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    OL 1._N0.148.
'rESAIIS.,—FIVE DOLLARS a year, payable in
advsnee. Single copies TWO CENTS—for sale at the
Gaunter of the office, and by News Bays.
The Mercury and Manufacturer
as pabNalied WEEKLY, at the same office, on a double
. medians sheet. at TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
mums. Single copies. SIX CENTS .
Terms el •
Oait Insertion, 0.50
Twit Incertlons, 0.73
Three Insertions, 1.00
- , llllPoei week,
Two weeks.
Tbrise weeks,
Owe Square. Two Syttar et
ats moinks, 813,00 1 Six months,
ElNie year, 2.5.00 One year.
Int!Garger advertisements la prorortion.
CARDS of four lines Six DOLLARII a year.
Ctrs Pose Orrtcs. Third between Market and Wood
streets—R. M Riddle, Postmaster.
1.N71T0U110117111, Water.4th door from Wood st. Peter-
MR - n' 14Ings—Major John Wlllock,Colleclor.
Curs Tacasoas. Wood between Flr,t and Second
Streets—James A. Bartram, Treasurer.
CouirrY TIILesAVISY. Third street, nevi door to the
Phitl Fieshyterian Church—S. it. Jonneton,Treneurer.
Matrol'aOrrica, Fourth, het treen Market and Wood
streets—Alexander Hay, Mayor.
NZICII•WeI Escaaeas. Fourth, near Market et.
rsersaoson.hetween Market and Wood streets, on
?mini and roan* streets.
'l,o4te afn M Karr ACTURKSS' •513 FAR KERS . DIC•
PONT ItAxi. (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, betwaen
',oat and Market streets.
rscassinc, Fifth greet. near Wood.
PllfillMlClOlitol HOUR!, Water el rent, near the Prlligr
I:Kewanee floret., corner of Penn and St. Clair.
1. WT3 ' HOTEL, corner of Third and Wnod.
AMIZRICAII ficrim,corner of Thin, and Sinn hfield.
,:rrILDSTATIVI. corner of Penn vtreel and Canal.
Srt Eatat,s, Liberty 'trent. near Seventh.
MILLER* Illoratoic novae. Utterly St. opposite Wayne
BRokomiurr &I Penn St. onno4lte Canal
red to Baliewell's (Ares on Grant Pt.. neatly opposite
ORR new Court House, next rooms to John D. Mrthon,
r ..plr•t door. step 10
HO9. 11. ELLIOTT, M. D.—Office remove I
' St. r street, between Pe.... sea latterly al,
Ilasksvek. s 10
ria W GOODS. —Preston 4- Mackey, wth,/esate and
131111P .. 0M 1110.10 r• )401 Entish, French. at d Domestic.
PO Goods, No. SI, Aktkei ,if tattn re !I .c I , 10
IirCANDLESS & arcLutug, Attorneys an.
tlonnwllors al Law: Office in The Diamond, I.ack
Oral* old Count lloase,Pilis‘mrib. sep 10
WIIOV R.. Morrow, Alderman; offi e north
slide of fifth 11., between Wood and Smithfield
7st icPittsburgh. ,n-tt 10
Wholesuietlinr.cr Recii(dn:
11114ttlIer, And Dealer In Produce and PittAburzh
illamirarDired Arliele.. No. 224 Liberty Street, Fitt,
'111":Iih• Pep 10
int Mist H. Wit.t.tots lens! Dit,woßin
tagi & DI EAV 0 RTIT.--
WertlC,o's PrOdifrr and Colnavi.ooti ni,rri,.lll,a,
i1e1t144 . 4 is Plolllo2rth M:lollfatitifed o. 29,
Grp 10
eod 6[f eet .
A.ROI3INSO ROBINSON, A tior sat Lary;
°Minn on the north ..r I lie Diamond .he tween
Aunts and Illoolna rreht, tin st airs Fey 1(1
norey at Law; teudrr
. bit profes.lonalll.trVites to I Itc public. 0 tficr cor
set et Pittli and Market Streetr. above D. 1.t0y,1 4- CS'
i/Lawn.Plitaburxh, Pa. v.. 10
sews S.Ssaratry
QUERIFF- & KEAN, M.ll,,lfacturer.s of C O pp t r.
7 1 1 1 1 E , Tia. and Sheet Iron Warr.
gu Fr
, ont Pt 1
beret. House Spoettns :001 Stcambuat work p.ompily
sleistuted. sep 10
• FILA Nets 11. YOUNG.
resillas a room
111WS• B. YOUNI. air CO. Furniture Ware
- leas, tArtter of Hand xi. k c
lineExchane Alle to
riltelleMl wishing to pttectia4e Furniture, will
tholletillVaaloge to give us a call, bran? fully sat If:tied that
Ave tae please as in quality and price. sep 10
AturroNA.MS.—Just rece , .ved 160 choice M
wcll cured and for sale cheap by 111 , .
.104 0 hy ISAAC 11 1 tRCIS,
asp 10 N 0.9, nit -at.
UT A BA.G A..— % sunp'y of Landreth's Fresh Rt
R o
la 01:3, and other ‘iitfercat varieties ot — l'urnio
MIS ',poi received and for sale at nal:write' rums at the
Drug and Seed Store of F. L. SNOWDEN,
MP 10 No. 184 Liberty st reet, head of Wood.
