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    10,41.21GY MORMEITIOr TOOT.
MARCH 3, 1843
The Vigilant.
On Wednesday night, contrary to gene
ral expectation, the quiet of the city was
not broken by the quarrels of the two organ•
izations. Both parties have commenced
legal proceedings, one to gain what they
claim as their right by virtue of the decis
ion of the city councils, and the other to be
revenged for the 'forcible entry, of the En•
glee house. Things
: in relation to the Vig
ilant are now coming to a low. There
will be a deal of cross firing before the
close of the combat.
We have heard the names of three boys
Who-have for some time past been making
a regular business of stealing the Post trom
under the doors of subscribers, and here
itform them that if they are caught at it a
gain they must sufl* , r the consequences.—
The wiry scamp who takes Messrs, Alger;
& Maguite's had better b u lk out.
The company in possession of the
lint have shown some nerve in retaining
possession of the Eryine and apparatus.—
It has been said of then, that there are not
enough members to fill the ofl-v.es, and yut
those few have braved publi opinion, the
city councils, and the new organization,
The following resolution was passed at
a meeting of the Allegheny Fire Company
held on Wednesday evening:
Resolved, That hereafter at fires the
membi•ts of the Company will decline re •
ceiving refreshments from any person, ex
cept by special invitatimi; arid that it he
the duty of the office's and members to
prevent any person not bein:! a member,
enturing a house Kith the company.
Byre.—Yesterday between 12 and 1
o'clock, in the - tannery of Mr. Caldwell on
the, coiner of 2n 1 and Redoubt alley,—
the roef caught by some sparks falling on
to it from a chimney. All the engine!,
(the Vigilunt among the rest,) were out.
The past ten Jays have witnessed an
unusual degree of excitement, affording
;such fun to citizens of all classes. The
young ones quarreling about the Vigilant,
and the more grave raising a rumpus a , .
bout the election of Canal Commissioners,
The latter is all over, we think for the
present; but the other will last some time
The Weather, yesterday wa. cold in
: miming, and in . the afternoon it be ,
came a little m•iderate a d sun shiny.
tl.n.t of the ilitrous.
liarpre Itcr iard has received alto h
tdition of Bunker's 411 W t.rive', (rum the pro
bfic pr re of tioc Ilurpars. It is more neatly got
tip ttian - any uf the cheap c: i i.ins,of that work he
:mg priottd in octavo fur to on new ty pr.. It is
weld at the eurprisiogly low pace of 25 cents!
The Supreme Court, at Washington, hats
nude a decision upsetting all the stop-laws
Anti other swiiia i,ig contrivances of the
Western States.
Messrs Lane and IVhice, metn'wrs oldie
prevent Congress fr Indiana, and one of
the members fro:n North Carolina, Mr.
Washington, decli le being candidates for
Allegheny county is entitled to five Rep
resentatives in the Legislature. by the pro
pond apportionment, a. , d Philadelphia
city to only four!—Phila. Forum.
Well, what of iti
Senator rfilliarns rerignea.—The lion .
Rue 4 Williams has sent in to the legis'ature
of Maine him resignation of his seat in the
U. S. Senate, to take effect from and after
the 4th of March next. Mr. W. is a dem.
Mullen, the man who fired the rail road
bridge across the Sahuyikill, has been tri
ed and convicted, He was sentenced to
Pout years imprisonment in the eastern
penitentiary, and to pay a fine of one
thousand dollars.
A correspondent of the liagerstown
(Md.) News rcenti ms the discovery of an
ianmense cave near that place, by a party
of fox-hunters, and gives a magnificent de.
torription of it, which may or not be true,
nth. reader pleases.
A chance for a new suit of old clothes.—
"'"A St, Louis paper of the ISth says: "They
sun about their cold weather in the East,
but if they ern 'get up' any thing to ex•
coed the stock we have on hand now,
we'll give them all one old clothes."
River--6 feet water in the channel
Arrives and Departures since . our last report
Vigilant, Keno, Cincinnati,
Orpheus, Bliley, Nashville
Montgomery, Martin, L..uitiville
West Point, Grace, do
Walton, Forsythe, St Louie
itaprnes Mail, Haldermau,•
Smithere, Louisville
The St. Louis Organ of the 2let says:—
"The River rose about a foot during yes•
tetchy and the day previous. Very little
ii*ling bete. Tbe 1111ssciert, at St.
Charles, is closed with ice." ",
BOOZ, Atal 308
N, W. Corner of Wood 4 , fifth Sts.
Bank of Pittsburch. par
:11errh. SC Man. bk. par
Tux proprietors or the Moasinu Port and Mkricrav Euhan ,, 1 ,„„1„ . par
•ND MaxeracTuara respectfully inform their friends
Bk. of Cerntantoevt
and the paironsor those papers, that they have a large
and well chosen assortment of La nrar , tr r hank,
=O T - 367-W"'IM 9 ; Rank of 1711,4ter
&ITO ANTLI ® ToLcwilffliau ms- A g /A i.,
Necessary to a Job Printing Office. and that they are I,n ktl,:l ' ' '' N America Phil.
pa:ed to execute I Ilk of Non urn
Far. Of alcrbamcs irk
Kem-inzion hk.
Pbtlatirlphia I:k.
Schuylkill hk.
Soilitivvark bk.
Wcedern bk.
Ek . of renn,ylvama,
Bill, of Lading, CiiculaN
Bill Head,, Cards.
