Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, October 18, 1842, Image 4

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„vat, Vaisrieken; tretpeathitr#o,olll9 they.** tat IstA
seaweed - Isis tridy isiDAL-Amire:„ thci
, !Mitilding recently occupied. 9 3i -1/10g• 6 ; 11 =1-fff ill,
--,appositeble , rildsuuni, where be"-firitihraya to at.
tont promptly to any orders in illsittliktihir
io all - the del/them( the hindhilis of Ali Uailfritiker,
hltittries to merit public confidenern Ile Will he fremireit
SS ALS DOORS to provide linemen,' Mehl, Cairiegerr and
every requielte on the Mon Ilberil !Mum, Chits &Om the
country will be promptly at ienderit c o.
die residence Is in thisittneMding With biz ware
bongs, where those who need his services may End
Agony time. , aurgannes..:
W. iq.. tawny, emir. ions starts. D. D.
J 99911 DA UTONs 110,..1.0111111. WILLIi.,S, 0
Rev. Janis K. moils,
19 tt ty .swirr.
aoa rebx.itfAnta
~O ftECKS, , BeSI N ESE , t N
DO.. '
together with every description of Letter Press Prim
'togisfdritlshed wish neatness and despair'', and on mode
'rate terms, at the office of the Daily Morning Post.
sep 10 . .
Malt of individuals is very 0010EnIU8. They are those
who work to an unhealthy atmosphere. Printere,Woric•
men la feather stores, stone cutters, bakers, white lead
t imers. are all morn or less subject to disease ac•
ear O -the strength of their. constitution. The only
.. to prevent disease , is the occasional' tine of a
nt i
Medicine which abstracts from the circulation all delete.
riousktilnorsomd expel.% them by the bowels. Tonics
In any fora are injurious, as they only eat off the evil
day tAriankuit more fatal. Theatre of Brandreth's Pills
will inanie,health, because they take altimpure matter
unt.cif the blood; and the body is not weakened hut
,strengtheitedby their operation; (Jr these valuable Pills
dri not force, but they assi.t nature, and are notoppesed,
hat harmonisewith her. '
'.Bold.al Dr. Drandreth't Office, - No. 4 33'W00d street,
Pittsburgh. Price 25 cents per box, with full directions.
' hi:ARK—The only place in Pittsburgh where the
-'GENUINE Pills can be obtatned,is the Doctor's own t f.
Ike, N 0.98 WOod street. s sep.lo
NEW ROTEL.—Tbe subscriber respeeicuity in.
- Tories his old friends and the public- that he has
ttpeneci a Temperance Hotel,in fifth Street, near the Ex
ehatige Bank. and in the house lately occupied by Mat
thew Patrick, and has hoisted oaf son 31 go.. .The Iron
Citt Hotel," 'ls here he will be very happy to accommo
date all who' may please to call ox him, His table
shall be prrovided with the best fare, and e very possible
neetturniodation to town and country customers and
A few.hoarders who wish to lodge in their stores or of.
nec 4 , Coil he taken, and seallemen who live out of town
can_have their:dinners daily.
He hastarge and volt stabler, and the best Hay and
Oatsoind a good Hostler, and will accommodate travel.
ers and gentlemen who have horses.
..:Boarders taken by the day, week or year. 'Charges
&are moderate than at any respectable Hotel in , the city.
itep 10 - . JOHN IRONS.
IX/ A.SUINGTON 11A.LL.—The subscriber has
V l opened the late residence of James Adams, Esq.,
deceased.' for the reception of visitors and - boarders;
the hintins,4s very pleasantly situated on the hank of the
Ohio, 2 utliee.froin the-city—possessing all the delight
ful accompaniments of a country residence, without
being tiiiicar. (listen for per!one doing business In the
Vittitors will be furnished with every delicacy. of
Ate season.
Att Omnibus runs regularly every lion
gheny end of the Bridee.
. N. B.—No Alcoholic beverasee kept.
1010 ' WM
DISSOLUTION OF THE wriodv—The copart
nership existing between James E Kilbourn and
!mild .I.ltorgan is this dsy dissolved by mutual consent.
The conditions will be duly noticed, with the sitinal ores
of both parties annexed, and Barry Hail will be continued
opfah by the subscriber until other arrangements are per
For sale, on the premises, 150 bbls. choice winter ap
ples, ifopplted for Immediately. MS. E. K iLuounrit,
asp 29—tf No 9, Market.and 74. Front at:
------ .
----r- .".7:1 L Johnson, Bookbinders and Paper
CS - z - . - 1: - _ - . 1 Balers, S. W. corner of Wood and
1,: -- :: : : : \ Fourth streets, are now prepared to ex..
pi 1- ..,_ - -_=.2 . _ - _ &Atte nil kinds or Bookbinding and Pa.
per Ruling with neatness and despatch.
§Cr Blank books ruled and bound to
any given pattern at the shrillest notice.
N. B. Alt work done at the above N warranted. (cep 10
WM. BIDDLE, Surgeon Dentist,luts returned to
V V hilt old stand. No. 101, Harilihrield Streeti
where .he•can be consulted any hour during the day.
....on his profewdon. .seplo
11E110 Y A L.—George Armor. Merchant
respectfully announces to his friends and pa
trons, that he has removed his establishment from his
old stand, in Third street, to the corner of Front 'anti
Smithfield: in the basement story of the Illimongahela
fittaam where he intends keeping on hand a general as.
POrtiniat of FaSkioUable Goods, suitable for Gen, :
l;enten's wear .
He hopes, by close apalication, to merit a share of tit
Business so liberally extended to hint at his old stand.
- N. R, Having made arrangements in New York and
Philadelphia, with the most Pashibnable Tailors, for
she reception,of Paris and London Fashoons, castomers
may rely on having their orders executed accordidg to
thelatest style. GEORGE ARMOR.
se,pj. 10
LARD 01L.—Tha Subscriber would
. most respectfully
inform the public in genera lhnt he has an article of
acrd Oil ofasuperlor quality, manufactured at the Ciocin
nail Oil kkttufactory,lty R.W.Lee 4- c0.,0p 'deb is ssarran
twits be equal to the best Sperm. Oil, both for Light - and
Illachlutry. This Oil is entirelyfree from any glutinous
rnatter,smoke, or unpleasant odor, and It is as clear and
as white as spring water. Not a particle of crust is left .
Aso the . • wick. The light is pure and ,briCiant,
-and wittiest as long, If not miser, ihan that from an
equal triennia* of Sperm. OM The "stilweriber informs
Hite public that he has taken a place nearly opposite the
tTrien adiceorrhere he alitliiht up several different lamps
wilreri:Wrimilnt, awl he would respectfully invite the In.
lhatattsuellef-Pittaburgh, Aileglieny,and their vicinity, to ,
ce3l *idjitrige for theowelsea. tie feels confilleut they, i
will convinced , thatthe above staiiment Is perfectly
correct. 'Out ottwo htindred Individuals who have tried
the *II, there has not beeria'single' faith found with it-
The Lard-011ecels one thirdd - few then Sperm. fie would
respectfettYs loll elt tht early attention of Dealers and
ehlstatite - She above . .
Tbeltriftweing Churches are nownein: the Lard' Olt: .
Maenad Presbyterian Church, Pittiburgh,
New Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Plttabutgh.
First presbyteries Chinch,' Allemheiny City,
AriseriatrAtertirmed Church,- ' • do.
- • Antbobpieb. are branded R. W. LEE 4. Co., erode
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,- - - pit---6,--i.„ raiitOr, are
" ,'....
_„,, '' ite ..t. 1...eu tiled a•""..._,,,
' ifititti"l
4 41 - 1 Canol' bl'' Ul/ 4 "`
ll** NOW
seed here at th°
- ,-.3444 Aus ,t- 1ia191% .hOrcid
ta~ate. , 11,01„... bunt • by , ii , W. . •• • ,
tieteli lkirWitakiaAatme,al
s': - -
their *14411111-1-
'. - .,1.--- • n' - , . ..,--' , ,;"2,4eit
_ fey woke
. .. t C. Ol
._ . tieeetittio_...,,, tree ; from
„ e r...
il‘ 4009110191,T.,:atkilette, lit la Ur' the Belt
~--,.." largeilld:— 01101111- - .h.rAusr. ... ,i,„„„e,Afiaet,
4 41"16 ' umeMterlr- laarlaa--,ceilv
to th9ll L etu tineue
..idni„tod w it!- of Apergh“ ,
fir'''''laillPt r. d arr..
seetit y _
__,; wri ,,,„ Km
.•;: el , tan
com fn eq ual ",9
aatg!RtWS 00,
W f
4 .•:- ',. lAt oo t.-..italiPt J 0 r , ..,i':•4 ' • Ade mia. .. „
. '...1 , " - isle 011' u eiro, Men' i9k.
'6'..". - ..."-'
,liautArrir espial*. - a rocket Jo b
e- sedlioni.
:"..,:.11 ' -•..- vett ,-,,,,, cuutata.,4;Jok
' . i '.. ' ' ''''n ..,act ; s. num
or k ... ri' ''.' '. JA..ckftA2' .-.7.. ~ .. ,f-fb -:
.);.,,01* ' '.*
• ''' ._ 44, ": -.. ,'t '''Y'.:. „ -,.., - '
_::. '
,:•,.-,i)11 . THOM
- •47'''- si b p; -- ' ,-.:, ' ';1110R40, :--
emit - , , *rt. - bp; 'Audi, .470,
ii,,,,,-- -0-*::0----:- fir !`11,., iinail"',,t,
~,,.. , ~_- -:11-14.----„—iii*--!w, . j,seijr,__,— I. RoitiTßb,
Action' - , 10 , !, ~. the S tood 400 °An
- • elfilelues„,.:- t9A -- , --,- :' throu gh
,;1,,*6€0.1)y:011 k„., q
..__,11,7_ *ties- e - 1 - ., - iittnu
, ... i a ke lli_Lid.74:4lii:l :, ‘.; -, -.... ,:. 0;0.4**,1.:
ifttbetatl/41* all i, .. ; - ._.
~,;', ',
- 2 ifittettk
--, - - ”,
stiaidainelf i4,at
- - , •rvirmou -_-,- -:- 1,,,i ; ten d
riti!wreirtta.a.ii-e-7,7 ---
'.it r_e1i,0ry,„ .. .. 1.4 ......Mr*t 04-4!= otsgel!kiiliiit.
~ ~, Amo,:
:: - Illete_ =—,....,,,"
~ IL' T Ali :-.:',:.*: ' :-:,,,, :4,,..k ' - •
1 the Alle
M. C: EDGY, Agint
~1 4fi*
i ~'~~
4'?... , : ,....
fi ,'..;'::f.:'.` . .;'::: : :.''' . = . ' s-: ' ,--..
~,:.....,.._4,..:. ± g: A. ,
11l : - ...,..vei--
leftinvirAl gictile'rlylol"llgidlhaanna - . lll4 ' 'Ab e ..: 7-'" i r r "..F h ! soe -Vrt!' n :
41 ,doe : '" 41eneflo*,1 1 Nnet_ Albel 4 *l 4 1 4411-Akitiw ure a'' . "` ' ,r 1 ,421. 1,.. iPnicsa Annie*
eelitied , “Bil JO in. f 41 , 4 4 . 0 0• ( WI iii 4 Pnag , ' of , tailloranil bent Ina r , n a 4, lar!thP ; ddtht*ltßitti larm of
the Oct.verniwzrtv-0(.4it0 intortiseitowthie: 0' n!..Oulealogamathe, _ ~. ,Ilka iDi kin g - "U., diraiii; relie ve and.
0 4 ....,4i gk irtorpog ,00.,.04, Wit .91, te, ROW, '4loNotniflyricurez - A l , llll O -41 febe:plibr'JWillhiett d r itiotatir
Voleiriec and Or oilier 1111,, rm'io",.tillefeel n il l be eXtionnd to
Arrairr•lhat'agreqica"•-lul'ilddoeltter tie i todf: iinwith
public rate„ll.thallitirldsante Eacharge,i4 the,ciliii of other rexiiriersobettitefttinte is Inuit hithile.
Philhdelphla. iiii'Verline'sday; the 434 day or, Novaiiiher Anortniof threlliestiorweakness,ttig - morbid, the Unlined
neit st,iocectoelt, a., art.. the folinw)niekonto,ovrued•try hie from Iturtebud. ~ . - -.' .- '-• • .
the i timaionorutt is, 0
. . ,itin , _ _ . . ,
,_ ,_ , . , . gumless in theismelveselhey ineray c
4150 itisieikt illetk siiilfte Bitak*renissylvania. , •- ' ''._ '• - ' - AnaanyNdmelth
543 ddi in the Ptidlitiii. Bonk, ,_ • . ' TiP - ihlow ouLtheiletasioa of !detains from - the - body,
1103 ' do in iii Ninters•andutknive 844 .. ~ . andlbel letiaire 'no atterationie th e Attar cloth ing. •••
900 do in the POinn,l4_!" la n d BOtraGoelPany, In fact. the' human' body-Wexner able to'snitalti with.
2500 do in the 11eintt OwnelPoinpny. .. __ •net;inilltilithe theleatimay of the weather, while under
1500 du lit the PeonsylVoila and Ohio canaigoes Allaiefilleere oftbis infect ion dentroying, - dtrieniieradica ..!
piny. ling skelikeint titan at unrotheetime. '-• .
d .. In the citiosiriente and Delaware Canal : „ t llnt importance of Brandreth's Pills for seamen 'end
dot , 0
r - .• • ~.... , . - •
.. , .
1000 do In the ." aYlicltt NaviSsltoe" coin-144y, By the timely sic - :f this Medi c ine hovitunch anxiety
jfeet ido zii, -in the . " Istol•Bieint Towboat and Trans and sickneen, tuight.tas ,nott prevent._ ; Mid, Bnwdri a f
Its nd event of rill lands, would
portation Compapy,' . , •
iMso, at', the State in the boroisvh of Jinrrts.
WIT*. on binndaY, the iltitir Bey sof _ November nezf, ai 10
o'clack, A. 11.'
2905 shares of stink in the Danvillk and roils - trifle
2000 dd In tbk ettrnintriand Valley ItntiroadCont.
' -
• Fleartkitti d 'COMP - nr4.
Mrsightevitte, Yo=k And Get isinirg
• Malin:fad Co:"
Cbdords Nevi - gni-ion Co. -
Bald Bigleindltpring Creek.' - Nay l
ettlion Co. -
-Itonongsttela Wavlgetton Co;
Harrisburg Bridge CO.
NOrthUlTheeillOd' Bridge Co.
alonormahebuttruile Co.
Allegheny - Brldge'Coi
Wit keatiarte - BrIMMO4 :
• LewishartoßridgiCtk"
ilia Beaver 'Bridge Co.
Danvitht Bridge Co.
Nevroprick Bridge Co. '
Meted+ Creek , BridgeCo , '
-Conemaugh -Bridge CO ;
Sehuvlicittand Poststoivit Bridge'Co
Loyal Henna Bridge Co.
Millon Bridge Co.
Robbstown Bridie Co.
Towanda Brhige Co.
rtlinlson-enttAtletheny Bridge - CO.
*Mt, yiltill' Biidge,(at alson's IEOIO
Company: •
Wtillamspott Bridge Co.. Waihing.
ton county. -
lao, tile fidlonting Turnpike ttoad
2124 shares hi the Itarrisimtg, Carlisle and Chambers.
Chambershurg and Bedford
Bedford and Bloysto,wrt.
Stoyelown and Greensburg:
Greerishttrg and Pittsburgh., .
Huntingdon: Cambria and Indiana. •
Brie and•Waterford.
Perth - man and Beading.
Gap and Newport.
Wayrumbitrg,'Greenetistle and Her.
Morgantown, Churehtown and Blue
Little Conestomt.
Berke and Dauphin
Lartenster,,,Ellsahetht own and Mid
Easton and Willtrsharre.
Susquehanna and, Lejtjgb.„,
ggatratc.and -..flart Is
Centre and : lrialissimailia s.
Susquehanna and York borough:- ;
Centre. .
2000 do
.00 do
600 d!do
995 do
2500 do
4500 do
2400- do
2160 ,do
1600 do
560 do
400 do
600 do
600 ;do
180 do
950 do
)00, do
60 do
10(r do
92 do
141, 0 do
— 2OO ,'do
1250 do .
120 do
00 da
4310 do
2354 do
2564 do
1 . /00 do
3417 do
100 -do
1360 do
5L2 do
V) do
York and Gettysburg.
New Pollan.
Spr ng No
Cayuga and Susqurhanna
So sr - suchen in and Waterford,
Snmplehanna and Tim!.
Bridgers:Aar ard Wilkesbarre
Pittsburgh and New Alexandria.
New Atesearfriss and -spittiemaugh
Belmont andt astan:
Pittsburgh' and Beller.
Phisipaba pi a nditeminehanna.
Butler and Nirrcer.
Mercer, and Meadville.,
Anderson's Ferry, Waterford , and
New flaireti.
Pittsburgh and Steubenville.
Ridge Read.
• Bethany and Dingman's Choice.
Robbalown Rua-Mount nt
Mount Pleasant int Somerset.
Somerset and Bedford-. .
Hanover and "Carlisle:
MillerstoWn and Leiwistown.
Bellefonte and Philipsburg.
Philadelphia, Brandywine and
Belmont and Oahqsings.
Harrisburg and 'llillerstown.
Philadelphia and "Great Bend.
Lewistown and 'geniis's...don.
Armstrong and - Indiana.
Clifford and Willgaberie.
Indiana and Ebensburg.
Washington and Williamsport.
Washington and Pittsburgh.
Middleipitrit and Harrisburg,
"MellefontiTAiiitiadoureand 'Pitting
Bailer and Kiganotaff.•
itillesburg and fbinethpert.
Der rstow n and You ng manstow n.
Mount Meanest andrittsburgli
Yolk 'Haven and Harrisburg bridge.
A bingdonAnd Waterford.
,Warren and,RidglvaY's.
'teivjeturg and Yrionginanstnwn.
•Momeniet -
!,!Carbondale and Lackawana. •
, Somerset and Cumberland.'
Lewishurg•and Jemmy Shore
!Ligcmierant. Johnstown. •
Warren and New 4 1 1' ork State Line
Titusville °mkt-PAM' Millis.
,Armstrong and -eteterfield.
Warren and Ftanklin. - •
,Fugur ; Grove and. Union.
Broweington. flarrkwilleand Frank
200 do ; Snowshoe , and l'ackenville.
'4q " do Lackawaxen.
9:00 do ;Butler. mad Freeport ,
64 do, ,Sterting and Newfoundland.
96 do Linux, and Harmony. •.•
224/' do - Pittsburgh Firmers and Mechanics'
'l6O do ;. Bedford-and Hollidaysburg..
160 do • Luthershitria and Penrainwney.. ,
, Birmingham and-Elizabethtown.
64 do , Bald Baths add NalartylVallry:
condltionanf raid , salmt wilt tie 'made'
known on the ilayanGsresaid,orisy artapplkatiom at any
Mate. tollids Mock will lie received 'el Per'
slant at; par,or geriiiicates of credit, which have beeti
Mitered on the** of,the,Anditor,,Genetal,' in -permi
tter Of intecdatlon of the General ,Ansembly,pastied'ob
th7th day of April. 1042. ; , • :•,, !,
By order of the °warrior.
bap 20—dta, • . Serrataryot the
$9O do
500 do
2fm do
'909 do
660 - do
672 do
:100 jt do
717 9 do
779 do
, Rl9 do
' 123
160 40
F _ )
. _
It.witor.ms• EtiristiEvitticiTiOtaisitituP.-
- .
this infallii.te: remedy hasitteaegyekilavadfiale ,
.Hlien thought' past'iotaierf,' ficim emiyalaiiika. Ai, goon-,
mq the Brim is iithhed an the, Otitis. the wtl i reet v...
4p,.. c Tl}islortiiiiadoei hist, tiOarentoilleAs.loatiotail so,
plitimatit4 that's° Allit wilt retiree to let ita , ram be rub
100 With H. Whed infanta a!4 at the ale of fear month*
. *heed! hiltioltipti 'Of teeth: - one halite of the.
, ~. tiottaniii . too open the: - pored ; Parente shoo!,
-. ;let illr etjaMlt*Orint in the MiIIIMAX , where tbiqe
re,yottag-efillthiet.fofiriAltd wall 4 in'the Welt With
piin . l t a!tbii giiimiti*be Syrup immediately gives cam. 6 .1.
s-riepotilsigleal!ni ibe guilt; chlteby amnia.
1 g cemirik Ainik: . _ 000: For Rater Whdlemild and
1 1 1 614°41, ' * - ' ' ' - 's - ,t" t,,i';ll-i",44100a Adept.
ve 141-• ' • ''' - - iiiii• Woad 'di/eat, below Second (
I ,
. 1: --...
X---' - ~• • - P.:•14.
no,: -.1----' hiret.
1. • ' How*** * d soot; P,,, •,'
• • 18, Ir°l..—tivitll --•
1 ' ''
1 isii. 4 °-- 4 ovirsa
4 0 4
..1!*11, - ' setho roddi
..... non ossre
- • - ..,,,,Alt, !osir" , • imi,tiami IR
' 41m="10.4*
.detione, Typhus, Scarlet ferret__ _
tinknoivnt But whoromptcneas,. dam let •no
Mite be, lost,.ict. the, BRlArtiolgrmrs4l l .Lß be at once'
sent for, that the Remedy may be appled, without fur'
lifer toss of tine .-. To as Itmtamenteo—'
That Brandreth's Pith have steed a -seven years' test
to the Voltneedates. , - - - •
. That they.dre a yoptable and{ innocent medicine, yet
ali:Powerfut for the , rernoval of disease, whether chronic
' recemt;jnfect haus or otherwisti.
"That'they purify the blood,; and May theurther pro
enistiof disehse in the 'huntanbddy.
That. in many cases, where the dreadful ravages of.
ulceration hadheitthOrelieimeite: and bone, and where,
mall appearance, no human means could sate life, have
patients by the use of - these pitht, been restored to good
health; the devouring disease - having been completely
That each of the genuine has o poa it TOR= corystoot
l'he* T ach 100 has two signatures of Dr. Benjamin
Braildrethnnon - -
That there moat livippon each boa three signatures,
D. OR Antwor.ra, M. D
Andthree signeturee, tlttrez-
"Alf acute fevers ever require me evacuation to bring
them ID a perfect crisis and soletion, and that even by
'stools, 'which mute be promoted by "Art when nature
does nut do .the.lnishiess itself. On this. &tenant, an '
ill timed t•crapulousnesi,ationt the weeklies ! , of the body
la of bad orisequencei; for it is thet which seems chiefly
to makeevacuat ions. neeessart,l which, nature attempts
and' tile humors are fit to be expelled . but ie not able to
accomplish for the most- part In these diseases and l can
afirm.thatl have given .5 purgetwhen the pulse has been
isci low that it could hardiy be fell, and the debility ex.
I reme, yet both one and the Other- have , been restored by
it:" The good effect to be. i,derlyed . from the &ware! h
Pills have t o be 'experienced to be (idly believed. By .
.their timel y use neither the scarlet, the typhus fever or
smallpox would everassume their malignant form-
A`u appreciate to the full exte,nt ;lite incalculable bene
fits of BRA NDRETS'S PlLLS,dhey Must be used when
this Pisa Symptoms of Disease present thernselyes, One
dose I ben, and their good effects' will be
thelittacir-Fr 111.2A,.11.11 1 a THEN 14 Rills that is the great
secret the enie of all appearances, of disease arising
from had blaod, - and . I presume there are few at the pres:
ent day, will say, anything. Of those diseasys which affect
the bodYwhen the blood is pu,re. Such diseases I have
yet to see. .
Hoping that some whe,read this may be benefatedly so
doing. 1 am respeetfolly„
the public's servant.
241 Broadway, New 'frorb;
The public wiii please observe that no Brandreth Pills
are genuine unless the box hut three labels upon it,
each containing a fae shuttle signature of my hand
writing thus-0. Rratuirei h. i Timm labels are engra
ved on sleet, beautifully deeleUed, end done at an ex
pense Of several-thousand dollars. Remember! the top
—the side :. nod tbetottomk • 4•- ' , . '
Ent red according to act otCongreits intim year 1841,1
by Bet jamin.Bramkeih, in theUterk i ttOffire in the Dis
tjiet Couresdathehernflistilekstrir Yorlt.,-,._
Dr. Be„mokainVreth 'it Men trier " t Eir. 9j,:_lirstattElseet
--- IV -1 w
PittsburglL'Only Pity. lit
- Fitts eito-neti- t...•wbei deist the true
. _ .
Erandrelh Piti„ has en envoy l eertitiettle, of Agency.
renewed every tweltfe inonthit, , iiidliitit entered iniobrinds
of $5OO to sell none other Pins than 'hive received from
Dr. B. or his speeinitgeneral Agent. ' Matt. trur terliti;
cafe is all engraved except the 'Doctor's name, which is
in his own hand writing. Observe, on each certificate
there is an exact cony of the three labels on each box en-'
graved thereon. Purchaser. see that the engratring of
the labels on t h e centime le correspond with show on the
The following rite Dr. Benjamin Brandreth's Agents
for the &I lc of his Vegetatte Universal Pills, in Atieehe
ny cooly, Pa., who are snpplied with the new labelled
boxes. •
Price 25 rents with•directions.
Principal Office, No. 98, Wood Street, Pittsbue
Allegheny, Mr. Jour' CLAPS.
McKeesport, El: ROWLAND.
Noblestown, Joon /outruns. •
Btewarts Town, Comma," 4 Sexotouto
BMA RD Tuomrsmo,Wilkinsburgh.
Or.ORGE PORTER. Fairview.
ROE6RT Swum Tonne, Tarentlitn.
Elizabei blown, C. P. DiEnt.
East Liberty, DAICIII. Nrnt.LY.
PR,I3III.IET ERWIN, Pitiatoint 11111.
DAVID B. Coos—Plumb Township.
Wm. O. 140111VIL— Allen's-Milt. reep 10
cured by the 1 fiif Dr, Hartle-Ws Compound
Strengthening and ttorMaii Aperient Pit t i
Dr. ilorlich—Dear SW—Shortly atter t redelved the
Agency Dorn you for the sale of your. medicine. I
rot med an ocortitintaare with it tidy of this place.. W4 l O
was severely afflicted with the Piles. For eight or tea
years this lady was subject to frequent' painfot attachti.
and her physician considered her cape so complicated.
that he Vet y seldom prescribed medicine for her. Tleroaell
my persuasion, she commenced using your ROCS, and Wad
perfectly cured. Yours, 4.c LAMES S. ICIHBY
October 3, 1840.. Eltambershug , Pa.
WOffice and General 'Depot:. N0.1,9.140rth Eighth
_Street. Philtdelphht. And by Samuel Friar, corner of
Liberty and Wiyoll streets, Pittsburgh. imp 10
INTERESTING CUREperferared Dr.Swagne's
`.l...Coisposind Syrup of Promo. Virginians, sr Wild CAer--
71. 'U IIIII II -Widens/I ofthisiintaluable•Sytttirtonty Amity,
which entirely cared my child. The symptoms limit.
Wheezing end choking of phlegm. din:Wally of breathing.
attended with constant eoughi 130181111, tbainakkilill;*C;
Pr which If bad given uisali kopesof it* recovery . 'until I
was advised to ,FiAkeirlai of this Invaluable medicine.
After secing,ltteetfects it , hattupon -my child, stod con.
cluding,to make the same trial epos asysetf,: which en.
kirely rellesed we of°, cough that wasisMieted with for
many years. ,Any . person whiliing.to see me ean call at
aryOmsse:la Bea Street, above the Market, Kensington.
We ` tail
tail the aktefiqoaof the Put,Ateto ; the. IMMOM
bettifiCliteri which have heeo eireettatOe ktt Aelf
gttd come oihera of this, city, r highly reebtataleadhlgt D'
DrriThc'e ceetPerldD.YreP- of .WO4l Vhefflor.44, ;have
stieri the orAgloal certifleatorotort. have ..readoirtk.Wifter
conic fronttruly,gr~iteful hearts,eztaessive OrdtfibeOefile
*lath they have received (tom ti t at, , valoable rat*Petted;
We Wive acqaairttaarres, who havetviqueatty &Bed the
whi;-canittlealt witttpheidenee of It.
rfriziest--Stimday.-0r044.. . •
, .
- - Flamm itlallasa —Whts aincerlty4_,,smalst advise
you. one ottani kith sick and well, always to have a
66111 e at Or, 2 !oelumtecomPlued NY MP ef -WaikgberrY
_Your Trallaar - -„ , ills invaluable In _caws of t w:: — . cooy..
nom as BPilitiLptrßlood.. Asthma, attacks of violent
l ealigallif , IP? fill le often the Wale , of spitting of ,blooa,
`Violent Niro* )441:011011,brwhich',100491onelis tome
from Wit arid various ailiA,Caaaaat producing Peal'
salvo, mad den 'raids - fiala ,PaPialler —'.which
art ilea tat run to an , alarming pasens„, or woos of .
Paella Wait reedy aihoo4—and a* 1 jbavi. used Qr.
Swayies Compoowleyrap„ of Wll4 cherry repeatedly,
11l my ,lionliYi, alld•abalkinWith marked stowesa-1 can
::recommend ll'lllia cailtiOaaat a a! b a lsl g 'l'l4l'4 the Wit'
+wily:. [Milani' which hillit emr.s.,baten, offered , jo cite
' ir,,-41aSiOlii4 Qlksww,„'
bYVjurlTh`oril Valli;ili, **llk', 419 aValr
alisblk.' - ' it:O.,Siklaritift, 4 *etr ., . -M llO -
4 . 1,J0aa irsiumatacairavramoit;; 4 4l4
4104011 , 144 1 / a desate ar-aa.awkoA
talk tommanced
-) -
- - - .
16,45!-*4lgr a
• " 1 "i"; - - if - aifuns
frOmk t afx t,
tbereirrili a •
nrineaketwaii,e - I* - 4vi9k44firre oftbeir. evirivisille. S at'
fledgee'behtitlO:tetjt every ut iog tit the mOst- 1 1 1 7 11 4 1,
dean, ipilistr, sad pay Oiler attention to tranomy.
with confidence Mn. retiminiendi(*r French'
mai Loadoil . amok Caraels; alio: her splendid assortmetit
:.*EisitiiiMdery;„whieh is superior to anythitig yet intro.
domed in ibis touniry: it includes Baby. LineoiConnoi
-Mum Origotals, Capesa la Cardinal.. Demi;• _dittn
itiasSor Eyetting Costume. Collars Cuffs, Pocket Hand
tkeichlehi Morning and ;Night. capi . . 40., whinti;iirill
ready for their approbai ion on the 9th of (Miniver - mutt.
Mrs. waiting the arrival of hnr Bonnets from
Europe; at No. VFerry street, betyrean Liberty AO
Fourth streets. • ' , , .
•_:sepi.3 the
ILAULUILLW GEO. r. smut:row.,
LIIIAGRAW firt hi I LTON „fitter:eye o 4 law, have
remove( their Office to the resWenre.of Eh
`Mir on Foorts two dOors above Sinithdeld. sep
tC ° 7 1 1 ' T l En
Sg rl 79" f: lltk
; t, Oesaiifro•d d a l ileilta
fronsthe corner of Wood street. Coa.
faintly . on hand sn assortasentsoPloo ready made
COFFINS, of every Mac and descriptkon teovered
. - ones, with ~Cloth: ~Mahogany; Cherry, Black
Walnut, Poplar, and Pine Coffins.
ALSO, Plates-neatly, engraved; Hearses and Carriages
furnl.het.i; Goveit procured; and all, services rendered
that friends may requite.
A - credit g, iv e n in ail ewes, Obey Ofeoffins or carriages,
requested. . HENRY , BEA R ES, kliideriaker.
-rep 10 . .....
WHITE LIME, a superior nritele,for
[75 "'
sale by ' E. 4A. GiIRDONi_
No. 12 ilVaterstreal.
received from New :York, 3000
Temperance Almanacs tbr 1843;5000copie=of the
Jou vital of he American Temperance Ilnion and Yonill's
Temperance Advocate for September. Also, 2000 Chris
tian. Almanacs. and a good assortment of Loomis's Maga
sineand Pittsbujgb, and the Franklin Magazine and Com.
mon Almanars for 1443; by the gross, dozen or single;
250 copies of Grant's New Pittsburgh and Allegheny Bu
siness Dirctory and Strangers Guide, fOr icents. Also,
Cottage,. Schord and Pocket Bibles and Testa.
meets. David's Psalms; Met hodist and Temperance Hymn
Books; the beauties of Harmony, Introduction to Sacred
Music: Mason's Harp with round and patent notes; Christ.
Harp,and almost nil kinds of School Books; Guno's Do
mestic Medicine; Day Books and Ledgers; Writing, Let
ter, and Wrapping Paper; blue black, and red ink, by the
gross„dozen,or bottle; steel pens, quills, slates. pencilsand
wafers;Cyclopedia of Htstory, Wes•tirn.Pilot. and a eon.
viderahle variety of Hooka:10g Stationery, for sale on no
cornmodar fug terms for cash or coantry produce.
ISAAC H A KRIS, Agent and Commission Merchant,
sep - ' ' No. 9; Plfth street.
J. K. flioortueLn. 0. E. WARNSR. 3; PAINTER.
UNION COTTON FACTORY. Alleghe y City, at the
end of the upper bridge. The subscribers having
commenced the manufacture of Cotton Yarns, Stocking
Yara,Co•ion Twine, Candlewick, Carpet Chain, Batting,
4.C.,and are prepared, tc,pll orders at the shortest notice.
Having selected the latest and most Improved machl
nefY.and employed the manager who has attended to the
Hoge FAct•oav for the lam five years, they are manafaetn
ring a superior article.
Cotton Warps made to order,
Orders through the Pittsburgh Post Offire,or left at the
storeof .1 i4-'C. Painterg Co., Liberty street; or Logan
4. Kennedy, Wood street; will meet with prompt alien.
Lion. ' Address—J. K. 3100110 E A 1) Q• CO. ,
Sep 12—ly
~~ -` `
.*O-000:: -- ,0.....
- 0.10 , ".'.
~ . -- . -I ' - *. A•:. ,- .'"
': tiLi.;.i'''''4-:
►#7O FAA LES.--Ttere is u large class of Females iui
this City who from their continued sitting, to which
their °erupt tieing obliges hem,a re affected with costiveness
which glees rise to palpitatton at the heart on the leastex
ettion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound.an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling in the bow
els, sornetiniesk sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when:any exertion - is used, as going quickly up
stairs; temprefickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few doses of the Brandreth ,Pilts The occa.
atonal use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
theffteosa.t._emsJst before dinner, are of en found
highly beneficial; many use then, odventoFceurty
this way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condi; lon„entiven the spirits, impart clear.,
neseto thecornptexiompnrify-the Wood, add promote a'
general feeling of health end happiness.
Sold at Dr. B-audreth's Office. No. 98 Wood tenet,
Pinshirsh—Price2,scenu per bpi, with fhil directitins.
MARE—The only place in Pitisburgh,'• where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own Of
flee, No 98 Wood street. sep 10
STRUM ENTS!— 7'. McCarthy, Cutler amid Snrgiral
Instrument Maker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Post office, Pittebergk
Physicians. Dentists and Druggists can have their in'
strornentsinadeby the subscriber of a Superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Hatters Shears, a super Or article. Orders respect.
fully solicited.
R. B. AllartichW warranted of the hest quality, and
inbbinit One as usual. seri 10
LIVER -COMPLAINT.—This. disease often terml•
naicain , another of a more serious nature, If pro.
per remedies.are not r,estorted to in time. In all forms
of this disease, -Dr. Harlich's Compound Strenathenins.
and German Aperient Pills, will perform a perfect cure
—first by -elennsine the stomach and bowels, thus wmo•
sing all diseases from the Liver, by tbe , use of the Ger
man •Aperient P:11s, alter whtch theCompitend rengi h.
erring Pills are taken to sive strength and lone to those
tender organs which require snckfccalment only to effect
a perinement cure. These PIN/Clore neatly put up in
small F ickasps, whn direettoort. f'or sale at N 0.19
North Eight St reel Philadelphia. A lei>, for sat by Sam
uel Frew corner of Wood
.and Liberty M., Plasburgh Pa.
ALLEN ERA AtElt, Exc h ange Broker, No. 46, Cor
ner of Wood and Third Streets, Pittsburgh Pa.—
Gold, Silver. and Solvent Rank notes, bought and sold.
Sigh) checks on the Eastern citier,, for vale.' Drafts,
notes and bit* eofteeted. "
Pittabitrirh,Pa, Wm. Silll4- Co., Sphn D. Davis, r
Lorenz, J. Painter 4- Co., JoNimb - Wood well, James May
Rititadelphia,. Alexander Bronson 4. Co., John H. Brown
fr Co. Cincinnati, JUMPS' lll'Caridtess. St. Loitio,
ito., Lovitroille, W. H. Prone, Esti.
treet Rank Ky. e -n l O
REMOVAL.—The' undersigned.begn lealreAo (acorns_
the public, t hat he has removed from 1i1t?. , . old stand,
-to the r of Pildn god Ot.. Glair stg., oppositethe El
c angen' Where he has tted non or * Ptomq
W,kitt Room, q nd
: now 'offerq for said ,the 11109 t splendid
assort Meat of Piaeos ever offered in this market.
