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    - V-0
110 - S. - PHILLIPS & W. H. SMITH,
19111941LM DOLLARS a Year. Payable in
%Orate. Single copies TWO CENTE4—for Pale at the
8 11 8 4411 w or the Once, and by News Days.
The Mercury . and Manufacturer
peiaiimed w BEKLY, at flue same office, on a d.mble
tisteithinit seet, at TWO DOLIAII I 3 a year, in ad.
vanes, fin4te copies, SIX CENTS.
Terms of Advertising.
illa 84411A11.6 OF TWELVE Lying' OR LEss: _
Oinktreertton, 0.50 t One month, ,t! .00
res•Arteertieors, 0,73 1 Two monis, 6.00
These Insertions, 1,00 Three months, 7,00
"Tteeireek, 1,50 Four mono hs,
Irlifalaokan. 3.00 Six months,
Th 'es, 4,00 One year, 15,00"
Ose Square. The Sciaret
Sit IMail. i 1 8 .00 Si: months, 523,00
e 40Ie
tear, 25,00 One year, 35,00
frlrLarge, lawerltsementa In protertion.
CAIRDSof (oar Owes Sts DOLLAILit a year.
_ . .
Cate Tore Orrice. Third between Market and Wood
-erreiris—lt. M Itiloe, restwarber.
.opeireei Noose, Water,4tlt door from Wood st. Peter
wee'sllettityles— VI ajar John W Mock. Collector.
CryesTaesseer. Wood .hetweert First and Second
iettleets—James A. Bertram, Try:worry.
Coasts TarAllUltY, Thad 'street, n'r door to the 1
rata Trrsbyterian Chorch—S. R. ohnston, TT llftljer. i
. "113.001Orrict, Fourth, between Market and Wood
It MSS-- kietander ciaq, Mayor.
• Sicacessres EIC aaaaa . Fourth, near Ma , kri 01.
Parsaanaas,hetvreen Market and Wood streets, on
rtard and
.Roorth streets.
Mai -Lorre Lao Mk aaaa rrfrlßT.llle AND Fillt11(tItl
betwtene De.
ISM *LIM. (formerly SAlrte: Fund.) Fourth,
Wood and Market .treems.
Balmrawar., Fifth street . near
)iourrds..vict.,• florist, Water street. near the Bride ,
Faggot:Se Floral.. corner of Penn and Si. Clair.
blicaesascrs' floral., corner of Third Roil
A eatosn Illoves,coer Di Thrd.and Shßeld.
f o xiea. corn rn er of rem i , .trert and Canal.
Skein hots, tibeety street, near Seventh.
I.lltWitt'S VI Liston Viousts,t.itieriy fti oppoiiite Wayne
Ettiotsoirrnucr NI att-tioa Hot - se-Pr no St. entracte
Strd-te dalterceit's offices on Grant st., nratly opposite
.tts new Court douse, next rooms to John P. Nation,
104 r-•••Pirst door. sco 10
Eutiorr, 11. D.—Office removed t o
1. St. Ctair street, betiecso Peas gad Libtrry
1000siurgh. Ft 10
NE W GOO DS.—Preston k Mackey, Whulewrile and
retail dealers in English, French, at d 'Domestic
Coodit. Nn. Rl. Markel wt ,Pntshnrgh. see 10
ANDLESS & DIPCLUtt;E, Attorneys and
DirCCounsellor' at Law: Office ,n die Dtantond n
. 1,41 t
etbe old Court tlonse, Pittsburgh. ge
. . ~--------..„.
# ..
Elidv AL . - D. Morrow, Alderman; offi c north
i..: . ' alike: of Fifth at., betweca Wood and Smilbfield
..:• 411tiburei. .wp 10
1 .
, UN NVDEVIT I', IN noleluot Gtocer Rectift in;
01.01ler, Anti Dealer in rrodttr.e and rittstatrth
.• . ailffirtetared Article,, No. '224 Liberty Street, rifts,
iJ'efijirsk• ' pep l
W,, ten,. 1.
'M A &DI L ORT .—w 11 01 r. sate
(lrorrrg Pralincr rind Coto onlooo II S 4 PIT n and
dentlPirx VP ) Asurgh blannOti tired Nn.
street- 10
OBIL NSON, ‘I loritcy at I.nw;
Odk I. ee on tit!' north Aide of the Diamond .hetwee,
, 'Ratite aad Ustion streets, op Plaiflß Pei. 10
/1. DU ELBO It A.W , Attorney at Law; tender.
A. 'Pio protessioant services to th, 1111111 k. tglif.. Cot .
Mete( rift and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd ti• t7o'
all4a.elttst.taratt, Pa. seo
eitIGRIFY ..................... h.?. N. KIC t
SIMIERIFF & MiinufactureN of Copper
n .amt Eltkeet Iron Ware, No O. Front xi,
flow Spouting and Steaniltuat work it -ontptly
set. 10
Tao& B. YOUNG & CO., Furnlittre Warr
Roo, writer of lit Exchange Alley.
remota wifditog to purchase Furnure, will find it to
their st.'vantage to give chi ft VIII. being fully s,alisfied that
viltlesaa please aft to quality and price. sep 10
rroN 11/LNlS.—Just rece i ved IbOchoiceAlut•
toe Munn, wen cured and for sale cheap by ibe do-
Sea Or rellail,by ISAAC HARRIS,
Nn.9, Filth at .
se, 10
BALG A.— in pp'Yot LandfelWa Fresh lit'.
