Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 20, 1842, Image 3

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Gvrxma. attate• /Ate 'tiltenz.afeet.--- - During the trial of
- Cooley, at Providence,te Court teinarked
that, under the existing constitution any
— V I intelligent citizen could vest , $134 in land
if he choose, and thereby secdre a vote;
;towded whereupon Mftitantoul observe& 'Presi.
dent Munroe - De Witt Cliff and Daniel
Webster conk' not 'do it.' ',is',
DECEMBER 20, 1842.
pante Sffairs.
gainers had another
last Dig"
nn-ahela Slack water.
men.... -e
, e are informed that the completion
wor k, of so much importance to our
tad i n fact to the whole of the great
of t h e Mississippi, is now beyond
b t. Messra.MooßHESD & LOTHROP ,
Os of much experience and ample
have un dertaken the remaining
i ld 9 rou s day.Tuesday and
, jo ie work (two dams anti two entire ee d
w 2l, rb t c en ea te H r
o tai c n o au s e s n A ta c wi n it c zn u tm A c H ne l e with an
Wednesday Drenings, December
believe) on terms mutually zi. Bongs D • by
Diettenson and Barry,
ito t hemielyes and the Cumpa- 1 norremanen,txdp . bliss anti blast Buckley.
Vaster Buckley.
..___ .. Chinese Gimes, lif r Warren.
• 'clown in Trouble .a comic Seen byILI
it; • e• -r. Wm. Nichols
canpletion of this work will .. v• and Mr, &lay.
Tigin Rope,
r e w ithin thirig hours traVel ,. - of Due.l,
h, and make our city the prima- •
,i b i bir the reception of the traveling
between the East and West.
be jl3 Wl3 let, we understand, Or'
NO, the c ontractors taking slo,ooorin
and to wait fur the balance until re
from the work.
feet water In the
ee l. A rise is exriegted, owing to
, a w of the snow, which has been hea,
We would a lvise persons .who arts
c (dds not to walk at;asi-asuch
the streets are in their present con
—else, they \vill be u3der the've
yof applying to Tuttle for mind),
13 not agreeable these hard times.
oar advice and sdve rngney.
w that sleighing is over, and no of -
usetneut is offered, we would cell
on to the card of Nichols Amphi-
The amusements presented by
rripany are certainly worthy of the
rt of our cirizens.
McGi.ky E'durird
McGiney Cozienei,
.11GGIa'us I►.e .C,
Menflyer,' le
McComb Met
McCoy Mrs Macy
McCutchin Sit
McDeratat Miss
. McDonald M
McDonald James
McKee Quirlea
McKelvy .-•
.MbKi sail*
McKinley Mr,
McNair Gr , B
jtieQnitty In-41
McKee lie-arr
Normans Jams!
N•ortlibrand G
C & J
C }3 " l
M c ullaa henry
ilicNe D 2
Slnday willbe Christmas. make
nnuuncement, as we think, judging
the apparent apathy that exists, that
few know that there is to be tin'Y'A
aims thi, year.
kv!larfpresent6 a brisk ap.
ar- larg.-3 number of
tra steanlelS de-
g ,,, 0d loads
a In 317 in Cherry al!ej
3•lril an et) irm Dui qq3taity 1,1
trc n 1 1 'if /4/ &ling
ferl considet ably ann,y-
O'Donnell '
0. r K•.k
Ouret,fritms •
Owens Joseph
', I , t2'.'.'Ve ell 4J at.tl 1.000. IL et y
1.1 - d •
erJ 11.!
•ar,anci y
e day , nE.., e r ,, •t.tvt. t a 4... ,romtrti , ::ti ,, t)
p r,:nt', 11 1 , 1•11 , S, and re,!oni-
setk 1 C.. 1, a , 1.f . .0r "ti Ming
with \ W.!, 0 ha
le d. 0 1 r rk.tvi!r, :I) r . .n:•tu no from
a 004-I , eutiati t i Nominate a Mayot
$ today at 2 P. ‘I. at the old Court
reason.—The jar v ill the cage of Col
ey, one of the Rhode Island patrioti,
not agree and were consequently
Friday mornin: next at 10 o'clock, I wdl nefi for
..11, par money—the followin2 eoa*-7
and Colored F igd. Silks—Mao: and klolored
Bonnets. Silks and Satins--Faney silk Upkfs.
sod Scarf , --Brorhe and Moose De-I aine Shawls
Black Cliailp.s and Mouse De Laine.—Fizit-
De Gaines, Fashionable Styles—Ladies Kid and
• MourninzVeiis and Ildkrs,—lllaci Crape--
wd—Whne Fig.l. Blond—Sup. Cloak 9'a3sels
—id assortment of French worked Capes and
.S.N:sch Worked rapes and Collars—Flgd Swiss
44d. and Plain Satin—Valencia and 111.-rino
lain Black coed Slants , ' and Satin Ribbong
msher,--Fastdosable Bonnets and Can Rill—
and White Worsted and Marino Wining
Waikossed white and Stark Silk tittering—
taimeres. Casinets. Checks. shawls,
kather with a variety of ether Dry Goods.
Tit goods will be ready for examination on
I . TM Stork being large and of a superior gnat
" Talky the attention ofdeaters
llbe °l%arnlng oast at 10 o'clock, a large as
. 11,0, 1 Good i .
50 bbls. hiatuses.
B. CITTFIR In. Auer.
41 . hews this morning at 10 teem*. st B ag s "
Wl' commercial anctiOn MOMS Pa 110 Wood
I lii rcellaneous lot of pry Goode, chiefly on so.
of tamer Purcbaserv.--Conolstlng of sesteonahle
i 'd , la Blankets, Flannels,Maw. Saline"Aetierr. R cirrr. Ike. 4.e.
•it 2 o'clock P. N. . .
aedcleads and other Parairare;
tiberlib manufactaned Plooglts -
new and second hand; ...-
dale and Harmsen, with a ira. fete of .small ar
R. A. BAUSIIAN. Auct. _
`Dm 19, 1842.
P'S 'be sold I;3r tridrr of
Sheriff. at Baldillain'S Commercial
- " n ". Ns- 110 Wood et. on Tueiday Decent.
... 10 o'cloek it. M. the mare 'stock pf int ex.
utokixe se ov,,consieing dPa of
Broad Cloths. Beaver and PilOt Clothe.
- - Samuels and Veetings.
is '
's Dress Coals.
is Over Coats.
Prork. Coats.
re and Sattinet Pintliftns.
'IP/later and Vionniter Vesta
shirts and Drawers.
"I and Pongee Hdk
• Padding, and Brown Holland.
sod Brown SleittinO. .
larlety of Tailor's trimming.. Terms cub
.'kepl to!i
u v,i i tI Iy r im~tr:
. 1 W
IL; t:ic! puYisilinZ or.
auction Salem
.118 front of Cogain Broottottres,
On Penn Street.
First Appearance ofßrickley on the Slack Rope
Mr McFarland
Mrs. S. A. Nichols and Mr. Dickenson.
Sprites of the Silver Shower.
Daring Act tf - Horsemanship, on a single horse, by
Nm N ichols, defying all competition.
Young McCollum on Four Horses.
To conclude with PLEASANT. NEIGGBORS.
For cast of characters see small bills.
Ski NOTICE. -There will he a Performance on
Wednisdny afternoon, Dee, 21st, for the accommodation
of iliejtivenile classes. and those Ladies and Gentlemen
who cannot attend in the evening.
Doors open at 2 o'clock. Fur partieitlars.ee Ciliate bills
TIAAC CRUSE, 148 Liberty st„ ofrers Carnal° 50 bar
60 . sheis dried, do.. lmt extra quality;
93 Bushels dried Peaeh —also,
Raisins and Figs by the Boz.
NUf Flow many pe , ..sions are afraid to avail themselves
an immnitility in take a sleigh ride far fear
of bringing on an attack .oftlia Glatt Or, Blimissitisia.-
1 all do away with such fears. for if they'd° hring
on; they car. finds certain cure for either. hy eatling'at
Turtle's Nedic_.l Agency, and _getting a 'spine of Hew&
Nerve and Bone Liniment and' laduaa Vegettble
d.c 15.
wa•d Hushes. Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse N 0.25, FV9orlaL, Phishniell. Pep 10 --Iy
Houses to Let,
, ,
emsgh_ THE subscriber offers fur rent front the first of
prit. (and if desired, prew,ssion nay probably be
had sooner) the new Block of three story brick
'muses nu Market street, between 3rd and 4tlt sta., con
taming seven large store rooms adapted and wen situated
:Or Dry Goods or Fancy stores.
The cellars are dry, well lighted and floored, and
are furnished with fire places and flues; the iiOuSlolll.l4. so
consli acted that the hack and upper parts can reality be
concerted into con:fort:title dwellings. with yaidseoeninU
no,titt2 with the ahey opposite !tie ['Oct Office--two of
the houses hare a 'tall opeutiig on NI nrket Ft reel,
ALSO, far rent, three small store.lon Third st ,and
,everal cffices in the. r.eek.ind story, ainnwo long rooms in
the turner hou.;e, lately occur:led by Mr. Win. Ifigby,
suitable fur a Britain_ establishment or Book bindery, fdr
wt.frlt they have heretofore been ti,ed.
A LSO. two other spaclicis and well lighted room, in
Aiarkm street, convenient nut ranee, suitable for flails
for Literary Socictics oi similar Associations.
A LSO, for rent, Fever at small hou-es near the dwell
ing tips -0 of the solo,crit.er in r at. towns:op, WI a few
of 1.,,,ed attached io each.,
The trr.:s , will tuleie . r..:te, :zed a 1e,ti1,.11 of the tent.
of !,ct s tee.: stores may he pall: 1.1 GeOtliz,
One Iv:nd:r•d and teit the fiist city
the Gety rithrt !hit)
eliZih/ .01E11 ell on the 31slitotizsities - sti,
iiie dei , rsishle (5 for 1 . 01 2 e
Or Gu 1“.;‘: y'ar.k.b.•:, :it
f . : 000200 forau: Coalri I tl • :,•,!
vered si; tit's at a it-s cub! lout lot l
'rite oniy road by n.; leit be inhabit ants tif Nittict,eitie
A. ran reach tin- I iver, (+•z• - eirt by lb..
011- lA'at' Ite. ki' , 3') I 3STSP•S ihrnualz this proff ray. The
:111•: Itir1,11:1:1!
the pr 0 ,,,, ; jnintettiatety adjacent to dill is the
r Atte fors Eta it, iiitt.t..iiatryeed by the gait anti Obit/
A War, f rut be srrn, :Ind the 'term= made
xr.n.rn:.llllrotlice ofthe sult-eriber, Nn 5 rd
dre 17--.3m 1:01: 1 1) 1) G A 72 .
goo L' 11 X. 9 VIVATICI.N' and Fire Ini.ararce
.M. Cunipany ele- noir for tine ili.ertnrs, of this
Company to serve for the ensuing year, will he held at
;heir office, N0,35 Market street. on Monday the 24 day
of January 1843, between the hours of 10 and - 2 o'clock.
Pittsburgh. Dec. 19, 1842. 7t
DA LLErS B will cure burns or
scalds, introediwelv without leaving a sear. No
Family should Int without il, To he had at TurrLeg
fourth street, Pittsburgh, and Berford's Literary Depot,
Allegheny City.
11.1 13 —W. et Ai I,lollteieTy ininnu Weir frwritlS unU
the pubtir that they have coninieticed manufactu
ring Hats. amt thrt they have now ready tor sale. at
their Ssere, I-43 LaWetly street, between . Market anti h
street, an a , ..sortment oh the vary but Hats, which 11..ey
are an liens to distpaw.e of on the-e.itenne , l and reason,
able l erns. Their stork consist of the very best kinds.
v:z.—Heaver. Otter. Neutria,Castors,stiort ped Russ
sia, Fur and Silk flats.
W. 4. M. Doherty are both regular tired Matters, they
have had extensive experience as Jouritevirien in the lest
establishments in the country; their Hats are all got ut,
under their own inspection, and thry assure the public
that nothing I•ut the very hest articles on the most rea
sortable' terms will be offered !or sale. sep 10_
fIUCKWHERT "OUR. just received front Ohio, a
few hair harreia Buckwheat V]lll7 of soperiot qual
ity. Also, Sto !Butter, new Lard. saie by
142 Lil?erty street.
111011IPPIX APPLES; on hand 20 barrels Pippin Apples
in sound condition. for sale by
148' Liberty st.
Proprietors of ate
ANUF4C777IIE and keep constantly on hand at
131 their warehouse, Liberty 'Street head of Wood st„
every variety of Castings, among which are' the following:
Franklin, common mond fancy and pyrainid Stoves;—
common and farcy grate., newest fashions; Cooking
Siove4 mftable for either wood or Coal, a superior artic
le (and warranted to cure smokey cbitnoeyva waggon
hones, hollow-ware, tea.kettles. sheet-irons With a genet . .
al aenortment.of ware bons. castings. All warrant dto
be made of tha bw.t. materials.
'They also Make to order at the si.oriest notice, Chilled
Itsiters.from 19 inch, diam. down to the lowest sizes in
use, with every other description of Rolling mill Cast.
Dee. 13.11142.-3ss • •
A PART./IrER WANTED. --.A partner in a wanufae-
TS-wring establishmentt that has been In suemsful op.
eration for several years. A hasitiesa man with a rani.
tat o fftve er six tnousand dollaranionid field it, a Proara
bleinvVltnent. App!) , at HARRIS' AgeneY and Intel
itente office. , Dee 121 1842.
FOR RElitrand immediate posseasion7-4 shed Coal
Pit, ready for Inintedwue work, ahout , one wile train
the Monongahela Brldgeand near the Brownsville Road,
the pay will be taken- in-Coal. Also for sale 30 large
hot •bed sash-Apply at , MARIUS'
d 2,. . Intelligence °Meet
WII.I+ITED SOON--Five or six industrious men
with sinaltramilles, to go down the river about
j i O miles. They will he ein . ployee in digging clay for a
brick yard:-.-ctein diving coil. They will get employ
nienfdaring 11w winter and en inner at fair wages and be
provived with houses. 'Atm a respectable woman whfi a
a riesti breast of milk fur a resPectable family. either to
; ntute the child And tnother.or cackle the child striae
} (LP Partner wanted for a firm engaged Ina well entail.
lishled manufacturing buirinew; one with $6OOO capital
and another with about ;2,000 who would take an at
five part In The tstsiness. Places wantedlfor a number
of laboring men, meehanlee,. coachmen and boys, Walters
for voyage (amines. ite.
1 pplyittllarrh? I °tent:genre Mee:
Deo.ll No. , 9 PIO it. ...
iso4=Aawn aon
N W. Corner of Wood 4r Sf• Sip Ste.
Tax proprletots of the Mumma roar add Maaellair
AND MaNalreeSTM respectfully Inform their "friends
and the pattins of those papers, that they have a large r
and well chosen swourtisent of
eVra:16111014 'TrIlir.7lllO"lllEE2l9
Neemary to a Job Printing Office. and that tbey are pre
pared to execute •
Rinser Lading, I Circulars,
Bill Heads. Cards,
Black Cheeks, Hat Tips'
att kintts of Blanks,
Stage, Steamboat,- and Calla Beat BlUe. rill et'?"
priate Cat*,
Printed on the shortest notieeand mast reasonabieterson
We respectfully aik the patronage of oar friends and
he public in geneittl;la - this branch of oar buslnere,
Pittsburgh, Ser. 4% 1842. PHILLIPS ¢ SM ITh.
Bank or Pittsbure.b. par
et Man. bk. Par
Etzban4e - bank, par
Bk. of Germantown "
Easten lank, .*
Lannagef bank, die_ 2
Sank of Ctoisler Co. par
FartneWliiiA' locks Co
Doylestown bk
Bic ur N America Phil.
Bk or Nortboro Liheitiery
Commercial hk. or Pa.
Far. k Mechanics bk
Kensington lik.
Philadelphia lik
Schuylkill lik
Southwark bk
Western bk.
Bk. of PennAylvanta,
Bk of Penn 'rt.
Van.lk Illephanics We
Moyamensing bk
Girard haat,
Stares bank
Lumbermens', Warren, --
Frank. bk Washington, par(
Miners bk of Pottsvile, 10
Bk of Montgomery Co. par
Mon. hk Brownsville, 2
Erie Bank. 5
Harrisburgh bank, 81
Farlik Lancaster,
Bk Middletown,
Bk. of Cbambersiiurgh, 9
Carlisle hank, 9
Bk of Northumberland, 81
Columbia bk k Bridge co. 3
Bk SuSquebanna Cu• 11
Rita Delaware Co. par
Lebanon bk. 9
Gettysburg!) bk. 9
York bank, 8
Far. 4. Drovers hk. of
Way nesburalt, S I
Currency notes,
Wyoming bank, 20
Pit State Scrip, 5'7
Country do do 9
am-kg CO. bank, 50
NT.Aantpb.asmat bk
Far. Mech. bk Stet!.
beriviqe, 2
Brims - Int t k iT St. Clairs.
Ville, 2
Marietta Lk. Demand
nines. 2
iThrreury on,rs
~.41 PO , l ~,,
SpLCie pny
V erit. Trn de Lk of
five iu to,
i 0:: hi{ of I"..hi tolei
r2ir;•:Pviilt., (11. I.a iv ret:ce
Zanesville I.k
""KILT—RS Barrels No. 1. Salt—al-4), SO harrek No. 2
for ISAAC CRUSE, 14R Lib. Ft.
17.i7 !HT LECTURES.—F.urth Course.—The Lee.
V V lure Cmunittee of the Wirt Institute have the
r i...m.ore o f haying before the ',oldie, the following its ,ot
gentlemen w have consented to Lecture, vtz:
Rev J W Bake-real, I niroductory Lecture.
John L Onto. Sm, ashington. -
Pro& H J Clark. Mea,i7ilie !otlege.
Hon. Wm Wilkins. Pittsburgh.
Proff B Brown. Jefferson C.dlege.
,David Richie.".3q..rittsburgb.
Reed It usVngton. Esq ,
Prod'. Alefr T %Vest . Theo. St utinary.
Francis Jaw:a:l.EN.. Pittsburgh.
Proff I Barker. Meadville College.
W H Lowrie, Pittsburgh.
Rev James L Dinwiddie.
Prof. it S til'Culloch. Jefferson college. will de
liver several Lectures on Asi ronontyiembrncing its rite,
prove... and destine. Reed Washington, Esq., will also
deliver several Lectures on the subject he may select.
A rrangotrimits are in progress to engage Professor Sit.
Liman, of Yale Conege, to deliver In our city. a full course
of lectures on Geology: also a ill R. Buchanan,
on Neurotogy. Other eminent Lectriters will be invited
to visit our city, when it may he in the power ofThe in
st num to engage theirservicee.
The Lectures of this course will be on Literary and
Scientific subjects exclusively and It is hoped from the
eminent ability of the Lecturers. and the interesting na
ture of the subjects. that our citizens will liberally pa•
tronise this laudable enterprise. The iron City- should
not be behind sister cities in her encouragement ofscienee
and literature. The proceeds (if any) will he appropri
ated to the enlargement of a Library, already -an honor
to the city.
ir}-Coarse Tickets. admitting a WY and gentleman.
32, and may be bad of either of the Cemusittee,and at C.
H, Kay 4- Co's Rook Storp, Monongahela and Exchange
Hotels, and at Bedard's:
Lectures counuance on Thuridaievenirg, Dee 1.
WM. 8, SCA !FE, I
1124-1 m
() E.MOYAL.•—The a nhserihershave reutov.d to W.
11110 ter between Woodnnd Smithilekl streets. where
they wilt continue the Wholesnkr Grocery and Commis
sion businear. and would renpertruity roltelt the patron.
ace of their friends: J. W. BUTUIRIDGE* Co.
Der. 3 '
13. T. PRICF,; Wholesale and Retail Rater, Coif.
feetkoner and Fruiterer. Federal streed i near the
Every variety' of Cotifectiona•y and Ornamental
Cates. sellable for weddings and tartlet, manufactured
from the best materials. at short notice. novl6
WILLIAM ELVER. Attorney at Law; O ffi ce in
V V •'Bakeweti'sßnitdings, itearly opposite the Pew
Court Douse. on Grant scree. gep
GEORGE tV. 1.11.11fV, Attorney at Law, Office
No. Fifth street, near the Theatre. Pittestret,
rep 27—ly
rsut'leriber offers for sale, at unusually low prices
T .a nd accommodating terms, One Hundred and
Fifty Seven Itunding tots, situated on the Fourth , tercet
Road; adioluing lend owned by the hereof C. Magee dr.
teased, and betvieeu said road and Bluff street, un the
bank of the Monongabela—the numbers and special to
cations of said Lots can be seen by reference to the plan
recorded on the 18th Nov, 1841, in theltecordeei office
of fillegber 3 , county in peed Book, Vol. 83 and last
page, or upon application to the subscriber.
The attention of persons desirous of Improving or
having money to invest- is earnestly solicited, as an oppor
tunity equally advantageous Is 'grey presented, and the
inhscriber determined to sell.
The Lots will be sold aCcording to the recorded plan
and unexceptionable titles will beeves.
Apply to - DAVID GREER,
Nov 10-tf ?ems St Can* , briAte.
oWide. N. 0. Boyar, this day received per aleanter New
York, Ind for =Why J.C. it A. GORDON.
1.0.12 Water R.
- -
Nasallon, • 2
Sandusky. 2
Cranea, 2
Norwalk, 2
%en ia , 2
Dayton, 2
Scioto, 2
Post notes. 2
Cbittienthe, 10
Fran. bk.Colninhus,
La..easter, 15
fiameton, 35
Coin. bk. Lake Erie, 1,1
Far. bk:of Calton, - 50
Urbana 65
State bk. 4. Branches 2
state Serie, .50
5 AD banks. -
,siate bk Branebea, 59
15bawneetosan, C 5
Rank of Vlryinia. Tf
I do Valley, i
. .
Far. bk. of Virginia,
Exchange bank,
N. Wikni. hank
Mer. 4•Mer.. de
Baltimore Batiks,
Connolry Banks.
AU Banks,
All Banks
par and
City Rhukr,
CGani ry:banta.,
(safety fund.) a
Red Back, Ito
Boston Banks, p.
Country r•
Orleans Banks,
Banks. 2
! Ranks. - 2
COLUM rarlt
Rood Banks,
All Banks,
Bk. of St. Clair, '4
Do. dn,..1 kH. Smith 4
F.-Astern Exchange.
Now York,
linsi ,
ts'etern FAchang.e.
i, pal
Clevelood, 3 dis
nOMMerllolM244ttepritsi at
•• theeoneerif fortb and Smitlifield sts,seplo
• - KEA s wistie*G - rolw,
4 ,2 0. 7-r ib intir .reek itr iittm 4r zyj b fr . .—Osikef . 7.use;s:s,DiaB4.2.thling4.
T. T. EITEWART, pboistair *ad taper liattget.
a. • No`...49irilth street, between Wood Swlttdield
'As. Husk and Strait Vaunt-woe always on hued. AII
craters careened with neatness and despatch, on aceomaio
—rattrtt ttett2o—
20 001.11 .11 T hes E I LS pri O e f in PLA ca :: : g ai tD : f iv itr , bleb the
Mechanics Littetornet ufLtkerty and Wag'. =greets,
Pittsburgh. Oct A '4 -2
Ne. 151 Liberty at., one slisor frees tie Jackson Froutdry.
►IIIIIE Subscriber having prepared at his establishment
1. the largest and most varied Stock of READY
MADE CLOTHING ever offered In the Western coun
try. would respectfully turtle the public to give histt.,a ,
call and examine his Goods and bear his'prlces before
purchasing elsewhere. His stork consists 10 putt of
1500 Coats.assorted sizes and quality;,2ooo Pair Paula
loons: 11100 Vests with a 'large assortment of Shirts,
Drawers, Cravats, Stocks, Gloves, Supenders, and every
other anie.le of winter Clothinz.
fills Cloths were all selected by blinselfla the Eastern
Markets, and purchaied at the very lowest cash prices,
and consmfmfutiv he efta afford to give his - customers
BETTER BARGAINS than they can get at any other
house in the city. Relieving in the principle of -Protect•
mg Some Industry" lie has therefo e had all his articles
manufactured try Pittsburgh workmen, and he has uo.
hesitation In saying that they will he found In every res
peel superior to the Easrefese mansfastured articles -that
are offered for sale in the slop shops that, have recently
.Bnckored among us.
in these times when Home Industry is occupying sn
large a snare of public attention, as it always should, the
proprietor of the lure Rif Doors' takes peculiar pride
and pleasure In assuring the citizens of Pittsburgh that
his Goods are all mannfactured under his own eye, by the
mechanics of his own town. Be does not, like some of
his rivals in trade, nave his Clothes made up In a distant
citv,ln another Stale, nor does he advet Use his Stork in
hills printed three or four hundred miles from here. Be
goes mime principle that tire . mechanics of Pittsburgh
too do work as well as any others. and he does not de.
si-c le drjow , money from their pockets to support distant
warkmen; while he asks them to support hint, he does
not wish .oimpoveriali them by a drain to support far
off mammoth workshops. -
The subscriber would take this occasion to retain
thanks to his friends and customers for the unprereden
ted patronage extended to his establisimpent, and In re
peat his invitation to a,ll those who wish to purchase
clothing, of every description, made in the latest faShioll
and sold on the most accommodating terms, to call at
No 151 Liberty street. JOBS St'CLOSK EY.
rrObserve Metal Plate is the pavement.
net 27-1
Unrivalled Blacking:,
VIANUFACI TIRED and sold whole:rale and retail
aura STrucer. one door below Smithfield.
Oct 21-IY.
WEIR A RY of Religious, H istor ica',Poiii iral,and M is
crlianeous Works, will be 0 IWO every day, Sabbath ex.
cepted, "ram 7 o'clock, A. M., omit 9, P. M., in the Er
change Building,corner of St Clair street and Exchange
alley. wnere punctual attendance will be given by
sep 10 1. CEMMII.
SON PAM!. MILL. Steubenville, Ohio, having remo
ved their store front this city, have appointed Eloldship
it Browne. flo. 49 Market It., between 3rd and 401,a
-:tents ror ice sate of the different kind=of Paper manufac—
tured t y them, where their friends and customers win al
ways find a regular surply of papitr. such as Cap and
P st Writing, plant and faint lined; Mapping and Ten
paper; Bonnet Boards, and Printing Paper of different si
zerand quaiities , all of which crin be sold on the most
aeconsmodating terms.
1-10Lpsuip Benwsg, manufacturers and imoorters of
Wall Papms and Borders, keeps - constantly on ha n d eve
ry tr:lcjety n 1 E..ltry, Parlor awl Chamber Papet_s,oribe
raiitbl- a , Or and most ha ndsnerse-ofll-I*.en.t. 7
term?, artmle.ale
nos 18—tr.
t'. Del:illy, Mika', No. 49, Liberty St.
2,4(1 Door above Virgin alley
H AS completed a grncra I assortment of Winter Cloth.
conr-i,tine in palter dintond and plain heaver
cloth frock and c.vercoat; heavy line and common pilol
cloth velvet Unit ined,and plain; every description of dress
and frock cloth coats, fashion:Ode coldri and fresh cloths
plain and fancy rassittet pants, cloth and satinet do. of
superior quailly;,every tiesmption or vests sal itable for
he season, and will I e 4,1 d low for cash. Persona wish.
i rig '...:itave fashionable ea ripen's made of the hest mate( i
at will find them at this estahlisitineut Making warran
led P11.1:11 trinity in the tity. A foil stock of goods are on
hand to na2ke to order.
Messrs, B. Donaghy and thotnas MeCance are nt this
establishment and wilt be much pleased to have a call front
t heir several Inco ads- Good for, insured or uo sale.
Pittsburgh, Dec. 1, 1842.
IO TilE LADIES.—Why dr you not remove that
superfluous hair you have upon your foreheads
and upper lip- 7 By calling at Tortes's. 3ti Fourth =t ,
and ow:lining a bottle of Gourand's Poudres eml tics.
which will remove it at once without affecting the shin.
You can also obtain Gonraud's ttuly celebrated Eau de
Beasts. which wilt at once reir.ove ail freckle., pimples.
Pr - options of the skin, and make your face took per ectty
fair; and to those who wish to assist nature by adding
more color to their cheeks. they can obtain some of Com
rand's celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot be rubbed
off even by a wet cloth. Also may he found a good as.
tortment of Perfumery. sashes Cologne, Rears' Oil, Al.
mond. Palm, Windsor; and other Soaps.
Retitcmher.nt Tuttle :I Medical Agency, 86 4th street.
Dec. 8. 1842-
NOTICE Is hereby given to the creditors and debtors
of Mews. Et IA rntel and J Q Monts, late tiring
business In Market sivipet, Pittsburgh. under the firm of
Armel Muntz, and 'Mille public generally,,that they
have this day assig,netpill their stock of eoods, accounts,
etc., to me, for the hehefit of their creditors, wi.hout
distinction or preference.
Persons knowing themselves indebted to the late firm
will see the necessity of calling without delay, and pay
ing their respective dues, and persons having claims will
present them to me fer settlement.
Pittsburgh, Nov, 241842.
N. B. The above named lama, which embraces a full
slid general, assortment of seasonable dry roods. will be
disposed of at the old stand, No. 100, cheap for cash only,
J. G. Musts is authorized to make settlement arid re
ceipt for n oney, in my absence,
rif-DALLErB PAIN EXTRACTOR is certainly
the most valuable ointment for, Barns, Sores, 4•e.. ever
invented: no matter how badly a
,person may be burnt
or 'scalded—this will heal them immediately, without
leaving any scs.a., Every faintly - should have a box fa
their house, no one should .be without it.—Every oae
who has tried it recommends it. To La bad only at
TUTTLE'S:B6 Fourth street. dee 8
- TO LEY—Wet:gra H. Lowiraz, having ream
iii= ved his office to the rooms in the same build.
= leg above those lately occupied by him in Fourth
street, next to the Mayor's office, sow offers his late of
ice for rent.
The rooms are well ended' for offices or persons of
anyprofeadon.or for any kind of retail mercantile basi
new. - Enquire of WALTER H. LOWRIE, or
E. E. AUSTIN, Attorney st Law, Pittsburgh, Ps.
V °Rice in•9th street, opposite Burke - s Bultdirty,.
WTLLIMIEE. A vertu, Esq., will give his attention to my
unfinished business, end! revomntend him to the patron
age of sty friends. , WALTER FORWARD.
In the-Court oof Common -Plea& of Alin
gheny County, of October Term, No.
296. -
I N the matter or the Voluntary An
_ signment of Joss Todd.'
• 'Aed now. to wit. Dec 15.1845: account
- of assignee confirmed absolutely and re.
- ^ (erred to Cho Von - Boutiorst. Esq. to obi
- 'Abele the fends.
From the Remit
The Auditor above natateelmiti maenad fur the purpose
of his appointment., at Um odleeof Itavom and Bach
Moo. lo 4h steeet PhtaYar,b oe toe - 27th as of Deeem.
her next, al lO ceeloik and erh•ne his will
heir all perfaati lidertlita. y 027 sofinoresT.
doe 16--3 i. -
- . urAzz t - rAingrius.. , ---.
rime retie db," re.p.damy eau the acereloa of
.1 thir!r Irleadertad the public generally, to their pre.
seat amoitment of Paper- Hoopirks, which contain. a
Mize arid roaciairaeatiet3r of pattern* of the foikiwi -g
desert which Istmeinapection will be farad to be
ofauperkor • ill's. and finish.
asihrted al Papers. of al! descnptlalir. lb' Palitrhit
mime* ratrier.at 25ceitx preplece.
Glazsd If I.Poiterf , seat and handrome.patteras, for
paperingr ma and en tr tint, at 37.1 cents. •
AIRCriIMS irell Pcipsr, of i link own manufacture. for
,halts: Fresco axd *tier - etples for parlors wad
diatribes - $. 410 line satin glazed ground*.
Frsati Will Papers, Detonate' w ILIPIt Prwmaltartreasi in
plain an rich colore.grqd amt attar? paper.
Velvet Owed lades:ion Borders, --
Landscape! Paper., in setts, for papering hotels, balls
and dining rooms, at reduced flf Left. -
11W Beard Prints, Stirtuei, Creciessents,
Stiehl's Eliad Paper, plain andfturad,of different ea
Western merchants and othereare respectrally invited
to call and examine . ' hPir stock and prices, oft' erbkh last
a liberal digeount dill he given for cash. '
From Itaexperience.la the tuskless, they are able to
mannraM re naprrs in a superior manner, and as they
are deterined to keep Op the character their PASers
have era r
atty sustained, they hope to refilltine to re •
ceive the e couragement hit heti rt so liberally extended.
I --.- FIOLDSHIP 4. 1311OWNE. '
N 049, Market street. between 3d and 4th
PittshnOgh, Sept, 19,1842—dawtt
, .
yOll ig lIHYTTERWORTII. Auctioneer aver Cowtaris.
J Jana Afercitant, honiseille. KY— will attend 10 ter.
Pale oIR ell Eitate,Thsaoods - ,G,neeries.rnrnim - rb, 4-c
-kc. Ilezater'sates eve,v Tuesday; Thursday. nail Fri
day moraines, al 10 o'clock. A. M. Cash advance: made
no considtinwls.
1.1 0f7 1 "
_t_ seri 10
36 Tr to Soft Pig Trott Ai:amble for F l ou u E
11AM . - HOWARD q• CO„ Alailafactarres of Wall
0 Prti4r, No. 18, Wood Street, Pitts bur: li, Pa.—
Have alwitys on hand an extensive assortment of Satin
Glazod aid Wain PA l'Ett HANGINGS, Velvet and
Imitationr Borders, of the West style and handsome
patterns', For pa rberiar4 halls, parlors and chambers.
M anufacture and have on band at all times—
Priotins.Wrlting, Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper,Bon
net and tillers' Boards-all of which they offer for sate
on them sticeornmodatins, terms: and to which they
invite the attentma of merchants and others.
Al..Eltli—Blank Books Grail kinds and the bestquality,
Schahl Bhoks, etc. alwa7s on hand and for sale as above .
1 N. BI" Ernst nd Tarners' Scraps' taken in exchanse.
CIITSitERS, SARDINES 4.r.; served tip in lIIY beat
etyle at A- flexames, No. 9 Fifth steert. Stota' , .le
apartntet is are appropriated to gentlemen accompanied
by ladiesl - Also all kinds of Cakes and Confectionary for
parties. weddings, etc., for vale by
nov 1 —if. A. 1113NIC ER.
riIUT+LE his this day received from New York, a
frfsh snpply of Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment,
and Indian Vegetable El ix ir,a paid, ive cure for R ma•
tism, Roar, Contracted Cords and Limbs—also
Gourcieuri Poudre Subtale, for completely and perms
nently eradicating superfluous hair from females' upper
lips, theihair concealing a broad anti elevated forehead.
the siubborn beard of man, or any kind of superfluous
hair. Price SI per bottle.
Goardad's Ea* de Beaute,gr True Water oi !leanly.—
This French preparation thoroughly exterminates Sallow
ness, Freckles, Pimples, sores, Rlcdebes, and all cutaneous
e options.. whatever. Realizing delicate white hands,
neck and arms, an d eliciting a healthy juvenile bloom,—
Also. several other valuable articles, too numerons ie
mentions The gent] . ne ROW only at
n 23-4 TUTTLE'S MEDICAL AGF.JrC'Y, 364th st
W. PAT PERSON.3IIIm on Smithfield street,
nen r Sixth. sep 10
00 B o a c
j 2s 4 R . io °free.
P -
received this day from New York. a fresh supply o.
the atone celebrated, cure fur Couv.ts. Caldsand Con
surntenaii; and is ready to supply cu..imnervat
or retail ' ', at his Xed;zal Arre_n-c-- - ert --rcruvrrritt:
VA R5l FOR A C.—The undersigned offers for stale
11: 1114 farm, lying in Ross Township 4.1 miles from the
City of l'iltst.urgli. l'ollirOnin. I Placres ofland of which
al are cleared and under fence, from 15 to 20 acres of
ineadoW, 2 ;cod Orcilards of Apples, a few Peach and
Cherry irres—t he improvements arc a large frame house
containing 10 rooms well furnished, calculated for a To
vent o.! private Dwelling, a frame Barn 23 by 60. stone
basetittitt, and stabling, sheds I nd other out houses suit•
able for a tenement!-- , ..2 good Gardens surrounded with
curramibushes and a well of excellent water, with a
pump Ili at the front door. in relation to the Pit shurzh
and. Allegheny market, there is no place now offered for
Sa'e with more inducement to those wishing to purchase
near Piitsburgh, the terms will be made moderate. for
forther;particularsapply to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store, Libertyb street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. if not sold before the Ist of October next, it
will be 'divided into 10 and 20 acre lots tosuit purdia
sers. tlag 10
Tnificia TEI-BERRY TOOTH tVASH-11 Nero
Nvaluable Relmedi.—The extreme beauty of the
Teeth, their indispensable nee. and the frequency of their
decay, 6as led to many inventions for their preservation;
vet how to pre- serve them in a state of health an pristine
beauty,i to the latest periods of psi:genre, was entirely
unknoWn until the discovery of the above invaluable
preparation. It forms a pure tincture composed of veg
etable ingredients, and is possessed of the mast delicious
odor. 9t eradicates tartar from the teeth, removes spots
of incipient decay, polishes and preserves the enamel, to
which it gives a pearl-like whiteness, and, from its disin.
feeling jiroperties, possese.e• s the vist” 3 of giving sweetness
to the breath.
As an Anti Scortrtee, the GIIIIIF alFo share in Its trans
crilent Ipnwers; Scurvey is eradicated from them, a
liraillyiact ion and redress is induced, which offers to-the
notice ofthe media preciiiioner indubitable evidence of
their healthful slate. It has been examined and used by
several of the best physicians of this city, who have no
liestitailon in recommending it as an excellent wash for
the Teeth, Gunis.ete. •
Among the recommendations to the above are the fot.
Having tried Dr. "Thorn's Tea BerrY Tooth Wash,"
and bee-rime acquainted with the ingredients-of its compo
sition, 7 cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
it is-one of the moat pleasant Tooth Washes now fn use.
Pit biburgh Sep. 15,1843 DAVID BUNT, Dentist.
I tate pleasure in stating, having made use of-. Thorn's
Tea Bierry Tooth Wash," amt. It is one of the best dett-
Wheel in use. Being In a liquid form, it combines neat
, ness with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and rEtnovesj he tartar from the teeth, its pt.rfnmeyetds
a fragianee peculiarly desirable. .1. P . TT GlirrirM. D.
The undersigned have used nThortes Compound. Tea
Berry Tooth yilasb,"and have found it to bean extreme.
ly - plessant dentifrice, exercising a most salutary influ.
mire ever the r Teeth and Gums; preserving those indis
pensalite members from premature decay, preventing the
accunatintion of Tart ar, and purifying the Breath. Bair.
leg theroughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure in re
commending It to the public, belieeing it to be the best ar
(fele of the kind new in use.
J M MOORP.."*".d.O. JAS S - CRA PT.
rnefored only by WILLIAM THORN, Apothem,'
and Chemist, No. 53 Marketstreet, Piltshorgb;for sale a
all thlprineipal Drumlite. and Tutite's_Msdical Agency
Four , stropb, nett
cLoszE Y. the old.original, inmost hand the
vet splendid assortment of Clothing ever offered
Wes 1 1 4 Stock llolarge.and lam disposed to sell at the
low& 4 possible price- Illystoek is heavy, and as the rea
son Isiadvancing, i will sell at lower prices than ever. I
ask njtly the pleAsose of aealt, feefinr, confident that a
look bi 'efficient. Beware of Counterfeits. Remember
PR /re NT . uov 23,184
Tutir ieezised. 3.000 Seasonable Caffein Robes of it
t teretit qualities from EsVu NO. 1.103.
A lot rf Rear solleoll Skim,
it1.,000.N0. 'I and 2. Muskrat Fkiim,
4 10, cretterend MICIDOri ' • .
Allierhich areoffereglat reds* ' cos facash or ap
prowl& rotes. Apptyto
A. SEMEN. at the A okerfolskrar CAN AarWlr.
oct 12 -340 Comes:or Trost arta Petry a*
WO:MILT .1 1 '1.01112.--A Gesfi •ntilitv of Ithi‘e Wheat
any Plaur.just ter.',4l and Mr pale by -
YfiAIAC causz,
aril is. • 148 Liberty street.
IC . b Coutats :Corn
Co 04.024mz4...Agesis.ranwitrang sea
piorasimiwotiNsiiitC- - I.semmllireet, Vicktbars.
mist. 'I TIM', keillegalltil4 l i con#Timenta. a33-t
;4 `t i Al,
_ _
lit mad inns Grailfritiaaaiti
hasass amid R
_ . .
irsleast. - _
fililE. sifter-Sets IMeittalkonettoiled their arningetattel
for extending their bastaess.stre at aft throe Prapir:
red as airansemestta_for bringing oat, pa to
ships ottUedrpt r4sosi':Atsteriesti Mitt. as+ essuromilisti
by careful and experkmffid men. who ;treetop...ad 'Hal
aWI houses itt theta*. This Line heks:tht wilairtMit
of the - port of Neer York. It Is hardly aecomarl to tor
that the arrangements_ are ma : Km and ottialiPilli *Wit
from the fart Mate yowl Is ieni out est:glair dark II
Is evident that no tianneeessary delay to pinessagars eaus
occur. A Crew palisaee per steamboat from lretais* sr
Svolland. can be earned, and when those settled for dm
cline coming oat, tiro money is always Wooded to ibis
parties from wham it was received, without deduction..
Old established Passage Office. 273 P e a rl at '
G. GRIMSHAW a• Co. ,
10 Gem Plazzas,Lhrerposit.
Drags and ekehanees weight, and for arty amount
can be ferr,ished on R. C. Glycol CO., k e», .I.ol l —
CO., Liverpool; tbe tuitional balk
of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland; and Maher*
Urinate/ CO. Apply to PITS* R ATTIC AN.
chaiharn street. near the Friarth street road. onflosit"
the Welsh Church. dae 8 Sat
R. DS-WEL AUX'S:4l.764lre exa Fifth street
between Wood and Stailtbeekl streets, rUtsberel,
der. 10-Iy.
WM. STEELE. tmccenior to H. biTlositey)
lonaAe Boot-Maker,Liberty M., id door from
Vi7sln Alley. The subscriber respectfully informs the
publicthat he has commenced the above business in the
shop formerly occupied by Mr. Henry 194:106her.
and that he is now prepared to attend to all order, in his
I ine o fhosiness with despatch and on the most reasonable
terms. From his lons experience in the manufacture of
Fashionable Boots, he feels conndent that all artteke
from his establishment wilt glee satisfaction.to his pi.•
traits. A share of public patroeeze 14 respectfully`solle.U..
ed. Sep 10
1. Dettstmo—On Friday. the3(ith offing mouth, alma
9 o'clock at night.lhe Planing.Groosing and Sash Slaw
ufactory, owned by Day. Dilworth k Co. with a large
quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all mina.
med hydra.
The Iron Safe which I bought of you some time back,
was in the must erposed situation during the ere.aute
was entirely red hot am pleased to •infortn you it was
opened at the close of the flre.and aft the booty, roPelo.
de.savet—thiels the ban recommendation I eat give of
the utility of your salts. -
oct2l—tf THOMAS SCOTT.
LOTS FOR SALE.—Four Lots in Manchester. One
and a fourth Acres of Land on Holmes' Hill. Loin
nos. 41. 42,52, 53, 54.181.10. and 184, in ecolei phut
of Lots, onHohne's Hilt Al2O, Lots noa. 26 and 27. ht .
Cook's Wan of Lots on High atrrpt, near the new Court
flatlet , For torntrapply to Z. W. REMINGTON.
sep lit
_a. CANDY .is a mire and certain mire for Cowls.
Colds. :asthma. Sore Tkrent.Pains and Weakness of ties
Breast Wloopinz Csark. hoarseness, recitation of elia
Throat and many diseases leading Jo the Consoseptient,
Try —only 61. per roll—prepared and sold. Whole
sale and Retail by H, T. PRICE, Coareetioner,Federat
st.,Alle gheni City, and the principal Dreagists of Pitts
burgh: -
Be sure you ask for Price's Compound Gough Carat,
nog )7—tf.
FOV sale try
Smithfield street, between Third cput Fourth sitter
Respectfully informs the citizens of Pitishontti Iliad its
vicinity, that he is prepared to receive wad execsistrallor.
ders for any description of wet* In Rise line of 'bushiest.
He has on hand, and will be constantly receiving, a gen.
cral a.sori meat of CLOTEUP, essentialist its Varrtscs.
He will make k to order, at tower rates. than any
other establishment IP thecity. He has no hesitation td
styli:a, that his wo-k, as to quality of goods, Opposer of
fit and workmanship, cannot he surpa.sied by Ally caber's.
t.:blisionent in this city :
fly punctuality and unremitting attention to tutainesa,,
he hopes to merit and receive:. share of puldte patronage.
Person•furniahin±their own materials, wilt tail it lo
their advantage to call, Vlore g,t ing elsewherea
nee 6; dI f
Shop. No. 69 Second st, between Wood and Smith
field. where a general assortment of Furniture may be:
had at reduced price" for cash.
The superiority of these Bedsteads, consist lathe , .
fastenings, which for durability end ease to putting-ups
and takihg down, is not equation by any other now. Ins
use—and to all such as would consult t heir own censfor,
in their nightly slumbers, it should be remembered *it
all classes of the bur family are fastened eta .by Meg*
Co' Bights fat Count km, Districts. or Slates far sale by
JOHN FOWLER„ Patentee.:;
We, the undersigned. decertify that we itave . ..rnmesia
ed the stove ßedstead Fastettings.and have no lihritalbta
•.pronouncing them the best now to stersteunieg
fir, ' , lto the representation in the above aditertieerht. ,
Wo. Graham jr., Josepheoltati,„
Win, min. • , Jaeob
John le.-13111,
nov I, —dm
10 TRIALS. and all sneeessfut- motto.
TRACTOR.inestiroalde. It not only earn quicker, bak
gives tioadditional pain, nor leaves a mar. Fire htipaeii.
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that all agony on anointing Is not extracted alma Mlie
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ed the bonus.) Parents anxious to guardamilastgeseral
injnries, and save time, fortune and life, and . mseveltll
their ors : wing from being disfigured by burns. or airy
small pox pustules, (it possessing the 'enviable giewerint
replace the cellular' , organs deurnyoL) eau tea sorb= All,
coining this inimitable salve. Many deaf" kV* eases
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for clearing I he skin qpitagiok removing carafe, etc.,
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Agesqe. SE Nana
Prrrumss. OCT. 22, 1842.
1% PAT2ICT 13 , 4usre4tt
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