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    FEBRUARY 20. 1343
• We were a tittle astonished to find the
foltewiag report of a resolution, which was
agreed to, in the legislative proceedings
published in the last Reporter:
Mr. ileister ti:Fured a resolution instructing the
eommiitec on the Militia system, to enquire into
the expediency of repcalinz the law exempting
member.; of fire carnpanies from the performance
of military duty.
We feel anxious to hear even the shad
oir of an argument in favor of repealing
thelaw referred to. For our part we have
been constrained to believe that the fire
men in our cities and large towns perform
much more service for the public, than all
the militia of Pennsylvania "aimed to the
'teeth" witn cornstalks. %VW any thing
be gained for the state treasury 1 Ifs°,
we would like to hear how.
We would suggest that the firemen get
mytit a remonstrance against the repeal.—
There are not ten good citizens in this city
:and vicinity who would not sign it with all
'their hearts.
'The following is the bill as it passed
!both Houses:
list District. Southwark, Mo;yamensing, Paso
-aayunk, Kingscssing, Blockley, and %Vest Phila
•dclphia, in the County of PMlad. IpMa, and Cedar
Ward in the city.
3d• :'he City of Philadelphia earrept Cedar and
!popper Delaware IVerds.
3d. Northern L berlies, K• nsington in the e•r.
.and Upper D. laware Ward, in the city.
4th. Spring Garden, North and South Penn
, township, Rraborough, Germantown, Bri tol, Liu
'incorporated Ni..rthern Liberties, Oxford, Lower
Tooblin, Byberry and 31 relana.
.sth. Chester arid Delaware.
6!la. Lancaster,
7th. Dauphin, Lebanp.!• :•selluy lk i 11.
Bth. Perks.
7th. Monignmery and Lehigh.
llth. Bucks and N athinidt n.
1-14 h: Luz rue, IVyotning, Monroe, Pike, and
12th. Susquellunna, Br,dford, Tiosr , nrul Put,
13th: Lycoming, NJ: tilumb•Jrland. and Culutn-
14th. Ution, NlifEltn, Juniata, and rt. rry.
15th. Cumberland and Frank
16'h. York and Actanp.,,,
17th. Huntingdon, Bedl4: ', and Soincr,et.
:18th. Fayette and Gre, nc.
19t1 . Wa•tt.i :gton and !L r,
20. h. Wct;ti n rcland, lndiau.t, athi
21Af. Ar.e.2,llettr.
22 ( Lirion, 3 II rsen, Clea , tie!d,
81,rc r. aud Veilanzn.
Craw E ie, \V:nen,
River at !Wheeling.— Six feet water in
the channel.
The annual me ling of the
:13toniely of the 2d Presbyterian ttlinrch, will be
held this (veiling, kllonday) at 7 n'eleca, (in said
-Chore!'.) The tittl tbrated lecturer, .11r. Haworth,
•of New York, wil! deli% r a 1,1 , 1 r, 10 the SU , let v.
All fritinlit of the It) ;Ct.
R \V 1; \ V. Pres'l,
.OR PHA N'S 1:01:HT I,L_-'n i•ur-ozi l.ca of an
order Orphnti'. Cont.! of Ile..2,neny
it 111 be exposed to nieb.ieyale :0 the ruldte 11.,,e of Jas
Cana, i n I bpde y of
.1114-_h. at , All, allenv Co,
• TilletkinY. the 2lst day of Alort•11 next. at I a', loek, I'. M.
- the undivided ai.eentli part of lwo wit Of Oil nd, on tale
In the (illy, county and stain onn hounded on the
south by Strawberry elley. un ti e 1 b Sandu-ky st..
On the north by liartnar Denny,
ky Alle:beity Comninar being lots No :3 and 4, a. nun , -
'beret, to the potentt pl. o of =aid city;
-one haifaere, more or IPS4, v. it 11 a wo ribr y
a coma factory, and a P1,0.e thereon orrrird, late tie et,
late of Henry %Vrtalit and ...ary NI li.e wii•• • tan bnll l lee'd.
Terror , of gale will be made klinwn an lOP ;Inc
'-by JneoltShatior, Guardian of inn minor elind,en of the
•deeedenis. Ito order of the Court.
felt 15 TIIOS. FARLEY, 11,1...
lannediatrqy nn ;h.. oroorirg (4 . 'tact
antion, the st , onn - r.
ALGONQUIN. Hiram Kouo , Aiast era , will depart fo r
'the above and intermediate noriA, on I It, opeolo7 or the
river. For f . . , 17.1)1 or paSs:V.V' annly ou boo rd. or to
lIIRMINCHA ('ti , No. 110, lA'ater
N. R. The ' laongttin h now tinflerL , nini repair , . a nd
win he ready to receive freiant on Friday next. 1.1 9—if
The new stenntheat N EF.TON
LITT! Maflrr, will leave for
"7" , the abcve inierwefllale landings
•on 'Monday nexl the 20r1) inm at 10 o'clock A. M. For
•fretglt of pagsage apply on hoard; or 11
Feb 18-3 t
TO the Honorable the Judges of the Court IC
General C 2 a ter Sessions of the l'eaoe in and
fa . the Cootßy at Allegheny.
The petition ofJ4cob Lose, of Plum Township in
.the eionty aforesaid, humbly showeth—
That your petitioner bath provided himself witli
.MateriAla for the accommodation if travelers and
•inkinra, at his dwaing hon-e in ele af,re
isaiid, and prays that your Honors wt . ' be ples•el to
:grant hint d license to keeps public Hou , e of En
mertainme 01. And your p-Litiontr as 110:ind,
will !pray. J COl3 LOSE.
We, the subscribers, citizens of l'ili in 'fowtisliin,
..110 certify; that Lite above pe , itirn.er is of g.iiid i epute
/for honesty and t, murrain:o, and is well provided
with Arouse room and conveniences for the accninino
iidation and lodging of strangers and tiriveliers; an I
that said tavern is necessary.
.John McCully, Abin. Taylor,
Iff ath e a Gill, t 'a lhoun l laylu:,,
, Ehenezer Gill, Jas. 111 4 Cully,
David Shaw, Ebel' ClutlNtria,
Henry slorrison, James 11'Giiiley,
liTe. Hughey, J ames At 063041.
Feb,l7th, 1813.