11 Bala. and °llse( ditierrot varietirs of Turnip
4. jest received and for sale at R6D VCILDNOWD
F l the
Orl i and Geed St
ore of F. 1,. S.N,
alkii 10 No. 184 Llberty street. head of %Vond,
VWIS BB C LOSEY,S Boot and ...!,hoe elahuhrcio•
ry. No. 83 Fourth St., next door to the IL Stales
Ladies Nanette, Kid and Satin Shoes Inisde in
ira-Weateetnteaner, and by the newest French clattery' ,
000 141,011RmEhaSseMrlis.LtoTif,eCdAiUsivol.yeSd.otrobtyots to suit
1t0.184 I,tberiy street, Tend of Wood.
comma* ROOTS. Flowers and Flower Seede ot ev•
ALP , y deeeriptios, can alw
aya be had al the Drug
avid Seed More of EN,
asp 10 t&4 Liberty street, head nf Wood.
Jen LllB.llllaols Annual Ma t itotlt Onion `red, for
OA sale at the Drug andlo 're of
P. gI. , IOWDEN.
124 Gtherty Wept, bead of Wood
for seed; jest received by
No. 184, [Abort y head of Wood st
GARDEN TOOLS., consisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades
Traosolantine Trowels, Eddlng Tool., Budding
Ilfiebeet., Pennine Knives, Pruning Shears. etc.,
SNOWDE Opt re.
SOF*. I and for ,tale by F. L. N.
Pep it) 144 Liberty etreet, head or Wood.
OptoB Vermnison Hams. --Just recet • nun.
, ;dint ty choice milted Venisonvell
on retail
4110 lots for current money.
and Com. Merchant
Wows dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Slue Grass, always on hand and for
1,141. L. SNOWDEN ,
p i t e Na.Ns. 184 Liberty Plreet, head of Wood.
R o o di w ce o
' IC or! fruiCailiNthAeDAtaNm.u.end"-*trit4
o . 111 ..1tt a o t rn L e g y iht" ;
SSW gas Fault street, between Market andse Wood
AII.46IIISTILATES'ItLANIcti, for proceed:ion lo At.
terrkworst ender the late law, for aale at this Office
sm,e,.—Lots on the North East corner of Coal
sod street. Apply to
iii Mis
EVIL DAILLANGTON, Market, near 4thst.
48 Landreth's French aura r Beet eleed.ptst
racotred laud for sale at the Drag and Seed
184 L.therty rireet, head of Wood.
SW* of
sap 10
Sir topartnendilp heretoibra esng between WI
lAM. HIGSY tad Betll AVM norgwistListbisday
Bet ontnal consent. Willhn Digby is authobasic's's rised
Oi llkOlisigilaters of Ike Me Os statist P S Ms
149/4,1; Wi LLt AM iG BY .
-.3 ' 4,
_ •
TOH NSTON 4- STOCKTON, llook9eoPrs.rrintervt nii
Paper Manufarinzers, No. 37, hi arkc rt. Pep 10-1 y
JORN ANDERSON, Hmttlifteld Foundry, Water
near the Mononothrla House, Pitisthrati. sep 10-1 y
LEONARI, S. JOHNS, AllielltlaD,St.eleir Arco, se
Wild door Crow Liberty. rep 10-1 y
DR. S. U. 1101. M ES, Office in Second speei, next door
to Mulvany ¢ Co's Glass Warehouse rep 10-1 y
SHUNK t FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law. Fourth al.,
near the Mayor's Office, Pith:ha rgh. two 10-1 y
_ _
!Tinos. HAMILTON , At torney at I.aw, Fifth, bet wet..
Wood and Smithfield air.. Pittrhuroh. rep 10-1 y
pUGH TON F.R, Anconev n iNorth Ea.t corner
IL ar Smithfield and Fonrin strnein. Fe p 10-1 g
THOWPRON lIAN ............... • . JAM
HANNA i4 te
TtittNSULI,'S raper Warehouse. No.
104, Wood PL, where map he had a tetivral stipply
of writing wrapping., printing, wall paper, Wank books,
school hooks, 4tc, 4•C scp 10—ly
C. TOW N3END ¢ Ctl.. Wire Workers and
IL. Manufacturers, N 0.23 Market street. twowrrit 2d
and 3d streets. sep 10--1 y
E of EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn soil Clair
st reet,,,by Mc murti.
wa , d littOnss. Manufacturer of iron anti Nails
—house N 0.25. Waort si., ritisba set. two 10 —ly.
- _
(G M STA L. —77 tons soft ri4 Mein% for snle by
J.G• s r A. GORD )N
jj No. 12 Water street
4 - 1 /ion 1,%.3,)N M. 113,000 Bacot,
CPI iky Stioulderg, Cor sn ebv •
1. G. ,S• A. GORDON,
Ko 12 Water street
AS. P ATT Eft:ins, Jr.. Birmin;bani. "ear P.tionireh,
Mirmr.vilirPr of Locks. Ilinaes and Roils; To
bnren,and Timber Screws; Housen SCfPWS for
tZ c. g
EcPO 14—ly
OIIN 31,CLOSIiEY:Ntior and i'l,.thit:r,
*beet. between Sixth alici VirOn alley, South Ode,
xep 10
BUR' RR IMI e. 4- CO., Wisoltpate Crovers and
Commifslon Me,chants Steond strrf t, lott wern
Wood and Smithrteld str.,P sburOt. seplo 1 y
G cortnos, Co.ssmi.inn and Forwardi
. Water Pitt.bartth. cep 10--1 Y
M riv%l:9 ms. good article, received err
B Corsair, and for soak Ity . .4- A CORDON,
No. 1.2, Water street
--40 loidu New Orleans Su
SUGAR & 1410LAS:zES.
ear; ^O ellts New Orleans Nolee , ee; for tale by
Fep o J. by
UG A R.-1114a oriole N. O. Sdlar, recesved per .9
R Maine, anti for salc by J. G. A. GOB DON.
