Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 31, 1842, Image 3

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to ybSe.,:'
as but deli'
bi pi
mood to
nd the i
.en arrived*,
mina of titetti
Ih e judgrnen ,
hat you p1y..1440
'Anent iu the_..`'
f Pennsylvaniti;.6 „4
oofinement .14 ki . 4 4. 44 1,11
,ur years.' 1 4,,,, .Z4,' , . -,
The pri50ner,..,......
elf between Kt" : ~Ar
•aratively,consl****- iiiik
as the exertions-N*l;
is numerous frU me k, ll44
or the exercise
ributed much to _thite o4 -7
one of the deran#o4l a to
resent upon the ti,4o L.
------ - '`'.-.--;....., '..
yldearaver - of- 0;4 h x. ,.. idob,
ammer of a mecimamktim 0 7.
'clock this moraiss.. , ,-,ft trait
.1:Ili!. v.;, - -' • - _,:k
I saw another ., gi
as plenty of workjoii
os pipill
e corner. 111 have m e e t Itianbfii4d
ext week.
DI ED —On Thursday theiliths,
Y Mix - rim, in the 60th yvi.t. Of Its
endi and relations milt
neral from his tatemildest+,
afternoon at 3 ce4elweli.e' - •
dUa ist rater's Sale , of
X Friday the 61.11 Alatvloyrrlut . . .
orl. , r of am adwhbariaiast til4larataw
rd oit.c . d.
.20 Shares of reotirtiraVapiii sitcom s
du Firemealtlaajtoo nce c o
do Pit minima llasaisie ,
do liand - Street. Brldse do„
Barourbe. Ilaraeand Hamm
I Goa, pai poi lever WateL
Sofa, TaiO4-9, chairs, Was elaukaad
101 of valuable Books; •
S.,le to ComMettre at 10 o`eleek IL VOA
OtIM , corner of N Oftd. a HI 5111‘ it
ri,ie—rash par ttrotiey.
der 27
MILL be.oid to - mOrfavir..ll6ndaval jo
pay ro=te and chap or triinspont4
lothine, Blankets. Counterpoise. tc-lta,
• ' O'clock, P. 1,1,1., by-ordie et I
fll.nip , r3r:
Hanel Gin
3 kers Wont. Bi.l2lllrf 21:01CLW.
1 P..; Curtis.
fi EA P and useful preseatsfor Neer Taal
k_ri roved from Philadelphia ask Nee 160
'lent .rssrrrr meld or the publithtioso albs
:'em oet a hre 1:0100 Tthcl and flundithddlaill
c..nsli•tinz of an timeliest' ItellOri Mit
P .I:orris al frnol 1 cent In $1.15 each. eralkd
I tu pent ore Lecturer, Wlttielextee reefer
3..1 k 3. Teinfieraiteeiterni.
peraneo dne nrent.. the eer-ohj•etiaa a
m Sit nub's with the W2/4081110eiSmA AP
*.ft, of en,pe.anre lair., remits' .Clarligl
..nc.. Aprl alp.ut Sae Youl tea Tama
5.• Int sato In sissfepeseasy lle'
hers Ir. m em..•• worth t0111111714111i4
c.fourclia.Sms. ift.3kAc
1 (let- II
I' 11 0 L ev..7 T. —0," , lie let of April ‘.
nrrel. of land Pin township, pert of
OCCI/ Irled by Mra. \far V Bpa rgo.on wh,ek Is
:•7„ It dpae %It lt z r, ell of wont colieeefeet,'
14 err hard naj,ointne the hoitufe. •
T properl y hounded AliheFarinil
fr. turopikr, b. iarois of Dr. E. D..af
Craft , lVm..lrthurs Esq.'aitA eih;cl2.
a ,arty to JOHN AY r.'
der 30--1 w. has
FOR SALE —The &area.= a ,
n'eurord by 31 Wee, giniale
DIJ mond, alley and the Disteoilt,
yin* 'yrs h , For terms apply** Al Daiwa al
*P., or John So7d,r,
„,f PittFhlt,gh, se.
IN rnnforntity wit lithe reterfekati et se ad
erril A sAeinhly 01 the CemexemeitratflUll
trovtillof, for the Incorporation at tale
in! the !a pplemeitt hetittettakisti44;
ft A A", SI a vol. of maid City4s Vialtiao
tt•-• - )ar tT. that on the SOCOSD TU/SDAT . . 2
.1 1 343, be.n: the lOtli day
.11 of tar !I wa rd in .aid ellyokeardled
r. of the flouse of ZeIIM4LIWOM I4 - I..t ry
will meet tatoetbid Oita OMR
elne t ions in their reeleted.*,
One person In em-h. andelairY7o,?-•
IllPtiihees of the House of He
wen It h to tea ineenlier if 'be was
6% e persons qualified aa i rl 114 1 1 0 1 . 1 ,
1v ard , to I.e member. Of tad 1,1 P1em"..._,._
and that on the same
e places an, regal& Idea
y, qualified to be elected sraimmurr — ir
presen.atlves of this Cedeueritaltli, ta.
t‘44l (7ify.
. _
u,der oty h* ssi Led Ocilla . .
riaAmrsti), this Mb ilia ofl
Dec 29—die. A440F111121314
AMTED.—two or Ikree
lien subscriptions alrOgicat ;
ark —apply at tillr Mike.
Moitd P 0
_it oo _„.,
r the Eir of Dr- 1111 - 111 , 00 114 -'7 l .
of Perms,
,GXX D Ore* tfittilniliß__.`''
csas zrzliAarr, _lnti44 ,4 ""
7.1 and :helots otlittotill o l o r2A
"lent easel. 110/0 - , 111 -
.irpa fl. loo/000'1.-
~ . nd of the voice f'istf
- my etereyattlit
bad hot a few dors
irto smut Wag V 14.. <P"Or . ' 4o4 lll
Where she woultiooD/Wisir,,&4l4 .
