Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 13, 1842, Image 1

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nAvELEis TAKE N0T1CE.... .
7 4 ; •
provided witb Itilteid* Gino h ., t all
printed with a frgarehr the a, t, e'tbeiri
on are tint deceived liy alii r altd
s s tat ing their boats to be provhje k . '
rt. when they are rtOt arjsectiteed at Z t
e following boa Hsi of hoe i pipp n ietviti.
and at the Port of Pittsburgh--atf,„'
n the fist have the improveditlipireas-71
wait is impossible tor artertolowe s h ...." .
ANNA, FORM:Iu , ~,,
TON, '„,
moturtx) marl
AK NW ATER, QUEEN eltralgot
:QUETTE, . - mpßgy .
PRO, A Gi4Te k.
p.P.ANTIL Oft? HAN ROI -..
raveling community ate tetwaelljn
they mate a choice of a boat,totrikt ak A
r n bet her it would not be w OTeh •
r irily to choose a Safety Guard kat,*
nut: freight, in preference tom:east's*
• ccrocsion—and that they will bar is i
invention has the unqualifteg awing'
.engine builders—gentlemen wbottbil
,Irderstand the subject, and whoantestini
- ed—besides a number of certifies:et freott
'lrt, en and others-211 of which as UV
' , re. No 10. %cater street, where it 'midi
.s at :11111111C., to exhibit my investing'
r,II take the trouble to call.
l'he , u`.-eriber offers for sale, at the mina',
'be z.eater part of his real esiale,
•••• of rntshargh and A /leeway. sit; Tan:
‘v a ,11C , u ses, nearly new. a rsahniamialit
":,tl.ct re el WPPII Sfrondaad
1 , 0g , 1 ni al , OUt 54 feet he GO deep. Forst
r re. pa rl,triy toscii purcbaeers, and apes
a W.,-r hnildinC lot in Allerkeny 1'14..84
ui,vard of SEA) rePt in dei.lh. 14,44
rnn ‘l , . Po, ylrania can2l aid lOe
. !ni h' :11•UTP. WO feel 10
% I 1:11,1t$11 t 11,,, o Inic 11 1 w.ow . I;CVIVIn 141
'•o. tol niuh Iwo two gory hriek IdelthlPA
on 1 e (*or our or Mail. ei and Froni
nel-ra ground rrnl. and now art - uric/
_ ro , f 1
r 111
D —tt atztril In HI
.i= corol , . gua of lit of nal t.ct Tittad
,„.. k,,lc of Country rroditoP ink./1 io
e , 1•11 or r()Odr• a? H,112 R IS'S n• igenee
r 2 f Com Vi'Frchnuse.
RT. Commie eiou afOra in a, D ra w , '
Z.r • a nd _gm trrran Ma.sfactirct,
GtiPr. E-q., ratOurgh
ron Hart,
C• , c h ra n of R'd.
. o:fien ¢ Cn.
Wociell , nurne. Eq., Madison
• AE, E PALM FOR SALE.-1 win 7'
1 ,nn oti which I live, in Wilkins rowasidp. i/
roniniturz one Imutdretlarid _
; art.,. of which isetraved , aid
I,,,,t,efeti. There. are upon it tinetiFit a
63 feet by :34; an apple orchard 44
seventy acres of coal. ibesailOr
to that of any upland cars /a the Inn
made known on a pplication te the fshander
• -- W I Luest wALluac.E.
I LLI A m C WALL, Pisin sod MoNI
d Piastre EMS* ..Waasfadatrer. ,
A Sr,c,t Pr tts burgh.. =Canvass ' 'WOW, V
A always on hand. I.fookig-P lat
) framed to order. Sepairiat donezt the
U lay at en t ion paid to rettlidinill °4ll6l4l4
. .
trip , ion.
and WM
on=fitlinz up Steam Boas Of hOtt---
d rantort. to can.
i ITE LEA D.—The etaiscrilersareassr ,
is furnish painters, and abets:Oa
i use White Lead made of the hell reiterlim i . 1
I equal, if not superior to any Ofreird telblr i i
ir r..: addressed- O Thilei&Pt ilitlit*lWelia'
N 0-110 Second street .PiitstiOrgli.olbol.l
r ' BMus
Dinn•A 4 ,
' aillitr")ii
,1 Es FASHIONABLE SO . ... aim
fi.T IA St.. one doerfririsoo.vi#4Lr,--,w
IF nht , cr !her respeelatthy illinell!
ir=i l and vicinity that be
... . b ias
. rztions of blues,* nialli,_t: l . .::, ...plift
he will keep eattalsillkg,"*, rita
t.: all kinds of ladies. taii*J 4 ,: 4, ~t iirf ; I A st.
' ''S. of t he laat quality; which twig br
it the "Met. Ile 'arlii sue vale el
..r fancy work—rack 2 d, lo ra " slid . 1
-.,.. colored gaiters, aniirillfPr i;Olinel' Ati girl
in's eilfle rs, sitk gaiters, ift-v - l i t t 'llig ,
made at the shorteafatOlke ,
i.a d ie= will please eittlaor etildlW ortiogi
.ii hscr iher feels condifeist that BP
licie in his line they may itialffi -,-
i 0 • ._- . .- - -.../... 0 4 10 -
''. Don't forret the salligo-S,'M.olpg I
rem Harris's Intelligence 000' *7 4 ,0, - .
Markel Street.
p.-_____ ::,i'
It LLI AII DI GRY having takfl - r - cs 'osi•
_ .i .So ll i.f,
business of DIGIT 4 Reef -le te j
ry Street end 42 Met. ark tare 0 41 0 .... 0 11 9
Fto t he numerous Dimwit eirk... 0010, , ,'
6, the very liberal sirppOri,.
i io him, in eolinent4, 1 0-,
.. i 0 plea re them thal,evilli,__.,.... , =
... d .
ti,e continuation 4011tillilr. --,,,,,,' ' ' Ff:F d
ti v tniite their alleligl. ' i ti- 11 0..0 014 q.,.....ai -v.
lig. which heialettliv veinal. , -, -, itonr - 2,
si. been ever.iaß, 10' 1
Dicer the Mock of th0,.1"7:-',40,1-,,..
r 4 as he intendstotiOW, .-
w‘iness, he, fee 0t1.,a... tol
his ...k, eith e r M 7
morkmanshiz . .:46 - WP,74r"
-, to latensithielibalir4
in Pittsiurf r ~
UEL 1140RUDIN. • '
: ! ;60,t
aa.. 1, -05 . 7.:e.-:
~,:.,,:.. ,: , , - .- _ -
OL -
14 PH ILLIPS &W. 8511,T11,
co urEß or orooz) - 4-rfirri - sr
xq s
_ ri e DOL LARS isj iiiyable in
cove , TW O- CENTS — T rof tale at the
of the
'A c t, and by Newsßays.
lercury and Manufacturer
woa r, al the same office, on a doable
oef t, gt TWO DO LL ARS a year, in ad.
