. Ilrehisposl•
tire* rendered (310 bas been offered ale
ma aAltipersilii returning an ern - 11'y Veit, and tiaylne
that !liege/iron artistritlng Is not est ratted Ir a few min
utes 3 yei nut one Rom thousands of trials since has claim
ed the ' , onus.) tarenleadiStelli to guard against genera.
injnriei, and save •tin:ct; fortune and life, and prevent
their otfspriiie front being di•fivred by burns, or even
email pox pustules, (it poisciving the enviable power to
replace thecollutary organs de;triiyrd.) enn do so by oho
thintne this inimitable NOM Many deerly burnt cases
In the thy ran' e seen, and ore entire face burnt over and
wounded three dist' net times in the A:menial whit( neat '
log, yet in no cane can he traced-the lesat cicairtee or
markt For all kinds of hurts tt,i rapid soothing erects are
also ilnportant; cyan sore eyes, all inflarnationa and bro
ken breasts would he unknown. The toilet and nursery,
'Or chering the skin of pl wales. removing chafe, etc., will
11 , 1 , 1 It indispensable. One using only will forever falai •
1410 thesoverelgn HEAL-ALL quality. After. flits no
lice, heads of 1 . ..M11es allowing for tor months, and
dicortcd features• can never wipe away re ,
proach. just') ut , ered by a disabled Wld, for neglecting
to triumph , ver file.
• Eniered accureln2 to net of Congress. A. 0. 1841, by
cortwileic 4. Co , In the Clerk's office of the Dlrtriet Court
~r United Stairs fur the Southern District of New
tVerrarded the-only zenutne.
cemoot l / 4 4- co., wltolesait Drtiggisl s, N.york, hi,ve he
tome the,o'a rtents for Mr. Padey, in A atlrl
ea for 24) rears. All orders noltd o • hero
The reo”ine noly In he had at TUTTL.P.'S Mettnea
AgerreFt 8 1 3 Ft .!rlrt street. Nor 15
Piti4blir , ?ii Lard Oil Manufactory.
-,;.,-- . • . ---- Aig., -- -" , i-;-- -
-..z_ ~, ,. ,,z, ) A ri.
•,,f ..._...--g---.. - - --- ----: -. 4....___ -- - ......,?
, ....,,,- -- - •,.
'4. flik-1:11
.... .
4.. ......... v
tOr a aAart
- "V..... 46 1 / 4 • ,jl. i
' ~ 71 411
\ .t..
''___ • ,'''' . TAWWLI:47IIIWIPt-. . - * ---- "3- ~,1;a_z..v..,1" ;#I4Z-dilA
....a..7...v .
.... ...;.7„,,,......- ^i...,..--••••••••=
7."-PVTL on i,a , .El a }0.,' , 9T art , elo
warranted to er^ at any Irma..,
1:2al to the. Itt•st vytn't.r ..tralneri f 4 otro.; ver ~tJ t
o'rr , ,tove go, tiles. !MI nnet. , l r.I ct.rttot-r, non
Ititt.t ,, .l by the ti.thettrthrr nt tl.e old blAnd.Ttitrd st ,
orre•Cte the Fun Ofnre• M. C. EDI:Y.
J.n 4.1R43
\ V:zI*4;;;;; riFti •CE's-. ----.1
f , r --.- , t , g, ,, t
I '
. 1. ,: : : j2: , *(5 7 1;::. 11 '
...G HaslA:s..6l,-.i.
1131 3 :e n ! , ,f , " 3 ,, mirr r , r Couch's,
6 S. re , "'Aroat, P' .s er the
I/04,Se 'e.g.. 1r , . ° 0.0 , Of
!.S trading
tka ;11Iy .11
••1 iOl
! r.
lrg . 'pry n,t;hl
II ~ t
• I (1
I;.. y. , •1 ".•IL CO, •,:•:1 ranej
3 D OBLRT PORTER, Lar.—(r±:re
r • d ier ter 10
Looking Glass Manufactory.
!I , use Furni:hiar 101 Wt, d
Street. near 5.:).
'17 , 1" 's'll'.gt-rhrr romi Ir'r.d 1115 nran ,,,, v.ro&
Bl_ llf It , ; no•v 0. O l * Pi C, Prlo lii.
r , 1 , 10 , 1 , , A an.l 0,..v11•1. ,11,Ortrt , .
and 11gn,r. fur,,,h,ng .
(at prices re suit the times )
In 11• It nt.rl
Ft, ;IP (11 , :i1 ;Tr :11,1 cure, r %Of
re',11.0 . 11 I.olh 1,2.3.40-'I 5 I rq ve t r .,
p 'Oar frail:eft
..• (nr . 1110,P •
.pn•:011 r•:111.1.f . •ill
Ivory n,rl kit. in it , it's or Bu=rnt.
and liAne
rarvipti F kr. do
1 - )4.) ,• s Enrtnnia 11pill I.n ,iwt 0017 , n Arttt
Anrrirnn 7e^. r"e'r , •
Ti n 011,1
r o‘fr, do.
, rl• Sperm I.ard
Prro, :ir A Wlr•
R'l , h qv.; riv , .qt nt i.e: ri• i• • •-•• to
sv:ileh off, r... .0 ti,rt clinh pt
•s; other rrnmin? linnet 111 I t r
r , 1ia,1 , 7 of:1 1 ! L 1,14 , 1., .1,1 to, 1,r,14
t: , ies h . .. In. box or pil , Vr• h;hl, Prints for Fin.
roo ,, awly on nan.l.
1,-1, 23 TElO5z. A
Headaehe! Headache!
AF! now known to thookinda a 4 a uth.: extiaordina
rt- remedy for tilt. affliction as Well the incoo
revertible fact of their cutout . : DYS"Er:qA Wii: Inomt
at (Ter ing only ask nthotitt the, I , hools if they It lye not
known of the positive effect: of anti
!inn hear lien more warmly Peal-ed Calif tri , Eervei n .'Y
tt an ray oilier. then let them eet Lay them. In
'lie, few remark-, all fancy or linattiontion is excluded,
, hd nfilhlitz will hr aald of their uterus at any lime
but what c tit he fairly proved by re?pecta ,, le mewl 015 of
r lIIP fo'f,vlrut eertiFirate :', vet, by a resperla' , le
rOiz,n of 11logbenv rhy,nod aitested by 0, e of theitig.
e 9 of the Court Cf Common Pleas of ‘llerrheny ro.
