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    OL 117.
TERNI4.--FIVE DOT.LARS a year, payable in
adviritee. Single copies TWO CENT:3—for sele at the
hootiter of the office, and by News Boys.
The 'Mercury and 'Manufacturer
le published WEEKLY, at the same °Mee, on a double
triennium. sheet, at TWO nOLLI, RS a year, In ad.
*ante. Slagle copies. SIX CENI'S
Terms of A
One Insertion, 0,50 I
Two Insertions, 0,75
Three Insertions, 1.00
One weet, 1.50
Two week*, 3,00
Three - weeks, 4.00
One 'Square. Tice Spier es
Ilkir months, 513.00 Six months,
Gee year, 25,00 One year,
irruor t or advertisements in prorortion.
CARDS or tone lines Six DOLLARR a year.
CITY POST Orrice Third between Market and Wood
streets—R. M Riddle, Postmaster.
Ctorroit House, Water,4th door from Wood st, Peter•
iron's hoilelings—tlajor Jotut W Work, Collector.
CITY Tsessoat, Wood between Fir,t and Second
streets—Jaws A. Rartram, r,r.
ll'Jons . rr Taeasuer, Third street. next door In the
T_ bird Pteshyterian Chureh—rl. R. Johnsion,Tren , kirer.
Mkynq's (lyrics, Fourth, between Market and Wood
streets—Airsatilier Hay, Mayor.
Mecen►nr ' a Eacnaae. Fourth. near Ma-ket
Prreasuanit.between Market and Wond eireetft, on
Tnird and Fourth !4treets.
Mita - K rs' sTIP MAPISar , TCRERS ' 40111 FARELERS' DE
POSIT RA's, (formerly Saving Fund.) Fourth, het wren
Wood and Marke , .'mete.
&minxes, rift%) it reet.. near Wood.
Metattan‘act.L nougz, Water forret, near 'he Bridge.
Cxcakwas N» nu., corner of Penn and Si. Clair,
MracskitTs' Hovel., corner of Third nod Wood.
Hotat.corner of Third and Stull hfield.
Thurso STATES. corner of Penn ,'reel and Canal.
SOISEAD EAGLZ, y 'tree!, near Seventh.
IMmtsaa 31 &won't llomm,l,iberiy St Oillio,jte Wayne
1111goiamllairr M kastott Penn Si. nonn.te Canal
IN to Dakewell's offieeo on Grant st , neatly opposite
we new Court next rooms to John D. Mallon,
Egg ,—First floor. ‘„," 10
:TIROS. H. ELLtorr, D.—office re-orourd
JL St. Clair street, between Penn and Liberty sr,
Pittehutek. s p 10
NEW GC/GDS.—Nemo!, Mackey, witk,lestile and
retail ciraler4 in English, French, at d Doningtie
Wiry Goode, No. Market Pt , Pot.herc II PYII
ArCA.NDLESS & 111,CLIIRE, Ariorne:is and
a t Law: Office in the Diamond, 'nick
of the old Cedrt lloune, Pittstiurzh. Foil 111
ItEr V ot. A. F I: ;I - 4 11 2 . t Mor row.
h i A :t
ween Wood d o offs
n e o
s, Clltsburgh. ! 4, 1 , 10
TOIIN WDEVITT, IVholeeale Clrorcr Rertifslug
•Manlier, Anti Dealer in Produce and l'itislmre,ll
114$11 , 1fAclUred Ariiclr4, No . 224 Liberty Street.
bargh. sep 10
INti.t.tot 11. Wthick leilm S. WI-woe - Ili
WILLIAMS AL DlLWORTll.—whoiesair
race ro Product - aiitl Coin to tosiolt Merchant. and
dealers in Pitteleirgli Mktitufaciered article, No. 29,
Wno,l street. ei•p 10
)k/ILTAL ROBINSON, tioriley Law
vv. Office on the north 4ide thanoonc;.hetwee•
dlarket and Union (MIS. Siairs
A I. DURBORA.W., Auorney nt Law; tender.,
hie profesei.lail services to ill( poltlir. Office tin-
Oft, Or pint, and Market StreciA, above D. Lloyd el• Co',
'lore, Piltehureb, ra. p 10
JoMPI . .1•-. N. RELAX
SHERIFF & KEAN, Mototfacluo-r4 of topper
. Tin. and f‘nent. I ron tVUre, No 811. Front ut , ,o 1 , ,•
bomb. House Sitnuiin2, and Sicandoout work 1, ortip , lV
eutented. emit 10
)THOS. B. YOUNG Sr., CO., Furniture WarC
AL Rooms, turner of !land at. tt. Exchange Alley.
Persons wishing to purchase Furnitnre. will find it to
tineiradvanisuze in give ua a call. twine fully ~gushed that
we can please as in quality and price. sep 10
MUTTON H A-MS.—Just received 160 choice Mug
ANA. fon Hams, well cured and for sale cheap by ihe do
sea or reLall. by 4 ISAAC 11Alitt18,
Pep 10 No.9.Fittii st
RUTA &VGA.— i *upp'y or Land! Fresh Ru•
la B qa, and other different varieties of Turnip
P4se 'One received and for sale at REDVCLD PRICKS at the
Drug and Seed Siure of F. L. SNOWDEN,
sap 10 No. 134 Liberty siren, head oh Wood.
