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4.4104114.4r,C01LK5R OF WOOD 4 6 FIFTH STS.
Areirmor„::_rtve DOLLARS a yeas, payshie in
11111.511000084111*.00pies TWO czte . Tß—fer sale at the
41401,1111.-liis saknie, ant by Hews Boys.
svelter and Manufacturer
41414110116111.1 MUMMY, at the same office, on a d4ohle
#,. t., at TWO DOLLARS a year, In ad.
VFW, a!attle e0;0414.13.
arms of Adveirtishag.
dearetion, 0.50 i One month, .5,00
Rhserelatreartirass. 0.75 Two more.
VlSSMlelrees 1.00 Three months, 7.00
1.50 Font ineartut. R.OO
Wile 5,00 Six months, 10.00
4,00 One year, 15.00
. tioi• stri•re• re.
018.00 Six roonths, $t435,00
2501 One year.
. advertisements in prorortion.
.ar3 O taw lines Eke DOLLLIS a year.
erre Pose Orrtca. Third between Market and We
lansaa--11. M Riddle, Postmaster.
Orneos Hamm. Water, 4th door _from Wood at. Peter.
-eakele/batietnras—atalot John WlRock, Collector.
-:gam TlnsilrtaT. Wood between First and Second
;ilOlOlllO6-3aolcs A. Bertram, Treasurer.
floaters Tanagers. Third street. next door to the
191104`tesbytertan Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
Miseon'gOrtrea, Fourth, between Market and Wood
Atexaorter Bay. Mayor.
11Irr's Faun otos. Folio , near Market at.
lnnollastan;between Market and Wood streets, on
third and roarth Amu.
ilatt-aants' awn M awes ac-rtragas` Faa
hnc baestween
11101 M Basnr., (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourt ,
OOd. and Market streets.
itscaorue, firth Argo, near Wood.
Monermaasta nom, Water street, near the Bride.
escauses Horst., corner of Penn and St. Clair.
Missimicarre 110 Tat., [Muter of Third and Wood.
.s..c•tAsasonean Horst..corner or Third and Smithfield.
i.-----.llbllerimitrents. corner of Penn street mid
th Canal.
lereilliniErmis, Liberty street, near Seven.
ay Mansion House, Liberty St oppoalle Wayne
Stiatodirearr Manton Horse. Penn St. oppootte Canal,
• ODENSELLOR AT LAW.—Office rerno
~,,,Makewel's offices on Grant st., newly opposite
~iVemm Court l House, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
• 011011i'.49fZt d sap 10
ELLIOTT, X. D • _ pdi ce removal to
Clair ■trot, betreem Pelts sad Liberty St..
yq GOODS.—Preston ¢ Mackey, wholesale and
dealers to English, French, rad Ro l m estle
ANOWORNILIi, Na. 111 . Market st ,Pittabrirch. lO
111111VANLSS & NrCLUR.F., Attorneys and
ITJL Counsellors a t Law: Office in the DIaMOPA, %lack
:W,filield Conn (louse, Pittsburgh. arp 10
leo.Pe'L. ft. Morrow, Alderman; otti a north
ship , of Fifth el., betweeo Wood and Smithfield
Fe p 10
We. Vittshureh.
111 A - 1r tiv ITT, Wholesale Gtocer Rectirsing
ff-Oleillter„lnd Dealer in Produce and Pitishargl
•Aalict.altiored Artielee, Ne. 224 Liberty Street, Pins i
.., 4. 15.......
‘ • V 1t.1.1. 01
. . 1
, iuttot H ,lil mi Z 4. DILWOIIIII
4 0.
'a-- [JAMS lie DI L woreTn.—Wholesate
w- 7
0: ~ :alitirocer4 Produce and Conttaisatott Merchants, and
' . .in ?Mir/burgh !Manufactured articles, No. 29
stmt.se p 11)
0•111 AR A. ROBINSON, Attorney at Law
OM 2 on the nort h side of the Diautonci.bet weoe,
at-and Union streets. upstairs !PP 1
44:14_ VLBORA.Vi, Attorney at Law; tender.
V'rofelaional services to the public. Qtraceeor-
, dd
._Market Streets, above D. Lloyd k co's
Sep Ir .
.................... J. N. KICAN
11111 FF dr, KEAY, Manufacturer.; of Copper.
in, and Sheet Iron Ware, Mo• SO. Front st FMtiv
House Spouting and Steamboat work p:omp
ted sep
mit it
- A .0. 3 Tovi • FRANCIS t.. YOUNG.
..., OS. El. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
Room., 0....0rncr of Hand st. 4 Exchange Alley.
4 _ "Oohing to VRISCIIIiSe FUrnillife, will find it to
Itt ad vantar„ e to ;me us a call. beim! fully satisfied th at
• ' Pest pillage as to quality and price
' . . • • satisfied
IOLUTTON AIILS—Just recei ved 160cholce Mut
ton Hama, well cured and for sale cheap by the do.
N 0.9, Filth it.
trrA.I3.4.GA.-A seep' y of Landreth's Fresh Re
(lava, and othet dilierent varieties of Turnip
Shieljest received and for sale at airoocso ?awes
SNOW DEN at the
Vitiag and Seed Store of .
