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ember to the decision of a National Convention. I
taw ' , oscura 4S' WII. A. EDITOR 111 DPR OPILUCTORS
F..IDAY, MA ItCll 3, 189-3
ItarrilibUrg Correspondence.
Gerafenterit*This being pettion day, but
*tie business was transacted in the [louse.
The Apportionment Bill reported some
tays ago, and made the Order of the Day
for to-day, was not reached.
I understand that the committee' to appor
tion the State into Senatorial and Rep
resentative Districts have agreed upon a
and that it will be reported to , morrow.
cannot give you the arrangement of a'l
the Districts, having learned but a few of
them. Allegheny and Butler ate attached
together in a Senatorial District—so are
Westmoreland and Somerset - Beaver and i
Mercer, &c., &c. Of Representatives, Al..
legtkeny gets four, Westmoreland three,and I
Butler and Venango are annex« d and get
two—Westmoreland, you will observe, in
the Senatorial arrangement, being it ith
Somerset, i 4 above the ratio; —in consider•
ation of this fart, the Committee have a
greed to give her a member upon a frac
tion which does not quite conic up to the
ratio. Philadelphia city is allowed four
members and two St flat ors, and the c o unty
nine members and three Senators. The
county is not entitled to mote than eight
members, and I presume that an effort will
be made to give one of them to Allegheny:
which county, with but lour member-,
would have a large fraction untepresent-
The Bill to abolish the present Board of
Canal Commissioners was some days ago
reported to the Senate, by tl e committee
to whom it was referred, without amend—
:tent., and with the recnminentlation that it
be negatived. Tiiis recommendation was
totanimous/y made,—Mr. I•arrelly, of the
Erie District, agreeing with the two De.•
mocrats who were on the committee, tha t !
it is inexpedient to make any change in
the Canal Boaid at this time•
An Important Decision.
The question in the great L'spenatd case
which has became familiar to, th
every whet e, and which invokes a great
a, • • __ll:lX_Racl.z_lll 1.,1c •,1 IvJv ; v
in New York on last from tfe
0mn•••••••••.......,..../.........., ..-.....-.-.1.....-1. -•Mab A. , •• y 5: gong G, lel
Alice Lispenard, one of the heirs of the
great Lispenard estate, made a deed and
will. She eas said to be simple minded
and incapable of making a will. The
- pttettiff's in this case based their suit on
this point and the jury decided against the
will. A New York paper says, the actual
it ecoveryin this case is ~n ly for the undivis
ded 1 160th part of lot N 0.40 Watts street
which is only one tenth of Alice's sixteenth. '
But as the verdict finds that the deed and
Charles Kean his appealed from the in
will are both void, it may be understood come tax, on the 2 - round of his having been
as settling between the planiiffi and Rohs greatly over-rated.—Eligli,yh paper.
ect Stewart, who will scarcely sand an- . That's a Keen way of getting out of a
other trial the right of the plantiff and the serape.
other heirs to recover their shares. The The gross receipts of a Benefit to the
wife of Col. Webb is one of the six chit- poor, given at the Cincinnati Theatre on
dren of Mrs. Sarah Stewart, and will be the 21st, amounted to 500 dollars, The
entitled by this verdict to one 160th share most of the male characters were represeu-
of the whole estate;thus givin g Col. Webb, ted by amateurs.
by-legal right, property which he now
has only in expectaancy upon the will and . Upwards of forty thousand hams are
said to have been cured this season at the
pleasure of Robert Stewart.
provision packing establishment of Mr. J.
.another Reverend Seducer. —The Rev.
M. Rowan, in Cincinnati.
_Mr. Lefevre, who has been for s one eight-
leen months presiding over the congrega-
We learn, says the N. Y. Sun, that a
tion in the valley of t' -e Susquehanna Pa number of ladies of Woodbury, N. J.,with.
a kind consideration for the cornlert of
wad lodged ill the jail of Biadiu.ll county
Youn g Mercer , have carpeted the cell in merit.
last Monday, for seducin ,, a beautiful young
-g . ,
Mr. Everett took the fl oor, but he has
which he is confined, and furnished him
girl who, with her faintly, belon g ed to hi s .
unfortunately so week a pair of lungs that
with a suitable bed,
congregation. The girl had previoesly en • he can be seldom heard. He said it was
oyed the esteem and admiration of all.— Out of eighteen or twenty in the Lun til e very cenve . eient for , the Reporters to say
they e ceu i l \ d „ nt e he t a r r h2 e mt .
