Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 16, 1842, Image 1

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- - -
0 1 - 1 NO 8 PITTSBURGH DECEMBER - 16 - 1842.
..... ...
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%._. •----- -L- • • • •
- - -
ILXVELERS TAKE /s ,ll }TitLt tat
r K r,tided with atte Safely Cita bavt au
r rated obli‘ a figaTe critic iPlaniiii-aTY;
vt.l art wit deceived by ski
Fra n. I teir boats te proviiied Ott
rri, tet.en they
,are not 119Cepr P d
follow in 7 id a list cr hails suppii ri 11;0 7
pard at the ror , of ritiabargii.„.o vatip 7 l .2
r. the list have the itoploVed apparal lis , 4 4
,; impossible for at esiderrics ia aeon
:A KWATER, QUEEN yrnsizzr,
E D it U I ii I,L tI ZNUi t T, LEA
I o; , ' PEEN,
r Ow INA,
1 . ( 4 El E,
NGO PAttK, 01110,
M ENT/a.
FEL: Y BOAT, . •
t an !i”.! community ate rrsatt%Salikvp
t Lea choice of a boat, to relnat
n h. , tic r SI S. - 0111d not he no tier
to cnooi=e a :Fafety Guard kat. •
:• fre.zni. in preference tonne units
D . , -ton—and that they willbrt iL
r,vc• noon has Ihr ouqualified arrral•
Luild erg--:t10114.19, 141
• 0 :.der , -la ofl 10e stiljecl. 204 witoarreaf ,
n ',umber of ettifica.es ties
n •.! corers—all of whirb rat Ia
111. Wnt , r rtlPri. wbcre u worti
• ! 10. es 10 e 111 1 1 44 rty insennet 6.
e i 1:e i rovhle 10 call.
;Fere - it,r sate. al the Nereid
r part (.1 lo t - real
in ;.1! d A legLerl.. ci2 Tkert
K: , r.' r ,, rt . W. a ssubsiasiially
, • -1 rf Fr-rehil Ai4 l FORAI
5-4 fret he Etl dr.p. Furt4
puttita , sert., and epr I. lull
ft.:: in et;!•!:. Invnt
• cav;ll atd
r..r•i Frol.l elfrriril.
r . rA. ore tyr RT.
/ G— t 1 a1.,1 1.11!
• 01 Fla i a,t Thnnibt
r • • l rT021.11 , " iToki
I: IS'S In•f•-•zi.tbr,
01 9
cf ,' Xerrholll.
Afar nfatta rr JrCio4.
{,\ I AI" 7
T) TO-
Eq.. P T,F!..tlrth
T , a‘.=•
ViThril‘,.,r. E-q.,
I. F, F 1:. Ai Ftilt I.E. —I w - in
o I.•• I, I live. is WWI! uncial*
(Of.' "-E o pt fitarilvi and
"n :.r o f tr i,icb ie ciriatiii,lll4 Alit •
• .r re are r• pan it three-10 d
t.Y 2-I; an apple orderd err , o'
v•ro-r... of coal.
.: • • ! • r.! rIF zn plavd cdr ' iz , the 1.•
• nu n ors AppliC4ill7nlol/le .5111 WI
•0.,::.,-<S. W Ltai A
LL] A}9 C. WALL, Pball ItAi PM!
d P iff re From c .Alsorafer , _prre ,
- f • I r:st:argk.—Ciincara Bre-4T'
Ari I.=l u--a vs on band. ook-ill
v framed to orter• fteintirin dose
rat Pril ion paul o mildieg"a
ttrnt it t pp Steals BO:IIPOT halOg
$0 COI.
1...H1TE 1.• EA P.—Tbe soinzeribere of oust
to fern ii-ti painters. and otherswOo 1011,'
- .0 • e IV li 'lle Lend glade 'of the tot
'r{ria l . if not seprrior to any *food ler..!
C. , dr, a (14 r,s.red to Dentsp 4 - tiog seqWedi.
'-- Av• 110 &rood street, r itt.bureb, *V t
.led x 0. D eo!' r" If sub°
4r " E- 13 r A:ATKIN-ABLE iflo6 FTCII:',
i Fift h S: .. o.e closet-rum. Obi Stsga iiir
• ' sUbr'CribPll" feriveciiitity inktrea the
, ~ t irett and vicinity that he I') ~..
;:•2 .5 ho. of his own wisenfactore,at
.., fe 'e oil: keep COOR*OOtIy OR 110 : 11 . nya
ot of all Lir:dent Intlienos ~,C 4, 1 7 :" --,
- .di
-; sho,F. of i Ile i..*-2 quality-ph..
. 6 , 111" ga '
-' a , etii , the limre Pe will 307,.... Mogi
• - .F of fancy --work—tmek Oa ~,-"- '
• ~,,, colored ea.-tiers.. oi14.11.1"11.i. 0 :
.Irene e.t,iers l
F-iik !niters , kr-.
_ a l -. 10
,• 10i '
•, ! en Tide at I t-e cluarlettl: 1 , k e-...- _,
- • I .art ie, , atlit otezie• calf Oa #.0."- al -
!.e vu bscriber ftels 00116deft!INIIr
r - article iR his fine Ilie uuaY*lP"- 11111 Int,
---- .„„„ s. Tilt o-1- In2
r • e..". Don't forest the edice---1,-- ..01 10.. -
~ 1 from Carries 1 tiletiveitet VID , C e ` if
. , Market .:= - 3 feet .
mss.- ~..t
GBY haeDIS tar -
S r t LI.I A M DI _ „..4,006,cr
. V hoajnesa ofittogy tu"77---loge to
• .. - tr reel and 42 Martini es ter
t.., tat to the numerous frirofss 7 1 ,,, e ! ...
m for the very fitteeld 14,146411 -'""lit.
ebenti°o 4111:14-tikatO0
e • r:ert to hint, in con ,
_,.,........ ,
- , ,P5 1 0 aloof! the= Ithateln...7 -
Tit t he coatipaatO ardor:4lost ..;: prt ams
t . f ivi V 111viie t heir stir/0s . 1 727,
,thing,WhiCh lin iniiiiiSiONVAiri;;4
In has bets ever eillWe it ; 664 .....f 0 0as - -9701
. P whole of theoretic-0 I 4 b ft - ; 7 —A ris - 1 Lc,i
a rd ria be
w eiSll*Sei7OsibOi
13:13Siner18, he feels f" . .. ........a: .
-r. if ce.
r -Tom ItU
tither for . ~.0,
, i 4 of wriairirmakellip.
.. 4,07 att iosos
Please to iake Islnif ett!.
, ,ea in rettike;reV
l i ,
----------- ;.i.a.„,,,,„1•4•40.-Tfritio-pirell4
,I ANUM ,VORa u '.!'..7 7 Wi1" 4 ,0 4 *,
zoico o
k __fr ave , o4 ... - 4gsr
0.9 44, 04,401
ball Ami-airy ici vortio,pourr
'-- utiosi•-frA.., '
0 . c)R ..i.FR OF WOOD 4 FIFTH STS.