Fie, , ero pie., SIX CENTS.
i t . ; as of Advertit(ing.
0.50 r One mootb, *5.00
0.75 1 Two moult. 6.00
1.00 Three months, 7.00
1.50 I Four months,„, , LOO
3.00 Sir. montbis, , 10,00
• 4.00 One year, 15,00
irLiNcxxsLic at Pt calltiez.
5 r" " "
Tiro Squarer
514.00 Sir mouths, $23.00
23.00 One year, 35,00
radrrriisementain prorordon.
rt.: 9 01 four tine,. Six DoLLLes a year.
I, 1 6 - 0 FF I C ES, &C.
omit "Fhird between Market and Wood
. M Fiddle , Postmaster.
IV,ter. 4th door From Wood st. Peter
igi.p—llsjor John Wiiloek,t3olieelor.
I'LLLT. Wood between FirA and Second
amei A. Bartram, Treasurer.
r TF.E.tSrP.T. 'Fiord street, next door to the
Church—S. It. Johnston, Treasurer.
,orrp-r. Fourth, between Market and Wood
r flay. Mayor.
ter's Far HANCE. Fourth, near Market
as.betscren Market and Wood street/4 on
ronrll4 atrects.
n. :forsvrly Sarin.; Fund.) Fon rth, letwt en
d Market /fleet/.
ft.re.ei , hear Wood.
c,atttllorst, W2llibr reet, pox, the B r id ge .
rat (fors:., corner of renn and t'n ('!1 r,
llnTat, corner of Tbl rd a nd wood.
liorst...corn , r of Tni , d and Smilhfiehl.
corner of Penn ,treei and Canal.
D e•Gl.E,l.o,erty stree`. nea r Seventh.
mat M.n-on' Pena oorvo/de Canal
UNSELLOR AT I. kW.-I , ffv , '
.kewelr, offteeq on G ant v..
COurt Hour, next rooms to }akin 11. Mahon,
r , tt floor. cep 10
ELLIOTT, M. o. Office remore'l
C!air street, between Penn and Lrberty...s , e
s r 10
' Gool)S.—Pre.inn Markey, mb..lsalc and
tail dralrry in Enclish, rrenrli. aid- DomPstie
.ep 10
ANDLESS & 31`C LUR A , iorney , and
31 Law . o:fv-e .9 'lie Diamond. back
o'lo 1!,1:1, F,ri 10
01 - 11,- IL 'llorro.. I,lerorin: offi -c north
ot F.lO, 5 . .. 1.f . 1 tVl,en W. fOll and Ranthfirld
Uep 111
4,9Evirr, Wit.l,sale ftertifs!laz
P trl 11:4. ritiShurlh
- .:24 Li bert o Street. Pvttti
1 CI
All & DILIVOII.III.--Wbol , Aate
„ r r a ~,icamernigsiettl NlPrcitanT., and
Ma.mfacolred aritele,, !'o. 29.
ett. F.. 1) 10
0111R.111011INSON,31iorner at Law;
• 'rill I ie 01;linaii(1.6eilYte
r Frit 10
nev al Law; teuderr
111 - 11111 R
to Iht 1111!•1ir. (grief cur
1, MAtl,l ailOVe D. Lloyd 4- Co''
sep 10
&KE k U ~ ~; !urv•r= of Copper
,e.. 1 I tett , r,rini P,116.
11.` k 111•01111 , 1ly
E.ep 10
s. 13. yt)l - Nt; & Co_ V,1!” ttire Ware
co Alley.
z.r , 10
fezt:.l And
ON 1.1 Koldwice fll ut
Aem well rurod and for rbrap by Ihe do
ail, by Ir , llC lI,ARRIS,
No-9. Filth st
A BA.(; A.- k , e'to) of La nthei Fresh 11.0-
113!a, and other da-rrnt varieties of l'urnip
• rrrewed and for sale at c etarroto PRICE'S 01 the
Seed Sure of F. L. SNOtIIIBNr,
No. I 4 Liherty street. t,cad of Wood.
Boot and sboe- -main/Savo
ty, No. Si Fourth St., nett ri9or to the U. States
lakes Pruncila. 1;1 and Satin Shoes made in
marmot', ass the newest French patterns.
MO RUS LLTI CA LT r.US. in lola toEtlit
purchasers; tale disposed of by
F. L. sNownEN,
No. 184 !Aber, v street, head of Wood.
ROOTS. Flowers and Flower Seeds of ev
. des.sint ton. can alwa ye be had at the Drug
Rote of F. L..NOWDEhI.
13.4 Liberty street. head of Wood.
4 Illinois Annual Mammoth Onion :Feed, for
the Drug and Seed store of -
lit 4 Liberty street, ht , ad of Wood.
it teed •. jug received by
No. 1114, Liberty bead of Wood si
Tocitz,:ennsistine*Hoes. Fancy Spades
trowels.92oing Tools. B u ddi ng
- " 4 1
" I* L
Kaivee,..Ennofttears. ete., just re
ioby L. SNOWDEN.
Li Qii,lf s Aphightmd of Wood.
- • •
Y fla~na
mined a small sup
' "Ittaa
ce curnit Vliation Hama , on retail
19rta rren , sio j oey. . ,
U3AAI64ARRIS.. Agent.
ilk Cool. Merchant
Clover Seed, Orchard Grass and
Bice Grass, always on hand and for
NO-184 Liberty , stunt; head of Wood.
111114 -11AD:11N, diterreeys at PLIP_ Office
rfvm the Diamond ; t 0 ..Aitoraersliow."
of Fourth urea, between Market sad Wood
stye 10
AT ES'ULANKS. for:prooeediegir kw= ..Aff
' ander Use tate knor.,,for tale at- this Office.
Ram. trimmer of Coal
IL L — Lots on the Nettie. -
!lad nth street. apply
les.r. DARLINGTON, Narkel. near
48. L atheth's P Atfra4. Jalit
nativad and for tale at thilpj*; llo 4 l Wed
iB4 Liberty F. L
IP heretofore estates behrikeNlPTl,
end EMMAUS itorEwat.t. titiallar
e of thiirre Isar—
' A
DR' Rfflcsiit Staialv mar ummr—in , ; Ml gat
itturatut &wad aid Third- Ste., • Mi. Stesets, Pitudiargli. has on hand complete ,as
-•- •
sep 10 • - • PreniNtliGe. sartmentof astenvmare , to the etiy'or elm
+ made. Atom, a choke seleetkut of Pere white /PM
hand DINING AND f-NAWANK. her - gear small seta,
or separate pieces to suit putelmsera. .
A cask of 46, 60. or 84 ideee:ordarl laliteddY Palate/
and gilt Baglarb China Tearrare; al very tom priette:
Toy •Teaware. plain, and rich palsied mid gill, from
LOOto #5,00 per set-
Childrep 4 Mageoleverydeneription. ' - •
White Chia Shaving Mow. . -
Gntelte Din* ir d Tea senates. in reldie altrailb
splendid American samery printed lit Mae and black:::
A large variety of Steamboat Diningand Breakfast Oda.
imported to .mateb. completer
Fire privy -stone hating Omit andiltsbes, titalsthe
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Oreen Glass, In all their varieties. •
WindoSittass, of every sire.
