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h4,l..reohreds i hie r t ' ' di eilitin warebOalm_ Wei .sChoOttlqllii
L .Allialltiae*Atty it-Wielded by etri'lL4l. BiikahtireitlY, aors,ii -,- I.' •
' ellphritilits isidshted.witehriseltrativereprePaimi to ie.' ••1-1 , Asteletif i
teistVprightpay to sera/deer to trisfineiend by ititct at. - 2. Modern
teirtfrie teal!" tbe details of the Wainer* ef in`Underraker •S. Mo d ern
: ' behopestowerit pittlic confidence , '" Ile will be'prepared 4 . ria4ol/1 Pb
1 arelthisotrali to provide ffearsev,• Biers, Carrisies Ind • S. Uhl! Enghnt
' Areeryrierphstustri the most liberaf tertne.YCilts from the snied - betts r e n tll
, e peeceywiit he prat:natty attended to. -' . • ra l 1414 icis c) P li k".
ale residence is'in. the samehnilding 'with his ware 6. Ohmaistry s. nillateria idedica.--Dr. Johi
hose, where•thosewho- need its serviemohayldnd him met. L . . ' •
t ; „1 4. p
&testy time. imirra si t oge . . •7. Idediehte.l,l r . Ifenry -flower ~
.w.w,. time. - -Rev. sotte.nt.set.D. D. ,Ad AelloomlP a Surgery Dr. James L: Cabe
4tlettritattreidt, • Bev. aoasxr sauce, v. D. al , Phil PAY--- 12 r. Gentle' Tucker.
tritos. Parrott. . - env. 'rawest. wn.masts, R. IVr . w.e—Ju Behry St. Gem Tucker.
w.e. st'canasi astr.-mhzre zeta, in both Betio° of Languages are also tanght
ssaao halals, ' aav• saints. Emits, eture , t of—the r ' peat's* languages, and Ane
sep 1.0 ai l ' . a . s. utterer : ' Model'ol !WWI'S"! n the School of Mathernaticsl
--- '7"'" -- . , ded mixed Bath ' atidit inthat Of Engineering , I
gy ant, Geology; to that nf Moral Philosophy, 131
tree, Logic and , thlciit Economy, and in that
hesidelotenci 1 ' win' ail its branches , the Ls
Pre and'of Na ' s, the Science of Government la
stilettoes , Law t . - 1
ro he:admit* jinicithistnistitution the appli , ht must
he sixteen years age; but the Faculty may tiler with
1 1
this reqPishion favor 'of one whose brother its a Stu
dent. ..,
.Every, studeiii is free to attend the schools of his ,
choice; but if Ille be under twettlyone years of gage, he
shall.t.nend at least 'three. untrue authorised by tie pa
rent or guardianetn writing, or by the Faculty 4 for good
cause, to attend ,s. less .number. - " i t -
, Ali students trier the age of twenty. One yeatat are re.
1. 1 .
quired.to board thin the precincts.
By a resolutio of the F.teulty, B inisters of thettiospel,
and young men eparing for the ministry, may , attend
any of the schtud of the University without thelpayment
of fees to the P , more. -. .
The enactmerti which lately required students. iti wear
a prescribed unit' rut have been suspended.
Every student!! esident within the precincts Mast, on
matriculation, dePosite with the Patron all 'the. .thoney,
blilsolras,te.Vandethie control, intended iiit-:',defray
his expenses; wOile atibe University, or on his , !return
t hence to his home: and the amount so deposited Must he
sufficient to pity
l it fee; to professors. dormitory "hint, for
use of public too , three months board, a contingent fee
to cover fines, attdasseesinents, and to purchase , the text
books. 4c., he may want at the commencement. All
funds:subseqpently received by him must he deposited
with the Patron, ?nth° has charte of his disbumentents;
and upon all deposties a cliarpe of two per centute com.
mission L. authorized.
The act of the Legislature, prohibiting merchants and
others, under, severe penalties. from crediting Isitidents,
will be strictly enforced. The license to contract debts,
which the Chairinan of the Faculty is authotited to
grant, is confined (except where the parent or !guardian
shall oi herwire. In writing. request), to cases of urgent
necessity; and these, it is hoped, that parents and guar.
dians will, as lards poesible, prevent from arising,: by the
timely supply of the requisite funds.
Religlops services ate performed at the University ev
ery Sunday by the Chaplain, who is appoints ;In turn
from the roar principal denominations of the talc.
The expenses of the session of nine months are, as fol.
1 ' '
'ea2.alcaaaauta , .
1111101ftit;' STEAMBOAT BILLS,
dNLCBB, At..7.811vE513 DO.,
yiOrgs, - HAND BILLS,
11.1.5 - OP LADING, CIRCULARS, kr, 4.e.
, *Potrathiri with every description of Letter Press Ptint
- lag, tarnished rilth neattess and despnteh, and on mode
rate terms, at the office of the Daily Morning Post.
sep 10 . • .
AM Es HOWARD CO., Manufacturers* of Wall
ejt paper. Mo. 18, Weed Street, Pittsburgh. Pa.—
Afore always on hand an extensive .assort rent of Satin
Claud and Vatin• PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and
Imitation Borders, of the latest style and handsome
#atteras„ ror pattering halls, parlors and chambers.
They manufacture and have on hand at all times—
tylating.Writing, Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper„Bon
nei'andruliere 1103IdS-41.11 of which they offer for sale
on the most accommodating terms; and to which they
invite the attention of merchants and others. •
ALBo.....Ettank,,Rtiolta (Wail kinds and the best quaillYt
School Booltitle„,aiwayitonitand and for sale nit ahrive.
N. B Tannerg' Scraps' taken in exchange.
NW 110 TEL.—The subscriber respectfully in •
forms his old friends and the public that, be has
optimett Temeerance Hotel,in 6flh Street, near the Ex
change Ronk. and in the house lately occupied by Mat.
bets Patrick. end has booted ant ron 31 grt, ,, The Iron
City Hotel," where be will be very boggy to Atomism
• -
date ail who. may please to call ore him.. His table
WWI be provided with the best , fare, and every passible
accommodation to town and country customers and
A few boarders who WWl' to lodge in their stores or of.
Imes; can he taken. and gentlemen who live out of town
can have their dinners daily.
