Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, October 08, 1842, Image 1

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Rrrrn T0j,.0
j,. 0 Grier. Egg., Pittsburg&
Aare. Hart,
C•rchran of k'd.
leo_ D. Davis. •
WVay 4- Hanes,
A very. 014 es it co.
uo. woodworm, EFvOgsoool
TALL' eLz TAU rot . sat
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11 °tilers add resoed to_Drati* 'gig
Co . sio.llo Second Wed. rri_
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Av. 10
T &DIES rAsatorbssug SO.
LA nra, sc., gi,e too-frog aii ii
The Subscriber reaped-WI -
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Nitsburgh and eiciiiito
, a i 'hag Shoe* at hisoure
' vr here jse witi - tee" osiopor ell
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' Oa& of fancy wort—ila 4M
tipper 3. colored piles. sod
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wilt be made at tbe shortest'
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• P. S. Deal comet the 0 11 ":
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f rem Iltarket Street.
WILLI AV DiGirriCri bi l
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t tutor is fumblisw':
11 1 7 00
(*me/ 0 , 0 0 4 .4 0 .
0- . 0..-V.:.',. ,:
N 25 .
IPS & NV. 1-1. SMITH,
ly,i,LitS a year, paithie in
riVO t: Es T• 3 - for rate at the
and t'Y n e wt BoYs
and Manufacturer
LT. at it, came °axe, on a double
TiVo (VA.!, %PS a year. in ad.
of Advertising.
F Tvret.vE usr.s On LESS:
030 ; tlnf , month. Ct r IV
0.7;r Two 1101 ,, '5 . 64)0
1.60 , ,
Threenionilif. 7.00
1:10 1 Four ruon'hs, frin
3.00 1 `ti Enouttit, 10,00
4.00 , One sal,
A DVEgTitiEIif.ST 3.
CL.T. •T rilf..,r Es.
1 Tre Scssre
ft 0(j z=ix ronnites,
:.- ',OO i One ro, I%
merlon, prnnortmn.
Frx Pot LAC. A y.mr .
• 07 FICE S. &C,
TbrrdM WrTa Markel and Wood i
c. cast
-m e , 4,h door from Wood et.
jor John Villiock, , _:oPector.
Wood Frrrt ween Fir Si. and Sewnd
earl ,am.
s, Third street. nest door to the
Church—S. R. Johnston, Treasurer.
tetu.ren Market and Wood
thy, Mayor,
F : ollrth. lICQf
frn 7tlarket and WIJ.{I 161 reel F., on
•RD VACS:M - IRa . DE-
Fiand.j Fonrit., Letwien
1101 Li.,
r , the ftridE,e
, St Cipor,
, c.l rLi xvood.
4•:,11 . .,
111 .tT 1.111. ,15 "E' r""."
rt, G ; . nail 1 opposile
t,PII 11 Mal 1111:.
rrxvrcd to
101 - r.:11.
Perr,, c„,'
h, al C i k.tnf`Sl 1r
Marl. el , 10
S S 211 - t LIRE, 4 , tornPis and
17Tir, a ite Dia Fsiori. 1,;104
I; hiftee nort h
. • and Sn,ahfield
Re ,- 111 - or ,
111 Liberty ii,ret,
.is 1);:
C.: DILWORTH --Whol,te
:11t1 Aj. i • 117113.., 71 , 1 d
• It N o . 29.
,p 10
ROBINSON, \ , rcp-nr, at Laa
t, • .1 kt..:
%W. L:... vend,
r•• /0/ -, 10 10, /•li'•,/ 0 . /ET, C O
et Slrec 4i.,,tt I) I -
)♦ I; SY"
- E c,f
Ell. k l, l - 1 . 3 1 . I'ol'N..
USG & CO, Formi•dre
pfirrhase nl,Olll , MI/1 find it
0 • a ca , . loVy •;,;,,ried
'try and pr itP
MS.—Ju< 16t) C 301,, tiul
cured a r.O ,or cheap be 'he da
ki.0.9. filth A.
y FP-f-Li Re
cv!o.t lit rano!: eg :A - Turnip
d for 2QIE. at Er or s }..0 pur z_.l al the
of F. L. SNOWf4F.N,
. Li , orll s.roa. tread of tVood.
Ey.s it..nd and Shof, Itianuf.cdo
dwin . next door to I he U. Stale!
K d and izaiin Shoes made in
VIC the newest French 11,11.1CIAS.
NIt'LTICAULUS. in lute Loma
hasers; to e dls•po=ed of by
• 184 Liberty street. head of WrwitB.
Flowers and non er seeds of v
n, can always be had at 41. e Drug
131 Liberty street, head of Wood.
Annual Mammoth Onion seed, for
rug and seed store of
14 Liberty 'etceAt, head of Wcod
est received by
N". L. 34. Merl v head of Wood al
of Hoe-s. Fancy Spadc.
Trovvrtx, r. , ! din? ToolA. Boddinz
rraLinf Shears. etc, jegi xe-
F. L. S.NOiVDE: , ::
y cireet, head of Wood
lad , --Just received a small sap
cured Venison Hams, on retail
of inonp,
ISAAC H kißlit4l%_, Agent,
and Cont. Merchant
tor, , r S,ed, Orchard Graas and
Gra:ss, always cal band and for
F. L. Sti.OWDEM. •
talerly Freer, head of Wood.
