Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, October 01, 1842, Image 1

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    .iovidwil with the Sate, Ctrog
lioed with a 'figure octtie apia
are oat deceive& by
at ing, their boats to be pro i nd o
when they are rot tr/Serwrl
°Howley is a list of bozos
d at the Port of Pittsbeteb—a
fhe tan have the bewared
1t45 itspoisible f or age=
%RA, _
..JEWIDiks -
Ni A,
i Ihtj!..Z.i. 3lr,tll4TE
N . A,` • TT, s 42 1301G1
( PARK, OH 10, .:
vet ing - communily ate rennet
choice of a beat,ie
%% ' , ether a would not he nil
'ay to thoni , e a Safety Card
freight, in preference to ~
xplcsion—.ad that ;bey wi
Invention has the unquatiflol
"I engine huilders—gentlentet
iters , tand the stit,lert, and %slat
i. —besides a number of rerii.•••••
r, en and others--all of whirl' •
No 10. Water street, wbere it
•• al ail times to eabittit my
lake the trouble to call_
: WA REIIOUSE.—Ifaiina Cr.
oof2 , turern.Steuhenville,Oldo.`.
.oakinn known to the public
'.apex trafitiouPe in rillsiiaqh,
doors solotti. of Fifth et..
r; ac here they will keep roost
I y of pa per, cooF-istine, of yr',
lea and wail paper, and
• ,:board,
Frlloll with Wltieli they Will k
t, ,r a,l scivaul books.
ens ive .2ssorl went of ';
t. ~; i e 561 d low for cash, or
~ ,act.-=-, ' a ,o {oetu at Sievicari#l,
r.,.!-Imr u h, 11. K. Reyookts. 'fa , a
.;oatoy of pc r. Ise •
Reynohh= is folly enipovieteilieb •
. • in the management of their
SE E . / 1 W-IXTE-13. — WaOlti
0 r , znotiF. a quantity of Fax ati
klrals of Ctusaltry Produce -
~t t•crnis , al A 'IRIS'S lateir—
f Coo 111 io n Wareham,
11,1P.T. c Ol. Mil , BOn Jikrekelat
. and .9r n criran Mairitraarw,
'I R TO-40,
E-q.. rAlsburgh
Haf?. _
C ,)inn of
1). 1 , 31 - 1.,
Hanna. 4/
n 4- Co.
•,CoodbuurnC, Madiroa
, nn which I live. in Wilkio
coloairlic_ one bandied r '
71! arrps of which is cleared.
i. . There are upon it tht
01:3 feet by 34; an apple orcha
~, venly acres of coal. The
I hat of any upland farm is
s. newel on - apyilleal inn to tier ,
LIAM C. WALL. Pica tsar
Piourc Frame ifirsiif
I'ittsborgiL—C3o42.9.3 B
always on band- 1 . 00
(mated lo order. Repairiag
• ~ ILar attention paid 10 Mildina
tin: up Steam 13021 A or bowel
V2Ttla:Plo , •
TE LEA.ll.—Tbe satmcriLenzi
in fo,iiish minters. sod other;
e Willie Lead made of the bem
••i 1, if not superior to may OEO
• addressed to flaaolap - •
n. 111.1 Second street, Pittabordtt•
Es rAsHioNABLE, silos
, •-i , SL. one doorframe DigiSfigotof
h•scriber m - pecltally - littoral
and vicinity that he bli s
She: re
bis own manufactam la
he. wall keep constantly ou ba •
• ' ail kinds of ladies, nii.coeS , 2 011 _ .
oflike ikcst quality. 'which a
the titr.es. He will also
-A- fancy work—sorb' as '011 1 . 1116 ,
-. colored gaiters, sod liel0 11 0 6 : .,
eastern. silk callers;lte;s"
made al the Eshortest nositergad
will please ealtaod eV'
üb-....criber feels ronfident tha,
• ,cle in Itis line they tuay 1.
watt . •
Don't forget the plate—. l s* -10 •
01:11 Harris's I uteiligeorre
kl at ket Street.
ILL 1 SI GBY baying Ar
final nest ofthoar4 flortror."."
v street and 42 Market etree 4
to the putneroas friends tad.__.
1.4 the very liberal aaltroalt r" iit
ari to Wan. in connection °I D. 7.40 .