! jt is d eel t , ai i nly
Assy him , in Concord, N. H., twelve are
About two weeks ago the daughter's situa- '
victims of the Miller mania.
lion was known, and the guilt brought home e
word caught now and then, leaving the
__ re _
to the reverend father. Her moiher was ' te - J''Count Barato, a Grecian exile, the Reporter to guess at the remainder. Why
throws into eonvu:sions, iti which she was • companion and associate of Lord Byron, in does he ni t get a speaking trumpet, and
yet lying at the latest accounts; and still , wboce arms the poet breeched his last, has effer a resolutien to provide Reporters with
mear trumpets ? ore dreadful, her Pat h , r, who had through reached Augusta, Geo , and proposes to de- Nit-. Uderood oved to amend in
life cherished a spotless reputation for him- deliver a course of lectures on Greece. serting an n appr w optali m mof $5,000 for by
self and family, on hearing his daughter's
The - - - -
' --
• •
amount of reercnandize Great Bre ing a Commercial Agent to procure inform
shame, and his pastor's villany, pressed
i mation ca as na ti l ) a t c he o p q ra a c ie tic i al t a l i l l m ity us of co D nst ry c
tain exports annually is set down at abou:
Isthmus o fat ten.
both hands to his breast—gave one groan
on e hundred and seventy millions of did- m l.lr g a .
U. malle r a speech. showing the
—and died!
. lars • startling a revolution such a canal would
I cause in the commercial prospects of the
Isouth-western portion of this country.
l The amendment, with a slight modifica
tion, was agreed to.
Mr. Kennedy offered an amendment,
appropriating 81,000 fur repairing a store
house in Baltimore. It vi as agreed to.
Mr. Cave Jimhson moved to strike nut
the appropriation of 8100,000 for the Cus.
torn House at Boston. The motion was
agreed to.
A subsequent amendment appropriating
550,000 only fir that object, ryas agreed to.
It is understood that the bill will be pass ,
ed this evening. Mr. Forward has altered
his resignation so as to take effect from the
fourth instead of the first of March.
. No-doubt- is entertained as to the Pres
ident'ssigning the bill repealing the Bank
rupt Law.
In the bar-room of a tavern near Mon
ticello. N. Y kept by a Mr. J. Smith, two , Bicknell's Reporter says while
money continues abundant, we occasional
men named Snyder and Cooley bad a ,
, lnear serious complaints as to the dulls
Lila last week, and so frightened Mrs
Smith as to cause the rupture of a blood
ness of trade."
vessel, producing death in 5 hours.
The people of Carrollton, (one of the
villages that dot the suburbs of Nero Or—
leans) are about to petition the Legisla-
Vara for so act of incorporati.m. The
Ficayene, alluding to this feet, says:—
"'Mier a while, we shall have Pt 0 villages,
*Wow Creseent wi;l be hemmed in by
&if, Me stars around the moon !"
Ccil. Johnson intends visiting blivaissip.
Nee Flist Page.
H•FfBIEBUROff, Feb. 27, 1843
Fraliche Oriental InettEriic--4bolition
of Slavery;—Montevidt papfart of Detem
beT,l2th. and 13th, - contain official eoufir•
motion oftlre diSaster'sustained by Presi
dent Rivera, on the 6th, in th&-province of
Entre Rtes. It does not appear however.
that he had been mid° prisoner. Imme
diately on the receipt of the intelligence
the legislative bodies passed a decree for
the total abolition of slavery, and for en—
rolling all the emancipted male adults as l ,
soldiers for the defence of the republic,
as an army of reserve• The Government
were employing other measures of the
most energetic character to meet the emer-
Murder of a member of the .Arkansas
Legislature —The Arkansas State Gazette
of the 15th says: 'lt becomes our painful
duty this week to rero•d the death of Mr.
%Voters, the membe- fr •tn Jackson, whose
fate it was to receive on his way home from
the Legislature, a stab from a butcher knife
by one of the pilots of the Ferry boat.—
The hopes, which were entertained of his
recovery during the early post ofhst week,
proved delusive, and he expired on Wed.
ne'iday evening last at the house of Mr.
Hoop , r, ar•ross the river.'
The great illammoth Cave.—The Rev
Geo. ;.imiley, stag to deliver a Ircturo on
this subject, in New Yet k, on Friday last .
He 9315 in his advertisement, 'the leeittrer
has explcred the Lave mote than any other
person, save the guide—lia‘ ing travelled in
its dark rooms inure than 65 n ilts, and
spent five days in exploring the wonders r.f
this n ighty cavern—bein g the first person
that ever slept On the other side of the
Fourth river, where the WI ite fish are
found without eyes!
The 'cold willies' business.---A man, was
brought before the M r 3 or of Philadelphia,
a day or two ago, for disorderly conduct,
arid in the course of the invi , stiption it
appeared that the individual accused fol
lowed the business of begging 'cold vict
uals' at the doll a of the citizens, which
his employer, who kept a refectory, warm
up Ertl supplied to his customer. 4.
