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    VOL L-NO. 156.
amS.--Fivs DOLLARS a year, payable in
admit*. single copies TWO CENTS—for sate at the
0011111tilit Of the ogee, and by News Bays.
The Mercury and Manufacturer
wahlhtheill WEEKLY, at the nine office, o• a double
,•sdl•n sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in sta.
.rare•. Single espies, SIX CANTS.
Terms of •
°MI Ineertloe. 0,50 1
Tyro lneerilons, 0.75
Three Insertloos, 1,00
One week, 1.50 I
fire weeks. 3.00
Atte week., 4.00
Chu dviass. Try Squarse
La Bombe, $19,00 I Six months, $23,00
eilirtar , 25,00 One year. 35,00
wirLarger advertisements in prorortion.
CARDAof foar lines Six DoLt.Aite a year,
Cm Pore Omcs. Third between Market and Wood
Streets—lt. M Siddle,Posturaster.
Cerro* Moose, Water, 4th door from Wood at. Peter.
sox's buildings—Major John W Mock, Collector.
Cure Tastsuay. Wood between First and Second
Streets—Jamcs A. Bertram, Treasurer.
Counre Taarrsaay, Third street, next door to the
Titled Presbyterian Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
lillayou's °ems, Fourth, between Market and Wood
wrests—Alexander flay, Mayor.
Nstet•STY Bxcu&ass. Fourth, near Market st.
riarmitotott, between Market and Wood street". on
third and Fourth streets.
klaarms.was' •RD MANuribcTimmtßs' &YID FARIIIRS . Ds•
PUT Ban'. (formerly Saving Find) Fourth, between
Afood and Market sheets.
Bat , Slab street. near Wood.
Monona',NELL Tiornta, Water street, near the Bridge.
MICR/ 010 Z Horst.. corner of Penn and St. Clair.
IlleacnAwre floret, corner of Third and Wood.
Atesucia Horst corner ut Third and Smithfield.
da illatingoSTaTi., corner of Penn street and Canal.
Seats° Etats, LTherty greet, near Seventh.
Mir..t.eas NtAvritex Souse, Liberty St opposite Wayne
Blliamatioitorr blew:got" Sorsa. Penn St. opposite Canal.
COUNSELLOR •AT LAW.—Offtee rem,'
red to Ilakewell'a offices on Grant at., neatly onprante
tne new Court (Witte, next ?now to John D. Mahon,
&al ,—First door. "I , 10
Trios. H. ELLIOTT, M. D.- Office resnoved
St. Clair street, between Penn end Liberty
Pittebnigh. e - p 10
NEW GOODS.—Preston 4. Mackey, whi,lcsale and
retail dealers In English, French, ar d Domestic
Pry Goods, No. 'l. Market Pt , Puttslmr:ll. Pep 10
MCANDLESS & M'CLURE, Attorneys and
Counsellors it Law: Office frit the Diamond, bock
dlif the old Court Iloute,Pilishorgh. see 10
RE 11 0V A. —R. Morrow, Alderman; oft. e north
side of Fifth st,. between Wood and Smithfield
etc Pittshurei
JOilN 111 , DEVITL, What...sale Glneur Ref
DigWirt', And Dealer In Produce and Pitichutcli
1114annfrelured Article,:, No. 224 Liberty Street, Pitts•
burgh. !en 10
1111/41.L.L.As $ Wtt.s.tar• lion■ Umwoa , ....
Grocers Produce nod Commission Mereliantv, and
/salon le Pittsburgh Manufactured article., No, 29.
Wood street. iseo 10
VIOL 0' fiA.RA. ROBINSOIV, Attorney at Law
Office on the north aide of the Diamond.betwee•
gd4ritei and Union sireet,t, up we're 'rep 10
A I. DURIIORAIV, Attorney at Law; lenders
.0 - ‘ 6 WO proietAiolial 'lvry lees to Lht public. Office cur.
weer of Fifth and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd Jr Co's
store. Pittsburgh, Pa. sep 10
JOHN B. tittrAtrr... Jai. N. Kk
hatiErtlFF dr. KEAN, Manor
.acturers Or Cooper.
" Till. and Sheet iron Ware. No. SO. Front it., Ftt tr
burgh. House Spouting and Steamboat work promptly
executed. cep 10
V HOS. B. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
JL Rooms. t.urner of Hand st. i t Exchange Alley.
Terseas within; to purchase Furniture. wilt find it to
bait advantage In ;ive us a call, beim! fully satisfied that
we can please as to quality and price. sep 10
UTICON HAIIS.—Just rece i ved 160 choice Mut
MI Flame, well cured and for sale cheap by th..do
son or retail, by
rap 10
ferrA BAG supp'y or Landreth's Fresh Ru•
to Biqa, and other different varieties of Turnip
NMI 411111 1 received and for sate at IttrIVCKD raters at the
Drug sad Seed Store of F. L. SNOWDEN,
pep 10 No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
E. 81.11 CLOSEY,S Boot and Shoe biontascio
ry, No. 83 Fourth St., next door to lhe U. States
lank. Ladles Fruit&le, Kid sod Satin Shoes made in
he ntatestinanner, and by the newest . French patterns.
