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..9Atoto mommative.
MARCH 6; 1543
Dreadful : , Calamity .—An old woman,
1 1 — ears of, age, whose name we did not
learn, diouiti we think it is Ramsey) who
Girty's run, about a mile from the
river, was on last Friday, iburnt so badly
by falling into the fire that she expired
immediately. On one side she was burnt
(co the lean ! The husband was lying in
bedfdrunk at. the time. He saw her in the
grel got up and pulled her a short distance
from s,he hearth and then weal to ty...d again.
These are all the particulars we have
RQ,bbery,—A hous...: in Coal Lane oc
-tupitil by Mr M'Carty, was entered on
laetFriday night by some pers.on unknown,
who. helped himself to all the money he
etruld find and some articles of clothing,
, and then decamped. Mr M'C. and some
other persons were sleeping up stairs and
heard the noise of the robber rifling the
house,.but thought itjwas better to let him
takeiheir praperty than th eir lives, and so
They Made themselves as comfortable as
the nature of the case would allaw. No
person is suspected.
Female Counterfeiters,—We were led
into ;nor in stating in Saturday's paper
that the iwo women who were charged with
passirig counterfeit rnoney, had been dia.
charged for want of proof against them.
They are sent on the hill for further ex
On Saturday they were re examined and
after bearing the evidence pro and eon,
they were fully committed to sand their
trials. The name of the principal one is
Mrs. Knight, and that of her aeelmplice
"irrloore. Mrs. Knight says that she
lives in Cincinnati, where she has two
Accident.—k little school boy named
McCleary, fell'from the second story of
the 2nd Ward Public School in Allegheny
one day
. hat week which injured him so
much.that for a long time his life was des
.paired of. He is now rccovplingt.
The,-PGreat Western" appeared on Sat
vrtiay enlarged, better printe , l, and a little
tater edited. It: is now printed by Mr.
Poindexter, corner of Mttrket and Second
~..Thet, wig a tab. , e alarm of fire nn S,:-
urtity afternoon, a liale bit of a fire „ion
Friday, and a raise alatin on Tlturs,lay.
Vigita lit. Tiestion r'sts in the hands
liCMermen 51orrow and Stewart. An
amt.' al to Judge Grit' is talked 9f.
Maze' Wi. l lta
Val* that 4. warlike ex?e , iiCon against the Carr.
!inch: 3n4ians hat. been planned ly several small
'batik living on Vie I.4int4er„ the Shawanebe,
Deletwareit,Caddos ani Kyetus. They were prr
prinifor an invasion of the Carnatic)c c(4.1 itry,
-solos* as the grass !.hould be tall en )ugh to en
sure attbairenre In their hplseq.
Mere lynching —4 tteinpt !o Mu rder.—T he Lou •
isriliuJuurnalstates that a few days tiv-t, a e
Pr ottsofMadismi county, in that state, eharg
ei with habitually wkiipping his wife, was taken
from hia house al night by some of his neighbors
and isevcrcly lynched. Shortly afterwards he di.
cared his wife from home to a Inn , unfrequented
place, and then lietwEen twilight and dal%, at.
terofted to murdcr her. She ru, , hed from him
& escaped by biding in the thick nod. tgro with of
the spot.
The persons wound , d at the late fire itt
cimati are feet recovering. Chan - the:lain, nue f
the killed, evne !obis death by venturing to op
en a hole in the roof of the pork house.
the whip( hay. 2 sdcceeded in Mobile
Lynching in Mississippi. —T he Gallatin
Signal of the 10th ult., stiles that on Toes
slay the 7 , h, t wo negro men, belonging to a
Mr. 13cnnett, were forcibly taken from the
. prernites of that gentleman, about seven
,piles south of that place, and hangetll. with
'Ont the benefit of clergy, judge or jury.—
it appears that the negroes went to the
, house of a Mr. Noland, a few days previous
And after abusing his wife, rifled all the
ittittika, drawers, &e.; about the house, and
Jeterson.—The Centennial Birth Day
400hisi distinguished statesman comes (,11
Abo2A day of April, he being born on the
lidy of April, 1743. Should not some
• -
deitmstration of respect for the memory
- ofthe father of the Democratic Party
spade by hie friends and admirers in
Pittsburgh? Democrats think of this.
ao the 4th of February, the Leaidlatuye
4tarkausas adjourned sine (lie, after bein,
is seisiae three months—the longest time
,he Legislature ever set iu Arkansas.
5 feet water in the eba.nnel.
At4isnas and Departures since our lcut report
&le of Pitts/p - Oh MaColonel, Cincinnati
North Queen, McLean, Wellsville
The river at Cmcmnati is at a “aittl, with 25
ot feet water in the channel.
lite/spotted bekur that** Queen of the West
N. W Corner of Wood 4 .Fifth Sta.
nig proprielois of ihc Moutsixo Post and SIeRCGRY
♦ND Matt crac - renza respectfully inform their friends
and the patronsof those papers, that they have a large
and well chosen assortment of
.7111112111111E1i 711P - Milf_lt"3llE,
Necessary to a Job ^rintiog Office. and that they are PR
LET TER Pi e ti e fOßlN TING ,
I Bills of Lading, Circular ,
Bill Heads, I Cards,
Black Checks, Hat Tips
lanbs of litanits,
Stage, Steamboat, and Canal Bout Bills, with apr-o
priate Cuts.
Printed on iheshortest noi ice and mast reasonable iettus
We respectfully ask Ilse pal roit:il:e of our friends and
lie public in gerw,ral in This branch Cl our
rillSllllr,4ll, Sep'. :39. 1242. PHILLIPS ,Fr S\ll'l'll.
A nrtv and marli improved form of Plank Leases, fcr
sale at the otiice of the •Olorning Post."