Blat.k Checks, Dui Tio
u Ittubs of Blanks,
P.llllTlith I ,
Stage, Steamboat, and Canal Boat Bills, with app , , Mc of Penn Tl. par 1
partite Cute, Man. 4. Mechanics lik par,
Printed oti the Altortest notice nail 1113 M reason:Ode I i•riliFi i Me - h air , bk. pal
We felpeelfolly ask Ito pal ronai..r. of our friend,: a nd I MOY a IllellSing ilk. 3
he paidlt• in general in ibis I.ratirli at our bllgilll ,!,. 1 Girard lia.ik, 45
Pittshorall. Sep'. 39, 1. VIII 1.1.11'S .i. S\ll'l'll_ - ! 11. Stales hank. 3U
____ ._.. . _
_ _ i Ildiailieriarr.pd, %Varren, --
BITI"I'E AN I) LA IZ i). Viank. Wastilocton, par
jUi 4 T received, r; harrels fresh Caller, and 20 Poit.voe, 5
kegs fit , t rate Lard from Ddver, Ohio. for ' , ale by 111: of Monigotnel v par
I.!:Alan. Brownsville,
Erie Bank. 3
Thubet:argil bank. 5
R vino v:1 I. I Far. lei( Lancaster, 14
RA cef M.lldielown, 4A
qIIIF. Atibseliber has removed his r ee stilonal.'e T i demi',
re Bk. of rltainl•ersbut7 ll , -14 1
1 Establis h ment to Ihe Motentealeela house, :e4 doter C-111,10 hank. 44
from first st. on ... mit Illiela V.w he, lit:m!il cu.-V.0,11er ,, rind Ilk of Non lot tellterla nil, 41
all others who may favor lelen wale a call may depend one
na bk k 11 ri.l2e re. '2
leaving their work done it a superior Style. Fume his Ink Stic-iiiiehanna Cc, 1(1
lemg experience In the loveireess in this city, and in it”onY •Rkof Di lawa rc Co. par
other fashiouable cities in Europe and America. lee feels ~,'anon bk. 41
confident that in can give sat IsCarlion to all who may c,ol,,lnir:: li bk. ii
please to favor him w:t la t hci • elision,. Ilv strict attention Turk bank, 4;
to business and superior workmanship he hopes to uteri' F.,,,. 4. ~,,,,, I,k . o f
and receive a P;lare of public patronage. Ile 'clench keepitig way „, t ,„, l i e, It s
on hand a supply of ..!ootis and tronininls snit a' , le lon the - •• rut rency notes, Il
rusictieer train which will lee sold at 1 ery reduced prices, I ifr „,... (1 , 0 ,,. c 2
ii- DoN Artil \-- I AV e.oning bank. IR ,
IV. B. Th, subscriber 1,, , ,„ g ~e!I ~warr ol 11.- 0 veto polsli'2l, sole -- , rrip 44'
that the GULL syslein is practhed un lin nillniC in 1 his ('„“„ tr y d,, d o h
[Mint ry, by Liiverti-entent-: particularly lo; persons who i Reeks I o bank, tell
,nay Jew!). he call e d tot milers on the i rad., IX lio never 1,,,,,,,,, w , 7
served in hoar to the business, and who kreoes so toile I Tow „d„ . 811
ahoUl II that they could not creek a -.pan,tte riot It. and I (!1111).'
they are barefm.ed enough lo advrrim-e 1 hemsek, , ,i as ‘i,i- M..mo,lmi,am I.k 1i
lorg ala mode. and Icy the nisi of old rert , fie - a , ,, r,ts 1 , ,,, A- Mrch. I.lc of Sleet.
pujrs.kc. 4-c such as are zerroaily usrel by quark , ill teeny Rh., 11
sell their tnedici nes. they often succeed in pal using of onl lif.llllollt bk 1,..1 St. (Rails.
the unstirpectin., customer sortie old trash ior the uteri I vette. 1i
ins imnoried article. Seirle people's ativerlLooorms are I Marietta bk. (Irma led
only calculated to :leaf the, ichlh, and are are more r•nil note 4. It
lied to credit than the fie-Atwell• eel lanshable not-tic ii inns ,le, Curt' , or- y not. . Ii
photo tber2reat OBl!—firer :moo: the Lilltputinns.whirli Cnltutiloalla I.k New Lis
I pregame almost every schonlbov Ines read and laugh, ti holt Demand, 11
a'. 1 would A0r.....,...51 lo th 00..... who with to lair ti e-ir I d el Post p e n s ., 11
clothes made in first rare style to make a bests imptir% tt en r mewl .pees pay
and then will find that this is the pace AA Lere Ike.; call I , t g bane,. 14
he ;wrote' modal ell: IL It. NI c-cli 4- Teade , s lek of
J ,t, 7—:3,r. Cmc,,,,,,1.. 3
Cheap for l'ash.
Prices Reduced.
Short Pre/ Far, 1.0%;
So 5 at 15 ctg, prr Ih :, 4 11) .11
6 ill lb} fitai :4 1, 8 ,1 :1 ,
7 at 17
8 at 17i
9 at 1.
10 at 19}
11 a; 19
12 at
13 at - 2 , 1
14 at 244 1:k dill.,
15 at 21
16 at 22
17 at 23
18 at - 21
19 t.l 4.
2(1 t -26
ditto 1 710
t 0 Ethl
dot° 101111
1..n1..11.•w1ck al 16 tl.p , r
81111'1 , 4 • 9 ilttio
(11110 1 . .111.11y .10. :A 11111
thlto .Itimo
.'lllll I'o 1110 2.5
'lOlO 'ld
rovt•r!,t Var. .11,,A, • WI
dui ° \l'arp- mad- lo I,IIP,
0;:r I r.1..1/ , 1 , 1.11 , 1 , 11 V lit 1141, tt ;0. 1: It II rti J A r
Parotier'...l.i.Ltan S Fruurdt'-. fa)
1 500 Lh, naCoii, ill-1 retell viol by' was
mOlll Uli 10, r.ir ',it, lit
T ° 'he I I
"IL" of
I and r0tir0.,...0 Ihr
(1.! '" 1"1 (4 0 "T.." 1. E•rnui ICI di' RI lry a llall i t ‘1,,rk.1 ..treet; will ildapi
it , r• I roil aAI p4l,et,t: itlr :111V bo.llr, r. q11 , r , .._ aroll
," of J•LIiLL • ihr lit IVarLi v , risk ... - C , ...,11 . 10111 1.11. , r‘t.“
Pill-bingo, in ..1,1 r —0, vh,i•7 11011-P on -11...•1
fly is it. IL pr id- I , I , , .4;
c„. ,tot• ,t.tt the ficii . lll loom nn Third 91 oi,
iraielLers, ,L Is . b y LLI• I, L „, tor ,ftivt. pr-Seel oe( awed lly ilrowe
14 vei ti; ...11.1.1/-. I.i ir l '" '" . "" I a' a - " a " . •
bpsjor.s., g;ul s., °Chic on 1.1 al. si, pre-ent or.