He hue large and good stables, and the best Hay and
Oats, and good Hostler, and will accommodate travel.
ers rind gentlemen who have horses:
Boaeders taken' by the day, week or year. Charges
more utoderati titan at any respectable Hotel in the city.
sep 10 JOHN IRONS.
I,IBRARV Religions, flistotica',Polliicel,and Min
eidnineone Works, will he open every day, Salthal ti ex:
"rom - 7 o'clock, A. kl., uni 11 9, P. M., in the Ex.
change Building:corner of St ;Clair street and Exchange
alley, where punctual attendance will he even by
10ep l 0 J. lIEMMIL.
VIII7ASHINGTON BALL.—Tne .subacrther has
- tiptoed the late residence of ia'nes Adams, Esq.,
deceased, for the reception of visitors and hoarders;
the house is very•pleasantly situated on- the hank of the
Ohio, trellis from the city—possessing all the delight.
fel accompaniments of a country residence. without
being too far (listen for persons doing business In the
city. Visitors Will be furnished with evs , y delicacy of
, thga season.
An Omnibus runs regnlarly every boa r the Alle
gtteny end of the Bridge.
N. B.—No Alcoholic beverages kept.
Sep 10 WM. C. BERN.
nership existing between James E. K i!bourn and
liatild J. Morgan is this day dissolved by , mutual consent.
'rho conditions will be duly noticed, with the sittnnt ures
of both parties annexed, and Barry Hall will he continued
open by the tubieriber until other arrangements are per.
For sate, on the premises, 150 hblA. choke winter ap
ples, if applied for Immediately. JAS. E. B ILTIOUR N,
eel 2.9-41' No 9, Market. and 74, Front et:
114100 KBINDING .—SI 'Candiess/t
._ z—i A
-L .....
s„,:._ ~.._. Johnson, Bookbinders and Paper
• 1- -:.:= - 1:::;7.: - : - Bitters, B. W. corner of Wood and
,-. ____:.._ -7. -- - -- . Fount.' streets,are now prepared to es.
----%---- . 7 : 7 ' 1 ecule nit kinds of Bookbinding and Pa.
--- ---,---:
per Ruling with neatness and despatch.
1: 7 - -- -- =-- - .—c ----- in-Blank books tilted and hound to
sayglien pattern at the shortest notice.
N.,11. All work done at the above Is warranted. (sep 10
DIDDLE, suites* Dentist, has returned to
♦V his old stand, No. 107, Smithfield Street,
where he can be consulted any hour during the 'day,
ow , hts profession. - !en 10
VMOVA.L..—George Armor, Merchant Tailor,
respectfully announces to his friends and pa-
Inks; Mat he has removed his establishment from his
rata : itand,. in Third street, to the corner of Front and
Shathliekl,in the basement story of the Monongahela
House; where he intends keeping on.haud p general as.
siottnienl of - Fikskionable 'Goods suitable for Gen•
einen's wear,
- B• hopes, by elcrie application, to merit a share of the
011111iO4:118 so liberally extended to hint at his old mond.
• N. B. Having made arrangements; in New -York and
Philadelphia, with the most Fashionable Tailors, for
the reception of Paris and London Fashions, customers
intiayreiy on having their orders executed acoardlng to
Gm %tett style. GEORGE A O.IOR.
AsAIII.OtOIL.—Tha Sultscribetwould mo.i k -cespectfolly
e inform spe-filitliein itenettaluit he-linOkrOgrlticle of
of rd Oil ofassigitelltyilmannfeettiredig the Cincin
- - Wed oirritufittotioryow:R.W.** lit.l4 l bitti -61 warren
• - teilliebe 'equal *NM. t.ery,fifperte.oll.bittir.lfeetidght and
4111aehinary. TII Oil la entirely fill* fi'tlilY . lbil" °°l
Amsatterossoke, or unpleasant, oder,aiiii it iv . ar and
as white as spring water. Not'a particle of mat is left
on the wick. The light, Is pure and brilliant,
rind will last as tong. If not longer, than that from an
. -
equal of Sperm. Oil. The subscriber informs
~ the politic that he has taken a place nearly opposite the
-,-; illeet-Offiers t rerbere he will light up several different lamps
ell2 tion
4rtett tie' Would respectfully invite the in•
k liabitnnfiet - : . kJ: igfr,Allegheny,and their vicinity, to
ealrattia - He feels confident they
-Wilt be torreinent that the above statement Is perfectly
'- - :Setieet. Out oftwo hundred Individuals who have tried
the -011.ttiere has not been a single fault found with it
-. Tea lard Ott casts one third lese than Sperm. lie would
• -resneetfully solicit. the early attention of Dealers and Ma
chinists to the abate. -
't The followiug Churches are now using the Lard ')Ill:
• ,:- - , Secant Presbyterian Church, Pitt.borgb,
New Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Plosbutgli,
- . ' First Presbyterian Church, Allegheny City,
-Astmelate Reforrried.Church, do.
•Aitille barrels are branded R. W. LEE 4- Co.,Cinei‘
:!.-. • 'Aso; Ohio.
pqrshureh, June 21a, 1842.
e- .5 . .. -We s titeundesigued , Captains of the Ilspress Line of
Alratheilli WI the Pennsitiranla Canal, have tried and are
lallitg anattiele of Lard Oil introduced here by Matthew
M.ll4lety,sed manufactured by R. W. Lee' 4; Co., at the
diadlitina --- tti OSFattory. . .
'as --- eallil litier deu tti Oil; 1 tal7aetriitiangenntlairelyt the ho
at wit _ Ihrstinouematter whatever; the light is per-
Ili a lkX 4.
rfee#YinilkOar aM brilliant. and will.last as long, if not
front an opal -quantity of Sperm. Oil,
We :4 no (taloa in recommending it to our, friends
sad ',kora Win itscoll.
MEN . I . IiMIIVE, Captain. racket John Adams.
10;,1i$:„ W. tirrarAWD, Captain, Packet John Hancock,
u1t.M 0 ,.:. . . du do John Madison,
t o vies; .., ai. (a rtttsbargh.
.110 OR SALE.-40 IF Kentucky Began, 80 wooden
• 11! - bowlsikinOTied Om&
• -1111104toten 810;1012, 10.14 window sash.
fi*listimineof WrlllotetterAnd Svrepping paper.
~-11090.1dealliaperininglart: border, te.
slgboiesmrofers.likkees lead. •
s-';'4Bo- bonen Mid -Kw it(Ootirris
Spt,bsas=.Bd au 3114imaIlvfotitaiito!.
triltdof chip hoes and •:ortt broom:.
