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7111 08. PHILLIPS & W. H. SMITH,
1. ..TWA , 5T4..—..f1VS DOLLARS a year, payable is
Si nee eopief TWO CENTS.—(or p a l e at th e
%limier of the office, sod bffireirr Soya.
Illereary and Manufacturer
I. ptifilistred WEEKLY, at the same °Erne, on a &tattle
MaiEine sees, at TWO DOLLARS a year, In ad.
Inane. Single copies, SIX CENTS.
Tering et •
Übe lelkettioe, - 0.50
Titre insertions, - 0,75
Three Insertions, 1,00
Oste week.. 1.30
Tip week., 3,00
"In* weeks, 4,00
Oa / Sglia re. Tose Spears,
eiLmnaths, 313.00 Slx months,
yttA. year, 25,00 One year.
:trlLartrer advertisements In prorortion.
CACI/Ref four lines, Stx DOLLARN a year.
P 1.1 . 8L1C OFFICES,&C
• -- s
Crry Po' Orrice. Third be' weed Market Rod Wilk]
Yl reels—R. M Riddle, Postmesier.
ktvireos, Hoots, Water, 4th door from Wood st. Peter
son's bnildlins— tlaJor John Willock, Collector. •
CITY TRICASURY, Wood between rirs and OscOnd
*twig—James A. Flartrom, Treasurer.
COUNTY TRU/At/1M Ttord street, next door to the
Tithe Pteshytertan C.hnrch—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
MATOVIII 01710 E, Fourth, het ween Market and Wood
'streets—Alexander flay, Mayor.
Ilizaceaoree BIC:HAMM Fourth. near Market et.
rrrreaunts,lietween Market and Wood taretits, an
Third and diroartk
POOVT-Bmilr. (rornp.rly Sevin: Fund,) Fourth, bet w( en
Wood and Market oltoßlE.
grCHANEII, ?in h *tree, nprir Wood.
- .
MonnisoAttei.k Somtr, Water airewt, near the Ilridge
F:scsAnoe Ito rci., corner (Wrenn and St. Cinir,
Mums/ anti' Soria., corner of Third and Wood.
SoTr.t..ctirner of Third and SII.i/ hfield.
rorneti of Penn .:I,w And
E it.z, Liherty 'tree,. near Seeetith. •
Mita-mt. Minivan Soong, Lilieriy Si oppn.iir Wayne
RitorainunsT M torsion Horst:. Penn Si. onpoi•te Canal
H°nen? 001 1 gi ATTORNEY AND
COUNSELLOR AT LA. W. —olfive reline
IPsl4O-Bakeweirs offices on Grant at., neatly ouposile
he flew Court Donee, next rooms to John fl. Rlahon,
Coq ,—First floor. R.I. 10
!Tinos. H. ELLIOTT, D. = Office reteored t o
11- St. Clair street, between Penn mod Liberty St s •,
pitralistrrh. s p 10
NE GOODS.—Pre3ton 4- Mackey, wli,,lognle and
retail dealers In Knglish, French, aid Domelnir
Dry Coots, No, ahirket rt , hnrch set) 10
MICANDLESS & nrcLuttE, Attorneys and
at [raw: Chficejn Opp Lhamood. hack
*I the old Court House. Pittsburgh, set TO
E ss, .ll l o:i o r r A r t :;ll — h M
at,ov or , r w ow, A
Woodde otfi e n
smit north
Pit t abur:h. Y•er , 10
T0441K tivDEvirr, wholp..te Crrm•r Rectif,ing
Aosii neater in Produce and Pitielturgh
ilannfraiurcd Aitteles; No. '224 Liberty S•reet, "Pitt,•
iterjri. pep 10
1 11V . tioasSit 11. +Nil...it wit 1 eilig 110,wnnin
WI T. LI AMS & DI LIVO Rlll.--%Vtolesn
Gr.ieer. Produce and Coin rii and
Maters in POI:41101h ignnufartiirt.d No. 29,
Wibo.l•ut reel. gen 10
0'11.4,R A. ROBINSON, Al!Growl+ at Law
curve on Ilie osorth•o.le of tilt Diamoni.hetwrc•
Markel and Unfon reel psi trs srp 10
ADURBORAM, Aoorney Lfttv;
. his 0.01 . 01 , 40114 i Of•rVlCes, to 1 hepo lrfir. Office ror•
tier or Fifth and Markel Sirriets, above D. (Joy., 4. Cr.',
sep 10
iolllli N. KLAN
SIFIELLIF P & m.noor.oliire-14 or Coup.,
Ten, anti Sheet Iron liVart.t, No 80. From NI , PM,
hurt2h. House Spouting :mei Ste.euitu.i work p 'olllp , ll
exttuird.”.ll 10
rillIOS. B. YOUNG Ar CO., Furniture Warr
1100311 S, uorner of !laud st. 4- Exchange Alley.
Persairs whaling to purchase Furniture. will find It to
theiredranta2e to zwe a call. being fully oalisfied
ow can please as to quatily and price. g.r. 10
MUTTON HAMS.—Just rece•ved 150clooce Mu:
e Ltl ton flßans, well cured and for sale cboap by ihe do
ten or retail, by ISAAC HARRIS,
Pep 10 N 0.9. Pill st.
UrA BALGA•— stiiip'y of Land/.,t Frettli Ru
la 4tu, and othei drift,ta vat - totes ofTurnil
Seel. jute received and or sale al az DUCE.° values at the
Drug and Seed Sture of P. L. SNOWDEN,
' rep 10
No. 184 Liberty re,tt, !tend of Wood
WEBB CLOSEY,S Boot and Shoe !tiahotatio
ry, No. 83 Fourth St., next door to the U. States
Dank. Ladies Pritnella, Kfd aid Satin Shoes made ;n
P, neatest manner, and by the newest French patterns.