Galraniz,ing Metal. —BiGknell's Repot.
ter says, the new galvanic process of gil
ding and silvering makes our bankers and
brokers turn pale. Several of them have
taken gilded quarters for five dollars, and
dimes for two and a half, giving the cha nee
without hesitation. This is the philoso
pher's stone, turning every metal, in out-
ward seeming, int.. gold.
People may turnbTe things about in our
;skaurtu m as much aa they please, if they
would not hide our scisiors. lVe could
b !ter spare a better' pair.—B. slon
•('he better pate are the editors them
selves; without the scizzors it would be a
poor concern. 0:1 scizzors !
They mist have remarkably vigilant of.
ficers in Sandusky, Ohio. We see it sla
ted that a min named Thompson, confined
in jail for the murder of a woman, esca ,
ped five times.
Conundrvms of Debtors. --Wh en ie a
bill not. a When it becomes dew.—
New Yorker.
We suppose it is then liquid-ated.-21'.
'Now take this ring, 'tis thine, my love,'
as the man said, as he pulled hie wife's
The Rainers are giving fifty cent con
certs in New Prleans.
. -
Congress aPjouros to- morrow
Thofiti!ate BRQ>Eetn c sta
The Ciacionatils4. rn;-.ofNadayr*irning
says... - --In the forepart ottfiterday men
were engaged till noon in . ""iiimoirn g the
rubbrolt around the pork hour. The
ks imle city visited the ruins during the day
The weather was dellettlolly pleasant.
People 11 eked in from the suburbs and
country; sixty thousand people must have
Bern present. We have heard that the
f.diovving persons were injuted by the ex•
p l Oyi(al
P. Powell, knocked into the Canal.
W. Goodloe,
Thos. Spooner,
Lewis Wishv
John M. Vansick'e,
Joseph Thefts, arm broken.
James Tiyatt.
It is HMV generally acknowledged and
believ e d that had it Jot been fo: the s noke
som e five hundred persons would have
heen killed ; numbers and numbers had`
stepped dark as the immense walls came
tumbling down.
Tlic Alertizaid.—A Cornrniitee of Cilar:es•
t physici.ins have pronounced the rner•
maid to be a hall lid' and half monkey uni
ted—declaring it an imposition. The pro
' prietor don't like it—lie thinks that ealing
it all irnprisltion don't mike it so; and he i 3
A statement, linTaFed by the Commis
, Hioner of Patent., eliimates the p CDS
in the United States of fifteen articles
only, which were the growth of 1342, at
nearly six hundred millions of ,hllars.
W.I,II , NGT February 7, 16-13
After the presetation of numero'is peti
tions on various sojects, a great mass of
private bills were acted upon.
The bill to extend the Patent Offiee
buildicg in this city to Ninth street, was ta- '
ken tip, and after some discussiou, ordered
to he engrossed.
The bill to repeal certain parts of the
act entitled 'au act respecting the organi
zation of the army,' was also ordered to
be eFI rosy• (1
'nit; hill providing for the publication of
the debates and proceedings of Congress
in a continued series, by Gales & Seaton,
was then taken up and debated at great
Icnvt h.
The amendrnehts of the Sen:ite commit
tee to the retrenchment bill. 543, consist
of one uniform red iclion of the pay of all
officers of the F,Alet al Ci.ivernment, whose
salaries are over S 1.200; FtlikeS out than
the certifi 7ate o f
the number of days of fire actu...4
dance by men:bats; leaves the pay an I
mileage of the members at what it is, but , 1
sobject to the reduction of 124 p , ” - cent;
the whole to take effect from tle cluac of
the present session.
This being the last %t the session,
and there being a vast amount of business
on hand, there was a simultaneous stout of
'Mr.Speaker,' the moment the j.nirnal had
been read. But there stood that dignitary
with hammer in hand, like an Rue
tioneer, heedless of the cry. Finally, af
'er a brief survey of the applicants, he
knocked down the fl )in to Mr. Bi igge•—
he rnz,ved to print extra copies of a recent
report from ihe Post Office Department.
Mr. Adams asked leave to offer a reso.>
lution, providing that hereafter, whenever
a judge of the IT. S. Supreme Court shall
die while the Court is in session, his place
shall be supplied from the non-slavehold
ing States, kc. Objections being made,
the resolution was ni,t entertained.
The House then went into committee
arid resumed the consideration, of the civ
il and diplomatic appropriati in bill.
The item under consideration c as 8100,
000 for continuing thb Coast survey.
Mr. Chailes Brown had moved to a
mend the amendment by reducing the ap
propriation from 8,100,000 to 815,000. and
added a proviso th it the direction of said
survey be transferred to the Navy Depart-
Fruit) Ilse }Sall IN. 'cc Sun
Flour—pt.r tyazons and boats, 26:2/
rind for a lea , eh use brands 2,60; from stores
.2,75 In S 3.
