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.10. 1843
A horse inms„„milk cart yesterday morn—
ing ,toak frigbt.4t - something, and made
tracks fu!;a'shOrt distance, which had the
effect /Of upsetting the milk cask, to the
great discomfort of the vender. It was
111441 19 1 0tituld ty chsagrezatic to liim,inasmuch
as be had no opportunity. of replenishing
tvetiel with water. He took it as cairn-
I oOstoie, thinking that there was no use
in"liprying overspilled milk."
1 ‘ --.
Bi-akein; l- --There is no such thing as
keeping buys out of the Circus, particular •
t ly when there is something in the ring ve.
trattraetive,as at the present time. Night
6eEure last there was a very agreeable com•
ltny,tif them slipped through a hole made
itrylthemselves for the occasion, and seem
• iiietarenjoy the entertainments offered as
welT es those who got in by the usual way.
It takes the boys to get slung when mo
ney is scarce.
What's Jo up to now?—That celebrated
individual, Mr. Josvph Barker, made a
roaring speech at the working men's
meeting last Wecinesd,iy. lie was severe
on all parties, general y, and on certain
leaders particularly. He gave the law.
yens a dig, and admonished working men
that they should not send one of them to
the Legislature. He said that 'whenever
you see two politicians put their heads
close together, you may at once set it
down as certain that there was something
wrong ! Don't trust any of them;' t-aid
the eloquent and chaste or ator, 'not even Jo
Barker himself, if he comes sneaking a
-../aima a ". This was the most wholes me ad
vice he gave during the who!e speech. and
me hope the working men n ay remember
~ltillerirm fit Pittsburgh. —Bro. Fitch,
AzAierairle to appointment, addressed the
citizens of Pittsburgh yesterday -mot ning,
fld also in the hiternoon, in the old Coutt
r. ffouse, , on the subject of the approaching
ecitl.of the world. lie is a younger look.
ing man than ‘N e expected t., sce, and is.
withal, a good speaker. %Ve have not
heard that he has succeeded in making any
converts, thotigli we saw many %A /pi 'rmk•
mightily scan el, as though (trey thnigl,t
it might be tree.
He had large audiences; but expressed
'groat dissatisfaction at the place he had
in lecture in. He thought the n'd Caw t
House was not good enough, ..4cd declared
`that he A . ould — clear Out if he was n'a fur
nished with a better room. We think he
it' rather nice to his notions, considerinv,
the short term allotted to Lim in this lower
—The alarm of fire right before last oc
iturinisd at the usual hour End passed ofl
It . . originated behind the old Court
M.cesre Parry and Feott have got the con'rat t
4r it building the Duquesne.
- Rending . , Recitation and Imitations
G. W. JA MIAON respectfully innirin.hia n hinds
and the public, that he will give nn Entertain
merit at the above place, n Friday, 10th ii•st„
consisting ut . Reading., Recitation., and also Itn
asittitio'ne of .ome of the most distlngutshed actor.
47r11 , 11. age. For pirticulars see bilis_ of the dly.
mar. 7-3 t.
The Evening's .nisriainment will be Giv,d.•l into
Three part., as
To be ree,—
Sreee rte-a, It' I k.
Seeeehe , of J.q F, fro o 'A i nu
Likp Si ak- 1 el e.
Reftec:ions en the Wound« I S. .g,
s , ,lic f ire
Socha ions, —D,s...ri r tinil of n Fool an 1,i4 to n. di
F , rle en the T,111f.:, Sh .k•pea, e
Peven ;lg., nf Min.
Imitations--;.-or FfirfP , ! ill Ow Gladiator, awl (lain
/ WI" ac 1171,1.1
To be rearl--Thp Lio, Li n
Reeitaiinn,—Et. gy is a C“artt, y Chinch Yird
1 ;r. y.
To he rend,—Fi,• sia,., r „ on.
Recitatin.,—.Dark,.e-R. B , on
tolitatintic—V .I.dpw:ntr as V rEinitis an-1 80.,th as
S r Gins (1 , e ,
Reeitatinn,—Lxd. ..1 E , In.
(illy on D,ll
s, , k=np,re
To be read,—Scene beiween a ,, d n nt
." : 1111.13 P .re.
tZeCilatilu,—riande .T tonne'' de , crii.ll .11 , 1 0,..
Like of Corn and xc ,ar (or hi,
treac'tery tomfir 8 P , 1. , 141 , , r
Cli q. K,•an aa Srr E !ward 11,•rti
rear, pito the late Mr. Hits et as Adam
be reed,—Groves ni Blatnev.
Otr In intermission of ten minutes between the
Pa. tir.
TICKETS, 5 1 ) cents; to he had nt rford's Li -
*tar! DePot, the Exchange 11. , tn . , B
store, Tutile'et,'Emd at the door.
Doors open at 7; performance to commence old
5 feet water in the channel
4r,rilootle and Departures :lace our lael reporl
Miristrti, Sigydain„
I North Queea, M'Le-an Wellsvi le
Tim light draught stesroftr CICERO,
T CJlLattilarier. win leave for the above toad all later.
atedliatt ptnts.an Mondry 1.3111 March. -
For haled it passaie apply ottltairtf, ar to
aW 2 .1A 0 1 44. 111 kAT• 4 11t.
/IF! itirSAlltitittied with Eraa's Safety Gated..
N. TV. Corner of Wood .111 .
Tne proprletois of the &toasts:to Post and 'MERCURY e rch M an. bk. par,
AND Moteraereamt respectfully inform their friends Exchantle bank, par,
null tire pat runs of those papers, that they have a l a rge I Ilk. of Germantowr.n lan k.
an t] d well chosen assortment of
Lancasicr hank, dls 1
„welcome F- AP7lfellEm"..ll, hank of Chester Co. par
lucks Co.
ealas Omigtast
to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
Da Fed to execute Rk of N America
FM of Noll herh Lii,ertiem,••
-3 I.Thr Nl,rhari
Ken-in2ion Lk.
Philadelphia bk.
Schuylkill Irk.
Soistliw3ch Irk. .•
Books, I Bill. or Lading, Circulars,
Pamphlets, I Bill Heads. Cards,
Handbills, I Black Checks, I Flat 'PTA.
all ttin vv„,i,dbk.
bs of Blanits, Bk. of repn4ylvnnin, 7i
Stagg, Steam bout, and Canal Boat Bills, rah app' a Ill: of Penn 'l' t . par
priate Cut.. Man. 4- !ilrehaniei bk par
Printed on the 'honest notice and ind,i rfasonalitelerm.: Meth:lure' , bk. par
We reepeci fully a,h the patron.ige of our Jriende and i MoyarneoNlng bk. 3
be public in general in iii, branch of our lituni,s. Girard la.ik, 47
Piti , hurgli, Sep'. 39. 13-12. P1111.1,11'5 ‘4- SNIITII. IT. Stales bank. 50
n: rlllr, , arren, --
Frank. 6G Waslonatori, par
Miners hk of Poi !sidle, 5
Ilk of Montqoniery Co. pa ,
Mon. 1•!t Prow nvville,
frit, the lionor , o,te Jun.:es conirL ut Gencr I Erie flank,
Quarter Se-sions of the Peare, In and for the Coon- 11:111k. 5
ty of Allegheny.
1 7 .ir. Lk Lancaster, 13
The I etit:on of John Reel, of the Boron2h of j ilk or hidie,ow„, 4.'.
Law reno vile, in the ['minty riforecu id. I utri'di, R lt. of Citatn'acrta urgh, 43
ellen:on, Th.o halt provided himself ,
n material , for the :iCrOtioiliO,bilion :Ind ilk ''lrr
l ' ffiNe " ' he P "'"'" ,h nr ' r e — Contiohni ,V Piid.2erc. 2
that pour 11 , inors ‘• ill I,e picas,, '0 :la It ru,l'o•
lulu a Ilearis , 10 keep a Po Wir. [loos, of Ilk,, Itentwore Co.
And Non!' petillon,r, as In Llnty bound, w II errr r, k. 43
dolls tZ
it bk. r
We. the stCnt..rit,e, . rilizrog of the Ilmon^h of I.nw v „,. k
reneevilte, An rerti:y, a , move nau,rA 1,1,1111411,er rat , k • i,k of
is ofinod rrpole for hu,,ratp and tent nera ree, hod is well
provided whit house room at,,l roov,•..i,•ore, fir the ac
1 - 000110,1:11i3O 1111,11.,1:i1.7, of s' r a iILI I rave and
flint said tavern to crcessar) .
Wis.. Johnston jr, ( — rind to t ],
S•.rbed', \l • toni
Wsll. 11:1•111.114, F. 5„ W.%
Item y Sono Jr.P ,
L. I.;ttnite:t. A 'AI':
A. 11. I.), er
moor 3.—e131.
A new and much improved Corm of (Hank Leases, rcr
sinew the office of the PGA."
rill) the firm oat) e ii.e ol ;he I 'oort
Gel e .‘; Q
of the rea - e II) aid
for the l'oon•,, of All,2iteoy:
ri 'n of 3, ,rth. nn,h nr
Lave en. , e c 'nnty hum!) y
':qt y p.ov , t e .l
(r tle it -,, 11111 .41.111, .;I I. avv., ri all
d‘veking, , 1..1; .11 I.e :r re
,nd. and prate hit mu' H i rr , %%I I b''
Ili d keep Pki Ii: 11.11. r o f Ee- h k
t,iininetn. Audi .ur ai in .1 y I,
I p SA
\‘'e, I e heis, I , e
e e . td,, 1 14 , ,•,, above p , of g d
rklf Co.!, 2111.1 is aaea n r ,),,, 1. ,1
in 1, , ,w; • o an And run .tnnen ,
:1..1 I .(1 4 str,n.: , au
11.:I,, y n ,
Copf: I
f I\,l I I , t• Ju I ....or thr• :
Qu,t, ur the Pt io aad for hLr c• un
lo , ob•n or .1 3!11e 4 M leer. or o=
rmit.tv. slto“rt❑ -
Th.l t hr t. xs eh pnn•hlvd u•lnt hoti,e r.om and.-o”yrnj
1 . 1 , re, for the artOn iticrlai.orl of s! rarr;.ers and tract
nt the hone now 11^1 upird hv him lag :1 tavern: and by
Ikeirollz (0 COlllll'ol2 drat i , 11- , /le•S he piano !,1011. Inn
or, 141 Eraill Iriiri E 111 f,, to I:ep all Inn 01 01
NuLtjr l'A.u. , ,tainiffi ut
The tind,r•igio d,rillzrna 1,1" I: ass lowuti n to,rrsor.(l,ll:,
cert,r,, that 11.• alnrve named
Is n gent n of gold ,pnte for I:c.v.:ly and te , ..1",
an.e. and iS Well provide.d W:111 11 , 1 , 1 re I'OOM fled cn nvr.
'den", for the ni-cnnimodratiill and :off:Jill ol Ir,
and lers, and that smut i,vern is nerr,sary.
Conrad I; eel, Joan Morrow.
John Me:: iti:41,1.. Jan d Plan4erton.
Edward M :car, Balthazar Good,
It. Morrow, Curer ltuA Keenan,
John Morrowjr, Joseph I:rad'ey,
['draw McFarland.
Peivr Ivory.
mar R-_3,
1inn,)(3111 , , the Ju g,G, of the t ai
Generall.4,l n ter Se3si ns of the Pe
(n the C , )tirr , .. Pr,
Thr petit ,n Car. eovr. ,a.ll, •
To, shrwr•
p , ,,No(kd wnll 000ge oni and tolr r
lor for a C , llllll ,rf•it.rti ICI ,trti,gt'r- and I
!tie hfIIIQP 14,1, r C I ht hlm :IS n '.4 . rr
log (1--ir..o- 1l it o 1 . 100:. • 1,0
pm, 11 n r•I , yruit hi,n a i C 111.1 r
uf And %% -.e.
BEN.f C Crt:N I LC.
The 11..de1Vgil,d,,s 10,‘ f e
specitiPy ce.ttly, ti a• Li Car pi,nt , r, theab, r irlar
ed appli aut,ia a ti,e.s.tiesnitis DI I o 1 d s rpute L,. ItAisr•ly
and trust - ie.:lllre, all 1 provided W 0) II Jtifie
1110.11 R od C ( , ‘r 111 , acr ,1)
/ , I , l.rari4er. , .
y the pith
Lit kifi %N . Isl. ‘t a7';,
.1 rob Se- el-. J s L,.
J. issibe,
I It , J ‘. It anus ul
e -o 1/r,
11 111. \Val eel
L„.. or r; rirrl G o,er
rlia, 1.1 , 1er S nAirliolUl . lire Pe.lee, I:1 arl 1 cur ihi
coilill V Or
•r av i, of V •r, Wks - 1 - oom hip
11.1 roll, v. .•Opycli..lll,'
T In 1 1 r.. , .10 WWI illlllge :111.1 OPier
Vv..lPA...es 14/1 I ilt , le.."lllJ/1.1..11011 ioi -.l:l.lPra .1111111
11,,n.g In era, kreit if. 111 0I
In use 01 C Lweri;lllkmcht, nrn In , 1% nl pr;.y
Tito ;Ind , nozoPrl os of Vel,ill.eq rrw•i-h.p. .e
flier 1111:1V f. rill v. hill it a VIOr. ille uL..ve n.rn,ed
a! , 10 ,,, int• 2olitt reiffile int !.%)114.,ty 111 , •1
ten In of nrr. •11:11 lVt! I r)rovi4••4l role
r.rvvf•lrets4 , o lu , the neconmin,lati.in :mil 1
mgd liqt•elerg,tiott i, i l - -cce,-Lir
J •.d.)K e+ter, NA'
I, trsi,, licwribt3, J • It
S ,
.1 Hi I 1 ell,
kv. IC le, K
XVIII. IV, !are.
Nl.,re'l S. 181p-3 •
B. C,, pentv.r,
the Juilue,i of the Goof! of Gen. r
I_nlQnnrier Session :+ of the Pericr. in and for I ue coun
ty of ittlegtwny.
The petition of Mirhael 0 - 11atil.in. of (he lst Ward
Aliezlieny city, in said county, respectfully showeth—
That lie Is Well Provided s that oaten and ittners
CO Ivenl.!nres (or the acertorunddt ion of ei ratr2Crs and
traVekr-, at the house no.v (wetly], d by him as a lailrrn
and Lein_ desirous to root Ilion in that I usiness he ordys
your honors to giant hint a license to keep an Inn or
house of Puhli: Enteriaintrectr , and be will pray, tcc.
M. Oil )N.
The under toned, cit mem; of Ist %Yard Altrgheny situ,
spretfully certify that 51 O'Hantan, the above named
applicant, is a sent lemon of zood repute fir honesty and
temperance, and is Weil pr.vided with 1 nun , rou r and
conveniences for the aceoitittiodat ion and loil2troz, of !Iran
zers and raviders, and that said tavi rn is ht. essary.
R. 3 1, Cid att.;, Arthur Newman,
11. Al.qt.d, 1) : - vi I 11.ir z,
H. E. team, nith't
• •
J 9
J. M. SaosilPn jr Miehl C. , adr n,
James MeChErrey. Warner W. Preeshater,
George McCaesney, ROlgst t Nixon.
mac 9-3 t•
1011 nbds. N.O Sugar.
120 bids. N. 0. %mason.
la prime order, Set received by S. B. lireadeoted For
yele by J. W. BURSS/DGE* Co.
mar $ Water et. between Wood and Smithfield
11008 AND JOB
W. , ' j, i njr
"4' . Jo , S. F'...,!11;1..
.If Nouu,r) r 0,111,11 ., Ihni "
IS% U.; I . CY1.01:
BANK 411( yisy. • ,
- -
Bank of Pittsnurili
Y 7 o tne.lllo , "
Rrrk• I n 1:;011,,
Le ‘v 1.11,V11
rosy, idJ
Far. Al' - h. ) k or
it.•'u on( Lk • r Li'L.l-.7131rS
hk. neru:snil
df, Curren , V
lik New Lin
I 1-1 r)
FOR %ALE 01{ TO u
r v oro.
, • 7 1 :1?1,1
It . t:.
R I: _V7'. - rooor.ol hP,N . to,
; :1,14 .! 1.1551^ oenr 71;t -troet
•wlll , fl win h.- vtolvrm...•,, , ptv 10
J , AIN %ri:1,11 . 7-R EY .
Three Door s 1.0,r1y 4E.
d , 3 0 I r
rclpt: 31 At , ry (Jr ..-.•nH , .1 by R. A.
P1u , 1,1,1 as 3:1 Our kr,a. •,_
-s,zoo,tcq Lou, no of vvu.rd :r:ot sib
min?". of R. 51or r.,sv 5111 st. jan 2t.
S7'6l?F. c'E...1.21R on 11,40 , vt Pi! 3.1 ,nd h
I3h fdri,,L,
I I tvk 41)^, - it)Tls ;1.1,1 ro
r• 1 rur n!iir•.•. nr for :I
Vr /114,11 re33V 1 - 1 .13. 7 131•i,,P...,
ALSO. n Ira rinng Firm=e On Ntar pet
flee rl l l l l/11 , n.nrorintote litirhen
A 1... 4 1), til, .1 , 1,11 .111, 1 1 110111 no Third .1 . TlP:li ,O 11,
pr , le Ihr Po-i 011 , ' , at p•••st.irl t,i, l ll,te 1 111 11101 1 / 1 1
11:11,110,1 n, a 1.;41h,
4t.511, I .P I .•nrl 4ritr,t, r i 1,4.
in. 1.1•• „( , n•;lry %% lilt a leW
ar,eu if atl,rlicti to .•,rl,.
IA it
4 ...f! r....rth
41. 4=2. 52. 51. 54, 151. 11.;2 1:;4.
,rt.• 44. 27.
on High SI t he
For it,rinv apply lu Z. W. It ENIIN(FrON.
Pep 111
No. 6 wrst 4, r Ihr Nut r II•Itpt", Penn !,
511. %Vara, 4.• rz
I ITIE 'r'' l
Xll II I• 1 V pr , c.
111,1T11;1/ ;.4
nr $ 1 etly
ti..t if.
F.,1114, A 1.., In ~ .111•Ci
1 , •11I• A - c. A re.lheer i. k#3lo
WI, re a iir.ct pp , nn 1 - 11":1 II 1 - ,,r .1 rlt rviU 111'
(r , e fil rn, , t•lt , ret re 11 fl•41".1•ii 11'11' d
nor c.slio‘‘ I •r•
1., rP p -1 \11.44,, 11 1 , 1 , a, , 1
11r -;. 1' , ,,<. 1;14
S E, t i. lip rpip Pip Lid ; I ,
.111 , 1 , 1 I . IoIVIN
I II WI", I I„ r• p , p; 11, 1, ; ~.i r
1;t1111, 1.11N.14.111; 1)11R. ,
En tic 5111 :I
Fon fe 1 7 ..\ , * I'. 2 or, HI.- ?,
ile r.s,r,lice or 1 in J II
4. ,, ry Lrli• rl7. -1, t
at E.", !trr 111,4,1
, r,ft,,rlll
3 iw
Yr t , 1t , 1 hi rp,
Agritcv, tte., the sth \Vard ttttirt...! Inn
fH 23. J 1 \ E. 7",
ICE 110 VA
VE removed their raper Store fro, Mnrket
1 street to Nit. G 4 hVoud s treet, o ne door front the
comer of .1111. who, they k ep On hand. I heir It =till OR.
'tort the , t of PAPERS, for panerinL7 p - triors. en
trie , .rliarnh, , . and ako PRINT! NG, ‘N"
II'I'ING l' PERS. BONN El' 111 . 1 RDS, kr,
all of w tor lien n.ler fur sn le on ;teflon, 'dating tenter.
fen 1.1. 1311. /1.1
CON V INCIXG'- ',veil afflict ed for nearly
•with a ;tart' ewrlliti on the e:trt of . n t
~,•101 non Int ed nturlt ttatn. Ind 0 , 1,1 1 11'1011: t;op',';l
I.o'l. rerolll'llelliled by tlle F,i , toty-_,ll to van; Iv.,
curet! rnmpletrly by tbe tt.ne of one bottle of Or. Brattnt•
Lonaninnt, or External Remedy.
Wit ;tees int. hand J.lll Et; T.l}' LOA,
Oh Id p Alin_heny co, Pa. Jan. I lit PI.
Dr. B , andret R e. 111141 V nr L.l.tainpnt; cold
n!otfico, No 9i %Tout! enreet, Put...burgh, PR C--
56 reruns per
FA ‘1 I I,y —Just rPteivedlt few t.arrlo
Superior riour, made expressly for (welly u.w 'cc
hv lei.% AC CR1.7.15E, 143 14b, ISL
Sltnrr 50 harri.ll sup. flour.
BU rrErt AND LAR - D.
Tuxr received., t barrels fresh rotl Clutter, and 20
kp flial,,,RlFLeifi from rbreer;Obio;fbr rile by
feb `Y3• aft Liberty at:
Wooster, 5 1j
Marriion, ' do
Sandusky, ' - do
Gnat!2a, do
Norwalk, do
Xenta, do
Dayton, do
Scioto, 30
Post notes, 11
iilicot he, . 5
Fran. 1 , .k Columba!,
I.a..ra-ter, 40
G rtinv I:1e, Co
coin. bk. Lake Erie, 341
Far. hk: of Canton, 45
I Urbana 68
State bk.¢ branches 1,1•
date Scrip, 40 ,
All batik.. 1
Slate Lk 4- ftraaelleA, GO
l'a10( ol Vir;!inia, 1
do V.:Vev,
Far. bk. o!' VII ginin,
Ex, lion.:e bank, 1
ler. 4. Nler. ,le.
ital. I more Ita ti
ry Ban kF.
11 E A X
1:1 Vatiks , ,
Nt:W J ER;41:1
\II I:atd.a, par rind 1
NEW 1(161:.
i lt rc honk.
Ira tv ftird ) n 1
FPtl Bark. I to 1
roc, in Cat,k%, p;
gond .
1 , .111“.
A T, \ I
rrv\r.- i:e
\l' PN k
si.i- or, lii
no. N . 11. 10
( )111!
li, E•t•l"tit Fix hit
5. .V* - r rti UXer.itize.
[in I'
11. La.% te•..ce
1 414 ol.I) '
11'0 I I'.
II p'•ef 1.1211
L:‘ 2.L Y
To Let,
t.a 11,, :1 a U. i; ~•.1 :1.:
tit al pre.-t. .1 Or
P.!)%VI) n G \ZZ I.
1 It rd
illou%e ft gen
Irll4l I he 11,1
.1 11 ES 11 L I: nr.N
S .<7ll/41!
7P,:t556)/Sy 10,
DE, solisi-rther ha, just received his nnntial supply of
I,andretli':+ gardeft Seed., consiSl int , In part of the
1 r ,vint; klutls—all of the lest year•scrop ft war milled
war] Er.,. Plant, Parsnip,
Reels, Endive, Peas,
Beau,. Kale, , Pepper,
Leek, Pumpkin, Bin:coli,
Lettuce. Radish, Borrrole,
Water Melons Rhubarb, Cabbage,
Musk, ~ Salsafy, Carriit,
Nasturtium, Cauliflower, Spinach,
S'Ttash, Celery, Oki a,
Tomatoc, Cu , led Ciess, Onibn,
- Purnip, Cucumber, Part-ley,
( 'orii , Mustard, (white and bruwii)
&c. Sz.c. &C.
To.futlier with„ varlet y of Pot it Sweet herbs at .d flower
~ e cils:,
irrOrders for Seeds, Shrubs, Trees, 4-t. from Garden
ers and onset, will be received and promptly attended
to F. 1.• 'SNOWDEN,
.1-to 11 No. 1:;d I.llii-ri v. bead of Wood st.
1_1.1'1%-; —IV. M. lon trotet inform their tenth. and
the public that they have ennitnenred manufurtu
ring Hate, and t I,r.t they have now ready (or ,ale, al
their 'Store, 148 Liberty street, between erket and 6th
at reef, an avlnotruent of Itfrrvery tv..‘gt !Int., whirh t..ey
are IMO. of or tin Cll,ll-e.l :11111 too , reartnn,
:Ode 'eons Their stork rneytd of the very best
v z —l'.eaver, Neuiria, Castors. short Na; ped Rue.
rut mot
1 / 4 V. k M. Doherty are hot h rezolar bred natters , . they
have had Ptronolve expPrlcore Jrnror.% Inch In rho krao
e.rta , .ll , nroT.r In I lie country, their ilais are all :10,1 Un
and. ell' 0,11 andthey arou re thereildle
111. Ile. Very 1,1,1 flrllrlr6 on !tie no,l rea
lernor Will he offercri PnIP. 9., , p 10
A T. piticE,l,Vimiucite and R.t lu It ,k, r. .:on.
j fer!ioner and Fruiterer, Federal street, rear the
v rr. v.
Over, V 3 , 1 ,11/ or Cuilf..rtir,ii,t• v at.,l Orr,utonial
for ‘‘ , ...t./1“ . v. , nd rd
01,0.1 11...ter, .7 g , ot!r:v.
r pror IC
1- 4 1 .; VNTE , 0* Jnlm I HI of tkr• 1 - 0) 0 . rifiT. -
L 4 lnr^h lutr•r•ry.cd will 1.11,e
~ 1 , . .1, 0 0rtd ion nn the e-11.«. of !no z. 11,1
been .11111, g•an.p.1 1, ,, , the Ite2lider of
~,t ro‘V crooov. to 50.n0..a lir I
ern i.e.);r and it!l persona 111011'2 ei rim. or dernrind4 a.
,ind P-4:111‘ he ...id d.•te•lent. are rego-000l In
make 1, ,, 0Wn flip at•ne Mla tier WlllllOll dray.
de ~ e I. in Hand s.treet, CI V of Po , ho , Th.
1 —r,ty Adminl4lralrlz
z'' t i C. t 17.1 i,',. Pi4/1. and Fu.rry l',"-!rct I ---
V' any!P,eture Frn•gn .11.11 , 441 - aearer, .Vo. 87, ' 7' I 1., Tt tATGIIO IV ' 5
F,,... -o, ~:. reef Pi , :•,slr,g':. —1741 i va., Itru.lii r V,. r..,1. . ITII ii Ca ile‘l litinclileag.
4.c ,jor %1 I ixls, .11,vii. Q ~,, ti3ntl. 1,,,,wki,:z 17.1.,:„.e., 4, , itF. %. T, % , '"I 178 :111,1Eli ~,, gold w 1„,1„.,,, “ ri d ,11
~,p1 ly frall,el.l to order. I: e trip dot,c , t ~e 511 , ./11 lI T ''tITTT I Sr P. tr t one ,Joor be!Jtv t?quilific:,l.
1 "-I 21—iv
.rar 11.0,1 ko re,;i:dtil; and
rl r•-r ( 111 I~r •r
; —
~ ilt•i.i'i , Li ' 11 .. A i 1 1 i; VL 1, - 11 ... (11 ON'.
FI, S'Ciiw 11 - N. ; ..e: .' 7 0 r". 1"/.: V --17' 1. f f . r . . , .T.,-p in Ili• 1 ; , i' r. l it mr ,
i 9. 1. "Ci; rrtc hrml or 1.).. ii I iu. i Pii.ii , ii ii; ri.,!. 1.111.,01r,11. Noo 5 1842.
DEN NIN Cf'. I - 1 I{E PRO()F 1R1)\ , 1 itTNI F. A 1" , T1`:, luri• v .. ___ _
1 1
Wt t 11,4 E. l " rata 1 .. .. ti oc I n I ...' .; ', i , 4"'.1 i - i- .
Ple " Se ' rtr '"' °cr. 22 . N4.-=. ' unfin Nin•.l 1 4;•,...., aml 1 ri,"•iiiiiiii•iri liii: I , .., ;1 il no
1. 0,,,,, -(1, Pr , , , ,iy, , ''r 301;1 01 Ini.l . milli Ili i ii iiiiii
~,2 e
~, I H.,,,,.. \v.-IL ri.;: f, i rs . ,v A o!)
'.4 "'el. r`a at 11:21ii.•hr Pl.lnlnz Cionviii% a nd - , ....1i ll.in , ~,,,, tu _ i v
It 'rim c, i,.. mit by rla,.. Dilworth d• Cu. will. a !arc( i ---.
tilt of Ir .r.irit ant inilreised luititer, was al' con..u. irl. T., .A. IX. l' \f' I 1_!IttION. ?fiat nn Shit field .Ircet,
trf dI, firs. I 1 y in•ar s:kilt. .ir o 10
The Inch Date tvli ir ti I lirmthl of you iiiiiiii. Ii to' bark
40)1N BIT l' rER ixott 111, fluctru-rer cir , ,d Cr,, Iraq In the mo=t I Illn c ed °lth a l inn dui In 2 the n". • a" il airs Yerehost, I,orisrflle, KY.. will alten.l to its.
Wan eollrely r.,1 hot -I am illen4ml to Inform you tt. \‘ a,. , ~. . ,
4, n , c , oi :c ,, ,1l 1,-lo'o. 14 v Gontl.,G•o , eri,, r...1.1.ur,, ke .
nrumorl it 11, en, Or the tirr. a nil nll the I.onks, p,p er .
,s., „ ,-2,1,81,, , ,..
01.,,, 1,,,,i.„..1,,,,.„..
Fri .1,..5av‘1;-I hi. , is the !mat rrconinumilnliun 1 can uivi; ul ,/ , . i r. lio ,:cloch. A. M. Caiili ail Ivan
1 . 1110/1111 ~ .l l
l'lr iiiilliy of your :ate,
11.1 ri1i1 , 1':1111 e 19 ,r•o 10
0,i24_ , r
____. .
- i I I'STERS. 5.91?1,1117E5. ,tr : ~,,,c,d 'lt' i n th.• h, s ,
~.W 3 7 -_,‘ \l i lt t 11, r
"it Ic ot .l, 'Hr.:KER . !, N., 9 r",, - ,1 1 ,t•• 4.71 .51111,,.1,
1 S
!hp m i ll., \ko rill to iits ni Cake'' , and confectionary for
U AR g R E:DCIE) , j) -I' SI hlOll. Taiga. or - zTA crc .., , n , ote. weddinz , . etc , for =ale by
RAM Cosa (741i1. 1 , fr•ini Ptitumorth , vla Flrilroril, ' nov 19-if
imliriiitiori l , If trri.liorl, nail Lalicin , iler, to 1 . 1111,1e1 i
;,.„., ~,rl. • !fn./ wail the MAI train of I . :1,8 to N V' Toothache ! I ;
4r. I 11th 150 mil, ~i nirint snit ( - me filght Om, i T tir.co , (11).11,R 11. Tot.ltia , /oe mirril lii Pcvn M1N
.11,0. Ilia Inrert him to Ballinime , rTBI--ri'l it Turrt.b.'s Inedieni AcPnrv, 86 fourth
lore to .I"...tide k n., '
8.0. . n ., and , ht.... a:. ~.le, It I.i. warranted to Cure or the
t:..;:in,,,,.„ 9 lIIIIIPV Wlll ik, ~r,„1 . ,,1.
1.••,,, :it i.' al fi ii'i•lnck A. NI.
i G SUR GE W. LA YAW, A11,),,,Y 11l Law, Offi , e
.!r., , f ~,,,,,,1 doo r I•nl o tiv tilr Mrrchnio: !Init.! Wood ~l ;
rr, Pi
ea r the The
No. 54 r.i . i!, street, Themtio"iio);tl)
\I i..\11)E1.1.., GI: All A II,•INAUGII .1. ri ,
, I, 2 7 . li, 3-1 V. Fr I, :I? -I Y
E. 11. lieastitig . ,s,
r;r11..)443 D; IT LA Ti If Office tx A
p 4 , t1 •Ire Pt. urzl dom . Pr; k t
„, lcre. Ap! , lient inns f,r Re21 , 11 . T0r.. F . 1 1 ,:••%
mit and ee,aieg, %%Ail b
I Prf, 5t0y . ::1;,51, kr. xoen'erl 1%1 , 11 Irga joLoox
10. lnrt
.li❑rh. :61.:31.1 —3t
4 1114141 FELS. N. 0. .1101 , 4SSES. jthit re,'.l per steam
ft, boat LP tiv. 11. it, 'mil for
J. 11:. I C.T.. It:. I fa: P. 4- (*n.
W.to— at. 1/4 . 11% f••••-11 ‘1 . 1 , 11i ! 4 11i It ilf),111.
7111111 E reApre , itiy in it.. If. i hr in' h n
nfirr 9f•ver.kl ye. r. Xl'', !vile!. In shopy
I 1.. r.aar rti rule. I ~c y hart. tier. NOW R It ittmto
1,1 Thirs , , 0110 11.1 r I ar , V i1;t0,.% let
. port %Wier, Orr pr1 . 1 , 1f1,1
, itd..t.4 In 11.4 a 111,,.. to .1
Po; 41. her en. n. Ii 1,it,51,l i, tie t sly. 1.;oi
f•kr !lie • ....Winn of I;,. 11.nolrrn t.
co i•lo
tho vohli , to olNtitNtl , ,t that ttl, la vat iv
o .:t•tk :i•tto 12 /IV` r I , l , l ,, tlS,Orfili
;tor IH 10 e.iy!e am; o•orisit,nll-10 , 0 !!by ci ailcu;:e
I;trril rily
pun OR F.X - PRAY: E FOR .4 (7 COD
FqR I.__ 1 1.5 i ..1 •Jr. nut! mi La/IY. 10.1, VP,
r h 11.0 4,1 rin , •! ,
rn,;/ zi n 011/• 7•11 lky '6,
111111111111 MI
Tlit•y .r 52110. and Ili
!MP r In4,t
prr.l.P I v I Ir, c;,pl,
• Il,r ft l.,rtn, n,I S 111),I ,11,! tvo't
• q..i t• 1,1 ,a a. \V ,
tirll Ilar l• • Ge.,era! A;Fl,cy
9 F,lll n,n,
11 , 111:-. N. U.
20 to,k Pi tii4 day rt.CeiVt.: I.y
Li , eaCAUfiell,.. and t•)f Icy
J. G. 4- A. Grin DON,'
12 walpr siren?.
Ail % Lt ,I 1
0 - o A T :i n a r y t, t i l i o n u ,: e ‘ A v ;: v y ,f t, atTruf:
Tl, B'S MPolical Agency,-R6 Fi uri h 'tr. ei.
h 4,
0 \ hand and ,or S.l.e on nect . inn. , ..latlp::, tr.
cas,;), or exeitan:ert for t•ade or produce t•,Foit run.
nrr 400 (tit.: of 4 :Ind 5 do , i'dpiroride nod yld lOW
arret cha in. SOO dozr.n _or Fuld rherin
0-carted rizerr, nrd w,ndow ataFc to or. nn r,,d A n
; , srorinir.nt C NCS, tthnv to, Sondra, Dung, forks,
t:nkrovens.Te., Kati lee, and other crtsttn:s; Country
Carpels, Corn Broom; nod ttruchcp,
ISIAC FiAnRF., 4 , 2t0t,
4- Cont. 9. rifl h
Plant 4
rrirF rnnm nrrrpind hv 'Alfierrnau SteTvart, on Penn
Fu.. RS Atl Officp—re..t s'36 per p - nr.
Al-0,1 so room.= on Venn sire -t, occupied at prostent
xa a dline wore- $ 4 411 per veer.
s to.,n •copydai n Grocery store, on Penn
, t reel. - R:; r; ' i lrr year.
11F.1. ❑ ./11:1II hrie l / 4 /10'.p in the renr or fl., ‘7,!1! ea I's
cake on sthatreet—rant year. to
I E 4 111.1 K ELY.
9. Acent.s!ll Ward.
sdri H00;414, 0. Fugal',
2ZOII , LS N. 0. 31t lemma
41) ;nerves -Rice.
ell B da Sr), 3 Mackerel,
No 3 . do.
Tlereee Spero. Oil. Jibe. recelyed per a WExPrego
Mail:an4 for rale by J. W. BITRBILIDGE. 4. Co•
mar 4, Water at- between Wood and Smithfield.
bun• Or 110U , P- I.
Nr.\\ , ' A LA \WI*:
r:1•1.. I P wade IN n Qr:f
scur.l y 7tiosTicuc
For Rent.
- •
AND BALTIXORX Aro Orno Rau. Rom, CuutrAxv.
`••••;-• cvnl•
TUE , * line or U.S. MO! ConthAn rm. Washington City,
11 Baltimore. Phi:ade/p P,ia and New York.
Tlite lii a (sin roll operation and !raves l'lttalJUrgh daily
at 6 o'clock A. SI., lArredittplion ?a. ato national
raid to CUpieer!niol, croinvrting hPre wll It the rail road
to all the rteove plater Travellers will find Wia
a sp. dv and comfort a hie TOIIIP, II bet rig 14 separate aril
dt-tinet r•nin•kertand line. facilittes will lie
afforded which have not hcrn hereinfine enjoyed, Ex
ira roaches Cur pi4lieit at tie nun rtes) entire, who the
privilege of firing through direct, or taking ene night's
rest at rite' r option.
Fare from Plit9Ouritit to Rattlmore. $lO.OO
Pittshteg to Relay ItoOse, 9113.00
They're tu Wardifocion 2,00 12,00
Pit tslmrah In Pliiladelplifp
For through tickets, app!y at our office at the corner
or Exchange Rot el, or at our office et Monouganela
Feh. 1,1--r111"
JOILY CL fiSKJF: Y. theold orleinal, has on hand the
r o , r splendid assortment or Clothing ever offered
Wes my :dock 1.4 . 13r2 c, and I am d,spereed to sell at thu
low.. 1 possible price My stock is heavy, and as the Pea.
son is ddeancin7,, h-will sell at lower prices than ercr. I
wsk only TIC pleasure or a rat!, feelon7, confident that
Ot/L: is 411ffiriem. Rrm• , rr or rovir,,,trfrifm. RetoritiLer
PE tl B . liov 23, 184
Lint OVER Minds —Tee ~.idle' can now do nway
with all kinds or over shro , , ran walk throti2h the wet
atreeis wit It thin !Live their reet•k. , l )l p,4cl•
Iy dry:fan wear ticht shoe. wit lout 1111Viii,t their corns
pain them; and eau have their !hors wear twice-uv lon=
pa ever, if they wilt nee the certirated Ott.nv r•ma.which
will make leather water proof. and render it as
sod von A. kid. lila an article well worth their entire,
owl one whh . h they will all value highly, no anon ac They
try It. To he had only at TIITTLE'zt
ZDICAL AGENCY, 86; Fourth 'I 'ci
jrn 9
F~ice,~l per hott'e
OTICE -I have taken nnl Irnera androinlAr 0100
nn 11,P r , tn.e on John Wilsoo. liof ibe 1:11r of
des .. /1. All 00. wort, totlehled In the r , ove of
the .31 , 1 ite 4, 11 , •41 aro rerple.'eti In rna!se hnttlech.ile pa e•
illy r0 , ) , 11.,. I. In l',lll St. !war ilarhurv,n rd
It/111P have elaima
,In r‘• prgll, l l,l.
I In 19
\%r'' /./.9:11 at I, ; Ottl , ” 111
Tlitilain!!!,dearly oppogi‘e the ties
1' Ilous - p. no Grant glreol.
li !AIM RV or Rnts?.io.g. ti mint kn.,Poii, irnl.Rmt Mu?
r• Ilarwoo. Work', ,111 he oven pvery day, :A'a:.britti ex.
r 'tn.. 7 o'eldek, A id .md d 9. P. Ea•
chauyr nuild;n2.rornor of GI (lair sir/ et a r.zeliairzr
trey n de , e Jun. - ten: art mi.u.r. will tw 2 , ven liy
•r. . _ .
17. 1 , r.!, „
oil kINEI All
Utl.9!:. .11.9CKEREL, 'ANL Prime N
1 1:7 :lIZAC.
10 Ti,rep. rt,re.
15 ri+ , f , ried Not
1:1.!. ;1 Al ar
Now lal.din; 11,01 S. B. t. to ter. end for int. 1n by
J %7 A Y .
-25 Wu. W00...9 P nt , tf 6e, ...ale
J. %NI It Llt It [IC E .
J 2 I
L. C. 3 tid*olv
rrr,R,vry.vrt...vr.rar 7th
Arc:ro—iru:icttl .11. y in Lu-iiir.,l arid a adcddde
LOVE AND TIMOTHY SEED niwnts nn land
j Jolt to still purclrsarts, apply to I . ell E.
1.13 1.11 ert v ,t
I, t'S /• h
(It C nneN: I..CP
r. 1.111 TilithN,
5.3 :%1:4, 1.. st
F ln C., ~y,;1.2 nod e .nand from
Pt r;dll,,mr,. Ne , vl .
4).k and
0 0,", hy ILC Pr Ii 41! rouJ •on
C T,let,...t,rr
a•uh nn lot! 0,11 Ln
I.:OVH r,IA 111 ht),l r.f n uridaw
r,f Or-I r.rie v - irrt t:le. :0 II d x I .l' l ~ /1)
ply nr , “0":21.1 ,, (1 con , t.o 1 1 ,1. g
IA • pfi 1 „ hi:-In.V•n 01,.1 all 11l - (111,11
• nu ..nher i'l.l ,T01!•,P7,1'.4
r 15,1!? 00
01,1 10 111 , POlOO,l if •••11 r,
rt;C;itnnrc, 'Cptv York nr 11, , r..n, fled In Jrm.,
11.,1n, corner .0 I.p..r.nty :Ind IX:1, 0.
ik.;,nd %yr.! 143 - 11 it 1;0...11n:1n-I forward. d with
ecel 11(.11
- and pro !err I .tendril tii he shipred from
Philorlr t;. i,1.1 nr D.•% - lwaie and R.
rot•.t.z 0, 11 tt.trt,itlireW and Melt . ..ever,
will he received at I deir warelitiuse. fiat wharf above
Rare greet. Philadelphia, giol chipped d'rertly Irani
t dent r WSlliant additional handlinz "r rip,' nize; a line of
804 an
wt. h the line at thiz:paint•
Shipper,: nre invited in rsaru.nr lhe e:110ch of this tine
and jorie for t heinsr - Ivrs, heft', e kl.tpping by an, pi liar,
as their iot crest W.II he afiva need I.y skipping by 11, Ilie
prop, ietors heina deleropned to eller t the
0 , [nest of their ahitlty for ihe intereqL of ,brie co..ta
mers and prolierity al
. .
Insurance Can ba effeell 11,1r1Fr this ;hie than any
other, as the rouse rn „ <id,-n•;t the :.tfe>t•
. .
Ilan, A ildremq Y I K..vrr . Itt.m Pit 13a1
henry L terso it, from II o'l I. ayst,u re to Pott.A.Jort;ll
.A ntirPtva Nlf
Fleury L
la nir• ifir f' , •Ir
SUL.; .11e 2.' ,110L.Y SSE-V.
f e N 0 :z.uar.
1)i" h , 14. Mor.,
Just received for
riinr 3. tynn. Bnithf 6.11
JJOHM J. 311TCHEI.L+—A , cor: ey at Leer, take
corner or Smtit , hPlai and "Ot hoe— Plfteburith.
Ce , iettlonri made. A•I beatilooe oottoeted to AM
oare will be pro:raptly attended in.
feb 16--19'
Propident of N. R. Slay. Co
tt. requested t., procvro I lienl
J. r: Flll%l r T
r 1
v P !Ir.? h, rn
Ai, of 0,1 trg,. rs,l
Je a IA
1 - --
77: • , r -r•-•., 7 .--; 1 1.72.14,77%-rm_
• ,
t , ,
o- "A Cerjeliae" will be g umvered to-morrow
The world requires new social guide - 1h
new measures and new plans of refortn4
The intelligence of 'he new age deMalidi
t illher, wiser, and more prectitatimprove,
mews; it demands efrectuar remedies fat'
present evils, and a policy which will not
always prnve abortive and deceptive. In•
stead of conflicts and interews,
competition, and envious rivalry ithilitap,,
position, the world wants • Avarieistitm,
Combination oNction, and Unity of inar
est:,. Instead r,F the present rer•ogeaot.
Bon, it wants ArritAailVE INDUSTftt, and
an equitable division of profits,--tOillai
of endless coutroversies about the bur*
cy, is wants increased production; and - the
vast ma , erial ecnnetnies, as well sa int*al
blest ings, of Assoctsrtom. •
Let those who are convinced of thelle—
fee.tq of the present system of anciety,:spd
who are tired of the vain and stet ile suite
of parties, be - not discouraged in, t«eilP
hope as a better future, by philotophicsio
Dolt:ice!, arid moral doctrines, which teat%
that the earth is, wed was intended :a 4.4 a.
valley of tears; an abode of misery, where
man was placed to combat and sufreri that
as evil has always existed, it will alivait
corgiime to exist, that ignorence„ , roir fly,
and suffeting form a part of the D e stiny off'
Man, and enter into God's Scheme w i th
regard to His erection. Let tint - their
hepes be dampr.med by these views, sup
they at- ftlse. A God ofJustire has nue
plact.d the Human Race won the earth tri
wear out a weary existence in a round of
which outrage ever!, sentirnenr,
of the heart. every desire and 2itraction'af
I)}e., soul, and added tantilization to Inlets*
t.ce, by implanting in them a deep, un.
uuenchab'e thirst for happiness. If he
has given us limbs which suffer from the
cold, he iotenik...l that they should be
clothed; if he has give., us s'omactis
r.-qui!a f, (1, he intended .hat they should
he fed; II he ha, pl wted in us a loveuf"
erty ;Id Justice, he did not design that
a ,, •llot•vice should , ppreFs . and
dui Ckl!1!./ I: e with th e ir wid e r,.
iirr; C,O 1;:;.•-f,e1 rigs kVii hit! us. If the
chi'd a into lire IN ()rid wodk and igtio—
f a:/t, lie !fr. (ht. wrength an'd
m t a,ze s;•ou'd ,vend-it
::1 'Jut a!:
it , cf,i hit Bin
vt• ..,4!!. if If.. in in a Mintellh
.1..• v.ist hertie of creatiosi.
:in Ie S t:, feel its sn' lime harmonies,
Thd i• ti: .1 t Intel ig.ence
i y a gloom of igtio ,
rrinc , .. and those fe• Logs harassed and
worn out in the tliscold.,, confiictg i , end
sonic Iles of our fake tics:
assigbed Jo man a high first Uly , as% of
Ocerseig• of the Globe, and of the creaiona
upon ti; he g'veti tern noble aspirar
rn.isl le• contrary u. his desiga
that he slum d and ignorant
drudge—wilich is the case of 'doe-tenths
of the It +ce—and t.) tlol dust, -Rs
the crust wet. , hts nakir(,l r•lerneht. No,
it cannot be! The prewprit print and de—
eded condition of the Harman Race is
.not thrir I)( s'ir.y. It is caused by-a false
system of Socie.y and a false system of
Ifolustry. rind it is only in a Social litiftonk
that a nernedc can he
%%fllY :11t. 1:11)11e1(31,
hvT,I hiI.VP.I limit !nu. I.s . I hr- hillgtroflp
!, y who et...xi kr. t.
i , :tt.d?ei.7i• - • I:e oifrrt of tree,, nit iltei'ellifht
aril le ittirli ty: not in sicken. No it Iyr Ob.
he ii•er AO 11,1 iirnw cff aditrit i.lui SI ev ittfrivei74r,
Lill•irviir, TI et• nre 11. - •• I 4'lW ite*
for ltrsptps6,, Marl Ache, Rkeityytaffsett. ere irrlOrni"
ileu , rlr In reni,:lits, iiiey arti'licee used 'IIL
tewovely nod c , vn .zreas yet
• .
The e ereellent Pali are for sale in Piitnburrik
at TUTTGL 9--56 4111 St. 121 ems per box.
lA.. 31
I'R.. E. 31 r:rtrirrr, DENTIST, nl3e.ia $1977
hrt tee , - , .71 , i Taira 84.,
11.1::0,,, iron, 9 A M imi 4 I'. M.
Dr. L. M. or. co racy/r. Prorelnin lenrill• Wet.
r''n' d Ly tlio 1011 or niw2le Irclb.llloehr.
3 I , 3tt::iflll ant In full io In, or parte
load, In orrliq LI I ntlor , n..l motive,
forty rilln7 ;In exact impre-Orm of :he -
for , nte a lily machines with , very M.M. for °din:
rd minernl leruls I.:sew!. , 0 I)tnlio , —alt
•IP sold low for milt- 11,
19. A %L.% Y. THCMT*OIII
G E,NE.,, AG EN TS a•,.1
ST. 1.0t11:4
• '
Ste , sii.. Torl , ott. Rtl“.: 4 7, :t-f1G.v.11...) , ,,,, ,
' i 4 - L":pur:
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