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. •
140111,115.--FIVB DOLLARS a year; payable in
Ilihneween - iiingte all - ilea TWO CENTS --for sale at the
Neater or the office, and by New. Bays.
The Ilterenry and ItManufacturer
a irublished WEEKLY, at the same office, on a double
medium sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
wattles. Singte copies. SIX CENTS.
Terms of Advertising.
/not liiiiti on , ' 0.50 One anent h , 5
Two Insertloss, - 0.73 Two room $6.00
Three Insertions, 1,00 Three months, 7.00
t une meek. 1.50 Four months, 8, 00
Tore greelts. 3,00 Mx months,
?brew week/. 4.00 One year, 10,00
CIIA 33333 Le AT Pt ItAllni.
dm Ryears.
T. Sympes
Ott amnitha, 013,00 Sir months, $23,00
04e mine. 25.00 One year. 35,00
~IC aihrerrlisentents In prorortion.
1941. - of tour lines Stx DeLeon/ a year.
Veirtri' Pear Orme. Third between Martel and Wood
iltreets--It. M Riddle. Postmaster.
iNtlssets !fugal. Wattle, dth door from Wood at. Peter
eon's Imaltdlnss—Maker John Willoek.t.otteetor.
Ctrs' Tar/Away, Wood between Pint and Second
ear eta..—Jana A. Bertram, Treasarer.
Couirre Tammy's, Third street, nest door to the
Third Psnahytertan Church—S. rt. Johnston, Treasurer.
Ma lot's enema, Fourth, between Market and Wood
stritiow—Akirawder Ray, Mayer.
• Mastestawes Excummte. Fourth, near Market at:
"Psresstrann. het ween Market and Wood streets, on
ON and Fourth streets.
!oft? MAIL. (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, between
Venid and Market streets.
. Fifth street. near Wood.
Moanaeauet► nom, Water street, near the Bridge,
a:curate' Horst., corner of Penn and Si. Clair.
ROTZL, corner of Third and Wood.
AXIMICAIa INOTILL,COnter of Third and Smithfield.
11111iD8raTa4, corner of Pen" street and Canal.
Eserat,Lilierty street, near Seventh.
Mtu..aus Malmo: aocse,Lilierig St opposite Wayne.
naisainittarr M►'stoa Hocsr. Penn St. °apogee Canal.
COUNSELLOR AT LAW.—Office rt.ml)
.411 loVakewett's offices on Grant st., neatly opposite
tits new Court Howse, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
• • . floor. sap 10
IFIOS. If. ELLIOTT, K. re.„,“ti o
St. Clair street, between Penn and Liberty Sty,
- Plitshugh.
p 10
NEVlrGOODS.—Prezaion sr Mackey, whulcsate and
- retail dealers in English, Preach, and Domestic
Dry Goods, No. 21, Market .t , Pittshargii sep 10
NrANDLESS SL M'CLURE , Aitorneys and
Counsellors at Law: Office in the Desmond, hack
*flail! old Court floatte,Pitielutrgh. sip 10
RIIOVAL.—R. Morrow, Alderrsaw; affi e nOt I
side of Fifth st,, between Wood and Stitithheld
Pis, rifitsburch. rep 10
TOIIN EVI rr, vv hole,„te Grocer Rectift lug
Distiller, And Dealer in Produce and Pitishuralt
...... s piatturdet•red Article?, Air. 224 Liberty Street, PitGe
-7,` larprk.
sen 10
H. tvii.t.“..• 'cum .4. Uti.tvorti
I LUX:MS & DILIVOR7II.--Miolesalc.
Grocer : Produce. and (3 1 )111111is:inn M. rha Ilia, and
IlcalPrs In Pitisburgl) itlauuraclured article:, 29,
Wood street. see 10
• OMNI On like awl ti .tide ur Ihe D6tlllOlltl,llPS %V 'V,
AVilret and Union signets, up stairs Pep 10
itl. DURBORAW, A.lorney at Law; lenders
• hie gro iemOolia I eery ices to the.public. Office cor
er.' at rum and Market Street:l, above 0. Lloyd k Co's
dßoce,Piii, , a horxit, pa, sPP 10
Jona R.SMKRIFF J l . . N. Kr All
4BaIIERIFF dL KEA.N, tdanubirturers of Copper .
Min. and Sheet Iron Ware, No 00. Front at., Fol:4.
liirW noun Spouting and Steamboat work promptly
Rep 10
4 110Z 50 1 . YOUN Fitt NCIS 1.. YOUNG
B. YOUN(.. air. CO., Furniture Ware
Rooms, t,orner of Hand at. Exchange Alley.
tratena wishing to purchase Furniture, wilt find it to
tas sadvaniase to give us a call, Whit fully satisfied that
are can please as to quality and price. sep 10
MLITTON 11A.1119.—Just received 160cholce Mut
ton Hams, well cured and for vale cheap by the do
W!a'brretail,hy ISAAC HARRIS,
asp 10 N 0.9, Fill It st.
