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New York Murder.—The Coro
:Ty did not sit on Wednesday af
-won owing to the occupancy of the
Court of Sessions room by that court, in
the trial of Timothy Mount, - for attempt.
ing to poison his wife with powdered opi.
-iim• The jury assembled in the Coroner's
office at 3 o'clock, when the 'Coroner in
formed them that there was•no place with •
control suitable in diMensions to
bola the investigation, except the See
lions Court room, and therefore he recom.
mended as adjournment till yesterday af"
ternoon. No additional facts have come
to•light, and the assassination continues
to be involved in mystery.
Several witnesses have been found—a.
T ingong them a colored woman saw the shot
6ffred. She was passing along Leonard
street towards Broadway, and noticed a
'man and woman on the side•vralk—the
man in the act of leaving the woman and
going towards Elm street. As he waived
his band and turned towards the East, she
— saw the woman with something in her
hand, instantly heard the report of the
pistol, Paw the man fall forwards on his
face and the woman ran down toward
Centre street. The colored woman cried
out 'Oh Lord! here is a man shot,' and
hastened up to Broadway. She describes
the dress of the woman, but did not see
her face.
Mrs. Colton still remained in one of
the apartments attached to the Lower
Police Office, and was attended by her
mulatto servant, under the charge of of
&ers. Her mother, who is a woman of
Wealth and family, and her brother, a la 1,
arrived on Thursday from Providence,
8.. I. to see her. Mrs Colton appeared
to be very much composed, and has been
visited by a. number of friends. Mr. Col
IZiralso occupied apartments in the prix•
oo and was extremely cheerful and
• sprightly.—Phila Sp. Times.
Capt. illackenzie's Defence.—Capt.
Mackenzie's defence was read before the
,Court Martial at New York on Wednes
day. It is an able and well written doc
'itment, and decidedly preferable to Com.
Mackenzie's first effusion. The decision
'olt the court is, no doubt, made up befure
this, and perhaps on its way to Washing
ton. The New York Herald speaks
thus of the result.
• "We learn that the Court Martial will
exculpate and justify Capt. Mackenzie,
and transmit their decision to Washington
during the present week. 'the govern
ment will then act on the retarn—but
what that action will be, we have no
means of knowing.
The President and Cabinet will un
questionable sit upon it, not only on ac
count of its importance—but fom the
vast notice that has been attracted to it,
both in Europe and this country. The
decision of the Goveretiment will come
from the navy Department, and will be
given to the public by Secretary Upshur.
kilriwilrbe very important, and he looked
for with anxiety.
Coolness .—N othing is mph - MART - Mtge
of thetentlemen than ennlnrsa ander awk— .
ward circumstances at table; A fair tiotit
ess the other • day, by soo.e Accident, drop
ped a plate of broiled venison she was hand.
e t it
hertfell against
guests.t! e .
r n h e e w a
enti cashmere enml
.quickly restored the ernekeny to the table,
sad repeated the two first lines of the song—
"Come, rest in this bosom,
My own s . ricken deer,"
adding that he was happy to acknowledge
the present from a lady of breast plate!
A Queer Fox.—The lovers of tun in Harrison
/ounty, Va., lately nd a Fox Hunt, at which
bcrge numbers assembled,and proceeded to march
until they closed at the fixed poilit, when they
discovered a singular animal—orither fox, bear,
woll, nor coon, (although of the latter species p
litically)but a full grown man, with an iron hop
pie around one of his legs. The fact soon became
known that he was a prisoner, nulled Graham,
who had broken the Carrollton jail, had been ar
rested by the Sheriff of Cadiz, tut escaped, and
was in this singular manner recaptured.
.811 Right in Rhode Island.—The Prov
idence Herald says, we receive a constant
succession of favorable accounts from every
part of the State. The Democracy is wide
Awake, and determined to strike down the
puree-proud tyrannicle aristocracy. The
young cocks of federalism crow lustily—it
will not avail them. Their game of brag
will not again save them. The dem , cracy,
if true to themselves—and who can doubt,
•when so much is at stake, will carry every
branch of the government, by a triumphant
..71nother Reverend Seducer.—The Rev.