A LLEGIII.NY CITY, ia,,u.,ry 9, 1343'
Deer Sir —f have for a number of rear, past here nf
flirted oith a sevige and almnet conriant Ile td.irlie, a
fritm dvrangem ,, iti of t-toinarit and bowels and at.
thouzli I have taken or trR every kind of Metliii-e rr
for e rive. Ihiv.• never deriver env male
eel henrfil until I used POitiP of voile truly valuable an.
Villa. I have not taken quite two littxes and
-ctit.t.irter nty•telf perfectly redeye( fritin that FliCre4 , l,g
.murdniol. I have no 14...0:11,,1rl m ricommendin: your
Pitts ar ltte best medicine 1 have 'ref I.
}'out e, fteeiier , ft,fly,
am 1-r,trt.-Ited with NI-, Torre - , 1.0 he',
•in, In ,er,tvi , a that I ,r,,0.1er 01 , 1'111-meats Of %I'
r. r..-11.rilqz, Dr Stier:ft'. ar eat ?tr.t torte one
rn'lrt riArrr , .. tirc .1 Y 1 ‘1,14
/1 , A r a , the n•ndwrirr,
7,4•• Pt, ; .1111 by :tit alll',,Med a
•n. ~,n trgl•itilt the
A1i0 . % 4..1 Pill 4 1-4. i
8da7.1 - 5 5 Patent "Itauzhphsof Mii t,
rairbank• eatent Platform Scales.
Theff . ^,P1.11111. , Uri .1 11 . 1 ;it , ll T110,11.01,MW.
v,,,Tletlex,Con,-tantly 041 Lanz) It!
Orirea U.?' utlArtlfaetii rcr. I. I KINGSTON,
rr.n r 2. —ti* Ftout f,•4wern Ito a 1 d Gant MA.
NE W ES l '..rA.-1 1 LISH I\l EN T.
_ .
'Upholstery - Furikihitigs.
THE suh.eriher reaper , rally inforaislik Frietrag and
the Pu';iie that he hnr pat ortehett tbe store . No
SO Fat tritreet. near the ElellalleP Ra nk. and adjilning
Mr .1 D Wilitamo'Grocery—where he intender() Mang
raoure in the be.t t.tyle. and hare '14'114 far sate a cull
. 1 9.0r!rvent of the brat gnalityll Vphtasteri 7 0 ' 74814 '
inva. Imr h Rellair, Shuck turd &Paw II a i tro-irer. Fen th.
P r Red', tin , klur. tt... re hi he ref I Pell for
ter et•et C•i f x!tl her ' l'fber Flee!.
d i Cask at our
ly 100
'otLS. 0: r.lofas, Choir?, . trthol.tered. ea rperr wrerr,
wort es, salorrizror.tir4 irellthi iiitilrl if fararliontr—Alt of
whtri, Se ogler. la riroctie in a manner unequaled to.
thit or Jr or.irP oo olitfla auf other roy, -
tear 11) 37 ' JOHN T. grrEWART.
. ,
-, ~ ~ ::~
j-in , 3 1+
pr.," hhhrt•
v.. 3
r: y. •n: II
•I ,11.!trica . 1 , 111. n
.t..t r.r.f v 01
d Ihi. Id.iisT3 04
hil+ , a , d.
ti 1, I he grcg,
Ca.tt,gs wade
(crTO Err - 1DQ..2 . .
Igr How Important it Is that ytra estensteste• without
loss of time with. Bispeltirra'a Pula. They e.ildly but
Purely remove all impurities from the blood, and noses.
of steam:is can affect the human frame, that these tele-
Mated Pills do not relieve es much as medicine can do.
Colds and coughs are morehenefitted by the Brendreth
PIUS then - by Inaeuiel and monks. Very well, per.
haps:al riSfietfree:but worth notion: as eradicators of
diseases from . the human system. The Berotnettrn flute
cure. they do not merely relhAre, they cure diseases,
whether cluottle'or receipt, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly he cured by the use of these all sufficient Pins.
Etna Sum, January 21.1841
Dotter Sintjamfis ardadreik—Honored Sir: Owing to
you a debt of gratitude that money cannot Tway, I sul
indueedto makea public icknoWledgembitt of the benefit
my wile hail derived from your invaluable pills. About
three years this winter she seal taken with a pain In her
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
swollen, so mach sothat we became alarmed, and sent
for the noctur Eluting Illsallendance the pain and swell
ing iticromeedAo aaeleitning degree, and In three weeks
font tta first r esommoseing It became a running sore
She could get noses( at night the pain was so great.—
Our first Doctor 'wedded her fur silt months, and she
received no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse,
and the sore larger all the s bile. He said if It was hi-ril
ed Up It would be her death, hut he appeared to he at a
Inas Pow proceed, anti my omit . wife still continued
to suffer the most terriht-lortures. We therefore sought
oi Or, aid in a lIoInnIc:.1 doom - , who said when lie first
-aw• I. that he could soon cure the sore, and give her
e.:se at once. To our surprise he tri.ve her no relief,
and aricrinwlerizerl inat it hauled all it skill.
Thus rve (eh a I:er having tried dnrlng one whole year
the exper 'core of Iwo (.I.lot:rated onyorrlana In yarn, In
al9r!u:e s poor v. lea roneroulion rapidly
n me p•ime Of her VI .11,1 from her continued
su:r, C ,, ,Ll'llnt:U.ron we mon•lrMod that
Id Iry your lin:verso' Vezellloe
to (~rly t r w 111,:r tfrltiVr Tn my wir.!'. great
.7oniimt 1. t • Sr 1e,4 alrorde , l not relief of tlle
n tin. N 0..,1 ore week, to 7 , 1 e ti,lonishment Of o,ir
ve• T.• , % oat wlln knPn ,J rnat. !he s wrltin
and the iotionm .t , lon rn rrnn.e mo that she felt quo,:
,a,py, and would ciPrp rlfr,l . lrtl'kl V, and, ale, after elz
wroit:l' use Ole o ii 0211 the tl , kllsle. 0 lid
' , elm attend to It•e tr.nt.rezett,t , l fanoly wht , h
not done for no 14 Ina
lolle over
o' ,, 01ths I , oooTr:ea r., r' -, nll,:,erLl the tt44.
- f our Pitt, het wr, no..te scum!, aret
•er tit-tot:I b, t . . , e - r t !no tt had t.". I . r,!• ,1,1,1 of
r , ats I•vro,P. tf: r.. r. all tier wu ie. ay.