- - No. 12, Writer stree
Fep 10
50 p.,,,AcpoioN ocrtiremr.,,r;lon
s hand so tt . MI " fo4:4 ,o l e ie r 1 ,3 7
o...lir:Aß AND MOl A Si , 1...5.-13 Janis and 4
s„, n r 1,%,i, N . 0. m 0 1,,:re, received per
niport cr. and for <lie by J. G. tc A. Gem DON,
No. 12. laterri rent
sep 10
1 0, I. A It!) 011, lt
A foiale ,y
R. A. l' 11 N ESTOCK k co..
~OfnP Or 1;111 :111(1 W 001 i A
1631 I', l' ERSGe r ni1.i.!1(.14c1tif0Jr: a
Ity . A. F Al ,:••• • ~
I.P P 10 rortter of It and Wood to
I,liS l'reparod Chalk . for pale by
fryt/ F roil( rk. co
eel' 10 of 11 , 11 aild Wood Ft,
D AND MOI, SSF.S.-611 kink. N. f.). 'near,
do, An., 10t1 do. 1'4'10:Ilion 11,11:o.os, for
hbls , Kale Ily (Isr 4.4:011 s
Pep 13 50.12 INatcr Ft wet
1 0 lie 10. ed in Ilankrtintey proceedlnz., printed 0
e nod paper.and in Ole form. approved hr I he roll ri,eor nal
at the (Afire of she Nlerrary and Ileinorrnt. sep 111
VU:3I. 111TRII.11{ 1) ,
T F:hco. Marolfi,torer No. 101. Thitd fog, 1.00
Wood anti gooolllield girrel4. !,,,p
N. II:, removed Ins othre 10 Ilse corner of Fourth
sireel and Choerry Alley, between S101104.1(1 and Grant
FOR RE NT.—Tliedwelliog and lot col.t at nilig
acres, in .111rehrov, near the Ili•aver n oad, l
occiiiiiridliv Mr. Sri itiocill'lliircli. Apply at the Nierri.
anti Nlattoractorrys' it.titt., to
~,,.. 1...... MAKER, No. 7 ,St. Clair sir; ei , VillP
•9 . iitl , gt , .
pep 10 ------------
L ANDRETH-------
supply oT handielh's Garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for Fat eat his agency, he Drug More of
184 Liberty strect,llead of Wood
DR. DAVID WARD hat Ids office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly smith OfiMa Court [louse,
second dnellma from RopsstreehOevitifa)thfully al lend
all calls pill:lining I n his profestion.*N l l l ; l4 ail lgshould
made at the door above the hasem)Mtt. sea 111
RCMOV Al. —Mali hew Jones, Barber a ndDair Dress
e r, has removed to rOltrln street , oppositethe May
ors office, where he will he happy to:wait upon permetten
or transient customers. lie solicits a share of puWbliclo pat
W:11. A. NV RD, DENTIST, renn st. three
door below Irwin street. Hours of boeiner4s, from
9A. M., until 5 r. a., rater which time he will attend
to no one eseept In eases of aortal necessity. He
would further Inform those who may think proper to
employ him, that he expects immediate payment, without
the neecislty on his part of sending in bills. cep 10
JOHN 11PFARLA.ND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
M.ker. Tkird rt.. between Wood Sr Market streets,
respectful informs his friends and the public that lie is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards, Bu
rraus.Chairs, rabies, Bedsteads, Stand:, Bair and Spring
Matlrrisses„ Curtain.. Carpels. all sorts of Upholstering
work, which lie will warrant equal ,o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms.
110 Word Street, Pitleburg.h —R. A. Daum:tn.
And ioneer and Comwi->i , in Merchant, i s now prepared
to receive and sell nil kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
at his large and eapamous ionms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and FdAti SlieCIN, Pitt bur h.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
other articles, on on d y ! and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery. Ur' Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Books. /cc., neery Saturday ev.ni.ng.
Liberal advances made on Con i;nmentnwhen wanted.
John D. Davt..., Egg.,
•• Baaaley 4' tnlilh,
.• tiampion. So n iih, k Co.
F Lorenz k co..
J. W. Bktrhridge k Co.,
S. M'Kee 4. co.
Capt. lintel , M'Gargiil.
C. Ihmsen, Coq.
Jonn 1117adden Esq.
.• Logan lc Kennedy.
,* J. K. Moorhead 4• Co.
.• Jae. P. Smart, KN.
" Robert Galway, Ersq:
.. Capt. Jas. May.
bleVay.lianna , k ,Co.
u Will hum Symms,
" S. G. Henry.
" Smith. Ratak, 4. Co
sop 10
nica3y—No. 121. Corner of Wood and Pewit
Streets, Pittsburgh, has oo 'hand a complete as
rtnintof Qfueensware suited in Die city OT country
Dade. e AITO, a choice seleclkan of pure white and gold
hand DINUsIG A N CI TEA W AR„ in large or small sets,
or separate pieces to suit Tmrchasers.
A cask of 46. 60, or 84 piece nets, snperbly painted
and gilt English China 'Fulmar°. al very low prices.
Toy Teawarc, Mani, and rich painted and gilt, from
1.00 to *5.00 per set
Childrcn's Altus of every description.
