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VOL - I._PTO. 1.70:
_ .
Jr. w•. CORNER OF WOOD .1. FIFTH 41711.
T.E11:113.--FIVE DOLLARS a year, payable In
adenines. Single copies TWO CENTS,--for sate at the
See Mat Of the once, and by News Boys.
The -Mercury and Manufacturer
e published WEEKLY, at the Isms 014ee, on a double
wadi.= sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, In ad.
•swat Sitnle copies. SIX CENTS.
. Terms of Advertising,
Oen lasenkm. • 1i1.301 One month,ss.oo
?go htseettons, 0.75 I Two montz, 6,00
-'"' .... Threelosertions, 1,00 Three months, 7.00
a week, 1,.501 Pour months, 8,00
To flu laju jo...._ 3.00 Sir months, , 10,00
Three week., a a-4,00 One year, • 15,00
ChteSflterB. Two Siritarts
Illejr mamba, • $lB,OO Six months, 823,00
04e rear, 25,00 One year, 35.0,0
it rLarger advertisements in prorortion.
illit Rilig of four lines Stx DOLLARS a year.
CITY roar °mei. Third between Market and Wood
ameete—R. M Kiddie, Postme3ter .
Carte* Rause, Water,4th door from Wood it. Peter
aea•s buildinal—Major John Wihock, Cottecior.
CITY TeiallOßY, Wood between First and Second
etnetis—James A. Bartram, Treasurer.
Comm* Tattooer, Third street, next door to the
Third Presbyterian Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
ataian'aortici, Fourth, i.et ween Market and Wood
altreets—Alexander flay, Mayor.
Maamtamr's Exeu•sroa. Fourth, near Market st.
esarTsiestars, between Market and Wood streets, on
Third and Fourth streets.
illearsorra' sse MANOPACTORIMS . AND VAltritlte nu-
Mut Basra, (foisnerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, bettaten
Mood and Market 'Meets.
greassma, Fifth street, near Wood.
Illoproaciatart.s. Rouse, Water street, near the Rridge
eiCRAMII HOTTA. corner of Penn and St. Clair.
litactranre norm., corner of Third and Wand.
titm: 4 N Herat.,corner ut Third and Sinit
zlrstrys. corner of Penn street and Canal.
EItILIC, Liberty Pt reet near Seventh.
Wltt.t.tas NI VISION House, T.iberiy St. opposite Wayne
fiROLDRVItiIT Nair:nom Horst. Penn St. opposite Canal,
, Ott to Bokowolro offices on Grnnt st., neatly opposite
Om new Conri.aouse, next rooms io John D. Mahon.
brq ,—First floor. e.r , 10
T HOS. 11. EGLIOTT, M. D.—office , enfooeel i o
S. cab. :street, between Penn and Liberty St v.
Pitts kiErrk. • P 10
nuan,,f:R.A...o.npv at North En •t turner 4.4,1e,11,43 Reid 34td Fount) sirecie. ' rep 10-I.Y
M I CANDLESS dt M'CLUIIE, AI lorneys end
LUsenesellors it Law: Otficit .11 the Diamond, Lick
stsh.old ecport floate, Pitt shu rg it. 8,0 10
S,HUNK 4- FIND!: Y. n
Itorey, at Law, Your, h 01,
sear the Mayor's Office. l'Oighort!h. itep 14-1 y
irPHOS. NAM I LT" IN • A tornee at Law. Fin li, het weep
ill Wood and Smithfield sts., Pittstinr,th. srp 10-1 y
W M. O'HARA ROBINSON, Attorney al Law;
°Mel on the north +hie ,tit he Diamotl6.lletwee,,
diarket and Ultinn NI recta, u p ai a ira a,.r. 10
_lloroey !It Law; !emir r.
Are , bit" professional eery mew In I I. public. Office r. r •
it.r of rintiind Market Strw-tv. above D. Lloyd 4-
slere.Pllll.l.o reit, Pa. V' 11
EYSTER 1N %N. Attorneys at Late. ray,
7 1 .1111 . 1•0 .from th , ! Ihauiond, In •, A llorney',Flow,"
rourth street, between 3larliel and Wond
11 , MEM Iwo If)
hay removed nit odice to the corner of FOU rI 11
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Cram
streets, Plit.hureh. wp 10
GEORGE W. LA KVO. Attorney at Law. Office
N 0.54 Fifth street. near the Theatre, Pittahurgh,
aeP 27—Iy
ATlireffNie r AT L.l W. —Office in Rears' Building
Fourth 'meet, ' , Main:lran. Nov. 5. 1842.
JOHN MITCHELL--Attorney at Law, office
corner of Smithfield and sth etc.. Pittsburgh.
itr Collections mule. Al business entrusted to his
care will be proMptly attended to.
feb 16-1 r
R EMOVAL. -R. Morrow. Alderman; otfi e north
of Fifth at., between Wood and Smithfield
Ms, Ylltshnrgh. pep 10
6.8. R. HOLM ES, Office in Second street, next door
--Mira p y )
asp 10 RISINIS; DARLING PON, Market, near 4lnst,
OV Li Landreth's French Suear Beet recd. just
needived and for sale at the Drug and Seed
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
/tore of
Sep 10
intILANA PerrrioNs, NOTICES, c.—
AA. To be used is Bankruptcy proceedtegg, printed on
geed meroiloil 4n the forntq approved by l be Coart,for sale
at tilitiftee of the Mercury and Democrat. men 10
, vlrrw_
Vief2eAtußrepr a
rd r•e h I , boos
11 e t a e
e n o d
Weed aed ilektdield streesc Pittsburgh stip 10
TAIL PATTERSON, Jr., Birmingham. near Pittsburgh,
VP • Manafettarer,af Locks. Hinges and Bolts; To
. Panes. /All and Law Timber Screws; Hansen Screws for
lop 10.—fir
JOHN BPCLOgkEY. Tailor a lid eki bier. Liner.y
PAW between Sixth sod Virgin Oleg, Bonin side.