- al, pmtkagniftauMy Sfaiort4;
•• 4441 of which will be 'sold' on • setiMmoodoihig terms
dad lit and,
iiteninob ationerrrent imiticmbetentakEniliiiitnn the
..,;,..*fraoAririP4 •
.•- , • g
lows! -
. 1 ,
Board, washingi lodging and attendance. $llB
Rent of ElormitorY, $8; for half, if occupied byltkvo,
Use pf public rooms and matriculation fee, I ' 15
Fuel and candleiiiemlinated at ! 20
Fees, If only lone proftSwor he attended, $5O; iflo4o,
to each professor $3O; if more ,.. than two, to 'tkiCh
$25, say . II
Total exclusive of clothes. books and pocket mon'pv, $228
In the School Of Law there is an extra fee of 21, pay
able by madentstiltending the senior class. 1 '
The allowance for clothes is limited by the enactments
to $1 00, and for pocket money to $45
WI LLts BF VOODLEY, Proctor and Patron p. of Va.
sep 10 ' 1:
what Wit/ t'tiestrey Life, and you are a pima man.
""Discover whatwill prolong Life, and the ?egad will
call you Impoitor." , ,
'There are far -spies, bodilf, and intellectual, Miihin us,
with which certain herbs have affinity, and sore which
they have pottier."
Dr. B. Btandieth's External Remedy, or Liniment.
which, by its extraordinary powect, abstracts rain or
Soreness; thus Sprains. Stiff Sinews, White iSki , CliingS,
R bentonite Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness ofthe loinis,
Tumors, Uninntnral Hardness. Stiff Neck SorJie Throat,
Croup, Contrantions of the muscles, SCITOIEMS en
largements, il'evider Feet, and every descripticinl of In
jury affecting the Exterior of the Duman FOOne, are
cured or greatly relieved by his never-to be sWficiently
extolled remedy.
CleammesTE.--The following letter front Ittor Gen
eral Sandford, ns to the qualities of the Eaten I Reme
speaks volumes: 1
New Yoax, Feb.liilB42.
Dear.SlT—Wi'l you oblige me with another 4 hottle of
your exeellent Llnintent? It is certainly the best of the
kind I have ever seen. It has cured entirely my son's
knee, about which I was so uneasy. and I have found. it
productive or IMmediate relief in several case of eater
nal injury in my family. A few evenings Dice, my
youngest ciiild was seized with a violent aline of Croup.
which was entirely removed In twenty minute ,;,by rub
bing her cheStind throat freely with the Exte nat Rem
edy. I IMO you Might to tnannfacture this! Diniment
for general noel instead of confining the use oflt, as you
have beretofOre dame, to your particular arstiaintances.
Youis timly, C. IV. SANIkiRD.
DR. B. litaastotirmo4l Broadway. N. Y. i;
o'For PRIR at 241 Brondway, New York,tr ... td at his
office ,No. 91 roc‘, street,Pitt shurgh. PC tc 8
, 50 cents
per bottle with directions. 1 sePlo
The Sitscriber offers for sale, at the present redu•
red rates, tl*ireater part of his reartutaie, [situate in
the Cities of ; eittsburgh and Allegheny , viz: Three of his
Brick4l7areitOises, nearly new. a , esubstantWlty buPt,
situate on litiFitet street, between Second and Fiont. etre
hracing.a frOktof about 54 feet by 60 deep. Ftir sale en
tire, or sepOtely to suit purchasers, and upoo lung crei
Also, a let building lot in Allegheny city, 64 feet in
breadth, by tvard of 350 feet in depth, haVing two
fronts, one pit ilte Pennsylvania canal avid the lot her on
Washingtoe itreet. -
Also, theikat adjoining the above, 100 feet 411, breadth
by nearly 36b .feet in depth, including the large and ale
gent mansidi house which I now occupy and !outbuild
ings. I •
Also, a Ip ssith two two story brick storehotlsee. situ
-'ket and Front streetv,klibject to
ate on the tuner or Market _
a modernie*Ound rent, and, now occupied by Mr. flays
ar a groeery. : ALEX..BRACK EN DG E.
sep 10 ' . I
BA EtONl IVolv HUTCHELEI 11 ER /I IT I Lt.: 4 .
Theyills are composed of herbs, t ! hull- exert
a • specifiel Minn upon the heart, give luipuls , or
strength ttl rhe arterial system; the blood it!
and ettualia4d " in ha circulation through all !tile vessels,
whet her or Ole skin, the parts situated internally. or the
eXtremilleennii as alVilie secretions of the' body are
drawn froMt the blOod, I here is a consequent lacrease of
every seulion, nnd a quickened action of the!absorbent•
and exhale ,Or discharging ve,scis. Any rinittbid action
which mailuivrt laketii , Once is corrected. !aril obstrut-
Done are rphlOved, the blond is purified. and the body
resumes alltealthful state. t.or Sale Wholeswle and Re
tail by .t . R. E.SELLER9, Agent,
I i
Sep 10 t , No. 20 Wood si. bellow Second.
class of in lildnats is very nunternus. They are those
who work Wan unhealthy atmosphere. Printers, work
men jo fiber stores , stone cutters, bakerto white lead
Menefee ' . Mrs. are all mor n or less subject toidtsease Bi
cording t* he streneth of .their constitnilon. The only
method lb, prevent disease, is the occasion I use of a
medletnisihich abstracts from the etreutati n all delete
riotrs hutielgeotod expels them by the bovrtils. Tonics
In any Alin. are Injurious, as they only 7,,tt T off the evil
day to ell more fatal. The use of Brandreth's Pills
win ins health, because they take all Itir+ure matter
°Uttar t blood;rind - the body is not Wrtakertest but
strength , ied by their operation; for these f r ' tumble Pills
do not five. but . they assist uttture, and are not opposed.
but bar Adze with bet.