While China Shag ina hln a.
Granite Dining a, d Tea Cervices, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed in Moe and black.
A lar2e vartriy of Steamboat Dining and Breakfast Sets,
imported to maid]. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking .plates and dialtes, from the
I Derbyshire Pon cries.
Flint And Green (MINA, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every size.
Patent Buckets, Tubs and Keelern. '
Stone Pipe Heads, 4-c. kc, kr.
All of which are respectfully offered in the pub.
tic on the most favorable terms. Jan 26, 1842-1 v
11fifil82.5itiCliiiiiree, For sale by
ottt 4. 1 • k A. CORDON.
Preceived nib: day from New York, a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
sumption; and is ready to supply coutomersat wholesale
or retail, at his Medical Asency, 24 Fourth et.
not , 12
AVID CLARK, AO. otialisnable Boot Jilaktr,—
Iles retnerved to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where lie wou'd be happy
to se.e his old moonier's, and all others who feel dispos.
ed lo patroulze him. He uses nothing hitt first rate
Aerk, and em plays the best or workmen; and as he gives
his constant personal attention to business, he iruststheit
I he will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
A Bunker respectfully informs his friends and the
nnblic that they can always find the best quality of fee
Creams. together with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruit, itt their season, at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread Dell 10
N rho, great debility, fever, costiveness, rough, heart.
burn. pain in the c hew and stomarh aiwas after satins.
lit li jik r
furred tongue, nau sea, pith frequent vomitings, dizziness
r iot" r A d. N rl B ll
continued SAtiß t A t p .
ward of a I welvemunitt , when, on consulting Ds.Wm.
Evans.loo Chat ham ..treet, and submitting to his ever
successful Ind agreenttle mode of treatment. the patient
wan completely restored to health itt the short Apace ot•
ppernonth. a nd grateful tor the incalculable benefit deriv.
ed. slain , name forward and volunteered the above slate
For gale NV holeratie and Retail Ily
It e l st o:ll.lE ,Th PlL: d L
AL/ HAM J. CI.EM En, residing at 66 Molt !street
New York, was afflicted with ilysperv.in in its most
arzrtivated form. Th e symptoms were violent head•
impaired appetite, seesation of sinking at the stomach,
R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
No 20. Wood street. below Second.
LARD.—Thoi‘e who would wish greatly 10 reduce
their ez pease for light, shout ir! certainly purenase one of
the above owned Lamps, as by their tier. there is a clear
4avine of at least twn.i birds of the expense over Oil,and
the heist obtained from illift is pure anti brilliant, and
wholly free from smoke or dienrecape etnell. We would
hare slate itiot Carr's Patent the only one worthy the
mention of the public. as it is the, only one that is appli
,nhie to every variety or pattern of Lanips. and the only
one that will hum Lard WILT., at any temperature of cold
nr hest. We linve. in the short apace or three mouths,
:rod ~,verai 11,011 , 11nd , and with scarce an excrotion,
tho.e Item have e . xiire•gett themselves highlyod with them. and fully Tonvit.red of the great economy
by I twit it-c. well as their ettpe.riority over either oil
or candle., in retrott to ch.:intim...sand tlght.
The above name tammtenn brbad only
RHO" O.V/r
Third Opt-el, nearly eple.ile the roPt Olfire.
Where Leal ron•tantle ruf hand Itritannia Metal, Tin
and Cin , s 1.:i11111.5.11( V:11 in., patternP.
Ilia's lamps sold at aitkatii:lrturerp' pri eP.
pieri,itre in nfrer ill! 10 the public the fol.ow o
reriilicale, Which is subscribed to by malty respecta
V ell Weiw.
We. the timieralzned. have lONd and are now twine
arr'• Poield Lamps. for liornitia Laid nr other animal
it. and we have Ito be-nation in tiny Mit I bat they eiye an
Nrpl.clll Behr—equal In any or the tie diem ry mnd.-s Or
It.blill7. :I 1101 , Pe, al about ttne•third the snit, and wholly
ref. Imiii .ls..kr or Mho dittazreeettle smell. IVe lake a
deantre inn ronimetudin! I lime 1:111Ip5 to I lie 9111.1ir.M, by
heir n.e Iln•re 1 ,, a ;weal saying neer either sperm
it lard oil, or even candle , : and we believe them to
ie more rleanly and lees troublewitne than either.
To he had al Itnowa ti- RATuottu's °lily, Third street,
nen r , y opitn , ile the I'n , “ f tffice.
Rey. W. W. Ilak.rwell, Jaillf , 1100f1,
" A. M. Rrran, Charles Paulson,
" John NiTron, C. Yeager.
N. C. Colllett, Wm. Graham, jr.,
" Robert Dunlap, E. TrovPlo,
Dr H. D. Sellers. Win. Douglas?,
" F. D. Gazzam. Henry Atwood,
" Wm. M. Wriebt, Isaac Cruse.
Robert H. Kerr, Esq.. Georce W.,flenry
4. Beckham. Robert McPherson.
l'hninap ()Tipton. John S. Shaf f er,
Cenree Miltenberger, Wm. Eic htia it in ,
0. P. Shiraz, J. 8 Turner.
A. Miller. Wm. Martin.
' R. M. Riddle, Post Master Ilenry Barizetuter,
R,,ltert Cray.
.1 ROMS S. Chu k. of the Amer
4llen Kramer. icon Dote'.
4. F. Marthenp, John M,Campitpll
M. Stackhouse. L. A ibereer.
Robert Johnston, . James !Benin.