DOLLARS a year,.payabte in
TWO CRNTG--for sate at the
- c d,-.;.nd by sews Boy&
ter 0-
and Manufacturer
yiereff r!"
_, WEEKLY. 21 the Fame effien, on a doable
TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
imam of Advertising.
0.50 I One month, $.:i.00
0.7.5 1 Two monis, 6.00
I ~ t 0 i Three moollta., _
I:A) Four toouttoi.
3.00 Six months.
400 One year.
';‘-- , •Mertis in ;If ofilr t•on
rl3l. IC OFFICE S, &C.
; ,r, 4,11 door from Wood St. Peter
J n•,t‘ W Mock , ollec, or.
I • FL
o 7.. •t. 1
It, "
:BIZT WOOOS, T nffi 7%; FY 1)
- 0 U;NSE LLO R T \NV • - ' • 7 ;
HOliA", 4, .1( rO,O it
n. E: I,LIOT F. M.
0111,1:•• •rt
AI ‘‘
„ „ ant
);1:1111! 1 1!1!%‘ 1 % * “ '.r"'" n
NW V.. A.. 111
rON ff 01".,
B V; 1.-
( LONEY...". 1,41 Stop uulacto
• • 141' t! r), to I I‘` . U
i) 'U::ii, ‘ 1 :1.1 . 7. 4 . It. logs to mail
I 0 e cti,oo-ed of 1,
441. a il of iVrto.l.
1, ;.0rs Annual WITi141100: r,„f
and seed of
✓t , .d; j€lsl received by
F. f.. SN'Ort•DE.V.
N 0.184. Überi 7r bead of Wood
IRS lri. , ,s . consisting of Doe,- - . Fancy Sp-.dc
'",' ''' , t''i. Trowels, Erirline Tools.. Braddior,
. ''': V " t ,, , Praying Shear . rte., pi.' re
_ 124 Liberty street, bead of Wood.
4 E. v. '
" r "hl money
E buirt der Seed, Orchard Graz? and
L'itieCrai3F, always on band and for
No- I°4 Liberty !greet., bead of D.A.
A NAN, Alttorneys as Lair. office
the D , amond. to A ttorney'santy,"
O! POLIr(!/ t.l (ft.; , between Market and Wond
p 10
"rti,T E . ;'fil.. l o:K3. for praceedines is At
ander the fate tam, for mile at this Office
IL L—Loln on the North MISt cornet of Coal
L [11 ; A ntreet. Apply 10
tzS j. DARLINGTON, Market, near *het.
I•%",.Laue,efi'r French riagar Reef - - Just
TM''tired and for Sale at the Drng and teed
1.34 Liberty ri reef, bead of Wood.
'enhto heretofore extetiae between Wile
e.-5,1 BEN, AMIN HOPEWELL kthiltdaY
I,2'w %wane Woe le embodies!
MOW T,UoelMAiirti..
Trs F yxa>a
'xi% too nt 11s,
fine veal'
r,es Si DoLLnE, a Fear
1,-flo.peit Make: Rild Wood
11 qe e.n Fir -I and Scc.),nd
T,,, f F 1 rell. r+N , dont lo the
• fl.
ri mcen NI a 11,",f 30d WOCNI
!i t sG• r "'"1 h. near NI:. -ket 24
`o,n•t , 2'. aid lVtrqd t., , rects. 023
.S4l FAnixER.; lit
Po I. r Fowcza. brill, ell
.:.24 , ,
nisi ~ - ~-.v~- ~ .
; 0 rr /
11 4 41 - :RIS,
:4. i'6,111
1.. FAO \t'flEN.
ri.f i 15,11 ni WOO 4.
tt te t .I.!Salin !•=l,or, made .n
arlo newest Pi'cnr h patlet
N: ri.t.,ver ev
tva 1:nli al 11, 1444 g
F. 1.. :=SCIW
414 I.iltert 1 .1•. d ofWo4,a.
IE4 Lit.trly !wad or blond
--Ita. received a vuiall
cared Veelson Hair's, on retail
add Coal. Merchant
DR. E. mgaarrr,. D , cocci. Svaiii.
field, beta:meet Scu=d suit TAir ' as.,
Imp 10 Pyrrssvites.
. ... -
J OFINST'ON irr sTOCKTON, Bookellers. Primers aro/
Paper Manufacturers, No. 37, Stairtzet st. sep 10-11
HIIIGBY—X9. 121, Center of Woodcut Ain't
. Streets, Pitts/se:it. has on hand a complete as
sortnieninf Quernsware railed to the city or country
itade. Also. a choke selection of pore while -seri gold
toad DINING . ' A li DT SA WAR E. in large or small sets,
i or separate pieces to sail purchasers.
J OHN ANDERSON, Smithfield PoUndrv, Water st-1 A cask of 46.60. Or 84 Pie" seen , s'aPeebiP painted
near the mennntahein House, " le i or ,, b . nap 10 _ 1 ,, !and gitt English China Tmware, at very low prices.
IToy Teavvarc„ wain, and rich painted and gill, from
1.00 to per set - i
Ch iid ren's!titces of ever y tiertripinatt,
While China Shavire• !lops.
Granite Dining at d Tea liervices, in while and whit
splendid American scenery printed in hive and black.
A large varkly of Dining and itreakEast Ssts.
1 imported to match. COaltdele• .
Fite Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from site
iDerhystiire Potteries_
, Mint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
1 Window Glass, of every size
,' Patent Buckets. Tubs and Keeler&
I Si one Pipe Heads. kc. *c. 4-c.
1 .411 of which are respectfully offered to the pub
; sic on the mom favorable tt mos. Jan 36.131-1 t
LEONARD S. JOHNS, Altlenuan.SLClAir Arrei.sc
con d door from Liberty. Fep io—iy
DR. S. HOLMES, Offire in Second street, next door
io Muivany Co's Glass Warehouse lisp lO—ly
SiIt7NK ¢ FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Fourth at.,
near the Mayor's Office, Prilstmr4h. srp 10-Iv
11"". tiA I-TON ..Aitorner :it I Atsv. b. I.ei wreak
tVoad and Straillfteld Pittsimrzh. sep 10-1 a
HE G!! TONER. /ow Ile V at: Law. North Pair corner
of Smithfield and Foocli'sirnett!, nen 10—ly
HANNA A- Ti RNEI7I.I,'S Paper lVarrhonse. No.