S AN. -vt0, a4 . 0 at Lax. office
ittiawea,to -,Attorney'eltow,"
klween Market and Wood
sep 39
L Ng.S. for proceedianiM -.111-
The late law, for at this Office.
on Int Notail East IeIIIPS of Coal
FlreeL Apply to
ARLING TON, Muriel, near 411Irst
LO's Preach tiitgar Bcel Seed.iatz
for sate'_ al th e mu g and Feed
Übe , ty e rred, bead of-Woad.
beresofor, ex king,. between WM
SJ AI/IN HOPEWELL irstilisdlq
anew_ William Dip,. instkorined
the firm i• sculling 9me
BEHL T.aorsmsta.
. _ ..
-r i --
•-.7.• ...t...
-,. ‘,,, ,•., "
, .
Thy, E. MERRITT, DENTIST , (vice is smite.
ALP field, betimes Satmsi o 1 Svc.
- sep 19 Prelim:eas.
Ton NSTON STOCKTON. Haaselien. Pfister, and
EV Paper lianalleta rem. No. 37. Market rt. aep 10-1 Y
JOHN ANDERSON, Ounithried Youtdry. Wader st..
nPar the litopoogabria Holm, riusturgb. sty IQ-17
LEONARD S. JOHPiS. Alderman, SLOE* rireer,sig
cond door from Liberty. Beg 10--iy •
Dn. S. R. HOLM ES. Office in Second street, next door
to Illutvany 4. Co's Glass Warehouse sep I{l--1y
o,fturm 4- FINDLAY. ae la at Law., Fourths*,
near the Mayor's Office. Tntsbamh. 'pep 10T.-17
HAMILTON. Attorney at Law, Firth, bettreett
Wood and Smithfield sta.. Pittaborth. aeP 10-11
HUGH TONER, Anwar, at Law. Nartb FAA corner
erSinitbSeid and Fosvh streets. s_ep 10-717
TTIONPfOI.I 11.11144 ... 4 ARTA TLIMBOtt....
ANNA 4' TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104, Wood si -, where way be had a general supply
ol writing wrapping. printing. wall paper, blank books,
school books, 4c , kr. MT 10—ly
C. TOWN. 4 END fi en.. Ware Workers gni
R., Jitiansfecinrers, N 0.1.3 Market sired. between N
and 3d streets. sep 10-17
HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
• stimi.
st eei:s, by
FeP 10-1 Y
F ly, 51 ETA I--77 lona soft Pie Metal for sate by
J. G. 4- A- CORD 3N .
No. 12 Water street
nail LBS. B SOON DA M S. 16.000 Ms. Bacon
1../1.1 1 1.7 SitoutderE, for e
.1. G. 4. A. GORDO:V.,
rep 1.3 No. 14 Water store*.
ar A?.P A TTER 'ON. J r.. Sir ir1113:*2111, near Pittsburgh,
-Pa- Manura..2firer nf Locks. Simms and Bolts; To
t-arca. I'n!ier. %t ill and Timber Screws; Eforraen Screws for
Rolling Nile ker. sep 10—I9
MICLOSKEY. Tailor and Clothier. Leher.y
rrt~, between Sixth sod Virgin alley, South yid!.
sp 10
Jw BCREMIDGE 4- CO., Wholesale Grocers and
Commission Me re ha n Fecond street, het weep
Wood and izmit Mielsl Pinsisurr.h. seplo- ly
JG. 4- 3 . GOP. DON. Commission and Forwarding
. Ikl , rrhants, Water st.. Pittsburgh. !iv 10,-Iy
ILI IMS.-4 casks hams. a rood article, received per S.
11, B Corsair, and for sale by J. G. 4 A. GORDON.
srp 10 No, 12, Water street.
SVGA El k Mut. bluis New Orleans Su
_a r; bIAS New Orleans MolasT-e , -, for sale hy
ser , f 0 J: G. k A. GORDON:
SUO Afl. —7 tin& prtme N. 0. So - ar, rereived per S.
R Al,ine. and for sale by J.G. kA. GORDON_
sep 10 No. 12, Water greet
P"OBACON CASKS.in order. on band and for sale by
.epio J. G. kA. GOGDON. Ma. Waler
QUG .A 13 A N MOL AiSSES.-13 hbds and 4toFe N. 0
tzwzar, hhir. N. 0. Molar se-r.„ received per Siestarhoa
I sepol ter. anal fur sale by J. 0. 4- 4. GORDON,
seta 10 Ko. 12. Water fi reef
P.BLS. LARD Ofl., for tow Ity
, A. FAH F- 4 ."POCIC 4- Co
oor tier of 6th am] tVood
11631 P l'EaSGermaplown Lamp film.* for axle
by LI .A. PA fi.): EsrTIACK GO..
rent .r or 6, h a k s.4 4-10.1711.4C7
of)00 LBS. Prepare"! Cluail. for safe by
B, A. FA uses f OCE It - co ,
corner of 6th awl Woad sts.
tLGAII AND MOLASSES.-60 hhds. N. 0. Sugar,
b.-7 25 bbls. do. do., 100 do. Plantation ftlotasers. for
ale I.v
sep 13
111 LANK - 110TICES, &C.--
1J Io be used id . idaiktd4der pmetbdings,4triuted on
‘,sd pPrand id 0.0 winot.s4l by iheCourt,forsakt
L, °eV, of the Ilditiessrocrat. pep 11l
Aliiii ktu
%X' M. HURD . • fashionahir hoot and
• , '"i' M a n"..elailtlf; 101, Third s r .re I, -, etween
iV,iod aud ,zlnit.iifield streelli. tabor& sep 10
. tla.rt,armrd bis office to the corner of Fourth
,rt-cl d Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
sep 111
FOR it ENT.—TIed welling and tot containing 4
acres, in A Ilegheny. near the Beaver goad,lately
otral.iec,r Mr. woe! Church. Apply at the 'Merchants
and Ntanttfacturets' Bank, to W. H. i DENNY.