Sold ataDr. Brandreth's Office, No. 98 pod street,
rifts**l Price 25 cenis per box, with fall directions.
rf The , only place in Pipe - burgh. where the
jPitheran be obtained,is the Doctor's own of.
flee NwAiliVitaill -Street. 1 ' sep 10
M. C. EIIEY, Agent
1 u
% Is infallible remedy has Mese , hundreds
when t gbt past recovery, from convulil uS. As soon
ns the rap brrobbed on the isms, the 0 Id will rem v.
sr: 'l'll !rivation is to innocent, soe chins, and so
pleased tha t no ChM will refuse to let-it isms be rub
bad urh I . -Whin infantsare at tbe age Sour months,
ilio•th lichillielifaiice 'of 'teeth, oda. Miele of the
Syrup," fdlichisedto Open the 'pores. rents should I
never alltbunithe 'Olin In Sits nuns; - where there
!are yo lg. ebliOnen.tbi if tohlhlWakes I be clight - w ith
Paint" gains; OW - tinily immediately Ives ease, by
' opeal epinies;•Mi4 itisillagthe4umi; I : prevent.
`ice moils , Fevers , 44:- : par ' 614 1 1 . 1, 9 1 0 14e- , 1 0 41
4ehill .I . ' ' ' 1 " ' " ' ' ' ' -. 2: 1 1;; - SEILIOIGEflk'Ainimi
i iinst f
igc .54'.. ' : d "...., • '1 •.;.,. ~ ..',• : , ' . :<", ' P? a..4, , ,i.-: , -.*: ...,-„,.., •
int Tee 'ma l
xtfldy ,
.41407° Ii vetPo
141611 r
r. Chailea ;Unites.
Mr. rd O. Coartiviii
pity.—lir. Win. Pr. Rogers.
rinr,—the subleciwor while
Profeloors'of Matheanijes a 1
stavosuallifiagaticialtmelaciMy MIL
SW, Milli . 9 4.4‘ 14 ,P,
titsoo(o6lW lgto.,
ssa two
~t~ew~ot*atisaatAt. iii unabodthatif Jima Whosepowers oT
life arettot ahead?' ethansted. Where Mittman means
can avail;there gamely is any enraptillot, or form of
tilekstessobatthe Sixsoltrts do utub relieve - as%
generally cure. Althotigh these-pllis produce* suowse
aiscscr,t hat elteel is not to prostrate the body, as with
other medicinesi Malin frame is ltivigoraled by the le
"nova' of the cause of weakness, the morbid, the vitiated
humors front the blood. -
HaridlefsaMt themselves, they merely
To throw out the occasion of sickness frdm the body,
and they require no afteratioisin the dietcAXlng.
In fact.the human body is better aide' u wi th .
oat injury, the inclemency of the tiveattmelsdhile under
the influence of ibis infeet ion destroytagothstage undica
ling Medicine than at any other time.
The importance of Brandreth's Pills for seamen and
travelers is, t herefdre, self evident. h - -
By the timely use of tins Medicine how much anxiety
and skittles., might we not prevent. Cold. Billions of
fections, Typhus, scarlet sod feversot all kinds, wield
be unknowtit, But where stekargs dose esist, let no
time be lost,. let the BRA NDB.EIM'S _PILLS he at once .
I gent for, that. the Beraudy may be apt): ted,without fur
ther loss of tin e.—To RXIILIILBERICD— j
That Brandreth's rills have stood a Bevan years' test
to the United. States.
tare di
d Nam
Itp liter.
.1 t and
les I.et
a Law,
Lop, of Dia
10d Con
That they - are a vegetal—
all powerful for thesemoval of d ls ease, whether chronic
recent; infectious or otherwise.
That they purify the blood, and etay the further pro.
grow of disease in the human body.
That, In many cases, where the, dreadful ravages of
ulceration had laid bare ligament and hone, and where,
to all appearance. no human means could satye life, have
patients by the use of these pills, been restered to good
health; the devouring disease having bees completely
That each of the genuine has upon it 'mans COPYR tour
That each label his two signatures of Or. Benjamin
Brandreth upon it.
That there must be upon each box three signatures,
thus; _
And three signatures, thug:—
"All acute fevers ever requiresome evacuation to bring
them to a perfect crisis and solution, and ;that even by
stools, which must he promoted by art When nature I
does-nut do the business itself. On this! account, an
111 timed scrupulousaessabout the weakness of the body
Is of bad consequences; for it is that which kentstkiefiy
to make evacuations necessary, which naiure attempts
after toe humors are fit to be expelled , but not able to
accomplish for the most part in these disease*: and I can
affirm, that I have given n purge when the pulse has been
so low that it could hardly he felt, and the debility cx
irerue, yet both one and the :flier have like restored by
it." The good effect to he derived from the Brandreth
Pills have to be experienced to be fully believed. By
their timely use neither the scarlet, the typhus fever or
small pox would ever aasume their malignant form.
To appreciate to :he full extent ,the incalculable bene
fits of BRA N DR ETH'S.BILLS. they must k used when
the First Symptoms .01 Disease present thelnselves. Ot.e
done then, and tlietr good etfects wilt be felt throughout
the attack—lT ISTAICHIG THEM 15 TIME Ilia, it the great
secret in the cure of all appearances of diseast arising
from bad blood, and I 'presume there are feW at the pres.
ent day, will say anything of those dfitensest which affect
the body when the blood is pure. Such diseases I have
yet to see. - •
Hoping that some who read this may be benefit ted by so
doing. I am respectfully,
the public's servant.
241 Broadway, New -York:
The public will please observe that no Brandreth Pills
are genuine unless the box has three labels upon it.
each containing a fac similie signature of my hand
writing hits— B. Krandret h. These tribe's art engra•
ved on steel, beautifully designed, and done at an ex
pence of several thousand dollars. ft enienilierl the top
—the side—and the bottom.
Ent red according to act of Congress in re year 1841,
by Bet tamin Brandreth, in the Clerk's Othre in the Dis
tjict Court of the Sot them District of New York.
Dr. B. Brindreth's own office, No. 98,; Wood Street,
Pittsburgh. Only put e° In Pittsburgh wheiethe genuine
Pills ran he obtained.r Bach Agent whoisellt the true
Erandreth Pill, has an engraved certifleek of Agency
renewed every twelve months, and has entered into bonds
of $5OO in sell none other Pills than ,hoed received from
11'. B. or his special General Agent. Matt:. the certifi
cate is all engraved except the Doctor's name, which is
In his own hand writing. Observe, on ehch certificate
there is an exact copy of the three labels on each box en
graved thereon. Purehaser. see that the engraving of
the labels on the certificate correspond with Wore on the
The following are Dr. Benjamin Brandreth's Agents
for the salt. of his Vegetal-le Univcrsal Pills, in Alleghe
ny couty, Pa., who are supplied with the rew labelled
Price 25 cents with directions.