-- ---
------------------_-_ _
Mini CLOSEY,S !toot and Shoe Mnnuf.min•
IVY . rf, No. 83 Fourth St., nett door to iii- U. Staten
1116.1 K .Arisidw reddella, Kid and Sado Shoes made ;n
0111.-Iratomaner, and by the newestyrenth patterns.
SIORUS 111ULTICAULUS. in iota tosuit
OW- purchasers; to he disposed of by
'ffis, 184 ►.therty street, head of Wood-
soots. Flowers and Flower Seeds of
filielmitiptioa , tan always he had at the Drug
‘lolllloo6.4llMitOr F. IL. SNOW DEN,
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Illinois Anneal Mammoth 01110151 recd,
Ailie al the Dreg and seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood
fee seed; pat received
Ne. 184, Liberty head of Wood A.
GAIDIVI TOOLS, consisting of Does. Fancy Spades
fraressolanting Trowels. E d ding Buddin:
taitares, !rasing Knives, Pruning Shears. etc., just re.
IMitiorli moil for sale by F. L. SNOW DEN.
fighle 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
- _
drilifiOWS Venison ilains.--Just received a small sap
'• vitof very choice cured Venison Hams, on retal'
ITromabot iota for Current money.
ISAAC H %RMS. Agent,
and Cony. Merchant
.WIIIITE Hach Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Kentucky Blue Crass, always on hand and for
401.14 F . L. SNOWDEN,
N 0.111.1 Liberty street, head of Wood.
w isinrge 4t. BUCHANAN, Attorneys at Lazo, office
fives the Diaasond.. to A ttorney'sßow,"
WS*ltd FOnirtio street, between Market and Wood
nest 10
144allETILATES'IlLA9KS, for proceeding* in At
• oisiziala under the late law, for sale at this Office
loot SALIII.-.L.ois on the North East corner of Coal
Lana an 4 lath street. Apply to
-MIN/. DARLINGTON, Market, near 4th st.
100 L 11,13.; La r l a te ad tti;: r F i r a e i n e ch a • t s t a i ur p tl n c i e::S n e d ed quit
fleshe reed
184 Liberty street, head of %'ood.
litera ibr
siap~shd, berstdfora acisUag between Wit,.
entreat. William pith' is authorised
IBesipatars et tie if al 4a settliag op the business
LENT. T.lifitiWi'LL
One month, V.. 00
Two moms, 6.00
Three months, 7.00
Four months
Sit months,
One year,
J • .. N. KrAN
JOHNSTON 4. STOCKTON. Bookaellere, Primers an
Paper Nanufaelurera 7 No. 37. Markel rt. pet) 1.0-1 y
JOHN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water et..
near the Monongahela House, Must urg h. sup 10-1 Y
LEONARD S. JOHNS, Alderman, St-Clair street, se
cond door from Liberty. pep 10-1 y
S. R. HOLM ES, Of In Second street, next door
to Mulvany ¢ Co's Glam. Warehouse scp 10-1 y
StIUNK FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourths',
near the M6yor's Office, Pitt sttrzh. sep I 0-I y
TH".II AM I LTON, Attorney at Law, Fif th , Itetween
Wood and Smithfield sta., Mitaburgh. sep 10—ly
HUGH TONER, Alto , nev nt I.nw. North Flat corner
al - Smithfield and Fourth ftirretp. sep 10-1 y
FIANN A 4- TURNBULL'S raper Warehouse, No.
11- 104. Wood et., where may he had a general supply
of wrltin: wrappb.2, printing, wall paper, blank books.
school hooks, tc, fre. PC p 10-1 y
C. TOWN. END 4. CO.. Wire Workers and
Afansfacrarers, No. t„) Market sireet, between 2d
and 3d streets. sep 10-1 y
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
pt teen., by Mel( !NUN 4 SMITH.
pep 10--1 v
ward ll;vzhes. Manafarttlrer or Iron and Nails
Warehouse seplo —I y
-77 lofts sort for sate by
A , A .G0111)1N.
No. 12 IVater strrrf
44 /Anil LBS. B (N)N II A MS. 16,000
44, illy shou , d,.,s, for R e by
k A. Gun Dos,
No 12 ‘‘'aier street
PATTF.ft'iON, Jr., ft , rioinzliato, orar rill abureli,
sl -Pa.. Ma onfririoriir of Lorks. Hioi.v, and flollq; To-
Karen, Fnller. M ill anti Thither Screw.; II oust, Sr riiwri for
Rolling MUk. ¢c
sliert, between Sixth :inn Virgin alley, F.ontli
%V 11(1111131W; ,S. I'4 , boll -rile and
Mr. r lid S.t.em
%Vl:it'd mit] Steil( Wield F., t' I.
G - cot; Dos:, and Forw3itlin
61 Water .rp 10-- 1 y
LTA MS.-4 en.l:m
fool. :Irllrle, rere.veri per FL
Al fl rorcitr, end for Ralf l y I,C tr k. G()RDifiN.
grp 10 Nn. 12, Willer Orr,'
Q(7G A R s 11101. , 1SSES 11,n. (trle3no Su
n r 111,1 s New 0111.:111.1 ^.*•• • •
Sep 10 1 %, GORINIS.
SUG A Ithtia prime N rar,terelvell T. , S.
‘l,, i nf ., and for J G. A. A. GOR 1/0! , 1.
Pert 10 No. 12, Water .beet
BACON I_7 ASK o•rler. nand and for gale by
a if) J.G.k %.GOrt DO V. No. 11. 'Vat., it
Qlll AR AND 1101 A SSES.-1.4 Mid, anti 4 10-1.. N. U.