* 3.1A.1.R, No. 95, Market street, Pitts
, La Th, fti or Pen Fink and Liberty same&
s•-e p 10
iJ .Quppiy of Landreth's garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for sale at his agency, the Drug store of
124 Liberty street, head or Wood.
TAIL DAVID WARD has his office and ridence
Li' on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Couri i House.
second dwellins from Hose street. fie mill faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profession. Night calls should be
made at the door :hove the trasement. - gen lt)
REMOVAL—Matthew )ones, Barber and 'Hair Oren"-
Cr. has removed to Fourths' reel, opposite+ he May
09:$ nfE.ce, here he will be happy toe awn permanent
or trans.ient casthoters. 'He salacity", shave sailpinhtie nat.
Sep 10
WA. WARD, DENTIST, Penn W. three
door bedews Irwin street, Hours of blindness., from
9a. It-. until sr. . after which time he will attend
to no one except in Ca.atl of actual necessity. He
scald farther inform those who may think proper to
employ this' hot he ea peels :immediate payment, without
the necessity on his pail Of sending in Wits. cep 10
OHN NPFARLAND, Upkalsterer cad Cabinet
.M..ker, Third at_ Settees* Wad f Market streets,
respectful informs his friends and the public that be is
prepared to ezetate alt orders for Sofas, Sidieboaels. 14A
rea s, Chairs. Tabhut„ Bedsteads. Stands, liar and Spring
Mattratwes, Curtains. Carpets, all sorts of Upholstering
wort, which he will warrant malt .o any wade in the
city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
110 Word Street. Pitt:buryk.—B.. A. Baunman.
A url Tomer and Comminion 31 erchaat, is now Prepared
to receive and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandise,
at his large and capacious looms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets, Fittsburgh.
Reptlarsales of Dry Goods, Foraiture, Groceries and
other artiela lioadaysarld Thursday of each wept-
Gardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, And Fogey articles, on
Tuesday. Wedneniay.aad Thorsdaydogahqs.
Books. tc....ocery sauitday seagoing.
Liberal ad vanes made on Cosuagooteatdorben minted '
... .1, ay e - .
Means. John D. Dave. Esq.„
As Bagaley*.Dinith.
Hampton. Stspitb, 4 Co.. ,
u F. Lorene * Co, .g.. - 4
J. W. surbrifhe 4' co-- i
S. 11T.ee 4. Co.
" Caprnhates APParzill, . Klitlsbalith
" C. *omen, Eq. .
St JOSH a Vodka Eq. -
Loran * Kennedy. 4 -
; .. J. K. Moorhead *Co. i
1 4. Jas..P.Stnart, But.
“ RoberiGalaray,Esa:
" Ca. lat. May, j
McVay .
,". 1 4 , ma0 4 co:co:isV *
W 1
" ~..i tahlatilliMa.. - ._- 4. -. -;...--;. - ill!odsuKr
~....r. ~, •P r „ ~. - : 441111011#11,
.-1 5 .10Pefiligiakt tee* I'., -: , ,,,i•
1 0 1111 , AG ~ L, ,-; ,, ,,,, ..' ' ~ ..., 1 4 ,-, '" ~.- • - ...L. - - :1 , . ,, r, ~ ` s .r..t.f.t'ir:..' i . , ..,,,,'
'.. - --, : 4 ',,' .
_''' L - ' -,.,:::,•°' . , , -:,. 7 - -..- : .P`' , :..• - .:.".''''.-. --' ' ~, -.; -5,T
r_„ - . n;-4
SA ' • , • .
1101 1 i1 0 . 1 44 0 * 1119" Wits. Si
ty giatidao esse . oted.) Leavts Bawer"
' • Pit . A , 30'
sects al Beater. with /he
Pesswykorroin 420 Ohio Line
of Freight and Packet Canal sous batmen desver,ini
Clegeland Ohio, and Greenville, Pennsylvania. Leaves-
BealEtlf daily al il vent P. NI- This Use cosmos with
two 4, Gags on the reissyhrania canal to Philaide
phis, and with the New York and Ohio live of &hi
canal, and lies York and Ohio litre and Ohio
wiitt stoma freight and passage boat% brigs and
sehoosers,os the Lakes. The proprietors of ibis well
knows floc will be Prepared on the openitig of saviga i '
lion to rpo i to any of the internredi
ate porWisi tbt; *sylvan,* and Ohio, and Ohio ea-.
213114 to any port se Laht , Erie, ant the Upper Lakes"
and born New York City and Philadelphia.
MeCtore rF Dickey, Beaver. Pa,
Cabb Wormer it Co., CleVetilld, O,
Rees 4- Ta ylor„ Warren, 0.,
Tin Canal Boats of this Line are towed to and from
Pittsburgh direct, and the businms conducted tin the
mod prompt and economical system', Having a cOnnee
lion with the Pennsylvania Canal Lines to Philadel
phia and Ltratintore, and Steamboats running down the
Ohio river; also, through our Agents at Cleveland, with
"2. 111. Reed's Steamboats and several Lake Vessels, and
the Tray and Michigan and Surat° Lake bruit lines on
the Erie canal, we are prepared for the Icattsgortalklh
of Freight to and from all points on the canal, Opt lakes
and the River.' or the Raern cities, at pricesas !ow as
any other line.