R UTA BA.GA.— supp'y of band, etit's Fresh Ra
ta Baga, and oilier different •arietiea of Turnip
Pea Just received and for sale at tEDUCID HMIS at the
Drug aid Seed Stnre of F. L. SNOWDEN,
sep 10 No. 184 Liberty reel, head of .%'ood.
VIVEBB CLOSEY r S Boot and Shoe Illatiulecio
ry.Ne. 83 Fourth St., nest door to the U. States
Ladles Prunella, Kid and Satin Shoes made in
be•aeateatiaanner.and by the newest French patterns.
eep 10
11101tU8 MULTICA ULUS. in tots to sul
59V V purchasers; to Ne disposed of by
No. 184 Laberty street, head of Wood.
D ANLIA ROOTS., Irtworers and Flower Seeds of ev.
Ivy dew:flock's, me always be kid at the Drag
!gal Seed Owe F. L. SNOWDEN.
sly 10 1 / 1 4 Lilheety street. head of Wood.
LElB.4l44amois Anneal lifammodt Onion Set* (or
5V safe at Drag and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, bead of Wood.
for secd;Just received by
No. 184, Liberty head of Wood et
AR DEN TOOLS, oseeistirrs of Hoes. Fatter *lodes
Transplaatier Wore* Eddiste 1.4.344, stid4ln:
it Week Pruning Knives, Trenient Shears. etc., Just re.
telved and for sale by r. L. SNOWDEN.
soy ilil lib; Liberty street, head of Wood.
fmolll ,up.
- Jaye( very choice eared Venison Haas, on retail
an lots for Current money.
W and Corn. bfereleatit
Dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Crass and
Kentucky Blue Grata, always on hand mut fur
Ks. /24 Liberty streL. SNOWDEN,
et, head of Wood.
••v 10
E NTER BUCHANAN, Attaraers at Law, office
removed fruit the Diamond, to -.Attorney'sßow,"
*My tide of Fourth street, between Market and Wood
ILICISTRATCS'BLANKS, for proceedings In At
Coe&west wader the late law, for sale at this Office
Flea SAUL—Lets on the North East corner or Coal
iraaelind lath Weer. Apply -to
a,II sax/. DA ILLI NCTON, Market, near 4th at.
100 LBS. Landreth's French Sugar Beet tieed.just
received and for sale at the Drug and Seed
etiort of F. L. SNOWDEN,
Inby 19 184 Liberty streel, bead of Wood.
partisenthlp lestretofore existing between VVI
disselEby adatual commit. WelPlaut Sigh" is authorized
taw laittera of the Atm is tiattilagep the baldness
ellthel ale ra WILLIAM lIIRCBV. •
TORN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water st.
near the Monongahela Roane, Pittnturgh. sap 10-ly
T EONARD 8. JOHNs'., Alderinan,St.Clair street, sc
cond door from Liberty.
D R. S. R. 1101. IVES, Office in Second street, next door
to Mulvany 4- Co's Mass Warehouse sep 10—ly
T HOS.A AM LTON. Attorney et Law, Firlb, between
Wood and Ernititheld ate., Pittgltur2h., sep 10—]y
H UGH TONER, Aitotnev at Law, North East corner
of Smithfield and Fourth sireelp. sap 10-1 y
1:I ANNA 4- TURNBUF.L'S Paper Warehouse ßN , No.
104, Wood al., where may he had a general supply
of writing wrapping. printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, 4-c, c. rep 10-1 y
rif C. TOWNSEND 4. co.. Win! Workers avid
■ v Manafactsrers, No. 23 Market st reel, between 2d
and 3d streets.
sep 10--1 y
11 4 VCCRA NG E HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
at reela, by fiIIeKIIIIIIN 4• SMITH.
rep 10-1 y
ward H,IOIPA. Manufsciorer of Iron and Nails
tYareltoese N 0.25, W 304 st., Pittsburgh. len 10
IG META L —77 lons soft Pie Metal for sale by
J. G. 4. A. CORD ,
No. 12 Water street.
W AS, PATTERRON, Jr.. flirmln , zham, near Pittsburgh,
e -Pa.. Ma nufartu rer of Locks. Hinges and Bolts; To
hate°. Fuller , .Milland Timber Screws; Houser Screws for
Rolling Mills, ke.
JOITN NVII,O3IIEY. Tailor and Cfrillier. I 'her
sheet. between Stxth and Virgin Tilley, South
sop (0
W Iit.TRBRIDGE d• CO., VVltolcsale Groeers and
Commission Merchants—Second street, between
Wood and Smithfield sts.,Pittßburgli. seri 10- ly
JG. 4. A. connov, Commi,inn and Forwardint,
• M..rclir,tg, %Vater st..Pitisharel . w p Its—ly
[JAM --4 cn IPbans,a gond ;triple, rereived per S
Corpnir, and (or gale by J. G. 4. A . (10 1)ON,
Pep 10 No. 12, WaTer gireei
Qt7C AR A - A5:41 , ..S bbds New Oriearig
L 7 ear; SO hhiS New Orleans SI olas=er; for Pair I, y
Pep 10
J. C. 4.• (10111-10 N.
. •
Q.T.TG A P.-7 hint: prime N. 0. Szazar rerrivrd rwr
R. Maine, and for snle by J. G. MIR 110 N.
vep 10 Nn 12, Wairr s t reel
50 RAISON CASKIII.in order. on hand and for =ale.
Sep by
10 J. G. 4- A. GO ft DON. No. 12, I Voler st
Qu i:A it A Nr) mot, AssES.-1.3 a 1014 N. li.
