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    ilittil4' *Oaa
to be -Melbiger: llol:- Wies*l 44o"
•-pattcolhO boyB;';o9*. 44-thliftiseoo4l,*4l-4c:
-*we'everithey•left the comer eralway , ,. eett•
jibrtbifiste chaps, actherre not fe)ten r lihfa
-ant albeit sixteenth year, either of
'Tell datilt right Wet 'Ole: farm.,
thretetietat,ansmore not"
7tiki49oo Mfg' have a - ehaece purvided J E
WaXlt Ofli 109nO1ejsice.:.,`'Whitt do fe iri ee rt.,
ye gi"ee'titiat r, give, sis the,
ipit?, ;{ . that, fifteen
Asences•an s the honk of eitin',an' ahrinkin".
4 Throth an Willi:Siz Neal, give fourteen
-pence for thet' W
att haVegoin,r siz I.
one side, he's aftetiu! more . nor that-fit .
teerepeneeis Mote nor fourteen: l 'Non.
sinse.. Paddy, Biz ~he, any goinnvidh would..
*now that fourteen's more u'oe fifteen„ l
dtets'iii;the word 'sound - bigger if nothin',
else, an y don't you hear
. the min atiekin'
otit - fer ftetrteen; an' di ye think he'd,,be
..the fiat I tnoffer more- nor they want' Way
Virtire. a mere , knowledgeable
Man ,nor. 1, an - so.agreed.' Vile farmer
watea this time-turned round,and i thought '
hi na smilin' to himself, . -wben he
began once more. 'An' an you won't take
fifteen pence.' •Divil a , farthin' less nor
'foetteen,' sea Neal Once more. 'Well, see
theSarnier.'-i,virikint at a man that over_
heard the bargaitt; al suppose 1 must give
you your fall demand:—so come along,'
-*is be, Shure enough.we did,, and after
giving us hopes an' lashins of whikey. w
set oat for his house. Well the story was
told, afore bus, and ye may he shore, there
yiiee agineral laugh agin' us, but'specially
itgite Neal, who for the first time lamed
that , fifteen's more nor
au fourteen
Mere a geral lgh was ra
4unengft the group, in ~..rhich every one
p,Tient joined, if we except the unfortu,
' hate object of the meriment; who, winced
with anguish at the seeming determination
of the narrator to proceed.
'Well,' continued Paddy, 'the time of
pay came round, an' what was min' to
us amounted to a guinea apiece. besides
some odd change, ip. phillines, 'A r e tiesa
ver of the world;' sis Noel to the farmer,
you took -us in the' last time, an' thee!!
nough, an' I think you'd do so now, too,
furl think these guineas arn't as heavy as
they 'should be,' 'Ye took in yoettelf, sis
the farmer; when you hired, an' I offered
more than you would take.
"We'l, sis
',Neal,' sis he, I just step into the city efpute
lin an' take these guineas to the mayor's
Stales; an' see if they're just weight.'
!Well: have more wit the next time,' sis
thefarmer. 'anti mind you don't fare worse
in the city.''That I will,",an' not much
'thanks for .yer advisin,' , sis Neal, out of
humor I believe wid himself—what did
i'1:1 say Titan' '
:!Paddy Doran,' cried Neal with a peev•
ish air,''ye have the laugh agin yerseit, - as
Wellies me,, so the story won't turn out
all 'on one side.'
*Nit anther, I've gut too fet now to dbr,,p
it,' and the auditors .around lel , delighted
with the observation.
58traight for the City of Dublin we
three makes, an' knowin' the cheathering
ef- the.pickpockets and vagabonds in the
city, we rowled our money up, and tied
it-in-the corner of our allies, art' kep our
Ji,4ndiroti id all the time, through the ho'es
soil+bur,breeches pockets. What do we
tietititstliist on the corner of a street, but a i
bet haiagin' to the ind of a long rope, that
• Ms' -tied to agrated eindow above.
eliere' l; the city scales, sis Neal; an' here
goes to see if my guinea's weight. 'Take
care; Neal,' sis Phil and myself, 'maybe
it's not.' 'Arrahl don't have such palav
twin about nonsense,' sit Neal, at the same
time puttin' in his guinea. The rope got
ii jt`rk,
.an' the guinea teas hauled up.
- .'Fare en:banal' sis Neal, 'do 'ye see the''
lbelekery of these Leinsther farmers, look
bow the scales flies up, instead of' the guin
ea bele! -weight.—liallo up there!' "I'll
41. it down immediately,' cries the voice
Irozheibcrve, and we heard him siy , to some
cenfthat'ippeared to be with him, 'it's not'
aften we get a gold guinea.' Down comes
thaticor again - empty, an' Neal desired me
to_piiitirn in nixt. Begat I didn't like to
see the box come down empty, but Neal
*mired me ,
Though to tee t d it was
real gould„ not Ilk to o so, I ;
iMeeln.mine, an' the fellow showed his
Wee at the Windy above, hearin' I •
ettd what was aed below. Up the box
goes n'second titne„.eri" I shouted nut to 1 ,
itiviitraine was light also, By this time
crowd of jackeens collected around, to 1
'l4xit - at' wk at was goin' on, an' appearrri'
eitetjoy seine sport. 'lts light enough,'
._elyis the voice. shrive, 'but have you anoth
• Or to put.in,' and doVen tame the box once
- more. IYes."-sis Neel, 'l've another friend
'here, to put in hie: and wid that he takes
Phirs.:and puts it in. 'God bless you gen
. %Amen for yonr kindness,'" sis the gentle
man above, 'for it's not often were so for ,
tunate," 'What he ssyinV sis Neal.
lie's anon, 'aye one of the Dublin chaps,
'that: he's' thankful for your -favors, an' an
he °tight, for yea are 'spereted felloWs, to
atA O-1 .0. afford guineas a piece to the
poor feittme • *there impreasoned.
it it; sift`, be; bul•thee yes were charitable
e*eien Inach money to the poor debtors:
Neal, 'isittt that the rla,orti
Was let down'is i nt
thiachia /homier 'This is the Debtor's
Oitidtheranswer given, it goodluck
• an' Gokapeed. yerrneeerbut yeas are late
- .;rnitaitt; 114 jai, thia, vvit,neither
lOw night. tor t!gavo-f-our,ininu#,Ae.nt I
-.weft --- ail nitvja*lica
/,caito,itt Aoys 1
!al washat inso?er-
Ines "on lion tbrip..