•eratent Buckets, Tubs and heelers.
-Stone-Pipe Heads,
• Alt..of 'which are respectfully otirermi Is the • pub,
lic on the most favorable terms. „tan 26,184 Z-1,
J o NSTON 4 STOCKTOPtilkooldeettelir:Printerii and
Paper alanufaeiarera,t4 7441 it 2 rkelat. 4.4 , 7 TO-1 Y"
TONS ANDERSON, Smithfield Stottedryv. Water et..
te,IP near the tionoogifiet, Frordreirittikaireh t rip 1,0-17
LEONARD 301111 S, S.:Cfaii street, se-,
. . .
mad door (mar Überty. mpg 0-Ay
HoLugs, lace la 134aind street„ IterC-door
to Malvanp . 4. Cos Gloss Warehouse.. sett 10-1 y
SHON k FINXILAY. Attorrreys at !Am, Fourth A..
near the Mayhr's Office, Phtshetrgh. ' errilo-ly
THOS. HAMILTION.Aitinne3i at taw, Pti,between
Wood and Smidlifieldani,Plopbarib. -•sep y
HUGH TONER, A tte.110,..111. 4414 w; Noith - Eastiorner
of Smithfield and Foirttrstrrete. rep 40-1 Y
HANNA * TIJELNItt'LL'S' Paper Warehouse, No.
104, Wood st., where ma 1w had &general simply
raritinz wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank books,
school boOks,*e, - ' imp 10--ly
ToWNsErin 4. 61., Mee Workers and
Manufacturers, No. 3.3 Markel street. between 2.d
and stree% - . sep 10—ly
4 1XCIIANGE 110TEL,.corner of Penn. ancj....t. ,Clair
stievs,by ' AIe.KIMBIN k SMITH.
sep 10-1 y
1G METAL —77 tons soft Piz Metal for mile by .
rill 11 . No. 12 Water !Arent
88.8 % CON HAMS; 16.00000 its-Ba con :11000 I. Shoulders, for 3:41
gepl3 ..N0.12 Waler. meet.
. .
WAS. PA TTERS. ON, Jr.. Birmineharri, near' Piiisliareb,
Masa - factor., of Lotto Jand nolis;• To
kleeo, Fuller. Mill and Timber Screws; ficaisesiZefeeri for _
Rolling Millnotn. sep 0--fy
JOHN NrCLOSIMY,TaiIiir and Clci bier, Litier.y
stieet, between Sixth an° Virgin
,alley, South side.
sep 10 .
ytJ %V B[JRBRIDGR 4- CO., Wholep lc Grocers and
Catnip's.lon Merchants—. la. ieolid s9lreet, - between
Wood and Smithfield st.S.,Plltshorgh. sep y
G A. GORDON. Canstraission ama Form.ardiint. ,
t.ll . M-rrtiar.ts, Water st..Pittstaiit.h. sep 10--1 y
NM . S.--4 casks hams. a good article, received Dec S
B Cors.-tir. and for sale ht J. C.. - A. GORDON.
sPp 10 , No. It. Vl.lll er.st rem
11_c A rt &%i()1,1,5-"StEs --40 l!lids New Orleans Su
L r; ;;() 1.1,1 s New Orleans gulag-e, , , Coe Fate by .
Sep /0 J. G. 4- A. GORDON:
`CC 4 .—"i lilt& prime V. O. grmar, received per B.
17 B Maine. and fur sate by I. 4' A. ( 0 11 DON•
refs 10 No. 12. Water street
50 BACON CASKS.in orders'. on !mad ant} for rale by
ep 10 J. G. A. GORDON. No. 12, 'Vale•..e et
Qt.lo All AND 1110 L 41.,1 . 1: , N. 0.
Sof.nr, btos N. 0. NI olniisr,, received per S , entiiiinai
liVporler, and for sale by J. G 4- A. GOIIDON.
sep 10 N.. 12_ llrfttor street
1{1) OIL for gnu. I,y
t - ) B. A. ES - I'll-CR dr CO.,
se:, 1(1 co t ner of 6t 41 od W ood
1631 P \ PEEE Ge r ß n a ‘ n . l oFnA,
NE~T ( l , ; ( 7 .lc r ks:ro'C'ron. aey le
n 10 rar up r of 61 !I and Woad >u+.
.;)00 LBS . ' Piep:ll , l , ll Chalk, fat ea' I.)•
o , e. A. g. , 1 fi NES rnetc k co
SUG %It -4N4) 16101,ASSE0.--1-60 tardg. N. 1 1. Sugar.
'25 do. do., 100 do. 1'1310.0 i•ot 11.1.Ffm., for
-.lit 14
may. 13
9 o be ii=ed in Bankruptry procerdint.. printed on
and pa t ern nil i n the forroc a pprovod by t he Coll ri.for cat to
I 1 , ..! Oliee of he li!errury and 116suocrat. se p 111
WM. HUBBARD, fashionable hoed and
shoe Manufacturer—No- lol..Third s t reet, between
Wood and Sumtdield streets. sep 10
has.; rentov.-d his office to the corner of Fourth
reef aod Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
reets, Pit ttchu rg h. sep 10
FOR RENT........Thedwelling and tot containing 4
acres, in Allegheny, near the Beaver Raad,laiely
occupiedby Mr. Fa cnne! Church. Apply Merchnols
and Mannfatturer,' Bank, io
sep 10
MAKER, No. , Clair street. PM'S
- hu gtt
sep 10
supplrof batuireib's Garden •Seeda, always on
band, and for imle at his agency , . t tie•Dru7 %lore of
F.. L. SNowDEsr.
sop 10 IS4 - Libc;ric s%reet,head of Wood..
Dg, DAVID WARD sou his office and re , itience
-LP on Fourth Street, nearly south Of the Court House,
second dwelling from Rowistraet. He will faithfully attend
alt calls pertaining to his profptsinti,. Night calls should be
made at the door above the basement. sep 10
RV EMO A L.--Mati hem iattes, Mari et and Bai r D reg ,
cr, has removed to - Fourth street, oppoditethe May
ors office, where he wilfbelliapPj , to:watt upon permanent
or transient customers. fie solfcitsa share orptddie pat
-11,311A5a • - • VOP to
VVM. A- W ARDI DENTIST, Penn it. three
door heloiv irq to street, Floors of buiinesi, from
it., until 5 r lt., after '4.ittielt, aim. lie will attend
to no one exield in tick or orinat necessity. He
would fnrf her irdbirm Otiose Who , itriiiibiiik'piotter ro
esnplop bins,that he experts hnhiedia+r pi ~ioeot . without
the maternity on his part oroertdiocist ' • oep 111
10B.N MIF ARLANDo7o4 lB teritr *xi Cabitg
far .M- ter. Third at. betioe.piffrgfrop.l4 Jferkst'striffete,
respect red i of-trrns WI Wends • Oft he "oldie that be is
prepared to execute all ordeitiCor . serii, - Eityrarde. Bu
reaus. Chaim, Tables, Beditettits,Blaniti. TinTrAnd Sluing
Munrasser. Curtains. Carpets. *4l sorts at dithotstering
waric.rwlrieh he wilt warrant equal any Ina* in the
city. and on reasonable terms. rep 10 •
~`7'lo yr,rd, &Tea,. Pimyburgd.t-H., A,7.ltamoriaa.