JKra W.
BMW E 4. CO., Wholesale Grocers and
s. Ceenstiseient Merchants... Second street. between
Sesithilekl Prturbartb. sop 10-1 y
44r GORDON. Oonuaisaion sad, IPatirstal
MeerM., Pluseavgb. amp 10-1,
nom Slanuldcio
Wholesale Grocers, Commission anal pro.
duce merchants,
And Dealers in Pittsbursek,hlauvfocturee
No, 93 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
II A I L 3 ,1 A N, JENNINGS & Co.,
Cotton Yarn Warehouse,
No. 43 Wood reet.
Agents for the sale of.the Eagle Cotton Factory st Yarn'
March 17,'43.
TURNBULL'S' aper Warehouse, No.
1104, Wood at., where may P be had a general supply
of writing, wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank books,
school hooka, ,te, 4.c. cep 10—ly
C. TOWN4END 4" CO., Wire Workers and
R, Manufacturers, No. 23 Market street, betwean 2d
and 3d streets.
sep 10--1 y
E XCHANGE 110 TEL, Corner or Pinn and St. Clair
streets, by MeRIBBIti 4- SMITH.
aep I G-14,
ward Hughes. Mannfacturer of Iron and Nails
Wait,house N 0.25, Wood st.. PntFburgh. sep 10 —IY
EW GOO I)S. —PfP3IOI) 11nrkey, wh.lestile and
retail dral.vv in IN7iish, French, at .d Domestic
Dry Gonilii. No Market qt , p , tto - airell• • set) 10
T WIN 31.13EVITT, Wholcsate Grocer Redick frig
e Distiller. And Dral.tr In Prnduce and Pittsburgh
Stawtfactured Article:, .Vo. 224 Liberty Street, Pitts ,
sep 10
WILL,c4 11. Jana S. Dti,woal
IVILLTAMS & DlLWORTii.—Wholesale.
V (Ir,rer. Produce - haniq, and
jeaipr % la Pi7i,bar,ga Manufar.tured Na. 29.
p 10
John 11.:311tRIPF N. KKAN
QIIERIFF & Nlannfleturers or Copper.
Tin, and Sheet iron Vare, No F", Front st
hurtzh. (louse S pout in; and Steamboat work p. - onipth. ,
rep 10
2 - I ,,,,,z lAftER, No. 7, St. Clair slr,e), i a's.
Di , ..-3/../:R IN WilTe II ES. CLOC KS. R R FASTPINS
Hop It)
supply of Land, ei h'a Garden Seeds, MlB3ys on
hand, and fur sale at his ap.ney, !he ()Fug store of
F. L. ::(NO W DEN,
18-1 Liberty slreet. head of Wood.
r cr and flair ()ref-b
-ar, has removed It) FOtirtll st rert uppcsoci he May
orkioffice, w here he veili I.c happy to:tvaii upon prornist;en I
or transient t usiurners. !lc sulictis a shale of oat-
J OHN M'FARL '.ND. rpholattrer and Cabinet
-11-ker. Third st. between If ood 3far4 et street:.
respetiful P• 9 friends a !Id the riodir Ihal he is
prepared to e‘eente all riders (or Sofas. i•lid-1,0.1,1,1 130-
rraus, Chairs. i'aliitif.l3ed,ilea.ls.:4lands. lialr and
Miiilleassen, Curl:ling. Carpels. ail , orin of Unlwiliiirrie!
work, which lie will warrant equal .0 and made In the
city, And on rei,onalile lei ins. pep 10
E.MO VA 1.!--.1 1 ." Qlll,4frilie reu t )v. a t o w,
ler between Wood and Southfield reeht, I,‘ tterc
they will cow inue the % , li l loth‘ttale Groceryaton arid 1701131111 W
and would rettitr , htliv ...licit the , ,
age oil Itt tr lriende J W, 11 l Dr;l2..s- t. a.
Dec 3
DR. A. W. P ATI ERSON S rerl
Hu Word Street, P,ltobtirgh —R. A. It:l.:man,
Alleltoneer led 40..1111i,510n Mo rctrant, now prepared
to recem• and sell all kind>of Goods and 'Oerchhndlet.
at hie loran and ra parrot:. looms, No 110, Nut tit li.asi
Corner of Wood and ['OH' e:t. .4.1 , -. I niFl:ur..zh.
Regular sales of Dry Good,. C . Orerif• and
other a r ilelee, on Moodily. and Thrtrsdni n 1 circa inrcir.
Hardware. Cur !cry, Itry Goods, and Falley artifice, on
Wedrirsdat , and Thu y PVC11!1;,.
Bonk , . eee , y Salurddy cc en. ~g .
