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    _ ~~
DIILLARS a year, payable in
advance. diagie copies TWO CENT—for sale at the
asuater of the office, and by News Ba Gys.
Mercury and Manufacturer
St, WEEK I.Y, at th e came o ffi ce, on a double
limeediumai attest, at TWO DOLL.% RS a veer, in ad.
vanes, gie to copleA. SIX CENTS
1 ------------
Terms of Advertising.
Orlosertion, 0.50 I, One month, r.,00
we Insertions, - 0.75 It Two moili ?, (4.00
Three Insertions, 1,00 i Three months, 7.00
One week. 1.50 Four months, A.OOO
3,00 Six months, 10,0
Thee weeks. 4.00 One year, 15,00
Two weeks.
Oat Sfliarit. Ta.• Sqicarel
911.11111elthS. 11.11.00 \ Six month!,
Cie year, 1.5,00 One year.
Ir-7 -Large r advertisements in prororlion.
CARDS of four lines SIT DOLIAIIa a year
_ill ----•
Cite POST °Fries. Third between Market and Woof
Streets—R. NI Riddle, Postmaster.
i; a rra* Hass, Water, Ath door from Wood st. Peter
men brildis:s—Stakor John Willock, Collect or.
loom TassAsorty, Wood between First and Second
streets —James A. Bartrarn, Treasurer.
CoVIITT Tals&11111.T. Third street, next door to the
Third Presbyterian Chnrch—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
s vcrt's Orrtcg, Fourth, between Market and Wood
streets—Alexander Hay, Mayor.
OillitacllC(T's Element:ißANKSs, Fourth, near NI miter vt.
PurrssueriCbetween Market and Wood streets, on
Tnlrd and Fourth streets.
Maw-ewers' k M.silrirscrralcrt.s' •Wo FARISERs' PS.
tout BOT., (formerly Savin: Firnd,) Fourth, between
Mood and Market streets.
Vacuos's, Fifth street, near Wood.
Monorrosmat.• Must, Water s treet. near the Bridge.
Ric %%%%% Motto., corner of Penn and Se. Clair.
Maaertorrs' Horst., corner of Third and Wood.
Astr.atc•fx 1101st—corner of Third and Smithfield.
1413vvels.e. corner of Penn <tree; and Canal.
s ~,,,,,, Liberty street, near Seventh.
e Wayne
lamberts M (loose, Liberty St. OppOsit
Rsoauttuks-r M k NAo% Horst, Penn St. opposite Canal.
_ __—_--------_____ ---
11.110 COIJNSELLOR AT L A. W .—Offire remo
red to Saltewell's offices on Grant st., neatly opposite
Oa ‘ new
House, next rooms to John r).'l Mahon,
fog ,--Find floor. mp 10
-------_--___ ------
11. street, M. D.— Office removed t,
St. Clair street, between Penn and Liberty St,
/Pitt:bare. s p 10
W GOODS. —Preston dr Si aci;eF, wh.lesnle and
retail &Merl In Enlish, Frviich, at d Domestic
len 10
Pry G 0048.140. !11. Market at ,
yrCCAseNDLESS 3VCLURF, Attorneys and
ounlors &
at Law: Office re the 10
Diamond,i back
a the OW Court Douse, Pittsburgh. twt
11E '4OV - It. Morrow. Aidermnn; efit e north
side of
Pep 10
h 11., between Wood and Etntithrield
N a , Pittsburgh.
EDIT r ? Wholesale Groccr [Aortic% iog
OP Moull,r, And fle.4ler in Produce and Pitibhurtli
11111alsaf.actureil Irticlt,,, No. 224 Liberty Stree Pirts
,r•il 10
4.11011•14.01 . VI • 1111,1 I)ll.Weit 111
& DILWORTII.--vowie,or
/,revert rfaelllCC and 0141,16Kr:ion 111erclinnl.,. al9,
Airi! In Pittsbitr:li Matitifactit re • d article:, S
Wood rtrert Grp 111
‘tiornev at Law;
Ofhce on the.nortlisitte of the thamond,hrtween
Matketand Union RI TrVAA. Up I"
_r , q , 0
A I.puftaolix, Attorney at Law; enders
• tits 111:0ietwialtal services to Office cor
ner of Fifth and Market Streets, Move Lloy.tir
store,Piltstaamtt, Pa. 9,11
laws R.Stisyturr.. ...... ............ KK•s
& 56..ioufaet wirers of Copper
POOP Too, sod Sleet Iron Ware. No 130. F row st s
"argil. House H/1001111: and Steamboat work p..ornpov
otetaled sep 10
T5lOlll/.11 5 YOUN • •F it. urniture ..SCIS t. TOOI4O.
Taos.Youritt. 3c co., F Wale
Rooms, uOrucr of Hand st. EltiilltiVe Alley.
Tun a Witthim% to pureintie rind it to
their advanti%e to
call. beinf .oitafied that
we caG please as to quality and price. sep 10
IVIIITTON ItlllS.—Just rece'Aretl 'e &1460 ehoice Mal
mo HIM.. Well cored and for sate cheap by sh
imo or relail,by_. IBAAC lIA RBIS,
No.9,Fittlt st
sep 10
nomA II A.G A..— 1 so pp' y or Land, erh's Fresh Ku
la Bxga, and Whet ditforent varieties of Turnip
Sea t.last received and for sate at ItCDUCILD PRICES at tlie
Drug and Seed Store of F. L. SNOW DS,
set. 10 No, 184, Liberty street, 'lead of Wood_.