"ti ! :,girutjp, I.llnev-
'any thine- bot the
tint :face of this
w-ss, zniwrp
l - a*Ft
_ L iTii , .l6, ' ......
ion Sim; Of ,0ti,•29, thifs'ilo
h...of,this_soldier an iistatesmaii
; 6,1rri.c..90; :One 4r tlii. few
master spirn ..off other-i flays , who moved
amongst us,. •the..conneo.ing : link between
the - past an the fireSe4idii!d, at his resi
dence in this' city; owS.attirday hest, in'the
86(la year of his age. I.'n. noticing his. de
mise, the American'justlY''says:— "Few, in'-
deed,. had a. stronger' claim on the respect
Olds fellow citizens, willether in-private or
ii . puhlic 14 . 4. 'ln ibe*l3 . r . (oo; ievolw ion,
he bore grins at-the b4ititi.:ol . Brandywine,
atilong the' v,);ibinteers..filifrP haiiimoie. Ile'
was fiir' mat'ly - years d . :: . PO'inirierii and - s,tise•
ful member of one or , he other branch - of
the te . gisiatnre of Niaryland, and his ad
ministration of ili•- Nair Departinent; du
ring, the Presidency rif Mr. Jefferson, wi,s
distinguished for its efficacy, and- for the
high tone, orchivalric feeling with which
he-inspired. that gallant band of officers who
Italie added.so largely] to the glory of the
republic. He carried with him into the
Department. of. State, tinder the administra
tion' of Mi., Madison, ' the lofty patriotism
and courageous hearing which had ever
marked his ,characteri courteous to others,
he trOuld brook no insult to his country•
So in the: shades of rctiteuieni, he lived
without a blemish, revered and beloved by
the large circle he adorhed, and in the last
days of waning life, cool, collected and re
signed,', his: noble spirit parted without a
pang...iej icing in the. promises so dear to
the Christian." The. flags of .the shipping
were yesterday flying at half-mi.st, in token
of respect for his memory.
tices the ttrA
The How,
We rail naenfion to the auction sale at the Fair
Poverty.—"Puvert.)," says, some ,per.
son, "merely means that one roan does not
eat s fine a loaf and wear so fine a shirt
or ttowsers as his neihbor." After all,
it.is mare show. CoarSe, bread tastes as
well, and is better for this health, than fine;
and a linsey Woolen coal is just as comfort
able, if riot more so.ihari a ten dollar touch.
Shakspe'aru says there i-inothing in a name,
but, in this case, it is a!ll in a - tante. A
man who can get enougk to keep him corn
, 4' ,
fortahly without being fiver-worked, is ai
rich as in the possessil.Pf';Oillio" B—b " t,
the world don't considefr hiiii so, and hence
be is discontentee:,
.4 Curious Case.—A.:k a late election for
a member of the Legi4lature in Steuhen
County, Ind., the resnit was for a while
considered a tie—during which time the
candidates drew lots and the Whig won-
It haltsince bee,u diseoleied, that one vote
for the' democratwa4 not counted on ac.
count of the voter not specifying the office
- for which he cast his.vOte. He has, how
ever, madeaffidavit that it was fur the leg
islat'ire, which clearly gives the demo •
ecrat one of .a majOrity. The question a—
rises, can he rightly 'claim the seat after
having givenitupl, We think he can, and
! it would be doing njustice to him and the
I pa' ()pie of the district.
Southern Convention..T he 'people of
some of the Southon 'Flate.s contemplate
holding a ConvenOon in Liticfiburgh, Va.
with view of taking ground against the Ab
It, is computed, that about 12,000 coasted.
turkies were cleitro)ecl . , , in B }stun on
Thanksgiving tisy 4 --hesicies the geese.
chickens. ducks, peri-ridgeA, , k , , , , which e
set &wit innumerable.
Tha steamer,pileida and St aivid,were
totally lost'dutr.g.i* last' gate on the
There is a tir. existing hi Maryland im
posing a fine 4. awne hundred pounds of
Tobacco ypiin'tiily'Person' wjiu neglecl:ed
o vote
The man ran tin rn4es •thrt)ngli
mud and : raio, to get...a Vote .for. Coon
tieket After-hit . hence
his pstiigkini. . • • ,
Gen.-Qa.gs will
an ftir tbaState'"
Rather say that. he it be agafongvivail
i?fOley, for.if 1. 4 'has -atiy Crma44o tbr
itate* 0 1 tY.RTA!:„.. ...-.; Ni r !i,d4l`., kiot . YE l ti!ive ,,
- that one huirdie4,44ocpate .can bit-kalia
1. -
in Tenus.yll'autati3/404*-Oriti Catak - lio any
igicer,progainepCoo4o -
_,shaThtztocratilot, ,4ana • stil l thin)
---.......-,:a the l, . 1
- _, --- _ A-4 -its.l.;?a--7 , .77-r.':' ' - • '
- : ,-...: .f ...:'-':'. V . -: •:,..-. .-,, t _ 4 ft , -. - 1
. r. ,
'''..,-; ~:•;;,: d ' ; '...-,,- i ' :--!,
re thwt =limn into
R/47 11 0C" 4 .v.cesi:
:••,.•: ; ':::-' 5 '; . ::.1. - : - ', - .;* . eiit , .
i :-:**.fßAltAsVuSh.
010 -6 4:
I , --oatteht4 ,
17 68 Vittill
,tiersida of a ir,r,faaii.,L:qaia,tiaa.
,3plitN. - INVIII ST.