0 apure them that e.irer9 elgit
; , f . Malin/ration of the saute
a 'lv iayile their atteation Sti
w.f....which he ialleftitiPClUK
as been ever offered, beton 4 "
Dle of the stork of tie Nttertri"-
aril-as her intends to roeinte • '
hugging, he feels isoadorm i 11111
f'shia.abek. either II ebotiV elli4
se to take notieetbat elferl
- in Pittsburgb
MUST. 111011110 W" ino'
a• Shea Iran Warft._
awl Aleriret Streflor4W4ll
bee aR the
.40 0
*IA :MI --ror'l4
L_NO 19.
& W. Ff. SMITH,
VC poLLAHS a year, payable
' c rtes TWO CENT :?,--for Fale at the
a, and 0 News Boys_
ry and Manufacturer
al the .11IDE office, on a doable
TACO DoLLAniz a year. is ad.
opie.- FIN (-CNTS
I fo of Advertising.
OF TW NNE 1.1.5F.5 O 1 LESS:.
0.50 , One noriTtl. t 5.
(~, Two mow?. 6.00
IMO , Therenron,hr., 7.00
1.:,0 1 Four mr,,,,11:, R.Oll
3,00 51•1 month'', 10.00
4.00 , One var. 15,00
"GEL C.I.E AT Pt )(AFT'? E.
Tr . SfaCrti.
t;ir months, !13,00
One P'n r.
rs Third hel rmee Market and Wood
d)r. rO. l IMS,er
4th door from Wood Ft. Peter
.or Joan IV Mock, Collector.
T . Woad In-tween Fir-t and Second
R 2 rt,ain, Trf-aszirer
rT. Ttord street, next door to the
n Chnrcli—S. R. Johnston,TreaPorer.
Fourth, letween Market a nd W ood
r y. Manor.
Food h. near Mark 4!_
n Market and Wood greets, :on
. . .
fit,rr ,TrillETS: •ND F•RlCgitle - DZ.
!v Sr,;, Fund., Fourth. letwtefl
.t ".•.• near IV ood
1101 FA,'
ree l nearl he Bridge
k r, of rern and Si CIA,
,prot, of 71,r11 anti
r 0,,, T h ,rd a rtfl Scull Wield
„ r z, op,,,,,elVacnc
..1, • '
Ii S nines=ne Canal
0011 , ;.. ATTORNEY AN D
LOR .1T L 1 R._
r. otit roPars ie Jr,ht, P. Mahn
nt , 1C
L!OTT. M. D.— r , ”orrd 1p
re. te'r!,i7 f'rs Crel L,Lcrru Si,-,
p 10
Vac rt
in rt.: . NI d I
tnrn fir
11, • plO
& :111 1.141 P,. A , torneys3 and
g InantonA. Wick
_ A41 , - rrnan; otraee norih
s• . Wnod and Smithfield
FCSI 1(1
ITT. v; .e G or,r P. ert if, ing
d .rt PT roA tire and Pitt Ffitt
211 Lib crt 157reff , Pitt,
Fer l 10
t[1.....T1 •n+., and
1; •ed :111,Cr, N
Fcp 10
,f 111 111,tnn , i,
R 1A •••• at
,rl{o. iki: I ,f;ir4
n , rl:o:y
17 NG Fti r 14E Ure
r of If a 1,,! -I k E‘rt rr r. A f:r
purrl.a, n 01 find it ;0
uualei an t i wore.
_p\. —I c: , : rrvrred 160 rlitrif.! 11.1
rwrri arni (or rf,,p by d o
IS Vl(' H E
No ?. Filth
- vt
t4I V 770 r' t,l t,lf IPI 11 , 3 of Tern in
ne 10!\':,f ti LE n - , En nEn - Es ai tile
of F SNovi - AIEN,
0. 1".4 I '.O-, hcad VI Wood.
SET 11,..w 'id Shoe Ikhantifario-
FoUrU, S . . r,r. , door to 4.11.-17. vales
I iCI 14411, la de ;o
our by !LP os!,reyt Freoefi pattern*.
IGLUS. in tot! to Suit
hasTrF: to be cti.pnA•d of by
184 Liberty ,treet. hand of Wood
. Flowers , and Flower Seeds or ey
aL tan alwayil be had at the ;Hu ;
1a.4 Liberty street. head of Wood.
Annual Mammoth Onion seed, for
rug and Seed Elute of
IR4 Liberty F-trert, head of Wood.
st rereived by
No. 1 1. Libel-1y brad of Wood st
, rark:w.: ttrr, fi rwg. nrY
rc r rU , 1111:1 SOPS r 5, rte., irtISI re-
. head of Wood.
Jfl received a small Amp
ets on retail
tz . zA AC II R IS. Al;ent,
and Corn. Mocha,,(
S,lll[. Orchard Grass and
eGraiF. always on hand 2nd for
lat.ny "reel, head of Wood.