WEBB CLOSEY,S Boot atilt Shoe Iddout.icio•
ry.No. 83 Fourth St., next door to the U. Stales
Rant. Ladies Prunella, Kid and Satin Shoes made ;n
he neatestroanner, and by the newestFrentli patterns.
scp 10
59000 MORUS MULTICAULUS. tuts to suit
purchasers; tole dispo.ed
No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
DAHLIA ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seeds of ev•
ery desertrytion, can always be had at the Drug
and Seed store of F. L. SNOWDEN.
pep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
50 LDS. Illtnuis Annual Mammoth Onion t-:eed, for
sale at the Drug and seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood
400 L i ß:. se N td e k‘ j ' u J t Eß E i Y ed S I WE ET POTATOES,
GA R DEI TOOLS, consisting of Hoe,t, Fancy Spades
Transplanting Trowels, E.ldinr 'Foul+, Budding,
IKahres. Pruning Knives, Pruning Slicar,t, etc., just re•
eeived and For sale by F. L SNOWDEN.
pep 10 1!14 Liberty street, head of Wood.
4CHOICK Venison Hame.--Just received a sinaii sup
ply nt very choke mired Venison Heins, on retail
Ms assail lots for current money.
and Com. Merchant
WINNTE Dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Crass and
teateeky Blue Gra4a, alwaya on hand and for
N 0.184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
.a/ 10
Erimit 4. BUCHANAN, Attorneys at Lon,otilee
sonomed fru= the Diamond, to -Attorney'Pßow,"
shady lido of Foarth street, between Market and Wood
'trete& rep 10
MAGISTRATES'IILANKS. for proceedina. in .Rt
itteaketeat under the late law, for sale at this Othre
FOg BALE —Lou on tile North East corner of Coal
Lasearld High street. Apply to
DARLINGTON, Market, near gilt st.
100 Lee. Laadreth'a French Sugar Bret seed..lum
rianthred and for sate at the Drug and Seed
184 Liberty elreet, head of Wood.
MO. ac
ay. 10
eoparteership heretofore existing between WIL
-111"1111,GIBY Bed BENJAMIN HOPEWELL II thisda9
efiernheteilltyleoteet consent. William Dishy is authorised
• 0.• thestornature of the in settling op the bosh:fess
stailiellie - WILLIAM RIGBY.
One month, $3.00
Two monis, 0.00
Three months, 7.00
Four months, 8.00
Six months, 10.00
One year, 15,00
No. 144, Liberiy head of IVond si
JoutasTori St"POCKTON, Booksellers. Printers and
Paper Manufacturers, No. 37. Markel pt. PPP 10-1 y
TOUN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water st..
near the Monongahela Doue, Piltsturgh. cep 10-1 y
LEONARD 8. JOHNS, Alderman, St. Clair st rept, sc
cond door from Liberty. sep 10-1 y
DR. S. R. HOLM ES, Office in Second sires!, next door
to Mulvany 4. Co's Glass Wm-choose sep 10—ly
SHUNK 4- FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Font - 111st.,
near the Mayor's (Mee, littstmt2tl. sep 10-1 y
rktios. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law, Flit h, het wee,'
Wood and Smithfield sis., Pittsburgh. sep 10-1 y
HUGH TONER, Alio , nev ni Law, North Eri , t rorner
of Smithfield and Fourth sireet9. sep 10-1 y
HANNA k TURNBULL'S raper Warehouse, No.
104, IVood st., where may he had a general supply
ul writing wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank hooks.
school hooks, kc, kr. Rep 10—ly
R C. TOWN3END ¢ CO., Wire Workers and
Manolactsrers, No. 23 Market street, between 2,1
arid 3d streets. sep 10-1 y
CII A Is; E HOTEL. Corner of Penn and St. Clair
st reels, by McKIBBIN 4 smrrii.
pep io--iv
ward flipzrir.::. Marrufarrorer of Iron arid
Warehouse N 0.25, W101i:11., Pep -ly
I,IG METAL —77 ions soft Piz Metal for Fale by
J.G. 4 - A. GORD - )N.
No. 12 Water street
WIT 13
LBS. CON If A MS. 16.000 Ile:. IL„. on
Shoulder?, I - or
J. A. GoimoN,
cep 13 No. 13 Wnlrr reel
ir A. ATTERSON, Jr., flirmin;lnim, near Poisbursli,
al M nufariorer of Locks. Ilinsps and Bolts; To
harem, Pnller. Mill and Timber Screws; Housen Sr, ews for
Rollins. Mills, 4s. sem
TORN 11PCLOSKEY.Taiinr and Clothier, I.llter.y
• Ft, eet , between Sixth ana N;irgin alley, South side,
son 10
. _
%V rstyßontDr:l", 'Wholotale rneers and
• ('nano t,joti fir re II:1 n I Srentid st reet , tint wren
‘Vilf)(l and S1110110..1(1 51F., P cliu sep 10- 1 y
cor,ioN, Commtz:Rinn and Forwarding
al • Mi•rcliani , , Water st..Pitislitirgh. peep 10-1 y
rn,l,s ham..a good artvlr, rerPived per S
tt anti for sale Ity J. G. A. GORDON,
srp 111 No. 12, Waier siren(
Q.(: AR A- MM. --4(1 Mots . New Orleans Su
•Z M.ls New Orleans Molas.e.; for sale by
SWM= oriror N. O. S.t7Rr. ret esved Trr,
rt Maim!, nod for salt" icy J 11. A. COR )ON.
BACON CASlitz.in order, on hind and for sale
UPI, API) 10 1. C. ¢ A. C 0 R DON, No. 12., st
It AND Rt(lf, iZSGS.—I3 hhin nnd 4 t 01.14 N. 0.
Soonr, 32 1. 1 .1 s N. t 1. 'Bo! isse.r, rereiveil per S , Plllll l .oait
I loporter, :mil (or .ale ley J. G 4- A. GO N
"" PAILS. LA111) OIL. for salr by
t) R. A. F TOCK
PCP 10 r o , nrr of t;ilior,d Wood :ts
1631 r S 1
Icy 11.. ‘11 r. r m A I .sz .n E n . ? . ; .( l'. l l l a 7 r K !c For (1 ,1 1
Sep 10 enrner of 6111 and Wood fo`.