..r•..••,r • cure. ecoA. , l - ri•‘: act ~. Af jUitlex lo
yze %Le la
We are, 'xi , I, Attlee rra
Vet} reqtertfu , er,
• 1i I 0 )TFIY E7'..17_ A. A. i TTTLE.
P. 9. TLn thr'a rllea I p,nnntineed the ceto
fi'a n Y sa-J no toed ronn
0 Cr( the !1...4 a• r t 1; rrrr, am.l the r• - ri
•otnit n t•tt , Ll Protvornee, Ihls 0.0110 ,o-:nsl
wht. - tt irks re. Lis (too Ai I forth,' r 1..,•••••tf n• 1.,
wO.l h we hope t tot thaokfti , . t'. .tp E. 1.
`.?;i Os pot , tnx , %WI ..Cr tot,
0 rr - rvr 1"t
D in', I%•n rz
co, or thf.
:tree fin PraL.ireth rna thref
! L.! only To, 1, the r,.,! rl+A
(Irk U,.1. 'n I;iii DOrtur' , l r n otC , ,
No 9 e ,‘V0n , 1. ,, ret. , .. A •,.! N••:. " V
kia,k t s ,'• can nt vY , tic (0,•:!1nr,1
Ts N!:0 , 4 , 1 , 1-.;,re lb. (”0,, , Fr 11
r , a , filvlh. for 11, 7,14 of his Vr;ttabie Universal Ctlis
r,t•ctr“.. Oritcr., Ne 9 1 , Wood bltret,r 318 . .angh
Mr Joh. r; ass—A , lethenv,
Robert Doerao- ft.rrronebaer.
r. r•
II !I niviard—fil'Ke,port
r - rer.lo I rworl—rleasn bt 1101.
)non Johrtionn—Noblestown,
Ct. , "•"rti3n Q Mpan ld np -Pfew3,lltoV/Ei
t.rt , tl 44 . Connell—ritrvon.
ri,,bert Amlth rower—Tarentum.
G-3rge f't.vver w.
torvol R Coon- Plum town.ltlp.
!mole] 11.110, —Ens' I.tar , v.
Edward Tbomp.Ame-Wpirlos' urgb.
Wm 0. !Iwo, /Oleo's ‘llll. rust 23, 1843
Judson & Flanegits.
Tron.vi: I'S AT LAW. StutlMsrld oenr 7th eireru.
Colle tince watt, nn nrode ale terms. Penstore
rr oinlovre in( old toletoers unit!! lIIr tale eel of Col , -
eonelno/1. rape., a, A dtoneinToo for the Patrol of
mn• 17 —la
R v,ir•,,n..A
Pt eivinval.
.51c,7, .9 NM OA. FA S ON.qn LE BOOT Alib
SHOF: .1141:EA. woo l rt Inform iii.
riP, lei,, I t•.• reinintirri hl. Pelati
'''" NtritkPi O. One Ann,
rnrr of 3,d 11 , 00.1 , 1. Dr. !Int y.w.C..
If pr , , , llPti 1111 , crwor yrf• rn rer rive opitp,
rn—tuNetnto 11,1.1 a anal Shnes, and in make
a 0% I, no, an pa-.•d r any ov•ahii-bment iu
'hp, it v. Hlp 1 rir,g nra ulna, nte 10 •1111 11,•Ord
the ,V , lrt, frII.1•!) , [1 of 901 erti, 1••1; vt, ran,rl
A -hl ,, plt,orrigo is reapertrtilly rtgne&ted
IR. M ERR I) ENTIST, olkei , ^ Sm.' •
X field, belt Se..rrd and Titled S*3.. ii(Illr21 Or
...sir,.ot 9 A.ll till 4 I'. M.
Or. C. no: fan , Yrs rrorrialn and i oeral teeth
rlr ran gUppli , d by 1011 or 'male !eat h. 64,•1“.
a heal)! Ifni gum in full aria, or Null.
of y• iv. svai he in . rolo outer at Ihe Qbarlpol not lee. by
elaCi izopre , .ioli of the moiffit• Alan,
r. , r.ale a hew marittoes wilhe , nory wheel. for grinding
rn , a4 , 31 teeth so manful to the 'newly—oil
tv Moo cold !ow for rash. dee 23.
p cured by the t or fir. II:10,W, Compound
rpn , •l nil Gt.rm,l
Dr. Hanish—pear der—Sinop, after I received the
:woe y (loin yoir for the sal. of your wedtrine. I
rot toed an acqn:s imam ewi ti a lads of Mls place, who
wan %ererely afflicted with the filer. r• is e lsl or
yearn thie lade was xtihjer's to fremirps pitiful nrtlel u.,
nod her physician iirl,t ,, red her calm no compltratrd.
(lint he very seldom preset i , ted medicine (or her. TtsrlOol/
I y nercitasion, she entotne need usion volt! l'oll., mid sstiv
praect I y cured. Yours, 4 - c. J.IME S R.lillttly
October 3, 12.10
T - T.(lffire and Cenernl 11npni, No 19. North
4troni, PO0;4(1..110.1:1. And by Sa twirl Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streos Ploshman, snp 10
Alkir j uilmwommilha.mm.o.
v rl carr!,,ng prort:!r, •nnnrf (rum.
!' , IMrlT.re. Nrtv N' , . , k
, f 1 . •••1 , 1:4011.11 0..1
temp er:PC p•/•., - 1•1 •
R.nrk Of 11,1.111 W !,at
•hi.i •rote-+w 14,r woh nil I.lr oweern Im
I, t o l o r i,,, g; of a Supply
of t, r oo r tli.• ot; d a foil 'Alp
ply nt I , ku loou+ boat,: 1..
:1 , 1 I „r ollirh wt.i br
r , ..t0, i•d PT:II7 , ieno,
p. 1.1 o n all
, I' , ,r , 1 I
r•;. , 1 , 4
oi 1.1:4,1y Ind lWnrrie
; ..1 t-; and (Or Wardrd With
..Ir..t wt.
rircilcr, t iriolcri In he rillancd from
•,r via ilie ll , lawore and ll;iei—
iii Cal.:OA:lnd on,,,lieri rn ll,irt, ann
v.Ut be ieceieril al Ulric war, holo . fir.t wharf atwce
itarv. al r em, am! dirrilly from
theilCr Wl/1,0111 nOolt or (x[rne;,:i Ilneof
enrcon packet.. cooiic.01•• h the une Mt 1111 1 11.111 . •
• Stiliier. are In co the Itock Of IN, line
and joL e for thein.civce,heloreshinpine by eni
i.,• f •rm will heoinv.a•gircit by eiilantrie by 11, the
mop: iheitotelee= to the
11,4 , st 01 f!leir atnitii,...fo,:hi•Aritere,t of their CIIStO
- nrn-partly °triter:floc. -
I taftti nre ea II he errr:Wel rhearer by thlg line than any
other, ag the route k ennshleted the gafeet•
Hart, A tuirevoß h McKever. twat l'hiladelphla and Bal.
tininre to ftnilidayvkhneg.