TotheHonorable, the Jud h es of the Court o
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in
:and for the °entity of Allegheny:
The petition of Wm. Peters, of the Township
.ofPitse. in Enid county, respectfully showeth
That he is tettil provided with hou s e room and
totherteonveniences fir the accommit&tion of rtran -
gen end trayelters, at the house now ocopie.l by hint
ass t ; and tieing desirous to continue in that
kiwi:less he prays your tumors to giant hint a teense
in keep en Inn or house of Public Entertainment.
Amd he wm pray, az.c.
The vudereigoed citizens of the. Township of Pine
respectfully co tify, that Wm Peters the above
aimed applicant, is a gentleman of good repute for
honesty and temperance, and is well provided with
itemise ionm and conveniences for !he aectutunoda
ar.el lodging et - stran g ers *ad ttavelrrs, and that
said tavern is neceseary for the a - cotutundution of
the public.
Gibson, James Semple,
Sas. A . Gibson, RIAA. Sample, :-
Jacob Burk hart, W m . Senn.
Jacob R. McDonald, James B. MT. ide, '
Robert Scott, John Sample,
Cos. Austin, John Walter.
Fcb. P71'1,1943. ,
TO the It inorable, the Judges of the Court of
General Qom ter Sessions of the Peace, in and
for the County of A Ilecheny.
The I etit ion of Jac b Scheimer, of teserve town
ship, i.t the cranny am, esaid, humbly showei It, that
VOW petitioner bath ;timelier! himselfwith materials
fir the accommodation of travelers and others, at his
dwelling house, iii the township and county :Jut e
sail, and prays that your Honors will be pleased to
grant him a license to keepn public house of enter
tainment. And yOur petitioner. as in duty bound,
We the subset ibers, citizens Ottaid township, do
certify that the above petitioner is of good reptile for
honesty anti temperance, and is well provided with
-e room and conveniences fur the accommoda
dint and lodging of sti angers and travelers, at d !hat
said tavern is necessary
T. 11) rt. s,
A tul'iv Fleming,
Henry Heir,
I ew , s Fielbitch,
Win. A-freer:, ell,
G. ll' Bell,
rro the Hi:moral.le, 1110 ofl L :e. of the Coon of Getter, I
-11- Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the coun—
ty of A tleahen3:
The petition of .lo,pli MR. kit ood, of the l'own.ship
of West i - err, in sai;l rot hi y.tespect fully othowelli:—
Tha; he is well provided wn II house room and oilier
Corlveniolices for Ilie Of COllllllO lation of $111111...,ert and
travellers, a; the honor: now .Wl•llitli'd by hint a , a laver n;
and brie C le-bons 10 contlone iu that tontine.s he pence
your honors to grant hint in license to keep an Inn or
house of Etilcildinnient. And he will pro.. .i.e.
The undersigned ei.izens of the Township of
West Deer respectfully certify, that Joseph Black
wood the above named applicant, is ri Gentleman of
gond repute for honesty and temperance, and is well
movided with house room and conveniences for the ac
commodation Ind lodgisig of strangi rs and travelers,
and that said tavern Is necessary for the aceolllllloda.
lino of the public.
Vm Donenn, Rold Caldwrll,
John Brown, Jas !lerl:unlit - Mom
Jo. , Iltolienho'frn, John 1..,t01y,
Davol Crimtr,ey. John Waddle,
WIII Br/CI le, Lir . ° ll Flf ck ,
Thos Dna% Ed w Baker.
rt.! , 17-- ii .
fr. Corner of I f"oorl 4- Fifth Sty
The proprivtuis of ill Alm: , INO l'l/rT :Ind MLR. I'RT
.no ANUFAI:I[I:EIt ir 1 , 1c11,1,
and the pal roes ot 1110-e papers, that they have a lar:_p.
and well chosen asserlineet of
.111 - 0:3,
sIVNLO Alll DU FL( ;1 7
,21TIAJ: n,
Nere,anr . y to a Jub Otrn.e. and that Hwy :z!r pr.
I' IN I tile!.
Handl I I.
Ptiblud the sit.trt.• , , nu:II - PU[0j w.r.i ri l II I ft.,
‘Ve• to•,per.julh, I. ollr 11,otal-
pu!Pli 111 ,qepelai
f'ltl-I.tioz.ll. Sep . L. 42 t I'M .ti NI 11 II
INT.NTE of .I , eitnl.sie Elf 1110 Coy o,
h0i.211 cler'o. intvrssi e d %, !14o• !!!
Mai loliors of 11111111111•11:011111 011 the c-I,lll' of It aid
!It-region!. has lIVPII 11111. I{..2over ol
v.!•coy Co‘l,ll V, In !! , :o-n!!!!!! Hook,
a:: por-or!.. r::11114 or ri.1..!!
Z2 , r1 , 1 rvnt,l , • of I I nre
di.rlre ii,lll‘i r.,' v of rit ,, 1..1,1,11.
Sr. , NS N
r I) 1 -
I J/IF_ \ i r s." (',JI/..11fs /'H
11. , !1•• h awl f hi• sk."
I'l is lit , ' I. in I 'or tor/It .11 a flt•T 1,11 ci, In 01..11 11 an. r
of 1:1,-1 rti.l\l.r. ail 1 , e,1 I' lIIP 11.114 •'
, lo , wll, II r 1.1. I'
!.erp 111. 11:11, I,!e r C, I k. IS,ili If.
;VI.• re I! loovt .1; r if tipplio
by OP In ti,antll.l , llri, ii.
For 'Fr rourilt ..•ri•
!nrCe a--ori it
C•ef 1,1 Britr. //if?, 1.7_ :I rd II t‘ VII, •
. 1 if r• , rner of . hr,1.111 afid [O.lllll
11. , of or \ 1.111-••••• ii. I , •c 1 E..% -I't
1.cre.:111•••1 , •1, • •,,,kl./1/
OP. 111,111 I -4.1,11,1 r "it•d
Iris r from which I rout I ho., r , 1 .-f. 11 LI,
rurrrl wr.and I nut 1,10 Ilkel% In Farr a ow'," or ,%•E hu,
a. I know st lwrc In flint rll nri
Thr 71 ,, 0ve rail 1.0 Tl . l' ILE'S ' 0 ...1
Iraf zr.nry.!:l-; Clil,h,ZYl
%IV ILLIA NI I'. 11," A 1.1., 1 , ;.5,. sin./ F.st rPI ./
an,/ rec , rdre Frouir, .1/srafqt!.ver, !•IT.