In keep tt of d , ir• !` h i ue ' t - ‘' he ' •P""'
• 11.1,41). Inr real, .rcrrtll vna , l llotlYeS gray lilt dsrell•
And lie eic.c. rat township. ith 3 few
.It/fIN T('R PIN.
'toile ond , r , i?„ ,, ed •114 , wf the 11
hit gh, resin eilully ce tilt, ilia , o a .11 ,, ',t•
hove VII, N I ;:etill 111411' I WI d repute 1
01 S I.OIR 1.1 li. ;rtrr'-tr r. ()lie
for hone-tv and and 1- we:l l u -v A z . n ,i Arras or 1.8.0 on 11.11iner , ' h ill. Lots
U,ll and erni)ol.i•in cs l i e a r eom .,, o d,_
lion it (1 lodging of -0 , 1 igor• I La% Him f,,, ts , on liohne'. ,
41. 42,52. 5.1• 1, 131, I:t2 ~n 1 18.1. in Ci.-01,'s plan
Hill A leo. 1.0• liciA 26 and :7. in
said tavern la y lilr t h e a c , nrt nud cio.i of Cook's plan ()CLIO , on High near the new Court
the public. House For tenni , apply to Z. [V. 11 ENIINcTos.
1 4 1011119 C11%1.1.y, Mel' 111
G-orge Beal(,
.I.;in 5 elm,
Ind o•~-luny 1,, ~4 1 ,•nd 1;14 1,,,',11r.94 in liti. way, re peel.
11( I Lie the Jo a•.+ , •l the. t 11 , ‘ ••••rVi , t , to those pin sisits onitiing, or Who
Gen-rat Qultit ter Sei,l ,11.; f'eacr, .1 ni. tint 111,•n , :ty have elm r_tv Exec ilath'i 4 rn•
for the county of A. llee,oenv Into nr Goa diallc. w Ilie my or ,iihllrhF, nod who may
The petition of 11. C. Pomeroy, ~rrzn, 4 T. ww ,1„ 1 „ I nol have route to ;diem] in it trot ii Nell.,
.11 , m, to collect
in gate. count'. r,s,tectfolly sheNve , h, Toot tee ,s F Lots,
rents, divi.i, ode, Ground frill,: . A mister ii kept
provided with house to no and .111-T r 011VeLliell 't• ,
" 1
for he o o
e . nin , l ti and „ al 0 . 11 1 .0 1
r l "
, “: 11 ', ,
t h e " use an " . 0c ' lOlO3 b y hint an a lot or. ' ' l ' I It' i.el •,lentlemeti fur whim: l lhp tothscriher ha.
in 1114,11,11'4 In rOttiliWe nl that ()risme. , he vita, t‘ been avint f.tr some peals iito.t__mottos ivhael
your h•Otors Iti g,r int hint a 10 - eni.e to keep rot Ir p. 'McCormick nu,l J,IIIIPA P. Cf:; (1„ rdlet.urgh; Jan
house of l'oblie Enterldiqinern. A lid he w , ll eve: Stuart, Esq. Et. o , , ,,f ati Atzent, Phtlad ; Mess. John Brown,
pray. R. ( Pl):1.1EISOY, in; 11. !Or l'inclunini; Shun& Poller
The tiodersi , on d, cititzenq 1:oss low/1011p, re- sieuhenville;Jo-epli 1l illar, I.nivrenr.eville; Jnnie.. Jones
sectlidly ce , tify, Ilia' R C Poole oy, thenh own ft Ea.! Liberty; Daniel ;titter, townAinp;
eel avid. ant,is Ktiotlenial. or ;,0 1 neim'r".' 3 "v i C kl eY•
ari.l tempetnner, ;111 I is well !troy tdeil tits,. 23 .
I nom and conveniences for th, accomitiodatino and
of ...trait:4er% and Traveler, and tl
is neceits9ry for tne accoinino lawn, of the pitohiC-
Thorilas Powers, J. P. W. Id indettek,
!Stiller Lewir, I.` win.
C.enrge Lief rr, John Bait
i'n Ners, Jorieph Keel,
Ileory Hunter. Joh!) (`II r.
Cunt ad Loetll tr. Peter K'i tgensmith
rrl 9
,Ihe flonorDide the Judges of the Court of Cener
i al Quarter rzesslowi attic Pence, in nod (or I he roun
ty of Alietheny•
The petition of John Lively of Wee! Deer Township
in said county. respectfully StlOWelll—
l'hai Ile I. well provided with bowie room and other
conveniences (or the accommodation of strangers and
traveler:, at the howie now ocenpied by him as a tavern
and beim: desirous to continue in that I Iselnegg lie nrays
your honors to giant him a license to keep:in Inn or
house of Pohl': Enteriainincrt, and he will prov,
The under/len/11. citizen/ of West Deer township, re.
sprent fully crrilfy that John l.a vet y, the :thrive named
aisiairapt, 15 a eehtieman .epuie for honesty an.l
temperinee. and k well pruvided with lons row,. :Ind
conveniences for the accommodation and loitrii.7. i)(Firaa.
ear/ and travelers, and that said tavern in essarv.
John Donnell, ,
John Fleck, Henry Yeagle,
Wtn. Htiocao, James ILtsl• tr,
J. W. Bugher
Julio Br
John Boilhe , .
mar 1.- 31.1
IN the Court of Common Ph•as of Allegheny roomy,
of December Term, ICS. N 0.69.