111 r, Griebeler, a foreign German, and pas
tor of.a Lutheran Church in the upper part
of Berks county, Pa., recently seduced a
young girl, employed as a set vant in hi ,
family, and after having borrowed, various
Plums of money from his neighbors, sudden
ly left the neighborhood. He was tracked
to Philadelphia tiy..a man of whom he had
borrowed $5O, and who, on the money be
ing returned, suffered the scoundrel to eg
os. ft
War Stores for the Grand Sultan.—
Yestetday morning the schooner Unique,
of Sunderland, 156 tons register, Captain
Clerk, sailed from St. Calharine's Dock,
for Alexandria, with a complete cargo of
shot and shells for the Porte. The brig
Bebe, of Leith, having on board a full car
to of wins of late calibre (having a bore of
ten inches,) shot and shells, is -ready for
sea, and will also sail from St. Catbarme'e
Dock for the same destination in a few
days. Another vessel, the schooner Ra
chel, belonging to Jersey, of 186 tons
register, Captain Haman, is now on the
berth in St. Catharine's Deck, loading for
Alexandria. Yesterday morning 50 tons
ofabot and shells entered the dock to be
abipped on hoard the Rachel.
To what Hotel should all travellers go who ex
pie; wa tt soma tiev greet while characteri9—
Afield co to CourAu on the bank of
• PON '..• . -
Subject to the deoAstooof e Naliouel Convettitien.
T7lll. PHIL GIPS 4 Y W.W. iItITH, EDITOR. •RD raorixsTois
See Vint Page.
AntimaSouic Organization.
We took occasion yesterday to notice the great
movement among the Antimasons forthe purifica
tion or rebuilding of their party edifice, which has
become sadly dilapidated oflate, by the attempt to
"work into" it a lot of Whig, material. which is
nut thought to be of the soundest. By a further
reference to the proceedings of the meetings in
some of the townships, we see some strange
matters, which we incline to think, are ominous of
defeat to the "..rue.bluo" original Antimasons.—
The Hon. Harmar Denny, for instance, who, al%
though a nominal Antimasan, has not taken an ac'
tire part for years, in any of their exclusive move.
ments, attended the meeting in his township, and
was chosen a (Megan. Now, this might seem to
indicate that Mr. D goes in sincerely for the re
organization of the Antimasonic party: but when
we observe that oce of his colleagues, Mr, G. L
Reis, is ain I son of the firmest kind, we are led
to believe that Mr. Denny meditate. no gma to
hie &aim :sonic brethren, but that he iftletidz, to
thwart their views, by perpetuating the `'n ,ion"
form .d with the Whig, last year, or in other
words to tran.ii r Ewa' to the -whippable" party,
of source, it is nu hu,,iiie.s of ours, what mischief
is intended, or li rw things may terminate. hut, if
we were old Antim,sons, we would keep a sharp
eye upon the actions of Mr. D. and his masonic
People will naturally ininire what inducement
Mr. D.nny has to act in such a singular manner?
We can think or no other motive than a desire to
procure a nomination for Congress from the Union I ,
Convention, if ho shall sty:ced in defeating the
attempt to revive antinias ,nry. 'Pine, he might,
perhaps, have done through whir, int3uence, if Mr.
Forward had continued at Washington. But we
think Mr. Forward's chance for a nomination
from a Union Convention, would be far better
than Mr. Denny's. The latter has been forced
to take a part in this organization business, while
Mr. F., owing to his opportune i absence, will, very
luckily for himself,escape the alternative ofmaking
up his mind on the matter, and cannot lose friends
by being compelled to do so. However, we shall
see, today, how far our speculations are correct.
The Revolution in Hayti. I Open and Shut. --A gentlemen at Point
A correspondent of the New Orleans Standard, Petre, Guadeloupe, states that during the
who left Hayti, furnishes a full account of the re- i earthquake in that place, while attempting
cent revolutionary movements in that country.— to escape, his feet and legs were caught
It is so lett:resting that we copy it entire: •
In one of the deep fissures of the earth,aud
Ile Dictatorship of President Boyer, his utter {
he thought he was fast, but another shock
disregard of the laws: his systematic violation ori
the charter of Ilaytien liberties, had for many came, and the crack opened again, and he
years created discontent among the people, and , escaped.
finally determined them to rid themselves of his
despotic sway and government; and this resolu
tion appears to be general amongst all, especial'y
the enlightened classes of the Island. Put suant
to this determination, the liberal party in Aux
Cfr"i544P444,4:F1L440,4,c1uth, hav/43,g establish.
cd =revert fences with their frienaiinilTtfib
depettmente otitis island, i4sneid about the aim.
inencement of the present year, a manifesto of the
puhl:c grievances, and the resolution of that party
to support President Bayer no longer. This doc
ument contained the plan of organization of a
Provisional Government, with a view to abroga
ting the constitutions virtually established by the
dictum of President Boyer.
