Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, October 10, 1842, Image 1

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    ‘4.7.;-":4•1#, , Z.,,-,.:' 2 _: .
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:.1 • :A lz . • " 4111 11,
provided with Uieti3afety craw
le printed with a figure ell* •
you are noir &strived--
. ululating the** boats% 4 -
*O, when they are sot s smarm
he folloirinr, has iliteir Mims •
Guard at the Per.
i Olt ibe list have the Improved
war it is impomiltie for an es
SPIAN, • lEcLi
EST W IND, 1111.1110
LINGO PARK, 01110,
)F . :LAME, J 11 141
F e traveling commitaily are
"ore they make a choice of a look
fee whether at would sot be is
,1 security-to choose. a
stet: freight, is preferesoe to
ainst explirmion--ami that they all
t this itivestitro has the uteituabid
steam ell4ifte builder,—;:eafleams
to understand the fratitli. and
ereSted..--brfildell a number s& rot: •
ealletteo and of hers—ail of Wadi
office, No.lo. Water street. lam
-asitre at all times to eibilik my
nn ir ill lake the trouble to all.
-et , 10 C DW A
anufae turers,,Stentenvine, I
!lily of making known to the peat
•ned a paper warehouse In nil
104. three door. forth of Fink rt.
~ 1r paper; where they will keep •
eras of paper, eaezzietisoe of
r,1 , 11 . lever, tea and wall PM. 31 1 i
p.l follerA toards.
connection with which they will
• !, , ,,,k books and School books:
I.lKewisr, an Cliensive assort west
k;i of winch will be sold low for Ca
and tnnneresccars- •
O.:terf NA r•-- - ,F..e4 10 0001 21 84
_vul In Pr • sAIUt .h. H. K. lersoldx, kt
, Ire or quallly of pa per, wWille •
11. IC. Reynolds is fully elorom e .
ro,,iracts in the nianiqcnient *tab*
cash or roods, a quantify of •,
A buret klncht of Country Praha
if camt or roods at HARRIS'S.'
=4l. 21--,f Comatintigo Vr
J,H N HART. Commas:log
el tact. ova' 9tca erica* Mimi
aJr,o. Crier. Pdpshargh.
Aaron Hart. "
.17. mes C..chran of 6'41.
lno. D. nariF.
.M'Vay Hanna,-
A very. Gad's) 4- Co.
in o. Woodboorne, Esq.,lladbon.
Farm on which I live, In Want
-nrirtr ctsfield. containing one km-
about 70 acres of which iickarei
-t timbered. There are speailt._
a .; a ba feet by 34; an apple •
, a. about tieventy acres of coal.
• - qual to that of any upland faro
• rms made knownon applicasioniai
the precals. WILI.IAII W.
V gad Picture Frame •
- ,c , t3 Street PattsincriA.- - il sais
c for Artists, atwavo oobaud.
promptly framed to order
r- °wire
rartiCULlir attention paid to
e c destriplion. •
Persons fitiirri, up Stearn Boats Or
7 heiradirantage to CAL
to fornifb painters• akei oar
' pure 1.1" blue Lead made of Or
led equal. if not superior to as!
oi der; addressed to floolat4s
p 814
Co • Vq- 110 Second streel,Pit l
erded to.
z , ept 10
FIJI& Si_ sae goer from 01111
The Subscriber respectfully DWI
gbarei and vicinity that Itt
; 'ling Shoes of his Otra insnothenOlo,
n tiers he will keep estasinni lia !
locut of all kinds of ladies. 10 391 ",'"
and shoes. of the best 4na l l . 111.
rut to snit the times. De trBl she
kinds of fancy work—mistk as_ Of
.4iopers, colored gaiters, and 110414.
children's elbierm silk tol
a-il! be made at the sharld
rer. Ladies will please
as the satecriber feels coafidetit OP!
arty article in his line they trslo
set , 10
P. S. Don't ((Hirt the Pb ee-j egi
door from Harries Intellitearnej
from Market &reel.
Moises of MOST 4
Ltherty Meet sod 42 1 11101114 _
Maim °
ibobko to Hoe ilooserates
firs. for the yen' tlbe me
diae 10
waded so bir4l- coo
wishes ioaestre these that
merit theeoatiosario n
reetkifliioviie their attinabe
Cioahlogoehieh be isiemOttellig
chew, ha* tees ever oferok
the whole of the area 4:0( tits
Able, ash& laws& tailoom—
rash basiliceidee -
Silrpais his oroet. Ail
• oessof worl9 l i L
b d nesse rotate !iIIOI4 IOI qI NII ''
owed is Pifilhangb•.
1 AII - ,-
` OIIV.L. 101.13 0 7 11 .. o
I 'no isii,iiro4or "'d d.°
i *. WO" .11 f d i
- ' giilligainpit II
firtil~ olllo
' li f -'lMtlat/.01&-I
• LISRED .131
LIPS ,k W• H• 8311TH,
E [PILLARS a' year• payable in
pith TWO CESTI for sate at the
seri Si Seas goys.
y and 'Manufacturer
t Y zi /bo game office, on a double
TtVO) P.)l,l,Antz a year. in ad.
s of Advertising.
0."...0 : Ono moralll.
0.75 • Two n. 0 ,1 F. 6.040
lAI Thy e - E tno , i bo. 7.00
1. , -,1 , Four Itle:' , ' LS, R. 09
3.1 to ~.• . 1 :n-...r.:1:.... 10,00
400 Oro , ,".:.,. 15.00
~ AI , Vr.F.TI F. E ‘I F.NTF
I It:. , it 1 Gt.'f.L.
• roor.MF.
25.14•1' flre
11 prn,,t
Ti w d Market and Wood
;f. Pq , ,a,er
- 71 .4 h from WOOll Ft. Peter •
jr.r Witiopck., 4 :oneclor.
cm.l Iwtaeen Fir 4 asd Setard
Ba ra,, r
r. Third street, next door to the
Chorrh—l. C. Johnston, Trra-urer.
