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    Some old hard oidat guzzler.
*Th ey sold my boric, my. cattle. and
They turned my wife out door zit.
And marched me off to jail because
- I bouhl'ot pay them more. sir.
•titF laiit=talfOor' iii' d
:_,...._ ----- - iv ail vnistodi
j i st
42,.-JU d're/4,f whiggerYill thin k ,
_, ..
, i pe - ae.-- - I've tasted. 1g
bitterly " Imy wifie
new prO!i.lB,
a. sought: a hit smashed in,
I my
iAlti here am i, A cider
' '-' th. , V l 9dat °l- "
- ,
trit 4 Teottlemen sad ladies all
Who'live abed :these diggins,
Ilrbo've `listened to the, mourned tale
of Jeremieb Wiggine,
Takeo wallig from his cruel fate
Lest you at last, ltlte he, sir,
Brice down ruin on yourself
trusting wbiggery, sir.
Cot. Yokoson at, G reeni b ur:.
Tee generous sons of the "Star of the ,
West." gave.therold hero et glorious re-
•ceptionoind,by their enthusisatic - wOlcome ,
evinced bow wartritY they cherish. the ie+
membraners of bielikilliant military servi
ces. The -!`Argue' . gives a letigthy and
glinvittetteount'of the reception and sup- 1 1
which we, would transfer to our col
ulna entire, ileac limits would permit,
Among titii volunteer toasts, we fiiid the ,
following torriplinteotary notices of some
of ear own _worthy . ciaxens. I
.13ydecitge Coon: Gent . J. K. Morehead,'
totAllegheny,] possessing the Jeffersoni- 1,,
an qualifications, "he is. honest v irn, is ca—
pith's." Pennsylvania requires his iervi- ‘,
ea for next Governor.
By Samuel Beltehoover; The Hon. W,
W. Irwin, t fof Allegheny County,l too hon
est to be dictated too by a federal clique;
he knows the interests of his constituents,
and dares maintain them.
By Joseph Cora: 'The democrats of Al
legheny epunty—formed of the right *nate
rial,and endowed with talents, and energy;
though often whipped, yet with the true
spirit of '76, -they- will not slay whipped,
and a Yorktown defeat, and surrender yet
await their Federat upponents.
By R. Patterson; JudgeShaler—EiAlern
ecrat lotitheut guile, 9nd ever ready in the
amain of-the people.
By, James Irwin: Wilboti N'Candless
(of Allegheny courny,lthe pride and bout
of the democracy of .the West, maybe be
the next -Wernher of Ctiogress from good
"Old Allegheny."
By J.,lrwin: J. B. Botler,_ Esq., Presi-
Cent of the Board of Canal Commission
ers—a talented and efficient public Officer,
the Grevernor deserves well for selecting
goa i trit . riA n t
By J. HOlforf Gen. W. .Wilkins, Alfe
gheny's talented -son; be is the man that
the people delight to honor.
- By B. Kfinefelter: Chief blarshag R.
Pattersoir the democracy of old Alleghe.
the next sheriff—"go it with a rush!"
mtijor General seam
A. democratic whig, writes rich letters.
The lest one , is pithy but frank: It
short, sincere. sad simple. Major Gener-
at Winfield Scott, is one of the most im-
portent men in the universe, and on no ac
count will he consent to be tacked to any
body's kite. Major . General Winfield
Scott, 'within seven months,' has been 'op
a tetd upon' 'in many indliect ways' touch•
nrg he vice. presidency; but tamperizers
may now stop `their tampeiing. It will
assuredly come to nOoght. Major Geller ,
at Winfierit Scott, announces himself as
opposed tQthe whole business of putting
candidates_before , the people platoon fash
ion, state by state; he goes to the death For
a national . - ConVention,. And whatever
'.democratic whig' selected,' Major
General W, infield Scott egress to offer
'hearty prayers! fur, he is 'indifferent' as to
whom it may be. this is his 'position'—
his 'creed.' - Major General Winfield Scott
is a tall man, a large man, a handsome man,
and a brave man. But ho understands in
fantry tactics better than -he does states.
manship. should make DO more dec
larations for the peblic eye. if he expects
to be Piesident of these United States.
