Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, March 11, 1843, Image 4

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    - AMA , frFl,l WAURRO • , Four
trio staari from tis U. B. Beak. Wes Tr
# 4 itr#:44lrfick4r,reepectfolly informs e public that ti
se removed
. his ready made coffin warehouse th to the
'Alain% recently occupied by Mr. R. G. Berford,directly
oppenitehis old stand, where he is always arepared to at •
sudstro nitly to any orders In his line, and by strict at•
wanton to all the detalta of the haslaes3 of an Undertaker
be to merit public confidence, lie will be preparee.
011'ila.1.140J1111 to provide Hearses, Biers, C lave anti
**are t"not4ite on the mon lihrral it, as. Calls from the
enstotty will he promptly attended to.
His residence is in the same Witting with his were
blouse, where these who need his ouvlces may find him
attiny time. ItzTeßtMcitz:
W. W.
Jape' 11.1011q.Z.
W. 11.1eCIARII,
Pep 10
Toxeittsr with every description of Letter Prcgs Print
'Mt. furnished with neatness and despatch, end on inn&
rate terms, at the office of the D 3 Ity Morning Post.
' rep 10
eltiall of indlylitialeis very nu.nerons. They are those
' who work In an unhealthy at innsoliere. Printers, work
. men In feather atoms, stone cutlers, baker ‘, whlte lead
manufacturers, are all 'nor , Or to disease ac
cordine LO Ihe ,11,r1.1t II of their con:oitioinn The only
method In prevent disea.e, the occ.a.lonal use of a
- Wiedleine which rthst racist from the circulation all delete
daunt huntore, and et pets t hem by the bowels. Tomes
In any form are Injurinits, as they only 7.0 t off the evil
day to make it more fatal. The wivi of Biandreth'il
Will insure health, tiecatise they take all Impure mailer
9tit a the blond; and the body in not weakened bill
streryenened by their operation, r.r these valuable Pills
do not foree, hut they asi;l4 nature, and are not oppcsed.
bat harmonize with her.
Sold tit Dr.ltrantire.th't Office, No. 91 Wood street,
' IPlttaburen. Price 25 tent,' per bat, sv it n full dii Let lon , .
MARK—The only place in Po ishoryth wpert,
fteNUINE Pills Can he °lit atited, is the D.cior' ,, own
dee. N 0.98 Wood atteo . sep 10
oNEW (HOTEL.—Tht: subscriber respectfuliy In
fur CO his old friends and Ihe public that lie has
sivettean Temperance llotet,in hNt Sireel, near the Ex
Orange Bank, and in Ilse house lately occupied by Mat
thew Patrick, and 1131 hoisted ant ro-i; n "The Iron
t y Hotel." where lie will he very liar 7Y 10 3CC0111 , t1O•
dale all who may plea*. to rail or him. ills table
shall he provided with the. best fare, and every posdide
accommodation do town and country custon.crs and
A few hoarders who wt li to lodge In their ,00rei or of
ace,. can he token. and zeal lemon who live out ot town
Can have their dinners daily.
fle - brio large nod good st.ibleß, anti the best Fine and
Oats, and a good Mistier, and will accommodate travel
trip and gentlemen who have bores.
BO:lnlet's inken by the dav, week nr veer
fhrwy . e.:
more moderate than at any respectniVe Hotel In ihe etly
WASI-lINGTON II ALL.— sio,,-ther
opened the fate re:sidenre of James Adnina F:Fq
deceased. for the riv-eution viAitork at.d hoarderF:
the house is very Wensinn•ly sitiinte.l on the ha k the
Min. 2 tnites front the city—pusses:tin: a , ' he
riceontpanimettio of a unto! ry reidde, hour
' being too far dt.dan for p, r,otts rea d
htl , ittP 111.
city. Visiters will he furnished with ev•sy d..liracy of
the season.
An thimihita rune e.znlarly every hon
sheny end of ine
N. R _No Alcoholic bevernees ken'
Dissocurrox OF Till, u.. - ,o
Mourn nod
nership Iwt wenn nln..s K
.1. %larzan in thin day by ~dual r.)..1(
The conditions will be duly noticed, with the si , :neth re'
Of both Pardee Atinnind, and TlArry Hall .viil be ronti6meri
open by the suh.crtber until other Pirraig:PmentS ale per
F‘lr POO, On i prprnl , .. lln I.hl , elydre winner np
pies. If applied for in hedil!ei v. I K 110'111'N N,
sea Sr, 9, Al n, %et , 74. Prornl
A,vm• BIDDLE, Sar:Tron Dvrtitt. ha, rrt tuned In
tiii .1141 gt ti.l, No 107, Stott hfittitt Street
where he can he eotittitted any hour durtt.g the
on hie prorepoitto. Well 10
ItigtlOV3/41,.—i1-nr.2e A r noir, Mei limit Tailor.
respectfully announces to his irtendi and t.O
trona, that he had re*.inve.t his rkiniilintiment from his
Old etand. in Third .1 rent, to t lir corner of Front an.'
fletithfleid, in the basement st Or , / of the Monnnenheia
Hottlite: where he Intend? keepine on hand a eeneral
sortment of ITktshl(tlßhie Goods, soli:11de fnr Gen
t:enion's swear.
He hopes, he eleke nani I , :tt inn, in merit a RIM,. of the
sadness an litter:lllv esi mined to him at tils old stand.
N. B Ilavio2 made a' ianeemems in Now York and
Philadelphia, with I lie most ra,hionaide Tailors, foi
the reception of Park Rfid London Fashions, rus'omers
may rely on hawing their order` esomiled a,enroe
the lei rod style. G EUR E ft 111) it
Wept 10
7 5 MILS. A HITE -it ~t•rwr tc ", for
sale by J. .C'TIDON
Nn 12 Wn'"' -'""•
lell what makes vour teeth P.O it nu..uat y s wit.?
QUOth dulcitita to him Pother nlitnt,
To saakeyours wok so, with a ern., replied tosb,
l'Vebtought ynua bottle "(Thorns' Tooth Rash,
'Tie the best now lit use, co the gent lef.ilks say.
And since they have tried this,sast all outlets away.
Rot to proveit the best, to make !lie teeth shine,
Look stain, to] dear Ca!, at the lustre of mine.
Then try tl Is great tooth wash,
The Tcaberry tooth wash,
And see If this Tooth Wash of Thorn's Is not fine.
Having tried Dr...ThOrtre Tea Berry Tooth Vf tsh,'
tad become acquainted with the Ingredients of Its comp.
taitloon,l cheerfully say, I roneidet N one of the safest, an
ill le one of the most pleasant Tooth Waal es now In use.
Pittsburgh Sep. 15,1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
I take pleasure In at at till!. bovine made ace of.Thorn' , .
Tea Berry Tooth Wash." ttr.t it is line of the best den
ltheees In use. Being In a liquid form. It combines neat •
•••• with convenience. While it eleobtes the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, ire perfume yelds
a fragranee peculiarly destrahle. L P. TIBBETTS. NI. D.
_The anderallaed have used "Tito , n's Comptund Tea
Seery Tooth Wash,"and have found It to be an extreme
ly pleasant dentifrice, eserelelng a most salutary Into.
Mad beer the Teeth and Gums; preservinr, thnge
peasalrle members from premature decay. preventing the
nesetwurkition of Tartar, •nd purifying the Breath. Hay.
ksg Uniroaghly tested Its virtues, we take pleasure In re.
IMlNMeandult It to the public, belteeing it to be the best ar.
tide of the kind now In use.
Irmipormi god sold by W ILL IA M THORN. Apothegm.
4 1 . sag cbgabot. No. 53 Matte stmt.* Pittsburg* 154
scgagge "yip** Dreggiste,aag TattliAMAlMai Ages.
ii..ftestlk wee.
- - _
Illy. JOStrli 1111
RIO. N. T• swirl
the CI
10,000 TR D ILL L S
E ,
r an s d
TRACTOR inestimable. It tilt only euresouicker,hut
gives no additional pain, nor leaves a scar. Fire Is pool
tively rendcted harmless. ($lO laas been offered six
months to any person returning an einpi y box, and 4aying
I h a t all agni, yon anointing. IS not extracted I a few min
ides, ye' nut one from thoti4ands of triais stivce has claim
ed the bonus.) Parents auxinu' to _nerd against genera
and save time, fortune and life, and prevent
their nirsprilig low tieing dtu need ty burns, or, yen
small pox pustules, (it possessing the enviab.e power to
replaCe thecellutary organs destroyed.) ran do so by ob
tuning t is inindtahle salve. !Many deeply burnt cases
lit the city can ee seen, nod one entire face burnt over arid
wounded three distinct limes in the same spot while heal
lug, yet in no rase can lie traced the least eirat rice or
mark , For all kinds of hurts Its rawd soothing effects are
also itriportant;even sore eves, all inflarnations and tiro
ken breasts would he unknown. The toilet and litirsery,
'or el aring the skin of nitrides, removing chafe, etc., n ill
inttispensahle, One using only will forever esial
I alt it themlvercign HEAL•ALL ottani y. After this no
lice, heads of finishes allow log torture for months, and
tililmatety diUorted features, can never wipe away re
aroach, justly nu ered.ay a disabled child, for neglecting
to triumph •wer lit e,
"Entered according to act of Congress, A. D. 1841, by
ooms: -, el: .1 Co , lu Ihe Clerk's Mite, of the District Court
of the United Stales for tne Southern District of New
Warranted the only 2enuine.
Comstock ti• Co., wholesale Druggists, N. York, have he
come the bole wholesale aizents for M r. Dailey, in A nisri
ca for IRI years. All orders must he addressed in them
The genuine only to he had at TIrI"I'LE'S Medico
Avney, SF. Ft,eirth street. Nov 15
Pittsburzh Lard Oil Manufactory.
. s
-. • ,
_oo' . •
. • -
CuONIIST.9.V.I'Ltyd..n hland,
atqu pe y rio t r
m art . r t ie u uf e l. 4 :: (l d
, warur
rqual to the hePt ssinier ,tralarie , F•perni Oil, wit holy
it; 1.0'1'4.11 41 1;e. (lait ie.+, and one i bird cheaper,
11130 u red by the sPhsrpilep ft the old stand, Third Pt.
nearly opposite the Post Offre• M. C. EDEV.
Jan 4.1843
CE9S 41-.4
.' 9°T.T GII " CA ND
- .
rum:4 is a safrr, and retain rorr for Cougts. Colds
Asthma. Sore Throat, Par,/ Ifert , :ness of the
Arcasl Whooping Cough. lioarse”es•, frrftation r . f rho
Throat, and waoy diseases leadio.2 in the Ciln,lomp'ion
i 11—nn:y fii nor roll—pr , pared
081,1,1.1 111.oati ly 11. T. PRICE, fonfectionel,Fedr nil
•:t.,Alleglietly City, and the prmclpal Druggi , in uf ruts
Be 'our you ash for Prire.Compoond Cough Candy
unit 17 —'f.
FOR SALE on arroininiiiialing
MOO gulrlor angerc agcoried. 10. 1 " Z r. s.
, linvelg and Alla ril.ll. 15n lear I.elo Da perliringirigs. 51111
.•utsearpm rll.lin. •::(1) dnz rmn-2511 doz wln
anw 1141 , 11 and 21:1cit ICI :Calk 11114 ha v rnrk ,
.ind grain shove's. Is %AC 11 NOE IS.
AV. and rnrn. Nlerrnani.
Fell 1. NI, q Ftr:ll,reel.
1) OBERT PORTER, .Ittarnett at Late.—Otfir•
on the earlier t.f Cori it and Smithfield ,p r 111
- _
VIC—.I - SSES —l6 barruls 11n13,es.
.71 For %Ale by )1 E.; )1 A
Looking Glass Manufactory.
krid 11 , use Furnih,t),7, Warrliou.>e, 103 d
Sir Pet, near sth
%~IfIP Suhurriher having VIM I, Ird 1118 arrrwermrniq
I at Is , B re," stand. 1: fIOW epared In niter 10 hp,
P. d., ar ,d lb. puillie. N large rtnd complete n-anrl (DPW
it L~ok•oc Ght•o. 1511(1 Hoare N1'0%11111: war,
(.l prices fo smit tote timem )
Pier and Mattel Gia.cra In (l i lt n „,-1 .k 1 n 1,078
l'ra meg, of the 0101 1 approve I and eu; eetiir wOl k lll.lll.
Glaecri wllll 1. 2. 3 4 and 5 drawer..
Coneneon. seamed. fleeced. coed p ilar flamed G 11•Pi'S
-thietehle for Nlerrhanic (or tlio-e wielding clieeeen ezhesoree
Japanned Wane, and 'fret “e of all colors and linetcreis
Ivory handle Relive. , nod Fmk., to twills or 11..1e11f.
Huck and Hone harmer Table Cutlery.
Carving Keeler,. and Forks, Cite
Rrtitlnia Niece; 'I ra and Colifte
11,0r3r , S;11 , 111 - Rcl II = tIO. In ',II!. rlfref
riPrliutu :Zll vor Tr, and 9'.11,1e Fpoor•.
F•tivvr plgt e d a n d liras+ CooOli.,:. S,,uffp,, do.
Brilincra Metal ',lmp:. io.olod Sperm or Lard Oil.
Bras. and lVtrr F Fvfole,. (vat tow: potler wt.)
nu, Shovrli and'l•o•o_=.'land Bone . &r,
VVlth a variety or to her ori 'Of,: too nn tor row. to men
tion, an of which will Ice offered at the iuwest cash lot
Porfratt,-Mlniainre.lnd nther Frankinl don• n i
.horleAt nollte,repanickit oral] I,l,l.lnaltvn , i , l To.
plnceik . by Tile I.rls or Sill:le Ii hl , Prints lot' Fra.
minz rnnztantly on hand
fen 23
licadaelic ! Headache
ACC now kn..svn to It - ills:m(14 o 4 a most
ry remedy for this alllirtion nr well as the i n ro r ,
trovertible Ned of their corm!! Will those
sintreelor only nsk nn on. 'heir friends if they II ive not
known of the positice effects of said Pulls. ni•d if they
do not heir them more warmly Pr i.ed (and dn , eryndlY
100) Finn not oilier, then let them not lioy liimo. In
,fieQe few rework•, nil fa tiny or lioaitioat ion is riveloded,
a nd nothing w ill lie said of their merlin al any time
liiit what can he fairly proved by respetlaile mein! era of
our community,
Read Ilse following certificate riven by n
re-pert nllr
ciliz,n of Allogheny city, and attested lty 01, of iiiejuil2.
es of the Court cf Common Pleas of A ro.
ALLEGHENY CITY, .I,inu ,ry 9 134.3.
DR. Flaorttr.
Dear Sir —I have for a nornhei of year • past herrn af
flicted with a 3,v,r , :Ind almost constant Ileafacile, a
risint.r. from tdirancentent ofoninacit and bowels and al
'hough I hive taken irly pvvry kind of Medicine re
commend.," car ruse. have never din iced any mate
rial 1.,14 0' until I used re.tine of your truly
valnn''le 4n.
ii 11Y4reliiic have null laketi quite win boxes anti
wy•relf nerlerilv reili•vr4l from Coat Iliqtres:in::
...pinlot I liner no I.e.:it:l , ton in rPronitnendirir your
Pills as the best medicine I have ever
Your., Resperifully,
1 II TcRNEn.
ntn ncutta.nlecl with Mr, Tunic - , 1 have no hesila
Win Tu rertifrlng Thal I consider the stairmeal , of Mr,
T. reflisetini.! Dr. ' , Simile's I'.l la. 33 ent tee moMi
perfect and entire enort lence. IIITi.TI nAvtg
lor elle, %V Itelesale and !lentil Ai the Brodonian Pill
Estatdariimew p t it..i.it•gli I'a ; ani by all authorised a
Oen , . Ihrottrjliont The l'itton.
she's coy Jan 9 1::43 Tin
OR.Nr;.— On hand. a few hariels old yellow Corn
which will he sold Inv. aiip'vln
1' 7 li AC l'lWSP.,Lilterty et.
These rills are composed of hell's, which exert
a specific nCIiOTI upon the heart. xive 'monis, or
strength to the arterial system; the Mond is quickened
a equalized ir. Its circulation throuxh all the vessels,
whether of the .kin. the parts unt,-(1 1 , 01:tr1:1 ly ,or the
~t , e mi tie s; an d as ail the ,meretintis of the body are
drat' it from the Mood, there I, II NIIIE - Wllll,ll tease of
every sem'etion, and a quickened . .ction of the absorbent
and exhaleto, or (*.kelt:l,2l.x ii eels. Any morbid action
which may have taken place is corrected. all olaorut
[lane are remit - Ted, tl s. blond ma unified. and the body
r Imes a t 131 tk! i a! a.ate. For 4 ale Wholesale and Re
ud by R E Elf LLERS, Axent,
sap 18 lea 1 Wood .e below Second.
he most valuable ointment for Barn=, Sorra, kc.. ever
Invented: no mailer how badly a person may be burnt
or scalded—Mk will hval them Immediately, without
leaving any scan. Every family should have a hos in
their house. no nneshouid he without it.—Every one
who has tried it recommends it. To be had only at
TUTTLE'S:B6 Fourth street
dec 3
WegEREL —ln store N 0.3
Mackerel at r stii
barrel—hat( barrels at 31; the Ilistate ae
at tarn low pt ices to close salea--Also Codfish by the
dram, very cheap, apply to SWAG' CRUSE:
Jan 20 148 Liberty et-
___ . _ _.____— _ . .___ ... _ ____. _ _ _ _
szsoatrrus AMIZZICAN 117114 C slissum lieu . 1 COFFIN WAREN. ' . —N. , 79. renetA" "VIE . ,
. CIREBTS, JEa114fa 4 4 . 0 1 ,4 : 1 1 4 .
BENJAMIN BRANDETIVB PILLS Branafr Reran !rood and ilhatitkpld at*. y' sing, Biztii strut. abao•
ry-This %%Viable and truly Innocent medicine, rust- wo doors from the corner of Wood street. Coo. stria, Piltsourgi .
rtes THE woman, and Immediately stays the further Pao- moony on hand an assortment of 100 re
tion; ady made
GRS Or DISE•SS, in the bodies of those whose powers of COFFINS, of every sit( and descrip covere
Ga ns life are not already exhausted. Where human means ones, with Cloth: Mahogany, Cherry, Black
can avail, there scarcely Is any enrnMaint,or form of Walnut, Poplar, and Pine Coffins.
sickness, that the BR•XDRICTIi PILLS do not relieve and ALSO, Plates neatly engraved; Hearses and Carriages
genetai'v cum Although these pills produce a anows furnished; Graves procured; and all services rendered
arrecx,‘ hat effect is not to prostrate the body, as with that friends may requite.
other to , dicines, but the frame is invigorated by the te- A credit given i n a ll cases, either ()recalls or carriage ! '
mova lof line cause of weakitess,the morbid, the vitiated requested. HENRY BEARES, Undertaker.
humor, from the blood. - i Sep 10
Harmless in themselves, they merely
To throw out the occasion of sickness from the body,
and they require no alteration in the diet or clothing.
In fact. the human body is better able to sustain with
out injury, the Inclemency of the weather, while under
the influence of this Infection destroying,ctisease eradica
ling Medicine than at any other time.
The importance of Brandreth's Pills for seamen and
travelers is, t herefore, self evident.
By the timely use of this tledicine how much anxiety
and sickness, might we not prevent. Cold. Blilious of
fecttons, Typhus, Scarlet end fevers of all kinds, would
be iinknowill But where sickness does exist, let no
time be lost, let the BRAN DR ETU'S PILLS be al once
sent for, that the Remedy may he app led, without fur
titer toss of lin e.—To Plc RIEI.II6MDEMILD
That Itrandreilt ., Pills It to stood a seven years' test
in the United Stales.
That they are a vegctahle rind innocent mrdicine, yet
all powerful for the removal of disease, whether chronic
recent; infectious or otherwise.
That they purify the Mood, and stay the further pro.
gress or disease in the human body.
That, in 'nun). cases, where the dreadful ravages of
ulceration had lard bare ligament and hone, and where.
to :ill appearance, no human means could save life, have
pat imits by the use of these pills, been restored to good
Ihealth; the devouring disease having been completely
That each of the genuine has upon it Tutus corystiont
That each label has two signatures of Dr. Benpunin
Braniircili upon it.
That there must he upon each box three signatures,
t hos:
And three signatures, tilux:—
-All acute fevers ever require sorte evacuation In bring
them to a perfect crisis and solar ion, and that even by
,tools, which must be promoted by art when nature
does nut do the business itself. On this account, an
111 timed icrupulotisdes -,4 about the wealmes4 of the body
IN of bad consequences; for it is that which seems chiefly
to make evacuations necessary, which nature attempts
alter the humors are tit to he expelled , but is not able to
itcrompli-h for the most part in these diseases; and 1 can
affirm, that I have given a purge when the pulse has been
-o low that it could hardly be (ell. and the debility
rears, yet bolt oee and I he c I her have been restored by
It " Tine good elreet to he derived from the Rrandreth
! Pitts have to he experienced to he fully believed. By
t heir timelyti-e neither the scarlet. the typhus fever or
pox wroth' ever assume their malignant form.
in :Ile 818 extent ,t he tricatenialde bear
of BR A N1)11 t oey mutl he used when
he First : 7 -yII.IOOMS tit Dist.lne present One
Poste then, and !heti - _nod etTeele will lie felt IhrouOinui
'ln- luau-I.—II IS TNKInG TitT In TIM! that Is the afro;
et it: the titre of ;ill appearances of disease
(rot. had Wood, and I presume there are few at the prey
ent d.ts, wilt ..it ant 'lung of those diseases which affect
the hods tclien Ilse Wood is purr. Stich dlsea.g.s I have
vet to wee.
Homo; that come t ho read t hiw may be benefit tett by HO
I am respertful . y.
the public's wervant.
R. nit AN DII ETII, M. D.
241 13, , ot way, New Fork.
The pith:ir w1:1 please observe that no ttrandreill
are "ermine unless the box has Ihrre labels noon it
rich contatninc a fric similie stviitliure of my hand
%%riling R. tirandret h. These labe's are engra
ved on steel, beautifully dePivied, and done at an ex ,
prune of several thousand dollnra. fleturnitter! Ihe lop
—the 61.1 C—a nil the bottom.
Ent red :trent ding to act of l'ongrett, in the tear 1841,
by Ben ) ainin ft, a ndreth, in line Clerk'e, Office in the Di!
Conti of the So , them District of New Y .
Dr. 13. Rtandrelli's own offlre. No 9i, Wood Street
Poistnirtzli. Only plc.ce in PlMA:tal:li w het e the genuine
Pillf ran he obtained. r.acli Agent who ge:l the true
Era nilrelh Pcl, loin nn engraved certificate of A genet
enewed every !votive months, nod has entered into bonds
01 e5OO in .etl none other rills I ban the, rrretved front
D.. It. or his special Genet al Agent. Marls, the cerllfi
; r:111 , all engraved except the Dor trii'b name. which la
inn 111 4 nu, n hand warm:. Wept: we. on enclt
reel iliral
I here an exact rally of the three label, nn each hot, t o
graved thereon. P11,1110..1". see, Visit the ervzrovlng 01
the I;,hri. on 111 E CP'llfn aie correttp. old evlth ihn.e on li ne
; ltnx.
lie follow ins are Dr. Ftenj.inon Prandreth'sl:ent ,
for tile of lilt Vei,:eiltl.te Universal Pills, In Alletthe
,iv cooly, Pa , who are supplied with the new labelled
r rite 25 c,•nts wll ll darer) tone.
Principal Office, No. 911, \•uod Si reel, rilishur
A llegheny. 11 r. .10110
McKeesport, 11. RCM' LA ND.
Noblpslown, Joan intinsolt.
Stewarle Town. CuLasei An k :Ar•t2t.otru
FILWARD Titourfol,Wilkinsburgii.
Elizahettdov,m,C F.l)tem...
Eft.lt I.lh,rty,EhNtEL NicatAY
n.vin R COON—Plumb Township.
WM. 0. llowTEß Allen'e Mill. I.ep 10
PI LI'S cured by the tse of Dr. llarlirh's Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pil , s
Dr. Ilarlich—Dear Sir—Shortly after I received the
Agency (loin piu for the sale of your inedictile, I
fui mad an aranaintanre wi h a lady of this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. For tight or ten
years this Indy was nutlet: to frequent painful attacks,
and her ph y trian considered her rase so complicated,
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Through
my persuasion. she coin menced using vimr Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, &cc. JAMF.S R. KI 11.11 Y
O, sober 111,10. Chanibersling, Pa.
.11rOltire and General Depot, No. 19. North Eighth
Si reel, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets, Pittsburgh. sap 10
INTERESTING CUREperformed by Dr.Strayne's
Compound Syrup of Prunus Virginianu,or Wild Cher
ry. flaying made us& of this invaluable Syrup in my family,
winch entirely eared my child. The symptoms were
wheezing and choking of phlegm, difficulty of breathing,
attended winh constant rough, spasms, convulsions, kr,
ot - which I had given up all hopes of its recovery until I
wa, advised io make l dal of this Invaluable medicine.
Alter seeing the effects It had upon my child, and con
cluding to make the same trial upon myself, which en
tirely relieved me ofa cough i hat I was afflicted with for
m;uev ychra Any person wishing ue see one can ca at
my house in Beach Street, above the ki ark et , Kensington.
J. Wii.cox.
%VIA rail the attention of the public to the numerous
certificates whirl, have liven in circulation in our paper
and some others of till.. city, III:111v recommending Dr.
Sw‘y nes COMM-MO.I Syrup of Wlld Cherry.—We have
Qeen the original certificates, and have no doubt hut they
COMP from truly grateful hearts, expressive of l he benefits
which they have received from that valuable compound.
We have acquaintances who have frequently used the
above medicine, who ran speak with confidence of its
vlrlues.—Saturday Ckronic/e.
FKLI.OW rITIZENK—With sincerity I would advise
you, one and all, both sick and well, always to have a
101 l le of Dr SwsveresCompound Syrup of Wild Cherry
in your house—it is invaluable in cases of emergency,
such as of Blood, Asthma, attacks of violent
Coughing, whirl) is often the cause of spitting of hloon.
Violent Nervous Affections, which occasionally come
from fright, arid various other causes, producing great
alarm. sudden colds from improper exposure, which
are often let run to an alarming extent, for want of
means being ready at hand;—and as 1 have used Dr.
Swsyses Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry repeatedly
in my family. and always with marked success—l can
recommend it with confidence. as being one of the hest
family medicines which has ever been offered to the
public.—Sarurday Chronicle.
Sold by Will. Thorn, Wholesale dr Retail, only agent
for Pittsburgh. N 0.53 Market Street. sep 10
WI Ltd 1M REED. Merchant Tailor.—Respeetfutly
informs his Mends and the public in general
that he has commenced business at No. 11 Market Street,
second door from the corner of Front, where he bores by
strict attention to business to merit a share of public
N. B. The latest fashions malady received; ibe pub
ic way depend on having their work executed aecoHiag
o the latest style. sop 10
S MUM ENTS!— 7'. XcCarthlt, Cutler and Surgical
Instrument .Maker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Post Office, Pittsburgh
Physicians, Dentists and Druggists can have their in
struments madeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand .
also Halters Shears, a superior article. Orders respmt
fully solicited.
N. R. Allarticies warranted of the best quality, and
jobbing done as usual Sep 10
LIVER COMP LA I NT.—This disease often terml•
nalesiti another of a more serlons nature. if pro.
per remedies nre not restorted to in time• In all forms
of this disease, Dr. Harlich's Compound Strengthening
and German Aperient Pills, will perform a perfect cure
—first by cleansing the siornaeh and bowels, thus remo•
ving all diseases from the Liver, by the use of the Ger.
man Aperient P;11s, after whirl' the Compound Strengt h.
• ning Pills are taken to give strength and lone to those
tender organs which require suell treatment only to eff,rt
a permament cure. There Pills are neatly put up In
small packages, with frill directions. Por sale at No. 19
North 61:ht Street. Philadelphia. Also, for sale by Sam
uel Frew corner of Wood and Liberty stn.. Pittsburgh Pa.
seo 10
AI.LEN SRAM En, Erchar,Te Broker, .Mo.Cor
err of Wood and Third Streets. Pitt :bur gh Pa.—
Gold, Silver. and Solvent Rank notes, houghs and sold.
Sight cheeks on the F.astern cities, for sale. Drafts,
notes and bills, collected.
Rf.TCREI 4I,29 :
Pi/Lit/Ulf/4,Pa, Wm. Bell k CO., John D. Davis, F
Lorenz. J. Painter 4- CO., JOSPpil W ond w ell, I antes May
Philadelphia, Alexander Bronson k Co.. John H. Brown
4. Co. Cincinnati, 0., James M'Candle.As St. Louis.
.110., J. R. M'Donald. Lomiarine, W. H. Pope. r,sq.
Pres't Bank K v. sep 10
EMOVAL. T he uudersigneu brgh vc 10
1. IL , the public, I hat lie has removed from his old stand.
to the corm rof Penn and St Clair opposite the Ex
change Hotel, w here lie has fitted up a large Plasm FOVIE
Wine Roost, and now offers for sale the most splendid
assortment of PIANOS ever offered in this market.
Ills pianos consist or different patterns, of superior
Rose Wood and Mahogany, be.nutifully finished and mo
deled, and consitneted throughout of the very heat
terlals.which,for durability, and quality of tone, as welt
as touch, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
As lie has en!arged his ma ntiftetory, and made arrange
ments to supply the increasing demand for this • instru
meat, he respectfully requests those intending to pit
chase to call and, tatnine hie as-ortment before pitrelta
-dug elsewhere. as lie is determined to sell LOIVICR, for
eash,than any other establishment cast or west of the
Corner of Penn and dl. Clair streets,
po<iic the Exchange Hotel. rittshurvh. PA.
!PP in Om
Evans's Camomile Pills,
CrITIYIC ATM —Teller from the Hun. Al.'l.'m M 'Clef
tan,Sulliva it County, Gast Tennessee. S 1 entberof Congress.
isaitrozoe, July 3d. 1838.
Sir—Sitter 1 have linen in this cii v I have used -.ureic of
tour Pysprpl it M. [Will , ' with infinite benefit and sails j
faction, and believe it to br a triaist valuable remedy. (Inc
of my 7011sli I [Wills - , Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell county.
Tennresee. wrote to me to send hint smite. which I did.
nod l i e luxe enrlned it very siteressfully in his practice.
and says it is Invaluable. Mr. John-Jon, your agent al
this piece," think• you would probably like an agent In
Tennex,re. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden. an
a proper per-on t olitcinte for Ibe sale of your celelbated
medicine. Should you commission him he is willing lit
act for x on. I( oil can read the medicine by water to the
rare of Hobert King n s Knoxville count y. Ten ties
vet, or by land to Graham h Houston, Tazewell. East
Tenn, e. I have no doubt but if von had agents in
'weir it rottut les in East Tennessee, e great deal of inedi•
rine would he so , d. lam going to take some of It home
for my own use. end that of my friends. and At
nu ld
like to hear from you whether volt would like an agent
at Rht tit vllle.:ullivan County. Eft!ll Treliesiire; I 1 . 411 get
some of the mere pants to act for you as. I live near there.
Vt or. re-u,ertfelly.
A 7111 \ \\l NI rt.rl.l. \N. of Ten trr'SSee.
For •air \\ hot r.rllr aid Limit
It I: SEI.I ENS. Agent,
No. 20. W ond street.
Tlll4 infalliLle remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought pact recovery, four convulsions. As sin'
as the Syrup is rubbed oo the pion, the child will reel v
er. This preparation Is so innocent, so eflirarinus. and an
pleasant, h: , t no child will refuse to let Its glinte be rut)
bed with it. %Viten infant: , are at the :IV of four month ,
ilia' there is no appearance of teeth. one boll le of the
Syrup should he used to open the pores. Parents should
ever be wit hoot the syrup in the nursery where there
are young children, for if a child wakes in the night with
pain Ili time glint:4.llle Syrnp immediately gives ease, by
opening the pores. and heating the _um.,:; thereby prevent
Ina rnittru lions, Fevers, c. Far Sate Wholesale and
retail hv R. 1.1. SEI.I.ER S. Agent,
sep 10 Ni.i 20. Wood street. below Second
l'ilußN•6 TEA BERRY 'IOU rnAv Asa
T, tricAsTEß,Oct. 2d, 1842
C* - Tn Dr. Titortx,—My Dear Sir: I cheerfully and
cordiaty embrace the present favorab'e opportunity to re•
turn to !ion my warme s t thanks of gratitude for your nn.
equalled and unexceptionable invent:on of your very
justly celebrated Tea Derry Tooth• Wash, and I Ceti that
I ant in ditty bound to nay that I have derived the great•
eet and moat beneficial effect from its frequent and mode.
ate our: and I can assure yon that I am exceedingly hap•
py to have the pleasure or informing you, that since, ely
and cordially speaking, I can Injustice recommend its Ire
mien' use to all that unfortunate portion of tile human
race throughout the globe who are now undergoing the
moat excruciating pain for the want of n medicine prep.t•
ration of exactly the same nature of which yourek prepa•
red, and who have for years been suffering from the In
jurione, destructive and pernicious effects of worthless
tooth powders and other worthless preparations. In
conclusion permit me to say that I have used your Tooth.
Wash but for a short period, and yet 1 feel thoroughly
convinced that it Is the best now known, Its inestimable
virtues in preserving the teeth, (which it kept In a good
and handsome condition, Is the greatest entbelishment
i adorns the human structure.) are not to he excelled
In rasing and relieving the sufferer front tooth ache, and
restoring the gums to a tienliliv and purified condition, and
giving also a sweet nes: , anti fragrancy tun disagreeable
breath hitherto unknown.
Accept toy sit crre wish for your success, front
Yours, truly. JOSEPH RIUMMER.
V_J soil far the above complaints is now at hand, and all
persons who are subjected to the inclemency of the
weather are respectfully informed that they can find. , 1
Coven - es BALM or LITE which in Hell known to have
cured THOCRANDS, who were in the last stages of Can
•uniption. Certificates ran lie produced of its wonderful
Tsytma's B•t.ssis or LIVERWORT In another remedy
for Liner Complaints .Caug hs sad Colds. It comeshigh-
It 'won , mended by all who have used it. and is pleasant
to lake, and speedy In effecting a cure.
Pass's HORRHOUND Csauv.--This is a highly valuable
and pleasant medicine; it will effect a positive and certain
cure for Coughs, Colds, Consuription,and Is an effectual
cure for the WHOOPING Corona. This is a very pleas
ant medicine, all are fond of It, and children never refuge
to take at; its cure is sore and positive. The subscriber
has a certificate of Agency direct from J. Pease 4• son.
co there can be no mistake. All persons who are effected,
are Invited to call and eat delay, for the tfire to take
medicine Is at the commencement.
All the above medicines can always be procured at
WnOLtskLL OR RIM/atilt
TUTTLE'S MEDICAL AGENCY. 86. Fourth street
Proprietors of the
MANUFACTURE and keep constantly on hand at
their warehouse, Liberty Street heed of Wood st„
every variety of Castings, among which are the following:
Franklin, common toned fancy and pyramid Stoves:—
common and farce grates, newest fashions; Cooking
Stoves suitable for either wood or coal, a superior ante.
le (and warranted to cure amokey
chimneys* waggon
boxes, hollow•ware. teakettles, sheet.irons with a gener.
al assortment of ware house castings. All warrant. dto
be made'of ths best materials.
They aleo
C make
HIL to
LED order at
ROLLERS, thest.ortest notice,
from 1 - 8 Inches diameter, down to the lowest sizes In
use, with every other deserirdion of ionise mill Cast
Dee. 13,1891—Sai
rittourol, bite 13, 1839.
31r. Jolts Desstso:—Dear Sic--Ilavii,g been present. W
yesterday, at the cx imriment which you were pleased to N!
make, in the presence of a number of our Im-dness men,
of the safety ) our IRON CHESTS, in case of fire, ii
gives me pleasure to say, that so far RS I was capable
judging, the lest was lair, and the result exceeded my
'rile Chest was a small one, shout 3() :nr lips high, by
about 13 or 20 Inches in breadth and depth, and was pla
ced on a block of wood about a foot in thickness, so as
fo eleva• e It about that beislit from the ground; several
books and newspapers were deposited inside of it, in the
manner in which Merchants and others world usually
Mace them—a large qmint it y of light pine wood [slabs
from all adjoining Saw M 01,1 was then placed around
and above it, and the tire kindled on the windward side.
so as to drive the flame against the hack par t of timeliest.
The fire was kept tip about three quarters of an hour,
until you had gone among the spectators and received
from them I heir univermt answer that the test was
..nfficieni. 'l'l.e chest was then drawn out of the fire.
and cooled, and opened, and examined. The con' et.iF
were all safe. nod the only injury done was Mille hack
of one book which appeared to be a little cnarred. F run.
what I witnessed. I think that these rhrsts lire deFery
ing of confidence, as affording, perlialik.t lie best security
to !Merchants fur their books and papers, which they car
have without building large, thick, and expensive vaults.
I would consider them a better security than many vault.
which I have seen bulb . Your friend,
We concur in the above ,tatement, having been prey
sent when the Cliefil Was tested.
N..M. Cooper, J. 11. Shocuberger, Robe
J .
1 au,h11,,, .1. Palo/cc, A. Cordell,
R. 411111er, Jr. C Armstrong, A. 11. Hog ,
Thomas Craig*. S D. lloward, J. IY. Hoyt
Extract of a Letter from Pngh Aloord, dated Cin
' einnate,29t h Afar. h, 1342.
.1. Denning, Pitisburth, Pa. Respected Friend! %V/
hove the eit , i,t . iiet ion to seal e in , the I rst rerconmendai ion
we can .2,ivr of 11w ni ilily or your Iron safe's, I tint w,
luau , one of them which wus in :in ~spored lithation in
our counting room, at the lime of the fire, on the morn
ing of the 10111 inst., which commuted our Pot k lloin•e in
Zeilier with a large portion of l he meat, lard, 4-c, which
it ontaitied; —owl hal our bur k.utl papers which we,—
in 'lie 3;ife, were entirely noinJined, and were take'
from it aller the lire; without ever lining ilisrOlored.
Your , , kn. evert
Eztruct of a triter free. slater 4. Holbrook, dated St
Louie. Feb. 34th, 11343.
MR. flrNstrlc, Dear Sir: One of ynur ~ e cond size chest!.
was burned a few day: , ago, in n leather More-• ft pre
Ved rnntents. R,•spPCI fully boar',
IA 1.7; COMPLAIN I't tired by the use of Dr. Ilar•
i'en's compound remit lienitoi and Aperient rills.
Nie. Ilirliarti•, nl Pitt:duty-2h, Pa.. entirely cured of
syinpi onto were pain
I, %, (.1211k in the left •iitte, 1044 of appetite, vomitoi.e. acid
•ructittion-, elision of the stomach. :sick head-ache.
Oirred longue. counlemi lire changed lea citron color, difli•
cull y of breathing. diOnrlied rust, attended to WI a rough,
great debility. It ill) lit her symptom. imlicaling 2real do-
ramzenient of In. !unctions of the, liver. NIT. Richards
had the advice of several physiciami, but received tin
relief. until mail: Dr. Medicine. which terutina
VII in efferting a pe-feet cure.
Principal Office. 19 North liig till, Street. Philadelphia
for I,llli. in Pint:lair:oll , y Samuel Frew, corner of Llher
I y and Wood sin res. sep 10
)1 AGRA W 4. HA NI 11,TON , Attorneys at Law. have
1 removed t heir 0111. , In the n,ldcorr of H 51:i
.t at.v. 011 Foil Iwo daft, Above Id pep 10
1 K. !Woodman. G. K. %VARNER. J. Paaal En. '
UNION COTTON 1 , ICTOIIN. A Iteghe y City, at the
end of the upper bridge. Tire subscribers having
rosin etc rd the ma nucarture of Cotton Yarns, Stu, king
Varn.l'o ton Twine, Candlewick, Carpet Chnin, Batting,
.I.c. and ate prepared to till orders at the shortest notice.
Having selected the latest Pod most improved mat hi•
nery.aud employed the manager who has attended to the
!lore FAL-roan for the last five years, they are ma nufactu
ring n superior article.
Cohan Warp ,, made to order,
Order= through the Pittsburgh Post Office. or left at the
"tore of J k C. Painter 4- Co., Liberty street; or Logan
4- Kennedy, Wood street; will meet with prompt mien.
tion. Address—J. K. al 001111 EA I) 4. CO.
sep 12-1 v
TO FE:IIA I.E.lS.—"There is a large crass of Females in
this City who front their confirmed .iitting„ to which
I heir occupations obliges bem,a re a lieried with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the !wait on the leas , ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole fiend,
intolerance of light rind sound .an inability of fixing the
ill lemma to any menial operations . , rumbling in the how•
sometimes a sense of . Sri truention , especially after
meals when any exertion is used, as going quickly up
stairs; tem pre fickle; l Inise are SVIII rllOlll3 which yield al
once to a few doses of the ftrancireili Pills The oeea.
sional use or this medicine would save a deal of trouhle
and year , of suil,rio7.. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandreth Pile just before dinner, are oren found
highly beneficial; many use them very advantageously in '
this way; hey aid and asslit thgestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condilion,entive.n the spirit., impart clear
miss In the complexion, purify the blond. and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. 11-andreth's Office. No. 98 Wood street,
PliNhor2ll.__Priee 25cent ; per box, with full directions.
NARK—The only place in Pittsburgh, where the
r; ENUINE Pills can he obtained, is the Doctor's own Of.
fire.No 98 Wood street. sep /0
THE Committee on Lectures of the Wirt institute,
for I he Fottrilt Course,respect fifty announce to the
puld'c that they have made arrangements to commence
the Leriures on Thursday evening, Deremher 1. The
Lectures of this course will he exclusively Literary and
The Committee, desirous of making the Lecture Room
of the Institute a favorite resort of the lovers of Litera
ture and Science, as well as the fashionable, have spared
no exertions in procu•ine popular and talented Lecturers,
both at home and abroad.
In the course of two weeks a list of the Lecturers will
be published, and tickets offered.
nov 9. (
FARM FOR SA LE.—The undersigned offers for sale
his farm,lying in Ross Township 41 miles frost the
City of Pittqlittrgh, containing 114 acres °flood of which
60 are cleared and under fence, I mlsto 20 acres of
meadow. 2 good Orchards of Apple, A few Peach and
Cherry trre , --t he Improvements are n iarge frame house
containing 10 rooms well furnished, calculated for a Ta
vern or private Dwelling. a frame Barn 28 by 60,sione
basem,,nt, and stabling, sheds r nd other out houses suit
able for a tenement!-2 good Gardens Fu rroutided with
currant bushes. and a well of excellent water, with a
pomp in at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there is no place now offered for
sate with moreinducement to those wishing to purchase
I near Pittshurgh.the terms will he made moderate, for
further particutarsapply to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alloy.
I N. B. if not sold before the Ist of October next. it
will he divided into 10 and 20 acre lots tosuit purcha
sees. dal; 10
JAM ES HOWARD g CO,. Afaaajact rrrrr of Wall
al Paper, Are. IR, Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.—
Have always on hand an extensive assortarent of Satin
Glazed and Wain PAPER HANGINGS. 'Velvet and
Imitation Borders, of the latest style and handsome
patters', for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
They manufacture and have on hand at all times—
Printing. Writlng.Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper,Bon •
net and Fullers' Boards—all of which they offer for safe
on the most accommodating terms; and to which they
I invite the attention of merchants and others.
ALSO—Blank Books of ail kinds and the best quality,
School Rooks, ete. always on hand and for sale sashays.
N. B. Rasa ad Tacuers' Scram' takes hte.ubange.
ibliArir PA
TA' =not.
H E subscriber has Just received ins of
Landreth's Garden itiing.lei port lathe
following tloils—alt ortlie lest years crop warrieted
gen nine:
Mater Melon,
Egg Plant, Parsnip,
Endive, Peas,
Kale, Pepper,
Pumpkin, Broseoli,
Radish, Borecole,
Rhubarb, Cal bag',
Salsafy, Carrot,
Cauliflower, Spinal*,
Celery, Okra,
Cu, led Cress, Onion,
Cucumber, Parsley,
Mustard, (white and bruwn)
Together v.l th a varlet y of rot it sweet herbs and dower
CrrOrders for Seeds, Serutrs; Trres, 41-r. from Garden.
ers and others will be received andOWDEN promptly attended
F. L. 'SN,
No. IR4 hibert y. bead of Wood se.
HATS—W. M. Donvierr inform
mm their friends sod
the public t at they have commented vosnefittetu
ring Hats, and that thry have now ready foe sak.as
their Store,l4B Liberty street, between Market and eth
street, an assortment of the vary b.st Hats, which tee)
are anxious to di.yose of on the cheapest and most reason.
able terms. Their stock Consist of the very best kinds,
v:z.—Beaver, Otter, illeutria, Castors, short Nat pad
Fur and Silk Hats.
W. s r M . Doherty are both regular bred Hatters, they
have had extensive experience as Journeymen in timbal
establishments in the country; their Hats are all got an
under their own inspection, and they assure the public
that nothing but the very best articles on the most Ilia
:tinnile terms will be offered for sale. sep 10
HT. PRICE, Wholesale and Retail Baker, Cleo.
lemioner and Fruiterer, Federal street, near the
Diamond, Allegheny city.
Every variety of Confectionary and Ornamental
Caters, suitaloe for weddings and 'walks, manufactured
from the hest materials, at short notice. nos 16
EsTATE of John Hunker , late of the City of Pitts
burgh deed. Persons interested will lake notice
that letters of edministratto• on the estate of ibis said
decedent, has been duly granted by the Register of Ails.
glieny County, to Su.antia Hunker. widow of the said
, !ec, aped; and all per.mna having, clans* or demands a.
gainst the estate of the said decedent, are requested to
make known the sante to her without thday. Her rod.
fence is In Hand greet, city of Pittburgh.
JN AR'l'. Commission Merchant, Dealer hi Fr
duce and American Manufactures, Midis**,
J no. Grier, Esq., rittaburghr
Aaron Hari,
James C .chran of R'd.
Jno. D. Davis,
M'Vay h Hanna,
Avery. Ogden tc Co.
inn. Woodbourne, Esq., Madison
WHITE ll,Ert sul.crit era are now prepare
to furnish painters, and others who wish to dnr•
chase pure White Lead made of the brat materials war•
raided equal, if not superior In any otTerrd in the
All order. addressed to Dunlap Hugltes,eare of t 4 ivicre
4- co . No.llo3ccond street, Pitishurel , will be promptly
attended to. DUNLAP 4. HUGHEfi.
Cincinnati. February 15. 1840•
Dr. SW AT NE—Dear 7.lr: Permit me to take the liberty
of writing to you at this time to express my approbation
and to recontownd to the attention of heads of familiar
and others your invaluable ntedlcinethe Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginians. or Wild Cherry Bark. In
my travels of late I have seen in a : rent many instances
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving ehll•
drub of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing,
W heroine, Cho:Aloe of Phletni, A sthmat kr attacks, kc.
kr. I should not have written this letter, however-, at
are,ent , although I have felt It my duty to add my testi
molt!, to IL for some time, had it not been for a late in.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was last ru•
mental in restoring to perfect health an ••only child,"
whose rase wac almost hopeless, in a family of toy se.
nuainlanee. , •I thank flow. n," said lire dilating moth.
rr, only child is saved front the Jaws of death? O how I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe! is
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
ild Cherry is the most valuable medicine in this or any
other country. lam certain I '': aye witnessed more than
one hundred cases where It has been attended with com.
woe suerese. I am using it myself In an obstinate al.
tack of Bronchitis, in which it proved effectual In • Va.
ceedingly snort time. considering the severity of the ease.
I ran rerontend It in the fullest confidence calls superior
virtues; I would advise that no family should be without
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times Its pi ice. The rubllc are as.
sured there is no quackery about it. It. J•rallON. D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church,
i N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN. wito'esale sr retail, only Writ
for Pittsitur2ll. No. 53. Market street. sep 10
what will destroy Life. and you area greet Kai.
•Discover what will prolong Life • and the "wit win
call you Impostor."
There are faculties, bodily and intellectual. within W.
. with which. certain herbs have affinity. and over ocAiok
they hove power."
Dr. B. Brandreth's External Remedy, or Liniment,
which, by its extraordinary powers, abstracts Pain or
Soreness; thus Sprains. Stiff Sinews, White Swellings,
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints,
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness. Stiff Neck Sore Throat,
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en•
largetnents. Tender Feet, and every description of In
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human flame, are
cured or greatly relieved by his aever•to be arfficieutly
extolled remedy.
CrartstesTr..—The following letter front Major Gen
vial Sandford, as to the qualities of the External Reme
dy, speaks volumes:
Naw YORK', Feb. 9,1842.
Dear Sir—Will you oblige me with another bottle of
your excellent Liniment, It is certainly the best of the
kind I have ever seen. It has cured entirety my POW/
knee, about which I was so uneasy,and I have found
productive of immediate relief in several cases of exter
nal injury in my family. A few evenings since, my
youngest child was seized with a violent attack of Croup,
which was entirely removed in messy ssissites, by rob
bing her chest and throat freely with the External Rem.
edy. I think you ought to manufacture this Liallaeut
for general itse, Instead of confining the use of It. as yow
have heretofore done, to your particular acquaintances.
Yours truly, C. W. SANDFORD.
Da. B. DR•RDRZ7II.24I Broadway, N. Y.
rr - For Sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at hie
office ,No. 93 Wood street,Pitishiirgh. P n ICE-50 cents
per bottle with directions. seplo
TflE subscriber would reepect fully inform the citizens
cf Pittsburgh, Allegheny and 'heir vleiritles, that he
has cemmenced manufacturing the article of Lard 011
and Candles. He intends mak in: but one quality, which
w:ll equal the best made in the Union nod not snignalled
by the hest winter strained sperm oil either for waeblanry
or turning, without !Is offensive properties, and one
third che aper. TAR' ABOVE IS WARRANTED TO
her wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
it is not necessary to purchase any new fangled lamps that
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to born the
lard oil in. Persona wishln: t pure and brilliant light
can obtain by calling at the old stand,3d street, nearly
opposite the Post Office.
The attention of Wholeaale dealers, Churches aist
chinis.a respectfully solicited.
N. B.—Ali the barrels will bear the tosnefseittrees
name. Jun r 1543-tr
WHY are Dr. Hibberdts Funny PIM
held In such bigh'estimation, by the hundreds or
lamities In this city wtio now keep them cosstantlY es
hand? Because the effect of these Fills on the stein.
ach Is such as not to sickest. Nettber do they strata
the liver so as to throw off black bile; but they threw of
the yellow bile freely. They are the hest ever silt
for Dyspepsia, Head Asks, Alltswatallseb itc. Tir
, rtisstres' peculiar to Females. they are sow got es.
tensively and give greatest ostisfaction,
TALII szsetteat Pills ars fee ludo iht
Torruev-06 4th it. 1'24 cents per hex.
Jan 31,