Fourth, rettreen Market and Wood
Par. Mavor
Fourth. near Ma rk,f
r Market and Vioni rer..s. On
Fund.) Fourth. betcrten
rr,r 14 mod
i 1 , I ^
nra r the Frtd•e
rrtntt and St. Crta.
of TN , ,4 , eofl
1,6 , 11
01)'. ITTO RN EY .-k!VD
R VT L %NV.-
rkwrr, to Jil;tl P fl
. .-... rirc
lUTT. }►.
I f.t
'ri i.i Ri'.
e t,rk
srp 10
,n! and :=l3.ltt:firld
1V 'R P
- holps.,lr
,r, 3,„!
N • . feu
„ r k p tint
M; & (AL. tt 01/1, t t r
•.(1 - - t 3 - Lt. At ft . ..
re.! .01 line! ft
1.1- ra
L! N.l map!lo v ht
k fi A f: EIS,
No ".4. Fill t) Ft.
, Lir•-1• , ;11's' r , sh Ru
of TAT R . I.'S 31Tarnirs
•' Fa a! ecnrtrs MET,: at ttt
1' 1..
rI rt, 1. head of "Wood.
s: . 1.19,r tot h.. C. Stales
N Sa;in made ie
[l, newest Fresch patterns.
Ml LT I C C. to lute lazuli
10 e dkspa,zet of by
R 4 Liberty ft reel band of wood.
Flower , and nov. cr Seed , 01 ev
can always he had at Inc Dru:
1".-1 Liberty sl feet., !,,ad of Wood.
rtr:u. ! Mammoth o!tion seed, for
end :Feed stare of
LiSerty head of NV cod
0. Ig.t. Ll!,ersy head of Wood st
vf Hoes. Fancy Spadc
Tool 4, Badding
Ct :11,7 Sttear. Plc.- PM re:
iS—rty street, bead of Wood
$ received a small sap
evrxd Veatvoa Hama, da retail
tz.:A AC H 1H IS. Agent,.
and Com- Merchant
Orctia.rd Grass and
raEs, atiraya on hand and for
L ET street, Lead of Wood.
AN, an. £ 14r, office
maim ,t o Attorney.%Raw,"
- bearena Marta and Wood
sep 10 .
SKS. for oroce.Ation fu
late taw, far sale at This 0160 e.
a the sort il East corner of Coat ,
eel. Apply to
LING TON, Market, near, 4tb
Freud, Slagaf Sect tioaltd.*at
tar e aPike Drag aad - Bea
3ettg "trees, bead of Woe&
F PklCTNEßsinprbe
- :eititinliestea '
&MIN norewitutat4..
- • Oriiiimobliopti
funk hi mown op Aborbiodo . iii*
w ithßlGlll4k
L. 3rEniz
i y l ac ha.).
,asp 10
JWINSTON k STOCKTON . Bookrellers.Ttlaiersausd
fe Paper Manutociusears, Na. 37. Marta or- -sep y
TORN ANDERSON, Smith Voaadry, Water "st—
near the MOneatabela Haase, tittrainth. sep 10-ly
LEONARD S. JO/INS. Aldermaa,St.Ctair street. se
coed door from Lderiy. *ep 10-13,
S. aolot.ssgs. Mee in Sewed street. pont door
jJ to Malvaay 4- Co's Glass Warehouse arp 10-13,
SBUNK FINDLAY, Attorneys at Law, FourthsL,
near the Mayor's Office, Plitstettres. sep 14-ly
THOS. HAMILTON. Attorney at Law. Fifth, beeweei
Wood and Smithfield sep y
yi ECU TONER. Attorney' at Law. North Fa=t comer
11. of Smithfield and Faun h stmts.!. sap 10-1!
HANNA ¢ TURNBULL'S Paper Wareham:. So.
114. Wood sl.. where may be had a general supply
of writing. vrrnnninfl. printing. wall paper. blank books.
school hooks. ti-c. set , 10-1 y
C. 'Pow? E.ND # C." 0„ /Vine Workers owe!
Mao f &starers , No_ 2:3 Markel street. between 24
and 3d streets_ sep 10-1➢
HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
Frp I y
f r ; IG METAL —77 tons soft Pi! Moral for sate by
No. 12. Water street
p 1 3
LBS. B ICON HAMS. 16.000 tbs. R2ton
3,000 chowders. for roß'e by
J. G. 4. A. GORDON.
No. 12 Wafer street.
SP r. 13
JA=. P A-TT F.flizfri, Jr.. Birmln:ham, near Pa ishureh,
Pa., M anu:a•-:ur►r of Locks. Hineen and Bolts: To
: tract,. Fuller. Mill and "runner Screws; (loosen Screws for
, ColltnE 81111 s, set , 10-1 y
JOHN isrcLos KEY . Tailor and Clothier, Liher.y
street. between Seth and Vir;in alley, South side,
s. - lt 10
W Ft 1 - 1113 RIDGEQ• CO_, Wholesale Grocers and
ij c omm ,,io n MPrchants..- Second Kited, heilseen
Wood and Smithfield sle-,Phtthor. , h- sep 10- 1y
GORDON, Commission and Forwarding.
df • 51-rrhar.ts, Water st., Pittsburgh. sep 70-19
A M.S.-4 casks hams, a rood article, received per S
Cori - air, and for Bale by J.G.4- A. GORDON,
6.7.1 . (inrA ft A- AV )1, ISSE.S.--40 lllids New Orleans Su
tar;l , -.0 ibis New Orleans for rate by
FeP 10 J. G. 4- A. GORDON:
u G .-7 bbd= prime N, 0. Sgiear, reeeiveA per S.
ft Maine, and for sale by J.D. 4. A. GORDON.