Principal Office, No. 98, Wood St Pittshur
Allegheny, Mr. Jona Dl.Ass.
McKee port, R. ROWLAND.
Noblestown, Jona Jonssos.
FEwARD TOOMPsoN.Wilkinsburg l i .
Elizabethtown, C. F. DIEHL.
East.-Bibert y. DANIEL NROZZY, „
PRESBLET IRWIN, Pleasant ;Hill.
DAVID R. CooN—Plump Tow,nship.
WPC 0. HUNTER— Allen's Mill. (sen 10
pLES cured by the tee of Dr. llarlieh's Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pit's
Dr.Harlich—Dear. Sir—Shortly affer 1 received the
Agency from you for the sale of 'your medicine,
formed an acquaintance with a lady df this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. , For eight or ten
years tills lady was subject In frequent painful attacks,
and her physician ronsidered her cafte complicated,
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Through
my persuasion, she commenced using your Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, t . ei , 4 111 RS R. KIRBY
October 3, 1840.
EFOffice and General Depot, Nti.l i r n No l'e rt rs h im2 'a Eighth .
Street, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets, Pittsburg h. asp 10
ERESTIENG elpitiEperforMeti byDr.Sivarre's
Compound Syrup of Prunus Virgiffiaita, or Wild Cher
ry. Having made use of this nveluable Syup in my family,
which entirely rnrcd my child. The ;symptoms were
wheezing and choking of phlegm, difficUlty of breathing,
attended with constant• cough, spaires,,convulsions,
of which I had given upail hopes of itts Tecovery until I
was advised to make trial of this invaluable medicine.
After seeing the effects it had upon ruyichild, and con
cluding to make the same trial upoti myself, which en
tirely relieved me ofa cough that I was afflicted with for
many years Any person wishing to see me can call at
my house In Beach Street, above the Market, Kensington.
J. Wlt.cox.
We call the attention of•the putilie to the numerous
certificates which have been In circUtation in our paper
and some others of this city, highs recommending Dr.
SWAYNeII Compound Syrup of Wi ld Cherry .—We have
seen the original certificates, and h a TT ' e no doubt
,hut they
come from truly grateful hearts, ex mime of the benefits
which they have received from th at vahtable compound.
We have acquaintances who havevfrequently used the
i i
above medicine. who ran speak thi I confidence of its
virtues.—Saturday Chronicle. ,
1 , ,
Firmuw Crrtzerts:—With sincetlty! I would advise
you, one and all, both sick and wed, always to have a
bottle of Dr Swains'sCompound Syrup of Wild Cherry
in your house — it is invaluable in cases of emergency,
such as Spitting of Blood, Asthrn , ittlacks of violent
Coughing, which Is often the caul o/zitting of Woe,
r i p
Violent Nervous Affections, which asionally, come
from fright, and varials other c usei producing great
niacin, sudden colds from imp er 'ektfOlnjte. which
are often let run to an alarmin ettent; OW want of
means being ready at hand ;- and. a I have used Dr.
SWATNIeS Compoutid Spun of WOd Cherry repeatedly
in my , "hattlity, and always with' arked success—l can
recommend' it With confidence, aalnelbg one of the best
family medielneewhich' has ever been offered io the
pubile.--Selerdeg CAreitiCle. ! I
Sold by Wm. Thorn, Wholesale 44 Retail, only agent
for PiUsburgh. N 0.53 Market Beeett., cep 10
ItiVILLI AM 8E06; .14'oraka4i
t Warn!' his filen& a 17,1"4" . ..64,7k." .111 1"Y
bat , 'what commenced " g enerale In ;
"mot..tetrid.itudo:nrofOnio7ultheticorimirtiper ; 41 N t,: - w - 4,1 ebe es by
ottani to sti, a
°reefs public
'• . C4oh—na
le may +444.11 ,having og thekerkevicitos,
4 the, iitelts4l
1;;;11.• "..-,;•:.j1141,
• ,•„.: • ," F.: -
. ~....,- ~.....-P.
' •
lble and innocent jnediotne, yet
..IitsSe:I IIII ;INE RY.
_ terW *441141"4441g
itt:sirlitt - iletaiiiikisiOrittiet#
it: style. Utz --coimezion therei
tr to h ttrisditte the istitinikshiori /
_tor , with :Aube of their patirl
Of to keep every thin: of the ski
Ind pail strict sitelitlint id eetinOtitiM• -
ionfitteece liirs: -. T. ImommenVier Frew:kr
made eorieb; also tier sptend tietiortmeni
i;whick b superior to anyihingiiet intro•
sentry: it includes` itbfEineri; Connol•
:is; Capes a la Cartilial, Devil,'ditto . Ber.
sing Costume . Collars Cuffs, lkieket iianti-
Orsting sod lkikht , tbps, 4 , c4. h will be
- rapprottal ion otuthe 9iit - of p ee r next.
waking the rittpisa of her rets:from
::: . .4 'Ferry streii., between ii rty :and
iv/gait -0
thnetr ena
the Ladies
It le wit
;and tondo
of Darold;
duced in- .
Obi for E
reeds: for ;
FoOrth st
OEO. Et extvroa.
;it HAMILTON, Arieraeys at, . have
their Mare to the reildeare ef U.S.. Ma.
lip ft
slaw. irt!l et i Iwo doors nhoveßraithfie)o l ' eep 'IO LA .
riw n iirtEtili w ug a u.-lo i
~, _
Street, awe!' e an ew Jte Ate.
T 'doors from the corner' of Wood - el 'et. Con.
, sow 'ly on hand'a n armortment of 100tady made
- C INS, of every sine and deseriptl di; covered
on ; with Cloth: Mahogany, Che4y; Black
iiW • 't, Poplar, and Pine-Caine. 'f . 1 •
ts i ti
ALSO, Mee neatly engraved; HCarsee arid Carriages
- famished; Oyes procured; and all service rendered
that Hien may regal, e.
A credit given in all ca.ev, either- of tolling il
requeried. 1 HENRY SHARES, Uhl
vep 10 , ,
H. S. xmne
MAGR ! ,
17 noLs. HITE LIME, a supertm: ibr
C. I pale by J.Q. 4- A. onlypoN,
ge n 13 i•!I N 0.12 ,treet.