Sic iirPlibitonsist of ditTirent patterns, of superior
.Rose Witod Flehgltany,bettuilfully finished and : mu'
deled.end'eonnittleted throughout, of the very- keg ma--
terlate,which,fer durahility;ond_quatity of tone, as well
as touch; he - warrants to hesuperior to arty , ever seen
Ag he balergarged his manufactory, and made arrauge.
greets to supply the increasing demand for this irustru. :
_meat, respectfully requests _those intersding.to par.
chaos !to call and oxatnlne his assortment before pitftha.
Rind elsewhere. an he is determined to tell :imps., for.
„coshittiats any 'Other establishment:east Or, west of the'
moustatns. F. BLUME,
Ciwnek of Penn ind St. Clair al reels, ,
,ttp 10 Oppoolte the Exclienge Rotel:Pittsburgh - , Pa.
WARRANTED OgNigNE*--Dr. William
VAI Bowies Camomile `Pins
p gaTtr ipAveti.—Lettar Rom the Ron. Ab h no id Cid-
Jim,fullirran lAunty; . East TenbasseelliemberofCongrests,
Witiluturros. July 3d. 1838.
Sir— onsethave beenln Oda city I havartard some of
year DyiyalptlC medicine with infinite benefit sod sails
,fectlon, and believe it t o bea mosivallinble remedi One
of my strisiltuebts; Cc - A.:tinier', d
of Campbell gidy,
Tennessee. wrote to me to, send hid wide. which I ma.'
eartite lum.lopkoyed.ittvery sateier - mtAlt in, his practice,
atd royal*, is invalloWet. Johnson, inn , agent at
this tilarteiTShlnks,you would probably like an agent in
Tenants's. I f so, I would recommend Er. A Carden, as
optima admen odkcilare foram salawflour celebrated
atediehm. , •-illbouldyoutclownission hint•lte H trinity; to
lei for yoy. ArOlit i alialenil- the , medicine by water to the
earl of Robert King Er Sons. Knoxville county. Tannest
kx-bind , Graba*-4 -80USUM, Tasswetr East
YellnA tt lg t *let if TOP tiag attallta In
• ifelmgAptalrldwpsl44at„errat deal of me&
'lope 1d .141.
_1.4-aalloing to take some-of it bonus
Tor lay own - 1 1.110.40 1 4:-4111- 4 4 , - - 1 1 0 414 eedr, anrl . -stiould
..igia.tql/Str,fintlagallbtarillA!all n tea , ffleeestit , ifirwalllei
Smattykay eat Iternberavql can get
for saw! Wit near there
~T ~
-~ r:
~; ~. ~_
Pittsburgh.lnne 18,1839. •
• Mr. Jona Dmottrict:-.4eraitir-flaiting been 'patient,
yt erdaY. at the-experiment whitityon were phased to.
make, ip the presence of, number. of tar buidenta Mee.'
bf the . rafety of your 1 scprt tAIEST(3, in ease of Gre,
gives Me pleasure to 'say. Mai so ear SS r ISSS enPlthk'or
judging, the lest was fair, and the result exceeded my
taper-fattens. •
. The Chest was a small one, *bent 34 tetAtes hish.ty
abOut 3$ or 2o inches tit breadth and depth, and was pla•
red on a block of wood about a foot in thickness, tia as
to elevate Rollout that heleht from the gtound; several
hooks aralmwspapera were dePtatted inside of it, in the
manner iti which Merchants and others would usually
place thein—a large quantity of light pine wood fatal*
fronian adjoining-Saw $1111,3 was theri plated arotind
pad above it, and the firtkindied on lilt windward side.
pans to drive the name against the hack part or Mechem.
The fire was kept Op about three quarters of an .hnur,
until you had gone among the spectators and received
from them their universal :answer that the test •• was
sufficient. The chest was thee drawn Out of thallre,
and red re, and opened, and examined. The conter.ts
were all safe, and the only injury doite was to the lack
of onehook Which appeared to het{ little. Miarred. Frum
what l witnessed,-1 think that these chests are thaery
Mg of coriderice, as-affording, perhatte.the best security
to Merchants Pw.tireir , hooks and papers, which they can
have without building large, thick,andexpenslve vaults.
I would consider them a better Set t rity than many vault
which I have seen•burit. Your Wend, •
We concur in the abov.! statement, having been prey.
'sent when the chest was Irste,l
W. M. Cooper, J. H. Shoemberger,
J. laug Alin, J. Painter,
R. Miller, Jr. • C L. Armstrong,
Thomas Craig, S tg: D. Howard,
Extract of a fatter frost migh 4- Afton!, dated Cie
dieser,29ea Narrh,lo42.
J. De/mist, Pittsburgh, Pc Respected Friend: We
have the satisfaction to at ate as the test recommendation
we can give of the Utility. of your Iron Safes, t lint we
hsva one of them which was in an exposed situation in
our count ins room, at I he . time or the lire, on the morn
ing of the 10th inst. which consumed our Potk House to:
!ether with a Incge- portion of Ow meat, lard, 4.r, which
it contained; —and that our books and papers which were
In the Safe,. were entirely uninjnied, and were Hiked
from ft an er the lire; without ever bring fitly-Moved:
Yours, 4.c. PUGH it A VORD
Extract*/ alettterfrsar Slater .- Holbrook, dated St,
Lomis, Feb. 24th,- 1841.
ld R. Dennuvo, Dear Sir: Onenf your Second size chests
Was burned a few days nen, in • a lent her store—ll pre•
served his contents. Respectfully yours,
IV ER' COMPLAINT cured , by the use of Dr. Bar-
AA itch's compound Si rengt hening and Aperient Pins.
Mr. Wm. Richards, of Pittsburgh, Pa., enth ely cured of
the abovedistraising disease His symptoms were pain
and weight in the left side, loss Of appetite, vomiting, acid
crumalions, a distension of the stomach. sick head-ache,
furred tongue, countenance changed to a citron color, diffi
culty of breai hing. distmrbed rest, altended whittough,
great debility.with other symrtomtrindicating !mat de:
rangentent of the functions of the liver. Mr. Richard: ,
had the advice of several physicians, but received no
relief, until usin4 Dr. Flarlich's'ffiedicine, which
ted in effectioe•a-pet4se4 .
- inci pa i office. 19 Norin eighth &street. rnuadelobta.
For sale in Pittsburgh by Samuel Frew, - corner of Llher
ty and Wood streets. o
Cfseitmati, February 1.5,1840.
Dr. Swortts—Dear t'ir:*.Perrnit me to mite the liberty
of writing to you at this time to express my approbation,
and to recommend to the attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medlcine—the Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginians, or Wild Cherry Bark. lo
my travels of !alit have scent In a great many instances
thew onderful effects of your niedicine in relieving chil
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing,
Wheezing, Choaking of Phlegm, Asthmatic - attacks,
4-c. I should not have written this letter, howevet , at .
present, although khave fel it my duty to add my testi
mony to it for stone time, bad it not been for a late In.
stance where the 'inedicine above alluded to was teat ru
mental In restoring , to perfeit health an "only child,"
whose case was almost hopeless. in a family of toy ac
quaintance. thank SleaveU," said the doiting
or,. , my child is saved from the jaws of death! O.how
feared the relentless ravager ' But my child is safe! is
Beyond all docile. Dr. Swayne's Couipound Syrup of
Cherry.is the most valuable medicine In thts or any
other country: - I ant certain I tave witnessed more than
nne hundred cases where It has been attended with corn.
plete success. I am using it myself In an - obstinate at.
tack of Bronchitis, in which it "proved effectual in a ex
ceedingly soon time. considering the severity'of the case.
ran reromend 'it in the fullest confidence ofits superior
virtues; I would advise that ne family should be without
it; it is very pleasant:lml always beneficial—worth
double and often ten lining its t rice. The public are as.
cured there is no gnaekery aboilt R. R. JAcKeott. D. D.
Formerly Piston Of the First - Presbyterian Chinch;
Sold by W . bl. THORN. whceesale - 4. retail, only weertt
for Pittsburgh. No. - 53.1filktitel. street. • seP 10
' - '"t
{ a.. 6
Tabu will destroy Life. and you are a great aunt.
Discoefr fr4.set Life. and-tbe world will
cell you linpaitai.'
... •
There are faculties, bodily and intellectual; Witkia as, ,
wit* yOttek certain kerbs Mlld affinity /sad seer , tattiest
they bass pricer . .." . •
• Dr. 11 . . Brindreth's External Remedy, or Liniment,
which, by its. extraordinary powers, abstracts Pain or
soreneps;Sprains,:etitf, Sinews, While Swellings.
Rheumatic l'ains,..or.Stiffnelts, Stiffness of the Join's,
Tismers,linnatural Hardn&Wl, Stiff Neck Sore Throat,
-Croup._ Contractions of thl muscles, Scrofulous en
lanientents, Tendes Feet. and every description, of In
jury affecting 'the. Extetior the . Human Frame, ate
cared .or -aseatly-relieved by ibis outer•to be' sufficiently
extolistUrestaly , ' ' •"'
,Csauncame.--The following teller from Major Chu
' era , ' Sandford, as to the.giaath les of the'Esternal
tly, speaks volumes: • -
_ •New Youts,Feb.l);lM - 2 1
. ilear Sir—Will you oblige 4ste iiith another bottle of
your exretient Linimentl . It is eertaluly the best -14-tter
kind I have ever seen. It bair,eurpd entirely my son's
knee. about which I Instal u 'Weltsy;autiT haye, found it
productive of Immediate teller several - 'enses - tif ester
nal, Injury in my family.- ill.tere , evenings since, my
ymingest child was seiwsl : wish a Ordeal:attacket Muth.
which was entirely reniovallip tsnaselyniantes, by ruh
bin '-her chest and throat.freelyWliit ihe Extersal ildet
edy. I think you ought 'l6 amntifiteture thli Liniment
for general use, instead of confining the nee of it, as you
have heretofore done, tu yearpartteutstr-segittilniiittees.
Yours truly, .4 7,5: W.-SANDFORD.
11.13a.tatudiers.241. 6OadwtP. N• Y.
irt.•For sale at 391 Droadtwnyi Noy, York, and at his
ildiee„.No:9XWomt street.Fltlldstflih•'PßWP' -50 ce nt•'
petibut' De With tepid
_ .
•"- " i Sooliiicsolla Orwrz,
Harris rgti,"Atigtrstl I
Oth, ‘642.5
LONGING TO THE 8 • .. -4got4ee is. befell gi
ven _that in tesnownee of , 4.14 isoveritestatitiwighteentiu
iim i t
nineteenth all - Assent Feth 5 iipetAof t sitediet of Assembly
pissed the 27th day of Jalg. 'lB43:ollitliiiiis Will .he reFri:t
vrd at the StatiEtitirt WOW ihelittedlif of NiiirenVl
her next, for the sale or aliriiiiiVaii(of - ihe Canais and
Rail Roads belosightruivtioretranosaltroaftiti fir wiiieft 4
Hut te.fitositiot .par-swiev,o9ll.be-reeedweil la-poysterif:' ,
... _Each indivldatalisilig foreitilinetirligedlifilfg; Vol
si, tiq. the: sairilatista liostsifiCattal . or fitilsaoad. *Mob!
_tbieklesitelw4notollestit*stnostat of , Omit ifetittecHWil
11, :
14s-ilisrefoci4kiitglosto olltiliaisesofoill issocerasit irsi
Alie.olfer,•togethor with Mei pace or phwisiidt nriddiiteK
#1 4/0011111111T tor briiikkokitritiewtsi-fiegili:l
lIIRW '`fct . 4 ...;:= .h , :: ~-3-, l t-n .44:it....- - i-- ,, 4e.i.lc V. - ..‘ t4-=3
comui l i,
t‘.‘r",!6'proposals Mi ail lilk t -itill•liHterea Or
'• - • of ' • - ' ----4- i , lahaiiiiiiiiiietiO•
N ik"' • -,;,.. _; -. :14.-.
11.4 "-44**14
, .prissided with the Safely
hills printed with a figured tiler
fill you are not deceived by
gents stating their boats to be ,
Guard, when they are rot vitt
the fUltowing Ise list of bosi,
ty Pnard at •the Por: of Pima
nut me the list have the lisprofet
ppsrahis ii is impossible for Rho
WEST WIND. rylrg
PANAMA, fthrlV
Robt Bell,
4. Cordell,
A. H. Hoge
J. W. Holt.
The teaveling community are
before they make a choice of a bat
and see whether it would not it
mut security to choose a Safety
rransage and freight. in preferences
against "explosion—and that they
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fifty steam engine builders—;ens
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