Apply to G. M. Hanes, No. 55 Water st, or at Steam.
boat Michigan's Landing. Phistmrgh.
Clark. 4- Co. Beaver.
Hub:teed 4- Weatkerbee, Warren.
Wheeler 4. Cr. Akron:
Thaw Ricknisnd 4. co. Cleveland
J- B. Wick 4- Co., Greenville;
W. C. Maleo, Sharon,
it. W. CiMitingham. New Castle,
John Kirk, Younvuown,
John Campbell Newton Falls;
Osinpbell 4- Miner, Gampbeltstown;
Babcock at Mcßride, Ravenna;
C. 4- D. Rhode", Franklin;
B. A. MS,ler *Co.. Cuyahoga Falls;
Weil - swan 4- Whitehead, Massillon;
Gordon Williams. 4- co_ Detroit;
Rinne„ Davis k Co., Buffalo;
J. G. k A. GORDON,
No. 12 Water street
_ He will execattall kinds of writing with neat
nets and dispatch. awes in bankruptcyattended to cns
reasonable 'cram—Office in Smithfield street, at the
house of Mr. Thomas O'Neil. to whom he refers_
Cashier., seP /0 T. J. FOX ALDEN-
,- .. -- ~
- r- - `,.-- ,-. • -.-' , - ',..4 i 'r -- -- It t - - -..- •
. -,•,, ,-,;+,_
111 EM
1 13 4 2
/Azifit s ' l 4 1.1411. ll 'Ch g.
t 4 _t •
N 0.60 Water street, Pittsburgh
etrisaugGii it CLEVELAND
W. B. BOLES, Afairter.
RUNS daily (Sundays except ed) between PITTS.
BURGH 4- BEAVER. leaving Bearer at 871. M.
and Pittsburgh at 2 P. M. prsaid.4 vita Emuts's Alfa
ty Osard to prevent E:plorion of Boilers.
Tbissplendkl and fast running Steam Boat has just
peen cornple:ed expressly for this trade, and runs in
onnertion with
CLARKE 4- Co's Piitskitsork and Cierefand Lae of
Cfenefirsd. Ohio_
Or down the Ohio canal to aloa.ilon. 4e. and Erie Ex-
tension Line to Greenville
f.'.wing, Richmond, Williams 4. Co.,New York.
mitaiy . i3I. Career of Woodwtd Peewit
Street:, Pitrsin.rert, Ism on hand a complete as
wrtmeninf 6teretwware suited to the city or country
wade. Also . a rhoire selection of pore while and gold
or separate pieces to snit purchasers.
A rant of 46,60. or 84 piece sets. superbly painted
and eitt 6nellsh China Teaware, at very low prices.
Toy Teaware, plain, and rich painted and gilt, from
1,00 In 45,00 per net
Children's lines of ever y descri pl inn .
White Cbina_Shavine Mors.
Granite Dining al d Tea Serviem in while and with
splendid American scenery printed in blue and Ibiaelt.
A tame variety of Steamboat Dining and BreakfactStiP,
Imparted ilo.mateh. complete;
Fire Proof stone b2killg plates and dishes, from the
Derhystrire Potteries.
Mint and Gretn Clam. In all their varieties.
Window Glace, of every size.
Patent Rackets, Tnts and Keeler&
stone Pipe Heads, 4c. 4-c. 4 . c.
All of which are mvertintly offereAl 10 the pub.
lie on the most favorable t•-rms. inn 26, 1842—1 e
T.I—FOX ALDEN Attarraey end Counsellor at
• Loa. Offers his orofeAtorial cervices to (Be crt
iaerrs of Pittghorgh *ail hoier, for -a share of public pat-
DAVIT) CLARK. .I,p'4, ?ultimate Boot Maker.—
nag removed to Fo, 34 Market sweet; between
Second and Third greets, where he would be happy
to sec his old customers. and all cabers who feel dispos
ed to patronize him. Be uses nothing bat Prot rite
stock, and employs the best of wortmer and an he gives
his constant personal attention tobosinms- he • -
he will demure and receive a fair share of pausiMet.
sq. 10
A Bunker resperifitlly informs his friends and the .
public that they can always find the hart quality of. Ice
Comm. tosether with at: kinds of eonfeetiosary and
fruit s , in their season, at his evablistimest—No. 11,
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the short twice, with
cakes. or anything in his line- AL9O families forsiabed
with Bread. amp 10
JOHN B. GIIVEIRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
sion lifinchant. Xo.lo6.mrrsev of Wen 4. Fifth ,rls •
Plushy:Lig Hamlin been appointed Dm of the Auction
eers fot tie City of Pitsbursb. tenders disservices to job
bers. inanufacturess and deafen. *be gypsy dies
to make trial of ibis market- He is prepared to matt
advances on 'commitments of all saleable commodities.
and trusts to satisfy correspondents by quick ages, and
speedy land favorable yearns,
That the various interests arbieh rimy he confided to
him, shall be adequately protecteA,tte Ltd/Pp IA the and
of his own experience in laminas and acquaintance with
merchandise generally, the service; of Ny. Bascom
PAmterrocx heretofore advantageously known. an an rural thouvands of hapelegs and helpless term*. sem
importer and dealer to Hardware and Cutlery, with when the first phrecians bad prommamed theeelkeyontl
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.4 R. M. Riddle, } Pittsburgh ratethe biood.andtheir good efeets are settat eeßalet
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Jan. W. Brews 4 co. J or shock' the animal funetiona, best cesetteatiitir min
John H. Shows.* Co. and estahliab their health.