VA „ilE;ry. Just received from New *iiirk, 3000
Ten - kerance Almanacs for 1843; 50021 to sof the
Journal of'tlhe American Temperance Union '. titir You th 's
Tempe.ratteltftAdvocate for September. Aho y 00 Chris-
than A !mar, and a good assortment of Loot is t a R aga-
zineand P ' Ohnigh. and the Franklin MagazittOand Com
mon Alma:tines for 11 , 143; by the gross, dozen ; kw single;
250copies1f Grant's New Pit Ishorgh and Alliiheny Bu. 1
siness Dir
F Ovy , and Strangers Guide, for 6.1. pmts. Alm,
Cottage. troilY, School and Pocket Bibles land Testa.
meets, HaVars Psalms; Methodist and Tempe Wince Hymn
Books; theil?eauties of Harmony, Introducticini to Sacred
Music: Mason's Harp with round and patent mites; Chri-a. i
Ilarmand *roost all kinds of School BooksrOttnn's Do. 1
tn estic ;lied eine; Day Books and Ledgers; Wlt . igitig, Let•
ter, and Wlapping Paper; blue back, and red lit'llic, by the
gross, dozeil,or bottle; steel pens, quills, slatesOkmeils and
wafers; Cyoopedia of Hlstory, Wes'ern Pilot.'ithil a con.
sideratae vitt OM v of Books nod Sint ionery, for I ltle on ne.
emomodat Ina terms tor cash Or country pr , duoe.
IS XAC iA REIS, Agent and Commission steirritant,
see '2 I ,
No. 9, Faith street.
J. K. K. MooittpeAu. G. E. Wmt NER. 4j.'PA.LNTER.
UNI" COTTON FACTORY, A ilegite y pßy, at the
en iat the upper bridge. The subscrillters having
comment•Ld the manufacture of Cotton Yarni,l Stocking
Tarn, Cott* Twine, Candlewick, Carpet Clutin, Baiting,
I .s.c. and aYr prepared tc fill orders at the sholest alatice.
liavin4el'ected the latest sod most imprq
rtted machi
nery,and r ployed the manager who has ailtitided to the
c r iHors F• ;
oat , for the last five years, they areOlanufact ti
ring a superior article.
Cotton Warps made to order, ;
t I
Orders ,itrotigh the Pittsburgh Post Office, ciOett at the
store of J .5 - ;C. Painter 4- Co., Liberty streei;tor Logan
4- Kennedy:, Wood et rem; will meet with prejtapt al ten
lion . 1 Address—J. K. MOORHEAD 4' CO.
sett 1.:2-1Y
f 110 i• OM A LES'.—Theie is a large class of! females In
I his Oity who from their continned sit; irtgi to which
,up t .`• lions oblige I liern,are affected wit littostiveness
v 0 rise to palpitation at the heart onit he leas; ex-
MSe of heaviness extending over the iv!hule head,
ice of light and sound .an inability nite, fixing the
attention Ip any menial operations; rumbling iti the how•
els. sometimes a sense of suffocation, espdcially after
meals when , any exertion is used, as going 40 lc kly up
stairs; lempre fickle; these are symptoms witlch field al
once to a few dosesof the Bra adroit Pills i The ores.
sional use of this medicine would save a (lea! of trouble
and yearn of suffering,. One, or two, or c%fen three of
the Brandieth raisins! before dinner, are of en found
highly beneficial; many use them very ad vanhlgeonsly in
this wayo hey aid and asski digest ion, re.s; ore the bowels
to a propritt condition.millven the spirits, itinnart clear
nese in Mr 'mOmplexion, purify the ;dew', and promote a
general fe ling of health and happiness. I 1 ,
Sold at Dr. 11 - andret It's Office. No. 93 WOod at mei ,
Pilisinarzfi—.Price 2.scent.i per box, with (up idireci ions.
M A RKi.—.The only place In Pittsluirgb,i Schere the
CIENUINBP ills can be obtained, is the Docines own Of
flee, No 98 Wood street. 1 srp 10
their occ
wind. "1
ole raTI
S PROM ENTSI— T. ..hfcCarthy, Cutler and Surgical
bletrutriet Ataker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Post °lief, Pittsburgh
Physicians - , Dentists and Jlruggists can have their in•
struments madeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailor= s Patent Shears and Scissors nick:Ali nn hand
also Hatters Shears, a superior article. ()r i ders respect
fully solicited. • t
N. B. Allarticles warranted of the best 4uality. and
jobbing done as usual. rep 10
LIVER COMPLAINT.—This disease Often fermi
n'ilesla another of a more serious nutiure, if pro.
per remedies are not restorled to in time. In all forms
of this 'disease, Dr. Harlich's Compound Strengthening
and German Aperient Pills, will perform a Perfect cure
—first by ;cleansing the stomaeli and howes.! thus remo
ving all diseases from the Liver, by the wee !of Ilse Ger:
man ApOrient ['Ale. after which the Compoulnd St renal
ening Pills are taken to give strength and !One to those
tender organs which require such treatment Only to effect
a permuntent cure. These Pills are neatly put up in
small ixtakkges, with foil directions. For saie: at No. 19
North mon Streei, Philadelphia. Also, foCsble by Sam
uel Frew dormer of Wood and Liberty sus.. Pißsburgh Pa.
sep 10 ;
LA. KRAMER, Exchange Broker, o . 'o. 46, Cor.
Anee /f r t . Wood and Third Streets, Pit4eilurgh Pa.—
Gold, Silver, and Solvent Rank Wes, bonght and sold.
Sight checks on the Eastern cities, for Lsitle. Drafts,
notes arid hills, collected.
PittUOirgh„Pa, Wm. Bello- Co., John D. Davis, F
Lorenz.:), Painter CO, Joseph Woodwell' l , James May
PAiladec t m io, Alexander Bronson 4. Co., Jobo H. Brown
co. incinsiti, 0., Jaeu M'Condiels. St. , Louis.
Ala., .1 . M'Donald. Lottisvil/e, W. 0.1 Pope, Esq.
Pren't k Ky. sep 10
4 atlel
t r
11_11lf,OVAL.,—The undersigned lwrsldaveto 'nutria
XIII t public, that he has rethoved Irma Ids old stand,
to the ier l .
net of Penn and St. Clair Ei 5., orMosite the Ex
change otel, where he has fitted up n lar,leg'lLNO Fo e.t . a
and now offers for sale th old: splendid
assort Menu of PIANOS ever offered in t las Market.