Liberal advances made on Consh_innients when
REFE.RIO4. 61.
Alessi's. John I). Dart, LN.,
Ilagaley 4- s,nith,
Hampton. smith, 4' co.
F Lorenz * CO..
•• J. W. Fitirlirldge 4- CO.,
" s . M'lsee 4- Co.
•• Capt. Jame, M'Gargill, > Pitt.hu rgh.
C. I Inn,en, Esq.
. Joun %I 'Fadden Eeq.
.• Logan k Kennedy.
J. K. Moorhead ¢ Co.
L• Jas. P. Stuart. EN,
Rupert Galway, EN.
Capt. Jae. May,
McVay, Fianna. 4- co.
Witham Symms, Wheeling
B.G. Henry,
'y4-CoB, Phila
3 f,tt:l
- 4 6-1
TH E,41 S F. L YF S-- T R VTR Is
Having hern afflicted for nearly
;welling on the cap of me korr..
uqc.l carious appfira
to Fa(' in vain vel
ise of one bottle of Dr. Brand
nal Remedy.
Witness mr . hand
Ohio I p Alierheny ro, Pa. Jan. 10th, man.
Dr. Br
Received ou consiz .'een A p.slec
by arnent and for sale chonn for cash
C. Slate.' Line warehouse, Canal Ba , ln, Liberty rE.
mar 141.1841
911.11 E underslghed have tissoelated themselves torzciii
er fur nue year from the let January, lei MU. un
der the gyie of Devine 4. ) I cAnuity, for the purpose on
ly of receiving and forwarding Coodg.
mar 10. 11 . DEVINE.
C A. itle'A NULTY.
Led a supply of choice Louisville Lime and good
Beans by the bbl wholesale or retail In suit co‘inmers.
mar. 16 I , BARRIS, No 9. Firth Sr.
65 HMV N. 0. Surat.
40 halt. Itlolamperc
Just received per Steam beat A ch'i nd, n^rt fnr sate by
.1, W. REM Bin rmt 4 o.
mar 3. Water st., between Wood aid 3.nouseld
300 R
bfa LS4
t ate . ° B e . Va Lj oi ett,7ree'd per
litra4 " 00 d* 4111161.14
11 S. M•IL LINK OF ST♦a[e ♦YD
from Potssintr:ti, via Bedford,
rg and Lancaster, to lititadei.
,he Mali train of Cars to N y .
in and one night out.
to Baltimore.
ock A. 3t •
the Illerehehoi Hotel Wnod
RAH AM, WAuGil „i• Co
amen': sold
(eh 8.
00 Bags Bio Coffee
oct 4. For sale by
• 4 k A. CORDON.
ljntpE - il.Yi' r B — ib-4 RHO UND C4-VD —Tovr r has
recriVed tbls day from New York. a fresh supply o
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
surnption; and is ready to supply eustomcfsat wholesale
or retail, at his Medical Agents, S't.; Fourth at.
nov 12
D AVID (:LARK, AssAionstits Boot Maker,—
Has tc,moved to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he would be happy
to see his old customers, and all others who feel dispoa.
ed to patronize hint. He uses nothing, but first-rate
stock, and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to business, he truststbst
he will deserve ar.d receive a fair share of patronage.
Sr n 10
A Hunker respectfully Informs his friends and tRe
public that they can always find the hest qunlity of lee
Creams. together with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits, to their sent - on. at his establishment—No. 11,
Mfth street, betwer it Wood and Market.
N..B.—Partieg suppliM on the shortest notice,"wlth
cakes, or anything In his line: Also families furnished
won Bread.
sep 10
HAM J. CLEMER, residing at 6611100 street,
.New York, wet afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head.
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite, sensation of sinking at the stomach,
furred longue, nausea, with frequent vonliting,s, dizziness .
towards night and restleness. These had continued up.
ward of a I welvenionth, when, on consulting Dr. Wei.
Evans. 100 Chatham street., and stihmiiiie 2 t o his ever
successful and agreeable niode of I real (bent. the pliieni
wan completely restored to health in the Fo.lce of
one month. and grateful for the incalcuirptle benefit derly.
ed. gladly came forward and VO l lll , ll erect the above si ate
For sale VVtiolesale and Retail toy
sep 10 No 20. Wnol r. 4.1, 1,14),/ -,cond.
Cheap for ('ash.
Prices Reduced.
Sltort Peel ra,"l. I ove Rtel 1 - 4-
No. 5 at 16 els. p,r It) 504) at it ejs ~, , ~..,
6 at Irli dill,/ 61111 at 2
1 7at 17 ditto 709 at 7 •.:to
Bat 171 ditto 80() at 6 di:u3
9 nt 1:3 ditto 900 t 5 lii
10 at 19/ ditto 10011 at 4 ditto
11 a: 19 ditto --
12 at 19i ditto :Candlewick at 16 el+ fl , r I!.
13 at 20 ditto tot n.) Baili • 9 ditto
14 at 21q ditto rand?). do. • 12. i ditto
13 at 21 ditto'Carpi Chain . 20 dot.)