N. B. Just received, an improved Patent Lamp, for
kitchen use.itov 19—( 1 1w k Nor
TO THE PUBLIC, and particularly to my Prate.
patrons of this city:—llaving retired from the
practiee of Medicine. I may he permitted to say, that it
has Linen to the lot of I ut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or large a share of °list retrical practice as my
own has been for the last 30 or 40 years.
Theexperienre of that long perio of active life, and the
fact of my having heen twice, since d
1830.nesocinted with
Dr. ft. A. Wilson, In the practice of medicine, (in both a
period of five years.) enables me to judge fully of the
merit F aids pills.
So convenient. so efficient, and yet so see, did I esteem
these pills, that for the last five veers In my practice for
the cure of chronic diseases,of whatever noma. and those
of females in particular, I hove used more co them than
all oilier medicines.
Like every other medicine, this must fail in some in
stances, but In my hands there has been tees disappoint.
'tient and more satisfaction in the administration of this
one remedy titan of ail others; its good elfccts sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a safe aperient medicine either
...fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pi Is were just
the thing I wattled.
a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or Inactivity of the liver. const limited the
disease if my patient , the pills were just the thing I
If I treated a ease requiring an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were Jost the third( I wanted.
if palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems, annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life.,' the Wilson's pills were just the thing I !jilted.
witliont re , ttet to the name, a disco fight
happen to wear at the time I have had it under treat
men', particular Indications or symptons arising. were
al—ay s incet promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson'e pills.
That so great n number of diseases, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones, in which I have used these pills,
should he owed more readily by them than by any other
remedy. may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my mind at that a great many
persons should become thirsty from us many different
causes and yet all require that common and greatest of
all bleß.ings. water to quench their thirst.
in conclusion, ills due the reputation of the medicine
and the public to say decidedly and unconditionally. that
the Wilson's pills are the only combination I have ever
met with In my longcoarse of praetiec,that really pas
eessesanything curative or specific for sick headache,
The above Pills designed particularly for the sick
Haed.Ache, Dyspepsia, Constipation of Ike 0 ,004A11
prepared, by the proprietor Dr. R. A. Malin, and for
sale. wholesale and retail. at his dwelling in Peas street,
below Idartury. Oct! •
DR. GOODE'S celebrated Female Pala. These
Pills are siftings!, recommended to the notice of
the ladies as a safe and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
co.ttiveness, and counteract nil Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have gained the Fanctlon and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the UM-
W! States, and ninny Mothers. Pm le
Wholesale and
rc at a it. by SELLERS, Agent.
cep 10 NVI. 20, World St rcel,ltelow Second.
WM. ADA.lit, Boot and Shoe ;Maker, Libe*ty St.,
opposite the head of Smithfield et., Pittebatrgh.—
The Fuherrilret linvin bought o4at the flock of the late
Thomas &fret', deceased, 'has commenced lousiness
lit the old wand of Mr. R., and 19 prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In Ills line. in the heat manner
and on t Ire shoeless notice. Re keeps col enmity on band
a large assortment ofshoe findines of all descriptions and
of ihe best quality. Ile solielte the patronnee of the pub•
lie and of toe craft. WM. ADAIR.
pep 10
and Arles Pr Carriages at Eastern Prices.
Tne stilvicrlhervi manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Conch,C and Ellptle Springs twnrratited,) Juniata
Iron Axles, Sliver and Brass plated Dash Frames, ntaPS
and plated Flub Sands, Stump Joints, Patent Lenther,
Silver and PIIIIPI Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and ()Inge", ire oke. &
St.C.Nalr M.. near e VirstirrtY tirta"
D.SELLIMS, M. D.,otfice and dwelling In Fort rI I
. neat" Ferry street. sett 13-1 y
The:Mention •ift hi; e who have been snmewhat scer
tical in reference to the numerous certificates pnblished
in favor °for. Swevne's Compound Syrup f•rWiiii Cher
fy, on R ecount nftlte persona being unknown in this lett
tion of the state, is respectfully directed to the'fbilowhig
rerlifiraie , t he writer of whirl) has been a citizen of this
boron& foreeyeral years,and is known a* a gentleman
of integrity and tesponathllity.
To the Agent, Mr. J. Ktaay.
I have need Dr Swavne's Comp and Syrup of Wtttl
Cherry for a ertnelt, with which I have been severely nf•
flirted for shout four months, and I have no hesitation
In saying that it lathe most effective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It COMpo•l4a all uneasiness. and
aerees well with my diet.—and mantalns a regular and
food appetite' I ran freely recommend it to all other!
similarly afflicted. J. fit tartest, Borough of Chacnbersh'e.
March 9. 134 1 ). , er , 23
rot sate by WILLIAM THORN No, 53 Market street .
ERSONP deFirnue of proenrine Fruit. Shade. and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrubbery, from Plilladel
pHs or Nrw York, are requerted to make applient ion ns
goon aa . possllde. at the I)rug and Seed Fiore of tire cell
reriber, where can be bad catalognee, r!rntultnwelv. of be
most excellent e a rret tea. C. 1,. sNowrmi.
sep 21 No 184 Liberty roreet.head of Wront
MARRI.R M NUFAI - ron Y.—Tat rick Caw field re•
spertfully acquaints his friends and the publir zen
ern!ly,ihnt he hag rominPneed the Marble htisinePgal
earn , f of Fifth and Liberty sta., where will be constantly
on hand, tomb ptnne4. tlllllllPi pirrrc,mOniimento,
and foot Ftone7. table stole for ellilirtri ware, and every
article appertaining in the bIIIIII I PON. He will warrant his
work lobe well done, and his charge.' will he moderate
He rePpeet fully asks a share of nubile patronage. sep 10-
-11...qxxs 4- TURNB (ILL. raorctirrnße nr Tim Irian.
Ton PAran MILL. Steubenville, ( - thin. having remo
ved theiridore frog, this eity, have appointed Holtiphip
d• Browne., orn. 49 Market rt., between 3rd and riiibA•
rents kir crokii tear the different k inda of Paper wnt nriftte—
in red by them, where their friend, and customers wilt al
wave find it revular puppiv of paper, each a• Cap and
P Fl Writiflr, plum and faint lined; Wrapping and Ten
paper; Bonnet itnnr,le, rind frinviruf Puller nrdifVerenr
veP and ottani ie• .all of which will be 'old on the most
arrnMtundnlint , term.
ilmnemr k Rienwriv, mannfartnrers and Itneorter• of
Wall Pnnerg nod noriirrit.keepo (miim iitly on hand eve.
ry variety of Ent rv, Parlor and Chamber Papres,of Ilie
latent Ovlee nod moat hatuipome pnitermr, which they
will tow and on aceommodaiin: wholesale
orretati no, 18—tf.
Portable Platform Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 lits,
$55 00.
du do do do 2,005 at 445 00
do do do do 1.500 at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at :i0 00
do do do do 500 nt 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the awe of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills, kc.,the same prices as above.
Also,Whire's Patent Counter Scale. with O. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they wilt sell for from 41 to 415,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Mills. Salt Works. kc„ doable and sins'e
geared flice tat hes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
litsichill‘'S for lona nilng chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a superior article: circular
saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Tinner's ma
chines and tools °fail descriptions,also for 'poking black
lug hoses, a superior article; governors for stream entitte
stocks. taps and dies, col Tee mills, bedsiend or joint hots
and machinery for cooking the same, cotton factory ma
chincry made or repaired; printing press Flattens turned
and printing presses repaired
J A 11l ES MAY, Aden'
IGHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Comnds•
sion Mucha nt,No.lo6,corser of Wood 4. Fifth s i ts.
Pittsburgh: Havlns been appointed one of the Auction-
Fess fot the City of Pitsborgh. tenders hls services to Jot ,
berg, manufactnrers and dealers, who may he dispersed
to make trial of this market. He IF. prepared to make
advances on consizninrnie of all saleable commodities,
and trusts tosatlsly correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy fend favorable returns.
That the various interests which may be confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he briny, to the aid
of his own es perience in business and acquaintance whit
merehandlie generally, the services of Mr. SAKCILL
Fsnewsrocs; heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent ens.asernent Is made.
MRSeirs. M. Tiernan, Presl. of M. k M.
Darlington Q Peebles,
Robert Galway.
• Jamea M :Cooper,
James , May,
R. M. Riddle. Piltaboxgh
Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
of Exchange Bank.
• Hampion,Smith, k co.,
.. John D. Davis,
• Samuel Church,
J. K. Moorhead.
Jas. W. Brown * Co.
• Jobs D. Brown. k co:
•• Smith * H mislay,
• Yardly 4. whvers,
John a. itklifte,
• John Daldeti,
FAMILY FLOT.7II--Just received a few barrel[ of
Seperior Flour, made expressly far family asePFor
"tab" ISAAC CEUSE,I4BLIb,it.
IA Store 50 barrels tup. sour.
For publishing a new Daily Paper in tke City of Pitts
burgh, to be entitled the
/1111CSubqc, ihers having made arrangements to merge ,
the A met ican Mantliacturer and Pittsburgh ;it. cu.
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Daily .4.r.orsisg! Peat .
The leading object of the "Poirr" will be the d.ssentitta•
lion and defence of the political principles that have bete- ,
tante been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
!Inners, and their la:et effort , : will still be devoted to the
advancemetit and success of those doctrines.
Although, lit politics, the paper will be thoronghly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giving, an honest,
candid history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic!, Intelligence. and brief notices of all ntal•
ters and occurrences that come properly within t he onhere
°fa Public Journal, to matte their panes sattliciently in•
erecting to entitle It to the patronise cf the public, ir
respective of party considerations.
In addition 1 0 the political and general news that will
he found in the "Alarming Post," the Editors will take
pains to furnish the business's community with
the latest and must interesting COMMVICI•L iliTYLLl
agnca from all parts of the country, and In have prepa•
red such accounts of the Markets and the Stale of Trade,
as will be advantageous to our Illerchauts and Bushier;
Men In their several callings.
Terms.—The PosT will be published on a large !roper'.
al sheet aline paper, (manufactured especially for This
Journll) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum,payatile In advance. It will also be sold by
news-hoys at the low rate of 'MO CENTS a ropy,
Advertisements will lie inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
irr TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Poet,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
AuLnist 31, 18.11
100 MIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO. in !lore and
for sale by J. C. 4- A COB.DON.
No. 12, Water start.
BY Morrison k 170 London, for gale only
Wickersham, rorner Of Wood street nod Virgin
alley Piltsliureh Pa. and It Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for We.tern Penils)lvania. sep 10
FARM FOR. BALK.—The undetsit.ned oars for Pa I e a
Irani of land situated 4 mile; fr...., freepoti, In the
direction or Kittanning, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
connty,containine 100 arm., 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are In meadow— a good square log
dwelling houseand cabin rum erecied thereon—an apple
oirltard of 80 bearina trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient toihe houre.