VVEBBCLOSEVO Moil and Shoe filanufacio.
ry, No. 83 Fourth St., next door to the tr. sl a te.
ank. Ladies Prunetta, Kid atid Satin Shoes made in
he neatest manner, and by the nevirest.Frenc.lt patterns.
aep 10
MORUS MU A EMUS. In lots to suit
5,00 u purehasern; to I•e dispoPert
110• 184 hdterty street, head of Wood.
OAHU A ROOTS, Flower* and Flower Seeds of ev
ery feseripticra, can always be had at the Don
sag Seed store of F. L. SNOWDEN.
184 Liberty street, bead of Wood
se. 10
50 Litt '.',"‘",,uewo.,'„ngnaunad"lene'dui.",°,:rbe Ootrion Seed, for
\i ..
F. L•.SNOW DE, JOHN WFARL IND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
see II lB4 Liberty sheet, head of wood. dif.kcr, Tkird st. Dittoes* Wood 4 Market streets,
.----------' —:---:-------.----wii—r
-1,0-7,-;"ri 6-Esi. rerrocciNl inf•trnts his friends
f and
stlie pu_hldiebothald he is
400 LlBoSe:seNett"; jujstEßreScEeiYved h y ' i r 'prepared
e„ui cti t i o i
r e; e i e , n l t , e l all
ei orders
i e a
d n a r s I 4: n a d s s ,.. il i ai t r . a
n a (i
s a p . , i
n u ,,, -
F. 1.. SNOWDEN ,
• Mattrasses,t;urtain, Carpels, all ~ ,,a rts of Upholstering
Sep *A • No. kB4, Liberty head of Wood st •
I wort:, w lie • t th e
I ' it It , will warrant equal •o any made in
... scp 10
dri_AROEN TOOLS, consisting or N oes• Fancy Spade* 1 615, an d ail reasonable lerms•
'kW Tcaesatantlos Trowels."E•ltHog ToolA, 86"1" ' 11E.MOVALthe A uhicribers have removed to ft's•
VAiVll. Pniniug Eulve4, ['main.;
.Shears. etc., lasi re. I
v eiled ant torotate by - . • F. L. SSOWDEN. ; ter between Wood and Smithfield streets, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commis.
sep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood. _ \ sion businci,s and would re.pert fully solicit the patron
age Of their friends J. W. BURBRIDGE 4• Co.
Dec 3
ICUOICE Venison Sams.—Just received a small sup- ,
era( very choice cured Vertigo's Hams. on retail
in lIIIIIII,iI 101.1 for current money.
110 Word Street, Pittsbarpl.—R. A. Hausman ,
and Cop. Merchant ."."'
____ Auctioneer and COOlfrli,FioO Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all isinds of Goods and Merchandise,
WIIIT6.Dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Grarr and
at his IaTIP and rapacious towns, No. 110, North East
KeatackY Glue Graw. always on hand and for 1
\Corner of Wood and e‘nt, Streets, Pittsburgh.
Regular salesyf Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
No. IU Liberty street, head of Wood.
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Ervreit $t ButnimslAN• Aitor..vi at Law. office Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles. on
removed from the Diamond, to •, Attorney'sßow," Tuesday. Wedne.sday , anti Thursday . evenings.
*badly tide o [ Fourth street, between Market and Wood Soaks, kc— every Saturday cc , ruing.
sap 10 , I
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted
Ras - Estancia.
Messrs. John G. Pauli, F 44.,
Racaley s r fl•rnith.
tt Hampton. Smith, k Co.
tt F Lorenz g. Co.,
• J. VP• Burbriege k co_
t• F. M'F.ee k co.
Cant. James *Margit!,
, C. I hmsen , F.sq.
, lona M'Fadden E.
Logan k Kennedy.
J. A. Moorhead k Co.
Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
Robert Galway, En;
Caps. Jae. May,
McVay,Hanna, it Co.
Williste Symms,
B.G. Henry,
lksiti.Bapdey at co
sale by
imp 10
Fort SALE.—Lots on the No, tit East corner of Coal
Lane and street. A pply to
imp 10 BENI. DARLINGTON, Market, near 40 st
linirkbßS Landreth's French Sugar Beet Seed just
reeedend and for sate at the and ' Seed
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
tore of
.ep le
copartnership -heretofore existing between WIL•
A /
IVAN IlltGiri and HES] A. 611 S HO CVV ELL is
uthwized this day
by mutual con fe flt. Wil bia at C
Dishy is a
OAP lir ibe stsoauste ot (helm in ooldeog op the bosineas
itf 16140. aIai,_WILLIAII 111110 BY,
- It .
- r T Rf,N 3. 1813.
AG/STILATES'EIL.kNKS, for proceedings hi Al.
"taelliatant under the late law, for sale at Ibis Office.
01INSTON 4- sTocKToN, Bookaellere, Printers an
Paper Manufacturers, No. 37, Market rt. sap 111-1 y
OHN ANDERSON, Smield Foultdry, Water t..
nen the Monongahela Hou thfi se, Pluto urgh. sep 10- s 1
LEONARD S. JOIINS. Mderman,St.Clair strect,se
cond door from Liberty. scplo—ly
R.S. R. 1101.14 ES, Office in Second street, next door
to Mulvany Co's Glass Warehouse sep 10-15,
S IIUNK ¢FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourth l
near the Mayor's Office, Plttsltrgh, sep
110 S. liA M I LTON , Attorney at I,:tw. Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield sta.. Plttsbureh. pep 10-1 y
UGII TONER, Alio , nev at Law, North East
10— cornly
of Smithfield and Fourili erre!. sep
THOMPSONH k Prp.•.. ............... ...I•MIZA TPRN Br IL.