Att ar
•e ca La*. office
Lw,atuuna, -Attorney's/Law,"
ree/ • kinteri r.:rket and Wood
aep 10
LA NKS. for p ro ce*dingx is AC_
the late lava, for
sale at This Otte.
Is on the North Enst (*met of Coal
street. Apply to
V2rket., near 4th EL
'eth's French t r agar Bpd Ede4.inan
1 4 for sate as the DM.' and seed
184 Lnesty et red, head of Wood.
_heretofore eriectio. metweeli Mir
NJ tin Si HOPEWELL is thia day
Wi laaseerby is axtbetieei i
the hr ia sauliaeop the hatiness •
R. 4•. ' . •
:. .•
..-.... •., -
5 . -. . .
. : .A.
~-.- .- )
. .
. . • .•. .. . . . .• . •..... : - - ~
rkR. EatEllignir,lloollBT, ooze is Suitl.
.fiel4 MIMI! &and ni Thiri
rep 10
JOFINSTON,4 STOCKTON * llters. Prinleys and
Pg.per ilanodwinrers, We. 27. Itlarket st. sep 10-1 y
JOBS ANDMESMN, Smithfield Foundry. Water
•l near the Monongahela eel 10-7!
LSOrtiARD S. JOHN'S. Aitterman,ELClair sired, so
wed door from Liberty. sep 10—ly
DS. s. R. ROLM RS, Office ht Second street, next door
to yulvany ¢ Co7s Glass Warehouse sep 19-1 y
FINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Foorthrs., ,
near the Mayor's (Mee, Pntsbn sep 10-ly
TBOZ AhliLTON.Altorney at Law. Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield taa—Piustotrati. imp i 0-4 y
"RUG H TONER. Attorney at Law. North Eatrorner
of Smithfield and Fourth sure e. eap 10-19
HANNA TI7RNBUT,L7B Paper Warebnene_, No.
104. Wood it., wham aray be bad a general supple
of "tent "VP.l.g.privithag.-wall paw, blank book!.
school boota;d-e, ire. rep 10—ly
C. TOWN..4END d- CO., Wire Workers Glut
R. -Vas arfact arers, No. 23 .11arket street. between 2.d
and 34 striee. sep 10--ly
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
gtieClß, by . bie.MBBIN ¢ SMITI3.
Fell 10-1 y
IG 311 ET AL —77 lons soli Pis Metal for sale by
J. G 4- A . GARD
sep 13 No. 12 Water street
LBS. B %CON DAMS. 16.000 Bs. Baton
1000 Shoulders, for 'e by
J. G. k A. GORDON.
s•r , 13 No. 12 Water street,
rAs. PATTE 11 SOS. Jr.. 8 irmin7ham, near Piliglinreh,
it 12_, Mann fartitrer of Locks. Hine": and floOr; To
icietn. Falter. M itl and Thu her Screws"; Hoosen Screws for
totting minx, 4-e. Pep 10—Iv
TORN Are LOS K Tailnr and (Ini bier. Liber.y
F Ifeet, between Sixth ann Virgin alley, Soath side.
PI) In
W BCRBRIDGE 4- co.. wholcmie Grocers wed
•.1 Commission Merchants— Second street, betweesi
Wood and Smithfield sts.,Pittsburgi. 4. seplll . , I,t•
JC 4- • . GOIGDON. Comerie•-.4nn And FOrwarditiff
.P4,rrhar.t, Water st.,Pitts-borri, seri 10—lc
HA INS.--4 casi.s hams. a r.ood a rticle, received per S
ft corirair, and for safe by J. G. - A. GORDON.
geP 10 No. 12, Water street
L Q.I'GAC A- Mot. ‘Sizf..S..- , -4.0 Mods New Orlclns Su
ear; CO 1.1.1 s New Orleans Molasse._=; for sale by
sep 10 J. G. ¢ A. GORDON:
SUGAR. -7 prime N. 0. Sivnr, reeeided per S.
R Maine. and for sac by J. G. 4• A. GORDO:C.
sep 18 No. 12, Water stmet
n BACON CASKS .in order, on band and fc.r-le by
sep 10 J. G. 42- A. G 0 R DON. No. 12, , Vat si
-Q.I3GAR AND MOL hhds and 4 h` . 1.1 N. 0.