'The intention of this new party, as concerted,
was to make a general rising on the 20th of th
present month; but the indiscretion or treachery
of some individuals who revealed the whole plan
to the military authorities, prevented the general
movement. and caused a partial failure in Anx
Caps?, from which place a portion of the party
were obliged to fly, taking the route to Jeremie ,
without, however, losing a single marl, and stilt
leaving numerous friends in Vie city. This event
took place towards the latter end of January; in
telligence wht.reof preced ed the refugees on the
route to Jeremie; where it being rumored that
steps were taken by the military authorities to ar
rest some of the principal inhabitants, the parti,
sans oldie revolutionary party assembled, and sent
a deputation of seven persons to the General cam
mending that division, so ascertain if such melt.
sures was contemplated by him. This the Gen•
eral disavowed; which disclaimer, however, not
having inspired the confi ence of the party, they
took up arms, being joined by the national guards
of the plaec, and declared openly in favor of rev.
olutlunary Government. Meantime, Gen. Lazar
commanding the district of Tiberon; marzhed at
Ithe head of the forces under his command, 1000
men, and joined the revolutionists at Jeremie,
Gait. Segretier, commanding at Jeremie, having
taken measures to put down the insurgents there
was attacked on the morn ng of the first February
by the letter, and the town was taken by storm,
and a orovisional government established. Gen t
Segretier thereupon gave in his adhesion to the
new J overnment, and accepted brevet of General
of divtsi ,n wider it. Ths. officers and men of
the 17 li regiment ,11:3 joined that party, as like
wise about :200 i ,u .o lcoin Aux Cayes, who par
, suei :.7 i tle. 1,1-I_:e 6, lint being met and opposed
by Gen• L. zr, /.1111 all equal force, were persua
ded to join. rhos 3000 troops are already ou
the side of the revolutionists, and Gen. Jeffiard
had been despatched with 1000 to Neppes, afloat•
er district, 1., receive tee adhesion of the milita
ry and - inhabitants who were awaiting his arrival
Thus far had the cause progressed in the South
up to the 9th inst , whilst President Boyer was
abet up at Port au Prince, daily experiencing de
fection from Isis troops and adherents.,
Important ditcoorry.—The N Y Aurora has
discovered that the line
'Though native•here, and too the miner born,'
is incorrect. It should be
'Though native here, and to the :wanner born.'
It is hoped that writers will pay attention to
Times in England.—Wilmer & Smith's
Liverpool Times says that the gloom which
hung over the trade of that country still
The habit of tieing •ardent opirits by
men in public amebas occasioned more I
injury to the public service, and more trou•
ble to me, than any other circumstance
which has occurred in the internal con
cerns of the country during my adminiso
tratiun; and were Ito commence my ad.
ministration again, with the knowledge I
have acquired - from experience, the first
question 1 should ask, with regard to eve
ry candidate for public office, would be,
"is be addicted to the use of ardent spi
riter—Thornas Jefferson.
From the above we find that Jefferson
was a -Washingtonian" as we understand
the word. We commend his declaration
to the consideration of all who intend cel•
ebrating the Anniversary of his Birth Day.
Bill Johnson.