; 1 0c.:tr.:321011g N. 0. 51ulasire,, received per
Itt) rtrr, and for mile try 4- A. GonnoN,
sep 10
No. 12. sVitter .o reel
611, for ',ale by
B. A. FA N ESTOCK 4- ro .
ecp 10 rorner of ii i b and Wood ,41:
1631 P A PERS Gorgo:loioo. o Limo Black for sale
B. A . FA:INES-1'0(7B - CO., frep 10 corner of fir It and Wood
00 rms Preparrd Chalk, fur cn'e ,y NO I:. 1. r l II NE: 4 Ci )CK C0. , .5 -
r. , ,,,, of 6 , h n,,4 Wood ..r ,
S t2G 11 AND MOI,I SSES.-60 Id.dq. N. O. Sugar.
-25 tdds. do. do., lOU do. Pla, (Ai i••" NtntaFrms,
7.C: A.coßnoN,
N”. 12 Wah•r 3~n r 1
at Icy
.41 , 13
1 01,P 11,441Ti:r nkrn t r t . • 4 tole! on
good pa pPr,und in I'ie nepnev''lll. he 1 . ,'
at the Offire of the 11 orr rid It-wraf w' 1'
WM. lIUBLIIII.D, Lid,: r , ,;1,)01,:v0t e hoot and
shoe Manufacturer. No. 101, 'Chin] s. rret, het wee.
Wood aud Smithfield tureets; rittshurgh se p 10
N.. B
tuts removed his office to the rorner of Fourth
street an4Cherry hetweeit Smithfield and Grant
streets, Pitt:burgh.
Rep 10
MAKER, No. 7, St. Clair street,
sep 10
supply ot La ildeeth's Garden Seeds, always on
land, and (or Sale at his agency, the Drugstore of
rep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
D R. DAVID WARD hat his titificea7l.7lTeTicerl;;
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House,
second dwelling from Roar street. He will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night ealtssimuld be
made at the door above the basement. sep 10
EMOVA L—Malt hew Jones, Barber and Hair Dress
-1 Cr. has removed to Fourth street, oppositethe May
ors office, Where he will he happy to:walt upon permanent
or transient masloowrs. Ile solicits. share of public nat
cep 10
W M. A. WARD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
9A. door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
N., until $ r. x., after which time lie will attend
to no one except in eases of actual necessity. He
would further infirm those who way think proper to
employ kiutolhat lie expects instueeltale pa ynterrt, without
the necessity on his part of sending in bills. sep 10
I OIIN AL D, Upholsterer and Cabinet
Third et. between Wood k Market streets,
respectful infirm his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards. au
reaus,Chairs, ratites, Dedsteads,Stands, !lair and Spring
MattranseP, Curtains, Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
work, which he will warrant equal .0 any made In the
city, and OD reasoalabbe terma.
Pep 10 I
REM O VAt4--The subscrilliers Imre resoosi.d to Ws.
ter between Wood and Smithfield streets, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commis.
sion business and would respectfully solicit the patron.
age of their friends. J.W. ButumiDGE co.
Dec 3
110 Word Street, Pittlburgh.—R. A. Hausman.
Auctioneer and Commission 11 1erchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds Of Goods and Merchandize,
at his large and capacious rooms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Filth Streets, Pittsburgh.
Regialar sales uf Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
other art teka, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
liooks. tt c..estery Saturday earning.
Liberal advances Amite on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Davi ß g , E SQ
.... Bagaley 4- S.math,
Hampton, Smith, 4- Lorenz Co., - I
F. Lorenz 4- co..
J. W. ttorbridge 4- ca.,
S. M'fiee 4. Co.
Caqit. lames M'Gargiti, 1
C. f Pittsburgh
ilmset', Esq.
Joon M'Fatiden Esq. I
Logan f Kennedy.
J. X. Moorhead 4-co.
Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
Robert Galway, Esq:
Capt. Jas. May,
McVay, Hanna, t Co.
William Bynum. Wheeling
S. G. Benny, Louisville
emith,illagaVer * Co Phila.
• :' ' ',.- .-..-- . --' •.' 1 % , : - .'— - • ' ' 4 ' '-. .'' ' 4 . - --•"` '- ' 1 - .,:i:i7- . '.`ii---''''':',C..-,277,:,:fi,"7,,,,,;'--7-711- :. - 7.:';.7 , ..-•''.., _ 4 , 4- , to ~..r.,.. -
• - .1,.
. . .
. ..___
, .
R . .
. .
, .
.. ...
. .. . .
. .. .
. .