Fourth Streel POI. 64,- 141,11 e, II ik
*C., for ArL=t N,:ll'sasssw 1),1 lid. 1 0 0k.,.'2' 1;:a-- , s. Ae
prompt ly framrd to order. I:epasrlos: :sr •I,•.II
Particular at i ention pa id to and johlolig of-.v
cry de,rriwion
Pergoos tilling up Strain Boats or liou,e, ti n t
lioirailvivonTe lo
_ _
IAR., E. NIEItRITI', o.ffi , t
fteld, ortsiceelJ Serond al , et TAird Sl3 , Dour, of
ram A. M. 1111 4 P. M.
Pr. E. M. manufacture. Procelain and 51ineral rreili
Demists ran he supplied by the 101) or single if eth. k
trel Iv with a braillino in fall !CU!, or 'WS
e,tls, runt , la orilrr at ‘lioriet not ire, I.y
an ex icl impression of t he mom li A lan.
for sate a i'PW marliines whit emery wheel: fit i 11i 1
and flit in mineral iertli ao uarfnl to Ilie fitioist —Mt
will be anti! low for rash
G EVER AGENTS nll,l )I.ccit.intg
S I'. L0ur5,..11,.
R,r, r to
Nlepsrs. st. tio,vot.?
•, Vl'. 11. ,S.
('"p'. Tod hillovr.
or7.at). Cru.dier 4- co
u‘l `I Louis.
Wooth, l'hrt.f . y ro.
ri h 4.—d3m
FEN APPLES. .1(1,4 in•cciviiil from slarii•tiii, (1,
Green .‘rifiles, row in
tint rote order. 1.5.1 A CP USE,
1 -1;: 7.1
/ZVI.: A.N7) 71.5107'1f SEED fIiW:I,P Oil hand j
in lots to snit iturchagers, apply to I. (:1t ('SE, j
felt 4. 142 F.ll.enty at
100 hushels Clover aced, for twlnelt the higher'
market price will he
'to Let,
rilllll dare MOM :10e IiIVPHIIo..! (,I1 Ma rhot -t, univ no
copied I.y Thos Campbell 4- Co, ,Apply in
jan 17,1312 LA NI Egt MAMMY,
: - - - I 11 4 1,1R.1/ FUR SALE,--Abgat eleven small, middle
pip IRD SEEDS A r est, supply of Osr i Seeds, con I. sized and Mtge farms for snie at from Rto 59 tones
1.." slsting of Conn ry. Ilemp,and nape; iii -0 received Iy from Pittr.bargli, and ni priers varying from DI to 53.11)
feb 3. FI, SNOWDEN, Itift Liberty st. awacrc--peruons wanting to purchase farms, trill pleas
IV ..42,1TE/), a hay of from 11 to lii years of age., call aunt_examine I lie record at II AII HIS'
V V A PPliention to Ic made before time flrst of March to /
,tan 20. Gen. Agency,(- Intelligence office,
-- --
134, Liberty head of Wood et
; y OTS FUR S N r.E._iThor Lo is in VI anche-Oer. One
1 A and a fourth Acres of Land on ilolmes'lllll. Lots
11 OHN J• MITCIFIELT,-Attormey at Law, 011.0. e '1
nos. 41, .12,5 - 2, 5.1, 54, 181, 1112 and 18.4, in I,:cok's plan
rt/ corner of - litioildield and 51h inn- 1 91 10mq:h. :of fmm, on ',ohne' , Hill Also, Lois nos 26 and 27. in
0( 7 .• rotieetioits made. A 1 businesg.eitt rusted to It:, cook's Man oilmic on High si reel, near the now Court
Dare will be promptly attended to,
House. For lerms apply to Z. W. REMINGTON.
fel, 16- -1 y' .
A new and much improved form of Blank Leases, for 1 •Fite Americ a n Pioneer; an excellent Mont Itiv Putt
sale at the office of the -.Morning ROM -
," ` licatioo. drooled to the object of the Logan Ilistorical
Socinty; or to collecting and publishing sketche s relative
rititsc SKINS. The subscriber ha- , received a
to the early settlement and successive improvements of
1.4..1ai1e assortmeat of Lining Skins, of sulwrint quart
our country, "for my country I rejoice in the Bower of
ty, which he Mien -, much lower than tory can Ile hind at
Prat e`'—Logan, 'lie above excellent work, Edited by
any other place in the ciiy--for cash only. :
AVM- ADAIR. John Millianus, Esc]. Cincinnati, for sale al $2. for ,
Liberty, opposite Smithfield st, i the first volume, and 2,1 continued lit mont Ikly Nos and I
subpeript lab, at $2 per annum received at Harris' Agen•l
____ cy and lntellisenre Office.
PIG IRON. Pltlsburgorla unary 26, 1893.
TONS'_ Tennessee Ft; Iron, For sale low Is .---
64 stoic
b 3, 1 ,
.„.i..S 1 b d 5. 1 .1.0. Sugar, this dayreceived per steamer Neu .
feb 10. JAMES MAY. 71. Vo Vork,and for sale by J. G. 4- A . GORDON'.
dec. 10
No. 12 Water st
Feb. 11, 1842-1 w
S. R. Mnt ISMI,
John (Me,
Peer Tes!l,
John Ita
A Bo!ee.
Stephen ..Lo
J()SEI'll BLACK W(11)1)
Boon AND o 011
ita :et! to ex,cule
OF EV VIZ Y 1W... , 1111PT10N.
of I ritnilar
!Star. k
:au itfobF.; of i;lanti.s,
r, Cqual Bu.it irrth pppri,
ra , ,, can IA
1.! a ;I's% Id
CF,u et •••ro
haul; of rittstm r. , 11. par
Merch. Q• Man. bk. par
Evcitange bank, par
Ilk. of Gertnantowt.
IlaoG lank, ‘•
Lancaster bank, din
Ba n k of ciipp.ier Co. par
I• • armers' I.k BuLks Co.
Doylestown I,k (I‘)
Ilk of N rocrica Phil.
Ilk of Norlliern Like' UCA,
Commercial tik. of Pa.
Far. y SlcchanKs bk
Plillatlrlphirt Lk
Southwark bk.
Wt.stern bk.
