Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, January 02, 1843, Image 1

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, 7•;;, - .. :. , - .- . 1. '-- ~ -• I, T l .) . ~ ~ -,..„ pi , . - •:71 . ,.- , N,,
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RICE TWO '''''' -
, ioaNsTos.4. -9.rocicros Roo kF t eller 9 Printern and -
. „....
.i-: ~.
ra mocimait CENTS,. ,... ,... •- ;
, •
1 Idli Piper Monoftetn rere, No. 7. A1n, , .. , -- '
TIME 10111011tAll'ir 0641 r. '
•:-.T. ~...-;-• -
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reof.a.l2f. ?
l' :•••::,.,l -l'
IS 'o. Ll' ...." '.`..."...
CENT a year. payable In
. Single copies O
,St the °Mee, and by News Bays. S—for sale at the
'lll Mercury and Manufacturer
WEEKLY, at the carne office, on a.doulile
illi lt tast. at TWO DOLLAtI'S a year, In ad.
to 810;le copies. sIX CENTS.
- Ter m, of Adv e rtising.
lawralew, 0,50 I fine month,
1.06,114.41. - 0.75 I Two m00t5,5.00
fltio.tiltiosat 1.00 Three months, 7.00
pet.. . 1.50 Four months,
" 800
0 , 104. 1 - 3.00 Rix months, 10.,00
tf 41011 a.
~ 4.00 One year, /5.00
ostosairAat a AT pile/MIRE.
/tit B,ll4tril.
Two Scritzret e
t . $78.4)() Rix menthe,
f 25,00 One fear. 35,00
advertisements in prorort,on.
.., lar four lines Six Dol.a.alut a year,
..; . '
t. 11111. 1 C OFFI C ES, &C.
rem. ornci Third between Market and Wood
.16 Biddle. Postmaster.
'fi Illt Honsit, Water. dth door from Waod al. Peter
' NI *tidings— tlaJor Joho Wlllock, Collector.
Mr' TIIIIIIIIOII.T. Wood between First glad SCCOMI
MCI A. Bartram. Treasurer.
- r atflrWrf TataacaY, Tbird street, nail door to the
4-Ptgabytertan Church—S , H. Johnston, Treasurer.
jk1i....,,,,..,... Orrice, Fourth, between Market arid Wood 1
thotas--Alczander Hay, Mayor.
~, . ; altsausares Broffskar. Fourth, near Market at,
~,' Nissitsuaos, between Market and Wood
1 iarkiraliabod Fourth streets. streets, on
";"'!IIIIWIMINA.STS' lap II aaf•rarroaras' ann Paaarrae De•
101 111Lar2. (formerly '.rving Fund,) Fourth, between
. , asild Market streets.
eikaliamilti, Fin h street,
near Wood.
: =llmircL• Honor., Water "Tree., near the Bridge ,
ft Horst, corner of Penn and Si Clair.
. . ,
&111111' iforrt., corner of - Third and Wood.
reat, Hotat..corner of Third and Smithfield.
1111120 SlrilliTlCl ,
corner of Penn street and Canal.
mum &Ana, Liberty street, near Seventh.
'' l illttWAla MArrinon Honor, Lilteriy Si oppo.ile Wayne
111111.1wiantusr Mstonos Horse. Penn St• on nna fle Canal,
s---- -
,COUNSELLOR AT LAW.—office rem()
takesseh's °Mess on Grant it., newly onnosile
*la Coort House, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
r—eintt floor.
' : I•H. ELLIOTT, IL D.—Office rentered to
-6t. Clair street, between Penn end 'Liberty Si,.,
•- asisrtA.
s P 10
7 4no r scooD8.—Pre3ton 4.• Mackey, Wh,desnle n
retail dealers in English, French, and thunerile
. ry Coeds, No. a, Market st ,Pittshuirch sep 10
i t w'CANDLESS Sr 111PCLURE, Attorneys and
T /La Counseibirs at Law: Office in the Diamond. bark
ran *ld Court House, Pittsburgh, two 10
ti. k. '.
EMOVAL.-11. Morrow, Alderman; oth e north
rins si b d u e r e: h. Fillh al., between W4torl and Stnittirli.l i t
sr') 111
fIN n'DEVITT, Wholesale Gros,r It e , i if , !tp. ,
- Muffler, Awl Dealer In Prothire and P iti Om reit
imeraetured Articles, N.. •224 Liberty Street, Pittß
: I ,rirk,
eep to 1
. .
.ib4•Yl, ft kVILI.I•4fB I r FIN !4. DII,WOIN. 111
Grocers Produce and Commission Witham s, an,
t , ,,' ...::...*is !n Pittsburgh MsatiLatuered.....auitles, Nn. 29
sep io
• '':iAl. O'HARA ROBINSON, A i iornci a' Law;
; Office on the north, ide nr the Diamohd.hei wee,
,id and Union lit reets, upstairs rep 10
' ',• I. DIJRBORAW, Attorney at Law; tenders
A • his professional services to the, public. Office cur.
ifi'llth and Market Streets, above D. Lloyd ti• Co's
.. • - •:lPillskuratt, Pa. sep 10
Jas. N. KLAN
tittatEllUrp & KEAN, Manufacturers of Copper.
1 1"4, and Sheet Iron Ware. No. 80. Front et., riot,
.. Rouse Spouting and Steamboat work p:onitiliv
fen 10
.411 I TO N . Fil A !MIS 1., YOUNG.
k:• es. B. YOUNG & CO., Furniture Warr
Rooms, turner of Hand et. .4. Exchange Alley.
La 1 %sighing to purchase Furniture, will find it to
rspaitta2e to give us a call. beint fully zalis cep fied that
I- please au to quality and prire. 10
ETON AlVlSl.—just rereved 160clinice
. ton liantr, wt:U cared a nd for sale cheap by
writall.by ISAAC HARRIS,
No.9.Filth st,
—A4I B - EGA.— of La odr eilt's Fresh Ittl•
81 2/11. and °thee dirrensill varieties Of Tilruip
• jam treeiSeti and for sale at COVCIC.D PRIM' at !lie
sod Seed elute of P. L. SNOWDEN,
4:4p la No. IR4 Liberty el reel. be. f of Wood.
ry, No. 8,3 Fourth St., neat door to lb.. U. States
/Wt. Ladier Prunella, kht ■ad Satin Shoes wade n
neateattnanner, and by the newest French patterns.
ep 10
:: • %NS 1110RU3 MULTICAULUS. in lots to sui
is . ,
purchasers; to I , e disposed of Ay
4t-s ue., No. 184 Leterly street, head of Wood.
