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    rrnth yominiber wires . yeti
LortllS*—=.'st you were -1 fine
; tonal 144t0 : of your colyw. 4 did some
thingfor the young bird' in my way then;
tuti 1 used to say when ( calked to see her;
Apt wor.a, face., Sure
'uttiOgh„ there , was nn'lie in that Well,
2UM Vas afore-yon Mac tO the fightin; but
lilt it ravin',. Whisper . man-. It you doubt
: `Aiiteklistritt, watchahe -north corner or
r9r - Ohard about nine in...night, and you'll
11.111 - if - titeetin between her and O'Rorke.
at t u t 1 must go,'
'Stop P said the:l3oxer; 'dent go, but do
404 charm for the money.'
by,' said Nell; 'you a tieart, wid
, your money 1 No, damuho .sheer) on the
-•phirts-poltftr Pit get yop,tid yuu show more.
Irsant-A-. Yon I My curse on the money,
-iiololl4, 01,en your disgrace is consarned !'
74 )611 - passed rapidly, and with evident in.,
aiiop, nut of the room; nor aould an)
rea nn the part of the Dead ll , xer
:thacilfet.to return and prolong the dialogue.
-She had said enough. however, to pro
oittee in his bosom torments almost equal to
*me of the damned. In several of their
oiling dialogues, she had impressed
with the belief that young Lamh
- u et was the person who had robbed
ah '
-„ : - - 0 , wife; and now to the hatred that °rig--
,: : ted in a spirit of avarice, she added the
epind deadly one Gf jealousy. On the
, ta
- ;'''t* hand, the Dead Boxer began to feel
01iirinfleence of Ellen NeiVt'beauty; and
_peihaps nothing would I,,,gtvcri him
,greater satisfaction than thet,temovai of a
Woman whom he RO longer itiV ed.'excent
far those virtues which enabledlyina to ac
*mutate money. And now, taif,lititi he
sp equal interestln the removal nfhis dou
'ble rival, whom, tesidea, he consi lered the
moliator of his hoarded property. The
.. toss of his money certainly stung him in the
wont, and caused his unfortunate wile to
litifFer a tenfold degree of perse:ution and
'misery. When to this we add his euidon
'passion for Ellen Neil, we may 4011 con
teive what else must have entlared,;;-Nell,
.ut ail events, felt satisfied that OM bad
- Shaped the strong passions of her savage
dupe in the way best calculated to gratify
undying spirit of vengeance which she
4Old' so long nurtured against the family of
lirarnh Laudher. 'The Dead Boxer, too,
' f ilas determined to gratii'y his lawless af
leCtion for her than his twofold hatred of
At length nine o'clock arrived, and the
seene must change to the northern part of
- Sheernus Neil's orchard. The Dead Box
er threw a cloak around him. and issuing
through the back door of the inn, entered
'the garden. which was separated from the
orchard only by a low clipped hedge of
young white-thorn; in the middle of which
stood a small gate. In a moment was
in the orchard, and from behind i!,5 low
*all he perceived a female proceeding to
the nortga side, muffiled like himself in
ti'doci - t. he immediately recognized
to he wife. His teeth became
lacked together with the most deadly 're
vetitinent; his features twitched with the
*convulsive spasms of rage, and his nostrils
iSsere distended as if his victims stood al.
,within his graso. He instantly
threveimself over the wall, and nothing
bat the crushing weigh' of his tread ,could
have saved the lives of Cm two unsuspec
dog persons before him. Startled, how
aver, by the noise of his fomstep3, Lamb
Laudher turned round to obset ve who it
*as that followed them, and immediately
the massy and colossal black, now stripped
ofhis cloak—for he had thr'wn it aside _
iota in their presence. The female in ,
etinctively drew the cloak round herface,
and Lamh Laudher was about to ask why
he followed them, when the Boxer ap
proached him in an attitude of assault.
With a calmness almost unparalleled
under such circumstances, Lamb Laudher
desired the female by no means to cling to
If y3u do, said he. I am murdered where
[stand. (To be Continued.)
Errors of the English Press.—'A gen
tieman7was yesterday brought to answer a
charge of having eaten a hakney—coach—
man, for demanding more than his fair;
and-another was accused of having stolen
small ox out of Lhe Bath mail, the sto
len property was found in his waistcoat
`The Russial General Kachinoffkowsky
Wag found dead with a long word sticking
in his throat.'
'Smithfield Festivities. The air was
crowded with people of all discriptions.—
Art two o'clock the Lord Mayor drove
through itin his carriage.'
*: 'The conflict was dreadful, and the ene
my was repulsed wish considerable laugh
....`Robert Jones was yesterdau brought
before the sitting magistrate. on a charge
ofbaving spoken reason of the Barleymow
'in consequence of the numerous acci
dents occasioned by skating on the Ser
peaiine River, measures are being taken
to put a top to it.'