Others may feel just as hadoes, but they
have wisdom enough not to tell of it.—
Major General Winfield Scott pours forth
-r Ma - character too freely by half. In his
two epistles, he has already written him
self down a Jupiter in vanity and a jackass
in politics:-Boston Post.
7..Vorr all that, the Post may prepare it
aelfto find General Scott taken up as the
real Simon Pure whig candidate for the
Presidency,while Mr. Clay will be choak
ed Off with a dinner and flummery, as he
mama .the last occasion by the returning
agitates of the Harrisburgh Convention.
ScOtt, you see, though perhaps no politi
ciaihisen old soldier, and when he declares
tira if nominated by a National Cunven.
don': he would 'stand the racket' if he did
not get the vote of a single . state, it was
quite clear that-he undersood tactics. Mr.
Clay is regularly 'done'. in this , way, quad
rennt4lly. Afterbeing the recipient of all
sorts of enthusiasm—after going to scores
of barliticninr, and enting droves of white
'virgin heifers.' as preliminary io the can
' vase, he is very politely dismiesed with a
potatoe, ind a.' ,Wirt or a ? Harriscon takes
his place. - Clay is the pioneer—the 'for
,lorn tiope of whiggery; He is always. sent
ter id"te be scratched by the brarnbles
and feel out the way; . bot in the sequel,
invariably ordered to the. rear, to
teak x • re for a fresher .
j candidate: The
are eerylutetust now, to Cle 'Bur e
ay it raising a considerable . noise
ternifeli peregrinations, but ail this
'argufleir pothitig., Some, folks am as
mitek.'whippowee now as they. ,were in
.30 39-40 . tied the likelihood is ,- that we shall
bases do cap albs old` au aia.—Peentyl
ssai -
. 04,-u
-1 1* AtePfm vatfloo 0 4 *ln tile.
A LErli BRACKENRIDGE, Allegheny city
JOHN fiITEVESSON,4III44. ovenehip,
JOHN ANDER-EGG. washirt.
WILLIAM KARNS. Allegheny city.
• ' congastionvit.
AME CONNER, Upper Sl tClair;
THOMAS .FARLEY,' Alleghciry
JOSEPH E. 'M'CABE, Fayetic.
' • see . "'rim Page.
Daily Democrats, lo the';
We hope -that to-day, every democrat
withip the bounds of the county,will do his
duty by attending the Polls and depositing
his vote for the witot.s democratic ticket.,--
It is composed of men deserving the utmost
confidence of their fellow citizens, (selected
by one of the largest county conventions
that ever, assembled.) and against whom no
objection can- be urged that should induce a
democrat to think for a moment of separat
ftg his ticket.
The result of the election for members
of the Legiskture, may be of the last im
portance to the commonwealth. The State
has not only to be l laid out in Congression
-1 districts, but it has also to be districted
for members of the Senate and Assembly.
In 1835, by an unfortunate division in the
democratic party, =the federalists had a ma
jority in the Legislature, and the infamous
manner in which 'they districted the State
is known to us all. Thousands of demo
clata were disfranchised hr thein in their
efforts to throw a . federal majority into the
Legislature, and if they could by any means
obtain Control of the Legislature again, there
is no doubt but Pennsylvania with her 23,-
000 dernocratic majority, will be so cut up
sato have a federal Senate and House of
Representatives far the Oext seven years.—
the duty of every democrat to do , all
in hi t t power to avert scch a consummation;
as is known to - us by experience, it may
deperid upon , a single vote, & every; min
should therefore act ait if the remit depen
ded one his indiniddal efforts.
Theh, rally democrats, in your strength,
give this day to ;your country; deposite a
democratic ticket in the ballot box without
eeritteh or blernisk—and urge on your
Listen ta'none of the base falsehoods, that
are always sure to be circulated by our ene
mies on the day df the election against the
democratic candidates—no charge can be
brought against any of, them that they feet
to meet, and none have or can 'be brought
that should cause a democrat to hesitate for
a moment in going the W OLE TICKET
':We often hear ef men worth thousands
becoming bankrupt, The reason is they
invest.their money in the stock of specula
ting institutions, which in nine cases out of
ten, break up, and ruin all connected with
them. If rich men could curb their avarice,
and, instead of hazarding all they have for
the .poor chance of gaining more, would,turn
their attention to agriculture, they might
then boast of real wealth and independence.