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Jetta B. IMAM. ' lIAMIC—The only plate is Pittsburgh mlterithe emit-
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QC Tv; • R 8 ; 184 g
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IL,: GOO , Osteivsbii ^loots
D has are vaiwty tveossiiimistet to' the modest of
the lad* as safe soil;:erg seemly it tesoovisig
those sasesplalatsbecariar to' their sex, from blast of ex
ereibe.oi geseraliiehility of the :Totem. They obviate
eostiveisess, sod coasteract all Bysserical ad Plesvoas
afortiosom These Pins have phial the saadtioa
abfolohotion of the moot esalaeot Plarslelass
awl pony Mottles*. For sale Wholesale sod
;flak lir
ep 70„ No. 2111. Wood Street.iseksis Seems”.
%VAL ADAIR, Bed and Ease - Miner, Laitaty 5r...,
irpresits tke Asart ef Sisitifiali si.. Pitisinuilt...—
~_ sidiasiber noting bored oat tbe alma at the late
llamas Ratlerty„ ibmaased, has exisseseed lad -
la the old stud of )Zr: R., and Is Mond to alleste
all ' Amtripilusw _ of work in nis I is ens bed si
awl as doe di:must notice. He kne cart:l4oas hy ad
a large ad li
ortmeal orates ndingsof all aeadriedlinlalllt
1 enbe lea ds quality. He solids the patronage pj pet
Sep ie inej
lie avid of tie. era& ' WM. ADAIR.
. ,
awl kits for Onrsktes at Easton" Prices.
The saiseriteis sostintiacture and keeps constantly cn
head Closeb,C and Sliptic Springs {warranted) Jamie*
Iron Axles, kreseranEl In plated Dash Frames. Brame
and plated flub Bands, Stomp Mem Palest Leather.
lset and4lntes lonaps. Time fold Irwin. Malleable
Iron, Doer r Bandies and Mmes. ac
fr;LET. -.A welt finished and cowtortabb. two wo.
ry hotter, to...ether with back banding% stable. eir -
afterimage, 4-v pornensie* • given twatediattly.
Thin property tspitnateibetow the Penitesabry. near
the residence alit. Ws. fiagniey. and Ina very-derivable
residence. For tents' ilielnire - of 3. K Moorhead, or the
eafacrfber. G. W, BAsimrs Union Factory.
hey 10--2 w
11TOTICt TO CIEDITORS.—Take Totted Ole I
KS have applied to the Judges of the Coati of Com
.on Pleas of Venattgeeounty. for the hearth of the laws
made !bribe relief of brootvent DebtOng nod that they
have appointed the fostib Monday of November fOr the
beating orate awl my fronton% al the Court Howe, in
the Borough of Frankiin---orbes and where you may at
tend, if you think prayer. and show enone.. if an, you
have. why I should not be dischareed.
yep 13-31 WILLIAM KEARyin„
SELLERS, M. D., office and dwagina Fourth
H D. H . mar Frrry sarem. app 13—ly
STOLEN, from the shop of the subscribes. to Third .
greet, row* time last week, a pair of f3heam, for
hair.cutting. They are nearly. or quite a footfore. and
very slim. It is sappoerd the thief gold them somewhere
in timely: t will pay the purchaser any reasonable prite
if be will bring them to me. N. JONES.
sep 13-31.
TION.—On Satorday,l7th instant. at 3 o'clock. P_.
U. 1 will tacit, by order ofthe Aminee. on the premises,
the &glowing described property. vi= A tot of Ground
...V feet front by alwmt 100 feet deep, with a s - obstantial
frame buibliny on it. n--e4l now as a machine shop. con
taining stood alent Entine and Gearinsa. 'Two Circular
Saws and. Drums, situate in Aftbeny City. between the
Canal. aid the Commons, and adjoining the Methodist
Church—formerly Attempted as a hooking gtass factory,
by T.
;>ll-.Hillier Co. Tertasat sate.
Rip 1 1-7/ 7. B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer.
11.00 " sad
f il ar mt. by . LEAF
ft G' O in 11.1)0 5In q
ses ! l3 No 12. Water street
CASSON , SRO , ' AND .RHELLIR Rrltr.sr or Oorri
luxes ittn Hm*nceiruT, 3t Septeirem 1842
9raSed ?rage)* ts will he on-rived at this Roseau until 3
slut deliveringinthe proporiknet, and at the places hem
in deltigtinted, the following numhet and description for
cannon. Shot and Shelts.for the Sav-al Service of the
United States, viz Thirty eight inch Paishan glens. of
about 63 cwt. each. Seventy thirty-two pounder guns of
cut.-and upwards, the precise we ght of each to he de
termined hereafter. Five hundred eight inch Idle*
Three bandied eight inch mud shot and Seven ihoasand
thirty-two ponndrr shot. Deticeralde as felfsot:
lOnteht in. Palshau Enos ) Deliverable at
200 eight in. shells I Packett's Bar
10(keieht in. solid shot ). bor. N- V., on
301hirty two pounder guns lor before the
2.50 thirty-two pounder slot J 15th May acct
10 eight in. Paizhan guns J Deliverable at
I.soeisht in. shells I Buffslo N. V.,
101111eisht in. solid shot }on or before
2.sthirty two pounder runs 1 the 11.5111 May
2.3DOthirty-two pounder shot 1 neat.