FOR TERMS imply to the stitiseritters residing at the
Saltworts on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 tittle above Free
-rep 10 WM.* MIMI!' BAKER.
frTHE WYSE• lIR now well understood bow
notch diFortlerß of the mind depend for their cure
noon a due attention to the body. It is now tinderstood
how valuable in that medicine wliich will remove morbid
accumulations without weakeniti.: the bodily power. It Is
now omicrgtood that there is 0 reciprocal influence he.
wren the mind and he body. ft is now underelood that
purging with the lira tulryth Pills will 'move a melan
choly, and even insanity is cured by perseveringly uning
Iljern now unoor•oorol how touch domestic happi
ne^depettdsuponthelu atthyconditionof the digestive
It is now well known tint the P. randreth Pills have
cured thong:lml. or linpele..4 and lielple , s persons, even
when The first roiy.iriatin had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known rtint the Pram - trent Pings° cure, lint it is alsolt,p•
deraluod how they rare; that it is by their purifying etUel
on the tdoodthet they restore the body to health.
Tire value of the medicine in beromine more and ',ore
manifest,it ie reroinmended daily from family to family.
The Rramtreilt Pills remove in an almost imperceptible
manner all nosiOns accumulations and purify andinvigo
roe the hiood,and their good effects are not rountetbalan
red by 1111 V Inconveniences; being romposed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose sho=e who use them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are attlu.
ton; th.ny are daily and safety adminT-tert d to Infancy,
youth. ma nbood, tot old age. and to women in the most
critieal and arltrate Crrell msta neer. They 110 lini disturb
or shock the animal functions, but restore their order
ant' ettahlkli their ben tat.
Sold at Dr. Brastirob's Office, N 0.93, Wood street.
Pitt...burgh. Price 25 rents per box. with foil directions.
M ARK—The only place in Piltslotrgh where the gene
Li Inc Pulls ran be obtained, is the Tractor's own office, No
93 Wood street. sap 10
iproved Play
iufaciared Le
imr Marhint
between Ma.
II Pi reel, Iwo
re Ilall,l'itlß
tufarinre and
id the follow.
couiposud 0
No. 1. Por
alee oil AI,
O weigh Zi.:+ll4l
uuitds,ai Suo
1 sep 10
MO THE LADIES —Why do you not remove that
superfluous hair you have upon voce foreheads
and tipper lips 1 By calling at TUTTLIeS, 86 Fourth st
anti ob!aining a bottle of Gottrand's Poudres Subtle'.
which will remove it at once without affecting the skin.
' You ran also obtain nottrami's Italy celebrated Eau de
Beauty, which will at once remove all freckle., pimples,
eruptions dl the skin. and make your face look per ectly
fair; and to those who wish to ni , ist nature by adding
more color to their checks, they can oblain some of Gnu
rand's celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot be rubbed
MI even by a wet cloth. Ako may be fon nd a good as•
sortment of Per Mowry. such as Cologne. Dears' Oil, Al.
mond, Patin, Windsor; and other Soaps.
Deammher al Tattle's Medical Agency, SG 4th street.
Dec. 8, 18.12
LET invalids read the following rierottiii of a Salloi
cured of a complication of afflictions in nineteen
dayshy the nm of Brandreth Pills. it distinctly proves
here are herbs ht nature which have affinity cure be
cause of disease, and lirandreth's Pills are made for them
Read and be convinced. Take the nredteine andhe cured
Jona Stuff'. of Pembroke, Washine.inn county, Maine,
being ditty sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six 111011111.9 since. The pains in his head. breast,
back, tell side and instep being so had that lie was non
Were help himself, and was taken into the Chi Ism Hos.
pital the city of itostntt. That aft lieiog to said
hospital fi ve weeks,Doctor Otis said he er
did not know
what was the mallet with hint, and that he could do
nothing for him, nor could Ire prescribe any medicine
That he, therefore, was conveyed front the Chelsea Hos.
pitalto the Sailor's retreat on Staten island. That he
wasthere physicked with all sorts of medicine for a peri
od of funr months, suffering all the time the most heart.
rending misery.— That, besides his atiretion of ilist hones
he was trothied touch with a disease of the litres: some.
times he would spit a quart of phlegm in the day; besides
this affection he had a had Merritt:ea, which had more,
or less:Merrier! hint (tom the commencement of his sick.
ness. That at times lie dreaded a stool worse than he
would have dreaded ilea!, II; that tie can compare the feel
ing to nothing save that of knives passing through his
bowels. A (ler suffering worm than death al t be Sailor's
Retreat, on Staten Island. the doctor told him that medi
cine was of no use to him. that lie ain't try to stir about.
At this time he wax seffering the ertmiest misery.
Ms bones were so lender he could not hear the least press
ure upon the elbow or upon the knee, that. his instep was
most painful. that as the Doctor iaid he wonld give him
no more medicine he determined to procure some of Dr.,
ilrandreth's Pills. which he did. from 241 Hroadway
New York; that lie commenced with live pills, and some
time:increased the dose to eight. The first week's use
so emelt benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what he was using, said, teow.Shaw, yon look like a
man again; if you improve In this way, you will noon be
well.' That he fatted every dose of the Brandreth Pills
relieve him, first they cured him of the pain when
stool; that they next cared the diairlitea, :tad finally the
reline in his boneie—That the medicine seemed to add
strength to him every day. Retold the doctor yester
day the 1111, instant. that he felt himself well. and also,
that he owed hilt recovery to Hraudreths Pills ander
Providence, that he had taken the medicine ievefy day
for 19days; that t he doctor told hint if he had known he
had been tatting that medicine. he shotild not httltsiinyed
another day In rho house. Heconsitiers it is his.dati to
make this pnblle statement for the Istnefit °fall similarly
afflicted; that thee may know where to find a medicine
that will cure them. JOHN SRA VV.