We consider. a.man with a "little farm well
tilled," though it may, in dollars and cents,
be worth but little, as more truly wealthy
than the man who has millions invested in
stocks. Who ever heard of a frugal farmer
being in want of even the luxuries of life;
'yet there is nothing more coati - non than to
'hear of men of large money fortNa becom
ing pensioners upon the .gene,Pillty of their
iriends--perhaps some Jiocir countryman
whom before they affected-to despise.
importance of a Vote.
we commend the following to our demo
cratic readers this morning. It shows the
great importace ol,a single vo:e, The e_
lection of Senate in our county last year,
furnished an instance of the necessity of ev
ery democrat doing his duty as the fed
eral majority in the Senate was retained by
a federal majority of one in this county,
“Joseph Snelling, of Pethaai, a minister
of the gospel; in Hancock's day, and who is
now.in his old age „an industrious and wor—
thy farmer, stated that prior to his entetitig
the ministry, be voted for John Hancock as
Governor of Massachusetts. . but after his
entering he ceased 4o have any thing to do
with political affairs, as it was then convids
eyed by .tbe, people to be incompatible with
the duties of a learned divine for him to
.ineddle with politics, as it would tend to
prejudice in the minds of the laity.
He adhered to thele
gents, for, a:long time alai he left the min—
istry to pursue agricultural pursttit., until a
'few hours previous to . : the election of Mor.,
ton, when resolved that he. would- give
him his-v 4% (11!e fast votti'lle had given
since . he voted, , pr tlancock,) he,did so, and
Marcus Morton became Governor:, by one
TOO in* now living in Elul* nine
t r:ii1:01 10 Artife A sai
Ante linteidE A lien„,(wito him
or-fultin4 &own and five fear.,) the loan:
Iles of whom is 'pow seventy* - . 4ine yearn. -74ky
latatte Om,
4,! 7 ,
'1480: l4O hi*
I*-id***ol'l4ba*iltrri4:7ll irftso44::
ini'ifertegiegthre;. w
imvea-democratie Senatoi'fiom that Elate
in place of Mi.. Kerr; a whit , whose time
a, 11,113 b.
expires. VP
TES folkiving the , result as brought by
yessat Jay'44 I,4•Tait,E.
Baltimore city 5
44 county.
The counties that are yet to be heard
from ate all federal and last year sent the
following number of members.
Worcester 594 maj
St. Marys 283
Somerset 323 " 4
Dorchester 326 " 1 dem 3
Annapolis city 69 " 1
In the above counti s there is to be an
increase of two members, which will make
the number to be elected, (82) & supposing
the federalists to carry them all, the dem
ocrats will tat have a majority crfive in
the House.
There will no doubt be many appeals
made to you -to scratch some of tha Dem•
ocratic candidates. Remember that no
friend to our cause will recommend such
a course. Personal feelings should not be
gratified at the expense of principle's, and
Ilr) man who sincerely desires the triumph
of democracy - over the proscriptive prin.
ciples and dishonest schemes of federalism
will present a trifling personal objection
to drive him into an indirect support of
our enierniet. Look to your ballots, then
Frederick, ra
Montgomery 2
Anne Arundel 5
Carron ' 4
Washington 5
Prince George
Queen Anne 1
Charles -
Calvert 2
Allegheny 3
acrataing —they are no friends to our
cause and have no joy in the triumph of
democratic principles, unless their selfish
views are gratified.
You will gain a 21orious victory.
J. Q As'etnts' opinion of the Rhode /dual Q7le
tion.—The,editor of the Nep Bodrard Register, in
noticing the repot t that 3 )hn Q. Adams had vol
unteered his services to defend Messrs. Anthony
and Pearce, say.: `OA Wednesday, we conversed
with the rntleman whe called upon Mr. Adams
in relation to the subject, and by him wo are in
formed th:ttit , isrtrue., Mr. %lams declared it as
his opinioit, that the People's Constitution was
framed and adopted in accordance with the first
principles or our institutions; th•tt it is the estab
lished Consti dion of Rhade Island, and the su•
prairie law of the State; that Thomas W. Darr
the rightful and legitimate Groverno: of Rhode
I.larid v and there is n escaping from these con
,Whigs, do you hear that?