'Weight in. Paizhan guns 1 Detiverabge at
15Meisht in. shells I Erie Penna.
100 eisht in .solid shot. son or before
4 20. t hirt v-two pounder eat ns I the 15th May
tOOO Hair ty two pounder shot J neat.
The proposals must state distinctly the rate per ton (of
twenty-two hundred and forty pounds). for the coos, anti
the rate per pound for the shot and shells, deliverable as
aboye,allto he subject to.and undereo such proof and In
spection-se this Bureau may deem" proper in authorise;
and near will he paid for that shall net pact mai in.
spectiou as may be entirely scatisfitainy.
!kinds. with twn approved sureties, will be required in
onethird theentisnated amount of theensteact. and tea
iVthe amend of all hills wilt le relined as
era) security for the faithful performance thereof.
• totale paid only on the ratbfactoryeaseptetion of
mmeract; and ninety per rentum or sit deliveries will
• itithloa biTliforoperly . authenticated. toteerdirm to the
tirtoltittotr °fate footraa, within thirty days atlu their
redeotatitto to the Nave Agent..
Titeadrera mast retest what twenty the email/MT
mai deem pavement to be made.
Diaiileperthe rens lON ihe furnished from this Ba
then run he east and finished to maims to
serf msPiot.
fifo bit Mem. neural i< to be used, and the shot ant be
mein mod moulds. - rep 12
rPIIO THE WISE.-11 is now weft nederpoed bow
mantittligordels (aline mind depend Are their cure
ape,* dae attention totbe body. It is sow undeistood
how saleable is that medicine which will remove morbid
acemendatiosswithoni weakening the bodily poliWrz-lit
now andetstood that there is a reciprocal %anent: be.
tween the mind and the body. It *tans anderaltild that
parsing with the Brandreth Pins wilt remove ai mean
cimity. and even insanity , is cured by perseveriawly win!
the*: It is now understood how wash domentiespai
newt depends ern Ib ItealLby condition ar the itivestfre
arsos- - -
1t is now of knoirn that the Brandrest rills have
1 Geo 10-
114 r AMBLE M AMMFACTOLV.--ratrietted re-
UNA- *MOWIy ar!lgit:urrisbiefrierris awl the raffle gee
erally„4hat he has eernineseal die Marie. basiherhat the
terser or rer*** l 4 ,2o ml7 as, where win lilecorstemly
oh hart& tomb morthemiehtet pieces. stesemests. add
att4 farrizumeis. table slabs for Cabilkt ware. awl every
agOielehmierLt Wet tit the herdt. mat intriastjtis
'met tote rettiare, sett lOreberses trill be' moderate_
Me - - fear fades hidirtee ihtteublic peihromem. sty W
Si. Clair st.. near'! e ‘liegbeity Bylaw
AWES Awl Polk_
Ages tar fittegistflt,
tritalo tArt. Itinft
f Z~~AM
Fir ;„, efishwir s aim brit! Piper is MgtRT of roes
nrninflubnerners bast., artangessitts to serge
litegleas iri"%talent lime
ry is so eine Souroal. Ihreambeiled to yoblieh>a daffy
papereritir the Mlle ef Deitrillereisig Ansi
The ICBMs: ailed of tire..possi" wilt he tie diesirhue
Una asd defers= of eye ptkiplafprisciples that have here
tofore bees astiataiontl by titg *law, is jbeir mire, live
pm, not their Asia ?Mitt will .tits be &TOW to the
htillnlotelrol tout Pieces of these dot:lrises.
Atibesgh, to Ponder.: the paper win be thoroughly
destociatic., yet the Minors inpe, hygivin an booest,
caodid Wary of ps.d.g Political wrests, Ferefts
sad nowlestie totelligence, and brief seeker of all sat
tertaii4oanarintseis that risme Property aria kW the =arm
44411 bar, biingfal. to ea* their part ralheically is
mein to talkie It ts tostraaste of the Wine. it
remedies of party cootitiess.
pirlitins to the sentient Srd ;vital sews that will
be thee{ /1 the "ilforaiin rut.* the Edison Will tate
ragas to famish the tralisses ememenity with
tig *en and, exist, hitereetipg tneuireirina lerstat
sniper. from all psrtsof the coastry; and to Are prepa
res soch accolade of the Markets aad the **eat Trade
as will be advantageous to out Merebaats and Bas/sets
Mee in their several galling*.
Tressfi.—Tbe rear wilt be pnbliaisell ea a large imperi
al sheet of fine wet:, (ssawsfadarea especially for Ibis
Joarwtt) at the asasslatly iow rate of FIVE Dou„atas
per asaaat.payabie is .2.4yatee. It will at be said by
news-boys at the low rawer TWO CENTS a copy.
Adrertisesseats will he inserted at the lostat rate;
charged by the other daily papers of the city.