MNNA /1- TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
304. Wood st., where may be had a eeneral ‘uppty
(.1 wri , in% wrappinz. printin,g. wallpaper. Illank hooks.
10-1 Y
school hooks, 4-c, C. pep
1 - 11 C. TOWS-V:ND k co., Wire Workers sad
i 1k,,, .ilasstfaerarers, N 0.23 Market street, between 2tl
and 3d streets sep 10--1 y
11XCII ANG F. HOTEL, Corned`' Penn and T
sml it
_/ at reel ?, by td IBBIN .
sep 10—iv
ward Hughes. facturer or Iro ns Nails
Warehouse N 0.25, Waod st., Pittsburgh. sep 10 -1 y
IG METAL —77 ions soft Pit MO at for %ate by
J. G • 4. A . GORD
_ _ No. 12 Water gtreet
sep 13
3100 LBS. B %CO N BAM S. 16.000 Ills. Bacot ,
.0 ShoulderA, for sa e
J. G. A- A. GORDON ,
No 12 Water street
rep 13
I AS. V' ATTERSON. Jr.. Birmingham, near rittsliurgh,
.P —Pa.; Manufacturer of Locke. Hinges an 801 l r; To.
I.acco, Fuller . ?dill and Timber Scre w s. Houtend
sett Sco-- Iy rews for
Rolling Mille, 4c.
JOAN 311CLOSK.F,Y•Tatioralw Clothier, 1.0.er. y
rued, between Sixth alto Virgin alley, South ride.
Sep 10
w tiratutincE A. err, Mink Grneere and
JCommis!inn Mr. chlot._ r e e t. b e tween
Wood and Smithfield sis.,Pntshur.;ll. ireplo - 1 y
Gk '• GORDON. Commis4on and Forvrarding
I, Morchams, Water st—Pitisburgh. 10---ly
I1A!1g.-4 casks 113fIlS.R good articlr, cr.-rived per
Corsair, and for salr by J. .4 A. GORDON ,
No. 12, \Vaier street
asp 10
SUGAR & 1101...55F,S --40 Iddis New Orleans Su
t.. nr; 301.1.1 s New Orleans Molasses; A
for sa
le I.v
sent° 1. G. 4 • GO
SUG A R.-111.1s prime N. 0. StI2RT. receivedper S.
,er,BIOM nine. and for sale by 3. G. k A. connos.
-- . No. 12, Water street
rt ft BACON CASKS,In order, on — hand - and for sale by
ifi s l:
T 5(...; ::Ttep.lo 3. G. k A. G ORDON. No. 12, 'Valet it
12 N i D bi Ni .z ol o A k : I S . E i S 6
.. -- ,, i 3 „. 1
ec(tivseadnped 4,
Itoporler. and for sale by J. G. k A. DOR nns .
No. 12. %V al sr street
Pep 10
8E1L.9. I. It 11 011.. for tate I.y
B. A. M% k cc) ,
tor Ite r or ;it awl Wood id I.
pep 10
163 ,
1' APERiz Germ:ooown 140ep Mark for O
1. by B. A. r A 7.: E:4TOCK 4. C
„ comer of Fob and Wood.
ete.d4llo I.ltS Prepared Chalk. for sa le hy
A. A- F %Ills:Eta rockt. k. ter. ,
l -
lot p 111 r,,,ne, a tit I, It ii,l Woos b , .
SUG 1 ft AND \IOI.‘SSF.S.-6tl Wills. N. O. Solar.
25 tails. do. 40., DIU dn. Plant:Ulan Molaec•. for
*ale by J GGORPON .
sett 13 No. 12 %Valet st ice'.
1 n be n , n(l in Bankruptcy proreettin:tr, ;orbited on
tz,oorl pa per.arrd in Ote fame; approved by I he Coo rt ,for vale
al the Other of t lie Mercury and Democrat. eel , 11l
HUBBARD, fashionatde hoot ant
6110 e M 3 11111.1.0.11 fer. No. lot , Third s• reel, net wee it
gen ie
Vood rind Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh
. has removed his oilier . to the c
itliorner rd . Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between gtmtield and Grant
streets, li itu,hurg ten 10
• M AKER, No. 7 , St. Clair Wee', Pitts
-11_,.. burgh.
1 oep 10
supply of Lantheih's Garden tgeedt, always on
hand, and for sale al big agency, the Drug oore of
F. 1.. SNOWDEN ,
184 Lihcriy street, head of Wood
Dn.l)%vll) w It ha• his office and rmidence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House,
second dvt front Ito-s.ttreet. lie will faithfully attend
all rails pertainin; to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door above the basement. sep le
RF,SiOV Af..—Matt hew Jones, Bart , er and flair Dress
er, has removed to Fourth street , opposit et be May
ors office, where he will Im happy to:wait upon permsnen
or transient customers. lie solicitsa share of public net
pep 10
WM. A. I . V A RD, DENTIST, Penn et. three
door below Irwin street, flours of business, from
9 A. M., until 5 r. )I , after which time he will ottend
to no one except in cases of actual necesity. He
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ hint, that he experts immediate payment , without
the necessity on his part of Aendin: in hills. Pep 10
ilr 111GBY—Tra• 121. Corscr of Woodowd Front
SStreets, Pittsburgh, has on hand a complete as.
sortmentof Queenow are suited to the city or country
Dade. Also, a choice selection of pure white and gold
hand DINING ANDTEAW ARE, in large or small sets,
or separate pieces to suit purchasers ,
A cask of 46. 60. or 84 piece sets, superbly painted
and gilt English China Tiniware, at very low prices.