9410 LISS I'repan•A Cliart:.l . ..r mule f.y
N li, A. F 111 N FOCK d• CC)
rep 10 rnr ner Itr li and Wood AI,
QI.TG R AND MO I. ‘SSES --61) 111.,15. N.V.swzar,
25 WO,. do. do., lilt) Via 1.t.t1 ion for
re (1 U
'lO be used in Batik rtiptry proceellitvz,i, piloted on
good paper.and it; the forntii approved by ;lie
:11 the Orin, Merril tV :11111 Dettiorrat. yip 111
I. 111.71111:tItI),
_.ll 14 , 4' I:1,111,0.h. boot o 1 , 41
• V shoe No. 101, Third ..orrvt. elwrrn
\Vood and r2h 5,1/
im,reinoviM los officr to the corner of Fourth
street andr7lierry Imiwern Smithfield and Crum
FOR RENT.—Tliedwellitl; and lot containing 4
acres, iu A ilcalyenv, near Ihe Beaver
ocrnnirdby Mr. Sanitiel Church. Apply ni Ihr \lerrhants
and Ninnuracturers' I.l:ink, to %V. (I. DENN Y.
„..-..2. D A ` -1
MAKER, No. 7, St. Clair sir,el, Pitt,
1i,.. bu , gh,
sep 10
supply of Lantitelles Carden Seeds, always on
band, and for sale atJiitt nenry, the Ding store of
F. L. sNosy DEN,
eI) 10 184 Liberty sired, head of Wood
DAVID WARD hat his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House,
second dv.elltric front Ilt“sstrom. lie will faithfully attend
all rails pertaining t o Ms profession. Night calls 5110(141 he
made at the door above the basement. pep 111
REMOVAL—Matthew Jones, Barber nod flair Drece
er, hap removed to roorth street, opposltet lie ay
ors office. where he will be happy lo:wait upon permanent
ur transient customers. Ile sulir Ilan share of public oat.
rona2e. pep 10
W3l. A. W A RD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
door helow Irwin street. Hours of hi! ,iness, from
9 A. M., uulil 5" P. x , after whirh llme lie will attend
to no one except in rases of actual neresiiiily. Ile
would further inform those who may flunk proper to
employ Itini,l hat he expects Immediate payment, wit hoot
the necessity his 'tart of sending in hHis. Pep 10
JOHN iIPFARLAND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
.111-her, Third st. betweea Wood 4. Market streets,
respectful inflrnis his friends and the public that he Is
prepared to exertite all orders for Sofas. Sideboards. Ru
reaus.rhairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Stands, Ilalr and Spring
Matirassec. Curtain:, Carpets, all ,orts of . Upholstering
wort., which lie will warrant equal .0 any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
110 IVord Strert , Pittsburgh.—R. A. Itanaittaii,
Auctioneer and C0.111111,10f. Merchtllti. is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goo.!s and Merchandize,
at his large and capacious t onnts, No. 110, North Cast
Corner of Wood and ram Streets, Hitt:burgh.
Regular sales of Dry Cood., Furniture, Groceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Itry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Hooks. 4.c., every Saturday eV en'. op.
Liberal erlyances wade on Consignments when wanted
R rFER 1.:14(
111e, 4 , , r5. John D. Soy.,
Fta2nley k Smith,
" Hampton, Smith, 4. Co.
• F Lorenz 4. Co.,
J. W. Itortoidee 4- Co..
o S. M'6ee tr Co.
Capt. James NrCargill,
o C. filmset,. C.Q.
Jonn N'Padden Esq.
• Logan Sr Kennedy.
• 3. K. Ilearttead
Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
" Robert Galway, Esq:
.. Capt. Jas. IA ay.
" McVay. Hanna, 4. co.
" William Symms,
" 8:G. Eleary.
statth.llavaci I Co
HAIGBY—No. 1.21, Corner of Wood and Front
. Streets, Pittsbkrei, hits on hand a complete as.
sortmentof Queensware suited is the city or country
wade. Also, a choice selection of pure white and gold
linntl DINING A NOTEA WA RE, in large or small sets,
or sepal nte pieces to suit purchasers,
A cask of 96, 60, or 84 piece sets, seperbly painted
and gilt English China Teawure, at very low prices.
Toy Teawarc, plain, and rich painted and gilt, frOin
1,0010 $5.00 per set
Children's Micas of every ileiTript ion.
White China Shavina Rings.
Granite Dining a. d Tea Services, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed in Male and black.
A Inrte varirty of Steamboat Dming and Breakfmt Stto,
imported to match. compleia,
Fire Proof stone baking places and dishes•, from the
Derhrhire Pouncing.
Slone Pipe Heads. ke. 4-c.
All of which are respectfully offered to the pub.
lir on the most favorable terms. Jan 26, 1842-1 y
ti Bit coffee.
1J or 4.
I_IIE.AS E . S lIOARIIOfIND C AND Y. —TP - rri.r has
received this day front New York. a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure fbr Cotizhs, Colda anll Con
eumption; and is ready to supply customers at wholesale
or retail, at his Aledical Agency, 86 Fourth st.
now 12
DA VI It LI, A RK7.4,er. e'ashternable Boot .IBake,-,
lins removed to No, 34 Market street. between
Ftecond and Third si reel., where lie won d be happy
to see his old custoniers. and all others who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. lie uses nothing Intl ftrst rale
and employs the best of workmen; and as lie gives
his constant personal attention to business, be trusislital
he will deserve aid receive a fair share of patronage.
sen 10
tlllTe. t.ltEAttl,
A Hunker respectfully informs his friends 3/1,1 the
pultlic that they ran always find the best qiinlby of lee
Creams. together with at kinds of confectionary and
fruit:. In their senQon, al his esiabligliment— No. 11,
F.(' is street, between Wood aad Market.