In the statterof the voluntary assignment of llutchin -
son 4 Ledlie to Samuel Smith and George loedlie,
All persons Interested will glean take notice that the
Assignees above sewed have filed their account, and that
•Ite sem will be allowed by the Court on the 4th of
Match nest, unless nate be shown to the contrary.—
By order of the Court. A. Ertl TTON,
war 1-31. Pro.
1411 Lop, ty
J 11 , )t 1r; I) A
%V R. G. rmly.
Sammy' ii.vll,r,
WLlltrun K• l'y,
Cnas m n,
Win Waddle,
A. Knox,
John Waddle
MR. dun,
r. auzn,
Xenia, do
Dayton, do
scioto, 30
Post note., 1i
Chillicothe, 5
Fra Columbus. 11
La..ea , ter, 40
Ilatnt!ton, 90
o.ovole. 80
COlll. bk. Lake Erie, 30
Par. bk: of Canton, 95
C?rbana 6S
diq H
I.lc oi
()rnrallfllrll'rr. 1 k
ircirviHr. ;11 I.a, frnrc
TO L E T .
r it r Si.., and ripper roon , r I il.r rorrcr
ii .' .1
S hrkcill,l 5 , 11 ,I,trtv, lo - or or,. upled by N'
1. -1 - .. ....... ' II . I:. ,
Itrirk ,!,,, rorn, or
I • , ^l,, a 11 , 111ce 3
v Slorr o• Ni NI AA"
G.', 2
Grltcrl v
Fen /2 - X coullot lan! , 1.,,v I , r trk dwrl
Co.d ••.if 'Till .0 tet
It•TAIN. 10,1111 Mill tn. hitti1,“ . .... 1 ,1 1',10
Jl),l\ ‘I . I . I,I)SKEV
Ti.rre 1t1.2 I.l,erly
L lll/' ,
I erg of orrunted I.y E. A
It.iu,n.lll n 4 al. A WO e i orr,--h.•rriol.re know
Lan^ earlier of Wood and Si!
I . li I it R. Marrow Ciiti inn 2i.
'rep Le l.
m.“l,lh,tsvrrn 3d ntl,
:14 rt l I.:111:1 :111:1r Ilt4tl
111 1..--11- reD‘V 1 1 11_ 1: ZZ NI.
No 51 Th rd et
'louse genc y.
]0.6 west of the Market Penn st.
sth NVztrd, Pli.
,lier 1.3 v lii_ l'or flu miler of .Cats bfrn en.
pmpert v,
In lime 5111 Ward.
FOR RF.VT, 2 comfortable briekhouseson Penn ss, op
I lir residence of MersrsrP 111cCornilck and .1 11
A Igo, Iwo 3 Miley brick dwelling liouFep on Pikr Ftreet
nt $5 per month.
Al.°, a number of tonal! frame dwellingi at $2, S 2 5
and $3 per month.
Also, a hriek siert , room and do elllog no the Canal
Bn.ln, artjAnlnt! Mr. Coe'e natter tOtopo Apply at thi
!loose A gene v, near 1110 5111 Ward market holt,.
fob 23. JAMES 131.A1:ELY,_
VE removed their taper Store from Market
cheat to s O . 61 %Yowl el rrTi o ne door from the
orner of 4th, where they k lip on hand,: their usual ns
sortt,,e, or WALL riA limn:, for papering parlors, en.
irie , ,Cll:llll l lPr 4 . 4-r, and also PRINTING, WRITING
atilt \V Ps %PPISG rArEns. BONNET BOARDS:, 4-c,
all of which titer offer for sale ott accommodating terms.
feh 14. 1843.—d , f
CONY/NC/X(7:- thivin2 berm ittilict et! for nearly
two years, with a hard swelling on the cap of my liner,
widen produced notch pain, end useil viriotis aproica
lions recommended by the Faculty--a II in rain was
cured completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brand
rei Linament, or External Remedy.
Witness in" hand JAMES TAYLOR,
Ohio up Alleatieny co, Pa. Jan. 110th.1841).
Dr. Brandreth's Ectettial Remedy or Linament; sold
at hid office, N 0.93 Wool street, Pittsburgh, PRICE--
50 cents per bottle. feb R.
DR. DANIEL AfeME.-11.., Office on ro,n street
between Wood end Smithfield streets, rith.hurgh.
der 10-1 if•
APERSON competent to take charge of a lame ci
tensive sawmill. with a small capital. will hear or
an advantageous mtuation on application at this Mime, if
immediate alMlication is made. None Bard apply who
cannot give satirfactory reference as to honesty and corn
Mate 1.k..5. Branches I;
slate scrip, 40
MI lianto.,
slate hk 4- Branches, 60
~howneriow n, 70
Rank of Virginia,
do Valley,
Far. Irk. of Virginia
Exrbringe hank,
V. WPM. hank
)I,fr. ,-Nine. tin
imort, Ranks,
All Ranks,
All par and
ft..nkv. r ,
runntry hanks,
(safcr% fond) a
Pod Rark, to
ItiFion Ranks,
nrlea na (Santo:, 200.1. 3
iL nt,
Banks. 2
l All Rank=.
VA. of SI. Clair, 10
no. do, k 11. 10
U\ \ k
r al"
Eastern Eiv ha kig
'N ew York.
I ~ I 14;1( re
ii ,il, II
hrelinr, par
ca. D SITS ER, par
Ilti E subscriber has just received his PtiPPIY 01
Landreth's Garden F-ertis, consist ittg in part of the
owing kinds—all of the last year•s crop 4 warranted
Egg Plant, Par,uip,
Ends e, Prat+,
Nile, Pepper,
Rad Ali, Barrrok,
Rhubarb, Cal bage,
Sabafy, Can 01,
Can &lower, Spinach,
Ccieri Okla,
Cu, led Clefs, Oninn,
Water Mrl.l,
Cucumber, Parley,
Mustard, (white and bri.wii)
&c. &c. &C.
