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TICILMS.—FIVE DOLLARS a year, payable in
advance. Single copies TWO CENTfor sale at the
Hunter of the office. and by News Bays.
The Mercury and Manufacturer
is pabllshed WEEKLY, at the some office, on a dsouhle
mediae sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, In ad.
vases. Slagle copies. SIX CENTS.
Terns , of Advertising.
One lesertien. 0.50 I One month, SS.OO
Twain's:llbn., 0.75 Two monis, t 5,00
'Fetes Insertions, 1,00 Three months, 7.00
Oee week, 1,50\ Four 1110 n, ht, RAO
Two weeks. 3.00 Six months, 10.00
Three weeks. 4.00 One year, 15,00
AT eteastralc.
Os* Efeters. Ti. Squares
Oil seethe, $19.00 I Six months, $23,00
glee year, 25,00 One year, 35,00
rrLarger adverilsemente in prorortiOn.
CARDS of four lines Six DOLLOta a year.
Ctrs foil Orrtca. Third between Market and Wood
alismata—a. M Riddle. Posomaster.
Canon Moose, Water, 4th door from Wood st. Peter
son's beildings—Major John W Mock, Collector.
ens Taassone. Wood between First and Second
stirsen—James A. Bertram, Treasurer.
COCIETT TILIMICIRY, Third street. next door to the
Third Poesbyterian Church—S. ft. Johnston, Treasurer.
Manit's Orrice, Fourth. between Market and Wood
Mnala—Alesander flay, Mayor.
Ssiosasir's Excnsoor, Fourth, near Market st.
Trennaos, between Market and Wood streets, on
Tnlrd and Fourth streets.
Maacamers' Lan Msnorsc-reatas' F.ltstals'
roan Bass, (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth,
Hood and Market streets.
ETC ccccc , Fifth street, near Wood.
11 Roost. Water street, near the Bridge.
Ricits.sor. Ilona.. corner of Penn and Si. Clair,
11111111C11011111' 110 TILL, corner of Third and Wood.
Asaatcao floszt.,corner o
Penn s treet
Thir and Smit dCanal.
..„,rossSratas, corner of treet an
Raran,Liherty street. near Seventh.
Mit.t.Tais Memos House, I.llieriy St opposite Wayne
00000 ORIT 1111.1161021 House. Penn Si. opporite Canal
oed to flakeweii's °Meet on st., neatly opposite
to new Court House, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
Zig ;Tina floor sop 10
THOS. FL ELLIOTT , 1).--tifficr removed t
St. Clair street, between Penn gni Libersty Sl
Figtibiltrii. 10
-NEW GOODS.—Preston k Mac k ey, w h,,lcsnle and
retail dealers In English, Fr.ich,
and Uninestir
Dry Good*. Mo. RI, Market st ,Piitshitrch. cep 10
ANDLESS & ;WELL RE, Aitorneys and
NrCounsellors at Law: Office in the Diamond, lu ck
Of the old Court House, rtilsl't':t ge ._. l .------ )
REMOVAL. - R. Morrow, Alderman; offse north
side of Fifth at., lictween Wood and Smeiri thfield
els. Pittsburgh. s 10
lOUS lIIVDEVITF, Wholesale Grocer Rectic.ing
• Distiller, And Dealer in Produce and
Maftetractured Article..., N.. 224 Liberty Street, Pitts
barik. sep
Wtt.t.tt U. W11.1.1`1111 .CIII.I 73. D16 , 4'0 111 19
NATi lAA MS & I)ILWORTII.--Wholetalc
Grocers Produce and Commission Merchantg, s till
/asters in PittllbUrgit Manufactured article,., Sr , 29
We•J street. Aro 10
WM. ionimiztx ittmaiisi so , -AttorttryT -
dt I.a;
Office un the null h *W et a e ~i
rs‘ t he lhamond.hetwepep 10e•
olarket and Union streets. up
c. Office rot
Attorney at Law; tender ,
fik • his professional services to tIR publi ,
. a Fifth and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd 4- c
ed o.
otort.Plittamurxh, Pa. sep 10
Sons 111.8Henirtr... .IC E .........
RI ......... JAS. N • KrAr
SHEFF de Manufacturers of Cooper
Tin, and Sheet Iron Wore, No
boat 80. Fwork SVOITIpiI I t ~ rlll5
6111111. 1100S6 SpOUI in: and Steam
gleCited Bei , 10
woos. B. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
1 Room', t,urner Hand tit. E.:change Alley.
retina* wishing 10 purchase Furniture,
find ithatt to
!halt advantage to give us a call, twilit fully tsfied
we can Ocala aA to quality and price. sep 10
AMS.—Just receved IGO choice Nut.
ton Hams, well cured and for sale c
p by iht!do•
sea or retall.by ISAC
N 0.9, Fi.•
asp 10
RlrrA. BA.GA•— A su pp'y of Land , et Fresh Ru•
to 01.0, and other different varieties of Turnip
Safi;, jolt received and for sate at asoucco ?RICCI' at `
Peng and Seed Sture of F.