IseP 10
51000 jkl y i3 u riteUh:seMr!i•L io l' i l .e C ti . , T p [ o .y e S d . o i r o hy lute toeui
No. 18-1 Latterly street. Iwni of Wood
Afft.,lA goore. Plower% and Plower Seeds of ev
ery deualptias. can always Irc had at the Drug
otql Seed store of F.l„ SNOWDEN.
leP. 18 184 Litherty strret, brad of Wood.
ggrk L 122, Illinois Annual Mainuiotli Onion :.'eed, for
API" sale at the Drug ant geed Fiore of
124 Ltherty soiree., head of Wood,
for lilted:but received by
F. 1.. SNOW DEN.
So. 1114. Liberty head of Wood pt
GAS -DB' TOOLS, rnisisting of Hoes. Fancy Spades
?steeplselin Trowels. Eddlng Tools, Bedding
TE lives. Peening Knives, Prentair Shears. ete., Jost re
wired and for sale by P. L. SNOWDEN.
Per 10. 184 I.ll.erty stmt.', Ness! of Wood.
CHOlCE h Menisea Hanita.—Jost received a nap.
ply of very choice cared Venison Hama, on retail
de mall tots for current Rooney.
ISAAC II tRBIS. Agent, •
and Com. Merchant
WOMB Dutch Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Kentucky Sine Grass, always on hand and for
sale by P. L. SNOWDEN,
se. 10 No. 1114 I.iherty street, head of Wood.
EYSTEIt 4 , BUCHANAN, dttorneys at Law, office
ressoorsd timothy Diamond, to "Attorney'sflow,"
shady aldeof Foutb street. between Market and Wood
street sep 10
♦6tSTIATE3'NLAYKf3, for proceedinea
emilloteee astir the late law, for sale at this Office
Ewa 50,,e..-11,eis as the North East corner of Coal
AL' loam *nil firig It street. Apply to
carp Iv BENJ. DAILIANCTON. Market, near 4th et.
88. Loadretles French &Agar Beet Seed. Jam
likeettrad awl for tale at the Drug and Seed
114 Liberty nreet , head of Wood.
litore of
up 10
ieejserteership iserelorons existing isetignea WIL
WI.141116.111( aM SIX/ AMIN HOPICWISLL letbieday
ItmehMtlip mutual comm. William Digity is authortmul
similmaiummare of Unarm im muting up the business
JUMl4llialkii. SHIM
l I
Cone inom h, $5.00
Two monis, 6.00
Three months, 7.00
Four months, 8,09
Six months, 10.00
One year, 15.00
. .
V . .
". . .
' .
.• ' .
. ..
. . .
. . .
. •
,1. ~.
. .. .
.: . .
. . .. 4
.• . .
, •
- 0
.:f • ' .
a .t . .. .. ... .. _
J OHNSTON 4. STOCKTON. Bookseller*. Primers and
Paper M anuraerstrers. No. 37, Market st. sep 11.1-1 Y
J OHN ANDERSON. 560 (diets Foundry, Water et..
near the Illonongaher ipese. Pittaturgh. aep 10-1 y
LE"A R R. JOHNS, Alderdtail,er.elair st reel , se.
coed door from Liberty. - sep 10--/y
D R. S. R. ROLM ES, Office tn Second street, next door
to Mulvany 4- Co's Glass Warehouse aep 10—ly
S KUNK q FINDLAY, Attorneys nt Law, Fourth st.,
near the Mayor's ice, Pin sbnteh. • • aep 10-ly
HOS. RAM I LTON • Attorney at Law, Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield sla. , Pittsbnreb. sep 10—ly
H TONER, Alto. nev at Law, North East corner
of Smithfield and Fourth strnetp. aep 10-1 y
H N A 4 TURNBULL'S Paper Warehentse, No.
104. Wood sl., where way It. had a general supply
of writing . . Wrapping. printing, wall paper, blank books,
school hooks, see 10—ly
TOWNSEND 4. CO., Wire Workers usd
No. 23 Market street, between 2d
and 3d streets. Re p 10-1 y
E XCHANGE, HOTEL, Corner of Penn and st. Clair
street7,by McKILIBIN 4- &Num.
pep 10--lv
ward Hushes, Slanufnelurer of Iton and Nan*
lA'arehnuse. N 0.25, Wao.l Pius - hurt.,li. Nen 10 —IY
F TG M ETA L.-77 t one soft riz Metal for / 4 3 ie by
J. G. etr A. GORD3N.
No. 12 Water street
-aro 1:3
1..? kr
111 110 LBS. A CON 11Al1P. 16.000 Ile , . Bacon
Shoulders, 11:Jr Fa'e by
J. C. tt.A. GORDON,
:Co. 12 Wnier Pt reet
A S. P A TTEEZ , 3ON, Jr.. girminelintn, near rmslitireh,
) -Pa., Maim fa , ddirer of Locks. 'Hinges and Bolts; To.
hricro, FnllPr , Mill and Timber Screws; Hansen Srrews for
Rollin!! Mills, 4c. sep
IN M'CLOSKEY.l'ailor and I Lther.v
street, between Slxtb and Virgin alley, +South side,
gen II)
J W istißtotioccA- co.. Wholesale (roe r. and
Cninnvission ItlerehantA— Sprond stre,•t, Inn worn
Wood and Smithfield ii.., Pi, iShUr:il sep 10— 1 y
- - _
G - CORDON. Vorninission and Forwaidlng
el • Merril:int., %Yates Ft_, Pnulwrgh, sep 11}---- I y
IRA MA.-4 casks ha ins;a wood ortirni, rrrelved n.r S.
R Corsair, and for sole by J. e.¢A. Goit DO
sO P 1
No. 12. water n rent,
Q IJGAR & MM. AssEs.-_4l) I, II F New Orleans Su
Iraq 30 Wes N w Orleans Molas.e.N, for woe by
Fe p 0 J . G k A. GORDON.
S UGAR.; --7 prim• N. O. Sazar, rereived. Pr'r S.
PO•aine,;igld Cpr,llc I y J f; 4. A. CORISON.
yep 10 \o. 11, Wmf.J. gtrrei
sfl RACON CAS::S.I.I o , der. on hand rind for Nair Ily•
" ger' 1 0 J. Am4LORDON.No tt
ix: ARA N 4) 510 f, SS m 11111:I
.4, 4 hhla N. 0.