An Ordinance changing the place of hold
ing the elec:ion for Overseers of the
SEC. 1. Be it nrdaincd and enarted the citizens of
Plll•oinreti. in Select and Comintin Councils ar-iseni
hied, 'Flint from and after the tinie-alte 01 this Ordinance,
thr election for toe Over.ieer". of the l'oor he he hl at the
Ronne now occupied by John Iron=, tit Fifa i.lreet.
Ordained nod enarird into a Law, in thin
27th day of February, A.ll 1843
Antis' 11'N1. Ell:11qAtl11, Preit't
E J. llocti:Rrs, CC!: Cninn , nn Council.
Common Council JOIIN SHIPTON,
Select Coll Ile i I .
Select Council, tilritch 3-34
II() 'he Ilooorahle, of the Court "I Genet:ll
Qoarter Se,,ioul in . I Ire Peace, in and for ihe coun
ty of \ Ilt•LOketiy.
The petlitoo of NI irlslel Revel, oft!, first Lard
Pilishor2h, 1,, soil coo; , .; r, re,io rtfullv showrth:—
Tital he is well p , ovrl,l wo h hut: , 10 rn anti other
convenience , for tho aecffloloollathth of stranzer , am!
traveller., al the 11011., now occupied I.k . him a :1 tavern;
ard heir a leut oats ut cool lone it II a! htkioe , . , he o r ;,y,
v ow to t!.r.thl him lo kren an hot Or
!Intl, of Plthlc I:oterthimmo. I.c .
The. under:ivied, ci'lZeTot 1-1 IVA
reeve:folly err ifr, I hal ;'ll. - 1ia..1 N. vet, thr.
:thove owned a plthe;tht cell:boo:10 fzoo,t repute
for honesty and I c ooperanre,,ood m. othvi,!.th with
house. MOM and riltiVrnit s .lr..... Gar I 4.11 11111
iodgi.2 of r. 1112• r: and I rnvitho ;11,0 torero
Cur i 0.4 oitlu 11 , ,! , itc
'l'l, n u , K, r.
J nli llr, 1•:,1 V
W 10. Kl' . V,
'flmolit• r , TII•
tioory S Ira , rl, .I,t I,nt,e,
Pan "l', :to .11.11 \ 11 , 011.
Ir) th.• h ,Voriges of roc Ow,
f it• ilti•liier Setts itrislif p. e, in imrt
Mt the (*.tidy y rut ‘ll , ettett V.
'Flet t rt . :cum of Ch4c. Virk• of 2d W a rd, ,
nn g l t , th C too) , c. 1.41 ti
yr) 1111 , 11 o• fly) ie.! tom: •I( t.tt tit.it
r Mit euttitilo 1.41 0,1 .1 it tt..l.tti: and itilter.; ❑fi:i•
ftt, 11 I 4 11 , tote , •Vnp 71 C41 , 1111V C
a t,,i I t r t v . th tt I , tttr Honors tt hrt d
g ant him a 1 crn-te to lisp a t , ubliu It ill-I.
tjt .\t „ i y.llll' pr•jnoat•r, day 1,01.1
tit pi hy
W.• the •I•c; - :;;I;;•1; , ~( 1,1 W:ir
Th l• a;;;;v.; o; Or g p• 1;•• for
;(11.1 te• p • rII , Ce, lvt•11 pm% , d,41 %V 1 ,,
.0.0. P. 10 ill Riot CO-V.oric;;;• es r the arrntnm.eel I
-Ij,l 1. , (1g , t1g. st•nrw.; , •r, Ito trAvetet., .' (3 o
‘itid e:;v;•;;; III.•i;;•.s.;ry
Wit•the, tt•i .11th". I: II
Edwar tit', )).
!I 130n,5 1',cn....1 1) lid:, riv,
r,., T-.rc W r,
ge , j. . , 11, , 1 y
Johti Jo‘m. 1:11“51.
Thu (7‘. :3-3!
and 1.1.. a Hall on Wirk.a , trrta; well adapt
Adams' patent "Hangtphy" f ar La.u th rr ercar , Nlahr , n?. a eua
v..oi.,oi apa arros.‘ crop, a s'r*•T.
IL I":"" 7 "
" L
r 'u. I'oti
I , 3 , 117 lio•P on NI:111.0 .tret.l
poWp• 3 Irars do n , llll ,
1111 2 wlurh 11 "P' .10, 100111 011 . ncarlo op
11"'" ' ' '' have 6'P" pp , llr 16.• 011i..r al pr-6enl occupied by Brown 4.
e,•d 111 ' " "t• "' e, ft a vm,,a,t R. a 1,,a,1,
~,r, le o t ~I t•tong .rti , litlid il At,iiit i t tie li_
,o "r in..: liter ate the he ' t clotted to. , t Ito -i.l too , eil lot
( J.,11 - ... 11,!: . tip !totted A ~ , ,o , f. „. rein?. ~,,,,„, . 0 ~,,„ it Iron We. ...lir lire dwett•
...iii oet, :ley way Viii 'lit it: . t„,, t,„,„_,. „ti , t o . ... i ~,,,,,,, H I it towitelop, twilit a few
''''''' er II "I".4"""e '-'re ar..., ~f 1.:1:01 ali:Ic10 . .1 10 coed.
rit,l , lC , :11,1. 110 , fuet - V 01 i„--11,-
. , 1111 . E r .AVI) 1) 'Z'!, G X %M.
o iv, , nod OH runes of No et!. T turd st.
in , --I a ods
So il iii 11•4!,r0 -., or ii .7. 0 11 I
Ill's FOR S.l Lll.—Four Lois inll:titt•lteider. Otte
'.l lire 1 1 ,,,,,rinclOry.- -- I :,[l.l ii I'm,. lb N ere,: of 1..1,1 On 110100 . . , ' Hill. I.ols
Nial'fa . ..o:e Caq1:1.045 made. 10 0 0 g. 41, 42.52. 51, :11,131, 1112 ::nil 134, in Ceoi,'.lt plan
order. of Lot,. on Itolotto. 1101 A !,i, Lon. tire. 211 :tort 27. In
— , pion of Lots on High trireet, near the new Court
Fairbanks , Patent Platform Scales. t i.,,, For terms:ll)ply to Z. IV. RENIINC;TON.