It will be recollected that we gave an ac
count some tine ago, in the Morning Post,
of the Lynching of Bill Johnson, (not the
Canadian hero, however,) by a gang of
desperadoes, in Iowa; which was pronoun'
ced a hoax, by a Canada paper. It turns
out that be was lynched; the Express gives
the particulars of the trials of the lynchers;
they were four in number, and were convict
ed of Burglary and riot, two of them sen.
tensed to two years in the Penitentiary, the
' third one year, the fourth six months; three
of them pay a fine of $lOO, and the other
$2OO. The ringleader and five whites and
as many Indians, who were in company. es
The Express sz,ys, Johnson is a very
athletic man, evidently in the de' ine of
lite, and possessing that nerve and spirit
that nev cr cowered in danger or yielded in
misfortune. His daughter "Kate," intelli
gent and interesting of manners, retiring and
agreeable, the "worthy daughter uf a gallant
A man recently arrivied from Malaga at
New Orleans, blew out his brains with a
pistol, on the 15th, in the vicinity of the
shell toad. He was said to be respectably
connected, and to have brought letters of
recommendation to several gentlemen in
New Orleans.
w Hard Case.—ln Philadelphia. on
Wednesday, a respectable looking Ger.
man, solicited and obtained from the Re
corder a commitment to the county poison
for thirty days, under the provision of the
vagrant act, stating that he was without
money, friends or home. Such cases are
becoming common. It is bide's(' a hard
state of affairs when tit- inmates of pri,
sons fare better than the honest laborer.
The democrats ;n the Massachusetts Leg.
islature, in making efforts to reform the
mode of voting in that stale, the present
system being very loose and inefficient.
The Alabama (Wetumpka) Times of the
10th, says that the lion. Dixon 11.. Lewis
has been dangerously ill, but is now con-
h' Distinguished Plagiarist.—Lewis
Fitzgerald Tasistro, has published, as his
own production,in Miss Leslie's Magazine ,
an interesiing tale entitled "Genius in
Fetters," which was published seven years
ago in France.
Vessels Vanted. —A paper at Wilming—
ton, N. C., states that a number of vessels
could find ready freight in that port.
A Cotton Manufacturing Company has
been chartered by the Alabama Legisla
Without ft ugality none can be rich; and
with it few would be poor.
Men who want principle, live knaves
and die beggars.
Beauty is worse than wine—it it.toxi
cates holder and beholder.
A funny public meeting is noticed in a
late Liverpool Albion. That paper says:
"Not a single person honored the meeting
with his presence."
Ladies are now admitted to the London
Glaciarium, and skates are provided, and
also accomplished female teachers of the
art of skating!
A row was kicked - up in a ball room, at
Mobile, Ala., by a gang of steamboat
hands, in which the steward of one ofithe
boats was shot, and supposed to be mor
tally wounded.
It is said that the Chinese lost in their
late difficulty with England, about fifteen
thousand coon, as many hundred pieces of
cannon, and nearly their entire navy.
There is a woman in Mobile whose ng.
ly looks have withered a grape vine across
the street from her door.
Our exchange paper, are kicking up a
itrernendous excitementabout their Com—
iets. adr, Cornet has been kept in the
itbade fore few nights past.
By felling the tram teat cover the tops
and sides of mountains, (says Humboldt,)
mania every clime - prepare at once toro i
calamities for future generations—want o
fuel, and scarcity of water.
The Algerinee of Rhode Island ate en•
deavoring to buy up voters by establishing
"cold soup societies:"
The circulation of the blood is said to
have been known to the Chinese 2000 years
ago, and that they were the first to intro
duce inoculation!
W. C. Bryant is on a tour South for the
benefit of his wife's health.
The Massachusetts House of Represen
tatives have refused to abolish capital pun
isbment-70 to 22.
Booth, the tragedian, was to appear at
the Holliday at. theatre, Baltimore, on 'rues.
day night last, but as usual disappointed
the audience by not making hie appearance.
There was a great deluge of rain in Sa
vannah on Thursday week, the day on
which it snowed in this city with so much
The Boston Banks have decided to re
ceive "levies" for twelve cents, and "fips"
for six cents.
The census of the city ()ISt. Louis shows
the number of inhabitants in that city to be
Specie. —About $90,000 in specie arrived
in New Orleans na the 11th, and about
$32.000 on the 13th.
C 7600,000 acres of govetnment lands
were recently offered for sale at Chicago;
of which only 70,000 were sold.
A Mr. Steinbrook was killed about a fort•
night vinee. in Ingham county, Michigan,
by the caving in of a welt, in which he was
buried, at the depth of about thirty feet!
The worth of the steamboats owned in
Cincinnati, is stated to be nearly $1,900,
The Baptist Church at Holland Patent,
with its contents, was destroyed by fire on
Thursday week.