Gra in—l.Vhnut 50, Corn 20 to 22, Oats 121 lui 3,
s , eri_clov er 3,00, Timothy 1,00 Flaxseed 75
Fruit—Dried leaches 1,00 to 1,25, Dried Ap
ple, 37 to 50.
Provision:—Bicon, ronntry, hog round, 34 to
34 (As .ind 4 cents ❑ lb. U trn s 5 4i 6 rts.
butchers pay per 100 lbs 2,75 to 3,50, according
to quality, and hug , 2,25 . ,t0 2,50.
Iron—Large Biz:, flat and square 3cts per lb.
Blooms 50 dollars per ton. Pig Metal 18 to 20
dollars per ton.
An Ordinance changing the place of hold
ing the election fur Overseers of the
s Ee. 1, Be it ordained and enacted b- (lie. citizens of
l'lttsiotrzh, in select and Common COIIIICH3 assem
bled, That from and after the pas.azc of ibis Ordinance,
the elect:on Ibr [he Overseers of the Poor be held at the
house now occupied by John Irons, in Fun street.
Ordained and snorted into a Law, in Councils, this
271 h day of February, A. D 1843
.4 treat. VI'AI. r.rettrmum, Pres%
E J. ilonsaTs, Crk entninno Council.
Common (.atunrll JOHN Sit SitIPTON, Pres't
A t.cc. Al m.trt, Select Connell.
S-elem Council,
March 3-3 t•
4 11:O the h ntotab:e, the Judges of the Cum( o
General Qum ter tg,tsts.ons of the Peace, in and
for the ('oon!). of Allegheny.
The petitio n of C 114.9. Vick, of 3d Ward, Pitts
burgh, in the cminty aforesaid, humbly showed), that
your petitioner hush provided hirns,ll with materials
r the t . commoda t on of travelers and others, at his
dwelling hose, i r the tow ' , hip and county afore
sai.l, and prays tlt your Honors will be pleased to
grant hint a to keep a public house of enter
tainment. And your petitioner, as in duty bound
%sill pay.
Weite, subscribers, citizens of said Ward, do
certify that the above petitioner is of good reptile for
honesty and temperance, and is well provided with
rO , lll and couvenieuces rir the accontinuda—
tion and lodging astrangers and travelers, end that
said tavern is necessary.
Matthew pdt , ..k, James Elliot,
Et:l,yard Kelly, Wm . C
B. Bums, Bernard D4ugherty,
Wu). Gilmore, Isarc %Volker,
Ben.' Palmer, Henry Walker,
John Johnston, Thos. Elliot.
March 3-3 i.
r iii mom nina at 10 o'clock, a large acsortment ofDry
1 Goods, consisting of Blankets, Prench and English.
erloos. Prints, Brown and Black Sheeting, Woolen Coin,
forts. Merino aria Wool Shawls, Indigo, Blue Cheeks
Cloths, Casslineres, Satlinets, Black and White Tape,
Spool Cotton,Sospsoders,te., 4 , re,
A Imo, it 2 o'clock-13 boxes Lemma, a good article.
J. 11 , - GUTUILB.
mar 3—II. Asa.
Ball took
the Tyke tsAi. Wire
Thin fellows had hetter.:expend their
s .rphis funds in taking care of the wives
and children they ought to have.—[Ex.
Or in taking care of the children they
ought not to have.
Bigamy. —A fellow named James Al
bert Luce, has been arrested in New York
on a charge of bigamy.—[ Boston Times
nvaaton•—Yreuarations are going on
in the eastern counties of Texas, for the in
vasion of Mexico.
Pill Township, 15th Feb. 1843
Gentlentenz—l n reply to a question put
to me by'an old subscriber,' viz: 'lt would
be satisfactory if Mr. Lynch would explain
the cause and motives which led N. B.
Cr rig to nominate David Lynch frit. State
Treasurer, at the present session of the Leg
i-latuie•' In reply to which I must inform
an old subscriber that I am unable to tell,
and will have to refer him to Mr. Craig for
an explanation, as I had Ni) PREVIOUS intl.
mation that such a compliment was intend•
ed by him, or any other member of the
Legislature, and when I first sa N the nom—
Hation in the nen spaper, for I was not in
the Hothie at the lime it was made, I call
ed on Mr. Craig, arid after thanking him
for the compliment, requested him to with.
draw my name, as I did not entertain the
sliohtest ()retention s 10 that or any other
office at Harrisburgh, or any place, during
my sojourn from home.
Since writing the above, I have received
the following letter,unsolicited, which may
he more satisfactory to 'an old subscriber'
than the above statement.
Your obedient serv't,
Harrisburg!), Feb. 24th, 1843.