, er. 10 No. li, Water :area
BACON CASK S.in order. on hand and for Faie by
qt_JILF sP p lO IG. 4- A. GO P.DON, No. 12. n'aler st
0..t7G AFt AN MOL. ASS ES.-134tbds and 4b' Is O.
r. 3' N 0. AI olasznts, received per Steamboat
I orportor.aod fer catc Lp J. G. 4- A. GORDON,
.sep No. 12- Water vireet
•" BBL?. I. f"r sir by
a' R. A. F fl & Co
corner of Fi h and Wood is.
1631 EC S Ge s rrna A nto r tr jt n n L;ers TOCX fttßck a. ror :gale
corner of f 4 It and Woad arol..
414) LUS Prepared -Chalk, for wale y
Nor NY S. A. FAHNES rocK k co
10 rorrwt of 6 . 111 znd Wood los
%ZUG 't ft AND MOLASSES.---6D bbd r;. rl. Sugar,
bbfa. do. do., 100 do. Ptaatalian Motasars. for
-ale I v
ep 13
o be used in Dantreptcy proceedings, printed on
per.and in the forms approved by theCoort,for ease
Of - r of the Merrury and Democrat. sep 10
%A HUBBARD, Ladies' Eashionable boot and
V .
Manufacturer. No. 11. n. Third rrert,between
~od and sat ttltheqd careets. NlA:shore& sepia
~,,naed his office to the corner of Fourth
Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
F "' RE:VT.—Mr.:far - ening and tot rohtaining 4
acres, in Allegheny, near the Beaver 80211 1' 11,44 5 .
Mr. Ss. nitre! Ctrerch. Apply at the. Merchants
‘l7 ,, ufarturers' Bank, to W. B. DENNY.
sep 10 Cashier.
:a... rik AVID SANDS, TO AWL, 4!!k CLOCK
::7- Air MAKER, Se_ 95, Market street, Pills
''t,'' burgh, beteteen Fifth and Liberty streets,
FLA - GER 121,A^GS, C B-91XS, if ErS, COMBS, jec_
P.?. p 10 .
supply of Larulretti's Garden Seeds, aturays on
hand, and for safe at his agency, the Drug, store of
Pep 10 184 Liberty street, head of Wood.
DR. DAVID WARD hat his office and rielence
on Fourth Street, nearly' semilh Of the Court Elonse,
second dwelling from 11:oi - e street. He will faithfully attend
all rafts pertaining to his profewion. Night calls shontd be
made al the door al.ove the basement. sep 10
R ESIOVA L —Matt hew /ones, Barber and flair Dry
Pr, has removed lo Fourth street, opposite • he /1 ay. ' , trace. a here he will be happy to:watt upon permanent
ur t ransient cnsiomers. Be sullcitla share of public nat.
Pep 10
IV:%IA. WARD, DENTIST, Penn at. three
door below Irwin street, Hours of business, from
9A. until sp. after which time he will attend
to no one except in cues of actual sieressity. Fie
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ him. that he experts immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part ofsending in bills. Pep
J OKY APFARL AND, Uphslstersr sad Coriisit
X-I - er. Third st. &slimes Wood # Marta streets,
iafgrais his friends and tbe puhlic tbat .he . is
prepared In eieculeali orders for Safas,SidMioards.
reaas,Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Stands Hair and Sprit':
Mauratses, Curtains:. Carpets. all SOllll ofUptiolitering,
wort, whkh he will warrant equal to any made is the
city, and on reasonable terms. scp 10
110 Weed /Urea, Pirtsiarzl„—R. A. Bauman.
Auctioneer and Commi!oion Merchant. is now prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandrze,
at his large and capacious toonssato. 110. North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth St' mats, Pittsburgh.
Regular salesof Dry Goods, Furniture. Groceries and
other art ides, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy attic/ea, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thuntda
Books. kc., every Saturday ev
Liberal ailvairies snide Ca Coastasemesiebes wanted.
it .. John D. Davis. Rol, 1 -
BagaleY 4' sin"' c o .,
.. i' - ~ ,
~ Hampton. Sasitte, 4. I
«. F. Loge= 4 co-,
J. W . Baradate it Co .,"L --
. - S. !Mee Il' Ca-
1, ritnimust.
()apt. /uses Gar
.. ' C. Thome*. emq-
Jens ' *Talkies El q: I
a• ;' Laski,* Kee•edi- I
- 1
' - J. X.. Illecsibeed *Ca. .-
~ .4 .7 - ; soismalaw 7 .ll•4:
. Copt. Jos.. " l, *T-': -,,,--,„; ;• I , :j.
' --
.. - tow,rose! ,44-- - - --,' -I
_•,- --
- 4 ,- -! s';' ,, i
' • r . . ,-- --.:,-,' - -
1* 14 , -
(*es j ig $ 1
.1 111 4, 114,
No. it Water street
J. G. 4- A. GORDON,
No; 12 Waver street.
) ,ITTSB.ITROTIPOOV3E - R . Ak - 1842.'
1 42 -
Pittsdarik Berner Pncint.
- --.•: SAW :11:ZAIPOILL, Jastir.
HAS colailemiced brr ovular trips and wilt rya dal.
ty (Sundays erm i ned.) Leaves Beaver at 80'
clock A. AL, leaves Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock p. N. con
nects at Beaver with the
Pennsylvions and' Olds Line
of Freight and Packet Canal boats betimes deaser, aid
Cleveland Ohio, and Greenville, Pennsylvania. LeaMt
blamer daily at 6 o'clock P. W. This line eonneets with
twod.ity liner on the Pennsylvania canal to rhuade.
phia, and with rise New YOrk and Ohio linens the Brie
canal, and New York and Ohio brie and Ohio canal, al
so with sin - n freight and pir boat., brigs Mid
schooaels,oa the fates. ' The -pbspriebrai of this well
known line will be prepared:an Mile' °Paling of fiatr, illai
kion to tran.port merchandisettiTaay of the inteilledi
ale ports on the Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Ohio ca
nals; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper Laken to
and from New York City and Philadelphia.
McClure a- hickey, Beaver, Pa.,
GAM Wormer it, Co., Cleveland, 0.,
Bees 4 Taylor. Warren, 0.,
N 0.60 Water street, Pittsburgh
- IV. B. BOLES, Master.
RUNS dal)y (:La' ndarst excepted.) between PITTS.
BURGH 4- BEAVER. learinx Bearer at 8 A. M.
and Pittsburgh at 2 P. M.promidtal mitt Eraas's Safe
ty Guard to present Explosion of Boilers.
Thixsptendidand fast ronninx. Steam Boat hasjust
Deco completed expressly for this trade, and runs io
onnetv ion with
adiRKE 4- Ca's Pittsbargk and Cleve and Lille of
Cleveland. Otis .
Or down the Ohio canal to M25 4 i1013. 4-e. and Erie Ex
tenFion Line to Greenville
The Canal Boats of this Line are-towed to and from
Piitshurgit direct, and the hosine.s conducted ..n the
mma prompt and economical system. Having a connec
tion with the Pennsylvania - Canal Lines to Philadel
phia and Baltimore, and St.mboats running down lite
Ohio river; also, through our Agents at Cleveland, with
'3. M. literira Steamboats and several Lake Vessel-, and
lite Troy and Michigan and Buffalo Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal, we are prepared fm the transpoitation
of Fr.t.ight to and from all points on the canal, tit , : lakes
and the Rive. r, or the Eastern cities-at prices as !ow aE
any other line.
Apply to G. Al. Harlon, No. 5.5 Water St, or at Steam.
boat Michigan's Landing.. Pittshurgh.
C/eeL, k Co. Beaver.
Hubbard k Wearberbee, Warren.
Wkeetee k Ca. Akron:
Thomas Rickisead 4- C.. Cleveland
J. R_ Wick k Co., Greenville;
W. C. Malan, Sharon,
B. W. Conaingbam. New Castle,
John K irk. Ycrungwown,
John Campbell Newton Falls;
Campbell k Campheltstown;
Babcock k Mcßride. Ravenna;
C. k D. Rhodes. Franklin;
H. A. Miller fr Co.. Cnrahoga Falls;
Weihwrian 4' Whitehomd,llll2.-ilico;
Grlrdon Williams. 4- Co.. Detroit;
Kinne, vis 4- Co., Buffalo;
Richmond, William= 4- Co., New York.
sep 10
11114131—Ar.. 1 21, Corner of Wood cad lament
• Streets, Plush...v.:A, has on hand a gurnplete as
.ortruentof Quee....aare suited to the ehy or . Opu stri
Alsn. a choice ‘n pare wane atiel \ gold
hand DINING AND TEA WARE. in large or small sets,
or separate nacres to mil purchasers.
A eask of 46. 60. or 84 piece sms. superbly painte4
and 011 Enslisb China Thiware, al very low priee3.
Toy Tearrare. plain, and rich painted and gilt, from
1.00 to #5.0'0 per set
Children's Mnes of every description.
White China Shaving Rings.
Granite Dining a. d Tea Services, in white and with
splendid American scenery printed in Mite anti black.
A large variety of Si csmimat Dining and Breakfa.t Sets,
imported to match. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Flint and Green Clam, In all their varieties.
Window Glam., of every size.
Patent Rnekets. Tnis and Feelers_
Stone Pipe Reads. 4-c. 4.c. ke.
All of which are rmertfully offered to the rah.
tic on the roost favorable tx Jan .26, 1842-1 V
TJ. FOX ALDER Attorney and Counsellor at
• Ler. . CITr rs hk pn3fe-,sional cervices to the cit
izens of Pittsburgh and hopes for a share of public pat
ronage. He frill execute all kinds of writing vein) neat
nein and dispatch. Cases in hankraptcy attended to.on
reasonable terms.—Offire in Smithfield street, at the
house of Mr. Thomas O'Neil, to whom he refers.
DAN! CLACK. phis kimaable Boot Neat,,—
has removed to No. 34 Market street. between
Second and Third streets, where he won d be happy
to see his old customers. and all others who feel disport_
ed to patronize him. He uses riothing but first rate
sleek, and employs the best of workmen; and as he gives
tits cow:tent personal attention to business. he trusts that
he wilt deserve and rtceire a fair share of patronage.
A Hunker respectfully informs his friends and the
public that they can always find the best quality of ice
Creams. toeether with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits. io their season. at his establishment—No. 11,
Fifth street, heiween Wood and Martel.
N. B.—Partifti supplied on the shortest notice, with
cakes. or anything in his line. Also families furnished
will, Bread. sep 10
OILW H. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
sion Merchant, Xs, 106, Yoram- of Weed 4- P7frit at..
Pictsbangli: Having been appointed one of the Auction
eers fot the City of Pitsbargh. tenders his services to job
bers, manufacturers and dealers. who may he :deposed
to make trial of this market- He Is prepared to make
advances on consignments of all saleable commodities.
and inasts tosatisty correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy and favorable returns.
That the various interests which may be confided to
him, shall be adequately protected, he briuga to the aid
of his own experience in' business and acquaintance with
merchandise generally, the services of' SAJIMILL
ParavrocE heretofore adyantueonaly known, as an
Importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a permanent engagement Is made.
Emma To
Mews. M. Tiernan, Neal. of Si. 4Bank.
Darlington 4- Peebles,
'As Hilbert Galway,
•• James M. Cooper,
James May.
R. N. _Riddle, }
• Wm Robinson. Jr. Tm't j
of Exchange Bast.
Banaptoo,Beitli t t Co, I
• ' John D. Davis, •
Saantel Chortle,
J. E. Sloarkeiti'. -
Jas. W. Brawa co.
Juin B. Brow** Co.
Sahli 4 ti Riley,
Yatdiy 4:00117,
. .
