Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 14, 1842, Image 1

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RAVELE 8 TARA ituirt ar L a . r. .,i ,
prowl with Utetitisiii i i ~.. , !
Is piloted With - a fugoreattaa .„ 7w7
I you are not deceived . Sty im.. : •:... •
nta stating their boaesto . 1 .-
ard, when thel are voll'Aletteretatift
The following is a Hit en hats Sa • .-:.--
Guard at the Port . of Pittatial il
ton the list have the improved 14 P 1 0!..
a rata= it is impossible.for no eapki",...,
VANN A,' • Effitimi:
AGAR A, -DV Omi t* ~
LEANS, • JEW fas, -- 1
.DY OF LYONS . ; ' CABO() •-.
. LLEY FORGEt ' - iNinApi fitl r. 4.,
EA K W ATER., tartbi L i rret .
•PP ESS '5l AIL, -.- DuKeop ~ 1 ,
SP lAN, - • EttLIPSE, - '
A, Vi CtREBB, .._
k RQU ET TE, OSPREy, ....-.
... LL F:Y RAN D, ' PEN,EL3p Es
CER 0, "A GNEis ,'.
NGO PARK, ' ' 01410 i: -•
', iie traveling community. atenapct4l4p . '
~, they make a clience or a hozi,Umtedi t -,
I see whether it would not w thch . . .:
i security to choose a Safety Glatt btle4
~ a ,:e anti freight, in preference locate**
• nst explosion—and that tbey. will hest „itt
liii.. invention has the unqualified a •
'or steam en.ine huilders—getilii.ines wield,
I.) understand the subject, and whom -, 1 - .
r rested—be Sides a number of rertificarlf • ‘...
.:enileii en and others—all of which ow
office, No 10. Water street, whese-li add
,sure at all times to elhihlt iny . is
Yo win lake the trouble to call.
4 0'1 0 CA DWALLint • •
The suhFcriber otTers,Cui Sale. at Abe
d rates, the greater part Or firs real estate,:
e ril le , Of Pittsburgh and A IliTheny :vita
V 4 7 3 rehotwes, nearly ?teat. a-. (MIRO
ware or. :t kel street, Tel laPall firrolld 11110
%.1 r in . :. a irons of about 54 feet hy 60 deep , tat
!, or se parately tossit- purchasers, and apes
imiitlin• lot in
tatitt,,t; upward of 350 feet iD
the Pennsylvania canal ated toe
- •
A if.o hp Int aktioinin. the above. 300
37,0 feel
ejt , .1:411: - .1 - 1,1011 11411 SC R . MOW q.'MWS,II.4
Al , O. a Int NS tt h ¶wn two =tnry Urklc •
ale nil ll.nrn.nrr o , N 1,1,1 and Frolo I 16a15!„
r.n , tera _round rent. and now correpiPiVt
I\L4X s II .I).—V% mord la
ras ; or coort, , , quasi ii Vof Flax ard
AN, k)0,1, of Co.niry Produce lakes a!
nr ,nod: ai ti .A R RIS'S In , etikeentt
?I—'f Corn nt Wareboufe,
)f-1 N fi A Rl'. Comatissioa Mcrchagt,
dare end .9m ericas Afirawfacticres;
Jan. G,i'r. E-q.. Pittrinirgh
Aaron Hart.
C of E'd.
' 0 . Da ciF,
^.? • Va y & Hanna,
vPry. Ott den 4- Co.
. ICoodl , onrne, Fsq PdadiAon
Farm on whirl, I live, is WOW timnalligi,
etre inteo4ll4o .
70 at ren of w filch istkorol. ast RM .
e' , ThAr.re are opal' n gni**
r. a barn 63 feet by 34; atEappletatlan i
Is about sereoly acres or earl. Tin sea
• quail° that of aoy 6 ' In the
• k now n on oppirwiltion Mt the Mon
Pr"Di''eS• WILLI ft-11-1N ALLACS;
Ai iLLIAm C. BALL, Plods sot Fog ,
V ..d Pieture Frame ihr,Pds ,
'' - t 4 St rt , t Pitta b itrzk. —Canvas! , 84 1 .0 0 *..i
' ' f'" A , iistsiways on luusd. _.1.00 160 4'
-,tpt q , framed 10 order. Repdirivga °66ll-7 :
, r.or ice,
rlicular attention paid to
descrirrion. - irea
tr - F , ons p Seaga Spot" or bOISIO
rai vantage to call.
? HIT E LEP_ n. The satmerit.l-11_
to furnish minters. and ottlero r
pure White Lead made or the li r -Pr
equal, if not superior to 1111), art
Co, d4r4 addressed to DnaleP 81181 1,40
N:o. 110 Second atreed.MOlMl ,
tended to.
DONLAIr,‘ -..-
Jr , P w
Fiftk St.. twelve* fry* ilia Seri AN
,e Side:crater realiedlßßT ormal
,sburgh and vieinity.,Plat,-- An • ma .-aurf ,
1 1 rig Shoes of kis oxen ananonle°7ll•4.l rot
iwre he will keep totanstiltili,_,.., 4ll4l' ..a 'OO
rnt of all kinds of Isidlea: lolo M''...„7.,mmatif
e shoes. of the bmtßO to,n
'mill * opt
0 the thr.eir Ile
s of fancy viorlimetfi agerw..o.
mere, entered mtiteld:B 11011 .1, 11 .0.1
area% ellslers,
ihe made al altdilest i n;77,
. La diem wilt pleaddicadirmano
the subscriber Aeeleo l o l6llBt ,
y article is hisfAne tiaer,WPg.W"
- , p 10 - ' tile
S. Don't 'forget t
.1. from Harries istegillgeffie
bin Market Street
e o e- v iisi
17 I LLI AM DIGBY b 31114, 1v .. . ,- -et '
V tbasin'sOfilegbilt,... _
- - - , 4, .
"I erty i
street ood: 42 liOnme - RL - -7— . s opolor,ik,-
nk: to the 'moment's's! -011.3!r..,..e11ith '.
m. for the wary liberal liliPP "."'' ;Vie
'Merl to taor,beeroeadaldle e'7 " —
him' toitesOff-thea / 1 1*-__... ' ' .10*.
erit tbeeontiotrat# oB 0f. 0 4 1 . 10,
lefig liege , : Mgr = itaatlbli , lo w
filtrxim i t
'. thittgoittieb betvIVIV I V II4 -
,an has bee. euretAllemb ~ . "'
whole of tbeetiick - Orl
le; ard re troiatdialdie _ .._.,,,. 10 4.' :
...... e.