16 at 012 dot° ,I`,.t'n T. lie • 25 ditto
17 at 23 dim) 'i i ilockirtz Yarn and
IS a 2-I ciao l 'Cort.rl,t Yarn altsays on
11) at i 2; ditto , hand
- ,i(l at 26 ditto ,roitoil ‘Varp.made to order
try-- orders riotnnily ;,Minded to. if left at 1 4- I'
Pa , nier'‘, Logan 4. Kennedy'.. or 'lie rust oilier. add rek
fr h 27. I 3 . 'tit - P - 11111E AI)
,t I k 11111)7 , N. I) Su2ar,
4.1 1 1,/ 239 1 3 1313 S N. O. 1.1.. iii.lieli
. -
fl I' No 3 Macherri
10 do No 2
7 Tterees S;ternt recek•ed per S R Exptrytt
11:tti and for 'tale hy J . W. Itl'R RR101; F. l'o
r 4. V, :tier Wood 411,1 Smithfield
ruiltr ,10,,ril e r has renrovrd hie raelllnnair's Tratoring
Lionla brim eht 10 the Nlnfinreealtela honer. 3J door
Isom first sr. on •Inirhlield .11. w here horo l it rtiidnirierr and
all other: who may favor 111111 odth a call may deOeml nn
I linv , es, there work done In a knpermr Sire. Frani Inyi
leng expo., tense In the Itll.tinep.B in 111, Cl v, ,6 Irl l i v
Cutlr , in Europe and .‘ltterica, frieis
eriefbleet thyl itel c we gal kfirtiort It, nil win) 'nay
please to favor hire wuir Ihrt, cli.lolll. 1 . 3 v ro net silent ton
ro I 11-i or , , and roar - 110r . VtokotAil,lito I.e In peg to Merit
and receive a Flare ef nolo, pat rnrnize. Ile it lend keeping
on band ~qpirly of ,rriir , and r lonia ale lor
°slier I: able 11111 , 11 Will he sold at very ceder
N The tieniz well a ware of lire event
!Fll the GULL •tye t eEll itt prneti-ed on Ike !WI. Is in tilts
country, l,y artveriPernend-; reirtietilar I, by rersoirs vv."
Man jouly hr ca !lid intruders nu 1111 , trade, oho net er
servtd .in hour 10 the iro•itiera, and who knoia sn ihtie
shout n that they could Ind crool, a ,pringe chub, and
they are barer/ire-II eltoll . lll to ade.rtke I Itelitfetv,, as tai
lor,' a la mode, and by the aid of old cernficare.,,,,
puffs, r nett are !. , :•foally waid try quark Ito
eell their niertic 'ler. I Ile) , often .nreerd hr palming MY on
unsuspeci in_ customer snow old trash for the genii
Inc imported ari iris Sn, ti peimie's advertisements are
only eateillnled 1,, gull ulplic :old are , o ounce rim
tied to r redd than the fielttioutt vet lanshable publications
abOui the great among the Lilliputiang, which
I presume a Imokt every sehtsalboy has read and laughed
at. I worrid ylp_isest to those who wish In have heir
rlothts made in first rate style to make a little inquiry
and they wit: find that tills is the place Iv here they can
be :tricorn mnda led: B. I).
J in 7—Sic
frrTlinse In mode Mont:imp., or rather 3f on- ta rues,
who have opened an 1 by 10 roe , e shop lately, and who
evince such envy :Ind dislike to long or !env by n doer.
tisetnents are informed !hat the a bnye ( f ulsome, a■ they
teite it) has no reference to them whatever. The person
alluded to is their present employer, on A(ueo•rine, who
keens a slop shop In Ihns city. The count ('ti. raid) ,a
iv nle.i,ed with surti InUens of loyally from his pig.
my and nn doubt will reword them by giving
them a few BUZZARDs to make. Such exq nisltes of r,nk
with %x hnm none ran Com pee, had (letter Snit( then,
se: v• r into notice some oilier way, as a little precaution
night prevent an explosion.
O THE PUBLIC, and rat-to-Wei-4 to my I urn,'
patrons of this ester:—Ravi, ,, retired Irvin the
prai i ice of Medicine. I may he permittrd to say, that it
lies ktllen in ;he Ird of l tit few persons to are enjoyed
so liberal or large a .hare of °hat ret viral practice no my
own hag been for the last 30 or .10 years.
The egperienre of that long period of artive fife, and i he
ifact of my having keen twice, since 1830. associalcri with
Dr. ft A. Wilson, in the niacin, of medicine, (in h ot ,"
, period of five years.) enables. me to joilge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So con ven ien t, so effiment. and yet a, i.a l e, did I esteem
these pills, i hat for the last five vent,' 1n my r r:, , 11-.• for
the cure of chronic diseases, or whatever num.. n i.l i hose
of females in particular, I have used more of them than
nil other medicines. I
, _VAIN B. GUTHRIE, A urtioneer and COMMIS.
Like every other medicine, this most fail to some In
sum Nlerrhant,x o . I 00, corner of Wood 4- FiftA sta.
!stanr.es, but in my hands there has keen 1,5 d 14n pp,: r : 2-a.
Pitt 5 6107 A: Ha:line tieen a anointed one of the Auction.
went and more sett:d'art ion In I:ic admi too re t ion of ilit,
one remedy than of ail others; Its good eff,cts sometimes errs ioi the City of Pitaltu rah. lenders his services to jok.
quire astonishing ate. , hers, manufacturers and dealers, who may he disposed
If my patient reqni red a safe anorient medicine either ,to make trial of this market• He is prepared to make
'advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
...fore or after parturition, the Wilson's Nis were just
and trusts to satl4y correspondents by quick cafes, and
the thing I wanted.