If I
Aet flrgf
Col. R. hi• .TainsOn .I.los t.,Tiv-eit'hoine
ifft: is t.tOrigl ti ral of Mr. Buchan.'
Isylvrinia•—Exchange 'pa
~ s
'Wtg , et,t , ' 4* '' . .." 1- ' . ' -,--- - . 7 = ,
-t. f .. 4:-.4.,...,, '`..,.. „ i ... . --, ,• A- -.„!k , ..;.
neart'lnelnwtri '. - -,,, ‘,... P. -41.-
the h g, ` a : ?niter e.,
;44 . 01 . a. lititiaogat ,-,....; „ . 4
powt k.w....Two,vt tbree linni4vettraivo .
bu none killed. .
t :. •
It i 3 said that the Arabs of the Deserts
live.oo years. . .
, .
Stetie.4;ti4i*:--7The borana 4 vf the Os
tern atage ran 'Of paar Cincinnati ast We l
nesday, upsetting the. stage, killing Due
i tnitse and breaking - leg of
Bartitimm.- - ..-;-AN: man - io Pelawar# has
ben sentenced'tn receive twentylittiOh- ,
es on the 'back, to stand. in the pill°y -Ant
hour, pay 560 dollars tme aria to he intil'rts.
ened for six months, For the crinm of
13 4 A. ,Robertson, Esq., has withilriwo
from the 'Ci Q • einnati Enquirer. ' _
The citizens of St. Louis are naaking
extensive preparaiions to give Neale, the
actor, a Benefit, in consequence of the ac
cident which lately befit him.
Scarce enough.—Money is so scarce out
west that when two dollars meet they have
to be introduced to each other, they are
su"ch stranwees
Ptlliti cal editors are expected by t
respective patrons to blacken each other's
characters as much as vassible.--Boston
Things that look very smooth are some-
times very ileceitful. —Balt. Stiit. •
For instancer our pavements for a few
(lays pi.st.
The Island of Cuba.
The New York ilerald of a recent <late
contains some very important statements
and surmises as to the designs of Great
Britain which, nn doubt, have long been en
tertained, to possess herself of this valuable
island. How far the facts stated in the
Herald are founded in truth—whether there
is any disaffection to the Spinish dominion
or not, among the people of Cuba, cannot.
of course, be known. But the advantages
which Great Britain would derive, in her
present schemts, from owning.that
are great and manifold, andgiVe-istrong rea-
Snu to belieVe that she is deterinined to have ,
•it by fraud or force. 'rite real projects of
the British Government, -says theAttitald
have been discovered at !ast in H a va4 l ;foßt
we are informed their iittemions are to, vet
posession of Cut•a, inako Havana their west.
ern Gibraltar to overawe the Gulf of . Mexi
co, and to abolish slavery in the islattd to
Cuba, as it has b e en
Indies; titl thus to - the.nace the Southernl
United States, Texas, and all those ronln,u
nitita whose domestic iustituuons are like
Cho-c of Cuba, and which create such coin—
petition in the Markets of Fut 0 - .. )e, 111 611 ar
ticlts of colonial produce.
From the character of our private 'lntel
ligence from Havana. we learn that a great
and intense excitement—silent and quiet,
but the more intense from its silence-Lper
vades all the planters, merchants, and intel
ligent proprietors of that charming isl Ind;
and that, apprehending a transfer may he
made to England of the s overeignty of the
island, or, at least, the possession of Havana
given up through the necessities or intrigues
of the Spanish Government at Madrid; ap
prehending ill these designs, and jednus of
the recent conduct of the British Gavern
ment, and of their own Government, under
I that influence, they are beginning to enter
tain thoughts of entire revolutidt and final
separation from Spanish' connexiAn at no
very dtstat t day. The roudurt of the Bris
tish authovities—the weakness of their
own Government at Madrid—the intrigues
of the British abolitionists at Cuba--all eon
cur in causing this deer' atnlintense excite.
ment to increase throughout the island, and
particularly is the city of Havana, which
is the strongest fortress in this , hemisphere,
and which, in possession of the British,
would eause,-hy prerximity to their abolition
doctrines,- - blie of the most fearful issued
that ever took place in the southern states.
This feeling of discontent in Cuba has
been heightened by the movements 'of-the
abolitionists in England, and the low prices
of colonial produce of late years. ,The feel
ing is gradually increasing,, and..wbere it
w ill end, no 'one can yet tell. ": Celia lit one
of the most fertile, healthy, beautiful ,:-rich,
and lovely Wanda on the face or theearth.
It, is a peffeet patilitlise. Its popnlation
. is
1 about 1,090,000; or more; but it could sup
( part, iti, comparative luxury, a, poPulation
or - moo, AD; - hr wealth is, - how ever,,
I dependent on. stavelabOt; and if - that sra...
ten 'were debtrofedi it won'ttrau7 . ' --- Wiii 4116.
..,-. , as it mos. in fernier- ages. These foreign
attempts telnierfere withlts'peculiei insti-'
i- .t_,_ ,'
Autious are - causing great discontent . and the
1 ,„
1 F,ospeot)44 - to!towitig the example 'of Ahe
..States of Texas, of all. S panish - olitii
~.'' , , . ~. ',. ... , !, - 1
A reuxim,,,,bfgettrn(atipAget and 114 0 age'r
‘, , qlP•r a llt -,, _ ::: . :.,
re,.::Seil'isAat- mos' nteef.euileformetie
ff_Vilfilicla,MPa; and it Wiltcauseaji eolook.
141- # l '. VArzIrM,PP- ,,,n v 1 , ,:11 0 ,At • ar:
-o*o,:ttrA!#!til474o. , - ,. 4- , _
~:-... - -
„ , •-e ff -. ^ , ,- ,..1- • ji.e.*l4„g` ' :.-^ ' ' ~. J r
,-:---:'''' =:: . - g ,4 ” ; .-^' , '-t-:43 . 0v4. -- -q . .-`*o - dt.d-t4 , -* .- 4 ,.. , %,..,,. - ...., - it . ,,:v00 . t...
Irltt•'o.l=o,i'sA.** '4,irirnitr '604,4*. ''',' 7 , ='-- - : 7 , A lr
~,.. 4 01. ..
4F.l:'` . `:."' - -..:-....aa:ibf.rs- vete at, 4 7 ,i, "mott'l"' .l4- .!-It-51--P '! ; ..'-xv7.,.. z :: : : 1::. : ,: i 2.'.: '4;- : ,- ....- 5;.4.
..-- 1Y;: , Wa1507430-inculio4lt:RT,-- -1.4,' ~ 1_,..-iiVi*ii4 tiiitittte,Our-read U .
i0 11 4 4- Air-iv'mc ii i""Mi e lh ,4l4l .. ,l "qz,..lM ° tinie tiCiiiiiiiiiiti',i'iiirilitqtif te•-tiliY ':-. 6 4 1
An inCident °muted white Aar,: ..•13Y - :iv T - g. - - , 7 - -u; . -, 1.-' , ' . ., - 0-;,' , ,4, s iciit.l4 - . -
#reisitlX, `l4-Nl4l-1113041144r41104kitt.trilullilY . w ,." hav l .
._ l° a q -15;- ',- ‘- 4 .. 1 ,1,, v- _,.. m - r '.' • -''''' ' •
itrifel,. ; la Os . plAttftel; tgi:ffp f iLecOr.4§4l4:ol.: . iteuw• trlettlxwlWPW 4) Prur. kr 2 i: . 41 1V‘•!aMiPk .
i,p(s4llppflY , entered .1,1.i.i. -town; N vir . i.44peo doe). 5 „ i „........A.,44 a bapur sanctum .yrt-prt e tttr
. by
tenttas.of bifitioditory seamisered.ia to /0411 atA hi
er : firea4 "..r . " - /'- ato r. ' 141 2 ' is. p to :out - gave i r , , i n a e ie v : .
,-,.. i 4: cue erivslcd - cle sod monkeys dna acconk-Pin i°4l b f
't• We liie int9l4ol, 'that .tivit,nrlne — old'#f ) ori. e 9 fe„,,,,we'..h.ait„:=ticr.„...B4o-learr the
._ m_ . artrears ,
vas eteestiMoyr•enFSzed-at L.heallisinesmeur Ile - tr. - ~..4, he jtitkivt:i.i.:gnt nl , ielsWd - 01111_n
theati*plOtertrirni-birotwAlNktila:itif4t iiikiii. dilahc'of l ioiesto.,bfiec Oilltas tiPl!)eet "ladv! ,
fferassiA sill: Stiiteh: ia in. .double ( v ia.- hint ere d a
~. O at , c h ar k b la ail , mac k of the cote.
rtaf-tOev'tiikeefulci.dr Astillekt.'-l-Cdf.• A. 14. -" , .. . ' ap o thr i tail gone v.) 8:t..0-on,
. ., , .. , , .•,.• 4,. eutuptinti , r , qur r 4 , .
ekiticiiie 'Oariri...4lTl-kit .10 ' a le-right c a r ti t- g
. . _
co' , : : - },; ; Q:ur setiinr nditer is kicked up in
-7 - .
s- r. ;:f, -tit honl briiiiwife; . to' keep
itokra Pop. ho log. hitm.ta ass; h
. - . &ti
- tn.st, their petitions tu . :t l 4 tit , : Shannun--
unpoor i deitia;'-'etn jirt . to edit.-the
Enilui.rett This-is xklit . tipology. - -_, .:
„,. .... -..,
...,, . ~
it isforio7i-.3filakm:-11, - will-be recot-
leered thawhe , 4ate. , Ettft,' • is..)-i river` . spoke
.1 1 . 7 41. f - .i 4 - ;iiiiii , -of 'one litindreil 'a."ll,&siityeight -
g rtir
nieisti ' Moinin he' Wing n irklltiliffklaY • out . ;
40-..th4 courittr = witli - Ote.de ' '' ' - tAti.=:
z' l9 'g w-1113.10.044.1,14.4^,v :' -,.. , ' liftter
from At. aetieeiii.4„ilitelftifiti I T-10-
;ler, the lioardini . :Iniflc:erliifit r e'Wize ,- p,4b
lishetliii , the N. _ , fi - '6464P:ciiii#ole-riext
notice of their Whef‘lifoutar: •-•'' , - - ,
i - Oa pi.
Tey - 10r.JIAri**fil el Oiss; t rift
6 ii
the I4th inst., at the;bar tit t t -N. 1-, it ass,
was hailed - by Capt. Pierce: - of•theship - 1
Henry „n i board' of * .iiich llie:.l4lnfrtioris,
were. Car.; T. hoarded the ship, when he
was informed by Capt: . -1 ) . that the , Rive II -
gers were then- and - liad heen. in a -awte of
mutiny, front the time they were three :Isys.
out.frorn Liverp,tinl. At the ri , r4itiest of
Capt4leree, and on his atiblavit; Capt.
Tayinr - inatle - prisohers of the Rev. John
Snyder and two others,whom Pieree-poilit
ed out as'the ringleadrrs.
Capt. Taylor tont: the prisoners ashore
with him. They have'sinee been taken up
'ci the city.- -N. `Y. •Sltin. -
lle prize fight: trial, at Westchester,
. .„
189 - resulted in the most-mitigated verdict
the jury could render under the-indieveent;
that for manslatruhter in - the foUrtli:lettree,
accompanied by•a recommendation_ to mer
cy. The three individuals_thus-passed
upon .were among' the most "tCrirrinent ett ,
gaged in that fatal and disgraceful affair;
from which it is inferahle.. that those yet
to be tried will stand a fair Chance- to be
;acquitted altogether.
We deem it rinnecessary to lumber our
columns with any , further detai'e, and have,
consequently, dt.scontinued nor repor , s.