„h business, be - feels ' 1 .!: .-i...11/0. 001 01 / 11P "..
rfidoubiaadoelt, either is
. of woritataaddldP.--
f' lone . 101111 0M". "1
red irk 1 . 'i n .... "..:4.--.4.
AIIOWA 11101 1 0 #: ° `
* Sia4
ea.*Jul MOMS "Wail
• " ,-:"
NO 81.
DPLLAVS 'E a year, payable in
Fogie copis TWO CENT?—for Rte at the
of the v`"
and by News Boys.
e ifferenr y and Manufacturer
,ta irE ggyr. at the same offigte, on tt doable
f.. 2 TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad.
as:c he
----___:: --
tons of Advertising. •
0.50 I One month, $5..00
0.73 Two moms, IROO
1.00 Three months, 7.00
1,50 1 Four tnonttrs, R.OO
3,1111 Six months, 10.00
4.00 One year, 15,00
riI•SGRABLIS rrs.Asurr.
6ir ,W,e• Two Squarur
el 1.1111 Sir months,
25.00 One year.
unnadrerti,7einents in prorriaton.
!Sof Gdir Ifnes Fu Doi-LAIL.: a year
fu OFFICE S, &C.
p ,„ Toird between Market and Wood
M piddle. Postmaster.
cI ',t - ,ter. 4th door from Wood ot. reter
,4j,fi.—MaP, Willock, Collector.
Wood heitypen Fir-t and &cant!
ha‘rs A. fin It r am, Treasurer.
,r TEC.4.Sr.r.S. TlOll street, nett door to t
no (March B. Johns- , on,Trenurer.
fouril , .. let wee'. Market and Wood
k;mnrif a liar. Navor.
rerrT=Et, i i.sac. r,,,th. near Market
ac hots,en Mattel and Wood ra reels, on
res rt tt ct rPetf.
\.<l. FAR MMS . OE
tt-nrrlVrly S..V,rl; I'll 11,1.) Fourth, lretwreu
‘l7trket 5111 , 1 c.
\V:4,,•• rew the Bridge.
NGE 11A it.. 17.61(ra, Pe,,, r 'a; r
TInTLI., co,,r r T ~: 1 r 1 \\*nod
D rorllor I rrno Cau...%1
D lolwrt y re , •P, •..
W a s I,
tit M
ouss EL Lon A TI.
ikearefr, officett on I, a!•5
• Court House, Lel( r0c0.., ,
irci floor.
S. 11. E Lmorr, H. D.
. street, bare., Pelt 61) f
-(jo()),)S.—('l—Twt A- %I, kr.v. no)
Frt :I, h. a, d 1/htrie•. , i
. cep 1I)
k mu:ss m( - - Lt- Et y , arl4
I . : ::ii 1.31, Ir+l , '
p 111
crc I_-- \terr,•v:. A,ArTm3o; north
I ~11 tw:n•vca 4Vood
r. 1,11,9 ;and riit , ' , llr.:? ,
324 Li < cr: Strt
jt, 1, •
(.11!1 TP;LINORTLI.--xvi,tiles.le
N;,,r11:111i and
:: ,:l.,cl , lred :irli,!e„ No. ?9,
F.4: 1 , to
(n 1 IR ittliilNS(ri, al havv;
DI R 1 at Lau; teulicr-
ANT & 1.1 , f of Copper
S. B. NO - CNC. Warp
rf (I, 1- I ‘' Alley.
TON .11
1130,.. , • rla I.
A Bi; L.,i..i nlin
-8r,.;..T ; as cf Turnip
c , r^ ,- . , veti ak .1 cor ca e rairLs al I
SeerlS!ure or r. L. SNOWD
So. 1 ;4 LHerty 9. rect. 11rat1
CLOSETS Flo , ' and Shoe Ititatits
rii,No 8 Fourth Pt., next thor to the F. States
LC, Prooettla, Kid alid Satin Stifles made in
..ttuannertaad by the newest. French pattet
OrAlif , 111 t'LTICA LI'S. hi lots to suit
Purchaser,; ro F e dispoved of by
F. 1. . Ei.NOWDE: 4 I,
No. 134 1.11..hy street. Itea4 of Wood.
Di ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seed.: of ev
.4rv,ption, can always be had at live Drag
gore of F. L. SNowneos.
184 Liherti streef,h.7dof Wood.
I Ilinois Annual Mammoth Onion seed, for
ale at the Drug and Seed store of
184 Liberty strePi. bead of Wood.
seed; jag received by
'" TOLB , consisting of noes. Fancy Spades
r " stlultag Trowels, Fading, Took. Badding
os ‘ttosires, Pruning Shears. etc, jtoo re
'44 Liberty street, head of Wood.
rft4lll Haste.--Jast received a small sup
,r''T choice eared Venison Hams. on retail
current money.
aad Cony. Merchant
sackh Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
1 Blue Grass, always on hand and for
P. L. ssowncs,
N 0.1114 Liberty street, bead of Wood.
U tIt 2 IIANAN, Attorneys at Law, of f ice
Ned truth the Diamond, 10 - , Anorney'sßow,"
F°e rtil street, between Market and Wood
k.A TES' ESL A N for prOCIPtriiDIR in -II
M ander the late low, for sale at this Office
L C.—lats on the North Mast corner of Coal
cut 111;h street. Apply to
B ENJ. DA R.LINGTON, Market, near 4th at-
14,`• La%El reties Prencli szugar Beet Seed,
received and for sate at the Drag, and seed
' l B4 Liberty El teat, head of Wood.
tmlp heretofore existing between Wllr
and BEN/ A 31,114 HOPEWELL istilisthif
Tsai conmat. William Digby is aillsottaest
- 'ore of the firm in settling am ibe basiamb
t1ei11:110111 , 4 bei
sF S • IQ
L10y.14• co%
=ell 10
)~,. \. IC esN
Front gt., F.lts
work p. - 0110111Y
Fep 10
Cls, ife Mut
t! , a.; Ity :he do
No. 184, Liberty head of Wood .4.
TIM E. RITT, Off Lie is mouth
fall, Ipetwega Secoui sad Third eft.,
10 - IPirrestreas.
