Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, December 01, 1842, Image 1

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rovided with - the Safely Gook low
nted with a sgare of the liqueraq i ,47 l 9
bet t p,,,, l
are not deceived by ai ham
sting their boats Fri he prellAkd if i gc. i ...
When. they are vet
. ii is astistrit ago i r
itowingis a list of basis. mapped =
aat the Port of Pittabirgh—ali -7 ,
the list have the iniptarvedapyarat i
.i= it is impossible for aa aaPiolithlea7 l 4
DU Qvpcligti
ECLIPSE., - `,
OSPREY, . ' 7 ' 4
Z.-VNTH. ORPHAN 111011-„,,„`
- UN E,
traveling community are recce
they make a choice of a -boat. to
•ri whether it would not be Ist %lei
urity to choose a Safety Gault
an.. freight. in preference
etulcsion--and that they
ii•invention has the unqualifill*
‘f.am enzinn hoilders---gentlemes
iluderstand the salient, and 'Aware
, ed—bnsides a BUlllber of rertlialgelt
t hen en and nt hers—ail of whieb,,enn
No O. Water rarer*: where,
re at alt times to exhibit my
-ill lake the trouble to call.
The subscriber offers for sale, at Y ,
es, the treater part or his real eat**
ies of Pittsburgh and A Ilegheny, tri # :
Vt'arehouses. 'wady
e Merl:et st reel ittXond
7 a front of about 34 feet
r separately to iOlt purebise 1011111,0
fn Alleebenyelic:
th,hl upward of 350 feet hi
at. nor on the Penneyivanla Ca WI lid
. .
linglon ea reel. '
10% adjoinin2 ttte ablpire. 4l4lo o :
1, 11 4 9 350 ref( to depth. includlittiNk:
mansion house which I now
1r0,.:t lot with two two iory brk l K ff .
,o the corner of Market and FrOlat Stfrillyd
dern le around rent, and now arrlNpiet lq
..1X SEED fII...IX7'ED awed in
rtg I or !cod., :1 quaniity Of Pkilti aid
lona,. Of Country ProatlCO lake*
no , or eoods at 11 All IS'S-InieletePet,
r Comrois&lorl Warel3.onfe.
II N II A RT. Comatissiez .Nertheot., Pal*
do.re and ..Imerican Argairfactwris, •
r.sER TO-
o PatOur,th
ru. hart,
C .cliran of R'd.
41" n
, • v . . Ogden co.
oodbourne, EFq., Madison
r:n on larbich I live, in VW'
d coat:link:a one Isobel Mm
. hoot 70 acres of which is etratrimaf
t , intwred. There are upon it Oath*
n 63 feet by 34; an apple onion' It
..,ot seventy acres of Cost. TWO*
ual to that of any upland farm
made known on a ppticit I kon
e premises. wtL7A.AN
I LLIA Id C. WALL.- Nein
an/ Picture - ..Irromot
Street Prittsburg4.—Canvaaa
a i Wilk
A rga, always on hand. Loorkll
framed to order. Repairing doss is
ular attentioll paid to mitdinpood
f—rrip7ioll. .
inn. Gniti~ op etealll Boats or
boleros win
cant - a;e 10 Call.
MITE LEZ subseriterrare saki
in 11 rniAl Fainters. and *WWI& 01
;pure Wbite Lead wade of- the WV
• 1 {Timm!, If not superior lo.an 10 0
gl l ,_ l
r, addressed to Dunlap k
•0-110 Second iftreed.P ol4o4lo".'
DOlCidik kl
nd to
I f• DIES FASHIONABLE 11013 ti p
o i
so i
Fifth st .. oat do•rftasa Oli god of 5 . .: ip
doh h= cri be r respectfully Inform. if".
t,urch and vicinity that MO b i15 ,..,1
:.,..,Shoes of his own ertautitacture4.,"7
re be n ill keep cosslaistlt oft-tutall ti[
of all kinds of ladies. tobsesr. age .
.1:oes. of tire beet quality. whets ~
o stilt the times ilearlll Use tih
of fancy work—such $ I ,in , ....—,,,_9.- - -i
,ra, colored gaiters. and WAIN& -11 ■7*
:ren's ellslers, silk raters kr. ite.......•, ii
tw made at the alimrleall itetierearl w'oill
Ladies wilt pliaMM, _ Sad 44 E i1 t . :41 0
e subscriber fee l s _ ", . , that it' ",,:
article in his M. '.*
Will% j
P7O ' . _..' , . , qfilf#
. S*. Don't forget the elli, to
r from Harris's lutellifellea 4 11 ll*
Market Street. •
------------------ to 1 ... m,151 DlGirthavialtakell deW
badness or Meal 4' 8.45;10.111?,,
erty street and 42 Market eta eldte
r.ier to the ouseroos frior4s_, l l., , . 4 0 01
o for th e seri tibersraidPr o lit ' nfiv
Loed to Nim, la coestelk, ;:'
*hes la aerate Ume Oat ..411.7 ... .... -
tit the etsailartathm a lr *: l lo ' . '
ei cuter loitte their renetr o Of OWE ,
r hing, w Mich toe Wends ~ ~
In has been ever offered. ....---
erbolegershestooc of ;led tale."— ' - 11:,
lia lotoads to AIO .-/fir
k; aril al ___Agyal• - - ,
et, busload. lie *e """--- - Z.,'
;Sass kisedieek. atelier" ''• ": ,5- 2 . AL - A ii r j
loot srorleade=iii i ^i v eiy
r FF
.:::-- - t
o take.
At Peat fr I W.
1. 10 r
, H, 1 5 1 %VW At.d
• 71.
N 0
pin 61,1 PS SC W. H. 8541 TH,
coRNER oF. Troop if WPM STIR
tv TWO a year, payable in
T. CENTS—for sale at the
Am and by r"" Boys.
erc ary and Manlnfactiarer
wgegl.T, at the same office, on a &ruble
TWO DOLLARS a year, in ad
-570. D o e s., SIX CENTS.
1.4 1------
, - `of Advertising.
0,50 One month,
075 Two monis, 6.00
1,00 Three months, 7.00
1.50 Four months,
3.00 Six months, • .00
4.00 One year, 15,00
csarosAiscz at rtmastisa.
Rum Two Sfatafes .
$l4OO Six months, $23.00
no) One year. 35.00
advertisements in prorortion.
of foe lines Six DoLt.sari a year.
Orrice Third between Market and Wood
$ Riddle. Postmaster.
g o ni, Water. 4th door from Wood M. reter
c— ajar John Willock, Collector.
' s, Wood between First and Second
so A. Bartram, Treasurer.
Tu A lras, Third street. next door to the
,FlN,an Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
• rimer, Fourth. tetween Market and Wood
_candor flay, Mayor.
, Et-muscle. Fourth. near Malta el.
cs.between Market and Wood streets, on
fourth streets.
'.lto 14sTUiraCTrarits' sap PAttana• Da
iformerly Saving Fund.) Fourth, between
Ihrket Infects.
Fifth street. near Wood.
•t TOCIAIL, Water assert, near the Bridge.
Oral.. earner ef Penn and S.. Clair.
' lloest., rornei of Third and Wood .
tloym.,corner ut Third and Smithfield.
rorner of Pentistreet and Canal.
Liberty street. near Seventh.
asstolit House. tiiseriy Opunsite Wayne
Illiorston Horse. Penn St. opposite Canal
NSELLOR AT LA W —Office remo
ell'i.Ortees on Grant st. neatly opposite
.rt Hoare, next rooms to John D. Mahon,
floor. VT 10
. ELurorr;m. D..— offite removed to
r street, between Pens and Liber
sty P
ODS.—Premon 4. Mackey. wholenale and
d fa lc.r. fn Engtish, French, ar d Liomns4r.
No F.l, Markel t , Feitsbnre.ll eep 10
LE,SS & ItIPCLIIIRE, Attorneys and .
.11ori al Lacy: Office in. the Diamond, badt
, art House. Pil tstwreh. g , fl 10
AL._ R. Ntorrow, Alderman; offi,e north
t PICO V., between Woad and Smithfield
t'P 10
Inv r,, Wholesale G tore.' Rert ifs in_
And Realer fn Produce and Pittstture.b
Artictri., Nu. 224 Liberty Street, Pitts
be-P 10
Prndin, :1.41 (7amcnii.gion Merrtinnl., and
'flishur:ll Matmlaciured artlcle,. NO- •
pep 111
ARA ROBINSON, I!,Orfleh, at Law
e . ihr nnrl h Ode of Ilse Diaenotici .bet wee
el rrel,. Ilp Sl wife 5.1,
TRBORAW, Attorneyat La w;
fr .- A.1.11131 5,11 ice- to tit poftlir. (Mire
Markel. S?reet4 above 11. 1.10y3 k
f.h, Pa. srp 10
1,7 N. KY ‘N
F & KEVN, Stanufartur,rs of Copper
Set Iron Wat's..l .4,, 81.1. Front et Pots
se Spouting and Steamboat wort p.-onintly
ToWC F1. , 114C1S I . YOUI4G.
B. •
YOUNG bc CO''.,'FnAltre Ware
itAirner of !land A. tt Exchan7e ; Alter.
in.; to porchare Furniture. will find tt to
to 2itte Li a call. beint fully Fat istied that
41.140 quality and price. sen 10
N 1111A.MS.—Just received 160 choice Mut
tor, will cured and for rile cheap by the do
N 0.9. Faith st
soppy of L.and ret Fresh Hu
, and other different varieties of Turnip
wed and for sale at aaot'ClD PIMPS at the
Store of F. L. SNOWDEN.
NO. 134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
CLOSEIrA toot and Shoe Manufairto
-80. 83 Fourth St., nest door tot he U. Scarce
rruneila, Kid and Satin Shoes made in
uner, and by the newest French patterns.
MORUS MULTICAULUS. in lota lastly
purchasers; to be disposed of by
No. 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
ROOTS, Flowers and Flower Seeds of eV.
• Alston, can always be had or. the Drug
re of F. h. SNOWDEN.
18-i Liberty ctreet, 'wad of Wood.
Illinois Annual Mammoth Ohton t=eed, for
at the Deng and seed store of
184 Liberty *tree'. head of Wood.
• seed; just received by
No. 134. Liberty brad of Wood st.
TOOLS, cossisi ins or Does. Fancy Spades
dan+in~ Towels . Eddinr Tools. Budding
lag Kbirec, Proofing Shears. ete., just re
•r ale by F. 1.. SNOWDEN.
184 Liberty' street, head of Wood.
Venison Hamit.--Jost received a Small sap
rery choice cured Venison Hams. on rein'
for current money.
and Com. Merchant
Batch Clover Seed, Orchard Graze sot
city Blue Grass, always on hand and for'
50.134 Liberty street, head of Wood.
4 iIucHANAPI, dtavraers at LIM, tare
from the Diatitood, to -.Attorneysitow,"
Fourth street. between Hart, - et and Wood
tap 10
ATES' BEA follE, for proceedings . , to 4t.
• t ander the late Lair, for sale at ibis -Mee.
L—Lois oa the North Baia con►er or Coal
mg nth greet. A ppty to'
SEA/. DA ALINCTON;IIIa Org. near 41b st.
• - • Landretler French Soar Beat dood.jart
kind and for sale at the Drug and , feed
184 Lthertytteest. bead of Wood
or IqUelNiraaliWir—Tbos
ip togretotbro mist* bellomoes
au Bag;
. !Liginf ROTEWSLlditbitillaky
gnnai eenreoi. Wtfliisttokby
Alatttne of the fins is rtatoolip -
*MIAMI 1110111T,;'-
, 0 .
- - • - : ''
- ' • - . ' -W. -,.,. '• ,Lt7. -4 i?„ , Fi'-:•'-',,,-.:.. - .. - ...:., -- -, •.,-- ; .-. . ._ . _ -
~._,, .
3 4 ?
,-.,ora---_, - ;-0k.:...-..f.... z-?:r1.:4 ,-r , - 7 .`-:; 2 ,-.7-it-T-7.1'.:!:::!q%: ; :i-' 1 .- . :- I .'-'-''''..-' , -:?-1 , .. , 1* - .';';"=` , r= 4 -W-r - - - ._ . • ... _ :-.% .., -...--'!'-- ' - v.77-'!"4...,-c - `=." . ." - 7. - . , - - ''.., - .-7 -- -' ..- r7: - '...:".:
-..--- - - --:. - ..-.4-: ---- _ - .„- J - - , - ' - 'r... -- "-- - ' ' . - n-; - = -- - - -%.,-:11:, , --.. - - - --- - ..qi-z. , t: - -,,, -~, .. - --- ' - -- -- '- - - =.• '-.- - --4 1 1 ..-
. 4.-; q: ' . ','--- '-r* '''!...-',. -" . - ... , :,..-'-' 4' '•
'..:,';v:: t ...-. .,'- -- 4 V Irt ',....=.,..-.. .'-
, ..
7 ~.•'flif. .''..-.'.,,::.,
- - ,.12 . Ma , ..
-, ±: - -,... i 7 ' . • '. 7 :t- - .:2 -,-'1 _l,-4, .„.-,,,:-., -,,,,,_,./ , 7 _,... i ~;
-JAIL Eh mintitert, bitiditer, °jut is Vida:
it/ field. Epohotairpsurad Mini Ms.,"
arp 'lO , - - Nrrostotoe.
OB Alarm! wreckrow. sooktelitts. Pr_ ihkirs As&
is Paper Nlanoracturers. Na 37. Naiad fi. p 10-1 y
TOON ANDERSON ; Susirii6kid Foundry; %Niter
near the Mdso . itrabels Howe, Pifielsireb seplo-1y
LEONARD 8. JOHNS; Aldetmao,St.Ciarsrfeei,so.
cond door from Liberty. setwl4-135
Da- S. B. HOLM BS. Mace in Second strett. **it door
to Id ahrany 4. Co's Clam Warehouse mop 10-ly
CHUNK k FINDLAY. AMorneys at , Lau' r. Fourth L.
near the Mayor's Office, Pittsburgh. seri 104,
THOS. HAMILTON, Attorney it Lam. Fifth; between
Wood and Smithfield sta.. Pillsharii h. lien 10-1 y
-HUGH TON' ER. Alto , nev at Low, North Ea* ranter
of Smithfield and Fourth streets. sep 10—i y
tHoxpsox KANSA'
HANNA 4- TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
lag, Wood rt., where may he had a ceneral supply
of writinc wrappinc. printing, wall paper, blank books.
school hooks, ¢c, 4-c. Pet' 10--ly
C. TOWNSEND & CO.. Wire Workers cod
R. Afreafacrarers,No.23Market street., bvstreen 2d
and 3d tomes. sep 10-1 y
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and ;St. Clair
streets. by MclilllßlN 4 SMITH.
sep 111-1 y
IG METAL —77 tOns sat Pi-2 %trial for gl , e by
J-G. 4- A . CORD 3N,
No. 13 Water Flreet
- _ •
LBS. BACON HAMS. 16.000 tto.Baton
31000 Sboulder,:, for sa - e nv
.1. G. k A. GORDON,
No. 13 ►alter street
A 3. PAW IMISON Birmin:tram, near Piltsbnreti,
-Pa..Manufacturer of I.ocks Hinees and Botts; To
i,ac.co, Mil; and Timber Screws; Floueen Screws for
Coking Mills. kr. 10—le
WCLOSKEY.TaiIor and etc, Laber.y
street, between Sixth aria Virgin alley, South side.
W BCRBIIIDGE 4- CO., Wholesale Grocer= and
Merchant.-...Speond street, between
-%Wood and Smithfield sts.,Fiftshurtth. seplo
• G GOT: DON. Cornnti...inn and Forwarding
AL•rrltai,ts, Water Ft..PittstiuT.l.h. gep lO—/y
A MS.-4 casks ha ms. a rood article, received per
B Corsair, and for sale by J. G. - A. GORDON,
sep 10 No. I NV al er street
SUGAR ¢ MOLASSES.--41) Itlids New Orleans Su
zar; SO bills New Orleans Alolas=e , .; fn• sale lw
sep f() 3. G. 4- .1. GORDON:
SVC nrinie N. 0. tildzar, renewed ner S
Ft Maine. and for sale 6v J G. 6A. C:OR 00N.
sep 10 No. 12. Water alive
COCON CASKS,in order, on band and for nle by
- LIF sep 10 J. G. 4- A. GORDON, No. 1.1„ Water at
SUGAR AND %I Oh %is - St.:S.-1.3 libds and 4b' Is N. 0
s ufar . Ithis N.O. A 4 oh mcri cF.,I per Slearnnna
in , porter, and for sate by J. G. 1¢ A. conros.
rep 10 No. 14. Water street
BBL.s. BD 011.. for sale Inc
t 7 B. A. FA 11S'FzT011'R 4- CO
pen 111 corner of 611 i and Wood als
'631 FA r CRS G ermant on, La nip !flack for ta le
by A. FA 1,1 N Er , TOCK & CO,.
OCP Ifl (,),;.7 . 0f FA) and Wand .
400 LIIS Prepared Chalk, 1 . 0 e
"OPti. A. Fll-12iF.S foci( a- co •
earner of 6,11 and Woodat
QUG to AND MOL .SSE.S.-60 N. O. sour,
Z 5 tdth do. do.. 100 do. Plaut.:lii •n Nroinesr•P, for
J G h ...GORDON.
No. 1. - .2 Water sit vet.
; 11
11 i.e. oz-f.ti in .Bank ruptcy proceed In2A. primed ou
zum i p. 9 er-A nd i u OW (ocil., a c pcurcd be I Ile Couri.for sale
.1 hc Office of the Mercury and Democrat. eep 10
WM. 111 F MBA FL D 7 Ladies' fashronaide Moot and
shoe Sin nuft.cturer. No. lid, Third s' reel, between
Wood audttliiiithileld streets. Pittsbu rah sep 10
. ha...removed his other to the corner of Fourth
street m•dChrtry Alley: between Smithfield and Grant
stteris.fiarnureli. sep 10
FOR RENT.—Thethnelling and lot containing 4
acre=, in Ant-Then, , near the Beaver lload,latety
°ern M r. aim.. Church. Applyat the Merchants
and Manufacturer,, P..11A, to W. D. DENNY.
seP 10 Cashier.
. .
- ER, No. 7, Si. Clair street , Pitts
set) 10
supply of Landoeih's Garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for sale ut us agency, the Drug score of
sell 10 184 7.i%.erty street. head of Wood.
DR. DAVID WARD has hi, office and r e sidence
on Fourth Stn*l,nearly south of the Court House.
second dwelling from RcOisstreet. lie will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his pro fes=ion. Night calls should he
made at the door above the basement. sea If)
REMOVAL —Matthew Jones, liarler and flair Huss
er, his removed to POUrth it reel, opposite I he May
ors otrwejultere he will he happy to:wait upon permanent
or transient customers. He solicits° share or public rat
seP 10
li-A7 M. A AV AR D, DENTIST, Peon st. tbree
V door helms 1 Mill street, Hours of brisinews, from
9 until 5 P. ft , after which time he wilt attend
to no one except as eases of actual net..4.'1 , 01P. Be
wouid further inform those who may think proper to
employ him, that he expects immediate payment. without
the neeewity on his part of sending in'billa. Imp 10
3 OHN NPFARL NO, Upholsterer tad Cabinet
Jlf..ker, Third rt. /reticent Wood 4- Atarkst streets,
respectful infirms bis friends and the public that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards. Ile •
re*us. Chairs. r aUles, Bea t iteads, Stands, Hair and Spring
Martraim., Curtains. Carpets, a -oils Of CpbOiSterin:
work, which he will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on reasonable terms. sop
110 -Ward Street, Pittsbnerk.—lit. A. Hausman.