Ilk. of l'entisylvaoirt, 9
ills of Peon . par
Man. k Merhattire bk 5
Mccitallie , bk. par
Moy inenshrg bk.
Girard ba.rk, 111
U. SlaieS k. 53
Frank. Ink Washinittton, par
Miller, Ink of Poi
kOl NI out zfitue v Co. pat
Mon. I.k Brownsville, 1
Brie Rank,
Harris' urull ha ink. 5
Far. bk La tiensler, 11
Ilk af M (1,
Bk. of I'lollll l al :dal ,
Carlisle hank,
Ilk of Northumberland, .51.
Columbia Ink k 11 1 ini2e C. 2
Rk Sonnquelianua Co 10
Bkof Delaware Co. par
Lebanon Ink.
Celt} - shurch bk.
York hank,
Far. ;in Drovers Ink. of
11'ny P 2 11, 10
••Cnirencv nole;. 10
IV) I,llk
('on r v do
Berko Cu hank
Lew ist own
M Aintple,ani
hk of
lik im.nd
Co Nry:
bon r), D,
11.3 PO=; 11.,1,4
, inri 'nal
NT eel . Trad of
rl CI 'i II
rn, , tm I.k
Iton.a nit tif.fv. I 1
Lirch villc, :11.1,awrcnec
C'❑ rd ,
II o '1"1
7:4\ el 01110 brink On Ile h :tt
kk :.• rtf,“1.111 , . o• 1111 - 'hi, I'. XS 11)1 I lirve i.
of• la oil and :',71"1 , 11 rrfl r l
lint L''''
'2ll , bdu•r
r00..1 ...It .1111,1 a CPu , IP rkr, fr (Art
Tl:rgi; I-1 .?r u.lll vir,v i,f h, "MI"
~Q 1 , 111%
1,0(111, S. t :: r y Sunc..o i, r,r wit li
r I;.n n, r a, i.. r. 0 .1.11 .144 :11.1.1. a .0
,lilll2 14, 4
fol. I I -1 kV
Pr ) L!
to d
rlln I r
Ai., 2 1,01, r, 1! . of 111
r.rep il! Iv. o rr t
- ,-Tho ;,!. yr arc !Tr rr d rrflurrd
1,0 11..•
,• Inch uiil ;” MO ter:lle, :1;11 , 11 . In
„pal . I will .4.11 hDitor, 11 V I.: !!()I' , l - ','. 4 .
0e e on the 41114treLl r. 1,11, in the clic of Pltiphiir.,ll
. Three thr in are br.. k nnrl two rrßine.
fr,,OFF are 1 - 1,.(1' rerulated 1“r bil,nr“t i
C • 0 I be Cori ft ,s ill he Fold tot.eihr r ur
to -ii.t purely-e,. For inriller parrirvlar.
nwt Ire 0,, 1114. pre it,i ix of .1 .IS. NI( :121...a,
Jan 7 11{4.1- 11M Proprietor.
To Ll,r,
rtinE .1,1 •Inrr Id . Ihe lut I'd I".
4taort n ti? nn ilolort
a, ••,\r , ml'h'= Lnn•• r!nolt1
rrei a I or R. NlOl ri•iv
As R CE! /..91? an M,:rl.ut Im,, 3d an d 40,
A1.`41), ro:Ivonj••,0 -to
onri %tory nitttv.Hlt 111:1,o, V.LI b.l duvet; isrell
rd for Law nr for a lr;a r u ,
and re .41e fro:r. .CI reel,
A T..z(), n on roblaining
fivo rooms roPt,r,r•Ah!,
A L: 4 O, I hi. Unit M0,1'001,1 nu Third si , nrnrly op
pOgitC the PO.l On - WC at Or( I.IIIR'LI I , y nyr , TVII Q.
Raymond as a Lamp store,
ALSO the li2lo and ai , y oniPr on 3d q. ai pre, , ent uc
r ir pied a , : I he AI lienennr.
.11,SO, fur rent, =eves! Ihr dwell
hotiqe rube s.ll“•rll,er in Dill loa•nshlr, tt ilb a fees'
at . it, of
I). (: 12:7. \ SI
51 '1.110,1,t
'Sandusky, 'Sandusky,
Post notes,
Fran. Ek Colombo:A,
Coin. bk. Lake Erie
Far. bk: of Canton,
State Irk. Braoclie
Talc Scrip, 411
II Laniot,
date I,k 4, (Ira tic lies, GO
S:tia ne clown, 70
Batik of Virginia, if
do Valley, 11
Far. Irk. of Viiginia, IA
Exchan;:e hank, lfr
V. ‘Vcii.a. bank 11
In. 1A
IlaI" limn, n
Con Wry Bank,,
All Plinks,
All Rani,. par and
CCM!! ry ha n Iss
Itoaon Fla ti s,
(2outury ..
Orloa ns Ranks, !nod, 5:110
mrru (.7.-11101.1NA
❑oohs. , '2
Good fla,tl•;• , ,
TENN E:=.l-7I:E
All BATA?,
no. do. J Smith 10
Coed Links. Mull
Eastern El:chit e.
!New Vr,rk. A
Ig'timnre, i
ilt,l on i
.XV e%let ii Fiehange.
Cinciwrnii, par
1,,,i,, , vii, mu
il,velapil, ~i di! ,
‘N'llerltt:7, !Mr
G( )I.n. i . Sin : 4 11.V I:R. par
For Heine
n~l.a r. , 01/I> s. 1111141e,', the
iorll pdoi n•v":"'
Ir.o/1 ror or or
It VII/ .1.:/.1.11/Ii.
EP oti..e* to 11,vi
rrl 1,11,r Iv •Ir,r,
II 11 , 0 ml N
k P.kr
111 h.!!:.• r•..r"
11)11:- 111, ‘KILN
1 1 ! % t ;
, t,1.10 , 1.1t0t. nr w 6r Ir 1111 t
Jle;IN 1.():•41EY.