*pp V--
sec j - sit 66 mitt street;
Afew.7ol4 reve:_alltiesed watt tlyspepds.; is tits erriii
illratitateklfartip. -The systtritersw wise violent befit
sebri; greet:. delmlllig. few. -eassiessesk conk,- beast:
hank — psittlii tiler:hem stausetistwam-after esSiagir
trigethed aperettts, sereatiaa a Oak"( at i.beinamatiy .
Joiner& WOOrgife*A4 Atinalisoid
mead of tiseteriii,lttigik oa sysesstursit
EmiLeancbatuastieet-'4ii,. 2 .4.610* la b tier
Magner** IRS agreesilde wok issistarekt:the *tient
stirsaw negoretitr apaittiritribellitrire rere k t
see ' lir dal rititlesurtalteleaSit
Alis 011 ) ., **OW Oirstrituti
_ ' . , r ' •
4 7 ;:,' -;:e' Aittit; •
-111 ,1 6' 11.414111064601101006 V-411401
. ,GOODES Celeftreted Pineale_Pilis. 'These
Pills are stronly ietl to tbe melee of
to /Wiles .aa a 'mak ead wweady is renwsiag
thole eansiiiats peculiar to their ter.„ from- wltat or "-
erasel or general at Abe *yam. They obviate
eastiveseau, aad catiaterhet Hysterics" au Nervous
afeetleir These Piles have gained the Bandies and
PPlSation of the soon isalaeat l o hysiaistaa la the Uni
ted Slates, an i away Mothers. For sarbillud&vate and
Retail. by R. R.RTILLEIRS, *Teat.
'We 10 No. 20. Wood Street, below Sewed.
.A.DALIE4 R antikes Afster. Liken, St,
opposite the lead of &wit Odd et., Pistalkostk.—
Tte esbeeriber bashr bought out the stock of the late
Mantas Rainseegoleceased, has eciessuetteed business
in the old igifir of.lllf. R., and is prepared to execute
an theperipehoug In his Hoe, in the best manner
and es skim He keeps corstantly on hand
huge itisert - tefshoe &Wings of all deseriptions and
of the: hist witalitg. He solicits the pantomime of niers&
lie arid of the exalt WM. ADAIR.
' oep 10
. .
inrit Azle, f., Cerra,' los at Eastern Prices.
The subscribers istinufaeture and ^keeps constantly on
band Coach, C and Ellptic Springs (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Asies, Sliver and Brass pitted Dash Pramen, Bram
and plated nub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather.
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Hinges, 4 - c ,d-c.
T O- finished and comfortald. t w o 0 0 .
iT house, tot P. , her vritb hark Imddines, stable, car.
rbee:boure; ke. pt o* sr.iven immediately.
This ropertv is situated below the Penitentiary, near
the residence of Mr. Win. Bagales, and tea very desirable
teskleace. For tenon inquire of LB. Moorhead, or the
subscriber. G W. BARNES Union Fartorv.
nett 10-2 w
II have applied to the Judges of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Venangn county. for the benefit of the laws
made forthe relief of Insolvent Debtors; and that they
have awininted the fourth Monday of November far the
hearins of me and my creditors. at the Conrt Mouse, in
the Ilsransb of Franklin—when and where you may at_
tend. if you think proper, and show cause. if any you
lave. why I should not be dischareed_
sep 13-31 WILLIAM KE RN.F..
D..SELLERS, M. D.., office and dweiline in Fnutth
near FerrF street. sep
QTOLEN, from the shop of the sate.erthei . in Third
1, 7 treet., sometime last week. a pair of Shears, for
hair-cutting. They are Pearly. or quite a foot lore. and
very slim. It Is supposed the thiersold them somewhere
in the tit v: I wiltpay the purchaser any reasonable price
if be Will baingilietn tome. ' M. JONES.
rep 13-31.
TloV—On Sa!ardav,l7th instant, at 3 &dock. P..
M. I will sell, by order of the Assignee, on the nrernic,
the fa - Vowing described property. viz A lot of Ground
32 feet front by abnnt 100 feet deep, with a substantial
frame buddine on it. u ed now AR a machine shop. cos
tainins. a good Stem Engine and Gearines, Two Circular
Saws and Drzww.trituate in Allegheny City. between the
Canal and the Commons. and adjoining the Methodist
Cliorcih—formerly onenpied as a looking gia_ss factory.
by T. A. Hillier co. Termsat sate.
t 4 EIIII-71 J. &GUTHRIE. Auctioneer.
le B
n 1
e byL TO B A C CO. O i
..44,1 o vinr ,v e and
SOO .13 No 12, Warer orrest.
C ANNON. SHOT A .1 4, 1 n SFIELLS.. fluitear 01 Octal NA- 1 r? /Lab a\IN
Sealed Proaosah be'received at this Raman until 3
o'clock, P. Sl_ ritthe 15th October next, for furnishing
and deliveying.in the proportions, and at the places here
in deSiemited, the following number and description for
entinon.. iThot and Shells. for the Naval service of the
United Stales, viz Thirty-eight inch Paixhan guns, of
about 63 cwt. each. Seventy thirty-two pounder NNW of
41 cwt- and upwards, the precise weght of each to he de
termined hereafter. Five hundred eight inch sheik;
Three hundred eight inch solid shot and Seven thousand
thirty-two ponr.drr root- Deliverable a s follows:
10 eight in. Palahan gous 1 Deliverable as
Wl:height in. shells - 'Sackett's Dar
-100 eight in. solid shot }bor, Y., on
11 thirty tan pounder guns ior before the
2.500 thirty-two pounder shot J 15th May next
10 eght in. Paixhan Duns ) Deliverable at
150eieht in. shells I Buffalo N.Y..
100 eight in_ solid shot }on or before
2.sthik v two pouttder tons I the 15th May
2.soothirly-twa -pounder shot near.
10 tight Paixhan pins 1 Deliverable at
150ektit in. shells Erie Poona
100 eight in.isol , d shot on or before
N thirty-two pounder Vane J the 15th May
2:000 thirty two pounder shot j next.