, speedy 'and favorable returns.
II a tiv.tpept lc acid eondition of the stortmeh!:;comittned
That the various Interests which may he confided to
whit enstiven, as or inactivity of the liver. constituted the
disease of my patient , the pills were just the thing I 'him, shall he adequately Protected, be brings to the aid
oflila own e
If Iterated a con
g xperience in htisiness and acquaintance wlth
e requiring an emmenaegue, the
merchandise generallr, rite services of Mr. SAgrElo
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted. FAnNts-roca; heretofore advania:rously known, am an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
whom a permanent encasement to
difficuitiee, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyer)y patient at the -turn FT:11.
flll. 4. 51 'rD
o r ilre,' the Wilson's pills were jut made.ilia thing I wanted. Messre. M. Tiernan, Pi RE est o
Thug, without reenact to the name, a disease might .• Bank.
happen to wear at the time I have had It under treat '. Damnation -
meet, particular indications or svmptoni arising,. were ~ Rotten GalwayPeebles,
al—ays mo't promptly and most happliy met by the ~ James M. Cooper,
Wilson's pills.
James Nay,
That so great a number ofdiseases. and !sometime* ap. R. dl. Riddle,
parent ly opposite onel, in whieh. I have used these pill', 4/ Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
should be cured more readily 'hy them than by any other .. of Exchange Bank.
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, hut . Hampton '
why il Is so is as clear to my mind as that a greet many i i John D. Davie, it co.,
, t Samuel Church,
peraons whould become thirsty from as many different
resew. and yet all require that common cud greatest of " J. IC. hinorhead,
nil blessings, water to quench their thirsa. Jae. IN . Prawn 4. co.
In conclusion, ills due the enalation of tha medicine e. Jona FT Brown, 4 Cot
and the public, loony decidedly and unconditionally. t hat " Smlth 4. Ft igaley,
the Wilsni's pillearetheonly etarnhinaitrin I hate ever .. Tardly 4- IS., am.
met with In my longeoursa of practicc,that really pm-
" John B. It Mite,
eeseesanything eurattve or 'peel& forelek headache, 4 Sohn Dalssall,
Yours,te.. DR. MILO A DASIII.
The above Philo designed particularly for the sick
Heed. A e he, Dyspepsia, Constipation of the BowMa ¢c
prepared by the proprietor Dr.-11. &Wilson,. and for
sale, wholesale sad neall,at bledwelllng Is -Pea l street,
below Aderbeiryi " Oe%l
lA !Indere.
pep io
1 717 m . E. AUSTIN, Attorney at Law. Plltsnorm h. Va.
V Office In dln strefti, oprinette fittrkel Building
unte Wrl.l.l•ll EN•tirtif etre tits et tent inn to my
ttsbed bust oenerand I recommend Alm In t ha pn &Knit -
Ca . 4 97 rrkadf. WA.L?SIL POILWARD4
D R. GOODE% Celebrated Female Pills. These
PII/tArestrongly recommended to the notice of
the ladies 'hit a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those camp nix peculiar to their sex, from want of ex.
erclse. Of nerat debility of the system. They obviate
ciastiven , and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
alfeclionia These Pills have - geined , the sanction and
approbation of tile most eminent Physicians in the Titil•
ted States, and many Mothers. For sale , Wbolesale and
detail, by
et el
R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
sep 10 ' No. YO. Woos Street,below Second.
ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
orPesito the head of Smithfield et., Pittelarh.—
The subscriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
In the old stand of AIN R., and Is prepared to 'execute
all dc.crlptions of Work In his line, In the hest manner
and on the shortest notlee. Re keeps corstantly on hand
a large assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of the hest quality. Re sonata the patronage of the nub.
lic and of the exert. WK. ADAIR.
sep 10 •
and Axles .for Carriages at Eastern Priees,•
The etittscrlbent manufacture and keeps constantly on .
band Coach,C and Pliptic Springs (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Aulea; Sliver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Hub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Stepp, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Binges, ke .
St. Clem' st., near I! e A ileeheny Belo:Jae
12r.9E1 LERI3, M. D., office and dwelling In Fourth,
I • near Ferry street. sep 'l3-1 y
Themtenlion 4thn.e who have heen Fomrly hat seep.
Beal in reference to the nontroue certificates published
in favor or Dr. Swavne's Compound Syrup of Vt.'ild Cher
rv, nn account ofthe persons being unknown in this sec
lion of the State. lo respectfully ttlrnied to the following
cerliflente.the writer of which has 'teen a citizen or 110 s
hornuett forseverar years. and ie known its a gentleman
of Intettrity And rcPporotiltllit
To the Agent, Mr. I. KIR AT
, I hove ottrid Dr. Simi Cnmn and Syrup of Mitt
: Cherry fora cone,. with which I have lieyn tieyereiy of
tliciept for about four month., and I h ive no haunt ion
In .tayinz that it IFI he most r Ter? Ive modirtne that I hate
!wen dileto proriore It 'enmorwts all onenFl nes,. and
acree4 well with my diet.—nod montnirol a rymilar arid
enod appetite. I rat: freely recommend ft nil oilterp
similarly a ffllctPd. J . 31 zwxtcx. Borough orcil2ninei.i, , e ,
March 9 1%40.