Dear Sir:-1 was really surprised last
evening by Mr. Wiley telling me that cep•
fain pers ins were reporting in PittsEurgh
that s one democrats, Porter men of course,
had come by mistake into my room, and
found you there. 1 was surprised at this sto•
ry, because I well recollect that the only
time you were seeing me in my room, was
o.ic evening when yon called to see me in
company with some other oerson, I forget
whom, and found John B. Butler with me,
engaged, of course, in some grand conspi.
racy against some persons to this deponent
I write this, on my own mere notion, be.
cause I would not wish to hive even a dog
hung for coining into my company, and
because I would prefer, if one is to he ex
ecuted, that at least the right one should be
selected. Yours respectfully,
D. Lynch, Esq.
Repurr,-,1 - jor the Morniti;F l'oel by hoar /bet is
FRIOAY MORNING. M irch 3it, 1843
BUSill(Sq begin, to move a halo and our Whole.
+rlc aoti Alerelitints are beginning to re
eeke and open Ue it Gdods, r,ud prepare :or ear
ly spring Fa', R. Our Ohio River is in good order
and arr;vals and i'd - paritires of sill .mt , insts
unn we hope for an e tr!y• openis., t , , of the M
i.:hen)" ar.d Monmigab,da rivers, and the Canal;
and that a few days and a change of se ember will
bring it about. The stock oral , hinds of goer Is is
improving, and we have received several steam
rargors of New Orleans Sug tr, Molasses, &c
from N-stv Or'ean , , and our merchants ar • looking
for several tore (lady . ; so that the stock of tooth--
rn rr.rd western produce are excellent and very
Feathers—Kentucky and Ohio 20 to 2'..z per 11J.
Cotton Yarns—N o t, 16 cents par kinds, advan
cing,rent per No., do long reel from 500 to 1000
4to cents per euz^n.
aiGrocertes—'''oeck large and e nod.
Rio 10 to 11, Lii:uirt 101 to 11 ; Sugar, New
Orleans in lihde 5 to si. in bbla 6 to 6i per lb.
lute, 19 to 20, and in bb!s to the coml.
try 22 to 25.
• -
..1110 the • cab! J (144 .i 4, he COart. ot.fterera i
Qnaetefseeelo - Of the P.4.lWtin Raiff°, trieteou a
:ty of Alleglitaily.
The petition ofiltieliaelf tilitiet; of titieltret. Ward
Pill sbutett i te calif .004.111 V, reape . et fully showeihr—:.
That lie IA well pe•oviele.el with house rout] and other
conveniences - for the areommodation of arrangers end
travellers, at the house. now MTH pied by him a; a tavern;
and brit; io continue in that business he prays
your honors to grant him a license to krcp an Inn or
house of Public Entertainment. And lie wilt pray,
The tinderelzned, ci•izena of the Ist Ward, Pi 11:7-
hu r2ll, respeectfolly cer ify, that Michael Revel, the
above named applicant, is a gentleman of good repute
for honesty and temperance, need is well provided with
house room and convenience.= for the accommodation and
lodging of strange rs and travelers, and that said tavern
neressary for the accommodation of the mimic.
Thmnas Ca-sily, Conrad Kodii , -c,
John Kell y, F ,dty. Eitzimotis,
W n,. Kelly, F, G.
Thomas Ket r , John l'utpin,
Henry Slati.rd, James Luken,
Patrick Trainor, James Winton.
mar 3--3 t."
For Rent.
- LIOR term or years. Two hullilins, lots on the hank
of the Allegheny river. adjoining the 17 ty tine
Apply at the house. Agency, Penn slime:, Silt Ward ,
StA.;.4l? AND MOL.9S'SES
a N. 0. Sii2ar.
Just rereived per Steam boat 4sbtand,arilfor sale by
J. W.111:1311RIDCE 4- co
IV4; er at,, between Wood and Smithfield
Passage and Remittances.,
44, 1 0.
4, 4 ik•
Nei" York and LiverpJal Line.
pERSON'S e estrous of scridilig for ei: Friends to
come from any part of Grim Britain, are respect
fully informed that the subscribers are at all times pre
pared to make such engage:arms' They are prepared
to intuit monies by drafts, which arc made payable at
any point throughout the roiled Kingdotn on presents.
Lion; having been for Hie last 12 years en7,aged in the
rosiness, they feel confident that their arrangements on
both ;ides the Atlantic are such as wit give satisfaction.
'Fite Ships compr4ing the above tier, °film first
class and are commanded ily careful and ski , i t , mliters,
leaving Liverpoolonce each week during t e
For further parlitulars apply it by letter to
N 0.61 South street, New lint k,
or to J. EfftKrAl'RICK.
at MPRiri Fleming's, Water street PitbUigh.