Jtuitkstekr lid COMenis4On Merchant. je apiy preo ßre d
to ' 011Misie and te!' alt Mid's oCtoOds and, Ilarcbmadtbe.
at-liis'largit'aeld - MiptietassitMsWl4; llt ft l ol4 l lAllst
Corner of Wood and FitHi Stiietd fitistipmiti: ' - ,
' , -Replay sides of Dey gatitb, , -FMtiMiir,.-Groceibeiiknd
otter article.. oa blonday.4llll. Ttiatividayof each week.
Hardware, cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuewlay. Wed trends!, and. 'Ofttraihitymreeimpt. -.: -
800kti.',..ti..., every Saturday evening.
Liberal advances made onCo ac . nawhenwanted.
Hisiors. Jabs D. Davii.Disii:; - : i. -
-a. Bagaley 4 aotilk; -.',' . ' 1
•,- *. . Hampton; Sinith;4/..004; - I
. . . F. Locum 4. HD... , . 1
I. W. Boarbriake.4', Go . , .. - 1-- . ' •
" - ' 6 • ll rKei 4. GP,- r -, . 1 •-.. ,
Capt. Jusesig•Gargflt, ~_ - , -I'llMlAtargit.;
i' ''
~ C. Ibinieit, HMI. I ,
4 , Joan 117adtben ark. ' ' ' ,
4 Hesnedy. '-- - - 1 -
a -.Le K. Moorhead*Os. . , -, - 1 -
-•• .411.. F. , k3Wart,livq. . . - .' , -
a'' ItoberlDatmay•Deg: -.: . _
w ,1. 3 .040 41 . tga/S "-, -1. , y- 1- ~: -,-
NeOV-.011111.** -1 41? ' p',,._ - ,' 4 , , - ;> 1 4. - i • -,;‘,..,
i - -:- 'ollilitiattisk, 1. ~ ' •-;., ~ ,;_flt01 , 101 1 1L)
_. i .a.4
'k. -3-4 s.••.`'-:11.*9014, 1 ,, -- ' 1
“. Ocaathifia/psyx.4-eit.l , 4 '. ',•--.. , f - n -,
~ -z foloyliy.,? ~,, ...p-,3 4 1.0 . . 7 4 1 *J
-.4-41'-filiii2. 4A fraV: 4tiso - 01Y'''''''"
corner of and ►►'nmi Ws
J_ G. d• %.GOR DOS.
No. 12 Water sir Cl
w. 11: DENNY.
-'.t ''',•:i;I:;':::_..
- ie , ; ., .•,!, , :A ~-',.;.,',,:,'
4 *,
. , •
TTJ. PDX, ALDEN Attorney oust Catanaeiter
• Len: Cults his proreoionat neertres to the rit;':
izens of Pittsburgh and hopes for -asbare of piddle-flak'
cottage. He will esecuteall kinds of writing with not.:
new and dispatch. Cases in bankruptcy attended to oil
reasonable terns.—Offire in Smithfield street. at the
nom' of kr. Thomas O'Neil. to whom bat - crew.
Pep 10 . 1 1•.11. FOX ALDEN
AVID MARL .01e t. AlDAlosableloot ifittes:,--
Has removed to N0.'34 Market street. between
Second and Third streets, Where he won't] be happy
to see.his oW customers.. and all others who feet dispotr.
ed to patronize him. He uses nothing but first rate
steel.. and employs the heat of workmen; and as hetivet
his constant personal attention Jo business, he truststhat
be will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
I ICE CE EA M. it Col l i FEUTiII/i A RY.—
A Ilnither resiiitetfutly Ittfoirma bls ftleaihs n itd tile
public that Wei no ahatays And bolt; 0,0/17 of tee
creams.' ioeether •orlth ' al: hinds of enageettonarjt and
knits. to their season at his estahlistnorat—no. 11,
Fifth street, belween 4004 aid Market. -
N. 8.-LPartith:supplied on the shortest notice, with
allies. Or anything in Itigline. Also families furnished
won Brea& sep 10
!TAM CtEMER.. residing at 66 Mott street,
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia In its criost
as..vated form. The 'symptoms were violentfiend ;
ache, great debility. fever, costiveness, cony's. 'bean
hunt. pain in the chest .and stomach always aflerstating,
implied appetite, sevsaticm of sinking st the mounach,
furred tonne, nausea. with frequent . vonshim, a sines
towards nlsla turreeletriesa, These had JORisershedittp.
word of a twelvemonth, when. on ettnittlinne DrOlvi -
Evans. 100Chatham street, and nabmltting to his *Si*
suceessful end agreeable mode of treatment:the Patient
vras completely restored to health in the short space of
one mum h_and grateful .tor the sticalculable benefifderii.
ed.: tad I s came forward and
. v o nt eered the above state
For sale Wholesale and Retail by
R. E. SELLE4B,l4gent,
No WI. Wood street, 104
. et . ow ReeOnd
pArk. - r - vr - 7f
LARD,—Those who would wish greatly to reduce
their expense for light, shoot d certainly purchase one of
the above named Lamps, as by their use there is a OMIT
saving of at feast tia , 3413 , - MAS of the expense over Clil,and
the light obtained front this is pure and brilliant, and
'wholly free from smoke Pr disagreeable smell. We would
here slate that Cares Patent bribe only one worthy 4he
attention of the puttlir, as it is the only one that is appil
cattle to every variety or pattern of I.amini. and the only :
- one that wilt'-,, Lard WELL, at any temperatore oreold,
or hest_ We have, in the short space of three months,
sold several thousands: and with scares an exception,
those u-ina them have expressed themselves hiably pleas
ed with I hem. and fully ronvit.eed of the great economy
by J heir me, as well as their superiority over either oil
os-nandle.s,lll.4enaild 4-* ,14, - • -••••.--
The above named tamp= ran be bad only at
Third k , reel. nearly opposite the rottt Otflee.
Woete i. kept nonstantly nn nand Eli - kannia kletai, Tin
an d Gm, La m p., nU V;lt oils palwrns-
lamps sold at iiveniii:ielurrne pri. er.
We take pleasure in carting to the tuthle the rollotv
in: certificate, which la sul , scribed to by ninny respecta
ble cltizenß.
We.the undersigned. hive tried and are now, using
Cares Patent Lamps. for burning La•d or o'her animal
fat. and we have no he-station in saying that they give an
excellent light—equal to any of the ordinary modes of
lighting a house, at about one-third t cost, and wholly
free from smoke or other disagreeebie smell. lye lake la
pleasure in recommending these lamps to the nubile, as by
their use there i= a great saving over either sperm
or lard oil, or even candlez: and we believe them to
be more +leanly and I , t,s troublesome than either.
To be had al ftßovwx k RAYMOND'S only, Third strceb,
nearly opposite thc Post Office.
Bev. W. W. Bakewell. James Boon,
" A. 111.Brcan, Charles Paclson„
" John IM'Cron, C. Veafer.
" N. G. Coif irp, Wire. Graham, Jr.,
" • Ro , ..Frt Dnulap , E. Trovillo,
Dr H. 1). Sellers. Wm. Douglass,
" E. D. Cazzam, Henry Atwood.
" Wm. M. WHOM, kaae Craze.
Robert H. Kerr. Esq., George W. Henry
A. Beckham, Robert McPherson,
Thomas Ouston. John S. Shaffer.
George .Millenberger, Wm. Eichbanni.
0. P. Sbiras, 5, B Turner.
A. Miller. IN'to. Martin,
K. M. Biddle. Port Master Tienry Barren Pr.
R o heri Gray,
'Atlpn Kramcr.
A. P. Alartheno,
M. Stacklinuse.
itohert Johnoton
N. B Just received, au improved Talent. Lamp, for
tilchen u'se, • uoY 19—d1®. d< wtr ,
ryQ TAE PtlßLlC..asei particularly to my Pillar
patroxi of tithe • retired` frOin the
eraMice'ef Illedir,ine, I may he 'permitted missy. that tt
hail fallen to ihe lot of lut few persons to have ,r-oloyed
so liberal or lame a share of ohttretrical praelfceas my
osindiasbeen for (be last 30 or 40 ?ears_
rba experience of, *al khtB heriOd aethre - life;ar4 toe
feet army haviag 'wen, tystee, since 1830. emaciated with
tic 11:r-it. Wilsan. (he practiceof triedieini, tin bomb a
pelitid *ease rears.) eisahiiii- me to judge'. fully of the
omadteof . ' •
4:llloSevenieht, so iffieient . and yet so safe, did esteems
tGes'il*lls. 1 hat for the last fore yea. in toy artifice Car
the est* of chropie dhimoes.44 hatevet, iso&: anti base
of teiriaes i n . part lea tar; have asetritiore of them than
all <Wu. *calcines. .
Like every other medicine, tide . must . fait in some kr
litanies, COI is lei bait& thevirital fiche* ties '
mentand mote mat isfrat ihn , the tidutionttratiograf, tithe
one Ceinechi has - at ail othem; its %MA ,ettects sometimes
tinite • • • '•- • ' - '
Tr tay patient ragoircd . a safe, aperient podicine i eittbes
(0,6 or alter parturition, the Wiliton's pt-is wilt...lust
the thing t vented. . ' • '
Ida dyitiefitictield condition of the stomach; csietbillOd,
wit It sostieetarm of /Mart brit y. ,
disease at my ,patient,
_the piib ... men! lemt. 3i0ng,.1.-
If I tieated_a sequi{inlk .
Afitaines pits Were fast ttr thing r wasted
:11:popk,waii,imillocii4figiblig*otiattitemes i i; f
diffireitties, distsrbaira of ihe. Idreal l etoT
sad seeeitseSayiseays„ 4 iiiiiiiiid patkiif Ibe .farts
r tiflithe WihatiOs vreseijoia the Mita twisted.:
Thus arid' ;Sat ressaet to the name, a disease ivifg
hAPWIIe. , Wei 4 the Uri* 111,lie
partieytax Indkatioes,or sainfitoss &tisk*. wete
at...ay! stoss-pri*ltly Sad Mese Wispily met • tk# the
M 1 ,49 0 '0 18, • -- ' •
4 4 11iit so treat a' se of _aneloiaeldeoes as :
ParAVY 4 ,0 1 0 1 e,iteegJa •iviiichltikee:misei Oita_
should be clued ppTnkidilY: hi 'IMP Ableb7,lollllS
isriedr.aeayvatC4iieesatlinge; aeideolitsoct - cal f lac
Iwt9'.4l t !ti t .# ll r / 0- 111 y Wad Wha k ttgrfWeink,s
Orions *Wald St W.
efanie itilistiiirom sr may 'iliftemet
- el* all rikwireiket caiiit.i . aal it wig qr.
all water loquiesch Am* __• _
-10?tomitiaNZOK Welk' iet4siiielcid t'se
and 910,Itaile*APPOihreideg *Mood * Olt
tlfe" I'c : tatlisatetlieenty coeMpaatifia i haft mow I
met 10, is NOY led re
efiregatirt cristfro or spiMpe,,tlb2;siek
:M 114 . 441114 a . 1 ! 1 ?
r oe st att-14 fiVr irm i
.1'311..8. FOR BCIII.IVIXO
Janice S. Clark of the Amer
lean Hotel,
L. Alhereer,
James )Yellin,
13 ' MI esteirptiii Frauds Pills- 71.40:
- : 11/isarestiiiyili reeouta4itded ti 'lliesibiledaaiN:
the Wl* a!' safe. and sdrieleid freely in twitoolas
those etiessdaibri tetanal Co theft am front ;mid of 'ea
ireise.tr'reacily_ of:tba *Mew 111 1 7.01orklte
COlLlVegiali. as& coaatetset ill Hysterical and Heresies
afbetiodir. i Tbesie fills Milt' afirsid=the saiteiiiiti and
aP _ Alf... Utt.too* ent.lll7odams WO* Val- ,
ted Ht 'aid
...,, , . berm Fors
Witoleride aid
_ .
iletaill,„ • :,, . ': , 5 ; ...„ . ., IL E 581A1313113, Acesa. '
" se* 1 ' ' . O. %Vim! Stow. below Peeatol.
Wll4,~ts-Rortt Larlf
aiheall if amtiajklal Pittsburgh-
T4aioa j tattynß3oasit oot rtborssock , -of the tail
Molmall oi rtnY. 4&llkaltiti - ,„. /tat eammoosed Jattioesi
ID the I sland of pr e }ared to esecute
lit deactiptlosa of pork la Mslto!,. to the_ -beat maorset
and 011thE aborteitiOtice. Beteg" FOrstiatly on foie
a tarps assonseat ofaboaltaillact ofa!1 deteciptionaand
alba Imaitititatityr. satiate tbeliattoaage of the - nub-
IkProd, flffhattaAp. ADAIR.
--- - _
, -;(" Ashur for Cerris gas at &arum Priem.
ban Ananaramare -aalt Items onastanaly An
eh, C and Ellptle Springs fmarranted,} Juniata
frall'itililalHee, Miner and 'Denisibia huh' Flaws, Brame
and. ; # t fli t ei_ tloolla•loblits, Patent Leather,
Sliver and Dram Lamps, Three Ddld Ftepa, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandle' . and !limal. ire:44.e.
d- iNIT.E.!d AN.
Pi. Miff st.;aear e I. l lothe m
11 - 11,111ILLER . S_, D.;ollice *and dwellin• in Fourth.
. ...near Fer,rystreei., sep 13—ly
The attention If tho,e stbi3 base-been somewhat scep
tical ht wdrenesime to. Illteswinikerous, eertitkeates published
Sri fasittr.OrMr- goritrite's Campanili! Syrup nf Wild Cher.
rt.tMtallow siknoirielu thirstier:
Mon .of lOW State, is reapeelfulllrdiraMed troltek thilowl as
Oaritettet Slkilewrifeeettarktitekk bit" Weinfa eittietw of this
!Kmrneeptr Altmann' years,and is karst' as a. gentlemas
of intnchfind reeponsishitity.
To the J9ffeet, Mr. J. Rut*Y.
I haste used Dr. Samples. Camp and Syrup of Wi!ti
Cherry for 111 with which t have heensviereftr a f
'dieted fiir MriOnt four months, and 'I have- no -hesitation
to nail% !knit St lathe most effective medicine that I have
been able to prineure. It compooes. all uneasines , s . and
agrees eitsiiiii my diet.--msd timinaine a- elimilae and
Food appetite. I ran freely- rerommend tt to all , Miters
similarly afflicted, J. Alinmet.MOroilzhorChiinhersli , e.
March 9. nep 23
Postale by MGM Am 'mks No. ,53 Market street.
171ERS4N1 4 1 deerons of proeurine Ptah., Shade. and
..1L °roam/demo, Trees. or
,Sbrubbery. froio Phtfadel•
piss of i4ecr York,, are requested In make application as
soon relpramihie, at -the -Drat and Seed Store-of the rub.
,trhere rata he had Jetaloguer. gratuitously, of the
most exeitteur Minetiesi P. L. StioiiVIVEN,
. sup 21, • No 184. Liberty mreer. head almond
.MAR BLS - 11V* NEW A CTilftli".—Pat rick Caw field re
spect fa ily acquaints his ftiends and the public,,teit
eraiti'. that he basin•mmenceti the Marble businsai the
ccirner of rip h And Libertv V.s...wherewhi be_ooftstantic
on hand. tomb nin;frei piece.. monuments, bead
and fool stones, table giallo , for cabinet ware, and every
ariicicartperiranine to the bissinesi:. He Kill wartani hie
work tobe-cell done.. and his charms will be moderate.
Re mew fully astatttihare of nubile parrostaze. sea 10-
TA ES , VR4ZOY. - Ftirearding and" Corarniesiok
a if irrelkast. Anent for Steamboat Ckarialaad and
Pen rinyivitara and Ohio line tin, irt2 rented the wa re
hriose: farrnraly oexuried 1w Rironnehant fin.. No. 60
Water Stterd.. el weer; Wend andßmilhfield. is prepared
to reeettritami foretop! good! , to any port otrtgt gide or
Wit-Z - siirrippi river on reasonable terms _
Pep 10
CO-PARTJVERSIIIP.—G. P. Smith k W. tivmpirin,
hairiest me-erten:elf themselves tremtheir muter the
Orm nf k Smith, will continue the wholesale
Dry Gond: tmvine.wr in the horse recently net by
ilawpton. Smith 4- Co where they will he reseivine in a
fesvilaYan new stork of fall and Wintet Goods. They
respectfully invite - their old friends, and arterchants gen.
erally, visiting Pittsburgh, to call and examine their
stock, sent
Portalit Platform Prates on erheela, to weigh 2,500 Ills, at
.055 00.
do do do do 2.005 al ;45 00
do • ; do do do 1.500 at • 85 00
do do do do 1,000 at 30 00
do - do do 4 do 500 at 725 00
With raising levers an additionwf ;3 to each-smile,
DOrMant scaes for the are of Warehouses, Flouring
Mills ke , ..the same primes above. :
Also. White's Patent Counter Scale, with O. ltelittlei
unprovemento. onita variety of other tounter wales,
which they, will sell for from 8 to ;15,
Marnaliketure il.teara Engines for Flooring
Mills. Saw. Slitle.Satt- Works. ke., double arid .simfe
gGiriati elide lalhes,foot and other lathes for wood turning
unichinvo - for renaming: - chairs. planing mactidom 'door
and sash machines. Haifa patent horse powerovith or.
without thrashing machines, a staperioriaritcle: circular
now shafts, machines for. - linirftroglath,-Tihneelt: int
chium-and tooltedialidascripUctas.also_formaking black
logJwcea, Itlt#W -1 ." 'Fs rttlumlf.illglor
fietat,ltaps and anti, Millie mitts. 'hedatliati Or Join'. boil
lid 1 , 6 0 1 . aeritOriilakiroll Ike ewe- - eaiieet faeteWy
ebiaety, guide or repaired; pristin press plait epe, wrned
•. • '
JAMES 'IA T., Ageit - • - -„-
seit ' • • -401114 C 4' ;it
TWIN B.VIUTHICI% Auctioneer and_ Comm*
jaina- l66e.iTiow-ar.4l J.Fift.i4 - ta:
FiitrelorjrA: liarittc*ensmpointed one-of .!ha 4atcliege
eenifortheleitY of Pitidourp. Omani It% aervsees ta
alangpulorera apd .P.bqisay be:4ll , 4mnd'
'16)146 trial of tltis market- (le tr- prepared to wake
!ammo. iolisiglipekil NAM' alt
atuLtrnato loaatisly
,catreas, aradenta isy . "dot is t yoo44 , ,
sieedi *id ;iltiorableLretiras;
-Tlgaftle vikr*,* *Wogs' wheklithr- tiitiesdatlo
oi; shill be adepaiely Mtneeted, he, airinp to the aid. _
ni" lin siesniess baniness acseatetincinrith
merchandise linsittMlf s tAlLeirrieinr amnia,
PiMrarrodir. htedltbibief tivinti*Mdr mown, Si en
itF3!f:dkf .filpihrhow:ktitteitr. with
lowa * iperwistat eareemsent Mitiede.
. ' =
Qiests 13MaA•ereS1^14111411--
- tartar: '
Li‘ Detnottseß Peebiew I
' Robert Galway.
James M. Cooper, --
laires May. I
11 - .1116a1e. - • P
wo atook, , sr. p,&a
or trehilsee 131 - ire: "
••"• • ilitoPtimAititbrit '
' John Davis,
;-"a ilsoitoriCleitti;,
o J.L. laollarioui •
-f40 1 ,4-=. 4 .11 , 0 1 .4
114 arh n tigkier•
"YinlOyAlltoakiiii; • • •
Jobs& 1111041 p f..
ti r pgre" c Mei**,
mprawed Play
touractored be
Ihror Machin:
. between Dia
l) street. two
re Halt, Pitta
'ea.-lure and
Id the follow-
I seolost , w bol
comi.osed at
No. 1, Port
M . Platform
:ales Iv WI.,
weigh SAKI
tOnctovat etis:
_ t.: :,41.
t r►ti~-
~ ~`~~~ l-
Frrr yubliskiwg a. mew Deal, Paws* is bity•floifts
- -
/Vile euburibus * hulas . mode arransubents. so pie
the Aoseihout aringibetorer and Plunhomb Menu
griabit one Journal. Mtge Users/id to poblirilr *;daily
0;ot lath ringtitidocthr Deity Jitrroing Put.
The feedlot objew of tee “Pear", trlli be the dUemina
" Mit and detests of the potitieil principle!. that have hese
tofore beetteotietsionthy the Edhortc in their retVegiirt
riero..thdrbeir beergeon; stilite4egoled to tie
advaneigient and sineens of thine doctrines.
. In
tion a repo)
~of .IL.
_the e ar . lam
ilafforda ma.
has- -- been, -
been attend'
success, wf
to the MU
P er "! or the
A pu blic
ge„, , ,
ncy of
clerita. 2 . ,3 ,
of transportation, ant i 6 1 4enain
the door of every_citivn, mist
difficultiesand be subjected. to..ile - •-.0....
irregularidell” . not only front the n .
of some..of its numenntx s i gonts„,.*:
physical causes, not in therwpf,.olAlo
Department to otel'eelne"- i . 15 .. i .'• r--i-!thl
When the'varit in2o'ittelcutAik,, ..
al Post Qfftee• thel:lninitts99 B li 4 4„.. . L. _
_ a •-nit ~ t
tails, and the chtireger pt.. I ingeskiiir
the roads over which the snail is to - :;.
ted, are contemplated, ;Ate! , - _ ,', .
• -
more of astonishment at : au; gene c.- '.'
latity - of the service, tban.of.-
,nut . •
discontent at occatiMmtlAttirurea ••• .' . . •
certainty and unbroken .tetleinikgrAl
arrival and difissrtnr'h of the :, mapt a lit
tunia, cannot , add ought WA 4 0- 0 4 i.A . -.. ... -
ea.--luk4..itii with pleasure , be,t . '''-
oons.;:oii this oicasiop„ tothe. .
lied, fidelity of those ent,pployi4
branch of the poblioseiiice,
The . Whole -amount of mailtrabsporit
. .
tion for the year ending June 30th. jp , ..
was 34,996,5231. Miles, at s,contyati .944-*
113,153 375. The Where amount o-"
portatlon for the year ending JAI
1842, was 34,835,991 miles, at tr,,4iol„lticti
cost of $3.087.736 . : • . .: - ...,..., .. ,-
The amount or. eiptai tineo4Am. : .
partment, for the year ending ri vin .,
was estimated is my report Of ° Thicimltsr .
last, at 84,490.000. The seycnyl,..( "
derived from tbepOstatgO,'lltc,4ll ,. ~; 1
rePort, was eatintaterfit $4,38110 1
.09 ;",„" tip
amount estitnateif fur the extreigitttee • ' -
not include , the twins due by 1i1 f ,,... a, -„.
11' AU ' lFfit
ment prior to the -,..'st - —art ..., ... _ .r.-7 ,..
exhibiting a probable liability of $ . 41): 4
belOpd its estilnated Current - rece -
that year. - ' A t
To bring the :expenditures widi7srs. we,
Deliartnient Waal -' dirty demaid4 at ta
- bands - by a regard for the .- ,Olitterrieel*
a k
. ~ r
the principle upon which I desitV: to
duct the administration of the-G'enetW:
. fnt
Office, viz; that, white the ' /:-',* Z , T . ,
sheutd nut be regarded as's s o urce ~, ..-
cue to the: - Government,n - mun net , -..,,..
•.4 ~.
,4 4
an mutual charge upon the'pablm. • • ..t.. e
.' : ', 2 , •
To effect this object, great r- hiltir l ,
.1.., , .
minute attention have bees ltegtOtfedltesit
ccineerned. -
A revision of poat-roads-ens)011 011 S
necessary tea - redictilm 'of Intpriit& -
routes, - and - the diaceatinuante - Of - 'l,l'
ductive and uselesii post taint, •'irtYri-,.
substitution of - others at Mare- ihiptkok. ,
points. better suited - to the public-istrictift*
inatitutiotilet a-system for - Atop f -..
arid safety of the pnblie property, - zit
reduction of useless expenditures; ` :- '' --.
task requiring Do ordinary 'polti oti '
.' 'll.r
-and time, and its irluidr", l l ..., .
often to subject , the biLltef the •-, , "-- • -
to censure and oriticisin•freattisnieigia - i. •
not feel - the necessity of the '
adopted. 'The effect.hat been"
t ie public service, as 'well •in refitittiOtti ra..
its income as to its - usefulness iiintkees*.l--
refer you to thirepints of the hrerviditiliht
BRANDRETti PILLS, Assts-ant, Postmasters Genetal,-wlifeVitili. -,'
y ET I avalids read the following aecoant of a Sailor give m o r e in d eta il t h e effect. which
s t cured of a complication of Ortri!OPS ill nineteen -
days by the use or flrandreth Pitl4. li rittilittily prove!. bete produced by die measures a dds t
there are herbs. in nature which havenitinity rpre be Useless and unproduettsu routes '
cause of disease, and Brand ret Ms Piltarne made ,for them beefl discOntinued; Whilst-otherknic .
frie: : l'
Lead and . be convinced. Take the medicine andbe cured
EXTRAORDEMIR I" CORE OPHHEWIENTIS AI renieut„ leas expensive and =. ,., , . 04 :,
DIARRHGE4,4NH ..IP FECTIOu'r air THE LLXOIS ire have been substituted.' - .1-=y - • .
loan Swim, of Pembroke, Washington county, Rhine; • - .
..2._ res where' the natitaisid ,- _., - I - -,-;
delis dimly sworn, says, tbatbe was taken violently ...ck s. . ._ ~..;..-..... -. z,„: „ T „, , ,
the Itlfinle -
about sir months shire. The pains in his head. breast, did nut demand,
.i . --r," c.-,0,
haek, left sidean4 instep being so bad that he was tine- vice the less exprmeive - moat* ;
,-, . • .:-.-...:'
Mete help himself.and was taken into the Chelsea Nos :• h - „.,,b,.. e d,:... , --y`''..• - • - -
pita! in the city of Downs; That , after being to said tat " ale- ... .7 — r — re , ' --. ' - '
hospital five weeks,Doctor Otis said he did not know , more -eatisfeeteniy:iitustramsfarilVAWM
what was the mallet with him, and that he could do cure to..the. service in: r s ido akeibei
nothing for hiin., noreAuld - be preseribe any *medicine
• L_,_ 1 - 1 , ,_
_ l l4.
Thal he, therefore, was conveyed from the Chelsea nos. wok Mutitnircs w.ru "w al- Allmilui eswilliallbit` .
albino tbir•Saildr's retreat trit Staten Island. Ilia be Stairs-of MichigaDi. indiattilltintii4o
6?-sPelffill!ruiekr4 with...Visor/sof tueifkine fhiaperi- w_rt a te r
s l n miss; - - .
os al frapr months, suffering
_oll the nano the aunt' heart-. . i
- Te e eel,
mating mlseri.- That, besides his - affect ionciflais bones` Mississippi, Armansas; - anti Lonitnimi:
be *rug troubled much vif Jr a - a disease Of the lungs: amine_ the Territories of
and 1
uftTlA would spit a qUar l ofphlegminthe day:beside!
.• toth el st cfJ il llhitarecion,lie had a had filavhds, which had mon. .. 2i d the =
orlessattended him from lire commencement of his sick., qadkr:theretent lettings. - -:•The viholimbrosn
sew. That - tillinteitte dreaded a slob] !lOTA than be h er g u m * * of . otai t, serrior ilo ,_ tfoi-b0....40J
w0u1d haverireaded death; that be can _compar.e.the.feel-, . _ ... . ,,
big is ........ that of knives passing through his ln gt
bowels. MY er suffering antsirshan disitts at thelFaSorls ma 1 1 .,.
fiefteat„on Sta Yen Island, the doctor toil& hint that meth- i st
. 3 4 . 4„ ho ssia, , Tho&eirationskoctk , svaro i ho
eise,was am) ;taste No!..•that he el.l l- 1 ler le ~,ttitart i: - -...."
1 •
St Sishilimelin Warintfretingnie - 'gteitek Misery:" the l.ransportation of the mat • in -
sly beaus' .tvcre set icn4e4l , 6Aool.*Kbututhe.kostirrelv 1f4424,128_ miles 4- • 414,,0r ores,7ol4
iiiiiixorthii.tbow or u pea the knee, tbat Ms instepwas . a ...,. -..•,..,„
.;„,. Afsretss ma ii ~1 1, ,I . .a aaa ,a a, i i aa d a
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Attboteit, i; In' month* the paper will ha - thistraarghty
derehritadie,e- yei-the b ollll* .
caltdtd Itiatcny of vassiag Political events,. lhaneiza
and'ElbitinVe ratelt4eitee r anilltrier isotleea or all . mat
ters itanFoecut that tonsdiiroperti arltiiin the inhere
of Waketbeir Panel antrwielo4 In
erestine to entitle It to ttieppatenage dilate public s ir
respective of party tortideterattOna,
In'additionla the Pohl Feel ;inlet - neva; news that will
beton/at n, enat,r-the,Editora A/ lit. lake
pains to ructikh the busincaresi, community with
the latest and most "hittresting' COMMUltitel&L Inut.u
,exorec Erode ailparts of liiiteStuatry, and to have Oreila•
red suet atcoentgaflhe Slaikets and the Stale er Trade
as wfitheadvantins to our Merchants and easiness
Ilifewiwtheir-veweral , eattiors, . .
Tarara.--,Tbe Fog will be wohlitthed nit lavee
atalweiorfine paper, (manufactured especially :Die this
Journsl) at uno , nally low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum, payable in aJvanee, it will also be mold by
- news.heorr dt the tow rale of TWO CENTS a copy.
- ildeertlseatests will he inserted at - the 'meta rates
charrd hy the•other Batty papers of the city,
ry-TW - ENTY active ladsare wanted to sell the Post,
who will be engaged the most liberal terms
V 17.11.
Attestat, 1842.:
100 -9 1 1 t 1)13‘
sale KT
h . LEAP TOBACCO: in More and
7 • 3, G. it A 43011.16331.
sap 13 No. td, Water airedi.
InWY Morrison 4- Co Londoir, - for wilt °nit 'by S. N:
iLBP Wickersham, corner or Wood FAreet and Virrln
aUe Plitsbursh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Po: who
iviole_agent for Weetera Pennsylvania. wept°
FA iISI FOR ...SAL R.—The is odetsisned of& re for rale a
tract of land situated 4 mile; fru.. ereepoit, In the
dirket 1011 o 1 :K . hlamaim, %gala hownship. A romtrong
county. containing 11:00 acres 65 cleared and-under good
fence; 10 of whicn are in meadow- a eood square log
dwelling houseind cabin barn erected-thereo n -- m an apple.
orchard or 80 hearing trees—and a spring of excellent
:water convenient- to the, lianse.
FOR TERMS apply.* the subscribers residing lathe
Rath:sorbs on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1 mile above Free
sep 10 WM. $ PRIMP BARER.
much oAI 1 11 , is o n ti z, wel! 4.ndentood bow
depend for their cure
noona due attention toii - te body._ it is cow understood
hankie:Onside is that medicine which will remove morbid
accumulations withoutl'illtOtening the Wilily power. it is
nosy understood that e is a reciprocal inßuence be.
'Weeny-lie mind and t idy. It is now understood that
purging with the Brandrech Pills will remove a ;melon-,
holy, and eveninianity is cured by perseveringly using
them: It is now understood how meets domestic' irappl
ncss depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
emus_ •
It icp, well known .that the Brandreth . Piila have
euresithsinstands ofhopsimm and betrilms persona, encn
' when the,first physicians had. pronounced !heti ?hernia
all human means of relief. It is now not 'milt writ
known that the Rraadreth Pitt.so tare, Lot if is also cm
derstbod nor , they cure; that Xis by their mtrWyittieffect
on the blOod rfipt they restore the body to hearth.
The value of the medicine is becoming more and more
manifest, it is reeammen.'ed daily from family to family,
The Bramireil) Pills remove in an ainima imperceptible
manner all notions actunualations and purify and invigm
rale the Mood-and their sood erects are not toonterhalan•
red by any inconveniences; being composed entirely of
vegetables they do not expose those who tise them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are mile.
tory; they are daily and safely adminrstersd to infancy,
yonth. manhood, and old axe. and to women in the most
critical and delicatectremnstances. They do not 'distityb
- or shack the animal functions, bat restore-their order
and etablish their health.
Sold at Dr. Braralreites Office, bro. 91,, Wood street,
Piltd.nwh. Prier. - 25 rents per fin[, with (nil directions.
M ARK—The only pin , e in Pinsk, wheretlie genu
ine Pillx cno he obtained, is the T.octor's own oltwe. No.
93'Wood street. rep 10
B. T 1 BBITT'z. Respectfally inform the -citi
zens of Pittsbu rgh and vicinity. that he has retain
ed to the city.- lie hopes to share the confidence of his
former mamma anti - the public f, , eperatir aid solicits a
renewal of a portion of their patronage. in conneZion
he woeld observe, that the operation of Lithotrity,
breaking the stone In the bladder and allowing it to pas
of with the mine,) is every where commanding the deep
est interest. He bow* to extend thehenefit °MIA twanr.h
of his profeinion to the afflicted. Strictures. Dheaw,a of
. the Bladder and alb istfoceasionstly
will likewise receive attention. •
Those' from a dintatme wiglting firrther information
will apply personally or by tettrr.-orif dmired ran be
accommodated at hr dwelling, in a retired part or the el
ty, on Third. bet wean. Perry and Liberty tag. two 10
_, ~ ;4 . rte;
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