N. I:.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in Ilk line. Also families furnished
wilh Bread. •ep 10
HAM J. CLEM ER, residinz at 66 Molt street.
New York, was afflicted with flyspepsia in its most
arze.ravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache. great debllit y, fever, costiveness, rough, heart.
horn. pain in the chest and stomach always afler eatite4,
impaired apprille, sersat ion of sinking at the stomach,
furred looffne. nausea. with frequent vomitings, dizziness
towards 1112111 and lestlencss. These had continued rip.
ward of a twelvemonth, when, on consul' ine
Evans. WO Chatham street, and sultniittinft to Iris ever
ance , s foi 9 , 1 d ao recahle mode of Ire/al meat, the patient
was romoletely restored to heap ill in I lie short space of
one moot 11.1 ind araiftfol for the incalculable benefit deriv
!ladle came forward nod volnrocered the above strop
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
1. G. 4 - A. GORDON
.1 11 k
N. 12 Wafer fl .er t
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties
Window Glass, of every size.
Palest Buckets, Tubs and Kcelers.
R. E. SELLE4S, Agent.
NO 20. Wood curet. hrlow Sorond
LARD.—'Phone who would wish greatly to reduce
their expense for light, Shollid certainly purchase one of
the above earned Lamp:, at by their use there is a clear
=riving of nr least twa-i birds of the ex [p.n.,' over Oil,and
the light ohtained front this is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free front smoke nr dkagrerahle smell, 11'e would
here slate that Carr's Patent i- the only one worthy the
attention of the public, as it is the only one that is appli
ratite to every variety or pattern of Lamps, and the only
one that will Intern Lard WILL, nt any tertirwrature of cold
heal. We have. in the short space of three niniribii,
rrild several rhort-iands• and with nearer nn exception,
those ri..ing bent have en ere—rd I iIeII , PCIVI'S highly pleas
ed is II I hem. ahri fully crinvir.red of the great erring - tint'
by their ti-e, as well as their superiority over either oil
or candles, In regard In rleanliness mill light.
The above natural I:utilise:lo Ire had only at
R 0 WA^ R.IIaifONVC,
gtrnfit, nearly nppn.lte the Post
Where i. kept con.taltitv nn band Rritattnin Metal, Tin
and Gin-. 1.:1mp , . nt v terns.
Gin., lamp , sold at nianitbrturrri:' e 5.
‘N'e lake plensnre in nfrrtin7 In (lie pliblie the fnl , nw
1.2 i . f.rtaira , e, which Is sliliscriked To by many respecla
hie rilirens.
We.i he it odersiobed. have ;tied and are now 11S1
Carr'- 1%11.10 1,1111 p.. for lot mitt!! 1.:I , d or other amoral
fol. and we linve on be-oat ion in ca Vine that th r y eivr till
equal in any of the °Minor!: mod, of
littlit Inc a lonise. at nbont one•I turd Ihe root, and w h o lly
free l if,lll , lnritte or oilier dii!agreeettle %Ile Jobe a
plertForr in II cOrfirtlenditi2 I Ilene lamps! tot he °oldie, as by
their ii r there hr a great goring over either sperm
or lard oil, or even candle..., nod we believe Mem to
114. 11101, riParly nod Ir.. I rotitilerrome than Pit
To Ire had al Hoolva ¢ Haystortrds only, Third street,
nra F'%' rlPtmsite the Post Office.
Vey. W. lA'. Itakewell, James 'loon,
" A. N. firenn, Cho Hen Par Icon,
" John M'Crnn, C. Vertzer,
N. C. Coll too, %Vm. Graham, jr.,
" Either' rilltliap, F.. Troritlo,
Dr. H. D. Sellers. %V in. Dotioltta,r,
" E. 1). Gozzann, Henry Atwood,
" Wtn.M, Wright , ',mac Cruse,
Robert H. Kerr. F-cci , Geortie W. Henry
A. Beckham, Rniirri StrPhereon
Thomaii °moon. John S. Shaffer,
nenree !Miltenberger, Wm. Kiehbaum,
0. I'. Shiro., J. 1 . 1 Turner,
A. Miller. Wm. hlartln.
R. M. Riddle, Prim M ro.ter lien ry liarzesser,
R o bert Crab•, James S. Clark, of lic A mcr•
Allen Kramer. icon lintel,
A. F. Nlarthens, John M.Comphell
M. Sinekhouse. L. A liter!er,
Rohm Johnston, Joiner. Medlin,
N. B Just received, an improved Potent Lamp. for
kitchen use. ❑ov 19—d Iry ¢ Wl'
IVO THE PUBLIC, and rartionlurln to my format
t patronet of this oily:—llaa•in retired from the
prariirm of Medicine. I may be permitted 10 say. that it
has fallen lu the 101 of I 01 few• persons 1 1 1 has , enjoyed
so liberal Or larze a share of olisiretrical practice as my
own has been for Imo 30 or 40 year+.
The experience °Mint long period of active life, and he
fart of my having been tw ice, since 1830,119130chiled with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, in the practice of medicine, tin Gotha
period of five years.) enables me to Judge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient, so efficient, and yet so see, did I esteem
three pill•, that for the lasi five yenta in my practice for
the cure of chronic diseases, of whatever nem... and shone
of females in particular, I have used more of them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine, this must fail in some in
stance., but In my hands there has been less disappoint.
inent and more satisfaction in Cie administration of I hia
one remedy than of all others; its good effects sometimes
ovine astoniching m , .