Toy Tcaware , plain, and rich painted and gilt. Prow
1,00 to $5,00 per set .
Children's Mugs of every description.
White China Shaving Mugs.
Granite Dining at 4 Tea Services, in w hit and with
splendid American scenery printed in Alta n nd black.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and Breakfast STAB
Imported to match. complete ,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Claim of every size.
Patent Buckets, Tubs end Keeler,.
Stone Pipe Heads. it c. ke. 4-c.
All of which are respectfutly offered to the pub.
tic on the most favorable terms. Jan 26.1842-1 y
lon -8., R.:3corree.
N., oct 4. .
received Ibis day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
sumption; and is reedy to Ripply cuqomersal wholesale
or retell, at his .Metlicat Arose!, 36 Fourth st.
CLARK, g't shis kieuable Boot Maker.
ittis removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where lie woad be happy
to see his old customers. and all othrrs who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. He uses nothtn: hot first rate
stock, and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
his constant personal allenlion to business, he truststhat
lie will deserve ar.d rccei•e a fair share of patronage.
ItUIT6, ICE t;I:F.AM. ir tI'irECTION A RY.—
A Hunker respectfully informs friendeand the
public that they can always find the hest quality of lee
Creams. irreether with al: kinds of confectionary and
(ruits. in t heir tee. , on, at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, helwc it Wood and Market.
N. B —Barth,: &uncoiled on the shortest notice, with
rakes. or an) thin: in his line. Also families furnished
gen 10
wire Bread
II AM J. CLEM ER , residing at 613 Molt street,
New York, was afflicted with ttyspep , la In its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent hex&
ache, great debility. levet, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn, pain In the rhea and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite, sersation of pinking at the stomach,
furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomitings, Altai ness
towards night and iestleneSS. These had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when, on consulting Dr. Writ.
Evans. 100 Chatham reel, and submitting to his ever
tuccessful Ind agreenhle triode of treatment, the patient
tas completely restored to health in the short space of
e mouth. snd grateful for the incalculable benefit deriv.
gladly come forward and volunteered the above state
ir sale Wholesale and RetallE. liy
R SEII.I..Ett 9, Agent,
No 20. Wood st reel, below Ftecond.
) R hole who would wish greatly to reduce
their expeuse for light, shout i certainly purchase one of
the above named Lamm., 3i by their use there is a clear
saying of at least two.' herds of the expense over Oilmnd
light obtained from this Is pure and brant and
i Le
wholly free front smoke nr disagreeable smell. We would
here state that Carr's Patent is the oniy one worthy the
attention of the public,as it is the only one that Is &poll
,al.lc to every variety or pattern of 11.:101110. and the only
one that will tirn Lard wet 1., at any temperntureof co
or lent. Wr have, in the shorts space
three mouths,
<rod several iltousantiov and h scarce an exception,
'hose using client have expressed themselves highly pleas
rd with tool fully ronvii.ced of the great economy
hy theirme, ns well as their superiority over either oil
ur rnoriles, in regmd to eleanlinevs and light.
The above named lamps can be had only at
Third stner,nearly opposile t Ire Post Omer.
Where is kept constantly nn hand Britannia Metal, Tin
, n4l Glihrs Imnips,of VIII inlle paileriiii.
Glass lamps sold at manufacturers' prir es,
s . e take nlt.satire in offering to the public the follow
. certifirnle, which is subscribed to by manY resPecte
ide citizens.
We.the undersigned. hive tried Ind are W
her animal
now tIPIII2
arr', Patent Lamps. for burning 1414 or
fat, and we have no hesitation in saying that they give an
excellent light—equal to any of the ordinary modes of
lighting a home. at about one.third the cost. and wholly
free from smoke or other disagreeehle swell. We lake a
nlensure in it commending these lampo to the nubile, no hy
their UPC there is a CU/It saving Orr•f either sperm
nr lard oil, or even candles', And we believe them to
1.0 more cleanly and less troubleoome titan either.
'lO he had al Ilsowo Q R •Y MOM D'S only, Third street,
near's. ortnostir . On' l'ost Office.
Bev. W. W. Bakewell, James Boon,
" A. M. Bryan, Charles
" John M'Cron, C. Yeager,
N. C. Collins, Wm. Graham, jr.,
" Rol
Dunlap, E. TrOVIIIO,
Dr D. D. Sellers. Wm Douglass,
•`E D. Gazgam. Denry Atwood,
" Wm. M. Wright, Isaac Cruse,
Robert H. Kerr. Esq., George W. Henry
A. Beckham, Robert Mcrlverson,
Thomas Ouston. John S. Shaffer,
Geor2e Miltenberger, Wm. EichhauM ,
G. I'. S hiras, 3, 8 Turner.
A. !II ilk., Wm. Martin,
B. 1M . I: ',ldle, Post Master Henry Brgerwer,
R o hert Gray, Jan i e; S. Clark . of tho Amer
Alien K ramer, icon lintel,
A. F. Marthens, John M.Camplwil
al . Star k iIOIIRC. 1.. A Iherger,
Robert Johnston, James Mellin,
N. B Just received, an improved Patent Lamp. for
nos' 19—dim k wlf
kitchen use.
TOTIIE PUBLIC, and parties/arty to sty former
patrons of this sity:—ltaving retired from the
practice of Medicine, t may he permitted to say, that it
bait fallen to the lot of I ut few persons to have enjoyed
I so liberal or large a share of °het mutest practice as my
own has been for the last 30 or 40 years.