The last ac counts f..om Sir Charles Begot, Gov
ernor General of Canada, render it probable the
he is near his end.
It is said that a large portion of the coffee now
sold in London, is composed of burnt rye and chic"
Col. Greene of the Boston Post, has been elec.
ted state Printer. It is worth just 16 dollars
67i cents per annum.
Miss Mitford, the highly gifted authoress, is
said to be in poverty in London.
Filmier:, read this —A farmer should never un.
dertake to cultivate nt•,re land than he can do
thoroughly. 11,11 f tided land is gruwi:ug poorer ;
well 'tilted land is constantly improving.
More hoppinp—A new danscuse is to appear on
he English bualds. She is a Mille. Dumilatre ,
fronfttlp; "leaden:oc Ruyale,and is said to approach
Taglinni In excellency. She is also very beauti
ful. Sititian is to be with her.
Drowned —Mr May, formerly editor of the
Tuscaloosa Flag of Use Union, recently accident
ally fell overboard from a steamer at Mobile, and
was drowned.
Five prisoners recently made their escape from
the jail at New Orleans, by effecting a passage
through the ceiling and roof, by means of ropes.
An eastern paper calla the story got up by our
neighbor of the American abaut a toad being
found in a cavity of a cast iron roll, a 'Tough
story' What queer men these eastern Editors
are who can't believe that.
It is estimated that 136,883,386 bu.hele of pots,
toes were raised in the United States during the
part year
The wine crop of the U. S. for the year 1842, is
estimatcd at 130,748 gallons.
Queer.—The N. Y. Sun has an article headed
, Attcmpt to remove New York to Albany!'
A prisoner confined in the jsil at St. Albans,Vt.
cut his throat with a razor, a few days since.
They have a nego boy in Mobile 4 years old
who has board, whiskers and all the other devel
opements of adolescence, except stature.
TheUS. Gazette says the Queen of the Wait
sunk in Cincinnati river. We'll send the editor a
Lesser says 'Christianity is the purest Democ
racy on earth.'
Since 1830, the European governments hav e
expended in the organization of fleets and armies,
22,000,000 francs.
Mysterious death.—Beinett's Herald alludes to
the supposed mysterious death of a young lady
Miss Sarah Devin, at a taverl on the Blooming.
dale road, on the Third avenue, and suggests an
in% ebtigation into the affair,
The Albany Advertiser has received within a
year, 14,000 dollars for publishing bankrupt no.
tices. Fat!
Upwards of 2000 persona have become profes
sors of religion within the last few weeks in the
city of Albany.
The New York Banks have now more specie
on hand than was ever the case before. Every
arrival brings large additions from abroad.
Good.—A witty paper, down east, credits all
its notices of assaults, street fights, rows, &.c., to
the Licking Gazette.
The Boston Investigator says that were
there to be no wars fox 500 years, the earth
could not yield food for its inhabitants and
in a thousand years there would not be
room to repose upon its bosom 1 War is
the grestmeans of keeping down the pop•
ulation of the world.
The Demagogue is honored by the of
fice, the Worthy man would do honor to itf
Mrs. Wheutley Sae left the stage.
Dr. 'CoOyer is lecturing in Providence
,17,- - Ti: . -Te, , J; ,, ..)7, - 7. - v.7 , ,..... , 1 : : , ,:,7-...: . ...•... - . , 7:-. , 77:74:e7J , T2 , :p;:'P 7 7; . 1•,,r1:E.;',
• ~:.. 1-:,..,',..':',::‘:_ . • : , .•." -, .: 7 : , . - .•,i . 7: , :', - ! - ,:7, , :'... T:, : 7 : 7,.- . _: : , . i ..- '_ , , : . ..::: 1 :: . .:_
• . . ' .........,
- .... . , -
from the foteawiaPstateM4% I t
tattlliasbhl:.'4llePer appear
bro°l3:ehrt fiinvteothicoeawsanydoqruk:rt(s)nrmf
W i tt u :
that "I.* witnellaed b y Mr..llAlgili°" by the New York and Erie Railroad.
of Gretna•Green', ttbe eandsoit. of Mr, Paisley' _ _
the reputed blacksmith.) from 1810 to 1839, that The freight list of the packet slip Xf .
the Dissenters' Marriage Act has materially di.
Hudson, which vessel sailed from ;
minished his business. The followingthe num, New
ber of marriages in each year; a York for London on Wednesday, is thet
largest that any ship has had from that port
1811 s 8 11821 152 I
158 a numbe of ears.
1812 57 1822 178 1832 153 y
1813 59 1823 188 1833 160
. ,
1814 68 1824 196 1 1834 168 ' "— I
Strong Temperance Argument.....
1815 87 1824 198 1835 124 Professor Silliman is reported to have sta
-1816 89 1826 187 1836 98 led, during a recent lecture in Boston, the
1817 981 1826 188 1837 55 in the course of a few years it would be u
1817 109 I 1828 Is 6 1838 46 common a thing to see persona onehunifed
1819 121 I 1849 180 1839
1820 124 I 1830 173 . years of age, as it is now to see those o
seventy five years; and this probable teal
Mitterient —An Albany paper says; 'A friend in favor of long life, he attributed to the tem
from Utica informs that a number of deluded pro- perance movements of the present day.
eelytes of this fanaticism, dressed in their 'ascend
~ion robes,' (angelic habiliments we presume,) on
the night of the 25th ult., and ascended one of the
church steeples in that city, declaring thai if the
end did not come then, they would come down I
i and burn their bibles.'
Miller will make more Inflicts in one year,
.han Tom Paine did in his whole life
The quaintness of old writers is some•
times very amusing. Johnson says, of the.
farmers of Lynn, in its early settlement
"T be chiefest corn they planted was Indi
an grain. And let no man make a jest of
pumpkins for with this the Lord was pleas
ed to feed his poople, to their good con
tent, till corn and cattle were increased."
A writer in Boston who has made the
calculation, says, if he is not mistaken, the
world will he destroyed on the 3d of April.
The New Orleans Picayune, says,
"where a man pledges his honor to die, he
ought to do so, or "perish in the attempt."
The Comet has made its appearance in
New Orleans. It was mistaken fur a lunar
The Philadelphia Mercury has got a
new head. Good.
.11 Good Joke.—The Northampton Cour
ier states that while a fugitive slave was
giving in his "experience" at an abolition
meeting in the town, a few days since, one
of the audience asked him if his master
was a Christaix? 'No,' said he, 'he was
a member of Congress!"rhis, of course,
produced a roar of laughter.
It is rumored that Macready. the Tra—
gedian it , dead.
The New York Mercury can't see why it is
hat journeymen printers seldom get rich, un
esti it is bediuse there is so much antimony in
he types.
The Hon. Richard M. Cooper, formerly mem
ber of Congress from New Jersey, cried at illb
residence in Camden. a few days since.
Twentysnine different robberies were discover
ed by the p aice officers col Philadelphia, by the ar
rest of two boys, Eytioge and Leonard, a few
weeks ago, and Blake and Williamson, the bur•
glans, who were emoted but week.
The Repealer* in Ireland are more active than
Large numbers of people no Stockbridge, Eng
are subpisting upon turnips alone.
Papineau.—This well known individual
will shortly return to Canada. He has
been allowed to draw. on the Canadian
treasury f.r -£lOOO, the amount of his sal.
:try as speaker of the House of Ftepresen..
tatives. remaining unpaid on the breaking
out of the rebellion.
High getting up.—Gen. William High
has been elected Chief Burgess of Reading.
Pittsburgh, March :24, 1843
Hort. W. W. !swim
Dear Sir—A large number of your friends
without distinction of party, desirous of manifest.
ing their continued regard for you personally, as
also their high sense of your unwearied atten•
non to the interests of your district and constitu
ents, have authorized the undersigned to invite
you to an entertainment at the Exchange !Intel
on Thursday next.
In discharging this agreeable duty,we congrato
ulate you in their names on your safe arrival at
home, and tender their felicitations in view of the
honorable and distinguished station as a minister
to Denmark, to what you have been deputed by
the President of the United States.
Respectfully, &e. &.,
John B. Guthrie, S , W. Robinson, jr.,
Joseph Tomlinson, John Freeman,
John Anderson, G. A. Bayard,
Samuel W. Black, John Small,
e. Darragh, Rody Patterson,
R. M. Riddle, E Simpson,
John Jack, A. N. McDnwell,
James May, Wm. B. &Mum
Pittsburgh, March 25,1843.
Gentlemen—The king expression conveyed in
your note of yesterday, comptla me to a•cept
your invitation• I shall therefore be most happy
in meeting my friends at the Exchange, vt,euch
hour on Thursday as may be most couveniant for
the Committee.
Be pleased, gentlemen, 'o accept for yourselves
undividually, the sincere assurance of my esteem.
To—Mecsrs. W Robinson jr.,John Freeman
an 4 others, Committee..
7 feet water in the channel and tieing.
Arrivals and Departures since our last report
At the reqnest of many Gas con-umers a useelleg le
called at the Westren Exchange, No 74 Front street,
for tbe purpose of discussing the subject of coin=
which have (been atedly ,laid before the .of
Trustees without sail, or benefit, to the parties
claiming an exam ) on into facts connected therewith;
and as there are no other means of redress, it is Jso
the preliminary steps will be immedlaiely lairs; by
ing a thorough discussion and Investigation of the
[ The duty imposed on us now. and the course (or g m . *
'pursue it plainly Indicated by the vindictive gibe niijnit
proceedings or our oppressors.
,fleote every meet t ;
te.rested will be active In obtaltaus reliable testimony
be laid before the meeting, preparatory to a more malice
expression of the sentiments of.thoee aggrieved. And po
the Gas Compiny have, through their tigeets, , * . d
m y
their position " and assumed an attitude of detest*
their patrons, and manifest a determlannioo to
1 things appertaining to the same In their owe waver
River at Ciacintudt—Falling and toll at ice.— ."L 'wil l to the r ie C 1 P 1 C 1 * 141.441114.41114 /0 11 ' - ?
for acme one or more ttemenept thatrAlmulkujooolo o '
The Miami Canal remains closed. , Weather add, r redress before a legal ttilonnaL, - -
- Oa , .
:ha* it, is beta i 1111108:.— . 1a. 0 3 01 1 /4110 .
_ . . .
sw ifteure, Robinson, Cincinnati.
Zane vile, Duvall, Marietta.
Mingo Chief, Devenny, Wheeling.
*Cleveland, Hemphill, do.,
*Michigan' %yes, Beaver,
North Queen, McEean , Wellsville,
Allegheny, oan, Cincinnati, •
*Michigan, Boyer, Bever,
Alpine,Cockbnrn, Brownsville.
*Cleveland, Hemphill, do,
Boats marked thugs are provide, with Evan's Safety
Guard, to prevent the explosion of steam boilers.
River at Louisville-8 feet water
Suction Saito.
ON Thursday morning, itril7:ll3oThltrierrock, Will
Ibe sold at Baas NUM', -auction Store No 110 Weed
street, all th ren.ainlng stock of Dry Goods !spoil which
advances have been made:
Also: at 2 o'clock P. M., 1 patent Floor Scale, I hand
some Pier Table, 6 gross Bonnet Boards, Bureaus, 'la.
hies, Cheire,dcr.: Wood and Brass Clocks, one stoornad
Pifte,Counters, Shelving and other fixtures; 1 MIMI.*
Flag, Hatchets, Mallets, Chisels, o r e.
Owners orgoods upon which advances base born made
will please take notice that all such goods will be sold to
the highest bidder, if not redeemed before one o'clock,
March 30. R. A. BAUSMAN,
mor 28— 2t Auctloneerr.
No. 9, Market Street.
mar 28-31.
A NEAT convenient Cottage (wilt frame house,alle.
P 1 ate a short distance below the canal in Alletheny
city- Enquire of JAMESIIIAY.
tear 28.
The new and Splendid passenger steamer ROWIPIA,
J. D. Moore, Blaster, will leave for the above al* inter—
mediate landinss on Friday next, Slat Inst., It le. o'•
clock A. M. For freight or passage apply to
mar 2fl. JAMES MAY
The Rowena Is supplied with Evans' SafettAard to
prevent explosion of &Mere.
Grk TONS Soft Pig Iron, hot blast, for sale by
Ur mar 28. JAMES MAY
1i) BALES Caton — For sale low. by •
itat) mar 28. JAMESMAIT,
The Aptendid fast rano' ne and well known stestagr
SINIFTSURE, Robinson, Maatr.r.will depart IbV the'.
bove and Intermediate ports, on Wedanday mon ing.tbe
291t1 inst., at 10 o'clock. For freight Or pal:raga apply
on hoard or to BIRMINGHAM k CO.,
March 27.'43 No. 60. Water street.
THEpartnership heretofore existing between Oliver
P. and John W. [Hair, has been dissnised Ike
death of the senior partner. The necessity of dosing
the business of the late firm, makes it necessary to re—
quest all indebted by note or book account. to settle the
same as soon as possible. or the claims against them will
be placed in the hands of proper officers for coltertlon .
surviving Partner.
The htimineis of the ale firm wilt be continued by the
under.igned. at the o'd stand, No. 120 Wood Street.
He will have constantly on hand a large assortment of
Britslirs, of his own mann adore. together withrteMery
variety of Shoe Findings,Coentrs, Variety Goods. *4llll
of which will he sold at tedneed priers.
roar /7—fir. JOHN W. 111,A11114
Elocution, Music - and Phystotonyl,
Monday. Tuesday. TiIIITIORY and Friday eyeninp...--
Prof. Bronson and F. fl. :gaol, have taken the Theatre
and converted it into an OR ATOP.EA N, where they
will give a popular course, of maim tscTunzo on . tiltere
subjects, interaperred with three or four Recitations and
as many approprinle pieces of Voral and Instrnotenlal
Music each LECTORS. and dimcctions of the Alsatian. Of
Art ilieia I men. commencing on the 27th at 71 o'cloek.P.
M.. with an IrrritoourrokY ADDRESS on Amusements,
and the stand to be taken by the Christian Church.—
Each evenires entertainment is designed- for an Intel.
lectual Feast. Sintle Season Tickets gl; or a Lady
and Gentleman ;ISt and for a family of 5 93, may he
obtained at the usual placer—For particulars see the
circulars; one Lrcture 25 cents, children half price.
N. B,—Class meets there at 5 P. 14,.27th lasi.,
66 BRIX , . PLAN FATION MOLASigES. received
per Steamers Little flea and Fulton, and for
J. G. 4 A. GORDON.
12 Water street.
sale by
ma• 27
A gentleman qualified to teach the coital branched -of
a good English education, is waived in the Third
Ward School of the City of Pittsburgh. Appreations
made in writing to the Secretary or President (Mr.
Adams) at any time before the 25th of April, will .he
By order of the Board,
mar 23 '43—lsvd4w
Gazette copy once a week In daily three weeks
Alm EVER P MAN HIS OWN MdiNflKttortheAlt.
MR. WALKER'S Patent Appal-aima for generating
and applying Gas, equal to that of any manufac—
tured or used in this country, may now be examined at
the Jefferson Wigwam. corner of Pennsylvanltt tittal
and Liberty - street, whi•h k apparatus; was erectedumler
the superintendence of Mr. C. . Kies, as alto the Hip
motet)) , Mr. Harrison Taylor, of the sth ward.
The apparatus throughout is simple and consequently
attended with little chfficulty in the duties or manufactur•
ing a Light of superior quality, and that afforded at a
very small expense to the proprietor.
The Apparatus, and Priest Rights for using the same.
will not exeeed thirty dollar!. and the cost per night not
more than one cent for each Licht.
The proprietor feels th- fulle;t aysurance of the sae
ern of this Gas so perceding that which is nor. Weld
ed by an incorporated Company.
Cirrzens generally are respectfully invited to the Jef
ferson Wigwam. (Mr. Hoffer, proprietor) and who're" so
ocular demonstration of the facts. too numerous to inac
tion in ltihr place, when and wh e re every eatisfactinn in
Light and reason will be promptly offered. 74ti
mer 27—If WIGWAM.
ALL persons hider ted to the estate of Oliver P. Blair,
late of the city of Pitishurgh. deceased, are hereby
notified to make payment to the undersigned adscableiga.
tor,and sill having claims against - said estate are tiquep..
ted to present their accounts properly authenticated hir
settlement. JOHN W. BLAfil,
mar 2&-6t. Adminittrator.