'At the Guildhall dinner none of the
poultry were eatable except the owls.'
'We,' say that John Bull, often sutler in
two way—about two years since we repre
sented Mr. Peel as having joined a party ,
offtends in Hampshire for the purpose of
'booting peasants; and only last week in a
Bentch,.paper, we saw gravely stated that
,:surgeon was taken alive in the river, and
enld to the.inhahitanee at 6d. and 10t1. dr
'Every one remembers the fate of Baron
Grimm. He declaren that he had produc
ed-Im. immaculate work! and defied the
c*kies toted a.-single error; for, as he had
nisminously 'read -every
The.lesideis set to work, when they
prifinteti , out no -less than three hundred er.
met and the poor Baron died in fit of chag
emote' vi , the Anseric.an press wet e
ow& after, as 100 g a hat as ibe *bine
• iambi not be fountii.
, ~....-, •.,- ,P„,:-,5.,, '
,- ~ ?,- -,.._t•...„•1i 44.-7‘.4 ".. - 1 1 111 ~
----7-,--A- ,:,- oas- -- - l.: AL ' ,-.- •
jr.. " f?- •'"•ils, a i' , `• I%'' ' - •if'' ' , - -... 14.4.1006
,AL - r„ . ..,_
~ - • ,1 ,0,.5 ,' '
5..04i--',hr al!
. ,
.1)A1 1, 4
4 Y gogNlNo.:p.ont.-;
plitz,upg U. Sarni, EDFTOR/lI . AND PROPRINTORS
. We understand that a Master iron ftitind-:
er of this city, who is. well known as a bits,
let and flaky Coon politician, has, been em
ployed lathe mean and heartless' business
of reducing the wages of the worktium en
gaged in our:Foundries. ; Not content with
grinding the men in his u.vn establishment
to the very lowest point. he is said t,► have
takes upon himself the unworthy. task of
going round .a nong employers in the same
liusinesq, and urging upon them to reduce
wages in their foundries to the alime rates
that he was paying. Umfortunately for the
poor workingmen, he found some who were
willing to take his advice, and at least in one
establishment, notice has been given that
wages will, after the Ist of January; be re
duced more than 30 per cent, below the pre
sent low rates,
We had thought that the "order system,"
whch has,beeo brought to great perfection
in m toy manufvtories, had offered all ne
cessary facilities to keep the laboring man,
eatirely depen lent on his employer. It
would seem, however, that he must yield to
ill greater qlytc*Ota, if he would get
lelve to live. - - 12:;"
We should lik. to know what excuse there
is Ikr t`tis 5.1.1 lan and ruinous reduction of
the wages of f‘ninary.inen. Metal has f4l•
wit'tout a c‘n•rasponding
tiun in the price of castings, and the pur.
chaser is not, we believe, to reap.-,any ad
vantage from this fl igrant injuitice to the
producer. It k not contemplated, that we
have heard, to curtail the enormous profits
of tha iron founders. Such wanton oppres•
sion cannot be defended upon any ground
whatever. We have no wish to interfere
between e nployers and workmen in any
branch of business, but as lovers of justice
wo most protest against such outrageous im
positions as this we have recounted.
It is but right to m tntion here, that the
man thr•Llgh ‘vhose intlience it is believed
this reduction has heen,b. ought aboat, is a
brawling advocate for a high tariff, which
he sail,wo tad bring relief to the rwchon:cs
of this c 'vary. Taat our present tariff
should be of he refit to that class, there can
be no ciu-s'ion. Bit of what advantag-e to
them, is wise legislotion upon this subject
what avail is it that a Tariff of duties is
loid, calculated to afford either positive
nr partill poter•tion to maaufdeturin4 in
erests, it all the benevlleat porpla-s of
rulers ate thus thwarted and defeated by
graspiog and uascrupulous
The litston Advertiser contains an ab
stract of - the condition of the Banks of Mas
sachusetts prepared by John P. B.gelow
Secretary cf the State, from the annual re
turns. These returns were ordered by
the Governor and Council to be made for
the first Saturday in October.
It appears from this abstract, that the
present number of banks in operation in
the Commonwealth, is 111 ; with an ag
gregate capital of $32,631,060. This is a
reduction in the amount of capital, within
the last year of $128,740. The aggregate,
circulation of the 11l banks is $8,049,906;
of which amount n0wevet:,51,678,278 is in
the possession of other. banks, and• taken
out of circulation, leaving the actual eircu.
lation $6,371,628. The amount of depo
sites not bearing interest is $6,130,164.
The amount of specie in the banking
houses, at the close of the day of the date
of tyre returns, was $2,682.309. The a•
mount of notes, bills and other securitie
discounted, was $44,610,391.
The amount oe circulation this year is
less than by the return of last year, which
was made in September, by $1,278,837;
the amount of deposites is less than last
year by $864,676; the amount of specie is
less by $404,512, and the amount of secu
rites discounted is less by $2,160,975.