Sunr, 32 htog N. 0. Mobtac ,4 , received per Sten toorlat
Importer, and for 'rate by J. G. ¢ A. Gor,of
cep 10 No. 12. Water tore,'
I.A RI) 01 L. f ,, r val." be
R. A. F Ali N l'.! , 1"(1r1(
rot ofr Or Atli asiol Vl'oo4 /11..
eel) 10
1631_ rm.E.r.,Ge,..„00w0 Lamp Hark lor sale
R.. 1. FAIlx F:Q"l'ool< 4- (70.,
oep 10 rnt TIP, "1 su , a... 1 Wix,.l
(400 L
.“: 4 4'rrimr; 1713:11k. I,lr onle by
it. F N t"' K - ro
SUG It At) ‘SSES hloik N.
23 hhi > do. du., IU4 do. P1a,,t.t11..0i
Isa le hs
p 13
1,, lie /if t00ri0..1..,z-, 0. I, d o',
girod paropr.:l.l Grrot• al.pr,,vod It, I .nte
at Ilie litYve of tile n wep
I111;1311A11.1), Litite•' I.ll4llltmal.tr - I•ewl ;tl.ll
eine• ntil:ifttirer . NO. 114 Third s'r. rt,lrlfrlll
%Vogul awl :41011hti.ld si rret.. Plot 0011 r2II tcp 10
Mtn, in Itio corner of Fourth
sl reel an(ll7lterry Alley, Itetwern : 4 tnithlield and Grant
streets, rep 10
&VI S DK, V. .V 1 11 45f CLOCK
" , o. 7 it. Ciao, .Ic.cr ring.
rep 10
supidy of I,andleih'e Garden Srede, alwayi on
hand, and for Fair al h;tt agency, the r), wz,,tire of
F. 1.. laNTOW DEN,
Fro 111 184 T.lLCriv o reel, head of Wood.
Dlt. DAVID %VAUD ha, re-ocncr
on Pullet It St reel. ova ii on , le of the Coup Howie,
vecurill du elliniz from Itosstreett. lle will faithfully a, lend
all C . :111,1 pertaining tc, hia profession. Night calm should be
made at lbe door above the bneewent. Sep 111
REmovAi. —Mailhew Jones, B.lrl.ei and Hair Dress
er, lino removed 10 Fourth street, Oppc.ile the May
ors office, where he will he happy to:wait Iliallifvermarten
or transient ctlslurtieri. tic soliriti a share of public nut
31. A. NV A RD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9,. M., wail 5 r. , niter which time he will attend
to no one except in cases of actual necessity. He
would further Inform those who may think proper to
employ hini,that he experts immediate payment, without
the necessity on his pail of sendin: in hilts. rep 10
JOHN 111 , FARL ND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
.11f.sker, Third at, beisoecis Wood 4 - Mari. et streets,
respectful Informs his friends and Ilie public I hat sue is
prepared In PNCCIIIe :ill orders for Sofas, Sideboard= Ru•
rea us, Chairs, Valdes, liedsteads, Si a nob', flair and Spring
Matlratwert,Currains, Carpets, all sorts of Uplink:term:
wirk, which he will warrant equal ,0 ally rondo in the
coy, and on reasonable terms— sep 10
EJIIOVAL!—Tite subscribers Wive rrmov d to 11 .
ter between Wood and Smithfield sl reels, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery nod Commis•
slon buitinette. and would relied fully solicit the pal coo.
age of their friends. J W. BURBEI IX; E k Co.
Dec 3
110 Word Street, Pittsburgra.-11. A. Bauman.
Auctioneer and Co•ntni ,, gion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Mereltandtze.
at 410 large and capacious tGnats,No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Filllt Streets, Pittsburgh.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, C roceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Good., and Fancy a rtoclrs, on
Tuesday. Wettnesßay, and Thursday evenings.
Books, ¢c., every Saturday ev ming.
Liberal advances made on Consi:Jonents when wanted
Messrs. John D. Davis. Esq.,
•• Bast'ley 4- Smith,
Hampton. Smith, 4 Co.
F. Lorena 4.
J. W. Burbridge If Co.,
•• S. M•Fee 4. co.
Capt. James M'Gargill,
•• C. Ihmsen, Esq.
~•• Jonn M'Fadden Esq.
•• Logan 4. Kennedy.
•• J. K. Moorhead 4. co.
.• Jas. P. stnart. Esq.
•• ;ober% Ca tway , Enq :
•• Capt. Jas. May •
McVay. Hanna, ¢ CO.
WIBSam Symms. Wheeling
•• S.G. Beery. Loatioiritia
SoOtb.Maapattry 4. Co
Rep la—ly
S,/,11.t /../ I ss ten
p 1 y
mot err of f ili and Won.' P"
r. r.4IRU.)X.
- ''PITTSBURGH, MARCH 4, 1843.
.10(1 Bazsßio Coffee,
Ur oc.l 4.
PE-ASE'S 110.9RHOUND CANIS Y.—Toi - iutleie
received NA day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
eumption; and is ready to supply cusiontersat wholesale
or retail, at his Medical Agency, S 6 Fourth at.
nov 12
DAVID CLARK, .Ig't, deashiowable Boot Maker,—
flas removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he would he happy
to see his old customers, and all others who feel Marina
ed to patronize him. Ile uses nothin: hut first rate
stock, and employs the best of workmen; and as he give.;
his constant personal attention to business, he truststhat
he will deserve and rtcelve a fair share of patronage
sen 10
A Hunker respectfully infortns his friends and the
public that they ran always find the best quality of lee
Creams. together with n 1; kinds of confectionary and
fruits. in their sePI on, at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, hetwe it Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything to his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. sep 10
HAM J. CLEM ER, residing ►t 66 Mott street,
New York, was of with Dyspepsia In its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
hurn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating,
Impaired appetite, set•sation of sinking at the tontarh,
furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomitings, dizziness
towards night and restleness. These had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when, on consultiug Dr. Wm.