.. 1 0 10 No. Itl4 Liberty street, head of Wood.
.11tJ313 tiJOSEII,B Boot and Shoe
No. 83 Fourth St., nest door to the U. States
aidlr. Ladies Prooells, Kid aod Saito Shoes wade
neateslosanner,and by the devrest.Freachpatteros.
44400 MORIIIB NULTICAULUS. in lots tosuit
pui chasers; to be disposed of by
No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood
IrrilLlA ROOTS, Flowers aad Flowe r'es
of ev.
ery deseriptkort, eau always be
at the Dreg
ape lewd sweet F. L. SNOWDEN.
184 Liberty street. head of Wood.
go uss.llll.ol. Annual Mamm O
othOnion Seed, for
vale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
J ORN 111'FARLAND, 00w/stem and Cabinet
jraillEDIIN TOOLS, consisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades :" X..kiir, Third at. hitless* Wood .i. Market streets,
: respectful Informs his friends and the public that he is
Nig .I:Tritnirpianting Trowels, Edding Tools, Budding
Shears. etc. , jest Cr. prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards, Flu..
IMIIOIIII4 Praising eles, Filming
ellithial nag
sak by F. L. SNOWDEN. reaus, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Stands, lief and Spring
VI/pi*. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood. Mattrasses, Curtains. Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
wort, which be will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. hen 10
COWS 'Venison Hama.—Just received a small sup.
...iptyol very choice cured Venison Hams, un retail
11 7 1 6,41.101 MO for entreat money.
ISAAC H &Sal& Agent,
UP and Com. Merchant
I it BUCHANAN, Attorneys at Law, office
"Mssotred from the Diamond, to • Attornersitow , "
oaf* Shiest Fourth street, between Market and Wood
41!#.4. oeplo
ISTRATES' BLANES, for proceedings In AC.
• 4411koriror rimier theists law, for sale at Ibis Olart.
-4414.01, on the North But corner of Coal
Jr Wee sod 111gh arms• 4pply4o
CM DARLINGTOPI,Iartst, moat 4th
(•83. Lawdrath's Fritsch tiugar Best Rind. just
raotirad aa4 for esie at the Drag and Seed
asp 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
eopartaership heretofore 'Witting beteeehe WIL•
11441. &WOW sad SENS ail is EQlPWbL4lethisd a y
• 411011101111 q *smut tensest. William Digby w antherised
ion the sisSAPltrir of OW lion In fettling up the batistes
imp T.lllolllPilr ask;
tor deed; Jost received by
No. 184, Liberty bead of Wood st
4MS Dotal Clever Seed, Orchard Grass and
Iskataticy ilea Gram, always oa hand and tor
N 0.184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
. .
. .
.... .
• ' - - - - ' .
- .- •: .„ ":,:, ,-,;.: .., . .
- i'• . .
._ , ._..;,........
,:... m •
. ,
__ ____ ir A - VTT A n.V 6 25_ 1843.
OH NSTON 4. STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printers:tort
Paper yi a React wets, No. 37, Market et. rep 110-17
JOON ANDERSON. Smithfield Foundry, Water st..
a/ near the Monongahela House, Pittsturgh. sep 10-1 Y
L gONARD• B. JOUNS, Alderinan,St.Clair stlo reet, so
ecbsd door from Liberty. sep —ly
DR. B. R. HOLM RR, Office tn Setond street, next door
to Matvany 4 co's Glass Warehouse sep 10-1 y
`HUNK 4- FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, Fourth at.,
10 Dear the Mayor's Office, Pittsburgh. sep
TROS• HAM I LTON , Attorney at Law, Fllth, between
Wood and Smithfield am, Pittsburgh. sep 10-1 y
HUGH TONER, Attorney at Law, North East corner
of Smithtteld and Fourth streets• sep 10--ly
TUOSTSOIPt 1111 • hou
"'ANNA fr TURNBULL'S Paper Warese, No.
104, Wood at., where may he had a general 'Apply
of writing, wrapping. printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, ire, e Sep 10—ly
C. TOWNSEND k CO., Wire Workers and
„ .Massferinrers, No. 23 Market street, be
Ito--1 y vreea 2d
and 3d streets. sep
VI streets, by
ward Hushes. Manufacturer or Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25, Wood at., Pittsburgh. rep 10 y
_ -
pIG METAL.-97 tons soft Pig G
Metal for safety
.1. • 411. A . GORD3N
No. 12 Water street
3,000 LBS. B %CON HAMS. 16,000 lbs. Bacon
Shoulders, for sale
J. G. 4. by
N 0.12 Water street
TAS.PATTERSON, J r.. Birmingham, near Pittsburgh,
.Pa., AI annfacturer of Locks. Hinges and Bolts; To
bacco, Pull. M il l sad Timber Screws; Houten Screw for
sep 10—iy
Rolling Milts, arc.
tonNLosKEY.Talior and Clothier,uth Liber.y
street, between Sixth and Virgin - alley, So side.
wv 10
JW. BUILBRAGGK k CO., Wholesale Grocers and
COMIRIIIBIOII Merchants— Second street, between
Wood and StrathOetd am, Pittsburgh. seplo--iy
JG. 4 n. GORDOS, Commission and Forwarding
. Merchants, Water at.. Pittalourr,h. rep 10—ly
FMB. -4 casks hams, a good article, received per B.
8. Corsair, and for sale. by 7. G. 4 A. GORDO,
No. 12, Water street_
QUO AR drMUl.AgBfi B .-- 40 hhds New Orleans Bn.
Am; SO able New Orleans M; for sale hy
'rep TO T. G. GORDON'
dr A.
SUGAR.--7lib& prime N. 0. 1311Taf. received per 8.
O. Maine. and for sale by J.G. $ A.GORDON.
No. 12, Water street
te p
50 BACON CASKSJ. G. k .in order, on band and for tale by
sep 10 A.GOUDON, No. 1 - 2, Water ar,
SUGAR AND 1110LASSES.-13 Ithdp and 4 tads N. a
Pinar.WO+, N . O. Molosses, rocrlved per Peamboio
importer, and for sale by J. .A. A. GORDON.
No. 12.. Water ireel
ser 10
5 MILS. LARD sate H
OIL R , for 1)1.
corner of 6th and Wood its.
1631 PA PERS Germosattown LAMP Mack car ea e
corner of Sth and Wanda' P
9100 LUS Prepared
B. A Chalk„ Cur ante by
corner of6th and Wood nts.
pep 10
S ° 25
AND MOLASSES. -6D 1111ds. N. O. Sugar,
/...7 25 tibts , . do. do., 100 do. Platitation Molasses, for
J. G.
sale b y
svi) 13
he used in Bankruptcy proceedings, printed on
good paper.and in toe forms approved by t he Court .for sale
sep 10
at the Office of the Mercury and Democrat.
M. IIUBBA.RD, Ladies' fashionable boot and
shoe Manufacturer. O. 101, Third st red., between
IVood aud Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh se 10
tuts removed his ottice to the corner of Fourth
street and Cherry Al ley, between Smithfield and Grant
sep 10
streets, Pittsburgh.
FOR RENT.—Thedwelling and lot coutalning 4
acres, in Allegheny, near the Beaver Road,mtely
occupledhy Mr. Samuel Church. Apply nt the Merchants
and Manufacturers' Bank, to W. H. DENNY.
lep 10 Cashier
DMAKER, o. , St. Clair street, Pitts
. /.. burgh,
gep 10
supply of Landreth's Garden Seeds,
store of
always on
hand. and for sale at his agency, the Seeds,
184 Liberty street, head of Wood,
DR. DAVID WARD hat his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House,
s.-ccind &telling from Ross street. He will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door shove the basement. seP 10
ftEMOVAT,..—Matthew Jones, 'Barber and hair Dress•
bas removed to Fourth street , opposilethe May
ors office, where he will be happy to:walt upon permanent
Of transient customers. lie solicits& share of public pat
rotwie. sep 10
Ars. A. WARD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9a. st., - until 5 r. 111., after which time he will intend
to no one except in cases of actual neeessily. Re
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ him,that he expects immediate payment, without
r tins necessity on his part of sending in bills. sap 10
110 Weed Street, Pitt/bur:h.—R. A. Bailsman.
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, is new prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
at h large and capacious looms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets, Pittsburgh.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday. and Thursday evenings.
Books, ire., every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Davis, Esq.,
Biqaley k Smith.
Hampton. Smith, k Co.,
F. Lorenz 4 Co.,
J .NV . Bestir idge k Co.,
~ S. IrEee k Co.
Capt. James ld'Hargill.
si C. 'hoses. Esq.
Joni PI 'Fadden Eng.
oi Logan 4 Kennedy.
o J. g.. Moorhead 4. Co.
' Jas. P. Stuart, Esq.
" Robert Gaimsy,Rsq:
.. Capt. Jim. 011.
pkifey, Maass. 4. On.
" B. H. Beery,
Smith. Raged, 4 Co
EL, Cornem of Penn and St. Ctair
No, 12 Water strec
111GBIC—No. 121, Corner of Wood cad Frost
ll s Streets, Pittsburgh, has on 'hand a complete as-1
sortmentof Qucensw are suited trs the city or country
node. Also. a choice selection of pure white and gold
hand DINING A ND TEA W ARE, in large or small sets,
or separate pieces to suit purchasers.
A cask of 46.60, or 84 piece sets, superbly painted
and gilt English Ch l ain,ea at very low prices.
Toy Teaware, p, and rico painted and gilt, freer
1,00 to $5,00 per set.
Children's Mugs of every description.
White China Shaving Mugs.
Granite Dining at d Tea Services, In white and with
splendid American scenery printed In blue andrack.
A large variety of SteamimatDining and Breakfast Sets,
imparted to match. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every sine.
Patent Buckets, Tubs end Keeler*.
Stone Pipe Scads, tc. te, kc.
Ail of which are respectfully offered to the puh.
lie on the most favorable terms. Jan 25.1842-19
100 Bap ' lo Coffee.
"1 4.
received this day heti New York. a fresh sappy 0,
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Coo
gumvalcm; sad b ready to soppy customers et Wholesale
or-retail. at his itlia4l dressy, 86 Fourth et.
soy 12
DAVID CLAILIE, Aet, olts t Meltable Boot Maker,—
hills removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he wou:d be happy
to see his old customers. and all others who feel Maims.
ed to patronize him. lie uses nothin: hut first rate
stock. and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
Isla constant personal attention to business, he truststhat
lie will deserve aLd receive a fair share of patronage.
NI . P 10
A Hunker respectfully Informs his friends and the
public that they can always rind the best quality of lee
Creams. tosether with ad s kins of confectionary and
fruits, In their pennon • at his sbt—. 11.
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes, or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. two 10
HAM J. CLEM ER, residing at 66 Mott street,
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head•
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn, pain in the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired appetite, sevsation of sinking at the stoniach,
furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomitings, dizziness
towards night and restleneas. These bad continued up.
ward of a twetvemonth, when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans. 100 Chatham street; and submitting to his ever
successful and agreeable mode of treatment, the patient
was completely restored to health in the short space o
one month, and grateful tor the incalculable benefit dents , . f
ed. gladly came forward and volunteered the above state
For sat e Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10 4 No.zu. Wood street. below Second.
Thove )would w wish greatly to reduce
their expense for tight, shout d certainly purchase one of
the above canted Lamps, as by their use there Is a clear
saying of at least two.t birds of the expense over 011,and
the light obtained from this Is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free from s moke or diraxreeable smell. We would
here state that Carr's Patent Is the only oue worthy the
attention of the public, as It Is the only one that is sprit'
cable to every variety or pattern of Lamps. and the only
one that will horn Lard wet.)„ at any temperature of cold
or hest. We have. In the short space of throe mouths,
sold several thousands; and with scarre art exceoliell,
those using them have r pre•.ell themselves hiality pleas
ed WWI OWl{l. and fully conviLeed of the grill) economy
by their ore. as well as their Imperially over either oil
or candles, in retard to cleanliness 11111{ lieht.
The above named lamps calflie had
4. only at
1,11:0 rrN , RA y.mo.vn• s.
Third street, nearly opposite the Post (Wire.
Where is kept constantly on hand Britannia Metal. Tin
and Wail; Lamps, of vatioti+ patterns.
Glass lamps sold at 11181111(;.01.1(Pf 8 . es.
We take pirll.3lltP In offering to the public the follow•
inc certificate, which la subscribed to by many respecta•
hio citizens.
We.the undersigned, have tried and are now tt.lne
Carr's Patent Lamps. for burning Lard or other animal
fat, end we have no liesnation in saying that they glve en
excellent light—equal to any of tho ordinary inotifts of
tiehting a house, at about one•third the cost. and wholly
free from smoke or other disagreeeble. smell. We take a
pleasure in tecommendine these lamps to the public, as by
their use there is a great saving over either sperm
or lard oil, or even candles; and we believe them to
be more cleanly and less troublesome than either.
To be had atBROWN k ft/A*Ol4l;R only, Third street,
nearly opposite ` the Post Office.
Rev. W. W. Bakewell, James Boon,
" A. M. Bryan, Charles Paulson,
" John M'Cron, C. Yeager.
N. G. Collins, Wm. Graham,jr.,.
" Robert Dunlap, E. Trovitlo,
Dr H. D. Sellers. Wtn. Douglass,
" E. D. Gazzam, Henry Atwood,
" Wm. M. Wright, Isaac CrUbet
Robert H. Kerr, Esq., George W. Henry
A. Beckham, Robert McPherson,
Thomas Ouston, John S. Shan't,
George Miltenberger, Wm. Eichbauni.
0. P. Shires, J. B Turner,
R. Miller, Wm. Martin,
R. M. Riddle, Post Master Henry Bargetwer ,
R O ttext Gray, James S.Clark. of the Amer
Kramer. scan Hotel,
A len A. F. Martians, John M.Campbell
M. Stackhouse. L. Albereer ,
Robert Johnston, James Menlo,
N. B. Just received, an improved Patent Larnp, for
nuv 19—di w ir wtf
kitchen use.
_ _
TO THE PUBLIC, and partictlarty to my forms •
patrons of this eity:—Having retired from the
practice of Medicine, I may be permitted to say, that it
has fallen to the lot of t.ut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or large a share. of obstretrl practice as my
own has been for the last 30 or 40 years ica .
The experience of that long period of active life, and the
fact of my having been twice, sincelB3o. associated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson, In the practice of medicine, (In both a
period of titre years.) enables me to judge fully of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient, so efficient. and yet so safe, did I esteem
these pills, that for the last - dve yeah In my practice for
the cure ofchronic disearm,of whatever nams, and those .
of females in pa rt icular, I have used more 01 them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine, this most fall In some in
Mamas, b u t In my hands there has been less disappoint.
merit and more satisfaction in the administration of this
one remedy than of ail others:lts good effects sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a sife aperient Medicine either
.fore or after parturklon, the Wilson's pt.l3 Were just
the thing I wanted.
Oa dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity ofthe liver, constituted the
disease of my patient , the pills were last the ' thing I
If I treated a case requiting an emmenago:ne, the
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or otter
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory 2y:uteri. annoyed my patient at the .turn
of life.; the Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
Thus, without respaet to the name, a disease might
happen to wear at the time I have had it under
meat, particular indications or my mptons arising. we
always mat promptly and most happily met by the
WTill6hant'ssoPtgirlge.at a number of diseases, and sometimes ap.
parently opposite ones,tn which I have used these pills,
should be anted more readily by them than by any other
remedy:may at first seem strangeand contradictory, but
why it is sots as clear to my mind as that a great many
pereonseherald become thirsty frost as many different
rgh. caustic:tad yet ail require that common and greatest of
all blessings, water to quench their thirst.
In coneheilon,itis due the reputation of the mediates:
and the gmtd/e, to say decidedly and uncondlt Innen y, tha,
the Wiham")l pills are the only combination I have ever
met with in my longeourse of practice. that really pos
earesanithing curative or specific for sick headache.
Tours te„ DR. 'NILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed particularly for the sic
Ong Bael.Actia, Dyspepsia, Constiratiou of the Rowels fre.
'sae prepared by :her proprietor Dr..R. A. Wilton, and for
sale,wbolesaie and retailer bis dwelling in Penn greet.
• WOW ilarbary. Oct I
DR. GOODE'S Celebrated Female Pills. These
Pills are strongly recommended to the notice of
the ladles as a safe aud efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar to their sex, from want of ex•
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections: These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Phyalcians in the Hei
r tad States, and many Mothers. Foro sale olesale and
by R. LL Wh ERS, Agent.
.sep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Second.
•WM. ADAIR, Boot and Shoe Maker. Liberty St.,
opposite tke heed of Smithfield et., Pittsburgh.—
The subecriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, deceased, has commenced, business
in the old stand of kir, R., and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of work In his line, In the hest manner
and on the shortest notice. He keeps maudlin( ly on hand
a huge assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of the best quality. He solicits the patronage of the nub.
lie and of the craft. WM. ADAIR.
sap 10
sad Axles for Carriages at Eastern Prices.
The iltabocrlbero Rannfacture and keeps constantly on
Itand't'oach,C and Ellptle Sprlo:s (warnoted,) Juniata
Irotoltxtes, Silver and Bran plated Dash Frames, Brass
itent vatted Huh Bawds. stamp Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brava Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Hinge . C.
For sate by
D.SELLERS, id. D.,cdfice and dwelling in Fourth
• near Ferry street. ep
The attention .ftho-e who have been somewhat seen.
Heal In reference to , the.numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Swavne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cher.
ry.on account of the persons helne unknown itt this sec
lion of the Slate, Is respectfully directed loth* following
certificate, the writer of which has been a eh isen of this
borough for several years. and is known as a gentleman
of integrity and responsibility.
To the intent, Mr..l.
' I fur need Dr. Dwayne's Comp and Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a cough, with which I have been severely af
flicted for about four months./ and 1 have no hesitation
In saylog that It Lathe most effective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It. composes all unetsiness, and
agrees well with my diet.—and mantalns a regular and
good appetite. I ran freely recommend it to all others
similarly afflicted. J. MINNICK, Borough ofCbambersb's.
March 9.1/140. Pen 23
For sale by WILLIAM THORN No. 5.3 Market street.
St. Clair lit.. near Ile Allegheny ilridge
iIDPIIKRSONS desirous of procuring Fruit. Shade. and
Ornarneetni Trees, or Shrtibberv, from Shiludel
pH° or New York, ere reqnetted to make application el
won as possible, at the Drug and Seed Store of the ink
scriber, where can he had catalogues, gratuitously. of the
mostisseellent earteties. T. L. SNOWDEN.
se 21 No IR4. Liberty street. headlibi Wort
'MARBLE , M A NUFACTORY.--Patriek Car/field re.
s pect fully acquaints his friends and the pathlic 2e n.
era 111, that he has rommenced the Marble business at the
corner of Fifth and Liberty sts., where will he constantly
on hand. tomb stones, tnantet pleres, cnonnments, head
and, foot stones, table slabs for cabinet ware, and every
art icleuttneriaininl to thejsusiness. He will warrant his
work to he well done, and hls eh:trees will be moderate.
He respectfully asks a share of public patronage. !Pp 10-
I_IANNA 4. TURNBULL,ritortrirrops 0? TRZ CUR.
J.S. TOR Parrs MILL.SIeIIheRTIMe. Ohio. having remn.
vett their store Orion I hlv city, have appointed lioldship
k Browne. No. 49 Mnrkrt et., between 3rd and 4th. &-
tents for the sale of the different rands of Paper manufac—
ured bv them. - where their friends and elastomers will al
Lt .
waya find n resutar enmity or paper, satch as Cap and
st Irritme, Warn and faint lined; Wrapping and Tee
paper; Bonnet Poardc, and Print ins Paver of different si
gels and Qualities, all of which will Ire cold on the most
accommntiatin., terms.
Ilottistur g• Hanwcv, mannfaeturers and Imm:triers or
Wall Papees and Borders. keeps cnnata nily on hand eve
ry variety of Entry, Parlor and Chamber Papers. of lite
latest pl vies and most handsome pattern., which they
will cell !Ow and on accommodating, term!. wholesale
or retail nov 18—tf.
Portable Platform Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 His, al
$55 00. •
do do du do 2,005 at $45 00
do do do do 1,500 at 35 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do do do do 500 nt 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the u'e of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills, 4c—the came prices as above.
Also, White's Patent Couater Scale, with 0. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from 8 to $l5,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Saw Mills, Salt Works, kc,, double and singe
geared elide lathes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machines, door
and sash machines. Hall's patent horse power, with or
without thrashing machines, a superior article; circular
,shafts, machines for sawing lath, Miner's ma
chines and tools °fall descriptions.also for making black
ing bores, a superior article; governors for steam engine•
stocks, taps and dies, coffee mills. bedstead or loin( bolt
and machinery for making the same, cotton iattory mil•
chinery made or repaired; printiag press plattens turned
■nd printing presses repaired
sep 22.—tf
JOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis- I
sloe Merchant,.lo.lo6,rtirtiervi Woad 4 Ala irfs•
Pitts bermik: Baehr beenappolnted one of the Auction
eery foi the City of Mahar' h. tenders his gel-ekes to job
bers, manufacturers anti deafer , , who may be disposed
,to make trial of this market: He is prepared to make
advances on consignments or all saleable commodities,
and trusts lb satisfy correepondents by quick sates, and
speedy fund faVorarile returns. .
That the various interests *bleb May he confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he twinge to the aid
of his own experience In brlstriess and acquaintance with
merchandise generatlV, the services of Mr. Sistost.
Psuitsirock; heretofore advantageously known, as an
Importer and dealer In Hardware and Cutlery. with
Whom a permanent sitetigentent Is made.
ttklrsn To
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Preal. of M. if
• Bank.
Dariington Peebles,
RobertGaiway ,
James M. Cooper.
•. James May. •
t. R. M. Riddle,
vo m Robinson. Jr. Pres%
of Exchange Bank.
•• Hamptoo,Smith, Ir Co„
• John D. Davis,
•• Samuel Church, 1
3. K. Moorhead.
•• Jas. W. Brown 4. ce.
• John 5. memo. Co:
i• Smith 4 Higistey,
vanity 4. legiverv,
John S. Ithhine.
John Detre],
FAMILY rtoba —Atm recelltd a few bomb of
emperor Flour, made expressly fbr family tree. For
81101 by ISAAC CM:MS.I4s Lib, St.
In Stone 50 barrels sup. Sour.
For petblishing a New Daily Paper in the City of Pitts
burgh, to be entitled the
THESubscribers having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Deity .Msraing Post.
The leading object of t ne "Post" will be the titssentina•
Mon and defence of the political principles that have here
tofore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their hest efforts will still he devoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, in politics, the paper will he thoroughly
democratic• yet the Editors hope, by giving an honest,
candid history of pasaing Political events, Foreign
and Domestic intelligence, and brief notices of all mat
ters and occurrences that come properly within the anhere
of, Public Journal, to make their paper sufficiently in•
cresting to entitle it to the patronage of the public,
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and general news that wilt
be found in the "Moraine Post," the Editors will take
pains to furnish the intsinems community with
the latest and most littLresting COXISSACIM. lirratmt
attics from all parts of the country, anti to have prepa•
red such accounts of the Markets and the Stale of Trade
as wilt he advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men in their several callings.
Tersts.—The Pour will be reiblished en a large imperl•
al alteet of line paper, (manufactured especially for this
Jonrwil) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per ATlOClM,payithie in advance. It will also be sold by
news.hoys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will he inserted at the lowest rates
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
tanTWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
wino will be engaged on the most liberal terms
W. 11. SMITH.
Auzusi 31, 11W2
I_oo HUM RY. LEAF TOBACCO. in store and
for sale by 3.0. 4. A GORDON.
No. 12, Water street.
BY Morrison 4- Co. London, for pale only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley Pinshurgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
it sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. sep 10
FARM FOR SA L¢.—The undersigned offers (or sale a
tract of land situated 4 toilet frt.., tereepotl, in the
direction or Kittanning, Buffalo 'township, Armstrong
county. containing 100 acres, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whi) are in meadow— a rood square kilt
dwelling houseand cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent .
water convenient lo the house.
FOR TERMS apply to the subscribers residing st the
Baltworka on the Pennsylvania Canal, / mil, above Free
up 10 WM. 4- PHILIP BAKER..
TO THE WlSE•—rtig now well tinderstood, how
much disorders of (he mind depend fur their cure
noon a due attention to the body. it is now tiodersiond
how valuable is that medicine which Iviil remove morbid
accumulations without weakening, the bodily power. It Is
now understood that there is a reciprocal influence be.
tween the mind and the body. It is now understood that
purging with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan
choly, and even insanity is cured by perseveringly using
them. It is now understood how much domestic happi
ness depends ti pen the healthy condition of the digestive
It is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have
cared thousands of hopeless and helpless persons, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It Is now not only well
known that the Rrandreth Pings° cure, but it is also un
derstood how they cure; that it is by their purifying eflect
on the blood that they restore the hotly to health.