If my patient rennired a safe aperient m , dicine either
wfore nr after parturition, the Wilson's p. .k were just
the thing I wanted.
I (a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach. combined
with costiven"ss or inactivity oldie liver, constituted the
disease 11 my patient. the pills were jiist the thing I
If I treated a ra.e requiring an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were Just the I hire,: I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed eountenanre, or other
difficulties, indicating a disturhanee of the circulatory
and .ecreinry syciems, Annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of tife,' the W ikon's pulls were joust the tiling I wanted.
Thus, without resti,,et to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the time I have had it under treat
merit, particular indications or symptom: arising, were
al - "nys nimt promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pill a.
That no great a number oldiseases, and sometimes ap.
patently opposite ones, in which I have used these pills.
should be clued more readily by them than by any other
remedy, may atiirst seem strange and contradictory, but
wby it is so is unclear to my mind as that a great many
persons should become thirsty from roe many different
causes and yet all require that
_common and greatest i,f
alt blessings, water to quench their Iblest.
in conclusion. it is due the reputation of t'ie medicine
and she nubile, to say decidedly and unconditionally. that
she Wilson's pills are theonly combination I have ever
met with in my longcoursa of practice, that really pos•
eesreaanythiag curative or specific for sick headache
'km!' #e., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The above Pilts designed particularly for the sick
Haed.Aehe, Dyspepsia, Constipation of the Rowels et.,
prepared by the proprietor Dr. R. A. Wilson. and for
sale,whniesnie and retail, at his dwelling hf Penn street.
below Marburg. 001
DR. GOODE'S Celebrated Female Pills. These
Pills areal rongly recommended to the notice of
the Indies as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of e:•
ercuse, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections: These Pills have gained the sanction arid
approbation of the most eminent Physicians In the Uni
ted States, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
aeeall,by R. F. izRLLERS, Agent.
sep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Second.
WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the heed of Smithfield et., Pittsburgh.—
Tim nsthsrelbethnving bought out the stock of the fate
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
In the old stand of Mr. R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In his line, In the best manner
and on the shortest notice. lie keeps corstantly on hand
a large assortment ofshoe findings of alt descriptions and
ratite best quality. ❑e solicits the patronage of the nub
ile and of the craft. %VM. ADAIR.
For sale by
and Axles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The anhaeribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coath,l7 and Mimic Sprlnfts (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plntild HO, Rands, Stomp Joints, Patent Lrathe•,
Silver and Brass !.amp=, Three (aid Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Hinges. ¢r ,(c.c.
HtD.§FiLIi.F.IIS, M. D., office and dwellint in Fonrih
peer Ferry street sep 13-1 y
Tim rittentionVitho e who have iced somewhat prep.
Ilcal in reference to the nunterninr certificate, rothli.med
in fa vor'of Dr SwaVTIP . P Cron pound Syrup i.f W lid Cher
rv, nn orrottn, onto , porcnn, helm. ❑nknnrvn in thin per
lion of the • re.pertfully directed To the nolowing
certificate.] he vvriler of which F 111! been a , •iliZen of thin
hornueh for rtetiernl rears. and in known gentleman
of Intevity and respona,bill,y.
To the ..9,ecnr. Mr. 1. KIRBY.
I have used Dr Swavne's Comp 111,11 Syrup of Wtl.l
Cherry for a couch, with which I have been severely of
Meted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
In srlyinithat tl is, he most effective medimne that I have
been ablelo pro(lhre. It composes all wriessiness, and
avers well .filth my dlel.—and mantalnS a reetilar and
cowl annettte. I ran freely rerommend ft to all others
similarly afflicted. J. 511ISISICIC. Borough orCliambershlr.
March 9. 1141). rep 23
rorsateby WILLIAM THORN No. 3:3 Market street .
pr:RSON, .le4iroutt of procorlraz Frail. Shade. and
Ornamental Trf,.. or Rhroliherv, from l'hllailel
phis nr New Yri k, are reaine:ted to make flpplirnt ion na
Qonn as pria,ible, at the Itroa and Seed Flora of the ant,
arribrr, where ran be had ratalognec, xralnit onaly. of the
most excellent aartet ire. F. 1.. SNOWDEN,
Rep 31 No 1114 Liberty .0 reel Arad of WOO.'
MA ft FILE M tiNtIF 'tt 'TOR Y.—Patrirk Ca wfield rei
, pert fully arquaints his friend a tuft he nubile On.
erally, that he ha , commenced the Marble businer , at f liey
corner of h and Liberty o...where will he ronata oily
on hand. tomb mantel pieces, monuments. bead
and fool atones, table Flab , for cabinet ware, and every
art icleapperlainina I o the Imainess. He will warrant lila
work to lie well done, and his char-e, will he moderate :
lie respect rally a , ka aidhare of fluidic patron:l7e. sep 10-
1 - 11.ff.V.V-4 Jr TURN" R (71.1.. Panentrrort• nr Tae ('1,11.r.
Tan P .ertt MILL. Steubenville, Ohio. having rem,
veil the, =tore frnin thi , city, have appointed linlrleitip
Fr Brawn... No. 49 Market at., between 3rd and r.
tense ror .t.t. 5111 P of the different Rill& of Paper manufar—
lured by them, where their friends and roalomere will al
Warr find a rcantor supply of paper, sneh ao Cap and
r %yr - m.l, plain and faint lined; Wrappine and Tea
paper, Bonnet Pnard , , and Printin; Pant r or different Pi •
rea and goal it ie. , all of which will lir ?old on the moat
accritionnitat or! term,.