March 3--2lnd.
Adams' Patent "Itaughphy",
HA E now been before
the public 3 years du
ring which time several
hoosands have been sold
and in daily use, We are
snqai,,,d I n ca) ing they are
the best Coffee hi ills II the
United Slates, any way you .
.fiz it.' Several modinea
lions are made lo suit the
fiNey of ,vives and the pur
s of husbands
Suit] be the gross or doz
Pa at the maim lael ory,---
Malleable Cantina made to
order--Paithauss' Parent
Platform Scales, they are
genuine arricles of a I sizes. and most improved vu rig.
ties,constatitly oil hand and fur sale at vtiy 'educed pri.
cgs by the inarufacturer 1.. I'. LIVINGSTON,
roar 2. ---r I Fron t let wren Roseau d G-a
Anortlinance s , .pplernentary to an (hdi
mince passed 4th June, 1841, entitled
an Ordinance providing for tire comple
dun_ of the new Wat,r WI .Ikg.
T ite:nr.is, Coorrct's VA/i."..13 time
v`authorized an ex penditu e of inure Ilan ni.e
Bred and eighty thou-mud dollars fur the purchase of
sites and construction of buildings• machinery anti oth
er apparatus to complete the now Wctiks. of a
stifficient ex,enl to furnish the increasing pal.ulation of
the City and environs with an ample supply ofdood wa.
ter, not only for domes' icuse and manufacturing pus
ass, tint also for the Prier. y al d e:r, dual
of fires, thereby contributtlig in a great degree to the sa
il-11'11,Y of lilt! Cily, and the prosperity of it. inti4bitants.
/cher-ens, the amount expended has proved inadetinte
to the completion of this important work, which accord
ing to tire estimate of the Superintendent, will yet re.
quire li • 611111 if lorry thousand dollars to render the
previous investment available for politic use. and to lilt..
prate the property owned by the City, and now occupied
by !lie old tVater W.trus and which will, is hen sold. fur•
nish the means of consider:tidy reducmg the delit of the
City A rid Whereux, lie present situation of said worn;
renders it necessary that consideraide exertions should
be made and vicritices incurred so that their completion
may he accelerated. Therefore
I Be it ordained and enacted by the citizens of
Pittsburgh. in Select arid Common Councils assembled,
' Thar fur he purpo , e of completing the new %Valet. tVorks
' the Mayor of the city be anthorized to borrow the =um of
forty thousand dollars. and to issue cellifit•ufe rhe
snme under the seal of the Corporation, of the amoit.nt
of one hundred dollar s or more, bearing an interest of
six per cent. per annum, which interest shall be payable
at the Treasurer's Office, in his presence, and shall not
be redeemed without convent oft lie holders before the first
day of May, eightlieen hundred and sixty five.
:se. 11. Be It ordained kc., That if any of III: con
tractors or lobo! ers employed on grid Water Works,
shall prefer to have the amount owing to them for work
done or materials furnished no paid, then the certificates
f u r the loan herein anti orised may he issued for the same
sums in the same form and nianner, su'Ject to the sante
regulations and redeemable in the same manner as i:
titled In the Ordinance of the 4th June, 1841, to which
Ibis Ordinance is
Sec. 111. That in addition to the duties devolved upon
the city Treesurer and the Committee on Water, bv the
said Ordinance of 4r !. June, 1841, in relation io the cer
tificate: therein authorized. it shall moreover be the du.
ty of the city Treasurer under the inspection of the Corti
mitten nit Finance, to cancel and de , lroy nil certificates
issued hl pursuance of this Ordinance which may be in
the city Treasury on the 22nd day of December in each
year, to render an arcurae account of the certificates so
destroyed to Councils in his annual report.
IV, That the faith, credit, funds, revennea and
corporate property of the City lie and the same are here
by pledged for tile sum hereby authorised to be borrow.
ed as aforesaid.
Ordained and enacted into a Law, in Councils, this
27i day or February, A. 0.18. P. Attest,
E. J . Coacar Cl'k
Common Council,
Select Council.
rip° the Honorable Jadses of the Cuurt of General
Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the county
of Allegheny.
The petition °flames Fleming, Ist ward of the city of
Allegheny, in said county, humbly shewellt:
That your petitioner hash provided himsell with ma
terials for the accommodation of traveiers and others, at
Ws dwelling iton•e in the City afore.laid, and prays
that your honorc will be pleased to grant hint a license to
keep a Public House of Entertainment. And your pe
t!tioner,as in duty bound, will pray.
We, the subscribers citizens of Allegheny dty d
certify, that the aliova petitioner Is of good reptile for o
honesty and temperance. and is well provide,' with
house room and conveniences for the accommodation of
strangers and traveler.,,and that said tavern is ticccsEary.
Luke Dewsoap, D. El. Scott.