Evans. 100 Chatham street, and submilling to lilt ever
.tuceessful and agrecahle mode of treatment, the patient
completely restored to health in the short space of
one month, end tratefol for the lora lculaltte benefit deriv.
ed. ORM. , clime forward and •ifinideered the above slate
ror tie Whole.ale and Retail 6y
R. E SELLE4S, Agen , ,
No 21).1Vooti street, below Second
Cheap for Cash.
Prices Reduced.
Shari Ertl Earn. Lang Reel Yere.
No 5 at 16 et,. per lb I 00 at 9 Me per dz.
t; at 163 ditto I 6451 at A ditto
7 at 17 dote, I 700 at 7 ditto
8 at 17; ditto 8(54 at 6 ditto
9 at 1.: ditto 900 at 5 ditto
10 at 193 ditto 10(0 at 4 ditto
11 a: 19 ditto --
12 ■t 191 ditto Candlewick at 16 rl, perlb.
33 at 20 ditto Cnm Rattle; • 9 ditto
14 at 211 e ditto Family du. •ha ddlo
1:. at II dltto Carp% Ginßill
Iti at.lldtna 4:24.1,7;„" ;71 r 1
17 at ;,t.l
14. AI 24 dptn i'overltt Yarn always on
)9 al ditto hand
2fl Warp.. made to order.
Order• prom go !y ..eroded le. if left at .1 C
Lo:ri 0 Kennedy'.., or *lx Port *Mee, addrr,
feh 27 j K . Miwit ti E a - Co.
wan near flacon. 04 received by wagons
J NJ from Ohio, for pale hv
I , IIIIF. •ut•srt!i er remnir d his Fantilonaltle Tintorinir
E•tnhtlslsmeot in the tionnni!ahr:n house. 34 door
hon. (lest .t . on •mo htiel.l 111. w here literild rtleinonera and
0i1.4P14 n ho mac f itrnr him 10 , 1111 a rail May depend on
havin: i belt work done in t anytertnr late W. Firm his
I n: excretion's , in the business iu this elle, and in many
ni her tan hinuabte ril ten in Europe and A herrn . he fret'
confident that hn rsn vire sallefneiltin In ail wise may
Ph ex to favor him the lr ermines• P. Aries Iliention
to I•uslness and Popr - inir roorka,nn•hlp he hem*, In merit
and receive a ahare..l lathhr pat roost... Ile if lend keeping
on 1.0 n.l I rin , thints suile , le for the
run glitter Ira.le mink It will he sold at very reaticend pr l: r• .
yilt Tl, . 3 0,,rr0.r, Lein: ly.el V% 71 le ..1 Ihe ?Vent
that the ct wv•lrro t•rnett•rd no the in
rotintry. by ad••fli.Prilenl . , part trolarltr by ',tone. who
'inn j.roit , tilled lot 'wires on the trade, vitiO cry.;
r to the Int.ine.no, and wlur k non. an tulip
n!..411 i , that Ihr, mold not creel a .parole cloth.
they re . ..Ire eonitih to mitre My. lii
'or , a In mode, and by the ald of old etrtifieeft. tor,.
pwff.. 4r.f l r •torti a• ere used quark. In
their rnedir. ffir•. they spurn vtierneri In palming off on
ungoetirrrisn. riroionter POW , Old /W 1 for lilt ffeeu
ine ifniior , ed art yin. Site 14 people'', advert iren.eots are
only r,fruweri In foil the I nasty and are, n more roll
lied to r redd Min I lin I'4E4 amour yet lam: habil publications
abort' the :real flan—leer among She Lilliestiees, wbir h
I pr.-some almond every othoolhiri hesseesa and laughed
if. I worth! sin...zest to those wile id* to have II ell
clortir• made in first raillitylk inks • little Inquiry
and limey tail; not Ihil this is rho plate whets I bey tan
arennimodalcd: B. D.
J In 7
lawrxomExox IX cligNirrir—rist /Adis
Heir Die—eolol■ the hair and will not Ike akin
This Dye is lothe form o( a Powder which In plait, wallet
of tart tnny he applied to the hair over night, the first.
night turning the Ilghtest nr reit v hair to dark brown; and
by repeat in; a second or third night, to n jet black. Any
Perron may, therefore, with the kcal possible trouble,
Leer hi. hair any dark shade orrn perfect Mark, with the
positive alraliranee lint the powder if applied to the skin
rill not Wm , it. There is no coloring In Ibis statement,
ns any one may candy teat These farts are warranted
by the the r. int who manufactures It.
For gale at TUTTLE'S, Al; Fourth Street, Where ■
large a”Orlinenl of Patent Medic:lnca may always he had
at either w holet , :i le or retail,
4,0 , 0 ferza ! 86 FiAtrth strfti
TO TILE PUBLIC, and re:Hies/arta to is 7 former
patrows of this city:—llaving retired from the
practice of Iliodieinst. I mar he permitted in ray, that it
has fallen to the lot oft tit few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or larze a share or okttretrital practice as my
own has hero for th• lam 30 or 40 years.