. , ,•,,,,,,,..7.
IMmik...ll .•=mMMlN, ll
______ PIT : : _ k, a
HNSTON 4. STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printers an
Paper Manufacturen, No. 37, Market pt. stip 10-1 y
HUNK 4- FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourth st
near the Atayor's Office, Pittsburgh. sep 10-1:
00 Lns. B ICON HAMS. 16.000 ins. Bacon
Shoulders, for see by
.1. G. 4. A. CORDON.
No. 12 Waler street
_ .
140 BagsßioCod-ce. For gale by
act 4. .i. 'A. CORDON.
p r .k e :4 ,, 5 4 ., d 5 ,, , ,, ,,0 ; 1 1 R y F l
from (U 1V - ' N h e
w -
York, i)
3:'. acr e T t VSO I- 4 - Iy li a o s
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
gumption; and is ready to supply customersat wholesale
or retail. at his Aled ical AB
nov 12 "cliv 3t Fourth at.
D T -- Vlf) CLARK — , Ag',V, -------- 17 ---- ---t, his lona e BootMaker,—
/las removed to No, 34 ttlarket street, between
Second and Third streets, where lie wou'd be happy
to see his old customers, and all others who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. Ile uses nothing but first rate
sleek, and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to business, he trusistbat
lie will deserve azd receive a fair share of patronage.
OPP 10
sep 10—
A Bunker respect Pally informs his friends and the
pui,lic that they can always find the best quality of Ice
Creams. together with all kinds of confectionary and
fruits, in their ...Aron, at his establishment—No. Ili
Fifth street, beiwc it Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
whit Bread.
Sep 10
HAM J. CLEMER, residing at 66 Molt creel,
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, rough, heart.
burn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite, serration of sinking St the stomach,
furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomitings, dizziness
towards night and restleness. These had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans.looChntham street, and submitting to his ever
successful and agreeithle mode of treatment, the patient
was completely restored to health in the short space of
onemoni h. and grateful for the incalculable benefit der's , .
ed. gladly came forward and volnnteered the above state
For gale Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. SELLERS, Agent.,
No 20. Wood st reel , below Second.
cap for Cash.
Prices Reduced.
Short Reel rurn. Long
6 Reel arn.
No. 5 at 16 erg. per lb 500 at 9 e ta per dz
Ifii ditto 600 :it 8 ditto
7at 17 ditto 7011 at 7 ditto
Bat 171 ditto 800 at 6 ditto
9at H ditto 900 at 5 ditto
10 at 19 . t. ditto 1000 at 4 ditto
'II a: 19 ditto
12 at I:11 ditto Candlewick; at 11) etc po t
13 at 20 ilitto COM 13.11011% 9 ditto
14 at 201. dill() Family do. • 121 ditto
15 at 21 ditto .l'arp't Chain • 214 ditto
16 at '22 ditto Cot 'n lone •25 ditto
17 at 2.3 ditto Stocking Yarn and
1:3 at 21 ditto coverli t Yarn always on
19 at 2; ditto hand
a' 26 ditto Potto o %Warp: made to order.
fluters prompi ly ott,ioto d 10, if left at J.C.
Paiute., Kennedy's, or the portaddre,,:
rt.l. 27
I. Li.. Harot, 5O ved hy veagonß
gale hy
run E :Mt.:rifler has reinov , d his r.i.hlonahle Tia',ldly;
IL E , ialitislinteni iri iln• Monongahela hour, 3,1 door
I ri on, firs! .4. on 4. mii iifieltl st.whery hiso:d i.ristniirers and
all miter: win, may livor bkt with a rail may depend on
Navin_ ihr it work Min. , in a superior ST) le. From his
I. rig f•COl . Fiennn in f ile 1 411nes: in this city, am: iii many
oil,, r,,), ioii„ kin crirea in Europe and ,1 mer,ra. he feels
romident that Ito can give tallasfaction
..i/4 all who may
1F,,,e1tl favor hint wilt I in fern -into. Dv Ft Het attention
to 1 , ,, , ,,,,,,, 1 .1 vl,lFeriFFr vr.rkiimi,:liip lip 114. pf, to merit
and rf trek,. a slia,ot oililir patronage. Fle friend keeping
on hard a =ripply of 7nnits and trininntri2-s rila'ile Inc the
vii, , IF er I rFF.!.• ,1 111, I; it 111 be :Odd Id Very redm ea pr ire,
B. DON .14 - ; NY.
S ft 'l'll, ~,,,r iiwr Lem. , will aware of line eNretil
that !he ri , •Lr ~.inni 1.- nrrirlf , ed tin 1110 pettur in flit,
country, by miverl,•eineill-: loarllelllatlV IT iselPeing who
Ilia V iFlilly he railed intrude, ~,, il ie !rod e , who r i p e ,
torrid an hour lo the liU , iinesS, arid who kno% on little
ahnirl ii I hal they could not creek a sponge emit), and
they are tear fared enough to ad vertl,se themselves as cal•
lor , a la mode. ntid by the aid of old certificates. eats,
pu f fs, d s. 4'c such as are generally used by quack:, to
-ell their inedicittes.t hey it lien succeed in painting otr on
the utistrzpect in.. customer some old trash for the :sni t
Inc imported article. Stich people's advertisements are
only Calculated In gull the! ultllc and ore, n more rlili
tied to credit than the fictitious yet laughable political ions
about the great Gull...ire,- among the Lilliputians, whirl'
I presume almost every f.choolhov has rend and laughed
at. I would suggest to those who wish to have itch
cloths? Made in lire! rale style to make a little inquiry
and they will find That 0116 is the place where !hey can
he accommodated:
B. D.
J in7—Jut
Hair Die--00i015 the hair and will not the skin
This Dyc is in the form of a Powder which in plait) matter
of fact may be applied to the hair over ni!ht, the first.
night turning the lightest or grey hair to dark ' , fawn; and
by repeating, a second or third night, to n jet black. Any
person may, therefore, with flue least possible trouble,
keep his hail any dark shade or a perfect black, with the
positive assurance hat the powder if applied to the skin
will not color it. There is no coloring in this statement,
as any one may easily test These facts arc warranted
by the chemist who manufactures it.
For sale at TUT7'LE'S, 86 Fourth street, where a
large assortment of Patent Medicines may always he had
at either wholesale or retail.
Don't. /ergot .! RG Fourth street
T O THE PUBLIC, and particularly to my pellet
patrons of this •cityr--iltiving retired from the
practice of Medicine, I may be permitted to say, that It
has fallen to the too of I ut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or large a share of Most retrical practice as my
own has been for Ili-- last 30 or 41 years.
The experience of that long period of active life, and; he
fact of my having been i wire, slnee 11130. associated with
Dr. ft. A. W4p041, in the pat of medicine, (in loot it a
period of five years.) enables me tujoidge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient, so efficient. and yet so safe, did I esteem
these pills, that for the last five yeats in my practice for
the cure of chronic diseasec,of whatever name. and those
of females in particular,l have used more of them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine, this must fall in some in
stances, hut in my hands there has been tees disappoint.
ment and more satisfaction In the administration of thi s
one remedy than of ail others; its ;ood effects sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a safe aperient enollicine ether
store or after parturition, the Wilson's pt Is werei just
the thing I wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity of the liver constituted the
disease Pf my patient. the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a case requiring an eni menagogue, the
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
difficulties, 'indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory sy.tems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life,' the Witeonts pills werrjust thething I wanted.
Thos., without resmet to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the Illne I have had it under treat
ment, particular indications or sy ;cosigns arising., were
always mo't promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number of diseases, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should be clued more readily' by them than by any oilier
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, hot
why it is so is as clear to my mind as that a treat many
persons should become thirsty from m.s ninny different
causes. and yet all require that common and greatest
alt blmings, wafer to quench their thirst,
In conclusion, it is due the , eputation of ttie medicine
and the nubile, to say decidedly and unconditionally, that
the Wilson's pillsarettieonly combination I have ever
met with In my longcourse orpractier, that reahly pus.
eemesanything curativeor specific forsick headache.
Yours 4e., DR. 51/.1,0 ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particularly for Use sick
Haed.Ache,_Dxspepsia, Constipation of the BOMBiB
prepared by the proprietor Dr. R. A. Wilson, and for
sale,wholesate and retail,at his dwelling In Penn street,
below Marbury. 001
142 I.ibertv et
JOHN B. GUTRRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
sion Merchant, Jki.lo6, corner of Wood 4- IVtA sta.
Piltskesa: Having been appointed one of the Auction
eers rou the City of Pitabargh • tenders his services to Jot.-
here, manufacturers and dealers, who may be disposed
to make trial of this market. He is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts tosatisly correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy land favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he confided to
hint. stall be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance, with
merchandise generally, the services of Mr. SAIIIVIL
Fel-mks-rock; heretofore advantageously known, as an
Importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Preel. of M. 4 M
44 Darlington Peebiee,
" Robert Galway.
4, Jamee M. Cooper,
" James May,
R. M. Riddle. } Pittsburgh
wm Robinson, Jr. Pres . % 1
of Exchange Rank.
lia mriton, Smith, 4- Co
John P. Davis,
" Samuel Church,
4 , J. K. Moorhead,
44 Jas. W. Brown 4- Co.
~ John H Rinwn.t Co.
.• Snihh ¢ b tgaley.
4. Vanity 4- Chafers,
John S. Uhld!e,
John Dal.sel I
is &arc 85 bushels of good quality Clover Seed, Alto
150 Weibel' prime Timothy for sale hi lois In snit ;
infers for sale 50 ho 142 Liberty st:
b thels Orchard Grata teed.
DR.GOODE'S Celebrated Female Pills. 'these
PillA are ilrongiy recommended to the notice of
the ladles as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sel, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the Pritem. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians In the Uni
ted Slates, and many Mothers. Par sale Wholesale and
Retail. by
R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
sep 10 No. 20, Wood Street, below Second.