The experience of that tong period of active life, and the
fact of my having been twice, since 1830. associt with
Or. R. A. Wilson, In the practice of medicine,u ateb lly of oth a
period of five years,) enables me to judge f the
merit P Of his pills.
So convenien, so effitent, and yet so safe, did I esteem
ills, dial t for the c last five yenta in my practice for
these p
the cure of chronic diseases, of vvhatever name. and those
of females in particUlar, I have used more 01 them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine. this must fail in come in
stances, but in my hands there has been,less disappoint.
meet and ntore satisfaction in the administration of i hie
one remedy than of ail others; its good effects sometimes
quite astonishtng ow.
If my patient required a safe aperient medicine either
*fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pt.ls were just
the thing I wanted.
Ti a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivit of the liver, coa he st itute
thingd thel
disease 11 my patient. the p y ills were just t
If I treated a case
an erantenagogue, the
W lson's pills were inst the thing I wanted.
I I f
palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or 01 her
difficulties, indicat In: a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the .turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills were just the thing I wlinted.
Thus, without resp..!et to the name, a diva* might
happen to wear at the time I have had It ander treat
meat, particular indicatkins or symptons arising. were
aPways most promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number of diseases, and sometimes ap.
parenity opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should be cut ed more readily by them than by any oilier
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my wind as that a greet many
persons should become thirsty from 41 many different
causes. and yet all require that common and greatest of
all blessings, water to quench their thireL
I n conclusion, it le due the ,eputation of the medicine
and the nubile, to say decidedly and unconditionally, that
the Wilson's pills are the only combination I have ever
met with In my longcourse of practir.e.that really roe
eesrmanything curative or specific for sick headache:
Yours/4'c.. DR. MILO ADAMS. -
The at,ove Pills designed particularly for the sick
Haed.Ache, Dyspepsia. Constipation of the Bowels 4-e..
prepared thy are proprietor Dr. A. A • Wilson. and for
and retall,at his derellieg ia rests greet,
ibeiew Ilartiary. Oct
I _
LWOW/ 111 e
DR. GOODE'S Ce/ebrared Female Pills. These
Pills arc strongly recommended to the notice of
the ladles as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to theirsex, from Want of ex•
ercise, or general debility of the y.item. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians In the Hui.
lei States, rind many Mothers. For sale Vt'hole<ialc and
Retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10 No. 20. Wood St reel, below Second
Wl1I• ADAIR, Boot awd Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the head of Smithfield et., Pittsbargh. —
TLe subserlhor having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Ra ff erty, deceased, has commented business
In the old stand of Mr. R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptiona of work in his line, in the hest manner
and on the shortest notice. fie keeps cor stantly on hand
a large arsoriment•ofshue findings of all descriptions and
iof the beat quality. lie solicits the patronar A
e of the pub•
lie and of the craft. WM. DAIR.
sep 10
and Axles for Carriages at Eastern rriees.
The subecribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hnd Coach,C and Eliptic Sprines (vearranted,) Juniata
Iron Axles, Sliver and Brass plated Dash Frames. Brass
and plated Bub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps. Three fold Steps, Malleable
ron, Poor handles and !tinges. frc
joNry a• COLEMAN.
St. Clair st.. near ri e Allegheny Bridse•
— i?or sale by
D.SELLERS,M. D.,olfiee and dwelline in Fan rt
-1 • - near Ferry street. sep 13-17
The attention tftho e who have been somewhat scep•
Octal ift reference to the numerous certificates published
In favor or Dr. Swavne's Compound syrup ff Wild Cher
ry, on nerotmt of the persons being unknown in Ibis nor
nion of Ihe Sini , , is respectfully directed to the foilowl,tg
certificate, the writer of which has been a eitiscin of this
borough for several' years, and is know n as a gentleman
of integrity and resttonsitillii v.
To the Arcot, Mr. J. Kirtror
• I have nerd Pr PSV:IVIIe'S Comp and Syrup of Writ
Cherry for n congli, with which I have been severely a 1
fl feted far about four months, and I hive no hesitation
In saving that it is the most effective ones that I have
been a bur to procure.lt cinnitoses all citit'ss• rind
' agrees well with my diet,—and MTlll3lll} a ivr:a la r ant
Band appetite. 1 rar fr...h, recommend It to all oilier
similarly afflicted. .1. I‘lllllr ICIL . Borough of Chandsersii'e.
March 9. 15140. ..1 , 2_l
For sale by WILLI AM TllOlll , l No . 51 Market street
_ .
TREE . 3.
inogns'oss dementia of procuring Fruit. Shade. anti
Ornamental TreeP, or Shrubbery, front PililatiPl
phi' or New Yor k, are requested to make applient ion as
coon as popoilde, pi the Dru/ and Seed Fiore of the cub
scriber, where can he had rataloviet+. gratult °wkly. of the
panel excellent Pariet les. F. I. SNOWDEN
cep 21 No 184 Liberty et reel fiend of Wow,
MA n nit.: M k NUFACTiIft F.—Patrick Cawfield re
street faits, aronailita his friends and t hr public . ~ ..en•
erally, that he has commenced the Marble blight...ss at the
corner of Fifth and Liberty .4.3..whern will he constantly
on hand. tomb stone+, mantel piece;. moon !twills. head
and foot clones, table slabs for cabinet ware. and every
article apnerlaininty to the business. lie will warns rat Ills
work tole well done, and hi, charres will he moderate.
He rented fully asks a chart of ouhlic patronage. cep 10-
- ' --
1-1 ANNA Trritivitosa,7.-ractentweria• he triad CLIW.