To;tellser %%1111. varlet y' of Pot 4- Sweet brava aid flower
Kr -Orders for Seeds, Shrubs, Tri es, fc. from Carden.
ers rind others will be received and promptly attended
No. IR4 Liberty. bend of Wnnd at.
HATS—W. M. I)OHURTY inform their friends and
the public that they have Commenced manufactu
ring Hats, and Hitt they have now ready for sale. at
their Store, 14`3 Liberty street, between Market and 6111
street, an a.soitment of the very best Hats, which 1 . ..ey
are anxious to Dispose of on the cheapest and nowt reason,
aide lerms. Their stork consist of the very best kinds,
v:z.—fleaver, Otter. Neutria,Castors.short Nal ped Rus
sia, Fur and Silk Hats.
(V. 4. DI . Doherty are both regular bred Hatters, they
have had extensive experience as Journeymen In !behest
establishments In the country; their Hats are all got up
under their own inmection, and they assure the public
that nothing but the very hest articles on the mo-t rea
sonable rermA will be offered for sale. eer 10
IRT LECTURES.—FuurtA Conroe.— The .eg•
lure C.nurnirtee of the Wirt Iket Ai Mi I have the
plea...tire of laying before the public. I lie following lin tot
gentlemen who have eonsenied lu Lecture, via:
Rev J W Boar - well, hartuhlriory Lecture.
John L lion% E q. W ashingion.
Prod'. N J Clark. Mvallyille College.
ll'm Wr lL ins. Pirishurgli•
Prod. A B Brown, Jefferson CJller,e.
florid Rirkie,v,q .1111.13urgh.
Reed II askierren. E.'"q
Prolf. Ares'r T West. Theo. grailnary.
Francis Joks‘ton. Esq., Prtisi.nrall.
Prod. I Barker, Meadville Caliege.
If' 11 Lowrie. Coq .
Rev James L
Prof arthilloch. Jefferson College, will de•
liver several Lectures on Aid rononry , embracing its rile.
N olves. n Revd Washington. Egq., will also
deliver .iever.ll Lecture., on Ilse subject he may select.
A rrangorneors are ill prO:regil to vintage rtilfewrOi
rn,nn, of I'n.e College, to deliver in our eh v. a full course
it Irrnirea on Geolocv: also v ill; Josepn R. Buchanan,
,„ N r „, 0 1 07. y. other eminent Lecturers will he
our illy, when it may he in tlle power of the In
to onaale their geryiees.
.... Lecture.; of this county will I.e on Literary and
enl.jects parlueivelv and II io hoped from t he
:,bihty of the Lectured. and the inlrre,t log Ha'
lure of the snAer.lB.llint onr cilizens writ liberally pa
trinnlire I bid Inniintne enterprii.e. The Iron lily shout.)
not hebritnnl s., vit tes in her encouraecrnent et atience
andliterature. The p.ovevila (If any) will he approprb
lied to the eit'argen.ent of a Library, already an honor
to the ril v.
irri7nuree Tickct,, admitting P lady and at ntlernan,
S?, and ,nay he had of either of Om Leihnohlve. and at C.
II Ka v Cd'a Bank Store, NI ononrahela and EAehange
and at RI, norli•A.
LPG , o es co.rint ,, er no Thur!•finv evenirr, Dec 1.
W. W. W11,81)S.
ICIIN S. COSfl I+ AVE, rommitiee.
WM. B. SC A 1 FF., I
101 IN OU'I'PERWORTII. Auctioneer and Commis.
eion Aterekaat, l.ouiseille, K Y.. will attend to t Its
sale of Real Esia , r, Dry GOCHIA,G. orerie9, Furniture. ke
dr . Regulars:lles every Tuesday. Thorsday. and Fri
I T • I,
12,5 r and F "' „ r re, Federal steer , i Io
near 11:. e de r y mornings. nl 10 o'clock, A. M. Cash advance" made
no consiignmeois wP 10
Diamond, Alieghetiv city.
Evert canny or Confer! iona , y and Ornatireiltal
YSERS, SARDINES. 4-r.; served up In the beet
l:at es, suitable for sveiliiiio:s and panics, 111U11 , 11,1C111 ed 0 7'
style al A lit:mares, No 9 Pifi h steert. Snit:v.le
iron, tor best nutrn,k, at slim , limier. not 1G anal luients are atipropilaied to gentlemen accompanied
ATE of John .111itiltvi. /ioe uf rim Pity of Pitts by Indies. Also all }dads of Cakes aid Confectionary for
_LA der'it. Verson. interested will lake rodice p a'ties . weddings, etc., for sale by
lhai letiers ul ailministraiinn on the vslaie of Ole said nr , v 19_, r
den dent, 11,4% been dolt era n led lir the Repair, of Aim.
gtieny (Monty, to Su-siiiiri Honker. widow of the said
, 'err used; .1101 all persons liavin2 Claims or demands a•
zaiti.i tile est.ile or Ili. said decedeol. are reqnested to
matte k,trllvt) the :,me to lire Wi.lllolll deity. Her resi.
,ie , lce In in Hand -treel. rote or Pittsburgh.
(eh 1— fitv
/A" Y— Fast /sir.
11. /lair D.r--color the hair and will not the akin
Tilts Dye is in the tiro of a Powder which in ptaih matter
of tart inay lie applied to the hair over the fifst•
torniiig the ll:htentnr fee!, Atli, to dark brown: and
by ,cpeai.mz a second or third night. to a jet Mark. Any
re nun may. therefore. with the lea meriiiilc trouble,
here his bait any dark shade or a perfect black, with the
positive assurance that powder If applied to the skin
trill not color 11. There Is no milorins in thi.i statement,
as any one may erdstly test These facia arc Wariailied
by the die i,hl who manufactures It.
For mter at JUT tired. where a
large asitortuictit Of Patent Mediehies Illay always he had
at tither wliMesitie or retail.