Ills libnos consist of different pattertit.s of superior
Rose Wdod and . Mahogany, beautifully fiUilitied and mo•
deled, r:iti consttueted throughout of the very beet ma.
terials hich, for durability,. arid quality 0 i lone, as well
as tough, he warrants to be superior toy any ever seen
here. j
As lee has enlarged his manufactory, and Made arrange .
I t
meats olSupply the increasing demand fo this instru.
meet. 10 respectfully requests those i ding to pur.
chase_, 0 call and examine his as s ortme nt mfore ameba.
sine elsi r iere; 86 he is determined to t II LOWER, for
eash,thin any other establishment east west of the
moans lifts.
Pi. (BLUM E,
Corner of Penn and St llalrstreets,
sep li Opposite the Exchange Hotel it istm re h. Pa.
Evanss Camomile Pais.
tcgs.—Letter from the Hon. Ab'h'm M'Ciel.
an County, East Tennessee,ldeerof Congress.
WASHINGTON, Jul y 3d. 1838.
have been in this city I ha e used some of
ie. medicine with infinite Imitefit and setts
Aieve it to bee most valunhlo remedy. One
meats, Dr. A. Carden, of Cntnpbell couniy,
'role to me to send him *mkt. which I did,
tployed it very successfully in his practice,
t invaluable. Mr. .1011[1901t your agent at
Oaks you would probably ,Ilke an agent in
If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden. as
in to officiate for the side o Your celebrated
thould you commission hl' he is writing to
You can send the medial by water . toll*
!r0 ~ _ Kihlt * lons. Knoxvil le onnty,Tennes.
id 'JO -Go! la , 4., HOUK° Tazewell, East
I have no doubt but if 'o bad agents in
tiles in East Tennessee, a g t . deat of Inedi.
be sold. 4 imigohyg to tak me of it home
t {use. and that of my fr lids; and should
fiont you. whether you w `id like an agent
t.,,Euliknut - Coaaty: Fast Te ewe; I can get
merchants to act foryott . I *Veneer there.,
iferespialtilty.• : '*- ! I '. ..• I
ABRARAISAIPELELIA ' Of Teuttesaett. 1 '
Witotesalitauti-lietittl,kri. '- r
=l' r. ~, --1 ,, - , -,,1t-vit. 15420, 11RiikAgeet:,
t tt I. i
' - :- , i No. Witod lit ' litiliii",ftetqur
Toi.o IRON oilitrom " f
.... • •
11 at all
d ahoald
. age, she
I'lltsburgh,June 130E 3 9-
Mr, f.oatt CiennOto:7-Deer Sir—Having been present.
yesterday, at. the experiment which you were pleased to
untite,,let,the.presence of a numher of our business Men,
Of ihe safety of your AEON CHESTS, in case of fire;.lt
gives me
,pleasure to . eay, that so far as I was capable of
pidgins, the test was fair, and the result exceeded my
The Chest was a small one, about SO inchesillgh„, by
about or 20 inches in breadth and death, and was pla
ced on a block of Wood atMut a foot in thickness, so as.
to elevam It about that height from the ground; several
!milks and newspapers were deposited inside of it, in the
mannexin which Merchants and others would usually
placethem,,-a large quantity of light pine wdod [slabs
' (roman adloining Saw was then placed around
and MMVet H, and thetre kindleti on the windward side.
sons to drive the flame against the hack part of the chest.
The fire was kept up about three quarters of an hour,
until von had gone atnong:ihe spectators and received
from them their universal answer that the test was
sufficient. The chest was then, drawn out of the tire,
and comet', end opened, and examined. The contents
were all safe, and themnly injury done was to the back
of one book which appeared to he a Mile charred. From
what I witnessed, I think that these chests are desery
ing of canGtience, as affording. perhaps,the best security
to Merchants for their books and papers, which they can
have without buildhig hirer, thick, and expensive vaults.
I would consider them a better security titan many vaults
which I have seen bull.. Your friend,
We concur in the shove statement, having been pres
! sent when timeliest was tested.
W. „11. Cooper, J. H. Shoenberger, Rohl Bell,
J. I aughlin, J. Painter, R. Cordell,
R. Miller, Jr. CL. Arm , ' ron.9. A. 11. Hoge,
Thomas Craig, S. G. D. Howard, J. Hoyt.
Eztroet of a better from Pugh 6• .81»ord, dated Cia
cinnatz,29ali Mar; h, 1842-
.1. Dcaning, Pittsburgh, Pa. Respected Friend: We
have the sat isfaett on to stale as the teat rec‘momendat ion I
we can hive of the utility of : your Iron Fares, t hat we
have one of them which was in an exposed. situat ion in
our crinoline room, at the time of the fire, on the morn
ing, of the lot it inst. which COTISIII.PIi our Polk House to.
nether with a tarne portion of the meat, lard, ke, which
it contained; —and ilmt our books and papers which were
In the Sale, were entirely unininted, and were taken
from it after the fire; without ever tieing discolored.
Yours, ke. PUGH it A LVORD.
kxtractof a Lclter from Slater 4- Holbrook, doled St.
Louis, Feb. 2.4 1 b, 1841.
MR. DRNRINGI, Dear Sir: One of your i•TCORII size clie.cts
was burned a few days ago, in a le:liner store-- it pre
served its contents. Respectfully yours,
LIVEII COMPLA I Sl .. cured by the use of Dr. ❑ar
i'clt's corn non tid Si rengtheOlll2 and Aperient NI In.
Mr. Win. Richards, of Pittsburgh, Pa., entirely cured of
the above ilistresslat Ills symptoms were pain
and weit,ht in the left side, 10S. , of appetite, vomitint, acid
eructations, a distension •of the stomach. sick head-ache,
furred tongue, countenance changed Ina citron color. diffi
cult y nrlreat hint. disturhed rest, attended with a eolith,
Brent debility, with other symptoms indicatinv, treat de
,of the functions of the liver. Mr. R ichords
had the advice cf several plty4'cians, hat received no
relief, until using Dr. Darlicit's Medicine, which termini'.
ted in effertint a pe-feet cure.