• .• Cry U.... 1, , urt
IL 11? G. , 11,V5! 11.111(1.1 INS!
occupied by N. .1 •
11.• otlll, re known
roroer of Wood :rod i.tl
To Le t,
'oPr? -
rriE soin‘criher hasjnst received Ids anneal gupply of
Landreth's Gardcn Seed=, unison ina in part oldie
fo owing kinds—all of The la,d at ar, crop i' warranted
Asparag s FILy , Pisa!, l'& su;n,
Beets, F,, , di..e. Pras,
Beans, tale, l', -1,1,r,
Leek, l'umisiu, Rio co]i,
Lettuce. “.I.l:su. Burerole,
Wwei 11,1 tu, Rhubarb, Cu' b,gre,
Mnsk. u Salsary, Can fit,
Nasaurnotn, Cauhti 'war, Spinach,
Squash, Celery, 01,, n,
Tomatoes, Cu. led C,e ., s, Onion
Turnip, Cucumber, Par,ley,
Cure, Mustard, (white and brt.wit)
&c. &1.% &C.
Together %% varier y 0('01 4 - Sweet herbs ar d flov..er
} - Orders for Seeds, Stoats, 'Fri Ps, kr. from Garden-
Cr!, and others will be received and promptly alit tided
to. , F. L• SNOWDEN,
kin 1 o. 1;;4 Lthrty.lip%d of Rood st.
$lO Iteward.
ISTO' tf.:..V Crow the staid() of the ,10,.)e,iher living there
trifles ss rot of Brownsoilie in Wa)rhittat on re. on the
night of the ;flit dark brown horse, with a fon r
in his forehead, aienit 16 hands high, 5 yen re old,thin
in fleet], no a !10 , 1 , 1 on heiiind. eliglitty tame in both bind
ff et, has a .. , ore or scar on the loft jaw, no oilier marks
The a ovr reward Will he elven for the horse and
hiel,or five dollars for either delivery of the to I he suhscrl•
het, or to John 11 Davis, near Pittsbtir.lll, a.; it k
ly sucpected that the liorge was taken in that direction.
n 1 --3 JCi:+l 7 .l'll lIITFFINGTON,
(90 Cid vpro d .)
Red Bark, io
lit . EFAEorifiEs, BEAR ••1(11Ns ANDI. URs
IFE'T reevivrd. 3. 11 00 Sna.mtable Pii in,io nob, of ifr
inreni onalities from Evirn No 1 lo ;1.
A Io of Bear avid ritti
11,000 No. 1 and 2 11 i1iivkral
A lot elf/tier:BM Rarroon Skins.
A11%1,1001 areorfereil al reduced rie,i lo rash or Op
proved I (ors, Apply lo
A. REV:LES, at the A ineriean Fur rO, Agn [icy,
Ort 12 „tin Vorrrr or Front and•Pnrry st
I_l .ITrt Donalyt torn) their fi utnds and
t nubile that i hey have commenced manurnetti
ring flats, and I hr,t they have now ready for sale, at
their S'orc,l4l Lilerty .treet, between Market and 6th
street, ail a , SOilliteni of the very b. 31 Hato, which tl,ey
are ai,x lous to .1141, , ,4a of the aitape-t and most reason.
aloe .erms. Their 'noel: coi,vhat or the very !wet kinds.
v'z.--jteaver, Otter, Neuf ria, Custoro : aim: I Nal ped Rus
sia, Fur and llama.
C \ 1) \
VV. k M. y are both regular bred Hatters. tiny
have had extensive exi'erience as Jch rue vnich in the best
eglonlishments In the country; their lints are all got up
under h own inspection, end they assure the public
that nothing 10 the very beat articles on the most era
4111W.1e terms will be otTerr.t.Ur sale. yep 10
rn f? 5.41.1-; —l . nplar plan boards.
MA Senn' A Isn, IVltite oak
rok (If v !••nz Intl I wheel arlllQ
,11 vvrt-m.
~t ~ .1710. A pol, I
IANIrs: Cf...n.111
1 , ,. 21.1 1:14.1 -
r ACT am! S.th:.:1 11 1 School P..pers
. 1 , 1 rereive.l
fr.om Neo. , ror!. :'4li)o or Ihr
.Ictw o rr.tore Alvora•r. 1;or January I, 1r,13
an vlevltelit and elte.l7t paper. f u r farvo.ie.g nn yout
wit 11 a e,t,'.1.1111 the l'!( .14e at 12 r t,
p.r el to r:l , -11. it
er,t-tt fly ttut B ort t, t ,
','a-Ai 1,0 ot rem. Sttit2s 4.r. 304;
Sit toil 1 1 0 , 3 1 t• . ^.l( It y (1.1 r - t, find
Or 1'::1h•.4.1 an!<,e. Tt•ittreraitce I.ee.
l'a • 4. .1 , -. art . a•pera•l, •
s(pi , d irnil, too)
,:, nook.. 1,, I r rocOr.
l'oorsiror.o :Irrol r — •rror; roil A Irroatric for 11.13
rritr;) !+ . lflit! T:r „d
rn!r r 1 arory rlv.l'.ltool I ror rod ILly
000triroor: Poroao. • 1'.1.1-r :rood ' 4 l 0' , •r on aCtrroo:.
lorru, i tp 11 , 1,111 , t
J o lil,i
1.,t; l',ll ~ • 1.9. No 9. ro ~r,•f,t
! 1 . ( . 0 ti .1 :I
FU•I‘VE!Z t•f,(yrii
1 . . 1 , 4 !ant. rt,
2 , ,11 Poor a r wre rirz;it .-111cy
y I'= „lin'•: r•..J;i;..rpral a ~ a ntral n • R'i iM• I'lur 6.
aI; _ ~i-::n_ ii por! dinwn•l grid . t„'.n•rr
rk , , , 1 I r • Vt.r . 4i••••••ript1011111 Jr. r, r!• , f „„,1
',II f. 1,1,
[1;1,1..1 . % • r,•el jpt or,
I and twill le h I iow for r.^..1)
t fa•t1.01 , 3 1,1 .• t'arrnrnt.
ro trl 1 ,i4„i lllwn At I o
I c. 1.1 .1 ih uh I ut the c:tv. A no, „,„
Land In .nlke to order.
Doll::11v anti 7lvrtni3:ll:f•al,.• ,ro a , 1111
~,;,1 , 1,111111•111 nllll N% plen,rl To
heir vroal friom - 14. Cn,,rl flt,lll,,iffll Or I„
P•uomr:h.Drr. 1, 1342
Ikl 7 INT I.!:( - 11'1?1:s c„,,,„
t /1",,-: I o r
brf. , re
!CI Ef r•t110, V , Z;
r ! ,
.1 11" f',ll,rv• tilt Lt rture.
.11,4 ,, I. v. F.-11, W
rrntr, II .1 Cia , l. - %foadvilfr
!lon. 0 n
NOR A P Pr 0x.., Jefferpon
Dared kir hie. ".'q Pitts! , tirgh.
Reed If .r.rll;nrrlen.F.Ni ,
err 7' .11r0i/1., . Tlirn. t I mietary.
f'ronr, , .fohr , •lo7T. PittlOatrall.
J Bard er, 11,111volle
If' I.4lwrie.l:•q
Rry .bIITIPN I. liinwrdebe.
put( II Juirvi,on rolletef. ac 111 (IV
:IVpr ft. Vl' al I. r 1111 f, Int A.lt 1111(11 a,cu Lrat lint itp rise.
trofZiff'•••titfl Ctrl Vt . :ISHII 1,1, E. / 1 rt ill ais,
I,f•r I ttms nil Ino lip to:1y Fe-lrei.
Itroan, of Yntr• f'ol'r-le, to ifrlivor in our tit v, n 60i r min.^
Icrt lir, 1 4.1.1:,v; tl.tl v 1111 ift•fcc, ft U. RIP linuan,
n i t Ne•riolnzy. Other eniincol I.cr Inrr.. to j.l invited
io vial( Gil f nil v, when in thr poevrr r.l thr. in
The rxriuk, COW,' itg oft I,l , Prary
o•T. and It i= hnprd from the
entlueutahillty cif t Ler:itter, 1,1 the 11.11 , 1 (...1 tog 11.1
(tire of ILN su! , jerls, That eul rift/A.ll. w_,l/ laherally pet
trooke 1 Ili, lalitla L.l, etltrrpt ixe. The Iron l'ity
nul Le behind sis:er g ill Ito rl . ttf ,1 11110;.10-1 • r,r•lofice
and 114,1111 prOreclis Of ally) \\ill lie :ippropri
1,1 111, of a Lihrat y, already an honor
10 Ille rii t'.
Off:r f 'cm rat. 'l'ickel4. admliting a lady and gr
$ 2. ... id ruuui ' [l,(l 81 C.
11, y (70', Itnok S ote„llonon7nlrela cliorge
and at P.crf..rd's.
Lc , !tires commence Oil Tlitlr, el., v evg 111., flit 1.
11'. IV. 11 . 11,50 N.
.101 IN S COSI:I, AVE, ;rornalincc
JOHN It sEmvi.E,
n 2 I—! n
/11U7'77.E ha<thic dtty received from New York
fresh t , of iletA es' Ni re and Bonec. 1/11' I
and India ri Vegetable Ells posii Ise rare for filicuina•
Ism, Gour,Contracted Cords and Idinhs— also
Gourrsurra Ptordre Subtle, for completcly and perma
newly erndirat ins. super litmus hair from fctila lc,' upper
lips, the hair conceali lel a Mood and e't Valet' forehead,
the slithborn heard of man, or any kind of superfluous
hair. Price Sl per bottle.
t7ourabre P.mu de licaute, or Tem , . Water ni Ben ttly.—
This French repa rat ion t horou2hly es tertnlnnte. Sallow
nee., Freckles. Pimples, Sores, Blotches, and all cutaneous
c Options whatever. Ilealizins, delicate white bands,
neck and arms, and elictt Ina a heal! hy jit venile
Also. sevetal other valuable articles, too numerous
mention. The eentline sold only at
n 24.1—1 f TUTTLE'S :VEDIC:7I, Ar,E.vcr, 36411:5t
R E 3101 VA L.
rirA VP removed their Paper Store from Mar ket
11 street to so; CI Rood s l reel, one door from the
corner of 4th, where they keep on hand: helr ag•
sort meet of WA Li. P.l VERS. for powering parlorg.eli
trieF,ChaMbArg. 4 - c. and el , o PR TNTING, IVIITING
all of which t hen otter fot :tcron4iorAirit In; lerillP.
fel, 14. 1843.—dt t
•s(\x ) .‘‘-c't.l7 l /
>c - 7 Gad VA SE /
:ICICv li.:p :11,111:1I1011
FOR SALE .011 BARTER . —lO dozen good Woolen
Sovks, 50 =mall halts of I wine no tale low for
cash or hartar la soil
AND BALTimonh: SND 01111) CogrANY •
~~~ .a,.
NEW line of U.B.Steil Coaches Car Washington City
Baltimore, Phiiailelphiu and New York.
This line is in fun operation and leaves Pittsburgh daily
at !i o'clock A. 'NI., via Washingion ?a. aid national
road to Cumberiand, connecting here with the rail road
Co's. to all Ilia above places: Travellers will find this
a speedy and comfortable route, it being a separate and
distinct riitslinigh and Com:ierland line, facilities will be
alforded which have not been heretofore enjoyed. Ex
tra coaches furiiii-hail at the fhnrtest not ire, w ito the
privilege of Acing Ili! ougli direct, or tatting cne night's
rest at t heir opt
Fare from PO tAtttralt to Baltimore, $lO.OO
Bilkleg to Relay house, $lO.OO 12 . 00
Thence to Wiethinglon 2.00
For thronzh app'y at our office nt the corner
of Exchange :foie', or at our 1/flice at the Monongahela
[louse. L. tiir. STOCKTQN .
Veh. President of N. R. Stage Co.
1 01IX .11r c Los EY. li4l old original, !moon hand the
• r nit pnlcirdid a.sortnient of Clot bin" ever offered
We...! Sty :rock I• 1 hrtte, 111111 I ant it ispored to Fell at the
lover. I possiide price My stock heavy. and :13 I tie sea.
son is advanci,z, I w ill =ell rit lower priers than ever. I
n qk only the plea,arre of a call, freno, confident that a
ook Beware of Connterfeita. liemendler
NT . nov 23,18-1
LAntes Oyu?. Nooks.—The Ladle' can now do away
with all kinds of over shoes, can walk through the, wet
streets with thin Amex, and have their feet kept perfect
ly dry; ran wear light shoes without having, their corns
pain them; and ran have their shoes wear t wire nu long
Ca ever, If they will use the ceehrated Otter T.tarx.n hirh
Will Mahe !father water proof. and render It as pliable
and soft as kid. It's an artir!e well worth their notice,
and one which they will all value highly,nA soon as they
try it. To he had only at TUTTLE'S
51)CDICAL AGENCY, 86, Fourth street.