Cp-TWENTY active Lads are wasted to sell the Post,
who will b eigaged ou the most liberal terms
Aar 31. 1841
i•C /I
i.`" i I IL
‘ l l.-1 SOUTH STREET, NMI" XORILf. •JillenrYirrkiard
Lie erposi C-MlSreial ili* E Wee t kr. --
TheSutresiber would resperafally orb Permas
.esiding in this eOttalrf Of are desirous for sesdlof (0 !
thrir friends to come ant front the old country. that he
rOntintleil as stint to taste en s gementa by which pas
sengers are hreeebt 0111 , 00 very esuderate_tersis„ In Pint.
salliagfroas Liverpool weekly. and would
05FOre pereoo3 detail:MS Or coining trf - the above Line.
that asagents of first respectaidditp;arte engaged at Li
verpool, there will be ao deteatiPa whatever at that
He is also prepared at 21f - times so furnish Sight !hafts
for auyamount to mint in melamine, paswitgeis for the
voyage, payable throughout the United Kingdom, ard in
case the parties agreed foe should dec:ine coming out, the
naivete money shall be refunded without !Suction.
For farther particulars apply it by triter to
No. 61. South street. New York.
s '
At the Warehouse f Dasim . ..4" Fuming,
N 0.24 Water street, Pittshorgb. Pa.
BY AUCTION. Wilt be sold by Tuttlic Auction,
without reserve. for cash. to dose the contra. at the
Hall of the Marlborough Chapel, in Boston. on Tuesday.
the fount day of October nest, econmeseingat nine of
the clock in the forenoon.
AA the property of the Coiled Rates Land Company
consist ism of about
140.000 Acres of rood and well watered Famine and
Grasin• and very valuable Timber T.and, tying In leffer,
son, McKean and Cleartieed counties. in the State of
rill of which there is abundance of
Coal. the y
And of Claims against wan:my
lying in said commies. t hat are cortsidrned good.
And or Stock and Tools on a recut in the township
of Bradford. in the calmly of McKean, in said State of
rilp land will be smells hits to suit purchasers, con.
taming from about 120 to WV arm.-
Further ptrtietttars will be made known at the salroter
on inquiry of the sob... 'tribes. at No. 12 Long Wharf—
of reihers and Baldwin. Merchants' Row in Bossoo—or
of either of the Trusteesof the said United s,stes Land
Company. D. R GRIGGS.
President of the United Rates Land Co.
Boston, August 20.1890. !Sep 10)
By Morrison it Co. taildnlt. for pie only he S. N.
Wickersham, comes of Wor4 street aod Virgin
alley Pinsborah Pa. and H. If arwood, Beaver Pa. who
is !ailment for Wemene Penns!, frania. Dm 10
FARS' FOR SA Lit.—The andersi,t, ed for sale a
trap of land shoaled 4 mile: from Freepon, is the
direction of Kittanning. Raffato "township, Arantrone
county. containing 100 aeres:6s cleared and ender good
fence: 10 of whicn are In steadeser— a rood wprtre log
dwelling honse and cabin barn everted tbereon--an apple
orcbstd of $0 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient toile housee.
FOR TERMS apply to the pakseritters residinz ?alba
Satturorks on the Pennsylvania Canal, l ecle above Free-
sett 10
DL. J. WESTON'S iiimmatilliflaxpertnrant Syrup,an
MAAS* mirefor , whooping cough. This disease
is mostly 00 le- children, and is attended with a
soffocating mingiS,4itti dequiltriti sated. calissi a whoop;
it tomes on witifidiffienit breiathing. thirst. hoarseness and
roue". with difficult egpectoration. The violent exer
tions in crumbing Moat the face, which turns porpie,and
the eyes swell and become promistent.
Consurrn tion often dates its origin from this disiww,
which has hithertoissalled the mill pf the most aide phy
ociaus. but now by this tamp[_ vegetable ureslichne this
die rendre and frequently destrucitve disorder can be mi
red in a few days. Thousands have riven 41 a trial and
in no =we where used accordingirb the direr:llea has it
faitmd. P. - twerung the viscid matter and making it easily
expectorated within such violent straining as is invaria
bly experienced by littiesufferers by every mode of treat
ment that has Kees recommended.
Coughs. eoida.irensampaboo. Wham TPA h Dr
Weston's Indian Coat* Medici He, 02 or avow ofeorsocop•
Lions. some to ;tootle:mead stager aed tiles ap - as Weirs,
bie by pbysiela os.base bora cooed ty 'Ude medicine with
hie pills mid pbaler. $1 tad* bottles. amain 50 CU. Nil.
35 ends. plaster 25 His Strengthmine nagger io I
best in the world for speak bac 3 / 4 3,paie in3i irde. tte, *r.
Jr. 3. Weds: Ws Dye Water cores ail disorders of the
eyes, when all etlasrAptans fait- Peep 25 mum iris Coro.
ale Is old at 11: r eis. per box, colatalebte enough to
care rani* or Re has aka a perfectly =tie and
trL.ftly trataahle undid= for Wabata--rke 2s Feats per
tante. -
Pia Emmet are ow woo' r to ail othereArias al least 6
limes the teemniairy tar ma le parehareha any of
the Iropshati. faeleart papPleapiar-epearador, elatutoroa.
lessen ,oraare, lavewiler. dare*. Atimet adamed„ berm,
anototeratary, eturalwari 4-e; ite; . Price 121 teats per
battbroir, aleislier -ease eikeezintw 4 bower. or
forbales c4aAai!llsig4 betties.
fltrolate Joins 11141 grocery 153 Laiseity
door aep 10
ir,J 8.