—Don't forget ' tint Fvetrth steel! r.
W 11,1.1,01 C. WA 1.1,, Plain and Fancy Pertraii
and Piet are Frame Manufacturer, No. 87,
Foura Street Pt! ts bkrg h. —Catwvaes Brushes. VarolOt
.for Artists. alwava on hand. Looking GlagSeS.
promptly framed to order. Repairing done I the short
tot 1101
ratite War attention paid to regilding and jobbing OCW
cry deur riplon.
Persons up steam Boats or houses will find It t,
liciradvatttnge to call. cep 10
lIIRD SEEDS A f c•ti. r•upply of !WA Seeds, eon
sitilio;; of Canary. fiemp,and Rape; Jost received Oy
3. F I.'SNOIN 'JEN, 148 Liiicrty I.
W.RNTED, a boy of front 14 IJ years of age.
Application to lie made before the first of March to
F I, ScwwnEs,
fro 3. 184. Liherty IIP:181 of Wood St
tWM. (successor to It. M'Closkey) Veen
maa Bout Maker, Liberty et., id door from
Vi'sin Alley. The subacr titer respect fully informs the
public that he has commented the above holiness In the
shop formerly occupied by Mr. Henry 11I'Closkey,
and that he Is now prepared to attend to all orders In his
line ofbasiness whit despatch and on the most reasonable
termu. From tile long experience in the manufacture of
Fashionable Boole, he feels confident that all articles
from hi; establishment trill give satisfaction to hie pa
trolls. A she, eoi public patronage i: respect rally sollrtt,
seri le
J. Dcmmtmo—On Friday, the 30th or last month, about
9 (Fetlock at nicht.the Plantna.Groovina and Clash Stan
ufaeinry, owned by Gay, Dilworth ti- Co, with a tare
quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all consu
mid by fire.
The Iron Safe which I honzht of you some tine hock
wax in the most exposed situation dui ine the fire, and
wns entirety red hot —I am pleased to Inform you It was
opened at the clo.e of the tire.nnd nil the hooks, papers,
kr.snvet —this's the hest recommendation I can give of
the utility of your rates.
riet24—tf TIIOM ASt 0!: COTT.
GREEN .IPPL Ju.t renewed from filarnnia, U.
40 111,11; Green Apples, romprislni every variety, In
first rnte order
fel) 4,
4.8 43.
RAIL ROAD C•RP, from Pittsehorgh, via Redford,
rnamitentinira, IlarriAntra end Lancaster, to rtilladet.
phia, connecting with the Mail train of Cara to N
ke. Ottly 150 niilesetnetnr and one night out.
Also. the, Direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia CO.
Baltimore, 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M,
Otike seeond door heftily the Merchants Hotel Wood e
Ph 23.1843-17 ' ' Proprietor..
OHM J. MITCHELL — Attorney at Law, Wks
a/ corner onFtSsultbfleti and Soh cis.. Pittsburgh.
Colieettoos made. Ali business entme_ ed to his
cove will be promptly attended to,
\feb 16--Ir
ON IRE GREAT Crime At, Rotme. Vu NAT I 2 II A 4 neAD
N •
s rAtil-Vat: mk. , e41. - : S'•
4 1 ,
g 4' line DILLS. Mail Coaches for WasAington Cup,
.1.11 Baltimore, Phi:ads/okt and New York.
This line is in full operntion and IravesPittsbor7,h daily
al 6 o'clock A. M., via WaShington i a. a tel national
road to Cumberland, connecting here with the rail road
Co's. to all the ahove places: Travellers will find this
a speedy and comfortable rodte, It being a separate ald
distinct Pittsbut gli and runilwrlanti line. facilities will he
afforded which have not been heretofore enjoyed. Ex
tra coaches furni‘lied at the shortest notice, wito the
privilege of going through direct, or taking ens night's
rest at their option.
Fare from Pitisloargli to Pallintore, $lO,OO
Pittsliteg to Relay house, $lO.OO
1 - 2,00
Thence to 2,00
Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, 13.00
For through tickets. apply at our office at the corner
of Exchange :lotel, ur at our office at the Monongahela
House. • L. %V. STeCKTIDN•
Feh. President of N. R. Slav! Co.
JOHN AFCL :SKEY .the old orlllnni, has on hand the
oft splendid assortment of Clothiwz ever offered
Wes My noel: kla rze, and lam disposed to Fell at the
lowt. I possible price M y stock k heavy, and as the sea.
son Is advancing. I will sell at lower prices than ever. I
ask only the pleasure of a call, feeling confident that a
nok is sufficient. Beware of Connterfeits. Remember
YE if E tiov 23,184
Lamas ()VIM roots.—Tlte iAtiliYA can now do away
with all kinds of over shoe•, can walk throusit the wet
streets with thin shoes, and have their feet kept perfect
ly drY:ean wear tiabtshois without having their corns
pain them; and can have their shoes wear twice .as long
as ever, if t hey wilt use t he ceehrated Ott.or TrAtta.o hill
will make leather water proof. and render it as pliable
and eat 611 , kid.- Ws an article well worth their notice,
and owe which they will nil value hietly,as soon as they
try it. To he had only at TUTTLE'S
MZDICAL A OILNCT, 86, Fourth street.
nice. 91 per Nitre. Jan 9
NOTICE —I have taken out letters of administration
on the e4ate on John Wilson, lade of the City of
Pittsburgh, dec'd. All pet sons Indebted to the estate of
the said If r ceit ed, are rrmtested to make Immediate pay
meat to me at my residence in Penn at. near Nlarbury. a nd
those who have claims are requested to present them
duty probated. J P WILFON,
"WILLIAM .ELUER. Attorney at Law; Office in
V Rakr'weil.Bnudinga, iearly opposite titer ew
C nun Han*. cm Giant at reo. p
I.IIBR ANY of fteliglotor.Htstorka!,Politietl.and M is•
c. !famous Works, wilt be open every day, Ba4twoh 'x.
tented. 'row 7 &cloth. A. ?Conn 11 9. P. M., In the Ex •
change Building,eorner of St :Clair street and Exchange
wnere ,mnctua I attendance will heaven by
rep 10 J. GENIMII.