Henry L. Patterson, tro.n flottedaylburg to Pittsburgh.
Hart, Andrrw• ¢ mcKev,, Histadelphla
Elder,Celston t Co
Henry L. Patterr.on. itninany ;)11,g
James plekti Cl Pittsbd,uh
.1 Ames BLAX.EL7;Iaut marsh to execute all kinds of
P otrithurr. tack Deeds. Mortgages, Apprentices In.
attotoral. Ankles et. Partnership. Letters of Auoroey,
la a neer - rod legal mesas', aad at baiter
erner g barge* it 11s old stand Peon street, Pair tbs.%
word - market bone: kb.26•
... .... .. - ~ ~ '3~.:.
IP',TM WA estiouse.—to, 19i 1 1 RIP* 1 4
'Zerfa, Between Wood /WC Smilkpli .14:
T. doers frdm the Corner of Weocistreet• Con., .
sternly 'on hand an talon men( 0f.,100 ready made
.. .
-COFFINS, °revery Mt( and : description; covered .
ones, with Cloth: 'Mahogany, Cherry, Ettaph
iNsal nal, POplar . , and Plac Coffins.
Al7O, Philes neatly eagravcd; 'Hearties and Carriages
furnished; Gt3y og proetireit - , and all service.; rendered
that friends may requtie.
A credit :IVeti hi ail ekses, either of coifing or carriages,
requested. 111":5 B. V BEK.ELES, Undertaker.
rep 10
STRUM ENT6!— T. JI/cCarthy, Cutier and Sitripr.cll
instrirmcnt Makrr, TAfrd •treer, noarty opposite (do
Pear Office.. Pataburik
(sic tcoF THE noLnvi SHEARS.)
Physicians, Lentlats and Druggists can have their iii •
atruments made by the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also natters Shears. a superior article. ()idols recited.
fully solicited.
N. B. Ailarticies warranted of the best quality. and
fobbing done as usual silo 10
ALLEN KRAMER, Ezehanrs Broker, No. 46, Cor
ner of Want and Third Struts, Patti/art:4i Pa.—
old. Silver, and. Aolvvnt Rank notes, bought and sold.
Blghi cheeks on the Eastern cities, for sale. Diane,
notes and bills, collected.
Pittsbut gh,Pa, IPm. Bell k Co., John D. Davie, F
Lorene...l. Painter k Co., Jo , eph Woodwrll,Jamee May
Pliztadotpltio. A ireander Bronson k Co., John 11. Brown
k Co. Ci...ctnnuti, 0., James M'Cnn(lltel St. Louis.
.110 , .1 R ' 4 l'Donatd. Louisville, W. 11. Pope. R.q.
F'reo 0:Ink 1(v. ?no 10
E. E:110 ff •
uedersigeed hegnilettVe 10 01
the ptiblie, that he has removed ton his old Aland.
to the ruin -r of Penn :and St Clair ets..oppositethe lit
charier Hotel, where he has fitted up a larvi l't•tro Poreda
onell li no s• and now niferi. MI ea le the nand splendid
I.oott The•:l 01 Ptittt.l r err offered in this market.
e.1,1 , 1i! r f d, retain, patterns • of superior
tinse Woo! and %lahozany, beautifully finished and mo•
dried. add ettttltlo , ,l ,hrolltthOLll of the very hei.t ilia
terinis. rt. hich,lor daraliiiity.and quality of tone, as well
an touch, he o ariants to he supernal' to any ever aces
II- 1";i4 cn'a his manufactory, and made arrange
,„1- Rep : '• 1110 Ire r 0.1% hie demand for thla Instro
iltreqt loteloilng to nor.
and .nillic ar•ortment 1 , 1 - Ore pm 61.2
, dr:crmincd 10 .001 LOW[R. Inf
c 71 0 ,. ha.) va,l of «•r . ,1 of the
F. 111,11 •M E.
cr of Penn and P; Clair !I sects.
cep 10 flechance ritt..hurgh. Pa.
NV .111 R NTEI) GENCINE.-Dr. William
rtricArEte.—Lenet f•om the non. M'Clel
l'ou r.t. , I:..tt ne.‘re, Meruherof rouzresa
A.SIII` , ITON. ttl y 3,1. 1833.
r in 11,3 rltc liil Mier nard come of
tour re• , ,eo , ine wift, lotinite tenefit. nod 1c,119
11, t lon, 31 ,t in Iteve it io hen m.sst vatulhie remedy. One
nr lI'S • onnts, Dr. A. Cirden, tannin.
r wrnie whir h I dirt
t , on loud••%ed It very -n-res,rully in time ornetire,
nil •:••••• it et Invnilonltle. Mr. John-nn, your agent Ili
I. otnre," think. 013 would ',oh: , y like an agent In
re..neswe. If in, I would reennin,ml Dr. A Ca•den, an
pro;lpr r", -rut I t ~thriale for the male of your celet aura
ShWild you ronimit , ion hint he Is nyllitme to
oet fnr you You ran s•ort the medicine 1•v Skater to the
care or nol•ert Kim; Ar Sons. Knosvllle rowdy. Tennes.
see, or by land to Graham 4- 110115 1 .1 , . Gar!
reeneusee. I has , no (timid but If stm hrui agents In
several counties In Fast Tennessee, a treat deal of tordi
rine would he I am trim!. in take some of it home
for my own use. and that of my friends. rind should
like t• hear from you whether you would Ilke An 71[Pill
711 OlUntlrille. 'l!van Courts e; I can set
some of the mei r bald. 10 ICI for you as I line near there.