I - WINSTON 4. STOCKTON, BoolcteStign.Pdalen and
a Paw alaaufaeiarenr, No. ST, itarko at. "Pep 10-ly
Jot& ANDERSON, Seittbfield Foandrg . Water at..
near 'he Mononia. beta Bane; rePlO-Iy'
LEONARD S. JOHNS, Alderman, St.iCiair streer.lle
coed door from Liberty. seri 10—ly
DR. B. R. HOLM ES. Office% Second ittreet, next door
to Atelvany 4- Co's 01ass Warehouse rep 10—ly
QHUNK it. FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Fourthst.,
near the Mayor's Mee, Pittsburgh, sep 10—ly
THOS. HAMILTON. Attorney at Lase. Filth, between
Wood and Smithfield sm.. Pittsburgh. sep 10-1 y
HUG TO Ail° , nev at Law. North East corner
at - Smithfield and Fourth streets. sep 10-1 y
-FIANNA 4- TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104. Wood sr., where may be bad a general supply
of tvriting wrapping. printing. wall paper. blank books.
school books, 4 c, Pep lO—ly
C. TOWN.:VEND & CO.. Wire.: Workers and
Manufacturers, N 0.23 Markel si reel . beivreen 2d
and 3d streets. sep 10-1 y
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and Ft. Clair
.I , VIS, by Iack:IBEIN Er SMITH.
Pep 10-1 v
IG META L —77 tone son Pi,. !ll,tal for Welly
J. S.* A .-GORD3N.
13 No. 1.! Water street_
3,009 BS. B ON HAMS. 14,000 14s. Bacon
Shoulders, for :a - P hg
J. G. 4- A.'G Ott DON.
FPI -, 13 No 121Vriter ',tree(
I P ;TT Ert , 3oN, Jr.. Birmingham, ~ear Pitiaboreh,
sir Pa., Ma oufart Itror or Locke. Fithees and Bolts; To
1./leen. Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws; Hansen Screws for
sep 10—fy
01IN 31'CLOS14, - EY , Tailor and Clei bier. Liber.y
st •eet, between Sixth and Vir,lin alley, south side.
W BUR BRIDG E 4- CO., Whotc,ale Grocers arid
CommiF•simi Merchant;, 5. , c0m.1 street, het tvetn
Vi'mi mid Smithfield sts.,Plttslitir2h. seP /0 — 1y
y G GORDON. Commission and Forwarding
rrl.ar.t=, Water St.. Pinslmrr6, sep y
1.3 n rood artirin,reeeieed per S.
aT.d for sale by 1 . G. 4 A. GORDON.
Na. 12. %rater streeL
k )1. t , :rzl•S Q .101 s N. w Orleans Su
f:or MA.: New 0r1.,;.w; for sale by
sep 10 J. C. 4. Cf)IIDON:
-r-aer if,
si:c; N. 11. 17 7 ,17:1 , , r,•^eived rwr S
R and Plr sale by J r. k coP.nos.
14) 13 \COS C ASKS .in order, on band and for sale by
'23 sep SO .1. G. k A.ll ORDON. 10. 12. Water st
AR AND MOT, tcrz: 41 %.1 4 .-1:3 !Outs - and 4 I.' It. N. 0.
Su_2-nr. 32 11 , 1 s X.O. NI uher.i.,=, rr-rtivr, l t r Sleamtmat
I mporivr, and for ' , ale 11 , J. G A. GORDON,
s'ep 10 rcn. 12. Wnler sr rev!.
181.'.L AP. 01 L. for race toy
FeP 10 tot ner of foh and IVood :zls
1631 ERS Geronlniown Lamp Mack for rite
I.y U. A. FAUN F,STOCK 6: CO..
sen 10 rorner of Ei Ii and Wand sta.
)0 LISS Prepared Chalk, for sale
U. A. FA lIN COCK 4- CO.
FCil 10rOr Ilf'r :If 61h and Wnod alp
SUG 111 0 4 XII OLASSES.-6U bt s. N. rG. &Tar.
t.A4t. do. du., 101) do. Plantation Molosse,r. for
-en 13
m=4,l in Fla nkrupiry proceerimv.. ptittle4 on
74,Thi rt nr r.a nil in Ole roma approved by he Couri,Dav vale
.1 nu Uffme or th, Merrnry and Democrat. vcp 14.1
LICERA.II.' D, L-olieE.' fashionable hoot nor!
shoe 14 a oil ftici ore r. No. 111, Third s' fee t , fie t wer e
kV nod and Soi it hfield street's. Pitts!mr!li cep 10
. ha , removed his office to the corner of Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
:streets, Pilishurgh
FOR RENT.—Thedweilin?„ and lot rohtaining 4
arre , . in Allegheny, near the ;leaver Road,'ately
Deco piedity Mr. Fa nine! Chords. Apply at the Merchants
And Manufaciurers' Baca:. io W. H. DF.SNY.
-- d that
•;. 10
K Eft, Nu. 7, St. Clair
. .strocr, Pitts
(l •L!
DE9I. 11*-17C11 i:S,CI.rjC'F:S.BRF.ASTPIXS
sep 10
supply of Landie.h'g• Garden Ser,ti..., always on
hand, aud for sale at ilif! agency, the Dru2.lore of
rep 10 124 Lihnrly re,i, head of Wood.
DR, DAVID WARD Itas his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House.
second dwelling from Cogsstreet. He wilt faithfully attend
all calla pertaining to hia profession. Night ealisshould he
made at the door above the i - ice/tient. rep 10
REMOVA L.—Mad hew Jones, Barter and Hair Dress
er, has removed to Fourthstreet, opposil et he May
ors office, where he will he happy towait upon permanent
or transient customers. He solicitsu share of public pat
ronise", set) 10
NVM.A• INA iID, DENTIST . Penn at. three
door hetow Irwin street, flours of business, from
9A. K., unlit 5 r. is., nOer which time he will attend
to no one except in cases of ;Irma! neersrily. Re
would farther inform those who may think proper to
employ I hat he expects imsnetlistie payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending is bills. ep 10
JOHN IPFARLAND, CPAs!starer gad Celina
.If-ker. Tided at. hewers Wow it .Market streets,
respectful informs his friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas. Sideboards. Bu
reaus, Chairs. Tattles, Bedw ends, Sta nds, Hair. and SPrint
Matt mese,. Curtains. Carpels. all sorts of Upholsteri,
worn. which he will warrant ,equal ..4) any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
110 Word Street, Pitts/msgA.-11. A. Hausman.
Auctioneer andCostuniwion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
at his large and capacious looms, Na 116, North East
Corner of Wood and rinh Streets. Pittsburgh.