The proposals must stare distinctly the rate per ton (of
twenty-two hundred and forty pounds). at. , the Eu.s. and
the rate per pound for the FINIS andrnells, detiveratie
abcoset allto be Follett to,and wider:re, such proof aud in
epertiion .as this Ea 'eau may deem proper to authorize;
and none will he paid for that shat; not pass such in
spection as mar be entirely Falkfactory.
Bond.. with two approved sureties. will he required in
One third the Pstimated amount of the contract, and tea
per eentlim (tribe amount of all hills will be retained as
eollaterr.! security for the faithful performance ih^reof.
which will he paid only on the sat isfartory campletion.of
the contract; and ninety per tertian' of all deliveries -twill
he paid on bilis properly aut hen+ leafed, according e
p r ovi.nonaorthe eontratl. within thirty days one' : it
pre...vitiation Navy Agent.
The offers must sate at what agency the contradicr
may desircpayment to he made_.
Drawines of the guns will be furnished from this - DOI
revs, and. they most be east and finished to conform'e
them in every respeet.
.No 'hot blast metal is to be used, and the shot most tie
east in sand tnonids. seo 13
riIiCTELE WISE.,—I ais now well ender food lily
P much disorders of the mind depend for their ore
noon* due attention'toahe.body. It is cow undersdod
how valuable Is that medicine which will removeid
acconiutations without weakening' the t*dilv power. t in
now understood that there is a reciprocal infliten he
tween the mind and the body. It is now oiyietstinithat
purgiv with the Brandreth Pills wilt retnove a "phut
timely, and even imatilly is eared by pers.everbil illicit
them:. It is now understood bow much dotorstOluPpl
arm ikpendsupon the healthy condition of the 4estive
It is now well known that the Drondreth rs hare
cured thous's& iir hopeleets and helpless perfts. even
when the first physicians bad pronounced thin beyond
all human sneara. of relief. It kr now not !WY' well
known that the Drandeetb Pills 110 CUre , hat -
4 also un
derstood how they Care; 1t it 'shy their pu yiug effect
on the blood thet they restore the body to
~. -
The value of the medicine is becoming . ole and more
maaifisst„it ts reetuniiiented daily (Mai flag to familr-
The Dirandreth rills remove in an aissosidde
masses ail minions atcumulations and park and mirigo
rats the biaisal their good effects are is
red by any IneouveniencenheisS, corn entirely. of
i t e
„getable, th ey d o n ag expose those who theme to
danger; and their effecter are as certain as ~ are sate
tary; thef mredaalroed lirelf- adadisibt le laihrici.
oath: otanhonidi*ad Old or, and to w in the most
emit:lntl nudatrinaleitississetneee. ' not' disturb
or pagprivile :alma Asoctions, , bet r their order
and onsidt4i thelibeilth...- , , - .
Seidel Dr. Belinshnden Oillor„ lifo..:ft cod- struck
rodyargb.„ Piing tom'. porturg, Wit direction!.
' 16Xt4TPP40
.., saptiia ritule m b . anon
Asia NAlll#ll4lt4RY:—:Pairidi Ca
espelAolly animist*•biefriesdlsrus4 the -
etratly. that he Wks eampiiiikteittla learWilasiseseat
JONES 3 rot.Em AN.
C/alr 1:1-. near tie arid/re
_ . att
_ _
FA- iiiistarkine s Rs Daily pqv. is tie Car y Pitts
' awn* OW Alt imatiffialis
Ts t. haviog made arrangements to merge
the Atoeticauellamtemuuntrami Pittsburgh Illercu
vy him one Journal. ipaarimiodull eo pct O* a dap/
paper with the title enter city. ieg Post.
The leadins object alihni.Poor" sill be thedMeentina-
Item mak:femur Of the peiitleal soinciplesand Lave bete
tolinebetu tearistained by dm Bd tora. . ia Mar reopeetive
papers, and theft tit effortemilt min ist‘eomed to the
advancement arsivoccem of these docirrigee
Altboach, is polities, the paper will be thoroogbly
democratic, ml the Editor" hope. by shame as Woe*,
candid - history of twain rolitital -treats. Porefts
and Domestic Intellieettee, and brier hakes of alt . mat
tan mid ocmiereaces that roam primertywithie thelishere
of a Public. Journal, to wake their papers aulicientty in
Cresting to entitle it to the pidianage ottlie PEW; M
respective of partycousidesatiows. •
In addition to the political and general soma Oral will
be found in the ...ifornisy Put,. the Editors will mate
paints to furnish the basimmo communhy, with
the llama and most luttresting Costwatt tsat... istustaa ,
cram from all parts of the country. and to have pours
red stab accounts of the Markets and the Slate et Trade
as will neadoanlageona to our Merchants aid Mistnew
lien in their several callings.
Terats—rie Parr will be published en a large
sheekof fine paper, (manufactuted especially for, this
Journit) at the una , mally low rate of FIVE DOLVAI9
per annum, payable in aJranen. it wilt also 6t sold by
oews-boys at the tow rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Adverlizestevts will be inaertedat the lowest rates
chargedby the other daily papers of the city.
rr yor wEN'TY active lads are wanted to sell *rest,
who will be ecutaeed on the most literal terms
Aims* 31, 1.9-e. W.H. SMITH. ,
-- ,
.14 : •
414_ •1411 I . t
4 i •' '
OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT om *Lill en. - -.., ;
Lirergeol Coassercial Line of Pectat, Soars: WietAK4-i-
The Subscriber would respectfully inform sitar maims
re.iding in this country as are desirous forsending for
'their friendO to cone out from tne old country. that be
continues as usual to make earnements by which pan;
Fen-zero are Ikroueht out cm very moderate terms. in First
it7la - n Ships, miling from Liverpool meetly, and 'would
usaure persons desirous of coming by the above Line,
that asagents of first respectability are engaged at Li
verpool, there will be no detention whatever at that
Re is atso prepared at all times so furnish Sight Drat*
for any amount toassist in preparing pa.wengms for the.