Y1.11r4 re•nertfully,
Ilft kli A5l 51 ArLF.T.T.I N. of Tenn.,s3,e.
ror vie Wholesale and Retall, hv
R K SELL ER S. '‘z , ni.
sep 10 No - 10. Wood sireetimplow Ser.l.l
R. 1V 11,1,1 k EV A NS • S Si .1( ITII I Ni; ,1( ti
This 1,1/.1104, remedy I•,n n d IlutlreA4
when nee - . V . ronsuloon. An non
a e the Nv rop I. t . nt.7 , nti On the pon•. I he chill will rrrq r
•r. This ,11^, WV) in ti , re 01, nod 10
I li;,t nt.r . 111,1 VIA I refl., to lei n• eum.hr rub
Led Mllll n, V; hrtt Inlitnlaareat the av• fon, mono '' ,
1110 • 111(.11$ is no appearance ri Irrab. OOP ttntl;e or t he
1., on., the pores. Psrenis
eert Ire wit lintt Ine .Yrllp in the nunnery tt, here lnele
are flung •• ror nl a child w akes in the night whh
nattl In the Vito, lie F.* rtiir imme•ritvelv
3,1 hen , lil:ll, :urn- it rrnhv nrrvenl
In: Court) 11011 n. rr•V , S, Qc. r, ; , t+3,!, And
renr: R. r, i411,1,F,115, 1:rn1.
I(1 N. , 10. LL' m•A r Svrtilld
COUG/M rut.n.s .2 , ed CO.VSLTYPTIO.N" ..3
iifllV al ient , l. t•ri
1.0,501,1 101611) ;ire 'n Ihr iortwt”rt..lv 111 the
weather nee rr•pert Inlty infornwrl l hat they rnn hnd.
Cn•gurr's 11•01 011.1 r% vclucit Is \\e:l krmsro to hd‘e
Tnrv's Wll6 were in t he tact st :zen of C, rt.
rump:ton. Cer;ificales can he procured ol ;to , wood,riu ,
LVI.Ok . II R•Lr•at or Liveavvott-: to annther remedy:
for Liner Completer:, Caug as and Colds. It coin,'
recoil wended bv All Sotto hncr used It. and Is pleasant
to take and speedy in rffecitoe a cure.
Psosx's lIOANIII/I'NnCaNnv.--Thls rx Het" ly
and pleat/mot inetlici ne ;It will effect a po-lure and it nail
cure for Coughs, Colds, Cossumptton,and to an effectual
airy for I fir WHOOPING COPGII6. This its very pi' as
ant medicine, al! are food at and children never prior,
to lake e'; its core Is sore and poee i ye. The aubscrile'r
lie. a re, nfn ate of A eency dirrri from Pease soft.
oo I here PAO he no mica ke, All prr,u,'s Sohnati off, net
ate Invited to call and not delay, for the titre to take
medicine IN at Ito , rnmmrnrrment•
.11; Ilu• :Onve medicines can always be prnrured al
Wrnt EPA , irR r[T AIT
TUTTLE'S -VEDIC-IL AGENCY. 86. Fourth street
1`11( FEAI A LES.—Thei eis a large class of Females In
this City who from their continDedaltiling, to which
their itccups.tionsohlitieihem i areafrected with costiveness
when :Ives rise in palpitation et the heart on the leas, ex•
retina, sense of heavinebs extending over the whole head,
Inloleranre of light and Poutid.an Inability of rising the
attention In any mental operntionr,runabllna In the how.
els, sOMet klieg a Seit, , of slltflc tlon , esiterialts niter
orals when Nut' exert ion la 'teed. of antol flu iekiy np
0.; le tick le; I I,,sr are AVIIIIIIIIIII,I Wild/ %11.1,1
1/11..P In., fee; dot, .of the Ilrandrelh Pllk The orri
uqe 01 I!•it nentir fee w,nild <avr ri deal of truant,
and year.: of .lifrerinz. ()i e. or lien, or even Flirt eor
the Itriiiidt. I` lii jted Iterote dinner, are of en found
!Ingo!, !ell, re•iati, 11-I.IIIC/11 eery 1111V1111./12,011,1v. to
I ht.. %so, ;the ,. nil .111.1 retina, lite bowel,
lel a nrotter n I lie "in! 11 , , tin on ,I ele,r
nv,..8 it. I I),• rrltilp't 1,11.1.1111 1 v rhr hi und. arid piomoir
fail hhd hnP1 0 . ,,, 5•
Jr.l It ()Irwe 9R Vl'onrl 51r, el •
per bnf, with Icll
AI Alt ou I v ploie In I'.OPlni , :ll. where i
lit N r. s I.e ~htained, i* I he oheicr's own Or
fire. 54) 9R rvor,ri I. Prp 10
IV EH 1.;011r1. rll red 1.% ;11, I
. 4 trettl!l !0,1I0:
r. W rirroql
r.irl .1L+1..?..t0, , of •111,,..tr1t -Irk 1,4,i1,4,
,urre,ll.,rw.r. e ha I 2.11 ril
rnh v (if d n
real dehiliiv.wilh other Pt
rahlemenl of ID, fnortlohe of the liver. Mr. Richatd ,
had the advice of severNi hal received Oct
relief, unlit nsin.: Dr. ilarlich's Medieine, which lermina.
ted in efTeetin2,a pe•Cert corr.
Prinelpil Mke. 10 North Flltilh Street, Philadelphia.
For sale In Pitivlntrgli by Same.: Feew, corner e.f 1.11 , er
ly and Wood sireett. vep 10
13v RON VON flUlTilf:l.El HEIM l't LLQ.
Pilla are voiriiiii.vd „r hot whirh exorl
a ccheeifir action upn,. ttio heart, ti VP ir01.014,,, or
virengih to the, Plies ial 4,,,t0rh; the hlooe f= wiht,enod
and equalized in its rtsrulai ton t hyouyh all the vescFchr,
whether of ihe skin, lite patra vii owed hoer nal ly. or the
extremities; nod avail Hie ferreltohe of the huity aye
drawn from the blood, there iv a conai•quent locrease of
every secretion, agd.a quickened ,fiction of the absorhent•
and ezhaleotor dj,clinxii,inzvevsels. Any morbid action
which may have.;rilteo place eotrticted. all °bionic,.