•eP 10 No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood,
EBB CLOSEY Boot and Shoe Manutacto
ry, No. 83 Fourth
K St., nex t doo
n r to f U.
i . States
{ant. Ladies Prunella, id and Sati Shoes m ade
lie neatest roan ner and by the newest French patterns.
oep 10
MORI/8M ULTICA U WS. to lots to suo
51000 pilfchaters; to be disF.posed of by
No.lß4l.lberty street, bend of Wood
DAnuA ROOTS, Flowers and Flower SeedstheDru or ev g
ery description, can always be had at
sod Seed store of F. L. SNOW DEN.
1114 Liberty street, bead of Wood.
sop 10
50 LDS. Illinois Annoul Mammoth Onion Seed, for
sale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood
for seed; Jus t received by
No. 184, Liberty head of Wood s
GARDEN TOOLS, consisting of Hoes. Fancy Sp.
Transplanting Trowels, Edding Tools, Buddi
Knives, Pruning Kokes;, Pruning Shears. etc., lust
saved and for :ale. l by
nap 10 94 Liberty street, head of Wood,
cows Venison Hams.—Just received a small sup•
ply of very choke cured Vedison Hams, on retail
41 rIe soon tots for current money.
and Com. Merchant
WIIIIKaa TE Clver Seed, Orchard Grass an.
Blue o Grass, always on hand and for
N 0.184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
sate by
imp 10
gIaTER BUCHANAN, Attorneys at Law, office
rsisoesd from the Diamond, to A ttorney'allow,"
seedy side of ranch street, between Market and Wood
stree Imp 10
AISISTRATE:VBIAANKS, for proceedings to At
rss►waat ander the late law, for sate at this Office
FOl SALE.—Lots on the North East corner of Coal
Lane and 11lip street. Apply to
sap 1S BE!'d.l, DARLINGTON, Market. near 4th st.
100 L.B.S Landreth's French sugar Bcet tieed. just
received and for safe at
F t . he Drug
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Store or
sop 10
parteershlP heretofore existing between WIL•
thiAM HIGSY had BEN/ AMIN HOPEWELL. is this day
Malloivrel by mutual convent. William Digby is authorized
tar ort the sirtaters of the fit MI ill sett li ng up the
if aistate.lina. WUJAAM away.
ea- 10 116 N/. T.WREW ELI.
yOFINSTON er STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printers an RIGBY—No. 121, Corner of Wocdand Front
el Paper M anufacttreme No. 37. Market et. sep 10-1 y Streets, Pittsbuerk, has on hand a complete as-
ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water st- sortmentof aucensw are suited to the city or country
wide. Also, a choice selection of pure white and gold
ra, near the Monongahela House, Pittsturgh. sap 10-19 I band DINING AND TEA WARE, in large or small sets,
or separate pieces to suit purchasers.
A cask of 46, 60. or 84 piece sets, snperbly painted
and gilt English China Teaware, at very low prices.
Toy TeawarE, plain, and rich painted and gilt. from
1,00 to 115,00 per set
Children's MIMS of every description.
White China Shaving Mugs,
Cranite Dining ai d Tea Services, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed In Mae and black.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and BroaltfaA Stta,
imported to matrh. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of curry sire.
Patent Buckets, Tubs and Heelers.
Stone Pipe Heads, kr. kc. kc.
All of which are respectfully offered to the pub.
Ile on the most favorable terms. Jan 26. 1842-1 Y
LEONARD S. JOUNS, Alderman, St,Clair street, se
mind door from Liberty. cep 10—ly
DR. S. R. HOLMES, Office In Second street, next door
to Mu'rally et Co's Glass Warehouse sep 10-1 y
SHUNK 4.• FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourth st.,
near the Mayor's Office, Pittsburgh. sea 10-1 y
THOS. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law, It, ,weer
wood and Smithfield sitt., l'lttsliorzh. Ben 10-1 y
HUGH TONER. Aliofnev at Law. North Fat I
a Smithfield and Fourth street!. %MP y
lIANNA Paper Warehouse, No.
104, Wood st where may he had a general supply
ol sulking. wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank books,
pep 10-1 y
school hdoks, tc, ere.