, D AHLIA 11001'S, Flowers and Plower Seeds of ev•
amdenerlption, can always be had at the Drug
i .84.11seti Bloc* of F. L. SNOWDEN.
' PP!: 18 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
L.U.S Illinois Annual Mammoth Onion 1.• 1 / 4 1.11, for
t l ".1 sale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Rif seed; just received by
No. 184, Liberty head or Wood at
• N TOOLS, consisting of Hoes. Panty Spades
\ Oaplatiling Trowels, Elddlny Tools, Budding
vin= Knives, Pruning Shears. ate., jinn re•
male by P. L. SNOWDEN.
'134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
litvery ,
for CCITT%
--Jun reeetved a •malt cup•
Venison llama, on retail
pollen Clover Seed, Or
r 6.6„
ky Blue Grose, always N
P. L. 8N and
No. 184 Liberty street, head 0 for
r. lt BUCRANAN, dreorairys at 1,410, office
"'rum the Diamond, to -iAttorney'itßovv,"
street. between Market and Wood
Sep 10
, TES'IMANKS, for proceedings In ..st.
O nerit
:14 ander Umtata. law, for Rate at this Office.
4,4.11.....Limu on the:Vort , East r
r coal
vsed Mei **rept. .1 uply 1.,
orner it, driftl. OA RLISGTON, ttfarket, holt 4lh Rt.
4 AWL "niuw.pmrcunrei,vt
•` d. ju.L.2
ire* 141,11 and kw sate at the Dm!! and Seed
B .. statne.lo4 Liberty street, !toad of Wood.
• A loorho.ad 4. ru,
l a kt d
Jac r.stu,,,, 6 „
liiylifo IPpAin wilB 1
"1). RI e
ftobert C , trway,, es c i :
F.*P • ..- riwanari,egistinz netwecn IVIL-
C.t pt. Jo s. Clay,
}4(lte •,,,,.
~ '.. H OPEWELL is thisday
... 11;,...Vay, rilan•la, # C0.„,4,
. „,4 , • ' ' a Digio , is authorized .
Wit:lain slsiotos
. t , . - , 44%. ~ ~ •
- nauting up 110-11u.tness
" S. C. lienry,
i f . A.M. MORI'.
r‘::-' "
. Smith, Sagniey, 4: Co.
~. .
' •V% kirM'XWELL ttep.l4. '
.. ..,.
haA removal hia ollice lo the corner of Fonolli
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
FOR RENT. — Thedwellln g and lot colitaininv, 4
acres, in Allegheny, near the Beaver !toad, 'aiely
°ern pledne b i r.FaaiuetChurch. Ann! vat he It ere nts
and Manufacturers' Bank, to
Pen 10 W. H. DENNY.
-• MAl{Eft, No.
burgh, 7, St. Clair Istreci, Pius.
p.ef) 10
SEEDS A - niii
h .- A Purply 01 I,nnifielh's Garden Seedr, awHys ou
and, and for sale at 108 agency, Die Di ut! store of
184 Liberty Pt reef,
D R. DAVID WAAL) hat his offi
he ce and re t ( lo n e.
Fourth eireet , nearly gOllOl of t Coruse.
idenc e
second dWelling from floss street. Ile will faithfu u lly , at tcnd
all rolls pertnlning to his profession. Night calls should ire
mode at the door above the buseurent. pep )0
Filo TUE PUBLIC, sod 7 articularly to my fume' t
N. patrons of this city:—ll:ivioa retired from the
practice or Meiin. I ay e say, th It
has I:, lien to the dc lote 011 m 1111, b w pers o nso to te
hove enj at
so liberal or lar2e a F.hare n f ol,t reit iral practice as ma
own has been for I It.• last 30 or 40 year,i.
The experience of that long period uf active life, and the
fact of lily having been [wire, since 1830, associate d with
-------_____----- i Dr. R. A. Wilson, In the practice of medicine, (In both a
WM. A. Ny.4 RD, DENTIST, Penn at . three 1 period of five years.) enables me tujudge fully of the
door below Irwin street, Hours of lousiness, from , merits °flits torts.
,d rior — ii,
9A. M., until sr. Is., after which time he Will nitena So convenient, so elTictent. and yet Si) sae. did I esteem
r ,
to no one except In cases of ;Irina: neressity. It e these mu:, 1 lint for the last five years in my practice for
would further inform those who may think proper to the cure orrhronir disease:, of whatever no itN, and !host! 1
employ him, I hat lie expects immediate payment, without of females in particular, I have aged more ol them than , V
the necessity on his part ofsending in bills. sep IU lal other medicines.
. ,
- _ I Like every other medicine. this'intist fall in some in p
, I stnoces, but in my hands there has been less disappoint.
ment and more satisfactio n in t:c administ ra of Ilds i
I one remedy than of ail others; its 400 d effects-t MRm soetimes Irf
r quite astonishing rue.
d I f my patient required a Pare ap dicine either
d orient me
a fore or after parturition, the lVilpon's Si Is were,just
the thing I wanted.
r ' If n dyspeptic acid condition of t he stomach. combined
with costivetuss or Inactivity °rifle liver. constituted the
I.' disease Of toy patient. the pills were just the thing I
F wanted.
If I treated a case reatiring an eni ni ^ nagog.ue, the
r Wilson's pills were pat the I hii.g I wanted.
il 1 r palpitation, headache, flushed countenance, or other
difficulties, indicating a disturbance of tile circulatory
a and secretory systems, an noytbd my patient at the 'turn
, of life,' the Wilson's pills werejust the [taint; 1 wattled.
