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VOL 1.-N0.16Z
_TRIELMS.--FIVE DOLLARS a year, payable in
idwines. La& copies TWO CENTS—for sale at the
isorater of the office, and by News Bays.
cury maul Illfanufactitrer
e pillollabed WEEKLY, it the same office, on a double
- medium sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
vales. Single copies. SIX CENTS.
• --
..../.- . ' Terms of A
gab-Insertion. 0.50 I
Two insertions. 0.75
Three Insertions, 1.00
Chte week, 1.50
Two weeks, 3,00
Three - weeks. 4.00
Ons thysters. roe Squares
reeemorths, $13.00 Six months, $23.00
year. 25.00 One year. 35,00
reLarger advertisements in protection.
Call:Wig four lines SIX DOLIAIS a year.
CITY Post Onto'. Third between Market and Wood
streets—U. M Riddle, Postmaster.
itorrox Roost, Water, 4th door from Wood et. Peter.
litAldiags—Major John Wlllock, Collector.
CItT TILIMLIWIT, Wood between First and Second
- 1141ets—filetes A. Bertram, Treasurer.
' Clreverr Ticket:tar, TOM street, next door to the
Third eirelyterian Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
- Lewes Orrice, Fourth, between Market and Wood
streets—Alexander Hay, Mayor.
Illattestawes ExcnAttoz. Fourth, near Market et.
Pitma:rash, between Market and Wood streets, on
retied and Fourth streets.
Meaca►xrs' ILAD Waxer►cTUß[RC' Alva F *ADIEUS DI.
PONT, Haim, (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, between
• ilfettadosnd Market slot eets,
Etclusam.. Fifth street, near Wood.
Moarestiamesc• House, Water street, near the fridge.
011:11Mtua Horst., corner of Penn and St. Melt..
Ilizacsawre Horst., corner of Third and Wood.
AtaxsttcAu Hcrst.,corner ut Third and Smithfield.
Mutsu Srstai, corner of Penn street and Canal.
&taxa° &isms, Liberty street. near Seventh.
—4 , 4l .ll4Uklasta Maxim! House, Liheriy St. opposite Wayne
ROADIII/117 MinatOC Horse, Penn St. opposite Canal
led to BakewelN offices on Grant st., neatly opposite
tan new Court Bourse, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
Bei ,—First floor. 5.1 t 10
THOS. H. ELLIOTT, M. D.—Office removed te
St. Clair street, between Peen and Liberty St s .,
Pita burgh. 1 - p 10
NEW GOODS.—Preston it Mackey, whulcsale and
Wall dealers In English, French, e h d , Domestic
flry ciaa•, No. Si, Market .t ,Pittehoreli. Pep 10
IinANDLESS & 1119CLURE, Attorneys' and
Ntansettets at Law: Office in the Diamond, hack
er the old Court Honse.Plttsborgh. sep 10
WI:ROYAL.— R. Morrow, Alderman; offi e north
side of Fifth Pl., between Wood and Smthheld
Pep 10
JOIN WIDEVITT, *bohemia Grocer RectifOnx
Distiller, And Dealer In Produce and Pittsburg!)
• ilibastraetured Article'. No. 224 Liberty Street. pn.-
'`togrgA. Berl 10
-Minato* H. WILIA ORS 101.111 OILWOIIIII
WilislUAßß imLwoirrn.—Whotesale
Grocers Produce and Coro mission Merchants, and
ithinors is Pittsburgh Blanufaciured article., No. 29,
Metd street. sep 10
• ROBINtiON, Atioraey at Law;
ca unktae earth side of the Diamond ,between
47aipa st eats. upstairs. Pep 10
I. DU RDORAW, Attorney at Law; tender.
rl.• hls professional services to the public. Office cor•
wet of Fifth and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd 4 Co..
store,,-Pittsburigh, Pa. sep
deist B.Smeats7 J•s. N. KuAt
SMME& KEAN, Manufacturers of Copper.
‘Tte.tted Sheettrou Ware. No.Bo, Front st., Frits
burgh. Hoes, Spouting and Steamboat work propilv
tketeted. sep m
triaos. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
Rooms, I..oracr of Hand st. .4. Exchange Alley.
hieiY P wishing to purchase Furniture, will and It to
llfirtfirtultfaistage to give us a call, being Cully satisfied that
'ries* please as to quality and price. sep 10
wlerier(GAMS.—Just received 160 choice Mut
n Sams, well cured and for sale cheap by he do
Vit Mall, by ISAAC HARRIS,
"INTIM N 0.9, Fifth at
KOTA BA.GA.— su pp'y of Landreth's Fresh Ru
ta Bags, and other different varieties of Turnip
08a 1, jut received and for sale at asttucan PRICIM at the
tleritAnd Seed Store of F. L. SNOWDEN,
nett 10 No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
WU EBB CLOSEY 03 Boot and shoe rilanufacto-
NT • fy, Na 83 Fourth St., next door to *lie U. States
Week. Ladies Prnuella, Kid and Satin Shoes made in
I. Reatestmanner, and by the newestyrench patterns.
sep 10
45/000 MORUS MULTICAULUS. in lots to suit
purchasers; to he disposed of by
No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seeds of ev•
ery description, can always be had at the Drug
and Seed store of F. L. SNOWDEN.
lap 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
LBS. Illinois Annual Mammoth Onion Peed, for
159 irate at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
se, •
for seed; just received by
No. IS4. Liberty head of Wood at.
GARDEN TooLs, consisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades
Transplanting Trowels, Edding Tools, Budding
*lves, Trusting Knives, Pruning Shears, etc., Just re•
Alehribil and for sale by P. L. SNOWDEN.
wt. 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
CHOWS Venison Hams.- —Jost received a small sup.
,pty of very choir* cored Venison Hams, on retail
totstor current money.
and Com. Merchant
WIIITE.Onctch Clover Seed, Orchard Crass and
IKentsoiry BineGrass, always on hand and for
10 N 0.184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
UTE! 4- BUCHANAN, Attoraeys at Law, office
,moused from the Diamond, to "Attorneyhtitow,"
Aiiirside of Fourth street, between Market and Wood
otaINIS seplo
R/ AGINTILATES'BLANKS, for proceedings in At
.LTJL Swimming under the late law,for sale at this OfTre
PISA Lg.—Lots on the North Rest corner of Coal
ane and III:h street. Apply to
-asp 10 116N1. DARLINGTON, Market, near 4th st.
100 LBS.l ved Lasd a retk nd
I : o s r r ea re ta sc.b arecet S t aar D ile ru s g t: e ed nd „just
184 Liberty street, bead or wood.
_ topertsership beretofore existing between WIL
-1101111 BH6elf tad BENJAMIN HOPEWELL is tbis day
hY maw gamest. Willis= Digt, is authorised
Mintagisittliri Oilman" In gietibeg up the besieges
11110eiele WILLIAM 11141IFY,
TO 1111013. T•ItOPEWILL
dvertisibgg ,
One month, $5.00
Two moots, 6,00
Three months, 7,00
Four months, 8,00
Six months, 10,00
One year, 15,00
JOHNSTON 4 STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printers an
Paper Manufaeiureta, No. 37, Market at. sep 10-1 y
JOHN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water at..
near the Monongahela llouse, PlttsLurgh. seplo—ly
LEONARD • S. JOHNS, Aidertuan,St.Ctair street, se
toad door from Liberty. Sep 10-1 y
DR. S. R. ROLM BS, Office In Second street, next door
to Molvany 4. Co's Glass Warehouse sep 10—ly
SHUNIC 4- FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourptst.,
near the Mayor's °Mee, Pittsburgh. sep ID-ly
THOS. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law, Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield Ma.. Pittshureh. sett 10-1 y
HUGH TONER. Attotnev at Law, North Erc4 corner
uf Sinithfieid and Fourth streete. sep 10-1 y
HANNA k TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse, No.
1114, Wood at., where may be had a general
of writing. wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, ke, 4-c. sep 10—ly
(OP C. TOWNSEND k CO., Wire Workers and
L. Manstfactxrers, No. 23 Market street, between 2d
and 3d streets. gen 111-1 y
EXCIIANGF, HOTEL. Corner or Penn nor' St. Clair
pep I y
ward nyheg. Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25. W 501151., Pittsburgh. sep 10 —ly
FIG METAL —77 tons soft rig M , ial for sale by
J. G. fr A. GORD
No. 12 Water street
3,000 LBS. B %CON !lAMB. 16.000 to Bacon
Shoulders, for F.n:e by
J. c..- A. CORDON,
So. 12 IVater street
- FAS. PATTER:3ON, Jr., Rim,ln;:liam, near rdtsimrati,
Manufacturer of Loek%. Ilin;Tes and Bolt.; To.
have°, Fuller. MI TI and Timber Screws; lloufen ?crew.. for
Rolling IOW!, kc. =et,
JOHN 111,CLOSKEY.9'oilor and [ober. a.
@nee, between Sixth and Virgin alley, r:3nulli side.
JW. BURBRIDG k CO., Wholesale Gropers and
Comminalon Merchants— S.•entid stre,t. between
Wood and Smithfield sts.,Plttgburgh. sep 10— 1y
JG. 4- A. GORDON. Commis , lon and Forwarding
• Merchant?, Water at... Pittabargh. aep
AMS.--4cnskshams , a good art tr ie, received per S
B. Corsair, and for sale by J. C. - A. GORDON,
Pep 10 No. 12. %Val er street
- _
SUGAR S. MOI. tilida NOW nrieltlS SU
Car; :it) hbls New Orleans olas.efir, far gale by
sep 10 1. G. cortnON:
SUG A 11.-7 hhda prime N. o:Fzaltnr, reretved per S
B. Maine. and for sale by 3. r, 4- A. con uoN.
ser, 10 Nn. 12. Water stree
50 BACON CASKS.in order. on hand and for Bair by
rep 10 J.G. ¢ A. GORDON. No. 12, Water M
SUGAR AND MOI. I:ihhdaand4h6l.N. 0
Sugar, 32 libis N.O. Molasots . , received per S.earnbaa
Importer, and for sale by J. G. 4- A. C 0 111)0N,
Pep 10 No. 12. Water mreei
5 1311 LS. LA RD 011.. for pole by
iep 10 • corner or tilb and Wood .t
1631. Pt,,TEßSGerßrtuAltooFwlniils.aFr:sipTol:l(:Kcki.foiTomale
Pep 10 corner of 6 t I; and Woolf Os.
9100 LBS Prepared Chalk. for Awe by
Aeri B. A. FAFIN rocK 4. CO
sep 10 earner of gib and Wood Atg
S UGAR AND MOLASSES.-60 hhds. N. 0. Sugar
25 hbls. do. do., 10(1 do. Plootation Motass,•. fo
sale by
sap 13
10 be used in Bankruptcy proceedupz,,.. printed on
good pa per,a nd In the Wm. approved by the Court .ror sale
at the Office of the Mercury and Democrat. rep 10
WM. 'HUBBARD, f as hion a bl e boot and
shoe hi anufatturer. No. 101, Third wreet, let wren
Wood and Sin ithlield streets. Pittsburgh sep 10
IN • has removed his other to the corner of Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between . gteriilrhfield and Grant
streets, Pittsburgh. cep 10
MAKER, No. 7, St. Clair E.tr,:et, Pitts
pep 10
supply of Landreth's Garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for sale at his agency, the Drug store of
Pep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
DR. I)AVID WARD hat his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House.
second dwelling front Rossstreet. Ile will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door above the basement. sep 10
REMOVAL —Matthew Jones, Barber and Hair Press
er, has removed to Fourth street, oppositet he May
orsoffice, where he will be happy to:wait upon permarten
or transient customers. lie solicits a share of public pat
ronar.e. cep 10
WYr. A. .V RD, DENTIST, Penn et. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9 Nr., until 5 P. a., after which time he will attend
to no one except in cases of actual necessity. He
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ him, t hat he expects Immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending in bills. sep 10
1014 N 11PFARL.-IND, Upholsterer an d Cabinet J
M-ker, Third at. between Wood 4- Market streets,
respectful informs his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards, Bii.
reaus, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Stands, flair and Spring
Mall masses, Curtains, Carpet a, all soils of Upholstering
work, which be will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. srp 10
REMOV.4L•—The, subscribers have removal to Wa.
ter between Wood and Smithfield streets, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commis
sion business, and would respect fully solicit the Wroth
age of their friends J. W. BUIIBRI DC PA- Co.
Dec 3
110 Word Strert, Pietsburgh.—R. A. Bailsman,
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
at his large and capacious rooms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets, Pittsburgh.
fiLegular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
o th er a rticles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
B oo k s , 4c., every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Davis, Esq.,
Bagatey k Smith.
Hampton. Smith. 4- Co.,
F. Lorenz 4- co.,
LW. Burhtidge co.,
u S. M7.ea 4- co.
Capt. James TorGargiii.
C. Ihmsen;Esq.
maw. John irFadden Esq.
• Logan 4 Kennedy.
.. J. K. Moorhead 4- co.
Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
Robert Galway, ER:
• Capt. Jas. May.
IlleVay,Hanaa. # Co. JJ
.. WlMhs Symms. Wiearg
S. G. Geary. LouirrtHe
u &nab Ripley * PhDs.
asp 10.M/Ji
1.G.4- A. nORDON.
No. 12 Water gi rret
). Pittsburgh
on Battsßio Cotree.
Vir oci 4.
received ibis day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure fur Coughs. Colds and Con
VlUMptiOn; and is ready to Supply cumomersat wholesale
or retail, al his Medical As
Si Fourth st.
nov 12
DAVID CLARK, .9 g't, etskiesiale Boot Afakcr,—
;Ins removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he would be happy
to see his old customers. and all others who feel dismal.
ed to patronize him. He uses nothing but first vale
stock, and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to business, he truststbat
he will deserve aid receive a fair share of patronage.
sep 10
RUITS, ICI L'lt EA hi, ¢ coNFEerioNARY.—
A Hunker respectfully Informs his friendsand the
public that they can always find the best quality of fee
Creams. iocether with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits. in their reason, at his estahlishment— No. 11,
Fifth street, hntwc it Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the slimiest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. asp 10
HAM J. ci.mi nit, residing at 66 Molt street,
New York, was afflicted with tsyspewla In its-moat
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache, great debility. fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating„
impaired appetite, serration of sinking 31 the s:ontarh,
furred tongue, nausea. with frequent vomitings, d izzlpeae
towards night end restleness. I'llese bad continued up.
ward a t welvemonth, when, nu consulting Dr. Wm.
Eva 10 , . 100 (711:0 ham street, and stilmiliting, In his ever
ticcessful and agreeable mode of treat Mellt , the patient
was completely restored to health in the short spare of
one month. and grateful tor the incalculable benefit der's%
ed. gladly came forward and volunteered the above stale
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. S. ELLE4S, Agent.,
No 20. Wood street, below Second.
Cheap for Cash.
Prices Reduced.
Short Rrel Yarn. I Loag Reol Yarn.
at 16 rig. per 161 50 0 nt 9 eio per dc
6 at 16/ ditto 600 at 3 ditto
7 at 17 ditto 700 at 7 ditto
8 at 171 ditto 800 at 6 ditto
9 at 1.: ditto 900 at 5 ditto
10 at 19) dolt) 1000 al 4 ditto
11 a: 19
12 at 19} dill° randirwick at 1i et‘prrll.,
13 rit 20 ditto own Rowlig • 9 ditto
14 at 2111 ditto Family do. • 1:t ditto
15 at 21 ditto Carpi Chaim • 20 ditto
16 at 22 ding corn T.. lne • 25 ditto
17 at 23 ditto .Stocking Vitro and
13 at 21 ditto roverict Yarn ott‘ ay, on
19 at 21 don - , hand
20 ni iii ditto ,roitoo Warp. mad.. to
()niers promptly .01(.11,10 :0. len at
Pa lour'-. Loza it 4- Kennedy' , . or the Poet ntlirr, addres
fah 27. t 4. M (IOR I I 1:.11 - ) 4. co.
40 Tierce? Rice.
20 Rlito No 3 Mackrrrl,
10 do No 2 do.
7 l'iereeg Sperm ()O. Jukt rerr:ved per S P Expre.n.
Vail and for I.y J. W.
mar 4. Water t' wren %Vow! and Smiildield
IlltIF: , ul,erili-r has rentov -it his Fa.hinitatile Tialoring
Estal.uslintestr to the !tictoortatinta hose. :Id door .
from first st. on s mit htield si.whern hinold cotoostirrs end
all others who may fsynr him with nerdy may Append on
having their work diaor• In a Impel-tor Style. Froth his
I tiz r %re/len,- In the liminess in 1104 dry, ant: In many
of her I.,..iiinitable roles in Europe and Ilityrtril. 1111 feels
rorifiilniti that tin ran :ivri suitisfuction in all who roar
to favor tutu their rilFl , lll.. Br Arirri tiletllinn
to hu.i nrsp and superior workmanship hi . 11 , (10 . , 10 merit
and rrerive a share ul public patronage. He ir lend keeping
nn hand n cOpidy r oods and Inc the
tiostorrier Ira.le which will he sold at very r'dm rot Niro.,
N D. The gtaltltrrltter I.entl well aware of the extent
hat the ul'l.l..roettl is ornetketi in Ilot public in this
country. by advert ittelltent particularly by Terranne u Ito
titan jooty be rlll,l intenders on the trade, Woo never
*treed an boor to the businees, and who know no tittle
about it that they could lint crook a sponge cloth, and
they are barefaced enough to advert ice themnelvera atria t•
more a la mode, and by the aid of old eerti, . . eat',
puffr,d-e. Are sunk an are rererally used by quark: , to
.rell their medicine:4.f hey often to in painting off on
the unettertect in_ rum omer Rome old trash for the gent,
ins imported article. Sorb Toortie'm advertisement' are
only calcointed to Arai the I Write and are,: o more (nit
lied 10 credit than the Willow , vet laic:halite publications
about thegreat Gan—jeer among the Lilliputians, which
1 presume almost every schoolboy hart read and lan2 . hed
at, 1 would an, , :eem to thoee who . wish to have ti rte
clothis made in first rate style to make a little Mirky
and they will find that this in the place where they ran
be accommodated; 11. It.
.1 to 7-3 n:
([?Those la mode Monsiours, or rather Alros-tagnr..,
who have opened an r by 10 PieceleinP lately, and who
evince !inch envy and dislike to long or lengthy adver.
tisemet t4,are Informed that the atiove (falsoma. as they
term I ) has no reference to them whatever. The pe.rson
tiro d to 6 their ',resent employer, an AI ffee-eine, who
krens a slop shop in this city. The count eito
higi ly Weaved with such token.: of loyally from his pig•
my cui j^cl4, and nn reward them by giving
them a few rtrz.zoinv to make. Such eiquioitea of rank
with whom noon can corn petr, had hei ler Scull thesit•
selvc s into notice Anme other way, as a I iitle precaution
might prevent an explosion. D.
TO TliE PUBLIC, and rartimaarty to my forme ,
patrons of (hie city:—llarit , p retired from the
practice of medicine. I may lie pert - 1101rd in say, that it
lias fallen to the lot of !ill few person. in have enjoyed
so liberal or lane a share of Mist retrical practice as my
own has hero for th last 30 or 4(1 years.
The experience of that lone period of active life, and i he
fact of my having heen tw ire, since 1830. as.,oriated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, in the practice of medicine, (in both a
period of five years.) enahles me to judge fully of the
merits °rid , : !tills.
So convenienr,so efficient, and vet so sa e ., did I enleern
these pilts, that for the last five years In my practice for
the cure o ch conic diseases, of whatever name. and those
of females in part icular, I have used more of them than
all other nrediriner.
Like every other medicine, this must fail In .onte in
stances, Lilt in my hands there has been IeIS lik;t t •
ment and more Falisrart ion in I ic adminhornt ion or thi
OTIr remedy than of nil ol hers; its goon effects sometimes
wine. astonishing
If my patient reqnired a safe aperient medicine either
...fore or after parturition, the _Wilson's p‘ is werr just
the thing I wanted.
1(a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach. comhined
with costiveness or inactivity (tithe liver. cons! It nted the
disease of my patient, the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a case requiring, an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were just the thiog I wanted.
I f palpitation, headache, flushed countenance. or of her
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the cirentniory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
Thus, without resnael to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the time I have had it tinder treat
ment, particular indications or symptons arising, were
always mo.t promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number offikeasec, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones,in which I have used these pills,
should he cured more readily by them than by any oilier
remedy, may at first seem strange a nd contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my mind as that a great many
persons should become thirsty from :,s many different
caurses, and yet all require that common and greatest of
all blessings, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, RIG due the • epotation of Vie medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and unconditionally, t hat
the Wilson's pills are the only combination I have ever
met with in my lonstourse of prseticc.that really gos•
eeseesanything curative or specific for sick hoadache,
Yourskc., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particularly for the sick
Haed.Acbe, Dyspepsia, Constipation of Ike Bowels 4-c.,
prepared by the proprietor Dr. B. A. Wilson, sod for
irste,wbolesale and retail,at his dwell's; is Per* street,
below Illarbory , Oct 1
R. GOODE'S Celebrated Female Pills. These
srestrongiy recommended to the notice of
the ladies as a safe and efficient remedy In removing
those complaints peculiar to their eex, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Ent
bed States, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
detail. by R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
sep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Second.
For sale by
• 4- A. GORDON
WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker, Libertv St.,
opposite the head of Smithfie/d at., Pittsburg/L.-
7'l , e subscriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
in the old stand of Mr: R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In his line, In the hest manner
and on the shortest notice. He keeps corstantly on hand
R large assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
or the hest quality. Re solicits the patronage of the nub-
tic and of the croft
Pep 10
and Arles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The subscriber; menticorlure and keeps constantly on
hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (warrnoted,) Juniata
iron A X IPS, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, 'Brass
and plated Huh Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
ron , Poor Handles and Hinges, c.
St. Clair it.. near e Allegheny Bridge.
D.SELT.ERS. M. 1).. office and dwelling In Fourth,
near Ferry street. set) 13-1 y
The ;Mention 'ftho•e who have been somewhat step.
heal in reference to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Svrayne's Compound Syrup r.f W ild Cher
ry, on :termini of the persons being unknown in this see
lion of the State,l9 respell fully directed to the following
eerliflcale, the writer of which has been a citizen of this
horough for several years, and is know n as a gentleman
of inte;:rity and responsibility.
To the Ageot.Mr. J. •KIRIST.
I hare herd Dr Swavne's Comp a n d Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a cough. with which I have been severely of
for shout four ninon., sod I have no hmitntion
in saying that it lathe moth effeci ive medicine that 1 have
been :Melo procure. It compozes all uneasiness. and
agreei well with my diet.—and mantalns a regular and
good appetite. I ran freely recommend it to nil others
similarly afflicted. J. MI PI XI( x, ROrollo of Chambersh's.
March 9. 144 v. sep 23
ror gate hy W11 . .1,1.1M THORN Ni. 53 Market street,
PER SONS dexirous of procurine Fruit, Shade. and
Ornamental Tree?, or Shrubbery. from Phil:lark
phla or New York, are reque4ed to make connection
won as pnaallde. at the Druz and Seed Ettore of the Flab.,
arrther, where rno. be hod raialogne., erntottoualv. of the
nensi excellent .ariettea. F. 1.. SNOWDEN,
aep 21 No IR4. Lihert v atreer. head of Wood
AR BLF: SUP ACTi,III Y. —Poi rick Cantfleld re.
IT gnerlfuliy argil:lints hie friends a mil he public zen•
eralle, that he ha• romnieneed the Marble hnolnees al the
rorner of Fifth and Littert yds.; where will be eoruttently
on hand. tomb atones, mantel Misers. monuments. head
and foot atones, table slabs ,tor cabinet ware, and every
article apperta into./ to the Intoinvont. He will warrant ills
work toile well done, and Ms sharers will be moderate.
Ho respeetfaltyasks nahare of nubile patron:l:e. :Rep is
V' (successor to FL Ml..:lmakey) Parsti:
Root Ma ker.l.lt,rty at., 2d door &Om
Vl7vin Alley . The sohatrioer reapeetroor inform, ase
fmniirihni he hoc commented the above bnainee. in the
ilOrl formerly occupied by Mr. Henry Ill'eleakey,
and that be Is now prepared lepitend In all orders in his
11, , rbn.incaeivith despatch and on She most reasonable
terms. I'. not lti. lone etirrienre In the mann f..et ore of
Fasitionaltte Roots, he feels ronlident that A jrtlelea
from 1.1: eal:OOlsltment wilt ales aattafartion In 'hip pit
trona. abate of public patron:lac is reapert folly solltit.
ed. sop ro
irgi (RD SEEDS A f eao *ripply of (lard Seeds, rots
•latior, of C0nn..... mn and Rope: Just revolved he
fel, 3. F I, SNOW )EN, 1411 Liberty et.
POT . %) hle Plea form Scales on whi.cls, to weigh 2,500 tits, at
$55 00.
do do do do 2,005 at 345 00
do do do do 1.5111) at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at :30 110
do do do do 500 at 25 00
With raking levers arrailitit ion of 33 to earl, scale.
tin r matte scaler, for the is-e of Wa rehomes, Flouring
Mills. 4-e.,1 h e sonic prices as above.
Isn, White's Patent Uountor Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will tell for front it In $l5,
They also manufacture Strain Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Milk , . Salt Works, Qr.„ donhle and singe
geared slide tat hes Snot and other lathes for wood turning
machine, Inc tenanting chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
Wit bola r hrashing machines, a !II perior article; rtrcniat
saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Tinner's ma
chine, and tool. nfall descriptiormalso for making Meek
ing boxes,a superior article; governor.; for steam engine
stocks, laps and dies, coffee mills, bedstead or joint hots
and mar hincry for making the same. cotton factory ma•
chinery made or repaired; printing press platens turned
and printing presses repaired
sep 22--If YOUNG 4. BR %DRURY
1 - 01 IN B. GUTIIRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
,/ !lon Merrliant,No.lo6,corscr of Wood 4- Fifth sta.
pittsba”gh: Having lieenappointert one of the A tiction•
errs fn, the City of Pitsliorgh. tenders his services to Joh-
Imrs, inanul'acturrrs and dealers. who may he disposed
to make trial of this market• He Is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts to satisfy correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy 'and favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he confided to
him, shall he adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandise genrrallti, the services of Mr. SANCILL
FAHNIPTOCK; heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and deafer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Pres't. of M. 4. M
tt Darlington 4- Peebles,
tt Robert Calm, ay,
James M. Cooper,
" James Mny,
" R. M. Riddle, Pittsburgh
tt Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
of Exchange Rank.
tt Hamptoo,Smith. 4. co..
John D. Davie,
" Samuel Church.
" J. K. Moorhead,
tt Jas. W. Rrnwn 4- co. - )
John H. Btown. tlt Col
t. Smith 4- Ihisley.
Vordly ¢ Borers, Phltadera
• John A. II MdM,,
Sotto hietl, I replo
IN Slore 85 boehelsof good quality Clover Seed. Also
50bOebela prime Timothy for sale in lots to au%
144 Liberty et
Who offers foe sale SO bushels °mime Graze seed
b 22.
For publishix r a new Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
grin ESuthscribers having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Dotty AU-rotor Post.
The leading object of tne "Parr" will be the JiSSCEIIIII3I.
lion and defence of the political principles that have here•
tofore been maintained by the Editors. In their respeciltre
papers, and their best efforts will still be devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, In politics, the paper will be thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intelligenee, and brier notices of all mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the sphere
ofa Public Journal, to make their paper sufficiently In•
ere.lting to entitle it to the patronage of the public, ir•
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
be found in the ...Nerving Post," the Editors will take
pains to furnish lire business community with
the latest and most it tt.resting CO)I2IIMRCILL Imrstra-
CL/1,6 from nil parts of the country, and to have preps•
red such accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several
Terms—The Parr will be published on a large Impert•
al sheet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Jonrn•tl) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum,pnyable In advance. It will also be sold by
newiLhoys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at the lowest rites
ehar:ed by the other dilly papers of the eltz.
T WENTY nctive tads are waisted to sell the Post,
who will he engaged on the most liberal terms ,
Aur.ust 31, 1842
100 HIIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO. In store and
for sale by J. G. 4- A- GORDON,
sept 3 No. 12, Water street.
BY Morrison it Co. London, for sale only by S. lk
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pittshnr,rh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
if rote agent for Western Pennsylvania. up 10
FARM FOR SA L C.—The undersigned offers for sale a
tract of land situated 4 miles froth freepost, In the
direction of Kittanning, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
eounty , containing 100 acres, 65 cleared and tinder good
fence; 10 of whicn are In meadow— a good square log
dwelling house and cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
oteliard of 80 henrinz trees—and a spring - of excellent
water convenient intim house.
FOR 'PERMS apply to the suftscrihera residing at the
Saltworks on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
WCloskey's Clothing Store
l C L O THI NG '
No. 151 Liberty street., one door from the.
Jackson Foundry.
Tus sobserihet is Just receiving at his well knows
establishment o tbe largest. most varied and =Arm
arnica 05 00001 (Au Ass ever lien effersi is this out f .—
Every satiric was selected by himself in the eastern ti.
ties, and purchased at the Lowase mien Men, and he-is
therefore enabled lo sell his articles mach lower thee
they can be had et Ay other establishment west of the
His *tildes atwall made by experienced workmen,
(tom the latest manufactured goods and In the most
lie feels confident that all persons who will call at
his establishment and examine his stock will he unified
that BETTER BA RG MINS can be obtained et the
then at any similar establishment In the thy.
His stock consists In part of
Coats i Pantaloons, Vests, Drawers, Shirts,
Cravats,- , Stocks, Gloves, Suspenders,
And every other article of Clothing of the best style
From his varied stock 'of cloths he is prepared to
MAKE CLOTHES TO ORDER at the shortest notice,
In a style unsurpassed by any other Pittsburgh house,
and were/ rated top.
Ills stock of Spring and Summer Ocods is superior to
any previous Importations and he has no hesitation in
goyim , that for excellence, beauty and cheapness they
cannot be equalled in the weal.
The subscriber wont,' once more return his thanks to
his friends and the public for the unprecedented patron
age bestowed on his establishment, and believing that
nit. customers had found It to their advanisge to deal
with him. he would repeat his Invitation to all those
who wish to purctioa. Clothing of every deter:piton at
lowest prices, to call at No. 151, LI BERTT STRZIIT•
r Observe Metal Plate in the Pavement.
Feb 22
mprovrd Hay
inufaciured he
[heir Stnehint
, between Dla.•
'item, two
Ice flail, Pitt,
,nufactore and
Ind the follow
174 Acetic/to:vim!.
/ composed of
No. I, Port
,hle Platform
iridell OH WII ' IS,
lounds.at $63,-
Passage and Remittances,
it!' _,, , • - ' 8
At / ;4k , 711,711,1 k
.7. 4 V fi 04.
.. 1 1-Esoo ,,
" - . -.— -
New York and Liverpool Line.
PERSONS (*estrous of sending for their friends to
come from any part of Great Britain, are respect
fully informed that the subscriber is at all times pre
nbred to make such et , govemt. tor He is prepared
to remit mottles by drafts, which arc made payable at
any point throughout the United Kingdom on presents.
lion; having been for the last 12 years engaged in the
husinrss, be feels eunfident that his arrangements on
both sides the Atlantic arc such as will give sathriketion.
The Ships comprising the above line, are all of the first
class and are commanded by carefill and skillful masters,
leaving I,iverpool once each wrek during the season.—
ror further particulars apply if by letter to
N 0.61 South street, New Yotk.
al Messrs naleell Fleming':, Water street Piis'bgb.
March 3--2md.
riln IS Line is prepared to commence buslners on the
openlnn of the canal. It in composed (west of Col:
=ilia) of First Class Portable Bost*, chartered forthe
-eason, each boat being In charce of its respective sumer.
The line has at a heavy expense taken a POLICT or
stia•sce from one of the most substantial and prompt
offices in the United States, covering all goods shipped
by it, (free of expense to the owners of tile goods ) Ship.
pers desirous of avaitind themselves of this insurance
most give notice at the place of shipment of the valise
of their goods.
The rates of freilht . wlll be as low as by any respon
sible carriers, and the facilities for giving satisfaction to
^ustomers in all respects are sorpassed by no line 011
the canal. Shipper. to and nom the east are respect.
folly invited to call,
The burliness will be conducted by
90 Front street and Canal Basin, Puutharsh
street. Philadelnhis.
Now York.
.1. &P. MARTIN.
A. L. LOW, Columbia.
March 4
ktrsk, to be twitted the
[From the Yale Literary Magazine.]
fanny Willoughby.
love thee, Fanny Willoughby,
And that's the why, ye Bee,
I woo thee, Fanny Willoughby,
And cannot let thee be;
I sing for thee, I sigh for thee,
And, oh, you may depend t n't,
I'll weep for thee, I'll die for thee,
And that will be the end on't.