C• TOWNSEND dr CD.. Wire Worker
. Marifecturerit, No. =2.3 M arket sheet, between 2(1
and 3d Weals.
sop 10--1 y
- - -----
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
streets,by MeKIRBIN ¢ SMITH.
cep 10--ly
ward Hughes. Msnufneiurer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25, Wood st., Pittsburgh. imp 10 —1 y
I.IIG METAL —77 tons soft Pia Metal G
for ante by
.1.G.4 - A ORDDN ,
No. 12 Wnter street
LBS. B %CON BA MS. 16,000 Ihs. Bacon
3,000 Shoulders, for sa'e by
. G. 4. A. GORDON,
No. 12 Water street
LAS. PATTERSON , Jr.. RifMingilinTl, near Putsbureh,
-pa., M a nufekriurer of l,ocks. liinees and Bolls; To.
bacco, Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws; Housen Screws for
Rolling Mills,/cc. gen 10—ly
TORN 111,CLOSKE1, Tailor and Clothier, Liber.y
1 t reel, between Sixth and Virgin alley, South side,
W. BURFIRIDG 4- CO., WholcAale Grocers an
Commission Merchants— Second street, between
Wood and Smithfield st s., Pittsburgh. sep 10- 1 y
J•G A. GORDON, Commission and Forwardi
Merchants, Water at.. Pitiohurgh, scp 10—Iv
Ur AM S.-4 casks hams, a good article, received per S.
B Corsair, and for sale by J .G. 4 A D
seri 10 er
No. 12, Waier
SUGAR 8.• MOI,ASSF.S.--40 birds New Orleans Su
gar; ¶ - 10 bills New Orleans Molasses; for sale by
Sep i 0 J. G. s_\. GORDON:
RIGA blida prime N. 0. Sdlar, received per S
R Maine, and for sale by J. G. k GORDON.
No. 2. Water stree
Ch BACON C ASK S in order, on handand form Itaie ley
st, sep 10 J.G. A. GOR DON So. 12, Wer at
SUGAR AND MOI.ASSEB-13hhdsand4bhtaN.O
Sugar. 32 blitz N.O. Motanger, received per Steamitna
Importer, and for +n le J. C k A. cortnoN.
No. 12. Water street
sep 10
BBLS. LARD 011. forrate by
corner of nth and Wood
1631: y 1' CRS e
corner 01 6111 and Wood SIP.
)0(1 Prepared Chalk, for (rale by
g, A. FA lIN C.S I'OCK k CO
corner of foh and Wood
6.11.1 G NR AND MOUSSES.-60 tilids. 6. O. Sug
25 bble. do. do.. 100 dn. Plantation NI itiolotirs,
sale by G . COR DON ,
No. 12 \ Voter el reel
"I o lie used in Bankruptcy proceeding,. printed on
••nod paper,and in the foruni approved by the Court ,(Or
lire Office of the Mercury and Democrat.
31. lIITHBARD, Ladies'
fashionable boot nn
shoe Itlantifortitrer.S 0. 101, Third s , rest, bet wee
tVood and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh sett 10
thcorner of AT LAW
1. . removed other to e Fourtl
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Gran
streets, P it tsbu rg h. sep 10
41 , ). MAKER, No. 7, St. Ciair Etroci, Pitts.
sep 10
stionty ol Land.eili's Carden Seeds, always on
hand. and for sale at Ins agency, ;lie DruSgroNOore of
184 Liberty street,lread of Wood
R. DAVID WARD ha, hie office and reslileuice
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the, Court House.
second diselllng from ftussstreet. Ile will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should he
made at 11w door above the basement. sep II)
AI. —Matthew Junes, Barber and [lair Dress
er, has removed to Fourth st reel , oppositet he May
ors office, where he will he happy to;wait upon pernianen
ur transient cusluniers. 11e solicits a share of public ploat
Wll.. A. %V A RD, DENTIST, Penn et. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9a. It., until 5 v. M. after which time he will attend
to no one except in cases of actual necessity. He
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ hini,that he expects immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending in hills. sep 10
JOHN IVIVARLkND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
.M..ker, Third at. between Wood 4- Market streets,
respectful iufornis his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards, Bu
reaus,ChAirs, Valdes, Bedsteads, Stands, Ilalr and Spring,
Mattrasses, Curtains, Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
worn, which he will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. I.cp 10
REiwrordw.--The subscribers have removed to Wa.
ter between Wood and Smithfield streets, where
they will continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commis
sion business and would respectfully solicit the patron.
age of their friends. J. W. BURS!: I E - Co.
Dec 3
110 Weed Street, PittsbiteArk.—R. A. Bailsman,
Auctioneer and Cotismission Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all hinds of Goods and Merchandize,
at his large and capacious tooms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Filth Streets, Pittsburzli.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenins.
Books, 4c.. every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Cunsigniuents when wanted.
R zzzzzz czs.
Messrs. John D. Davis, Esq.,
si Bagaley 4- Smith,
it Hampton. Smith. k Co.
F. Lorenz 4' Co.,
si J. \V. Borhridge k Co.,
S. WE ee k co.
si Capt. James M'Gargill,
C. I hmsen. EW. I I
8t ... Joon M 'Fadden Esq.
Logan 4- Kennedy.