IVM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
oppositt tkr Arad of Smithfield at., Piterbacrpi.—
The subecrlher having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
in the old stand of Mr. R., and Is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In his line, in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. lie keeps corstantly on hand
a large assorliitent ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of the best quglity. He solicits the patronage of the pub•
tic and of the croft.
sep 10 WM. ADAIR.
sxd .Sztes Jar Cseriarss at Easter* Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach,C and Eliptic Burbles (warranted.) Juniata
Iron Axles, Silverand Brass plated Dash Frame., Brass
and plated Hub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps. Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Hinges. ftc..ke.
Sl.Clair Cl.. near e Allegheny Bridae.
D. SELLERS, M. D., ace and dwelling In Fourth
• near Ferry street. sep 13—Iy
The attention lftho,e who have T
been somewhat seep.
Cleat In reference to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Swayner's Compound Syrup of Wild Cher
ry, on account of the persons being unknown in this ear
tion of the State, Is respectfully directed to the following
certificate, the writer of which hew been a Citizen (if this
borough forkeveral years.and Is known a. a gentleman
of integrity and responsibility.
To the ifgreet, Mr. J. KIM
f have used Dr Swavne's Comp nod Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a eouffh, with which 1 have been severely of
flirted for ahont four mouths, and I have no hesitation
In saying that it is the moot effective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness, and
agree 4 well with my ',frt.—and mantains a regular and
good appetite. I ran freely recommend it to all others
similarly nffileted. J. Mt antra, Borough orChambersh` a .
March S. ift4o.
Rep 23
ror4afe by VVILLIA THORN . !Co. 53 Market street.
PERSONS desirous of procuring Emit, .9;t:tde. and
Ornaterntal Trees, or Shrubbery, from Phtladel.
pl,is or NI•l1.' York, nre rerpie3ted to make appliention as
coon ns po , Ribir, nt the Drug nnd Seed Fiore of the ob.
~rribrr, where can lie had ratalopec, gratuitously, of the
toast excellent varieties.SNOWDEN,
sql 21 IR4 Liberty street, head of Woed
3 , 11 - 4RBLE M %Nub-At:Ton v.—rat rick Cawfield re.
s pertfullyarqualnta Ills friend!, and t he public tten
erally, that he in, commenced the Marble huaineßs at the
corner of Pi A h and Liberty Where will he constantly
on hand. tomb atone:, mantel piert.,,, monuments, heed
and loot !able st it for cabinet Warr, and every
art irleannerlainl ne to the business. He will Warrant his
work to he well done, and his charges Will be moderate.
He respectfully a.ks a share of nithile pat ronaze. sep 10-
1117 NI. STPM.P., (Rtiecp.For in H. M 'Closkey) rash
in.ta.de Boot Maker; Liberty2d door from
sabacrilier respnel fully inform!, the
tuthtlethat he has commenced the ahnve httslnemi In the
'hop formerly occupied by Atr. henry M'Clookey.
and that hp Is now prepared to :Mend to all orders In his
tine tiereparetrvend on the meat nrataonobfe
term.. Fr om Ion!! esnertenee In the ma nnt'acittre of
Par:lttonetrte Roots, he feels confident that all articles
from hi.: Catahllahment v, ill eive Pal leraciion in his
1r0h,.. A shore of ilti4lle patronage rperwertfr,ll,.. !KAHN
in/RD 10
Pcll , ,
ILP ratmr,. nro a n A R rerrlVed
fel, 3 .
F SNOIi'DEN, 198 Liberty st.
'ortahle Platform Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 Ills, a
855 00.
do do ..„
do do f
do do 2,005 at ;45 00
do do do do 1.500 at 35 00
do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do do 500 at
With raising levers an addition of 25 00
$3 to e sca
Dormant scales for the uce of Warehousesac,h
Mills, tc..the same priers as above.
Also, White's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improvemeats, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from 0 to $l5,
Tbey also manufachere Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Mills, Salt Works, d.c„ double and single
geared slide !at hes.foot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs. Planing machines, door
and sash machines. Nail's patent horse power, with or
without thrashing machines a superior article; circular
saw shafts, snachines for sawing lath, Tinner's mn•
ehitiesand tools of ail descriptions.aiso for making black
Ing boxes, a superior article; governors for steam engine•
stocks, laps and dies, coffee Mills, bedstead or Joint toots
and machinery for making the same. cotton factory ma
chinery made or repaired; printing press !galleon turned
and printing presses repaired.
JAMES MA Y, Agent.
sep 22-11
Improved Flay
manufactured Ite
t their Machin,
'et. between ma-
Will street, two
'lmre nail, Pitts
ianufacture and
tend the fotrow
composed of
No. I, Pon
We Platforni
.sralen on
0 weigh 35UU
rou tids,a( *65
I seP 10
For publishing a Ism Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
erth, to be entitled the
rpHE Snheeribere having made arrangements to merge
1 the Ansel lean Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu•
ry into one Journal, haveconeluded - to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Daily Morning Post.