The experience ()film' tong period of uctive life, and the
fact of my having %teen mire, vincr 1830. asaociated with
Dr. R. A. Wtlxon, In t he po net ice of medicine, (In both•
period of rive years.) enaltles me to judge fully of the
olefin. , of his pills.
Sio convenient, so efficient. and yet sit ea'r, did I esteem
three plus, that for he last five yews In my practice for
the cure of chronic dise.aace, of whatever lhoge
of females in pal ticular,l. hove need more of ibetn than
:di other medicines.
Like every oilier medicine. this must fail in some in
stances, hut In my hands there has been less disappoint.
meat and niece satisfaction in r lie administration of this
one remedy than or ail others; its good erects sometimes
quite moniihdling
I r my patient required a safe aperient medicine either
~ f ore or after parturition, the Wilson's pt.ls were Just
the thing I wonted.
I( a dyspeptic acid condition ethic stomach, combined
will. costiveness or inactivity (tribe liver, cow Ruled the
disease . tf my patient. the pills were Just the thing
If I treated a case requiring an emmenagogee, the
Wilson's mils were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, noshed countenance, or other
difficulties, Indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life.,' the Wilson's pills werejust the thing I wanted.
Thus, without resp.iet to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the time I have lind It under treat
ment, particular indications or symptons arising. were
always mcp.t promptly and most happily met by the
That so great a Itemiser ofdlseases, and sometimes ap.
parent ly opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should be caged more readily by them than by any other
remedy. may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it Is so Is ad clear to my mind as that a great many
persons should become thirsty from ha many different
causes, and vet all require that common and greatest id
all blessings, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, lila due the .eptitation of the medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and unconditionally. that
the Wilson's pills are theonly combination I have ever
Wet with In my longeonras of praetice, that really pos•
eaves anything caratissoe Wank for stek he.adatlis.
Yours kc., DR. NILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particalarty fir the sick
Hoed-Ache, Dyspepsia. Constipation of the VIOWSIII
prepatad by tape propeledor Dr. It. A. Wilson, and for
sate, wbotosais and rata% It his Oreille; In PeAD Istrant s
below Marhtrry. Oct 1
DR. GOODEPS C'elebrated Female Pills. These
Pills areal rongiy recommended to the notice of
the ladies an a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex•
crcise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract ■ll Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Unl•
tad States, and many Mothers. For sate Wholesale and
by R. E. SELLERS, Agent
sep 10 No. 20. Wood t3trcet, below Second.
For safe by
• ir A. GORDON
WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe .Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the heed of Smithfield al., Pitteburgh.—
Tbe substriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
In the old stand of Mr. R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work in ills line, in the hest manner
and on the shortest notice.. He keeps constantly on hand
a large assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of the hest quality. He soHeits the patronage of the pub.
Ilc and of the craft. WM. ADAIR.
and Arles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coaeli,r and Ellptlc Bprincs (warranted,) Junlaia
Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Braes
and plated Huh Bands, stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Fier's, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Hinges, kc
D.SELLERS, M. D., office and dwellimi in Fano!'
• near Ferry $t eel. gen 13-1 y
The attepitinit ifiho-e who have been xornewhat seep
deal in refilVetire to the numeral,. certoticate• published
In favor of Dr. Swaynten Compound Syrup of Wild Cher
re, on amount of the per - eons belt.? unknown in this .rc
lion of the Stale, Is retipectlutly directed to the followlea
rert Ideate. the writer orwhirli has hem a Mitten of
loonuch fo vvvv eral Yeorit.abd in know n •• a gent'eman
of tntetrity and rennonalhith v.
Ta the Mr. J. KIR
I have tubed Dr Ftwarne'. Comp and Syrup of Wi'd
Cherry for a enitela, with which I have Iteen iieverely n I
flirted for stout four month., and I have no healtatiOn
In .nvint that It latter most effertive medirine ihni I have
been able In procure. It commutes all nuemittene. and
Agrep• well with my diet,—and mania Inv a regular and
rood appetite. I car freely r.,nnienend It to all other.
nhottart• •IWted. J. Mtaatca, Borough of Chaim her. l ..a.
MarehltjA4o. 23
For tate by WILLIAM THORN No. 53 lat
--gi -lilt;
1100ERSONS derirone or procuring Fruit. Shade. nod
Ornamental Trees. or Shrnbher►. frown Philadel
pHs or New Y., k, are regnaw.etil to wake application as
erten •r posidide. at the Drug and (Need Fiore of the rub
'craw., where can he had raiatoroe•. gratuitonat►. of the
tenet eat-tenpin .artielirs. F. L. EkNownr.N.
"KT 31 No lil4 Liberty Wire head of Wood
M~RRI.P. N ISUPAt'T.lCy.—PatrickCawfleld re•
spec' c acquaints his friends and the public urn
eratty, that he has commenced the Marhle hrtsine.• al the
corner of Fifth sad Liberty gto..where will he constantly
on hand. tomb stone.. mantel places. monnments, head
and fool stones. table stabs for cabinet ware, and every
art Itlfarelerl4lnlng to the business. He will warrant hid
work to he well done. and hi. elta 'fell will he moderate.
He reorwci fully ask* a tin r • of °Odit pat ronnze. nen 10.