Toe P•rell gtPllhenVille. Ohio. howl - of memo-
v,.11 the, ' , lore from thi.eity, have appointed tioldthip
4. Browne. No. 49 Market rt., between 3rd and 4.h. a-•
penis for tt.e tale of the different tindmof Paper mar.tifar- -
tared t y them, where their frirroltptd whoyprei
v9A94l4iidieffhitif siuT faint lined; Wrappint and Teo
paper; Bonnet Priority, and ri loin! Paper of different
yes and ttnalities.all or wh P ich will la• told on the moat
1101.DP1111P h Banwas, manufartorers anti Imnortert of
Wall Nine..< anti Rorotere. keep• continuity on hand eve. e
ry variety of Entry . Parlor and Chamber Parwra. of th
la , •al ttvl,n noel most hrartAPOTr pattern., which they
will ...II tow and on accommodaiinr, term., wholecale
r retnii. not 18—tf.
Porta . .le nit form Scale! , oil wh, els, lo weigh 2,500 Ms, a
355 00.
110 do do do 2,005 at 1g.15 00
do do do do 1,500 at '35 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do 500 at 25 00
do do
With raking levet s an addition of 33 to each s cale.
Dormant scales for the tre of Warehouses, Flouring,
Mills, /cc—they:line prices as above.
Also,White's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Voting's
improvements. and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from il to $l5,
They also manufacture Steam 'Engines for Flouring
hi ills. Saw SI ills. Salt Works, efcc„ double and single
geared slide lathes,foot and oilier lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting, chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a superior article; circular
saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Tinner's ma.
chilies and tools anti descriptions.also for making black
Mg boxes, a superior article; governors for steam engine.
stocks, taps and dies, coffee mills, bedstead or joint hots
and machinery for making the same. cotton factory ma
chinery made or repaired; printing press plattens turned
and printing presses repaired•
JOHN 13,, GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis.
sloe Merchant, No. 106, corn cr of Wood 4. Fifth sta.
PittsbacgA: 'laving beenappointed one of the Auction
eers frit the City of Pitsburgh. tenders his services to Jol -
bers, manufacturers and dealers, who may be disposed
to make trial of this market He is prepared to make
advances n consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts o
to sati“y correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy sand favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he brings to the a
of. his own experience in business and acquaintance w
merchandise general's, the services of Mr.
an &Latest
Eaessrrocs; heretofore advantageously known, as
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
1 whom a permanent engagement is made.
Ruses TO
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Preet. of M. Jr M
o Bank.
• Darlington .4.• reehles, i
• I
RobertGalway ,
• James M. Cooper, I
•• James May. I
•• R. M. Riddle. } Pittsburgh
.. tourn Robinson. Jr. Pres't I
•• of Exchange Bank.
o Bamptoo,Smith, 4. co.
.. John D. Davis,
•, Samuel Chur , b,
3. K. Moorhead,
Li Us. W. Brown 4. co.
Doha H Brown. 4 co.
•• Smith 4 Is tgaley.
Lt Vardly 4 (Titters,
,i John B. Biddle,
John Dalaieti
AMILY FLOUR—lust received a few he
. of
SepOW' PICIIt. male expressly for faintly ass.nror
ip Stare 5D terillk el* SOW.
- -
For publiehing a new Dai Paper in the city o f Pitt,
burgh, to be ly
entitled the
THE Subscribers having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu•
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish n daily
paper with the title of the Daily Jl!vrning roar.
The leading object of the "Post" will be the d:ssemlna
tlon and defence of the political principles that have ',erg.
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their best effort R will still he devoted to the
advancement and success of those dorines.
Although, In politics, the paper ct will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of paosing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intelligence, and brief notices of nil mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the snhere
of a Public Journal, to make their met sufficiently in
cresting to entitle it to the patronage of the publics ir
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
be found in the ~ .Noshing Pont." the Ftlitors will take
pains to furni , ll the lotsinesss COM moult y with
the latest and moot interesting Commertet•t. I NTICLLI .
CENCE front all parts of the country, and to have prepa
red snell accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several callings.
Terms.—The Port - will e polshed oil a large imperi
al sheet of fine paper, (ntanhufactdiured especially for this
Journal) at the unsfsnally low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annunt,payable in advance. It will also be sold by
newa.hoys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
Mr -TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post
II be engaged on the most liberal ternts
W. 11. SMITH.
Angus! 3L 1842.
100 WIDS.KY LEAF TOBACCO. in More and
for sale by J. C. A CORDON•
Nn 12,Wnier street
BY Morrison * Co. London, for Pale only by
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pittsburgh Pa. and U. Harwood, Deaver La. wbo
is rote agent for Western Pennsylvania. srp 10
FARM Pt ift SA I.l2.—The undersigned offers for sale a '
tract of land situated 4 mile; frtini Freeport, In the
direction of Kittanning. Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
cittinty.rontaiiiing 100 acres, 1;5 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are to meadow-. a Bond square log
dwelling house and cabin barn erected thereon—au apple
orchard of 80 heating trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient lot he house.