PPP 23
For gilfe by WILLI4N THORN Na. 5:3 Niar:et street.
_ .
10110EfIRONS dedrnus of prneurlng Shade.. and
Ornament:ll Troo:, or Shreliberr. from
-1/1a or fqr.u , Yolk, are rrfinezled In make rippliral ill! , RI
non nu ongqii.lr. as Ow rd Seed Store of 11,, sub.
-rriber, where fruu haul ratalogup , , erntullotu Is rr the
:ens! ex. - ellen( , •attet irS. F . f. F.NnWnEN.
aep 2.1 No 18.4 Liberty Id rret hrnd of Word!
"ki - A R ru.r, N \ cork - in y.—patdrir rrmfirgrf re-
>p Yf filllvn rqu inl a It iv trietlrN nndl he tin hlir
ih-o he hq: en rn meneril I ho Ithrble burline.s 7.1
r •rnpr of Fin 11 :ITO y ....where will he ',est:l,lllr
0 , kind I n 'l' ,t 11/1 WO I jOereg. rnernin)&: , llv. heed
rile row Ntlllll. 1, , I, cll , , for rahint'l are, and every
nnner, Inl - c-'I) 1..0 ; lil.flllePlß. Ile will warrant 1 , 13
aver'; to he n-eil hi+ elinr.:e!. will he mndernie
tie renmel 1)11 1 % n.!;. ;11.1.e of nithlie pal , onnlze. srp 10•
1:017,11 ct , tierPßFor to H M'Clo.kel; rash.
~ 13n dr Finn? Maker, Liberty $.l -20 flnnr from
11-2 in t Ile,. TH.
itt , Mit• I aplia•-r.iler re9nertrtillv r he
rmiirllrricod Ike ;Om, ,r.tur
tn frirv.,rrly Mr. t4I Henrynry
snti he tt4,11 prepared 10 : , Pond I t) all t,ltt
110tnri,,,.111,4 with fir, par r h And rpg the rapq ,Pnr, •P
it)efittc. rtnal ItIQ lon^ PK ordruPt• In thn n,r,,r
jAbkinnftly. Rom... I, fort, rnrlnderit
I jet',
v. !II
3 share o , .hc
SEE/iS A f of FIF(.I Sed+, rtm
" 441 i0:: of c. . 1n d )nor rert•ived Ft:
tit ssow!)r,r. 149 Liberty Ft.
yOUNCTS fmprot,•ed Hat
mfinnfartored he
the , nbsrrilu•rs, nt their Nlnellint
Shop, Smithfield meet. between
mood Alloy and Filth F , treet. two
door's alinve l'etoperntire Finll,Pltt,
burgh, where they mlnorai - tore nod
keep comonn;ly on hand the fol'ow
..f. , ..„..-..,,, .
' ;.,.',.'',.„, ~,t"'.. et , / 4 7 ' t ' i„ 4 r
" -,,-4--,-
i'i' Uo.
• - z r,
Pnrt.ii.lti Platform Srait, on r, In to weigh 2,500 I hit, at
$55 00.
do do
do rio
do do 2,005 at 315 00
do do
du do 1..500 at 35 00
do do do
do IMAM at 20 00
do 5 1 10 at 25 00
With raking, levers ion or $3 to each stale.
florata lit scab's for the uce of IVarchoOsee,
Mins. kr . ..the same prices an above.
1 !so. Patent Counter Seale, will) 0. Young's
improvement s . anti a variety of other counter scales,
which ile‘v "ill for from Rto $l5,
They ;no no fact urn Sceain Engines for Flouring
Saw I LIi., Salt Works. and Fin: e
_caned slide laihes,fnot and other lathes for wood turning
machine s fur tenoning: chains, planing niachroes, door
and sash machines. Hall's pat,ni bone power, w h or
without r hrashing a iztiperior ari !tic; circtinti
saw shafts, machines for cawing loth, Tinner's nin•
chine , ' and toolsn falidrscriptions.alao for oinking black
log boxes, a -urierior artirie; grivernori fur steam engine •
Fiorks. [or, and dies, coffer mills, liedatend or Joint hats
rind inn, hinery for making the same. cotton factory ma
'wry made or repaired; printing press plattens turned
nrinttne nre , :tee repaired
J A M ES MA V, A getr
22—t f
ing 'Ca 1:-.4(wilol
iy composea of
No. 1, Port
altle Platform
It) 11e111 LijUl
. _
For paiishing a now Daily Prrpo, in the Cur cf Pitts
burgh., to be entitled the
rpHESetrscrlbers having made arrangements to merge
.1 the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry Into one Journal, haveconcluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Doily Morning Post.
The leading object of the "Pon." will be the dissemina
tion and defence of the politlcal'prieclples that have here
tofore been maintained by the Editors. in their respective
papers, and their hest efforts will it'll be devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines._
Althpugh, in politics,the paper will be thoroughly
democratic, yet the Eitors hope, by giving an itoriest,
candid history of passing Political events, Forelin
and Dpmestic Intelligence. and Mier notices of all mat.
tersand occurrences that come property within thesphere
ofa Public Journal, to make their paper sufficiently in
creating to entitle it to the patronage or the public, it 1
respective of parry considerations.