R ergetar traces of Dry Coodit. Furniture, Gniceries and
of her articles, on Mondays and Thorsday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery. Dry Goods, and Fancy artic le s, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenimr.
Books. 4c.„ every Saturday errning.
Liberal advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Messrs. John D. Davis. Esq, i .
. 4 Bacaley ii. Smith.
tt Hampton. Smith, 4. co., I
.. F. Lorenz 4- Co.. 1
.. J. W. Borhridge 4. co.. J
... S. la -See 4- - Co. i
.4 Capt. JULIE'S NlVargilf; Pittsburgh.
4 . C. Ihmsen, Esq. 1
, n Jonn &Madden Esq. - I
t• Logan 4. Kennedy.. 1
tt J. K. Moorhead 4. Co. 1
..._ Jac. P. Stuart, Esq.
44 RobertGaltday,Esq: I
... -
•a Capt Jas: May.,
-,g` llkl i ray;ffartisa.44 Co;
... lillfriChiss Symms, " ' L',Whee li ng.
.. S.C. news, • • Isigissitia
u- ' . Ihnliks" 4 P • - : -,,ritill4
ter 10
J. G. 4- A.GORDON.
Isio, 13 Water stre..
The above Pi 1. designed tartietihtstir the
liaedakebei 114 . 111 4e"'
prepntedArt the proprietorbon: ad far '
I **rimleliVe 14 1 4 04414**Ighriti,liftli"I%Iti
m6BY-41to. 12:1;Csriter •f ir g oadezid 'post
La. Streets. Pitts lrsrirk, teas on band & complete, as
sortmentof Qacentrware soiled to the city or amain
Linde. Also. * choice select/Os of pore white and gold
band DtNING ANDTKAWAY.E. in Page or malt sets,
or separate pieces to suit pombuers.
east of 46, EA or 84 piece seta. superbly pahited
tali gilt English China. Teaware, at very kw pricer.
Toy Teaware. plain; and rich iodated and gilt, from
1.0010 per set.
Children's Mugs of every description.
White China Shaving Yale.
Granite Dining at d Tea Services, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed io Mite and black.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and Breakfast Sets.
Imported to match, complete.
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every size_
Palen' Buckets, Tubs and Beeler'.
Slone Pipe Heads. ke-4-e.
All of which are respectfully offered Jo the pub.
tic on the most favorable terms. Ann 26,1842-1 s
V 1 J. FOX A LDEPI .Attorney and Counsel/0r at
• Law. Cfrrrs his profe - ional cervices to the cit
izens of Piushurgh and hopes for a share of public pat.
ronage. tic wilt execute all kinds of writing with neat .
ness and dispatch. Cases in bankruptcy attended tarits
reasonable lerms.-office in Smithfield street, at
house of Mr. T homas O'Neil. to whom he refers. - ,
sop 10 T. J. FOX ALDEN.
DAVID CLARK, .Ig't. "as tameable Boot -Voter,—
stag removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he wou'd be happy
to see 'his o!d customers. and all others who feel dispos_
ed to patronize him. He uses nothing but Orst rate
stock, and em ploys the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to businew, he truststbat
he will deserve ar,d receive a fair share of patronage.
pro 10
A Hunker respectfully informs his friend/tend the
public tat they ran always ind the best qualify of Ice
Creitmjf to ether with al: kinds of roafectionary and
fruits. to their season. at his etAablis.hruent—No. 11.
Fifth street, hmtween Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supptied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anythin: in his line. Also families furcisted
wnh Bread. sea 10
HAM J. CLEMER, residing at 66 MOIL stre e t.
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
aggravated form. The symptoms were violent head
ache, great debility, fever, costiveness, cough, heart.
burn, pain in the chest and stomach always after eating,
impaired arpelite, sensation of sinking, at the stomach,
furred tongue, naus e a, with frequent vomitingsr, dizziness
towards night and restleness. Thee had continued up.
ward of a twelvemonth, when, on consulting Dr. Wm.
Evans.looChathant street, and submitting to his ever
successful snd agreeable mode of treatment, the patient
teas completety restored to health in the short space,of
one moot It. and arateful for the incalculalde be ne fi t d e o y.
2lndly rote forward and volunteered the aboyeotate
For sale Whobesnle and Conti by
R. E. SELLERS, Agen.,
So N. Wood st reef below Second
LARD.—Those would wish greatly to reduce
their expense for light, should certainly purchase one of
the above named Lamps, as by their use there is a clear
savin_ of at least I aia-t birds of the expense over Oil,and
he Holtt olui, inert front this is pure and brilliant, and
wholly free front smoke or disagreeable smell. We would
here state that Carr's Patent - is the only one worthy the
attention of the public, as it is the only ore that is appli
cable to every Vprirty or pattern or Lamps, end the only
one that Is i;l 'urn Lard wx.t.t., at any temperature 01 - cold
or heat. We have, in the Chart Fpaec of three mouths,
sold several liton..inthr - and with scarce an exception,
those usin2 them have expres.ed themselves highly pleas
ed with I Item. amd fully convit.eed of the weal economy
ny their w , e, as well as their frOperiority over tither oil
or candle., in ref:ard In cir , intinec - s and
The above named lamps can be had oily at
BRocr_hr 4- RA EXON'D-S,
Third street, nnarty opposite the Post Office.
Where is kept constantly on hand Britannia Metal, Tin
and (;la's Lamps,of cat ions patterns.
Glass lamps sold at nianufaci ureis' prices.
We take pleamice in offprin± to the noMie the follow
ing ceriificale, which solii:cribed to by mans r - peela
hie ellizenn.
Wr. the understgned, have tried and are noyr nsin.
Carr'' , Patent Lamps. for burning I.a , d or other animal
fat, and we have on hesitation in saying that they give an
egerflent light—equal to any of the ordinary modes of
lighting a house. at about, one-third the cost, and wholly
free from smoke or other distlgrerehle smell. We lake a
pleasure in recommending these lamps tot he public, as by
their rise there is a great saving over either sperm
or lard oil. or even - tridies; and we believe them to
be more cleanly and lees trouhlesome than either.
Tn he had at Brtows j- AYNIOND'S only, Third street
nrary npno , ite I hr Poet Office.
Bev. W. W. Bakrwe:l, James noon,
" A. M. Br-an, Charles Pat !Fon,
" lnhu M'Cran, C. Tenzer.
" N. G. Go'tir Graham. jr.,
" oNr- r Dnoiap, E. Trorhio,
Dr H. D. Winery. D0,1.20:15,2.
" F.. D. Gazzam. Henry Atwood,
" Wm. M. Wricht, Iznar rrnse,
!Zither - 1 H. Kerr, E N ., Georcr W. Henry
A. Beckham, Bnitrrt MrPhersott,
Thomas Onsror, John S. Shafrr r,
nenr,2e intenber;:er. Wm. Eirhha it ro,
0. P. Shin, J. B Turner.
A. Mille,ls'rry.
C. M. Piddle. Post Mnsfrr tienry BarsoF.or.
it r ,latrt Gray, James Crart, o:the Amer
Mien Kranv2r,
A. F. Mart hens
M. Eztacklinvisi.
Rohert Johnson
N. B ltmt received, an Improved Patent Lamp. for
ki:chen ncP. Itnv 19—dlw dr wit'
TO THE PUBLIC. and particularly to ay former
pottroos of 'kis city: —Havina retired from the
practice of Medicine. I may be permitted to say. that it
bas fallen to the lot of tut few persons to have enjoyed
so liberal or tare a share of obsteetrical practiee as my
own has been for the tam 30 or 40 years.
The experience of that on period of active life. and the
fact of my haying been tw ice, since 1830. associated with
W. R. A. Wilson. Io the practice of medicine, (in both a
period of five years.) enables me to judge folly of the
merits of his pills.
So convenient. so Marten,. and yet so safe. did I esteem
thene pith., that for the tart dye yea's in my practice for
the cnreof chronic diseaver, or whatever natm., andlhove
of females in particular, I have used more of them titan
all other medicines.
Like every other medicine. thin mast fail in some in
stances, hallo my hands there has been tees disamoint.
went and more satisfaction to the administration of this
one remedy than of ail others; its :opd effects sometimes
quite astonishing
if my patient reqnired a sare aperient meditine either
•fore or after parturition, the Wilson's pt is were just
the thing I wanted_
Oa dyspeptic acid conditioner the stomach, combined
with costiveness or inactivity ofihe liver. constituted the
diseam of my patient. the pills were just the thing I
If T treated a case requiring an emmenagogste, the
Wilson's pills were just the thing I wanted.
If palpitation, headache, Hushed countenance,or other
difficulties. indicating a disturbance urine circulatory
and fteeretory Prirme, annoyed my patient at the •taro
of life,' the Wilson's pills werejustthething I wanted.
Thus, without reenact to the name, a disease mlibt
happen to wear at the time 7 have had it under treat
ment, particular indications or symptons arising. were
al*.ays mist promptly and most happily met by the
Wilson's pills.
That so great a number of - diseases, and sometimm , ap
parently opposite ones, in which i have used these pill,.
should be exited more readily by them than by any other
remedy. may at first seem strange andeontradimory, hot
why it is so is as clear to my mind as that a great many
persons should become thirsty from r.s many different
eausses_and vet all inquire that common and greatest of
an blessinms, water to quench their thirst.
In conclusion, it is due the reputation of the medielne:
and the public, to say decidedly and uneonditkurally,that
the Virition's pillsarettaeonly combination .1 have ever
met with in my Icrageourse of practice. that really pus
eesressisithlng (=retire or n aper.i6r, forsiek ixodaetie;
- • Young/1.c.. stiLco ADAMS.
ican Hotel.
3nlin M.Campbell
L. A Iher±er.
EMBER 14, 1842.
Tbs. GOODVBVedithiared;
_ix Pills arestreeety remmeented to - the aotice of
the Whit Asa age mil Wickert remedy la_ reettrise
those amplatate peculiar to their sex, km want , or elt7
eatiee.meairaertildeblliti et the nate*. "I'bey , obviare
allotralerkultd misters/et tat -Itystericat aoktlereme
alitteldiam These PHU liave piled the auution and
11 4 0 1 1 .nablities of tberswast solnest tbeltsP
td Ristes s isd .any Mothers. For este Wholesale axed
Retail, by R. E. SELI.EILS, Agent.
cep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Seeoad.
l ark. ADA i g , it i at aid boo Xaker. Li# e•ty St,
V V opposite tkeletid af iatirkfteld *L. Ftittitbirrik.—
The eadocriber having bought out the Mock of the tate
Thomas Rafferty, deceased. has commented besineas
in the old stand, of Jri. R.. and is prefaced to execute
all desetiptions of work In his line, in the hest manner
and (writhe shortest notice. He keeps for stagily on hand
a large assorlineat ofsboe findineg of all dene.rtptions and
of the best quality. He solicits the patronage of the nub-
e and (erne crag
rep 10
I asij, Azle. fir Carriages- at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly oe
hand Cpach,C and Cliptic Sprint; (warranted.) Juniata
iron Axles, Silvetand Bras plated Cask Frames, Brass
BO4; ,- Olited Hub Bands, Stamp Joints, Patent Leather,
' sea Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
fiAltii; goal Ilandlesaud,flinges. Sr c.,
.ONES & COI. Ell
st.. near e A itertieny Etrkine
HD. FELLERS, M. D., °Zee and dwelling in Fourth,
• near Ferry street. sep 13-1 y
. The attention +ftho-e who have been somewhat seep.
Jical to Mferenee to the numerous certificaum published
lot favor of Dr. Foray nes Compound Syrup of Wild Cher.
ry, on account of the persona being unknown in this me
lion of the StaieJa respectfully direeted to the following
tertificate.ihe writer of which has been a citizen of this
borough for several years. and is knots n as a gentleman
of integrity and respunslbility.
To the Agent, M r J. Illutr.T.
I have used Dr. Swayne's Comp and Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a cough, with which I have been severely of
filmed for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it lathe most effective medicine that I have
been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness. and
agrees well with my diet„—and mantalns a regular and
good appetite. I can freely recommend it to all others
similarly afflicted. J. Minxica. Borough of ChamberAt'E.
March 9.1/140. set , 23
For sate by WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
11DERSOAS &Aron of procuring Fruit, Sbad , .. and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrubbery, from Phtladel
phla or NPR' York, are requeited to make application as
soon as possible, al the Drur and Seed Store of the sub
seribcr, where ran he had ratalogue=, sratuitously. of 'lie
rnoct excellent .anetk-s. F. L. SNOWDEN,
cep 21 No 184 Liberty street, head or Wn 044
MA RBLE M UFA UTOR V.— Pat rick Ca wfield re•
pect fully acquaints his friends and I he public gen
erally, that he has commenced the Marble tmsiness at the
corner of Fifth and Liberty sts., where will he constantly
on hand.lomb Ft na^., mantel pieres, monuments. head
and foot stones. table slabs for cabinet ware, and every
article apperiainiog to the bosiness. He will warrant his
work tobewell done, and his charres will be moderate.
He respectfully asks a share of public patronage. sep 10-
TAMES A. VE AZEY, Forwarding (rod Commission
PP Mercian t, Agent for Sisamboat Cleveland and
Pennsylvania and Ohio Line Halving rented the ware
house formerly °or o pied by ftirmioglam k N. 60
'rater Street, tPI ‘o ePo Wood and Smithfield, is prepared
to receive/tad forward goods to any port on the Olio or
di--siQsippi river on reasonatde terms.
yep 10
CIO -PA RT ERSIIIP.—C. P. Smith ¢W. (tampion.
IV haying as,sociamd themselves !rmitter' under the
firm of Hampton tc Smith, will ennttnue the wholeyale
Dry Goods business in the house recently occupied by
!tampion, Smith et- tro where they mitt be 7PPeiVillir in a
few days a new mock of Patl and ‘Victier Goods. They
respectfully invite their old friends, and mercht,iiis gen
erallY. Visiting Pittsburgh, to call and exlmine their
Feet 28—s•d3nt.
Porla`de Platform Scales on tepee's. to wcig'o 2,30(1.5, at
855 00.
do do do 2..605 at 15 CO
do do do do 1-560 at S 5 'CO
do do do do 1,000 at 30 GO
do do do do 500 at 25 00
With raisin: lever:. an addition of $3 to each scale.
' Dormant scales far the am of Warehouses, Plcrurinz
Milts. tr.„l tie same prices as above.
Also, White's Patent Counter scale, with . 0. Young's
improvements, and a variety of other counter scales,
wheel] they wilt sell for from 8 to 815,
They also manufacture Steam Engines for Flouring
Mills. Raw Milts. Salt Works. kr., double and singe
geared slide lathes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
machines for tenanting chairs, planing machines. door
and sash marhhtm. BITES paihrd horse power, with or
wtt hoot t hroshing machines, a superior art tele; circutat
saw shafts, machines for sawieg talh, Tlnner's sna
chitem and tools oral! descriptions, a:so for making black
log boxes, a superior article; governors for steam engine
stocks., raps and dies, coffee mills, bedstead or joint bots
and machinery for math! the same. cotton factory ma
chinery made or repaired; printing press piattens turned
and printing pressearepaired•
Sep 33--1( VOUNC 4. ER liDlteitlf
JOHN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
sion Merchant, N 0.106, career of Weed* Fifa its.
Pittsbnegk: 'lasing been appointed one of the Auction
eers Po the City of Piisimrsh. tenders his services to Jo.-
hers. mannfact nrem and dearer!, who may he disposed
tomake trial of this market- He is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable contmodiries.
and trusts to satisfy correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy Tend favorable returns.
That the various interests which may he confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he brings to the aid
of his own experience in business awl acquaintance
merchandise generally, the services of Mr. Rawest.
Emorarrom heretafere advantageously known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware' and Cutlery. with
whom a permanent etent-..einent is made.
PAIVLsTII. M. Tiernan, Presi. of Y. 4- M.
is Darlington ' ;- Feebler, I
• lobertealisay.
to James M. Cooper.
ss JalflGe , May.
se R. M. Riddle. } - •Eittafturgh
st Wm Robinson. Jr. Pres% I
of Exchange Bank.
• Hampron,Hmttb, 4- Co.,
•• Jahn D. Davis,
• Samtielehruch.
st 1. K. Moorhead,
Jas. W. Brown 4. co.
sa John H. Brawn. it Co.
• Tardily it Eftwers;
- ss
Rohn Dateeii,
FAA! rkiiw, 11 4, 11 4 1 , 1 1 1 . t-7 4 141 !It*, Zrb=ier
arpet4or •-•
softie,.r P ow=
- Per see beiZEPoso is tte City of Pius
firiffiffashweibers hawing Made arra epodes to merge
.1 the Aiserican liattafactruer and Pittsburgh Mercu
ry tato one Journal, havereenedaded to Publish a dairy
paps with time ale tribe DeAly.lfarsise Past.
The tending object of the n•Pore" arillese thedNtseinina
tion and delitscesof the politieal principles that have here
before hetet arkintehred by the Editors. In their ra..sp.ctive
pagan, tted their best efforts will still he deleted to the
adrancemeet and enema of those *Kathie&
Ailliough, hi' rettithts, the paper, will be thoroughly
dessocintle, yet the Editors hope, by gilder 2a 1,0,1 " 1 ,
candid history of meting Political events. , IPorebrt
and Donseslic I ntellisence. and brief noticesof all mat
rpm and once tweets that f ome properly wit kin the sobere
ota Public Journal, to make their papet deficiently in
erecting to entitle ltto tbe patronage cf the peblie, ire
respective of party considerations.
In addition to Abe f•ipti:ieat anifge.neral news Mal will
be found in the ...Mersin: Post." the Editor" wilt take
pains to furnish the basiae s eotantenity dish
thillilaiest and rent bat.re‘line Co Maarllt. INTELL.I
- aloBl tilt parts °rite country, and to have prersy
red sock aeeeunts of the Markets nod the state of Trade
as wilt be aduanta2enus to our Merchants and Cosiness
Men in their several raltinTs.
Teeras.—The POST will tie puidi.?bed en a large
sheit orfine paper, (roanufactored especially for this
ionrnit) at the nr.w.tially low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum, parable In advance. It will a!so be sold by
news-hoes at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
./tdverii.teweats wilt he inserted at the lowt.si rates
cbarged - hp the other daily papers of the cilr.
r}-14.VENTIfactive lads are wanted to Fell the rest,
who will be engaged en the most liberal terms
Aar's' 31, 1842
Ioonrs.r LEAF Ttitle byj O:A 4 C . C A O c .
o in K stro ti e and
eerp SS No It Water street.
BY Morrison it. Llndon, for sale only by S. N.
Wickersham. corner of Wood Street and Virgin
attey Piitsbureli Pa. and R. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
Is sole ageni for Westeeir Pennsylvania. sep 10
FARM FOR SA Ltr.—The undeisi:ined offers for seen
tract of.land situated 4 mile; fru.. i'reermil, la the
direction of, Kiitanning. Buffalo 'township. Armstrong
county.rontaining 100 acres. 65 cleared and under good
fence; 10 of whien ore in meadow— a good equsre log
dwelling !nauseamd cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
()milord of 80 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient tothe house.
FOR TERM apply to the st • scrihera residing at the
Siittworks: on the reno4. - ylvania Canal, I mlle above Free
TO THE WISE.—If is now wet' ~ , ideratood how
much did irders of the mind depend for their cure
upon a due attention to the body. It is row understmui
bow trainable is that medicine which wilt remove morbid
aernmulationsivithoul weakening the hodiiy power. It is
now understood that there is a reciprocal influence he.
tween the mind and the body. it is now understood that
pnrgins with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan
choly, and even insanity is curedby perseverinlly
them. It is now understood how much domestic happi•
nest; depends upon the healthy condit ion of the dig ~ .titre
It is now well known that the Brandreth rills have
rikred-thoumnds,of hopeless and helpless personi, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
ail Itnoiantiteans of relief. It is now npt only well
known that the Brandreth Pills so core. but it is also un
derstood.hore t hey tore; t hat it by their purifying effect
on the blood thet they rgitore the hady to health.
The value of the medicine is beromina moreend more
manifest, it is recommenced daily from family to family.
The Brandreth Pills remove In an almost imperceptible
manner alloosioueaccumulationsand parity and invl o-
Late the hiood.and t heir good effects are not counterhataa
red by any inconveniences; !vine coot:lased entirely 0'
yeematdes they do not expose those who vise them to
daneer; and their effects are as certain as they are salu-
I a re: they are daily and safety admini,ter4d to infancy.
youth. manhood, and old,aer. and to women in the
critical and delicateelrcumstances. They do not di,aurb
or shock the animal (Unctions, but rreore their order
and their heat h.
mpyoved Flay
Inutile( cared be
! , etyreen
street, tire
1111r2 , 111, and
nd (he fol'ow-
Ig scale,;(w
Sold at Dr. Rrnadretb's 01ter. !go. 91. Wood Flrm.l
r rsh. Prire 25 cents per boy, with fall directions
MARK—The city Ware in Pitti.-hu rzli where the fr,'Tho
ine Pittg mtn be obtained, if the I.lctor's own office, No
9S Viro.l Ft reel. ceplo
DR, I. R. TIRRITT'S, Re.pectfolly inform the citi
zens of Pittshort7hanaLricinity. that he has return
ed to the city. He ho.os to Ofire the confidence of his
former patrons and the rmldic eeneratly; and solicits a
renewal of a portion of their patrnna>•e. In connexion
he %you'd rhserve. that tie operation of Lithotrltv, (or
1 -reattina
It. ctone in the Wilder and allowinx it to na-,
uf the urine.) in every where comma miler. the deer
lie in extend the In refit oftliis hranch
of his prPfenzion 1.,1n Disenn s or
No. 1, t
I he P.t3•ldrr and El Inpys,—w4tich occasionattcfollow,—
will Itltettri,p receive all en , tor.
Those from a chine further informal inn
will apply personalty or IT letter, or if desired can he
arcomrentlated at ntt. in a r• tired part of the ci
ty, on Thirrl.hclwpo Frrry and Liberty F t, pp r , T O
TWO 114.3,a
LET Invalid; read the follosrinp erconni of a Sai:n:
cured of a complication of afflictions in nineie-,
days by the nse of Brandreth Citl4. It distinctly proves
there are herbs ho natnre which have affinity cure be
rause of disease, and Brandi-elle. Pitts are made for 7 hem
Read and betonvineed. Take the medicine a ndbe cured
Joay Sniw. of Pembroke._ Wasbi n?Ion con nty.Maine,
being dray sworn, says, that he WBk taken violently .sick
about six months shire. The pains in his head. I.reasi,
lack, left side and +nom beio_ so had that he was ona.
. Wens help himself.and was taken into the Chrism Ras_
pital in the city -of Boston. That after beim: in said
hospital five weeks. Doctor Olissaiii he did - not know
what was the mallet with him, and that he could do
Nothing for him, nor could he prescribe any medicine,
That he, therefore, was conveyedfrom the Chelsea floe.
pitalto the Sailor's retreat on Staten island. That he
was t here physieted with alt sorts of medicine for a peri
od offour months, trotTering. all the time the mast heart;
rending .misery.— That, besides tile. elm-Bono( Ids hones
be eras troubled notch with a disease of the lours some.,,
times lie would spit a quart otphleem in the day; besides:
this affection he had a had Diarrhea', which had more.
or left attended him (tom the ctimmeseelocni of his sick-
new; That m times he dreaded a stool worse than be.
would have dreadrd ilea* h; that he ran coniftarethe feel.'
biz to nothing save that of knives parading through.hte
bowels. Afier su &rill!! rvorx. t Iran death al the Sailor's
Retreat, on Staten Isla rd. the doctor told him that medi.-:
1 rine was of no useto him. that he ma-t try to stirahotti„
At - this lime lie was suffering the xlvadeld misery. Ti-at
his bones wmreso - teurier he could not hear the least preis-.
are upon the elbow or spots the knee,* hat.his instep was,.
Most palatal, that as the Doctor said he would give him
uo more medicine he determined to nrocate - some of Dr..„ - !.
Brandreties Pills,svhich .he ; did. :film 241 Broadway,
New York; that he commenced wititfive hills. and some:
iimesincremWd the dose to eight. The tesi rreek'S Tim'
so much beneihed him; that the doctor, not knowing.
what he was mine, said, tnow,Sitaw, you look like a j
matiNgaimif cost In this way, you wilt soon be
Well.' That be (...nrit every dose of the Thantintlit 'PHU i
relie-s him, ,first they cared him of the pain when - at-''
milookihat. they . nem eared the diatritrea, mad finally the
Flips: in hit bone. —That'the medicine warmed to add
grengh to him .everyday. net" Sh e " el ."' r"ier—
daY the .11th Instant, that lie felt himself well_ and also,
that he owed - his recover* to Rrandretha Pills under
r itnr 4.,- ence 'that he . had taken Ike inedicinetevesyday
for tOdays; that the doctor 11114' bitf. ifire bid known he
bad been lahing that medicine. isk should not have stayed'
another day in Inn &Save.. Be. conpirlirs it iihiddale to
i mikethispellifinhM4tent ferthetierelittifall similatly
aftliget:tlat tium. sty 'UMW iliteriPle Sad aantatbeine
tbit.willmsre theist.:
_..-...„. i . : . ,.J-011.5..1511A1i8. ,
..jobitt Shasta heirixta : rrin dul y 0,4 11 . ,.. ilii! jittlt day lit
.: --41= r_ PE4-4414:4"oinisdiesiesii70'tokitiii;
. :;„ra,, , pr,',:eri!.*44l . iW:o24 . l l Cot.',
I Tl4 ' wllelf” ' '.• ' ----- - - itiaitiii:
. -.-
... 141.141itc:ira4114*-4, - Wo.PII ', : .. ._„......., ::,
4 : IgrArti... 4 ?o, o :ikkitlicti ik i" o ciii 'o.44ft_irW
, •., _„ , . _ :. , „.•:-... . _ -
..... .. . -.. . -.-,
_, ....,_ .. .
.. ...._._
Aotork, to 3s ontittsi tit
'l~'{'+q`vt-~-a.Fl=w._ . 'fin;
• I
Pestaitswfome,cia its It }, r
r : DC 4 1 0 1 6 4 4 P
Although the act of 1825
chives that 'if any llama shall 7
letter of letters, other than dieltrWttbiliN,
by himself. or by kis order, taakAlS!)loo4it
of his' office, he shall.-on .
pay a tine of ten dollars. nittliC
*special duty of postmaster* ta -, 1 111 4,10 1 10c.„ .
cute for said offeqce.' The'iSSONWILI:IIB*
dared by this law fiat not heirifl
io prevent the, too frequent vitohitioit
provisions. ,
If Congress aball deem it itintkpetßolittf
limit, or further restrain, thit right,
_inftiiilkf? ,
position of the same penaltytipsrlitia?
who uses the frank of another, Pts gtotil4
posed upon the person who ritiosei - liti‘- .
privilege, would tend great!) , toles* Of
- •
The whole number of free' letters _M
through the post Office annually, solar rik
the returns of postmasters eshihi - -
ebout three millions. - .
Assuming fifteen cents as the averem
Itate of each letter. if charged with rk*U4M!
four hundred and fifty thousunt &Aisne *
would be the amount received, i Thaa.l4`
will be seen that scarcely one-ninth-Olt
the matter which passes through the en
Ranee free of postage. The ; heti to. teal
Department does not stop hem .. Twee
cents, are paid to posAmastersi on each.
these letters, c...natitutirg an at_trial-ckullir
upon the revenue of iltu-serit Or
this magnitude, 1 trust, will not 4ail twerset•
rest the attention of . Congress; whailebititseer
can apply to the proper eorreative. 11, , ise
wrong to burden the business and Meting ,
correspondence of the community isitkuthiil,!
heavy charge.
. -
The public voice has railed, for a reden•-i
tine of the rates of postage Opott lettalett;
ana whilst 1 have felt its force. -and Mut
constrained to acknowledge its jesticsi : ,t t
have heretofore been deferred:froth Makliff,-*
any specific recommendation upon till*,
subject; lest by a sudden reduction, Abe
only source of income might fait to -meet,
the demands of the service. With a PrOrlti
er regulation of the franking privilegieank - ,
a further protection against the violation* ,'
of the laws of the Department, I hatres,tuti
doubt a considerable reduction in Pollhog"-
might be safely made, and the b
... --
and advantages of the Depa 1
tended to many portions of the ,colthltrit,
which are now, in a great meastue,,.dsmi,,
titute of proper mail aCCOMlnadati.
ibie especially ceuhl this be dose, itCostv . ,
press, by some permanent , arrant _
. e . tt . 4„,
with the railroad eumpanies, woularegel :
the Department fro* the immenase.„at --
constantly increasing amount annally,ps#l
those companies fur transporting4thelek- t3
lie mail. „
1 ventured to recommend, in my torse#,i,
report to you, that Congress should -
,tbeti ;
legislate upon this subj - ct. NnPialz.,
has occurred since to cause me to do*
the correctness of the opinions then eta
pressed. On the contrary, subsequent de=,.;
velopements have strengthened the view; , ;,
then obtruded upon your consideration: . ; : _-,.,
Without the right of the Department fis !
control the arrival and departure of the
mails, regularity and despatch cannot Its..- ,
expected. This is a right which the rai4 . „,_
rued companies, in their periodical come:,
tracts, will not yield willingly; and, Afe,
they do yield, it, make it a ground to ine
crease their demands upon the Department ; . , -
for transpnrting the mail. For the service
of railroad tratprportatton there never can,,,
ihe competition. Why theu subject tiiii: .
Depait went to the useless cererr ony.of ad; .1
vertisirig periodic4l'y for bids to carry 'the:,,
mail on on railroads, requiring it to take -
the lamest bid, when there will be but oe . is .
bid for the same reed Each letting,has. ,
heretofore been, and will hereafter be, bps .,
an invitation to the companies to' increase._
the prices previously paid,
It is in vain to disguise the fact that the -
United Staten are compelled to enipiax__ !
these roads alit carriers of the mail. Jaary,tt:
tice and policy - alike require of the do
ernrcent to send the mail by the Most et l . - :
1 pediti !us means of conveyance, and it cep. "'
nor employ any of its own creation eqnsit„
to the railroads. As a GovernrrietX 4,1.1„ : ,
cannot, by legislation, control those' co:07,1,
ponies which have their corporate exit 4 ::
fence by State enactments. ' The - ,Mitett
States must therefore puichaset the' rifibt, ,
and.the question presented ts, whether it
is best to purchase this right evert ktiti
years, -or for the period of the chatter - of ' l4
the road.
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It is more a question of shiliq st tun f'
time, on the part of the rforermnint, thstif*'''
policy, in my humble opinion: ' -! - , t
_. ,
The plan which I proposed waif thisK-111 , ...7 -
Cougresashould authorize the Departs =`-
to purchase this right; enter into the iniplo:l-'
latuttons of a contract with the coirspaniSce 4. " l
and report those contracts, as -
made; iketifw 4 3
1 time to time, to Congress,' to hesbindinsr
only n hen ratified by Congress,: Nod s 1.:3
{dangerous can arise from thus trmlwer,--.1
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- the companies. No eularronetts4 ; L s
lExecutive power is asked. On;-the-tacti *-4
Crary, it is proposed to subject Execntis, a;s
; pots e r directly to the, contralin4 infloMpiti
of Congress ; As.itt .IoW now Etalln4:ol4 sfi
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