T1 , P?(! genuine m'ir'es, of nil imzeti, and 100 , 1 looproVrliSei. 111
vdrictieii,eontiin .1 ty on 11:11111 and for gale' at v..% 1 educe I , ,
---- - - • - -
prier , on. the writtifaetnrer. 1. IL 1,1 • A, I Nct , TON. House :tgenev.
nor 2. —'• I I - , od I tietwe-rti [lo=4 mot G ,lot ,t 9. No. C Wf.st of • I lle Niarket If itCne, Penn Si.
----5 t ti \Vttril, Pi 1 I. , htir.2lt P.
iratiiS:ige, 11 iitil Ileiiiitt all CC ti 4, rirril; ~.1.,,,h., having for a 1010t1ier Of years Iteert et,
. 2.tizrd in ((nil i..?, cry property. tottiertiog rem. , kei
TO AND KR, :11
nod wiiiii.or^_ to eX1.:L..1 lii. 1.11-.; no " o '. in liii, way, reiliect.
G8..7.1 AT BRITAIN. fully wr, I”, 10 , Serl'ircS Ho 1100. e $l.-.,0t1S oWoing, Of Wilt.
, r-,•...\ • trio, have rho roe of rooltrrty a 9 liver. Ours, Attiolititdrit•
- •
tor, o r G.,,,, than , . in roe ril V or tiotairtot, mot wino may
4.,....*.t. ,00 A .ot have teiritt re to attend to It ilteniselve-t.l O rent dwell.
1...,_--_ - 03 1 i t ",, w.irwt,0,,,,, 1 , :tr,4, Lots. 4.,-. ms,,, to fuller,
- -------- , rents. dividends, Grow.] rent, .j.c. A re2ister Is kept
:A;ely rot Livrirp col . where a diii•cript ion of ali priiioiriois for 1,11 wid lie en.
pEßso,vs etistrini,i of ' , Podia:: for rt. friend': id tried frrie of charge, retoreorn 19 respPri ( - wk. colored In
t ome toil any pall of I; ival following ;2etihrinen for whom Ihr ,111).rr,pr brio
fully inu 111 IrJ 1111 1 1411. 541'4,1,1114•1' at 3'l 1131 , , [lle been agent f.ir,umr VI• ars im-I--‘lr.srs Mirliael Atkin,
pared to make -to II t, obi 11 1 rts' Be is Min mitril Mreortitictt and J.tuti... S. Craft, Csq., I'd omurgh;
to retidt wool,' llr dra w hi- h ;VC Inadr payal.le :LI Sl ua, t, ;11iois. John Brown,
an y point throwli out the Co,ii•it col Pit' , ula. Birmingham; B. Ali I,nan, Cincinnati; Danird Potter
two; two. fu, the 1,1 12.'igthe Steubenville; Joirph Millar. Lawrenceville; Jame-Jon - vs
hi,!nos , . ito for's eq , f i 'l 1,1 that bin arrau acnwni: mil Ea=t Liberty; Dani,.ll3a,lwr, Alitflia township; Daniel
both =ides the of r art 4411 , 11 as Si 4 I girt. D eput run, s ew i c ki o .
Tile Ships 3.3)11 , 1 , 3 e above Ore :id oft he 11114 1..11 2.3
class and are conuaaudcd Ito raieful am! skillful maitt.its,
'envoi ! LiVer(4oolor.te each week ditrinil tie - e a-0, 1 ._
ror further partit Wars apply it Inv letter in
10.61 S4llllll cl reel. New V4/11:.
or to It r T ft. I UK . ,
at Ale3sr4 Wicer strret
rti arch 3--lind
, INHIS Lille prepared to commence bosiorl, cm the
opetittil of tilt'. canal. It l< composed (west of Col
unabia) of First deco Poi-trade Boats, chartered fort he
,13;1,0(1, eat It I•oat heir; in char.:e of its re•pectivr 010 , 1er.
The line has at a heavy ex.p . m-e ak. u a Po Lac's' or I -
SCR •NCE from m: of the 1110.1 stibtantial and prompt ,
offices iuthe United State., covering all good , shipped
by it, (free of expense to the owners of the goods ) Ship I
pets desirous of awaiting theat, , elves of this insurance
must give notice at the place of shipnicni of the value
oft heir goods.
The rates of frellbt will be as tow as by any reipou—
silile carriers, and the facilities for giving satisfaction to
customers in all respects a.e sorrrissed by na line on
the canal. Shipper ,, to and 11,301 the cant a7e respect.
fully invited to call,
The business will be conducted by
90 Front street and Canal Basin, Pittshnr;h.
Font of D.lCk street, Philadelphia.
New Vorli.
J. &P. MARTIN, _
• Barr4burgb;
Marcie 4. A.L. LOW,Zplutibia.
'a afar
Bank of Pittsburgh. par
Moult. et Man. bk. par
Exclianse bank, par
Bk. of Germantowr. "
Ea , tcn lank.
Lancaster bank, (Bs
Bank of Clieffler Co. par
Farmers' bk Bucks Co. "
Doylestown bk do "
Bk of N America I'llll. "
Bk of Northern Liberties,••
Commercial bk. or Pa. "
Far. sr Mechanics bk.
Ken-ingion hk.
Plutatir Ipliia hk
Schuylkill Irk
Soulliw3rk bk
Wu tern hk.