J. K. Moorhead k Co.
Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
" Hubert Galway, Egg:
si Capt. Jul. May,
bleVay.llanaa , it Co.
it William Symms,
S. G. Henry,
Smith, Snaky Co
1Ba:s Rio Coffee_
011 Oct 4.
received this day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the above. celebrated cure for Coughs. Colds and Con
sumption; and is ready to supply cu.tommeat wholesale
or retell, at his Medical Agency, Sti Fourth st.
earkioaablo 'Boot Alokee,—
Itas removed to No, 34 Market kireet, between
Second and Third streets, where be Wou'd he happy
to see his old customers. and all others who feel dlspos.
ed to patronize hint. Be uses nothin: 'hut first rate
i , tock. and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
its constant personal attention to business, he trusisthat
to will deserve ai.d receive a fair share of patronage.
e n 10
it'E t:lt EA M, h CONFECTION A RY.-
A Hunker respectfully inforins his friends and the
public that they can always find the best quality of Ice
Creams. together with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits, In their wsmon, at his establishment—No. 11.
Fifth street, betwe it Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. *en 10
H AM J. CLEM ER, residing at 66 Mott street,
New York. was aMicted with Dyspep , ria in Its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, tonal', heart.
burn, pain In the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite. sersation of sinking at the sioniach,
furred tongue, nausea. with frequent vomiting., dizziness
towards night and testleness. These had continued tip.
ward of a twelvemonth , when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans. WO Chatham street, and submitting to his ever
ucerssful and agt I-cable mode of treatment. the patient
was completely reqiiired to lienlili in the short space of
one mouth. and grateful for the Incalculable benefit deriv.
ed. gladly came forward and volunteered the above state
For sale Wholesale and Retl byai
R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
No 20. Wood street, below Second,
• _
CLARD.—Those who would nisi' greatly to reduce
their expense for light, should certainly purchase one of
the above named Lamps, as by their use there is a clear
saving of at least rwoit birds of the expense over Oil,and
the tight obtained from this is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free from smoke or disagreeable smell. We would
here slate that Carr's Patent is the only one worthy the
attention of the public, as it is the only one that is appli
cattle to every variety or pattern of Lamps, and the only
one that will kitten Lard wst.t. x at any temperature of cold
or heat. We have, in the short space of three mouths,
sold several thou=andv and with scarce an exception,
th o .e wine then; have expressed themselves highly pleas
ed with them. and fully convinced of the great economy
by their ti.e, as well as their superiority over either oil
or candles, in regard to cleanliness and light.
The above trained L lamps can lie had
,i• only at
Third street, nearly opposite the Post Office.
Where is kept constantly on hand Britannia Metal, Tin
and Glass Lamps. of vat ions pat terns.
GiaRS lamps sold at manufacturers' prices.
We take ptea•nre in offering to ;he public the (brow
ng certificate, which is subscribed to by many respect!'
itie citizens.
We. the undersigned , hive tried and are now using
Carr's Patent Lamps, for burning Lauf nr other animal
fat, and we have 110 Ite , ital lon in saying that they give an
excellent light —ential to any of the ordinary modes of
lighting a BMW, at shout one•thtrd the cost, and wholly
free !tom smoke or other disagreeable smell. We lake n
pleasure in recommending titere lamps to the public, as by
heir use there is a great saving over either sperm
or lard oil or even candles; and we believe them to
he more cleanly and less troublesome than either.
To he bad at BROWN ik I VISIOND.I only, Third street,
nearly opposite the Post Office.
Bev. W. W. Bakewell, James floon,
A. M. Brvan, Charles Parlson,
John Weron, C. Yeager.
N. G. rollim,, • Wm. Graham, jr.,
Robert Dunlap, E. Trovillo,
Or H. D. Sellers. WM. Douglass,
" E H. CIIZZA M. Henry Atwood,
Wm. \l. Wright, Isaac Cruse,
Robert H. Kerr, Esq., ege W Henry
A.Beckhnm, Robert McPherson.
Thoma, , Colston, John S. Shaffer,
George Miltenberger, Wm. Eichbaum,
n. P. Shiras, J. B Turner,
A.Miller. AV m. !Martin,
R. M. Riddle, Post Master Henry Bargesser,
R o bert Gray, James S. Clark, of the Amer
Allen Kramer, lean Hotel,
A. F. Marthens, John M,Campbell
M. Stack houe. L. Alberger,
Robert Johnston, James Mellin,
N. II Just received, an improved Patent Lamp, for
kitchen use. rod 19—clIvr 4 wit'
TO THE PUBLIC, and particularly to ray forcer
patrons of this city:—llaving retired from the
practice of Medicine, I may be permitted to say, that it
has lalten to the lot of l ut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or large a share of obstretrical practice as my
own has been for the last 30 or 40 years.
