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    ‘iitiglit: Ali their 'Odds aid euccees has
kOrti turned to folly.T hey were becorn
-Thg taunt and reproach with their oppo•
*lents. n their dismay they_ brought out
ihateathe did 'coon,' and when they trust-
AP43-4.o4lksreV,Akerga., WI, could
day of their 400,
tity, tier ko4 provedAdruself to be
widows. :
Vic *fink Miderti.—Show us a 'mire
righeable person than the young w i4stel•
A'ddress her--sittlistens,smilingly.oreplies
frvikly; solicit her to Walk--her negadve'nr
lafirnititive - is -so uttered as to . convince its
kthat the 'fitily'rneaos 'what she sly's, and that
we need not bother crorself to ask her twice.
There is: a cordiality in her . manner -w hich
immediately putsus on the footing of friend
ship, be we ever so great a stranger. How
enurteouslyrqhe would rather not" accom
pany us aldne to. the play. But, on. the oth •
IT 'hand, how winningly she,„receives a
vererving call! with what charming self pos
tesslon does she prevent all interruption by
replying to the announced visitation of Mr.
Bimpsr;Anat she is "not at homer with
Whirpleasing promptitudedoes she .put us
out of misery at that hesitating point, the
point of declaration! She does not waver,
•'r hover about the edge of our hopes to
sharpen their) up; to nurture them till full
blown and then scatterthem to the winds.
She bath no mama -tcreonsult; no time to
takeforeonsideration; her negative is irre
trievable perdition; her affirmative means
marriage; .but_if it have an alloy, it is her
t'aiteful • solicitude that all the substantial
happines be settled on her self !
Tire .WIDOW who has received some on•
pleasant indications that-she is getting pas
seet.that her second or thitd chance grows
remote; is a- far less agreeable personage
than the young widow. She becometh
curious, in cosmetics and leaveth off cape.
SheiratrOnures:dentists, and gets very pir
timilariabout thefating of her corsages. She
sentlethifeveldestchildren to remote schools;
ankifellowed to return for the holidays,
theritre found to be wonderful children of
theii.age. .In her efforts to appear younger
than she is, the middle aged widow tries to
seem-always day, and never owns to being
tired with dancing, even when fainting with
fatigue. In the pursuit of a husband, under
alllguinner of difficulties, she is indefatiga
ble, "She visits all the watering places du
ring the summer, and removes from place
to place during the winter, till she can sue•
steed in establishing an eligible flirtation.—
Boston -Bulletin.
tical tesi..
The farm will cost 35090 101 l as —;lock one
dollar per share. Ono part of the plan is that any
parson offair character can, by subscribing fur
one or a hundred shares, mote or les.., secure a
pleasant retreat whenever a change may be deem
ed for the better. Resi.lunt as well as non-resi
dent members can be alikerinterested ,
Effect.—lohn, my boy, what The thanry of "Industrial A3806E1.66118" as ori .
was the ,spirit exhibited by the Whigs in .
gloated by Fourier, and advocated by Brisbane, i s
1840 r
' certainly beautiful, but whether success will at
was: mostly hard cider and brandy ,
.. toed the experiment about to he made, remains
' "
• 'rep, what is the present aunt won of
yo!ii party?'
1111oAtly rJws and delirium tremetWoto,
.John, you nviy go out
Easily Satisfied.— certain bachelor
once said that • All he should ask for in a
wiffi,:wOuld be; a gond temper, health, good
qqadrOanding, agreeable physiognomy,
filAfitire, gond connexions, domestic hab
its, tesintrces of amusement, grand spirits,
coOkersational talents, elesrant manners, and
hundred thotp:anfl
'Halo, Sitook.a, wh t's the matter with
you- to day?' il've got the bank fever.'
•What's that?" Why, one empty pocket
and another with nothing in it.'
The following, from the Portland Bulle
tin, will 'pass minter.'
At a Country muster, after an order was
given to 'return ramrods,' one of the soldiers
broke from the line, a:id was off full split.
'Halloo!' bawled the commentate; officer;
'where are you going?' Down to squire
IVluggios to re/urn the ramrod that 1 bor
rowed of him.; as you told me.'
111=7"Mr. Jefferson used to say that those
who patronized and paid for slanderous and
scurril•raa newspapers, were the real auth.
nts tix the slander and scurrility.
await. walkin; one day with a friend,
who sv . as. extremely precise in his pn.)nun
ciatipn. the latter hearng, a pers , )n near
'How th.,tt f l otr niirders the English lan
t,rtage:!._ 'Not so had.' said Mr. Curran, 'he
has only knoelted an 1 out.'
lEttisinPs3 k certainly tevkin,g—for the
first that in six months, we heard the dul
cet tones of R hand orzan iu the street 3 yes
lerday,—N. O. Tropic.
To tii.? Ep!tore of the Morning Post
4istrLitsisn-1 ;Ira- much plqased to find v , ,a
ihave.,-.artlaced the n a me of' our noble Senator
1A0%1160010 AN,- at the head of your paper, as a
..anctit .,. laie:for Ike float. Presidency, there to rein in
until it Viersio., uy a Natiorial Convention. The
clat*,..o4lii-insylvarti a 'must and will 'be heard.—
We helleFiks.Sleted our sister &ales for the last half
seenbilimirteleiting. able and talented n.en to the
tic'h teg*Vistfeey; 'and now in return, we call - on
-ever_ mott4 poil:true.denagerat in the U. States, to
stepslbfwitd:loldlv and assist its in platting a
Jaen (not it whit _behind any who has filled the
4hajellaltate4-itithis Presidential &tali , . The till
"t's ligliVAllikaigilticas Of - James 1141c/tato t 3, are of
the iliertt„-tfirder,*4 hie : A/motion totour best in
ter trunertily, entitle hipt to the; highest gift
to - strer,...,.
IlliteekW el thi, "Aftioi„ile" eivis a ticket is
b0in 0 . 1.4 :lit s-N 4 =York.` wrtt - ,11 c..c a li,„ ft
far rPtk*Ektiood Jametflieltatian- for - Vice Pres
identicl.l,hen 4„slc3 will_ lie..( fieo ea an ) accept
of it, and answerers will--this nti,f do_ fur an
swertiona' ParAtin', - buf I will answer for James
130elleliablie4lit netil•-•.-:-we Will either hive the
Prattle* or 000114,- • lif Pcaietylvania'is not-en
tit leoktit the -President, I for oue..will - not submit.
to alyeflp - -o.B4ent. I d,a hope, geatleinen, you
will enceforward aril the Federalists, I mean .
Whiif 4 iiiiii 'Artirtlmairyits, by 'the name they are
mostAreisttidly entitlett--rtooori syr'C'cion Anis;
the sk i p- .isarly2 - erillijost irountrne well as
1 -i'fi, °I ciT-.*71-V toll. °W ' ll , tmAr'in'ilicitiality,A3ld
litre 1 oillto„. 4 r9rW-Itet,Us..il..4Ar s.: givettheia
inc 0 itiir "titka itlAh,rn„,.", aid '`t liar er WI 0,1%ia;
At. thliiiikti7etties42erethrntghhet the. S ily
tate; wtitia
they -stesik-....eifieavapponentie'to , eill l- : -. lhens Ceilin
.0 1 01tt!eemiti in st'itJiartt.tinattetti - witl otiolk"oo'ol000 to
441449*-916404'1:4;14-.. 41A4CFY-• - -4 ,lii: - ...•.1. )
• --..,::-'. ; . :`;' "r•' - • ; - ' : st. 10411 -0041.., "
• • 40"1--t_1;..t.. : , tr, ,:-!: -.-• ~-.,.... '','2.- -- :, -. ~: „ - -.-: -....-.
, . ,
_ ii ar rs a ar
B,„, j ert t. :,, _
, a fla; i 4 ‘ ,4l PtiOeuti(*- •
;',7':iifioltNlND POST.
mt. it. siatitt, ZDITORII AKA riveillincToßg
gip. I'littLLlPt S'
.IV E NE ,DAY , NOVEMBER 9, 194.2
see*Pirst Pete.
The Amer 'can asserts that our censure o
the crileitiespractised in'the Lowell facto-
HO; is an indication that we wi4h to aban
don our advocacy of a Tat iff for Revenue,
which ground, the American says at , we took
t i ae start of our paper. 7 Now his state
ment and his inference are tioth false. We
dill not first take this ground when we
started the Post. We have always advoca
ted arch a tariff as would afford money e—
nough 'to carry opt the government, and all
w-e have said in reference to the tyranny of
the Cotton Mills, has bee.) intenthd for the
benefit of both the employers and those
employed in those estahlishineots, We be
lieve, that the conduct of the proprietors in
Lnwel Factories should be denounced by
every man who has a !park of hr.manity or
right feeling; and we do not envy the edi—
tor of the American, his vocation of apolo
gist for them. We think it possible for
Factories to ficurish without overworking
poor women and childr •n; and the Ameri
can, in advocating the prevailing systrm,
takes the surest means to make manufacto
ries 'unpopular, with the humane, and a
source of dread to the working classes, who,
if these practices are to be continued, would
as soon consign their children to the grave
at orice,as to the discipline cf such cruel ow
erlookers as those complained of at Lowell.
Fonrietistn in New York.
The Fourierists of A. Y. have funned an As
sociation for the purchase of 1400 acres of land in
Orange County, with the intention of bringing
their theory of "Attractive Industry" to a prac•
eorgia., salt come Vlp. a , I
retation of the friends of the scheme.
The objects of the company, es stated in di, it
a dvertiscment, are—the permanent employment
of its members in ag,rricu'ture, manuractures, and
commerce. and the union ot - the individual with
the collective interest in such a way that those
who cannot afford to be idle may he the only suf
ferers; and in the erection of an edifice in the cert_
tre of six thousand acres of land. for the accomnr
dation of two thousand members at a fair daily
remuueration for time employed, according to the
abilities of each, p iyabl weekly in gudratiteed
six per cent, stock, to be issued in piyin nt f,r
labor, building materials, and other property and
services actually rendered and performed; and to
come into contact with the Company's premiss ,
but none to receive less than a sufficiency to be
.übject to an uniform rate of :eduction, whenever
the busine , s of the concern nay make it necessa
ry,in order to keep the Safety Fond, Dividend.
Reserve, and Capital whole and entire. Childran
to be employed in obtaining a first rate education
aged members in light work, and pay of lie sick
to go on at a quarter reduction. After providing
for the punctual payrwrit'of semi-annual dividends
on the guaranteed six per cent Stocks, and a Safe
ty Fund sufficient to cover the whole am ;net oh
saib stock including a reserved ' - und for dividends
with a halfyearly dividend of five per cent on the
capital stock: then, nett profits to te divided e
qually between every member of the As=ociation
who shall have signed the Articles of Agracnient
and be the holder of one ire shares of tb it
I part of the Capital stock wbiah is transferahte nn
ly on the nooks of the Company. Sac . ' to have
the privilege first of becoming resident members
on the dam lin. evaz.ordinT, to priori'y of signature
This plan, they c intend, is thl tna
remedy for existing evils. In these times of de
pre scion there is no drtbt thousands who will ea
gerly embrace this "Jl.port , inity, which gives strong
assurances of a comfortable hone. abaoading with
ple.nt y.
Mavis ttion.
For a few days back, the navigation of the O
hio has been somewhat d.ffa .ult, on account of
the low stage of the water; it was not however,
materially interrupted, and the rain which fell
night i before last, will again, in all probability
give a fresh impetus to steamboat navigation.
There is at present every probability that the riv
er will continue navigable until closed by ice.
For the past thirteen menthe there has been no
'cessation of steamboat navigation between Ihis
city and the great towns of the %Vest and South
' west. This is partly owing tithe fact 'that the
season was favorable, and. partly to the improve ,
'merits in the • c mstroction of 'boats. And by
means of these improvements, we have no doubt
tliat hereafter freight and passengers can Le ship
lied in steamboats from this city s, any month, or
week in the year fur any point - on the Ohio or
Mississippi. This may perh,ps be disputed by
enry Clay, 'who nape said that tire. river at this.
place was dry- half-111e year, and clos.-cal h
r y ite the
other half; a . lad it is prOalikli,_,td 'algae of a v 1.,
,lags Called Wheeling may endorse and cireulate
his opinion, - But they can accomplish little; they
cannot itt,t.lae l .4lglatest degree'retard the progress
of tha.Cityof *Smoke in her career. ,nt prosperity
and greatilesis. Facilities of swat tranapostation t
winch cgs upon. ratan itillaris,aid 1118
itiostrattorvalb - 4-X*Asportere raohornly, on our,
nsl {treat itftsi4ia wanting to give our city.
• -: . --,;"
. -,---
.. ...--rp 4„ 3.;-.. .- ..14
-. :7.---7=---------.- •--
..-]....,,.;.. -iiie
--7 ., Alm . -- :.,. ..i- , 10.*. - -:-,- ' -_..,,- F,na......
-a-cf-•'"P'-...• 1 - 404:
• '''' ' V- " -- "='''''' . itSt4lie-. -' - in s
will n oep ! , ..-,, Cl ay, . -...A0:. --, 1.- 1 ,
iii„, es .. - laths kV44O I"
ill-natured, ".,....f: . ',„ . . 4 . 0 . l ive M
t...a .414k3•."%-.. ' • -
jealousy # l44 '' , ._-_' • -
The N 1 7 ...lixpreaa says that .an inter
estrnit correspOndeuce will shortly- see .
the light bet Ween the Whig State Central
Committee - and Gov. Seward, - tonching
• ; -
the views entertained at Albany by Mr.
Spencer and his former friends, on his be•
coming a member of the Cabinet at Wash
ington. We .shall see what we shall see.
The people: of Halifax are about estab
Hashing a Joint Stock Company for the
manufacturing of Bread. The object is
purely a charity, and promises a whole
some kind of Bread for the poor of that
place duting 'the winter. The St. Johns
Herald says, !'The object-is to alleviate in
as great a degree as possible, the suffer—
ings of the working classes during the sea
son, when is to be earned, and' when
the expenses 'Of housekeeping are materi
ally increased. The plan proposed, is to
form a Joint Stock Co npany, the capital
of which is to consist of shares of X 5 cash,
and no ono individual to take more than
one share; the flour to be purchased at
t he cheapest possible rate for cash, and
sold so low, as to pay actual expenses, and Trenton Races,-.Fathio t Victorious
allow a moderate dividend upon the capi- l o nce-more.—The entrees were Fashion and
tal invested." t Blue Dirk—Pur-e $BOO. "rl , -..
Could not the citizens of Pittsburgh get was gained by Faslfitm by about a length.
up a Company on the same prineiple• Time, 7,86. Second heat won by Fashion
The distresses of the poor are indeed suf- easily. Time, 7,49.
ficient to excite our sympathies. i t Strange.—The great fire of hamburg
Defunct—Coonism. We make this as• ; was five months ago, vet the flames burst
sertiun without any remorse of conscience out afresh from Ihe ruins when they were
• !
Siamese Twin's Eggs.—The Editor of ! preparing to lay lnew the founda . ion.
the Planter's Chimer has received a Twinsl The N. Y• hronicle one "1 the very
egg which reseml. les two pige'on's eggs best dailies in drat rity, appears to be the
joined together by a narrow neck an inch loroan of the Foarierists. We would recore
and a half long—the shell perfectly hard. !
mend all who wish to become acquainted
with Fourier's scheme of "AttractiVe
Specie going 4 douth.
The Wall street gentry of New York
are becoming alarmed at the amount of Steamboats.
specie that is drawn for shipment to the That excellent and well-managed craft,
South. Up to Saturday last, it is stated the Michigan, still makes her trips to and
t hat about $1,200,000 had been sent from 1 , from Beaver.•
that city. The New Orleans packets will The Cleveland, which has bees in the
take about $300,000 in addition. A c n- : dock a few days, having soin9 repairs made,
siderable sum of specie has also been sent. will soon resume business. She is also a
from New Yotk to Boston, for the China good boat, and travelers, and owners of
trade, goods cannot fail to be well served, by ei-
that a :Mack wrn w OilUrth hill, tho
85:.h, hung her child about 4 years
Fatmy Ell,ler has arrived at Vienua,
ant! much ft!te,l in her own country
as she was it: the Irnited Slates
Ricc,--Exr:iments are making in the
cultivation of Rice in Louisiana. Its suc
cess is considered certain.
"Time is Money." —So Franklin obser _
ved. It is very true, and some people
take plenty of it to pay their debts. —Pic.
That real Democrat, Mike Walsh, says
he has no objection to people weal ing good
coats and hats.
Field is playing at the Tremont Thea—
tre Boston.
A Pelican was shot, a few days since,
at Tuscumbia, which measured 9 feet
from rip to tip This bird is rarely found
ir: that region.
The London Times says, by "on dit,"
that "overtures have been made by an in
fluential party in China, to the British au
thorities in that. country, the objects of
which are to depose the Emperor, to estab
lish another form of government, and to
enter, should the revolution succeed, into
terms of amity with Great Britain, bath
political arid commercial."
Low Wages.—A laborer's hire; on the
farms near Princeton, N. J. is 25 cents
per day, and provisions found.
English' Bank Robber.—Edmund Bur•
dekin who lately absconded with £90,000,
belonging to the Bank of Manchester,
England, has been seen in Albany, N .Y
Corn. Elliot has purchased a handsome
residence in Westchester, Pa.
U. S. L0an.—.7,000,000 of the $12,-
500,000 remains to be disposed of.
Yankee Enterprise. —The Steamer Ban
gor, from Boston, touched at Gibraltar,
Sept, 29th; on her way to the Dardanelles,
where she is to be employed in towing
v ssels uo and down the Straits.
Au obsco - re sheet in Harrishurgh calls us
"a couple of reformed federalists!"
U Never despise your enemy—skin
"that, same old coon," but do it solemnly.
• H. B. NI. steamship Spitfire was totally
lost. th Half Monkey %ref, oti the 16th ult.
The S. B. Engineers hare formed an
association in Cincinnati.
Affectation is a greater eltetcy to the
face than the.' sinail Vox.
r '/L
tikit?B "
We,giorp our, readen‘ the,fullowipg from
- .
the. N. Y. Herald (bad authority) .vrithnut
expressing any opinion as to the pro, a bit' i
ty of the - rumors: Mr. Webstei . , it is
thought, will go abroad, perhaps to. Paris.
Mr. Spencer or Mr. Upshur, says,S4er
ald, will become 'Secretary of State4.-and
Mr. Cushing, Secretary of the Treasury.
The Herald adds, that the President and
his Cabinet are determined, ill some shape,
to maintain the independence of Tezchs—
and mea4ures have already been adopted
preparatory to putting a stop to the. inva
sion throatened by Mexico. The Presi
dent is also preparing his- message, lie
will insist On the psssigo of his currency
plan, called the "Exchequer," at the next
session—and if Congress still refase,
der the recent, and corning demonstrations
at the electi•m3, he will, after the 4th of
March, call an Extra Session of the new
Who would oot hate to be +hornet
"Whose nails were as on a ioasiing,eo'rit,
And wh se arms were as strong as alvar's,
dustry" tr take it
• sqatv or
slow degrees that Fox bee:inCPl
brilliant anti ir)werfol debater that ever
Pathament sa.s. H attributed his own
success Lt CP'. re-; iluti.lll which he f o r m ed
when very yours;, of sp3aking, well or ill
once every ni,ght."
Traitsporiation.—We tinderstan,l that
the clfferent Transportation C unpatlies on
the Pennsylvania public works, will close
their operatims fur the season on the lthh
of this month.
False Notions
To sell a yard oftape for t cents is very
dignified, but to sell 6 ipplesfor 6 cents
Is mean
To pick a man's pocket of 10 dollars is a
crime, but it is perfectly fair dea!ing to sell
him a horse fir 100 dollars that is n A
worth one
appear on Sunday dressed in Ken
tucky Jean is disgraceful, but to wear
broadcloath is highly genteel- —whether
the tailor has been paid or not.
To tell a h about some trifling thing is
very disrespectable, but to utter a gloss
slander against the Presidencis the quilt,
tessence of patriotism. "Ates fair in poli-
chanceJbr Saa9kers.—There tire about
200 very pretty girl 3 in New 'York keep—
ing segar sores.
All are born equal: the infant slumber ,
itfg cradle of gold is in no wise supe
ric4-io that, which, wrapped in a few
rags, lieth on, a handful of dirty straw.
We would rather be locked up for all
eternity and a day longer in a cage of
hungry Hyenas, than set one hour with
persons touched with affectation.
Mexican Affairs.
From the N. Y, Aurora of the 511 tie glean the
following items
Our two steam frigates, the Gm-4,4060n and
Marion; fur Florida schomers,.and the whole
West India squ.dron. have been ordered upon the
coast of itlex , co—awaking by far the largest fleet
in this hemisphere. It is supposed that this
squadron has been orderci thither to prevent the
English anJ Mexican steamers from invading Tex.
This is not for nothing. It is proba i filathat the '
•President has taken lite strong—et meaCures in re-
Cracking a Jake.—The confectioners
lation to Briti-h interference in the Warbetween, not long since introduced.some new fancy
,Mexceo and Texas , - work in their line, representing almonds,
We have new from Campeachy, to the 14t h , Madeira nut s, &c . sugar.
and from Merldo to the 9111. in . -
The inhabitants of thainiand ofCarmen had do. A landlady the other day handed one of
Jared. for re-union with Mexico. ' her new boarders a small basket of, these
The first tri g ad i of the 111i'deart in ading force displied comfits, (le:tiling him thlaste them.
was there, 300.streng,waitini, reinfote Tnents from lie at once, (being perhaps. not-so green. as
Vera Cruz and Tobasio. It was not A t 'Deihl :tit
the lady mig h t have immagined,) caught np
Campeachy could make-any eile e ctuilfresistancer- . .
r ofvAt•crackEirs and smashed one of
It is'again alkged that Santa Ana isle cumma a. pat
mend in person,di
, 1 e sugar
tleira nuts.:
700 ililLlzlean trilefis_
had landed atiChampten; tO, don'tll said the landlady in alarm, tit
SI leeguet.frorn Campeaehy, and were fortifylitet ig t o il ty„ a; joke .' -"- -
themselves'. A hotty-,efannyal thezr Ile tte-e,ii *II.'
to disine_so th
, -.1 1.. -: •-' r ' .-- :. - • h Well.9ty dear lady s ! said , theinew 'hoard-
Tn e Mezjean 41:44r. -- 5 44kah 4 orlyte x p ec ti l t,i 0 . ei, itiL l, atii e .'4oly crack iTheajoki. EN. ,O ,
arrii(hefore - Cautpeach3r •' , - ' 4.., ir - a4 '-, 4.- - - -
.. ,
If': . ''':. '.l n- --- F
oiliir .....i,
a e ; .
sera _. r. ...- iie. - t.if, -I -atte.., 4:. --
to .. co -., . rtie '',-, in ,. o. 4s, _ . , y
toil, o._ . ieli ::::',. rifle ' taltifil*Sitt
t he '`P •f co .7:t a ant4fifie pefikinirtiiho.
' -- P .etienterti-eliii-iltelOVlth'itiiiiirto the Viiilitil.
File ..CPnai.anyrbs.,-,pltper which -,theee . astral
soung'inen havo arrepti;d'astheie - Oriati ia.Certain•_
ly a curious 0.11 ,3. to be selected for, that purpose by
men who. profess to be firemen, It is well known
to eveiy• heady wit h: la :ii " paid. aay aitention .to,the.
reat4o;thitt-th •Fii-eititirmf.thell:ity - of fittaburgh
Were, nublishrit in the world ' he' the Daily Sun as
a Sa t of tueissitigated blackguarde and denoun
'eed as beitiegaihy of - arson, _ alleging that they
had set fire to i‘row-ashler wail burnt down
last suminer, in the Filth Ward, -.. !Lis also well
knotty that these -slanders and libels udon the
Firemen of our City were - topie - 3 .by Rapera at a
distance t ind'eommented upon by'those who had
no me a ns of gaining correct information cf the
facts, in such a manner as they deserved to be had
They been true. I say, then, that I was somewhat
surprised to see men who profess to belong to the
Fire. Department of our City select this.aame pa•
per as a medium through which they would justi
fy or defend - their actions, and my surprire was
not lessened when I recollected that among the
names attached to the petition was i• the nami of
one who at the time of publication called upon
the writer of this article and strongly urged the
prosecution of the Editor of the Sun for libel.—
What then has caused the change which has of
late con.e over these moral young men, I will no'
pretend to say. I only know that at the time the
charge was rnade, I myself thought that it was ,
without foundation, and I am sti'l of the same I
opinion. The Sun I believe has never retraJted
it, .nd I leave it for others to guess the causes
which.hava led these firemen to hug the editor to
their bosom,. The ‘proscribed"genisis who fig
ures in the Sun. compliments -very highly those
whom he is pleased to call hi; "worthy Nicer'."
Now it is an old saying that "self praise is no re
coirrnenda'i ,r;" but the , the in de.-tv or some
ydu , g men •i• aidonishing, as for in,tance at a
meeting held by the immortal, .1-..---- -Hat Ex rttly
j n , _ , 6. , ___—&-..-.... among other thins that i,i.--,
idehly approved of the course I-, u, ed Ity intor
worthy offie-rs (themselves) in regard to the pci
tion presented to councils "Da 1 , w..ro great fi l
lows.lcls tell collo so any how.'' The public will
perhaps, however, th uk just as much of these fel
lows if they wait till their great deeds are extolled
by others. ,
In the communication referred to the irdhor ins
Ornate; that they were in lueed to take the course
they did io petitioning coulei's to take chart:ie oi
the apparatus on account of the immorality of the
members. Now it is to be presumed that those
who are So sensitive in this respect have charac
ters themselves which will bear the ordeal of ex
amination. Let us see. Will the Editor of the
Sun or his correspondent give us the name of a
certain person who was denounced in that paper
scone time ago nit a "desecrater of the Sabbath and
as one whose fall had become quite familiar to the
watch, on account of his ft g lent midnight brawls,
and is the name of that person attached to the pe
tition? Will the correspondent of the Sun tell us
whether he is acquainted with a certain person
who may he seen nightly and at a midnight hour,
issuing from some doggery or other in our City,
and who is so fond of his •.gin and sugar," that. he
aid all he could to prevent the Coinfreny from
joining the 'reayierance Society, and as a last re
sort threatened that if they dial he woffd leave the
Company? Will" Proscribed" tell u; whethr r he is
acquainted with such a person and whether he is
tyre of ihe_.er who signed the peti io il Avsa•n,
M e , rroscribed, as }on were the or . iginalg..f.flii-'- -
_, --.s.- .s re to
movement %vas 1,,--t..--t
-,.,._--....-1.,-ruipatises cou'd tint suet ed on
the Temperance plan, and was not your cry about
immoral conduet hut a cloak to conceal your real
.ini•itive? We th'nk, however, that we will disap
-1It'"--- We have all , iirlied the IA ,ci a) 1
we ask the fabri c - t - 4 . ' by P .' "
us our ac•ions.--
- Yon have
signed th e petition, bur you hay f) 1 ,
sizti..d till pledge. It is not ton late, h iwever,
stz" the 1 ,1- dV t 13 'cocse a de--ent elan, and U. '
will 'nolo ad milt you a m tintier of th,_.
, 14;
"It was
Vigilant Niel,ling.
At a meeting of the members ~f the Vig lent
Fire Company, 11-1•1 at the Hall of the DuqueSne
[lose Company, the following resolutions were
unanimously ad , pie
Wilereld, The Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh
has not fulfilled the orders of the Coaccils-direct
inz him to take possession of the Vigilant fire
apparatus and hos allowed it to rernaia in the
hands of persons, who are not lezally organized
on the responsibil.ty of one man, and Wher-as
We cannot understand how the Mayor Wll3 has
not tan no ,, s , s-iito of the apparatus, and denies
hi. right to do so, can cl urn the power to give her
op to any scan volt itneripg secorily f r her safe
Therefore. Resolvod, That we consider 'hat he
hit 'n a manoer u ibec oning the Chief Of-
Pic •r of our City, and that his con-se of proc d.
in s') , ml•l meet with the strong disapprobation
of every good sit z .n.
Resolved, That we,the undersigned merntoets of
the Vigilant Fire C inp toy, believing that the
C •11'3 • pa-sued by our of in requesting the
Crw icik to take pnssession col the Apparatus, was
j i-titiilile on their part, on ace mint of the
lion of h C 'moan,/ , we give our names as beiog
wiliing to sitop them iii tie aline,
C •a-lea Brown,
W sie Elam Arm
J Stoe'lton,
Win Calling amod.
W. [I. If rate,
atvid Logan,
Wm C. MeKthhin,
W. Y. Tno npson,
Jame; Irwin,
James Petri',
Gaiirge Snvdir,
J te Ot C. J.trie ß ,
'l' F. Harbours,
B.R Harbour?,
Win. T. Stone,
David A. Morrow,
Martin Stoller,
Cespiar Ging
John Yarringt in,
D. D. Bruce.
John B. Craig,
Samuel Harman,
John Hague,
John Williamson,
John Down,
James A. Gong,
John Bryan
Samuel Morrow,
G. G, Frettly,
D. Sanis, . •
B, Young,
A. i'raa:•,-Jr.
Conrad Matz, •
Joel 'l,lfoler,
,v. TV Corner ofrp
proprietotsof the7l-"C"'
Attu MalltrPACreittit VESpett.
and the patrone of leogeitipt,,,
and well elmeen assurtniere or
5i~.n13, , ~a
Nere,..aty to a Job Brin
wed to
Rills of
Bill Book
Black Cu t*
att hints of
stage, Steamboat, cod Catc
priatt Co•
J tole:, R.
J. P. M'Candlish,
J. B. Garrard,
David Grant,
J. Hoehn ly;
C. Yeager,
Thomas Re Ipith , jr.
Wm. Gunis,
D. G
Adam Eri•nkley,
A. kV i!son,
Wm. Boyd,
Thomas Rose,
Jahr, Davis,
J Ihn Nawill,
Lewis Roll,
Henry Morganstone,
James Black,
John Graff,
v{, co. TOrranc^,
TllOlllB9 Davis,
L. Lo g,
Wm. Morrow,
J. D. Collingwood,
C. M. Robinson,
R N. lia.lett,
James McGuire,
George Thompson,
Isaac Williams,
Wm. Means,
A. McGrew,
Wm P. Bartram,
Pa an phleic
Printed on the shortest mul t , *
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Nov 2
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Parlor LIGHT and DARK CP:,
Noicoas, Principe and CPO'
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