''Pllshe troy midi, Mt*"
rushes . falledtilr. l *...,M
Dr. Swahili Otoltfl_rlli
ta thea protored.
y the time had • tkgotitein*
-.d left we led twar'l4
abSe to take ilrel - t*:'
rely reeoverml ~._e .
the troth at
-ter who Mr&
reel. Phifitikifthtfl. be,,
Cdistiona.—Ala •
For rat It
. 11 9 •
orket et. Filtoltelltei l L
Bytriaitiri , t3.-ore'd" = :
r Wow *ref;
Meson v '
ir letterer Olr
Mw melees eeeltniCteir '—"lll
tee 19-31.
OE maitAkir
and wow
!Ilif';''''' s ' - `•:': ,- OTPT"f"t - .—,.
.....•.:,,' ' , .iii..43110i1i
— 410. 1 i;n 111 :4. - , --
hill. -. ~- - -
= to isaim•rinoi4
phao • = . • - ', :"" . V -- _% .1 4i0 , ,,
~ , . , •
...--,,,_ .
eeishe iiiirtel. 46 .
qualidatathiretah**OhillWillto 4 1 6 * .
pld+ta 30. oat. as ' e rierborlisteli Oeiiiisist '—' ' ti dos'
Imo * .
C*lin'.4 ..7.
.1' J Itirrca - anteerad liy shieefeit - . '
o f-Andrew Bork*, Egg , ". J. . .
ijoitted to practice as as Attorney s‘ i moms. jo i n ;: p . A: 4 ll -k w111 0 111411456 - 311 t ia lSilL ,
kind .'
_ ...
leiter of tbe WO of Ailpt*. liollorith ibmistaaity ee.
teemed prevail of Windmill - ili - Oxidy s of Ifoir Oars•
iiii i
ilea, molted axle due worn stoat. oaf foriad 01l
its arrrrat ineepable et aileidliit asy ley If 7
hey.aa to try Hie ellote of year enailf. lila beat
rctcg it ever deer obit greet beach. 50d11041114 40 task.
• fair explarbaeat to OM TINA* It .111 relieve .y asap
ern -rely. I led it la tees asiotileek7 slave la ifesbellar.
We have bees amble it la Irisatipl..4 mope la oar bat
ilY with oredb bevolb. aid' I eartelides It a vaisable amid-
Woe far the Nees. I wader you elm klid abrake fix
thie proem. and seethe It id* pineal feallsgai as
evtdeuee Of your 'Wien sae !kw my loot* aid welbire,
tat header to yea iny bow eddies fer year leagstad sea.
Ott bib, sea happy hasocirtalfty
A •
Tbe above Lindy cam stems be procured at TUT
TLIkS, ad Fourth at,
b a re been premised something in•
to our firemen *bleb we will
' ( or est ew Year's treat in Monday's
b e en ascertained that of the many
-hie city who have taken the
e, only five or cia have pro
tt Stick to it; and one•or twe
`eve raised courage and re-signed
o re, This speaks louXor the ef.
yof the Ternperan ieties and
indefatigable lecturers.
cam aitstver year, Mr.
Thomson duly declined being a
awes tt.count of bad health and the
o f private business. Since then his
has not improved, and his business
teased. Why does he want the of
f na)or now? Can any of his friends
,re.—Yesterday In uninz about 2 o'-
, a fire broke out in as old frame build•
on Liberty street, back of the Eagle
ne Rouse, which, with the consen! of
•ner and the in ia'gence of the fire
, deitrot e l three smell frames before
eithlzuished. These houses Were
idered a nuisanre, and the firemen ex
theaselr,s only to save• the ad-
" w l,ll- s ):ne were 9ettmg
to then 1.1 ddleni ptiret., that they
Ole k\o.\\ sn txt.r
but s , 'a )11 t_bat we 'hear of fires be•
benefk:ial; hit 1, one case. h
Id h ave e -,:t tle owner a ' , I - I'J g little
• to bare h 3,1 then torn €l, , wn, and the
ber wool I hive been u.eleQs: Ihe fire
done the joh well f. r nothiha.
it frac—Tin: Mr. Jdmes Thomson,
Antimas r/ic cindidate for the Mayor
new recei ,, ei three dollure per day fur
Mntending s,,me part of the vv,qkman
of the Iron steam Ship? We have
3. 11.
inf.o.rwtd that 311C 1 .1 is tile fact! If it
iAe beht ye it. is it tight that
Id 'Jaye the em , )!urnents,,f the °glee
cti4 of the city of Prtsburg) bestow
whlle he is S'/ , king e sip 'te
Gtoeia' open: We think
ffle hop that ,1•11 CHZ •nit will
ev Ike don on the clay if the
A ~e.t IvIWCY47`
-r. p.1.96 , '..5 . ..5 a s'll
am .in• of tro ,sores 4[163 w,rld
u•dits him ( - luring the re
.l,r nituta I life; he 's engaged
lucrwi 151 . ness, and is of course
g'o Iu ar., , ?d,ly ample store; he re.-
es twee Irrlara per d ir some p.a..
:•I'vr:e • r r•re general government.
'he Imo.. Hbe elected Mayor, to
exclus o n „f orher good citizens who
Id !hake eihr_\ - tooffi.:ers and who are
r Ltd Petri P.
bit boireve:r is in chtlra f ClVr with the
who urges Ulig election, whose oh•
it to make the rich richer, and the
/2 front of Captain Broadhurrs,
On Penn Street.
ny NIGHT THIS WEEK, The Performance wit,
.ind splendid acts of IfORSE4 I II4.Ar
•cud 'evertor Scenes in the Circle; Bongs , n ancc '
•Rk rni r , 4 . c...and a succession or novelty in the
on the SI a se.
pn itii!a rs see small WIls•
' • °cent' a eat!, the friends or I. J. Ashtold•ze
ie lane , meeting in the Market Wore. at ibe
Lao, In the city of Pttottairgh, nn ttatatday of
t he . 29th tnat• The meetins.wee (irrupted by
1 ..t0t Otte Young to the Mai!, and aptletintittg
ad V.er Prgoldcni: Richard Rapers and Wm
rill of therseorlog arse read, •nd Inn few brier
ilt ohjectsstated by the elrai r pan n; after whim tt
-, by or. A . that Capt. 1. J. Ashen idge
iiyp the citizen's candidate for the office of
sal ion bring weetended, it wee then tut. and
• hrtansty. The follerwher ersashie and fps
ere read to the aossilag. and sea 31mously adop
, This lattehaa helm that the latere•ta oroar
a greatly. retarded by its- missteps/ strltir•
in the lam& at party pelitlebitir, TherePue,
The the tweeshets an& amanita he.iree
item of tba Martial of Capt. f 1. Astilestra•
* easuladata to the Oboe of Mayor, tie wrl t
aria every duty beton/gift to said odee,
• rd to party pi:tiff/ca.,
, That od a esewhat have fell roalleace to
asa amnesia tbefr raiididida to di/mbar:a
°r aw tare of %ayes; Tbarefera, we rearm.
to a l l pantos, as deadareedly, worthy of their
That, althoeth Ire de not &defines' eatilb
••• should matotteteiralahr ehilleileaVettlire
lb Cabaret auebargeetabityomoderea SOM.
and Gables, to tbi aseneemable • Siettlet
. IdalilY'• Lan and Part It /le. }are bilabial
gibe to the eoppoaa of bla tables
Mae was appoosetbe Dale • emitaide Awe
'Wo+p to norther tae-eieetket of tam eftlalab
Oa mottos, the ibeetior adjeweeed.
3..8. IFoamoa V. !real.
ROL 1 D PRFAIENTS.. 'ZIRVIIMItitift-111111 • rese lv eL 114111114 eimac en"4 -
l eteertbent are seer epeeist It Islitita o allaga*- InLtiSkraFall!e-!1.7 - fWU
41r iftOlnaii
It FANCY 00006 r sanuWr ht elerttiM Ilit•Aog - j ob a s.
Tillie' Presents.
ar; ItitterA4PWWl
1 I IIrIPA MINX I Ca. semorw,_, ,
nexr.--A cisolpessi .
kosse,siteaup is Cott
h i
• •
•-• . 7 ', •It
, -
4 , •
- _
F '
• - -
- •
t 6412.
-2 teal and pleasant moody for Coughs sod Colds, the
price is within the reach of all, only 25 costs s bottle—
Call at Tams% JANltirat ggesey, gad give hots trial,
and you edit sever be *Mtet it again
Another lot of 'Asks ReArshit sad Crider( cigars
received this day. dee2o
Notice to the Jurors of the District Court.
lIPHE Jurors summoned to attend the District Cosa
1. on Monday the 261 h Inst., will please take titmice
that they are adjourned over until Tuesday teorahag, the
:34 day of January, at 10 o'clock.
By order of the Court.
PROTEDROTAT.T . II 01 , 11 CZ; t
Pittsburgh 'dee 15. 1842,
18.1.4 C CRUSE. 148 biberty st„ offers for male 50 bar
refs Gams Arrmts;
60 Bushels dried. dt,.. part eztra qualit3;
95 Bushels dried Peaches —also,
Rairiss and Fig. by the Bus.
Mouses to. Let,
rgi, THE ineiscriber offers for rent from the first of
April, (and if desired, possession may probably be
hod sooner) the new Block of three army brick
ironies on Market street, between 3rd and 4th sic.. con
raining scrim large store rooms adapted and well situated
for Dry Goods or Fancy storm.
Tire cellars are dry, well lighted and floored, and
are formatted with fire places and dam the hotelss are so
consul acted that the back and upper parts cam readily be
converted into comfortable dwellings, with yardaeornara
nicallog with the alley opposite the Post Office--iwo of
the boosts have • 9311 opening on Market street,
A I.:_0, 64 rem', three small stores on 'Third Ist ,mad
several offices in the second story, and two long rooms in
the corner house, tartly occujied try Mr. Win. Gigbv,
suitah:e for a Printing establishment or Book bindery, [or
wr.ich they have heretofore been used.
ALSO. two other spacious and well lighted rooms In
Markel street, with convenient entrance,suitable for Halts
for Literary Societies of similar Associations.
ALSO, for rent, several small house's ~car the dwell•
ins house of the suhserther in f itt township, with a few
acres of Land attached lo each,
the terms win inodcrate, and a portion of the rent
of the Market street stores may be paid in Goods.
One hundred and ten building Lot• In the first city
District, one mile from the new Uonrt Douse. These
lots are eliginly situated on the Monongahela river past
atop• the first Dant. and afrord dastrable sites for large
Manufactories or for hoax yards. the water being at all
season,. deep enough for Steam Boat launching, and cos
being delivered at this point at a teas cost than in the
Coy proper.
The only road by which he inbahilantitof Mineraville
()Aland, ¢a can reach 'lit. I Wei, r,.li-epr by the' circuit
owe way or the city) parsec throatelt this properly. The
Pltiemrdii and Turtle Creek turnpike Road wilt also pays
;thing the proper! ; Immediately adjarent to this lstbe
route for a Bail mail i nurveyettSy the Baltimore and Ohm
Itatt Brad Company.
A plan ri the tote ran he seen, and the term• made
urroo n nt the office of the subitrther. No 51 'Eh rd
dec 17-- BOW!) U G ‘ZZ %M.
DALLJYS RULX 0 I XT.EIi t:XT, w ill cure lawns Of
wothont to vim/. a sear. No
Family sli•oild he without - it, To he load at TrlrriLes
fourth street, Pii , ,,burtth, and &afoul** Lnerary Depot.
Alit-throe Cite.
_ .
—W. h M. DOMIERTT illlOlllll their Dieted, and
the public that they have coma...nerd ragout:mu
ring Hale, and ilu.t they have now ready for wile. at
their Store, 143 Liberty street, between Market and 6lb
street, en aes,worneni of the very hest Hate, which i..ey
are murkiest° iispuete oron the cheapest and mos'. reason,
able - .runs. Their stock consist or the very best kinds,
vs:—Beaver. Outer, Neutria, Castors... l3 dr' Nat ped au**
sin, Fur and -Silk Hats.
W. tr M. Doherty are both !titular bred
- Hatters, they
have had extensive experience as Journeymen in the best
eastdislinnents in the country. their Hots are all not up
ander their own inspection, and they assure the pnblie
that nothinr but the very best articles on the meet rea
Annette terms will be offered for tale. sep 10
BUCKFCRIEJIT FLOOR. jn=t ree awed Obko,
few halt barrels Durk wheat Flour of superior qual.
sly. Also, go !Butter, new Lard, dre.,fer sale by
dee 13. 142 Liberty street.
I lie IKig received a positive cure for e mul ous, and
Colds; It is very pleasant to taste, so ranch so. that WI.
dren cry for It. after having ogee tasted 11, and are aura
to hay more on account of its speedy cure of the worst
con:hoar Colds in • shorter time, t han any other Medi
cine now in Ole. The price is within the reach at aft--
only .2.; casts a Sahli. bemire and esk for Powell's Sal
row of A aisceed. at Tattles Medical Age/16186 Fourth
Eh reel.
WII. E. A USTI N, Attorney at La w. Pittsburgh. h.
Office in 41 1 11 garnet, opposite Bnirkes Ratilding.
WILLIAId E. A orris, Esq., will give his attention to lay
unfinished business, and I recommend him to !ha patron•
age of my friends. WALTER FORWARD
•ep 10-1 y
LU.NBER FOR RALF: —Poplar plank, boards,
weather boarding and Scantling. Also, While oak
bOto rlifi of various Markets :1111(i I Marten, wheel anal for
steamboat Nickel,. braces, itc.. of various !sorb and al •
zes, by wholesale or retail. Apply to
Dee. 21st-11443.--2m.
Near Liberty, Sign of the GUI (Comb
usiouramo*Poteiiiiii sisonis•st of traitteitibi.
Ilizscawi_ Tor has. kait krei received. aid wilt
be Add At pitts.to tett t*llito E. Alit, Ditt
IF,: aid lON)*l4.,vtith a getter& soseqemils o(gS
1 bond. Bowlid ildlui:Arditii, ravioli*
am*, 14 0 0 WWI Efts. Su* w llP:elbad *Meteor MAO
Cowl.' Aran MOE alma r.ivoirg-eliketa" 43 " 1 " . "
and Dressied Co&.. The itkidiftwre. ill boa pereirti
tervaittiud will *sold itittokildiAo4 , rial!. !MN" -
it tkis eget. l ali itail exordia Oa O.iIAL
x. ll—Ad tat *WM, jailiimpikid. ,
dee 24—tsi
POR 5.4 LE.
~ f ~~
- , ,
-- , 11 0 44 04 1 64 1 41 11 1 1 116161
as* 11100**Issisis4616.
see inn , - -
matearity ft JO rieiliKalk*filite l n i
• • -
OP 1111,61111 t
asks, 1 Bins if Lagisal elmlmo
rampblots. Rip .Oughbe
HawlbUls, Mask Clescks,, Out 'Pip'
slit itinlis of Stasks,
- agates &sashed*. Cowl bra MM. with Orr*
.fit. Case.
Printed on the shortest abtiosbed moot reasosaliestessos
We reonstfally sit the petrosage or. oar filiodeasi
he pebble is setteral is this braachst hoe busisiths.
rinaWsta. Se/4 49. ISM rut LLD'S it
WE ALUMS Ram[. IISC111113•31
Bank Plusuaraik. Par
!Merck. # Ni.. bk. Oar
Buthasse Mat, par
Bk. of Germantown
As ask.
Wismar., book. Ms 2
Book.of Chester Co. pot
Farmers' bk Bucks Co. .•
Doylestown bk do
Bk of N America Phil. ••
Bk of Northern Liberties, “
Cownteretal bk. of Ps.
Per.* Mechanics bk.
Heasingloa bk.
Illitadelebbs bk.
&Ala ylklll bL
Soutbwkrk bk
Vvsteirs Mr.
Bk. at Pennsylvania. I
Bk of Peen T. Pa
Nam.* lesebanies ek•
Methasier bk. par
Girard bo.,k, 50 1
U. Simeon& nk 60
Lumbermen?, Warren,
Frank. bk Washindion, par
Miners bk of Poiisvile.
Bk of alloaizoinery Co. par
Moo. bk Brownsville, 2
Brie Bank. 5
Harrisburg), boob. 81
Par. hk Laneasirer, 21
Bk of Middiolows,
Bk. of Ctiambersharei, 9
Carlisle haat, 9
Bk of Maritima , ...omnd, 84 1
Collembit bk k Pridse to .
Bk Ousonebanna fo
Bkor Driawore Co
Lebanon bk.
ceitysboreh bk
York Book,
Par. ir provers bk. of
Currency note. 8
Hosesdal•, 2
Wyoming bank, .$
Pitrab'kh Slate Perin, 5 7
Country do do
perks Co. book, SP
Lanrisearwn. 21
OH 10.
kliftostpleasitnl 1*
Fa.. IMPr.b. bk of Stem.
Re-ktionl bk SE. /loin.
Idlariritn bk. Demand
do Currency nines.
Colowbfaaa hk New Lis
bon Demand,
do Post doles.
f.,inrionsdi specie pn y
in! hanks,
Mech. 4. Traders irk of
Demand note,. 21...oubssitie. REF
Cirelevitie, (H. Lawrence !Clevelea, i dis
Cashier) 2 Wheelies. par
Zanesviii• bk. 2 1 GOLD AND SILVER. par
SALT—RS Barrels No. 1. Salt—alm, RO barrels No. 2
For for,. Mr ISAAC CRUSE. 14R LSI. Ft.
Mre Clallalltee of the Wirt institute have the
pleasure of laying Wine the public, the fot lowing Its tot
gentlemen who have consented to Lecture. mat
Rev J W Bakerell, Introductory Lecture.
J.ka L One, Egg, Washington.
Prof. H J Clark. Meadville College.
Ron. Wm Wilkisa. Pittsburgh.
Prat. d B Braun. Jeffersom C.diege.
David Mats, Pitubargh.
Reid A as kfiertina, Eaq ,
Prof. dies'? T Jiik OM. West. Theo. St mioary.
Francis Jo/testis, Esq., Pittsburgh.
Prof. J Barker, Westville College_
W H Lawrie. Pittsburgh.
Re► Jose's Llie.
Prof. aided IS ill'Culloch. Jefferson College. win de
liver several Lectures oe Astronomy, embracing Its rise,
prneressand destiny. Reed Washieflon, Zee,. will Mee
deliver several Lectures on the sit jest be may select.
Arrangements are in pinyon to mirage Proamse , M
illman. of Yale College.i•deliver Ia ow eliv, a POI roars*
of teeters .* Mb Josepn R. Rechesen,
nn Neurology. offitarmlitlismit Lecturers wilt kelavited
to visit oar city, IM be is the power of the in
sit U site teenager
The Lectierestitillairgosrue will be ea Ulster, and
Relesttfic entijecte esclesively. sad It is hoped from the
eminent ability of the Lecturers. and the interesting ite
tare of the subjects. thatctor difsess will pa•
rosiee this lendable enlerprine. The iron City should
not be behind sister cities in her encoaragemmit of science
and literstare. The pounds (if say) will he appropri
ated to the enlargement of • Library, already an honor
to the city.
(grCeerse Tickets.. admitting • lady and gentletnee, l
L and may be bad of either of the Cestimlitee. and at C.
H. Kay k Co's Reek Store, allowasgsbele sad Bsehange
Hotels. and at Seabird's-
Lectures commeriaree Therrase sselmly, Dec 1.
IOW; S. MOOS Alfa, .esesseltese.
WM. 11. Pffß i llrg.
JOSH S. aviatrix.
n't4-1 at
&NWT AL4—Thd have MOW' d t• Wa
ter between Woad Setitheeld • streets, "lets
they will caushmee the Wbeirsele Grocery sad Cu.amir
idea leshoese. sod sweell rieliertfelty what the paths.
ege . ertbeir Mesas. J.W W. strasalOG
T. PRICE, Wholesale *ad ads* Raker. Om
dretkmeer as Freiterer, Federal Weld, Saillthe
INIUMOIIII. Allegieray
Beery variety of Ceareetitiaory sad 7 •
Cater. talialoe Pot pude% ssimiliesia
cram the Mil viatartals, d sloost !valet. • SA . * •
VITILL/AM ?MOBIL. Attoribey at 141.4 itit ri f ; , - 1 . :. •
VT bateuridre Rsudigs. 'tarty ma*
Osettifon* a Gratit, Greet. leo
GZOtalt &AMR. +Worse, et :
file. 34 erreert.seer Tillllllll. ina/21.10;
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jai. balms Sorsal sad Third ita., Ifilearaht
' Thaw 9 *AL tat 4 P. It.
IN. I. U. alaaafaattnagPratallaittltiliatoma 1 10011 l•
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Deelabil MI 1 1 4 wok it, thelaelwilalligteo ll -Midg a
thrimai with a WHOM rip MS it% w
tar pets, win be at `totitia eater at Want 04110,41,
lb, .roP?Oifflt a* mad MOBIEPOI'M , AP Immlik- 4 1101.
awnill arit'clEMPits wilt =4 vritalkixitOPlL
- Wight 1.001, ratiror IN: ' _a' Dm! koi,k.-*
'116 "
Poet sole*.
Pram. lik Columbus.
. . bk. Gaul Erie.
Par. 1k: et tieleii.
Urbana .
. ate bk.* Draschea
ate Scrip,
AU leeks.
Plain bk 4- Snatches,
Shawnee loiss,
Rank of Virginia,
do Valley,
Far. bk. of Virginia,
l ax...bangs bask,
N. Wan. bank
iter. ¢ Mee- dn.
RsMowers Ravißs,
Comalry Ranks,
All Basks, par
All Ranks, par sad 1
CGOllity banks,
Edo kgy feed.) 1 a 1
1 Red Rack, 'to 1
Beside Ranks,
Coontry ••• -
• ad Rank , . •
Goa Ita - Mtv,
MI Banks..
; • 11101111 RA N
IRt. of Bt. Clair. 4
2.110. dn. I* R. Smith 4
flnn.l hank..
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2 rbiladelptlia, I
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Roston. I
5. Western Eicha age.
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-IIT. wllieM SPIPIGARIVOIVIter the yobbo Is &a Mils a
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parchisise ebsewbeart. DM Mark monsbes l part of
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DelfilinsiTrourale, aseeletAlesulisirillissllals.saile v ery
tither bribrie of urisw platlsing.
N CMOs were allasioded. try klimiellfla the 6L Asters
Wiener 405 motheliei st lite eery Merest emit pries&
and esolospereity he can albeit to give his cesumpera
DEWS& DADDATIDIabIit they ate get at bay other
bewails the eity. Delieeina la the prieciple et..Proleet
su=iFSiimiailir be has thembre had all his articles
Irs , Mliteharkb workmen, sad he has so
boalteasee Is goyim/ that they will be bored la every nes
peel weeder to the lartern morefecrared Wicks that
ars ellbradter gab le the shop shops
that have sweetly 1
lhaskerwi aortae as.
ka these times whelk arias /adeztry is oecopying so
large a saareof public attention. as it always should. the
proprietor of Ow "Three IN Doors' takes peculiar pride
and pleasure la wearing the citrates of rhtshargh that
his Goods are ell massafty tarsal under his own eye, by the
neseltaates of his oseWkrture. Ds does atm. like some of
his mais IN trade, airemDisekubes wade .pin a distant
It another Stew outdoes he *dwells. his Mork Is
bill. primed three err tberbilbstred wiles from
esti ea um principle that the meekaales ,
eau do work as welt •11 . 11111 , 411 MM nod be.
eke redraw money frees their pockets tow -
workeses: while he aping toes to support Mee; he ad*,
net wish wiarpenrerish thew by a drain to support taw
ad gramossib workshops.
The seherriber would take ibis ottensiee to Mato
theaint le his Mende and customer , for the asspreeedes
ted estromme extended to his esablishmeet, sad to re.
peat his invitattee to all them who wish to perches,
stethlae.ef every descrlsible, node io the latest fashion
and sold os the men acceannedatios terns. to roll at
He 151 Liberty street. JOHN le'CL.Ol5l( EY.
CrObeerve Deal Mate la the pay sweat.
Oct 27—if
Warivalled Blacking,
1111/147Pat7l UMW sod told wholesale sod retaik
JAIL bur thrust. Dee doer Wow
oti 31—t!•
9 - HURON eIIr,`ULATIND AND R 6t61106
148111ARYof Reifies*, Hiseericel,PethicelAnd
e•lleeeoes Works, will be open every day, ille;abetb et.
eeeilted, 'taw T o'clock, A. 111„satil 9, P: M., la the Es•
champ: Beildiai.corrier of Pk :Clair street and Riebeege
, alley, waerepeoetwei aiteretaace will be Oven by
ow 10 I. GEV NIL
Jur,NA 4. ruairataL. Paorsurroas 0? 'maths'.
...L..: vow Parra Bteahenvitie, Obis, bovine reran
'nod View More Fran iniscity, have appointed Moldable
',l . rele„ leo. Market et, blowers Sol and atb„a
. lb r ice sale at be different tin of Paper nar.aflie
-1 *litmus. wbere their frieruks•ad customers will al
.111001111 ad a reptiar sapply of paper, reel as Cap and
P at Writhe... Owe and Wet Hoed; Wiaperhar and Tea
pawn ileseet boards, and Printing Paper of different ai
ms and goalltier ,all of wilier will be sold on the abort
5W , 1 1111411 2
flanwas, manntaelorern nod importers of
Watt Popov and borders. keep. canna ntly on band eve•
ry variety rif got ry , Parlor aunt Chamber Papers, of the
latest styles and most handsome patterns. which I brt`
grin Feet tow and on accomot datl.. heroin. whole Kate
rrrtait nov 18—tf.
P. °elan!, Tnilor, Nn. 49, Liberty St.
2nd Door above Virgin alley
lIAEI completed • 'repels! omelet went of winte. etni
ins. coast:mini In part of dnnond and plain heaver
cloth frock snit overcoats; heavy fine sod common pita
cloth velvet [rift - Liberia nd plats; every description of dress
and frock cloth roam, fashionable colors and fresh cloths
plats and fancy eassinel pouts, cloth and satinet do of
onperior quality; every description of vests rattail% for
the season, and will I e odd low for cash. Persona wish.
log i ;nave fashketahhe yormenta made of the bee materi
al wilt And them at this establishment. Making warran
ted algal to any In the etty. A fail stock of goody are on
hand to mks to order.
Messrs. D. Donaghy and Thomas illicConce are at this
establishment sad will be mach pleased to have • all from
their oevorall frlarodo Good Ala Insured or no sale.
11 1 10 THE LEBTEE—Why do you out remove that
treperemmea hair you have apon year foreheads
sod upper tint By carnet at Tarri-e-a. 86 Foe rth
■ad obtaleiug a holing of Gouraud% Paoices dtabtlea.
which wilt re eve it at *see without affecting the skin.
Toone also Obtain Gouraud% gutty celebrated Sea di
Beitute, whicb will at once remove all freckle', pimpled,
oruptioue of ibe Ala, sad tasks your face look per wily
Dar; sod to those 'who orbit to amid mature by eddies
. eater to their einem they can obtain tome of Goa
riser celebrated Liquid tour, which caner* be rubbed
ody even by a wet cloth. Also woo be booed a good as.
mammal of Perfumery, moat as Cologne, Baca' ON. Al
woad. film. Whit/son sad other Soaps.
tame bur. at Tuttle% tledkal Agency, 86 4th street-
Dee. 8,18 e.
NOTICgie hereby ewes to the rredi tan sad debtors
of idestra. El lAretel and .1 6 Runts, tate solos
leadaree is Market street, Pittsburgh., soder the lirot of
Araiel Mesta, sod bathe public aesestily. Mat they
bow Ibis day aisissod all ibeir sleek of roods. amounts,
etc.. to we. for OW beard* of their creators, yet bow
fistfactlosar prefer:ism
pormnsi soda* thnawlrsstldeMd itt the late lino
101 l see the seem *,lf Witheed &ley. sod pity
sog their reepeetivethres: blideonoed nacres chilled trill
presest these.is tae dams.
• . KAMM LLOYD, Assigsse
Tiushinglk. Now. IMAM: •
N. S. Vas alesme sameissoca. "data milkmen Mt
MN maws* amortises* if sessmusale dry mad& will be
ii. Metso Of *Massa. No. J6•.dhap lbw mi*
liortmab amber's* masks artaiessest aid as
isipl At mammy. Is my shiesmoo,
WrDALLErt Mdlx XXTL C? I b rerrairae
the wee valsable 416rtareat fey Berv, Sores. - Ate.. ever
leveret. as reatter beer War I,periree Amoy els barer
et seelited—this wlx brig there alaagesaor, twirlers'
kprviesitei feel, SverY gulgettilimajd lava • box
Oa* boom aait.--terry eat
siva boo MO no:ai N. lie Msba# eat" at
1 1 / 1 71.8.'1N remit awe.
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z LAM—. Amon IL Loweee, having "NW
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.tee elpeestbess bate easephil by kik% trueith
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Ike Ow met.
Ilk men eye melt athei fee Meek tie perekotel
whiptelltidee,e, lir est *AO rataltweerestlia
—lkea it ' lasiserunnaer,,
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eftetrow ileir aka illinteehrot nor
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teelrellissiikaMt ■Motel wad. OWN
et tiliwarf itSWIONIPosir*. blows orleokei eels*.
-ssitYs S. Cllll4Takeir;
Plmirwrilli. Des. IS. 1 - It
SaGiatt-MINORY...PrrivaB 4 IIIIGH,
41~mourtimbiso emiu4ol- taw*
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sot efollmol-aihmrpoppos.
IniltOolt oat hollatios artiont.
Motlosimpo Ammo. to oato, tor pow* hluths bane
and diohigoolumui oulhotol "Him
ago iota PAU*, swan. 0111101111016 {Ned
~ill ilia ?WI". phis oluilltsiet.of iiirnat e 4 1
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to mit alma esamakes tkirtr steak ae4 prism gewbre ism
Mewl illieoust s.tp Imt Woo lbw cosh.
Peon hotioutto 'is tuotoeuhtboy heat to to
asoolitetuto pope= Is a ogyarfor ousllntot:, and at stay
are illotersiitei to Imp up all. thole *pm
knee aallarekty - Netteliatil; Use, bop. to ~We to tr
eel,* thatiumengeoleut hiehottooolibetsay ett.Sod.
1111OLDilit1P it DROWNS.
tto 48, Market Waal. bows MI tied 411
Tiusborgli. *pt. Th. 16.12..Au5nt
OUR OUT PIIR WORTII. ilareAmear and C. ii.
miss .lAtrgegat. igoirmins. XT« volu anew to
gale of Real Seale. Dry Gkteds,lll.agerige. rerilltore. *e
4e. treater weirs etity ?lade y. Tlagrolay. sad ?r$
dal Inorlibigs. al 18 o'clock. A. M. Cadraggageseggade
ermaalersase... . gee 10
36 TOSS Soft Pt from satiable for roasoltries. Ap
1 0 4 to A. UELE!I.
'MOIRE HOWARD t asavolicessere Nrsti
Asper. Xs. 18, Wood Strut. Pitssiorga.
Have always ere hand an extensive eamortareat of aorta
Glazed aid ease PAPER HANGINGS, Yeses and
bohathrit Borders. of the latex style and badmen
Pettores-Ds* Ponylag baits, parlors sod drawbars.
They natantiretare and base oa Mad at all than—
Met*. Writing, Letter. Wrapping zed Tea Papa', Boa
Searlie—all of which they tidier asr sale
"iho haw eeeparamodalseg henna; ad to which they
rite arrest los of faerehaere and otters. '
All. Bo— Blank Rocha airaitkiads and the bestivaality,
fOehool Rooks, t•te. always oft baad and for tale unbar*
N. B Raga ad Tarawa' Serape taken to *militias.
Qrgrales. S.s aprXZL ie.; served op In the Mot
style at A. Flusraza's, No. 9 rifib Moen.
apartments ire appropriated to gentlemen aocompanled
by ladles. Also all kin/set Cakes 8.211 Confeetiosary for
patties, oredaia's. ete., for sale by
no% 19—if. A. ItONICEL
Trms has this day readved from New York, a
fresh supply of Hawn' Nerve sod Rose Lieheicet,
and Vegetable Ella WA Mad, canfer Rheuma
tism, Gsget.rootraried Cords sad Lleatra—also
Gmtesture Psalm; Soheits, the completely aid perms
neatly endless leg overflown belt from litinaks* upper
tips, t Ite hair eraneestles a brood sad elevated hmeheed.
the sietrassea beard of man. or any kind of super/eons
hair. Prier $1 per bottle.
Omtemars gas de assess, or True Weser of Ileseti.—
This ireneh preventible thoroughly exterminates daltenr.
nem. Frock les, Pimples, dotes, Illetchen, and all anathemas
citations whate•er. Itentishig delicate whim hands,
...seek and antra, an d Ocala, a healthy jevesdie
Abe, amirtal other valashhe articles, too nuaterana to
mention. The reputee sold wily at
ott-lf T11771.2"8 4oxpecr.. 6 4tb at
Di. A. W. PATTERsos..."ses OR Sadthilleld skeet,
sear Sixth. le P 19
1104R1f0i7ND C.ll),DT—Ttrryix has
lErreeAeived Ms day frost NOM York. a (Mph *apply o.
the shove celebrated cote for Coops. Colds sad Coe
temption; and is reedy to soppy tiososcrsat wholesale
or Wall. at his .Medical Aisle!, 96 north st.
env 11
FARMPOR SALE.—The sndersTwed offers for male
ilia farm, lying In Ross - township 44 miles from the
Chy of Pittshnrsh, ronta'nlng 114 atria efland of which
60 tVe cleared and under fence, from 15 to 20 acres of
meadow, 2 good Orchards of Apples, a few Peach sad 1
Cherry trees—the improvements are a large frame house
containing 10 rooms wellfurnialted, calculated fora Ta
vcro o. private Dwellieg, a frame Barn 221 by 60,stoae
tesens.nt, and stabling, abed' nd other eat bousesesit
aide for a witentittil!-2 good Gardens sarmended with
carran. bushy' and a well at excellent Water. with a
pomp in at the front door. 1n relation to the Fit t shank
and Allegheny market, there is no place now offered for
83'e with morrinducemest to those wishing to purchase
near Pitlebargit, the terms will Ise snide moderate, for
rertber particularsapply to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store. Liberty street, corner of Whets Alley.
N. R. If not sold brfore the Ist of October Dell. it
will be divides! iota 10 and '2O aerie lots Wash penile
errs. das 10
rpflOit int TEA-111ititlY TOOTR WAIIR-4 Ares
fotashseek Ressedy.—The extreme bratty of the
Teeth, their joidlepewasble use, and the freneasey admit
decay. hashed to asap inveatioes for tisetrpreserration;
yet how to pre. serve thew in a waterer health se pristine
beset,. to the taint periods of existestre, was eatirdy
aeritaown tentP the diwovery of the above lavaisable
pr.paratiort. It Sims* pure Omelette eseepowed of veg
etable Ineredients, and is possessed el . taw mute delicious
odor. It nediestes teeter Ora= the Meth, reastrves apple
of Incipient decay, pelielent sad p. '.-s the estennef. to
which it gives a pearl4lU Whitenees, sad. hen its Aria.
feettog preperties,passeaws ibe vht.9l of girl": sweetness
to the breath.
As au Atti-dieerb sue, the Games° thane he its trans
cadent powers; &army be arsikrated trim these. a
heathy action and mime la induced. which ogees to the
aotke ads. medic' praethieser lemishitabk teatimee of
their healtbtel stale. It Yes bran eiteadeed sad used by
several atlas beat physicians of this city. Irks bass me
bentiation is neceutasesmilas It as as excellent *ash for
the Teeth.
Ravin trial Dr. “Tttorn% Tea Berry Tooth Wnh."
and impost eassateted ;ebb the lavedleadt of he asap.
vision, I eloarAilly say, I remade/it eat of tba mho.. as
ft I, use of the meeteleasant Tooth Wastes sow la eft.
ritiellelh ate. 15.1842 DAVID NUNT, Demist.
I take piteearl la sealer, hewing abaft Ise oPThern't
Tea Berry Tomb Wash." Om it le Gee of the bee des
irides le eta. Wag lea Omaha form, It emblem seat-
Ness will eatenedema. While ft airman the newel
and removes the Motet hem the teeth. Its verbose pads
a fragamtee Mattlarty desbahte. J. P. TERIETTIII. M.D.
The insitatteed have used writers% Cospoemd Tea
erte,esik,Witeli. h eed have Awed it to hese extreme.
esentiobty a most ishilary
mem wet the Teeth aed DeleC Plesteviel time Maw
awahle smothete hem premetent dem. pretreellog the
eatimmilatioo aflkerter. sad perifylag the ENath. Nay.
leg themeghly Metal Sts virtues. we take pleasere hi is.
esemasedhey ft to the palls. Wheal,/ It le he the beat as.
brie hial saw hi eve.
C 0411410/4 W.III , IIPCJUPDLKSit,
M .1100lIEv1b. /Art CILIIPP.
Pspind ask by WILLIAM 11/081, Apetheeeey
Nil Camesdet, 04.53 Illaduptamt.Pli~eliw soft- it
tie prepekal briallake.sadl raitieslikdkal
It ; peps. .
pititarc4PariMumAiwtsmo•••• band Os
r apt ipiseni *riot - ova at_twom OM' "a"
'WOO _ 1117.1* 141106110 te NM at talir
leSt 111 1 0 11 4 V0R1611 1 411 .44. Of -hogsall as OW .
wilVoilWhiperir*W•s gigs ofit. I
* " 1 7 filiOssoink de e i,4o4l4,lkaig twitMfriet OW*
04. Visaltint-410032. shok sf.o44•l**
MAW • • - ore _
111:111,101101M1118Ait PS ANY*IOIII I
.M. 1 10 014.11.0 11, SmisimAlat Saila ILMAPAt .
*rest mimeiiiimei ism St LW&
AMi earraatiltailk
11,011011 s. I mil tlimissi -
A let *Mums , *
Aril4Amr' up
Motes amis. AsseltiM,Y.,; ,
11416 .4 11 k." 6 " 5611 " ei1i " 6 " 444.111Wi :z
112 4 1 / 1 I '4l l l l lnt 4 11 101 1 1 1 10
. • - -
W- ---- ,_
01; iii — Neirsi4lil
sitilispret siffiii, rusiSCIR
Oa lisiiiisiiiiimiti
Irma. 110 es *NM IWO*
is nese slies lls*OliedliNi
£ Min
- Skisisisit. cosi bit -
Ass sisisiseiWiti
'miss tow *Me* I* '
Apply is•
___,_ *I
M .. ONO_ .
Dna' aut sibbiagesatliblitfirn
WM, - C . 1 44
ata be hini ed eil vs C.
dos, It ethos haw icihni„'
a &Nom* otodeam Awe:,
lasaisg Ca, limilipt
Ciatlemistes‘ Wily jilt rallilki
lrh R: 7 ZIAN/inilgi
I.7imersee Mod lad fk
ilie 111)"
De rare yea est 'Dr Price
•0 17-4.
Pear sale by
3 • 4. A, GORDON
aspect% It y
vicinity, that be la prepared is recohltitaltil
den the any description of Wort hhim Hot
He has an lasi. and will r••emerantly amigiftiol4lole.
era, ansostatent 'VH(//#liik •
He will swift Stott to totlat t ylli fennet 1 11111**Or•
caber etstablisbaseatt. Sheehy* Wail MO
paying, t bat his work. aa to yearn" artandicalllVlC
th sad everkanaitaidp. awn*
.tahltalsotnet in this ehy.
By punctuality Bed ear9hlftlat Mee .
he becietio wit ad -roillee assor ttioll.U__llW
reason. farsilibic their ewe osierNl" __
their advaelage Inuit, before oft _
memvs P♦?gK? UN
Geld. whets
as et rehnsil
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hiteaisge, goy
aid akin
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■ll dams et
We. the Si
eit the above t.
I i preemastem
ea. 'lle the repr
Ws. Calms '
w.. Mo.
Jobe L4IIE.
oar t. -41 et.
NAMsad *X
Tharrolit kifilialliANAA:lo6llol4 I .
gives is Pew.*
Sees siviellered ,
111411.111"1 - •
MP. 40111 MOW" ,
dee lk II tr
Gr lusalts
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