In addition to the political and , reneral news that Will
be found in the "Morning Post," the Editors will take
pains to furnish the linsioessit community with
the latest and most Interesting Coststsectat !sutra
writes from all parts of the country, and to have prima
red such accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
as wilt be advantageous to our Merchants and Businesi
Men in their several Ca
TerMS.—The POST will he published en a large imperl-
I sheet of fine paper, (mantiract led especially for Ibis
Journal) at the uriu , ually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per an (turn, payable in advance. It wilt also be sold 14
newsboys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
.thltrertisements will he Inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
h-TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
August 31, 1R49. W. H. SMITH.
B Y St
o n ¢ C O . London, for sale 6,:1y by P.
Wic,kersliatn, eornPr of Wood mreet and
:Wry Piitsborzli Pa. a nd FL Ilartwood, Beaver Pa. who
i. pot.. azeni -for Wpctern Penowvania. Prp 10
ll'Closliey's Clothing Store
REI1.01; .111.1 DE CLOTHING
No. 151 Liberty street, one door from the
Jackson Foundry.
Tine ) ilat l'PrelTing at 111.9 - well known
eS l ahil` l, M ,,, .l lie 1 R.- 3 f,, most varied and CHKAPAET,
tiTOCE OF GOODS that has peer seen offered in this city
rve!rk iirlirlr wa , reiecied by hirp•rlf In itie easn ern H.
'le.. ;1,1 purchaed at the LOWEST CASH ratem and he in
hcr,f9re .'!Ailed tO Fell h!S artleleg inach lout., than
hen ran he had at any other eslal4 , Anient west or the
His articles are all made by experienced work:een,
flow, the latest rnanurstrtit;ed rzomis and in the ntaal.
Ile feels enri6dent that 'all pereona who will call at
hl4 eatablistin:ent and r xnmine his a.nck wilt he eatlsfird
that SETTER it a RC al VS ran ne r.htained at the
than at any aindh,r estahiklinic.it in lite city.
111.4 stork ro,part
Coats. Pantaloons, Vests, Drawers, Shirts,
(' mints, Stocks, Gloves, Suspenders,
And ever, °Hoer article 01 . '1161101,g of the hest style
From big varied falork of clothe he is prepared - to
E CLOTHES TO ORDER at the tetwrteal notlce.
- te ,,,, taa-sed by any oilier Pittsburgh house,
, t 1
and icarrd:.:<
it,r t ha , for r. , u,:y and Co: , , rlic-3 they
ei, mint be l'Mlni;/ .1 in the mnig.
Pl 2 , ib-cilinr wen' -I once more return his ih:inkq
hie friend" and the the r r...
.igr hp%lowed on lin: ekt.iliindiment, and bellevlnr; thot
cittnomet. had fund it to weir oilvorlisce to de n ,
%, iil, him, he would repeat hi, invilal on to nil three
who w1.,11 to ptircha, Clol blitz of rwrty er,,,lpri oa at
h,wesi prices, t o Call at No. 131, TA BErt. - rr STFU:II7.
rrOl.serve Metal Plate In The Pavement.
Felt 22
Passage and Remittances,
New York and Live rp , ,61 11 . .1
PERSON'S e r , rollS (I r ~r l,lrnz for friends to
coilie froin ❑n it of Greal Crll in, err reiiipeet
ii the iiiti i ieriber is at all times pre
pared to make tui h ,•n,. II I I I,' He le prep:iced
10 rend! ntumea by drafts, wide!) nrc made payable p
nun point ihrOLl2ilollt the I ' ll led KlOOOllll presenta.
lion; baying been for the Ins! 12 yeilr4 enza2ed In the
Imnesa, 6e feei• eorificlent that Lin arram..ements on
both „Laps the arc sorb as will saidlfarlioo.
l'he Ships eompr;alo: the above lire, are nil ofthe first
and are cOmmanded liy enreriti n d qhtltfut masters.
trnvi p I,lv, pool onre ear 11 are': florin? the .sea,,ou.
ror particularsanply II to !ewer to
No. RI Soot It'strert, New Yolk.
or to
at Messrs Mitzell 4- Plemlieg'i:, fader ,t:ret
Merck 3--Qmd.
Air.tyur4crußiß or Pm. Cooper and Sheet Trnr
IVarc, No. 17, Fifth et., between Wood and Mar.
Keeps eonstamly on hand a rood 7110 , 01 tment of wares,
sod emlielts a share of nob' le t ronaze. A !so. on hand.
the foll+Vrin r ' ',falser Shovels. Pokers. Tonga. Criellmns,
Skillets, Teakettles, Pots, Ovens, Coffee Mills ke. 3fee
'Thanes and others are invfled to call and akamlar l fo r
ihemeehres, os he hi determined to sell cheap for cub or
approved paper.
mar. 14—Ir
au ill &Ore an of Slide ff
J. witrassibaz.,
Wow bowies Wood If Sod*
Jiis lea
- -
The taruer.-, nfGranu Waft! --
From iF.c Dablin Nation.
john Pull wa4 a notlacia, rich as a Jcw—
As griping, regrinding., as c.:iiscionleas, too;
.1 wheedler, n shofller, a rogue by whuleaste,
Asa swindler moreover, says Granu Wail
John Bull was a banker, pursv and rat,
With gold in both poeliets, and p!e7l!y ofthat;
And he tempted his neighbors to sea their ea.