The experience of that long period °furtive life, and the
fact of my having been tw ice, since 1830. associated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, in the practice of medicine, On both a
period of five years.) enables me to judge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient. so efficient, and yet so safe, did I esteem
these pills, that for the last five yeah s in my practice for
the cure of chronic diseases, or whatever na trio', and those
of females in particular, -I have used more of them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine, this must fail in some in
stances, hut in my hands there has been less disappoint.
ment and more satisfaction in the administration of this
one remedy titan of ail others; its good effects sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a safe aperient medicine either
...fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pits were Just
the thing I wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity ofthe liver. constituted the
disease M . my patient, the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a ease requiring an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
dlfficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
Thus, without respect to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the nine I have had it under treat
maul, particular indications or ssmnions arising. were
always mot promptly and most happily met by the
so 'sPiiig.
Thatgreat a number of diseases, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should he cured more readily by them than by any other
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is smelter to my mind as that a great many
persons should become thirsty from as many different
causes, and yet all require that common and greatest t,f
rig " . all biessings, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion. it is due the reputation of the medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and unconditionally,that
the Wilson's pins arelbeonlyr combination I have ever
met with in my longeoursa of prathee.lital really poll•
eterea anything curative*/ specific fbr OA headache:
Yours rte., DC MILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particularly for the sick
Heed-Ache, Dyspepsia, Constipation of the Bowels ke.,
cling prepared by the proprietor Dr. R. it. Moon, arid for
elite sale, wholesake and retall,at titsdprentag la Pena street.
Wow Marbery.
DR. GOODE'S eraebrated Female Pills. These
Pills are strongly recommended to the notice of
the ladies as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections: These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Uni.
ted States, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale avid
[Lean, by R. E. SELLERS, Agel,t,
sep 10 No. 20. Wood SI rcet, lielow Second.
WM. ADAIR. Boot and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the head of Sotithfiehl of., Pittsburgh.—
The subscriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
In the old stand or Mr. R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work in his line, In the best manner
and on the shortest notice. He keeps cot stonily on hand
a large assortment of shue findines of all descriptions and
of the best qunlli v. Re solicits the patronage of the nub•
Ile and of the croft. WM. ADAIR.
imp 10
- --------
and Axles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps nstantly on
hand Coach, C and Eliptlc Springs. (warracnoled,) Juniata
Iron A ales, Sliver and Brass plated Dash Frames, flaw
and plated Huh Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Sliver and Brass Lamps. Three fold Steps, Malleable
ran, Door Handles and fllnges, , e.
Et. Clan' st.. near II a Allegheny Bridge.
_ -
For Pale by
7, • 4- A. CORDON
The attention •fthme who have been somewhat seep.
ticat in reference in the numerous certificates published
in favor of Or. Swavne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cher
ry, on account °fine persons twine unknown in this see
lion of the State. Is respectfully directed to the foltowina
certificate,' he writer of which has been a elite/en of this
borough for several years, and is known air a gentleman
of integrity and responsibility.
To the Arent, Mr. J. KIRBY
' 1 have used Dr Swayne's Comp and Syrup of Wild
Cherry for • cough, with which I have been severely of
flirted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
In saying that It lathe most effective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness, and
agrees well with my diet.—and mantalns a reenter and
good appetite. 1 can freely recommend It to all others
similarly afflieted..J. Mitotic:a, porough of Chamhersb'e.
March 9.11140. rep 23
Foreate hy WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
D. SELLERS, M. D., office and dwelling in Fourth
near Ferry street. %PP 13ly
PERSON:. 4 desirous of procurine Frolt, Shade. and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrubbery, from
ir Pleilndel
phis or New York, are requected to mate flppintion es
soon as possible. at the Drug and Seed Store of the sub.
seriber, where coo I e lend catalogues, aratuitootely, of the
most excellent •,artei F.SNOWDEN,
Rep 21 No 124 'Meetly street.bend of Woo"
MARBLE M It NuFAcror.Y.—Patrlck Caw field re
spect fully acquaints his friends and the public gen•
erally, that he has commenced the Marble I,ll'l7le:is at the
corner of Fifth and Liberty sts..where will he ermstunily
on hand. tomh stones. mantel pieces. monuments. head
and foot stones, table slabs for cabinet ware, and every
artielearmerta kilns to the business. He will warrant Ills
work to be well done, and his chews will he moderate.
He rmieet fully asks a share of public patronage: sep 10-
- ll
ANN. 4 & TURNBULL. Peorawcroas or rut Cuts.
von Parte STILL. Steubenville. Ohio. hnvine remn
red thew Aare from Mistily. have appointed Holdship
4- Browne, No. 49 Market st., hetween 3rd nnd 41h. a•
rent* for .re Pale of the different kinda of Paper manufac
tured I v them, where their friends and customer. will al
ways and a regular surlily of paper, each as Cap and
P - .llrrittne. Mem and faint lined; VPrapping and Ten
paper; Bonnet rtoard:, and Printing Paper of different al.
ter and qualities, all Of which will be sold on the most
accommodating term..
tiot.osnte & PROtrar, mannfacturers and Imnorters of
Wall Papers and Borders. keeps constantly on hand ere.
rr variety of Entry, Parlor and Chamber Papers, of the
latest FIVIeS and most handsome patterns, which they
will Fell low and on accommodating terms, wholesale
r retail, nov 18—tr.
