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-a Lower orders 4.ouldecontemplate
ftlialS'eacebrid,'itt. idly rate; ea lld n tfehewpoossAibeility of his swearing tO thetrnih,
last night' her
env . other eight—let me alone many of their betters sea.-ce heeitated to
Ig4ypu, father.' make 3ut foi him a case ; qi naturalne.Pes"
;Come Seek-again,. Michaul,' command- its to swear . falsely. e
ed ield Carrolleas the son once more hurri- lnembered limbs found in the barn. To his
ed to the door; arid hie words were initant- mark on its skin, indeed - e lle might have pos.
4 , o beyed. Michaule'after a glance abroad itively spoken; but no skln has been
ered 'fberefore, according to the evidence,
and a start, which the .1:31d man did not n •
decide by-tha t alone,
tics . , paced to the middle of tire floor hang you have sworn to ing his tread, and saying in a low voice the prisoner is entitled to youracquital.- ,
411ustith, now, father—it's time.'Possible, now that the prosecutor seeeseil
'No Michaul, I will not husiah; an' ills cmse in its full bearing; he may be
mot time; come out with me to the barn.' with the result.'
While the jury, in *diet, Mr, Evans,
iluslahl; repeated Michaul, whispering
siaarply; he had glanced sideways tO
a the prepared to return timent before returned
square patch of strong.morning s lig ht
h whoehad but esne court, and becoming
eroeconciudincr words of the judge
nn the ground of the cabin, de fi ne un d
there ome,
by the shape of the open door, and saw it awareced heve, serorro be en w alotril, that the prose
e bed undertaken; that cir
intruded upon by the shadow of a man s"
' nces had kept hitch uninformed of it,
bust..leaning forward in an earnest p If n u
ough it had gone on infhis name; and he
ture•'o l ur 'be
'ls id in your mind to go beeiee e gged.leave to assure hie lordsl.ip that it
r - r
sin, Michaul, au' tell mo2irmyni,asked would be his future effort to keep Michaul
l us . reason for Carrot in his former path of honesty, by
the barn, at dajtebre E ki o
his father, still up- finding - him honest and ample employment,
ce. man!' Michaul and, as far as in him lay; to reward the vir
„ towards the door, but tue of the old father..
a hastJf o ' While Peery Carroll. was laughing and
das Oscerdu in id,' piosued old Carroll, crying in a breath, in the' arms of his deliv
nay and at your workin4d, too.' erect son, a subscription commenced by the
ere What's that you're sayin, oul4l Peery bar, was amounting into a considerable sum
Carroll?' demanded a well Ittio m n voice, for his advantage.
,Enough—tn hang his son;' whispered
Michaul to his father, as Mr. Evans's land
steward, followed by his herdsmen and two
policemen, entered the cabin. In a few
minutes afterwards, the p mlicemen had
charge the dismembered carcase of the
sheep, dug out of the floor of the barn, and
were escorting Michaul, handcuffed, to the
county gaol, in the vicinity of the next
town, They could find no trace of the an.
imal's skin, though they sought attentively
for it; and this seemed to disappoint them
and the_ steward a good deal.
From the moment that they entered the
cabin, till their departure old Carroll did
not speak a word —Without knowing it,
as it seemed, lie sat down on his straw
bede - and remained staring stupidly around
Min. at (me or aurelier of his visitors.
When Michaut was about to leave the
wretched ab 'de, he paced quickly towards
his father, and holding out his ironed
hands,and turning his cheek for a kiss,said,
*tailing miseiably, 'God be wid you, fath-r
dear. Still the old man was and the
prisoner and all - his attendants p issed out
on the road. But it was then the agony of
old Carroll assumed n distinctness. Utter
ing a fearful cry, he snatched up his *ill!
sleeping little grandson, ran with the boy in
his arms till, he over. ook Michaul; and.
kneeling' down before him in the' dust said
Pardon o' you,' avich— won't you
tetf triel :have it A r.re you go? an' here, I've
- I s-eseo4etelittle Peery for 'you to kiss; you
CA Jtta, a
410, father, I did'nt,' answered Tvi
as he stooped to kiss the child; an' get up
father, get up; my hands are net my own,
or i woultrnt let you do that afore your
4- Get up, there's nothin' for you to
unable yourself about; that is, I mean, I
have nothin' to forgive you; no, but every
thing to be thankful for au' to litre veu for;
you were always an' ever the good father
to me; ans—' 'rho many strong and hit
ter feelings which tilt now he. had alrr osi
perfectly kept in,.found full vent, and poor
!diehard could not go on. The parting
froth his father, however, so different from
what it hid prornised to be, comforted him,
The old man hold him in his arms, and
torept on' his neck. They were separated
_ with difficulty. .
Peery Carroll, sitting on the road side
after he lost sight of the prisoner, and
holding, his. screaming grandson on his
knees, 'thought the cup of his tt ials was
ftilL BY - his imprtidence he had fixed the
prof of .guilt'on his own child; that re -
fleetioneeialenough for him, and he could
indulge' only
,geopraliy. But he was
lit to conceive distinctly in what dilemma
Ittihad involved himself as well as Michaul.
Thu . .Ptificeman came back to compel his
appearance before the magistrate; and
wiwn the little child had been disposed of
in a neighboring cabin, he understood to
tikObstefnation and burro , : that he was
the, chief witness against the sheep
Iltj-alo.—"Mr. Evans's steward knew web
thistieaningof the words he had overheard
hyii ;min the cabin; and that if compelled
e e , •
to lv'rear all he was aware or, no ci mubt
would etist of the criminality.of
in;the.eyes of the jury. 'Tis a strange
thset to'.ax a father to do muttered Peery
more than once, as ha proceeded to the
piglet rate's; -'it is a very strange thing.'
magistrate proved to be a humane
wts*.,,Notyrithstanding the zeal of the
tatemi t rakelead.the policeman, he committed
1111 . 101, eltid - foretrial, without continuing to
pess4lin`iiesitating and bewildeted old
Pael7,iretem any,dotailed. evidence; his me
• tire geitiged rise against. the task, and
hrgiiaid kixthe,steward—q have enough of
faces. for making out a committal; if you
ttiloklibeefathee will be necessary on the,
trialstiotaea him.. - •
.I' . lissfeward objected that Peery would
114,11011 d 'andifeinanded to have him bound
frepte Opttecitte, ,on two .surities, solvent.
**4.*eti*ble: ..The magistrate assent
-Piourtit*ild flame no bail, and conse-%
qufAir.ilie” trait also•marched to • prison,
tglaM i gkirrobihited . from holding the
-00;11PiWIS!%4101 Michaul,
irbe 'liaises aeon came on, Michaul was.
AlisktOktfintL:iitiktiag of? 'not
giao . W; Ain titbit appeared, unseen by
custody`, at 01e.bach.of
"4 - ether:in .aiti
Mit.4riol4litiAekti keen -and ing4Thl
- getiO, the court, the -bar, ebe•puy box],:anti
• - stiOjkhr4s$ tiOjkhr45 vac t*ver
01410****04 904440434,1iA444,-
' - ithigintleithristarving father; "oat,.
- ...
J .4. nEs BUC HE J iN AN,
suitiec, to the decision of a Nal Tonal Convention.
•pututre W1t..11.:6011T11,1r.D1T0R3 AWD PROPRIZTORS
see First rage.
The f01i0..., ing gentlemen were yesterday elect
ed Directors of the Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh,
for the ensuing year:—W:tr. Robinson, jr., Har
mer Denny, Thos. Hanna; Wm. B. M'Clure, A.
P. Childs, E. A. Brown, R. T. Kennedy, George
Weyman. D. C Stockton, Wm. B tgalcy, Tobias
Myers, Na. Little, John Grier.
Ignorance of the Chartists.
Of one hundred and twenty-four chartist
prisoners, who are to take their trials in
England, there are only six who are de
scribed in the calendar as being able to,
read and write well; whilst thirty-seven
are unable to read or write at all; and the
rest of them are only able to do so imper
fectly. These poor, ignMant: creatures-.
many of whom are mere boys in age, are
just the per sons to be led astray by design
ing a gitators,— Boston, Bulletin.
As to the ignorance of the Chartists, it
may all be true enough; but still we do
not consider this fact any evidence what
ever that they are wrong in the object they
... Rim a hot poker down a man's
,throat and it will be very api.
comfortable,—and, moreover, it will not
require him to be wlaccomplisned scholar
to feel the pain, mid his instinct, if it is
denied that he has reason, will prompt him,
to pull it out as quick as the nature of the
case will allow. On the same principle,
if man is starving for want of kread, it is
quite as natural, without the aid of read
ing or writing, for him to see clearly why
it is that he, who produces wealth, should
be deprived of the strialiest pittance, while
those who do no: produce, are reveling in
unearned luxuries. .
Any man can see a t calamitywhen it is
upon him—when it is too late to apply an
easy remedy; and the great advantage of
"reading and writing" is to be able td for
see, it while yet in embryo. Had the
fore-fathers of the present English char
tists been inteliigerii, the wrongs which
now 'afflict the laboring masses of Eng
land could have been averted.
Let this be an admonition to Americans.
We can all read and write, and it is hoped
chat we all do read, and not only that but
understand too We have this advan
tago over our English brethren, and we
should be cautious, that we may not be
plunged into the same gulf.
SteaMboiit Collibion—Loss or Lives.
The Cincinnati Sun says that the steam
boats Scioto Valley and Farmer came
in contact on Monday last, 20 miles below
Louisville, at 3 O'clock in the morning,
sinking the Farmer, which will ba a total
loss, it is is supposed. It is thought three
of four deck passengeis were drowned,
but not certainly known. -
It is an old saying that !figuresnever
lie." Tills is a mistake —Mt. W.
urea is the editor of a Whig paper in . Al
You'can go now."—The Mobile Her
ald says:- -"Our city is now healthy, and
our citizens 'ne:nl no longer dread yellow
Jack. Strangers; too, are as safe as at any
otlier season. bet them come as fast as
they please. WOiave plenty Orroom for
them, if; we have nothing else."
Periodicala in France.—The number of
periodiCifs have increased in France within
the last,thirty years. ftem.ftfty to fapr
deed and ninety-three, including tweaky.
three daily, ninety-Ave weekly , and tin
. -
.hundred ana-eiiiieeiLmo4irty. - ,.. -Ail espies
"people, all;r igions and liglitioaisects.:
have thifr 0 %4, except kiecAstnics
Asa-, \,, 4 4 444 ,147 77:77 ?" i l -, 1.- sPil ,
... -!.-,4 - -- -.; .- , t-. -- 41 , .:..- I'‘
. 4 '; : ' •o*tii* - Arigy. Tbfk -
The..Aibitlii-ViL, ' g i. 4 4/4 * kr iii i i i t acci rj ,; fil'ing.titt,'lrierttikviuriitilt4l-the fire was
an una 016 sa62 of -- " - ' 7' r'" 4ln- ''' - c . 4 04 !: -. M '' he ' d VvithOut the assistanceof the
develepieritstilf se- ate iiibioylPolieeoffite' 1
. 1 1,Z.;-I . _ --
_____ _:,., . . ..- - 2-
0- A person *hi his fete- 1 - - `gl wa , .
fa*-41341 sine— * - ., - Mr—Lutberis ajourneyman carpenter,
the last four years_follotiyed:the bu
and some few years since came to this 'city ..
a tinker and teamster alternately4" o " - -i t • T . k- ' his' I e
• 1 :our n'' with the view oma Inge. resit enc ,
and who is well known 19e7ustice Osborn
.-. but only remained a few dzys. He next.
izens, was.broughtyr 31naity,
Mit false signals—be- t ii ,'
b ent.to Cincinnatti, where he published
charged with
~, a whatoutward appearances 1 two nu:nbers of a paper milled 'Luther's
ing "tlllortest and uesuipecting personsea Dealer,' ' Plain D I ' Fledid not stay there long
wallieve —sailing under false-colors. but returned home. Being a \zealous
About two weeks since this person was friend of suffrage his ardent, temperament
married to a very respectable andliard work- soon led - him to join in the struggle for
ing gill, who by hem industry had laid up a equal .rights in Rhode Island; when as is
considerable sum of Money. The poor girl observed he fell a victim to the merciless
found out in a few days that all was not gold tyranny of the Algeriaes. The Provi
g litters—that appearances are deceitful deuce Expre=s says:
—in short, that her dear husband was .a Mr. Luther has been cruelly persecuted
woman! This fact being fully established by the fees of popular rights; and when ar
to the satisfaction of all parties, the faithless rested, was committed to prison in Provi
s wain—or rather deceitfte j idc--was arrest- dence County jail, on the day his father
was buried, aud was denied the privilege of
ed, examined at the police, anti sent to jail.