S Stica r. 32 hhle N received per Siemnilinat
...porter, and for •a le 11. J. 4 . 1 'Br A. OM: nON.
s ep 10 No, 12. Water a reel
11111. S. I.A E [ 011., foe e,elfe ley
li. FA 11N ESTOI,I rn
1 vllt ner 01 . osil, :1.1 %rood
163 r Al' e•
i r i rs . re l e Lamp
( I'. , l ci a r c k
4. 1 ( Le . r 0 ee a Ivhy
sere 10 rorefer of 611 e arid Wonile,l4.
9110 LISS Prepared Chalk, for hv
B. A. P I ' OCK co ,
se! , 10 rnroter 1 , 1 h a nd
\I: A n iihtfs. N. So:Tar,
K 7 - 25 hbl.. do. do.. lOU do. Pla s.for
!gale by 1 C ¢ 4.r; on DoN.
‘tep 1.3 No. 12 Water FI r f•ei
0 Flankritiory proceed rir I,lqt on
zond Ira rwr.atiff it. Ow fouls approvrtl by ihr. ('our', for sale
..t °fro, Ilf. I he l lerrur,, and fiomor t.. 1. •
1 , 71731. iti), 1.1.11 e-•
• ...lit.. 17. tun G.c tnn•r. 1,1, Thud 1 . kris...,
IVood arid Smithfield ..tri•eti , .. cep 111
L 1 rer
oov,d los Milt, 0 the rothe A r
of W
sfreri alql(lierry Allev, ',twee. Smithfield and Gthitt
eelF,rll•lmr,l ) .
F OR R ENT.—Thetk% riling and lot rolottintng 4
arre,, iu Allegheny, near the Beaver Itnatl..nlely
orenpirdnv Mr. Satnne!chnrcl.. Apply al the lirryht;nt.
and Nlanufaclurers' Bank, to W. H. DENNY.
, PP 10
15 MA K ER,
ti• i
'I. iltl,gil, N 0.7 , Si. Clair str..ei, ritis-
.ep 10
supply 01 ['umbel Garden Seeds, always ott
band, and for sale at liis agency., the pro2.slore
Fell 10 184 Lilted y al reel, head of Wood.
D R. DAVID WARD hat his office and restdenee
un Fourl It Street, nearly south of the Court !louse,
second An elhipz from Rosastreel. He will faithfully al tend
all rally pertaining to his profession. Night calls should he
made at the door above the basement. sea to
- _-
REMOVAL —Matthew Jones, narher and flail itre•s•
, has removed to Point Ust reel, posrl II he 3lay.
ors office, where he will be happy to:wait upon permanent
ur transient customers. He solicits a share of public nat.
W A. WAR I). DENTIST, Penn Pt. three
door below Irwin street, Finn rs of business. from
9P. M., ,aril p. le., after which time be will attend
to Ito one except in cases of actual necessity. Fle
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ him, that he expects immediate payment, without
the necessity on hip part of sending in bills. pep 10
OH.N M'FARLIND, Upholsierrr and Cabinet
7'hird at. loctretn Wood 4- Market etrefd•,
respectful ininrnis his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboard., Hu •
team', Chairs, Tables, Bedstead'', Stands, flair and Spring
Mattraeses, Curtains, Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
work, which lie will warrant equal .o any made In the
city, and on reasonable terms. Fr P 10
110 Word Street, Pittsburgh.—ft. A. Bailsman,
Auctioneer and Com ini,lon Merchant, is now prepared
to rereive and sell all kinds of Goods 811,1 alerchandize,
at his large and capacious toorna, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Valli Streets, fltisitur h,
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture. Groceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each yveck.
Hardware, Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy at ticies,
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Books. 4 - c.. every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted
R cream is
Messrs. John D. Davi, Esq.,
o Berate,' 4. smith.
!tampion, Smith, 4- co
F. Lorenz 4 Co.,
J. W. Burluidge 4- Co.
S. MrKee 4. Co.
•' Capt. James WGargill,
C. !baleen, Esq.
Jonn Al - Fadden Seq.
" Logan 4- Kennedy.
K. Moorhead 4. Co
Jas. P. - Stnart, Req.
" Robert Gatway, Ere:
Capt. Jag. May,
MeAray,Raorm, 4 , Co
" WfttfatM Symms.
" 6.6 . Henry,
" Smith, Bogota) , it Co
Imp In
11y IIIGBY—xO. 121. Corner of It'qpd and print
Streets, Pittabi.r4 4, hat , oit hand a complitg,as•
, ortinentof Qucensyr are sidled to the city or country
unite. Also, a choice selection of pure wpile and gold
hand DINING AND TEA WARE, in large or anion sets,
or separate pieces to suit purchasers.
A. cask of 96, 60, or 13-I piece sets, superbly painted
nn gilt English China Teaware, at very low prices.
Toy Teaware, plain, and Hen painted and gilt, Rom
1,00 to $5,00 per Set
Children'silums °revery description.
•White China Shaving Mugs. .
Granite Dining aed Teal Services, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed in hive and black.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and Breakfast Sets,
imported to match. complete,
Fire Prtf stpue baking plates and disbar', front-the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every size.
Patent Buckets, Tubsand Keelers.
Slone Pipe Heads, 4-c, 4-c. .