Portaide Platform Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 lbs, a
$55 00.
do do do do 2,005 at 145 00
do do do do 1,500 at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do do do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the we of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills, kc.,the same prices as above.
Alsn,White's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements. and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from 8 to $l5.
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Mills. Salt Works. hc., double and singe
geared slide fat hes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patrnt horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a superior article; circular
SOW shafts, machines for sawing lath, Thiner's ma
chines and tools ofall descriptions,also for making black
ing boxes,a,uperior article; governors for-steam engine
stocks, taps and dies, coffee mills, bedstead or Joint hots
and machinery for making the same, cotton factory ma
chinery made or repaired; printing press planets turned
and printing presses repaired
se p 22—tf
JOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
stun ttlerchant,No.lo6,cornsr of Wood k Fifth its.
Pittsburgh: Having beenappoinled one of the Auction
eers fog the City of Pitsburgh, tenders his services io job
bers, manufacturers and dealers, who may be disposed
to make trial of this market• lie k prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities.
and trusts to satisfy correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy land favorable returns.
That the various interests which may be confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandize generally, the services of Mr. &tans!,
FAusizsTiaec heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement is made.
REren TO
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Pres't. of M. 4. M.
" Darlington /e Peebles,
Robert Gal way,
" James M. Cooper,
" James Mny,
R. M. Riddle. } Pittsburgh
Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres%
of Exchange Bank.
Hamploo,Smith, 4. co.,
John D. Davis,
Smite' Chuich,
.. J. K. Moorhead.
Jas. W. Brown 4. co.
.. John H. Brown. 4. Cot
.. Smith it !Insley,
Yardly Sharetn,
.. John 8. Viddit,
John Dalantl,
VIAMILY Ifl.4lCft--.lest received a Gm barrels et
.1' So paler ?lour. mark expressly for femtlf ess..tror
sale try ISAAC CEDISE,I4II Lib, Si.
Is Store 50 barrels sap. floor.
For pubtishiag a /I eiv Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
burgh, to be eutitted the
THESubserlbers having made arrangement! to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish • daily
paper with the title of the Daily Morning rest.
The leading object of the "Pore" will be therd:ssemina
lion and defence of the political principles that have here•
tofore been maintained by the Editor:, in their respective
papers, and their best efforts will still he devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, in politics, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history or passing political events, Purvlgn
and Domestic Intelligence, and Wel notices or all Mal
tersand occurrences that come properly within the sphere
of a Public Journal, to make their paper sufficiently, In
cresting to entitle it to the pat mirage cf the public, ir
respective of party considerations. . I
In addition to the political and g rat news that will
be found in the ...Worming Post," Fe Pslltors will take
pains to furnish the business, (ommunity with
the latest and most interesting Cawastetat. Iteretw
ortrez from all parts of the country, and to have prepa•
red such accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
asveillbe advantageous to obr Merchants and Business
Men in their several callings.
Terms.—The POST will be published on a large imperb
al sheet of tine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Journal) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per antruni,payable in advance. It will also be sold by
newsboys at lire low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at the lowat rates
charged by the other daily paper! of the city.
0:1: -TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
will be engaged on the most liberal terms
Auvii 31, 1842
- _
100 HIIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO. In store and
for 931 e. by J. G. 4- A GORDON,
No. 12.Walef street.
BY Mocrison 4- Co. London, for sale only by S.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgil.
alley Pilt,burgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. sep 10
FARM FOR SA LC.—The undersigned offers for sals he
tract of land situated 4 mllea ht.,.. freepoit, in t
direction of Kittanning, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
county. containing 100 acres, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are in meadow— a good square log
dwelling house•nd cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 best ing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient tothe house.
FOR TERMS apply to the subscribers residing at the
Saitworks on the Pen I)sy Ivania Canal, 1 attic above Free.
sep 10 WM. A- Pllll.ll' BAKER.
TO THE WISE. t is now well understood how
much disorders or the mind depend for their cure
upon a due attention to the body. It is cow understood
how vslualtle is that medicine which will remove morbid
accnmulations without weakening the bodily power. It is
now understood that there is a reciprocal Influence be.
tween the mind and the body. It is now understood that
' pnrging with the Brandreth Pills will remove a torten 1
cho m . an t d
iev neon
w i nusute i r t s Y t oiso d c u h re w d
uch s d e o v m *, e l stic
ness depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It Is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have
cured thousands of hopeless and helpless persons, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known that the Brandreth Pills so cure but it is also un•
derstood how they cure; that it is by their purifying elect
on the blood thet they restore the hotly to health.
The value of the medicine Is becoming more and more
manifest, it is recommended daily front family to family.
The Brandrel It Pills remove in an almost Imperceptible
manner all noxious accumulations and purify and invigo
rate the biood,and their good effects are not counterhalan
ced by any inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their effects ere as certain as they are gala•
Lary; they ere daily and safely admini,lersd to Infancy,
youth, manhood, and old sae, anti to women in the most
critical and delicate circumstances. They do not distort,
or shock the animal functions, but restore their order
and establish their health.
Sold at Dr. Brand reth's Office, No. 9R, %Poor, street,
Pittsburgh. Price 25 cents per hot, with fall directions.
MACK--The only place In Pittsburgh where the genU.
Me Pills can he obtained, is the Loctor's own office, No
98 Wood street. sep 10
proved flay
infaelured be
olr Maebint
between pin-
i street, two
non. rut.
ufartore and
the follow
comi.oscd 0
No. 1, Port
le Platform
S% tl6 il 350 ti
outtdb,at 565
1. Phifader'
imp 10
FPO THE LADIES —Why du you not remove that
1 superfluous hair yon have upon your foreheads
and upper lips? By callintt at Torvi.e's, 86 Fourth at.,
and °braining a bottle of Gouraud's Poudree Subtles„
which will remove It at once without affecting the skin.
Toucan also obtain Gouraud' , truly celebrated Eau do
Salute, which will at once remove all freckles, pimples,
eruptions of the skin, and make your face look per ectly
fair; and to those who wish to assist nature by adding
more color to their cheeks. they can obtain some of Gott
rand's celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot be rubbed
off even by a wet cloth. Also ma be found a good as
sortment of Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil. Al.
mond, Palm, Windsor; and other Soaps.
ftemcmher. at Tuttle's Medical Agency, 86 4th street.
Dec. 8, 1842
LET Invalids read tile following account of a Salim
cured of a complication of afflictions In nineteen
days by the use of Brandreth Pills. it distinctly proves
there are herbs in nature which have affinity cure be
cause of disease, and Brandret Phis are made for them
Read and he convinced. Take the medicine ;indite cured
Jowl anew, of Pembroke,Wasisineton county, Maine,
being dilly sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six months since. The pains in his head, breast,
hack, left side and instep being so had that he was una.
hle to help hiniself,and was taken into the Chelsea Hos.
pits! in the city of Boston. That after being in said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Otis said he did not know
what Wall the matte' with him, and that he could do
nothing for him, nor could he prescribe any medicine.
That he, therefore, was conveyed front the Chelites Hue.
phalli, the Sailor's retreat on Staten !stolid. That he
was there physicked with all sorts of medicine for a peri
od of four months, suffering all the time the most heart.
rending misery.— Thai, besides his affettion of his bones
he was troubled much with a disease of the lungs: some.
times its would spit a quart of phlegm in the day: besides
his affection he had a bad tilairbera, which had more
or less attended him firm) I lie commencement of his sick.
ness. That at times he dreaded a stool worse than he
would have dreaded deal h; that tie can compare the feel
lug to nothing save that of knives passing through his
bowels. A er !offering WWIe then death at the Batlor's
Retreat, on Staten Island, the doctor told him that medin
tine was of no use to him. that lie mu-t try to stir about.
At this time he was suffering the greatest Misery. That
his bones wee so tender he could not bear the least press
ore upon the elbow or upon the knee, that his instep was '
most painful, that as the Doctor said he would give him
no more medicine he determined to procure some of Dr.,
Brandreth's rills, which he did. from 241 13roadway
New York; that he commenced with five pills, and soots
timesincreased the dose to eight. The first week's ust
so much benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what he was using, said, mow, Shaw. you look like a
man again; if you improve in this way, you will soon be
well.' That he found every dose of the Brandreth Pills
relieve him, first they cured him of the pain wiles at
stool; that they next cured the dlarrhasa, aid finally the
pains In his boner, —That the medicine seemed to add
strength to him every day. Retold the doctor yesier.
day the 11th instant, that he felt himself well, and also,
that he owed his recovery to flnfincireths Pills andel .
Providence, that be had lakes the riledicihe levels , day
for 19days; that the doctor told him if he had known he
had been taking that medicine• he should not have stayed
another day In the house. lie considers it is his duty to
make thlspublic statement for she benefit of ell similarly
afflicted; tiMt. they may know where to find a medicine
that will cure O JOHN SH A W.
John Shaw heing by me duly sworn lids 12th day o
April. 1842. did depose and say tha t the foregoing state .
went is true. WHEELEß,Coonniesloner of Deeds
The HR.INDREtII PILLS aro sold at Dr. grow
dretlen principal ofike,l , 4 I . DR atb mfr. Hew tette
and at his principal adiee. N 0.98 Wood otritot,Pftialarsigli,..
the ONLY PL.ICZ In Pittsburgh where the gesithie ea.
be obtained' fop 2114—delos.
Democratic Meeting.
In pursuance of public notice, a large
meeting of the Democrats of Pittsburgh
and vicinity, was held at the Washington
Hotel, on SaturdSys evening, the sth of
February. • - • -
The meeting was organized by calling
Rody Patterson to the Chair, and appoint-'
mg Geo. W. Jackson, Vice President, and
John T. Connelly, Secretary.