1 , A. Wow! s!., where may he ha i d a zeneral supply
wrappit‘E.printina, wall paper, Wank books.
school hooks. kr, kr-
.PCP 141-1 y
13 C. TiIIVS'...teNTI Cit.. Wire frorkeri cwd
a trice urers , N o. In Markf_t se roil; , hr!arrem
and I i Fit eels. y
1 1 , 1Xrit .1 NG P. HOT EX.. Ca rner
10-1 y
1G 11 ET A L locus soft ci Car sale-tly
13 Itin. 1. NM e r greet
• 4. 3 9 , 0 LI-14 TS ,CON 16.0t40 14,7. 8,,,0u
- tiOtl , deff , ', for n PbS ,
J. A..-GogrAy.v,
No 12 \Viler 'Arm'.
‘ , .x.r Jr_ Wrasinzbaini venr
Pa.. of Leekg. Mulles , and RatlE.; To-
FtiOer. Milt Timbei rew ,- ; tloa,,ea 'Screws far
1101;m7. hi 01,, 4-C. 'Pp 10-1 y
n'CLOSKEY.T.oru a LO•er.y
1 .F.F.I. lau.vu .....r.•%th am] Vir;in side.
p 141
W VER . BR! IN; .- C) , ie UPOPCS and
nm,==tin fir char:, Sz-rnad st ref 1, t•rivri.e.,n
nit hfirld 5 , -1)70- I y
41:1r:1311S, Co , nr:o4- , •'4 Forwardiv;
. ~,• Water Pal 4. e p y
kSi- 1 3'S 111 AV 0 le,
. New --
for .I', I r
1••• t S
C 7, 1: ( F..oc J
•"" iIA N 1 - A S I •7trlti:l,l f
C;) 1,3 rlO LI: A.flriT:rb'iN,N,. 1:. `V“,r-r
"Q:•(; It NO Irlirignnd N. (I
.3-' N ( 1 • •., 70 ,
I r, ;, T.I , ! , y . CiOn
1i , 2 IV zl•-;
••• 1..
I tis t3i
roi, ~•'•
, • 1 ert
•t 1 I 1; r it
, 4L.,
01 4 .cr rnrrnel of fourth
r , inilhile'd and Cr nl
FOR RENT.-1114,411Vf-illi•^ f•I Cah72liii,tl7. 4
iu nt.ar Iteavrr Road, 'fltelt,
orr - lll.ieri‘t Mr. SatnnP!rionrun. MPTCI , I.;f•
.:71 f , 111,6 DUNN Y.
amp 10 Ca - <L ie r.
t.h , d that
r, Jar pi, rt N i . St. Chair ntr. t , P;lis•
- 1 r.-41 Ku
611,.0ti Of TAlldhei it', Gat 1:e(1 SPrds , , alwaii 0:d
:4.4.1 for s - ate at los ,!he Z - 1.1,11.,=10re of .
V rrcl, he.ad, of Wooti
D.A.VID WARD ha , I+.s office and reszniente
11 on Poort Street. nearl], tz..sil La of I Ibe Crom House.
sr•cond dweWill from roof. tic will it.,ttidoily a: %cod
ail rails prll;linin.74 to his NT/1i calleshnuid
tnn , te at the door LtbilVe the ha , en•er.t. SP;i 11l
OVALEM Jurtr, , , Patter alid !lair
rr.1.15:: removed to I , tui I; to ref o isfatto IL, Ile May•
rue n53.r, s•nPre Ire will tic upon iiermarient
r Ira o•rit-01 rtigtionerF a sliale of pri l.liF pat-
Ami, 10
Tn M. A. %V ARM, DENTIS r, Penn rt. three
; • W door 'aeon . Irwin street. llonrs of totsloss. from
to • 4 !. , % , 5 P. Iv. aCer which time he will attend
to ner e‘ , .e r t in ea-e of iicolol necessity- He
inform those whit tray thtnit proper to
eniplov hi :.11,1 ha t he experts ittintrilmie y,a cinent wit flout
ti.e nercssiiy on his fratt,of.ndirk: in brills. rep 10
i .1 ("ITN WFARL %ND, Uphe(sleeve and Cabinet
.11-Le , . Third et- I,o:twee* Wood 4 Market streets,
reFf't i riJI itaflrrnS big friends 2DdUicpulditthat he is
prep 3 red to eS - emlite 211 °Met...for Sofas, Ski4/o.ardS. Du -
I e213, - , Tablet", gedr-i cads. Stands. !fair and spring
Allat , ranFeß, Curtain.. Carpels, all -orris of tlphotsteri n e
!wort:, which he will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonab:e ieram i Frp 11)
110 Weed Street, Pitts ber-F, ,1.-111.. A. Hausman.
Auctioneer a: d Conintr• , sion iltrchant : is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods 01311 klerchartdme,
ii his large and capacious looms. No., 110. Noah-Cast
Corner of Wood and Falk Streets. IF litsintreh .
Regular a= /m. of Dry Goods, FurnitUre, G roceries and
oilier an telt*, oo Mondays and Thursday of each week.
turd-ware. Cutlery, Dry Goats. and Fancy articka, on.
Tuesday, weishol*ty, and Thursday r yenhw... .
Books, 4-c-,erviy Saturday eyening,
Liberal advances wade on Consignments when wanted.
i Raosuescus.
Messrs. John D. Darts. Esq.
Dazaley rt Smith, 1 -
. •• Hampton. Smith, 4- Co.
F. Lorenz *ACo., 4
- LW. Buibridge 4. Co.. j i .
1 *. S. 9117i0e 4 co. 1
.. Capt.-James SlVarr,iii. } PladmirgiL
C. Ibmien. Ell.
0 , !Oho Witedikii Esq. I
Logan 4. llessedy. 1
.. J. R. goodicad * Ca. I
. .
1 i
" Jas. P. Stout, liksi.
" SobersGalway.. Esc 1 1 -
" Capt...iss. May, 1 I
ill i
" eiralr•fianis , * CO.. ,
.' ' WinialST SiiiIIIIM,- Wb#Bo#l6}
+. B.G. Beam ! - l.44itiarigail
- ... .
",- fifallitAgillt 1.. C." • . 1 4 ,11 1/4 -.w . .;
4 _**P ll .9:, •---:,- - iy,4 -,- .o- -1 - 4 ," , ' .--ii,-,:-:,.-1,1,
- hags, a ror c 4 $
7. lot cac by C Oi: oN.
a. 12. +.l avertreet
\ rt.
I. ,:,.
o. .. , 1:11::..
N.. r
• 4
irip J. FOY ALDEN -.Vico-Rey tad Camtrettgor at
.1_ • Lea. CSi v. - , his prori,„sional services to the .it
17.19)9 of rittsbortth and hopes for a share at pnblicpat
ironaf e. De will execute all kinds 4:.. f tx-riting with neat
i ties,: and dispatch. Cases in bal.lt raplty attended to on
I reaoonable terms—Office in Smithfield street, at. the
1 house of Mr. Thomas O'Neil, to whom he refer..
sep 10 a' _ T. J. FOX A I.DEN-
Iyik iVi D CLARK. -ler, easkirinable Boot Maker.—
L" ila. removed to No, 34 Market -street. between
I Seroad and :lord streets., where he won d be happy
to set- his aid CUAOTIVeiS. and 2ii others who f e el diFpos.
ed to patronize hint. lie rases nothing: but first rate
4 ` . ". an'i en , PloFs the hest of workmen; and as he gives
ios con-tact personal ellen:Ion to intsirtex.... he trwastbat
1 he w 0 I deserve auti receive a Lir *hare of ;Rtronage.
1 .I.'llo
Fin L'lUtt., ii_7l3.GitEAll. 4- CONFECTIONARY.—
A 'Hawker rePperifulty informs ins frienelvand the
Public tbat,they Arab always , ind the be,. quality of lee
orktellier a 1 kinds of confectionary and
friths, to I heir t.eaton. at bi.; listiet.l No. i i.
Fart rt-et, bet weer. Wood a thL3riarkt 1.
N. supplied on the slAinesi
e . :,1e;., or an, thin: to hit , floe. Also Families furniened
won Rend. SCp 10
I_LLA• II \ lit J. ELE%I ER, ri,ittinti at 66 Molt street.
New Viirl., mat allif led %%Oil Dv...pep-la in its ii,),:i
1 :,...,,,a4ed fril m. The sr raptoarc were violent head
ache. !real deliiliPc, retie-, cosi feenest, coutilt. heart.
burn, pain in the the- , 1 anti Viernafil always after Colin!,
impaired anticline. sectitdion of airittiug 31 11.er...10012,h,
1 furred tontine, nausea. rim II ctecptimi Vomit loge, dizziness
`Cou are- , nir. Id and I eFthilicifii. These had coniinued up_
1 u - nre .1 a fit elvenitiniti. WIWI , . on consulting itr_liAsim,
1 Evans. litil Chat/mai , itrecr, and zulinditing to his ever
--riecciif:iifn I and tic' , f :I',i, mode of 'real meat. the patient
f tva: ci moletelv restored to lac: It, in lite short space of
1 - 0 , n ,,,, n . and fr-,i , •fili for life' treA Irata hie heoefit deriv.
ed, el'.,
carne forward and volnrifeefeti the abovestaie
1 FL., ....M. 'eV tiolt - fsa:t :and Reiail I.y
_ Y 9 TEST
r r f,l
, f,r legbt, cerfaiisty pfirebaFt• one of
e a tre.v. , nbted Lamp‹, :1= by 'brit' ape thrre is a clear
of Li !ez,st 1 , 1'3 lnrls or ;he orer GUAM
from 1/4.F.. 1> T:11 , 1 , a r:4l brlitiata, and
r:~.. r '.,. or , fl , :Erc , ah`f. " e would
..)!$ :.11 J5, k. 1! 4,1'% 0! e !hag is app';
!i• or fall rr, and the hnly
i. 1;,11: g--f - l/ / n..
71 , 4 142 , V
• 17.• r
- f•*l
•I , pr t-F
\s'r 1!..• h irr I ird ;n,l arc .0w e ,, ir,f
for 1-og nit 2 T., d or o i..r a , oirta
f.r. ;.d tri:oinli +h.. gicran
t-:;tI I . ll—Yr/1131 In a 1 y ni 14c of shofar,.
, at nltrml I TI, rt.x.and trholiv
fre li ivy of ot eLle %VP
plea f. - 1114 - : Iti n.nl,lsllf.fi:iilif I l , e 1,:.111p:= 5 0 I be t54,474ir. if;
a _real II! f.Cf r f - II her Filf-1111
or lard oil. or es C.:I:II/Pe-I and U., bf , ie're lir , n 1 10
lie mere rlranly , end le , f, Ihan either.
TO be hat" al PR(,W& RATSOND'S only, Third Qt reel
rtet•t , v c.l••••n.t•e t ref.! Office.
t' ev . W. W. tt.• ke vse;l. Flo`-'n •
'' A. M. it r.•art. (11.tr:es rat I,on.
" i•thn I'. Yeager.
" N G. S. Wm_ Graham. Jr.,
" F3(l'4 rt Uttittlap. Trovi In.
hr H. ri S.-Iler,t. tout fort _!..._.
" E. I). GaZZarfl. Henry AIWOOd,
" lA 111. M . We itl4l. Ic , ac ('ror;e.
Erd.ert M. Kerr. EN . Gertr:e W. Henry •
A. Beckham, ftr.i.ert Merlier.aue.
ThornaF. (10mor, John S. Shaffer,
GeOrt`e M ill,ll.erger, Wm. Eichbaum.
0. P. J. B Turner.
Wm. Martin.
R. M. r: Post Ma-Vr fieurY ft , ;*!'' ,s ` - f'r•
R,,hert ara‘. Jame.: Clark, of ;he Amer
Allen Rr,n,cr, lean Hotel,
A. F. Marthrns, John M.Campicii
M. eharklincae. L. A lbereer.
Rohert JoOrston, Jame !Heflin,
R Jut received, an improved Paten; tamp, for
kitchen ..or 19--411 IFF wif
MO THE PUBLIC. aid porticularlo to my forma?
palm , , uj this city:—Havior, retired from the
prartirl , of M.llicine. I mat• Ise permitted to !qty. that it
lia< laflrn to f f,e lot Of fut few fIerSMIP to have enjoyed
so Or larzr a -!•are of ot,treirirat practice aS my
own ha< t•ren for the tact SO or 40 ea •
The.' fl,fiettee nit hat toop period ofact ire tife.andthe
fart of my haring keen twice, .inrt• 13:30 aszoriatrA with
Dr. R. A. in rbe practice of trotliciriet, (in bath.
period of five rears) enal.les me inindge fully of the
merits of h fs. pt'•is.
o envenient.sueracient. and yet su sate. did 1 esteem
Abese pits l r 11.r14P13:31 five years in my practice for
the cure of c hronir diFeace., of wha , ever na roe. and thu ge
of females in tratieulat, i have used more of theta than
all of her medicinev.
Like es - ery mbar medicine. this must fail in some in
st anrt , .., t.at in my hands there has been le,r , dimppoint.
Iment1 ment nuct TnOrr! untiOart ion in 1. - . c administ ml ion of this
- one remedy than of ail others; effects sometimes
i quite astoni , bing m , .
if env I.atient requirm! a safe nitro either
fore or a ner ur at oa, th e STI in. is mere just
the tiring I wantiii.
Pa dyspeptic acid condition of the vtomach, combined
whit cost.irerics_A or Inactivity ofthe liver coma hated the
31 - my Tratient. the pills were just the thing 1
sc-n Tut- (1.
If I treated a vise reoniriez an eimurnamme, the
Wilson's Mils were Inst the allot., i wanted.
If palpitation, headache, dashed conulenance, or other
difficulties, indiroline a disturbance of the circulatory
and Fee reto ry system,, annoyed my patient at the gum
of life, the W Aeon's pii3a werejust the thiod I wanted.
Thus, without rei4 - izet to the name, a dwrase taight
happen to wear at the tone I hate had it uoder treat
ment, particular indications or simpodas arlang. were
al—ays snmt promptly amt . moe! happily met by the
Wilson'a pills.
That so sreat 2 131112ber OrdiPannES, and sometimesap
parently oppo3ile ones, in which I have yard these pins,
should be toted more readily hinters than try any other
weedy, may at Gres seem strange and contradictory, hut
Why it is so is "sear to stymied as that it great many
persons stionid irettine thirsty from La many different
(asses, and yet all tholdre that common and greatest of
Stl blessings, water toquench their thirst.
essehesiatt,ithitheethe reputation of tie wediehle
and the watrile, ions+ deeide4ty and utiettatditkotally.that
the Witeens'a pilksre throaty conbisalits' ever
wet with in say lotrgthurse ofpraetke,that really parr
enensanything eurativersr spedile Carsick beislaelse„
DR. 114.0 'DAN&
sist-' *ft Ow the skit
The abermpak - IkraPellE a met „,,itc;.
132itii- Atte. 14
mi orgok i wit
- *poled br• P
I.lllo.lolol***le =
4:X7g— = • . •
R. E. SELLERS , Agen.
n 2(1. Wof.(l si reel. hiMour Srrn-r:4
rhos? xi; lor ,tl:d AA (.I'4 vq , e r n”j . ro rrAtare
.11.5 Oun Worlhy the
f1.114., , t1 V,L
,-, are nfrnJA
L 11,... 11.111,1
,z; -(,11 - rr e tfm
•n 4 13. 11 I "er r.f iwr 0;1
is 0 -
wtla V. Tin
It' ‘,!l,e 't) 11:Z!,t
I s. GOODOS Cele/nosed Female Pins; 'These
arestrongly recommended to titnetice of
the ladies asa safe and efficient remedy in reMoviag
those tomplaints peculiar to Omit sex, from aria' of ex'
mese, or gemnal debility of the ersteen- They obviate
ccotivenemand counteract all Hysterical and Nerntos
affections. These Pills have gained the monism nod
approbation of the most einholen Physicians In the Uni
ted Slate", and malty Metiers For sale Wbolentle and
Retail_ by /L E. SELLEH.S. Azeut.
Fey 10 . ' No .OILVFood Sticei.beioar Si:toad-
WC ADAIR, Bast sad S,kere Mater. Lae...ft/St,
apposite, tele kat/ of Satitifctd et.. Pitesitairk--
1. 1 . e petty:P.—ether 'beim lumbht out th e stock of the tate
Thomas Rafferty. deceased!, bas commeaced business
in the old „nand of Mr. R., and b prepared to execute
all dcacriptions of work in /limns*, is the heat wanner
sad on the shortest notice. Be teem ear stunt le on hand
a large assmteuent ofsbrie 6.4in:es of an descriptions and
of the beetitallt v. He suncits-lbe piteously of the pub
lic and of the craft. Wll. ADAIR.
sep 10
orrrsieunGri .314 1 2irIIFACTORY.--Snrine,
sad Arles fee,,,ci k ririirer at Egaticra Pries .
Tae nnlmeribera co*lajlre and keePa non s laiall - on
Hated CCOICb.CrIIII.atOt Sprier! (warranted.) Juniata
Iron Ades, Sitnernintlininspkoted Dash Fraaana, Biwa
and raved Flll)44,l*,lPdailan Joists, Patent Leather,
silver and ' Three fold steps. Malleible
„ JONES & enr.Emmil
-10 is_ bea r ti a ..iplethrey
- -
Hiita.ELLERS,III. D., office and &griffin la Faarthi
• near Ferry win) 11-I,t
Thf altrnaian 4 . 4 .ACk . .e who bare been swami* l ,
. *ee
tient in rerereare*ltliiiiapOratis etwascattli. Puhlisbed
in favor of Dr tiOnlypenkipliksonnd Syrup c 4 W ild Cbg.r.
aernanit unkm:ssvn in tbts sec
lion or Abe Sinte:t directed.to the
cerlifirate, 'be writer ansbieh
.V.Pft a citizen of big
hal-neigh fornestirst yeAsn, nod is togs o as a gent!etna n
of integrity and reepons;biiity.
To tle Asront, 11r. I. /Cznar.
I have flood Dr Swarnes Comp and Syrup of tVu'l
Cherry for a conch, with which 1 hare - been severely of
flirted far ahont firmr niGnih.," and I hove no hesitat ion
in saving that it istyc ino , a erfectire medicine ;hall have
been ahl' In procure- It compona ail unes.sine.s. and
agree= well with my diet.—and mantains a remilar and
trnnd annetd.. I car freely recommend it to all others
similarly afflicted. J. Mla.ntr - s, Borough of Cbainhergb'e.
March 9. 1 , ..40_ wop As
rot caie by WILLIAM TDORN Ka. 53 Market Oren
EfttreliS deform's of proruribr Fluit, S.l-ade and
OliatOmental Trees, or Sbrobbere, from rbiladet
prise, ffeentkrork, are reqnerted to snake apOtieavi.ln
soon alic , plaie. al Ibe Nut and Sr.ed Stiare of the nth
seriber,* S eon be bad ratalcerner. eraluitonsle. of the
deosa exeelient =arteries. F. L. SNOWDEN,
cep 21 10 IR4 Liberty elreet„ head of Wood
AnitLE M NUF.II - I'..)RY.—Patrick eau field re
1-7-. -gru'iffitilv acquaints friends and the publie tien
jerally, that he has entnmeneed the Marble tiosisess a I the
I corner of Fin hand Litter - iv where will he constantly
au hand loath ao~e:, nto ~l rl pieees, 'monuments. head
I and fool moues, tahle -fat's for rabit.et ware, and every
art icle a•sa- , ria 12i •is to th= I.l,lcilfrfrq , . He will warrant his
wort' to he ' , yr.!t hit eltarses will he moderate
He respect fully asks a share of 'Rollie patrona:e. cep 10-
lAMPS A. VEAZEY. Fe ',earl log, and CPTILIMi 071
Alcrcia , t. Azrnt for Stel rptoat Cleveland and
Pen n=t lranta and 01: io Lint lizvinz tented 'he ten re.
farrnee, nrroni. , rt in Ettr,nint•ltam A - C... Nc. Fitl
W. 04, Si ' INF • n 1.V0 , 41 a ”t 1 rrertared
, P-Pie a,:od , In any part on the 01.io ur
Asri- -, i=zilipirtyeron m 3,1,1 bf-t , rns.
CO P-IF:TAERSLUP.-13. P Smil It 8.• W. Ilnrnmor,
a, , i - u , a••••.1 ihr r=r wrc foLuether under Vie
I;riu urn:. p'in A - Smith, n•il: r - nntinne the u - hule,,ala
rtrb ju the huu., rerpullv occupied by
flat , 1 ,1 "2- Smith d - wiu•re I licy u ill he ' , rival?. in a
!eW dale a Deo . :lock of Vat a.nt 5A11144 Gnil4, Tbev
Dr.:l,cl loth incur their 11 1 4 frieud , _ and rnerrh• mi zen,
erally, to c tl and exairin, their
clurti, Sept 23-113 m.
Porta%le Platform Scales on st In els, lo weigh 2.500
$55 00.
do do da do 2.005 al e 45 00
do do en do I -slAti at 55 (.0
do do Co do I,olto at ...ad 1.0
rig do do do 500 at 25 00
With raising levers an addition of $3 to each scale.
Dormant scales for the me of Warehouser, Flouring
Mills, kr.,t he same prices as above.
A Iso, White's Patent Counter Scale. with 0- 'Young's
improvements, and a variety of other EMIL ter
which they will ,wdi for Cram S to $l5,
I They also toatiofarinreglenat Engines for Flouring
Milts. Saw Millt,Salt 1V0rk,,.• d-c., doalde and sins e
geared slide lathes.foot and other tat het for wood turning
machines for tenanting chai r s., planing niaohine,- door
and sash machines. Hall's patent home power, With or
without thrashing machines, a soperior article; circo!at
saw shaft', machine- for miming lath. Tinases coa
ct:hie...and tools oral' descriptions, atm for making black
log hoses, asuiterior article.; governors for strata engine
orts, laps and dies, coffee mills, be_tisaead or joint hots
and machinery for malting the same, cotton factory ma
chinery matte or repaired; printing -prom platter's tamed
and printing presses repaired
.1 Ait If AV, Agent.
sep 22—tf fOtiNft
JOHN R. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Comona
faun Merchant, Xe.lo6,coraer of Brood dp.FiJth sta.
Pittsbargls.: 'Barite hoenappointed one of else Auction
eers fot the City of Pit:stair:h. tenders his sermces to JtV.-
bees. trianufamarers and dealers. mho may in disposed
to make trial of OM market- Fie prepared to make
advances on conagromests of ail "rateable commodities.
and trusts to nati4y correspondents by quick snittc.aad
speedy ?nod favorable morns.
Thist the varieties totiereku 'which may Le rocfnied to
him, a-ball he atimptately protexted, be ith4s to the aid
of his own experience in Nielsen* and acquaintance wit h
inerchandize";:eueratie, the rerrites of Mr. i , Aaterxi.
Faintairroc= heretofore advastageoptsly known. as an
importer and dealer in Ritrdarace and Clattery. with
wham a PerPoneat en,va="seut is made-
Weems. Dl. Tiernan, Preet. of M. 4 V.
Bank. I
e Darlington it Prelim,
a. Robert Galway,
• iatates it. Cooper,
rri James May.
.• S. V. RAMC. PlUibeirtb
• Wan Robinson: Jr:Treet
Earitapee Bask.
- Usispion.Sairth, c 0..„
• • Jobs D. Davis,
• Manure Church.
• J. X. Illoortheed.
rr. Jan. W. Brows 4 Co.
Jobs H. Brows.* Co.
4. Smith 4 ths.W.
• Tardily 4 Worrem,
JairtlL Mee.
4 *{. 4041.014,1414611.
r inc , normi „, trt .
-ifordwptoriribwrai -
mprored Flar
111 D i -stir: rpd be
heir Mar-Lug:
Mtn - een Pia•
Yii •=1 r•Noi. tuo
re rat'
nw'ar,ll, anti
Ott t he fo: ow
g nca Je>iw to.
tom; o--rd
No 1.
IC 1';.,t4",,e34
U 014.1, 0, ZDJ:
For pailislime aims Daily Porto is the City if Pitt:
kairz.h. to he ertie/ad the
rilinEittlheCrihern haelikg made assuagements totseeze
the Arum icon Mannftclarer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry into one Journal, haveroncluded to pubiti.b a daily
paper with the title of the DailfAforsiat Post.
The leading object of the *Posy" will be t J - seetninm
ikes and defeuee of the political principlft.titot have bete-
Milfore been maintained by the Editor?, in their Fes - p..OWe
-jtets, and their beats efforts will still be devoted to the
advaoceatent and semen.- of three doe; rifles—
Although, in politics, the paw wiU be thoroughly
deonstradis, yet the Editors hope. try Ririe!! an Moneta,
candid history of pa.sina Political eveti;elFOrrizo
- and liknnC . lie Inteltilenee. and hiief antices of all mat
ters and occurrences that conic pt Mto 1. within the sphere
of a Public Journal, to trate their popes suflicient.y in
enrols,: to entitle it to the putrgnalre of the ottlatit, ir
respective of party cOnxidecalipne.
In addition to tile Political and veneral news that will
be found in the Post," the Editors will lake
pains to famish the busi tames (.oml:tinnily with
the, totem and most Inttreinlr, COUnteciaL Isroriu
erser. from ail corts or the country, and to have prepa•
red garb acconts or the Marketa and tier Salt of Trade
as willbeodvantageops to our Merchant: and Rosiness
Ilea in their several coffin:F.
Terms.—The Pcrrr will he llghlio , heJ en a large
alsheet of line gaper. (manufact tired esmerially for this
JOIST/Ili) at 111. tow rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum, pat aide in advance. It wilt also be sold by
pews-boys at the low rate of "r• eilliTO a copy.
Adrertiseaerts will be in-ertrd at the lowtst rates
etiarsed by the other daily papers of thy rite.
fry - TWENTYietire Lads are wanted sell the Past,
who will be eop:ed on the most liberal terms
Auznsi 31, 1842.
lon MIDS. KY LEAF TOBACCO. in nre and
for tr by I- 4 A CORDON.
No 12, Water nitre.
BY. Mo. - risnn k Co. London, for safe only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virnin
alley POtsburth l'a. and 11. Harwood, Beaver Pa. :rho
is sole aeon, for Western Pennsylvania. sop 10
FARM FOR SA LC.—Ttie undersr!_.nerl offcra for vale a
tract of land shoaled 4 miler fr. e , reeprol, In the
d4rorllon of Kiiiannine., V.vaao 'township. Artnstronv
roomy. eortaininv. 100 acrev, 65 cleared and under good
femm; 10 of whirr, nee in uteadow— a food vonare lov
dweilin_ house and cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 20 hearinv trrrev—and 2 vpring of excellent
water convenient to the house.
FOR TERMS imply to the - ohst - riher9 reading at the
Sattworia on tile Penit.vivania Canal, ot.te above Free
T O TH E t ”on• welt tinrlerytletod hoer
tnn , tt •rdprtt of the tottni th.rwnd for their cure
noon doe nttetnion to the ttodr. ti k row understood
how vatoahtr i , that Ilifqiitine whirl! 0 ill remove morhiti
ocentnulat inns without wentenint the botli'y power. It it
now understood that there ts a reciprocal influence he.
wern the mind and the body. It is now understood that
pnreirre with the Brandreth Pifls will remove a mean
ettoly. and even insae ity is cored by peru.verin.ly sprint
them it is now undensttnert how much domestic Mimi.
nrss eiependsup3n the beailby condition of the digetiliFe
ores on.
It icnow we'! known that the Rrandrerh Pith; have
cared thonea nil , or lin;wirss arid lielpleii-g persons, even
when the filet physiriana had oroplowo-,1 them beyond
an lalil:in 111 Pans of fe!Wr. It is now not only well
known i hat he Prandretti Pin , ao ca r , hot it n s at,n on.
tier-toad iin yr : hey cure; that it- is: to , their tmrifyin:elltrt
on the blond 1 het they rninore the tunic to health.
The ranter/Ibn medicine is ticenniin_ more and more
fillaiff,a,it . ra7011114.14 , e1 'ad dai!y Iron?, (annly to la milr
The Brant:reit, Pills remove in an aliiirca imperrentitde
manner an rink inu , area nut lat iOnP and liarifr and invizo
ta in 1 he itioiort.and their tiood elliatii are not rounterhalan
red by aria ineatlrenieft , ,A . ; Seine rCtitnor.ed entirely o r
rev—al - oc , liter do not expose those skis, Iljjf• them to
datt2cr: and their eTerre. are. ac cci ta in a- they are valm
Ili rr; they a re daily and safety r.drninirtersd to infancy
ynntli. manhnod, and old a?. and In women in the MOS: 1
critical:lad deitrateclrcomstancre. Titer do mat disturb
or shark The animal fnmlionv, but to s'ore !bete order t
and, tahti.ih their hen , : h.
5.1,1 al Dr. DrattiretWA Offira, 'rarer!
p r irf. 1 5 N. 211: rrr hor. a ii;) f,lll direrlions
Al 111K—Thr. onir Ware in Pirlf:lnurzli where lbe
ra , ) he Ohl:Lire:, is tilt r. etor' , .. own olfv - r, !Co
9:: Wand sir-el. s4-p 10
.I. R. "Pt Resarictfully inform the eiti
ann. of Pitt-141mb and vtyjoily. that he has ',plum
,d to the eh v. He ho-rie in share the confidence of his
homer patrons and the public gener,tly; ad solicits 2
renewal or i portion of their Patronage. fn connexion
he would oln.erve. that the operation of LiThoirliv. rot
hreaktt he stone ire the Madder and allowing ii to pa.o
uf with the urine.) is every where commanding the deep.
_41.1 intx.rerr. He hopes to es tend The berwifil oft hit. braneli
his pir.febecion 1A tbe afii ivied. Stricture.. Distal n of
I he Madder and ft idm►p,— which occayionotly
w ill revewe attention.
Those from a (Halt re wizhirte further intutrewa iron
vitl apply persortally or be letter. or if desired eau be
accommodated at laic tirrePine.in a retired Dart of the ci
ty. on Third. between Ferry and Liberia ate. ter, 10
LET Invalid= read the fottowirm acrount of a Sailat
ofa compl , ealio, of adlirtions in nineteen
days by the "ISe o' Brandreh Pitt.. It distinctly prnsiat
there are herl:s in nature which have admit, cure be
rause of disease, and Brandreih'4 Pine are made for them
Read and tn. corsvinred. - Take !Hemet:Print. astribe tared
EXTRA° RHOrlfR P C OR E OF RHEuAr...rrisit
Jots SHAW. of Pettihroke, WIRMICTIOn COVIlly • M2ine,
wir± dirty sworn, says, 'bat he was taken violently side
i k ahout six months !incr. The pains in his head, breast,
Shack, lett side and instep twine so had that he was Tina
tLeto help hietwelf.and was taken into the Cheiria Lim
hat ia ihe cite of Boston. That after being in said
illpor.hat five weeks. Doctor Otis said he did not know
/what was the matte,' with him, and that he could do
ilnothire for him, parr-mad he omscritt stay medicine
rThat he, therefore, was covered from the Chehno Ilos
hallo the Sailor's retreat on St, Wand. That be
was there pilys with all sensor medicioe rota peri
od of fc-ar illOilitS,Aufreriaz all sbe time the moo bean.
ing misery.- Th-21 4 hesidcs his affection of his hoses
e w as troubled norrit with a disear of the tongs: tame.
, tows he would sort a apart or piderm in the day; besides
Vs a g•-ctioa l.e had a bad Diatrinea, which had more
• Was attended hint from the commearenaent of his Wel
-1 new. 'That at times he dreaded a stool worse than he
! would have dreaded death; that bean eomparethe feel
t.dt,e to nothinx save that of knives pawing thrtrogh his
Ihrtwels. A r erßlfferiut worw than death at the Sailor's
Fa etre2i.on Staten island, the donor told him that singli
; eine was oleo useto ifitn.that he mo-t try to atiyabiant.
i A t this time he was sufferingtbe =realest misery. -Thai
his bones wire s° realer be could not bear the bast prints
- a pan the elbow or 0 peas the knee, that big Mateo was
I mo s t 112 infill. that 21. , ll* Deems wild betrosid give his
leo wore medicine be determined to ppwere some DT,
MR ra n d ref Res Pitts, which be did. hone 241 Broadway i
!Stew York; that he ensuneneediattbkre *Os, hnd stone
-1 timm.incremed the dose to eight_ , The Bin week's we
F ° much benefited bias, that the doctor, cot knowing
what he was *Owe, twill, mow,Bhaw, you foot like a
man again;ifyon imorinse in this way. yza will won he
well" That bet:orderer, dose or the ftrunireth ?Bid
retiewe him, Smithey cored him of the pain Then at
alOolithail tbey nevem/4 the dimities; and - tnady Ili
_la his loseg,,-That the medicine mewed ha add
ilia /men everyday. Retold th e donor yemer
•- Tithe nib Intent. that be felt himself welt. and atm,
• i he mind tan recovery to Bramdretas PAN , Bader.
riW44ence, that . he had latex the inermliaeforretyday
. 19diam5 i kat the itssr told him at he bail known be
lees tatingliaid metliebse. he shenid not have *fled
anotber day io doe baser Beectimidems ft BNB dory to
t ed;4 l llWeraMrtiA, WANL Y '
that wilt este tinini. - -- :'' - - -,14341 SHAW;
ialnkShairSa.pqr -4, ape alai? . impure 'llidaltealay- et
;ea. nt 4l t* 411 4 0 0.e r -sod AO Owl Ain "nigifilt 0 1 .4 11 .=
- 1 4ti a 01 344 1 --Traitra4 ll ANicAteitil.
_,Azit 0
*cyr. 4 l'4* ,
~..4.....i. : 6 -7,11- 4 - !-:.f, -I ia,,c:-; -...,-,-- '-..,-,',:,,:
u4k _ ,4 -
Aitt r
. ,
-.•- irite Like rainut._, ,
We had frellgentry - 0 ,, - - .., .~
broken looking lad, pale it,
oil in his hand. ilia tines
_ . cti * V``-, /2..1F --.
if melancholy Were - wni; -...:-
to eacite - instatersation - Mla pity, 11,' , 2 , :3*,
too evsdent that the vessel iii4ellA be am 4
had been diverted kote its_ leithittlififit*:
and that tt was now allot Itt l t tin, - ' . book
but as a WAtanar Inst.' lialifilt Aiiii . ,
ittmle *
pass twice in one day wi h his ever,
can, we had the curiosity tit aeittill,,,_
i lreg
and did so by inquiring hie niSiire.--2....
'I live,' said he. 'five Milettlfratig,:
on the— matt • ' :- ." - A- - - ...4.-•
"ton have been to dte'ai imtillAtali.
today, have you note' _, -- - -c-:1.
'Yes, sir. 1 came down in 4 i tir. -
.. -
but I could'ut get whet I wite.e-niffit. ilt
i had to N ate againj - -, -- - k -
was you arntfor. my 144111 -- _
be something very impotent to
necessary for you to' endA twitatYlotilieftv
el .
this storm.' . . .
-Why, sir, it war whiskey the*'t
sent for. Father had no 'Roger kr . ,
sent me to Mr. --;'s to get Ilitiied i f
WOgij'ilt trips% any mme:iis 1 frad"or .
homti without the witiskeyt but father -
me back attain.* - --
• How do you expect to get it - Tooth,erkett
you couldn't get it this morning? '' '- ''''‘'`l,:'
•Why, sir, I have huttught a pair 44ll F.lirg
[ which sister sent mother. M c . iiooi.
i give whiskey for th-m. HalmetipM ;*ir
lor three pair of towhee's shoes nourN : ---.--
'Do you like to cerry whWlteybottlr
boys' - yi . t.: ,,,, -
•Oh, no, sit; f‘.r it makes 011kimialirrit—
but I saw% help it.' - --r - , ....•,.. - :0• - •:.' , 1
We took the responsibility of
the boy not to ful4t his erraudi atiopo r 4
ed home with him. The faatilY I lut - OR114„
consisted of Ytiehaad aad-Iraq--tat44l4/11
children—the oldest (the boyl wen no.
than ten years of age, while the YotrVet-t,
was an infant of a few months old. lill'ae,
a cold, b us:eriug day. The pOOI Vial
blew harshly, and caalf, rorighly ini vig.
bidden. through the mintheriesa crevice* ffil ^
the poor inan's hovel, aroonii wjiirh yaw
huddled the half-naked children NW the
vpv-stricken mauler End sire, tiler fate
was haggard, her eyes, sunken, ite4 he,
Itnir disheveled, h , r clothes tatters EA
unclean. She was seated upo n s u -aft
broken chair, anti was mt-ettarsic.ally } 'slag..
ing to and fro, as ii ette.eavqring.tg quiet_
her infant, which ino`ened pitifully in its
. •
mother's i-rms.
By the side of this woe-eintiitten - weber;
kneeled a little girl of five or , - six years,
down whose shallow cbee/4s tears-wets
coursing; and win, ever "ORO exclaimed;,
'Poor little Willie, must you dip? Vid
mutht.r. must IV i!4e 4tEr and tiieti Wahl
the clammy sweat from 'little 11 1 19
brow, covered bier face with her !Mired
Fun and wept. , • .
In the opposite corner of the ehimmiyi
and among the ashes which
.covered the
hearth, sat a boy of about sevnen
di egging from the half 4ead embera aro
tatue, wl4ch he broke open with the Too
mat k. .Mother, give this to
May be he's hungry. I'm buagg.,to4.
and so is sister; but Willie's sick, Vivi
him this potatoe, tcotber.
'No, poor boy.' said i.b mother.' ,
will never be hungry again. He: isifU
soon lie dead.'
ft had been sick from Ps tkriL, and it
was n ow seemingly struggling to , free it , ,,
self from the harsh world into Whictiit halt;
bat a.few months previously, I "bsissik tishortt
, ed. Them was no tear in the eye of di.
!pother, as she gazed upon the - elgo ll i t n babe. The fountain bad beep. lea& 10 1 0-- :
fore. dried up by the internal Lees
alcohol had kindled and fed. Veil
was the picture of despair; and we ,
not but lanry, as she sat sitlas,.tiai - irk:
mind was wandering back so .tke happ y
past—the days of her own infaaax allat..
girlhood, and her early hOme., - ; . "11119w_.:
thing! She had given her affection's- in4 .
her band to a man who had taken tbi lira,'
steps in intemperance. She had left her _
home, full of buoyant hopes—hopes nalren, '
to be realized—to spee,il a life of ra iser ..-,...
with a sot. D:oketp-hearted--emit. t Kik
from the society of ber . 43rmei. ftleisai— . -.:
frowned upon by Ike 'good "'deer - Illt iv
mane—spoken of as ittr .rniumbilishwire --
a miserable drunkarti- - 7sto band . lflk kis*
no heart to pity—she very annis beams a
tippler and a 4runkard berfelf.: .-._ t ...
This remark drew all the children
the mother :.rid the dying chihi:- l'beiTa%r
ther was sitting on what was inteadatifoe - ,-.-
a`bedstead, without hat, shoo or egeti_,
with his bands thrust into his porltsSl 4 _,
apparettly indifferent to all that Wa5,0195% ,,,
ing around him. His - head Wait -..
upon his breast. and his bleared
fastened upon the floor, as if wer e -.-,
to liok up at the surroundingipwou! , -
were watching the countenance of A1 e ,... i
ing infant. - _
There was a pause 4 sileadei, 1 4 ,4* IC
sound was heard. Even tbesolii 7 4 - 4-4 bet „. .:-•
~ ..t.
little gill had ceased. The wiry . „,- - •
;ion of the household seemed ;an- -
when a alight'shivering of the
s shriek from the' half. esisseionmiltal
told that the vitals park bed ikd: --' -- - '
For the fi rst time the Sekape-
ElloAtii advancing IC° where Ida -
iiia.- - - "..
seated, with quivering lips, fiNs ~..
its - wipr dolor
'Ties James,the poor babe to . •
~ • _
was the choking reply ado - *l ll _ ll u ..- --
aim Iwo, 0,3 at fint k gaging iiii- 4 -44 '7 -
4erbiOn Palb. -