,sep 10
5,000 bl purchasers; tote disposed of by
No. 184 Liberty street. brad of Wood.
ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seed, of ev•
ery description, can always be had at the Mot
aad stare of F. L. SNOWDEN.
*es 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
115 Ark LBS. Illinois Annual Mammoth Onion Seed, for
1, sale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
f seed E ;
just ved by
No. 184, Llberly head of Wood et
GARDEN TOOLS, consisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades
Transplanting Trowels, Edding Tools, Budding
Knives, Pruning Knives, Pruning Shears. etc., just re.
celved and for sale by F. L. SNOWDEN.
pm 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
CHOICE Venison Hams.--Just received a small cup.
ply of very
, oitte cared Venison Hams, oo retail
/a mall tots for current money.
and Cony. Merchant
WIIITE Dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Kentucky Blue Gran, always on hand and for
No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
sale by
sop 10
EYBTEB it BUCHANAN, Atterneys •t Law. office
removed from the Diamond, to *Attorney'sßow,"
shady side of Fourth street, between Racket and Wood
streets sep 10
aill AGIISTIXATES'EMANKS, for proceedinv In .Al
Iti reaAanrat ander the late law, for dale at this Write
FOR SALE.—Lots on the North East corner of Coal
Lane and Dish street. Apply to
sap 10 BENJ. DARLINGTON, Market, near 4th rt.
100 LBS. Laedreth's Preach Sugar Beet Seed, Jost
received and for sale at the Drug and Reda
, P. 1.,.. SNOWDEN,
184 Liberty urea, bead of Wood.
,at P 0
tasartaerahip heretofore existing between Wile
LIAR RIG ay ad BEN/ A MIN HOPEWELL is this day
dissildeed by magi eossent. William Diguy is authorised
tease dm' similar, of the Ara ia 'rutin up ills binillll.B
4 mud ata Om WILLIAM 01611 T.
to is shift. T.IIIOPRIVELL
-~ -. ~~:.
One month, $5.00
Two moms. 6.00
Three months, 7,00
Pour months, RAW
Six months, 10,00
One year, 15,00
No.S.Fitth st
J OHNSTON dr STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printer!. an
Paper Manufaeineerp, No. 37, Market Fl. pep 10-1 y
JOHN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water et..
near the Monongahela House, Pittslurgh. sep 10-1 Y
LEONARD 8. JOHNS, Alderman, St. - Clair strect,se
cond door from Liberty. cep 10-1 y
D R. S. R. HOLMES, Office In Second street, next door
to Mulvany 4- Co's Glass Warehouse sep 10-1 Y
QM:IN K 4. FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourth st.,
near the Mayor's Office, sep 10-1 y
1111110S.HAMILTON, Mornay at Law, Pinth, between
Wood and Smithfield sts.,Pittshursh. seplo—ly
HUG!' TONER, A ttot nay at Law, North &s=t corner
of Smithfield and Fourth streets. cep 10—ly
HANNA 4" TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104, Wood st., where may be had a general supply
of writing. wrapping. printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, ite, 4'c. am)
griP C. TOWN4END .4. CO., Wire Workers and
Matiorfactursrs, No. 23 Market street, between 2d
and 3d streets. sep 10-1 q
LIXCHANO IF: HOTEL, Corner of Penn And Si. Clair
.C4l st reels, by MeK IBBIN 4- SMITH.
pep 10-1 y
ward flueliPs. Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25. Wood at.. Pittsburgh. sell 10 -1y
lIC METAL.-77 tons soft Pitt Mrtal for Pa le by
J. G. 4. A. CORWIN,
srp 13 No. 12 Water street
3 BS. BACON HAMS. 16.000 lbs. Bacon
,000 L Shoulders, ror ss'e by
J. G. 4- A. CORDON,
No. 12 Water street
IFAS. PATTERSON, Jr.. Birminbam, near Pittsburgh,
ell Manearturer of Locks. Fiinees and Rolls; To•
' , ace°, Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws: [loosen Screws for
Roiling Mills, 4-e. sco 10-1 y
JOHN iII'CLOSKEY. Tailor and Clot !tier, Ltter.y
Vim, In:tweets Sixth and Virgin alley, South side,
Eery 10
T W Brit BRIM:El 4- CO., Wholesale G roeers and
Clllll,ffig.ion Merchants— Second street, between
Wood Smithfield str.,Plttshorgh. Bert 10-.ly
y G. 4. A. coltncol, Commission and Forwarding
al a Merchants, Watir at., Pittsburgh, scp 10--1 y
1 M S.-4 casks horns, n food article, reeeived ner
1.1 B Corsair, and for salc by J. G. 4- A. GOR DON,
se.p 10 No. 12. Water street
SUGAR & MOLASSES.-40 hlida !s:ew Orleans Su
:8r; 80 bbls New Orleans Niolam.e.; for ser e I.v
Q.11:43. R.-7 Ithdi prime N. 0. Sinai, rereiveli per R.
R. Maine, and forme by J. G. ¢A. GOR DON.
mei) 10 No. 12, Water street
50 BACON CASK9.In o , der. on hand and for sale by
seplo ). G. ar A.COlt DON, No. 12, Water et
QIIG A R AND MOT, f litide and WI. N. 0.
Soenr, 32 Mils Y.O. Mohave., received per Sienniiinat
I lei porier, and for vale by J. G. 4. A. COl FiriN,
p 10 No. 12. Writer =creel
S BBLS. LARD OIL. filr tale hy
B. A. PA II NF.STnrK r 0
rep 10 Corner of 6i h and Mind :I<
1631 PAPElZSGernidniowo Lamp l'lnt- 1 / 4 Cm. vile
F.IIINE! 4 'II4:I‹
rep 10 corner of6ilia,,d Wood i•
200 L 8 Prepared ß C: A ialk
F . r 4 , 0 1; r
hr o
Fep corner of 6th And Wrlncl 'ha
QUDA Ft AND MOLASSES.--60 liltds. N. 0. Sugar
10 :25 bbls. do. do.. 100 du. Pia i•.II
sale by J. G. k Gonnos.
sep 13 No, 12 Water ill feet.
o he used in Bankruptcy nrocord,ncs, prnond on
good pa per iu the foruiY apprn ye,/ hp i he Courl,for sale
at the Office of ihe Merl ury and Democrat. ~ c l, It)
WM. HUBBARD, Lvhe.. fz..l.o,,Thie hoot and
shoe Manufacturer. No. lUI, Third ai reel, iicisti.en
Wood audSmithfleldstreets. Pittsburgh sep 111
i has removed his °Mee to the corner of Fourth
street andetterry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
it; eel•, Pittsburgh, pep 10
iJ MAKER, No. 7, Si. Clair streel, Pitts
sep 10
supply of Landteih's Garden Seeds, always on
band. and for sale at his agency, the Drug store of
rep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood
DR. DAVID WARD hal Wm office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House.
second do elfin' from [IOAI street He will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door above the bnsement• sen 10
R EMOVAL—Matthew Jones, Barber and Hair Dress.
er, has removed to Fourth st reet, opposue I he May
ors office, where he will be happy to:walt upon permanent
ur transient customers. He solicits& share of public rot.
ronage. sep 10
AVNI. A. %VA RD, DENTIST, Penn et. three
door below frwln street, Hours of business, from
9A. Y., until 5 r. x , afier which time he will attend
to no one except In cases of actual necessity. He
would further inform those who may think proper io
employ him, that he expects immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending in bills. lap 10
J OAN WFARLA ND, oateittarer sad Cabinet
Af-ksr. Third at. between Wood 4 Market streets,
respectful inflrois his friends and the public that he Is
prepared foment* all orders for Sofas, Sideboards, Bu
ream% Chaffs, ra him Bedsteads, Stands, lialr and Spring
Mattrasses, Curtains, Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
work, which he will warrant equal ,o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. aep 10
EMOVAL!--The subscribers have remov.-d to %Va.
ter between Wood and Smithfield streets, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commis
sion business and would respectfully solicit the patron.
age or their friends. J, W. BURBRIDGE q• Co.
Dec 3
110 Word Street, PittebargA.—R. A. Bauman,
Auctioneer and Com nil...ion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merehandize,
at Ms large and capacious looms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets. Pittsburgh.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
o th er articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery. Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Books. 4-c...every Saturday ev rntug.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Davis. Esq.,
•• &matey et Smith,
Hampton. Smith, 4. Ce..
_ _
.. F. Lorenz 4 Co.,
.. J. ',V. Burbridge 4. Co.,
" S. /4 'hee 4. C o .
.. Capt. James hi'Cargiii,
C. Ihmsen, Esq. ),. Pittsburgh.
/lb w s. Jona M7adden Ear(. I
.. Logan it Kennedy. i
~,, J. K. Moorhead 4. co. I
a. Jas. P. Stuart. faq.
~ Robert Calway.Rav
4. Capt. his. May.
" NeVa7.llanna, 4 co.
«. William lilyman. Wheelies
•• S.G. Rusty. Losiothe
Smith. Pesk If Co Co night.
on Bazs Rio Coffee.
oci 4.
received this day from New York. a fresh supply o
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
surnption; and is ready to supply cipdornersat wholesale
or retail. at his Medical Agency, 2 Fourth st.
tiny 12
DAVID CLA RH, elishionable Boot Maker,_
Has removed to No, 34 filarket street, between
Second and Third streets, where he would be happy
to see his old customers, and all others who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. He uses nothing but first rate
stock, and employs the hest of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to business, be truststiiat
he will deserve ar,d receive a fair share of patronage
sea 10
A Hunker respectfully informs his friends and the
public that they can always find the hest quality of Ice
Creams. together with al; kinds of confectionary and
fruits, In their tem on. at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes, or anything in his Ilne. Also families furnished
with Bread. Oen 10
HAM .f. CLEM ER, residing at 66 Molt street,
New York. was aftllcted with Dyspep.da in Its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, crmb, heart.
hu rn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite, sensation of sinking at the slontarh,
furred tongue, nausea..with frequent vomltings, dizziness
lowarda night and restleness. There had continued up.
ward of s twelvemonth, when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans.loo Chat ham street, and submitting to his ever
successful and ag,reeahle mode of treatment, the patient
was completely restored to health in the short space of
onemont h,s n d Grateful fur the Incalculable benefit derly.
ed. gladly came forward and volunteered the abovestate
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
No 20, Wood Street, below Second
Cheap for Cash.
Prices Reduced.
Short Reel nen.Long Reel Tarn.
No 5 at 16 cti. per lb! I
500 at 9 cis per dz
6 at ditto l
600 8 • ditto
7 at 17 ditto 700 at 7 ditto
8 at 171 ditto I UN) at 6 ditto
9 at 13 ditto 91R) at 5 ditto
10 at 191 ditto 1000 at 4 ditto
11 a: 19 ditto
12 at 191 ditto
,randl , wick at 16 cot fort 01,
13 at 21) ditto 'ow. 9 ditto
14 at 20} ditto 'Family do. dill.)
15 at 21 ditto Carti't Chain thito
16 at 22 25 ditto
17 at 23 dill° :' , ..lockinz Yarn and
lft at -...' 4 (lllto roverl(l Yarn ulways on
19 nt e.. 1; (11110 i linnd
211 n , 26 ditto ,t'orto n Warp. nandr to order.
OZr ()Hers promptly encoded 10. ir felt of J. ¢ C.
Palmer's, Logan 4• Kennedy's, or the Post came. :Mares.
feb 27: J. K. 1110 OR II KAI) 4- Co.
1500 Lhs. new Baron. ju:t received by wagons
from Onm, for sale by
/VHF: P.er hay ninny d ra.klonalde T 1.110 rill
JIL Fmaldlshn,,d in Iliiiionvitiere 'loose. 3 , 1 door
r i ,,, , T. „„ hrida hero litsiThi costumiers and
nil n , i , er. who may r., vor IJu, %silk a rail nine ch.! , nrl
havlor huh work done in a superior Stile. From
lor per irla ela 11, ha in el , y, and In many
m he, 1,..i,t0nni,i.• tole• in and A inened, h. 1 , ... , 0
coofideoi shat ln, rail Ova oral iriatliwe 449 , ail who Mac
pb n•.•tn favor him wst 11 'lid, etodcdo. flu nirlel attention
to buci lim. and superior .vorkurinship lie Iv pry to merit
and receive a pal ronare. Ile ir lend keeplor
nn hand n supply of rondo and irlmniinrpnuitn'ile for Ilse
rus , culer Ira,le a kick will he said 4 1 v er y red,,„,i
N It The twin?. n st . n re of the ...Alen'
Thal The crt I. i..!,,le•rn n prnCli,il On file pulllie $0 lIIIh
by ddverle.ernenl , ; particularly by In , Ann. who
'tiny Jan IN he ca lied ill( i'lliffirS Oa the rade, who nevcr
s.rv, d hail , ' In Itir husiness, and who kno•s no lolle
il lion] Ili., could not crook a •pn age (doll), and
they are ha rr Cared enousli to advert I,e I henowlves as'ah
lors a la mode, and by the aid of old certoficiVes, cuts,
puff., r d r such an are screrally used hy gnarke to
iwd hi. ir nude rune.,l hey ollen =urrrrd In palthlns off no
s ome Old ',Bch Inr line
Sneh peopir• • + advert inane rain are
only calenlaf ed In gull Ihri Mille and are r n more (Mt
'led to rredd than Iltionr yet , anshalde pnldleations
nlanr the gr✓at Oult-•ivrr among the f itliputiows. which
I presnme almost every Frllo, - 111 , 0V ha• rend arid ienghed
at. I wow,' Aa , .../eQt to thorn. who wish Co have tieir
made in first rale Pt vle to make a Itllle Inquiry
and they wig. And that this Is the place where they ran
he accommodated; B. D.
J in 7-3 a:
Hair Die_--coloto t he hair and will not the Pb),
This Dye to in the i'nrin of a Powder whetl In plalh matter
of tart may he applied to the hair over ni2itt, the fi , sl.
Ittrning the lightest ar , r -e q hair to dark brown; and
by repeatinz a rerond or third night. to a Jet black. Any
per,ott may. therefore. with the least prmihlc trouble.
keep lii. hall any dark shade or n perfect black, with the
Po.ltive ;I , l , w:ince that the powder if applied to the akin
will not color it. There 19 no coloring in this atotement.
as any one may en.ity tent There facts are warranted
by the ...held,' who manufacture, it.
For sale at TUTTLE'S, S 6 Fourth street, where a
large nixporimeoll ar Palen( Medicines may always be had
at either vritoteente or retail.
"Don't forret ! 86 FuttrlA street. 1"
T O THE PUBLIC, and particularly to my forever
patrons of tilts city:—llaylog retired trout the
premier , of Medicine, I may he permitted to say, that it
has fallen to the lot of I tit few persona to have enjoyed
so liberal or large a share of ohatretrieal practice as my
own has been for the last 30 or 40 years
The experience of that long period of artive life. and I he
fact of toy having been twice, since 1830. associated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, In the practice of medicine, (in both it
period of five years,) enables me to judge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient, so efficient, and yet su sale, did I esteem
these pill...that for the, last five yews In my practice for
the cure of chronic diseases,of whatever name, and those
of females In !wheeler, I have used more of them than
all of her niedirines.
Like every of her medicine, this roust fall in some in
stances, but In my hands there has been tess disappoint.
ment and more satisfaction In the administration of Ibis
one remedy titan of ail others; Its good effects sometimea
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required n safe aperient medicine either
.afore or after parturition, the Wilson's pits were just
1 the thing I wanted.
it a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity of the liver. constituted the
disease lf my patient.. the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a case requiring an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were jest the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
dtfficulties. Indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and •ecretory systems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills werejust the thine I wanted.
Thus, without resp2ct to the name, a disease !nista
happen to wear at the time I have had it under treat
meat, particular indient)ons or symptom; arising, v ere
sl—sys nick , t promptly and most happily met by the
That so great a number ordisences, and comet itnes np.
parent ly opnosile ones, in Which 1 have used these pills,
should he ailed more readily by them than by any oilier
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my mind as that a treat many
persons should become thirsty from Ls many different
causes. and yet all require that commun and greatest hr
all blessings, water lo quench their thirst.
I n conclusion, It Is due the eputation or the medicine
and the pubih-, tong decidedly and unconditionally, that
the Wilthin's pills are theonly combination I have ever
met with IN my Inneenwse or twactier.that really psi
evaresanything coral ive or spacidc ro r skit headache,
Yours 4-e., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The above Pitts designed vart‘colairly for the sick
Hoed-Ache. Deaperala,Constiparton or 'he Bowels
prepared by the proprietor Dr. t. A. Wilson, and for
sale, wholensie and ninan,at hiedwening in Pena etreall,
new Inartnny, Oet I
For sale by
• 4- A. CORDON
DR. GOODE'S Csiebrated Featsle Pills. These
Pills arestrongly recommended to the notice of
the ladies as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveneae, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections; These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Hni
tad States, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
Betel!. by R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
Cep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Second.
WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the head of Smithfield et., Pittsburgh.—
The subscriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, hag commenced business
In the old stand of Mr: R., and 11 prepared to execute
ail descriptions of work In his line, In the beat manner
and on the shortest notice. He keeps corstantly on band
R large assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of the hest qualhT. Re solicits the patronage of the nub.
Ile and of the craft. WM. ADAIR,
sep 10
• and Axle• for Carrtare• at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Axles, Sliver and Brass plated hash Frames, Brass
and plated Hub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Hinges. le. ,ke.
HD. sELLr:Rs, M. D., office and dwelling In Fourth,
• near Ferry street. Pep 13—ly
The attention 'flho,e who have been somewhat scep
tical in reference to the numerous certificates published
In favor of Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cher.
ry, on account of the persona being unknown In this sec
lion of the Slate, is resPeelluily directed to the following
rem Skate, t he writer of whirl' hes been a ell lien of this
borough for several years, and is know n as a gentleman
of Inte;:rity and responsibility.
To tAs Agent, Mr. J. KIRBY.
I have used Dr. Bwavne's Comp and Byrup or Wild
Cherry fore mash, with which I have been severely a 6
flirted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in sn yin: that it lathe moil efrective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness. and
aver.: well with my diet.—and mantains a regular and
eood appetite. I can freely recommend It to all others
similarly afflicted. J. M tamest, Borough of Chambersh'e.
March 9. 152.10. seri 23
For sale by WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
Ullitr.RF-I)!Vr4 ti..tirotta of prneurine Fruit. Si*nde. nod
Ornamental Tree., or Ethrobh.rv, from Philadel
PI la or New York, are rerptealed In make applirni ton ne
noon ntt 0n..11 , 1e, at the flea. and Seed Store of the nob
prril , er, where ran he had rainlopee, eratuitooniv, of the
most rx , ellent varlet hbn. F. 1.. SNOWDEN.
Iwo 21 No 1134 Lihprty street, bond of Woo,l
M AR TILT! M NTIFAITTOTI 11 .—Palrirk Ca wfleld re.
!, per t fully:lento:tint, Ilk friend. the public zen•
era llv, I hilt he haw rem menred ilie NI arble htipinePit at the
rorner of Firth and Utter' v where will he ronMantly
nn nand tomb stnn-it. mantel pirreg. mniintnente. head
mt.d fool eirmes. fable , lake for ealiinnt warp, and every
irie nrwrta the hiditepii. He will tvarra tit Ills
wort: In heivelldniiP, a rid hi. eliarizes will he Moderalei
He recpert fnitva.k. n oil re of nubile patronage. .en 11-1.
isA r cßuizr„
144 v
s (..meressor in H. M'Cloakey) rash.
tona 'de Flout Maker, I,l l terly PI., 2d door from
‘ 7 l-,in Alley . The sitherriher respectfully Informv 'he
nnuti c h a t h e hap rommeneed the shove business In Ott
.inn formerly nrcupied by Mr. Henry
and that he is nnyv prepare.s 10 Pilerfittf) *it order. In hi.
ine n 'left, with 111. 0 (11111C h and nn the flirtyl reasonable
terms. Prnm his lon. ernerionce In the manufacihro of
pyostonside Rows, he feels ro ll ndent 'hal all article*
from 1114 estnidishment will Ore vatlsfaciion to hi. pa.
'runs. A shy' eof puldlc pal ronaze Is respeel fully solicit:
seri 10
13!RD SEFMS Ar nn supOlY or Hari Seed., Fon
.coin;: of Canor l .Hemn and R a rw: jool reteived Fy
fp!, 3. F 1, SNOWDEN, 14R Liberty wt.
Porta , le Platform Scale!. on wheels, to weigh 2,500 Ibe, at
855 00.
do do do 2,005 at 145 00
do do 14110 at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do du do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of 83 to each scale.
Dormant realm for the uce of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills. kr...the same prices as above.
Alen, White's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from R In 815.
They also manufacture Stearn Engines for Flouring
Mitts. Raw Mills. Salt Works, kr,, double and single
:eared at Ide lathesfoot and other lathes for wood turning
I.rarhin”, for tenanting chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machine. patsnt florae power, with or
I without ihraahing 11 /3chine., a superior article; circular
'saw shafte, machine for sawing lath, Tinner's ma•
chines and tools ofall deseriptioncalso for making black
trig boxes, a superior article; governors fur meant engine.
stocks. tang and dies, coffee mine , bedstead or joint hots
and mar innery for making the same, cotton factory ma
chinery made or repaired; printing arm.. platting turned
and printing presnee repaired.
JAMES MAY, Agent .
sep 22—If YOUNG ¢ BR A DBURY
!OLIN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and COMlttill•
Rion M ercha M. 106, corner of mpod rifeA ate.
!Pitrshsekk: Having been appointed one of the A action
errs frn the City of Pltsioursh. tenders Ills services to Jot,
hers, manufacturers and dealer., who may he disposed
to make trial of this market• He is prepared to make
advance* on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts losrati,lv correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy land favorable return".
That the various Interests which may be confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of his own experience in hitsiness and acquaintance with
merchandise generally, the services of Mr. SANERILL
F•arteiroca; heretofore advantageously known. as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement to made.
MeEdrs. M. Tiernan, Pres't. of M. ¢ M
Darlington 4. Peebles,
Roheri Galway,
James M. Cooper.
James Mny,
• R. M. Riddle, Pittsburgh
'.Vm Robinson. Jr. Pres't f l
of Exenan e e Rank.
•' Dampion,Smith, k co..
John D. Davis,
•• Samuel Church,
•• J. K. Moorhead,
Ji.. W. Brown k co,
Jnnn Fl Binwn. 4. co:
Smith k It
s• rardiv
John B.
John Iral,reit,
20 store 115 busbeleof rood quakts , Clover OW. Alm
Aje bushels prise Tiasotby for seep Imo in Wt.
Liberty se
Who offers for sale 50 *shots Orchard Grua seed
Cab 0.
JONES & rra.gmAx.
St. Clair at.. near I 1 e A Ilegheny Bridge
,mnroved Flay
innufaet tired he
heir Machint
I, between Ma
ith s treet, two
nee Hall, Pitts
inurarture and
flti the ronow
itcaiaaow hot.
,y composed 01
No. 1, Port
Ie Pi:W.01111
, uund.,a, i tiS.
Ph I ladera
I •.n io
For publishing a new Daily Payer in the City oi:Pitts
===ff MB!
/11H ESubscrlbers having made arrangements to merge
1 the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publist • daily
paper with the title of the Daily hist-Ring Post.
The leading object of the .'Posy" will be the cilnemina•
Lion and defence of the political principles that have here
tofore been maintained by the Editors, In their respective
papers, and t heir best efforts will still he devoted tb the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, In polities, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of passing Political events. Foreign
and Domestic Intelligence. and brief notices of all mat•
ters and ocrurrences that come properly within the saber/
ofa Public Journal, to make their patter sufficiently In.
cresting to eolith, It to the patronage of tbe public, Ir
respective of party conskieratitihai
In addition to the political ihd general news that will
be found In the ••Movalsir Piet,"the Editors will take
pains to Hunted the itheineses community with
the latest and most interelning Coussamat, hritLl3.
sauce from all parts of the country, and to have preps.
red such accounts of the Markets and the Slate of Trade
as will beadvantageolls to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several callings.
Tema—The Porr will be published on a large
al sheet of line paper, (manufactured especially for this
'minted) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum, payable in advance. It will also be sold by
news.boys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Aderiiiseianits will he Inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
krTWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who will by engaged on the most liberal terms
Autos' 31, 1842.
100 HIIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO. In etnre and
for sate by J. G. ak A GORDON.
No 12. Water Parent.
Y Morrison ir Co. London. for sale only by S. N
11 Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Piitahurelt Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
Is sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. rep 10
F ARM FOR SA LB.—Tae undersigned offs to for p*l. a
tract of land situated 4 miler freepost, In the
direction of Klitannine, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
county.contalning 100 acres, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn nre in meadow-. a toad eon/ire tog
dwelling house and cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 bearing trees—and a wing of excellent
water runvrnlenl tothe boom.
FOR TER MR apply to the su i tscrilwere residing Pi the
Saltworks on the Pennsrylvanta Canal, 1 in:le above Free
sep 10
M'Closkey's Clothing Store
No. 151 Liberty street. one door from the
Jackson Foundry.
T HE subscriber Is Just receiving at Ills well known
establishment. the lateen. most varied and CIIZAPUIT
STOCK Or 00001 tkat A AS ever been fitrild to this Mfg
Every ankle wa• selected by Min•elf in itie esuperit el.
ties. and purchased at the cowlarr emus mess, twirl* le
therefore enabled to sell hie art.cles notch tower Than
they ran be, had at any other establishment west of the
mon °talus.
His articles are all made by experienced workinen,
from the latest manufactured goods aad In the mot
Ile feels confident that all portions who will tall at
his establishment and his stock will he satisfied
that BETTF.R 8.4 RG I:VS can he obtained at the
than at any similar establishment In the thy.
Itle mock consists In part of
Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Drawers, Shirts,
Cravats, Stocks, Gloves, Suspenders,
And every other article of Clothing of Ihr hem style
From his varied stock of cloths he is prepared to
MAKE CLOTHES TO ORDER at the shortest notice,
in a style unsurpa s sed by any other Pittsburgh house,
and totrraated to*.
111, mock of Spring' and tnitstater Gras is superior to
any previous Importations and he luts 110 hesitation In
gayinr that for excellence, beauty and cheapness they
cannot be equalled In the west.
Tire subscriber would once more return his tbanks to
Iris friends and the public fnr the unprecedented pat ron•
axe bestowed on his retablishment, and believing that
Ms customers had found It to their advantrge to deal
with him. he would repeat his invitation to all those
who v. , 101 to purcliaan Clothing of every description at
lowest prices, to call at No, 151, LIBISTT Freest.
00 - oheeree Metal mate in the Pavement.
Feb 22
Passage and Remittance,
et. IA Oirr
Naito 'JP it-
New York and Liverpool Line.
prEasoxs (estrous of sendlnz for Ital.' friends to
tome from any part of Great Britain, ant retpeet
fully informed that the subscriber Is at all time* pm
pared to make .nth et cast tut nit• He le prepared
to remit morns, by draft's, which are mad* payable at
any point throughont the United Kingdom on pretwitla
lion; harm; been for the last 12 year, engaced In the
boNlness, he feel. confident that his arrangements on
both sides rite Atlantic arc stark as will give satisfaction
The Ship■ comprising the above line, arr. a'l oft be first
claw and ere commanded rty careful and skillful masters.
leaving Liverpool once each week du tins the sea.oll.
['or further particulars apply it b' tinter to
N 0.61 South street. New Yotk.
at Messrs [Mizell Fleming's, Water street Plts'bgh.
March 3--2md.
ME lee
111118 Line is prepared to comment., business on the
openlne of the canal. It iA MINX/fed (avast of Col.
unthia) of Arra Class Portable BOWS, chartered forth,
season, each host tieing in charge of it. respective owner,
he line has at a heavy expente Taken a Pow, or )x_
aretact from one of the moat sithstantial and prompt
offices lathe United Stales, coverlet! all good♦ shipped
Ay it. (free of sspnua to the owes>, of the gods) Shin
pars desirous of availing themselves of this inseranee
moat give notice at the place ofabiputent of the value
•f their goods.
The rates of freitht will he as low salty any restersn
sihte cantata, and the facilities for giving satisfaction le
customers in alt TPllprri• •re soroassed by DO. tine an
the canal. Shippers to and from the east are respect.
rally Invited to tall,
rite business will be conducted by
90 Front street and Canal Burin Plttansr:
J. BUTLER & C. JAeltsON.
Foot arDnek street, rbtladelohl,l„
New York.
108. & ti.ll iurs,
A. L. LOW, Corm*.
March 4.
WM.* PHILIP Rillktß
See 2.—Should a member perform leas labor
than is squired by the standard year, then the
amount of nail gain during said year which shall
be plared to his credit, shall ba is proßortion
the labor which he has performed; but us so Am.
tingeney 'ball a member *Cele* mere *as mu
equal share of mid gain.
Sec. 3.—Sickness, outtalk) , Or death. 'ban is tti.
case deprive a member, or his &gaity. of am, rigs
ton of an equal dividend, and shou ld this smorpot
not be sufficient fur the support of the family et
the deceased members; then tech (Dreher sui
shall be placed to their creait as will be a.nple
fur that pdrpose.
See. I.—Each ineriplber shall be provided with a
convenient and coot rot table dwel ing for himself
and family. which shall be built and kept in re.
pair at the cost of the association, with a piece
of land attached suitable for &garden, over which
the association .hall have no jurisdiction.
Sec. 7 2,—1 t .belt be the duty of the Directors
0 , wise a syitask of education to bo evtahlivbed,sa
that the yolog at schools and those its tuatara life,
By ills Sid of a suitable library and ecturoes of lea•
tures. maj hakes aboodant opporlonitg to is.
truss la useful knowledge and bappisege.
Luse a oummedisSe hair
int house shall L nde
erected. bet iet
with soy seettarianista, bot frist sod sipaa II
wnrship Almighty God according to the diem.
of their cosscsameesr, and uniform rules shall Be .
evtablished, that the equal privileges of alLinem.
hers May be Preserved inviolate.
Ste Cenatitution may be altered or
amoodod by arterdevir three fourths of all the mem.
bere t !' two separate mowing; called for that par..
Mgr VP 2 t, except those portion„
whirit insfer /11 111 /entiee are epee/6'W, which shall
sot aneved adopt by their own prkviriNts. -
Exchange • Company.
The Object. -
The undersigned, in order to secure to thenai
selves and families the productions of their Indus.
try, to guard against the evils inherent in the pro;
sent forms of civil society, and to porlsll the
means for improving in the highest degree the
moral and intellectual faculties wherewith auk
Creator has endowed us, do agree to, and eoliths
lish this Constitution for our Association.
This associatiee Allan be called
Tae ExcemeenCettrasi.
AkTICLE 2 .--Meinbership.
See I.—This association shail consist of ti m 4:who
final signers to this constitution and such othei
membets as may irom time to time be almitteti
in conformity to the constitution and ortfinan4
Sec `L—\o person shall become a membei oti A
this association who shall Dot at the Times of sigq
log this constitution be free (rem all legal clitabli?
ity to contract.
See 3.—The votes of three-fourths of ill thal
members at the time, shall be necessary to athitit
a pawn to membership.
Sec 4 —Each member on entering the ai4ollia-%
tion shall pay the sum of five hundred dollars, of.
wnet shall he deeined its equivalent which *bail
constitute him an equal proprietor in the real ex.
tate, and entitle him to one vole.
ARTICLE 3.-oElieers:
Sec I.—The cificers of this association . ,
_Skill be
N President, Secretary, Treasotrer,ool
Directors, all of which shall be MP*
by a majority of the members it asii-dtketat
is such manner as shall be prescribed by
Sec 2.—Each member of the board of dimitont
-hall be qualified to represent and superintend I
separate division of industry.
Sec 3.---The Aisoci.it'on shall deeLre by Ordi
nance what duties shall be performed• by each one
of the Offic_rs.
ARTICLE 4.—Powei.s
See I.—The board of dircetnrs shell have su
preme judiciary, legislative,ant executive power.
with the privilege of eelegatirg Laic executive
power to such committees as it may appoint le.
superintend each separate divistol of industry.
Sec 2.—lf the beard of directors- shall pati any
ordininbe which is Cipprea-ive or disptea to
the theibberri.iny ten may call a meeiiiiiM the
samywation, at whibb a majority of all lb, Atm
bore shall have puwer to annul or email"
J iriance.
Sec 3 .—Certa'n causes fur expulsive OW
declared bjt the Ordinance, so conviction iir
a member may afterward be expelled by a 4
mlorily, but f , urt.fit - ths of all the members obeli
have power to expel a member without the form
of a trial, providea such expalsitna is nut a fraud
upon this constitution.
Sec 4.—This association Ehall not be thaeolved
bat by the written consent of all its members.
ARTICLE ts.—Property.
San I.—The entire property or th:a rt.aticiation
shall be divided into two cle.-ses, vq.:—Beal Es
tate, and Personal Property.
Sec 2.—The Real L•tate shall c,naist of the
Land and Buildings, the Machinery sod 'fords in
nee, and all other property; which, by a vote of
three-fourths of all the members, shat: be derla•
red such, all of which shall be forever inalienable,
except by the written consent of all the members;
and any menther ceasing to be etieh, by death,
withdrawal, or expulsion, shall nut, by reps ser.la •
Live or otherwise, be entitled to any portion thtres
*for receive any equivalent therefor.
Sec 3.—The Personal Property shal comprise
ail the casette of the aeriiria!ion which have not
been designated as Beal ket,ite, to accurate in.
, 'entory of winch shall be made un the first day oo
January in each, yea at fair trash value, and an e.
qual amount of the nett lose or gain during the,
yearehall be placed to the debit or credit pf each
member, but while said property remains u
ded, it shall be under the control of the ass .c•a•
tiun, except in case of deaths - withdrawal, or expul.
(lion, when a member so situated, or his repreeen
(alive, shall be entitled to receive hie full propos..
tom thereof.
See: I.—The laboring of each member
shall 'comprise two hundred and eighty days of
eight hours each,which shall be the utediutn stan
dard, but this time may be increased or diminish
ed by Ordinance its Circumstance"; shall require.
Sec: 2.— A1l other labor in the asscniathm shalt
be classified by the Directors and such regulation.'
adopted in relation to time and wages us shall
operate equally upon all the persons of each cities .
See. 3,—A1l members shall be entitled to equal
pay foi what shall be rated a day's work, and an
[account of debit and credit ah.ill be opened wilt
each member, who may, with consent of Direa.
tors, employ a substitute to perform the labor "al.
lotted to nitn,
see. 4.—The ssanciztion may declare by ape.
clef Ordinance when a member, nn acc ,, unt ef ago
or infirmity. shall fro exempt from further labor,
with ou t prejudice .to bis annual dividend.
Sec. I. A dividend may at any Lhne be declared
of such ■n amount of money as Lhe associatio n
can spare fiorn is regular business whhaut dettio