FOR TER MR ;tinily to the suliscrthera residing at the
Saltivortte on the Penn-ylvanin Canal, 1 rn:le above Free
sep 10 wm.4 Pllll.ll BAKER.
oved Piny
art wed be
NI arta ttt
tweed Din
street, two
flail, Pitt
fartiire and
the follow
cale.m ho
am; aged 0
No. 1, ror
e Platfor
weigh 350 U
utiti,at e 63
T o Tit E RlSE•—ltmt now well it nderstood how
much disorders of the mind depend for their cure
noon a due attention tot he body. It is row understood
how valuable is that medicine which will remove morbid
accumulations without weakenin; the bodily power. It is
now understood that there 1.; a reciprocal influence be.
twern the mind and the body. It is now understood that
purgine with the Rrandreth Pipe will remove a melan
rholy, and even insanity is cured by perseverintly usinr.
them. It is now understood how much domestic hoppi'
urns depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have
cured thou+ands of hopeless and helpless persons, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known that the Brand reth Pills so cure but it is also on.
derstood how they cure; that it is by theirmirifithurrift.r d
to ~n'Yre'rftlfc medicine Is becoming more and more
manlfest,it Is recommended daily from family to family.
The Brandreill Pills remove in an almost intrwrc.titit ,b.
manner all nosh - mf accumulations and purify and invigo•
role t he Itiood.and their good effects are lint counterhalan
red by any inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegeinhles they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are Ralik
tarv; they are daily and safely adminhderad to Infanc os y ,
youth. manhood, and old 3 , ,te. and to women in the mt
critical and delicate circumstances. They do not disturb
or shock the animal functions, but restore their order
one cttablish their health.
sold at Pr. firasdreth's Office, No. 91, Wood street,
I' it Win vdt. Price 25 emus per hos, wh full directions.
id A R K--The only Mace in Pittsliurl,b where the goon.
line Pills can be obtained, In the, Loctor's own office, lo No
98 Wood street. sep
fro THE LADIES —Why do you not remove that
.1. •supertiuous hair yon have upon your foreheads
and upper 11p , 1 By calling at TOTTLX ' S , BB Fourth st.,
:hod obtaining a bottle of Gourand's Poudres Subtle,.
which will remove it 'at once without MAT' ing the shin.
You can also obtain Gottraud's Wily celebrated Eau de
Beaate. which will at once remove all freckles, pimples,
eruptions of the skin. and make your face look per ectly
fah . ; and to those who wish to assist nature by adding
more color to their cheeks, they can obtain some of Gou•
rand's celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot he rubbtd
oil even by a wet cloth. Also may be found a food as•
FOlimeni of Perfumery, each as Cologne. Bears' 011, Al.
month Palm, Windsor; and other Soaps.
nemcmher. at Tuttle's Niedit al Agency, 86 4th street
IIR AN DiZr • rll PILLS.
ET Invalids read the following account of a Saito'
II Oared of a Complication of afflictions in nineteen
days Iv the use of Brandrelli Pith. It distinctly prove*
there are herbs in nature which have affinity cure b.:
cause of disease, and Brandreilt's Pills are made for them
Rend and be convinced. Take the medicine andhe cured
Jous SHAW, of Pembroke. Washington county, Maine,
Wing, duly sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six months since. The pains in had, breast,
hack, left side and instep Ming so had th is
he was nun
Melo lieip hintself,and was taken into the Chelsea HOS.
Mint in the city of Boston. That after being in said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Oils said lie d
a di t
d not
could know
what was the matter with hint, andhe do
nothing for him, nor cnUla he prescribe env medicine.
Thai he, therefore., was conveyed from the Chelsea Hos.
pital to the Sailor's retreat nn Staten Island. That he
was there physicked with all sorts o medicine for a
od of fe,ur months, suffering all the li f
me the roost
rending, misery.— That, besides his election of his bones
he was troubled notch with n disen , e of the lungs: some.
times ho old spit quart of phlegm in the tiny; besides
this affectio w n u he had a a
had Maritima, which had more
or teen attended him (tom the commencement of his sick.
vThat at times he dreaded a stool worse than
.d have dreaded death: that ee ran camp:ire he
ing to nothing save that of knives passing throngh his
bowels. anffering worse than death at the 's
Retreat, on Staten island, t he doctor told him that Sailor
tine was of no use to him. that lie 10U4 try to stir about.
At this time he was suffering the greatest misery. That
his bortea wt re so tender he could not hear the least press
ure upon the elbow or upon, the. knee, that his instep was
most painful, that as the Doctor sea be would give him
no more medicine he detmined to procure some
Rrandreth's Pills, which er he did, from 241 Broadway
New York; that he commenced with five pills, and some
timesincreased the dose to eight. Tite first week's use
so much benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what he was using. Bald, now:Elliaw, you look like a
man again; if you improve iti this way, you will soon be
well.' That he fatted every dose of tits Brandreth Pills
relieve him, first they cured him of the pain when at
stool;that they next cored the diarrlicea, aad (lastly the
pains in his bones:—That the medicine gemmed to add
strength to hum every day. Retold the doctor yester—
day the 11th Instant, that he felt himself well. and also,
that he owed his recovery to 11,endrettis T
Providence, that he had taken the medicine et da
for 19days; that the doctor told him if he had known he
had been i2llin; that medicine. he should not have stayed
another day in rim house. He considers it labia tint! to
make thispublic statement for the benefit of sit similarly
fflicted; that they may know where to find a medicine
John Shaw being by me duly sworn title 12th day ti
, men? l. IR4. depose and .ny that the foregoing st•le.
is Irne. I Li WHE,r.LEß,C.curnissioner Deed_,
IitALVD.RETII PILLS are sold at. Dr. Brun,
dreth's principal , ffire, '24 I . BROADAE.fir. New Yofk
aad at his principal Aber. N 0.98 Wood issliscOrittellwrzh ,.
the OJIiLY F is Tithsbutgb WttereT e lle ap.ot rlte llets.