Liana are came red, the blood ts a unified. and the hody
rrnmes a ksaltlefil Cate. For :1 ale. Wholesale and Re.
tall by
cap le
ar-DALLErB etIJN I,XTR,d'crOR is rerirtinly
the most valuable otnimeett Boris, Starpt., ke.. ever
Invented: no mattes how 'n'pertnin may . , he barn
or scalded—itll wilt bee tritni heatedietelv,.ertkom
leaving spy sea l a. ..Zresi (amity should . besot, e,,hox• ie
their house. op ve mould be without ft,--Biery :pn
who has triei )reeciiiimeade it, TO:to. ha4:.,oeis at
TI7TTLII4I4 eon* nowt _dot •
•I , ra.e. If p 011
E E SF LLERS, Agent,
s- r j' 1 Wood Rt. below Second
'"Ez TT , ,errq _ ,s"."c ~ - -'nrs~#+r, } 4"w a:.
ITMTZED 5.1 1 8TE8
001; 4 141ILE •liOA.T LINE.
Far Ow Transportatwyl Nrraa7aiss and Produce
rtrrsßrntr;li i 1 VD PHILADELMILIAND
rtrrscenari 14trt.yoliz,
• NE vc YORK, ANL) BosToN.
DVIN L ¢ ScArit;LTY respectintly Inform the pub
11c that they 11,$ve colo;neted their arrangementa
for the above Line on
The public has long wished fur I ndleidu4l competition
to Tram.portation on the PublicWoi ks, by which alone
it can be freed from unnene.biary expen3es arid reduced
to its lowest rates; that Vt . IAI will now be realized; the
Btateof Pennsytvenia having iitared Trucks on her Roll
Roads, Indivldue.; owning Pertable Booty are enabled
to bid for the Carrying 'l' rade and Alccesefulty to cow•
pete with companies.
This line Iscomposed of Twenty new, Four Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as enterprising, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and advantages of the Portable Boat
over every other mode of Transportation, are too well
known to shippers generally, to require comment; suf
fice it to nay, that the detention, loss.s eparation and dam•
a,ge to Goods, invariably at in ndiott three Transhipments
between Pittro , nrch and l'hridelphia are by the Portable
Boat molt a trec t witty ?I wee td
The Portahie Itoitt pintse.iscs the great advantage too,
. ui heinz well senti'ated and cool In Surnmeri. which pre.
wants Row- from souring, arid Baron and Tobacco front
Devine kMt nu ty ,et andlr t they de,i.elween the
nwl:ets of tt, no4l , nod he limit men who entry them, and
ecinnily ilAeff, , lS 01 both, will
mike no prvnu.ei to th. public iney will not faithfully
They MC now prepared to rerelve and forward Pro
duce to Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
to the siirtite,t time. and nleilze theniselve4 to enter into
no C,0111.11131101i with oilier lines,l ut always siand ready
10 early nut the prtitrinte,if their Line, and contract for
irt.i,llll On 1 1 • P very lowest tern,.
n-1.0 4ive iindotilced•security to uo, °pr." and ahippery
of good-An open policy of I ri-urance has been effected.
he which all mei riliandiac shipped by this Line will be
Inured withrAtt any additional ex pense lo the owner.
Devine ,k Melfulty will receive alt produceconsigned
to them at I'mi-burgh, pay freight an I chargts to Steam
ftnatA and forward the as me without iiciay to Philadel
phia, B illimnre, New York, and F:02:10 without any
charge for advancing or commi , ,tort.
DEVINE le %lc ANCLTY. Atente.,,
Canal Basin. Liberty
272 Market at rrir t, Philadelphia.
73 80,. tri I.Vharf, Baltimore.
"larch 10.142
ON Tli[ rIENTP AL i:Ot•T[, Vta N•TION•1,OlD
_ h ;
~7E>f line of IT. R. St.il Coaclte!. for Was kiacton City,
.1111 Baltimore. pa iladelpAia and New York.
This line is in foil opera:ion and leavetiPattsburgh daily
at 6 o'clock A, %L, via Washitt:ton Pa. a. 41 national
road to enn,beriand, entineettri; here with the call road
Co'►. to all the clove places: Travellers will find tine
a ape. dr and eoniforiahle route, 11 lieinz a separate aid
; ,„, 1 cum.erlonil line. facilities will he
afforded .1.1r111.3ne not been berelofore enjoyed. Eb
era roaches fur,' tied at the Pliortesl nolire, {Vito the
pr,rlte.27 of 2 , irg throuVi direct, or taking ene night's
rent a , their 01,110 M
Farr from Po tsioirzit to oaotmore. 810.00
r‘inom'z 1,, ftr.i.,v house, $lO.OO Z
Thero, iu Wa.lo 11..!1 no 2.00 $
PH tston r 2 h to PhilndelpHA, 13 00
For throtlgh fir krop, :,po'y 31 nur "Mire al II enroer
Exet•aoge Trioi el, in at our nth , . at the , 11n000ta!,ela
noose. 1.. W. rq*Cl'K • l'ON'
rresldenl of N. R. BI3ZP
11 - 4 y will yv 41.! I/4
dying rale 1 • .4-1
444 4 4
o I,• had at Tv ft,e's Mcitcal A:ency PG Fourth It.
Ihe ont, a Zrnt In rwe'
no-, 22,
011.1* 1 S El'. he ..ht ooeinal, Ila• on hand the
,p tatt,l a...sort went of Clothing ever offered
Wel NI) , ztock Ic large, and lam disposed to sell at the
ow, price My lro , k ,s heavy, and ns the tea.
on is aavaoriruz, 1 will sett at lower orices than ever. I
sk 4,,,tv ll.p pf...a.ofre of a call, (-rimg confident that a
nk It t•itt, 11,v Grp of Counterfeits. Ilememhes
rfinEr.: BR? DOORS. and tile SWV THE
VF: %NE: YT . ; not - 23, 184
OT/CE Itave nnt lellers of admlnklrnliort
on John 11;11.1.m. tie of the (71t V of
Pitt.l , ur7ll, rei,nnp illlichtt.,l In I hi• r,tatr of
the caid regto,opd to mat, in,, "dint,pnr
( 1 , 11 1 to me at nit; re-Wen,. In Penn St. !rear Al arl.urv.tied
Innat• who have clanos are requested to rre.7ent them
.tuly prohated. J P WILSON,
.Inn 19 Leo ve.