An Island sold at Auction! —The N. Y. Morn
ing Post says that the League Llrnd, near the
junction of the Schuylkill and Delaware, was sold
at Auction on Monday night for forty tlu,usand
one hundred "cliti ire. It contains 421 acres of
meadow land, with lxcellent improven ents, and
woof, two or three years ego, have been consid
ered cheap at two hundred thousand dollars. The
bridge and causeway connecting it with the mein
land, are said to have encl. 18,001 ur 20,003 dol
Lsague Island was. a few years ago, the site of
a paper city. • The projectors of it thought to con
centrate the re the export of Schuylkill coal .
lrAs the federalists have been trying
to injure Maj. Anderegg by stating that he
has but recently come into the country, we
deem it proper to say that he has been
here for fifteen years. He came previous
to Jackeon's first election.
A griculturalSchools.--The State Agricultural
Society of New York have appointed a committee
to memorialize the le g islature for , tho establish
ment of Agricultural Schools in such parts of the
State ap may seem desirable. This is a grand
movement, and. it , is hoped that the Legislature
will give that consideration which the importance
of the object deserve s.
Snielts.—Plent about Boston. •
-The . 4 United States and Saturday Post" is a
splendid pa per. Take it..
. •
General Can ctiOuti home.
The N. Y. Choontalltale that it is meditated .
to introduce a
Seasion, to abolish
The !Matinee of 111
Dollars United Spat
cents en the dollar.
itOrt.h-;•••cenus on t. 1,19
PaYT—Anton Time
s:.for,i4 — . s ii
tOr Aurora.
Gti vr t i pf ik=.l.l9te
.7. ;
this kek fi>r 3S gentlemati:
carry_ a flask of raw whiskey in his bet. _
ilo;et_loolvwell fat a young laby to
be agitating “icolltary and .alone on the
Promenade Bridge.
Ildon't look well , fe a- , damsel to abuse
the Constahle.s en the street. - 1
7t4forellook ffr young > man to
swallow oysters vrithout taking them out
of the libel!.
Convolescent,--Serretary Upshur.
Turned Democratic.—Little Delaware.
The city of Nauvoo contains 10,000 in—
The Hindorts have the art of personating
death so as to deceive able surgeons.
Don't take—Dr. Lardnei's Lectures in
Don't believe it.—That they are going to
light the streets of Cincinnati by setting fire
to pig's tails.
A Kentucky Clay Club have presented
Butts with a walking cane.
The Rev. Dr., Channing died at Benning
ton, Vt. on Sunday last.
p:3. The Ohio is in high flood about these
days-- St. Louis Mound City.
The low ebb is about these diggins.
ICPThe juiges of the election, at the
different polls in the city, will confer a fa
vor ()pan us by affirding our messengers
facilities to obtain the vote at the earliest
4 members
Right.—The editor of die Saturday Cou•
rier, kicked a fellow out of his office for in
solent language, last week.
Eleetion in Albany.—An electiun was
held in the 7th Ward, Albany, on Friday,
to elect an Alderman in plac of Mr. Buck
lin, the Democratic candidate, was elec
ted by a larger majority than his Whig op
ponent had votes.
This is the shadow of corning events
the '.Empire State"
The Clam Bake - which milt place at
Chepachet last week, was attended by
eight thousand persons. It was declared
that Thomas W. Dorr is the rightful
ernor of Rhode Island.
The political excitement is very high in
Canada. They are dissatisfied with the
Another Wriakle: —The -Boston TiMes
says: irWe have found out the meaning of
'•going it like . bricks." The brick business
of Philadelphia is one of the most flourish
- ,
The Governor of Connecticut has called
a special session of the Legislature.
.11 hungry Jury. --At a late Court in Hat •
ifax the Jury being about hall - starved eon
menced a regular dance in their room a—
bove the Court, to the tune of .Whar did
you come from," The Sheriff was soon
sent up by Jo - 43 Leigh, with orders to
provide them a more suitable apartment in
the jail, where. they might continue their
frolic during the night, if they thought prq,
dlccident.—Mr. A. J. Jude, t f Mobile.
lost his life i on Saturday, 24th ult., by the
accidental dis'charge °ibis g in. r. J. wa s
a young man of excellent character, and but
recently married.