J. A Angney. Robt. )PChesny,
Joseph Briggs Geo. M'Chesny,
J. Stew art, W. R.
Jos-ph Abraham, Wm. Carson,
D. C. Scott, H. E. tthum,
March 2,-3,.•
A LL persons indebted to the above firm, are requested
to make immediate settlement le the partnership Is
about to be dissolved, a nrit. Morris is leaving Allegheny,
All accounts not settled before the 20th March, will he
given to the proper authorities for collection.
February 1943. . thuyytels, AllellbenY CUT.
The business will he eoedeetedi es be►etolb►a* by .1
ilawartb,after the Ist April.
Wll. CI CH nAum, Pres't
Common Council
S,lecl Council
Itlarch 2--31.
10i -k N, 0 Begat.
AJF 120 bias. N. 0. ItWhim
In prime order, Just received by S. B Alicade,and fee
sale hy J. W. SCRIM DGE it Co.
mar 2. Water.st.laetween Wood aad Smithfield.
DISSOLUTION.—The partnership heretofore es_
inn between William 0 Leary and risk Molts
ny, trading under the firm of O'Leary, hicilvittyfraL,
MIS diSSOIVNI OH the 1 0th host, by mutual consent.
The hooks of the firm will remain in the hands roll.
Malvany, who will receive all debts due to eat *Cali
claims against the concern, and is authorised to not Ilhe
name of the firm in closing the business.
WM. O'LE 4 EY..
Pittsburgh, February 28, 1:143. •
P. Aroivany will continue the manafachrre of *fit
Glitssware, and has removed to the warehouse librollellY
occupied by Little /1r Co. , corner of Market awillValer
:Os,, where he Is prepared to furnish his frienits mod
tomers of the late firm with every variety of Glassware
on the nio.t accommodating terms. n*r 2-3 i,
1110 the Honorable the Judges of the Court' of
General Quarter 'Sessions of the Pears ill 144
for the County of Allegheny .
The petition of Nicholas Good, of Roes Towne
ship, in the c iutity aforesaid, humbly slioweth—•
That your petitioner hath provided himself relish'
matert4 k for the accommodation of 'reveler, and
mho,' s, at her dwel!ing bogs° in the towt.ship a(ore
said, and prays ihat your Honors wi I be photared to
gnitt , h+r a license to krep a Puolic House of Ewe
terrainruent. And your petitioner as in daty bend
will pray. NICHOLAS GOOD.
We, the subscribers, citizens rif Ross Township,
do eel W . ); that the above poitioner is of end re OM
for holies!) , and It mperailee, and is well provided
with house cPari and conveniences fur the accommo.
dation nod lodging of strangers and travellers; sal
that said tavern is necessary.
Wm. R. Graham, Aix Neely,
Peter ivory, Jvcob Colebaugh , •
Geo Cooper, JnhO Cherry
Robert Hare, Peter Ivory, Jr ,
Thom is Morrow, Robert Hare, jr.,
John Morrow, Conrad Reel,
liar 2'43-3t"
TO •
the 1„,, , t h e P ofthe C . ( urtofGen
_ erat Qnerter SPSSIonS 3 !the Peace, in and kr
the county of Allegheny .
Ti.e petition of J. F. Curry, of Itfferson
low.,ship, in said county, egpectrully sbouretb, That
lie r, well pro,ideil with nouse roam and other Qoln,
ve„i,i,ces for thus acrottunodaoon of strangers and
trave!er-, at the house now occupied by him as a
t trent; an I bring desirous to cantinue ia that busis
nrQ., ha prays your honors hi grant hitda license to
krep an Inn or 11:E..se 01 Public Entertainment; and
Ise vv 11l ever pray. J. F. t
'File ußdrrsi 4 tied, citiznnA if J. fnrson town-
ship, tesp,cifolly certify,, t:ta' 1. F. curry,
the above Ilallit d yp:icaot, is a gentleman orgtnid
rewire for hone,ty an I temperance, and is watt /wt.
vided with linu-e roomand - conveniences Cur their
conunada.tints and lodging of 1-trangels and tr.velers,
and that raid ia% ern is necessary fur !he accommodais
ti.,o of the
IL. B. Wallace,
I , srpli Cul ry,
James Irwin,
Jacob Horner,
%but 11 '2-
..4 4 1 / 4 ,
i,l .-.
.. L ...,:t":?- - - ' GALENA and DUSIIQUE.
.40.—..4= -v Tim light draught stenciler CICERIN
T C MAY Master, will leave for the above and all 10,111.
mediate ports on Wedrit e.la3 81 Ii Mar, It.
Fur freight or palsage apply on board, or In .
felt 27
J A ME.3MA Y.:141.f,
1 . 111. , boat is supplied with (;van's Safety Coast. l'r...