, Thus, Wit h rean_iet to the name, te alight
' happen to wear at the tone I have had It under treat•
' ment, particular indications or symptans arising. were
t al—'sys mat promptly and most happily met by llke
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number ofdiseases, and sometimes op.
parent's opposite ones, in which I have used these Mlle,
Should be - tilted more readily by them thanpy' anv °liter
i remedy, maw at Grit seen, strange and contradictory, hat
1 why it is so is asclear to my mind oath - at a great many
persnusesonsa should tr.
ee.. thirsty from, a many diffetent
• cnd yet.. 4 require that. Common and greatest of '
all ht en j w ,,,, water to rfainor their
. th I rat. - •
I......ert..ausinn, if la deal/se...eau tat ion of the medicine
. d the public,losay.dieCiriedty and u nconditionally, that
• the Itlirr , n4willaa re onaro :hureeeady combination I have ever
, 'vet wit hthrtnr of practice ,that really pos.
ees•esanythlrfs, ear ativeor specilf for-sick headache,
'Vomit 4'. r._,
The above Pills DR.
Warty for the: etch
1 nilrfi- A.c*. -P,SaPeliit•Cofral-404/00 r the Bairib.A... 11
..‘lll.l' FLOUR --lest received,* tow liar ,
are isf.tityttlifirielor. Dr: ft. ' Pinson,: and for I perior Flour, wade expr- L- ' .
as hate a tr a f tladretslififit his dwet/ In Pena street; s
..-4 r'...:7:2A . -:' • - r bk. . 7 . • -.-- • ttz.• ..,,... • • . Agri - . 4
' " .:. 5011 k 1 .04if '
REMOVAL.—Matthew Jones, Barber and Hair Ilre•s
er, has removed to rnnrth street, opposite i he 11 ay.
ors office, where he will he happy totwalt upon permanent
ur transient customers. He sulicltsa share of pablk, pat
JOHN 11PFAULAND, Upholsterer and Cabinet
ILI -41-her, Third el. be:totes Wood ket
respectful informs hie friends and the 4. Mar
pulilleih streets,
at he i
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards. Bu• s
reams, Cil:dlS, Valdes, Bedsteads, Stands, Hair and Spring
klattrasie., Curtain., Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
work, which lie will warrant equal .0 any made In the
city, and on reasonable terms.
HO Word Street, P itteburgh.-11. A. Gammon.
Auctioneer and Con in i,IOT. Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all Wads of Goods and Merchandiae,
at Ma large and eapaeicYfia loofas, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Firth Streets, Eittshurzh.
Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture, Groceries and
'ler articles, on Mondays and T' - ..ach week.
%RRIS. Agent,
et. Merchant
• • nen 10-1 y
lOHN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water st..
al near the Monongahela Rouge, Fillet lira h. seri 10-1 Y
LEONARD S. JOIINS, A !demon, St.elatr street, se.
cond door from Liberty. se') 10--.)y
D R. S. R. HOLM ES, Office in Second street, next door
to Malyany 4 Co'g Glass Warehouse sett 10-1 y
SHUNK4. FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Fourths!.
near the Mayor's (Mee, Plt!stmorta. sep 10-ly
11 1 1 HOS. fl A MILI 'ON „ Alitnrnev al Law, Fifth, between
'Wood and Smithfield FOP., st.p 10-1 y
UCH, TONER, ATlO , nev ni i.nw. North Eng. corner
of Smit Wield and Fourth streets. Rep 10-.—ly
TIIONPRON !TANYA. .............. ... •. . J•NEII Tilt MOGI L.
FrANN A k TURNBULL'S Paper Warr-house : , No.
.1 lA, Wool sr., where may he had a Renera.l supply
of w rlf io2 wrappl,.2, printing, wall paper, blank books.
school hooka, 4 - c, 4 . e.
_____ svii 110-1 y
C. TOWNirs'NR 4. Co., !fire fi'orker n and
it.. abawarfac , nrers, No. 22 11arked street, brt wcoo 2d
Grid 3d streets.
sep 10-1 Y
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and Si. Clair
st reels , by IIIcKIEIBLN 4- SMITH.
sep 10-1 y
1.13 ward lin2hos. Manufactur of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N0.:15. VVDOrt L. Pilfershvirgh. sep 10 —ly
IG METAL —77 cons soft Piz Metal for role by
J. G. 4- A . GOllO _)N,
No. 12 Water street.
,3,000 LRS. B %CON HAMS. 1.1,,cun
Shoulders, car as e by
J. G. q- A. GonnoN,
No 12 Water street
. AS. P.ATTEION, Jr.. ilirosinhain, ~ear Niisborrzb,
t • -Pa., rtiaoora , itirPr or Lockß. Lliozes and lions; 10.
brouine acro. Mid:Hid Timber Screws; Houreil Sr, ews for
tdirs, 4-c.
Cro 3I" M'CLOSKEY. Tailor and clGtltier, I,ll,rer.
sheet, between St/11/ and Virgin alley, South side
sPp f 0
a tv Buftenwc E oi• co Wholcsa G and
Commission Merchants— Second street,roeers
bet weeti
Wood and Smithfield ste., Pit tsburgli. seplo. ly
y G. 4. A. GORDON, Commission and Forward/
• Morehants, Water st., Pills sep 10-13,
H A fd .9.-4 casks ha ms, a good article, received per S
B Corsair, and for sale by J. C. - A. GOR DON,
sep 10
No. 12, Water street.
S UGAR ¢ 11101.ASSES.--40 hhAs New Orleans Su
ear; 30 bUls New Orleans Molasce,,; for sale by
J. G. ¢ A. con nnv•
QtITIAII.--.7 Midi prime N.rrrefved rwr R.