Principal Office, 19 North right!' Street. Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh by SOllltlel Frew, corner of Llher
ty and Wood streets. SeP 10
Cincinnati, February 15. 1$411•
Dr. SwAvar.—Dear -irt- Permit me to take the liberty
of writing to you at this time to express my approbation,
and to recommend to the attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
F , yrup of Prtinus Virginitinn, or Wild Cherry Bark. In
my travels of late I have seen in a great many instances
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving chil
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing,
Wheezing, Choakirg of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks. ttc.
r. I should not have written this letter, howevet ,at
present, although I have fr tit my duty to add my testi•
mony to it for some lime, had it not been for a late in.
;lance where the medicine above alluded to was mai ru•
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only child,"
whose rase WaS altilOst 110veleFp, in a family of my ac.
tinaltstance. "I thank (leaven," said the Minting moth.
, •r, "my Child is saved rrom tie jaws of death! 0 how I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe! is
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swavne's Compound Syrup of
Wild Cherry is the most valuable medicine in this or any
other country. lam certain t ':ave witnessed more than
one hundred cases where it has been attended with com
plete success. I am using it myself in an obstinate at.
tart; of Bronchitis, in which it proved effectual in a ex.
ceedingly short time. considering the severity of the case.
I can reromend It in t he fullest confidence of its superior
virtnes; I would advise that no family should be without
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times its pt ice. The public areas.
stared there la no quackery about it. J ACKBOTI.D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church,
N. Y.
Sniii by WM. THORN. who'esale Sr retail, only agent
for Pittsburgh. Nn. 53, 'Market street. sett 10
P ft TM ENT.— he plan of instruction in thistle
partment of the Univeraitylpresents peculiarities not to be
found in no other School of Medicine in thetUnion. The
Lectures commence do the first of October., and termi
nate on the 41.11 of July ensuing.
Owing tot he length of the session, which embraces a
period of 'airs mcytaks, three professors are enabled to
perform all the duties which in other medical institutions
are usually assigned to six; and the students are seldom
required to attend more than two lectu - es on the same
day. By this arrangement , the students have an oppor
'unity of being well grouneed,„ In Anatomy, Physiology.
and other elementary branches of Medical Science, be
fore they investigate th Ar applications in connection
ith the study of the, practice of Medicine and Surgery
Immediately before'each lecture, the students are sub
jected to a full and and , rigid examination on the prece
ceding lecture,or on portions of approved text books. It
is apparent, that the plan, of which the outlines have
been briefly stated, isone which allows the student to .
commence as well as 10 complete his medical studies the
institution; and presents a happy combination of the th e
of the system of instruction by private pupil.
ageand that of public lectured.
Any person of approved moral conduct may offer as a
candidate, and receive the degree of M. D., without ref
erence to the lime he has been engaged in the study of
medicine. or ofjolning the school, provided lie undergoes
in a satisfactory manner the varioua examinations pre
scribed by the. cnactmen e.
The Professors are:
John lc. Emmet, M. 11., Professor of Chemist ry,*ltar.
macy and Materia Medico.
Henry Cloward, M. D., Professor of Pathology and
Practice of Medicine, Obstetrics and Medical Jurispru
dence. •
James T.. Cal.etl. M, D.. Professor of Anatomy. Phyal.
ology and Surgery. WILLIS H. WOODLEY, Proctor.
seri 10
Dr. William
Ilarrishurgh, August 241h,1842.
LONGING TO THE STATE.—Notice.is hereby of.
ven that in pursuance of the - seventeenth, eightecntit,
nineteenth and twentieth Sections of the, Act of Assembly
passed rite 37th day of Ju1y,1842. prepasals will he recei
ved at the State Department anti!hill - a list:day of !Covent-1
her next, for the sale of all and each of the Canals and
Baill o Eoads helonging to the Commonwealth, for which
Staipock,at gar - ratite, will be received in payment.
Each Individual or Company is required. specifically, to
state, the porticnter line of Canal or, Rail Road which
they dsplrato pnre.hese,.the amount of their respective
bids therefor, the given andsurnammef all concerned
the sitrer,tn . getber with their piece or_piares of residence,
In order that the same may Wield:before the next Letts
attire. •
he 9TOIIO93IIIfAIWIA and directed to the
.Secretary of
oletittaikvvyipuilrth,reaonheitudoitie o kr rserne ntosti
710v ti ciol t pai on : th li a :.
order of the Governor -
• - . 1 7. 1 1 *. tgO/4121-
The Ezpletion o f 8,
pfovide4 with the Safeii
bills printed with a figure of the t
rut you are hit deceived by
gents stating their boats to b
Guard, when they are vot eject
The following 'enlist of 1,044 •
ty Guard at the Per of Plush,
Brat on the list have the imams*
ettparal;t+ it is impossible for ann.
IDA, Vie
NI A Pi QU ETTE, osn
MUNGO PARK, 01110,
The tinveling community ate
before they make IL choice of a on;.,
and see whether it would not Iv
and secttrity in ettooze n sno.ly Ce
passage a III; freight., in preference 10..
ngainst extilosioni--and that they
that this Invention has the ationalr , .
fifty steam en,tine builders—smitten..
it is to understand the scii.jvci, nods.
NI crested—besides a nuinberci redi r
lc gent len en and others—all of will(
my office, No 10. Wati•r street, Mutt
pleasure al all Hines to exhibit tot
who will lake the trouble to call.
sep 10 CADWAL
parry. REllol7.ill—ffion
tilniinfarturers,Steut.etiyille,O. ,
tunny of making known in the rmk.
ovieneii a paper warehouse iu I' Wu,
No. 104, Ire duo' , sold!' of Finl,g
their paper: where they will keep ,nr•
genera. supply of pa pf . r. (.0,11•111,!,p1
primal' , leilr.r, If`,ll 'lllll prrr
nod fullers hoards.
In roll hert inn with %, I Hi thel nili
of blink books school
n\ I rn,ivroca,rlmeM re
AII of whir It Will he .(All lon for rol,
rav , not] lan ncrs'
()niers nddresPril in I bray nf . 4. 1, ill enT
Aaent in Piitslinreli,ll.K.ltilitoLf.f or
‘..- /
size or qualify °flintier, via —l 4, lliliiir
U. K. Reynolds is fail)' elltrMll - 44
contracts In the nianagetelo,AL W2a. , .
cast) or goods, a quantity of P4l
Almost all kinds of Country rrodoc
for emm or 2onds at II Aft RIS'S le
SPP 21—tf Commie:-ion Ware
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P. S. Don't comet he place—S t.
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frdm Iktarket Street.
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