attending the funeral, or of a flre well glance
A crowd of the curious followed her lady- l at his venerated remains, He has received
ship to her new lodgings making many m u c h -. and abuse from the hand s
nodal al and spirited remarks, ca'led out by of officials, Wit is hoped that a day
. vvi I
at rive when justice shall be meted out tm
the novelty of the cage, partially, and th it every ingerlioPs tormen -
No other reason can be assigned Air this
torslial,llie ! Hainan, try the strength and
strange marriage alliance, except the desire fitness of his own manefacturec
on the part of the husband to possess him
self of the money which the object of /ay
affections hal saved up from her hard .earn
ings and unwearied industry
We observe the proceedings of a meet
ing, published in the Chronicle of yester•
Ese,., was nominated for the office of May•
or. The meeting was composed of the
workingmen of the Point, and the proceed
ings express their strongest determination
to "stand by the man, with whom they all
enjoy a hearty acquaintance, in increasing
opposition to the silk stocking gentry, who
seem to claim all the offices in the coun
try." The contest for the Mayoralty at
the coming election, will no doubt be a
warm one, as the honors and profits have
become desirable objects in the eyes of
office hunters: The present incumbent,
we understandis anxious_for a re•election,
and a portion of his party :friends—backed
by tho,police, of course intend to support
chilnis for the ,00mination. Another
portion of the party, is in fa,voi - of-Mr,
Thomson, the im mediate predecessor of
Mr. Hay, and will do all in their power to
get him the antimasonic nomination. in
addition to these we have heard other per,.
sons auggsged as suitable candidates, Who
supported irrespective of party clai,ns,
and we have no doubt but some one
worthy the eupp.o. of that portion of the
citizens who would prefer a faithful public
servant to a party hack, will be brought
forward in good titne.
Massachusetts Election.
'—Returns have been received
from every town in the State, which stands as
Grand Result!
Whole nuni' , er of votes po;led,
Davis., 54,545
Scattering, 6,600
Morton's majority over Davis, 18891
Last year the whole number of votes
polled was 111,063
Marton, 51,367
Dav i r, 55 974
Scattering, 3,721
Increase in the Democratic vote since
last year, 5.117
DecreaSe in Federal vote; 1,200
Increase in Scattering vote, 2,879
Morton's gain, 6,317
Davis' loss, over 9,000
The Democrats have elected
The Coons,
No choice,
As far as heard from, the Democrats have
The Coons,
Burnell has probably been elect....d 'o Congress
in the tenth district. The co uis the, refore, have
three members; (Winthrop, Adams, end Burnell),
and the democrats one, (Williams). In the other
six districts no choice has been effected.
The second trials have soTar been favorable to
the democrats.. In - a large number of towns no
choice has yet been effected. The pollticalchar
acter of the House, and eonsequently of the entire
State Government for the, ensuing year, Cannot
now be predicted. A
Newport Jail fired by Seth Luther.
The Newport correspondent of the' '
Providence Chronicle states that about 7
n'clock'on Wednesday morning a fire was
discovered in one of the cells or the jail in
that town, occupied by the celebrated auf
frAgO patritt, Seth Luther, Thejailcd,Mr
Taggart, discovering the .fire. opened the
cell and threw in a bucket of . 'water, and'
stepped eside tor another, when Luther
rushed out of the cell;4011 out:Of front
door, an&ran as far us the 'State 11fittse,
berate he was taken by thejailor i who had
pnreuued: him., -
Listhei. provionsUreettinffire to the
cell, blacked his face, co thalle might Pau
f~t^B't,egra t and it4ti tied up hie bed To
the 'shape of a man, and 'put,* shin upon it
Messieurs Editors of de Mora. 'met
Je Imes remercie, 1 much tank you,pour Is, fur
the publication de noon lettre upon de subject of
de he pat. It base do much good: It remain dens
e.A. lieu, two, true, four days,always never, he bien
cet terrible tangue, ii tries thfeteile apprindro, he
it much hard to learn:
De Englishman say, "tout les French dans cet
countrie, he good f , ::r noting but maitre de dance,
dancing Master,ou or pour gamble, play cards.
lie bier* ver go-id name he give us. Vell vot does
Mons Dickens say of the Englishmen of die coun.
trie. He speak straight out crooked dans cet
manier as follows:
Dans le Bth chap. Ist. vol.
the course of the day's jouiney, as on sub.
sequent occasions, we encountered some E iglish
men, small farmers, or country publ.cans at home,
who were settled in America,and were, tr ivelers
en their cwn affairs; of all grades and kinds of
men that jostle one in the pubic conveyances of
the states, these are often the row( intolerable and
the most insufferable companions. United to ev
e!), disagreeable characteristic that the poorest
kind of American travellers possess, these coon.'
It poen of ours display an amount of insolent con
ceit and cool assumption ofsuperiority qnite mon
strous to behold. In the coarse familiarity of their
approach and the effrontery .of their inquisitive.
ness, (which they are in great haste to assert, as if
they panted to revenge themselves upon the de
cent old restraints of home,)they surpass aoy
Live specimens that estate within the range of rit-
servatior • and I often grew so patriotic when I
saw stitilmard them, that I wool I cheerrully have
submittel to a reasonable fine, if I could have
given any other country .in'the .wh mlo worriliihe
honor of claiming them for its children "
No man spank in dis manier of French m ou
Irishman—what say y ,u t• di: y..ot vagahone
English Whig , ; you 0. ach de stroke on de broad
•haek in propiar mauler. Dis is Englishman in
d.is country, to de .i . rieety ob de point. Vous oblige,
Messieurs les F,diteut, si voce, if you insert din
Important article dans votre columns—lee French
man he loves America, and lays clai.n to her as
a huu.e, for onr ladders, and our Lafayette, bled
in defence of Liberty on her soil. ace you never
.see n Frenchman insolent or overbearing.
I remain assort:mei,. de ',rotund , respect
et d'esteem, votre tree humble serviteur .
The Mary Rogers Mystery Explained.
We find in the Tribune of Friday
morning, the following account of the Ma-
ry Rogcre case
'The terrible mystery which for more
than a year has hung over the fate of Mary
Rogers, whose - bo dy was found, as our
readers will well remember, in the North
river, under circumstances such as convin
ced every one that she was the victim of
hellish lust and then murder, is at last ex
plained—to the satisfaction, we doubt not,
of all. It may be recollected that associa
ted with the tale of her disappearance was 1
the name of Mrs. Liss, the woman who
kept the refreshment house nearest the
scene of her death. Ekbout a fortnight
since—as we have already stated—this wo
man was accidentally wounded by the pre
mature discharge of a gun in the hands of
her son; the wound proved fatal; but be
fore she died site sent for Justice Merritt,
of N. J., and told him the following facts:
On the Sunday of Miss Rogers' disappear
ance, she came to her house from this city
in company with a young physician, who
undertook to procure for her- a premature
While in the hands of this physician she
died, and a consultation was then held as to
the diaposal of her body. It was finally
taken at night by the son of Mrs. Loss, and
sunk in the river where it was found. Her
clothes were first tied up in a bundle and
sunk in a pond on the la id of James G.
King, in that neighborhood; but it was af
terwards thought they were riot safe there,
and they were accordingly taken and scat
tered through the woods as they were
found. The name of the physician is un
known to us, nor do we know whether it
was divulged or not. The Mayor had been
made acquainted with these-facte by Mr.
-Merritt, and we doubt not an immediate in.
quirt' after the guilty wretch will be made.
The son of Mrs. Loss as an accessary. , af- 1
ter the fact, -we suppose_ will betll: he has
not already been—arrested. No doubt,,we
apprehend, can be. entertained - of the truth
of . this confession. It explains `many
things connected with the affair which be
f ire- was vvraprii 11 in mystery—especiatly
the apathy ofthe4other of Miss - Rogers
upon the discovery of her body. It will be
remembered that she did not even go to
identify it and niadirieequitieO, Concern'
r ing the affair.
Thus_ has thin "fearful`: mystery, ' which'
has struck fe4--attd terror to so-
hearts ; 'been - it- last explained: ,13y ell , .
euni*anceo in whielt no one can fail to
Vervain a. Providential agency.:. Besides
the guilty mu. deter' %Witter& rested with
two' persons,. " f)nit , of these, through the i n.
VOlllO4ll agency of the Other; is laid Up*
her death had—lta then cenaehtneevi*
7 i - bill it**
. • rU Y lt
- -
f y r iday evening
says: ,
It was known at an ear'y hour this mor
ning that the Chancelloroo whom a sec
ond application had - baetr made to grant a
writ of error in Colt's case declined doing
We hale
. 00-learned -that ha was this
morning; married . to. Henshaw,
and that his execution will not take place
until ,about 4 O'clock this afternoon:
We learned from -Justice Merritt that
Colt is remarkably. firm and collected:-- ,
He 'expressed_ a wish to be shrived this
morning between 7 and 8 o'clock, and par
took'of his morning meal with apparent ap
petite. The Rev., Dr. Anthon married
him, at half-past 12 o'clock. in the presence
of Sheriff Hart, David Graham. jr., Samuel
Colt. Jnitice Merritt, Robert Emmet and
John Howard Payne. The ceremony took
place in the cell of the prisoner.
The Evening Post, however, says in
regard to the marriage: No such ceremo
ny took places we aver it as coming from
the lips of the doomed man. ,
The American also positively denies the
truth of the report.
An extra of the Herald gives the follow
ing further particulars: 'At 2 o'clock he re
quested his keeper; Mr, Greene, to let
him be left a'one untl the last moment.—
His cell was I se3 and he was left alone
until 20 minutes to 4. when some friends
of the Sheriff apprehended that he might
attempt to commit suicide, one of the
Deputy Sheriffs, Hillyer. went to his, cell
door; I requested to wish him 'good bye.'
Colt was seen walking up and down his
cell, but turned round on the door opening,
smiled on Hillyer, shook him by the hand
and kissed him, as he did sr veral of those
who had lust previously bid him farewell
in this life. He said to Hillyer--.‘God
bless you, and may you prosper in this life
which is soon to close on me.' From-this
time to three o'clock, the excitement a
round tne prison increased tremendously;
and the feelings of those in the prison were
also worked up to a pitch of great intensi
ty. Several eminent surgeons came into
the prison a little before 3, and the univer-,
sal topic of discussion, all round, among
the little knots of spectators, was, whether
he had been furnishediwith the means, and
whether he would commit suicide or not.
Many prophecied that 'by 4 o'clock there
would be a dead man without hanging.'
S ; h
quail n '
a y
p rv,
„mdli .
Five minutes pest 4 o'clock.
We have written the whole of the above j difficulties which lay in I hr
at a to 3P. M. this afternoon. At that tory gifts of his uncle the far
time Colt was alive. No one entered his in g L i s legacies to Cilmoib!
t in io o n n s ervah.ntit u
to themm
m is
cell 60 nprecisely five mutes four o'-
clock, at which lime Sherif!' Hatt and Wes• of trac n inierrms pictures
tervelt, dressed in unif with. Dr. An- ci math dto him by iiictlar❑•na
shon,proceeded to the cell and on the. 150 iu ddri,cut cure
er ope.ting the door, Dr. Anshon, *ha was
.I ,:',.7,'„ e a te .
keep- Pastia. i lso the.,
first, drew bark, threw up his hands and •The GllnrliGeffer,:..CCotSin
eyes to Heaven, and uttered a faintej cu. "an addrc , s i4atitterii coienat
lation, untied pale as death, and retired. a ITI,
grant of Mr‘3
c to the Ert•; , nrl
'As I. thought,' said the keeper. 'As •I
thought,' said we. And going into th e e a
dis r - ,.,ri '6 1 ,3 c
thorn lay Colt an his back, stri-te• - •ed out at i vie, of 430 t n C.lnt Roar,,
Full length on the bed, quire dead, but that wait tirlii.insia
not cold. A clasp knife, like a small turn el) in
knife, with a broken handle, was sticking hr A
rc e- " ur t ils .1"' " ul.l'l
in his heart. He had stabbed himself a- •„ th .„ - „ ( T o
bout the-fifth rib on the left side. 'We felt jority, had sliest entirtly
his temples and they were warm. His :slim rrf a chani•ii, cr esai
vest was open, the blond had flowed free Minisiry lad ceased.
ly, and his hands, which were placed a- .between yri
S yr i a .
the Nii to
. ro ' rt i esa ,4 '
cross his belly, were very bloody.; he had Pasha had been nbl ' igeit to
evidently worked and turned the knife cirS.yria appear to be as far
round and round in his heart after he had ever. Ace. rd tng to nee ace
MCI men way to he format
stabbed himself, until he had made quite
Furpose of :scoring peace
a large gash. erns.
His body was laid out quite. straight on"
the bed as if laid out. for a funeral by oth
ers. His mouth was open. and his eyes
partly open. Dr. Hosack and others went
into his cell, and pronounced him dead,
The Coroner was ready at hand, took
charge of the body, and locked the cell.
Most strange to say, just at this moment
the large -cupola of the Tombs was discov--
ercd to bye en fire; and burned furiously;
so that, if he had not killed himself, in
consequence of the execution being pest.
poned to the last moment, it is very proba•
ble, that in the confusion arising from the
fire. and the mob breaking into the Tombs
Colt would either have made his escape
or he would not have been hung.
Tuesday Evening, Nov. 22, will be presented the cele
braled tragedy of
Master Walter,
To conclude with the Play of
The YoUng Widow.
Price, Dress Circle Boxes 15; 2 Boxes 37k; ri1.25; Gal
err 25.
Doors open at 64 o'clock; performance to, c.poimmence
at 74 precisely.
Thafternoon,at 2 o'clock:
50 garrets Vinegar—without reserve.
n 22 J, B. GUTHRIg, Auct'r
:NtenotAs D. COIMU*
[COLE W( CO.,Getierat Agentir, FOrwituding
ILI Commission - M6ithants. Liyke Street, Vicksburg,
They reapeetruttraolicit t(sixuatents. • n 2.14(
. _
eARD.-1 have,opened itor,Upholitory Wareroom,
on St, Clair street, near'Panni 2.l.l.;ksifiere F will
keen on hand and maid In order;prompity,. Mattraeses
of the different kinds. Vtmtiter Reds;; Cushions,
Sacking BottonulkSplitißilndejoad-every amide
usually found in an tYptiotstery.Hatibilannient. Having
divided triyi businessi,l ellen -fur the citizens
at St. Ctal 4 street; for the tioats, , ,asztstna;iii the manufac
tory trn Wster surest. iii . y:trionsitt will' find- ine always
in the morning at Sr. Clair strmst;ltt the afternoon. at the
manufactory On the river Mink. •
• VFW. NOBLE: Upholsterer
A lot of warm Comfuits4nliandilbrimate iosi. •
no! 2Z.-& t
IVROJR.II6trN4 424.ADY:—..1'srrrt.r. hes
'',secettred Oats del fleet Ness
_YAWL.; ai,.ftesti ouP...PIY 0 *
the isbetsef etitehrated eu te. fee 450.1dd and: CIA
suotelieet and i* ready ite snii i ttiy euktninersig litbs*Pode
orts4ol, et he Aced:set 4 g t . 8D
v.w ; ~..a, _.. ... ~ .
ArriVh: lo; l46.---
fik 4
The steamship Acadiae .,
:morning at 2 o'clock, fe7 4ll '
having accomplished lb r
ending the deteininn ate*
By this arrival, We have
- dOn papers to the ev •em az o t ••-•
to .
• inwn rig of the kJ,:
The news Unimp,,,tat
and pol:tieal point of vieit'
. The report of the Q n h n
ing condition is eontradi
lams brought Constantirior'-.
of the 6th and 7th, and
At Constantinople, a
'Bagdad with private see
a British force, commandbi.
reached Cahill and ions*
Gen. Pollock had offered -.
tants, which it they rijeeti
to carry the own by stone'
Intelligence has been re
pte, according to the Aug,, ..
Schuh of Persia had ace
Great Britain, to arrange
.him and the Oitonian Pole.
The non-arrival of the D r ,;
York, for several days alter
sed very serious uneasiness . %
nally arrived at Southampl %
the 3d in st, A letter trot'
ing her al rival, sayit
',She lel New York ai
obliged, by the severity
shortness of fuel, to pet •
remained seven day., H ee -
are just landed here, width'
diately sent to London bye .
by her has been antieipalre,
A fetter from Elirminglita'
a xi y was experienced
, rers this snoring, by the ! ,
the house of Messrs G d
merchants r.nd factors, al' :
out to be t, ue .
Parliamen', it is thought,
the beginning of January.
A new work by Bit (Bit
commence in January ern,
in monthly parts, at one
Death of Grace •
tere,ting female expirej •
day, the 20th Oetoht.r. in
`been in a delicate sineof ~"
time past. Iler complaint
form of decide I ci nsunynoQ,
I recovery abandoned, her Win
that .ihe should retort, sons
she was me Drain!! ly ri‘se
Bamburgh only about yen
decease. -
Her m irtal remains were''
ly buryinf, place, in Barak,.
Death of Allan Cunningia,
ed artist and po.t, the friend,
Sir Fr ancis Chantrey,
latter . end of October, havint
days ere his departure, hiv
Ame-ican Pork.--The
lately intro,lueed by the
at 4 I per lb, has berm baugiA
the narking classes, and we
that the more recent inyte
VI C 0.31 POUND F'
CANDY is a safe awl..
Colds... sthma, Sore Throe.
Bivast hoo! ing 0,144.
Throat. and many disease;
Tey —only I:4 per roll— .
sale and Retail by IL T. PRA,
st.,Alleglieny City, and the
Be sure you ask for Price!,
nem 17—tr.
UT. PRICE, wricogtii_
. fent ioner and Noes,
Diamond, "The:hefty chy.
Every variety of Concert
Cale, suit ahie for wedttuoll4_
front the hest matermk. A stO
H..9.11fNA TIVINAria, '
TON Peng :11(1 , 1 ,,
ved their store front ties
4. Browne, No. 49 Market ;
gents for the sale of the dt6'rrtil
lured ty theta, where thee ff
ways find a regular sitsPlT
1' st Writing, plant and faint
paper; DOnnet Board,, and Fri
zes Ind (panties ,ail of 1,00 0
HOLDS 111? & sowsn; 0 ,3 " ? ‘ " ,,
Vt'all Papers and Bortiers,tenPir,
ry variety of Entry, Par:oriel P.
latest styles and most liaadeast'
will sell low and on accoo ool
or retail
. Mr. JaMison.
LUNIBER .Jr r Sa i
rln lers to •
Farmers and ntherq aring
to call, as they will hescFupph'ol
very lowest rharkorie's•
son for the above romaiaikit!
persons who are subjected ta i
weather are respectfully
a yaY
cured TTIOYSANDS, who were w
emeption. (WI ificates can
TAYLOR'S BALSAS( OF I.•l• , ;_ti
for Liver Complaints, Corgillrof
1) rector mended by ai l
to taie, and speedy in effectildi •
Plumes Boa R taxon Cskiiltied
and Peasant medici Pe
cure for Coughs, Colds. (.1011
Care far the Witoortso Corritil
ant medicine, all are food 0 4 _4
to take at; iis cure OISUIC aciero
has a certificate of gen t, ' 0 10 1 ,
so there oars he no mistake. I
are Invited loran sad .1
eaedicipe is at the coonecti
- Alt the above medicine Ifr
liVitorzesys OR RvirArrat
471---17 MRS diassl
inpla eta. ficassa",
npar meet* are approlq
lso all 1cia4 89. ...1
Order. 'areddlaga, oa,f6t7
*lptit-22, is
6ltngLt,it will
e n omination:
9 J, P. Gana
phie Likeneese
coven/ of Mr.
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progress to
4 seine impro
retire employ'
w e xperiment
at of the nue
ac i rc ely five, y
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ose gentlemen
fctr some time
,Thiug, about of
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tters, after whi
far as he ceii
slued most to
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chief, and a 1
t:iken off I
ssly as pass.
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The elliak wa
the personal
been occasion
are been ey.r,
oroughly rum
to pick the
ful. iniere
as - nce done
ti d e a prompt an
thief was disii
r 'eril-d for loite
elude'l their m
he ime•. -A
been arrested
Sator,hy or !7
Offii!e .f )Ir.
inge, was enter
les of various bit
the amount of at
su.o of vld and
w exactly litm
by the robbery
.king for their
misfortune. s
who we he
d who can ill
• loss.
e's whole I
•Allegheny ri ,
sons were app
and Common C
et their meetin
for the purpose
clothing for the
ing the approa.
nry Hannen.
e, appointed dist
ral wards, viz
moot, H. P.
...Davin, John
Semple, Joqep
. Clarke, R,
s, at a meetin _
, nt: Saturd..y t
Saturday at 3
he winter.
elief must b
me;cl will plea
eting without
g business wit
d' theta in sessi
J. J. CA
tsßefief of
e hetiew a me
of the Thir
" evening, the
‘Tgenized by c
Chair, and a.
• ;Ivy,
Hon. Thomas
committee of '
the eity fof
in lad of the
I, E
eciee. and de
secure ea opt
r-ortbe city
lateen Were
outpose the v
t3e)Anilp, Ilko
• :Shdenberge
'l4l4lClit - ro