WSTERILE, ontrreesur to H. IleClastkeyi
10.4 . .10 Root Maker. Liherty el., 2111 dant f:9111
VI-_in %ill'''. The onhaerlhor reepertfully Informs the
not.fir I hat an has commenced the shove htt•iness In the
.hon fornwele accented by Mr. Henry herinatey.
and that he* now prepared to attend to all ornery In his
lin•rt finsaittems wit h desrmich and on the stmet rraskulablis
Prom hi. tont. etrerlenre In the inrinntoclnr• of
raehmnal.le nom., he feels conedent that all tinkles
from his firtnbill.hm,nt 0111 ?iv, .sttsfaolon In his pa
Irons. A *hereof' inintte patrona:e i• respect fall) sollco,
rd. see 10
ig!RD SEFDS 1 (elm nap r of Pori reeds, ron
•linift; of Cans.) .11,nn 3n,1 R ate: }net
fob 3. P I. P!IICIVWIE N. i4R Lihertv vt.
, U 7 t'RU 4 E,
1441 L.b.rliv
St. Clair 7t., near s!e Vieeherty Bridge
ro , Wile Plat form Scale* Ott Obi cts, to weigh 2.50011.:, at
$55 00.
do do do do 2.005 al 4.15 00
do do do do 1.5110 nt 35 00
do do do do 1,000 nt 30 00
do do do do 500 nt 25 00
With mining lever• an addition of $3 to ench Peale.
Dorinnid Peal e ■ for line ore of Warehouses, Flouring
NI Ills. it r..llre Name priers as above.
A Iso,White's Patent (*minter Scale, whit 0. Younes
improvements. and a variety of other counter scale'',
winch they will sell for from 8 to $l5,
They also mantifaelare abeam Engines for !louring
Mills. Saw Mills, ttalt Works, double am 4 tingle
geared tillrle lat hes,foot &together /other , for wood turning
machines for tenonllng chairs, planing machines, door
■nd sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
siinhont thrashing machines,a snperior article; circular
sae shafts, machine+ for sawing halt, Tlnner's mn•
thlneF and tools oral; descriptiormalso for making black
log boxes, a .upertor article; governors for strain engine
stocks. lops and din, coffee mills, bedstead or joint hots
and machinery for making the same, cotton factory ma•
ciiinery made or repaired; printing press platten, turned
nod printing presses repaired -
JAMES MAY, Agent •
cep 22—tf f DUNG 4. BRADBURY
TORN B. GIUTHRIE., Auctioneer and Commie
s/ slort Merchant, Jtes.lo6, corner eJ . Weed Fifth atit.
Pitt/rase:A: Ravine heennppointed one of the A nctlon•
eersfrii the City of P itsbu rah . tenders his services to Jot •
tiers, manufacturers and dealers, who may be disposed
to make trial of this ertarket• He Is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all snleahle commodities,
and trusts tosatisly correspondents by quick sates, and
speedy land favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he con fi ded to
him, shalt be adequately protected, he Sling, to the aid
of his own experience In business and acquaintance with
merchandise generally, 1 141 services of Mr. SAXUILL
Farms - room heretofore advantageously known,,, an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement Is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Preal. of M. ¢ M
•• Darlington .1. Peebles,
•• Robert Galway,
•• James M. Cooper,
•• James May,
R. M. Riddle. Tittsbargb
Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
•, of Exchange Bank.
Harnoton,Smith, et Co.,
John D. Davis,
•• Samuel Church,
J. K. Moorhead.
•• Jas. W. Brown co.
•• John H - Brown. 4 , co:
Smith 41 II %airy,
Verdi! a• Slitters, Phlladel'a
•• John 01.
• John Hallett, I sep 10
IN Sore 85 bushels of good quality Clever seed. Also
ilabostiots prime. Timothy for Nieto lots tomtit.
I. Claim,
148 Lie/417 et-
Who Wert ter sale 50 bushels Orchard Grum reed.
feb 22,
For publishing a nein Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
THESubscribers having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu•
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Deity -Morning Post.
The leading object of the "PosT" will be I he dissemina
tion and defence of the political principles that have here.
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their best efforts will still he devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, In politics, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intelligente. and Mier notices of all mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the sphere
ofa Politic Journal, to make their pope, sufficiently in•
cresting to entitle it to the patronage of the public, it
of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
be found in the "Norxing Post,n4llire Editors will take
pains to furnish the business-a community with
the latest and most intcrestine Coxmencist, lirrstad
10tIMZ from all parts of the country, and to have prepa•
red such accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men In their several eallingc
Teresa.—The Pour will be published on a large imperd
al sheet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Journal) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum,payable in advance. It will also he sold by
newsboys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Adverthessent• will he inserted at the lowest rates
cliartied by the other daily papers of the city.
1):y-Ttl* F.N 'l' active ladr , are wanted to sell the Post.
who will he engaged on the most liberal terms
W. 11. SMITH.
Au:uo U , 1R42.
rHIDS. KY LEAF TOBACCO. in store and
Ur fur sale liy J. a. 4 A GORDON,
No. 12, Water street
BY Moirisun CO. London, for sale only by S. IN
Wickersham, enrner of Wood Greet and Virehi
alley Pittithitrgb Pd. and IL Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is i.ole ar,teni for Western Pennsylvania. sep 10
A BM Fort SA L C.—The undelptignedpkiWaii.in the
tract of land it
'• - 4Vettiltrotti "township. Armstrong
4i " cl , l° . l :oiliatittWg 100 :term 63 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of %Oiler) are In meadow— a rood egnare log
iIVVPIIIIIg !MUM' and ratan Inns erected thereon—an apple
cur hard of 80 hero tog trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenlrnl to tke hott.e.