All of which arc respectfully offered io the puh.
tit on the most favorable terms. Jan 26. 1842-1 v
lon B „ ,..R.Cotfee. ---
For sate by
oci 4. 7 , • 4- A. CORDON.
received this day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the above celebrated cure for Coughs, Colds and Con
serum ion; and is ready to supply customers al wholesale
or retail, at his Medical Agene I, 86 Fourth at.
now 12
D AVID CLARK, tettshionable Boot Maker,—
lins rr moved to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he wou'd be happy
to see his old customets. and all others who feel dispos.
ed to patronice hint. He uses nothing but first rate
Steck, and employ's the best of worksnen; and as lie gives
lit, con,tant personal attention to business, he trilslstiout
he will deserve ai d rcceive a fair share of patronage.
sen 111
F 7;11 t,ICE E.A CON FEcTION A 11Y
A Hunker respeei fully informs his friends and the
ruildk that they can always bind the hest quality of Ice
Creams, to2elher with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits. in t heir season, at hie establishment—No. 11,
Fifth Street. Let weep Wood and Mark et.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice, is Ith
cakes, or anything in his line. Also families furnishes!
with Bread.
sep 10
HAM J. cl.rni ER, resoling at l 6 Moll street,
New York, WaS kfTlicted with ftysepts In its mmd
:Ik:rivaled form. The symptoms were •iolent head
adbe,_rear drhll It y. fever, costiveness, rolig.h. heart.
Intro, !lain In the chest and slowarli al Wa% after eating.
sevsation of sinking 31 the s , ornarh,
rrmi tomme. nausea, will) frequent vomiting rhzr.inr?s
towards night and rest ernes , . Them ronlloued tip
w:trti tti a twelvemonth, whey. On consolting,
Evans. 1110Chathnto street, and submitting to his ever
msgves.sroi and a:reeMd e mode of I reaiment, the pat ism:
was completely restuted to Ilea in the short spare of
co-mm.lh . end grateful 10, the Incatclitable benefit deriv
ed, gladly came forward and volnnleered the above state
Poe sale Wholmcale and nein') by
R. R. e•EI.I.E4S, Agent,
pep In No 211. Wood st reel, Sornnil.
41".1.9RR'8 PATr.VT L.e.IIPS,
would gre:llly to reduce
heir eYnoingr for light, .hoot d certahtiv., pu relies! , one of
he above owned !Arno.. an by their in, , Ili. re .8 a clear
of at least 1N.,. hints ~( ILr ezcencc over 011, ; ,„,i
lir leek, 11ln:tined froth tin,. Is pure and brilliant, and
wholly flrr fromsmoke fir itiya:reeable wotilit
here mate 'hat Carr's. Patent to the only one worthy
Alll,lllOl l ni lire ~11..11C, as it i. Iltr only one tkm Is apidi
ratite to every variety or patiern of I.am pP. iind 1110 0110
awe [lint Will ban, Lard WELL, at any temperature oreold
qi lire,. In the idiot! spare Of llirre
co/,l cry rt 11 Ilion:2ml,, and gran, an eaepeliiess,
'1,...,1,1 lLrnl ..:IVl • mrrles 1112.0 . 1
elf Wllllllll.lll and frilly CntiVil red n' rllr grin economy
hr fin a air, as well a. their stieeriotily over tot her oil
fir 1-:1 roiTni i l In r lin and lie lit
The above nisniecl I:nupn eau lie 'nil only at
I; tr .1" .5 . 11.9 Y. 110. 1 -1)• s
Thlrti oppoti.lle• Pogt
1,1 . 11r.r r krirt ron•lattilv nn I,nrid Alelnl, Tin
(:13-• 1amp..•01,1 at
‘V, Ink. 11,,,,,f• In lb. tile rnl , ,itv
rr~ltir.t C, sy 1, h I .10;S, Iht.ll 10 111:1,1% It lIVUS
We elle oneleer•iteureel hive I.erd and Are now n 510,2
Carr', ralcier Lamp.. fur here nen:: 1,1,1 Or :'her animal
l":er, :old tee Itate• no lie• lin, lin, in sayinz riml ito . l' di , ' en
r,, r Peril 11.:111 .ipidi In :my ol lie ordinary mode,. I
1 ,1111,1:: :1 II(.11,. :it :Omni iliiri•iliiril Thy cool. aoel %sheer'
If,. lion, sniori, ire other difinferelile Retell. iVri Ini,ii
iiiritflirrill li rilltillitirld Ili!! iliCtn i Lin, p. 10 'he ni ihlir. nii ii
I heir ii.n 11rere I. a :oral saving riVr r tiiiller .por e
or lard nil, or even canelle,; and we believe them t,
Ire There cleanly and le.. iroulelemom e I lin 0 rider.
I's he lied al 1 1 RowN 4- II AYinr, D ' s only : Third ~ i reel
rii•iirili nrilin-ilt.ttli• Post rell.ce.
rev. VV. W. IlakeweN, Jatnes hoop,
" A. M Itr...an, ('lc rtes Paulson,
John NTCron. C. Yetzer,
N. (:. Poll lea, IVro. Craltam, jr..
Rohm Boulap, E. Trovilln,
Dr H. I) Sellers, ll' ul Boo2lusa,
F. D. Cazzain. henry Atwood.
%Vim M. %V ri:lo, Isaac Cross,
Rol.cri Fl. Kerr, E , TI . Geort., W Beni).
-I. Beckham. Rnhert Merherson,
' Thomas °union, John S. Shaffer,
Ceorffe Miltenherzer, IV to. Fie hlui u in,
O. P. Shlras, J, 11 Turner,
A . Millet, IVm. Marlin,
U. M. Biddle, Post Macter Beery flarzeseter,
R u keri Cray, James S Clark, off lie Amer
Allen Krone r, lean lintel,
A. F. Marlhens, John M.Camphll
M. ittarkhouse. 1.. Albererer :
Robert Johnston, Jaws ?Belli!),
N. 11. Just received, an improved Patent Lamp, for
kileheu use. ouiv 19 d 1 w .' all
rro T 111.7 PUBLIC, and particularly to my forme ,
patrons of this city:—Flavilig retired Iron, the
prartlee of Medtrine, I may he permitted to say. lint it
hart fallen to the lot or tut few persons to have enjoyed
so lateral or large a "Dare of °list ret i ical pi active as my
own has been for the last 311 or 41) years.
The experience of that long period of active Ilre, and the
fact of my having tern t wire,sinee 1830. rissocinted with
fir. R. A. Wtlson, in the practice of medicine, (In Mot e
period of five yearn.) enables me to Judge fully of the
Inertly of Ills pill!.