The leading object of the ..Porr" will be thed!ssemina
lion and defence of the political principles that have here
tofore been maintained by tile Editors, in their respective
papers, and their beat efforts will still be devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, in politics, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intelligence, and brief notices of all mat
tent and occurrences that come properly within the sphere'
of a Public Journal. to make their paper sufficiently in•
cresting to entitle' it to the patronage of the public, it
respective of party considerations.
In addition lb the political and general news that will
be found in the u.Merreirty Post,. the Editors will take
pains to furnish the business! community with
the latest and most Interesting Coirmaieut. Demi!.
stance from all barbs of the country. and to have prepa
red such accbunts of the Markets and the State of Trade
astern beadvantageons to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several callings.
Terase.—The Posy will be published on a large Imperl•
al sheet aline paper, (manufactured especially for this
Journll) at the unusually low rate or FIVE DOLLARS
per anntitn,payable in advance. It will also be sold by
newatioys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Rifeertleesteste wilt be inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
it r TWENTraCtiVe lads are Wanted to sell the Post,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
August 31, 1842.
1 00 /MS. KV. LEAF TOBACCO. la store and
for sale by J.G. # A GORDON,
No. 73, Water street.
Co London, for sale only by S. IS
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pittsburgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. se
F ARM FOR SA L C.—T—he undersigned offers for sale a
tract of land situated 4 mlle3 rms. ereepoil, In the
direction of Kittanning, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
county , containing 100 acres, 65 clrared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are in meadow— a good square log
dwelling houseand cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
otchard of 80 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient to the house.
FOR TERMS apply to the subscribers residing at the
Salworks on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 nine above Free.
sep 10
111PCloskey's Clothing Store !,
No. 151 Liberty street, one door from the
Jackson Foundry.
THE P utmeriber is just receiving at his well known
establishment, the largest, most varied and CIIICAPIST
irrocu OF 000Ds that has ever been offered in this eity.—.
Every article was selected by himself in the eastern ci.
ties, and purchased nt the Lowest CASII PRICE', and he is
therefore enabled to sell his urticles much lower than
they can be bad at any other establishment west of the
His articles are all made by experienced workmen,
limn the latest manufartured goods and in the most
He feels confident that all persons who will rail at
hi+ establishment and examine his slack will he satisfied
that BIEITTF.R BARGA INS can he obtained at the
than at any similar establishment In the city.
His stock consists In part of
Coats , Pantaloons, Vests, Drawers, Shirts,
Cravats, Stocks, Gloves, Suspenders,
And every oilier article of Clothing of the best style
From his varied stock of cloths he is prepared to
HAKE CLOTHES TO ORDER at the shortest notice,
Ina style unsurpassed by any other Pittsburgh house,
and warranted to ,4t.
Ills stock of Spring and Sumner Geod. is superior to
any previous imporiatkms and he has no hesitation in
sayinp that for excellence, beauty and cheapness they
cannot he equalled in the west.
The subscriber would once more return NS thanks It
his friends and the public for the unprecedented patron
age bestowed on his establishment, and believing that
his customers had found It to their advantage to deal
with him, he would repeat his invitation to all those
who wish 10 purcha , a Clothing of every descrlption at
lowest prices, to call at No. 151, Lt HIRT,/ STRICIIT.
fg:) - Observe Metal Plate in the Pa JOH vementC LOSK EY. .
Feb 22
Passage and Remittance,
aAI a _4 lak
PNew York and Liverpool Line.
ERSONS (estrous of sending for their friends lo
come from any part of Great Britain, are respect
fully informed that the subscriber is at all times pre
pared to make i.uch etigagrnh ray He is prepared
to remit monies by drafts, which arc made payable at
any point throughout the Oahe(' Kingdom on presents.
lion; having been for the last 12 years enga;ed in the
business, he feels eunfident that his arrangements on
both sides the Atlantic are such as will give satisfaction.
The Ships compribing the above tine, are all of the first
class and are commanded by careful and skillful masters,
leaving Liverpool onee each week during the SC2SOII.
ror further particulars apply ir bv letter In
No 6f Smith street. New Yolk,
Of to
at Messrs Dathell 4. Fleming's, Water street Pits'bgh. i
March 3--2 ind.
rip HIS Line is prepared to commence business on the
JI opening of the canal. it IS COMpOSOCI (west of COI
umbia ) of First Class Portable Boats, chartered fortlic
, enson, each boat being in charge of its respective owner.
The line has at a heavy expense taken a POLICY or I:r
-etie tIITE from one of the most substantial and prompt
offices in the United States, covering alt goods shipped
by it, (free of expense to the owners of the tends ) Ship
pers desirous or availing' themselves of this insurance
must give notice at the place of shipment of the value
of their goods.
The rate; of freight will be as low a. 1.. any respon
sible carriers, and the facilities for giving rwtisfiac tion to
customers in all respects are surpassed by no line on
the canal. Shipper. to and from the east a - e respect.
fully invited to call,
the business will be CWIIIIIOEI by
90 Front street and Canal Basin, Pittsburg
Foot of Dock street, Philadelphia.