FOR TF.ft MR apply to the anhavribers regidlng at the
goltworks on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
TO THE WISE. -I us now well understood how
much disorders of the mind depend for I heir cure
upon a due attention tonic body. It Is row muterstood
how volushte Is that medicine which will remove morbid
aernmulations without weakenin: the bodily power. It Is
now understood that there is a reciprocal influence he.
tureen the mind and the body. It Is now understood that
pur:lng with the Brandreth Pills wlil remove a melon
choty. and even insanity is cured by perseverlm:ly nsin2
them, It Is now understood how muchAonteyife burnt
ness depend upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It in now wing known that the ilrandrelh PUN have
eared tboaeand• of hnpetens and helpless persons. even
when the firnt plivniciano had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It in now not only well
known that Ike ftrandreth Ppin so cu re but ii n n i si , o n .
deratood how they cure; t (tat It fah? thew porifyin: effect
on the blood that they remote the hotly to health.
The value of the medicine In becoming , more and more
mardhart.it In recommended daily front family to family.
The Rrandrelh Palle remove In an almost Imperceptible
manner cannot iMi• ereumulation• and purlfy atgttnvigo
ratethe Mood.ond their !and erfects ore not rountolvtlan
red hy any inconvenienrrn; twine composed entirely of
veretattlen thee An not expose those who one them to
<la ntp-r; and their ' , tree:- ire an certain no they are sari•
tan; they are la tl anti cutely admlnts.lerod to Infancy.
ynn tt, m i nhomt, a n d oil and to women in the most
miles! and delicate rlrcumsta neer. They do not disturb
or shock the onimnl funetlonn, rerore their order
and at tab:l.h their hra!t h.
motored t•lnv
tnntartored I.
heir Mechem
between ma
n .irref. two
lef. !1011, Piste
Inflictor, and
of the forow
rotni.oecd 01
fanlelit Dr. Oilier, No. 9'`,, Wood otrert
r I glut Price 25 cents per box, with MI directions.
M only Ware in Poi sliurzli where the rem'
me rill. ran be ohlitilicd, the T.octor'is own office, No
93 Wood 'tree. Rep 10
MO TILE LADLES —Why do you not remove that
superfluous hair you have upon your foreheads
and upper Ilp. 1 fly calling at Terme', 86 Fourth
:old obtaining ■ bottle of Gouratsd's Poudres eubtles.
which will remove it at once without afieci log the skin.
You can also obtain Gout:mint linty celebrated Ealll de
Fee e, w bk. h will at once remove all freckle , , pimples,
muutinns of the ykitt, and make your late look per ertly
fair, and to those who wish to as•lst nature by adding
more color to their cheek., they tall obi aln sonic of Gou
celebrated Liquid roue, which cannot be rubbed
off even my a wet cloth. also may be round a good an.
rortment of Perfumery, such an Cologne, Rears' 011, AI.
mond. Palm, Windsor; and oilier Soaps.
Remember. at Tuttle's Medical Agency, 86 4th street.
Dec. 8, 1812
:So. 1, Port
Ie Platform
ales va N It . ls,
W Cig It 35W
ET Invalids read the followitis riceount of a Saito'
JLA cured of n complication of afflictions In nineteen
days hy the tiae 01 firandreth Pills. It distinctly proves
there are herha in nature which have affinity cure be
cause of disease. and Brno/reties Pillsare inn& for them
Read and he conviaced. Take the medicine andhe curet
/one Snow., 01 Pembroke, Washington eounty.Maine,
being linty sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six months since. The pains in his head, breast,
back, ten side and , nstep Icing so bad that he was non.
Me to help himself, and was taken into the Chelsea Hos.
[Atilt in the city of Boston. That after being in said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Olin said he did not know
what was the mallet with him, and that he could do
nothing for him, nor could lie prescribe any medicine
That he, therefore, was tonveyell from the Chelsea Dos.
pitnl to the Sailor's retreat on Staten Island. That be
was there nitpicked with all sorts of medicine for a peri.
od offer' months, suffering all Ilielium the most heart.
rending misery.— That, besides his allect ion of his bones
he was troubled much with n disease of the lungs: some.
limes he would spit a quart of phlegm In the tiny:besides
this affection he had it had Dlarrlorn, which had more
or lessaitended him flan) lite commencement of his sick.
new. That at limes lie dreaded a stool worse I han he
would have dreaded dealt); that pecan compare the feel
ing to nothing save that of knives passing through his
bowels. After suffering worse than death at the Sailor's
Retreat, on Staten Island, the doctor told him that medi
cine was of no use to him. that lie mu-t try to stir about.
At this time he was sufferingthe greatest misery. That
his bones wire so tender he could not hear the least press
ure upon the elbow or upon the knee, that his instep was
most painful, that a. the Doctor said he would give him
no more medicine be determined to procure some of Dr.,
Brandreth's Pills, which he did, from 241 Broadway
New York; that he commenced with five pills, and some.
timesinereased the dose to eight. Tile first week's use
so moth benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what he was using, said, fnow,Shaw, yon look like a
man again; if you Improve in this way, you will soon be
welt.' That he found every dose of the Bra ndret II Pills
relieve him, lint they cured him of the pain when at
stool; that they next cared the diarrhcea, sad finally the
piles In Ids honer.—That the medicine seemed to add
strength to him every day. De told the doctor risk'''.
day the 11th instant, that lie felt himself well, and also,
that he owed his recovery to Rtandreths Pills under
Providence, that lie had taken the medicineievety day
for 19days; that the doctor told him if he bad known he
had been taking that medicine. At should not have stayed
another day in rim house. - He Nis his tint,' to
make thispoldic staininent for Ihebene fit of all similarly
afflicted; that they stay know whew'e to find a medicine
that will titre diem. JOHN SHAW.