So convenient, so efficient, nod yet so sate. did I esteem
these pith., !tint for the last five vents in my prom ice for
the cure of chronic diseases, of whatever nom,, and those
of females in part ic ular, I have tined snore ot them Ilion
nil other medicines.
like every other medicine, this MUM rail ;n some In
stances, hut In my hands there hit been less disappoint.
mint and more salisfori ion In I'm admintst rot ion of this
one remedy than of all others; Its good effects sometimes
quite astonishing me.
If my patient required a ;tare aperient medicine eith er
...fore or after pa rturition, the Wilson's pi In were Just
the thing I wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity of the liver, constituted the
disease al my patient. the pills were Just the thing I
If I treated a ease requiring an eninirmagogue, the
Wilson 'I. pills were Just I lie HP i,.; I wanted.
If palpitation, head:tette, flushed countenance, or other
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of the circulatory
and .terretetry tty,lems, tliritio etl my patient n 1 the 'turn
o r lire,' the Wilson's pills were
_Met the thing I wanted.
Thus, without restt2m to the mime, a disease might
happen In wear tit the lime I have hod It tinder treat
meal, particular indications or symptom: arising, were
ahcays most promptly and most happily met by the
Wilvott'n pills.
That so great a number of diseases, and sometimes ap_
pa rend. opposite ones, in which I have used these pills.
should bC. cured more readily by i hem than by any oilier
remedy, may at first seem strange and contradictory, but
why it is no is as clear to my mind as that a great Inane
persons should liecome thlroy from as many diffetent
counts, and yet nil require that common and greatest or
all hlesninmi, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, it is due the reputation of the medicine
and the public, to say decidedly and unconditionally, that
the. Wilson's pills are the only combination I have ever
met with In my longcourse of practler,Dint really pos.
eersesanything curative or specific for sick headache.
Yon rs rte., DR. MILO ADAMS.
The Shove Pills designed partienlarly for the sick
Haed.A the, Dyspepsia, Constipation of the Bowels kc.,
;prepared by the proprietor Dr. S. A. Wilton, and for
sale,wholesale and retail,st his dwelling In Penn street,
below Martmry. .
Oct 1
rill iburgh
DR. GOODE'S • estebrotio Fey - Nate
h e ro .
Pills arestrongly re c o mmended.to•t in tice of
thos These
the ladle's as safe and efficient remedy reeposidg
e complaint...peculiar to their des, from want of ex
ercise, or general debility of the system. They obsiaae
costiveness,-and countetaet 'Hysterieat and•Yersous
affections. These Piiin bare gained this sanction and
epprobat lon of the.uukt eminent Physicians' in the Uni•
ted States, and many Mothers. Por Fait W hciltoale anti
rLetall, by
M. 11SELLEftte, Agent':
sep 10 No. 20. Wood IM reel, Wow/ gfettlid.
• ADAIR,',Rapr and itioe Naar, .ciastei st.,
opposite Cae_head et snit Afield sC;filiittftherik.4—
'Pbe subserthetbaving Ought ant the jock of the //are
Thomas Rafferty, detained, has commenced honiiness
in the old stand of Mr. R. and is prepared. to 'execute
all descriptions of work in his line,
_ln the ivit Manlier
and On the shoriOsti notice. He keeps cot mostly on hand
leree assortment ofshoe findings of all dew:y(o7lons and
of the lienlonllty. He solicits the patronaart Sc the KIM
tic and of the craft. WM. ADAIR.
pep 10
and Azle. Carriages al Eturtiora PHU*.
The subscribers- mantiraiture bad keeps constantly od
hand Coach, C ant* Ellptlc Springs (warranled,) Jthplata
Iron Axles, Sliver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Itraas
and plated Atilt Rands, thump Joints, Patent Leather.,
Silver end Brame Lamps, Three raid Steps, Plalleable
Iron, Door Handles and Hinges. tts.
fet.Clatr at.. nea r tt e deelieny
HD. SELLERS. M. D., office and dwelling In Fourth;
neer Perry st reel. nep
The attention sfthme who have been somewhat acen•
tlenf 10 referenre to the numerous certificates published
in favor of Dr. Swaynea Compound Syrup of Wild Cher
ry, en arrount oftha persona helakunko9wn In thla.set
lion of the Slate Is fitypectfully directed to the following .
rer S. t he writer of which hits heen a "eltlzen'inf this
for several tyre. and Is know!, as a gentleman
o ntegrlty and respoa*lthy. •
the Arsist, Mr. .J.ACza ay.
I have 1140,1 Dr Eliiiine's Comp tttiti Sytni of Will
Cherry for a concli,twith whioh .1 have heen severely of for about toocmoriths, and I hare no hesitation
in sayinr that it Isthe mcbtt affective medfriue that I have
been ;thief° procur..„,u coorpoveit sti unectineFs, rind
nvee, well with my diet.—and alited*lns a reantae and
{nod appetite. I ran eressfy ip,oneopond it In Mt . others
nfflirtrii. J. filistater. Rory:wit) uf Chambersh'e.
l'ilarell9. I tAil.
roe safe by WILLIAM THORN Ni. s pep 23
3 Slnrket street.
r.liSONs demrat;:of proeurler Fruit. Shade. and
Ormrrur•nial Trent. nr ithrnl644,:rv, from Phil:MPl
P I cr or Nr•tv Yolk. are reqnertert to make appliention ;IN
oonn no pnx.ll.le, nr the Diu! and SPNI Prof, of the rub
nrrilwr, wliPre ran be hnd ratalogueo, raluilonsiv, of the
mnr , terrellent variorripo. F. L. SNOWDF.N.
km, 21 IS4 T.ilierty irtrort. bend of Won.?
I A lII,E M 1b:(.1F 'F'l"/II Pat rick Cawfteld Te
-11/1 spectrally acquaints his friends rind the nubile earn.
erntl v, iliac he has Tnrinnenced the Marble hnxlne!sal the
roriirr of Fifth and Llbert sts.. wher e will be constantly
on hand, tund h onet, tri3ritrl places. monuments, brad
and toot stones. Intik. sinbs for rn hit,' ware, and "'eery
rwllcleropperia lain! to the business. He will warrant Lie
work to be well done, :Ind his Thareee will he motlernie.