The Jews of New York.—The Jews in
New Yolk are said to be ten thousand in
number. They have six synagogues.
Their Benevolent Society has, in the last
year, collected about .5,000 and expended
about 4,000 dollars. The legal liabilities
they still lie under in some countries of
'Europe, and the strong prejudices they
there have to encounter, are, it is said ; dri
ving many persona of this faith to seek ref,
uge in the United States.
Uncle Sam holding on to his own.—lt is
said that when the agent of Indiana appli
ed at Washington for ber share of the land
proceeds, he was politely informed of the
indebtedness of his state to 'the general
government. and that her ohore would be
applied, to her . cred it.
- _
Max Boiler is in Philadelphia. WI
will he be beret
,;. 1 . , .
' See First Page.
1 njuslit%. to Workingmen.
MassachnQelts Banks.
1117 "1 11- r , ' - WW - 7 --
cer,: had devised he*Oere left
Nev York, and:list accompli c es
here an sew ere, who wou have s
red in the piratical entetprise had, the mu..
tineera been successful in their attempt tQ
seize the vessel. The Al )11j'A lirartiaer
says that about two weeks since rumor was
rife,in that city, that the 17. S. btlig_So
mers had foundered at sea, and that till on
Weld were lost. The-rumor was based
upers 4 ..l. letter received in New York
by a 'lnsrchant vessel from Sr. Tho
alas, in which it was stated that the So •
mars maw wen caught in a tremerphitts gale
and had suffered so much that she was'
hourly expected to go to the bottom. It
is now believed that the letter in question
was written by one of the mutineers.en
board the S•imers, in anticipation of tie
success of their plot, and with a. view of
accounting fir the expecte.] "disappear
inch" of the brig.
An English paper thinks:6a the word
coop , , as applied to the Whie patty of this
country, is an abreviatiln of the conserva-
Thew hole crew of the schooner Staunch
~f N. York have signed the pledge. They
threw all the liquor on boar4 . luto the sea.
There is now little doubt:, .of the. repear
of the Bankrupt law being concolmmated
at the present session
Relations with Mexico.— The Ver% Cruz
Cenqor announces the settlement of all dif•
ficulties between this country and Mexico.
A Dtstinguisbed Bankrupt
The greatest of American .Bankrupts
are poor trifling thimble riggers, when
compared to some of the noble swindlers
of England. The last one of 'lmre than
ordinary merit of whom we have read, is
a Laird Huntingtower. This nobleman
appears was declared a bankrup.le
dealer in horses for upwards of two'.;:bitn
dred thousand pounds; and his assets a
mounted to—nothing! His system was
to buy horses wherever he could, and sell
them for cash- 7 pocketing the proceeds,
and making no entry whatever of the trans
action. He and and Capt. king drew and
endorsed bills to an immense amount, u
pon each other's credir, which were 'kited'
amongst the Jewish money dealers, at au
enormous rate of discount. Lerd iluu
tingtower was to stand' up in open court,
and testify by the hour to his Own infamy,
and is held in prison, in the interval* when
the court does not sit—it not having yet
be .n decided whether he can he allowed
his certificate of discharge or not.
Fifteen days Later from furope.
The st , amer Britannia arrive.l at Boston
on Wednesday afternoon. after a boister—
ous p ssage, with news fifteen days later
from Europe. We give the substance.
, From the English journals we judge
there can be no particular improvement in
the state of trade, or in the general prospects
of the country. On the contrdry everything
bears marks of gloom and despondency.—
The prospect of a severe winter makes it
From China.—By advice from Malta to
25th Nov, it was stated that a specialsteam•
er had arrived at Suez, with news that the
Emperor - of China had given in his adhe
sion to the treaty. but refused to sign till
Her Majesty's was received. The refusal
was based on the exigency of etiquette ob•
served in China. However, the half-of the
first instalment agreed to by treaty, had
been paid, and confided to the frigate Blonde
which was to sail immediately for England
The British naval and military forces were
still at Nanking.
From ladia.—Ghuznee and Cobol hav
been ta-ken„& most of the prisoners
have been released fco.n captivity• Akh
bar Khan is a fugitive; his adherents have
, been routed, and the British'flag waves a
-1 gain doer the Bala Hissar, or citadel of the
capital of Affghanistan. Shuinsooden, the
Affghan Governor of Chizue.e, having at
tempted to annoy the British force on its
march, was repulsed on the 23.1 of August,
and totally routed on the 30th. The loss
of the British amounted. to thirty•siz killed
and sixty•eighh wounded.
General Pollock and his force on the 13th
September, on approaching the Mazeen
Pass near Soorkab, was opposed by 16,000
Affghans. The result was, 22 Chizie chiefs
fell, 2 guns, 3 standards, ammunitions,
stores, &c., was taken. The British had
32 killed and 130 wounded.
Spain.—A small potato insurrection
had broken out at. Barcelona, but was sup
pressed. The civil affairs of Spain ap
pear to be in a troubled condition Ban
ditii and other robbers, bold and abun
P 9 rtugal.--Distracted as usual. As
sassinations, robbnies,and libels. Guard
mound the throne doubled; because some
body had threatened to steal the crown
General.—The English ship of war,
Formidable, of 90 guns, has been w reek
ed near the mouth of the Liohregat, in
There was a report of the decease of
Prince Metternich,
There was a duel at Greunble, in
: France, between two • office rs; -wit qu ar
rallekat cards. They fought:. Wit 11 words
and killed'each other. - -
'We can fivii notibiligefati Mit* 11.4blinit-
'~~" ~ ~~.
i - -
. fern
•••;:':--'-'',-.T-:..1i • ; . : ., . : . ,-,j ..=2;•:.i . ''.:•f:-.',--., - :- •
, •-i•••' •,-:-.'.,`.- /:-iL•:-.-... - ; . -i- - r-
•-;,,i'1,':4:.•,::--is , - - .'2,•t!,f....1.-:- -.
.:,;,,,i::-.4;.". .
frtititattar. etbiters eltN
. teePr*thPF 4 4 } tac i PY
From } Ne4E:ttiViiiifkaltadieni for
paper it was)preparedbyone who sayslkt,
was once. hiS •friend'find messmate, and
cOotinued - end cherished the for Mer term,
until 'ingratitude, marked by 'ferociotymess
Of `feeling end heart'ess depravity of char
actor, built asunder the chords of amity,
which,. in . :the beginning of his naval ca'.
veer, had every seeming of being lasting.'
Philip Spencer was born in Canandai.
gua, New Y.r.k, and at the time of his
awful death, w about. nineteen years of
age—but in strength of mind, intelligence,
literary attainments, and bold daring, was
far, far beyond his years. Nothing _in his
history of much interest is the writer
_aware of, until his College career. He
was soQt to Union College, Schenectady,
but did riot graduate, as his conduct there
became so notorious that he was expelled
or • hail leave to absent hi Lself, He re
turned to his friends where he remained
some tune. Being of a wandering turn
of mind, and fond of any thing.:lrrtlering
on the dangerous and matvelloas,
ped from his home and went to New York:
concealing his parentage, shipped fir a
whaler fitting nut at Nantucket. and (along
with m•iny others of kindred feeing, but
not of that dating reckleas spirit, fearless
alike of life or death,) was seat to the lat
ter place'in a small schooner.
The ship that he was to embark in not
being ready, he remained some time on
the island. During this t . me, -and previ
ous to the gale of October, 1841, he volun
teerA to go out on the banks in a small
vessel fir what tho whalemen denominate
titb 4W
Black Fish, and in that gale came near be•
ing lost, as many were at the time; as it
was, they got hack to Nantucket quite 'a
wreck. Hero I told , s him that I was vur—
prised that he should ever think of adopt
ing that hazardos life. s'lught only by
those whom friends arid fortune had dis,,
carded, and whose last lingering star of
heme,had-isank beneath the horizon, per
h4psi*Verti) re appear. He smiled at
iiii*iinistufnentrat his deserting his hap
:/fito4itirint4,s and delightful Come; and
Hnoil*f f i tlEnrik back, as I often have siuce,
I thlikef the smile of Spen , er—yes, as I
now write, I can see him as distinct as the
words I am penning—that smile
. was not
human! The wild rolling of his eyes told
plainly enough, to any one at all discern.
ing, that something Nas working in that
heart that could not submit to the dull
monotony of this peaceful, ev , !ry day life.
His reply was that he "should like to
harpoon a whale, and see the blood spilt,"
that he was "not aft iii of danger,arld
an adventurous life." The ship being rea
dy to receive her uasks, he was compelled,
with many others, to work from morning
till night in getting ih.sm and her CBl'oo On
hoard, being allowed only thirty m nutes
for their meals, which were of the coarsest
kind; and icily live hours feet night in a
miserable foreca - s?le. in close communion
wit h the dregs of New York streets. I
told him I thought this serVihe I dimr and
hard iiving would have eatisfi 'd his curi,is
ity to sue the word; but r.,,—the excite
ment was to come. In I . Ft m.iti,n if his
assertions, he shre.ved me los hand-:, and
they flow their hoiny, hardened appear•
ance, corroborated his statement of what he
had undergone at Nantucket. Having dis
posed of his wardrobe and replaced them
by the coarse and homely gal b of the wha
ler, he was ready, as was also the ship, in
two days, to sail for their cruising gromnds
ire the South Seas.
lu the interval of time from his disap- I
pearance from home to the time of our nar
rative, his friends had, by diligent enqu
ries, found his whereabouts, and knowing'
his uncontrollable disposition, and his de
termination at all hazards to go to sea, their
influence and his father's position as one ofl
the Cabinet at Washington, procured for
him a midshipman's appointment, which
was sent with all despatch to Nantucket,
with a description of his person &c., to the
care of the owner .oithe ship. This and a
letter from his father was placed in his
hands, This prospect of
.change from
drudgery to a comparatively easy life, had
oat much effect on him as it would have
on most young men; but by the earnest
persuasions of the owner and captain, af
ter learning who he was, he was induced
by them to give a volunteer $3O to take his
place in the shit).
He came on to New York and there
was fitted out by his uncle, Captain Spen
cer, of the naiv, and by him introduced on
board of the gnatd-ship North Carolina.
His sojourn on hoard of that ship (about
icor months) teas passed, as is much of the
time of some other young men in like cir
cumstances, in occasional, and 1 am sorry
to say, frequent dissipation, principally at
night, but cot unfrequentlyein the lave of
day, He committed an aggravated and un
provoked assault upon his superior oTcer,
which was investioated by the 'Commo
dore, in the cabin of that ship, in the pres•
ence of the uncle, Capt. Spencer, and a
commamier, of the navy. The written re
port made by the insulted officer to the
Secretary of the Navy, though from the
commandant of the station, was unheeded,
supposed 'from family influence,' and
Spencer was ordered to the brig Somers.
The officer thus treated resigned from the
service. The writer does not charge die
excellent commander of Li kit' North Care
lina'with a knowledge of the
.facts of - the
dissipation among some of the young men
of that ship; he believes it was entirely be"
yond . his kdow;ledge.
The horlid death of young Spencer
maat7be lit'oat fearfull,y distressing to the
feelings of his family; and , the writer
would notladd another pang to their' all—
teadY hear - ltrOken hea.rtec,-but - he tiustalit
atay.ber.a'Warning,tti many youths, who
wtati,to ]eeve :ihe ha per fires*` d
Il 07thitt
-_~~;. ..
ry~~~;; .
,y..:7 -a
seek:ittrad :o#s, tliet*Vet-7 a
;holte '4lisoun4k4 by .4ngerrq
don",x have digressed soli** from
mi - litit? --- tmdifiriaki na flatly, a concise
I.statement of young Spencer' s career, which
has ended ignominiously at the yard arm
of a man of war within one year from the
commencement of his naval career; and
not wishing at this :time to occupy too
much space in your valuable c•dumns. 1
will, if agreeable, finish my sketch at a fu
ture tithe.
Me Yankees' Forever. —A person na.
me(' Harvy Winchell, who was attached to
the Santa Fe Expedition and taiten prison'
er; writes to his friends from Talapha,
Mexico, where he has openedls school with
flattering success. He says that among his
pupils is a daughter of Santa Anna; who is
about sixtcen Feats old, and could not write
her name when she commenced With him ,
but has improved rapitily. -. " •
• Who but a genuine vender of ; wooden
nutmegs, could thus make a seri!:us misfor
tunc; a source ctspeculation.
The Confederate.lt is Supposed that
the c:.:federate at the Isle of Pines, spoken
of by the mutineers of the U. S. brig
Somers, is is no other than the Texiau schr
of war San Aantonio, which ve..sel has
been given t p as lost Lt sea for some
English yacht, mounting seven
Paixhan guns, na tie not,known, came up
the river under sail last nicht, 2.!d ;Inch n.•
ed off Slaughter !louse I",int. It is rumor
ed that she will join thu Texan Navy,—.B.
( .. Tne Ship Orleans, Sears, hence for
New York, while in tow of the towboat
Mississippi, came in collision with the ship
COO!), Ingersoll, coming IT under can
vass, on 1% ednesday night, at II o'clock,
near Poverty Point. The ship Orleans
had her b3wsprit carried away and part of
her bulwarks stove in, and returned yester-
day morning to the city for repairs. The
Cli'ton, it is said, was but slightly inju ed.
—N. O.Bee, Oih Dec.
Tar and Feathers.—Married, in Boon
ville, 'F nu., o the 280 ult., Mr. R. H.
Tarr, to Jane Feathers. This is the latest
case of tarring and fealherin.,2 th , :t we have
heard of.
"Tis false," as the girl said when her
lover told her she had beautiful hair.
Eighth, of January/ Convention.—The
Democratic citizens of Chester county me;
on the 13d., f,r the purpose of electing
de,le i zates to the Convention to he held at
Harrisburgh Or. the 9th of January.
Richard Bally acted as chairmen, and
David West and Isaac Spear as *Seereta
ties. The fUoiving gendemen «cre c
lected delegates: 'rhos Sera?, 1)r Wil mer
Worthil , gton, James MaedleduEr. Geor g e
Cioisman, and Wm \V Dow.ling.•
Resolutions were phased, warmly appro
ving the course of Presifent Jackson with
regard kr the Bank of the United States,
recommending that distinguished stilt es
min, JAMES BUCHANAN to the Lon -
sideratheiof the National Convi mit), and
appi flying, of the day named Ly the Dem
ocrats or Tennessee, the 4th Monday of
November, 1813, as the time fur ho'ditig
said Con vention.
Pursuant to notice, a meeting of the
Democratic citizen's Of Pittsburgh was
held at H. Duffy's, on Thursday evening,
Dec. 22,
Oa motion of Mr John Cuples, WM
MT LURE, Esq., was called to the chair
W. H. SIIIITII was chosen secretary.
Mr Barnett offered the foliowint reso
lutions, which were unanimously adopted
Resolved, That this meeting recommend to the
Democratic Republican party of the eity of Pitzs.
bargh, to meet in their respective wards, on Wed
nesday, the 28th 'lust, at 6 and a half o'clock, P.
M., and then and there select five delegates in
each ward, to meet in city conven' ion, on Satur
day the 31st inst., at o'clock, in the old Court
House, te-nmnitia , e a candidate for Mayor.
Resolved, That the Democratic party should
never desert their own cause :to make wa) fur
political aspirants of any party, and we would call
on all good democrats to rally in support of re
publican candidate, Wit, will turn from office all
unworthy men.
On motion of Mr W. Alexander,
Resolved, That it to reco.nmended to the Dem
ocrats to Ito mina le ; ouocil Tickets in tintr res.-
peetive wardv,when they meet to choose eeivg.a.cs
to notn:nate a Msyor.
Oa inmion, Resolved, That the proceedings of
this meeting be printed in the Democratic papers
of the city.
Adjourocd. Wll. 11Ice4UR
W. H. Smith, Sec'ry. Char'n.
In the District Court of Allegheny. County,
of November Term, 1842 Lev: Fa. No.
Mers. 4- Man. Rank of Pitts.
And now '
vs. to wit, Dec.
Cco. Wallace, 19. 1842:
~0% .95 On motinil of 3 1,. McCandless, S, Ma
Api a , d./ gravy; Esq. appointed auditor to distribute
the proceeds of the sale In this case.
• Ns. Prom the Record,
frit% The Auditor ove named witl nttend
at the office of Magraw Hamilton. on 4th street, in the
city of Pittsburgh, on Tuesday, the 171 h day, of 'January
next, for the purposes of his apt ointment, when and
where all ptirsons interested are notified to ailellll.
dec 21-•-3 t. ' Auditor.
the estate of Adam E Tomlinson, late of
Pitt township, deceased; have been granted to
the eubscriber, - residing in the third %Yard of the
city of Pittsburgh, Nn. 16 7th Street NI persons
indebted to said estated are requested, to match
immediate payment, awl those having 'claims or
demands against it, to make known 'the 'same,
legally authenticated, to the suliscribee wit
Tee 24. 18.52.-6 t _ Admieiedrator.
A AmnrisTß4Toß's NOT.f.CE: ‘ ,-IAII *emits in
17t. debted to the Estate el Hugh Itt*Chtdij , tate octet'.
inson township, deed, will make itritapdtate rOymeTit to.
the undereigaed. And'aFt finitniffetelatit against said
Eitote ple a se prevent them tibteditivittitly antitenti
pitid . foreettlem4l. • -zW I:CLASS.
, Adritit!tria.r.
~, ~-
441,0*-irearia/L-The tale
is Paid 4u be,o the limits at, tti
judgnient obtained by Stockton
fulfi'ling hie contract With these
from Congress - aught to lose no hut
fro -a respiynsibility 9 ecturety ,
a public fluty, k
althettiil we sre
(but Aoiet: Kendall, though actior:
doubt, honestly in the ease, aid li r
ceived_ to ba the jultr eetorthe- • -
a' hard .master when boa a. nitt
power whom he didnot like w e.
l i fe r i me preac :led to
not, foci p ower and ro,get rig 4 by
„aceseet, to fl,r2et wlrtt
tonot .a
forth.,_y tin ion.
O n Saturday niternoon,
ed illness. Mrs MARY t
Morrltiw, Esq.
For a considerable time, IN,
cc eed almost incredibl e
and limited intr.rva I:, of 114, 1 4 2 ‘ , L it
i inflictions rh ii3ut r i f k
e a im p ,
eid re-ignati'm w' :eh Woratt4l:.:-
periods (.1 . severe trial. Thethe,t4-7
fort her friends endured 14 /1. 1 , 14
give Lcr more mental arinsty
tense Laic ion , . 11,:r labt 4:9 u ,, f , •
and peacerul, and inspired tila*c
that cheering, confidence shier: 4 4 ,,
solace in their deep berear.mea,
and devoted husband and Wall! ict,
irreparable. And On: esrck,ificie4-
left, !wiz re.n,2 itba tin)
wh.ch wmtheupe
lu pUT , llorioe of a can, uie focuda ncdodi'ed in r:
itias. meeting in Il.e .11a,t ek
old court house, in the city of
tertiouti t lie 25U) ina The
wai •
calliutg Mijitl) I; You to tit
j, s„Moreliead V ce I're:tden!:
Fall,' Secretaries.
Tile call irt' nee itc± relq,
ream s je li4 Vt'
c, r ^, '• Ine Cleuractlit'
was moved by 11 r.. 1 ohen,lfintl:)N
lie nail; ie I n.) I ilie t 11.1411
Mayor; I Ile , ot
carried II nu .11 tri.rir.r , ,s. The fo:k e ,„ :
°hit was Were rind to the ineelin;.a:.44.l.,t
Whereas, 1 • :113 ;heel i li2
city:has been greatly retirrrkt
helm, placed, irr
Resolved, Tart the urea, :
that in the evert( alike err
as tire CI. i/.1 . 11 . , C.llllllriaie In
faithfully discharge every Itt 0,4,, 0% 4,
without regard to party mar tr,
Resolved, That shi.+ rii. el nu lair tfr
the ahrlity and firmness or r hnr cal,tt ; a t I t
dutiesthe of the utiir e of Mayir,; Tt.tt,4
mend him to all parties, as rics,rara v rimt
Rez , olved, 1' itat, a' theu:li we ill nritadmitti'
ty services should cons how a net*
feel that . his faithful disc of dill ud•rqta
Scott, tpiey and Gaines, in lire theelora4
Chippewa, I,untly's Lane and Enti.nti k
liana! elaites to the support of
A committee was trlFtl 11/ 1/1 . Oni It
to 11')RI litertl,,gs 10 iertlier we clec , ion
candidate, 01 malion, t!)e in r. lio7l yiv'tl~
OTIS VI 036, ,
J. S. Nloartagyi
William Flinn,
1101, It) A Y 1'
rp, II iliets ;, re vow 01 f,./a a homi)
or FANCY CW.I s u!;..b'efur
14ar's rre,c)ll. ,
drr 24-3 t -I It NIT b . ! S.. R;
a - -tt Man F.saNts.
•A,,,g1.1C t.a le of Dry Cuoa
thiq natriting at - 10 o'ctock--Tentlj44
.1 f? CC*
o - ciovk, tjio r ood, ficm 111 at thl. Simi?.
Goods a d Clot hir g ta:4 %A t'l•' I/oilie
he SOld Ofi r.erdant Ilse I 17
W. , aye r. I DAUS!
dec 26
t r
ON F iday mornini o'cle4,l
C.ISII, liar 111111,ey-1 lie
Black and Colorr4 Fig.l ad ,
Satins --Bee tel Silks andS.ll.‘llF—Flnf!
Shawls and Scarfs---Broc he a ' , I one
--Plain Black lsloi,e
Mouse Dc.L3raes, Fault wan hie S'ir , r , -1.751
Silk Cloves--lion r Vei ,, ;led ildkA.-[W
Green Blund_While oat
--a splendid assortment a.' row , .nriedr••
Collars---Srolch Work.-d. dad Col'ar-F4l
11 and Pit n .z.il.n•-•1:e"' 1 " 14 •
Vestlngs--Plain Black god : 7 7,1n
assorted vol . •
bon._-Black and Whit,: Vano
--Plain and Embos-s,ed Blatt
Cloths. - (dassitneres. CaAl.rl4, Check?. Annk
Calicoes, together NV It a variety ofoteD7...
P.Pr'• 'l'lle COO la aiu be read': rod ell,
Thugday. This Stark hewn are and urn
By, is well wonllty the al lennon nf deaftn
dee. 20. J.
The' .I%lnnimot h Chrtlmas CAA .
100 pounds in reign/ !
The tallest , I fel' al
EtYle , so that Ile eenllemen may lin:
a *lice of f•omec ,10:1.
Old hachelorsoloro despn , •:
will say ao after such a resent. IrekINCII I
No 130
'arse 3950 rtmeht of snsertor nude
91. private sale for this week usly,
Women's Gr,eirin Shoe=,
Men's Kip
do Calf .:do
do Fine and coarse Coots.
BOYS Brogans.
dec 20-Iw •
. 1311;
9 lea of new La r , ;tl;ler
A small lot of new Bacon, and 51)0 00
received and for sole by
dec 24.
i j
A mc.etinz of 1113. 80 , trd of 'NOW
Univnrilly of P en ns% 100 )no wil be beis ral
ty Buildin g on Tuestria) the :70 innA 4
Tilo3lo 004
Dec 24-31.
Christmas ''''''..l4o,ifi:
4- LEV:NICER. Con f ect' •r5 , "7..,01e ,
• respectfulty ca ll the au ,. ' :,O olt , ori '
extensive-and varied az:orinte'int.oo7o '
They have made additions to taeir 10 .. 0
I ,
co:1,i) ebreeVitaii.:,•:,..,.
111 order to I rlease the lactcor the 1 0 01. # 1'
i 2-
the commeity, They have prelmry
it deis t l
Men, orrOYS, which for varlet), a t _..-
All ' 1 '
Passe# by any estalklisn meal in Weill, .
'd • ,
tit 'I;.
to call. . . •
D. E. m ERRI
ST'f, d
DEVIISTs . '..
. $ E
eld, between econ nod Tkird 5 ' 4 ii
buei ones f rum 9 A. M. tilt 4 '• lII'
Dr. E. M. manufactures rrofeleal iiPl.
" Dentists can be supplied by the 100r! i 0,
of teeth with a bowlful 0113 ._.,A '.
of' :setts, will be made to order at the en. — OO ,- ,
Potwardirte an exact i m pression ori NO
" ..
for vale a few mite-Woo with eatery" cr be ...,
and filling mineral teeth so useful 10-1...., .:
- W illre vohtlow for rash.
.'pIPPLY- APPLES; on band 20
- in sauna :el:4dt t ion , for sate.llSA •'.::',
lA.k., —...
..-: - .•, ..._.. .. ,: : i . , • - 14, ~ .: -1
dec - 111. .- j - - - • • - 3.-...
ER 26
lyuiMmi4irrill be is
We republish the pro
morsatio meeting in rega
qty, in order that ail may
n-done..' !t will serve,. t
the mee tings .oti Wednee
ma yo6!liy in atte_
be following are the na
rei4jairly in the field fu
or, i n... oe city of Atleg
03),:e.atx persons na
beard the.names 6f Mr
W. A. Irwin and oth•
,131141Cti011 ith the cont
• in. FO
• ,
'fietta 3 of the tiff,.
Dow `.'eager. or the co
r saneine of success
.rest is taken in the eke
ileghiny, than on this si
gr --- See* !lilt presente ,
-yizheArish to enj
tional arn'esement, situ
ItlcK.innelt's tallest kin
eTj .good, arid lie has s
COO II I & 111.
he w!lige,and Malts, •
OHO on.S.tuiday nigh
• ing nomittatitins fur S
Council.—J. B. I\
A. Nla
J. T.l
Council —T. Baliew
fnon Council —W
Jos. C
S. S-(,
(ltett►aintlPr t) , ,t I.e rr
•li s .OU It 111 W.
ti.Cott4ii/.—W.lirr fir
tn.9:3 Council. I,re:l
H. M
NI. 1..1
. ,
Fi PT 11 AV
Not hpar , l- h
owls aghtty. 'We
ninny ihlm go; ate
itab e -mot ives—btit
y girl 3, bola of the
,gress.- 7 iNVe have rt_
Washikifon of any
ppointaient of a Clu
igate the conduct o'
The Court consisla .
, Jacob Junes: a
Hot Tann, EN., of
ipose of inquiring i
ate transaction On b
brig 'Somers.
m the character of t
udge Advocate, the
satisfactory opinion u
ved in. the ease,
In front of Captain B
On Penn sire
'[Fnr Particulars s.
PROPERTY —Win 1e .
arm within 30 miles of
atreet.in the 5111 Ward, co
tending to the A klezlimiy rive
ick holm with a frame limisa
'titled at present as a tavern
Min: at $2OO per annum: ent
nee and tit le unexteplionnt,
-CdPITALISTS, or otiterti
investment of fun t 3
yTo[sale;--one two story hri ,
- ty City, wrti t.ll4.lsla'vti
1111 4 1146 pen.). V
4, 0041 wit:Ae some 75 !lons('
fill' (twirl it,. ue
the int iF 90,feet Cron
' fteffiler-of P Federii and fat
akg *l5 Iv 84 containing
• Works, or in of
r°l * l4ll— iig iiifficient water to
taawejed of_ lead pipes
7.4 hYdrants ire 001 Y iu 01
' fstoitielt,
' a spleudidfacsity residence.
° Wick - house, with 2
..,• ?g , "I rt. trabt on Walnut
..., 0 ,1 1 *106 . it is built is '74 0
lifi.l"ois: *ask io a 10 ft •
• wad hOniculturat pr
e f Al l 4l4 ladtitis a l'arge ratoily?,
7 i !i l .l 3 taitte mantle rie. e
neat tatnefal It
k i-rllkalsbc,4l ia itte. best style 11
AO4 91r. t b6it isiateria!s. T
".1 1 . , t ,' 4 " 41 sits:tivtans, coal ttous•l
- e"e'.. 4 lll l ,Adittilit,y tram Ike T.
!,4 1 1A1titilror by pities' and
ittleistiail4 stabling for 3 Ito
_:4s for the
Wet-it dist rel
1 1 : 4408 .+Sis.Slemiogn- 20 ' feed
11 ,1 1 : 11 1 4 4httrsiot carriage.hout
last on&
hand, the
." 7.4 . 141141 4**.e. t i,_, 't
magma - spot wi