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, is now prepared
.:_receive and sell all kinds of Goorhi and:Merchandise,
at hts brae and capacious ionise, No, 11041 Mortis East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets. Fiustrariti.
Regn:ar sales of Dry Goods. Furniture. Groceries and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery. Dry Goods, and Fancy ankles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
Books. 4-c.. erery Saturday evening.
Liberal advances wade on Cossimsents When wanted.
Mmes. John D. Davis. Cm.. 1 .
•• Bagatcy 4 Smith, 1
" Hampton. Smith, 4 Co., . I
.. P. Lorenz $ r CO..
.. J. W. Borirsidge-41- Co., f -
. B. &Mee it CO. 1
" Coo. Jaime" IVGargill. Paltoblitill.
C. Monk EN: .
4. Joon - Wraillea rat. - 1
•-• Vow a• Ilfeasedy.
...- '7 W. - IloarbeAd 4- CO. - 'r ' - •
.. Jas. r. staid. E m .
el = ..CIO 4 00 . May. • --
*. ~, ...ikva*asikaa4 g•-• , : .., :.,• --:•--
, .i'. - V...-stamfo--,- -3 , ~--; --WM
.. .. 1 , , Iti**--i r_ . = ..: ' r- 7, -:: _ .., •
.e•-..::•1100 - 0184* - ficii:',....: - .14 : 4 11 1 , 6 A ' '
' : lll V il k , ' :: ': ' :••"''' ,- ... ii - - .!' '' ' ':` .4: ' ''' ' : .'
.".! ":'' ' '''' s ! , ..:'-:. s: t --. ' ,''.
......:.* 1;7i , V.,:"; • ''. t::" ••'4.." '--
' ' . •-"' , - ~ r':,t. '' ';';'.2, _.,,. .
ttesl,..- , L,,: , < 9 1 - : 1, -,Ar' ,.. .,
~- .:.,,,,...:,,,, ~. 2
Pittsburg* aail Zkaraer - Nast.
arl 2llllll AMIs
SAX 1.. BE.UPHILL.' Maser,
lifiB commenced her molar trips. area resit tap ital.
ly Mondays excepted.) Leaves Beam at BCr
clock A. IL; leaves Pittsburgh at - 3 eclat* P. - N. 'tout
news at Beaver Tait b the
Pennsotanatie - cut 'ollil Line
of Freight sod Packet Canal amid het mem leper: and .
Cleveland Ohio; and Greenville, Phlutslbrainik., Leaves.
Beaver daily at 6 &cloth P. M. thih Itati dontibilli with
two daily tines an the Penrsyhrania canal htithiladel:,
phia, and with the New York antitlbirolhis on the bide
canal, and -New York 4nd Ohio line and Ohio eartal,aL
so with stem freight and passage Matt., ..hrlirs Ind
.chooners,on the Lakes. The proprietors of -thiswell
known line will.he prepared on the opening of naviga:
lion to tranrport merchandise to any of the intermedl.
ale portson the P.ennsylvania end Ohio, end Obitrels•
na!s; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper- Lakes;to
and from New York City and Philadelphia.
McClure i f Dicker. beaver. Pa.,
Cobb Wormer Cleveland, 0.,
Bees 4- Taylor. Warren, 0.,
. errTstittudn it CLEVELAND
W. B. BOIEg. ideate+.
RENS daily trtnnda‘ R excepted,)het Meen PiTTS.
SITE,GD ¢ BEAVER. Intent! Bearerat 8 A. N.
and pitistmreh at 2 P. N. praoidad mita Evasta's Safe
ty Ourd to yrs-treat Esplosioa of &faits.
This splendid and fast running Steam post haiku/
nee.ra rompte: ed expressly far this trade, and vans in
onneri inn with
CLARKE dr Co's Pittsbanek sad Ciseetand Lira of
Clevelaoc'. Okio
, , I . I o Oriao4 . l, ,• ' i
e Canal Boats of Ibis Linc are lotted to and film
illst.nrsh direct. and the business conducted on tite
mo-t t•rontnt and wronorntrat systera. Having &connec
tion wit.bilte Pennsylvania Canal Lines-to-Philadel
phia and Baltimore, and Steamboats running town the
Ohio river; also, through our Agents at Cleveland, with
M. Reed's Steamboats and,sew era I Lake Vessels, and
the Troy and Nimbi:an and Banff) Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal, we a.n prepared fur the trausinn 'adios
of Fr, labt to and from all points on the canal, thu lakes
and the Riv , r, or the Eastern cit les, at prkes as 'ow as
inn outer
A pnlw to O. _V. Harlot, No. 55 Water st, or at Steam.
boat NI ieltiaan's L.inditm. Pittsburgh.
Cbrekr 4- Co. Beaver.
That: a-d 4. Weather-bee. Warren.
Wheeler 4- Cie. Akron:
nootos Richmond 4- Co. Cleveland
J. R. Wick 4. Co.. Greenville;
W. C. klaten.Sharon,
R. W. Citn.ttnahant. New Castlit,
. John K Voangslown,
John Campbell Newton Falls;
Campbell Q mil'er,Campbellstown;
Babcock 4- Sic Bride. Ravenna:
C. d• fl Rhodes, Franklin;
B. A. . lliiler 4. Co.. Cnyabosa. Faltkr;'
Weisman 4. Whitehead, Massillon;
Cu rdlin Witliama. 4- Co., Detroit;
Kiune.Davie k Co., Bo trato;
Cowing, Richmond. Williams 4. CO., Netv York.
s.p 10
H - mGgy-R'.. 121. Ceiter of Woad/"i Privrt
Sfreets i Piteskurgh, hap on haida complite as
411hrri , Frattrui*04-AWr*.wea4ool. -
iiriite. Msn. choiee of THOle - iillll - 0 and iaid
, •nnti Di IV ING &ND TF:A %VA RP,ia large or small Maw.
ne ?mango niereirlervotr.vresetamilair .
A rack of 46. 60. or 84 Piece Fete, vati+thiv Painle 4
and tilt Enr.thiti China Teaware., at very low pricer.
To l'eawarf . plain. and rich palnled and gill. from
1.1) per sm
Children*,; M of ever v der, caption .
While China Shaving
Crauite Divine a. d Tex Scrviren. is wide and *lth
Qp'endid.American erenery Sainted in Mir and Mack.
A tare variety of Sleaintaoal Ditdraeend Breakrazi Stela.
,coportetli to nrairh.: enontarle.
Fire Proof stone baking plates and sliabes, from the
Dery hire Potteries.
Flint and Green Main+. In all their varieties-
Window Glass, of every size.
F . :vent rocket., Tn and Keeler&
one ripe Heads. 4-c. kc. ¢c.
All of which are respectfully offered to the it'll*:
lie on the ncn=t fa vbrable terms. Jan 2. Ise-1f
FOX AI.DP.NI _ltterney and Cwwwasibir st
II • Lair. ftl ra his orofroionai 'services to the ek
izens or Phishrirzb and bones for a share of pobtiepat
ronare. fie will exernieull kinds nf writing with neat
near and- dispilleh. Cases in bankruptcy atteeded to on
reasonable terms.—Ofire In Sailihfield street. at the
house of &fr. Thomas O'Neil, to whom burefera.
D AVID CLARK. fg't. gessitiapaiik Root
removed to No, 34 Market sir eels
Second rind Third streets, where he wo . 'espy
to see his old customers. and all others nho feoldiPpoo.
ed to naironize him. He uses nothint hat Pest rale
steel, and empiuys the Met oftvorkmen; and as he gives
ins eontraut personal attention to business. he tractSt kat
he will deserve and rtceive a fair share or patronage.
..en 10
Ranker rrypectfolly informs his friends and the
pui.fic that they can always find the hest quality of tee
Creams. icieether with at: kinds of confectionary and
fruits. In their season, at his estahlishnient—No. 11.
Fifth street. het ween. Wood and Market.
B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice. with
(takes. or anything In his line. Also families furnished
n Bread. nen /0
0111 N B. GUTHRIE, Aueti.rnrer and Commis
sion Al et Elia m.14'0.106, corner of Wood 4- FiftA *to.
Pirtsbargl: having nertn appointed one of the Auction
eers lot the City of rit.4tturzh. tenders his services to Job.
bets. manufacturers and dealers, who may he disposed.
to make trial of this market• He is prepared to make
advances on consitirwnts of all saleable commodities,
and trusts to satisly correspondents by quick sales, and
s pied y nd fa voia lite returns.
That the various interests which may its confided to
m+«, aderieately protected, he brings to the aid
of lits awn experKote - rn - nn.,.....—,,Au,"„m la i me w i th
merchandise reneralte, the services oT arc. -a te 4
Faux - carom; heretofore adrantareously known. as an
Importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent eremeement is made.
Messrs. M. Tiernan, ?real- of 4- 91.)
•• Darlington 4- Peebles,
Robert Galway.
" James Cooper,
James May.
R. M. Riddle. Pittatiorgh
Win Robinson. Jr. Pron. !
or Etichano Rank.
• lismplot..R-mlilir Jj Co.,
• John D.Pavia,
• SarnaelChoreb,
• J. K. ■oorbead.
Jas. W. Brown 4 CO.
John H Brown. it Co.
•• Bmgtr4 tine:ay.
• Taritly,t users,
w` John Ill: Biddle,
ft AM -,1. VLISIN:2I. residing ,st 66 idiot street.
NeW VOtil l seasDispeirAn imagine
iiggraihded T*Mtfillipteins , woe iriedent be
eittie.fdlei: It illiti4 4 l . •kii/ L e1. 44/111 " 1441 ‘ 4 " 104
b.ra Xl9 litheiliiinfiall4 l 9o. l a allimpideines eallag;
rt tliesioeselt; -
40.8*-011111*01 k
EP t _ t t - 11141111314111 .
ward sr ti tektrOolity; "bee: oh.
Ems. 100 dm* sod I~4lfiiii
isamidit -maiefstimritaiifibit-pdisai
A irMl
art siehar isterso weft itllllmtdisokaps,
7 7-
„awl 0160 =
7ittado Twawb„itod_ll44:losll4
R+t ”
Proprietors. .
JAMES A. VEAZ..Y. Aglettl4
N 0.60 Wattr greet,, ristshureb.
tenvion Line to Greenville
EMBER 1842,
MR. GICKEDVS egteiratit - nikiai 'Phis. Mitre
ram arestrossly recommended to, the settee or
the buttes tete AA and" efhcient nmsetry is renroyins
three tompiaints peculiar to theirdew. doe treat at ex
peke, or general debility of the systr They tabylaie
cesahasereiodal dissolved all hysterical 'arsal Nemeth;
-. *max, these killia-have gabled the sanction arid
approhatide toy the rand eminent thysiciase
to IheUiii
iedSiaki,eait many *others. For sale thibolesale and
Retail. by . E. R.. SELLERS, deem,
dee ID he. 20. Wend Street,lielear Sewed.
VVIIIIL Atit i :liOot anti Sites Make+. Libs , ty S.
appstsdris.tin ilia El Smithfield 10., Pittelierck.—
Ttesntatertintrhatrlng Wang% out tbe smelt of the late
Thomas Barest"; 4111geatisti, bas eenninenced business
in the old.ataad or dr- and is prep:Send to execute
all dimity:toga Jot work In his line, In tint heat manner
and on the simian nalMe. Hearers constantly on band
a tame aastinlavent ofshoe 6ndln s oral, descriptions and
ofthe bees quality. = lie solicits the pationUte of the nob
tie and or the craft. - WM. - ADAIR.
see 10.
al gad Cierice as Eeittervi 7:ricee.
The Rohde:fibers saltiatifartore and keeps constantly on
hand eirsich'.o d Bliptie Swims (warraintedOßho*
Iron Axles, 13ilveraind Ilraespietaff IMsh Frames, firsas
and plated-Ratillapds., Stomp Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Aran limps. Three fold Fteps, Malleable
Iron, DoorAllasdles.and Magee. kc,*e.
" joN HPL
ea. OEMA IR .
sea Etd-Clatr ct.. near .* e Alleehetty Reiter.
D.SELLERS.M. D.. office and dwelling in Fouri
11.. A.• near , Ferry street, pep 13-1 y
The atterithaji +Oboe who have been somewhat scep
tical* to,the-nsimerons certidcshes Published
in favoi Componiid Syrup of Wild Cher
ry,an mires* oft* persons being netkuown in ibis see
tion of the State,ti resprettuily direcied io the following
certideal i g„,lbe - Weiter of which haw been a eli izen of this
borough forseveral *ears, and ie knoon as a gentleman
of Integrifyiaad reeponsihilhy„
To the hoot, Mr.. J. KIRBY.
I have useeDr. - Bwayne's Comp find Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a touch, with which I have bees severely al
dieted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in sayinehhat it lathe most &Teeth% medicine that) have
been aide to procure. it composes all uneasiness. and
agreemwell with my diet.—and mantalns a' regular rind
good appetite. I car freely *commend it to all others
similarly sidicted. J. Mt irkicv, Borough of Chambereb'e.
March 9. 1%10. PPP 23
For sale by WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
mair.RsoNs desirous of proentine Pratt, Shade. and
Ornamental Trees, or Ehrtibbery. Stun Minitel
phis or Nev Fort, are requested to make application as
soon as poarible, at the DorCand Seed Store of the sub
scriber. where can he trast - Olatogoec, I...retain:tasty. of the
most excellent *a riet F. L. SNOWDEN.
step V - No Dbi. Litierty st mei. bead of Wood
U. S. PORVABI.k4O - I . l' LINE.
Per tee Trarsicirtattea e...llleraketufiza is earlfress
Pittsbartli-Raltisurre,Pluiaddhiltis, Nee Ter t,sruf Res
tea.. Par cragr4ria tie siortart time.
R l trn_paß,Stateui Portable Boat Line, br composed of
-__Roataboin lisfoursertiene. each section capable of
rOotalning "Hien totes. and susceptible of helm/ repsfate
Or delaettei and firrinsferred . frbni Canal 10 Rail Road,
-- • ' - .fur ccacgc • - ' bid* - of Claim. or
turpentine the Hotel appearance a Boat sailing on land
and therell aviefilinc the cleat de . ordasioned by re
Chipping at tha.severatjvititons and r Hors of Ca.
nalsand Rail Roads, the expense oriia --
t he damaike the coeds flYtah by irequent
renderins it impossible to separate are xool[l
*AY— rd the pet tlllar toaatreet of the
lumina Parr sepatatt Spitstatenesta venial seeds are step,'
red, renders them tem liable to &mare goods by water or
otherwisethan by any other modeoftrattessidliation.
The swarth of TrattspOrtation. di; recommended hr t iro
Canal • Ccratinhisibiwrt and lately adopted by the stale.
re&rs parlierdatly to this claw of Boehm, The, Boats of
fhta Line art owned by responsible contains that ran
them, and is the only far.e nOW- -in operation free from
monopolies ot combination. J „
Coodscottstoei to the undersetted agents will be re
velled fret of EOM MISS:IOU lad shipped wi thont delay at
the lowest natl. All Eharealpoirt and every instruction
Promptly attended to. C. A. Si* . NULTY .4. Co. tints.
-tonal fliv4n.Pittsbargh,
F. P. POPE; Altit. /5146., s Wharf, Baltimore.
THOS' - 13 OR BR DOE, deentPli sep 16—tf
111ARSLE111kNOPAtiti , RF.Pairlek,Cascifiele
apeetfnity snit:taint* his friends and the public fen
eraily, that he Itas commenced the Marble bnaineva at t be
corner of Falb and Libettj; sit... where will he constantly
on hantLininbatones..ntantet pivees. monuments. head
and fool atciftes. table stattacor cabinet ware, and every
art icleariplett/ninr tct the hnsiness . He trill warrant his
work to bew done, and hia eharres will be moderate.
He rearieCifiiiii , attlts ashore of public
-_patronage. nep iO
JAsfEs j, VEAZEY. Forroording arid Commission
Iferefiarat, Airent for Steamboat Ctevetand and
Yennetrivanta and Ohio Line- Neville rented the ware.
house forwent* ow:10rd by Birminemo n• Co.- No. 60
tAfaterBteeme4l , e(WPlEll Wond and Smithfield:3v prepared
to receive =id forward goode to any port, on the Ohio ur
Mbutiosippi4rer on rensoladittnrins.
Rep 10
CoPaßnwttkorf P. Smith *I W. Dampton,
IL, having aniocilli~vre terothir under the
firm of Rampttio 4 MOM, will coati:tad tise witntegalre
Dry Gawps business lo the house deemitly occupied by
Hampton, 3tnith,g- Co where they will bielmeiving in a
few days a new stork or Pall and White l
il ie rods. They
rentrrtfully invite their old friends, soh hnnts rem
crony. visiting Pittsburgh, to call tad, examine their
Sleek. s!pt 28—diet.
FOrtasie Platform *ales au wheels, 10g*102,500 lbs. at
855 00.
do . do do do 13,005 at 045 00
do do -' - da do 1".500a1 35 00
do dis -''` • - •411 do 11.000 at 30 WI '
do dos
• .r. , .• --"Alla - do I .58131 at 15 00
With raisiogleserrhatoddiiion of $3 4g . k. each scat&
Donsoat macs I.e the are of WareltWats. Flautist
Nilis, 4e-.the same prices as above. ! ' ... .: 1
Aiso.Whitali. Flllat QUlater_ Stole, Oh 0. Yawn's .1
issporreeirsais, abd a variety ." of Wier 1 otittallii Icalesi
whichlthey will sell tor tress 111014154 , I -
Tirey sass aassFactitso peas Estii
Pil• .083, MU* PAL ifteluk.-41c..
..- ... i lidgooktogqiiittihertathes
_ • Obi I said** * 1 iOS i s •
0 1 i 7 A il!ii
' , lila Warbille‘thilibrialleat *
, . 61"01=ftrsIkalF10410
~ ..... . . . . —.
- *OW .. dbc- ..issigillo
** l 4* ol . WO* ' .-- I ril i tfi li *Nt ill"
t iat It i ._,14!
Ft ,
} .1.,... , 791:KR. . 4,,, ..- - ., .',-.,.: ''''''., ~- . ..
' ....-.,• «: ,„: -r. •
- ...
- -
,-,. -
K-, ,
• ... . • _ -
' - -
-- •
........ - - .
.. •-..-
r • .
- *,- ' • .
. l • - :-.1 ',.i • --. . _
_ .. - • , . . . . • •- • - - '
Fir raitiskiar it tsar Ditiiit Part. it las City tif Pitts
, _ itirek ‘its tis
roved Flair
!factored he
If fd chin
Ptrtdf, two
r4lafl, Pity(
facture and
the (Oho*.
Lscates l cw hot
X 1):
to. 1. Port
Imoa of lets,
steles 3.50tt
- for Tiogrin
amt siiWe
aviteerres. -dew
toteetorlins Or,
• 5ki0,441 , •'
soa• ,
111 * .
~~~;, _.
t er:_
r ; ~ ; -: _-
PrilitE.6l' sheer/bora baying made arrangements to merge
the Amei lean Manufacturer mut Pittsburgh Merril
ry into one Journal, have concluded to publish a daily
paper with the title cftbr Deify litsrainr fast.
The Seading,object of the •Post" will he mesina
tton and &Ernes of the political princiVes that Kaye hire ,
tofore been maintained by the Editors. in -their rrutostille
papers. and their best efforts min still be devoted to the
advancement and Success of those doctrines.
Although, in politics, the paper will be thoroothilf
democratic. yet the Editors hope. by giving en honrst,
candid hiskory of passing Political events. FOrt4l.ll
and Domestic Intettigence.and brief notices of all mat
ten and occerrences that come properly within the cohere
ofa Public Journal, to make their papet sulticiently in
cresting to entitle it to the patronage cf . the Wilk.*
respective of party considerations.
In addition to the pont li-al and !corral news that will
rte fooadin the K.Uoraiwg Peat," the Editors Will take
,pains to furnish the Interment community with
the latest and must Inttrestinn - Courusaritt isratsi
crime from all parts of the country. and to have prepa
red such Recounts of the Market, and the State of trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchant; and Business
Men in their several caltiny.y.
Tene r s.—The POST wilt be natal/Meal on a large Imperi
al sheet of fine paper. (manufactured especially for this
Journ-11) at the nwmtrally low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per annum.,parable in advance_ It wilt :ago be sold by
riews.boys at the tow-rate of TVCO CENTS a copy.
Adeertiseuteata, will he iamried at the Inwtst rates
charred by the other_daily papers of the city.
VrTVVEIOTY active lads are wanted to sell the Post,
who will be engaged on the most liberal terms
Appuis 31, 1841
ILOO El f l o DE r
s; r e lr hy . LEAF TO J. : . A 4 FC A O n .
o i stare .
Na. 11., Water attire.
BY Morrison Co. London, for sale only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
alley PittahttrOt Pa.. „and H. Harwood. Heaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western Pennsylvania. aep 10
FA SS FOR SA LEL—The undersign ed offers for pale a
tract of land pitualed+rnile; fres. toreepot I in the
direction of Kittanning.. Buffalo 'township. Armstrong
county. containing 100 acres, 65 cleared wad under gond
fence: 10 - of whi are in meadow— ''good replace log
dwelling house and cabin barn erected tbereorian apple
otrhard of 80 hearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient tothe bonne.
FOR TERMS apply to the sale-either' residing at the
S. tinworks on the renosylvaola Canal, 1 mile above Free
sep 10
TO TEM u..
is now well understood how
much dis.wders of lit, mind deprnd for their cure
Upon a due alien , ion to the body. It is ,:ow nnderslood
bow valuable is that medicine which will remove morbid .
Tectiermlations without weakening the bodily power. it is
now understood that there i a reciprocal influence be.
t wren the mind and the hairy. It is now understood that
pnreinr. with the Brandreth Pills will remove a melan
choly, and even insanity is cored hy-perseverinsly nsintt
!item it is now, understood how much domittstie happi
ness depends upon the healthy condition or the d4estive
It isno t ', well known that the firandrath Pills hate
eared thousands Of bopelts and helpless nerving. elan
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known 1 19,4,1 randt:eth care. Ina it is oleo Un
iteriittioilbotair it it is by their purifying tifiect ,
on the blood that restore the body to health.
The - foe oftAtasitedicine is becoming itioreand more
mans ,it is rittenmmenr!eit daily front family to family.
lions accumulations and orgy M,d,ncjio..
Altatheir good effects are not toutiterhalan
e-, nv ineouvenienees; being composed entirely of
inerei les they do not expose those Who nse them to
fillinfZer: and their effects are af , , certain as they are mdm
}aril they are daily and safely adminisiertd to infancy.
youth. manhood, and old sec. and to monism in tfio most
eritieal and deheateelreumstancer. They do not disturb
or shock the animal functions, but restart their order
and their health.
Sold at Dr. Rirasilreih's Office, No. 91, Wood street,
Price !Scent• per tins, wit h roll directions.
MA MK—The only place in Pittsborrh where the genu
ine Pills ran he obtained, is the Lnctor's own office. No.
93 Wood mreet. Ben
DR. J. B. T [BRITT'S. Respectfully inform the citi
zens of Pittsburgh and vicinity. that he Itas ret urn
ed to the city. Be hopes to share the confidence of his
former patrons and the public generally; and solicits a
renewal of a portion of their patronage. In. copnexion
he would observe, that the operation of Lithotlity, (or
'breaking t hestone In the bladder and allowing itte phut
of with the urine,) is every where toniartanding the deep
est interest. He hopes toextend ibehynefit,ofilty branch
o f his profm.stori to the afflicted. Strictures. Distaste of
tI. Bladder and K idneys..—w high omoloniellyrollawr,.
will likewise receive atleni kr.
Those from it distance Wishing further leregaratinn
will apply persOnally or by letter. or if desired tan he
accommodated at his dwelling, in >t mired part 01111 e-c
ity. on Third. between Ferry and Libert • sm. aectlo
LST lavalide read the folfowing acteranil of a Sailor
cored of a cimplieation of afflict/omin nineteen
dayiby the use; o' Srandreth Nay. It distinctly proves
there are . herbe in nature which have affinity care be
cause of dfiease, and Brandretles Pillaareanule far them
Read And he convinced. Take them illelnie andille'enred
DIA RRH4BI, AbnCartair OIP rat Lb.yelm
Joan Saasv. cif Peed:woke, Washington tountY,Slaine,
beinfrdelYerworn;asys, that he Wit fakeer violetttiv .sick
about eta months glace. The pains in kin head, breast,
hack; left side slid iintiel being so had thht he was nria.
Meru help him elf,and was taken into the Chases hoe
pital in the city of Boston. That after being In said
hospital five weeks. Doctor Otis said he did not know
what was the mane, with him, and that he Coald do
nothing, for hire, noreonid he prescribe any medicine.
That tie, therefore, was conveyed from the Chelpra Sm.
pilau, the Sailor's retreat on Staten island. That he
was there physicked with all sorts of medicine raja Oil
ed niftier ivierritha, suffering all the time the most heart
rending mieery.;- 'Thai, besides his affection orbits bones
be was troubled mach with a disease of the lone: some
times be would lank a quart of phle g m In the day,; herideli
I his affection bC had a bad Diarrban, which had more
Or lerbratiended him from the commencement of his
-dud a stool worse than he
would have dreaded demMisr nem.-
ingitothihesairethat atknivel passing through Lb"
bowels. After adfferhig worse than death at the Sailor's
Retreat,on dwelt isLand.the MAIM told.htm that medi
cine %repot no upeto liiintibhi he ina4 try to istr a bo t l.
Al eails time be*as suffering the Meatiest misery. That'
the hones ware so tender he could not bear the team press,
mention the lOW* or upon the knee, that his - fintiep was-
Moat painful. ilCitt as the Doctor sand he would give him
no more medklite he determined to Outfits sodas of Dt.,
litrandieth's Piths, attach be, did,' from 241 Irdnray
! ken' York; tbal be tominenchdaritti pllts, a d some-"
Aholbrinoretted the dote toMighl. The: first treek,*B Wee,
'so nom+ benefited blot, that the dOCIOr, not knowing
what be was, Mine. , Was rnoweltilln.• you talik tae
man again; Wyatt behoove in ibis way. you Wilftwon he
Well' that heinted every dose at sbe arandron ruts
'die e. dmithey enier orrltii ruin When at.
01-914:Owl the, twit Mired lad "wily the
lilloet-r..,Tiatrahamasermetd to
strength tali* every day: iletisldthe doctor yestes;:.
411r11re:11thilhlitanto bat ker felt bfteief *ea; aped also,
that he oiled Ibis reemery twitsandreths under
felosideneeollt he had taken the llielPeillitlatn . "
ths 19daysl sbahate.ingtoi uthrlitht ir he bad ,killOWn be t
badly taitisid fibs sinsdkitiO. heallosilt s t "Me Wasik
illiOrT,oo l e l'bei44,*?-• th eeoe sii e rsii . i 1.0 t! to
snalintithilabde statement Tor ibiihe6fit atilt 'ailliboty
.1111011410101.113tOSSWitswo ltrded-allsediells
,vatit - ,/Q1111"
410114(0.444ii1l .41.111'
I 40111541114111144 0111110Pe IMP 4 01117 Oat Ppe • z Sts Ogle%
i - • sole 7""rdriars
,~ .
_. {. -~
. .
Af e ggfing.—Theip* Won **dab* that
speaks of the trick. leittormed by a erdebesii, -
ted juggler in that metropolis. 4".
Among other intomposhenaible-40in':
he boils inr picked pigeons. io a kettle hi t
of water, suspended over a fire, and perfet:illt
ly isolated, and oat fie four living bird*
from an empty vessel; his veteran to Unfit
owners a score of handkerehiers, tirsab
and ironed, that a moment begat*
ing and wet in a pail. and be produce* no*.
end to boquets out of au old hat that-:he E
stamps upon, and turns inside anti mob'
pressure or squeze of the hand being .lollolliV.,,r 4
ed by a fresh supply of bunches of, Uhl* '
smelling flowers from the old battered__
A young lady near us lent her straw-hearc_ .. ,
net, and was horrified at seeing it efflusbedr
up into a ball; but to her great relief it alve-:1
peered hanging at the top of the proemiinakt,', l
and being brought down by ' a pistol shotz
she found it quite undamaged. A baladkiktt
of rid watches is flung to the back of
stage, and presently reappear bantling ft*
the branches of a plant that had just had*
Watered and placed under a heated icv4,,, A
for producing this sort of golden frelltza'
bunches of keys that seem not to be ont
sight, are found attached to the roots of lit 7:
plant in a flower pot; and a head with re
gle eyes, at the summon* ors frislol shot,
thrusts out a bunch of singe at the tip nf-Al4,
tongue. and stares with two gold Wnlellet :
for eyeballs, Though one could hrivetivr!.M.'
both rings and watches were under ciliain;
_ .
_ _
But perhaps one , of the corapletruk,
zles is the pouring successively of bla ck
red wire and steaming thampalgn frout
_, •
identiesi black bottle that we had jest =
seen fi lled with water; this, and the.dip i pt
for bocoets in the old hat, are done. ta-thill i wi
very faces of the spectators; and the
when emptied of its centents. is broken ;:10111;1:-'1
a silk handkerchief is found in it. A eniti4lC.
pie of lemons are handed to the cOmpant , ',-..;!
and one of them on being cut is found ter .._._.
contain an egg, which being broken yieldg s - , , ,
a walnut, that when cracked, discloses ar• - >t
ring belonging to one of the audience. if. . `.-
those feats seem wondrous , in telling, thijs .:,
are far more inexplicable in the doing,. inir,
yun feel what cannot be indited aulficiestif -,,s
in a brief description, the seeming hurtles: - ... 4
bility of them. The illusion is perfect; x . aw,
See things venial' noder yonr liralkiVn
hold them jean other place while yet ,
VMS' to be where they were before.
Some of the leading London journals
evidently despair of success in China, ate:;.:., "
ad vocateindireztly,tbat the war he brought'
to close. The Herald says:
'W. have bode.' a regiment in ChtuUlV
bombarded, occupied, and evacuated it figye_ A;4 4-
seaport town'; taken and sold eaaton,
yLain 6...000 Chinese, and these
three millions sterling. But we have
terly failed in the objects of the war;then ter4).-
cede from our grasp as rapidlyas we ads
vance; the more blood we shed, the Wird -`! 1 ,
do we unite the Chinese, and the more
we stimulate them to patriotic nuyrdititir.:.
Treating the matter from its lo.cest end, -
meanest pointof view—that of prudence - Ls
and humanity—treating it as a mere affair,
of finance and of cometerce„our
can only bti served by Mingles ibis war p 9 '
a speedy - conclusion. '
'Do we desire rit have *nett:els olio*
enue over eXperrditere I let us, esawv-tes
spend our millions in izturderkog the
nese. Do we Wan: boundiets markets
our manfactures 1 Let us give up- the
blockade which we have eatiblikied..
gainst dun/elves oh the coast of China..i.ie
Let us cease to talk or protitoeutin g
war with greater vigor; for, by its doitir=.
we shall only augment the slaughter otam
unoirendingand unwat like, but a coastline
and (-Hating people. Let us give
idea of civilizing and Christian.
sword ) and through . blood ; aust.s* ,
investigating the steps by whiehd -.
tecting and punishing the men byittlible f "- :
wilful mismanagement we were led ice`' 1 7
this fearful 'crime.
'The Chinese war is a intestXr
greatest personal uneasiness it .usk
to Sir Itobeit Peel, because he sees bi
cost the defeat of all his financial
Vet has the Premier the means afterich
ting hint once; but from these meaniree244
Robert Peel averts his eyes—on tbeet r hess'_w;
will not look—they are, inquiry into the'
past.—The Chinese war can,we
ate, be at once terthinated, but'only by ti . '"
nal lia-ntemary exposure of its otigiit, tect , 4
by establishing its criminality.'
Illackwood's Magazine speaks of Vrit'S___
following- terms. thelq
would supposeose from-tus-_,..„i men that-t14t1%
magazine Meat be highly popniar . ,,rtVit'n , - .
certain class of politicians in this co
.lAntottacy tnustnot be fatlipericr
it must beirampied on. It mutt he , reetmtirat
by an open, unhesitating.uncerepro . rsti :sitiW, , t . .7A -
resistance. The man whole Paste
s l OO
avows himself a Democ rat, ougbtl°
Biintl drivel, out byinsPeachnienk
'man 'who is print dares-to iamb._ the eltlakT
of England with the Joanne. °eight
instantly sent to take his trial it'
_Bailey; the men wha attempts" V):
the rabble with this most deadly 9 1 all nor
traits, ought to.beinslantly tent; to yid
out, his guilt" life ie chains it thsvAlieri c-
Mut doctrine shetetd
to be trestisoc, and the teacher 1 0 - 1
Iflikeiee'Ver weeeft
the 7 7iery Priestipleof
coke the
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