1 1 nr.n•ntr k Il Rnte xe , trinllllricturer? and im nnn rre of
Will Pan." , and Itorderv. krepri ronvti nriC nn hind ere.
r y vi rip? y nf Ent rv . Parlor Rid rnher Pa pr , re, or the
st !irk, null imps! Imis,!,som c rilterrts, « hirh !ties,
S, ill cf.!! lOW and 011 OrCOMMOlialitl2 !Crisis, WhOirslile
Or rerSiSi rioll
Poi tsar Platform Scales Ott wheels, to weigh 2,500 111F,at
355 00.
do rla do do 2,005 al 345 00
do do do do 1,5110 at 35 00
do du do do 1,000 at :10 00
,In In do do 500 at 25 110
With raking levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scale: for the u-e of Warehouses, Flouring
Mitts, S'r.,tltevante prices no above.
A lon, White's PaiCIII Counter Scale, with 0. Young's
improventrui s . and a variety of oilier (-outlier settles,
which they will sell for front II 10 $ l 5,
They also manufacture Slr•am Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Mills. Salt Works. d•c.. double and sins e
geared slide at hes.font and other lathes for wood 'undo,:
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machine.. door
and sash machines. Hall's paten; horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a ruperior article; circular
saw shafts, machines for sowing lath, Tinner's nine
chine , and tools ofall descriptions.also for making black
log hoses, a superior article; governors for steam engine
s torks, taps and dies, cot mills, bedstead or Joint tints
and machinery for making the Fame. cotton factory ma•
chinery made or repaired; printing vent plaitena turned
and printing preaees repaired
3A al F:: ,1 MAY, Agent.
Rep 23—ir YOUNG 4. BR A DRURY
JOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis•
sion Itlerchanl,No.lo6, corner of Wood 4. Fifth its.
Pittsburgh: Having herr' appointed one• of the A uction•
errs: rot the City of Pitshur:b. tenders his services to Jot •
hers, manufacturers and dealers, who may he di-posed
to Make trial of this market• He is prepared to snake
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts tosall-ly correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy land favorable returns.
That the. various interests which may i.e ronlided to
him, shall he adequately protected, hr brings to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandise generallv , the cervices of Mr. Ss most.
PsrisrusToet; heretofore advantageously known. as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Pres't. of M. 4- M.
•• Bank.
•• Darlington Q• Peebles,
•• Robert Galway:
•• James M. Cooper,
James May,
•• R. M. Riddle. s (' Pittsburgh
•• Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
of Exchange Bank.
•• Ham piou,.s.mltlt. 4. co..
• • John D. Davis. 1
•• Samuel Church.
•• J.C. Moorhead.
•• Jas.. W. Brown 4- co
•• John H. Brown. 4- Co.
•• Profit, fft is,aley.
•• Yardly ¢ el, very, ) Phitadel'a.
•• John S. Riddle.
•• John Datoeii, I cep 10
Si. Cleir al., nenr p 4 lierheeyPrMar
FAMILY FLOUR—Jost received • finfr barrels of
13aporior Floor, made expressly for family uge.:For
lo Store 50 barrels gap. flour.
For publishing a nem Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
/1111 E Subscribers having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry Into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Doily Jeernix, Poet.
The trading object of Ins ••Pore" will he the dautemina•
lion and defence of the political principles that have here
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their best efforts will still he devoted to the
advancement and success of Owe doctrines.
Although. ht politics, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving an !worst,
candid history of pasaine Political events, Foreign
and Domestic Intehigence. and brief notices of all oral
ters and occurrences that come properly within the cohere
of a Public Journal, to make their paper sufliciently in•
' , resting to entitle it to the pat ronage of the public, ir
respective of pally considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that will
he found in the -Morning Pest,•" the Editors will take
pains to fnrnikh the linsiness community with
the latest and most interesting Commertct&L lirret.Lt•
germs from all parts of the country, and to have prepa•
red such accounts of the Markets and the Slate of Trade
so will be advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men In their several callings.
Tel-mos.—The Purer will be published on a large imperi
al sheet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Jourrril) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per *num, payable in advance. It will also be sold by
news.hOys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy,
Advertisements will he im.erted ;I the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
Kr TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who will he engaged on the most liberal terms
Aunts' :31, 1842.
1.00 HIIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO. in store and
for sale by J. C. 4. A CORDON.
rep i 3 No 12,Waler street
BY Morrison ¢ Co. London, for sate only by S. Pt
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pittshurgh Pa. and 11. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Vk'mitern Pennsylvania. sep 10
FARM FOR SA Le.—The node' signed off• rs for PRie a
tract of land situated 4 miles freepott, In the
direction of Kittanning, Buffalo 'lown.hip, Armstrong
county. containing 100 acres, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of wilier) are in meadow— a good square log
dwelling house and cahvn barn erected thereon—an npvle
orchard of 80 heating trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient tot he liott.'e
FOR TERM apply to the PITIF:CriiIPI'S residing RI the
all works on the Penn, , ylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
sep 10
/110 TIIE WISE.--I Ivs note well millet - vim:id how
timeh disorders of the mind depend for their cure
noon a due ;Mem ion to the body. It is now iiiiderednit
how valuahle is that aedirine ‘yliteli mill remnee morbid
crumulat inns without we:Armin-1 the bodily power. It Is
now insder,tood that there is a reciprocal influence he.
I wren the mind arid the body. It le now understood thet
purging with the Brandreth Pills will 'move a melan.