(Maimed; •' • • -• •
1 •
! sep 70
Small Sot es.—lt is earnestly to be ho
ped that no measure will. be adopted bi
the Legislature calculated either to in
crease or p e rpetuate the nuisatice of smolt
notes in Pennsylvania. So far at least at
this portion of the State is concernerteucli
a course would be uncalled for, and puha
lic opinion has long been fixed that the
filling up of the s.raller channels of circa.
lation with paper is nut the rightful temp'
dy for the evils under which we labors
Especially would it be wrong, when it
evident that all things are working to st
wholesome cure, to have recourse to toy
means likely to retard the healthful pram
cess and to protract the duration of the
disease; but if we are to commence again
in the old way, with sacrifices and conceal'
sions to a false principle—the often Weil
but perpetually filing delusion of "relief' .
—we at once throw away all that has been
gamed through experience and aufferitage
There has been enough of noxious atiratl 4
lents, let us recover soundly and effectual;
ly from our financial debauch, without re*
sorting agaia to the cause of our prosy's:
'on.— Pennsylvanian.
Cold heather. —Friday last mat a 'co
Friday' at the Jorth and East,to say notla•
ing of places nearer home. At Aguata,..
Nle., the mercury fell 17 below zero, and,
in some positions, 22. At Troy, N. 17 . 4
twenty-four below zero. At Norway,
Nle., thirty one below zero. But this is
nothing to what took place on the Hotta.
atonic Railroad, where the boiler of the
locomotive froze up, while under a full
head of steam ! Ihe particulars of the
phenornonon are thus stated in the Nor.
walk Gazette:
'Extreme cold.—W e understand that
the weather has been so intensely cold,,
during the pa-t week, on the line of the
Housatonic Railroad, that the water in.
the boiler of the locomotive actually con
gealed while the engine was in operation,
and the train was bronght to a dead stand I
It is riot often that the weather is cold
enough to produce such effects.'.—Jour'
na/ of Commerce.
We learn horn the New Orleans pa.
pers of the 15th instant, that ou the pre.
ceding day that city was filled with vari•
cus unpleasant rumors in relation to our
affairs with Mexico, in consequence of a
, report brought by the Galveston steamship
that she passed off the Balize the U. S. re
venue cutter Woodbury, from Vera Crone
tldlaMEkliAffircCiriMiwTsll9, inna
turn home, acc-mpanied by Mr. Southall.
The renort_ b o vvavr_glid_r.nt hnict-kaessaaaast.
credence, more particularly, as though t he
vessel bringing it arrived early in the
morning, nothing had transpired to con.
film its truth up to a late hour at night.
Young Mercer's Case. —As might -be •
su9posed, many vague and unfounded ru. •
niors are afloat; concerning the conduct of
young Mercer, both before and since the .••
melancholy affair for which he is now in -.
custody, and awaiting a trial. We advise .. ...
our readers to be very careful how they '
give credence to any of tnem, arr'd to sus— , ,
pend ju,lgreent upon them all for the Ores... ..,-,
ent, at least. Of one fact we cliti;.asiiire •
• .... • • - 7
ge l
our readers, which is, that the conducv_er4 . : -. 1
conversation of Mercer since his corn IF•i,,,p" ~.,..- 4 .
tal, has been guarded and judichsas. liAt 7
week we will give a fair and unbilit .itri .". 1 '; •:,
view of the circumstances connect el l ' 13%,
the whole affair, and, we trust:will As " ' ;',„
able to disabuse the pubic miqd upbe lkttC . :7.
~ultiect. —Camden Eagle:. ,
The Quo lfarranto.—Thii-;question rata". ••. -,• •
ed by the special demurer filed to the Sher.' 1' '
ill's plea in the above case, n !licit was . sir . -
2ued on Saturday in the Common Pleas,
was decided yestertiay m ornirrg: - . U. seems ,
that the counsel for the Slit.OWom - Oly
04\ 4
pled that officer's comtnissisn, alytte,itatte-
lime making project of it; and thif t i
that this was all that was.reltfuirt4V.: IA •
pleaded until some facts were aVtlitt It: i
the Commonwealth tending to ' lilver .
the commission had been illeg 4014'
The Commonwealth argued at ,iitirs •
facts in relation to the appoitCtineti - ,...„*A1- . .
have been set forth, such as residpKfg' ••
&c. The Court however decided.tbai - * ; •
plea was good; and required the Cunticti4"-••
wealth to answer over.—Sp. of the Terftfl; ' .
111:7•To those gentlemen, who go a T out
exalting Mr. Johnson's great two hundred
millions scheme, it may not be pleasant to
learn that "the Expounder of the Constitu.
Lion," Daniel Webster, is hostile to that
plan. In his great Boston speech he said:
'Once abroad I did hear it mentioned by.
%American citizen: I told him the pro
ject. was wholly unconstitutional, ancLver4
er could be accomplished; in short, the .
consent of the people to make a new cop•
stittition for the United States would be
necessary."— Lane. In
The Senate of Maine have voted to make
the property of railroad companies taxable:
as real estaie. The House have voted to
receive the State's share of the distribution
Accoring to the report of the Chief *
Engineer of Detroit, Michigan, there have
been nine fires in that city during the put
`year., which destroyed property, to lb* a... 7,
mount of 83200. .
The ship Kentucky reilently went from
New Orleans to Boston: d*clrargej
cargo; and returned oitevrOttrarer,ln forty,
one days; by far the -fisrlikest trip skeet.
Ar y~~ ; ., _ _~.
~'Y ~.5+~v,'.1'.