On motion of Mr, Charles Barnett, it
Resolved, That the Chair appoint 6
Committee of five persons, to draft resod
lutions expressive of the views of the
meeting, whereupon the Chair appointed
Messrs. Charles Bartlett, Edwd. D. Gas ,
zam, Michael Kane, G. W. Barnes and
Tilly Potter.
The. Committee, after being some time
absent from the meeting, returned, and
Mr. Barnett, the chairman, stated that ft
majority had agreed to report a set of Res
olutions submitted by Mr. Gazzam. Ad
soon, however,' as the report of the man
jority should be read, he, the Chairman,
would present to the meeting, Resolutioni
which he had offered to the Committee,
but which had not been' adopted by them,
Mr. Gazzam stated to the meeting, that itt
Committee he had been in favor of Mr,
Barnett's resolutions, but the majority had
thought differently from him. Ile still wish ,
ed to see both Reports combined, and both
adopted by the meeting.
Mr. David Lynch now moved as a sub
stitute for both Reports, the Bill lately
passed by the House of Representatives,
for changing the mode of appointing
Canal Commissioners. This 'notion was
warmly unposed, but before the question
on it was taken, Mr. John Ferrel moved
that such portion of the proposed Law ad
went to reduce the salaries of Canal o ff,4
cers, should be added to the two reports
made by the Committee, and together with
those reports be adopted as the sentiments
of the meeting. At this time several me ,
flans made by Mr. McCullough, and Mr.
Lynch and others to adjourn to Wednesday
evening—to Tuesday evening—and to
adjourn sine die were made and lost.-- ,
After some confusion Mr. McCullough a.
gsin renewed his motion to aillrurn sine_
ate, which was seconded by E. - 1,1.0 - aliami
and carried. As the officers rose from
their seats, but befor e the citizens had left
the room, Mr. Lynch proposed that those
opposed to adjournment, should remain
and organize a new meeting. After some
further confusion this was effected, Mt'.
Patterson 'and the - other officers yielding
their seats, arid a portion of the meeting
calling Mr. John Birmingham to the chair,
Mr, David Lynch was then appointed Vice
President, arid E. D. Gazzam and Michael
Tracy Secretaries: A moti n was now
merle to adopt Mr. Lynch's substitute,
and upon this motion an an:mated discus ,
sion arose. Several motions were-also
made to adjourn to another day &c.
none of which being satisfactorily decided,
a moti or to adjourn sine die yL as put, and
decided by Mr. Birmingham, the Chair.
man, to be cart ied—Mr. Birmingham
then yielded the Chair, and Mr. Edward
Norton addressed the citizens. He esa
prt sued the hope, that they would Donor•
mit themselves to be baffled in the atteeipt
I to exercise crie of 1144 undoubted rights.
The majority of those present, were it, fa
vor of expressing their sentiments on the
subjects discus-ed, and he believed if the
motion was permitted to be fairly pet,
that a large majority wou'd vat(' for Mr.
'Ferrara : mendment. It was then moved
,and carried, that. Mr, Nortoti should - take
the Chair for the purpose of puttin,,c , Mr.
Ferrara amcndinere, and that Mr. Ferret
'should act as Secretary. Mr. Rody Pat
terrain then moved that. both Reports or
the Committee, together with such pcatioti
of the Canal Bill as Mr. Ferrol had previ
ously designated should be adopted as
the sense of the meeting. "This motion
was then put, and carried by a large ma
jority; whereby the following Preamble
Resolutions, and Sections of a Bill, were
adopted as the sentiments of the meeting,
'Kelton of the :Majority. -
Wheaas, The Reforms and Retrencii
ments introduced in the management of
our public improvements during the last
year have saved half a mil ion of dollars to
the State; and the interests of theCurn.
motiwealth and of the people. have been
otherwise materially promoted by the pol-•
icy which enables individual enterprise and
individual competition to take pait in the
carrying business on our public works.
.9nd, Whereas, Against these reform
and retrenchments there has been arrayed,
particularly at the scat of Government, a
-vindictive opposition, composed of late of
fice•diolders, whose hitherto high salaries
have been recently reformed into the State
Treasury, and of s uppressed monopolists;
who, fur many yeals excluded the poor
man from the c arrying trade, and have u
sed the public works for their own exclu
sive benefit; and to these may also be ad
ded a mercenat y corps of disappointed of.
flee seekers and broken down politicians.
And, Whereas, Under cover of great re •
gard for the .'rights of the people," and a
new-born zeal for their political interests,
this hybrid faction aim to sibvert the pre
sent retrenchment policy before its salutary
and bealficent iufluences on the business
of the people, and on the credit,and intern
eal of the State. have had ti us to be gen
etally felt and fully developed. There--
Resolva I, That while Ise hold 152 the
right sad appyrio of the policy of the MO-.