11 Maine, and for sale by J. G. 4- A. con DON.
sep 10
No. 12, Water street
50 RAcON CASK: S,ln ordor. an hand and for sale 1,3.
sop 10 J. G. 4- A. CO1: DON. No. 12, 'Valet. at
QM:A R 4 1 ND MOE, ldnis and 4 1). IsGtea N. (-)
e. 3 2 bids N. 0. Nfotasso. recei
imp°, ler, and fors prr Si ea nilioal
a le • by
Rep 10 ,
J. G. 4.• ved
No. 12. %Valor Ri rem
Fmr,:. LARD 01 1., for saie
R. FII vr:sTor.rr 4- c o
COl ner of 13i and
1631 P.A rEtzsGeriminto wn Lang, Mack for sale
11. A. FA fircn ,, vroc k 0- CO.,
oro . ner of Hih nod Wo
200 US PrepartA Chalk. gale hy
A. PA FINE! 4 1"011i 4- co,
rnner "i6gl ‘Vrio,l
QUG .1 it actin,
25 ilt)if. do. do., 100 do. Plantation 311, 1“spe N , for
sale hy
sep 13 J. G. 4. 1. GORDON.
No. 12 hater et fret.
. ohe used in Haokroptry proceriltni:•:, pr hoed on
;nod pa per,v lid i ri the forme approved by t he Con rl,Cor Fa
I the Of of the Mercury and Democrat. eel , Ili
i 20.1 arid
010 e Niarail“clilter. No. 1111, 'l'llird s' reel. , et ern
l'ood suit Smithfield streets. Pitts!mrgh q,
We take plenst)inin off, ing to the fluidic the follow
Mg. eertificale; whlc s i) is subscribed to by many respecla
eh. eli izens.
I IVe. the trodersorti hive Weil and are now tising
Corr', Paleol Lamps, for burning I.n, d or other animal
ft,. and we have no lie-nation In saying, that they glve an
~.1..,i'm.1 light—equal to any of the ordinary modes of
11,,m, r , a 110. 9 , ;It nhout one•I bird the cost, and wholly
free I, oTo , nriike or 01144 disagreeettle smell. We take a
pleasure in it commending I hese I.; nips to I hepu bile, an by
their tine ihe re is n great saving over either sperm
or lard oil, or even candle , ; nod we believe them to
he more cleanly and less troublesome than either.
To be had al Rnown 4- P•rnroxo's only, Third street,
nearly npno.iie the Post Office.
Vey. W. W. Rakewell, James [loon,
A. AL Brean, Charles ['nelson,
" John M 'Cron, C. Veneer,
N. G. Collies, Wnt. Grnliam, jr.,
" ENV. , rt Dithlap, r . TrorPlo,
Dr It. I). Sellers. Wot
'• 1100g1a,...
E. D. Gazzarn, Henry Atwood,
! " Wrrt. 11. Vl'i I:1;1, Lciar Crnee„
Robert H. Kerr, Esq., George W. henry
A. Peckham, Entierlti leTliPrituo,
•I'lloMA °noon, . lotto S . .' Min Ter,
George Miltenberger, Wm. Elr hltitam,
O. P. Shirai., J. It Turner.
A. Mill,,
Wm. Martin,
R. M. Riddle, Pos! Ita Henry
.ter enry Rare, goer, .
11,,,hert Gear.,
James S C
Clark, piths! Amer.
Allen Kramer,
A. P. Itarlheris, Iran ll
John f reer bellmp
M. S:lark house. 1.. A M,
r: ober' Johnsion, Junes ATeMo,
N. R Just received, an Improved Patent Lamp, for
kirrlion m.o.
tom 19-41 w 4. self
ad of Vi'ood
rticles, on
o wa nted
Lo m egifit
IT RIGBY—No. 121. Corner of Woodand Front
11.-11 4 , Streets, PittobLrilt, has tin hand a complete as.
.:ortineritof Quecnsware suited to the city or country
wade. Also, a choice selection of pure while and gold
hand DINING AND TEAWA RE, in large or small ems,
or separate pieces to Rai purchasers.
t cask of 46, 60, or 64 piece sets, superbly painted
anti Olt English China '('.'aware, at very low prices.
Toy l'eaware, pinto, and rich painted and gilt, from
1,00 to $5.00 per set
Children's Mims of everydeseription.
Willie China Shaving Altos.
Granite Dining a, if Tea eervireF, in white and with
splendid American Prl'orry printed In hive and Mack.
A tares variety ofSiraniboal Di ling and Fircakfa , t
imported to match. Complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Flint and Green 131.15., In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every Pine.
Patent Packets, Tubs and Keelr..:rs.
Storrs Firie (leads, 4-c. 4-c, 4-e.
All Or which are respectfully offered in the pab.
lir rin.l he 11111%i favorable tyrant., Jan 26, 1842-1'
117..FiriC7A14)1:;N 4itervey and Conasellur at
• Lay , . C ft( rs his prof-colonel t•ervices to the rit
17,01/19 of pittstutr.h and.hopen for a glare of puhlfepat•
P. Ilc Will e‘ccutcall kinitst.l writing with neat
IMSS and Carom in bankruptcy attended to on
w rion.-oPire in Emil field street, at the
loos' or r . Imola:, O'Neil, to whom he refer..
rep 10
T. J. Fox, A Linni. I
DAVlDe'ashronable toot Maker,—
!Nur removed to No, 34 tilarket street, Let weer
Second arid Third streets, whore Irri wou'd be happy
o set. hia old cripi <MIN'S. nod all others n Ito feel diapna.
eit to patronize bleu. Ne u•rea notion:: but frrst rate
stet.:, arid ern plt. yr: the last of work wen; and as he gives
ron , taet personal aiteni ion In husw ea,lee irn•i•trint
he will dcerve a r.d receive a fair share of patronage.
!..nir In .
.131• 'lt EA
A Illinker regpectfully Informs hie frietuts and V. the
public that they rail always rind Ute hest quality or Ice
Creams. ionsitirr with al: Linda of c onfectionary nod
filing. In -I ite;l" fenFon, at hie esiablishmeht—No.
Fifth sl reef belween WOod nod krt. 11.
N. o.—Parties suppliod on the shortest notice, lc lib
cakes, or a thin: in his line. Also families furnished
with Bread.
trey 10
[.IM j, CLEVER, re,mline at 66 Mint street.