VALLI:I.M ELDFIi, Attorney at Law; Office in
V Baketvpu's Flo i !dings, Tear ly opposile the New
Coilrt H n nse. nn Grant sl•ent. Sell
BR ARV of Religious.liistotient,Pothlent.and Mitt
c , I laneons Works. will be open every tiny, Sn:lhath
tented. Toni 7 lock, A. M..nulil 9, P. M., in the Ex•
chan2e Itnittlin2,corner of St Clair street:lnd Eichatt. , ze
al:ey acre ,onrtnni ativiiilance will he iVer , lv
111 M
Unrivalled Blacking,
Ai A I (1:EI) and old wholmilln and re t a il
N tsl X TII SIR b:EI one door below Smithfield.
net 21—,v
U . \ r \V. It( I 11. .illchorreer and C , lnruir
el sion ..11e , rItivrt,I.oui,ril!e, ft y.. 011 . 11. i 10 tir.
it` of Re:11 y ri.l"tl , ,G 01•CriOS rilflii lire,
r;,• 2 , v phored,v. wid Fri
..'c.oc I, A. 11. Cash ativallri.• made
111fIE 111 r:rd refl , e'lnlty in In n, lie tha t
alter Feveral yen' , x verir.nre in 11.. he A t 5110pq in
t he P:1%.1•(11 ri.iea Ii ey have neeneft !, n„.O,
in i! I if 0 01. e 1,010 Vark P., and,, ;I r'r Irt
111,4. %Oil', P•V pl , pa , rA I” X' , I.lr nll
11. 1- it. 111 :1 'I :11111, I, • •Ft d
In tio% or I er I 11.1 Di , the rllt
tO: fg,.l,ltiu. veld!. I, 1.11 %V i•Linl! , rluih, e jr,
le. %%mild Ii i.d it Ow, ii.l( ill.' to 1"e111
%yr. wish iho rublir In nnderonntl that thic is Inn in
tend.] tank amonty. iNO fltsontr °li t ! of. ~fr
the v: for aP to style aitcrikorlimatt , hip they challen.2e
1/r.:Ni\ 1-11?1.: PItOOF IR()
EsTs. 4,
PITTSBVH(III, ne-r. 22.. 1942
J. MCNNINo—On Frown v. ihv fif,t It a r “110111
9 o'rl..rk at Ili.: `'a,ll Nlan
ol'ar , nry, .)synrd by Ca - 1, Ililwoo !I 4- co. with n larfe
quantity of (II 1.11 indrei , !etl lan.ber.tyae all consn.
111 , 11 Iry Fre.
The Iron S:ir:wl - !lch 1 Sntizhc you,sumeLF4,r hack
was in the di.Kt .irtwed iilunrion d a d na 1 4,, e Am, an d
.vitteentirele rN 4
.lto am plea. d io terowo youth was
perovi at the elope-or iho ed 01 I tie. fioal'ik • P, 3 Pc 4 P.
ttes heat retciircarri(N'ioli I t4ri ghic
the uiliity 'yDuusafes.. :
ort24—if 1"11681.4iit . r, Cprr
it.gmov.a.g; ; .
Hot nspilik. 4.•...A110WN.. - I
FrAvE craw vett itieii ' raper Siore from Market I M. C; WU.
34 . 2,41
5tr00..0,,,, door creel the., The attention of Wheraate dealer', Cheraw, alai
_ N., B .— A!l the harrets stilt tlar the Inattafattamio
corner or .111,„ woortiwx it. ep 0 e,w,,t,,-oa . t r ona ] se ,, , , l. eti . inis.a reapeetraiii folielted,
sort nyet , t. or WALL - 4444M T.....emioiatig. Parlors:ell. t
tries. chamher., /i.e.: .-jaeitt*i.:=Blutruititk, witertito:ii ,- .... • ~. /not 1 • -
and WRAPPING PATERfc BON-NZT BOARD, keb - It BLS. a)nrits Turysztias4.ols -..
MI of which they offer tbr sale cnt *tem:misdating team lO for sale Ty ..
i G. . 44 1:__ A ear : ',----'_.:'
fhb 14.1343.—d , it • - .., "
.. ,./..,L . ,
~,,, _ . ; . _32.WhiaNSIMIL, - :- *T"'''
, .
scrLi Irk %'ON'I'A(tIE
IS aubseriber has just received Ws supply of
Landreth's Garden Seeds, consisting Is piriVegm
'allowing kinds—all of the last yearserolt 4
2. nulne
Egg Plant,
!if aragg
Nlmer Mann,
Satisfy, Carrot,
Cauliflower, Spinach,
Celery, Okra,
Cu. led Cress, (Nina,
Cucumber, Purdah
Mustard, (white and brown)
&c. Sco. &C
To:ether with variety of Pot 4. Sweet heft* and Sweat
-Orders for Seeds, Shrubs; Trees, tmasi t ianc7
ens and others will be received -4,01 , 1011.111f1 weeded
No. I S 4 Libert y. hesd of Wood M.
El AI 'S—W. 4. M. DOHERTY Inform their fries4l and
the public that they have commenced ailiftlitiStllll.
Hug Hats. and that thcy have now ready for asin.ilt
their StOre,l4B Liberty street, between Market meilalo
street, an assortment of the vary bat Mats, which Itrt,
are anxious to distaste of on tlw cheapest and most SOWS.
aide terms. Their stock contest of the very beet kinds.
v.z.—Bearer. Otter. Neat Ha, Castors short Nat pea Rm.
ma, Fur and Silt. Hats.
V. 4. M. Doherty are both regular bred Halter., they
have had extensive experience es Journeymen In the best
estaldishments in ihe country, their Hats Ire all get up
under their own Inspection, aiid they assure the public
that nothing but the very hest article■ on the most mu
.:onal.le terms will be offered for sale. sep 10
IT. PRICE, wholesale and Retail Baker, Co..
feeitoner and Fruiterer, Federal street, reartlie
Dianiond,Allegheny sty.
Every variety of Confectionaey and Ornamental
rates, suitable for vreddinas and parties, maaafaeUired
from tbe best materials, at short notice. neel6
Ll.l It NI FOR SALE.—The undersigned offers for sale
hiai farm, lying in RO-” rownahip 43 miles from Ma
City of i'ittshorgh, conta.n.ng 114 acres oflandofwlikl
60 a , e cleared and node- retire, f , m 1510 20 acres of
meadow. - 2 ;rod Orchards of Apples ♦ few Peach and
Cherry! ree , —t he improvements are a ..trge frame haw
rontatn.ng 10 rooms well furnished, aalculated for a Ta
vent cr. private Dwelling. n frame Barn 28 by 60,stone
lweimni, and stabline, sheds lid other out henget slit:,
aide for a tenemetit;-2. nod Gardens surroundst o wtth
currant bashes and a well of excellent water, With •
pomp In at lie front door. In rein! ion to the Pittsburgh
and A Ile;heny market, there in no place now offered for
with more inducement to those wishing to purchase
!War rilisburgh, the terms will he made moderate. rev
further pa r t lee larSapply to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. R. Tf not sold before the Ist of October next. It
will be divided into 10 and 20 acre lets to salt purcha•
Serf. dos 10
Pane*. •Ne• 18, Weed Street, Pittsb*r,h,
Have &ways on hand an extensive assortment of Ball*
Glazed and pain TATER RATiciNcs, 'Velvet and
Imitation Borders, of the latest style and handsome
patterns, for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
They manufacture and have or -hand al all titinei
Printinz, Writirm Letter, Wrappint , and Tea Paper.ll9on•
net and Fullers' Floartia—all of when they offer
on the atom nrrommodaitne terms; and to which they
itt•ite the anent on of me.ehnotp and others.