Bk. of Pennsylvailiaj - 7i
Bk of Penn par
Man. 4. Mechanics I.k par
Mechanics bk. pat
Moyamensing bk. 3
Girard ba.ik, 45
IJ. Stai nk • 50
Lutubertnens', Warren, --
Prank. bk Washington, par
Miners bk of Poi isvile. 5
Bk of Montizomery Co. par
Mon. hk Brownsville,
Erie Bank, 5
Far. Irk Lancaster,
Bk of Middletown, 441
Bk. of Ckamirergt.urgh, 41
C rrhsle hank, 41
Bit ni Northumberland, 41
Columbia hk 4. Bridge, co. 2
Bk ~u=gnchanna Co• 10
Bkof Drlaware Co. par
Lebanon 6k. 4S
York hank, 41
Par. 4. Movers Ilk. of
Wny neshti ru
Ctureitcy notev, 8
110 nrs4l3le. 2
0111111 t; Lank. iR
CmilOry do
firrksio back
MoutOplea,atO bk
Var. k Mech. Lk or Stvit.
Belmont Lk (4 . St. Claim.
a illy, }
Marietta Lk. tietnitnti
do Corrrn , t,r11, , ,,
70 ill Ilibia tla I.k New LiR
boo Itettlat,d, I I
do Post ',111. , . 11
rie 11:,
I•12i ink
Trod, s 6k of
1 'litt;o11111: gri
lA•nund 11
v ille, f ,aivrc ore
V% °osier,
' Scioto,
Post notes,
Fran.tik Columbus,
Cow. bk. Lake Erie,
Far. bk: of Canton,
Stale hk.4. Branches If,
State Scrip, 40
Alt banks, 1►
slate bk ir Branches, 60
Shawneelown, 70
lank of Virginia,
do Valley,
Far.bk. of Virginia
I?Arliange bank,
N. WeA:. hank
her 4 -Mee. do.
ealtirnore Flanks,
Country Rankg,
All Bankst,
All Ranks, par and
211 rcacc 4 crip
Tr l` Stnre :104 1111 . ,C1 .10r11 , t/i Ile l'Orfif'r
het:int! 511, t)E7., opted by Mr
•IS. F. _kr .I.l' , I'
\L- 1 1, , Ioly lloas
i; (Or, V
j,,h. 21 2 ,s• d
'n R RENT. -1 rOtecoliaele new hrlek
i±:l, Calf Law. 01,11'1111
iLLL roi .ti-. 11,11 In' 1110A/.13 1, `,.11 1 1 11 1 , 10
PHI S 111:1,41. * , 4 K CV.
Three Ili , . Don r I.V.eriy 4.
t.' h: 3,1 elery of s h r . bili.ding by It. A.
3+:,n AOr.lnn Ore , ret..fore know.
1 . 01 . 11 Pr or Wood 7110 sth
:1,0 1., In gill , or fZ 1101 I . oll'. f:1 jnn '23.
To Let.
s E oti Mario.t het ixcen :id and .4,
A 1.1 4 1 I, Qpnritr, :roil ronve,iolll roon,l in the ,t
airy 015 ,, on .1.1 I. al pri,".Cul or
In the ith Ward.
OR HEN7',2 Coll,lorlalle uric kholl,c,ol, Penn si. op
IL pnale the residence or Mc,r4l' McCormick and J. H
S!io.ln bel ger.
A !so, two 3 story brit.... ohs citing liottns on Pike street
at ,S 5 per month.
A's. ❑ number or 5,0111 frame dwellimeq at $2, $2 50
and S 3 per month.
Att), a ',rick si , re ream and dtveilin on the Canal
attpinme \I r. Coe'rt imitt.r situp. Apply at the
liaise Agency, near the 5111 Ward market boast..
VE removed their raper Store from Market
street to No. 61 Wood street, ooe donl from the
corner of 4in, where they k-ep on hands Ihrlriimal as•
sonnet of WALL PAPERS. for papering partors,en
tries,eimmher. c, and also PRINTING. WRITING
aunt WRAPPING PAP BONNET liOA RD: 4 , 4-c,
all of whirhthev o'er for sate on accominn‘lat Mg terms.
fel , 14. 1843.—dif
CONVIXCING:- tlavin, been afflicted for nearly
two years, with a hard swelling on the cap of Inv knee,
widen produced much pain, and used various nop.ica
lions recommended by the Faculty—all in vain war ,
cured completely by t he TIRe of one bottle of Dr. Brand•
reth's Linament,or External Remedy.
Witness mr hand JAMES TAYLOR,
Ohio ip Alle2honv to, Pa- Jan. 110th.11340
i Dr. Brondreth's Exterual Renirdy or Lkament; aold
at iliß office, N 0.98 Wood street, Pinibur:ti, PRIZE--
s(tcents per bottle. fell B.
1 - 4 1AMILY FLOUR —Just r ec eiveda few barrel.... of
Snperior Flour, made expressly for family use. For
I stnrr harrel3 Pup. floor.
JUST received, !;'barrels fresh roll Butter, and 20
. kep dist rate Lard from Dover. Ohio. for sale by
148 Liberty at.
Cf~y ft;,lll,y, par
Country bank?,
(safety fund) f a I
Red Bark • I to I
Boston Flanks, rn r
1.0U151 AN A
Orlra Ps: BrinkF, ”on.l, 3
, rconTo CA ROL) N A
Veto 2A
Good Pro,
11117111 G N
ftk. of Si. Clair, 10
Du. if,. 111 1(1
N 111.%
Conti 810 lit
Eastern Exchange.
Pliila•lrlppla. ; 1
New V.,rh.
I, i titllorr
‘‘' 4... tern Exchange.
Cleveland, Z div
(;01,11 ^N I 1 rI I.V , par
r 1 o rr.r r of
1.1 . ....1! 'lnn
JAN) EZ , .
111 IE sub sc riber Jest received his supply of
111, Landreili's Garden Seeds, consisting., in part of the
wing kinds—all of the last years crop 4. warranted
Egg Plant,
Kele, Pepper,
rempLin, Brtncoli,
}tallish, B9recOle,
Water Alden,
Rhubarb, Cat bage,
Salfafy, Carrot,
tiiifluwer, Spinach,
Celery, Oki a,
Curled Crew,
Cucumber, Pardey,
Mustard, (white and brown)
&c. &c.
Together wllll.l varlet y of rot k Sweet herby ard flower
tt:r Orders for Seeds, Shrutrci Tres, err. from Garden.
crs and others will he received and promptly attended
No. t 4 !Abort v.llond of Woad et.
HATS -W. 5 • M . DOHERTY inform their friends and
the public that they have commenced manufactu
ring Hats, and that thty have now ready for :ale, at
their Store, 148 Liberty street, betw een Market and 6th
street, an a-sort ruent of the very Hate, which C.,ey
arc auxiousto iisliuse of on the cheapest and moe:. reason,
able t runs. Their stock consist of the very best kinds,
v:z.—lleavcr, Otter, Neutria, Castors. short Nat ped Rue•
sia. Fur and Silk Hats.
W. M. Doherty are both regular bred Halters, they
have had extensive experience as Journeymen in the best
estahlishments in the country; their (late •,ire all got up
under theft own ln=pertion, and they fissure the piddle
that nothing but the very hest articles on the roost rea
ritialile toting will be offered for sale. sep 10
IRT LECTURE:3.--Foarth Coarxe.—The Leg•
lure C3rniiiittee of the Wirt !outfit ale Itave the
pleasure of laying before the pnbllc, the following Its tot:
gentlemen whip have croveeme.l en Lecture, vet:
Rev J IV Bakrwell, I ut roduct ory Lem u re.
John L Goo, E+q, ‘N.
['roll'. 11 J Clarh. Slemettlle College •
E'in IVilkint. Ynlsbn re h.
E Beoutte, Jefferson CJllege.
David HicL ie, 5.y .1 tusburgh.
Red N trehingtoo.E-q
Proff. T West. Theo. St mlnary.
Francis .lohnlton. Esq., Pittotburgli.
J Barker. .l to College.
IV II I'i tls'nerg h.
Rev James
Prof. S Jefferson Collette, will ile•
liver several Lecture: nn Asirationiy, enibrnrlng 'bd rise.
printre—and de-fine. Heed ‘Va,liiirt ton. E4q., w ill ohm
de:lver ‹i•veral I,,riairei, on file QOLjoel he triny or frrt.
A rran , 4ome.l6 are in progress to enttaee Profess° , Sil.
of Vole rollele,io deliver in our city, a roll course
01 . 1i•ri ores on Geoto2l: also 1. , lilt Jo.epn rt. Buchanan,
on Sp . ilolo2y. oilier eminent Lecture's will be Invited
to visit our city, when it may lie iii the power of the in
Inetlystue I heir serviers.
The LeriiiieQ ~f this cow: , w141...,he on T,iiernry and
sithjecis exclusively and it i , hoped from the
eniinest Lecturers. and 11,0 nrt•
fo re of 11, ,, ..tc,jobg. that our citizens will Illteral ja•
, ronis., , Iron I'o y should
no! ts• •chitt•l ••••;•• r i il lee in licrencoura . 4elne,t ttrecienre
n• (wee& (If any) will !te nnnrnpri•
ale , ' to the enlargenwill of a Library, already an honor
To the Illy,
tert:ourve admitting a lady and e,iltiemnn,
$2 , and „, :tv tie had .46ther of the enneuillee, and at C.
If, gay 3- C.c., Bonk Snore, Mononaliela and E'ehange
11.0. , .4. and an 11.•71.,rd'g.
Lv lures CO , IIIIIe , TP on Thursday nyenire, Dee 1.
W. W. Wll,Eit ,
JOITN S AVE. comniiltec.
W M 11. RCA !FF.. I
T . pr t icE,Who',,,,ale and Retail Baker. Con.
a. feminner and Fruiterer, Federal street, nea r the
Diamond, Allegheny city.
Every variety or Confectionary and Ornantrntat
Coke:, .oltalne for rvedilint , v nod inities,
frOtll the nest materials, at shori inure. nov IC
Ls'l .111: ot John Minkel , of till , 01' Pills :
burgh der'il. Persons ilitercsted wits take nrir,
ieiters of ridininktration on the estnle of the said
,lccedent, has licen dal) granted he the Register of Alie•
gio , ny comity. to slitsanna thinker. widow of the said
dec, used; and all persona Itnvin•l claims or deinand4
Z.11111 , i the •••111e of the .aid decedent, ore recocsied to
nink , known the :Awe to lier ty,ihoot delay. tier reii.
I.•oce is in ll.ind -11.-et, city of ritt , htirch.
fci, —En-. Adni.nistratria .
1N711.1.1 NM IVA I,L, Plain awd Fancy PorPrail
''l Pierare Frame ilanskfacturer, .Vo.
Fuur , lt S'rect wrgh. —l.7.invalr4 Brush,:
A.r., for roar', :liVaS on hand. 1.n0ki.02 1:13s-e4,
I, , omioty framed to orlev. done: the short
0 , I tl' , l .
r Tllrntnrattention pa Id re,iltlitiz and jobloitig of w
itsz 'Picot» Boats. or hotHel wPI find it t,
to•ir,lvnio-•v, to call. •en 10
alety or troth 1.1 years or ay..
V Apple attar, to be tirade bertre the first of March to
reit 3. It 4, Latterly head of Wood rt.
Prresart UCH, Ocr, 23, 1842.
S. D,,, oNo —O n Friday, the 30th of last month, about
9 o'ekek at nicln, the ni ng.t:roovire! and tza‘th Man
urartory. owned by ray, Dilworth 4- Co. with a large
quantity of dre4sed and undressed lumber, was all corm'.
med by fire.
The Iron isle whit h I bought of yol some time back
wan in the Abo.rwrt t sposed situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am ptetted to inform you it was
opened at the rinse of the fire, and ail the books, papers,
kc.staverl;—liti4 is the best recommendation I can give of
the utility 111 . our safes
n 024 r
GREEN .2IPPL .1114 received from Mart,ttn, U.
401,10 s Grrcn comprkin2, ercry vartely, ht
first rnic order
-1.: 43.
RAIL ROAD CARP, from Pittsshurgli, via Bedford,
ehambersliurg, Ilarrishiirg and Lancaster, to
ohla, connecting with the Mail train of Cars to N V.
4r. Only 150 miles staginl and one night mit.
A the Direct line to Raltinffi; r.
Fare to Philade'pliin 8,0.
Baltimore, 9.
Lenves dully at l o'clock A. M,
Office second door below the Merchanla hotel IVood at.
teh 23, 1R43-1y • PrOprietarP.
JOHN J. MITCIIELL—Atiorney at Law, (Ace
cosier of T Smillifielel and 51h sts . Pittsburgh.
in— Collection. made. A:I business entrusted to Ids
care will be promptly attended to. .
fch IG--1y
-.Z The light draught steamer CICERO,
C MAY Master, wifl leave for the above and all inter
mediate ports on Wednesday Bib Mardi.
For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to
feh 27 J A St ES MAY. egt.
This boat is supplied with Evan's safety Guard.
300 BBLS.X. 0. MOLASSES; just reed per steam
boat Little Brn, acid for iteie by
.1. W. BURBItIDGE 4. Co.
feb 27. Watnr et. between Wood k Smithfield.
WILL he rived at the o ffi ce of the City Water
Wnrk3 until the 10th of March, for Ptpotyrn: the
Works witn Coat fur otte year, to commence on the Am
of April nett.
11011E:ftt MOORE,Sayt.
Pittshurah, Jan. 24t h. 1843 —3td.
SUtildiß AND SSE S.
6 imps. 0. Fur.
UP 40 hble. Molassef.
Jost received per. Steam boat A ahlaadir arts for sale by
mar 3. Water at., between Wooikand &rot bdeld
ON THE Ceti? ekrrEAE, itbETE,' viii.*no:4AL OLD
ekt:TINORE ANb °nib , RDAD COMP*]!.
E w line of U. S. 51,0 Coacliel for Wad king ton City,
Baltimore, Pkiladelp Ala and .Ntsw York.
This tire is In full operation and It avesPittrburgh daily
at G o'clock A. M., via Wnsiiirurton ?a. aid national
Tom] to CUmberland.connecting hare with the rail road
cor s . to oil the above Travellers wilt find this
a speedy and comfortable route, it twinge separate acd
distinct Pittsburgh and Curn'aertand line, facilities will he
afforded which have not been heretofore enjoyed. Ex
tra coaehea furni.hed at the shortest notice, wife the
privilege of going through direct, or taking cne night's
rest at their option.
I vas,
Fare from Pittsburgh to Bahl niore, 11110.00
Pittshu'g to Relay house, $lO.OO
Thence to Washington 2,00 12 ' 00
Pittsburgh In Philadelphia,
For through tickets, appiy at our office at the corner
of Exchange Joie?, or at our office at the Monongahela
Rouse. L. W. STOCKTON•
Fch. 3d—di r. President of N. R. Stade Co.
IOHN ArCLOSICEY.theoId original, has on hand the
, osf splendid assortment of Clothing ever ofTered
Wee My stock Is large, and lam disposed to sell at rilio
lows t pos.ll,le price. Sly mock is heavy, and as the sea.
son Is advancing, I will sell at lower prices than ever. I
ask only lie pleasure of a call, feeling confident that a
ook is sufficient. Beware or Counterfeits. Remember
YE .NF. nov 23, lfi,t
L•mas OVER Stings.—The t.adies can now do away
with all kinds of over shoe., can walk through the wet
streets with_ thin 5110C.A, and have their feet kept perfect•
ly dry; can wear tight shoes without having their corns
pain them; and eau have their shoes welly twice as Infla
as ever, If t hey will the CCChrated °MOP T•RIX,%IIIi , II
will make leather water proof, and render it as pliable
and soft as kid. It's an article well worth their notice,
and one which they will all value 'non as they
try it. To Ile bad only at TUTTLE'S
Mamc►L AGENCY, 3E, Fourth si reel
PHCP, el per hotee. Jan 9
N 0 0 T . /
estate l la
, N; e n tan lo k l e i
,1 ( 1 1;1 1
it4.j e e S ta o ,e f n o d r tn i
h ixt
e ni e rtio
vo n f
Pittsburgh, dee'd. All prisons Indebted to the estate of
the said deceased, are requested to make Immediate pay
ment to me nt my residence In Penn st. near Ilarbury.ami
those who have rlritni are requested to present them
duty probated. J P WILSON,
jan 19 -Pm.
.11.1,1,131 ELDER, Attorney at Law; Office in
fialcetvell'g Itnildinis, learly opposite the New
C nu rt Itnu Fe. nn Grant street. .er,
1. !ABB it Vof R /I hoot lent,Polit Mis
Itaneou Work,. will he open every day, Sa:thath ex.
cepted. "rnn, 7 o'f-tuck, A. M..nroil 9, P. M., in the Ex
change Ruildln2,enrner of tat !Clair 9.lreel and Citchati;e
alley. nnere Junctua I ni tendance will be given by
Pen 10 J. GEM MIL
IJnr•ivalledl 11lacking,
NIANT:TFAirt Ell and cold W 11011,431” and retail
IYI SIXT(I STTLEEr one door belo w Smithfield.
net 21—lv.
JT. STEWART, Upholsterer and Paper Uftneei ,
Nr.). 49, Pin hei wreti Wood and Smithfield
Ate. Husk and SI ran; . .laitrnsges al a vs on hand All
orders ,x,ruted with neatness and despatch, on areommo
4alinz Irrma
A7'TORNEY AT LArr. —Office in Bears' Ralldlne
Fourth Fl reef.. P i r_h
AVM. E. A UST I ti, Attorney at rit vet. Pe
(Miro in 4tlt st reet, oppor.ite. Flurke's Rultdlntr.
Wit.t.tAx E. A t'STIN, E.g., will t..ive hisaitention to my
unfinished htiFinees, and I recommend him in ihe xitrim
age of my ft tends. WALTER FORWARD.
fen 10-1 y
DR. A. W. PAT EgSON, k73'ice on Smithfield street,
near Sixth. sep 10 •
101I\ fu r rcit dilytiontter anct Cosmic
el •iod Merchant, /.onterftle, hr.. will [Mend to th•
sale of Real Estate, Dry Goods,D.oceries. Fnrnilore, ¢c•
Reenlar sales every Ttie•May, Thursday. and Frt
day mornings. xllO o'clock, A. M. Cash advances made
On consicnit,hts seri 10
OYSTERS. SARDINES. ke.; served tip In the hest
style at A. iluskatt's, No 9 Fifth s.teert. Suite.le
apartments are atTroprialed to zentlemen nernmpanied
by ladies. Atso nil kinds of Cakes nail Confectionary for
patties. weddings, etc., for sale by
:Inv 19—if. A. HUNKER,
rilnE mcst inveterate Tootharhe cured in faro ana
-1 craa-,call at l'utTLeit medical Agency, 86 Fourth
to., and oht;iin a ;untie, It is warranted to cure or the
money will he refunded.
G EoRGE IV. LAY.A'O. Alt3rney al Law. Office
Filth street. near the Theatre. Pittiourgb.
ner) 27-1 y
IUO3R, . 0 11.9CREREL, hdds. Prime N 0
t , ugn r.
10 Tierreg Rice.
15 Kris Shad. aqorieri
20 (MIA. N 0.3 Mackerel.
Now• landing from S. B. oiler, and fur sale low by
B/.00.1/S --;.5 tons Blooms in : 4 10. ft and fur ,'ale by
Jan 2tISiI. Water wren Wood % Smith
:11'Closkey!'s Clothing Stcre
No. 151 Liberty street. one door from the
Jackson Foundry.
Tuff'. soh -criher 13 Just receiving at hie well known
establishment. the largest. most varied and CHKAPEDT
Pi nun. ur GOODS that has ever been offered in this city._
Every artiele was selected try in the eastern rt.
ties, and purcha , eil a' llin LOWEST Cann reicee, and he in
therefore enabled to sell his articles much lower than
they ran he had at arty other estahllsliment• west or the
His articles are all made by experienced workmen,
Timm the latest manufactured goods and in the must
tie feels confident that ail te•rvons who will rail et
hi. establishment and examine hla stut.k will he satistied
that BETTER B 4 Rig t INS ran he °Maine.' at the I
than at any similar estahllshinent In the chy,
liis stm It co. Fists In part of
Coals. Pantaloons, Vests, Drawers, Shirts,
Cravats, Stocks, Gloves, Susperbiers,
I Arid every other article oft'lutliwg of the be>t Sale
Crum his vn rico! Quirk of cloths lie to prepared to
MAKt•: CLOTHE i TO 011DFIR at the shortest notice,
In a style unsurpa , rictl by any other Pittsburgh house,
and warranted to
1111, stock of Spri.og and Summer Geode 19 superior to
I any previous import at torts and he has on hesitation In
saying that for excellence, ' , entity and eiteaptiet-s they
cannot he equalled In the west.
Tire wou'd once more return tin thanks to
his f 'lends and the public for the unprecedented patron.
age bestowed on his e , trilrlistintent, and believing that
Ide enstoinera had I , rutiii it to their advantrge to deal
with him, he would retreat bin invitation to all abuse
Iwho wi,h to purchase. Clothing of every Arsertption at
Ilowest priees,to rail at So, 151, 1./DIORTT STRRST.
51 • CLOS.K CY.
jr,rot•serve Metal Nate In the Pavement.
Feb 22
TI1(01 AS 2, COTT.
113 r t y st
L. C. Judson,
ATTORNEYATLAW, Smithfield spar 7th street.
Motto—Punctuality In Luitiness and amicable set
tlemente. t& 23-Iy.
CILovER. AND TIMOTHY SE:P.:D always nn hand
N...." 1114016 to cult purchasers, apply to T. CRUM
itch 4. 149 Ltheroy st
JUST Ri:C.F:l5'lll). Twelve hoses or Oranged and
Leinoos. of the fines' quality. fur sale whoiv,sale arid
req,il. by WS,. THORN.
frh 22—tf. 53 Mackes pt.
rAkt : . ntxrD
APER=.O•I' .inoe: .en , to take , Olf g• (If a lar” F . x
trill:lye sawnilti, with rarpial. witt h , ar f
an navaniagenuo snaat‘an oo It ppiltatilOV at thir. office, ,r
i mme di a te application is mach!. !lane se.4 apply, who
cannot give Satt9factory rorettate Y to boneilly SRO cum
pcteper. -
fah 22-2 w
07' Don't forget the caucus to night.
Cl?'Persons who wish to contribute to
this column are requested to make their
favors ahort:—one page Of fool'e cap wilt
be a fair length.
Some people think that our Community
Scheme is soinethinglike
Rapp. This is a gloat error, and we would
earnestly urge men not to condemn us on
such grounds, before they have become
thoroughly acquainted with all the detail.
of the Scheme we advocate. People are
prone to form opinions of things at first
sight and then become prejudiced and re•
fuse to listen to reason. In a matter prey
nant with so much good to all as Inch:lstria!