NeW York, was atliirted with tlySpep-hr in its fl , O-1
;, ::2 , aVal NI rOlOt. The symptoms were violent head•
le, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn. pain in the chest and stomach always aner eating,
impaired appetite, sersation of sinking at the stomach,
fti rred 1 ont,ne, nausea, with frequent vomiting., dizziness ,
.ois ant.: 1,12b1 and restleness. These had continued up.
ward of a I welvernooth. when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans. 1 00Cliatliam mreet, and submitting to his ever
mrceessful and agreeable mode of treatment, the patient
was' completely restored to health in the short space of
(memo.' h. a nd grateful for the Incalculable benefit der's,.
ed, gladly came forward and volunteered the above state
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. SELLERS, Agent.
No - 20, Wood street. below Second.
Fier, 111
LA RD, Those who would %lab greatly to reduce
their expense for light, should certainly purchase one of
the above naMed Lamps, as by their tine there is a clear
•a vine oust least two birds of the expense over andl,
the licht obtained front this In pure and briliant, and
wholly free from smoke or dieasreeahle smell. We
here stair that (sures Patent ie the only one Worthy the
attention °Otte politic, as it is the only one that is the
earue to every variety or pattern of Lamps. ■ and the only
one that will .urn Lard wear„at any temperature ofrold
nr heal. We have, ln the short spare of throe mouths.
Loh! -evreal then:and.: and with s.cnr,e nn ereention,
11,, n-ine them have expre-•ert themselves highly pleas. 1
..,I with, them. nun fully convit.red of the great economy
iy their tv.e, aK writ as their super lority over either oil i 1
r rat miles, in re2artt to cle.titlitie , i , and light:
I ,
1 he above named lamps raft be bad only at
B li 0 it'.l^ 4- R A F-4.M.PeD's,
-.early opposite the root Otfire. "
Third Fl rem
and Gla , s n. rp.r. of vnt Tont pailurnp.
Cla , s lamp, sold at 1118 II U f.ici u re piker
Dit._ GOODE'S Celebrated Female Pills,l hese
.19Ile are strongly recommended to th e notice of
the ladies as a Fnfe and efficient remedy in renmvinv.
Inane eompinints peculiar to thetr vex, from want or ex
erriAe. Or general debility of the system. They obviate
cmillvquesa, and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
afreelt4a; These Pills have gained the Klnction and
approbation or the most eminent Physicians In the Uni•
led Slides, and many Mother!. For sale Wholevale. and
sep 1 - 0
R. C. SELLEFig, Agent,
No. 20. WoOd'Strect, below PVC° n d.
WhapspteDiteAtlertLffo.oft asesindldhskeesifsaki rr,iL.tmibbeLrgyhsr.,
sitscrther having bought -GM mock of
the late
in l'innnes Rafferty, deems/tit, bits conimenced Itutnesa
thelld stand of Mr. R., and Its prepared to execute
all deoeripitons of work in his llne, lirtlie best manner
amt.ottlite Mintiest notice. He keeps rot Manny 011,haterl
a larxemssortotent ofsboe Rutting% of all descriptions end
of the best ntantllv. He so!lehr the patronage of the nub:
Ile and,Of tile croft.
0 .
*ad distes for Carriages at Eastern Priced.
The aiulwrilwra nianniarture and keeps enn-a ntlY 1,
hand Coach. C and Mimic Splines (warranted.> Joshlate
Iron Axles, Sliver and Brass plated Dash Pretties, Brass
and phaled Flab Band., Slump Joints, Paten! Leather,
Silver end Tlrass Lamps. Three fold Piens, Manna hle
iron, floor fiandlea and Binges. Its. e•
JoNra r/ LtmANT.
si.erair v., near t e OtrehenY Kr.d.r•
T~IID. SELLERA, M. D., off ice and dwellini! In pourneer Perry sheet.
"l'heaitention qiho e who have been somewhat seen
I rat is reference so the numerous certificates published
In favor of Dr. Swavrte's Compound Syrup c.f1.1711d Cher
ry, on account °Cale persona being unknown to Ihie Ile,
lion al: the Stale, is respectfully directed to She following
certificate.] he writer of which has been a citizen of this
borough Cafeteria years. and it known as a gentleman
of. Integrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Par. J. ;Nem
. .
I Its've used 13r. Svvavne's comp cod Syrup of • Wail
Cherry for pi cough, wilh which I have been severely of
flirtelliror about four months, and ('have no hoptiint lon
In saying Hatt it to th,, Mood effective-medicine that I have
bee n atilt. fo:proctp*- It comix;o,4 Jill nneseiness, and
gEreetwell with imy dlet.—add snantutna a regular and
good appetite. I tar freely recommend It to all pilfers
similarly nilltielcd. J. Slisurrx, Borough of Chatnhersit'er.
Mara 9. 1149.
, Peps
l'orsale by WI THORN No. 5.3 Market street.
p rn
WRSONS deAirous of peuring Fruit, S:lndfr... and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrithherr, from Minitel
phis or New York, are requetted to make Ilf)plleallon all
soon as possible, at the Druz and Seed Fiore of the sub
scriber, where elm be hnd catalogue., graitilinnal e , of the
most eicollent varieties. sNnEN.
sep 21 No 184 Liberty street, be ow
nd of %A'n m I
erring, that he ha.; r nitimenceil the Marble Mining., :.1 the
corner of Finh and iiiheriy gts.,ivliere will be rotnitantly
on hand. tomb %togas:, innillel piei•ea, monuments, head
and foot atnnea, table slabs for cabinet warn, and rwrery
article anarria ining to chit Imaineas. He will warrant his
atiork to he well done, and his ell:trees will he moderate.
Hererpect rutty asks a aim re or num le pairrontar,c. sep 10-
TA M@B A. VC ‘zr:Y. For ward/Rif avid
Jlarchartt, .Igefil for sled:ten/1i Cleveland and
renittylvanwna ithlu Line 11:iv ins Ife ven , s•
110104. formerly os, nv ilfrminzholo Ne. 60
Narßr SI ism, I el worn Wood n tr4l Sim ilhlield. is premised
In rAielve p,14 forward zombi o soy port on Ite 0 li!o or
M liver Oil rea,..)ll4l)llf•lrriti,.
sep 10
. ~.
Vt. f .10/1
fir7ll Or Hilll/111011 ti• SII.IIII. Wii!coatta-ar the withleg:dr
Dry Gootht bi:Riooo,. In the house rPi.PIIIIy occupied by
lintblgon. ethilb 4. l'er where they will tie -- ereiein g In R
few tlat'e a hew stock of l'alt and White! Goode. Tree
reeprrlftille Invite their nlii friend -4, and morels: lily ern.
orally, visio itig
stork, Piitiditirgli, to call and eintrlne their
-101 l 28-d.ifil.
, outids,ai Shy
4'4, Platform Settles oow lo weigh 2,500 Ihs, at
. I
do do
do do
do rdo 2,005 al 845 00
do 1,500 at 35 00
do 1,000 at 30 00
do 50(J at 25 00
AVI:li rai,lng levers an addition of 83 to eacl, scale.
iorinatit stairs (or tne u eo f %Yard/011:es, Flouring
Milo, kr., r •
•.1 hr sante prices as ahoVe.
in,jsA 150, Whife'v P:ficia Counter Scale, will, 0: Young's
ov,,,,,epts, and a- variety of other cannier scales,
wild, they will spit fu ('co,,,ii.on to el 5,
Nicy also ulanufaclure Steam Engines for Flowing
1114$. Saw Inns. 80/t WorkA. 4.. e„ double and el,.p
get,cd side lailles,foot and other latlie for wood turning .
ilichin, , s for tenanting chairs, planing inachiite.?, door.
witinand sash machines. Hairs pat, to horee power, WWI or
ut thrashing inacitineg, a superior article; circll fat
tol‘e -
rl shaft', ronehilies for s awing lath, 7 'inner's tna•
qe, and to oji t, tions,ll__,!a also for flaking (dark
ingto.xcit, a ,ttper
„kat+. taps and dies, coffee 'trills, bedatedd .
antAtiadittiery for noakine the same, cotton factory n.a
cliedury made or repaired; printing press plat tens turned
ant pristine presses repaired
M ES M ky, Agen:.
MIN IL GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis.
:slot' Merchant. X. 1 06,coraer re ;coat Fifth sta.
Pits burgA: Milli"! Iteenappointed one of the Atter/ow
reviro t the Oily of Pitsburgh. tenders Ills services to ju'e•
be* manufacturers and dealers, who may be dlepos.ed
lotaake trial of this market• He i , prepared to make
ad aces nn consigumente of all saleable commodities,
eel:trusts to vati,ty correspondents by quick sales, and
spredy 'and favorable returns.
%hat the various interests whirl, may ire confided-to
ilia, shall he adequately protected, be brings . ter 'the aid
of his own experience in business and acqeafola nee Whir
norchandize gene:milt', the services of Mr. at.tatort.
*Ponterroca; heretofore advantageously known, as an
porter and dealer In - Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engattentent is made.
ifMessrs. M. Ti errtan,Pres'i. of M. 4 M.
tt • Darlington 4 Peebles, t
.. Robert Galway I
, tt Jame. M. Cooper, 1
James May,
tt R. M. Riddle,
tt Wm Robinson, Jr. Pree } Pittsburgh r
of Exchange Bank.
, .
.. Mammoth], Smith, 4- co., . f
John D. Davis,
" Samuel Church,
" J. K. Moorhead.
‘t Jas. W. Brown 4- co.
.4 John Fl • Brown. 4. co.
i.. smith k is - woe: T .
tt Vardlv - 4. lt I,vers,
~.. r. John IR. Riddle.
7 , ' tt John Ha loeil.
0S Un pro ved 1-v
manufactured b e
t their Nlachint
.01. hetween Ma
-11111 free!. tn.,
;litre flail, Nils
Mllltra,tuure and
tnnet ttle ((Wow.
Y corn; used of
Nu. 1, Port
I,le, Pfatturn,
Ull 4 WI:,
U " e i gh 3.100
~1 ~ t 0
en le; t ere ore,M - 7 , 34 - s -- , co-4V ye ro t lHoe.
pital to the Sailor's retreat on State Island. That be
was there physicked with all sort s of nodncine fora perh
od offeur months, suffering ;Mille time the most heart.
rending misery.- That, besides his affection of his boner
Le was troubled much with a disease of the lungs: some.'
tunes he would spit a quart of phlegm In the day; tMsides
this affection heNind a had Diarrham, wine)," had more
or Ices al tended h fro m the e olDruenterite4ll or his sick.
near. That at i forr dreaded- 'Stool worse than he
would have dreaded de I;thiii lie can compare the feel-
Ing to twilling save thus le„ knives patting through his
w aif' tletn death at th
bowels. A fiersoffering
told him th medi•
R el rea t,pri Siaten lola nd,the itactoi•
cine-was of no use to him. that he mu.t. ty to
hi A s
hones were t this time he
so tend er was suffe lie could not hear th. ringli he greniestegJ
,,,o, ,Lir t
prery. That
ure upon the elbow or upon the knee, that his,tcnaess-
Nit er , wool
niOst Painful, that as the Doctortaid he would Atm him
no more niedteine he determined 10 procure collie or Dr.,
f i randreth's Pills, which he did, Joitu 241 hroarlyvny
: New York; that he commenced witritkve pllls,a nd some.
I Imes increased the dose to eight. TluVrst weals-we
!so lunch benefited him, that the doctst, not knosving
what he was using, said, 'now, Shaw, JN , q look
.like a
man again; Wynn. imnroVe in this way, youNsvill soon be'
'.well.' That he found every dose of the Brtiedrelh rind
relieve him, first they cured him of the pat when at
stool; that they next cnred tile diarrhcea, aad ffitally the
pains in his bones;-That the medicine secmcdto add
strength to him everyday.He told the doctor Older
day the llth hislant..that he felt himself well, and also,
that- he owed life recovery to Itrandrethe Pills tom%
Providence,that he had taken the medicine fevety day
for 1 9days:that the doctor told hint if he had known he
had been taking that medicine, ht shout,: nol.bilve stayed
'another da r y'n rim !loupe. fie cormiders it falls ditty to
makeihie puClic statement for tholcnetit of ail similarly
tilltfeleill that: thenmay know where to find a medicine
that will cure them.
IJohn Shaw being hy me
duly srivorn . Ibis 12th 41as .44,
A p r i1.' 1 1142.(110-depose do& say Ilia t r ite - forgoi n , --he
Mehl Is ITtl'e, 4. n wII EULEtt,Commis*inevor
; .The II R.6'47011177f . Pf.4l. 6 are sold- at -:'"
Idreltee pctueifisi offl *tile Nli - ,-:inft-:
PlilfalJel , a
I rev 1G
For Puidirking a new Daily Pape , . in the City of Pitts
burzk, to be entitled the
DA IL I' MORNING POST. TubbE.4l). acfrzwax.- 41
~. •:-,
githrerlhers havinormade arrangements to merge
, i Be the anther of I •Trafts end Storibt of the 114.4.
the Acnei icon Manufacturer and Plitstibreh merg e
ry into one Journal, have Concluded to publish a daily '
paper with itie title or the Daity mornie post.
CONCLUDED. ' -lr'ir v
The leading object or ine..eore , wi the .I;wmica• Dher ma Chuirp, said she, without, am i ...
Eton and defence of the political prlnoiples i hoti hove hese
a previous word of salutation, but VII As - --7
uors, la their respective
p ir i ' i r tZt e s i : e n ' h u el ni th ' e l i i : a maintain e d
r l ' Jo t i
i t: % E l d i
I I still be devotedlo the p
life that Lamb Laudher hiteithea.
advancemetit and success of i hose doct Hee...
- black. La that case he'd be high "
4 ilbotigh, In politics, Hie paper will he thoroughly
democratic, yet th Editors hope, by ,vin; an hem at, wid the town than ever. Ile knocked ,'
candid history of pa,sing Political events. Foreizo do WDlBBt Hight.
and Domestic !mein:ewe, and brief notices or all mat- w_t, •2fl 1
'what if I deed? i
co sato..,mouy an re•
Ices and occurrences that come proper I . within sheet-Mere
n .
ora Public Journal, lo make their pope' euflicientiy in WOlJiti feel rather satis fi ed at that circus's-a
eresting to entitle it to tbe patronage or the public, ir tllaliCer I served_ ,Ihrk,hlacklog, 'orbs.
resrem lye of party considerations.
In addition to the political and; eneral news that' will years, and a mote infernal tyrant :never
he round Dr the •• he
Poet," the Editors wilt take existed, nor 4 - milder . or --rneire-atniablesima.
m a ne r e ro,,hat the bosineess community
, wi th rnan than his wife. Now that-yow tamp
the latest and nirtst, ints..reating COMAUCRCIAL ANT 21,1.- •
sexes from all parts nr-i he country. end to have preps . his .rooney, the sooner the devil getr
the better.
red such accounte or the - Markets and the State of Trade
r": 3,,
as wilt be advantegeons to ohr Merchants and Business
To the black diouol Kr ye — vaelf,. asil
Melt io their several takings. '
Teria*.—The Posr will be meditated on a large unperf. your English •
goather, returned--.. Nelli in
al sheet of fine paper, (ma nufactered estweintly ror this dignantly ; his wife! Dhamtsorzorth,. 1:10137,
Joiwnsl) at the unusually low rate or FIVE DOLLA RS
per annum, payable in advance. It will also he mold by make my blood boil by spakm •a ' *071314,1
news.boys at the low raie of TWO CF.NTS a copy. her favour.. If Lamb vLaudher comm adir •
Advertisements will Ins inserted at the to wont cell; her
all I've struv for his knock : otsitbal - -
charged by the oilier dally papers o f the city.
y•TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post, head. Dher Chiernah,lll Mid? the ap.mil ' ...,.,.:
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
(Shift father or I'll not die happy.
August 31, 18 , 12.
'W. 11. SMITH. Nell, you're bitterer than soot, MAL 2 , '
blacker too observed Rod
Ain y.
A I? said Nell, an' is;it fro
crathur that was read m the geed ---- ''';'-'
y, the other night.la /:."‘'
murdher the mild innocent woman ha
spokes so well of, that we hear suchi c.
• Cit.
Y is
i ou're mistaken there, Nelly, , rel
Rody, I had no intention of taking. .'-'-
her.life, although I believe my. wo - ,n . -, ";:-;''°
comrade here in the red liairotiao .--
ed out of a -certain jail once upon a
had no scruples..
N.), sure the szruplt! said the ? * ,-)''
. -)-f- J o
I wrs in the act t f covering her , 0.e,,
mouth ro prevent her front
.eith .4"°'
her old set vant or making a nos .'
it was trent to save her life than.,
er than take it, said Rudy.
-• 7.'..1-
I know this friend of yours, Rod b '
ut a
.. - q-,
short time, observed Nell, but if he hasn't- 4 ;',
more spunk in Lim than. yourself he'.,_
worth his feedin't , s nelkr ''
Show me, said the miscreant, whatialC
be done, life or purse—an' here's yeutm '
_ .
sort for both-
Come, then, said Nell, by the night se.. e ' ,
buys us. we'll thry your mettle. - - 1-)
Never heed Cer,--4,44served Nance ; aunt.% -,i
is now well known that the Itrandreih Pills have you're too wiekt--(1 RD' re r 1
•itred thousands or hopeless and Ist Iplets persona, even Am I? said the aunt.- I- cue
when thefiret pitytitelane had pronounred them beyond
many a year ago, that I'd never die till I.' , d :
II human menus of e th er, It Is now not only well
Il i roottm that ilteltenerfreth Pill , so cure, but II up rose ou. put a sharp soriow into 'Lamb itaudher st
derstomi linty they 'lire; I lia I it I.- by their purifying efitel
punished him through his daugh- 7-
ott the Woad the, they restore the body to Iteufih.
ter, I'll nuw git hid the beat t in him througlitt
The value of the medicine is beemeing more and ntnrse
net tares'. it Is reconiterteled daily r rout family to family. hi s so n .
...................Tlse Rraneireilt „ Pills remove in an almost imperceptible
An' what do you want CO be-done? ill.. '
rate the bimel,andl .. Iteir good etri•cts are norttilitillter.lia"'art.4. 13irt'11141 'lle lv --- - , -- • - •i; ; .i. - ; t -
red by nee Inconitrenleneem; lain composed entirely or Come here, an' I'll tell •
you -slyet;lL-41
vegetables they do not expotte those who use them to N m
IN ,I:,7Pr; nll,l 111Pir rio
ts ore as re. min as they are 51:au• I (`'•
In r%; they nre daily mid safely adiniekiert dln ler:limy, A short conversatio n took place bet weett • e 4.-,
volitli. manhood, and old age. and to Warne!) tit the most them, bt-hind a little partition which tihrj rt ,
critical and ilettentectrcumstinrs. They do nol disturb
or shock the aidmal functions, but remote their order ded the kitchen from two small sleeping/I ---,-.-
- 1.,.,-
nt-o4 in Mash their hen It h.
rooms, containing a single bed each. i
Sold at Dr. Rraartrelh's Office, No. 9, , :, tVooll street.
Muslim -eh. rt.-te e ts tient, per box, with foil direr' ions. Now, said Nell, addriOing the
. Rs RK--The °Ale place fa pittsfittrgli where th e rho- patty, let us all - he ready to•-morro ,
me Pills can he obtained, Is the r. - icier's own office, N a,
the whole town's preparin' for th
98 Wood street. '
sep 10
---- --_______------r--_
!slip away as well disguise] as wi
J. tt - 5 . 3, . Res t—
worm the on
- .
of the pl ace ; by that time you 11 I
Ott,sensor cittehorrh and vicinity. that he has return-
NI to thr cliv. He hopes to share the confidence or his business dune, an' your trifle t
former Downes and the piddle minerally; and solicits a earned, she directed the last Wort
renewnl ilia pattion of their patronage. In connexion
...,,,, L i • •
....r. named stranker.
he would observe, that Hie operation or Lithoi my, for ' , soaking the stone In the bloditer and ellowing it to pass You keep meant of the secret?
or.th it the orine,) In every where commanding , the deep. 'lady.
est ititt rest. He hopes tt/ extend the benefit ofthis branch
°rho: profession In the afflicted. btriciaree, Disea9. aof It's not worth ittrovvin,' said N 1
the Madder anti K id neys,— which OCC2SIO2O fly f o ll ow,_
thryin' you, Rody. It'S noti
will likewise receive atientlon.
, •
Those front a (Hotelier wishing filmier infurinailon i'm not 80 cruel as you think. I.‘
wilt apply pprxonally or by leiter, self desired can he take the wide world an' shed hicmd
a crommedated at lilt dwelling, in . retired part or the ci•
Own hands. I tried it once o'r
Ey. on Third, het ween Ferry and Liberty ate. !Pp 10 •
Laudber More an'. when I - though
led him hell . came into me; N
might go below if 1 would,
- But you would get others to do
could, said Rody.
I need get nobody to do it for m l
the crone, I could witter any man, -
or child *afro' the earth, livid one cb,
I wished.
Why don't you with.-e . - 7 , .....,„, 5 _.
Laudher then? said •
If the
100 HUM
more KY. LEAF TOBACCO , in ore and
for gale by J. C. tt A GORDON.
No 12, Water street.
,Vickershain -ate only by S. N.
axle , cornra of. Wood strrel. and Virgin
y rillabliegii and 11. Nara ood, Beaver Pa, who
is sole agent for Weidern Pennsylvania. sc.. an
FARM - Flla "SA LL7.—The uodeislaned offirs tarsal,. n ,
tract ortand situated 4 mire; 1n..., ereepot I, in the
direction or Kittanning. Ottindo 'township, Armstrong'
connlY. containing 100 arrep. 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 or whirr, are in meadow,- a good square log
dwelling bowie:trail cable barn Pm-toil thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 beating trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient loth, 11011.0.
FOR PERMS:44Oy to the 60'.serihrrx residing at :he
Saltworlis on the Pen tiylvania Canal, 1 nide above Free
Trio TUE {VISE.—IIIs .low well understood how
it. ninth di. •rriers of the mind depend for their cure
none a due ;Meth lon to th. body. hl4 row understood
bow vii/uable is that medicine winch will remove morbid
iceitniutntions withoui weakening the bodily power, il is
now umlerstood that - I
here is a reciprocal influence be.
i wren the nand and the body. tt is now understood Mut
purging with the Rrandreth Pills ivl.l remove a entail..
eholy, and even Insanity is cured by perseveringly 'lsla:
them: It Is now understood how 'finch dOilleSlje huppi.
seas depends upon the healthy eoudilunt of the digestive
ET Invalids read the lo
folwing scant': of a Silor
L cured of • complication or afflictions in Wnetacra
days liy the use. of Brandrelli Pills. ft distinctly proves
there are heti* in 'more which have affinity cure be
cause of disease, and Brandreth's Pittance made for them
Read :and lie convinced. Take the medicine andbe cored
Dl4 R RECE.B 4.N.1) 4 I FECTION Or THE L. DalrG..l
Joni/Pilaw, of Pembroke, Wnahinsion county, Maine,
loin, (fitly sworn, says, that he was taken vinhquiy sick
Omni six months since. The pains in hie head, bream,
hack, left side and instep being so had that he was lona.
[dein help himself. and was taken Into the Chefs. a Hos.
pitni in the city of Poston. That aflea being i o said
hospital five weeks, Doctor Oils said he did not know
what W 317 the matte' with hint, and that he c
- ss
o. morrow, replied ft
they 1114,
r""f th I"—ey do—ate I flow tell
wotet—l ut I sa ff
see him go borne in the y
for ttern--an' I know thi
at eleven meet
The two rnen rherrit
great caution proceeded
dilection s of the town,
mended them to keep as
possible, lest their groupi
expose then/ to notice.
v endezvou s tir ooky
,nets c""'"—".
e next mornint, a 11
Poitilltishour Nell, Roily,
ire sitting in
their future pimps Of life,
red baired entered - e t
Well, said Nell, atm
what was done? show me?
The man produced a daggi
ed with blood.
Dhamno orrum! exclai
ry, but 3 ou've
beau the black.
I 'did fail, said the Miser,.
man ; it that powe,f 4 1 actitrp
me in hie.hands, have
length of herxn'y slf.
narrow' ,fir