ALSO—Blank REIMER °fail kinds and the lest qualltr,
School Rooks, elr. niwar. on hand and for sale ovation*.
N. 13 Rac‘i nd Tar!wrig• Scraps' taken In exchange.
m•alt w... cm°. I. gAximenr.
:V I
AG R A lA' 4- !I A Nt I I,TON, Attorneys at Lam. balm
ii'' removed their ()fire to the retddenee of H.R. Mit.
. on Foil rt't Iw n door'. above Stull linehl. orp
eirtuwwati, Feinberg , 1.5. 1
Dr. SW/ANL—Dear :.rtr:— Permit me to take the Dim try
of writing to you at this time to express my apprt.hatkark
and to recommend to the attention of heads of familiar
others your invaluable ittedirine—ti* CompOSitti
Syrup of Prunus Vustniana. or Wild Cherry Bark. la
my travels of late I have seen in a great many instance,
the wonderful effects of your medinne In renewing eh*.
drett of very obstinate maintain's, such as Congitint s
Wheezing, (*honking of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks. kr.
4.-. t should not hare writton this letter, however. al
torrent, althongh 1 have fe't it toy duty 10 add al Witt.
irony In it for somr lime, had it not neen for a fare in.
ounce where the tnerheine above alluded to WOO rostra•
mental in restoring to perfect health an -only Ong,"
n•hnse casa W 25 :Ammo hope', as. In a faintly of my ae.
qualnlance. of thank Heaven," said the clouting moth.
er, "my child Is saved from the jaws of death! 0 bow-l.
Ira red the relentless ravager But my chlldis safe!
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swaynes Compound Syrup of d
ild Cherry Is the most valuable medicine in limos no;
other country. I ant certain I t eve witnessed store thaw
one hundred cases where it has been attended with CMOs.
plele success. I ant using It myself in an ObStlnale
tack of Br onotitis, In which It moved effectual ta a rt.
reeillnely s:inrt time. conslderins the severity of the psi.
I ran reromenil it in the rune.' confidence ails superior
virtue•; I would advise that no family should be without
ti; it is very pleasant and nlway■ beneficial—worth
douhle and often tell times its pt Ice. The public ate as.
Stir. d I here is tio quackery about it. R. 7sreson, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the Flrut Presbyterian Church,
N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN, wholesale ti• retail, only steal
for Pittsburelo. No. 53 • Market street. sey 10
what wilt destroy Life. and yes area /rest men.
t*Discover what will prolong Life, and the Torn( silt
call you impostor."
•There are faculties, bodily and intellectual. "Finis as.
with which certain herb: have affinity, and ever *hien
tkey have power."
Dr. B. Ittandretit's External Remedy, or Llnhoeot,
which, by Its extraordinary power., abstracts Pahl or
Strung-a: thus Sprains. Stiff Sinews, While Swellings,
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints,
Tumors, Dnnatnral Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Throat,
rump. Contractions of the muscles, Scrattlows tit•
larerments. Tender Feet, Rod every description of in .
Jury affecting the F.xterior . of toe tinecsin name, are
rivtd or greatly relieved by his ntreCelhe 87 /11 1 efellgit
extolled remedy. •
Ccarirp-A7a.—The Attlfirting friiie GPM ' Major Cart.
eras Sundinrd. as to the (want les Of ihe External Recut ,
dy, speaks volumes
Deer gir—IATI you oblige. me with another, kohl of
V oi,
ti ur exroiloot Liniment? It in rertuloN in
.. i b e .,
kind Ihi ve ever et n. It im. rormi entmelf 's ',
ktire.:ll , 4 , llt Whlfli I Vl:nPtot lineally .arat i 1:t0v(,.. d id
prnduct in. . a fmII.PIIIT , P TOW( i1.1.t VF / al ealleAe, ' liej. ,
nil II ill,' V ill 111 family. A frw PVPilifElt $.1:140,. ipp
%,•uo•losi (1.04 wo,srizttl 'xi' ti a Vil , leni e1,;,,,k is rc loup ,
r , 1,,,1, ,v 3 c. eottrolt ren.ovett lo Wert, so trottelOtoe WI ,
1.1 ,,, , , , I , or l'i,.. atilt I bront f r rol, ~ W. the E rrem or pm.
~iv. li , mi. Voll PlP!ii , to ton tollit.clW-1,- INS' LtutterelllAl
for ,t•npral ose, I otoPia cf cnufirin2 the use of it, as foie!"
have 1,...106.re 'tole, to your par'liutar nrquaimener,
V.,u , II I rSlly, C. W. SANDFORD. -
nR. IR% PRAtton.Z7ll.24l Proadway, N.Y.
. New York. and at it*
ofyi rr re , 9 :r { b i i i. ; . i . t o - .2 .1 4 m I r, C , To
.p ti t oro itsl i turt4
h. PC ICE-sCreihirt
pr. 7 row,. o..it direr ions. seP 10
Tnr POW . ril'er wrni ),l reel eetfully inform the citizen*
yf Plttrbursh. 4tieshem and their yielcilier„ that ing
as rs•mtt enef..! ntsnnfactur.nq the article of Lard 011
and I'a ' , dies. Ile intends making but one quality, ithichr
w II r qua) the best made In the Union and not sorpastie#
by the best winter strained sperm nil either for machinery
or burning, without Its - offensive proPertlet, and 0.111 ,
lrr wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind thee
it Is not necessary to purchase any new tangled lamps des
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to bora Omi.
lard oil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant 110110",
can obtain it by calling at the old sland,3d street, is
opposite the Post Office.
{."., ,
~`~: ;
Cat bop,
?law Yoiti. Teb. 9r 3845: