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.74108. PHILLIPS 4k W. H. SMITH,
4 111411446. --FIVE DOLLARS a year. payable In
tailimpara. Riegle copies TWO CENTS—for sale at the
eiirseet pl is cake. bad by Nelia Bays.
The . litereaary and Manafacturer
to leablistred WEEMS. at the fame °Mee, on a doable
leedieten sheet. at TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
.awes. Shield copies. SIX CENTS.
Terms of Advertising.
OM Insertion, 0.501 One month, SZ,OO
Tine I iwasiens. 0,75 Two worts, 6,00
IrAssa lossertions. 1.00 Three MOM lig, 7,00
lOne wort. 1.50 1 Four mouths. 8,00
Two weeks. 3.00 Six month., 10.00
irbise weeks. 4.00 One year, 15,00
CH 888888 t.y. sr nasal:ma.
Oss /Worm Toe Syttarer
Oft months, $lB.OO Six months, $23.00
OM year, 25.00 I One year. 35,00
Irrtoarter advertisements in prorortion.
- CA RDS lir friar limo et! Domani a year.
Carr Pore Orme Third between narked and Wood
Streets—R. U Riddle. Postmaster.
cictiregog Hues', Water, 4th door from Wood rt. Pet et
iswee's beildieuts—Major John Wlllock, Collector.
tree Taeastrae. Wood between First and Second
fteeets—Jausets A. Bertram. Treasurer.
Coombe retaliate. Third street, next door to the
IrMkt treahrterian Chureh—S. R. Johnston, Treatorrer.
itaxisiesOrvics, Fourth, between Market and Wood
fralteft—Alexamier May. Mayor.
ilsacatairr's Ezell &wag. Fourth, near Market M.
Pteessesissa. between Matted and Wood streets, on
'NSW& writ Poshreit streets.
Illhameasinler awn allaautraverrazts • awn realigns' Da.
fear Stat. (foraierty Seeing Feed,) Fourth, betwten
Woad awl Mattel amts.
illecuseres„Plftli street, we? Weed.
blinseposasts Heim, Water street, near tore Firklge.
Ressasses Horst., corner of Penn and Si. Clefs,
Illiatessarrs• Elseet., corner of Third and Wood.
Airaiseessr ilioror...coraer of Third and Smithfield.
filitiretiattriores. tosser of Penn street and Canal.
—.0401,11111 11 Sagas, Lilmerty Aram., near f3e.enth.
Illesesits Moms)! Booms, Liseris St opposite Wayne
liossawitsnr Moines Horse. Lean St. apposite Canal
fie l, laMwelniimams on Grtnt it.. neiktly opposite
'Oa WOW apart Hesse. pert roosts to John D. Mahon,
gear. gel, 10
.THO'. R. ELLIOTT, M. D.— office reweered t•
St. Croi Ovate, Seem; Pens Asa tiberly St i r,
Akt.1411•811. • p 10
NEWGOODS.—Preston 4- Mackey, whr.lesale and
. retail dealers ie English, French, ard Domestic
Dry Romig, Nro. Ri, Market et ,Piitirhetrch rep 10
firCA.NDLESS & lIPCLIT RE, Attorneys awl
Coals*Hors at Law: Office in the Dianronii, inict
tithe Ohl Court !louse. Pittsburgh. P 10
WIIIIOIFA.4- R. Morrow, Alderman; offt• e north
*idea Fifth at., between Wood and Smith
fie field
My. Fittatmegii. Per.
jouN mrogyrrr, Whotesale Grocer Reclifb Ing
pietas. And Dealer In Profiteer and ritithurzh
lirseitraeisisd-Artieles. .Afe. 224 Liberty Street. Pitte
rilneawk. Pen 10
11.144.4 t
W I. LE" •
ft II
LLUkaILS de DILWORTIT.--whoiewate
Greeera Produce and Commission Mertaaniv, and
iaaleta la Pillatatrib Maoufaciare4 artickt,,, No. 29,
Wood street. p 10
Wien on the north side a the Dia inond,hciw , e
Ante' awl Union streets. upin a Irs Fen 10
DURBORA.W, Alintrievy it La w; tetiderp
A. his professional services to the public. Office cur.
was o r Fifth and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd k Co's
'tore. Plashergh, Pa. Seri 10
Jogs e.gricatrr... . J. N. Ka&N
SESIAFF & KEA.N, ManufaciprerA of Confer.
Tsn. and Sheet Iron Ware, ISo 80. Front at., Fitis
bare,. House Spouting and Steamboat work promptly
firMided. sep 10
*norms s YOU • FRANCIS 1.. YOUNG.
VOS. , B. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Ware
ROOlllO, lAnner of Hand at. it EXClißnse Alley.
INFORMS wishing to purchase Furniture. will find it to
Male adirantaee to ;live us a call. heinr fully watisfied that
Wilt caw please as IR quality and price. rep 10
INITITTON HAMS,—Just received 160cholce Mut
ten Hams, well cured and for sale cheap hyihedo
wit retall,by I.IAAC lIARRtS,
lap 10 N 0.9. Filth it
ors BAG A.—' sopp'y of Landreth's Fresh Ku•
to Saga, and other different varieties of Tornip
Itead.feateeeelved eadfor late at aspects ?aes at the
pats= sad See/ Store of
MID II N 0.1.134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Wmut CIJOSEYA Boot and Shoe Mattufacto•
ry. No. 83 Fourth Bt., next door to the U. States
gawk. Ladies Pronetla, Kid and Satin Shoes made .n
Pe neatest wanner, and by the newest French patterns.
Se, 10
5,000 MORUS MULTICAULUS. to Suss to suit
urchasers; to be disposed only
No. 184 Ltheriy street. head of wood.
DABLIA BOOTS, Flowers and Flower Seeds or ev
ery destriptios, can always hr had at the Drug
sad lined store of F. 1.. SNOWDEN.
sap 10 184 Liberty street. head of Wood.
mirk LSS.llllnols Annual Mammoth Onion Seed, for
tiI.M.F sale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
for seed; just received by
No. 184, racily head of Wood at.
GARDEN TOOLS, consisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades
Transplanting Trowels, Edding Tools, Budding
Calves, Pruning ,Knives, Pruning Shears. etc., Psi re
atitend and for oak by F. L. SNOWDEN.
Poole 104 Liberty street, head of Wood.
CHOICE Venison Hams.—Just received a smaii sup
toiyof very choke cured Venison Hams, on retail
ila Mali lets ter current, money.
and Com. Merchant
WTS Stitch ClO•ef Seed, Orchard Grass and
ICtititcky Slue Grass, always on hand and for
ifika tg, F. L. SNOWDEN.
;iserile N 0.184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Are. i mam it BUCHANAN, sittlerways at Law, dike
alwarewi tram Übe Dimond, toA ttorworaßow ^
Ole* roartb street, between Market and Wo od
ABM aepto
MICISTILATES • IILAMIS. for proceedings In A.
illoskoost seder thrusts law, for sale at this Office.
tit ilALl4.—Cote oa tioNerth Out corner of Coal
• low sad Iligb street. Apply to
- $llll/, DA aunarom, Matte, !mar 4th pt.
1 11The=nales Beet eieed.Just
recalvad add Got ea le µ the Drag end Seed
8.4. iNOWDiZN,
164 Übe*, 'treas. bead of Wood.
Mem sf
• poi ill
rtiallOMMON Or
4111111111111Wmt beatieObre raw.. war
WS UMW tad W» MIN MIIN ROPSWI44 teals day
thadwail rf testemil osemeet. Rigby le witberised
fer lioe Mile eattlei 1p tbe beiblese
telebet ere litrep WILMAIII NUM.
HN Tmorlwa4;
11. •
f . •
TONNSTONtr STOCICTON, Booksedtla. Printers and
Piper M'nufaerurers, No. 37. Market at. pep 10-17
TORN ANDERSON, thaithdeld Foundry, Water it..
near that Monongahela Dottia.Malltantb• RAP 10-17
LEONARD S. JOHNS, Aldesmae,St.Cleir street , se.
coed door from Liberty. sep 10-1 y
DR, a. R, HOLMES, Ofßee la Second street, next door
to Ilalvany if. Co's Glue Warehouse sep
SFILYPIK. 4. FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Foorthst.,
near the Mayor's Mee, Pittsburgh. sop 10-1 y
THOS. HAM ILTON, Attorney at Law. Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield sts., Pittshurith. sep 10-1 y
HUGH TONER, Attorney at Law, North En'-t router
afSmithfleld and Four' h streeiy. cep 10—ly
. .
HANNA 4. TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104. Wood if., where may he had a general supply
of writing. wrapping, printing. wall paper, blank books.
school books, fre, 4 e. pep lO—ly
Li C. TOWN4END 4. co.. Wire Workers and
Nawafactstrers, No. `ZI Market street. between 2d
and 3d streets. sep 10—ly
ExcIiANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and Si. Clair
et reel in, by McKIBBIN 4- SMITH.
Pep 10.—ly
_ .
ward liiithes. Manufarinrar of Iron and Nails
Warehouse f 10.2.5. Wood st.. Pittsburgh. sea 10 —ly
M ETA L.-77 tons soft Pl_ Mein' (or sale by
J. G . ir A. 0011.D1N ,
No. 12 Water street
TIS B %cos HAMS. 16.000 lbs. Bacon
3 ,000 L Shoulders, for sn'e by
JAS. PATTERSON, Jr., Birmingham, near Piltsiotrah,
-Pa., Manufa , turer.,of I.ocks. Singes and Rohs; To•
hocco, Pones, Mill and Timber Screws; Sottisen Screws for
61111154 sett 10--fe
JOHN PVC LOS KEY . Tailor au4 Clot tier, Leber. e
siieet, between Stith anti Virgin alley, South side.
Jw BURBR11101.: lt CO., Wholesale Grocers and
Chemin'gallon Merchants— Sreond street, between
Wood and Swett Wield Af-,Prttshur:h. 'eh ly
JG. 4- . GOT: Cnlllll.l4• 4 iim and Forwarding
• Mrrrhant., Water PM giver glk. arr. 10-1 y
IF,II r A MR.-4 cask,. Innis, a rood artiri., received per S
R Corsair, and for latle by 3. f; . ¢ A. CORI - VON.
ler 10 No. It Haler unmet
QO3O It a MIIf.APjF.R---40 Mods !New olionos So
kJ rim NO Ohio New Orleaot. Mntalo.e,c for pair_ two
sop le 3. 0. A- A. GORDON;
Q1:11; A R.-7 litsils form, N. n. Sankt, rersorre4 per S.
11 Maine, and fur salt hy 1 11 4- A. CallklX)N.
sep 10 No. 12. Water to cee
sfl K BACON CAS S.in co.dnr, nn nand and for Bale Ity
UV imp 10 J. G. 4- A. GOR DON. Kn. 12. Wairr ar
SUGAR AND MOl. ASSES.-1.1 Moir arid 4 %Ms N. 0.
Atitnr, 32 hills N. 0. %loin it Ar • , rreriorri per Peorriboat
(nor Tier, ;viol for gate by J. G a r A. CORDON,
Pop 10 No. 12. Water greet
5 BBL& iI.AR 01 cm tatte hty
R. A. FAB NF.STO 4 en ,
Ile II 0 corner of h • n.A W nod
1631 1' APRlUSGervanolowat Lamp Mark for Rale
by 11. A. FAMMATOCK 4- co.,
Retp 111 corner of &band Wootio,
200 TAPS Prepared Chalk. for sale by
B. A. F MINES rook- cO ,
pep 10 rny n ., nrfilil MIA WOncil.l
CG .k 91(11, %SSE - S.-61i tilidA. N. I). Solrnr.
25 Ishii:. do. do.. lOU do. Plefitail..n Molanrrr, (or
wale by
PeP 1:3
1 o Iw usrd in Bankrnpiry procordonzsi, printed on
a(gnl pa oer,a nd in t hi,fornte a pproved FyiheConn,farante
at the Office of the Mercury and Democrat. aro 10
WM. 11111311.4. RD 7 Snl a fashiannblc bool nn
shoe Manullicturer. 1111. Third s. reet, bet wee
Wood audSmithfield streets. I'itt<burgh sep 10
111 • hat. removed his office to the corner of Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield snd Grant
reetti, PillFlourch
FOR RENT.—Thedwelluolf and Int coosining 4
acres, in Allegheny, near the Beever Road, imply
occupledhv Mr. SRIIIIIPi Chi' rr It. Apply nt the M err hang
and Manufacturers' 11:titk, to W. H. DENNY.
( 6 1 if . MAKER, No. 7, St. Clair stria,
0 . • ,
rep 10
supply of Landreih's Carden Seeds, always on
hand, and for rale at his agency, We Chug score of
rep 10 184 Liberty street. head of Wood
DR. I)AVID WARD nai hie othre and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly POUI II of the Court Hoare,
seennd de; from flo.estreet. Ile will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his prolM.ina. Night calls should lie
made at the door aliove the tiagettieni. rep
1111 EMOV AL —Matthew Jones, Burlier and Hair Dress
JUL er. has removed to rourth ri reel , OITOSIIP Ihe May
ors office, where he will be happy to:watt upon perinanen
or transient customers. He Pulicliq a share of public oat
mire. rep 10
SI. A. WA RD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9A. x., until 5 r. x., after which lime he will *Hand
to no one except in cases of actual necessity. He
would further Inform those who may think proper to
employ him.' hat he expects immediate payment. without
the necessity on his part ofsending In bills. so p 10
JOHN M'FARLAND, Upholsterer sad Cabiwet
.4f-ker, Third st. balsas Wood 4- Market strscts,
respectful Infirm, his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all order. for Sofas, Sideboards, Bu •
rea us, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Stands, Hair and Spring
Mattrasser, Curtains, Carpets, all sorts of rpholstering
work, which he will warrant equal .o auy made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. rep 10
110 Word Street, l'ittebotrlA.-11. A. Hangman.
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, ii now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Good• and Merchandtze,
at his large and capacious rooms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Filth Streets, Pittsburgh.
Regnlar sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries anti
other articles, on !Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Books. +c., every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Dame, gaq.,
•• Beesley 4- &olio h,
•• Hampton. Hmi h. 4 Co.
F. Lorenz 4 Co.,
•• 1. W. Horbridge 4. co.,
S. M'Fee dr Co.
• Capt. James hMartill,
• C. Dungen, Esq.
Jona M'Fadden
• Lpipin ot Kennedy.
o• J. K. Moorhead 4. Co.
r• Jas. P. Stuart. !eq.
• Rebut Callow, Baq:
r• Capt. Jos. May,
n McVay, Hanna, 4. CO.
fP Wlllitm Symms, Wbeallag
•• M. G. Heavy, Loeherille
110101./Mgigier Phila.
J. G. ttr A. GORDON,
No. 12 Wnier Greet
J. G ot G 0 R DON.
No. 12 Wet ~r •tart
R trznsPlf Ls
HRIGBY —No . 121, Cornet of Weed and Front
. Struts, flittsiLegA, bes cat 'hand a complete ast
sortmentof Qucenaware attired t She city or country
trade. Also, a choke selectioh of pure while and gold
bland DINING ANDTEAWARE, in large or ainall nets,
or separate pieces to snit purchasers.
A cask of 46, 60, or 84 piece sets, segietbly panted
and gilt English China Teaware, at very low prices.
Toy Teawere. plain, and rich painted and gilt, Nun
1,00 to $5.00 per set
Children's Mugs of every description.
White China /Shaving Mugs.
Granite Dining at d Tea Services, in while and with
splendid American scenery printed In Wee and black.
A large variety of Sicambaat Dining and Breakfivt Sets,
imported to match. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potlerks.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glen, of every size.
Patent Rockets, Tubs and Keelers.
Stone Pipe Heads, 4-c. 4-c.
All of which are respectfully offered to the pub.
lie on the most favorable terms. /en 26, 1842-11
00 Bagsßto Coffe. e
eel 4. •
For sale by
• 4- A. GORDON.
received this day from New York. a free . ) supply o.
the above celebrated core for Conchs, Colds and Con
aumptiOn; and is ready to supply cuutomers al wholesale
orreiall, at his Medical Ag ency, 36 Fourth at.
nov 12
DAvi I) CLARK:T.9er. sashimi/ibis Boot Maker ,
;las removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he wou'd he happy
to see his old customers. and ill others who feel dispose.
ed to patronize him. fie uses nothinx hnt first rate
stock, and employiu the best ofivorkmenvind as he gives
its constant personal attention to business, he trustathat
he will deserve ar.d receive a fair share of patronage.
se. 10
A Hunker respectfully informs his friends and the
public that they can always find ihe best quality of lee
Creams. together with al; kinds of confectionary and
fruits. in their season, at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. nen 10
HAM .I. CLEM CR , residing at 66 Moll street.
New York, was afflicted with Dyspep.la In Its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head.
ache, great debility. fever, coal iveness. cough, heart.
horn. pain in the chest and stomach always eller eating,
Impaired appetite. aet•satton of sinking 31 the stomach,
furred tongue, nausea. with frequent vomiting", dizziness
towards night and restleness. These bad continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when. on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans.loo Chatham street, and submitting t o kin ever
successful sod agreeable mode of treatment. the patient
was completely restored to health in the short space of
ome mont h. and grateful for mite incalculable benefit derlv
ed. etad Iv earn* forward and voinnicered the above state
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
R. R. SELLERS, Agent,
No 20. Wond etr.rl. helow flrennii
LARD,—Those who would wish greatly to reduce
their expense for light, should certainly purchase one of
I lie above mimed Lamps. on by their use there is a door
mains of at tenet twos birds of the expense over 011,and
the ;flitt obtained from this is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free from smoke or clinocreeable !smell. We would
here mote that Carr's Patent in the only one worthy the
attention of the public, as it Is the only one that is appli
cable to every variety or pattern of Lampa.and the only
one that will horn Lard watt., at any temperature or cold
nr hest. We have, in the short 'peer or thr ee ' , n ub,
*old several thousands! and with scarce an eireerfifirn,
thnse u.ina them have 'lore...ed themselves highly pleas
ed with them. and fully eonvir.ced of the great economy
by their use. on well as their roper lot it y over either oil
or randlen, in record to deo sitinenn and light.
The above named lamp. ran Ise hod only at
Third so reet, nearly opposite the Post orrie,
wt., is kept constantly nn hand Britannia Metal, Tin
and Gins!. 1.:1 inns, of vat pattern,.
Glass lamp staid at manufacturers ' priees.
We take piea•orn in offerinp to the public' the follow
me certificate, which is Pol.periberl to by many respeeta
hie ritisena.
We, the nmiersigned. Wive tried and are now nand
Carr's Pnieni Lamps. for burning La.d or other animal
fat. and we have no ne‘ilat lon In saying tlint they give an
excellent 110 W—equal to any of the ordinary modes of
lighting a honer, nt about inte•l bird the cost. and wholly
free from smoke or other disnerreeble smell. We Take a
plensure in recommending these lamps Willie nubile, na by
their liar there is n great saving over either sperm
or lard oil, or even candles; and we believe them to
he more cleanly and less trouhirsome Than either.
To he had nt IlAynoxo's only, Third Ft r pet
neorly nonoviir thy Post Office.
Hey. W. W. Dnkeweii, James !loon,
" A. M. Rrvan, Charles Pnrlron,
" John M'Cron, C. Yene.r.
N. G. Collins, Wm. Graham, jr.,
" R otter, Dunlap,
Dr H. D. Reners. Wm Donelim.,
" E. D. Gazzam. Henry Atwood,
" Wm. M. Wright, Isaac Crnse,
Robert H. Kerr. Esq., Georre W. Henry
A. Betkham, R obertMcPherson
Thomas Onsion. John S. Shaffer,
George Miltenberger, Wm. Elchhaom,
0. P. Shims, J. B Turner.
A. M iller. Wm. Mnriln,
R. M. Riddle, Post Master Henry Batlestser,
FL,heri Gray, Janice P. Clark. of the A mer-
A lien Rrnmer. Iran Hotel,
A. F. Marinello, John 111.0ampboll
M. Stack liottoe. L. A Ihers_nr,
Rohert Johnston, James Mellin,
N. R Just reeeived, en improved Patent Lamp, for
kitchen use. nov 19—dlw evt(
THE PUBLIC, and pat-tit-afar/1 to sty former
l_patron of this city:—llriving retired from the
practice of Medicine. I may he permitted to say. that tt
has fallen to the lot of I ut few persona to have enjoyed
so liberal or !acre n share of obstretrical practice as my
own has been for ill, last 30 or 40 years.
The experience oftbat long period of active life. arid the
fact of my haying been twice, since 1330. associated with
Dr. R. A. Wilson. in the practice of medicine, (In both a
period of live years.) enables me to judge fully of the
merit e able Mlle.
So convenient, so efficient. and yet so We, did I esteem
these pills, that Int me last five years In my practice for
the cure of chronic diseaces,of whatever nama, and thewe
of females In particular, I have used more of them than
all other medicine*.
Like every other medicine. this must fall in some in
stances, hut in my hands there has been less disappoint.
ment and more selisfart inn In the administration of this
one remedy than of ail others:lts good effects sometimes
quite astonishing m..
If my patient required asafe aperient medicine either
..fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pile were Just
the tiling 1 wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity ofthe liver, constituted the
disease of my patient, the pills were Just the thing I
If I treated a case requiring an emmenagogue, the
Wilson's pills were Just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation. headache. gushed countenance, or other
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and secretory systems. annoyed my patient at the 'turn
of life,' the Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
Thus, without respect to the name. a disease might
happen to wear at the time I have had It under treat•
meet, particular indications or symptons arising. were
always moat promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson', pills.
That so great a number of diseases, and sometimes op.
patently opposite ones, In which I have used these pills,
should be eared more readily by them than by any other
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is so is as clear to my mind u that a great many
petitions should become thirsty from us many different
causes, and yet all require that common and greatest s.f
all blessings, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, it Is due the reputation of tie medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and onconditionall y, that
the Wilson's pills are tbe only combination I have ever
met with In my longcourse of practice,that really per
eerresanything est rat ive or specific for sick headache.
Yowl; /c., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The above Pills designed partkalarly fbr the sick
Raed.Aehe. Dyspepsia, Constipation of ,he Dowels #e..
prepared by the proprietor Dr. K. A. Wilson. and for
sele.whelessie and retall.st his dwelling is Pena street.
bedew filerbery. . 001
DR. GOODE'S Cetefiraied Fratafe Pills. These
Plilsarestronglyerecommended to the notice of
the ladies as a safe and efficient remedy In removing
those complaint!' peculiar to their sex, from waft of ez•
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obviate
costiveness', and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections: These Pills have gained the sanction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Vol.
ult./ Slates, and many Mothers. For sale Wholesale and
risitsitl. by R. E SELLERS. Agent.
sep 10 No.lo, Wood Street,belour Fwcond.
WM. ADAIR, Beet and Shoe Maker, Liberty St.,
opposite the Amid of Smithfield st., Pittsbargk.—
The subscriber having bought out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty, dm:mined, has commenced bosiness
in the old stand of Mr. R.. and is prepared to execute
all descriptions of *ork In his line, In the best manner
and on the shortest notice. He keeps corotantly on hand
11 large nosortment ofshoe flodings of all descriptions and
of the best quality. He solicit, the patronage of the nub.
tk and of the croft. WM. ADAIR.
pep 10
PPM'SBiIRGR M 41 1 1117 F A CTO RY.—Spri Ng*
and Azle: for Carriages at East era Trice*.
The strbscrllwre manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach.o and Eliptie Sprints (warranted.) Juniata
Iron Azlrs, Sliver and Braga plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Huh-Rands, Stump Joints. Patent Leather,
Sliver and Brass Lamps. Three fold Pteps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Binges. kc .kc.
inivne & C'OILEM AN.
'Ft. Clair st., 'rear U e A ilratieny Brldar
IT D. SELLERS:M. D.. office arrd dwelling In Fourth,
-11 . orar Perry street. BeP 13-17
The attention , ftho.e who have been somewhat •scep-
Deal In reference to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Swavne's Compound Byron r.f Wild Cher
ry, on account ratite persons helne unknown in thieve
tion of the State. is respectfully directed to the following
certificate, the writer of which hes hem, a ellizen renal,
borough for several years, and it , known as a gentleman
of Integrity and responsibility.
Ti lA. Amer, Mr. J. ittßsT.
' I have used Dr Swa•ne's Coyne and Syrup of Witd
Cherry for a cough, with which I have beeeseverely'nf
flitted for shout four months, and I have ho hesitation
In saying that it lathe most effeetive medicine that I have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness. and
agrees well with my diet.—and snantalns a regular and
good appetite. I can freely reellinmend ft to alt other,
similarly afflicted. J. Mtsmirs, Borough of Chasnbershig.
March 9.114411. s ee 23
For sale hy WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
ICIKRSON: I desirous or procuring Fruit. Shade. and
I Ornamental Trees. or Shrubbery. from Philadr I
phis or New York, are respelled to make application as
soon as possible. at the Drug and Seed Ftore of the Pub
seriber, where ron he had catalogues, gratuitously. of the
Lost excellent eariet les. P. L. SNOWDEN:
aep 21 No IR4• Liberty multi. head of Woo,
MARBLE M NUFACTORY.4—PairIik Crowfleld re
spectrally arqoalnt• his friends and the public sem
crafty, that he ha. erimmenced the Marble hnsinessal the
corner of Firth and Liherty ate.. where will be constantly
on hand. tom', atones, mantel preee., monuments, head
and foot atones. tattle Plaits for cabinet ware, and every
article apiwriainlny to the lahminesa, He will warrant his
work lobe welt done, and his eharaes will be moderate.
He reapect fully asks a shar of nuhlk . patronne. tarp 10-
HANNA TURXR (ILL, Penratrrons nr vas OLIN.
Ton SAriclit !Sim— Steubenville, Ohio, hatpins remo
ved their:nary from thisclty, have appointed Headship
IFtrowne, No. 43 Market at., between 3rd and 4th,
cents for tr.. sale of the different kinds of Paper mannfar—
I need t v them, where their friends and customer, will at
ways find a rernlar purply of paper, witch n. Cap and
P at Writine, plain and faint lined; Wrapping and Ten
paper; Ronne, !toned., and Printlnv Paper of different si
re. and trail, le. , nll of which will he 'told on the moat
arrommorlatimy terms.
14 01.1”4111. k Penwws, mannfarinrers and Imnortrry of
Vi'nll Pane.. rind Border!. kperia conrtontty on hand pot.
ry viririty of Entry, Parlor And Chamber Papers. of the
latest riyir, and moat linnitromo patterna, which they
wilt roll low and on accommodating term.. wholeirale
orrelmil no, 18—if.
Porta'de Platform Scales on wheels. to weigh 2.500 lbs. at
455 00.
do do do do 2,005 01445 00
do do do do 1.500 at 35 00
do do do do 1.000 at :10 00
tin do do do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of 83 to each Palle.
Dormant scales for the use of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills, 4,..the same prices an above.
Also, While's Patent Counter Scale, with 0. Yonng's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
which they will sell for from R to $l5.
They also manufacture Stettin Engines for Flouring
Paw Mill/, Salt Works. sc„ double and sioe'e
geared slide lathes,lfnot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, planing niacitines. door
and sash machines. liall's patunt horse power, whit or
wit bout t liraslitng machines, a superior article; clrctilat
""w shafts, machines for Pawing lath, Tinner's ma•
chities and tools 'lf all descriptions.algo for making black
Ing boles, a superior article; governors for meant engine•
stocks. laps and dies, coffee mills, bedstead or joint hots
and machinery for making the same, cotton factory ma
chincry made or repaired; printing press platlens turned
and printing pretties repaired.
imp 22—if YOUNG it BRADBURY
JOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
sion Merchant, Ae0.106, corstor of Wood 4. Fjfa ate.
Pi:49611,7h: !laving been appointed one of the Auction
eers rot the City of Pitsburgh. tenders lila services to Jot.
bets, manufartnrers and dealers, who may he disposed
to make trial of this market• He is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts to correspondents by quick sates, and
speedy lend favorable returns.
l'hat the various interests which may he confided to
him, Philll be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of hie own experience in business •nd acquaintance with
merchandise ,mnerally, the services of Mr. gamest
Faussrroca; heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and denier In Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent en:element le made.
Rules to
Messrs. M. Tiernan, Pre'''. of M. k M. '
Darlington k Peebles.
Robert Galway,
". James M. Cooper,
" James May,
" IL M. Riddle. Pittsburgh
.. Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres't
of Exchange Rank.
Hampton,Dmith, * Co.,
Jobe D. Dawn , .
Samuel Church,
J. it. Moorhead.
.. Jaw. W, Brown *Co.
John B. Brown.* Co:
ra Smith ft railer.
Yardly k iPlara , Pbliadet'a
r. John & Itkldhlo
... John Dalssii. I rep 10
'&NAIGLY FLOUR,—Juot received a Pm barrel, of
inpatior rlogr, glade orproody ftor badly um: For
sale by ISAAC Cltt/8E;148 Llb, Si.
le Store 50 barrels esp. Sam
74 ' r 7 7, 7:77-77.-7-771
Fos .plibliskins 4 new Daily Pape , . in the City of Pitts
busgb, to be (*titled the
HESithscribers hiving made arrangements to merge
A the Awoken Manufacturer:lnd Pitildmrch Mercu
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Daily Morning Post.
The leading object of the "Purr" will be the damemina•
t lon and defence of the political principles I Its t have het e
totore beenosmintained by the Editors. In their resp..o Ise
wipers, and their best efforts will still he divoted to the
advancement and success of those doctrines.
Although, In polities, the paper will he I . llol4 mXhlY
democratic, yet the Editors hope. by giving an honest,
candid History of passing Political events. Foreign
end Domestic Intelligence, and brief notices of all mat
ters a nd occurrences that come properly within t he snhere
ofa Public Journal, to make their paps, sullicientiy in
cresting to entitle It to the patronage of the public, ir
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the political and goner:ll news that will
found p il ns m in
Q t 7l l; the huPsignierw." th e
c E o d n i i
NI I he :;I jkl i
the latest and most Inttrestlng* CivistrActsc. iPITELLI-
I :unt w i with l ak e
aims from all parts of the country, end to have prepo•
red such accounts of tke Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchants and Business
Men In their several callings.
Terms.—The Porr will be published on a large imperi
al sheet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Jourwil) at the unusually tow rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per an num, payable In :blvance. It will a ISO be sold by
news.boys at the low rale of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at, the lowutt rates
chasged by the other daily papers of the city.
I*-.TWENTY attire, lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who wtilbu enraged on the most liberal terms
August 31, 1842.
/.001111D8. KY LEAF TOBACCO. in store' and
for rain by J. G. 4- A CORPON.:
sap IS No. 12. %Val er street.
BWlekerstimn,•corner of Wood street aniVirgin
alley Pittsborghys. and R. Harwood, Beaver lc. who
la sole agent for Western renolylvanla. - sep 10
F ARM FOR SA L R.—The undersianedgffe fig forsale a
tract of land situated 4 miles/pm freepost, In the
direction or Kittanning, Buffatualguirnship, Armstrong
county. containing 100 acre?, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn are la astadoi— a rood square log
dwelling house hod cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 hearing trees—and a spring of excellent
-water convenient lothe house.
FOR TRAMS apply to the puhserlbera residing at the
Seltworks on the Pennirylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
pep 10 WM. 4- PHILIP RARER.
T O , THE WISE. --1 tix now well understood how
much dis.trders of the mind depend for their cure
upon a due ottem fon lothe body. It is row n nderslood
how valuable Is that medicine which will remove morbid
acenniyint ions without weakening the bodily power. It Is
now uederxtood that there is a reciprocal Influence be.
tween the mind and the body. It i■ now understood that
purging with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan•
choir, and even insanity is cured by perseveringly using
them: it is now understood how much domertic happl•
nets depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It 'snow well known that the Brandreth Pills have
cured Utnneand• or hopeless and helpleas persona, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief: It Is now not only well
known flint the Brond relit Pills no cure, bolt It is alserno
derstrwid how they rare; that it 14 by their purifyln:efieet
on the blood that they restore the body to health.
The value of the medicine Is becoming more and more
ma 'rifest, it Is recommended daily front family to family,
The ftrandreth Pills remove in an almost imperceptible
manner all noxioll, accumulations and purify andinvlgo.
late the Itiood,a off their 2ond effects are not counteihatan
red by any Inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegniahles they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their effects are an certain as They are solu•
IR rv; they ire daily and safely administers d to infnncy,
youth. manhood, and old arc, and to women in the most
critical and delteate clrcumsta neer. They in not disturb
or shock the animal functions, hot restore their order
and errabilth their health.
mproverl v
t norm.' tired be
heir Mathint
between Ma
h reet • two
.re [loll, Pitt,
mrartnne and
Id the roilovr.
Jig 0u:dello" , ha,
composed of
No. 1, Port
tle Plat (Orin
Cale. lsta Nit ln
Weigh ..i.3011
lids,at $65;
Sold at Dr. Brasdreth's Office, No. 9!1, %Vona street
r tomrzh. Prire 25 cents per hot, with full direellons
MA n K—The only Ware in Pituslinr , zll where he getrn
ine PM. ran he obtained, is the Loctor's own Office, No
98 Wood PI reel. rep 10
rri o THE. LADIES —Why do you not remove that
1. superfluous hair you have upon you? foreheads
and upper lips, By calling at TOTTLeN, 86 Fourth It..
and obtaining a bottle of Gouraud's Poudres Subtle!,
which will remove It at ones withont affecting the akin.
You can also obtain Couraucrs truly tehebrated Eau is
Drawee, which will at once remove all freckles. Pittlnles,
eruptions of the skin, and make your face look per ectly
fair; and to those who wish to assist nature by adding
more color to their cheeks, they can obtain some of nou.
rood's telehraled Liquid flour% which cannot be rubbed
off even by a wet cloth._ Also may be found a good as.
sortment of Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil. Al.
mond. Palm, Windsor; anti Other Soaps.
Renumber. at Tuttle's Medical Agency, 86 4t h street.
Der. 8, 1842
LET invalids read the following In:route of a Sallot
cured of a complication of afflictions In nineteen
days by the use of ttrandreth rills. It distinctly proves
there are herbs in nature which have affinity cure be
cause of disease, and nrandreth's Pills are nand° for them
Read and heronvineed. Take the medicine audit: cured
JOHN FnAw. of Pembroke, Washington county, Maine,
tieing duly sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six months since. The pains in his head, breast,
hark, left side and instep being so had that be was nna.
Wert') help himself. and was taken Into the Chelsea Hoe.
pital in the city of Boston. That after tieing in said
hospital five weeks,ttoctor Otis said he did not know
what was the matter with him, and that Ice could do
nothing for him, norcould he prescribe any medicine.
Thai he, therefore, wan conveyed front the Cheleea Hos
phal to the Sailor's retreat on Staten island. That he
wits there physicked with all sorts of medicine for a peri
od of fcur months, suffering all tire time the most heart.
rending misery.— That, besides ids affeelMn Of hie bones
lie was troubled much with El disemee of the lungs: some.
times be would spit a quart of phlegm In the do y; besides
this affection be had n bad Diarrlicea, which had more
or less attended him from he commencement of 'his sick.
nese. Thnl at times lie dreaded a stool worst than he
would have dreaded dew h; that he can compare the feel.
log to nothing nave that of knives passing through his
bowels. A Per suffering worse than death at the Sailor's
Retreat, on Staten island, the doctor told him that medi
cine was of no fleet') him. that lie nity , t try to stir:ooot.
At this time he was suffering the greatest misery. That
his bones ware so tender he could not bear the boat press
ure upon the elbow or upon the knee, that his instep wa■
most painfal. that as Ihe Doctor said he would give him
no more medicine he determined to procure some of Dr.,
Rrandreth's Pitts, which he did. from 241 Broadway
New York; that he commenced with five pill:, and some.
times inereesed the dose to eight. The first week's use
so mach benefited him, that the decor, not knowing
what he was using, said, mow, Wise, you look like ■
man again; if yon improve -1n this way, you will soon be
well.' That he &toad every dose of the Brandreth Pills
relieve him, first they cured him of the pain when at
stoeittbat tbey nett eared the diarrhea, sad finally the
rrtins In his bones;—That the medicine seemed to add
strength to him every day. Fletold the doctor yelper
day the 11th instant, that he fell himself wait, and also,
that he owed his recovery to Brandrethe Pills under
Providence, that he had taken the medicine levet y day
for 19days; that the doctor told him If he had known be
had been taking that medicine, he should not have stayed
another day In rile house. He considers It Ishii date to
make thispnblie statement for the benefit oral! similarly
&Meted; that they may knowwbere to find a medicine
that will core them. JOHN SHAW,
John Shaw heing by me dole sworn this 12th day of
April. 1842. did depose an 4 ray that the tbregoirm slate.
ment le true. 1. D WAEELP.R.Commissioneref Deeds.
The BRANDILX7W PILLS are sold at Dr. Stan
bath's principal Aire. $4l. 3/101D/r4P. New Yorh,
and at his principal Mice. N 0.98 Wood street.Pittrimrgb.
the IfANZYFLiet la Pittsburgh where the genuine can
be obtained septlC-4.2m.
roe LITERARY 'Fort
pity Niece, Vases Vass. 4 -•-•
sr ■u. JADT., t'
Wen, I own that I shrink in the werld'e
From the' matchmaking mothers whew art. 1.
Lady fireball, a morquie hes won: for het gist
And they say Mrs. Gaylove's irizeutaeritdbilrel
hive not a daughter to tore tea wife. •
By puahinz her thus throve that Nob-read
And I feet' hat no mortal on earth ralikllVlrts
rile plan,' pursue with my niers % Fiany
If I tell her to dance. when I sit down taalttlar
Bid her stand up in tableaus. and act,
odes, -
Tis only to wear of that shyness wbleititedita'
Call the dew on the flower. and thettilatet nes dio
plum; ' • •
And which, doobtlesa t e_ ehitina to her seattle sir
When the Offk ta lk. with
Since it always weir.
Yet this bleshing reserve, t must apirit•*
Sceme * drawback, to are, is thy "kmek,
On her talents I dwell sot--I caulk ___pike
With those talkative mothers wheat •aigiair t
meet; . - • . . . •
Who 01l of their .dauititers" aecoapllahniN
„ •
kneed, . , . '
In raptures, go rpassing the psfs or the. Post.
Perhags I 'relay err on the contrary Ads,
Lacking rnothedy weakness aimd motherly pride;
To WO self-love 1 'mild Refer yet idligo,
And ialt see ail the faults of my num, Foam,'
When she dences,thotigh airy and rapid her fest,
Taglioni,-I'recken is somewhat more feet;
Pirtsln she singeohough her notes may be Wield _
and clear,
Persiani appears jest as sweet to my ear;
I hear her discnarre, and her genies I praise.
Bus a'apl I have talked aith De Semi is
And in clever prose tales, aid in poesy's minim,
Lady Remington rivals my niece. Fame/ Varna.
Of her beauty some rime-1 perhaps 4v/ that
But her eyelashes seers to be vastly km loop
And the thin (aliened bands, that Our frittbkilddil
Please me mere than ter ringlets siCrk.h gabs&
The-bloom en her cheek the young. toss ROI
But pa'eness apperra more refised to toy torn
And bor. feet look teo tiny her torn to stastifm—
None can ay that 1 flatter my wham. Iresey
1 hem my inl unma totally 'tails, I cartkak
To lead her to care about fashion and thymic
What others eittar mirrors committal theit Iwke
Sim sits is her dressing-roost poring ear books;
'Tie true that those books aro well chows Sad
And her mind they prepare for the excess sfetpt
But yet too usual study dues harm to the" kwair.
I must soon put a cheek oei my wises, rasa/
she is saving entregt on Herself, to be we,
Buttavishoa terrible Banes on the poor.;
And Ate sighs, Icaly wear& and grecs suasive. to
When beaux 'throng around, as we drive throes*
tke Park;
With ctreasure its her would a nobleman wet.
Who lived most or the year at his family mat!
But young girls, London gayetiessheaid not
By far too re ired is my niece, Fanny Fatie.o
Yet (oan, though daily her feelings reprove.
She shows me unvarying duty and ler%
From my roof the deduces the can *MN &PUS"
Unless preeved o'er and o'er by the mon of he
heat t;
tier uffere—but hush: every whiopetbaswillip—
am not a mother to b Hurt of such things—
'rhe name: t cueld mention—but no it would
The ser eitive mind of my dear Fanny Irene.
When vhs quits ere I know I shall say with ■ temp
I have been on her faults mach tee but sad orb
Not shall I bear to continue alone,
Should *.he ask me to reckon her imam as asy
O win
Though mothers, I think, should avoid with muck
Passing mach of their time with a yeah married
I guilt feel it my iniy through life to terrain,
The vigiknt guide of my niece Fanny Vane.
[London Xeepeeki.
The Clown at Church.
Twelve marks by which he neTi be dis
1. He is early by the church, and . takes
his stand as near the door as possible for
the double purpose of exhibiting biome,
displaying his colloquial powers,
2. Opens and shuts the door in a noisy
manner, perchance to let the audience
know that a person of consequence ileum
i n g.
3. Strides up the isle with a hearfstep, -..
or rushes up the gallery stairs in so noisy
and bustling a manner as to disturb the
whole congregation.
4. Contrives to come in after service is
begun; if possible, in prayer time.
6. Never gete up to give a seat to a
stranger, or aged person.
6. Takes his place at. the outside of the
seat, nearest the door, and never steps old
into the isle to let people pass, but mates
them crowd by him.
7. Takes care to lie partly down, or
get into some lounging, thoroughly clown.
jab condition.
8, Wipes the mud from hie Watson his
next neighbor's pantaloons.
9. Frequently gets us and goes out in
the midst of the service. not unfrequently
obliging several persons to mmover,julting
some, and treading upon the toes of son*
of the others, and attracting the attention
of all by the noise which accompanies his
10. If be twice till the service emu
cludes, bo is son to gut bis bat, an 4 put
bis band on tket pet door, wisilik tbeimpe.
diction is preedellgOvecit. b rit d Mac* is
is finisbeci: escelhiels - emit cedes
haste, as though h rtishirteolitif
Theatre *rips *op
; ;‘""..."-f
- 4,