Suicide.—A Mr. Webb—somewhat die .
anguished on account of his Ravels in NI.;
estine, Egypt, &c., commi•ted suicide on
Friday last, by throwing himself overboard
from the steamboat Kosciusko. lie was re
siding at Middletwon Conn. He has lef t ;
a wife, who feels his loss moit poignantly,
la2•Brig'it eyes and French rouge are
sore temptations to the clergy. Let him
who.standeth take heed lest he get trip— •
ped up.—N. Y. Aurora.
itr'r hey have had a large fire at Blarik
Rock. Several extensive m tchine manu
factories, forges, &c., were con sumed
Mr. I. S. Smith and Gen. Porter are the
principal sufferers.
Brdegroom dead. Under the groper
head will be found the marriage and death
of Mr Win. B. Flagg of Holden. We had
put the marriage in the form when we re•
ceived the notice of the death.—Barre
Gazette .
PATIENCE.—Poverty would rise in its
gl;astly multitude to cut the throat of
Wealth, and then gash itself,limh by limb.
if Patience,the angle of the poor, sat trot
by its side, pointing with a sohnu,fivst
to the lif.t to come. •
Curiosities in Boston—The Xeriiitaid,
the Ouraug Outang, and Dan'l Webister.
Platonic Love.—What, said a lady, 'do
you thinki of platonic lover
'Madam,' said the gentleman, very so
lemnly, think, like all other lonics, it is
very eltctting.'-=l?ic.
It is altogether.probable that if every whig
;rat ir& world was swept from eras
the people nnght inane to jog along
as consfortable as usual, only a little
ofit sayothe whir , are-oft lap ped to.
head 'and tail end iipiadwife
ertioimoit t test look, for all the world
ilt,,a . /;41 of ego That's no' fish
ti :N u t i
T_Witliwe fixim-ilie-Si*lrlieidndirt 4-
-1,..We would caution the Democrats to
place no:oo6l4sec in-.lm Aosertietw
makes, The Whig wars icknowiedg.
_thilt they are %litigate o:Delaware
but thie preten netarni pacierciaims a
Whig victory, There are several rithbidigs
at the democratic party in the same paper,
but we will let them pass.
Mekincholy.—The Boston, Times says
that six dandies fell into apoplectic fiis • the
other day, on learning that their tailor had I
determined to do a cash business. This is
:tad news to the poor fellows, and will raise
the price of straps and whiskers.
Look out for more "Songs -of the Seedy."
Fanny Elssler can't get an engagement in
Paris. What a come down.
How to restore faded calpet.—Dip it in
strong salt watc r.
Husband, I don't know where that boy
got his bad temper—not from rne I'm sure.
No my dear—for I don't perceive that
you've lost any!
Romantic.—A lady on a summer morn—
ing beneath the waving branches of a bhade
tree tickling a toad with a straw.
The "Curystal Fount" is the name of a new
Temperance paper in New YorL.
Served his bacon.—Mr. E. W. [lain the. con
doctor of the Bjston and Nor•vieli trail) of core
who was so s erverely injured on :11,-nclaq atter ,
noon, is doing well, and bids fair to recover.
Dr.Swalin, the author of the far-famed Pana
cea lies dangerously ill at Phil idelph a.
Curiosities in Albany.
Among the curious specimens of strange
animals exhibited yesterday, the Micro
scope says, there were two real South
African monkeys, and three Simon Pure
dandies from Broai way, New York.
They were al. in one pen togetl.er, all
marked in order that they might he distin
guished, they resembling each other so
much that the difference could not be ob
served except by the closest scrutiny.