John Shaw being by me duly sworn rids 12th day of
April. 1842, did depose and tha t the foregothe state
ment is true. J. D WR EELE ,Commtrsioner of Deeds,
The BRANDRE772 PILLS are sold at Dr. Sian,
dreth`o principal etre. 241. BROAD WRY. New York
and at his principal *ace. N 0.98 Wood etreettPittattorgh;
the O.747,,TFLACZIn Pittsburgh where, the get:nine GM
be obtained 14722—.- - d aria.
rR , .
Foa Mottento roes.
Temperance—chapter First.
1. Now it came to pass, prior to the six
ty and seventh year of our deliverance trove
ea iqivil y , that the people turned aside sepk
ing after strange gods, and partaking deep
ly of the abominations practised by the in
habitants of the land. . .
2. And behold they were deliveiel into
the hand of Alcohol, son of Abaddan, king ,
of the Bacchanalians; by whom they -
were sevely treated and held in bondage.
3. For he was a very mighty king, and
had dominion" onthis side and on that side
of the river of time, and he promised great
rewards unto those that would become bin
subjects, nevertheless he treated them with
great subtlety and deceit; for he was very
crafty, and his breath was destructive as
the baneful Upas.
4. And when his government had be—
come very grievous, the Lord stirred up
the spirit of a few men of the tribe ado
Washingtonians. and they revoked from to •
der his authority, and cast of his yoke. -
5. And they came froth a far country,
even from a distant part of his dominion,
into the Smoky City, that sitteth upon ma
ny waters, and there they saluted their
brethren anti Said,
6. Behold we will not have king Alco—
hol to reign over us; for he is en austere
nine, he taketh up that which he laid nor
down,_ and reapeth that which he did not
,nw, he bath also devoured widow's hou
ses, di stroyed the laborer of the husband
men, and taken away the bread from the
stranger and the f ,therless. •
7, His altars have been set up in every,
town and village, and those who attend
them have used cunning Mutations, atok
greetings in the market places, and have
taken our substance for -vanity, and our
m ney for that which profiteth u. 21.
7, And when we have been whole days
and nights in his service, we have been
cast out in the open streets to the view_ of
men, and the king hurled( bath taken.u* .
up and cast us in the 6re, or into the water,
or dashed us against the stones, with intent
to murder, maim. or disfigure our persons..
until there is no health ur soundness in us',
but wounds and bruises, black eyes an&
putrifying sot es,
10. His friends and advocates bath also
filled the land from Dan to Bershebs,
with vio'ence and with blood.
11. kloreuver he bath taken a great
number of our fellow servants and kin*+
folks, and sent them off to a very distant
part of his domitti,m, even beyond th e riV.: .
rr of time, from whence there is 11 1 6 re—
turning to the fond embraces of their be. .
loved teiations.
12. And when they herd cried unto the
people of the Smoky City, and Dab all the
region round about, they took king Alm.-
h.' and cast him down from his throne
which he had set up in the hearts of men.
13. So king Alcohol died in an old age.
full of iniquity, and was gathered to his
father Abaddan, in the infernal regions;
howbeit the tribe of the Washingtonians
made en lamentations fir him, but took_
Abstemious the son of Cietas and made
him king in his Stead.
14. Now the rest of the acts of king A 1...
collo' and all his greatness, and the cruelty
with which he used his subjects; have beers
all tali test, unit behold they are rewarded irk
the book of the Chronicles Ilf the Wath.-
ngtonians. Jivo. H. Huarss.
Prom the Baltimore Sun
WASHINGTON, January 16, 1843.
The Senate bill extending the several acts'
for the retiel of insolvent debtors of the UL6
nited States, was reported from the Judiei..
ary comilOttec without amendment, and•
nally pissed,
Mr. Cushing, from the committee on for
eign affairs, reported a 'bill concerning the
tonne duties on Spanish vessels. It was
twice read and commiled..
A hill was reported from the committee
in territories, firing the boundary between .
N}issouri and lowa. It was read twice.
Mr. Botts asked leave to offer a resole.
;ion, calling on the Secretary of the Navy
to communicate to the House, copies of
any correspondence relative to the taking of
Monterey by Commodore Jones.
Mr. Wise said, that owing to the great
difficulty of communication with that sta-
I tion, the Department had not yet heard from ,
Commodore Jones. Under these circum
stances, he hoped the gentlernen would.
withdraw the resolution until time should
have been given to hear !rom the Commo- •
(lore. As for the statement which appeared
in the Globe, that the Commodore had been
recalled, it was erroneous. No action_,
whatever had yet been taken by the Depart- •
Upon this statement, Mr. Botts agreed
to withdraw the resolution.
Mr. Thompson, of Indiana, from the
committee on the District of Columbia..
reported a bill to incorporate the Grand .
Lodge of independent Order of Odd Fel•
lows of the District of Columbia. It was
rend twice and referred to a committee of
I the whole on the state of the Union.
Mr. J4,lin Campbell presented a report
and resolutions of the Legislature of South •
Carolina, relative to the tariff. The reso
lutions declare that tl e power given to Con.
greas by the Constitution was bestowed for
the purpose of raising revenue, and for de
fra yin g the expense: of :be General Gov
ernment; that the late law of Congress wee
to afford protection to mermfactares, dis
criminating datiesiond was thoidgaik -