0101 Y, and even itisnelly In cured by perseveringly "sing
I Item; 11 is now understood bow much domestic bappl.
nrss depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It in now well known that the Bran/teeth PM. have
cured thousand. of linoeirss and !triples!, rferColl, eNren
when the first physirians had pronounced them beyond
all human means or relief. It is now not only well
known that the Pr:lnfirm!) Pills no mire, Intl it in also un
derstood how they rum; that it is by thelerturifyin: effect
on the Mood that they restore the hotly tdlienith.
The %mine of the medicine in beenntinx Thorn and mare
ma itifent ,it is recommended daily troll' family In f anitry.
The Brandrelh ruff; rrmove In an almost imperceptible
ntanner all noxinit , accumulations and purify and inylvt
t ale the bitnal,a nil their xond rfll•cls nyr nol eraihterha lan
red by any htennyenieneen; twine composed entirely of
vegetables they do not I , poFr those who tune them 10
flamer; and their effects are an mrtaitt an They are salu
tary; they are flatly and safely admini,tert din Infancy.
yniiihi. manhood, and old axe. anti to wortren in the most
critical and deftcateclrcomslaner•. They do not disturb
nr shock the a nitnal functions, hit rcs` ore ihreir order
and ot tallish i heir health.
mproved Hay
nit fnel u red I , e
heir fll acliiiii
hrl wee.ln•
ill Fl reel. RA is
ire 11:111,1 1 iiI4
norm-tore and
nil the follow.
ig srales(wltol.
composed of
No. 1, 1 , 0,1
tile Platform
Sold at Dr. Brand retli's Offirr, No. 9'l, Wond wirer%
r Prire 25 rent. per lint, with fall directions.
1I AR K--The only glare in Piti,lmroi where the gents•
in. , Pill. ran be obtained, is lie T.l,cior'n own offite, No
92 Wood el reel. rep 10
1110 7'IIE LADIES —Why do you not remove that
voinerfluotie hair you have upon your forehead.
and limier lip, 7 Ely calling at T0Tr1.16.. 86 Fourth el.,
and oloaining a bottle of Gourniore Pondree
which will remove It at once without aff.•rllns the akin.
You can oleo obtain Gottrand's huh , relebrated Eau de
Beaute, which will at once remove all freckle•,
Foliations of the skin, and nuke your fore• look per Emily
fair; and to those who wima to assist nature by adding
more rolor to their cheek., they ran obtain Arnim of Gott •
rand's relcluated Liquid Rouge. whirtt eannot lee rolthe.d
off even by a wet clot It. A lan may he 'found a good As.
col - linen, of Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil, Al.
mond, Paint, %Vindectr; and other Soaps.
ffeuicmher. at Tuttle- , Medical Agency, 86 4th street.
Dec. R. 1812
ales oil WI,
eigh 3otIU
L ET Invalids read Ile following arronnt of a Sailor
cured of a rompliraiinti of afflictions in nineteen
days hy the use of Brandreiti Pill,, It distinctly proves
there are herbs in natbre Whirl" have affinity rure he.
rause of disease. and Brand roles Pills are made for them
Read and be convinced. Take the medicine andlie cored
ions SnAll'. of Pembroke. Washiugton count v. Maine,
twins ditty sworn, pays, Ilia. he was taken violently 'irk
about sir mouths since. The pains in his head, breast,
lurk, left side and Instep bring so had that he was urns.
Melo help himself, and was taken into the Chelsea Hos.
phut in the rile of Boston. That after befit , in said
hospital five weeks, Doctor 'Otis said lie did not know
what was the mallet Wien him, and that he could do
nothing for him, nor could In prescribe tiny medicine
Thal he, therefore, was conveyed front the Chelsea Hoe.
I pit'al to the Bailor's retreat on Staten. ISialid. That he
`was there physirked trill. all sorts of medic tie for a pert.
ad offcur nmnths, suffering all the lime the most heart.
rending misery,— Thai, besides his affection of his hones
lie was troubled much with a diseam of the In ngs7 Caine
times he would spit a gnarl of In the day; besides
this affection lie had a hail Martin:4n, winch had more
or less:Mended him from t In' commencement of his sick.
neap. That at times lie dreaded a stool worse than he
would have dreaded death; that ite can compare! he (vet
te:, to nothing save that of knives parsing through his
1 bowels. A fier suffering worse than death it the Sailor's
Bet rea t, on Staten Islam!, the doctor told him that ntedi•
rifle was or no use to him. that he mu-. ry to stir:de - mt.
A I this time lie was mtTering the greatest misery. That
his bones were in tender he could 11(1i hear the least press.
Itire upon the elhow or upon We knee, that his instep to as
most painful. that as the Doctor said he would give him
no more medicine he determined to procure some of Dr.,
Brandretli's Pills, which he did, from 241 Broadway
New York; that lie commenced with five pill., and some
times increaSed the dose to eight. Toe first week's line
.0 much benefited him, that the doctor., not knowmg
what he was union, said. inow,Shaw, yon look like a
men aeain; if you improve In this way, you will soon be
well.' • That he fated every dose of the Brandreth Pills
relieve him, first hey cured him of the pain when at
g 1001; that they next cored the dial rhree, cad finally the
nains in his honest—That the medicine seemed to add
.trrngth to him every day. He told the doctor miler
day the 11th Instant, that he felt himself well. and 311 , 0,
that he owed his recovery to Il•andreths rills under
Providence, that he had taken the medteme tevely day
for 19days; that the doctor told him if he hid known he
had been taking that medicine, he should not have stayed
another day in rue house. He considers ti is his dnijc to
make thtspuhlic statement for the benefit of all similarly
afflicted; that they may know where to find a medicine
that will cure them. _ JOHN' SHAW.