FIR respect fu II y n•k• ..titare of ntitilie rona:e. srp
_ _ _
rr r it.wirlLL.l'antaraoTona lt nir Tot t'Lln.
T Ol( P•reit MliL. Ftl.ithen,lll., Obitt. ita•iny n.not•
vont Ilion- lnr, frnon ri l l rile. lone. appOinn.li
NO. 49 Market oor., brow - aeon flrit and gob, l•
e•Ill• .t./ . eat,. of the different k in& or Paper Ma nn a
olored v I hen,. where hheir frienda and de
wilt al
wave find n r , - , ,1n,. Flintily or paper. worth an Can and
Par WrOon t , ninon nod faint lined; 1 Yr:1;170111 nod Ten
paper; Flonnro Pnnrrt, Prlnolnr Paper n r olifrorrtor ai
toe and ronalioiee , all of whirh will In' told on the moat
erennonoital ft.rn,..
Firlf.f.tlll* A- RPOWNE. MI111,1(.1(.111,1.9 and Inonnroere 01
j W. l l l'n and Powder , . kerne enntolo !Illy on hand eve.
IV Vari•l Vo f Eno rr, Parlor and Chamber paper, • ort in
notrel nod moot handoom• pallerna, which thry
will sell inn. and Ott nrroonnwodaling term,, wholesale
nov 19—hr.
Poi ta Piss to rm ScrileN On wheels, to weigh 2 ,5001115, at
$55 00.
do do do do 2,005 at 445 00
do do do do 1.500 at 35 00
dodo 1,000 al 30 110
Is rn do do 5110 at 25 00
W in 2 leve, s an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the u-e of Warehousait, Flouring
4 - e..t lie same prices as above.
A !so, While's Patent Counter I . leale, with' 0. Young's
1111 1 1 ( 0 1:1•1111•11i S , and a variety of oilier counter scales,
willeit they will sell for from R in $l5,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Raw Mills. Sall Works. 4-c„ double and sint'll
=cured slide lalheliSunt and (It her lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, pinning machines, door
and sash machines. patent horse power, wish or
without thrashing inaehine.,, a superior an 'tie; clreuisi
I saw shafts, machines for sawing lath, Tinner's
chine , und tools ofall descriptions, also for making black
lug boxes, a superior article; governors for steam engine•
storks, taps and dies, coffee mills, liedalead or Joint hots
and inachpery for making the same. canon factory ma
chinery made nr repaired) printing press !flattens turned
and printing presses repaired
spp 22—if votisc 4. BRADBURY
IJ OIIN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commie
Mon Merchani,..aro.lo6,corneref IVnod 4- Fifth rte.
Pittsburgh: ilardnir linen appoinind one of the Auction.
errs fni the City of ritsburgh, lenders his services to Jul ,
berg, manufacturers and deniers, who may be di-posed
to make trial of this market , lie prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts to sail-ty correspondents. by quick sales, and
speedy (and favorable returns.
That the various interests whirl) may i.e confided to
him. sball be adermately protected, he lu in g , to the aid
of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandize getteradt , the services of Mr. SAMCILL
Fstracs.rock; heretofore advantageously known. as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement Is made.
itzfrart TO
Messls. M. Tiernan, Piesl. of M. 4 . M.
Darlington 4.• Peebles,
Ftobert Galway.
" Jarnc u N. Cooper,
James May,-
R. M. Riddle,
tom Robinson, Jr. Pres.{ Piiistintgh
of Exchange flank.
Hampton, Smith,
4 Co..
John b. Da v is,
" Samuel Church.
" J. K. Moorhead,
JaA. W. Rrriwn k Co.
.. John H. Brown. 4. co.
Smith k
Vardly tt.,vcrs
Johns. ffhtd!r,
•4 John tralriell,
FAMILY FLOUR—Just received a few barrel. of
Superior Flour, made expressly for family use For
WA b ."
ISAAC CRUSE, 148 Lib, it.
In Store 50 barrels sup. Sour.
thprnved flay
inuferturea be
'heir Machin,
Art tyre!) Ma
lt tiro
Ire 11;11I, Vitt : 4
nhfarthre htid
nd the follow.
f rompoited of
No. I. Port
lc Platform
seri 10
For pialishn a 'len Daily Payer in the City of Pitts
• , -
• bigsgh, to be eotitted the
T HESithscritters having made arrangements to merge
the American Manufacturer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry Into hue Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Daily Jth,rming Post.
The leading object of the "Par" will be the d:ssemina.
non and defence of the political principles that have bete
!Afore been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
papers, and their best efforts will still be devoted to Ihe
advancement and sticcess of those doctrines. ,
Although, iii politic., the paper will be thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope. by giving an honest,
candid history of pawing Political events. Foreign
and Domestic Intelligence, and brief notices of all Amp/
ters and rkt urrences that come properly wil bin the sabers l
of a Public Journal, to make their miller, sufficientii in-
cresting to entitle it to the patronage of ttitCpgitHe i At'
respecilie of party considerations. • ,
In addition lo the (mink nests et and general nes that will
be found in th e " . "V"""int Psift,"she Editors will lake
palms to furnish the Intsinessedi community with
the latest and must intt,:felfing Costassartat. /4TELLI•
maticicfrgrm all pbrelipf ttfil - eountry. and to have prep.
re&Stishrtientantilgsf the Markets and the
.Stale of Ttade
aa wilt*. misadlageous to our Merchants and Businetts
Ken' tp.;thete peverpl callings.
iirmisoC—ea. Nisi - wit ! be published on a large unper it '
arsh,el.4.ol: papers (manufactured especially for Hitt
Attfiell) at ihe it nrtsually low rase of FIVE DOLLARS
ipsfr annotn.payable in aJvance. It will also he sold by
biwa.boys at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at the lowest rates
41 larired by the other daily papers of the city.