Voyage. paritile throughnot the United kingdom. and in
case the par, tee agreed for should decline coming ant, the
passage money shall be refunded without redaction.
For further particulars apply it by tetrer to
N 0.61. South stmt, New "York.
At the Warehouse ••1" DALser.z. k Purituta,
sop 10 No. 24 Water street, Pittsburgh. Pa.
BY A UCTION.—WiII - be sold kffoblie.. Audio*.
without reserve. for etch, close-the eoate.ro.. at the
Hail of the Marlborough Chapel, in BOIOLOO, oa Tuesday.
the foam day of October next, commencing at nine of
ibe death,. the forenoon, •
All thepraperty . of he railed States Land Coatissar
consist ism of about
~...14.1 1M otaWkinfte i ll iniber . Laud, liing in Infer_
son, McKean - and Clearfield e cantle% in the Stale of
Penmsylvania—on parts of which there is abundance of
Coat. Lime and how 0 - te;Ond =my folillsealM
And of Claims Mr/iflit sundry prrsorno for land sold
lying in said roam les, that are ronsidrred rood.
A nd or Stock and 'toot! on a Farm in the township
of Bradford, in t he coon' of McKean, in laid State of
The land wilt be scdd in lots to suit purchasers, cote.
Ailing - from anent 130 to 5000 acre!.
Farther Oast ientars will be made known al Abe sale, or
on inquiry of the sittiriber. at No. 12 . lona Wharf—
of Fishers and Baldwin, Merchants' Roiskin Boston—or
of either of the TruMeesof the mild Untied-Bates Lan!
Cantfrany. . 0. It GRIGGS.
President of the United States Land Co.
Boston. August 20.1040. . - (aep 10) -
T Iforrison „i• Co. LAndse. for sale only- bic S. N.
plt Wickersham, corner of Wood street and 'Fires
alley Pinshareh Pa. and IL Ilarisnod, Beaver Pa. who
is male *gem for Western Penns) 'rants. sep 10
ARAI FOR SA Le.—The undersigned ols 111 forsake
JE tract or land situated 4 mile: from Preepcni, In The
direction of Kitianniim Buffalo "rownsalp. Aracruccgs`
mucky. containing 100 ECM!. 65 cMared and under good
fence; 10 of !chic° are in meadow— a good square log
dwelling boast...and cabin Lora erected thereon—aa apple
otetiard of Bo beariof trees—and a spring of
water convenient toile house_
FOR TERMS apply to the FONSCrihers regains at sbe
saliwort: on spoe.Peong.ylvania Canal. I mire above plea,
sep 10
D R. wesi . o..rs Vegetable Expectorant Syrop,an
infallible core for whooping cough. This dasesse'
:is mostly confined to children, and is attended sib a
,affac a ti ag coara, and a darpahrillaasad, catitqi who'
it comes on with difficult breathing,. thirst, hoarseness and
Tough. with diErtcult expectoration. The violent exer
tions in coughing; bloat the face. wOlch turns purple, and
the emsswell and becoule,PronlillealL
cormomrtion often dairy its origin from this disease,
which has hhherto belled the skill pf lb^ most able pby
zieianv. but WIT, by pit, simplz vegetable merighter this
distressing and frequently destrueltve divordereatt he mer.
red in a few &syn. Thsonsands have given it a trial and .
in no ease where pled according to the direetiol has it
failed, l - overong the viscid matter and snaking iseasity
ex pectormed without such violent straining as is insane
blyesperieneed by littlesufrereiaby emery mode of treat
ment that haslicen reeonsmeti!nk4.
irmighs. colds, consumption, stai bum. ke. cited by Dr.
wertoros [caw% (Amos Medicine, many ease. ofeannotp
tint's, some In the - advanced sragenacdolireo opus Weara
ble by pliysiciaachave bern cured by thismedieine with
his piles and plaster. latge batiks. SOUlii
25 cents, piaster i eta.- Die Strew heitiminain!er is the
best in the world for weak backs, pain ht , theside,
Or. J. Winnon's Eye Water cures alirdiforftriiilit the
eves when ail other mimes fail: Prier 25 cents. His Corn
Salve is sold at lei els. per bee. annelidan esonigh
cure 20 damns or more. iie has also a-perfiXbrailE hi_hiv end
neluable medicine For.wonchnts aunts per
beef& . •
ilieNaaenees are saperler to all whom aadai ad ilia lg .
tioweibetereo:gth Italy that can bepaystieeefe ally of
te e ouggiAs,secisp-per CalleS116011:
itiaofl;o`tange, lavender, doves, fuse}., . slevonds-berin-;.
=et. roseelarY. (=lvy?". ke. - ram , 321 eerie per
bertie„ or:50 ets_per Fame - elsetekqei 4 iroLla. or ts eta
fiffbexectootai:sists • - - -
Forcalqu AOl.llll Nwpwei'aGroetn LS3 Liforty to.
melt ease to the ...rule Str DOcirit.'• NeP 10
D _
o, it.rrssis~rs,-£ eape ar @t i r or
seas ar Moberg% and Oicialty. that be has resew'
ed Ea the l coy. Be bop* to Asset* coallierceor aid
Ammer ikiettviLwai.ibe lothfilei&bWitty; sad shticks a
renewal at a porter p_wroaape i . ; H, ,ottiamiloa
be; stud. etoixt l / 4 1ist - ttk operatiOs of Utbottitir...fer
keslOßrtpleCia ate alleodat it - Wpm
Width the Osittej is eOery where ootoodOodeeP .
*O. ,0a 4 !0i4. tOsolooilbehniiit
91 k 4 elikadrieted, " Mawr s.