I love thy form. so tell and straights
To MJ it always seems
As if it were the counterfeit
Of some I've seen in dreams;
It makes me feel as if I had
An angel by my vide,
And then, I think I am ma bad e
You will not be my bride.
1 love thy clear and hazel eye,
They say the blue Is fairer,
And I confess, that. formerly,
I thi.nght the blue (1) - 6 rarer;
But when I saw thine eye ro eked',
Thoogh perfectly at res'N
I did kneel down, and I did sweat
The hazel was the best,
. . • . hand, so pale and Soft
The whir: ,t ,
You, innocent as trusting oft .
Would,softly clasp in mine:
I thought it sure was chisel'd out
Of marble, by the geniuses, -
The which the poets rant about
The virgins and the vet:ruses.
I love the sounds that from thy I
Gush holity and tree,
As rills that from their caverns elle
And prattle to the sea.,
The melody for aye dad steal
To heart s by sorrow risen,
And then I Mink, and tMii
That music comes from Haven.
Now, listen, Fanny
To what I cannot keep,
11Iy days yo rob of happiness,
My nights ye 4 voti of sleep;' `
And, if you don't relent, why I
Believe you wiif me kill,
For passion must have vent, end I
ill kill myself, I will.".
Thus love did truly drive me mad,
For Filmy Willoughby,
I told tale, half gay, half sad,
To Fanny ‘Villoughby;
And Fanny look'd as maiden would,
When love, her heart did burn; •
AnitFanny:siglt'd as maiden should, 4
And murmer'd a return.
&ad so I woo'd Fan Willoughby-: ,
A maiden like a dovct
And so won Fan Willoughby- , -
The maiden of my lov , _-;
Though many years have pasu'd since thatt
And she Is in the sky, "
I never. never can forget,
Sweet Fanny Willoughbf.
English Agriculture.
Whatever opinion we may farm of grit•
tin, her pride, arrogance, insolence-, ton
snmption, vanity- r -faults, too, that
to be amended within. ten years bf,
commtisory process of a.general allia
natiofl against her =yet we must all elm'.
fees that he agriculture is the most stn.
pendouwthiirg un'der Heaven! When it is
Temembeted that the crop of turnips grown
in Norfolk alone is greater than the value
of her trade with China; that the market
price of geese brought from Lincolnshire
fens is more than her trade with Denmark;
that you shall see, as a common thing,' a
hundred acres of turnips, or a hundrod acres
f beans, or thirty acr , s of cabbage in a
single field—a farm of three hundred acres
all mown, or a farm of the same size, (three
hundred acres) all in crops—the live stock
on a singlo farm worth sso,ooo—twenty
horses employed on one farm every work.
ing day in the year, and by means of thrice
ploughing, (heavy clays,) turning nine hun•
dred acres in a single year—l say, when
this is remembered, it will be seen thrift
"great" as Britain is in every thing, the su.
perlativ,e degree of greatness is in her Nada,
culture —in her soil, naturally poor, but
made rich by the application of capital and
unwearied assiduity, good sense and en•
terprise. While in this country we fail
most from the want of capital, anti from the
circumstance that agriculture does not rank
as an employment with others (especially
with trade it is not valued) as it ought to
be. The English contend that it was never
so valued in a Democratic country, agricul
ture heinz in their estimation, substantially
an aristocratic employment; and it must be
confessed that this is true of England. TO
be wanting in the dignity conferred by land
ed possessions, is to want that which con
ducts to the highest offices and the most
exclusive society. The term country gen
tleman is in England almost an actual pat
ent of precedence; and so far do they carry
this, that no man in trade can marry into
a family of landed descent and possessions,
unless he add to wealth an eminent charac
ter for talent.—Purmers' Monthly Visitor.
Caution in settling slccounts—a Legal
Trap.—By a case recently decided in one
of our courts, it turns out to be the law that
when the principal of a debt is reeiverl. an
action cannot be maintained for the inte
rest. This is a point of flaw which it
concerns the mercantile part of the COM
noity to be familiar with, for it is a case
which may happen every day in ordinary
dealings. The policy or reason of the
rule is not very plain, and it seems to be
one of those remnants of barbarism, which
have not yielde Ito common sense. Such,
however, is plainly the law. A creditor
eannot receive the entire principal, with.
out sacrificing the interest to which he is
just as much entitled as the principal itself,
Let him leave a little of the principal,
tlumgh only one cent, - and he is safe, but'
on no account give a receipt for the whole.
Pi Y. Sias.
There was s fall of snow at liamburgia=
/3.. r., at the 7th lost., much to the , amuse'
-Mantas well as astonishment of tns
tants. t
i 4:-.-:--,!: