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thadeekrioa at a National Convention.
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Y. - DECEMBER 8, 1842.
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witentember the pool .71
The following from the Portland Aineri
. eanie so appropriate to the present state of
things in - this city that we adopt it .as our
"own, and commend-it to the -notice of the
hamane: We are not going to peach a
ong sermon, so don't button up your pook
ite;and turn away. Ye rich men, lend us
Our ears. How came you by your wealth?
:....By your abilities? Who gave you those
a bilities? -He who said, "RemeMber the
poet" You
et" You are but stewards of Heaven.
Dare you hoard up Heaven's property?
The poor-irrOitungry and shiveringr-you
"are well Vicijadd vatic the streets in broad
cloth. We know some who live in luxu
ry, and call themselves Christians. They
will dole out a sixpence, now.and then, and
"thank God they are not as other men are."
We thank God for it too—for if the world
contained only such pattetnettf benevo
?epee, the poor would have to lay down and
die.- Now is the time for giving. Don't
talk about it, and praise the sentiment—but
give. Empty your' purse, sir—there's
more in your coffers, and the bank balance
ie till largely in your favor. Ile who giv
eth to the poor, lendeth to the Lord," Can
you lend it to more advantage? You won't
reeeive'a paltry six per cent., but "it shall
return with usury." You shall have it
back .again multiplied'"an hundred fold."
It is a glorious, an honorable, a safe, a prof
itable investment.
Fortune and Misfortune. --A little cana
driyer of 16, near Lockport, a few days
since, had a legacy of $5,000 loft him and
the' next day was accidentally drowned
while watering a horse
Gen. Winfield Scott was in Nev York
on the 21st.
Natchitoches—Great times among t e
Natives.—Hear the description of 'the
times at this "place" by the Reporter:—
"For the last week Natchitoches has been
all bustle and life. Racing, balls, etc..,
have been the rage, inter spers !d with jo
viality in various other ways, too numerous
to. mention. Hard dines seemed for a
While to have been forgotten, nr kicked to
PavyJone's locker by the devil-may care
slue of mirth, and the charming (laugh,
terkof Terpsichore. We are in the midst
of at indtan summer—with plenty of
clucks, geese, turkies, veni-on, and, in fact
every species of wild game known in the
hunter's vocabulary—river low, and get,
ting DO better fast—sickness is a stranger
to us-;—and we &:i% care a fig for Santa
Gov. Hubbard of N. H. contends that the
property of women should not be taxed in
the same ratio with that of men. The G nv•
ernor is right. Women do not enjiy the
same political privileges of men, nor do that
portion of them who are compelled to labor
for subsistence, receive an equal recom—
penae for their industry; and, therefore, we
think it unjust that they should be taxed e
• uall with men.
difiempt to ercapefrom the Hagerstown
Jail:—Jaeob Reese, who is confined in the'
Hageretown•.Jail, on the charge of commit
ting,the reef ntrobberies'in Hancock, on
Monday, attempted to escape. He had
succeeded in sawing off. all his irons and
loosening nearly a cart 'os.d of stone frum
the prison wall before he was detected.
.#2 good.idea.—A New York paper. Fug
gest. that the names of the streets be-Paint
ed on thelamps throughout the city, so that
stranrrs- could find their way along the
thoroughfares with greaser facility, at ail
hour.in the night.—Ball. Sun.
We hope the authorities of this place will
think of this. file expense woutd•he very
trifirng, and the advantages great to citizens
as well as strangers.
ComAfor Mexiert.—The Neintrk Ad.
vertiser:, ipalluding to the manufacture ofi
coaches in that city, says that one of them,
made lona fie s atiish gentleman at Matamo-:
ras, is vatted'44l,4oo,' and is, as may be
inlet red, one of the richest and most sump
tuous looking sehioles - that we remember
to have seen. 'it , iscintended for two or
four 's mulea, -and, as postillions. - take the
place of dtiVers in Mexico, Is without a
dickeyseat: . A `spacious . gig phaeton, for
a single person, which is made to be taken
-apart, lo order to be carried over moon
iiicalaY &stymie which drags on the plain,
will accompany it to Matarnotas.
Specie—Horrible latelligence.--It has
been estimated . by able financiers (not Bid
that on the first of last September, the
amount of Bank paper in circulation in the,
United States was about sixtY-three mill
ions; and that the gold and silver amounted
at the same time to upwards of SIXTY
Is not this an alarming state of things?
o ,,, amitilfrr t he L a di aa .....A n a pp all' . Only think—mere of ..the hard" in circula.
hia "
be le *'errited ' • 'says a lite English tion in the country tbs.! papeil
t p reventing i
chimney, taking fire, Bu !, seri•i l4 Y , If° l4 i Rath's° who,
- 7.-.°- "' t " tsr ve»twg the aegelmiletiee have 4 11
herelefete'ezreeee, Iso - meell'ad'd
• baleful cartse4niinces atheid'in rhiintrethin
4, , is eitro o l Bl q l l 4434 _ .6G1343114
cabaret - '4lfieeitsof .tion of a hard mouercncy-i , tl►e above;
• of*lge..4oslllwVa' areoatiti4iilithitimPsrl°/
r n von,
- =
' - -
can pass through #4,Au!kti
of wire 'PIM= I .llo*- -1 A'0 1 .),W* 1 0 ,04 4 5111
the . iaibc;itio which
byAbe box. 'and{-be aiinte 4 :o l *:mfeveited
frdninceinaniating In tie dhironey.
- The New Confutation isfßbodle islindions linen
adopted by the People, nearly unanimously; only
33 - iota! are known to hasp been east in the nega
-tite--/losttrn Tran.
This is a mistake. The ,PEOPLE did not
vote, and consequently it could not byre
beeaAtlopted bxthern.
Free Banking.
The N. Y. Sun, in an article 9n the free
banking system of that State saysi—The
"fidelity of the present Comptroller. in
"practically ionstruing. the 'spirit of the
"Free Banking -Law, is exerting a most
"benign and salutary influence with all
"classes. The dollar for dollar principle
"is hailed with delight. 'Fiction is stricken
"hemline system,-and "
things substantial
are placed in its stead.
*•* - *
"The days of fancy fortunes have passed
"leaving monumental lessons of misfor
tune, which the ganef& the future will a-
void. In all dealings and business *tin
"sactions there i 3 much infecting safe and
"in keeping so.—There can be no doubt
"but the era of a wholesome state of things
"is dawning in every man's mind, and wit
odevelope s its4lf in harmony withlhe - taws
"of trade—demand and supply."
More is stated, that. onihe
15th of October, during a very heavy thun
der shower, a considerable number of
small fillies fell from the elands at the
Town Hill, about a mile north east , from
Dunfermline, Me. They were, in general
from 2to 3 and a half inches in length;
and, although they most have fallen from
a considerable height, many of.them were
wive wren they fell, and jumped among
the grass.
Fires in New York.—During the year
ending on the Ist of Nov. there were 183
fires in the city of N. York.
Henry Clay is going on an electioneer
ing tour to New Orleans: We would sup
pose that after the result of the Dayton
Barbecue. Mt: Clay would see how vain
it is for him to hope to-raise the coon par
ty by performing these political pilgrima
Abney dug up by a Dog.—Some mo.
ney-161. Spanish dollars and a quantity
of hills, was found in the grp,tked at Cam-
bridge, Mass., on the 23d inSt::.',near a tree
on which the name of Michael Martin was
found. Martin was hung here some years
ago for highway. robbery. The money
was found by some boys; a dog having
pawed up one of the dollars.
Sawville must be a queer place, and in
habited by queer people. Wherever we
hear of any thing occurring ludicrously
outrageous, we are certain to find thrt the
perpetrators are citizens of Sawville. The
Boston Times records the following:—"A.
man in Sawville lately murdered his broth
er in a very shocking manner—inserting a
cork screw in his breast and actually draw•
iitg out his heart by main streangth. When
interrogated as to his motive, he said that be
did it merely to furnish a paragraph for the
"Sawville Circular.' The wretch was a
near connexion of the clumsy dentist who
wrenched off the young lady'•s head with
the turnkey.
Since Gov. Seward hes pardoned Col.
Webb, the questions ow is, what will he do
with the prize fighersT Why, let them
remain in the penitentiary, to which they
have been sentenced, to receive the pun
ishment they so richly deserve. They
are vulgar ruffians who commit crimes in
a vulgar manner; Col. Webb is a ruffian of
the upper cru-t; has proved himself a gen
tleman, as the term is new understood, by
cheating his creditors to the amount of two
hundred thousand dollars, and bas shown
that he is a man of honor by accomplishing
the assassination of one who dared to es ,
timate his character at its true value.—
The reasons why the duelist should bs
pardoned and,the boxers punished, are
thin obvious to any one—Webb is ruffian
in ruffles and is not *amenable to the laws
for capital crimes, the others are ruffians
in tags and conseqtiently the only proper
tenants far a state prison. -
AwaY-:ttteir-.:.,.' &Pi,
an =unplifts Ott the , es; afthe
-..-. e. . - ~, ~ =.:_, "
c°oatt7t.3:l4M-4(ollittrn444tha .48
was in+ooo*44be!tliee, Aert'.;a
Bentall, etirket'ley L
tionfa belfiVeduied.L .
We - think not—but on the contrary, is rid ;":
tho condition - of the people iMp F asisli-ra4 , .
idly, „and can we not see ahead - those genuine
"good times" which -democrats have pre
dicted, would follow. when _carious paper
would be abolished.
Let the people-think of this.
What afalt.---One af thd gaited States
Marshals, at New aliens, a few days
since, knocked Off to. the highest bid.ler,
the" undivided third of a plantation.; can
taming nine - hundred acres ,of land, end
the imProvernents thereon,. situated to
Washington County, Mississippi, for the
sum of thirty-one dollars. It was sold
some fsw years since for twenty '- seven
thousand dollars. The sale was bona
The CoU Bribe.--,-The New York, pa
pers are suggestingnumerous ways for this
Councils to dispose of the turn of SHOO
that was sent to the Sheriff for the purpose
of bribing him notito hang Colt, and• which
he deposited in the city Treasury. Some
propose that it be given to the widow of
Adams, but the Union thinks they had -Let
ter first ascertain whether it is really the
property of the Councils, before they re
solve to give it away. It was sent to the
Sheriff to do a certain act, which he 'did
not do. It should remain in his hands for
such a disposition; if the Owner will not
call for it, and he will - not use it, there
would be reason and justice in gliding It to
the widow who has'lreen deprived of her
natural protector by the very person whom
this bribe was intended.to shield.
New Literary paper. —We have recniv
ed the “ . Philadelplila Saturday Museum,"
a mammoth family parer, published by T.
C. Clarke & Co., No. 101 Chesnut Street,
at 2 dollars per anno•n. It is well filled
with instructive and amusing rnetter,
and the typogr a phical execution is-extreme
ly neat. It will tape.
'The Century Plannas reittrnea to 'Alba. ,
ny. The proceeds ofils:exhibition in New
Vork amounted to about 2000 dollars. .
Shipwreck—L933 of Life.—The gl t i p
Milwaukie was wrecked two Miles north
of the Kalamazoo river, on the 18th ult.—
The captain, first. mate and the cook; the
two boys and two sailors -perished . with
cold upon the ship after she strtack. The
second mate and seven sailors left the ship
and swam for shore—four rods distant—iii
the attempt one of the sailors was drowned;
the six remaining sailors made their way
to a house 'two nales distant. On their:re—
turn to the beach the seconl mate wts
perishing, and died is a few minute S—
. snow fell so fast that it could not be
aseeltained from the shore, whether the
ship was at anchor or not.
~ - ~:
a e 'r
The N. Y. Post Office caught fore on
the morning of Friday last, but was extin
guished before much damage was done.
We scorn it. —A. brailler of a very pret•
ty young lady callecr on ns not imig since
and requested that we publish her for run
ning away with a young man, and marry
ing him, and as he says, disgracing herself.
We scorn it. We would as soon steal as
invade the domestic circle to expose t.) the
gaze of the world the unfortunate, or the
faults and foibles of those whose love has
led them astray•
The above is fibm the Cincinnati Sun
Well done, Greely.
The Rabbi of the Jews in England is
deed. He was 82 years old.
Emigrants continue to rush into the State
of Missouri. • There will soon be no room
left at this rate,
Burying a Foot.—A. Mexical paper
says that the foot of Santa Anna, which he
oat in an action in 1838, has been buried
with due solemnity.
Messrs. EDT - TOM-1 see in your paper
of Friday last a query from the Capitolian,
another from the Spirit of the Times, and
a third &NS a correspondent, asking the
reason of rents being so high, and after ad
mitting they have been reduced, yet they
are far above the ability of the &kens, to
pay, and that they must be further redo
eed, according to the times, I had expected
that some taxpaying citizen might have sat
isfactorily.answered your query on Satur
day, but •I found not a syllable on the sub
Now, for one, f beg to show the reason
of our rents being high in Pittsburgh, and
the reason is very brief. Sinee our fede..
ral whip got the eseendaney in our city ,'.
hounds Iwhieh was about T 36) our Jaxes
have neatly doubled; in the five wards
with lessitan4o,ooo inhabitants, the pau- 1 ,
per tax, payable by the property holdout, '
is over $3OOOO-for 1842, anti thiiiitenti
embraces only.about uni-Inurtit of ell the,
taxes (I mean the poor and school tax for,
1842, which I Pr9PeYIY 6 illiiPa o Per
if you want rants 1 0 .1 4 0 1 0Wer yott, musts
elect -Men f9rPlareitilluPZ ir atia -8404 #_
cfripe*, riOf ass
improve the state: 4#o we
rents the'
---,-:-...,,, _ , te ' l ' .
: - 8414 :: • r
I v i i i.*, :the Ode • i t.
rePe l,l *' wil !o 4 l- e WO COON.
14i114 10 00 i4=°'''
i i i i -1/ ' --- .- pr a ctice, Mil
1 - 4144-tvidk; i re/ 00 211 p ra
iss na7ne merely. '- -.- -
1"0 Out _Editors°, tar. MerAing Poia.
;•c..GENTLIIiINS: 4 I I the Pittsburgh 'Citi
zette of the Zd inst. I observed the follovV—
og remarks reJatiVe to Joho Grayson, Esq..
of Wishington, Pa. _
•qv?..,untietstand'a utation has been di :cu'a
about' thi city for the appointmeni of :Gas '•
ofVI& Wasbington Examiner, to the office col:'
soeiate Judge. This affords .a clue to his sudden'
,iiiseosery oldie ‘benelits.ofoddfelloWism! He
has found- a way to the heait Of our worthy ma ' -
sonic= governor, as well as a means to obtain the
signatures of most of the faithful -If up higber
Mastm or o.ldfelloor applies, 011/A9ON will get the
appointment," Mark "it.
Having . .
aying protteredeearly all the Signatures
and mailed the letter,-'(or as the Gatette
hakit,,petition) referred - to, 1 will therefore
Simply -state - the facts as theyy, are, and leave
the reader to judge of . the influence that .
Masonry or Orldfellowship had iri this
wonderful transaction. In 'the - .first place',
Mr. Woods infoiirred methat ho had a let
ter in favor of Mr. arayson for the appoint
ment of Judge in Washington county Pa..
I told him that I would si g n it with plea*
sure, and that if ho, would hand it to me,
I would ell' on a few personal friends of
Mr. Grayson, and procure their signature's
also, which I did, and mailed the letter
shortly after. I was influenced in this
transaction by a .personal knowledge of
Mr. Grayson for nearly 30 years, which
commenced on the iii,-estertrfron tiers tn e the
winter of 1.513, when Masonry and Odd—
fellowship formed tio objection to men serv
ing their country, and if the editors of the
Gazette will take the trouble to examine
the records of those times, they wi:l find
that this same J ohn Gr'ayson rose fro n the
private volunteer soldier, to filith rank in
the regular Army of the U. S., by his own
daring and gallant exploits, in neatly all
the battles on the western frontier during
the continuance of the last war; as he did
also at the battle of l_a7,ole Mills. And
for his highly exemplary conduct as a gen•
Liman and a soldier, he was retained in
high commission on the peace establish
ment 01 the U. S. Army; but when his
country no longer needed his arm in her
defence, he - resigned his commission and
returned to his business, that of a printer;
in which capacity he has rendered much
set vice to the _Demociacy of the country.
These are some of the traits of Mr. Gray
son's character that influenced me in this
transaction, and neither Masonry nor Odd
fellowship had anything to do with it, nor
do l . know of more than two Masons or Odd
fello Ns having signer - said letter.
your uh't sei cr..
t7ie /lon. R. 'C'. Grier::
Doti our la w 'judge any man before it hear Lim."—Paul
Sir: In the ' I.3ei wick Sentinel" of the
17th of Nov. last, I noticed an atticle over
your signature, addressed to the Lion. El
lis Lewis, on a question relative to the le•
gat right of a clergyman going iot, another
family and teaching doctaitted and pr actis
ing the ordinance f baptikni on minors of
the family, without the parents' consent,
surely the Case is - a clear one, even the
common mind could answer it distinctly.
In your address I find a thrust modern the
Mormons, unprovoked and entailed for, 'in
the following words:
`lf the prosecutor was right in advising a
child to disobey the wishes and instructions
af the parent, and re-baptizing her ; then
the parent was Wrong In opposing and
if so, a jesuit may take my child to a nun;
nery, or a Mormon to Nauvoo, and I finial
submit to it with patience. But if I have
a right—and it is my most solemn duty to
instruct my child in what I believe to be
truth or orthodcxy, the Anabaptists has no
more right to interfere with me, than the
possessor of the golden plates, or• any oth
er apostle of Satan.'
Why did you wield your pen unprovok
ed against the.much abused and afflicted
Mormons"! Answer—Upon the same prin
ciple that a Messiah was crucified, a Ste
phen stoned, a James slain, a Paul behead
ed, a Peter crucified, a John banished, a
Rogers burned; a Colum'aus neglected;
ridiculed & envied, a. Newton counted mad
and a Fulton laughed to scorn. In short.
it is because you know not what it is.
Be it known to you, Sir, that the Mor
mons understand the principles of right
eousness and propriety too well to meddle
with children or servants without their pa
rents' or masters' consent—on Page 251
of our Book of "Doctrine and Covenants,
the -Discipline of our Church of Jesus
Christ, of Latter Day Saints," you may
find the following sentence.
"it is not right to persuade a woman to
be baptised contrary to the will of her
husband, neither is it lawful to influence
her to leave her husband.
"All children are bound by law to obey
their parents; and to influence theut to em
bt ace any religious faith, or be baptised;
or leave their parents without their con
sent, is unlawful and unjust._
"We believe that all persons who exer
cise control over their fellOw- beings and
prevent them from' eMbracing the
v truth,
will have to ansvver that sin." -
'Book of D. C. Page, 255.-We do not
believe it right to interfere with bound
servants, neither preach the gospel to, oor,
baptize' them, ,contrary to the will and
- wish of their masters. nor td . areddle with,
or influence them in tire barest to cause them
dissatisfied with their situations
in life taeroby -ineparcliaing - thelives
of men; such i nterference we believe tolber
tmlawful and . unfurl,. and dangerous to the,
pb** of evorylovarnment. • alleiving.he
, man 'Wove beheld in setvitodet." 1, '
-.4, f
, ~.,
„ - 411, , titrivE,,rmitisl c r ,
FOR TiIL: 111 uR I ?:0 POST
'Ft r
4, :''rial'lW:4 l )
i"kiitgreilta4iwhatailfliadl 6l o l4-4. tied
to a ll 1:i rtuvihiiiiga4kMA:rof'taiArrmitaten t.
een used for
lait sir yenta dip the must respectable inhabitants
ef PittsbuighAmuivieinity.-6Try them for year.'
.i , ,f, rep 14e t'lq.stru 14 -Daily dr , ,e.
.:,....-- ~.ierror of nodulous in 'general, bat
75 . 1. , -„' , :‘. ,h we vommrsca to recommend
4 4 '':*fi" -- , ..,. s nillicted with couubv. , We were ee
,4-- 4 ' ' .: 4 ' . ' s.- '''"'
„ . t r 'a NOI ' cough - - few ALP!
~t . 6 4. - ,op Cnt I a
• ” * '*4 :iiiiiiii)isrial:Cough_Ss ru p,w h icki
- , — (lsirs. Shinn and Boilers, relieved
u.:Feil , ti no trifling merit' br . this Syr..
that "islitiltii agreeable to the palate. In
c o mmon humanity we must recommend the Ire*
perial C,nhglt Syrup to all who are suffering from
fresh colds.
ASHLAND, RiChll3lld CO, Ohio.
1 haVe used your - Cough Syruti,in my fan.ily
more or loss for the last rour - years,and have found
it to Le more efficacious in coughs and colds, at.
tended' with hoarseness, than any other article 1
have ever wed: ?Ars. Reevea is highly delighted
with itsefraeta when administered to the children;
and experience convinces me that I am safe in
saying that it may be taken by old and young to
general advantage.
Prom the Pittsburgh Doilg SUN
Imperial Coup*, syrup.-This Syrup, made in this
city b . ,7 R. E. Sellers, has acquiretr an excellent
uharteter, and is now extensively used in this ci.'
ty, an'h •cess, The ‘‘ell known character of
the Manufacturer is a sufficient guarantee that
the Syrup contains no thdeterious substance, and
its success b-st reason ohy it should bi - pat-
- vv!zolesa!e u d retail, by
R. E. SELLERS, Proprietor,
N. 20 Wood strew, below 2nd, Pittsbnrah,
an I by H. P. Schwartz and iuhel Mitch .11,,Alreghe
ny city. Pr ice—per bottle, 50 and 25 cents.
Dec. 6, IS4`2. Y 1•
Warranted equal to any -now before the public ! .'
No tami:y ought or will be without it after a trial.
WORMS frequently infest children, aggra
vate all other disea4es, and are Capable of
producing great disturbances in the system, and
consequently all medicines given_ to remove them,
should be prepared with gnat care, and of the best
material-; and it is to be feared that many of the
worm medicines in u•te are totally destitute of
these qualities, The verniifuge which the sub
scriber oilers to the public is ptepared of the best
materials that can be procured; and it is ga ning
for itself a reputation which entities it to a large
share of publie patronage. The efficacy of this
preparation to relieve the rising generation from
one - of its greatest enemies is fUlly attested by the
accompanying, Certificates.
The following certificate is from the Rev. C.
Cook, pastor of one of the Methodist Episcopal
churches it, Pittsburgh:_.
Pi taburgh, December , 14, 1.§39
Messrs. Shinn and Sellers;-1. gave my little
daughte.r, bt tweeu three and four years uld, thre,
doses of your Vertnitlige.agrceably to prescription
with the happiest success.
The number of worms expelled I du not kn iw
precisely, but it was 'arge She is how in the pos
sessi.ni of good health.
I thi.ilt the int dicine may be confide,: in with
great unreseryednes , . C. COOK
Tim folowing is from the Rec. S. E
pastor of the methodi,t Vpi,copal church, ainith
field street, Psttsburgt•;—
Messrs. Shinn end Selicrs;--lt 14 with great
p'easure I would inform you of the: good uff.tets
produce i nn my son of fon- years of age by your
justly celebrated Vcrmifuge. After his having
cnnvul-inns• I ff e, re to hi n three doses, when lie
passed au almost iner•ed•ble flambe, of Worms; fron
which time his general health ba , been improved.
I hereby rertiry tint I have used Shinn and Set
!ere' Verrnifuge in my family, and can, persititely
say it excels anything I have ever tried for the de
struction of worms. JOHN G.IESVE.N.EIt.
N- wvill!, Ohio.
F'a'estine, June 0948.12
Messrs. Shinn and Sellors;--Gentlemen—You
will recollect that when I wriq in Pittsburgh. in
April la-t, 1 our,chased of you a dozen of yinir
Vermifn_ e. To test its virtue, (after having used
, Jlfithaui egret the AmercanWorm Specific, and
some that is made in your city by Fahnestock;and
said "never to have failed iu a single instance,")
I give it to one of my children who had been com
plaining for a long time.and I am happy to inform
you, that it brought away a large quan'i•y of
worms, and that my child is now enjoying good
I haVe also disposed of one or two vials, and the
persona who got them state that it produced the
happiest resort.
Believing it is equal if not superior to any Ver
ruifuge before the public, I am your friend.
Claricearille, Pa., March 4, 1842.
MessrP, Shinn and Sellersi4-1 think your Ver,
miruge preferable to any I have evet seen or used
—there is no other used sn this part of the cutntry
when it can he procured—four and five hundred
worms are often destroyed by the use of one vial.
Yon will please send me twelve dozen at this time.
You-s respectfully, JAS MeMEANS, M. D.
Prepared only, and sold by
Wholesale and retail Druggist,
Nu. 20 Woad street, Pittsburgh.
Dec. 6, 1843 - 1 y
6'hiithfieidstreet, between 'Third and FotuflA itreete
. .
- .
• C A
Y -
Re apeetfully.lnforms the citizens of Pitisbursh and -its
vicinity. that he is prepared to receive and execute *liar.
ders for any description of work In Its line of bnsiness,.
He has on hand, and will be constantly receiving; a,gen.
eral ;mart went Of CLarsts,Caseuasuss AND Vl4ll.liNtilL
tie will make wot kto order, at lower rates, than/say'
other establishment In`the eity. He has no hesitation in
saying, that his work, as to quality oilman, elevince .
St and workmanship; cannot be surpaamt,kyany other es
tablishment in We dlfy. -
- punctuality end unremittlag.altentiMt to tinniness,
her hopes to merit and receive a sitars of politic_ patronage.
Persona tarnishing their own materials. will "iind It 10
their,edvturtage to call, be.fore toiritr isiseWifers.
dec 6;'d
-78.8 AC CRUSE. 148 Liberty st,;olParerofrailye to bate
I."re.le-artitax Aerixe; • " • '
60 Bushels dried, do.. part extriiitlitttlityr
Itretbela dried Penehes—abiati' • =
itahrfas and_Figs by the Borc,.
nth. tatteooo-'
_ irme
—the xisnr • -
lay. 01 0
vitif,i2l. -.
sale.* section of land(64oli
w cus
ine county; Ohio; about is wet L i a fnii
bet ween Rutland atid Atheng said hack
improved farms—level, rid; eeb.
may be divided into quarter ori Ta n ;
quired; fieven.cightb a oyu l , , tie
paid for In Pike Slaver demen t , ' 011 . 1 . 4
riv e -, in three tnalahnenta, fa
'45. or the raid met Oland will to st 4 d "
down. $5OO let of Dec. 1841. 8500 lit b it ;
the balance in improved real ne m
burgh. If required a contract sill bee t
purchaser ofaald land; for 15,0000
to be delltlered 04 the ha aka or Th%
of tha yearttlB43.l34l and 184 5,f0rn ,
be paid as delivered. Apply at Rattle ,
near Market.
NEW dititAarci
Passage and Rtwittaness to asilh m ,..„
/retard 4 ""lik
/1 - IEiS subscribers having cone*,
far &standing their bashing
red make arrangements for brier s ,
ships of the first class, Americas*
by careful and experienced men.rig
ably known in the trade. This taw &
of the port of New York, it ilia
that the arrangements are matnifro
from the fact that a venni in seat eo n .,
is evident that no unnneeessary d e f tl y l'
occur, A free passage per steamboat 1, 4
Scotland. can be engaged, and when 094
dine corning out, the money 13 ilWifir
Parties from whom It was termed, ski*
Apply to SCHUR, I
bid established Panne Oltim „
10 Corse ,•
Drafts and esehanges at sight, and f o
can be furnished on R. C. Glynn
don, n. Crimshaw 4- Co.. Liverpool; the
of Scotland; National Bank griffin*
Banking Co. Apply to PETER IA
Chatham - street, near the Fourth oral
the Welsh Church.
SUE - ved his office to the room" ha t
E in! above those lately orcuredby •
street, Hell to the Mayor': olive, po w ,
lice for rent.
The mattes - are well suited f ora ik er
any peofeasion,or fur any land of retell
rfeno, Enquire of WALTER H. r..*
NOTICE is hereby given to the crest ' ,
IN of Messrs. El lArrnel and I G 1, 4
business In Market street, rittshoqk ba. •
A rtnel t !Mintz, and to the puttlic Ama ;
have this day assigned all their sAki
etc., lo me, for the benefit of ifict
tilstinction or preference.
Persons knowing themselves Isdelety k ir
will nee the necessity of calling wouttitil t
tog their respective dues, and persons MN.
present them to me for settletnent.
DA V ID talk
Pittsburgh, Islov, 21, 1842.
N. B. The above named stock, which.
and general assortment of seasounhito
lloposed of at the old stand, No. 100, dint
Xy-G. Muntz is authorized make 'Sill • .
te'pl for n oneyi in my absence,
dec 8 bATII
the most valuable ointment for Burio,Eata
invented; no chatter how badly a perm
or scalded—this will heal them unnai
leaving arty SCAR. Every family should •
their house, no one should be vrithomil.
who has tried it recommends it. Tole.
TUTTLE'S, l 6 Forint: street.
THE new andsplendid steamer PELLE
RI vgg, Johnston R. Day rilwer.llE,
Ilieinbooo and Intermediate port.. on 'Mirk
inst. ill 10 c/ f Olork 4 M. ror I , eiqa ar pm •
on 111111 rd,
CI::r -
The, Relle will reeejte Ereiglo.ln "
nll landings on the Rod Them
firlo THE LADIES —Why da yell
aitilerflumils hair yen have u pan
and ttriper lip I By ca - timilat Trrrnt's.
and artottning a bottle of Gounind's P.
which %Via remove it at once Without a
You can al4e obtain Cour: , pd's uulyce .
Beattie. *rad) will at once remove all f
Pritpi 1°65 of ifiersiln, - ai,d make 3 oar (.10 •
fair; and to (hose who iiish to assist
more color to their cheeks. they can oblaii
fand's celebrated Liquid Route, trhi h ant,
off even by a wet cloth. Ake mai , he r.
marfnaerit of Perfumery - . - Such as Cobig'ne v kn.
Mewl. Pablii yitimiccitt and oilier Seam.
iteur'ffiber. at Tuttie'ci Medical Agrarrali
Dec. 8, 1842.
tfCrioN SALE.—WIIt be sold oe fl
Bth. 1842. at 10 o'clock, at IllagaS
Store, No. 110 Webd street, a larp and n
Dry Goods. jdat fee - dyed oa consignmeolllotO
well worthy the' attention of bayemerffiler.
sold without any reserve Also/twin/4 f"
1 COS gal"
Iron eta,
A !are Lai
2 boxes Emikli •
2 Sleight alltel •
With many other articles,
dec 8-1 - it. A. BAUM
P. Delany, Tailor, No. 49,14
2nd Door above Virgo
HAS complete d, a general assort went of
log, consisting in part of dttnond eel
cloth frock and overcoats; bean? fine " 4 : •
cloth velvet trimmed,and plain; every d
a nitrot k cloth coals, fashionable colitis aid
. plain and fancy cassinet pants, cloth and.
superior gamily) every description of roe
theseason, and will I e gold lack for cash.
lag to nave fashionable Far meats mode of de
al will had them at th is mnabiishment, Wel
led equal loany In the city. A faii doctor
hand to Make' to order.
Messrs. B. Disnaghy and Thomas
establishment and will be much pleased wag,
their several Mende. Good fill lontrelee
Pittsburgh, Der: 1; 1842.
iIftaNTIIITIS, a disease of then' lot
which is annually sweeping 0000,-.
- sands to a premature crate, under the
ofconsompt toil, is always cared hi' lbe ° J .
Expectorant. The ryinatams of this diets
sorenens of the ltings or throat, horgeli
breathing; ant brit, beetle fever,
mattet,andSoinelimes blood. tt is ,
fine skin whieb flees the Wilde of the r ri
tohes at. air vessels, whieh ran thesidb`!" .'
Inags. This E"xpectorant immedish
cOulill;. pain, infitunation, fever, and
ini.and produces a fresh and eael
cute is soon effected. iti% -
HARI. Too A Cbtion 7 a 0 not ort_ ... - , i tea
met a premature death for the weptit
tea common oold.
HAire rite al COtara 7 Dr. Jay
nes l ''
tpost rnedteal a :d e
. 6 4 a .14' nrd d ei ther l
g e e af p :ta il °
v to g
y f
o ° o lo
..Lro. d i
...i r
ease, raLIIONAItY cowstrorrnoit, r!..^00-
info the grtite; htmdrects of the 7 0461 ' ~
a ds t 6 '
li all 'i Sins d Coliplii Be Pentot h ':.,,,,, ,
ti otters Etpectorant toe ilr; itt '7 ..
ate. - f ' ' iiiieeibil* '
- 11414 frit s , Cough Jaynes
remedy *OW should take to cure Yo• ....
son, that re' no one of the Mulcted re.—
been tied, bee it Billed to eelfelit.;_friji '
sold._wirOlenle oradretralT, at Ibis rip . ,
ti ng Oki, 'Bard sireei,opposite the .
Direly anthort
io n ftn" ZIORS4C. -- ° 1 6 111 7 , ar a l litO
b,7 . -Pftut,ioVlllo ( . 11/ ; t a l i Astrik-
Block 0: 11, 6 0 . * tut Nur -
forebeacia44oololl ? 1 — , L• 1111. k. xlc
:P1)1?.!*;:t 04 1 ";,71124 1. z
0 0 10 i o r i tpfadlog to 10 . ; 41
I -
- EL
jorai °
A; rota havin _
=be The P° B
. ! h -- ..esan g el...,..th - c7: a ubuten d re cot ; irrm rte epci p ti.e,
ti re: w e: i t
n‘ , - bltve a
weather has again b
lirell,we're glad of It
still .00ntinuos to dra%
inly a6ows flint bur ci i
ion good aitting.
attrdetio►r at ficho!r
See advertisement.
For the Post.
I s, gem:Saw—lt wo
.rtion ortho Patrons .o
great rdeatore t i
uring his sojourn Et.no
ortginalVtaracter of
r of Private
s teeting in this charact
of niaara tongue, e
Inds , a longing desire
t'so tare an beautiful
A Bo
Ladies .:of Yucatan=
Supperbeing over,
Those ladies and
e not tipon the font;
The ladies here ate g -
. do it, ttio, with tt . gra
', is a study, , At first,
:nge to receive, from
a female, a lighted
h the flavor which h:
-rted to it; bqt, with s
;;quickly qualified to
',the country, and we
at we can
,go thro
,quette with as na
- were to the mann
were dressed in ti
appeared quite, char
utre antmatton.
. rather brunette, thei
It, and, generally, th.
lephont and the Turn ,
y eet i n ightout Mr. Van
was going to Wellin
-xt day's -perforrnancr
upike gate, which wa
refused to open the g
cwt.:psi:l extra toll w
4, anti went throng
ying trr the elepha
ant it
_lark would he as g
withent any ceEe
• s prohtrs •is to the G
if of the laincl •rance
ete in tbe,
nt. of the gate-keeper
there was se'ne . injn r
he-expenses of which
venetable c
land, *tin iiraeticeil
e of diseases, luet, in
en sasl3Pcled• 'with
Smith! This caused
ight tid.ire an Eeclesi
ake s report highly
and his practice.
_ens, of 'Georgia.
oc•ttozi plants in b
.r reasen than that
ver*l Tilde* have a
e then.
abinenrofEngland an,
used to ba serionajp
ngementa for an arnica
aig.—The people of
di resolutely op'po
bf d Stat 6 goieritore
ots AlitiphiAth
mil of Capt. - Broadh
past 6. Performance
ladies; aid gentleoieh who
fibitheatre eon rest assured
to make thenk,cOnifortable
TadoUGBOVTaI h good
8, 1842, /ill be
. 111 4 r intterd or 16 triad
flgek, Uwe and Pyismid
brill* Olivine and Yocin
tbe- - ,B4vir Stowe
ii;l;*Warta of a
-Wit. al
..40400 toutmibim