Unrivalled Blacking,
IU7I NUFACI UR ED end gold whole , nle and retail
f±txrti &inter une door below Smithfield.
nel 21—tv.
T T. STEW ART, Upholsterer and Paper flantel,
• Nn. 49. Fifth sire . el, between Wood and Smithfield
II ti=k nf,d Straw Matiras.cs al Nays on hand. All
orders executed with llear nes: and despatch, on acromino
vatiffe terms. sep 20— 1 y
ATTORNEY AT L.V. —Office in Rears' Illtitdin:
Fonrth street. rittsiturzn. Nov. 5. 1842.
NVSI . E. AUSTIN, Attorney at Law, PO ohur:11. Pa.
Office in 4th street, oppo.ite Rorke eldin:
Wll.l.l•At E. AUFITIM,E-0., vvol niye hie attention to my
untiniehed flees, and I recommend him In I he patron •
age of my friends. WALTER FORWARD.
rep 10-1 v
111. A. W.PATr ERSON....:".IIce on Built hfleld street
near Sixth. nep 10
TlLEnlc.l inveleraie Tooth:vile rlitrei in l'wn MIN—
CTtIi--cetll at TUTTLett 111 P.d Irnl kviticy. Froirtil
si., and ttion 1. , a wile, It la warraiired to coic, or the
motley will be refunded.
FORGE W. LA YNO. Attorney et Law. Office
isin. 54 Pith street, near the Theatre. Pillt*nirgli,
set) 117-1 y
QUO-11?, .VACKEREL, c.—
10 Tterceg Rice.
15 Kegs Strad, assorted Nos
20 111,1.. No 3 Macke,el.
Now landing from S. B.l_ ul ter, and for Sale low by
Jan 28. JANIF.3 MAY
/ 00.1 IS --25 tons Blooms in gore and (or sale by
W iturtnnirmt:.
Mlle: . 1.0 Wren Wood .S• Sin
Inn 2 ISM
71I'Closke3's Clothing Store
No. 151 Libel toy street. one door from the
Jackson Foundry.
runt:: subreriber is just receiving at his well known
estulitistsment, the tersest. most varied and cntsekerr
sTocit. nr norms that has ever been offered in this city
Every article was selected by hi ii rlf in lie eastern el.
ties, and purchased a the Lowerr c•sn ?Tires, and he is
therefore enabled to sell his articles mach 10 seer than
they c:. Ise had at any other eatablishment west of Ilse
His articles are all made by expnr:enced workmen, /
from the latest ntannfar lured goods and in the must
He feels confident that all persons who will call al
his establishment and examine his stock will he satisfied
that B KTT ER BA RG A I NS Can he obtained at the
than at any similar establishment in the chy.
His stock consists in part of
Coals,Pantaloons, rests, Drawers., Shirts,
Cravats, Stock 4, Gloves, Suspenders,
And every Other article of Cluils.vg of the be.l style
From his varied stork of cloths he is prepared to
MAKE CLOTHES TO ORDER at the shortest notice,
in a style Unsurpassed by any othei Pittsburgh hou,e,
and warranted to fit.
Ilia stock of Spring . and Summer (3, oda is superior to
any prr•ions importations and he has no hesitation In
snyinr that for excellence, beauty and cheapness they
cannot be equalled In the west.
Tine subscriber would once more return his thanks to
hie friends and the public for the unprecedented pat ron'
a2r: bestowed on his establishment, and believing that
Ms customers had found it Is their advantrge to deal
with him, ha would repeat his invitation to all those
who vebili to purchase. Clothing of every description at
lowest prices,to call at No. 151, lanta:l'T STRXIST,
Kr Observe Metal Plate in the Pavement.
Feb 22
148 Liberty at
L. C. Judson,
ATTORNF:Y AT LAW, Smithfield near 7th street.
Motto—Putictuali , y in ImAnef.a and amicable set
tletnento. reb
riLOVER AND TIMOTHY SEED always nn hand
n._./ In lois to soh purrhaters, apply io L CRUSE,
fah 4. 148 Liheriy et
JOST RECEIVED, Twolve hoses of Orangee and
Lemons, of the finest quail' y. for ya!, whoteaale and
retail. by WM. THORN.
feb 22—tr, 53 Mollie at.
TN MOM boslielsof rood quftlity Clover Seed. Also
.11,$)basbels - prima Timothy fat ode in We fn Knfi
I. eituse,
148 Ltherrir rt
Whe offers for sale 50 traibeho Otellard Gram reed
Toothache ! !
—HS hd 1,. Prime N 0
Mr. Editor:—You pretend the arts.
de on Industrial Association in Inn"—
day's paper, with a deprecatory injunction
against a too lia.ty opinion being formed
regarding the meats of the purposed T
form to be commenced by industrial
operative association. Our necessity
this time, render us partially toletti,,.
differences in opinion tou:hing the nattitii.