'Tis by scheming he prospers, says Grime
,John Dull was a farmer . with cottiers galore--
Stout ,chawbacons' cnce, that like hillocks
could roar;
Hard work and low wages, and Nc'i arieitt
ilave willed down their mintage, saga Grand
John Bull was a bruiser, stUrd7 and stout--
A boisterous bully --at bottom a clout—
For when•briA ly opposed was apt.to ',urn tebti -
BflcallF:R J(NAT&IAN fibbed Lim, says Gra b
John gull was a tnerchant—m,nv his thipt
Ilia harborN his doek.yards, L!): file building&
And the ocean he claimed cs his rigi.tila czi4
Iklarcataua Pait'Asr-ructs, bar. Mat, says Grini
John Bull had dependencies, many and greet-- - -
Rich, fertile, exten.si.ve—each one en e.tate;
Lin tut pilfered and robbed them,wbulesalt 41---
rt (~il=•
The CANADA 9 prove it, says Grill/4 Wail:
Master John in the East has ben"-, .n a
(His wont when opp , ..neA s are ski'?" to show'
Like a I;t:r.a in u CHINA Briar, whisking hio
tai , —
That sp!o,e.
John D. :1 wurAhipped fire beneath
Indicts ekje~i.
Made ar upon women, and ehtlaren I;kecaiise;'
'Raised Bazaars, burned citie s and furt,i
Oh, the barbarous VANDAL! says Gratin Matt
Jo! n Bull w.:a a Saint in 'fie :Vustern Clime.
rut the Emirs of thf.l G:;sp..l
ii that no othLr faith in cuuld a,
I'st the JVCGRERSAUT Crum/qv:v. 'aye Grand
John Bull had a Sister fit to be seen,
With a roseate blush, E,nd a 111;;Ilre .014-reen,,
And a snit swelling b , scni!--on htii cr to dal.°
Oh, where c fdlow vcet Ga4:iu ‘ValLi
And John loved his si-ter c'et a flain.
As the fox loves the pufl,m, th.; i.l:Jru
Sbe pailiger a u tlio ?dd tats,.
Mr 1 ITLE DUD'S 1 40.b1/eV says Grani„,Wai.fr
Then hu ruiocd her 6 .o . achetce,..and - ravaged her
plain s, Razed her e/tars,.
While pitch•dafeli:tilahslinsAtt cf.g.bfichrtvhule=
sa •
RecordA Juhn'i love to Graro l Wail;
0 , 1
lin, crcco ns, r 1 , 11,
Oar ri:hts, Unt.'fr to cor IL,g, cn Ilia
t insfailtund, E.y6 Granu Weill
And, sun is ut ti Or,d Grmt ler, again,
With his logic v...d lz,w, and—three williotti of
And nothing wil! please him, Just now ,bizt Rif*
Ma fife...let; 71N11:Ini tu.'t says Gttisitl
13 . ut shou'd he turn gruff; r.c (40.
What of sUCCed, rn3y be t our
Qu le int-, is %ambled, antigelting
My 'N/C:•1 W;'4. tell y c ar ‘Vailtritc
qt. stubborn mi!1,11, h • e'i:l stii•u:d refusev,
To heir our jibt ur tutimit to our
And resolve, in his !'Wily, In hold 'The Entail,i
DAN 'H Kick Dumbarton"l sas Gracia
Wail! y
* Pn,perly Gr.lnu
t '3ervr i l times as dear as the Boni wi'n me!'
I Our prirver'N dee'ares t On; jq a Nn-1i
Briti , t) phrape f.r The Seat of o.)nor.' Ikm. the
Old Lady leiltneJ to talk SCut. , l, It it nut /QC us t
The :New lurk Antrder.
21dditional Particulars—The origin Of
the intimacy between Corlies arid Mrs.
Colton.—The Philadelphia Mercury has
received from ar, intirnale friend of Cohob*
some particulars in reference to the inti.
macy between Corlies and Mrs. Colton.
which has not yet appeared in any New
York papers. The following is the Mer..
cury's statement:
The acqaointence, it is stated by our in.
r torment, commenced about eighteen
months since. Corlies, at that lime.
boarded at a Louse opposite that occupied
by Colton. On several occasions, as ho
was enter ing his boarding house, C3lllei
hild observed Mrs. Colton sitting at a win-.
dow of her house, and bad frequently re..
ceived from thenc e iokens of renogyition,
such as a bow, or a hiss and salute of her
hand, though as yt-t no other intermurie
ln.d existed between them. Abort this
time, as Girlies was one day entering hia
hoarding house , a prayer hook was drop*
ped from the window of Mrs, Calton upon
the side walk, in which Corl es , On pi c ki ng -
it up, discovered a note addressed to him..
self, requesting an interview, to which he
paid no attention.
About two months subsequent to th's,
Cornea received another note f , o:n Mre.
Colton. in which she ex;)re - s.q. ( i i r
strong attachment, arid prt.p.ts 4 - f 1 ;tu r l pe.
mew. To this 1 e replied that 1,3 was
poor. and for that leastni elioNl tita corns
ply with her revest. Soon :fter
received a third I-tter fr. rn
g .two - haf k. finte't of $lOOO each, -
It ad requested I ilk tulneet her on
the Philadelphia boatin a speei4c.
w=~ ; ;~, k
+_. . .
_ ~, .
t ended, eaya Granu Wail!
1 rito.
~:;~ ,~,
s jeresi,