04-TWENTY netire 13(P/fare wanted to sell the Post, I
who will bu engaged on the most liberal terms 1
August 31, 1842.
100 II lIDS. KY. LEAF TOBACCO, in more ;And
for sale by C. k A GORDO:V,
No 12, Water street.
London, for sale only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wand street and Virgin
alley Pittsburgh Pa. and 11. ❑arw•ood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent fur Western Pennsylvania. sep 70
F A Rili FOR SAM—The undeisizned offers for sutra
tract of land situated 4 miles rrr,s, ereepor i , In the
direction of Kittanning, Buffalo 'township. Arnb.trong
county, containing 100 acres, 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whicn nre in meadow_ a good square lot
dwelling hoax• and cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
otchard of 80 hearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient to the house.
FOR TERMS apply to the subscribers residing at the
Saitworka on the Pen ii.ylva nia Canal, / mite ahoy Free
T O TUE {VISE.—Iri s now well understood bow
much disorders of the mind depend for their cure
noon a due attention to the body. It in I:01V understood
how valuable is that medicine which will r•fliOVli: morbid
aerninufations without weakeninr, the bodily' power. It is
now understood that there is a reciprocal Influence be.
a ween the mind and the body. It is now understood that
purging , with the Brandreth Pills will remove n melon
chnly. ed even insanity is cured by perseveritr,ly usina
them. It is now understood how toncii domestic happi
ness depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
It i x now writ known that the Rrandreth Pills have
cured litouAarhis of Impele, and helpless nerving, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
an human means of relief. ft is now not only well
known that the ftrandreth Pills so cure, nit it in niso un
deralood how !hey cure; that it ix by their purifyinellect
on the blood the' they restore the body to health.
The value of the medicine IA becoming more and more
ma itlfest, it Is recommended daily from family to family.
The Rrandreth Pills remove In an almost imperreptible
manner all lIOXIOUF Flecumulation9 and purify nd
[rite the Itioud,and their good effects ore not rounterbalan
red by mitt i nconveniences; being cnittrubsed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their effects err mscertain as they are salu•
tore; they are daily and safely adruitii.rett to infancy,
youth, manhood, and old age. and in women In the most
critics' and delicate clrrumsta neer. Titer do not diAorli
or .hock rite animal functions, but restore their order
and strahlish I heir health.
Polder Or. Rraatireth's Office. No. R.% Wood •Irri'l•
Pitt.tursh. Price 25 rents per can, with full direct iOll4.
MA r: K--The only place In Pittsburgh where the genii
toe Pulls ran he obtained, is the Loctor's own office. No.
93 Wood street.
sap 10
Fll rio THE LaIDIES —Why do you notremove that
soperfluoun hair you have upon your foreheads
end upper lip'.t Ry callinz at Trpr - rt.e's. 86 Fon ri h
and obtaining a bottle ol Gottrand's Pmtilres :Aunties.
which will remove It at once without affecting the Fi:111.
Toucan also obtain Gotoraud's fluty celebrated Lou de
Brawls, which will at once remove all Treekles,
eruptions of the skin. and make your face look per petty,
fair; and to those who wlsb to assist nature by adding
more rotor to their cheektl, they can obtain Borne of Gnu
rtud'srelebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot he rtilibtd
off even by ;a wer cloth. Also may be found a rood as
sort mem of Perfumery, such as Cologne, Beare' Oil, Al.
mood. Palm, Windsor, and other Snar).•
Remember. at Turtle's bledical Agency, 86 4t Areet.
Dec. R, 1812
L ET invalids read the following nrcantit of a Saliot
cured of a cumpliculion of afflictions in nineteen
days by the else firandreth rills. It distinctly proves
here arc herbs in nature which have aliiiiity mire be
cause of disease, and Branrineth's Plllsa re made for them
ftead end be convinced. Take the medicine awn". cured
Joint SHAW. of Pembroke, Warthinslon county, Maine.
bring dtily sworn, says, that he was taken violently sick
about six months alone. The Paine in his head, breast,
Rack, tell aide and instep Ining so had that he was ruin
bleto help hiniself. and was taken into the Chelsea
Pita) in the city of Boston. That after beim , in said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Orls said he did not know
what was the matte) with him, and that hr could do
nothing for him, nor could he prescribe any nwrtirine
That be, therefore, was conveyed from the Chelsea Doe.
pliallo the Sailor's retreat on Staten Island. That he
was t here physicked with all sorts of medicine fora pen.
od offcur months, suffering all the time the most heart.
rending misery.— That, besides his afiection of his hones
hr way troubled much With a disea , r , of the lungs: some.
times he would spit a quart of phlegm in tire day; he , ides
this affection he had a bad Diarrirma, which had more
or less attended him from the commeneement of his sick.
net". That at times he drended a stool worse titan he
would have dreaded death; that tie can compare the feel-
Inv to nothing save that of knives passing through his
bowels. A fler anffering worse titan death at the Sailor's
Retreat, on Eitaien Island, the doctor told him that medi•
tine wasof no use to him. that he 11111.1 tv to stir about.
At this time he was suffering the greatest misery. That
hit hones were no tender he could tint hear the least press.
tire it pon the rillOW br upon the knee, that his instep was
most MIIIIIIII. that as the Boctur said he would give him
no more Medicine lir ii•tetmined to procure some of Dr..
Stsindreth's Pills, which he did, from 241 Brodway
New Vorki that he commenced with five pills...and a some
times increased Cie dose to eight. The firs! week's use
so much benefited him, that the doctor, not knowing
what he wan using, said, , now. Shaw, you look like a
man again; if you improve in this way, you will soon be
welt.' That he f..tieri every doge of ilia Srandreth Pills
relieve him, first they cured him of the pain when at
stool; that they nest cu red the diarrhoea, sad finally the
Pliits in his bones;—That the medicine seemed to add
strength In him every day. Herold the doctor yeeter
day the 11th Instant, that he felt himself well. and •Iscr,
that he owed his recovery to Firandrettia Pills under
Providence. that he had taken the medicine ;everyday
for I9days; that the doctor told him if lie had known he '
had been tatting that medicine, he should not have stayed
another day in the house. He considers it is his tint, to
make this politic statement for the bench: of all similarly
afflicted; that they may know where to find a mediciae
that will Cure them. JOHN SHAW.
John Straw being he me duly sworn this 12th day of
4 pH!, 11142, did deem. and say the, the foregoing state.
mend is true. J. A WREELER.Commbsionac of Deeds,'
The BILSXDRZTH PILLS are wild at Dr. Rime .
dret prinelpe I.oMee. 24 .BRO.SpIr.BI; New TWA.
and at his principal ofßee. No. 99 Wood atreet.Pittaburifk.
the Qin 1 , " PL.IIC2 la Pittsburgh where the genets, qui
be obtained
[coxict.v see.]
. ~
Pennsylvania has also contributed to Art
and to Scitnee, sonteeftlaeir proudest Sri
umpfts. 'Pennsylvaniajg, the . ..ltsleof die
lightning rod and the itteamboaV , Seth
names as Franklin;4llll Fulton, sod . Ride*.
, .
-htiree, are not -ter production, of elms ,
'century ; anillAre . In ' P ennsylvaniafejotee to
know, that the first spent almost his
life, in Peraylvania, and the two list were
the offspring of our noble commonwealth.
The position of Pennsylvania is one thie
is tteautifully typified in her distinguished
BUCIIANAN in the national legislature,
his own expressive language. 'her Deane
racy holds the balance with steady jede
ment and enlightened patriotism, between..
the opposite extremes , of con,solidation and
disunion' _ repelling , on the one hand,:the
meretricious advances of moniej !posting-.
tion, and on the other, keeptrigdann the
impulsive excitenients that arise from the
question of slavery. Herself one of the
very first to abolish slavery, and occupy-. •
ing a position, as it were, between this in
stitution and its misguided enemies, she has
ever thrown her weight of charity and
council and position unit signal success en
the side of the country. This position has
been admirably represented in the national
councils by Mr. BUCHANAN. His profound
disquisitions on the doctrines of state nightly
and his consistent opposition ~o the snad..
dened excitement of fanatical zeal, while
pursuing an inamaginary evil, regardless of
the very existence of our country and one
constitution, have become memorable ire
political history, and have given his name a
warm place, (not only among his country
men in that region which he has befriend
ed,) but every where else, in the airectione
of all friends of the couutry. Pennsylvania
thus stands as a barrier between the North,
and the South, and her gigantic interposition
has always been frlt with effect, to the dis
grace and confusion of those who plotted our
common dowefdl in the name of pitiless
Patiently, and even willirgly, h4 - 1111*
great state beetle the burdens of the Cane
erratic party. Seemed, in population cratiY. . .
ttAut one other State in the Union, and ati- ..
perior to a'l 4he rest, she has seen the hon
ors and the d:stinetim s of the goinrein em e
borne away by others, and seemed to know -
no duty but the duty of compliance. She :
has on all occasions sustained the democrat
ic nominations 01 the highest offices in the
government, and her support has always
been n cessaiy to insure the success of the ,
democratic candidates. To her, the post
of obedience was the post of honor; and.
though in other places disaffection might'
reign, the spirit of self-denial, which ak
ways animates the democracy of Pennsyl
vania, has preserved her in the path of al
leuiance to the usages of the party, What
jhas been the reward of this patriotic disirs
terestednese Nothtng, but the thanks of
those who have carried away the honors ef
the gove-rnmett II Nettling but the approval
who rejoice to see the submissive spirit.
which always actuated Pennsylvania, while
they could riot but condemn the easy good
I natere which made this great common
' wealth ' ield so readily her claims to °these
' rl4 C MAN presented to the country as a
candidate for the Presidency by the great
'state, so long andeoldly neglected, is the ap. ,
propriate representative of Pennsylvania.
Cacti in debate, safe and steady in his pritt
eiples, and strong and overwhelming in hits
advocacy of them; he has ever succeeded
in comicant.ing the respect and admiration
of his countrymen': He has Occupied a
position in Congress of pre- eminent distinct-
lion, His defences and illustrations of dem
ocratic doctrines; powerful in their eloquent
simplicity, and convincing by their earnest
sincerity, have always caused his fellow cit
izens to feel proud of having such a repre
sentative in the loftiest legislative body of -
the world. Among the foremost in the
front rank of democratic champions, JAS.
I3UCH ANA N is a statesman that Pennsyl
vaili r 'presents, with prowl confidence to
her sister states, as her- candidate for the
The name of Mr. Buchanan has been -
so intimately collected for the last twenty '
years with the diplomatic and legislative.
history of the government, that it boon-
'necessary to spread in detail the various
acts of his public life or htrhigh qualifica
tions for the first uffice in the gift of a free
people. From the time that he marched
as a volunteer to Baltimore during the last
war, until the present moment, the cardinal'
of ject of his life, has been the prosperity
and happiness of the pebple of Araerips,
and we, who are his immediate fellow
citia::ns, believe an] know that his admin-.
I tstration of the government, would bechar.,
racterized by the same untiring devoting
'to the interests of our beloved country.
In the Senate, of which he has been a
most distieguished member f'or the lase
eight years, he has uniformly opposed !he
bank and a Bank of the U. Stales; profuse •
expediture Of the public revenu e or the
creation of an unnecessary public debt ti.'"--....„„,„,„
government bank of discount, circulation
and deposite, under the British name of
an Exchequer ; the substituti'm of paper
money for the cnnstitutional currency,
gold and silver coin; the surrender ofAV
Leod, upon the insulting demand of opie --
urn-selling England ; and an unjust distrb-^".
ution of an essential part of the publiC re- ' '
venue alike to the states of this cog feller_ . ------'"
*Rm. He sustained the 'honor of the
nation by his unans.emnble demonstration
i,, _
' r
State Democratic Conyeatiosa •
b. _. ~ " 'y