1 .•
Iron db.aoce wields!: tattior, joteratatiot i
` - ,. pereemorgy or 114 terser, or if 41464 milli
aids direitharihk s refilretWertof tie ek,,,/
rffir*:oll laberilYAL j
viV it
oakitibe - -- , 11 011P45141
_WS" _ _ It : UMIAK : I
lie * *** *oll“- witilif
~~:: -
- . ,
;,A"4//&* -1;
FT7rIT7IfT77"I V"l'"r2.7'"?*WNl
On Jima Aim dies ikurione-Sistrilod
well with Denton. Polities were
ways spoken; at his table one
[ and one was bored rarely. *
We passed from a very elegant, lailess kite
a dining room looking upon_ theeses de
Commerce. At this moment awe emiiiied
man. A man—here is his pottsiit,
was at most from fonr feet eight to far lest
nine (French measure; his head aliidoia
dined to the left shedder, Abisitider
the Great; the limbowerecrookedokeifos.
plexion yellow and billions, the hketsitt.
ed with the small pox. the this,
eyes gray and rolling maxima) is their
orbits, the eyelashes fed, and the Mao Oa
called) of theeyee nearly the same colon am
that the pupil seemed to swim is bloat.—
He moved his head restlessly to Mid tee.
like a Greenland bear in his den at dm Jar
din des plantes.
•As to the seeoetreeeente of the soli de
ettkie; behold him from head,* item that
a/' Midrmnane, as one thee celled these
bats law in thecrown, with bread Meet tim
ed up, adorned with a huge tricolor cock
ade; an old coat worn out at the' metes,
striped stockings, red, while; audider. MIIII
bits of strint , in his :tides in the plaice of
ribons or tildes; plush breeehec a eel
waistcoat, turned over, and the seek nit e.
L. , en, lank black heir tim taw
phus . , with a queue Akirteried with i team*
`Dan ton,' said Man*, 'from' Ilene
smelt the savour of yonaroast, sad I burr&
come to see if there is corner for me at
your ream.'
'Why not, if we crowd other a tits
tie. lam sorry that yaw net " let- ars
know, thtt I /night hare order
`Pooh. yiTr daily fare would latike far
I me.'
`Well, but.when one invitss on in
dinner amongst person cognate
generally presents oneself clad a hide
'AI, with a 'add frill, en enalitwidete& . ..
coat, and one's liaikcurled a r irtient
al. eh! Thank yds for_ nothing._ Ma
ture is at the coast if my Ceiba; and the
friend of the pipit ink s° need of foreigit
it it .fit o w. Ai m
does net forbid a cravat collar;
1 111 ° . It a giterThean s sta clews
then perceived %hat Marij bad is fact
his hands as black as a smith's - On a Sit
urday night, and his shirt of the same Mis
as his bands. May it be said %- withaeit* -
fence to his memory, ikc.'
Yes, this was Marta! And biatottp.v_
peered the friend of the populate.(paqt4
because the true son of the i/roptdisai.
This rickety, billious scruftilt is, kaamiewit
victim of the neglect, the ailmeots,dthe
vices of, his parents, represented in him.
self the squalid masses- who formed' 1110 -
procession of Sourdain Couptete, or filed
the gloomy pandemonium of Cut "JacobtO
club. But beneath all this external tie,-
basem- nt mooed the iron springs of an
indomitable, dogged, frantic energy; ar
spirit of blood and veigence which made
a vi, tub of clime, so honest was it, ad sip
, cere, Marat- shrieking day after day for
three hundred thousand healhilifitrato.
Merging from cave and garret into a pow
er that shook alike court aid temple—the
Arch Alecto starting from the regatta
crepitude io which the fury had been*
while etemetidtil—Marat was as willing to
be the martyr as-ths hangman those filthy
hands would have spurtiod the gold that
sullied the tuft-, of the corrupt. Ihuttow
Nothing could soften, nothing hionsake;
but - nothing could intimidate, sothhig
bribe. Fora time Ma _ rat was theptitpte
and the people iketww
irs eft/se Reign of ram: - •
The appropriations for fart' thisysar.,
ire very meagre. It sbordilirsi)relrer; *here in
~ and that liberal appropnarmialionbur *hi head ,- •
~...„4. .""
were made at the extra sirsaimi Vie ileum if Um - "
nevi; bill are as foliate=
Feat Prekle Portland - Maine. - -_
Fort &unmet, Piirtliod. Wine.
Fun Mr:Clary, rodsmoith, N. 0,....- - ' '- BON
Fora Conti taboo, INNiszaima3C O. SAW ,
Dem Wind.-
' Fort Intepend aloe, anitarni-wallateas. .-- -
tie Island.3o
1 Fort Warren, Began barbs*..a.U.llr
-1 Fort GriraartNew Lisderr barber , ' Vltilli
f Fort Nappy at mouth oilliagrWa riniw Utlik
Fort - Ontario. at Oswego,
Feta Schuyler. New York barber. BOA*
7, Castle Williams, New Varkbarliart. SBlll,
. . South Battery. New York hatter. . 3 " 2 . 1006
Fort Columbus, New York bestrot.;"- - ' 2,51N1
- For Persieelll4 Wharves fir Yereilii.
. . hiatus, Castli Wiltmins and 800th
- Battery, Governor's Mend.
Fort flaimittek New Yet* tiotraeig:
Fori - Lefayetl4 - Iteir.-York basher. .. - IBgto b .,,
Fort Bluariie,Yirgiasa .L
_. .._.„ "- ' 11W' -
Fort Mama, Ikaufort, North t*
For iiiremiliaitin atthi lite etiliawaii - 4.1 r.
'Yam liamptir,, Charleston .barbei. " 5/400..
0 4 ilitywhireimi,, Barrahrtilf_Widte : -4 ll),11111111'1
Fort Smith, .
A r eW/P B P er & U " ~r itlols Pr
err-irk 'lstaki*4 4eate lo.&``
FA frientat OW*.
Morning' PolOgok ,
it Ira seaseifiiiiiik
this Prillall"ltethhir4
• -
- . _
',. '40,1