How to tnake - Illoney.—The Picayune:
as instructs its readers, and people gener , . W au.ox ELDER, Alte
Ily: "Let the business of every body else Rakewelra
lone, and attend to your own. Don't buy
Court 11 "" m ' on Grant
1 { \AKENOTICF.tImI tnewhd
what you don't want. Use every !tout to
it C.. 1111 Of CO:iintim Plea9ol
dvan'age, and studs , to make even leisure Lite benefit of !be Iltsolven , Loge
ours useful. Think twice befo rel you a o nit :AI Raid I 7 .itrl 1.:14 ai paiehel
tro'v away a dollar: remember you will Cee .
ti r t!o e :;: l et 'l l 1 ilia i c.o l I :el l' l7= f ro
aye anoth , rti make for it. Find recreation
I looking after your business, and so, your
usiness will not be neglected in looking
. . , • ,
care of the, profits. , Look over your bo oki
reaularly,-and if you find an error ol a i cet.t;
trace it - out. Should a stroke of misfortune
come upon yOn ill trade, retrench, work
harder,,but uever 'flv the track.' Confront
diffictillies with unflinching - perseverance,
and thi will dtsappear at last. Tho Ugh
you shotild even fail in the struggle, you
will be honored, but shrink from the task
and you will be respired. By following.
these rules, however. you 'need never say
fail.' Pay debts promptly, and so exact
your dues. Keep y.,ur wi.rd. Take the
papers. 3dvertise,"
OR Wednesday night, as Bishop_ Gris
wold, of Massachusetts, was coming on
hither from Goszon, his pocekt was picked
of his pocket bOok,containtng 5111
He made his case known to the captain,
and on the arriVal'of the boat .pear the
what f,Nlr. Brown, superintendrOAtof hacks,
and officer A. M. C. Smith. who were ap
pt 'sett of the affiir, watched as the.pissen
gers carne off the boat,.and seeing three
noted pickpockets come off the boat as
passengerenamed Joseph Miipay, John
Wilkins, and George W dishy, arrested
them and lodged in prison. Nothing was
found on them, but the officer found in a
crevice, near the captain's cabin, a glove
in which the stolen money was, which was
identified by the Bishop as his.—N.
Evening Post.
co:.FEw„ &c.
0 BAGS prime green Rio Coffee,
30 packages Y,:fl .Iniperla I and Gunpowder Teas,
20 bills large No. 3 Mackerel,
6 boxes Sperm Candles.
received and for safe by
Corner of Hand and Liberty sls.
Oci . it
FOR SALE OR BJEITER for l'Atsi,u poi klifinufac
tures and Coniikeis -Produce-6 - half biixes of choice
Cavendish Tobacco, iiiree trialiiies and prices-330 hash
ells of Flaxseed Cake in bhls, in lota to suit customers.
t AC fi A 9111Ssonet. and Coin. Merchant,
No. 9 Fifth street
To Iron Manufacturers.
Nato Ind wrfat istprootzene in running oaf' tai refining
seta!, sr purpoAe of making,Bar-/ros.
ATMS plan Consists of a close fire, by cast plates, rear
..41 1 i.-•. ;tins op the chimney 7 feet,3 by Si feet at bottom,
*hi 48 inches square at top; the pig and cchtt is pat in at
the top of the,fipe. and the blast I. receivat'ontirwsides..
The:!were-iron plates are as thick as..t..knfey 'commonly
used, and the plates on the top of thewt Wienosaitak -dm!.
a half by one inch thick, and 18 inchnii - litipallir - it top.
Having received Letters Patent for the aliteil now of
' far it to the public on reasonable terms.
Any - information can be had, by adtfing me, at
Portsmouth, Ohio. J. C. MuldAtid‘WitY.
The undersigned halms% I ped Mr. a. C.. M r m an p ora e s
Patent Run out tire for show two , yeare, take pleasure in
recommending it to the public. looro totatro/OrlY to
all Iron Manufacturers nea& iropruvensent _Au the °pea
firm, or on the old plan of runalpSout Metal. „
The cupola. or patent fire, will:mod to least one, Ilth in
the fuel aged: will make as wait metal la• a given lime as
two open fires; and fedi* metal ot at good quality us the
open dreg
..We have used 'a tire of this kind for two veers, and
have derived such advaulage'from It, that we olutobe r•
hilly reponnnend It. , , „
Mr. bleillpitieway has aiim put one up atltostispoutti,
• and 4400 pet sput Wheeling, both ilf,fth,ith 51 . C.
'Enda Itote% . oblt'ettcy. bre tittek9o l 7 ""
new at ma in the Vatted Slam
October TO, 11401104
k L - '-.. - ,i ,, i. , i , 1',Q , :.
urat;. , the "IS4tits Elec.
lavaiffif-We shhall*Oge that
Miscasts Roux. August 39,1842.