Whatever the result may be, will he of lit
tle consequence or interest. In determi•
ning upon,the punishment for manslatrgh.
ter in the:jot/rat degree, great latitude is
given foil Court. A fine of $250, or hn
prisolun ent - in the State Ellison, or both,
may he imposed, or a mere fine of
. ix'
cents. Either of these, or . any me. `sit
t rc
between those extremes,. the . - Court, ''..,
option,. may inflict; but the j ury's recoriti:
men:Winn to meilcv in this east; hi-ring:tan
tamount to a r ecommeniktion of the tiett,-
est jed_rment possilile, it .1.. not rohtibit
that the Court NA ill he very hard upon the
:`• - ' ,-,,,- '.'. , t , q1.:5P ,. :: ,, ,
abominable practice of prize
fl Qilti++n will probehly reciive but a sti:rlit
sud y te,mnortry check fron
thsse proseculionF.—N. Y. Sun.
Frorn Hrwanna.—An arrival at Sayan
neli brings inte'lloa - mre from Havanna to
ihe 15th inst, at which there was no
material chance in the markets. The s.lp
p!is of new coffee were more aburylant
than usual at this period of the season, and
the quality , )1 the crop promiied to Le
a rod• -•— F. San-
Money.—ln the West, dol
lars are called ,lugs, shells, tulips, tin, dust,
dou,r,hnuts, horse chesnuts, white boys,
proxies, spread eagles, E plurihus unums,
silver ques, goggles, ballast., and last
though not least, equals-ta-everything.
Import if Oil.—During the month of
October there arrived at the various ports
in the United States, 4 ships, 6 barques, 10
brigs, 1 schooner—tonnage 4,o7s—enga
ged in the whale trade, bringing 13.439
barrels sperm oil, and 8,273 barrels whale
Unbelief—Hearing a man complain that
the political papers of all kinds 'had be ,
come such liars, that, for his part, he did
not believe any of them,' reminds one of
the old story of the miller and his three
sons. Coming into the mill, and finding
a grist in the topper. the old co.ln cried
'Tom. have you tolled this grist''
'Yes, sir.'
have you tolled this ,- gristV
'Yes, sir.'
'Sam, have yi.o tolled this ..gristr
'Yes, sir.'
'You are a pack of tying scousifirels,'
Laid the.colil,mni. 'I don't. Lieli.eie•mw.rii4,
you say—Pi/ toll .it myself.'—C're.s. City.
_ ,
gentleman being •short of farads,
wrot t- 0 laconic epistle to a friend-, request
ing the luan or some mon&y, adding. that
as his friend was at once the best anti most
lucky lean
,in the irnel(l, the_ probability
was that he. wnuld.get the money acain.—.
His friend inamediately complied with the
'Doesn't ytAtti- minister never give you
no temperance Fermotisr ' No-=lie is
too much of a gentleman to mix liquor in
Vainglorious- ern are the scorn of wise
wen, the admiratioti"of fooies;•:i ij,idnl4>of
parasites, and the staves et their. oire
Wjiteo, we are shine, We halm ‘our
thoughts -terwatott,:--itt our fansiliPs, our
One qhnpl4iicat 48ifor_qtyi*I,enojlier
aectlSEAr retaefe papent
tensivii'whoktai l aetitei OE6
,:" - - -I
"-- 4 fisAite ' "' •- ' '
ortitookili,. ti a Aro -,t,ivii!*Be % 4 i' I. 1
vill-tii,,gil W.t .Whith I " • *PO,* '
eam-oriti, 1 !. way* is iiiii...-- ?B
- - -we two is wit,pt -In
..-, - . ~.Wagott ,
'--, --'---:`-;:::1;,,,--„-:,,,, , - '-- -t.
'''':4;rl-4-'"` .'. 6-AL,.
s. , :,•,._.!.., 3: ~,-; —.,
' ' - ' 41:- -"' y
~+4Y 9 ~ y ~n
Facts for - thepPeeitie. , • •
•2. It i 3 ttLat'• 4.1 r. Tyler was,
apprised to - s National fiattit iti•;18 , 13.. . 1
Ik.ia:'st!far:t suStalned tty t e 1 itnals
egongress L . llll Mr, Tyler, in 183§l yoteal
egaitie;. , the- chartering
Bank:— - - •
3. It has heeit sutaakett
General Jraekson's - Veto inft said till.
- .
has been Vrevetitifit, fri:preSent4 4
iri a, me*trial front-the people 'cif Shenen
drab enmity. Virginia, he,i stated on the
floor of the.',S. , --nat 'that he was Opposed to
the Bank et' limited Stares on high nonsti
tutional grioinds! • Sev
speech in the riii.th volume., .page, ; 960;
Congressional Debates- • •
5. It hasbeen proved tliat, in IS;10; . he
a(ifiressed a letter to the Hon. Henry A.I
Wise, in which he declared his ofiposition
o a Bank.
.6. It is admitted by Mr. Biddle,of ftttS"-
)urgh, to whom this letter was shown,
hat such a letter was written,by Mr. Ty-
7. It has been proved, and net contra
dicted, that, Mr. Tyler, a feW days before
the inauguration of General Harrison, de
clared himself hostile to-the establishment
of a National 5 ink---41iis deakration was
made in conversation, between Mr. Tyler,
and Messrs. Preston, Botts, and General'
Thompson, now our Minister to Mexico.
S. It is -admitted by Messrs. :Ewing,
Bell, and Badger, that Mr. Tyler's conduct
in vetoing the first Bank bill was correct.
arid predicated on constitutional princi
9. It has been asserted, and not denied,
that the President wislied - ro insert in his
.Message vetoing the second corporation
a declaration, with the view of avoid
ing all improper imputations on hia c.m
dert, that ho did not intend to he a Candi
date for the succession. and Was dissuaded
fHtin this course of acti in by the argu
m,Am4 Mesqrs. Bell and Ewing.
10. It has been asserted, and not deni
ed, that a number of the fliends uf.the re.
tiring Cabinet calked on Mr.. of
Massachusetts, and :•equested him to see
the President, and infirin hi O, if he would
make no hostile movernent against them,
that they %t ould not sena the Bank bill to
11. These are the farts, briefly conden
sed. in relation to 11r. Tyler's views, and
the management an I intrigue which char
acterized the movements of the last Cabi—
net. Such politicl parity as marks
the conduct of Mr. Tyler, has been rarely
ex - libited in this country, and Must attract,
the admiration ofbis countrymen.
The privilege of being abused and slan•,
tiered is called popularity.
/PARE Notice that I have applied 10 tt e Jtrdges of the
Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny COll nty, for
the benefit of the 11WS enacted for the relief ofirptutvent
debtors and that said Court has appolute4 the:26lli day.
of December inst., at tine Court House itt the. elly.orPitts.
burgh, for the bearing amp and my rreOpil, w4n and
where you may atleMl if you think proper:
WILLIAM lIUNTEV:, Fariner,ln.dlAna.,Townsblp.
Dee. 5.1842. . 3ttls
4 LL persons in le.hted to the. estate of Henry Bell:: hey.
ver. deceased. late of Upper St. Clair Township,are
requested to make immediate payment to the undersiep
ed, and all having claims aaainstsaid estate, will present
them, properly aut hem ice t e.d for settlement,
W 51., BELTZIIOOVER, Executor. - ,
Dee, 2.1842,
- LP AM MY FLOUR . Just.. received a few !turrets of
g'.' Superior Flour,. made expressly for family use. For
sale by ISAAC CRUSE,I43 Lib, St.
la Store 50 harrels sup. flour.
ISAAC CRUSE. 143 Liberty st„ offers for sale SO bur
60 BriAielt: dried, t extra quality ;
95 Bushel's dried Peuelies, —also,
. t
Raisins and Fig, I..Y‘
SPRAY EVRSE 41ririg in
Pi qe t,ovinehli,..or; - Sayi4day th,o 190 or Nov': fast,
11!ack wllft four' feet, a wiMa slat' oa Ms
fart:ha:o an4Laonhis noirt,.. and about 15 hands high;
Eruppatit ia'ha - 1;1 014.:.1110 ow:riir 14 *Wed
'teca.o.via and protie proprify pay charges and iakV h fin a;
ova 3 b,r he will tie sohl'accordlng to lacy. -
Dec,. 5, 1342.. St. WM: Ptt FAS
... . , .
19111.11QX•Efft.T/4", Pi disease of .the,Throat and Lungs,
L. which IP annually 'Sweeping _thousands open ihoit.
senile' in a s prealatu Fe. r,rpive,lt under, tho. r tnistaken name
of constfioption.-ie alwams : eared by the .ase of Jayne's
Ex fleet oi an I. Tjte,symptnp}s 'ofihin diSease are cough.
NO!eltess.of ttmlungs. or, throat, itoar.enes.?„ difficulty of . ,
breathing. asilttna„ beetle . fever spiftins of phlegnt or—, SHER/ FF'S .„ 1
114allqir, ami sqrnatimes bictod..: it . Is an inflamation of the . Vit/ILL be male,. at BanuntsfL"!s.
(I qe tikie which lirte.rt.he inside of the wliott of the wind. V V 'Rooms, No. 110 Wood Ta. i•
. - ,
tulles Or dfiletesi!ik‘Vihictliun'tiirough every
. 1)01 If the' 'cinther Ist, ionnnencing at 11 .... 5 , '
111' '.!0' 3 ' i l' In"-'2i0eltiltani ikinielthlteiy- Fllppr , essis the • balling 'eel] ifispoeed of, bye rr, r i l lsa
rkinghf rat It, licilariititron Myer, and din:lathy 'Or breath: Shiriff, the entive'stock rt; f a itTial,
In inn pitillifeifir 6 fiesf: and rasp expeetoratink and a . recently purchased, and weii ' -
cure' ii'soiht itliicleth '' ',-• ' • ' ' .:". - dealers and purchasers• , d ,):
I'l A iit 4: I its .A . 631 , GH 1. ll ' ils norneziect it; thousands have . The stock consistOn Pnr", - ,;, ;.• ii.
flirt a preniattirc . ) (lentil' lot the Want of a little afferition. Bleached and Brown MP . "' ~
to a ctnnuron' onlit. • t ' • ' ' ' ' 'S ft e Irish Linear; .. - ::
It Ave xou A Cumin 1 'Dr. Jnyne's Exacitoraiiti'a • safe • ",A Medellin and London
tnedfcat iresirintitin, rontainitie iii;'iieifilijetititilite7 9 :l o (P' 44 Chtittnee and Ler/art_ :
leset in a apitep sl vs practice fox.neveral„yetiiiLwill ;noel I ` filerliMeabnd Bonplataille"" . l' - ... 1
nnelitely. 4 Xipird_relief. ,49taxe,,4„0t4 eyn_nkitnutivaral d15...1 • - Flint nets and Ltnseys ,
.._. .
rase, ..vut,ntilsitv eonroatrrion, ..Wtylch,a,npnetlf weeps ' :, ..Cassimeres sad ad-LinS Ai d- glleni
lot °Abe grave, Lfixd.re4syo, the yolteg,:throld , p,..l4e:'fair,, 7 -...Finelfediratifious°''',,.. . , • ._„'*-
the,lonety, and the gov t ., ~ -.. , . J ,, . ' 1.7- .. ' .
~, , .Beavo 4014 PIO el:; t i r V,tlDir ,
• -;./kopen, yea a Cough 1' Be perautt4ed to ginreh ' itee a bot- : ' Vglenoia,andethef ~..„:
, Ile of this -Ekrpecteraat To nAY; tnaribirotw mak be too ;.ka:iosorinitot of 0 05 ..! .,, ., 0 „K •
late. '
~1-frpc,yaA a....c.fug.d../. Jaaueri,Espantoraml.is the only Gent lellti!Ca 3 n d L*l99 . l'ir
remedy yea : -should ts,iiii-tp pimp yon,.—fstr thispigh reit, , -" 'Cititrtl °6l4 " rd sh°e6 n . t'rv'' '
Aill'? 1 -.4& 1 4 De nntWbsc.ijittiOa.dtenseetathetoll lutiV • s.:,Spoot Cottonaird,fin!....ow
k .
'tie'en'u"sl*'" il 1411"44.1.0iXt.,-,t,f,. ~ : .
... Merino arid Bhank i r i Ztioos;
••-• Pegth...lNliAltlfkle ind iPta944 het, I, l ,i,tt . nlihti Aiseul Frio. .. -..latf-430."1141' an d d Idnii.e
Ling office, Third strei6.oPfioiltedite - PoliOf4c,it. -'. pa t brk,ucogel!" l .. ,, —.-.! , .- - ---i-!
r- -''`- ' . - --' --. ..- 4 i ittir.s ' • itigiidit,pc)pheer' 4 . ._ st a
- - iiiiiiiiti4 f0r11341)14..gii• ,' ' .: - IttiOd'e . I;irDe A s • e usuiol faw 't
, .1. , --) P LA t".- -, . I f4.1,-.11..f1 Al ''~ ' .'s .. .
.areiroll...lZ- -;
i-i 4 N;iSV-77! - -.1 . .A.` : 4 Ael, -- " ,..- 4 1 j,,,„ .. , -;-.1.1.:4-- , = - u—vitrithi
ewil . -) ' - .
. .4 . ' .
01111011014,0...',E4/oLAkt.7,Xols'44:liW iii ":, isi t ;
..:fiettlOgie-ti 4.041.
:Arriti. 4 .-14*TIFSBN aniitOgiti;,lit**Akyro.*A4 ta w I - .‘ iiff''' -'- '
.o e*littllosil,• ,. .;frilit-actiO.: 2 -F ., - - - ,- -: -.1 : -- iiiiiO3 - ,7 '
, _
~ 1
"2;l' 1111
} ~ -~. ~~i
4: 1
-.ems :K.,i
, -
Ocint kit hpr 1;0
danger: - tilt"` etrwarthlweilr
fits; artti its-
...Fisti are said to be faedikt
,have vuiceAtiemeekeL
. etolitig Lai cost: En g i an d - . . ,
stinr euclimg the test of •Jan titry .
taut: .4.ittOtiOo dc44lars; •
no use
.11 a ma
T..er is. ' ' -'• ''.
.... -.1. ~.:.- fiioolia.tdor.e to ..--
. g ran -CS- -11E1Y" . .
in ' 111 - i s whale atagt o , .
3.-beihoDd tfl'ln
1114/4÷,4(14 - Beitaskt;lslo.. 1. Bait
K-7 "tar 3aleliy . IsAAr
ito/Nrilift CL
'kb: Delia t ;mai lois -
initDbor above Virtu(
onapleie d t gekera I assent' ' ,
JUL, consi 3 t,ing in part a mu ft i
ci rroek - antl curertoats; tees ) .
ttoth velvet trialmed v and MGM; every
'and froth cloth coritsvfashionatlecolit
ruin terrtaticy eastinet mutt., cloaray
s~ipuf4oc.gn3tity'.; Every cleacriptian er•
the'season, and will' e a.ild low roi •
ing to nave fashionable parmcnts modest
at wit , ' find - them at tit is establishment,
tel equal toany in t A f a n d i rtk4
hand to.arste (0 Order •
. .
SiesSrs; i 1 Doinnhy and Thomas Vv.
estaal tid %et itbe m ach sieved lit
t iteir.a.eireral friends. Good fite ins4Rd
Piti.sintr4ll, Dec. 1, 1842.
CgRRZCTLD,II/41.1r, BY A.I.LKN rakom.
Rank of Pittshurch. par
alerch.4 Man. par
Bk. orGerniantown ••
Easton lank,
Lancaster bank, Ells 31
Bank of'Cliester Co. par
Farmers' bk Bucks Co.. ••
floyleAtown Irk •Jo - ••
Bic of Ili.Ainerica Phil. ••
13k of Nortitern Liberties,.
Commercial bk. of Pa.
Far. t Mechanics bk.
Kern.tinaton bk.
Philadelphia bk.
1 4:sichuylkilrbk. •
Southwark hk. •
Bk. of 1 101
13k . of Penn Ti - . par
Man. rt. Mechanics bk. 5
al ear aliirit bk. pa,
Moyamensing bk.
•Oirarri bri.,k, 50
. 1 1.7.53a1en bank, 58
T,irmhermenn'„ Warren, 75 1
Frank. tit WasiiiiiejOn. par
Miners ink of Potlsvile,
fik ofMontgomery Co. par,
Mon.iik Brownsville, .
Brie hank. 5
flarrislinreh hank. 1
Far. h& Lancaster, 3
Ilk a Mi.trhernwn, 7
Pk. of Chatit'.era' urgh, 9 1
Bk of Nortiminheriand, 10
Caiunihia Lk Bride co. 3
Rk •ita.iretianna Cu. 10
Mint' Mtn ware Co. par
,Lebanon bk.
. si.iirah tik. 9
Far. it
•• Currency notes, 8
floneAal , .. .T.I
AV, nintne. bank, 121
ritisi‘gli Staat Scrip. .5 7
Country_ _do ._. do 9
ce,ke CO. bank, - F. - .{ ,
Litwit own. . . 15
Town nig,
' flatt().
Far. $• Mech. bk of.Steu
fir4rumitlik if St. Claire
viiirc •
Marietta bk. Demand
do Currency nOles,
Columbiana 1.1( New Lis
bon Demand,
do Post notes, 2 1
4 7Inclitnati speCie pny•
' "lug hanks, 2.
Mech. 8r Traders bk of
' Chicintuit'',
Clinton bk of Columbus,
Demand notes. 2
Circfevillr, (11. Lawrence
CAshier) 2'
Zanesville bk. 2
%Wien Salt
''Af°ndar Evening next. at 7 at
Want:el' RESEW.;
Vf corder of Liberty and St Claire
at Wet reverie, the b lance. alit tose .
S,Old, for the benefit of the second
eny, eamprismg a great varlet d.
useful Clothing for Ladies and Chilies..
assortment of fancy articles. .510--oiel,
P'3ll4llsgst ft is hoped fire public will •
as ehegoods Wilt' he positively veld.
Eittsbargh, Doc. 2, 1843.
lE,XTE,ArS/rE SALE OF DR r 0. ,.. .''
II •4 dailnornlng at 10 o'clock r.0.t...
snit .iextentree assortment of '...eastitk '
latge:proportion- of them onckatied 80.,
goods taken and sold by the klaribill o '.
conaltitiag In part, viz:
. Supectime.lllue,_ Black, InvlAhle Gast
• 7 _
.and Green Cloth; Blue, Black.
Caishielrs, kikill.ff!,
itelstineridr'doinesticiPlankritieo ' ...,
Keniucky Jeans; Brotroil#
• 200' ifee6 Ptint; Satin Stocks, Si&
Gum tiasnenitlers; I nTani's Worglriill44
B P O.O I, Cotton; Shawls; Flandkeribitik • .
bleak:l4 -Blasting 'french andlotl4l ,-
'Blxokty;,:WlikieiTialie; Conon Conk ..ci
er SeasonabiodoOds. ----:'
1 „ The .ale will he continued et/ W.
I ''''• tide 2s.
,:-- . ....
- •
ikaa" g 's good buolireoi..
ici(!fosiy.rsed;eile comp
e s ieffeita lo f iianee.Tl
are 44 -41;3%14( Oidir
•,tile,coritortien a I
i re Atrolardly iationiabit
performance& frle Abil I
`auiaa!tFve bill
414 -4bet;Thea &re
v uolvsftei!te et
te:t6l4*.i ky—the--t
L 8,1714; !Ito tteeerr
lAvirice" 1
,P Ora
:th* '(',ut.iikr„,tt!e:piecF is
'the house be goolor
the manager it certaini
,ƒlrani'', 'wqtrilly of th
rtgeorei, It - indee
I..seior" if 114eis.B 0,
a-, er eaattot
00,4j1,1fia,1, 00 , juvenile off
-e4kieritay,fr,um NVealsi o
OD .litiyLO ML Pleftsant
by the-Mayor yesterday
ad guiltY - 1.4 having' been ec
Cayariagrb;sfatiore, and
his adc*Fpliess.
• ___---.
i4.—M'Carthy, who the•
fte froku jha Greenshaagh'
d at the house urhis "female
t ,treet: Ili was round i
NOM alt, 7.
Xvint s
ether Boat:sun k.—.'rlie
Olt in the Ctkiberland.
u saved. She : had o
11 null
G ram*
(;,)in 4.*
Far. btd
cot ton.
—'Cie Btnm - 111
e mouth ,-tallery 'a
ble that ittONbat may :b
Stale bt.k
ate ern)
8(44 g
70E114 Illet4stli at St. 144
time 4 . •
Hitt At . I' h c
-'VO Fratte, , IT'Oll/
e. •;tti 6,
e mi t traiito,--tonk fire at ti
itvetve.trideit iihnve
morning of the - 25th tAL
'Boat tud c.
torfnec... $o iivci 1. sf.
Bank of Ti t
Ao Vtrii
Ec 1 , ,e
V. e I lat.
Mer. `'Mkt.' -
Ba I. !more
COU 1118111/4
t htflr of is ewh
„ -
«adetpkbtibe 11 , (1) not.
-8110`Qi9 lett.r w;:11 a p
MI Pr I 3
All Hai IV,
el I P
C,.nnlry hat&
- pkir
Ft e .t , '''
1 11 %1 , )
Post a % .
faunJ Ai(xs
tip al.
-6ecat ~eeretly
.Ivltitil it
, V.l , s ;riaced
Orlen F.
tt iie. I/ parJor
Glll. - It tip(L
fot , ovi;ieg ceit:i6etes,
th Lv r oflung ataniin
lo fr.nn lhu fact tliat the
ttei, pr ;wed snejfec'nal,
Od by the use of tne 'on:
of 1-rss'el' arpetite; sieln
a in 'the !road, shoulders
meaari riots, w,1.11 ske?ple'i
w 6111/Weld in some c
cough, apititsNoci
-tittlyiuse;mstaineht ay
uch -dertinged,'-w hen the
as are absetet, and beeot
lore it is knosOn. • ""
. of El .Ca
Do. I:411.
Gnarl lab,
New I,ut,
14 , 11nwt,
invoi D
L stag.
4 efierson township Greene
—34ly 11,
°E. Set - lers-4 feel with
ye have made of,Siiinii
the spring of isai
as which lefr me with is s
ttpdligfit-siiie, which
and of fate - yearo , with
•pposed to Inking medic:.
until about •t.
hich 1 have taken medici
elating t$ t, Fliad tbit Li
frequently_ th?pell
relieved in Z. Alut, 4,21.itnel i
• ears ago, I hid . a long a
• hiP•ft tWas astvised by J
!lava fn
alit '41117 1 - ienith ha
'higivawd they help me
much advanead in yeiz
anti well:
`IWO i% ; rnt u; t t
!pa .yt.•
lir that in ,afiiicted with"
pattc : ,itetunttett l‘iver
&gn , dl
tes'inr)nylia I
#llW,chatta - g: t. G 2 r o e
*Saiterifie geVeral
.4-1144, ttnriew lux ail
-. wit ‘:421,:t, useles.
' 811 ff
Watt PlCOPtrit, a In •
.7":*4.„:thittersboa... But a
to s 5 that for dayi
ene pt whether
I health.
'tied hi Ors irretißroff
n'A sh f oegii - 10.1.`Yitt my
tthevitp ,
lise e de ertuseeirmi t
-aeo rnmvotetektiwoeterY 4
t CiOntiaganco_ 43141
, t-Aplihy 101
) ! )tliir fijtitorjeresrte
spbt-legs. kr, "a
_lewatitreveiereb 43 in
ittri t **ob