Jan f)
rrire,Sl per !Km'',
OTICE -I have taken Out tenets of administration
111 on the c•ttate on John W 11,1.1. late of City of
Piticlot rah. dee'd. All prtFono ilidetartl to the cit:ve of
the call dreert,d. are requested to make immediate pa v•
tnent to nee at my reQidenre In Penn st. near Nlarlatrv. tql
llttnte who have claims are requested to ttre:eto them
duly probated. J P
jar] 19_ -fitw.
c SES.—Ih kt rrel, °lasses.
Fur a 1 t. JAMES MAI
WILLIAM ELDER. Ait.)rney at LaW; COMO: to
rtilkPlVeMA ilnildinzs, opporthe the New
C nnrt ttnnse. nn Grant ct rev!,
DUCK. WII E 1 relveil from Harmony I half
barrels Buckwheat Plour i suitalle for Bonihes. for
.all• by IS, AC eft IJSE,
j ii 5 14 3 Lihrirty 5,-
In ci Fa nii'y nom . , a superior rirl ir:e lot Bakers
;)()00171 7 SITF.LS OF F'L.RX SF:EP for !licit the
Ili:. hr., , flOl Will lie civet
A ME'' , PICIOIY ti•
Nicol:inks Line ,oroor of Lit tit and Wayn dreei ,
Oct '42.
!ABU 11? V or Itrii2ion , ,Histof Mit;
c# I laneous Works, will he open every day, StChhath
cepteil, 'min 7 o'clock, A m.. mit it 9, P. 51., in the Et •
ehaiise Piiiiiiinz,eorner of St Clair street and Exchateze
alle c. tt, Ilefe iorictual ancodrinet, will hi , ivpn by
srP 10 1 . E NI I
Unrivalled Ptlackilig,
%,-1 utz I:I) and aahl and re' ait
' Til S 110:Et orif! Limn nor Snnlhlicl t.
2:l t
y sTEw.t rr, I";,ho!..4urer raner Fiance.,
. No 49.1'1011-a r , /•1, Inn wenn Wood anti S . "rnithlield
, ft.. II n=IK and 5 - 'l,lll , M roc=r , nI nay, on hand All
xrrutinl neaun.•,: :11.4 arrormiln
c r'n 20 - 1
_ .
011ER'r l'OßT.Eft,.ltirraey at L.m.—Offire
%. 1
1 111 , r.,),ler nI / . 11 , 111 and Smillitiehl .11 - . 111
It EA DF. NV t I
.17 TO It-VEY . AT /..1 tr. _ in Rear:'
FOllt* rye', f•ill,tulrlh Nov. i. 1342
11.. m
MO , or IZon.a,wr. ol, , rti I 511 rents
Itnrrel F=.‘All• rrtrsr,,
tu Lilwriy cr.
_ll I A/..--;:1) f. 0,11 notlrel glfJ ,, fl Cor.,
in 1.3rr0•14 1 -, 1 , 11 , ,i.1•Z ! . 11,31 ,,, , at 7 rer,ls
pin - 114,0
In -Inn
j:tn 21/
' e r n: ;AI Tr
in 1 1
i N I, A y o ,: , . 1 ;1 1 , , v , , ,, P + lt , m il ,' ra.
%v.,. 0, E. mot iYr Lis al lent ion hr lull,
antinklietl 71,111 I ri 3 0n0t.0 . 11,1 him In ILr p,trnn •
nzo II( Inv frirn.l.i. LTEIt ‘v.‘lll)
sep :ll—lv
-F.lllloy flour iv t I.;,rrf
1:. A. .V. lT Sf)N. •.7.fiee on Sin il fleitl St reet,
-Jr near Si %111. sere
- 14 )IIN Wf 1 1:111. .lart,odrer and Commis
• ri Ur. will zfilvn , l 10
I•;.ia,e, Dry Goods,(llnrertec Furni•orr„S,
nom:arsale.i every T.tr=day. Thim.day, and Fri
'fay moroin2o. ;It Lt o'c.ack, NI. (M-I advanreatwatie
nn ron,ir.nowhiA s,p 10
YST'ERS, S.IRDLVES, Are.; served up in the best
tleat A. ilexaca'R, No 9 Fifth steert. Stwa'.le
apartment are appropriated to gentlemen accompanied
bylatliet. Also all kind:to( Cakes arid Confectionary for
parties. weddings, err., for sale by
nee 19—tf A. HUNK En.
F:tunily Flour.
s e
i f , : r Fi l :it n ll,;
Frli t t n , i t , r i .
n j r a. u t , r e I ved
wafer st r( el, between IVoca and Smithfield.
Jan. 1f;t1). ISd ?.
ri T. ritrtE, W11"1 , 441e and Rfd,lll Raker, Con.
. and I', ti iterer, Federal street, rear the
I)i,mood,.4:l, , c heny dtv.
I.7ver, wail( iv ni rt.:. Cori intruy and Ornamental
.4111011+:110i plifjep ‘ ncinuf,,ci tr pd
from it:or ht.st material., :It sl:ort Oat icy, nov
4r -- 1,Eoli(Ir U /...11.% - 0, Att , )tn,v at Law, (Vice
dX Nn..; rev!, nrar the Theatre, Pitts'aur.;h .
:• - tizar
11) Ii CP , Rice.
211 MO. Nn.a hi:Art:err!.
Now lauding from S. B. rititer, and for wile cot by
.1 1M ES MAY
B Loo.u.s-
1. 2 IP,
I SALE. nn Ite eOllllll4l/1:0 Mg tcrinn—
I 1000 titt.otor ;titters annnord. 10 doz
S1101 . 10:4 :1101 PflarlPS. 150p'cChea p paper ngi oz.:. 500
cute carpet chain. 20 don corn broom-. 250 dot win
low sash and _lass to suit. NaIN and brad., liny forks
and grain shove,. ISAAC HA 1:111: 4 ,
Agt. and Corn. Merchant.
No 9, Fifth to rent.
' l 7' R CE'S
- -
1°1)1:IMF CAN D
1 , . a ,afe and re t lain rare for Couris, Colds
AL .4,rAntu, Sore Throat, Poi*, and WC4kIIF3I of the
jfreus I Wknopi,rj; Coogh. hoarseness, Irrilation of Ike
Throat. and many t trztea , a, leading to 'Mt Coneonlyeion.
Try it—only 6 per roll—peapared and sold Whole.