John Shaw lining hy me duty sworn I MS , 14th day of
April. 1842, dtd depose and env the I the fbregotns state
meet is trot.. J. ID EELER.Commhanovrer r)f Deeds
Th. BRAXDRETH PILLS are Fold at Dr. Pron . .
dreth'e principal ofkre. 241. BR 04D FrA T. New York
and at itia principal office. N 0.99 Wood street. Pittsburgh,
the aorzyrz,..sca in Pittsburgh where the 'entail* twit
be obtained sep22—dw2at
burgh, to bo entitled the
Public opinion Bighting in Regard to the
Blessings of Paper-Money Banking.
The annexed article, from the New
Yolk Herald's money, writer, puts in a.
strong light the main point which is pro.:
during such a change in the mind of the
people in regard to the paper•issuing'
banks. It is not only the fraud and ruin
growing out of the expansions, specula
dons, contractions, and depreciations which
belong to the banks of paper, but the or
pression of the tax which ,vears down the
protective industry LI the nation, to sup
port the drones who hive in banks. Thin
is the mischief which is inrurabie. We
do not of to men who have amassed
surplus capital investing it in loans, and es
tablishing banking partnerships for the
purpose. The, abuse grows out of the
privilege by which men have ne :spits!,
make it out of paper; and those who have
doubling it in the same way; and then tax"
ing the community to pr.) , interest on their
promises to pay the bank obligationsis—
sued as currency, which they are not able
to pay..—Gleke.
The great revolution which has been go..
ing on fore a few years in banking, will
produce the most beneficial efects on the
industrious classes. The country has _
been impoverished and swindled to an al.
most inconceivable extent, .by a email
class of bankers, under the pretence of fa.
ciliating trade,. The once wealthy date,
of Virginia has been impoverished by this
villanous system. In bringing tpgetber
figures, the results are absolutely astonish•
ing, even to those who are in the same de
gree prepared fur it. We will rook at the
actual state of affairs in Virginia. The
followisg is a list of five hawks, with their
capitals, and that of their. bratithes; alio
th e total number of Sttockhoidets:
Bank Cupiial of Virginia and the ineitilPer if
&Dellald. S:ockhold•
era in era out of
Capital. l'irginsn Virgeri Tot al.
Planl;'of Vira $3 6420 N +hie 35 704
Filmier's Parn-k 2653:t3C0 532 2R 640
I'k 'attic '11•0'y 1.076100 137 29 266
N. Western irk 737,200 52 48 140
blerelis et M cc'cs' 516:500 114 42 153
1.11 these 1,763 people, of whom 222 are
foreign to the State., has been vested by
law the sole privile•ge of furnishing the
people of Vitginia (whose population, in
1830, Was 1,221,40 x; and, in 1840,1,239 e.,
797—showing scarcely any increase)
a paper curt enty. !tithe lan ten years;
then, L,763 people 'ltalia received of the;
mceeda of the industry of the remaining.
1,238,034, 87,600,000 in dividends, of
which $912,000 has been sent oat of the
State, This sum has been paid for the
privilege of using their ipaper promises as
cut rency, instead of the constitutional cut,
r eery of gold and silver. The operation
will he made more clear by taking the lar 7
gest bank separately the Bank of Vir-
That concern went into operation in.
1805; and dining the time since elapsed:
(being thirty seven years)h-s actually di—
vided and paid amo ,g 704 individuals, ac-r
rording to i s own sworn rettil Its, $17,179,.
080. This sum was paid by Virginians,
in the proceeds of their labor, for the priv...
ilige of using an annual average of $829,,
100, of the paptr promises of the associa
ted 704 persons., as a currency. In the
184 S, the circulation of the bank was 81,
039,680, and the Richmond. office ' paid ad
dividend o4' 23 per cent. In 1821, the•
circulation fell to $114,379, and the Rich
mond 'Ace paid buto percen'. In ]i837,.
the circulation again reached $1,162,780.
and again the bank paid 20 per cent divi
dend. kVbat an abon inableswindleis this!
If the bank had never existed. and the
people, instead o f giving $17.119000 to
the bankers for nothing, had spent $5,000.
000 for specie, the State would sow have
had a sound currency, and not only been
$12,000,000 richer, in hard cash. (equal
to three entire tr3pa of tobacco,)but would
have saved 2014 the losses that have grown
out of the continual fluctuations of the
Now, while the people submit to this.
immense taxation fur the benefit of a hand
ful of individuals, they refuse to pay the
debts of the State, because the tax, though
small in comparison, is levied in a direct
manner. This is very marked in the case of
Pennsylvania. Take the case of . the Uni
ted States Bank. The number of stock
holders was as follows:
ln Philadelphia 1,481
Elswhere in the United States 1.652
In Europe 1.390
The capital of this hank was 1335,000.,,
000, alid the profits in 20 years of its ex
istenre amounted to $70,000,000, whereof
30 per cent. or $21,000,000 was sent In
Europe, and 40 per cent. or $28,000,009
paid out of Pennsylvania—makirig Wok
000,000 paid voluntarily by the people
who were shouting hosannas to the 41,523
persons who received this enormous a—
mount (.4* money from them, as if they im
parted enure great blessing by so doing.—
In 1840, Pennsylvania was on the point of
failure for want of 8800,000 to pay her in—
terest. The Legislature of the 11th June
levied a tax on personal propetty, ratima , ‘
ted tt, y ield 31.000,000. In January..
1841, the Governer, in his message, stated,
that none r.f the tax had bean collected,
and that the county officers had taken no.
steps in the matter. This was because
taxation was..unpopular. 10 the-a:mem*
From the N.Y. Herald.
222 1,70