300 RELS.N. 0 -MOLASSES; jum reed per mess
boat Lilie I n, and for sole by
J w.
Lb I'UftIIRIDGF:4 eta
27 Wm.+ at. br iween Wood 4. 2.4 anti;
'u ILL lio received nt the office of the City Wistee
V %Vorkauntil the loth of Ilinrelt, for
I.Vorks whit emit fur one year, to commence on tbellist
of April next.
Pilisbur.qh, Jan. 24 1 h, 1813 —3td.
O the flonnrahle, :he Judges or the Court of Gener
al Q. iarter Sessions of the Peace, In nod for
county of Allegheny :
The petition of [twit %tehafTey, of Wilkins towindlitt
saidin county, respect fully showelli--
That he in well provide I with house room and other ton
iences for t he accommodation or sinners and traseirs
heinz desirou i to continue in that Wallies* he prays
your honors to grant hint a license to keep as
ilf.llse of Public Entertainment, rind he will prity,,te.
The undersigned ritizins ßoßEßT
of Wilkins township, re
.peri fu:ly certify, that Rold. Mehaffey, the above name d applicant, is a gentleman of good repute for honesty and
temperance,.rd is we I provided with house rooenand
ronvervences for the accommodation arid lodskrof
s.rangers and I uoveler., anti that said tavern is ueetiar.
Jo!in ShafPr, James Dempster., y
A. liorhm:11, Adam Wulte, t
E. Thom pa in, John Johnston,
John Emeeller, John Plo•t,
James Met...oacken, Johh MrKelly,
J.S. Lacork, Robert Graham,
mar 1-3t.'•
/110 the Honorable, the Judzes of the Court of Cite
Jt. Quarter Seestuns of the Peace, in and for Moused.
ty 01 Al leetteny:
• The of Ft oriert Rinstey, Fifth Ward Pito—
burzn, In said county, respectfully showetn...—
That he is well provided with house roo inandc•Alreed•
ences for the arron modation of strangers and trairehrie,
at the hone now Oerlipied by him as' a tavern:and be.
in; desirous to continue that husine.s he prays your hon.
ors to grant him e licence to keep an Inn or house of
Puhlir Entertainment. 4
The ti tidersignrd,citizens of the ROVER
St h Ward, respeetilift,
certify, that Rob., Filnsley, the above named applicant,
is a gentleman of good repute for honesty and temp . !.
ati:e. and in wipti provided with house room and 411,1..
, fences fur Hleaceommoilat inn and lodging of Mrs age ti
and 'raveletsokod that said tavern Is necessary-
Robert Waende. James Hamilton
Geo, Bonet', Daniel Hamilton.
John r,. McCormick, James Andrews . -7
Wm. Hamilton, John Kenra.y,
John Young, Samuel McKeivy.
Win Gates, John Lightner. mar . 1--31.
An Ordinance Supplementary to an Oct
nance in reference to the Night Police.
1. ; ifiF.flE.4s, A doubt has existed as to theextent or
v tile powers - of the Night Police which wee insarme
ifsbed under an Ordinance to which this lea suppleinelan
passed the9ibdayof May, A. D . 13-12: therefore
, Sae. I. Be ft ordained and enacted by the citizens 'of
Pittsburgh, in Select and Common Councils usage/Wed.
That all Laws and Ordinances on the subject of the Nil be
Watch which were in force at the date of the pillage of
the aforesaid Ordinance of the be 9141 May, 'IRV, so fai
Ih ey are applicable, 'to and the Sarni' are hereby e
ued. and revived for the refutation and government of
tbs. Pfirlit Police. Provided, That•nothibg terein erinr•
twined, shall be construed to repeal any Ordinance pair*
since 9th day of May, 1942.
Sac. 11. Be it ordained kr., 111.1 from and atter do
passage of this Ordinance. the Night Police shall eons*
of twelve niemberv; the additional menthe: to be anlthin*
ted as soon as it can he conveniently done by the aliPPe
and Police Committee.
Ste. 111. Be It ordained , That all tine, collected .
and now in the hands of th e Mayor In pursuance elle:.
rrnatiou given by the Night Police, shell be riles Dien or
in tile:mine manner as if they bad been collected under
the laws and ordinances hereby revived and continbed.
Ordained and enacted into a Law, In Counelis,liffil
twenty seventh day of February, A. D 1843,
E. J. n 011/..R.TX.
Common Conacit.
urt. If nada', ell
Select Connell.
:A A atm antiasseklietpomd Firm of BlasslF Lemegamt
Meat the oike o 4 the Wilorlll.l Nit." •
Phillip Unh
&Mild G,enn,
Isaac Sickman,
Samuel Zee,i.
common Council.
Peltst Coyne*"
March 9- 31.