The seine of the medicine is becoming , morn and more
manifest,it is recommended daily from - family to family,
The Brandreth Pills remove In an almost imperceptible ,
manner all noxious accumulations and purify and invigo
rote the blood,and their good etfrrts are not counterhalan
ted by any Inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are salu
tary; they are daily and safely nriminbaersd to Infanci,
youth, manhood, and old sac, and to women in the most
critical and delleatectreumatances. They do not disturb
or shock the animal function!, hot restore their order
and establish their health.
Sold nt Dr. Brasdreth's Office. No. 93, Wood street,
Pittsburgh. Prise 25 cents per box, with full directions.
M %I:l—The only place In Pittsburgh seller...the genu
ine Pills can be obtained, is the Lector's owo office, No
h 93 Wood street. 'cep SO
'proved Ploy
nasciured be
enr Illachint
between Ilia•
street, two
.e (tall, Pitts
ufacture and
id the follow•
composed of
No. 1, Por
le Platfor
•glen Ott A 11'1
11 Cigil .33UU
sop 10
rpo THE LADIES —Why dr. you not remove that
1 superfluous hair yon have upon your foreheads
nTO -tipper lip? By calling at Torguee, 86 Fourth st.,
d obtaining a bottle of Gourand's Poudres Arbttes.
which will remove It at once without affecting the skin.
You can aloe obtain Cournurl's holy celebrated Faso Jr:
Beata, which will at once remove all freckteit;
eruptions of the skin, and mske your face look Pereitly
fair; and to those who wish to assiet nature by adding
more rotor to their checks, they can obtain some oilVou
rand'e celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot he rubbed
otTeven:lty a wet cloth. Also may he found a good as
sortment of Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil, Al.
mond, Palm, Windsor; and other Soaps.
Remember. at 'ruffles Medical Agency, 86 4t h Street.
Dec. 8, 1842
LET invalids read the following account of a Sallee
cured of a complication of afflictions In nineteen
days by the use of Brandreth Pills. It distinctly proves
there are herbs In nature which have affinity riire be•
cause of disease, and Brandreth's Pills are made for them
Read nod tie convinced. Take the medicine entitle cured
Jour Staaw. of Pembroke, Washington county, Maine,
being dilly sworn, Ram that he was taken violently sick
about Fix months since. The pains in his head, breast,
bark, left side and instep being so bad that lie
,was una.
hie to help himself.and was taken intothetheraea Hos. I
pital in the city of Boston. That after being In said
hospital five weeks,Doctor Otis said he did not know i
what was the matter with him, and that he'could do
raithinefor hfln. nor could tie armlet : the Kay Medicine.
That he, therefore, was conveyed front the Cbefsea Hos.
pital to the Sailor's retreat on Staten Island. that he
WPM there physie'ked *fib all aorta of medicine for a peel.
lad of (emir Wolff's, suffering all the time the moat heart.
rending misery.— That, besides his affection of his hones
'hearts troubled much with a disease of the lungs: some.
Mmes he would spit a quart of phlegm in the day; besides '
this affection he had a bad Diarrhcca, which had more
or letaattended him from the commeneement of his sick.
Mesa, That at titles he dreaded a stool worse than be
Wobld hive dreaded death; that tie can comparethe feel
ing to nothing save that of 'knives passing through his
bowels. After suffering worse than death at the Sailor's
Betreat,on Staten Island, the doctor told him that medi
cine Was onto use to him, that he Must try to stir about.
At this time he was inffering the 'realest misery. That
hts bones ',acre so tender he could not hear the least press
ure upon the elbow or upon the knee, that ids invert was
Most painful, that as the Doctor said he WoOld give him
no mote medicine hr determined to procure some of Dr.,
Brandnsth's Pills, which he did, from 241 Broadway
New 'fork; that he commenced with five pills, and some
tiroesincreased the dose to eight. The first week's use
no ninth 'benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what be Yeas using, said, inow, Shaw, you look like a
man again; if you improve In this way, you will soon he
Well. That he taind every dose of the Brand milt Pills
relieve him, first they Oared him of the pain when at
stool;that they next cured the diatrhcee, sad finally the
plies in his honest—That the medicine seemed to add
strength to him edary day. Retold the doctor yester
day the 11th instant, that lie felt himself well. and also,
that he Owed - his recovery to Brandretbs Pills under
Providence, that he had taken the medicine team y day
for 19days; that the doctor told him if he had known he
had been taking that medicine, ht rhould not have stayed
another day in rite house. He considerate is his ditty to
make thispnblie statement for the benefit of all similarly
afflicted; that they may know Whets to find a medicine
that will gore them. . JOHN SHAW.
John Shaw being byme duly sworn this 12th day of
April. 1842, did depose and sac that the foregoing state.
Client il. true. .I. D. WHEELSR,Commiesioner of Deeds,
The BRAJVDRETH PILLS are sold at br. Bran
dreth's principal of9ce.'24I.OROAIDWAY. New York,
apd at his principataffire, N 0.98 Wood atreet.Pitteho rub,
Ifia o.lnr FLAG'S le Pittsburgh where the tenet* cal
be obtained .ep 72--llwbn
... L' ~'
Cases of mutiny.
