Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 28, 1842, Image 1

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    •-• 44 -4 X- - -2. , -,` - . - 4..•• •-„,- -..' • , f.. , .' --• 7 -.• -- - -1.7 - -""., :-..'.. -ft: 7 ,f. -,,... -f, '-ir.-_ - :; . - -'i
. - 17:.••••‘-‘. -- -s---.... , - , 1-t• ' .-. 4, - ,.,- •
~. ' - .. •s ij- • •• .", Y ,7 - fe,- , , ,
• ''' `••,", " ~' • -'.!
aid ; 1 1 .--;
; ." o' .•v•''.'•,-.,.. •
Thee.iv • ' 1 ." - 0 ? " 4 . 4 Y 4 ''..,-, , e,,t,,.0.` '"44 ,7',. - f. s , ~ ...-tiet, 1 0 ,,,,-; l 4,2y es e
: - ,..-.,- - 1- , ''':"llfel ,, :tin,L.:.." ,,
i - .3t.
.. -----.-----
Fi . Iv r . l
14 - : .4 teN.,-4:4......, , V OLI.-Lw._ ....,
, . ----,:1,
k . -,, A
-,.. ~ ........ , „..-------,
- , ‘.-1-4...t.„. ~ rUBLISIIED . BY
- ` -q •' pHILLIPS & W. H. SMITH,
• .4.._..F1WE DOLLARS a year, Payable in
1 " - 6,agte rooks TWO , DENTS-for sale at the
- •
o f the, office, and by pews Boys.
. - I
iercury and Maitttfactitrer
, , hed w Es'', 1.. V, at the same office, on a doable
at Two DOLLARS'a year, In ad
' ..- 0 sheet, at
dingle 01P1e,..
, ..
..* • _---- mandmmulionimis
1 , ..17t .-----------
1 AVELERS TAKE NOTlletz , . 7 ,.: ' T
provided with the Safely Gaul 1,a.,1 ~,t.,,,
ern;s of Advertising.
print/41141th a figure of the appli tii .: 4 ' .. _- afitir 0.50 I One' month, $6,00
ie . 0,75 I Twoments, 5,00
on are not deceived by trib,rep,.-.7aallille xv,
dialing their boats to be preeidei-4104nur Irl.oo Three months,
'loos l , , 'l.OO
d, when they are sot slr liettnitti Itilnylittit 1,50 I Four ;neighs, 0,00
3,00 SIX months, 10,00
e following lea list of boats sepo o 7T' •
and at the Poe. of Bittern - - millet vete. 4,00 One year, 15,00
MhWII tym.
~i i the list have tbo liscinTroap prii Pf 1 vE 111 LY ADVERTISEMENTS.
Md.'s it Is impossible for adresphys l ' all bar ..n ...E.! . ACILE AT ,PLUASURE.
ANNA, ton N.__
FOahlos ";
A, ..). 5i,,,,„. Two Squares
' ITAN, iLLIIIOIIS, .., - slg.oo six months, 323,00
'ARA, DU Qumfe 23 , 00 One year,
' it rql i-ements in prorortlon.
EANS, JEWFss --, Inv,' a,
TON, ''
BIONTGOMEIVL- . 0 .,..n, c. s' hires I - LT D OLLARS a yen r.
'P PITT, GALLANT, t r„,-, flrytt g Third between Market and Wood
I?.ESS MAIL, QUEdlior7priz. -. 0 _ m roddie. Postmaster .
DUKE OF OIM a ii ,L,. % mu. 4th door from Wood st. Peter-
-.F.. 1 1 i Jolts Wittock, ( l'ol r ector.
'IAN, -, ECL I PE,E, ',; „,::,„ Wood kein een Fir-t and Second
'T . W1ND. ...... k Bart 1.11, Tr.,a.nror.
' .
VICTRESS ' Fiord street, next door to the
0 11,
*Mir:IMAM, L,I
Choi - , 11- .4 . ft. Johnston, Trea....irer,
QU El TE, OL';' , PREy,, ' ~ I trill. cte.reen Market and Wood
LEY RAND, PENEL3PE, ._, ,rII . \la \ or.
%NIA, - row INA, _' , ~,T 1 / ../ r,oi.th.near Ma - 1,, Ist
.1Z( ~ AGNEs, I' v' KS
N ,‘! Irket and Wood streets, on
I; Al; A N SEI T, sARATooA ~ .
~ 1.. , F. , ..i.i' AND r,II,IERS . DE
sl: ANTII, ~. ,
ORPHAN 1101 ' --. NI • I n a , 14 Fourth, beiwten
Go PARK., _ oftio,
I UNE, ‘ CECILIA. , ' ' \V"I
LAIDE, las
J II Bi, 1 " ' tbe pride.
I ETTA, MENTOR. 9 " . E ' ' ' , I , ,I x% ~,,t.
\ Err E, COLUMBINE, "s s .. „ , . , ~i - i hn,•id.
\ M FERRY BOAT, ' i. ‘; 0 , ' ''' ' . , ~ I I teal.
liaveliii: community IlleTtlpittclint rtql . st n ~, ,1 , ~,,, ~ ~,,, ',,, ' ,
Vol make a choice of a beamontima - l''
, • N., ‘‘,l 'NI. ' ' ' .'
' sna ' '"" SE
e it liel her it would not be Ives& Mt c , n _ --,
rurity to choose a Safely Guard kuid, ' - 7,
e am. freight, in preference mane not tell* ; Eiti • Ni 011:1... k . r 101 n IA A\ 1.)
-1 einlosion-and that they will beat ii al i 01' tit; ELLOR. \T I. %.11. --. 0
, 1 . , , .. ,, ' ,
i ..,, invention has the unqualified appoint* 11.1kmeell' , oib , " .. I. ' I '''
' ' ' `.
"cam et - woe builders—gentlemen whose . w Court iioa , , ai , kl tom. - It, J'r,i , s'
- ~ 111
iiiider , land the sakjert, and whaareestirdy ' TtrA door.
-'ed-besides a number of rertificalos how . OS. ff. 1,:1,1,101' 1% ff. 0.- / r err -errr”, /.1 to
/ , lets en and others-all of whkb can leuse
a/ ~,, ~he ir 6 , ~ p
~, „,,,, 1,, Z.,,, q Si, ,
a /reel, C• tr n . ,
14 - ,, e , No 10. Water aireet,wheje it wild ; ~
6 , ,, ,,, ‘.. I. 10
„re at all times to elliildt my idtMallaa tll,_ ---
$ (.01)1) , I, _ I re ,/ I .{ Al i ',.r, . it 1,,1, -al,' t ool
„Ile/ lake the trouble to call.
10 A DWALLADER ETA t retail dealer. is Et, , 2 l-li F ~.tir.ll, a. ii 1)0110 Stir
f 00 k', IlllkW -i 1. / I ~, -et , 10
'..CARI.E REAL 'ESTATE roa. 8%1.
Tile ,ul,,F.criber offers for sale, at the pretest
r L•reater part 'of his real estate, • •
~•: l'ittsbursh and Allegheny, els: Time
Warel.onspF., nearly new. a•
v;lrl:et clrtel .1 lei Ween SETOIId Sind Proft.
a 'rm.; al.out 54 feet by 60 detp- Torn
• paratrly to Fult purchasers, and spec tag
a , rter I I !GI in Atte...hear thy. 64
uptcari of 3L -. 0 Girt iii AeOI4...P.VAPII
•••. a. r• Pkri:..” Ivania canal ald the e 4 •
thp Int rttiloininz the alo7re. 100 CPO i 0 hi
1%0 ft el it. tin:111,
At ItAatl,tm ttuusc vill‘ K lA 1 nolif O "°ll
0- Ini with t 0 :10ry IrrlGk p 07411. 111
MI !beet - I,ller o .711 a rio - 1 ki,cl trout ttott*ts . ..11411
!ollerat, ground rent. and nosy orrrypjfk Vlittp
A LEX .C. A 4E5E4
,Lkx s FD .' r.'t T D —it Mit, i t ob' ps
can Nor good,, a qaaot y of Fia.v2od 740
n sr
:Orr , rob -, or Co'll dry I roiturP !Ann in
II A Ilk IS'S lotelltilifiire t
!bout. is , sion I,V are I•citift., Ne. 9.
.21-. f
I lI , N %PT. Coll , Mielf %OH m erc A ci d, Detre
da.-e crd .91iscricam Akrnik(actstres,
E-q.. PiltsbUr2h
• ,Nir. t•
n:, • C , chran or E'd.
D. DaviF,
•Vny 4- Hanna,
V. I Co. ••
:•, Woodhourne, Esq., Aladi4on
LL: BLE FARM FOR SALE.-1 will sed
l'artn on which I live, In Witham township:.
I: tochf.io,l, coffin iniug ape has ant, wont
about 70 acre; of w tikhis clewed. and the heti .
I lic red . There are upon it ` Ono
63 reet by 34; an apple orchard of choker
seventy acres of coal. The stnls •
a.l ,to that of any upland (anis in the uns
matte krown OR application to the subsetiber •
hr prcmit , es. WILLIAM WALLACE.
• '
ILLIASI C. WALL, Main - Poo!
and Pietwre Frame .iirrssfsaltrers
Sfrect Pettsburgh.—Csavass Brusbek iff
inr A rtists, aiways on baud. Lookist, Ossers.
ly framed to order. Repairing dons id 114
r attention paid to re.eding aid Pbblig
^rill' ion.
t•ons tilling up Steam Boats or bonsai/ 104
Iwanlage to call.
HIT E LEA It —The ea hscrilers are now
in furnish painters, and other:who rah*
ti , e White Lead trade of • the be
lode s+
et waterier.?
rqua if not superior to any . offered
,;en addressed to Dunlap 4- naghoPre belt
ds I
'co.llo second street, Pittshartb. "
---__— _ ~. A . . in
I :fth St., one door frost Old Sled of 0 ' 31114111. -A„,
Subscriber respectfully informs the 1 1 / 1 7.
lurtlt and vicinity that he hitche s coalmen
.2 Atioes of his OWn rnanalfactase Mnr.
Iz ' he wi n keep constantly on bawl I rel l 10 ,
"1" all kinds of ladles. misses. and childstO !
, I , OPs, of - the best quality. a high will le 5.111 _.., 1it
out the times fle will alt Po mike sr ww'
of fancy wpck—pneb itr-arbhe 1011 . 1c , i ii 1
-,., colored ratters, and tuvdthill.llolo°7-ift
, s's iiislers. silk gaiters , tc. t i s - Ili- pail
.. made at the shorhuMlolite*/""" ..eleo/0
Ladies will please caMted valetas n.orthro
ulecriber feels confident that
tide in his line they may
I , 10 •P^ - =
n e k borm7
S. Don't forret the pleee—iliwi. ss i 4 001. A
from Harries intelligence 006' 3.0.
Market Street.
_-----.'-'-'--W_ ... We 01, 1 ,
ILLIBM DIGEST having 111M17,001014.1
business of [ham' # liarr,_.--0 4,
r' Y street and 42 Market ;Wet
.7fr,. softitf..,
t...i to the numerous 0E4 16 egli'f7fei.. stale.
.rur the very li beral appal - .thg7.„""ooest A i
. to biat,in connection. wit_il '`.. ii t sUlie,7
te% to 35suretbein th at Elie , ° . -- ite *OM
t• he continuation of tbe tame - , ,_....aost ,
tiqy invite their .attention to all
irori,-, wer , ,
,og, which be intents selling eLor t nii i 4 .
I.as been ewer olrerea , bellsg,,llt."-di qsi i
.bole of the stock of the fele-r.77L-ili or,
ard as he inteatkrtectintini hit;
business, he .feal.; it:O 4 W __, Pcr do - r ogibf'w l V ,
e. disown'', &bur is Ate i rrn", ~. 1 . . i ...0 ,
a work:n=lhW. ifidoblyMi
use to takenotieetbat eiterisf ..- ~ _ P
In l'ituthergh• - .
Oft CM
Itkiikkirsfil t a ritarg-11
~"'r% %• WO
4.d 4hitha-80005.''.3*.
Has states =41140114 IteF'
hen are,setkal - -
41010" v ".
$,N1);,r4.4 kuorne?s anil
,he lharnond, back
boy t orfi , 0 north
ho!‘s•oPo Wood and aiiithficld
oe t nr,r I
k•,.1 U c, in Proilitre a. 1,1 Pit L.,..•11c.,11
224 Liberty Strett,.Pitte
:zve. 10
I (-.! s ,- ;. 1., -, nt
; CSC DI ,LIN 'AT ril. I , • 4.;sni ,
o re;tl ir!e n , N. 29.
sc. ! , 10
.o'll I/ 0 :31 NSON, lortiey r I.:tw
11 , ,ct h Diamond.tret. Ve-
EeP 10
w, I,tnnre}• at La w: leaders
0 the piehi ie. Hike - Car
.tt”ive I). Lloyd 6•
srp 10
4 A •I V441r44.(44 84,1_
1.. ............. N. I.:Ert's
M.,o*:.rottrer ,- . of Cooper
['root F ,lt,
11.1, St.`ll- work 11.- . oroollv
ecp 10
S Y..l*, I 1 ~Cig I YOUNG.
OS. B. lOUNC. CO.. l',nplare Ware
UN,anEe Alley
Plv.i .i ~..~ i ~ it
TOVII • , IliOrOoire Mut
u rrd II 1 .or II hy , he do
N0.9,1 - .11111 st
~1:,;, 1..,1.11,e11i's Fresh Ru
a chef r , r ill varieties 01Turnip
fir sale IIEr , CEDYRICES al tile
and Seed Sure of F. L. SNOWDEN,
10 No. 1;4 I,iherlvstreet. head of Wood.
EBB t LOSEY 5 S BJ.II and Shoe Nl:irstil3Clo
- No. 83 Si., next door to tit. , U. Slates
1.1.1/e, and Stalin Shoes made in
drzialanner, anc ny the newest French patterns.
00 1l 'RCS I,TI ULUS. In lots tomtit
pu r to I e disc oseti of by
iQ No. Ig4 1.14er. y street. head or wood
MowPr: am( Firmer Seeils of ev
e"., Ho ma, can always he bail at the D:o4
• Siljle o r F. L. F N6W DEN.
9. 134 Liberty Flreel, head of Wood.
I•B`. I II; tiois Annual Mnounoth Onion r'eed, for
tale at the Drug and Seed si arc of
184-Llherty street, Wend of Wood.
for seed; just received by
No. 184, Liberty bead of Wood st .
TOOLS., consisting 4.1 /toes, Eancy Spades
` ,,, boir:y. Trowels. Siding Twits. Budding
aives. Pruning Shears. etc., inel re.
be t.... by F. L. SNOWDEN.
184 Liberty street bead of Wood.
' I CE ;‘ Hams: —J ust received a, small etip-
I4 " - Y choice cured Venison Hams, on retail
ninon current money.
and Cont. Merchant
- . • - •
ITE kach Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Kealucky Blue Grass, always on band and for
No• 1:14 Liberty street, bead of Wood.
El 4 - BucHANAN, stittforaelt at Late, lathce
from the Diannkiutt-In ...Attornerellnwo..
leo( Fourth street, between Market aim'
G . IST RAravitLANKSi for prow-earl:l try,
htert under the Tate-law, for ale at this - g trice
S ALE.—Lots on the North fast corner or .Coal
teand High street. Apply to
BEST. I O DA R NCYONT, /4farket,, near 4th it.
, ,
1.1.R5. Landreth's French Sugar Beet eeedjttat
K received and Oar. sale at-thn Drug and Eend,
14) FX.42INOWREI4,
ii...._ 189 Tatbertyilreet, - IwarletWeent. —
'•ePtnforn liar,sreen
iiOr`,ENV Ittl44Ety
• y ,aucll9llsd
r toe firm in ...itirrf, np`tite inl•-inne(
W tbtitAtfit HAG BY:
_.,..4:„...,,:::. _......:...,, ~....: ~..,6 ,„
, ..,. ~.......,..
~,,, ._„,„.,.......T: ,
~ ',-• .= " 1..':.
- f.: 4 •; . •:.i.:l E -.....,,
. ~ . .
• _, .
Icritssrofq 4- 'ST OCKTOIN ; Booke;elle Print itrid
eJ P-sper Iltanufaei suers, 24 , 41: 37. Na/ket 16-1 y
TORN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry; .Water et
a -nen r e ke Al ononeAttela flanee,ritilii need- sep. 1049
LEONARD S. JOHN3o . lodersnau,St.Cisir street's&
coed (foes front Libeeir.- - sep 10-3 y
. ,
Dr. S. R. HOLM E S O ffi ce in second street, next door
to Mutvaiii Co's lasirriVaiehcinie - sepllo-Ily
.1(. FINDLAY. Attorneys -at Law. Forwthet.,
1.7 near the Mayor's Office. Ptltsburgh. nen 10-Ir
911-103-HA3lll.TON.Altotney at Law.Fi nh,,between
Wood and Smithfield Ms- Pitt:o)lmb. sep 10-1 y
I_l übti.Tojg ER, Mutt Ilea , at Law. North East. corner
1. _IL
of Smithfield and Fourth sty Tel r sep 10-1 y
TAIIIRPSON: 111.11 It& • • • • • • • .„ • • • • , • • • J • /ILES 7 . 0121C80 I L.
ITANNA 4 Ttlf:NfiTMl:3 Paper -VOirebriusie. No.
104. Wood st, Where nk'y ba bad a general supply
of wrßing wraprdritr.printiog, wall paper, blank books,
school books, 4c, 4e. ' sep 107-1 y
C. TOWN-4E14114; CO.. Wire Workers and
R. Nannfaciurers,Kq.239larketslreet, between 2d
and 3d streets. sere 10-1 y
xc.'n ANo E noTEL, Corner of Penn and Ft.. Clat!
st,eels,hy Atel:IBBII4 4. SMITH.
ward Hu2bes. Manufacturer of frau and Nails
iVarehouse Pntshurgh. seplo —ly
UM METAL-77 tons sort riff &fetal fur snt by
J. G. 4- A. GORE) 3N.
scp 13 No. 12 Water street
•ffink LBS. B %CON HAMS. 16.090 Its. Bacon
(91 gi
1 k. 7 11 Shoulders, for sa . e. hg
13 N 0.12 Water 'street
WAS. PATTERSON', Jr..rmingtudn, near Pittvbure,h,
.P -Pa., "Ma nu rartu rer or Lticks. Hinges and Itolis; To.
I•neen. Fulier, M ill and Timber SerewsOlousen Screw. for
11. el I fre. ' $eP 10—ty
101 -IN IPCLOSKEY.Taitor a tid
stteet, ltetweeti Sixth arta Virgin alley, iFoulli side.
s , p •
W BUR It I,: tc. CO., WhoteFale Grocers and
e.O Commis:don c 113 UN— .9.i.enied Amt t, het wee g,
)food am! Sinii Itlichl Ft s.,Pill,a•iir•le. Sill 10— 1y
G 4- • . connoN. Conmassinn and Farwaril . ing
M -rrhar.cs, Water st.,Pitistazr;.th. s4,:n
LTA casks_bani. ft g s i od artic le. received per S.
R Corsair, and for sale by J. 11.4. A. Gott DON.
sop 10 No. 12, t flier street.
R Mtll. NSAES —4O hLds New Orleans Su
ear; O bblF. New Orleans 11.p1:154e,; for Rnie
seplo L A. GOD TION
Q., VG Art.-7 WO; prone N. 0. SA r, reeved ner
n Maine, and rorsalc by ..).G.k A. GORDON.
S~BACON CASK if order, on band rind for sale 1w
seplo J. G. 4.• A:GO1 DON, No. 12, 'Valor 61
Q . IIC; AR ANO !OM. hhj3 and 4 I,' I, N. 0.
iz0.0r..321‘1,ts N. 0. Mblas:Fe:. - :.., reeti veil per SIN' riihnat
leporler, and for -ale t y J. r; k A. G0N1,0 ., N,
seplnNo. reel
RC LAr.r) 011.. fors:Ve lw
;_) ft. A: FAItATP:=TrIC.K 4. en,.
Sep 10 co , of . , of Btit nict %Voodris•
P PER: , (,ermAtiirpoirt I.ntts:p
.1 - thick. for §ate
L t•-_3 _A_ by 8..%. CO..
P 11) rorner o f f s I, and l'Vnoll
. _
Lis_ Prtita rid sa•c I , y
V. A. C II) CO
`..11 :101, lc.o ES 111,d , . N. 0. Sil7r.r,
~"") ttir;,. elo.. lOU do. Plani:iii•,et , ft,
in ILI it t ril ptry prll.lf4l.oli
l'in form , . at iirovr.il tw i he Court,A.r.saiF
t trill he d rercury and It sep 1U
St/21. 1115.1311ARD, Low—. rashio,,aht, I,odi and
V sfine itrer. O. 101, • Third s , een
Wood and SmithEetd srreei S. PiltsOmt2h sep 10
BUC ri tl ignr,R, EY AT LAW,
.. lia-:remov , ll his office to the corner of Fourth
Altret airlift:berry Alley, between Sulillatield and Grant
meets. sett I()
OR nuN,-T.—Thedwelling and lot containing 4
_EL' arres, in A Ilegheity, near the Beaver Road,!ately
nerriptedi,v Mr_ srunne Church. Apply at the Merchant=
and 'Manufacturer , ' Rank, to H. DEICN Y.
nep Cashier.
" rlll it to
t . ,aiisfied that
sep 10
;„-,_,/• ILF MAKER, Na. 7, St. Clair streei, Pitts
i4r.l.: burglt,
sep 11l
t1..4 supply of Lambeth's Garden seeds, always on
ha nd, and for sale at his age nr , he Di ug store of
sep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly Aol.llil Or the Gnarl House.
second dwAling from Poitsstreet. Ile will faithfully milted
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door above tile basement. sep 10
ItEMOV At. —Matthew lones, flart.er atul Hair Ore=s
et. hag remoYed to Fourth street, or pt;sit e I Ile May
on:office. o• here he will he. happy tor . tvait upon oernourent
or transient costuera. He suticitsa share of pohlie oat•
rooaer. sep 10
lAT M.. A. W Aft ES_EM , TIST, Penn st. three
tit door below. Irwin street, Boers of business, from
s. nt., until $ P. M., after which time he will uttered
to no one except. in eesee of actual nereelity. He
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ liim:that lie exitertis lit - mediate pup:nein ovit haat
the necessity on his partorsendingin bills. Sep 10 -
O}IN gt*FARL t ND, Uphatsterar and Cabinet
OP - .11-4 - er, Third St. betaceett Waod Sj hlaAst sirtets,
respectful ttfortus hiS friends aad the public that he is
prepared to execute all urders'for Sofas, Sideboards. Bu
• tea us, Chairs , Tables, Bedsteads, Stiode; I lab' and Spring
Alattrasses.Ccirtains, Carpets, all sorts of Upho 4 - 1 -ering
wort(, which he will warropt equal .0 any made in Atte
city; and oti reasonable terms.' t ,,, p 10.
1 1.-1 110 ,Froect Street, 'Pittzbitrgk.—R. A. Baustnan,
Auctioneer and Coviitifission Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Codas and' Mereltandize,
et his large and capacious tonnis, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets, f•
Regular sales of llr.y Goods, PUrflikUre., Greeeties and
17 1 ii i c r kicles,o4Pet ondixf. and ,Tbursday w
Fla Cutiery liry GnodelysinOtaney ankles, on
Tutillti4 s WedtieSit3:,and..7 l !u , vitay
Books, etkalng„
tibe rat adiances tu2tio , 11k usiktrO.w koa wanted.
Itwatts - pus.
Mwsrs. John R. DaViP? MN'. ' '' ' , - 1
Ilaffa!el 4 . soiltit. - . I •
Homo:coo. E.'oAILII4 ,C0..44. 1. .
y - t.oreux f Co,, - 4
.4,4%'-' Ourbs - idie 4- Co., , I . .-•
- - c.. 4. , grEee 4- .
.Co . A, -- • - .
44 : capi.james W9argill. } Pillsbqrsa...
.. C. Thom:4. 0544 i
4 . ' Joan 11 'Fadden Esq. - I
•• - Logan 4. lUnntify. - ' 1
tt J. K. Moorhead 4. Co. i
.. Jas. P. sttlati*EM. 1, • ' '- ' :
. 4 . RAtiertiG4hiltlty, Esq; I
~ • Capt. - J-1.A., Mar., I ' 1
alevoq,aiumi l 4. Co. ' - - -
f , Wirialn 'Flamm- - , , wiktenng ,
.. B..G. flenry., , -," ,: • ~Lowlaataae- :
--.4 t iorti; - -*vow- ~.:. , ,- , -. pinta.'.-
_1240100/04 1 1W _
fie f - - ` l* '.. t?'
- ‘ O l l
..:' : :;-,,,t.,;. :T.: ;,..:;.7:.,,.<,1,,::-' . '',,•',.-,
No. 12, Water street
rnr PYPT 1.16 - si.
e f . 11110 N ,
S 12 Walor slit el
~~~ - ~.~
111GBY—L7ro. 1 . 21. Corotr of iritodentrd'
Streeo. fiCoOunrk. hen ee. haedtk ee'et"i"l'e aa
iottioeotor tautentware suited to the city or woofs) ,
twig.. Atop; -o.eholve oeteettok or pore white tuta•eold
bond DUNVIG A TEA WARE, in fame or =pat
oiteporate pieces potektbero. r' •
A cask 0.46, al, pr 'B4 piece -arts. MtParblY. Polilled.
and 'gilt. Engttsh China Tedware, at very low prices. '
,-Toy,Teaware, plain, and rich painted and gill, Doll'
1,00 to 45,00 per apt •
tibildren'skisies iir every iieription. - ' ",* • '
White Cbina Shaving Mugs. i
• C ranite Dining as d Tea iffervicea,,iti :went amiltnith
li t e
splendid A lean scener y printed, in Idve and black.., •
A large * Or Dicatriboat Dining and Brealtgliii Date,
imported t it. complete', . - ~ ' 1
• fire Pr. bakidg pLatest and dishes,,fromthe
Derhyshif les.
' Flint•anciCireen'G laws. in all their varieties. '
VVindowiGlass;tif every size..., ..
Patent Buckets, Ttitsanti Ecetets. , -
St one Pipe Fiends. 4-c. 4.e. rte. :
All of which are respectfitity - *W red' to the init;
lie on the most favorable trirtrra. llan 26, iS42rIY
/IV J. FOX ALDEN -Eittarney.,ald. Conaattier
• Law. cirf rEIVIS profesi;unal services to the (tit.
Mein of Pittshorrtt and hopes for a share Or pubilcpat
ronage. Hewitt eseenteutt kiads of writing with neat'
ness and dispatch. Cases in hankroptcy attended to 011
rea.sonahle terms.--Offire ir; Smithfield street, at -the
Bosse of Hr. Thomas O'Neil, to W'hiati he refers.
sep 10 FOX ALDEN. •
DA VI r) CLARK. s:a skim, • Soot
tlas removed to No, 34 Markt sireet, between
Second :and 'Third streets, where he! -*you'd 'he tinppy
to see his old customers. and ell othrrs a Ito feel (lisp.
ed 10 patronize him. tie uses nothing hnt . tirst•
stock, and employs the hest of workmen; and as he giv*
its constant personal attention to hu.siClM, he trusts' nat
he will deserve ahd receive a fair sharn of patronage.
nen 10. '
A Bunker respectfully informs his friends and the .
public that...hey c a n always find the.-14st. quality of tee
Creams. toselher 'with ail kinds of confectionary and.
fruits. in their season, at his estallisliment:—NM' it,
Fifth street, between. Wood and Marick.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the similes! notice, with
cakes, or anything. in his line. Also families furnished
tvnh Bread. up 10
HAM J. ChEMER, residing. ,at 66 Stott street.
hew York, was afflicted with 14spetista in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms. were violent head
ache, area; debility. lever, - costiveness, cough. lien-q.
Mimi, pain itt Ike elte.4 and stomach alwa)s after eating.
impaired appetite, sensation of, sinking 3i the Stomach,
furred longue, nausea, with frerMent vousitings, dizziness,
towards night and restleness. These had . continued it
ward of a twelvemonth, when,. on erimsoftiug..nr,Wm:
Evans.looChat !tarn street, and Snhiciit link to ' ejo
A meeszfut grid agreeable mode of tre a tment,the.patient:
was completely restored to health itt tit:l.:Abort space of
one mo nt !Land g rate RI for therneale.opoof,t*gfit
Yd. gladly came forward and volnnteered llteAbove.ntate
For sale Whoiesale andltetail by
IL E. 8F,14.E4/24-Areps;— ,
sep in No 20. Whod strOPI. he Second
CARR.'S PATENT L.E.:IIPS, FOR it it.nr,f ti
ARR._ h c.ie who *nu Id wish areaslifro - redote'
t h e i r ex ,,,, e for tight, shout LI certainly purchase oite.of
the a t, ' ,p it y' Lntnpc, as by their use there is a clear
, rtvi it. , of at least twos! hires of the expense overOiLanit
the light obtained from this is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free from s moke. nr disazrceattle smell. We would
here stale that Cares Patent is.the only one worthy-the
attention of the medic, as it is the eddy Otte ll:tat is appti
ratite to every variety or pattern of Lamps. and Ihe only
me l hat v. •ti r Lard wEr.t., at any temperature of cold
or it arr. in the short space n' three moat
ca , d wv-eral 111' 11=a ..!..r• and with sefiree tlt, f' seem ion,
I hose tt-i ay. t It,m have expre. , eil themselves; Mthly pleas
ed n alt a tat Inlly con vin. red of the matt economy
Icy their ti-e. we :1 their Fil riA4 . 4 y oief =r -eittier oil
or en _tate lore lea rilina ad field.
The above hathfd taihrwrn - n he had only at
BR 0 tf , *
Third ,11 trot, twa y OpprWile Ihe PriFt °dire.
R ef ,' inn<lnnlly on hand Britannia Metal, Tin
.111 f; 'l, Lamp.. of va irtns pal !arm..
Gla-s lamp , sold at mrntrbeinrers' pri•:ee
ph.a..,re in nireeitez 10 the puldie the ftWow
iu reri ifir:tlr, wi.ich is e:tAi , eci 'bed la by malty re.vecip
We. hie undersigriell, frier tried and are note using
rare, Parrot Lamps, for tier nine 1.a.r1 or oilier anitnal
far. and to have on lie-tra lion In saying that they g lye an
exi - el'eut —equal to any of the ordinary. ninths of
lie hti7G a Itonse, at about one-third thereat. and wholly
free limn scooke or other disairreeehle,smell. We take
pleasure ill treniameniiing these lampi! to I Inc PU l4l i e • as, try
theie use there is a great saving 'over either sperm
or Lard oil. or even candles; and we 'believe them to
he more draft)) , and less troublesome than either.
To he had al flnowN RAYmoNn ' s only, Third 01 reel,
nearly npr , rwirr, lb.' rost Office.
flew. W. W. ilalrew,ell, James !loon,
'' A. M. Bryan, Chrirlent'arlson,
" John firCrort, C. Yeager,
N. C. Coltitis, Win. Craham, jr.,
" floticrt Dunlap, E. Trovi'lo,
Dr H. D.llellers. %Yin. noughts's,
" E. D. Cazzann, Ilenry Atwood,
" Attn. M. Wright, Tgoac Crime.
Robert H. Kerr. Fwj.. GearTe W. Henry
A. Beckham, Robert SI &hereon
Thomas Ooston, John S. Shaffer,
George Mille:Merger, Wm. Eichimum,
0. P. Shirasi
A. M illra . • • - . - XVIII. Mnrttn,
R. M. Biddle, Post Master Henry Hargesser,
II ( „bert Gray,ja HIPS S. Clark, °film Amer
Allen Kramer, lean Hotel.
A. F. Marthen4., John M_Campbell
M. Stark how": L. A Ibe cter, "
Robert JohnstOn., James Meltin, ,
N. It. Just ,received, no improved Patent Lamp. for
kitchen lose. 11111/ 19 - (11 Wic wt f
To THE PUBLIC, mid pm-tie:dor/a to my forme'
patois of this city:—Ravin_ retired from the
practice of Medicine, I may tie permitted to say, that it ,
has fallen to the tot ofoft ut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or !arme a shire of oleareirii al practice as my[
own hasbeciti for tit, last SO or 4 ti'ent.c •"c",
. . _ _ - . •. - ...
The exper .mii ientle.fll2.l
rare of my ngheen tivire,siner !33Q.ltiiietat , 1
Dr. D. ...4 . Wilson, in the omen& nf'medieine,Ciiihdi
period of five scars.) enables the to jut*e fully thot
merits otitis pith..
Eo ceavenient; ,- o effietent ,-tind yet-so safe. did I esteemf
these pills, that for the, last five seats in my practice for , :
the cure of chronic diseases,or what Aver nama..arfdihr
of females in particular, I have used wore co them than
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine, this must fail In com e ra.!
stances, hnt in my bands there has been less - disapriomt.l‘
Alen! and more tanisfaMirin r:te adinirrist ratitio-ofghti
one remedy than of nil others; its 'good effects sonteth
quite astonn-ifing roe.
If my patientretptired a safe aperient medicine eit
- fore or after parturition, the Wilson's p..la were
the thing i wanted.
If a dyspeptic acid condition of the,stomach, -CON* v •
wills costiveness or inactivity oftlte.tlver. constitn
disease .tf ray patient the pills were hist the I Mgr
If I trented tA prase requiring an einniensiekinfiltbo
- pull Were Just the thimt I wanted.
palpitation,if headache, flushed c,nuldenninMilttir
difficulties, Indic-Mins. , a disturbance .o[lllo :eon 4
and c!!eretory systems.alinoyedlllY itelientOtt the
of life,' the'ilibion's pips were jest thii.traii v ,inf
Thus, wititont reinrYe r e to Ore Onine; : ii ase',ht
happen to stroaf at Ilin time hate liar•-ft *Res' t*ati,
meat. particol* - Indications or
al-t,49.6. most promptly.and most
Wiloan's -
7*.l Co Pillrd/er of 4_iseases , - apf,
pa,renityapptmlle ones. wh ich '
ehoitidbetateittitate Fiadllyhy thin thatthy 'Whet
remedy, MIS! eat Rrt i see m strap e intecnits • ty. ircif
lvtlr itis ao, IsyeaefeaTto ley mitt 53 that rainy
persons sliotiltiLiriime thirsty &in za mai* :diliftre*
eanaeaintut : tetjall rapine that common an4arlittoti . 4,
all tawningswater to94oPh thole thttat : 1
I n eonehtnioa; It lodulkarls_ 7 9?tsl;*4 of Cmat4oo)t - ,
and Ihk(altdlfA4r4TlP 4 o4!9'a ni cuv aindlil in i 4W ol .. 4 .
the Itrilioh'a Ono dietheonly eonshinathm hanaksvek
met with In my' tong Ivr &tic, ttisit'leittipt
eetteelaitythlni:entlitlneor !pacific for sinC ',
r svattr,.te.. ba.
The , above pus - designed vatrtleniatir 7 100r., - *-1214
Wed. A e Ibispeloda, coristlpalldn - *Oa
6rented by' ProPrie4Or-:.14:1(
, .
' '
J. B Turner
...;; .. .,... -- 4 , 2'..
1./ "lt. ;l 6 lls C rre D st ro ll ? :ly e el reeo " ni recommended o the notice
Ute..l.w&i. ns a c safe atne;inficiortt remedy -la: removins
thOse eolfriptaints peculiar to their sex, from want °fez:
ertise, or poem! debility of the - system : ,Tttiv obviate
costlvepesa, and tottateract floterical and riervous
alfettiOnte- These Pitts. tuiVegainied Abe. sanction 'and
aPPrOg4I I / - 4 r, -the °Mt 6501 , 1 e4L 2 V 444 0 the
teil States, anis many Mothers . For sole Wholesale'and
Beta IL &SELLERS hew:
No: 20. World Street imiOw
VIM* ,A,DAIR., Beet and Shp; Mrikar; Li/texts St,
rftipitriffs ki lteadcJEatithfcald at., Pitisbarek.—
Tl.e subscriber having bought ant the stoek of the late
Thomas , Rafferty, deceased, has commenced business
itatite.s4 stand. of Mr. a IS Prelwriartn • execute
all descriptions of work in his line, lu the best manner
a:nd on iheittroilebt nOt tee. ' fie keeps gorilla tiny cm hand
a large_aasorirnent ofaboo AntliSe t s of an descriptions and
orate bis4kality: He Solicits the patronage of the nub
lk end orthe'eriell. • - WM. ADAIR.
aand Axles for Carriages at Eastern Pikes.
The : ttethieribers niannfacture - and keeps etinPtantly on
hand Colipti 3 O and Eliptie Springs (arirranled s )Juniata
Iron Axles, Silverand Brass plated Dash Frames. Etaps
and plated iltdtflands, Slump Joints, Patent Leathee,
Silver and Erass pimps, Three (aid Steps. MallentAe
tkrorMihadles and Hinges. 4-e
Red , . 4it t Clair st., near tt.e A kinheny BOW-.
43.8104.1t.R13, Ef: D., office and dwelling ie Foarth,
la. near Ferry street. seP 137—/
he attention gftho.e who have I.lettti, gm:pcwhat seep.
tical in reretrce to the numernon certificates published
in favor, of Dr. Sarayne's Compound Syrup UfWiurcher.
rv.nn acingnit of the persons being unknown in this see
tion.ofdbessate,fa respectfully dirinsted 16 trinASUogirriir
Certificate : Jim whichluts heer_n citizen of title
hornier ro f sevei li m m , hi es a 'gentleman
Of integrity an&nestions;bility.
To at -Vent, Mr. 1 KIRBY.
I iIfICVE! aired 111'. Slivavne's- Comp end rtr rr , Of Wild
Cherry fora coni_th, with which I have been severely of
flitted fiw about font months,• rind have no bcnitation
in saying that it isthe mist effective medicine that I have
been . tilde to Procure. It composes all uneasiness, and
agrees welt-with my mantallitt a regalar, and
gond 'appetite, I ran freely recommend it to all others
similarly fflictml, J. Miami' m.Bprough of Chamberslde.
March 9.1 RAO. ' gfqf Tfi
3r4roe h3i:Vl7 11.1.1 . A51 THORN No. 53 Market•sireei
PERSONS desirous of proeurtae Fruir 'Shaae. and
.0 - roaroental Trees, or Shruhlresekfrom Pittladet
tot4tt hi Niter York, are requested to make appfierition us
&Kw .aoftoteffite; at the Drus and Seed Store of
ieritter, where crtu be had ratalogues, sratuiteusty. of the
rods* exiteint varieties.. P. L. SNOWDEN.
seri 41 , No IR4, Liberty street, head of Wood-
.1116 EV. : MA fi UFA cTog V.—Patrick Caw field re
speeipilly aequaints Iris friends and; lie pullic ern
hebasentinenced-lhe Marble busip&sni the ,
corner ofP.iftli and biherty,sts—wltere will be conr.antly
on hand. Wail, stoners, mantel plere ; :i. meintthe nis; -fend
°4 00! slolles. table slabs for Cabinet Wait; and every;
tirticleannertairtine to the iisiness. He will warrant Ills
work totiertrell done, and his chases will be`motirritte.
He reaped fully asks a share of public. patrotWe•-ep 10-
TA StES A. V E tZEY, Fannardfng and Commie rire
Jlhov.hdoi. Agent for Stenmhom Cleveland and
Penury Ivanga m 140101) Linn , Haying rented qir. Omrc
ijon=c forarlctic occupied k Co.. Ne. 60
Water ST4 eet 4 l4-irtivorm world nod Sittildietd, prepnred
to receive and forward good+ to any port on Hie - Mit) or
516-sioinni river on reasonable Irma.
irtaPAR7INERSITIP.G. P. - sr ty.ltainputili
' 4 4-1 having assneinied Ilt. mcelp,S together tinder the
Cull of ilaiiiptim 4! Smith, wit! mother the wietteote
n u Good" , linsine.s in the hones recently occupied by
Hampton; Smith 4! Co where they will he reeeivier
few days a new stock of Frill nod W inlet Goode. They
respectfully invite their old friends, and merctrinis
orally, visiting Pittsburgh, to call and extairint , their
stock', sent 28—(13nt.
Porta!de Platform Scales on whn els, to weigh 2,500 Ii s, at
355 Ott. • . -
do do du do 2,005 at 845 00
do do do do 1.500 at 35110
do do do do 1,,000 at 50 00
do do do do' 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each stale.
Dormant scales for the u-e of Warehouses, Flouring
" rtc..the same prices as above.
Also, wpite's Patent Counter Scale:with 0. Young's.,
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales, 1
which they will MI for from 8 16815, • .
They also Manufacture Steam. Engines for Flouring
Mitts. Saw Mills. Salt Works. 4-c„ double and singe
geared slide lac hes,foot and otheriatpes for - wood kurnrilg
itraihinek for hetutatirtg ebahrmo7tk4liall-;•1441
and *Vrotachl.. 1; 1rt. 416 T-'4 O IIVVB*." 4 ", • , • 1 1.-i
dritiras, sips -Tier ail fele; wet - tee'
inachintm Mt; tails.AintsneN, ma,_ ti ,
chinesa r it zuma r r yer analiOg lita . ce"
tng "boxes; a superior
ntucks. laps and dies, toffee mills, bedstead or Joint bole
fund machinery for making the same, cotton factory run '
inhittery.madF pr/epsired; printing press plattgus turned
and ranting tireises renal red •
,; ; J k} 4,yienTs.' ,
seP 22 -1( - OUNG iIIki.D.BEFRY
3 ERIE, Anitioneet and Commis
„aipkt ftherthainhqta.lo(i, center of Wood* -Fifth, Irtits
;rgif blerg +V: tiaaiirg beekaPpßillted one, of the A act ion
'neesfot the City of ir
Pitaiiike - ..tenderehiivervieitt to' Joh ,,
;hers. manufact arentaetd.rhiaderbct Dray- be disposed
to ralsko t trial:orthia mate., He* 'prepared to Mahn.
Advatines on corisqnutenta of ail sateable.commodities,.
ituuktirtuitsto 'ARMY -eorrisliondiati by qlgett ; Weil ate`
'-opeedy Mod favorable, returns. •
That the various iateresto,wi)kti may be confided to
hitri.Altaltheldeguadely protected, he- brings to the _aid:,
'‘of ktivifeiperienceilt - inighiesa and aequain (alien sin*
,Enerejigadtaereperaltr e t thelif:atnrvieea . .S.l.iksw.
Fsumzsrroca; heretofore advantneously tmown.as -
IS'lmPortet eatterf;' with
whom a permanentestatuunle , -
• 4: ' 1 Rgfflr -
tievisrts. Presl. - of M. 4- M.
-= . .
itoiseitail*Wy, -
1 ; 7 '
P-PdPe;• - . + tittahuratti
wan Robinson.. Jr. Prea't ".
. .
u • Batall!cio*Fo4o. P?..
si-- ti.'
W. *kW, '
u John, 13s,aWtt4 ' ,
'4 , • galitt4 ' -
14, 41 445 11 - , fOls - i - ~ F ,1..11 4 01a444t4
* Jabal?, ttlddte,' ,
" ,7 , 4;1 -Noel
)kf- BoOirtOrlilour, Made Ogpressly , for avo„
r:1 4 1 7 : 7: ' 1 ; ' ; 83:-1:717-171rrt
.i...,..;' , -,,
For publishing- a Imo 'Yeti Paper, ix the City of Pitt*
s Lir=. 4l "l 4 . 4 * 6f •tritte4.o4.'-. r.
pita Sitrtibers t r ! i - an fr . "‘lc to merge
I.*telierte Minnisetetrecand I ,rabutreh ...Wea
ry into oneloarnal, have concluded: to - publish a daily
P 3 P.f...ruri4 - WeCtbo'fifrilf Aliorwitts Past.
The letedins object of tneuPowt" will be the .Iweraina.
Ilan aydWfooort itrt
tofoie betki ataintaiiteeby theE:ilitorY. in their re, , p-ctive
papers. and their I , fefforts will, rill be devoted to the
advancement indaute s , wAeirth* doctrines.
Atthout.h, in Fiiiitter - , the paper , will he thorouebly
democratic, yei'ffe Editot3Atlta,breiving an hornet,
Ir l itWary Q 1 Poldisat.twenth, •Fateiln
and Domestic latelliaence. and ',rice wakes or all mat..
terwhad ocearriweee t hat roma pen !lefty ivithhl thesnhere
opt Politic Jour:10,10 wake their panel suflicientty In
eiestine I to 'entitle it to Meant ronage or the public, it
in atl,t lolo O political and _ mural news - iltat wilt
be Inund .t he ~ .flotgin Prief,"the Editors - Wilt lake
pains to furnish the , busines r . conim9ttily_ with
the !Wiest mod must lott.restlnti: Cbirsttetit. Tirritdd•
eamds,frorn ; nlr rts of the country , 'and to have petepa.
red such accnnnts of the Markets and the Stare of Trade
beadvaniageous to our Merit:awls and Business
Men In their several
Terms;—The POST wit! he nnbliilted no a !Dice . invert
.alshent of fine paper, (manufactured espetially for this
lonrird) at the unusually low ramie( FIVE. DOLLARS
pet :Innen). payable in advance. it will.attso he sold by
news.hoyr at the low, rate of TWO CENTS . a copy..
'`.iirreertt,temests will he inserted at the lowcst rates
ehafeed,hy the,other.daily papers of the city. •
I&TWENTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who *lithe engaged - on the Most Fiheni terctle,
Airgui l 3l.
Inn 1-011)5.)EY:LEAF TOBACCO.. in pt ore and
7 4SVIri , for sale Ity J: t.. : ¢. A.,GOLDON,
sopjS • No 12,Waier.atreet.
Thy Morrisotl f• ro.Lrindon, for sale only by S. N.
IVieltefshatn,.eoiner of Wood- street and Virgin
alley Pittsburgh pa. and Fl. Flat:wood, Beaver Pa. who
i 8 sole agent for. Westetu Penesylvania. sep 10
F44'FOR ,'..k1,G...r-Tyenndealtenrslo ff ers f or sate gr
irnci of and situaled 4 mite; frt... ereepoti, In the.
dfiection of Kittanninti, -BotTato•lownsblit, Armstrong
cuuntv.rontainingloo acres, 65 chiared and under good
feller; 10 of whien are in - Meadow-- a gobd• rquare log
dwelling hourstand cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 80 beating trees—and a spring of excellent
wale'r convenient toile house.
-- FOR TERM.dapply in the sulwaribera residing- at tire
Sultworks on if lc Pennylvania Canal, 1 ni.le above Free
Pep 10 WM. BAKER. ,
r. \O THE iis octet , well undo - 00ot' how
much ilisitidera of Ihe niind 6.0 rid for their cure
amen n due attention to title hotly. lt is rote, ttruierstonil
how valuable is that medicine which trill remove morbifl .
aectimu Int ions witheini wealtenine the bodily Power . . it is
now understood that - there is a reciprocal influence he.
;wren the mind and the hotly. it in now understood that
pureine wit h the Brandreth Pill. will remove a - melan
choly, and even insanity is cured by perseveringly pains
them: it te4104:4' undetaiond how mach dOmestic
' depends upon the healthy condition or the digestive
It is now- well-known_ that the Brandreth Pills have
cured thoti.m nd. of hopeless and lielptesl. persons, even
When the first physicians tutif roryinneed them beyond
all human means of relief.. .11....i5,.n0w not OW)! well
known that the lirandrethl9ll.io,cure, Mit it IS also on.
dnr,-..t00d bow they cure; that iteis by their purifying elyerq
on the Moog t het they restore the body.to health.
The. eh Inehrtite-MMileine ie becinning more and more
manifest, it k recointnelacddailyfrom family to family.
The Bram - kelt% Pirs remove in 'an almost imperceptible
manner-all lif , [4lll. aeeunmlatlnn3 and purify mainly's.°
rates bp bbnid.a tol their food efrects n re not counterbatan
ced by an v .Inconveniences; hela.e composed ontirely
vegetables they do not expose those who use them to
danger; and their elf are mr certnin as thrY nre maim
tory; limy are daily and safely admini-rercd to infancy,
yonthonattifood, and old aec.and in women In the most
critical and delicate Mrcutostancet!.. They do not disturb
,r shock the nnitdal lunetitins, Ltit rer.ore their order
am/ ei tahli=h their health. -
soidat Dr. Office, No. 93, Wood street,
Pit tr.lni rib. Price 2.5 'cents per tea, with foil directions.
MA RK—The only -place in Pittsburgh where t he genii
inc Pills cati he olgoineCis the I.:motor's-own office, No.
9R Wood street. sep 10
11AR. J. R. T int:3lll"S, Respectfully inform the civi
l-IV- zensorPittslitirzirond vicinit y. that he his rel urn
ed to the city, He hopes to sliare.the confidetfee of his
former !Writes and the politic generally; and solicits a
renewal of a portion of their patronage. In connexion
he would observe, that the operation of I.ithotrlty, (or
lirmiking`t lie stone hit held:Miter mild : allowing it to pass
of with the urine) is every where commanding Ihe deep
est interest. Ile hopes to extend the benefit ofthis branch
of his prOfession tn.the.adlicted: rictnies. Diseases of
the Madder antl.Kidneys,—whiehoccas‘onallyfollow,
will likewise receive attention:
moroved Flaw
nnfact tired be
'ow Mactint
between ilia
"Al reel. two
ee Hall. Pitts
oxfarture and •
id the follow.
• scalee(whol_
Composed bf
No.. 1, Pori.
le Pll;llurni
t.Y)Ci VII o'l6,
Those from a . distance further information
will amity personally or by lette r ', or if desired can be
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ET invalids the foliowini_aceount of a Sailor
V• 1 cured Of a:_comptiell ion of •afflictions In nineteen
days hy the use of Itrandreth Pitts,
.it distinctly mores
there are herbs in nature witieli hove affinity cure tw.
...cause ofdisease, and Brandreiles Oilts are made for them
Read and beconvinred. Take the medicine andhe cured
ionic tricv. of Pembroke; Washinshon et.oniy, aiae,
' being rlri . ll sworn, sayno hat ho wpo liken violently- pick
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c was iroutileti intiCh with a disease of i he Jartvt. some:
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titis,affripn he had a had Diarrhea, which had_more....
.Or frrish ter4ed him from the colt; toencemeni of : bir sirk
neck That at t twee be' dreaded o stool iSayse. titan be
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are_npan the fibs/gyp-mum thrricOmthat I instep w 3 5
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tifell' That he r_ertil every dose, or !As Bra nd rept I:We
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pains to- his booess-4t ni
if the medicine seredo
~,0,406 to taw tstery - diti: Retold the tionleti . - t. :.
day the 1 ith Instant, that lie rell,bimselr well. In-'
that bC owed . his r recovery to Ilrandreths" POI
Pr4visiencT.„Usat r ike Jsmi.islatic , til e, EnOillnell
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another day in the hound. lie eneciders It Millis
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*fit ile 'TTIR. • 3.D, WIMLIOR:
• ' ThP 8R.411"D . .. . .
tV I 7 , ;,.: • ' iiit; : . .
t i. .. . ' 4 4 '44 "'-' - • . - . f.'
...ge- ~ • ..: 7. - .*t ';' .:" : , .
..• . .i::::;1; , _ - = 4 --= :, .o.4ift-;';'.:
. if ,.
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-13 s
THE LI rEitAltir •
Tun man *0010111%;- %
_. -- r
AN 111811. I.t.eatm. 4z
Byte . Ntkor of "MA" , luut ~f 4" Iritc
~ .
, ..
... tr .-, . i.z. ~,, c. 4 . 1 ,;
„'':-.. - ,7?7,
(minircim.). ,;, t_ . 3 „
No, she shrieked,. yAtt O al ! 1414, ;t.
back. man; stand bank. 4..3 4 4:
him I will take tare you shalt surer i `'..
Stand back. Lauth 1.410.W-rfteW, ,
--:' s
red you. _
Hat exclaiMed ,the. Zult-efy.Art:gei :: ,- :..,1
Why. what 14 this', Willa I‘TeD - --U-t--
- 7 :,,,_-...
Ellen, for it '44 shet.,lo4 ,-:lf-;
thrown back the cloak front, he N; 7 '‘„ `.*
and stepre•:d forward between thrits‘4- ' - 4%
, Well I em glad it is . you,,isid. the.
w „ "„.' A:L..
and so may ' e te, come, te m it, eck aw.
you home.: .. •
___,.-. „ / 41-0 , -T-44
ire caught her arm as he spokit s ,4lo:
drew her Over . to his side like turitit . , - -:::::1,i
Come, my pretty girl, cparei.i,rif);
you tendet ly„arui all 1 shall as*, is o
1, , 1
in return.
.Here, young fw ello - 0,4 ' „,,,-"` :
L . itmh Latidher, with a sense of 'utter '..j.yar„ .1. 4 . '
runph, I will show you that, one WOO*
is worth two white ones. . , 1 . 1 1 , 4 1 e
Heavy, hard, arid energetic, was Shit,:
which the Deall ilixer rgelvetttif* l ,
temple, as theifcplyofLitspla.ttu '.',,'
dead'was the sh of his tremerittOns, , *
t, L
on the earth.-- ElleinlJoked siiiiintt,
With aoazeinent. ' ' ,
Come, said she seizing berirlial . .. 4 iVE
anti dragging him onward; gracitinitl 'seXt , "l
en! I. hope you lawn% killed hint. " - . "0 - A - fne"
John, the time is short, and"We tong r
61 '
t he,rnost. of it. -That villain , eel tini,kr
before, is a villian. Oh! if you . ktniitrikli:
John, I have been the manes of . yrini 4#.: - . 1 ,,
grace and, suffering, but I am Willingla
w A ,
7 . V '2
hat I can to remedy that. in you ,._, ditit..l
grace,Ellen will lie rcatty,in four dayslinalle
this, to become your wire. JAW,' come
meet me no more. I will send'thilt:
lein's innocent wife to your anat..' . .
where you now live. - didn't 4114 - 4' i
See you myself; bbt I get'in op
un ittirt ,
~ i
and besides she was too well to'' '•
my message, which was to letlottith.%
what 'I now tell you. ' - ` s . I ` 7 :,-
John. ere he replied, looked behltid - -
i llt
at the Dead-Boxer, and -atiffeareit '
struck vith some sudden thcerglit: `'
He is movin', said he, an' on iliiisiV
don't wish to meet' im again; iltit,Y.:" -
let., yes—God bless you . '''.k rs
you've said; brit *Ow cOul , '.`• ~ .
miebte doubt me-ahout tbeit .--'- .' ' l4 k -I- -
I did not. Tobri--:=.l did 'net; as • - „ -- ri - :
thinkOf your own words'at the , omit -.5
the Quarry: it-was'but -a intrill• '-inkla;' , -„" - : . ,
though—no more. No, not al! ',: 1 4 ,,.r_
ever doubted you - . . . • ' 4 - s
Ellen, said Jobe, hear mi. i Tet sitiallil
?, ill become my wife tilt nip - Mititifit
wiped away. I tired you- too lila eViiiP
see you.blush- for your husbarid, l,3 l„
mind's made up—so say n _ more: Ay,
I tell you that to live flue mouths in
state would break my h rt. -
Poor John! she exclainied, as theY'rittiW) '
orated, and the words sirete foih - im ed by 'lei
gush of tears; I knriw-that there is malittfie
of them, in sitter of the factiorisilits ikiliPPA
in heart and thought as are. -- '' ;.'"
I'll prove that s non, Ellen; but- rierite.dir.
my Lame is fair and clear, an' torithri4t . ,
spot, can you be my wife. , Goiod.wighttin
dearest. In every thing but that, l'ffAtifi 4 ,
guided by you. - '- 41 ' 11
They then:Separated and instnetrtile/V 4 .
the Dead licixer,like a drunken Men,itailil
tottering, rather crestfallen, loWertlartblirl
inn. Oo reaching his own room:big 0 4 41 a 4
appeared quite ungovernabl?-; he storriiii
stamped and raved'. on reflecting that: 4992 m '
one Was able to knock him dowry - . -Ifets
led for brandy and water with a e6niet*6 4 -
the waiter,*reva , deeply hettivecrn - evs4 o'i c !
sip, and ulttiltately despatehed anoihtlrol
messenger far Nell WOolltim. - -....w .s•sitt
That Oheirli e oniaresto*ing on rne4ins:
exclaiined; beeinse my' fine itiblaeltoslier`
thinks me a forn., - Firey, ofitelli / 4iieithWti
know what she is; nor , - who, 1114F0thiseiiiinal --
Bull toitiltaci,W, 4 4;''''' . *":1!‘-----101" ,
..,-- - -.- - -, ,
el ith4 i g;.:Litito :L.._ .“ ssii - We t lfew ~..
hnle.Alaekey,, or 'think 4ildivorvitencilitel
that TR not:-knew,`"ors to Who'shiiist,Vetletst .
heedn'tni; she won't belnitglroulAii, yaillr., 7
an in regstd , of AnYt' 4lo alilithit Y•*t.e-.tr-- , --'''''''' A ' --
iiie,sn'soinethitt!'e,er:.r an':ats'are:i '80460
Isex, me.• Arra,fdita• rititititii
1 . could lave you in_ orlinigthethst ishii4csina,,, n, -
his- fi calls/lest/re lanrall - elatheir).- tepid ififiti;
Sher marrow- otaioryott,-,-i-. -.. : ~ , ,1.J.4- s tnorr,
Where did you eomefmmn eansi,lussegilkfal
Froze fist suomteltels.iiekolieussainsjkilli '
preve)sied her from meetin'lLahrhLersaini,
. 9rannyolovnitinlaw who she -iere
fw'Sd , of , herA-ealak (SST. : . -,-. : --. 3 ,, ; .,...5.......„,,_ 4t .„,_
1 . Yoe knOw enongh abant her An remisifitmet .
Iron. Wasn't she abeautifel creature whelk
:Lady 8 - * nult:ltektintikhe samproseir
ed her until she was& let lintit
iVii#o) your then eervltntitte-ifins*"
4 1)' . 4id544- - LT Mak* herlnsrzY4-Yr
saltieg,-against thet-WillsiteoatutiO
i r place me. That wartbefinep,:4o4
eires i „deon'yole onikortfOlt - IP*
rt.40. - to..4he llkst# 1 .- , ' ~i 1
if; =Cranny, fen inust"l4l4#o ,
LyritsW - nerflnsititkler44 l os___, O*W;
- s A kig,rw'Mhiliitslisttailfr "
httit• 4
I 41AV_ keriNk i iiitr::;
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