A. L. LOW, Coiumbia.
March 4
Distressing Calamity. —The Btronds.
burgh (Monroe C 0.,) Democrat, records on
the authority of a friench the following
painful occurrence}
In the upper portion of Pocono torivti , .
ship, abou , five miles above the village of
Tanneraville, there are several German
families, who have recently emigrated to
this country. Their dwellings are said to
be of the poorest kind, being built in such
a manner as will answer tetnporary pur—
poses, With the least expense. On Tues
day night last one of these houses; occur
pied by a man named Peter Brell naught
fire, and before the inmates could make
their escape, four of them were burned to
death 'l'he persona were, a eon of Mr.
Br , 11 , aged about to years, a Mrs. Bouck
and her infant child, who were weeping
up staire i and a young man, *bout 23 years
ofage, Whose name is unknown. give
others escaped in their night clothes, near
ly all of whom were sadly burned. The
wife of Mr. Breit escaped, with her head
and breast so badly burnt, that she is not
expected to survive. Mr. Bouck was in
bed with his wife and child, and although
he escaped with his life, the flames spread -
so rapidly that he was unable to render
them any assistance.
Our informant states that the house was
frame, newly built last fall, and 'filled in' t
with hay.stra w, and other combustibl e ma,
ter ials—and being perfectly dry, the flames
must have been communicated to every.
part of it in an instant . How the fire orig
inated is unknown.
Kicsing.--A very is going the rounds
o the effect that some rascal in Ohio has
been ki.sing a married woman and had to
pay ten dollars for the offence. This
frightened all the young gentlemen in the
town where it occurred, f , r they imagin.
ed kissing gills Was equally unlawful—
and some ofthetn calculated they were in
debt $lO,OOO on that score. Their fears
were, however, dispelled by the public
declaration of an eminent jurist, that kis
sing unmarried women was not only law
ful but ezehaplary. The night this an-,
nouncement was made, the 'courting'
was 'severe.'
ow the Quaker Outwitted the Robbers
A trilyeler wended the wilds among,
With a
_parse of gold and a silver tongue,
His hat it was broad, arid all drab were Ma
For he hated high colors—except on his lUsiel
And he met with a lady the story goes.
fieigho! yea thee and nay thee.
The damsel she cast him a merry blink.
And the traveller was nothing loth, / think;
Her merry black eye beamed her bonnet be..
And the quaker he grinned, for he'd very good
And he asked, Art thougoing to ride on tbel
heath? Heighol &c.
hope you'll protect me, kind sir,' said the
'Am to ride this heath over I'm altaid
sadly t
For robbers, they say, here in number/1 Amines
And I would'nt for any thing I should be found
For—between you and me—l have five hondraill
pound, &c.
'lrthat is thine own, dear,' the quaker *Ca t
'I ne'er yew a maiden I sooner %scold wed;
And 1 have another Ewe hundred just now 4
In the padding that'', under my saddle bow
And I'll settle it alt.noon tke, I vow!' ,
The maiden she smiled, and the rein alio dfe.
Your ()Ter I'll take—though I'll not take you!'
A pistol she held at the quaker's head—
'Now give me your gold—or I'll give you nit
'Tie under the saddle, I think you said.'
Height)! &e.
The damsel she riped up the saddle bow,
And the quaker was ne'er a quaker till doer;
And he saw by the fair one he wished for 4
His purse borne away with a swaggering stride
And the eye that looked tender now only defied 4
The spirit doff] move me, friend Broadbrimil
quoth ehe,
'To take all this filthy temetAirm from thee.
For mammon deceives— and beauty is fleet,
Accept from thy maiden a right loving greet]
For much loth ehe profit by this quaker's
mooting,' fleigho! &c,
'And hark' jolly qu ,ker, so rosy
Haire righteousness more than. -ta .164ctit
Don't go again peeping girle.btaitt/Ittit'bimeitth
Remember the ime you met ott the heath,
tier tamale's is Jima Barlo.v—l tellyou to yowl
teetlilt Ileighd &a.
'Friend James,' quoth the quaker, ptay liatett
to me,
For than Genet confer a great favoc, d'ye ace;
The sold thou haat taken.is not mine my friend
But my master's—and truly on thee I depend
To make it appear I my trust did defend:'
'So fire a few shuts through my clot6es here anti
To make it appear 'twos a despvate affair.
So Jim he popped first through the !Arita of
his coat,
And then through his collar—quite close to his
Now once more through tny.brnadbrim,' quoth
Ephrain vate.' lleig,hol &c.
' have but brace,' said bold Jim, and they're
And I won't loadaligtin for a make-believe rent‘
adld B pbralin,peoducin g hie phitiakiduit
My five hundred pundit back—or a 3 aure l ile
you live-,
I'll make ofyour body a r iddle or 'mire.'
Jim Barlow was diddled—and though he wait
fie saw Ephraim's pistol so deadly in aim, • •
That he gave up the gold, and he took to hit
And when the whop okay gat into the papers,
They said that the thieves were no match for
the quaker
Ileigholyea thee and nay thee.