John 81,8 W being by me duly sworn tills 12th day
April, 1842, did depose and sae tba t the force:dm! slate.
meet Is tree. J. D. Wit P.,EI,T.R. en romissioner of Deeds
The BRANDRETII PILLS are gold at Dr. Aran.
drew! principal Aka. 241 . BRC.iVW4 Y., New Yerb
sac Me miser/lei Ake. N 0.98 Wad itresi,,TttWA;
the P/XLY'PL4C/I,in Piumbergb w berg, tbe gewithit eat
be obtained tie? 211—dwitn.
burgh, to be rotated the
How to do Good,—A quaint writer, tin•
der the cognomen of Chas. Quill, gives a
short and easy method of doing good,
which will be found as ef f ectual a one as
could be adopted. He says, 'why do you
begin to do good co far uJ? This is a re%
ling error. Begin at the centre, and work
outwarde. If you do not love your wife,
do not pretend to such love for the people
of the antipodes. If you let some family
grudge, some peccadilly, some undesirable
gesture, sour your visage towards a sister
or a daughter, pray cease to preach banal.
cence on a large scale. Begin, not next
door, but within your own door; with your
next neighbor—whether relative, servant.
or superior. Account the man you min
the man you are in bless. Give him such
as you have. 'How can 1 make him or
her happier?' chis Is the quostion. If a
dollar will do it, give the dollar. if advice
will do it, give advice. If c'..asti4Entro6
will do it, give chastisement. If a look, a
3m le, or warm pressure of the hand, or a
tear will do it, give the look, hand, smile or
tear. But never forget that the happiness of
our,world is a mountain of golden sands,*
and that it is )our part to cast some contrib
utory atom every moment.' There Is as
mach phi'osophy and sound morality, beep.
tifully expressed, in these few words as
there is in a volume of sermons. Let every
individual practice the rule laid down. add
..ee how soon the opplrtunities for doing
good will present themselves, how nluch
more satisfaction he will feel himself, how
much better he will be -• • •
~ tit avert
It are those which are.of
tenest passed over with inattention sod yst
the whole happiness of our lives, !M AE
those connected with us, .depend essentially.
upon their faithful performsneer:- TheY
show the true temper of our virtue; and'is
they are good or badly performed, promote
or destroy that peace and peret tratisfac.
lion of mind, in which tree happiness con
A Ferocious Dug Mesmerized.--The
nesmerizers in Ireland appear to go ahead
of our American professors of the scienced
At a late meeting of mesmeric authoritief4,
(as reported in the London Medical'
Times,) it was stated by Dr. Elliotson,
the president, that 'the Duke of Maribor•
ough had informed him, in a letter from
Ireland, that, while at the Marquis of Ely"s
seat, in that country, and stroltiar Ott NA
the morning, he came upon a ferocioes
dog. chained in a farm yard. His Greep
thirst not approach the brute; but standigg
at a respectful distance. he mesmerized
him and, going up, actually embracedthe
sleeping brute. The dog remained in the
sleep for thirty minutes.—Transcript.
Millerisrn in Lyzerne County.—The
Miller theory has gained many cravens
in Luzerne county, A store keeper na•
med Gaylord, residing about six miles be.
low Wilkesbarre, gave notice a few days
ago, that his store was at the service of
the public, -free 'gratis and fur nothing."
The Deputy Sheriff of the County attend.
ell, by request, to hand out the goods.
When the Journal's informant passed the
store, a large crowd was in attendanee
consisting chiefly of o'd ladies with weli
crammed handkerchiefs. The stock o 1
goods was in the way of rapid disposal--•
excect the crockery, for which there was
little demand, most of the people seeming
t o think they had enough of the article to
last during the term. As to the progress
of Millerism it is said that a great many
of the people seem to be "coming into the
One or the greatest crimes okth clergy
it is said to consist in neglecting' to de.
flounce in the most pointed terms, the sift
of cheating the printer.—Ex. paper.
Let us press upon them, amid pe'rhips
they, may put a atop to it.
The Philadelphia Mercury says a Yeti- .
gious monomaniac in Pottsville, on Wed:
nesday morning of last week, undressect
himself completely and went up on'
Young's Hill, back of the borough,experet.
ing to be translated to Heaven. He wait. ,
ed in vain for the descent of the sheet of
glass. but the ground being covered with a
sheet of ice and snow, so benumbed the
poor fellow that it required all the skill and
experience of Dr. Halberstadt to restore
_Erects of Fasaticiam.—On last Friday ;
week, the wife of a r•espe'ctable mechanic
of Newark N. J., while laboring under
derangement of mind caused by the
doctrine, administered arsenic to herself'
and two of her children, one aged three
years and the other twelve months. Bey.
fore she committed the rash act she sent
her three e'dest chi'dran to her aunt's, in
the neighborhood. One of the children
died at 12 o'clock, the other at 2 o'clock
and the wife died about 6 o'clock.
A London paper of the Ist, says the
first partetof American beef, cured to suit
the English market in particular. was lam.
ded a day two since in the lgrdathir.
tine flock,