We have heard it suggested, in conver
sation, that the summary execution of
Midshipman Spencer, Cromivell, and
Small, was probably prompted by a dispo
sition on the part of the Commander lja-.
kenzie, to display the energetic' character
which distinguished General Jaiktian't
military career: We give the f r olinsting
extracts from Eatan's 'Life Of Jacket4;lot
refresh the recollection Of the putbilikini.to
the way in which the brave old chierittan
aged a mutiny.
,If he ever shed one' drop
of American blood, unless in a case of *we
treme necessity, we have not read Made
tory aright. ..
'Having, however, pledgell himself,'he
could use no arguments or entreaties
detain them any longer, and iminediate,
took measures for complying with 1.137eit
wishes, and the promise he had made-le
them. This was, to him, a moment of,the
deepest dejection. He foresaw tiovidlft•
ficult it would be ever to accornmpliair dm
object upon which his heart was so dee
voutly fixed, should he lose the inen'loo.
were now with him;-or even to regain'Ase
conquests he had inade, - if his -titegilint
posts should fall into the hands of the the-.
my. While thus polideriug on the gloat
my prospect, be lifted up his halide, aid
exclaimed with a look and manner whiCh
showed bow much lie felt. 'lf only taro
men remain with tae, I will never abandon
,the post.' Captain Cordon, of 'the spies,
facetiously replied, 'You have one, Geyer
al; let us look i-f we can't tied another,'
and immediately, with a 'zeal suitettothe
:occasion, underiook, with some of the gin.
eral wad; to raise voluideers'; and in 'a lit
tle while succeeded in procuring nine hen.
, dred and nine, who. declared a determiee-
Ition to remain and protect the post. - The
General, greatly rejoiced that he would
not be compelled - to -- an entire ahanden
, ment of his position, now set out towards
Deposit with the remainder of the army,
`who were given distinctly to understand
that, on meeting supplies, they were to re
turn and prosecute the 'campaign. This
was an event, which, as it had beeO ex
pected and foretold, so ui took place.—
They had not proceeded more than'ten or
twelve miles, when they meta licreired
and fifty beeves. - -But a sigt.t which 'gave
to Jackson so much satisfaction, was to
them the most disagreeable and tnivrel
come. Their faces ueing now turned to
wards home, no 'spectacle could be more
fateful than one which was to change their
destination. They welt halted, and, hav
ing satisfied-their hungry appetites', the
troops, with the exception Of siskia
were Tece - ssaty to proceed with Mei
sick and, wounded, were' ordered to
return to the -encarripment,—he irinetelf
intended to seethe coutractors, and-estab
lish more effectual arrangements for - this
,future. So great was their aversion to .
returning, that they • preferred a._ vioratiOn
of their duty, and their pledged holier.
13DPI mut routings ran along the lines, and
preitently broke out in open mutiny. In
spite of the order they had receivek they
'began to 'revolt; and one company was al.,
'ready moving off, in a direction tvaide
home. They, had proceeded s ,me - die=
Lance 'before iii : formation of their depar
ture was had by Jackson.
'lrritated at Cceir conduct, in attempting
'to v iolate the -promise they had given, and.
4inotviiig th t - the success of futureiPPer7
ations depended on the result, therte.rierat
pursued, until he camenear 'part of his
staff, and a few soldiers, who, with Gen.
Coffee, bad halted about a quartet. of a
Mile ahead. He ordered them t o f o rm j a m(
mediately across the road, and to fire on.
'the mutineers if they attempted to proceed.:
Snatching up their arms; these faitlif2l ad
herents presented a front which threw the
deserters into affright, and caused thernies
retreat precipitately to the main body.-*
Here it was hoped, the matter would end,
and that no furtlirr opposition would be
madeto returning. This expectation was
not 'monied. A mutinous temper began,
presently to display itself throughout the
whole brigade. Sscks3n having left his
aid-decamp (Major Reio eagaged in ma
king up some despatches, had gone out
alone amongst his troops,who were at, some
distance. On his arrival, he found a Much
more extensive mutiny than that Which .
had just been quelled. Almost the whole
brigade had put itself into an attitude for
moving forcibly off: A crisis had arrived;''"
and feeling its importance., he determitied:
to take no middle ground, but to triumph:
or perish, He was still without the used'
his left arm; but, seizing a musket, eni
resting it oh,the neck of his horse, he
threw himself in front of the column, and
threatened to shoot the first man - who
should attempt to advance. In this situa
tion he was found by Major Reid and Gen..
eral Coffee; who, fearing, from the length
of his absence, that some disturbance had
arisen, hastened where he was; and, pla..
sing themselves by his side, awaited the .
result in anxious-expectation. For many .
minutes the column preset red a sullen
yet hesitating attitude. fearing to proceed -
in their purpose, and disliking to abandon
it. In the mean time, those who remain
ed faithful to their duty, amounting to apg:
bout two companies, were collected and ,
formed at a short distance ia advansenf -
the troops; and in rear of the General, with '
positive directions to imitate his example
in firing, if they attempted to proceed..
At length, finding no one bold t nough . to
advance, and overtaken by thoos feats
which, in the hour of peril, always beset
persons e.sgaged in what they kariw to be -
a bad cause, they abandnned their pur.,,
pose; and, turning .quietly roiii,d, agreed
- •
- i