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provitted Wtt h the 2111 f ly
hills ptitiled with a figures(' is, -
'lll you are old de..eived
uerit=stating their ballast° be
Guard, wl.co they are rot it) ~
The following ten list of
ty Guard at the Tor of Piud,
first on the list have the ifestro t ;
pparaias it is impoterihie Ter is •
NIAM , A.R A, DP c:
C* ON. Mori.
X.PP ES? MAIL, 1)13Ii1".
I DA. - V
PANAMA, pow . ,
The community Ille
• liefiire they make a chi - urea
nen ..iee tt hel her I Ireilla not 4
anti s^,it , t V to eigno,te a safety
a•ol, freight, in prefereser
aca•n<t of nicsion —and that they
ihr , invention has the unq
ci en ni , obese linilderie-!est ,
cnt.jeet. and
i•e - tinuit•et el ea
all if it
!O. Witter t.beet
P n tie eF 10 114041 Cy
' ,, e troutertn env.
:- 1" CADIVA
. The : - .uhi;cril.er offs.: for Falr,gl
rr•ri r:irpz tle zreCiler part bf hic real
-I. :be ”1" Piiighurfh and Ap.thrnT.
h. i War-bonFes. nrarlv P PW.
. I^"
.Ainale on Markel sircei linn err
hrarin.z a fretnl of atN , UI 54 feel by fA
;ire, or seporntrly forch purthast.n,
a. i:s.
Also, a spiel hnildin_ lot in Ant , . •
breadth, by upward of 350 feet in
front., one on the Pennsylvania C342i
Washington street.
Also. she lot tOdjoining the alswe I '
by nearly 350 feet in depth. n n qvan,..!
:ant mansion houve which / vow Wt.,
A I o. ri In; xt - it h two too eney htlek
SIP no Ibe C 0,1117 Of $. t%fedFroetr,
=toned real. an , ROI; nr,go
111 1 , A Y. I; It zr,tro
r TINA , olitF
C ,ettry Pinittf•
H • T . Courstissieg X
du — . - a x•+ iCan ARMY! edsllS.
y ac.
moi ii
ilio. C r ior, F.-q., PEttsburth
H 0.,,
C .r h ran of rZ'd.
Jut' U. Denis.
!kI"I,MNa Pnw.s.
J F 7,41 . :0 i-tm
Fnr., , or which I R.I.P. in IS
t' •
are=: abnnF 711 arres of V. ;Mil isci4.
t 'inhered . There sre spotlit
ar d a Feirn 63 feel ley Stanappo
A Iso. ateiut seventy acre* , of ca.
he equal to that of any Imbed M
Terms made to own on opplieolio
to 1:f. premises. WILLIAM".
and Picture Frame Xsisi
rs,t k Sired poets burik.—ar sgo
c for Artists. 2111111 IVE On hati .
promptly framed murder- g'`''
es , nrwice
f";:rlic nlar attention p:ast to ree
Peron' fill inr up Steam Boz!,ce
illcuadvatilage 10 Call.
Av.ll3'E 1. E r ).—Tl4 go.r ,
to furnish paint/As. and 01
chase pure While Load Iniade I ` 4.
to al! '
rat.ted equal. if not superior
Al' older , addressed to r/OnlaP
4 - co - Vo. lltlnetord sure.? eIiDV
aitended to.
j — j
Fifth SI.. WM de071 1,111111014
l'he Suhezriber respeeligiti
r H'sbureh and vietnity ilk t j
tailing SliOr of his own utriotifl
where he will keep conetanill
mrt., of au kinds of ladies.
and t.hoes. of the hetu Quality .tin!,'
ref , to=tit the times_ tle w
ill a
kind, of fancy OVOOIC- - PO ttl 9
colored -gaiter,. and"if
children's elts/eTs. filk !Oile r! ' I f '.
will he made at the shorleAl 1t
et o _,7"
ner. Ladies teat please 0010017
as the sulot Ober frets castiest
any article in his line they WY
Erp 10
P. S. Don't
dotir from Barriciil.olllols`P'
t----d-------g;Wt.t.tA UMW!' _od
r p
V business of Waal ug
Li , ,erty street and 42 'forte WO'
I hasokir to the nuateroulrles4l
firm. for tbe eery liberal uPPIt..„
tended to bias. la eanaelda°ll ,40
a 'files to assure tbew UPI eferP - 1
merit lbe tont iffiration Of the ° i t
Peet WI -.bele atter/10 ;0
"ftiline.irblell be Weed. OW4
than has beep fire atrere 1.100.4
the what; of the Sorb -at ilia.to
otiot leMj
Bible; a rd ai be ioteitatto co
Casb besipeStr, he ketS
flock. *WO: lazirar
sensor woritowdlob*eirrio4
[use to take Ooticetlio" ,
Wad ia
112.0171 Z 100 - 11111- its
k-7 it- irk B l 4 0.4 WirtS74l4l
Wafriaa lo*
ill AO OF; 411,0„- --110fMrdiar
yid litiOlitio ittto lol,
r rPillf
1:i. !M
• rec..]
,Ily, to
ned is
to Ow
on tit
Ps Sr , W. H. SMITH,
yiLIARS a year. payable in
T wo CENTei---for sate at the
New Boys.
rid Manufacturer
seine °thee, on a dJuhle
%CS a year, in ad
-01 (lye month, sal . *
75 I TWO mom!, 6.00
p ' , Turet months, 7.00
. Four months. 8,00
, ti I :rot months. illoo
, I o year, 15.00
VF.F.TIi,E4I F.ST.3.
I •T n lE,SZ'FIf.,
i 11C , Situar et
I , , iX W ontTff, 813.60
1 , on, t ear, 35,00
as.n p' ,,, rt'on•
Ix POLL tit , a year.
FF 1 C.E SLC.,
i• , e• tt Market and Wood
4 h d.h), from Wood it; 'Peter
%Vt;;.,ck. ''oiled or. •
d ween Fir-1 and Second
rir - 11P.5.0 re f
Jo:lllsro4‘,Or to the
h, t-etween Market and Wood
. rOll rill. near 31a.ket
-lark,,t and Wand atreets. on
Ts r - Tl'llE l, ll ' VD Fatness' Pr•
,viqg f';:rld.) Fourth, Letwceo
nen,. tVood.
Vv,., R , ree , , rear Ihe Bridge
r of re' , and ...at
arr of !'n,rd nod Wood.
r of Toird and Sonlihneld.
of folio , 1..0f , and Canal.
r.,1.0.rt,v s. apoo...iie Wayne
AC 6Y.fri,n s, Canal
AT LAW.— 'rare rPn'to
.n G ortpoille
:0 16 ilO 1). Vlohno.
Pro 16
.11. J. remote-I t o
rre . . r,r; Llberty S , Jr,
S p In
and 1,0111N.1 ,
M 1 . R and
toe Diurnal. I•:tek
bS! o‘.• 01;0 . 10 I I U .7;1: Ova j
=a , in Shoes made in
ir.; to e .0 Inc
F L r N , ,WDE
I,thertv ,0 reel. head of Woof,. I - 31 Ell I - ) VA L thew Jour*, Rarlier and Heir Dress
nwe,and Flower • 1, h.,: ',flowed 40 Pruitt n street. orpostte !he May
n utwaye. hr had at I tte. Drug ors office. w icre he will tiri happy to:watt upon permanent
ur transient customers. He soar iis a share of public ma
Liberty creel, head of Wood. r""817•'• eep 10
nual N 1,1,1.1.01 1, 0,,1.,n Seed. for vt7 VI. . NA' RD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
and seed slur , of V door below Irwin street, ti”nrs of hnsinees, from
F. I. sNownES. 9.. K., until sr. x. rifler which time he will attend
' Li ,, ertt wheel, herid of Wood. to no one except in eases of actual necessity. He
would further inform tiIOSIE who may think proper to
RSEY SWEET POTATOES, employ hint, t hat he expecte immediate payment, wit hout
ritr,lvfA ly the necessity on hit: part of sending in bills. flip 10
7 v,.r.,-.-.,;'
-• , r4reoAll ~ 017 c I.orlll
vp 10
\ I Or, r
_ -
v :,! L, lender
. ( r oT
.%•• 0 I
C , •
f - I R,l
ll', v.,(1.1.es :11 Ftlr,tiv
KIIP #1 RE: kLD PP.1(..5 .41 iLe.
';''' Freon ' ' S "' " "" B. - 11 - 11 t. D - AVID WARD 1,.v his office and reshiertce
on Punts Street, nearly south of the Court Boom..
- ,eeond d n,:frOill Ro, , sct reel lie will faithfully attend
1,•1 1,1" S rn tots to full all , alls pr.llal e ill^ c
to hi: profea,cion. Night calla should le
In at I h... Anar alrove the baxertient. seri In
IS4, tr:erl y 11.-ad of Wood si . OTIN M'FARLAND, Upholsterer arid Cabinet
..tf_ksr. Third st. between Wood ¢ Marie streets,
••I • oes. Font., respectful infirm! his friends and the public that he is
1 ; t t n ddin g prepared to execute all orders for Sofas, Sideboards. Bo-
P z Soears. etc.. just re- rra us. Chairs. Tattles. Bedsteads. Stands. flair and Spring
F. L SNC IW I J E N- .Mattrasses. Curtains. Carpets, all Aorta of Upholsteriag
head of Wood. i work, which he will warrant equal .o any Made in the
rrreived a small sup. city, and OD reasonable terms. sep 10
C"'P ,l isl.,an llama, on retail
ISAAC ti NRRIS. Agent, 110 Word serest, Pittsbuswk.—R. A. Bausman.
.'aud Corn. Merchant Auctioneer and Continiwsion Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
• vet 6.ed . Orchard Grass and it his large and capacious twat,. No. 110. North Nast
Grail' • always on hand and for Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets. Pittsburgh.
F L. ssowneri. Regular sales of Dry Goods, Furniture. G tousles and
Luharty street, head of Wood. other art ides, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cal !try, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
NAN. Attorneys at Let,. office Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
- Catt,und, to A ttorney'sßosv," i Books. every Saturday evyning.
reel ' , Veen !florist( and Wood I Liberal advances made on Consirminentswtten wanted
sep 10 Rarragness.
Messrs. John D. Davis, Esq..
N Ragaley 4. Smith,
Hampton. Smith, Co.
F. Lorena k Coy
J. W. Burbridg,r. 4- co.,
S. alee 4 , Co.
Capt. James %Margin.
C. Ihmsen,
Jaren M 'Fadden Esq..
Logan 4- Kennedy.
J. K. Moorhead 4- Co.
Jas. P. Stuart. ERI.
Robert Galway,E4 - 9(
Capt. Jas. May,
McVay, Hanna, 4- Co
William Symms,
$.O. Henry,
Hearth. BaZa!el Co
IL{ \5., for orocpedints in Se-
the tate law, fcr sale at this Office. I
on tile North East corner of Coal
rest. Apply to
RUNG CON, Market. near 4th st.
mil's, French Bazar Beet eee4,jeat
.4 for sate at the Drug and seed
184 Llhei t Fireet, head of Wood
heretofore extzio: between Mir ' "
NJAMIN HoreWELE, istitisday "
Di:hy is authorised t "
the firm in settling up the business i ,44
WILLI.kNi Mari. -"
. . .
. .
•- - _
„ . . .. .
'-- ---, / '•-• i•,:. - A ':r..:' ,
'- ' ' .....!,.....
~,,,-:.•,,-.. '_
..1 .. ::,...... ;,,,,,,, , '',..,,, : ,
~ :-: . 1 . 4. ' ''''.:, I _
:, '::•,,,:.
~.._,); 1 '-':-:-.:.. f r ',.. ::' :
~....: 7
.., r i! ' '''
~1 - . ., , ,. , ::. ; -. . -7 - ',' ,-.
~.._, •7: . 4 '*•! , - ,.._ t - 41 ,... ., ,i,,,,:;. , i, ,.. iii ,.. :„.tii„. . ,
. .
. .
~ • .
.. . _._.. ..,. ~.,. . .
, .
. , .
" . ...•
.....„..i...„... .t._..„
. , .
_ .
• _.... .. .
. .
. • _.. _ •
. ~_ ...
. ..
. .._
. . ...
• .....,.
B. E. InKRAITT, DENThi r rg f beeiii sair.*
eitmen Seam t and Third /Pm,
eep 10 Prersceirese.
- FOBNSTON 4,ESTOCKTON Baokcellers. Misters sot
Piper Manatileturets, No. 32. Market sit aeir MOY
JOHN ANDERSON. Smith fi eld Foundry, Wager M
near the hlonongahrin Scrum. taunt' . fey 10-11
LgONARD S. JOU NS, Aldennal, St .Clair st Feet. se
cond door from T-Merty. cep 10--1 y
DR. 8. R. HOLMES. Office In Second street. next door
to leulvens er Co's Glass Warehouse SPF , 10-4,
QIIUNIC 4- FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law. Fourth A..
near the Mayor's Office, Pittsburgh. eep 104.7
TllO5. HAMILTON. Attorney at Law. Flftb, between
Wood and Smithfield imp 10-1 y
'HUGH TONER, Alrronev at haw, North East corner
ofSmithfield and Foorh street,. sap 10--1 y
Troiresoll /Awl ............ amines eagesvit L.
HANNA 7R TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No;
144. Wood al.. where may hn had it gettend PIIPPif
of wrO jot! wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank hooks.
wchoot honks . te. PoP 10—ly
C. TOWNSEND & CO.. Wire Workers' and
Manufacturers, No." Market street, between 34
and 3d streets. sep 10-4 y
i;lixrn Asa E HOTEL, Corner or Penn and R. Clair
1,14 st teel.g. by . hieRIBBIN
rep 11)—ly
I, 1G SI ETA L.-77 tons soft Pi! Metal for sate by
.rp 13 • No. 12 Water street
06 . 1 ... flitikf1 L 114.. B % ONLI A MB. I 6.000 tbs. Bacon
sbonTsren....... -.:.__,,_%._
." -g "- 15 __ .. ......., --,.
.1".6. * A. 00 - itut.m.
reP 13 :il. No. 13 Water street,
.:., ~..
TA P TTEC.SO:II. Bienthigifaignolear PittiOured,
Pa.. NI armfa-turer of Locks. a. and Baits; To
kaeen, Fuller. Mill and TlaberScre Etanprar *rim tbr
Rolling Idillp, ite. sap 10—Iy
(MEN itrcLoswey, Tailor and Clnliiier,
slieet, between Sixth and Virgin alley. South side.
nen p).
j W BURBRIDGE * CO., Weedersle Grocers sod
Cosnailmiop Merebalds—liecoed street, Joeferees
Wood and Smithfield all., Pittsburgh. rep TO.- -1,
aG dr A. GORDON. Onmtnission and Forwarding
. 61,•rettants,Mater at.. Pittsburgh. sep
[I A k 1 3.4,4 casks baffle,* good article, received per S.
it R Corntir. and for sale by J. G. 4. A. GORDON.
sep 10 No. IL Waierstreed.
OMAR & Mot.ASsEs..-40 s o
z ar ; •ZO Digs New Orleans Motiirge, co? Noe by
sep 10 J. G. 4: A. GORDON:
17GAR.-7 WM: prime N. 0. Swear, received r , er 8.
Maine. and for sale by J.G. 4. A. GORDON.
F.el, 10 No. 13, Water greet
511 BACON C Afil:S. in order. on hand and for gale by
set. 10 C. Q A.GORDON, No. 13, Water at
QG AR A NI/ MO!, bhds 2r.d 4b' N. O.
F., 1 , r .12 hios N 0. rorrtved pier Slearaltoal
porter. and for .ale I,y J. G A. GOT:DON.
No. 12. W a reel
4.1 01 f for roe I.y
AinFa r ,. ° l7. K . k_C°
r sale .
1_631 r, - , ty1 . ' 9 ".77 1-
F"n,,,,`47, - 0 1 ",7'.%°,,..
rorner of FiL a nd WON' Sl3
tO LL' Prrpared Ctr.lik, for
v 111 N rOCK A- co
rnr nor 0164 it sod Wnodsts
It A NI) NI 01. NSSE.S.-69 N. 0. Fn , ar,
1.77 , ht,:;. do. dc.. 100 do. Plaot:Alido MokiFsr9. for
N. 12 '.Cater st .
j 1 *I 0 o .o o i in Bankruptcy procecriintlg, printed on
in,' pa per,n nd in .3e fornic approved by Ibe Couri.for gale
..: the ;;,f? Sier ,- ury and Democrat. step 10
Uki.3l. HUBBARD, Lithe s' fashtonautc hoot and
• r hoe %Li f.cturer. No. 1411, Third vreet, hettveru
‘',": - .ocl and S u othfi4.l.l , lrcurt , ,, r2lt sep 113
. has his often to the corner of Fourth
a,driicrrie Alley, betwecn Stnithlietd and Grant
u gets. Pittsburgh. sep 1Q
FOR RENT.—'fl,ed,eiling and lot cohlaining 4
nr re , . In Allegheny, near the Beaver Road,'ately
,rrlla‘oc! , ‘r Mr. 9.'while! Church. Apply at ihr• ‘lerehPais
Ma,,ufaclurer,.. W. H. DENNY.
..Pr , 10 CaF.hicr.
;,r P. .7 m A Kra, No. 7. St. Clair Ft r..et, Pit's.
DI. ..3 L F le IA - zuji rc 17. ES. CLOCKS. BREASTPINS
~ e r, 10
B A ripply of i.a od.elles Garden Seeds, 11114'87.1i
11,. in!. an.: for gale at los agency, t lie Drw•glorr of
184 I.iherte al reef. bead of Wood
IS4 2 .
Pittadefek sad Bander Packet.
Mater. I
AS commenced her regular tripe. and win guig
ly (Sundays 'zeroed.) Leaves Beaver at Bor
clock A. 11., leaves Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock P. M. con.
naps at Beaver with the
Pennsylvania and Ohio Line
of Freight. and Packet Canal boats between leaver, and
Cleveland Ohio, and Greenvide, Permsylvania. Leaves
Beaver daily at 6 ceiticelt P. M. Title title commas-With
tine &fly dues no the Pen ray tannin canal to Philadel.
pith, and with toe sew . York and Ohio line on the Erie
mord, and New York end Ohio tine and Ohio canal, al-
so with slam freight and passaae boats, brigs and
*choosers, nu the Latta. The proprietors of thiswell
known line will he prepared on the opening of naviga
tion to transport mercbondize to any of the intermedi:
Me Ports on the Patinsylysesa aid Ohio, and Oahu
oats; to say per on Lake Eris. and the Upper Lakevie
ant from !law York City and Pkiladetphla. -
McClure * Dickey. Seaver. Pa.,
Cobb Wormer 4 Co., Cleveland. 0.,
Rees lij Taylor. Want" 0.,
_ 7
plmktuge:4 CLEVELAND
R. BOILS, Muter_
RUN{Suod2v s ezetyy,ed.) besweina PITTS.
30171311314 BEVIES. WNW! Beaver-at 3A. SI.
and Pitobayelif Id 24. IL prairtsd with Evans', Sap
ty Guard ti7astann4 Ezplosiasif Deass.2.
Tbisspleadld and faA rano' set Steals Rost ttaa jag.
nee° adulate:ad axprensly Ca! 4kld trade, aad tars - la
C AR S6d. eVa Pitt/Imre* end Cissetesd Line of
1 1 71 EIGHT AND PISSAGV BOATS. daily to
Cleveland. Oki._
Or down the Ohio canal to litaroiftn, ke. and Erie Ex
tension Line to Omani.Be.
T 1 e Canal Boats of this Linc..a4 towed to and from
Pittsburgh direct, and the *Wined conducted s.a the
awit - protapt and economical system Oa vine connec•
lion with the Pettasyltranta Canal Claes to Philadel
phta and Banknote, and Stearolvatt runnirrs enoffit the
Ohio river; also, throo2b our Aeronaut Oterreland, with
Reed's Steamboats and sev eras Lake Vereetr. and
the Troy and Michigan an Buffalo Vete boat lines on
the Brie canal, we are prepared fur Bne transpottation
of FrAebt to and from an points on the canal, lb. 4akes
and the It ivr.r, or the Eastern cities,* prices as :wsr-aa
any other tine.
Apply to O. N. 1f0irt0n,„140,55 -, Wittlii4t, or at Steam
boat Michigan's 40ding.- putstach.
ekik..-4-e.. Weever.
ifisit-ord firtustkorisc, W arm n.
• Wheeler k Co. Akron:
Thomas Richmond ¢ Co. Cleveland
J. 2 . Wick 4- Co.. Greenville;
W. C. Sharon.
M. 101 1 .. Con di nelsons. New Celt ie.
John Campbell Newton Faike,
Campbell * !sillier. Campheitaimm
Defrock * Mcßride, Ravenna:
C. 4 D. Rhode., Franklin;
H. A. Miller * Co.. Coyaham Valhi;
Weinman * Whitehead. Massillon;
Gordon Willinms. 4. Co.. Detroit;
1( tone, Da•is Ce., Boltato;
C. , IV itlg, ic hatond , Williams 4- Co., New York
irep 10
g - I J-X,SRY — A7a. 121. Cer-wer
nude.. 511:AWARE, in tame or email atTa,
ar.lt pl — r - ate pieres to Mil purchasers.
A cask of 46. 60, or 84 piece sets, sttriertly painted
and gilt English China Teaware, at very low prices.
Tny Teaware, plain, and rich painted mu] gilt, from
1,00 to $5.00 per eel
Children'- M 112 S of etrer v desel 10
White China Stavin! Moss- •
Granite Dining a , d Tea Services, in ry at! wad whit
I Fplemik.l American scenery printed in bine and I,lnek.
A large va rirl y of Stearrilmat Dining and Breakfast Stte,
imported to matrh. complete.
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, frOan the
DPihrbire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, in all their varieties.
%V i otinW Glai", of every Ries!.
Patent Pocket,t, Tubs anti Keelera.
Stone Pipe Heath , . ke. 4 - r. kr.
All of which are respectfully offered to be pun.
lie on the niost favorable itjins. Jan 46. 1842-1 v
J FOX ALDEN Jitternry an/ Carasaa liar at
Law. C trtr-p his iinoftional Perrier* in the eit
ezeroF of PittsWirth end hope• fora (hare 01 pethlie pat
rona.:r. He PAH ezrrnt^ail kinds cf wrdin. wilb neat
nes. and diepa•th. Ca=eo in no ok rotor v attended In on
retoo , nehle lean•.—Otßrr in Pniishfwid - ildreet, at the
itoi,e of Mr. T !minas O'Neil, to whom he ri fet•,
rep 10 T. J. FMS ALDEN.
DkVIA CLARK. A g 't. "skim/tails fiost Vaker ,—
tias removed to No, 34 Vlatitet strut t. hetweett
4 leronel and Third clreet.t, where be woo d he ilar.rkF
IC) 'ftee his old entanmere all ot hr re feel dttnot
ed to pal Ir.', iav him. tle names notion± ' bet fieSl rate
-leek, and eni Mu VP the ' , eV of workmen; led ac he fiVnit
tit, - ; eetrertavt pereOoal attent ion 10 helithelslll, he /rlll‘l! , lrtat
hr will deserve and rteetve a ri ir Phan* of poitran2Vß.
.I" , T , 10
A flanker re=peftfativ informs, ins Friends and the
nnhitc that they ran alma yr in:l she beet listality of I&
Creams. inerther with iii; kinds of confectionary and
fruit!. in their PPY.OII, a; his estahliehipent_ll;o. U.
Fiftlint reel, helivt-T. Woo.' and
N- B.—Parties r•lppliel on the shoirear , eur ice. with
rakes, or anything in 116 hue. AIPo faraMea furnished
will' Bread. 2 , 4 i 10
JOILN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
mon Me r c I 96. corner Werest * lf - NIA std.
Pirtsbaegh: Having been appointed one . the Aseetion
eersfm..the City of - Piashurgh. tenders hisitestices."
bers, manufacturers and dealers. % l b°
to make trial of this market
advances on consignments of ail gift
and trusts to satis.ty correspondents
speedy 'and favorable returns.
Thal the various interests which in
him. shah be adequately protecaed.he
of his own experience in businemand
merchandise generatlr, the services
Fainrsirrocit; heretofore advaniageoni*
importer and dealer in Hardware an
whom a permanent engagement is made.
Messrs. N. Tiernan, Preet. of M.
** Insrtingreirs 4 Peebles,
•• Robert Stites's..
James M. Cooper,
James May.
** R. M.
•* Wm Robinson. Jr. Pm'
. of Exchange Bank.
Rampino,-Smith, 4. Co.,
Jobe S. Dante.
** Samuel Church,
*. J. E. Moorhead,
** Jas. W. Brown it CO.
** Joba 8. Mown. f Co.
" Smith 4 It witev,
• ' Tardily tt t NCia•
** John EL ithhite,
• John Dat,aelt,
RAN J. CLASSIER, rMeiling at 66 Mast street_
New York, wee dieted with - Dyspepsia in its mow
egrseated fem. The .e . *axe Moine head.
ache. twit • deMlity. fever. niMiearms. eothyb, heart
burn, Nan in the chest apt stoniaeh stwaysatites ratting,
impaired mane. sersation of *Akio; st tielmontart.
farte.d longue, nausea, with freeplat tromitirevs, dizziness
tetramds night and restleams. These had continued up
ward of twelvemonth,willinom coessitiug ttr-Wm-
Brans. 400 Chathent street;- andeninnitting to his aver
aneettrafel sad agreeable mode el treatatent, the patient
was completely restored *sheath in the *bort sweet
amemoutb.ans grasefel Setthemeakpoleidebenefit deriv.
ed. gladly case learetgaid ingesteered shim Aide
For taleMmietstleSEtWiell bs
I.E.ailLLEas.Asyut, i.
helow Seem*
tar 10
Prelpf bitt ors.
]ALES A. VgAZY. Agent,
itin,eo Water etreet, Pittsburgh.
} Phil. Agra
eep 10
DR. OCKMI9I4 Csleirsted Female Pith. These
Vitbiaie strongly recommended to the notice of
the Indio' - ass safe`and efficient remedy In resnaviag
those amotilaints peculiar to their mi. from want of eZ
ercielr, or general debility of the prima. They obviate
costilesess, sad counteract all Byiderical and Nervous
atfecOons: These Pills have gained the *auction and
approbation of the most eminent Physicians in the Uni
ted States, and many illothars. For sale Wholmale and
Remit by E. SELLERS. Agent.
sep 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Screed.
VOL ADAM Beet and Shoe Meier, Leerily St.,
opposite the heed of Smithfield et.. Pittsburgh.—
Th• hoilisuelberbaving bohribt out the stock of the late
ristmoss Rafferty, deceased, has committed business
in thiutd stand of Mr. 12., and 1a preparedto execute
aU diescripsions of work in his line, in the heet manner
and eh theetioitest notice. fie seeps sorstantly On hand
a la* assertinent ofshoe endings of all descriptions end
ffribiboot‘, enemy. U. solicits the patrolmen of the pub
lic and orthe craft. Wil. AtiAnt.
ati 30
did ,ditia. fir Crtnrierta ea Sastara Priced-
Ttleatiltemlbere ImMafartnre and !Keeps eettettantty en
haat Ofieti,C End Vitale Spline, &rammed.) Azalea
Iron Pilvetand Braga plated Doh 'Maw& Bran
sad yard IltdMande, titamp-Jolliti; Patent Leather,
Silver and -Bran Lamp,. Thine fal l Stops, Malleable
(ree ttiaat gaud*" add nines. 4-e .;4-e.
JONES 1- rect.em AN.
St. Maw el.. bear e tilrehrny
MAIELLF4I3, M. D..offlee and dwelliss In Fourth,
-IMS' sear Perry acre. ' sep 13—ly
Tironite.niion .itho o who have ... heels somewhat veep.
deal in !reference to the numerous certiftesiet published
• •-favor-oftw:-Parry-nreV Criftitieend Syrup tr.fWild Cher
rv, on aMMIIII of the pelmet' brlnz unknown in this see
lion of the slate. is refl.-0 fully directed to the foilosclait
certifieste.lhe writer of whirl, hes been a citizen of this
horiusgh (*several years. and ie known as a gentleman
of inte;illy and responsibility.
Ts the -Vent. Mr. J. KIEET.
have turd Dr. Swavne's Comp usd Syrup of Wi'll
Cherry.for rptizii. with which I hare been severely e 1
111cle01 for about arra month% and 1 h:•ve no hesitation
slyius that tt lathe roost etTem ire medicine that I hare
bean phtero procure. D. nounume, all uneasiscss, and
arum welkurith my die L—and mahlalns a regular and
good appelDe. leae freely recommend it to all others
lie J. hlrrorx. Borough of Chamber:4,V.
111Srell 9.1340- sep 23
ror Seek" WILLIAM THORN No. 53 Market street.
PIIIINBOIO 4. desirous of procuring Fruit. Shade and
Ornamental Trees, or Shrubbery. from Philade l
phis or Mew York, tins requested to snake application as
soon as posdhier, at the Drug and Peed Ptore of the sob
scriber. where tan be had ratalortes, gratuitously. of the
scmg eseetiewt nutlet 'ea. P. 1.. SNOWDEN.
sap 31 IvlA4 Libeny write , . head of Wocii
Per tke Traesportation of .Sterckamt,zr to dottrel*.
Pittsirunek.Etattillureet Pkitedripitia, Xerr Tort,are If Bet
rhiree&kA4_'ke .t.lorter*
trtn 1011 E. titttr cit..C.stl , la.e of .
~,t;Lt st-N,rnie
or detached and transferred frnm I a• at io
I or
thos, ag it were, forming, aca Prete ft... , Of Co
prgent in* the novel appearance of a Floal nn land
and thereby -nrni.h.n* the 7rsal etc,. lured ' r re
elll!1p11f_:ll the arentaljnetion.s and'et,,ittlit of CS
• rialaaridit.a/f . Road.. oxm,;•• n flr , rnsil!po 11. d
She a3l7l9l:lelbelmcKtz •rittarn trot-orb , 1 - ;;:l7din.,:: and
FenderoV; impotralblo ! , = , ect - arate !Clr of g ltie
imey',..allitt: lbe petul;nr Cans, ruction of tne Enat
trllrlitrte Piste toperaie apaeteares in ore.ll fne.lg ;;I;
toil:renders them leits11,11;le to d mane Cmods ry wnICI or
otherwiee than by arty other mode of trangpor; rat i.rn.
The gyrtem nfTrap:poi-lathier:la -ecommeerled by nit
Canal - Coo.(ntsgto.trr4 nod ;thely Ado. Oodiny the Stale.
refers particularly to this Malls of Bolus.. The tl-tit ;A of
, hie Line a.e corned by rostoorsibie captains ';;at roc
;hem, And it Ine or. :I.tne now in op—. - aliOn free from
ronnopoliec or combination.
Cnruhiteonei , ne...l. tri lee aLrentq wiii
trice," free •.f ei•ti tt,_."Ft
tire lowest rate?. Ail clnip2e. rnbi an•i l' , F' , ;
promptly aztenr;ed to. C. A. M'CULTY ro:‘,;t
porE. Asrertt 75 Barfly'. IN'harf,
TFIOS BORBRITICE. -ct , 16 --;f
RtILF; ,N;(31 , 4 4; f .,,r, y _ ,
.T 1 rarctfull ' r argslalntr hi- frier..!. 7, .v. 7 7 :$4 , :IL I
'rally, thlt he :11, enTnmeneed the %,17,i 7. n u ,
eornet Fifth and I,:Let.c nqs
on hrtnd ?Urn..
and (not sWIPS T2hle for raM. rt 71. • • 7 - , • r 0 ,..
Pir111 , ”"/.177P1. a i. 0•1110 tt0..7i70..ca,
greet to he WITI d.h , e. and big rliar.rx
He respew fully a.kr. a ,hare of tlttl.:ir•
TAMES t Vst 2E I I. Foroar4.ivg an 4
of iiferchawt., 2.nt fnt
fq.n.folvanci and Obit, tifro ,
Imago formpr'y cre , tipterl t , r Itirmtn
Water Ett•ro.i..r , ivoPn Wand ri,.et.'7::3lllhfi - eq.l%ir.lutr. -41
In my / 4.p and fr,ra-ara in aav oral Cfl tile Cb!O tit
1411.siosippl river on rea.c..,nat4-I, , mg.
R`f) 10
fiTJVp?SHIP.—G. r. Er rfarnp:nn,
having earocieled thenvselyre tonpthoy 104
Or* of H,lnplon LSTII , ,, tril!erkt•nrna. Ihr tvlu.le4.l ,
my Gond.; fai..i....111n luinao ire,fMtly ese,nr:o4
Hampton. smith 4- t7o where they allt - ne :entiiving. in
feet dayitaltew Mock nr Fug and Vi inset Cornhs. ey
TrsiPPrifulie Invite ;heir old Pinata, and in.. B •nta 1.7" n•
P; tr ter'eett and er , trinn their
PortaMe Platkirm Scales on wheels, to weigh 2,500 1 0r, at
055 00-
do do do
do do do
o o
2- I,o ol)s o a a t t 11 3 4 5 5 00 t0
do do do
do 1.000 at 30 (10
do do do tin 500 al 2 5 00
With roiling savers an additinu of $d to each scale
' 7 1„Olonnant Kates for the tee of IN'ar4l:tontes, Fionr:,g
tliii ¢c—the same priers as ahosre.
Also.Whlies Patent COUtelt/ Safe. with 0. Young's
itOprovetnents. and a variety of other counter scaler.
Which they will sell Tor 'nom R to $l5,
They also manufacture &elm &tenet for Picturing
Mitts. Saw Mills. Sail -Works. itc.. double and sittg'd
jested slide Tattats.foot and Other lathes for wood turning
thsekintie ibr tenanting chairs. ptaning machines. (Woe_
ind Trash Machines. Vales-patent horse power, with or
Withtiot thrishiat minium, a superior articles eirchist
saw sitsite. ensetdoes for Diming lath, Tinned_ tow
ibtowasd tools ofalideseriptioactirs for making !dark
ipg boxes.a sopepot article; governors for steam engine
atectur. laps and-dke, take milts, twilintad or Piot twig
dad awathisesp for making the woe, eetion factor? soar
eithlery made or repaired; printing pions plattens larnad
Old prietiimpreseesrepsinet ,
NAY; Arid. ' -
• 1.043,1ca1t .
For psblisking alum Ditity . Psq6. tattle City of Pitt*
harel, to he estiiiad the
PTIHE Sohn/liters having made ilmagoneilite to merge
I the American llamado and Pittahareh Nara
ry into one Journal, have motto ed to publish a daily
paper with the title of the Deity praise !Wt.
The leading object otitis ...Rorer will be thedsmmetina
;ion and defence of the political piinelptes thatitave here
infer* been maintained by the Edliors. in their respective
papers. and their beet efforts will, atilt be deiroied to the
advancement and suceessof theme doetrfnes.
Aithoor,h, In porkies. the roper will be thoroughly
democratic, yet the Editors hope, by giviag an hottest.
candid- history of passing Political mots. Torelan
and Domestic Intelligence. and Wier notices of all mat
ters andiecnrrenots that cease preyed, wh hie the +inhere
ofa Tublio lourrud, to =she Oak sweet tratrtelemil is
en:intro to entitle It to theitatreimige of tie Pogie• it
teepee/ye of party eon dent '
to addition to the political and I yaws th at W il l
be fbaad to the ...11Lovise- Orse, lb* niters will talte
Coins to al r *MI the betelnedes ementently with
the %test and guild Intessoing Coniataitat 1tt7214.1-
arms. feuds ill patina the coantr l y, end to have prow
m a such neennstiorthe Markets sand the State of Trede
as will beadvantigioss to one Illerchants and Business
Men in their iretterlil
Terms-.:.''Tite r que will he pnhlwhed eva a Inrcs loped
al sheet elf fine paper, fmannfeetureLesperially for this
lonrirtl) et the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLARS
per nnnum, payable In aJvanee. .it will also be sold by
news.hoys at the low tale of TWO CENTS a copy.
Adnertissoeses will be inserted at the lowest rates
charred by the nthrr daily papers of the city.
ry:r TWENTY active lads are Wanted to sell the Post,
who will he engaged oo the most liberal terms
Plll LTA pft,
A agual 31, 11143- W.ll. sal ITII.
Liverpool Commercial Lints) Puttees. Sailsug Weekly.—
Thellabseriber would respectfully Inform surb perrnns
residing in this country as are ttmiirons for pending for
their friends to col e out from tne old country, that he
continues as usual to make engagements by which pus•
sengcrs are broitght out on very moderate terms, in First
els - a Ships, stilling from Liverpool weekly, and would
Isi:ure persons desirous of coming by the shove Line,
that as agents of first respectability are engaged at LI
verpnol, there will be no detention whatever at that
ite ir• also prepared at all t hail'' , FO frirni.b Siehl Drafts
for any amount to assist In pteparine passenseor for the
voyage. payable throughout the United Binedotn.ard in
case the parties agreed for should dee , ine COO:dill oat. tl4
I , llssa;:e money shall be refunded without reduction.
For fu TT her i
part.cu_rs apply it byletter to
No. 61. South street, New York
Ai I hp Warph,,i, f 4- PLIMING.
sr!, 10 No. 24 W 3 ier sfre..l. eittsloilfgh. Pa.
RV A TICTION.—WW ow by Ruldic Aneilon,
unbolt! reser-re. for elty!... to Hone the concern. at the
flail of he Al atilloron , qt Chapel, In Roglon, on Tuesday.
the fnum day of ()cipher nest, o:lamenting at nine of
the elockln the forenoon.
A'l the property of I Ile_ Miltet ftt. 41 :4 7 '"11 "
•; 0 .• NirSean and Cloartleid ennnitts. In the state of
. ~,,t 'rncin—nn I•arts ;Walden there-ls abundance of
Cos.l.,Linve nut; ttonOre,and many gill rvoz4
, -
And ”I" (7:,nifnq rzalnsl Fundry personp for land rold
in anid rnrritee, that 3 , -e totoriaPred grout
pr; and fon% nn n,F.am in I he InsvnAlp
cf ftradfnrd. in i unttn'y orAlcitean, Ia sa.id F.tnie of
Ti' kind is lets to .ztat purclraspr., eon
‘aini.f: from Fe‘ooll 120 to 5000 acre.
Forth , r o nrlicolgrg ivtli he made known at the sale, or
nn I ,, coiry r , rllll. i noturribrr. at No. 12 Lone SVllerf—
nf and ril.!sot", Role in Regto•‘—or
r'r PON , * :he TrueTeesof the eieid S•nto. I.nnd
C.lmsynny D. R 11:R1aGg.
of the Gutted State" , Lana Co.
r. , p 10)
1: 0 .1. vile outy !q.
ti) Wu k , -,!,n , ,, corner IVond slreel and Virgin
P r',, and ii. nßrwood, Bearer Pa. who
, rp,11,1 Trani*. 1.1-n 10
IC,' , i:.Get..t2ned off. rs for-.oe a
. 3 , l.i*Ttilltt-ti 4 mile; in.., freePo , l • In the
1.11.L....r - i1.1 , 1 nu Killaelniqs. lo,rnehip. A rmArrme
,r • • Izrtipti arre?. r , rlPaift , d satraneer good
In are I i wra.r2rry- A snad rqn ire lor
t•ara errrtrii4ltereenan apple
?,,_ ;. - . 4rieg oC clrellerl
C-11.: fir!, 10
, n , •'0 0 !"-r?” 4.111 Tt.44/elf at the
rc,: ) , - 3 atnai. I :lute above Free
r•-r. 1"
, , Tio .rnE AV ISE - --Ir , •s• -ow Weft understood bow
it. Ma , - It ti -- 4rCtilere of the mind depend for their cure I
1 ...+n,:... d' , E' ''' . ^A. ,,,, !, '''' s" , jr. It Ii row IllitleflOWKl
”Itirli;e.l , l l '' , i , t I , IT tni , ilir ine whirl' twill reemslrinrirbid
imAnte tria!•rm, Willson? wesketan2 the bodily power. 'lt is i
1 oats PlAtift,lon4 that there is a reciprocal intaenra_te..
- ,-, ~-, :.• . ,r, ~s l, l 7: 11 1 1 t he briti y. it is now understood that
-_ire rffir :: -•-•: Li - •". time firandret-i Pills told remove renee a melon
, 't , '"'' Y 1 and even Ineti. it meld by perPeV*riTti`lY 6.illit
i them rt i,,, ~,-....,,0!i-,,,,,,,i 4007 much domestic hanni
oresdopeimaithy condi' mn of the digestive
I ortiellg- ‘-'.
it n• - .a' ive:l ki:natin . eiltrTatteti'll-PIVA hare
• 4gWir -
Ir crrst it , • - •::::_adc or tiZT,PIL.r.I and helpless persons, even
to heath, f-m nhyilletairs -bad proprinneed - I bent beyond
. .1 , heott - ,,, , -.l,Laree of roller_ It .II now not irrdy well
ittouwn ~• --t s he Rrandreth Pvil<W3 eme. hut it to also an
1 .,,, w , - . 4 f , ) ,,, ! .feronoi 'hn+v theycone; :that It irebytheir nitrites efleet
4a Vo r i d 1. , lon the t. OM riett thereof...Mee thithods to het :
„ 1 ., maci ,..,„, ~ Tt..r: ,none nri'l re - rneAieleie is 'beerier:in!! more and 'inure
ha v ii, er , pi a • nthiffSt.it i= reelinmett-bed daily from family to family.
II ..,.„. e . f. ,,, r0 1 The Rrandreth Pills remove in no litlilittli impereeptChle
„ Rot. o ttt ,l manner a'i notion. err-emulation* and !gutty andinelgo
wra,nre ~,4 2 i , fate the hinutimmincir good effeclsare not coaitterhalan
1 ,. r 0,,,,„., ,I . red by any irconvenieners; twine colßrogllel entire ty
_ or ,
,:i.c,itimcw4c . i. 17rzeizht...F they do not expose those who nee them to'
, 1 liar.V.t. and rheir 5.a . e.:4 ase as certain as they are wain
' tars; they are daily and safety ayttninieletad to inthney.
youth: manhood, and old ae.e. and to woman In the most
critire Land deliimteMmutrastances. They digemet , diteeth
Or sbcrrk time animal functions, lult mane their ordet
t v; t , misilah their ?Malt h
-I.e. at Ds. Bramiretti'sotce. ' l / 4 0.- 9:1. Weadsetzaelk
i - ittebreh. Price 25" eentx per bus. with-fail diseetions.
M A R iC—The noir Mire in Pittsburgh wherethe ma
in, Pills roe he obtained, 4; the 1.-etor's own office. Ito.
93 Wer.4 si reel. —Sete 10
composed C
Na 1, Port
r utr:.
DR, J. ti-T181317r6, Reanexticely inform the chi.
zcns of Pitisha rah and . vicinity. OW IsabaarstOrs
,ti To the city. Tie hoes to Aping the confidence of its
former matrons: and tha ptsblie pdaerally; aid solicits_ a
renewal of a Mrtion of their rialTMlXtr. fit
ate ViOttifi 611.4"1"Ce, that the operation of Litheitrlty, fay
hccahinett tons•inthe Madder in.! it to pass
of :crib. the a-1 , -e.) is every vehilVvaintstandine the devil.
sr.!' h npcs to .11 andlln , b o r , et l of tbkbrati t it
o f ht.: arnrcer. invime greet:ices. Diseavl - of
t Bladder and IcEinayn.,--wilicli ocessioratlpdame—.
tviff-ttowise nkret - re altP.n inn:
Those from a cf!a•anee yet-fne further Inform it
wilt app rpernena:!y or by filter, or if ifsfirPif tin be
actomaTitste4 Ms d.--ndliteoe .ftettiii !dirt
ty, on i'tf ad. bet wean ritrrf aad Luberirot. siik 10
• .._.. . ,
JEnz . , Nl' , . 141 T.lllyrtndi., rittlardrxh. Wbdte
* 1414' and notait Grew and Dealer in Juniata Iran
arid guitp, dia.. - arr..{ ira...-qr ~Nporattlililitarnrais his
env ;omega add lIIP idabilt r er,gbdrapadifinit total',
_former tvdPidpes hp Ira. tried - ' 'aind doled
P.cialrtimpatoc a fttriteeries, witk i tt it otTerstiov silelte-tlut
- in
mlrt I.ftsloit*:
to p IMDS. BY LEAF TOBACCO. Bs stoat *ad
. . .
- • . Awn!, Ay-__ - I: f a.** 40100 W.
,' l i T• l3 ' ' - ! Cl?' nr.liVAtt. 44oo * - '
-':: .!,,.. '- ,' 3... '4• '- ':' '. ` 4, : "
-. --' -','.7',g.','7',q-,,,54.'k''Z'',,,',;,
Sew Song by l'aie -Mew44E
Let's take this wel d as MW ,
Through which, in frail bitt taiowet Mak
With skirs now dark and MOW
Together that sad 1-aind ghat;
oft 01:41 bit - Art*
Brighi:potairkini. wash-Add lon to st
But riffle plies awift his dying oar
And on we speed-.llw - -4w away.
Should chilling winds and rains cause foss
We'll raiw our awning 'viola tits idawrits
Sit closer till the slow i
s s gowei
And smiling wait a mannier how:
And if that salmi& heni
We'll ket - ow its brigbinessailinotetsy
Bet happy whim 'tis thine Wad Was.
Cnasplait net when iteMbst _
So mob we both, at
Down :hint lees currant• all ampetosi,
The dark. thii brilliant, destined ell,
To sink into the void Wolin
Nnr e'en that boor shall want its elowiesse ,
If aide by side AU farad we keep.
And calmly in each other's arms
Together link'd go down the_ steep._
From tbe Ifs* Yef* Snmdetfimit
The 'Cook
The Egyptians were the first-pet-''
who took the oz out of the common inlet:
and made a god of him. They theia Istik
choice places for the living animal to taaft
in, end at death preserved his hide. , 7 lher
made pictures and drawings of atm, niti
in their public assemblies and on greats
meats . , he was brought forth and illitaillit
as the guardian gemas of the occaelossi
Flags and banners were raised on Idgiv
de a
and waved back and forth with his • . -.? '
engraved thereon, and emblazoned
words from which the Latia poet
his idea, which is thus expressed-01k har '
signo virmes!' Triumphal odes sad..
were made by the posts sad sung toast
deity on public ocelot me, and the people
were taught to regard him as possessing a
mysterious influence that would lead them .
to a glorious success.
The Greeks and Romani had mote ret.
froement in their ideas ofthe god who kad
led them to victory. They helloing& this
he was a mortal who had been aahmititiv
the skies and endowed with superiot MON
butes, and bad the charge of all homais.-
battles. They considered him acoter.l,
blood-thirsty and cruel. They - milled hilt.
Mars or the God of Wir. And wiisseltfte
bie favor was desired they sautsongs
poured out iibatiove to - him They area- - -
ed special plac.ei over which he preskied._.
and ordained them with all such
and sung songs.
The civilized lndisns Mexico ,
Central Ames lea, selected several of this
larger quadrupeds and made gods of them:
And we find their profiles drawn on th*
walls of their temple...
The old Jews always had an it chingfinscr
to take up the calf and make a 1;4 of fag._
But, generally, instead of taking the lin*
animal they would form 'lime:loo4o4
him from gold. And tilty would aet
even when the s e lend.ir of the deity nr : 7 l :
Heaven was shining with full blare ate.
their tents.
In various parts of the world, that peo
ple make a got of fire, or of the sun and - -
moon, or of altigatorather animals, . - •
and invoke their influence in their enter
ses. But it remained for the Whigs of
this Chi isti,zi nation to bring the nicohnin
titst from his native_ woods, and set hine- - ---
up in the public plai s, and make ,a eta
of him. They adapted him es the Feel:
ding geinus of their great occasion, Thal --..
erected log cabins as temples to hi„Mc' k '
where especially be might be found, en
when these were wsntiag, theyintreatteta
him lief it e the altans of Hessen. enii preoll -
famed Gt. tr. with the polluting beast.
In their processions, they carried hitt
ners emblazoned wish hie image, and with,. .
wordy like these in glariiig letters, sin hoc
sign.) vincesr or ' flat same old 'coon.'
They set him on high at all public meat, - ~_
' lugs, and as he gazed about he was bailed '.
with about& Their Veakersa aft o
had come forth and welcomed the mers. - ,
1 ence, would turn to the 'coon and ietsitte
make nkeisatrr" ettlatiming. 11 Te dam;'- ' '
slid the shouts of the esettitedo Aetna:
rend the air with clapping and 'soaping
and the god would frisk himself and mule -
his chain, and the enervitaa would-she= --
feeder and louder. Then the) would slit
odes and songs, w bieh had been.. compete&
by tie
_poets, and msdet - ateved toilful: ,
Then pour out libations of harrtidelelo
him, and in the riotous eimea of for — joy
intoxicate themselvek Thai tkeramiii ,
him as the piesiding galena of elr i polio
ice! campaign, and he was as Mei snIF -. .s
faithful a Deity In than as - 110 - ox to the 7
802_118123, Man to the Greer,or tier _
qut - iainpeds -to the Intrians._ . -
But the parallel. degrading as it le, dean -
not stop here. Where are the Errptines - -
with all their greatness and &If
_ e inti„„
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Of the calf-worshippers of Jades, is sem.
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