of new views; therefore, out of the evil
produced by 'hard firma' has come fottil
rational conviction that 'things as they ate
must and will be .supersedcd by improved
social arrangements, through which equai4
ity of useful !tabor, will secure an equalitY
of the means of physical. moral and aociai
enjoyments, as yet never en'ertaineci bt
legislators, or put forth by statesmen in
power. These 'hard times,' therefore rig
I pen our understanding by giving to us mcil
I five, or inclination to hearken, whets under
prosperous circumstances, we should be
mote inclined to sneer at such an Monied
idea as that of harmonizing industrioud
roil with equitable distribution, Cool and
dispas,iurra'e investigation. wilt do Meal*
towards satisfying the strictest religlonis4
no matter to (Allot sect or creeds, he may
belong, that at this time there is trttieh
the coAstruetion of society that tnnipele
its metrib.es to evade the practice of that
new commandment. given to Us by the
great reformer 'love thy neighbor as thy ,
self.' Is it not our duty when so mart'
are hard pressed for means of aubsiatehce ;
and that too, when all things necessary to
subsistence to comfort, and even luxuryes ,
ist in superabundance every where in out
country, altho-O not available for supply
to meet tl e wants of the indigent and in- ,
du.:trious poor, whose numbers are rapidly
increasing, surely it is time now to extant ,
ine any benevolent and just proposition,
having for its of jest the removal or arise. ,
lioration of the causes which produce the
evi!s now endured, trace them to their
sources, and if possible, adopt eff-etJai
remedies. We are - told by Dr. Watts. g
religionist, examplary during life, that
-to believe al; things as our predecesserd
did, is the r, ady way to keep mankind in
an everlasting state of infancy ; and to lay
an eternal bar against all the improve: ,
ments of our reason and our hanptnesra,
Had the present age of pbilosopherssai
isfied themselves with the substantial
Forms and occult qualities of Aristotle,
with the solid spheres, eccentties a*&
epycycies of Ptolemy, and the ancient
tronomers; then the great Lord Ilacntl i
Copernicus, and Descartes, with the great
er Sir Isaac Newton, Mr. Locke, and - Mr.
Boyle, had risen in our world in vain."
The Sylvania Assziation of Ne.v York.
have sent a deputatiln to Itockiand eouaj
ty, on the banks of the liudion, to stied
a site for locating.
cl• Some of Via working men of New
Port, Ky, have formed an Association and
obtaint d a charter from the,-Legislature of
that State. "Now by St. th.: work
g oes bravely on."
A. 111.'Nfir.R
64 TONS Tcniicssi Pig Iron, For ease lossfrfk
close consignment, I,
ANTED --Ac sOOtias postihtel-plates for a num•
er of NI cell:inks; Book kteperc; ricrac; Saleamen;
and Bute in siore; School reachert.—fd7 1;00+,2 men
Worm'o; Rove and Cirbi for nil kinds of ikrJrk —mica, for
coachmen: Acnin and ranal boat men and boys—coffee.'
iorie, 4-c. A Iro, wanted a inort7.alle on :loud properly.
with foul. or five times the amount $500,71/0, 10004 e
for rile— tweicechelp tract+ of land, and for met sec•
era I mall pieces of property.—apply et Harris' .Igeney
and Inielligenre offire. fel.2'-•
- Conveyancing . .
AMES BLAKELY, -otti imtes to execute all kindi Of
itch a- Deertg. :11orrlases, Apprentices In.
dentures. A rtirlr. or Partner:J:lp. Letters of Attorney,
4:T. 4—, in n cent and lean! manner :tad ai IWO(
former char_•+, a: hig old stand Peon ale
71 , 11• 1,1 knits.. r.t. ti;
Nretior.gs D. l'or.smAg Loy D (t. COLaltlk
COLF:3I4 15 , " t Artenta, Forwardlnt and
Commi*sion Merehnni• , :..eve e St reet, Viekshum
11 iFr They re.nobet fatty nn onsi , v,tue n22—tf
E. H. Illieastings,
ECORDING REGULATOR. Gillet. with Ahier
XL men Watson, 4.11 pireet, next doot to . the Bei.k 0
Pitithurgli; where npotientiotte for Regotetinz, Fur•ev
tor. Leyintout and ()With.: Landetl , estihre, will Le
tereleee, .
PerllA. Pond,. Mori :adze. 4-e. eieented with legal
arrnrai.y and dipspaith
P tpbti tz h , 261, $43 —3l
%%THY Are Dr. ilotterdts Family Pala
held in soch id.dt:entimal lon, by the litindiedi or
families In thbt eity„yrtto now keep them cotisfsnily
hahnl Deennee the effeet of these PIN on the stern_
rich issuch as mot to sicken. Netther do they RUM*
the. !irk so Os to throw off black butt; hat they t MOW bC
'heirs/too bile freely. They ore the hest ever sofa
for Dyspepsia. Ilea Ache, Rhsumatisist.itc. DV- For
•nisrwes' pecuthir to Fernales, they ere *OW netts rl
ten.i•ely and :line :realest satisfaction.
Thee ezLellßwt Polls are for sale in Pittaerirk
at TvrTt.e.'l-119 4th et. 121 ecatit per box.
}au 31
lJrfteld, belmcen Sten"d and Third Si,., flotiol of
burinsss frr3m 9 A.M. MI 4 P. M.
4 Dr. E. M. manufaeitires Procelaln and litlikeril tooth.
Dentists can he s . ,Opplied by the 100 nr Slngleit4th. Mirka
of tenth with si beautiful hum In full cote, or parts
of setts, will be mode to order at tile efiertrsi notice, by
forwarding 2U einet imprecsinn br the OPOUtb•
for sale a few traehines with puler:) , wheels for pri riding
And fillint mineral ierifi an timidl to the Dentist—ids
wiltenirl !my for rnrdi. . dee 23.
BeJIAT. • . ALEX. P. 7110911.10111.
!Baezv ac ifIECOBIPSION,
G ENERAL AGENTS and Cumniksion Merchant%
Refer to:
11l aura. Tnrhett. linyrr 4 McDowell
W. /I. Campbell 4. co,
Cori,. Torlhnnier. & CO. t
.• 111orzan.Crotcher 4- CO.
VVouds. Yentinon k Colt St Lo u IF,
Wood*, Christy 4: Co,
Feb 4.—d3m
C 2 btu's. N. O. Sor,ar. this dayreceired per steamer ere
OP York.and for emie try J. C.l¢ A. CORDON.
Ire 10 No. 12 Water et
.PI . LS!. ~-.:::'V?a,to.-t...,t;;.':.
(iCir 'Why will ye at this igiur
dying rate?'
To be bad at Tomes Medi is, r reittir
the oft, ;rent in Tithe wet.
Feb 22.
For Une I odostr Fat COlllll3ll
444 4 4