HOUsE 11.1Y1)1,ter4:
14th hill!. at 2 o'clock ;
ittid' - nt`PltuOted oat (I,u''
iteeetowia the sth ofthc,
two glories high, with ,
de- Terms at Sale--By ol d er
•.• n welohe r 6
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- Qii.orter SeBrtons of Ike pr, 4 l '
of 411egkeoy.
priE position of Nicholoik
Keespert, in Nersainrs
aforesaid, humbly sherf et h ,
.pyoyidect himself wob a tit ,
Of travelers Al othenhat taxi
Whip o'orrio!d,ond proyelloi .
ed to grant Mm a licenoe to ke ti
tainmeut. And your petino..,
We, the sabscrlbsrs, eithiat
cert 11 4 y, that the above per
esl y a n d temperance, moth
room and conveniences for ip m
hie of strangers and travelers, ,
Mattlic w Elliot,
A. Atwater,
H. B Sinclair,
John Cnnk,
John 11 rison,
Cct 7-3 t.
In the Court of Quatter::
of A nezheny
.A.ND NOW TO IV IT, nth)*
rerts the clerk to give
newspaper- pet t h, din the tn
persons. in lei est, it In the phone
said Court nu Mond.y en CF.
fit. (non and there 10 Mate a rT
hove mode in the plan of said 11,
they shall be heard. By thP C
Oct 7-3 t
Boon AND
AT. 11 Corner °Jiro
Tux propriri of 5 of. In Metro.
and the pal rons of 1 hose paper,
and well rhoren assortment of
air 411[71 NEM
AN. Mg) Al2l - fa
NeceFiary $o 4 Sub l`riut lug
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Bill. of Lad;
Bill lirod4,
filar k Cher
au tints of
Stage, Steamboat, and Ca.al
Printed on the shortest ilollce ini
We respectfully ask the petro•
the public in general iu itit bra
Pittsburgh, Sep:. :39:1R42.
Oct. 5, 1842-5.,
-41 - lENpr J , .scg, IVtieeNnaf
I Aeon Foam. Baker ; pt
II von OunisoN, Wngork).
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ly, for the purpose of leather I
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no .p.ilns stall be spared to rad.
Ladies will be waited an a( Or
has reduced his prieti
For particulars peace exit as
ate MlTilafy COmpailit•
ebony. in the intiactty of Muir
ruction. clothing and lawn:
Many ()incubi are under the ,••
cal knowledge o f a M nairal le
tendency over the morals art
may also draw too much et •
studies or occupation. To Lilt
10 say, that the acquisition oft ,
lar a source or recreation and -
Puhohutecl. The taste hecovn
inelhla4 ion for wady wore arda
Imind is n ore abstracted from
youth are so tinkle to fall into.
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Another ce•ject ion that parents
ahoiod their children become euei
be led into irregular bawls. i"
mighSsay with the same propriel
his son tattaki to write a PA
ai counterfeiter, so that the I
we make or any arquirrawal.
"it is - now to he hoped that from ,
prejudices that may have herr
or parent.; are removed, and ce
their children the privilege off
porton lip. Call at. Col. Troril
N. It. 'No boy need applf rot
written Mineola from his parent
Fresh Arrival it'd Owe
rip if E Subscriber havina just •
-I- Cirpettr and Dry Goodryi
Wantsorthe community at eV ,
ensit. They earnestly solicit 0;.
wishing to buy, before m ating •
Their Stock consists as Cohost: 1 g
Brussrls'earpets, new style, P r
Superfine Ingrain, do I
Fine. : do do '," -'
comindO do do •
443-4t34 Plain Venetian;
4434.48 Twilled. do • ~-...,'
Li Zing iCarpct, a new gond tvw"
- ari ielc.
Floor Oil Cloths, all widths. r -
In connection with a well '
Fancy Dry Goods at as areal a
otter Mahn-Amen! in alertly. -
W. &tea l
net 8..3t0 le No.llo*
Board of Trwitees ot the
Peensylwania will De held at lat
Monday, the 10th inat„ at
, Get 8-2 t THOHAS
• able family, two tatloP
Tearhei and Cnverowl. Oat
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Saturday, Sc
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lig bustles.
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ut of State.
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