Association, we fondly hope that men (and
women too,) will study its principles be
fore giving a wholesale condemnation.
Who should be interested in the success of
Industrial ..dssociation.
Those who are in possession of immense
wealth feel so secure that they never be
stow a thought upon the future, as et
least they have no dread of ultimate want;
but there are thousands, who have earned a
small amount, say five or ten thousand dol—
lars, whose business has been ruined by
causes above their control, who are now
daily sinking the wealth which in ..good
times" they had earned by industry. To
the fotiner dim Industrial Association has
no attt actions; but to the latter,'there is every
inducement to elver into it. By investing
their Capital and Labor in an Association.
1 they secure to themselves duringlife, atilt°
tltAr fanuiliekafter them, all that the earth
can yield, or bat wealth can command.—
There is no necessary, nor luxury, nor a.
musement, that can directly or imlirectlt,
administer to the comfort- and happl- , '
oess of man, beyond the reach of :web
an Association.. A virtuous and booed •
man makes no sacrifice in the transition
from the present state of society, to that of
the proposed re-organizaiion. Ile takes
with him all that is good in the present sys.
tem and leaves the bad behind. He tin
.disoliss all those car. slur hiosall and fami!
ly which now harrass and vex him.
sep 20— 1 y
Nov . 5. 1E142-
Upon men of small capital do we de.
Pend. As- a glass they are Itiuterioi . tu
all others—possessing more hone4ty, vii
tue and real intelligence. Under the
guidance of such men Lidustrial Associ•
ation can and will succeed. Their Rum
:ion is now being caled to it—many de
vot e their time to maturing the scheme,
and feel sanguine of its triumizhant wic
ces.. Let the motto be "onward."
6 A TOSS Tennessee Pig ron. For sate low to
close consignment, by
(eh Ii)
WANTED. --A n4iimo as possible—oldies for a mini
ber of St echanies; Book keepers; Clerks; Balesnoltell;
-nnd Boys in stores; Schoolteachers—pi' laboring men.
Women; Boys and Girls for all kinds of work—also. For
coachmen: steam and canal boat men and boys—colleas
tors; 4-c. Also, wanted a marten!. anood
with four or five times the amount SAOIOO,IOOO 4.e
for rale— twelve cheap tracts of land, and for rent. eev•
era I small pieces of property.—apply at Harris' Agent?
and Intelligence office. fel, 2
AXES BLAKELY...ontinises to execute all kinds o
writines. -nett a% Deeds, Mortgages, Appreatleea
dentures. Articles of Partnership. Lettere of Attorney.
4.r. 4—, in a neat and legal manner, and at hat(Of
chargt 9 , at his old stand Penn street, hear ktits.,lo
formermadi.•t house. fah.
fvtcoot.....a D. Cocestan . Lora R. Counts,.
COLEXAV Sr CO.,Gene: t Agents. Forwording pp!
Commission Mere Mimi Levee Street, VickiMg&
51 les They reepeetrullyso t consignments. n23-1T
E. 11. 'feasting - 8,
man Watsonoth "twit. next door to the Bank o
plitthu r o; where-applications for Rectitating, Furvey
ine, 'La ying-out and Dividing Landed emaies, will be
reeds. Bonds. Mortgagru, ke. executed with legit
aecniney und desnairli
JUn. 261.843.-3 t
WIIY are Dr. 11 ibberdtA Family Pints
held In melt 111:41:e.Qtimatiort, by the misdeeds of
families in ;hi? tits who now keep them constantly 00
hand? Because the effect or these Pills on the atom.
art) Is such as not to sicken. Neither do they strain
be liver so as to throw off black 1.14; tot they throw off
the yellow bile freely. They are the hest •Pitt'ever sold
for Dysyspsia.ifead Ache, Ahruntatisocke. tt;:r For
, niQetv•es' peculiar to Females. they are now need ez
tenrierly- and give greatest satisfaction,
The .s excellent Pills are for sale in PitteburgA stir.
at TUTTLICII-86 4th si• 12j eeata per box.
DR. E. M ERAITT, fiENTIS P , o.ote is Sinit 111..
fold, bet rosin Second and taird Ste.. Flours of
bu.lnsss from 9 A. M 1111 4 P.M.
T)r. E. M. manufactures Proeelain and 'Mineral teeth.
Dentists can he supplb.d by the 100 or single teeth. Blocks
of teeth with a beautiful gum In full POSE. or parts
of setts. wilt be made tn order at the shortest notice. by
forwardine nn exact Impression of the mouth. CW.
for sate a few machines with Ornery wheels for art nding
and fitting mineral teeth so useful to the Dentist—sti
will I , e. Fold low for ro.h. der 23.
U. E. M'g•T. ALOE. P. T110.11PION•
G ENERAL AGENTS and Cumtotealon Merchant*
ST. LO crts.,Au,
Refer to;
Metiers. Torbert, Royer 4. McDowell.
W. 11. Campbell 4 tin.
cope. Tod hunter. 4- CO.
Morgatt.rrotrher 4- Co. Fi.lla.
Woods, Voatman Qr Co.?
F.ct topic
Woods, Christy Co.
Feb 4...-413ar
hhAP.N.O. Ruzar. this dayrecei•ed per weenier New
Vont,and for sale hy J. C. 4 A.-CORDON,
An. 10 No. 12 Water at
litXL ES ritf'"'i' • zzie
'h y will ye hve al A zy.".l-
dying rdter' ../;;;0
DR: E. HUVP TTRE P .`"; TT( 7 F.T_l
To Iw had at To TEX • Aitclical ;tom RS rovElls
the only a:Ent in Pittoliorga.„
Feb 22.