heitehirs2o.llolttet oteisity. ilttt boo retunr
tit the city. _Be boos to rheretbe of his
former *lrons tad the whale gegienktir ameillik a
Matrat oft pttrtioo of their patrol-age. fe Attstetrios
Jim trotitittiterge.that theoperarlot of Lttlettrity. (or
breaking thestose hi the blotter as& anemias kb* pro
of *Mt the mice,) is ewer, vitae eellainalahe the deep
est littetalt. He lopes tee Mead tbeimeitt ofthiohnutrit
o rbit professios to she *Mae& Striettrett. tlisees s of
noe Biltater red Orbit* ottrihisilttitbitow,--
iskeerire mattes attest itto. _
Thom free & detaute ortdtieti farther infurtettitto
witt 'apittjtiteciphAtly or lirr loner. er ea* he
aectototottpred rthitAmettior s ,it ft wilted -parr *Otte -
aloaa Thinfi n titty mai LThltitkertk. ' 'Ph iIY"
1 11 41 1 *"""4 11 •
114m . :1_!0: i .(.1. - "'''''''
Inform flit ear
THE - zarirmaaigir„
The Eliiiiilliticiallo4
Asew days after myireileterivid irvin4t ,
leaps Lane, the Ica ,
"eller my*homy ,
was 0 1 6 'ed Pe the subjectof 43"04 y
eireuaistanee related to ate by Mr. §iie,oeie
consul-general ilavisgbad rtaTO*ll),*ei
thieve that one of his servants . was a„jhOf t ;
( from the fact of. several artie4 of property:, ;
having been stiolen from his - house, toor t ...
l iti c Of celebrated Illugheebeemagicsalf:
vipw of intimidating them, add -
die guilty one (if any one of them wereefil.
l ty) to confess his crime. The isegipte":
irstne, and said that he, nrindd A:wa4s.",
lact image of the person who hadAtiMmatetal
ithe thefts to appear to any youth not
vett at the age of puberty; and .desieed
master el the house to call in any boy
he might choose.: As several hoyi tom, ;
then employed fa a garden adjsceut..lo Apt
house, one of thew. was called fat mss r- y
pose. In site palm of this boys nettlland
the magician drew with a pen, a eertein-Ai;
agree', to the centre of - w ltich he ruteed...A
little ink. In this jnk, hidesirethie
steadfastly to look. Ile theb burned
incensefitud . several hi teof
wi.h charms; and at .the same time: co :fled,
ir# various ejects to appear to the 14:44:
The boy declared _ that Ite saw all these
jeer;, :and Last of all the image ofpesth
person; 'he disscribed Idiataturi. coast-
nance, and dress; said that heltnewtici,and
directly tan , down into the garden and
pretended one of the laborers, who **it
brought before the mas'er,
leased that he was rile thief
•The strips et paper Ara*lalwfro,,...,. ll Ml,,
certain form 4 of each el -4 , 1 - inr.
show' and 'Tut y.,ositoon4'
were the names of two genii, his familiar'
spirits. I compared the eldpiesi (says.l4:
Lane) with the originalheand found
they exaiil agreed. - Ttieurol t ***,
sTutstioon! Tarytrishoon! Coma down'
Con:e down! Be present! Whither an: gone
the poince and his troops? Whers are tt,4blunat
the prince and his troops? Be in_
ye s.rvants of these names! And t.bp .is Aks
, a!if
And we have removed frolu thee
thy 'reit. and thy sight. to-day
:s piercing. Correct, correct!' -
"The boy en the presetit. was'
brought in toy 'Mr. - Lane's desireatem '
arpoog a parcel of boys in the urea, Tr
turning from a manufactory, and theref - .
no previous communion with the
gus. The preparations heiag - maderivilits -
all the accompanying mummery, zed- aft*
uttering indistinctly a few we .be Yuen
asked him (the boy) if he saa'*trf.; —
a minute after, the
seeming much frightened, *dl i r , ; ,
man sweeping the ground.' '''When:
has done sweeping,' said the,- - ssultic*C
'tell me.' Presently therboyiaik‘heinni .- -
done.' TheslailicirnrAired -*grin interL ,
rupted his muttering - W*4bn 'b,ry if lin'
knew what a beyrirek Tor .flag) . waist and
being answered 'yes,' desired hire to say
'Bring a flag.' The boy daso. and
said •He has brought a flag'
is itt asked the magician; ti
`Rea.' He was told to call
whirl he did, and soon aft,
ha ,
a W 4
th 4
that` die -
isou. _ msgician -
put the fourth r ot the little ships of papal'
into tike uluiung-4ish, and sohn after As; -
did the some with the filth. -14 e tusittiod4v- 4
Tell some of the people tabling s likW ; f:
The twygavil the order tegeited, ratti:WCW - ;
'1 see a hull; it is red; four men arW
ging it along and three aretig,
was told to de - tre them - tir WI it, 140404
It up, and to pat fl a Meatlittli,* - ... CAVitti
and conk it. - - *l&k:Sy7.3
He did be •
cted -
these opeiatintfk' reedy
before his the aoldietti.
"a "i
d-me and are ssiiii4 -7 -3/
magician then tOlibifilia - =
Stan; and
said. see
on a bay tuir.str,
high redcap; he 4;
141* tin i-4.1-
ig n a lor
tint' (its
_ js,
lag was de -I.looa
How many' nib
- .Sfirten,' au
. was going on
iul sad IWO of
'Peate!iii added.
Le the eyes. - -
bed die :wen
ie 'Fatile*:ol,
ent, 4 1 3 41-
:tee pitchisiC:
y hvretito
4.e1l their camp
n; The toy .
soldiers, 'with
iedatair WOW
that the sager.
Aka; and Marino