?Meant! !Watt ity 11. T. PH ICE, Confeetioner,Federal
st-Altegitetty City, and the principal unisus of Pitta.
!mre you aak for Prieb'BC4alpound . Cough Candy
uov 17—If.
It t RBIS,
Vg't ITO C. , 1. hi, sth -I
POtolotrol§ to Philadelphia,
IS %AC Cill'SF
-16 Ldds. 1'1..1, 1 , 1 0
_ .
-23 toy F 10oomp in r , tmc and for sale by
J.W 131.: RIM IDC E,
Water between Wood .S• Stun it
doz,n Corn Brooms,
do C r 4 A xes,
150 lb fresh Roll Butter;
500 CM" , rpet chain;
4 dozen Socks;
A .ent and ConitniAsinn Itierdmni
Oc r r RAP • It . 11 f• rat Ne
lag 170 acres, handsomely lying on the tweet,
bank of the Allegheny river, three and one half miles
above Freeport, It has about 80 sties cleared and a good
frame dwe'ling house and a small log house, stables and
Good Improvements, and In a good neighborhood. It tut
plenty of coal and limestone, supposed plenty °falai are
for on It. It Will he sold together or divided to cult par
clin.er, who ran make n ofid payment 111 hand, and a
cood credit on a part, For particulars enquire at Hanle
General Agency and Intelligence Office. Feb 1.
rrEleven other chain Farms Inc sale as above.
OOD cheap Tavern Stand ro- relit how--the only
Tavern sinnd i,t ite vicinity of Cast Fa it fietd--eight
miles this tide or New I.:shnn, in Coluitibinr.a county
Ohio—adjace , t 10 eever:l other V illages__and in a re.
speelahle neigh It irliood, rvt the heading state road through
Ohio--the Tavern house is ,arse and eenveniunt—a good
gar fru and large food stal,le ror terms, Which will
ha low and aecoliinintlaling in a good tenant, apply to
John Anderson on 111 e prottn-es, or at Gerrie General
AL.eney and Intelligence Jun 19.
spE.9A-FuR rarmsF:Lvps--rRoTHni
coxviNamm:__riav,v g been afflicted for nearly
two years, with a hard swellin7 on the CRP of m, knee,
which produced much pain, and used various nppilea.
lions recommended by the Faculty--all In vain Wall
cured romnietely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brasil.
reties Linament, or External Remedy.
Witness in hand JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio to Allegheny eo, Pa. Jan. 10th, 1840.
Dr. Bradd
No.href 's rat Remedy or sold
;11. his office, 98 Wood street, Pittsburgh,Linament: PRICE—.
56 rents per koltle.
felt 8.
11,9X1.1 4 :1, . 1 1c.4117.9L. °like on rim' street
jf between Wood and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh'.
dec 10-IY.
(succes.For To If. M'Clopkey) rash.
loin 'To Boot Maker, Liberty or., ',Zit door trOtil
VI - gin 111ey. The s.lllscriber respectfully informs Om
hat he has; commenced the above bitainrtss In tits
shop formerly occupied by Mr. Fleury 31'Cloakey.
and Mal be is now prepared to :wend In all ottlers..in
line of business with despatch and on the most cense:nab'.
terms. From his Ion? experience In the hiattufact tint a
l'nslll4,riable Bows, lie leris eon Went that all articles
from hi, establishment will give satisfaction to his pa.
Irons. A share of puhlie patronage is respect fully solicit.
rep le
P/TTSBURGII, OCT • 22, 1842.
J. TIEsNING—On Friday, the 30th arias( month, about'
9 o'clock al Planing. Grooving and Sash 61an•
it factory, owned I.y Gay, Dilworth i• Co. with a larc,a
quantity of dre , scri and undreiised lomber, CLISSILI.
mod Iry fire.
The Iron 1 houzist of you some tine back
1.1 the most espo,cd it ual ion dittin2 the dre, inkif
was eel Irrdy r d hot —I am ple,i , ed to in form you It WOW
opened at the don of the fire.and alt the hooks, papers,
r.gacent;-11.1., Is the best recommendation I can give Of
the utility or your Cafe,
re. 2-I—tf
I 0 Iv LEtt , s PATENT ne.Ds I v.,4,11
ki l-,,a-4-4 4
" k
1. P; , .
7.. -
. -: :... -- I_r: -, i-', =
, '- 2-
. i
- t
`-, ' a* L
ei r
b-,...- .
1V AN!! I*.jC 7'171: ED Wsn. PC! r: ('alsnet
iVR Shop, N., Co) , ss•rnsss! .st , isel wee❑ Wood and Smith.
field. :1 general as , ortnspn I of PI) rtilt ure may be
had at ruduccd prime Car cash.
Tit, sup, hotly of I ilr-Se cont-le , t In th•
which for durahility and ea-e in pulling Up
and tahiiia down, 18 not eq•ntllyd by any other flow ft;
11 , e —llllti to all , 11: has Vt,l1111(1 conFult their own capeatit
in ;hr . , nightly stu miters. it 4. 1 C11111 he reelembered that
all citt,cot ui ll:e lug fa y are f le»ed ott: Ily litePti
(I , lPf inj„
172 - n , g ,:,.: Air com,iic9. bi,iricto,nr izloti.g for Rule 7
JOHN FOW LER. rnieui ee .
1. ,- , , , ii, u .d,.r+iyned. ilortirlify liiiii sve liatiii exarrin
rd ti:e ahoy. 1 1 i.ii•lezio ra,iiii iiii.i,4. and have no lictiitadoti
I iprotiount iii;.: them the liiiFt iiow in toe—coming up
tit. 'lto :10' repre4eiiiiii ion in the ii , iovr advert isfimenl..
We. (: ru!:::::: jr.t Josepl•Coltart,
Wu.. ruin, Jacob Vogde , ,
John N. -.Gm, George Singer,
no. - 1. —S3I/1.
1 V V . :110r. 8 0 I • 111. P.,11 LOYD IL COLIMA/PI
CCU.,,;.:t ,:ettig. Fnrwnrding and
rha vi ., o , eet , Nick, hi" Slid ,
Ttiry rr,pret t oti,!r•tiirntg n22—LC
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory.
rt (J_V57'..?..7.77., ./ 111,1,1 raper for article r f i.ard
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Monongahela Meichanis:Ait:erlean and Exchange
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