4,7 Pairar. 32 hhls N. 0. M rfT.eived per Sieambnat
Aiwport.T, and Cot =ale by J. G. 4- A. G 0 Di , N,
Sep 10 No. li . Water Greet
BBLr3. L.AI of 1.. for sate hi ,
sep 10 corner of 6th and Wood elf.
d3-ILIII f'A PETS Gerwarrtown Latnp Llac.k for gale
iFi• C. A. FA fiNESTOCK k
corner of (*.Oland Wood Flo.
LBS Prepared Chalk. for imie by
F , 'l , 10 cornrr of 2114 WClllti
SUGAR AND IMOLA SSES.--60 tifilds. N. 0. Saar,
35 Mots. do. ft.. 100 do. Plantation Molas.nes, ' for
sale by 1. G. k 4.608D0N,
sep 13 No. 13 Water street.
o be ozeil in Bankruptcy proceedings. printed on
zood p-+per,nnd i n the rum: approved by t be Court ,for ta le
otr,e, of the blercnry and Democrat. imp 10
M. r7BBARD, Lathes' fashionable hoot and
=hoe Ni nufacturer.No. 101. Third s.reet,belween
v rod and Sal it lifteld streets. Piushnirr,li cep 10
othol to the corner of Fourth
=lrro Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
01..1<ccre.11. seri 10
F OR n ENT___Th.edwening and lot containing 4
acre, in Allegheny" near the Bearer toad, tatcly
Mr. fr.:l , Dtte! chu rcli. Apply at the Ai enchants
M./..ulacurcts:' n 1;, ro W. H. D NV .
F." P 10 Casbier.
I_7 MAKER, No. 95, Market street. Pitt5f..,...,..tt
f..,...,..tt burgh, bet vreeii Fifth a nd Liberty garrets.
sep 10
supply of Landreth's Garden Seeds, always on
hand. and for ate at his age - nry, the Drugstore of
Pep 10 IS4 Liberty sl reel. head of Wood.
DR -DAVID WARD hat his office and rmidence
on Fourth Street, nearly south of the Court House.
second dtcelhne from HORS Street. He will faithfully attend
all calls pertaining to his profemion. !Slight callsstioold
made at the door above the hasecnent. nen 10
CMOV AL —Mail hew /ones, Barber and rtalr Dress
-111., er. has removed to Fourth street, opposite the May
ors office_ where he will he happy lo:wall upon permanent
or transientcustomers. Ae solicitsa share eltpuhlte ma
ser' 10
V U M. A. WARD, DENTIST, Penn st. three
• door below Irwin street. Boors of business, from
9 a, re., until 5 P. PS, Tiler which time he will attend
to no one except in moms of actual necessity- He
would further inform those who may think proper to
employ him,iliat he expects immediate payment, without
the necessity on his part of sending in bills- sep 10
1 OTIN IPPARLaND, Upiolaterer Asa Celina
/UP ...11-Ler, Third si. bawees Wood * Market 'trees,
r - petiful informs his friends and the pohlie that he is
prepared to execute all orders for Saar., Sideboards. Bu
reaus, Chairs, Tables.. Bedaeada, Stands, Hate and Spring
Mattranoe.. Curtains, Carpets. all ,Rwiti of Upholstering
Went. which he wilt warrant equal .0 any made is rho
city, and on reasonable terms. sep
110 Wort Street, Pittainerga.—it. A. Saustaan.
Auctioneer aael Conuntoion Sirrr_toon, i now prepared
to receiveaad sell all kinds ofiCoods and Illerthaadree,
at his large and, capacious looms. No. 110. .tiorth East
Corner of Wood and FiflLatreeisr.fittshureh.
Regotarsat&s of Dry Goods, Furniture. Groceries sad
often articles, on Mondays and .Thursday of each week.
Hardware, Cot tery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tuesday. Wednesday. aod 'Thursday -menhirs.
Books, ki.,effery Saturday waning.
Liberal advances wade on Gonstitments when wanted.
f illes , gri... Jobs D. Davis.
.. ftagaley* - tmilit, ' 1
‘• Dawson. Saint, 4 Cle.. I
~ F. Lorene * Co.. 1 •
-, J. W.. Butbridge 4 Os..
" Capt. James 111"Garget. rittsiourgh--
>, . C. Thomsen, Em. t '
.. Joan .31."faddep En.,
Lallneit Fetglial- 4 ' -
... J. if." Mellrheait4lC4t. .; ilw 1!.
S. Jas. - P.. Vitmit, 5p41, . i, , i .
, L. iloirui 1 014orablisi. . ~ i , I
, . Copt. 9., MAI% . - - I I. i - 4t- •." •
"' - igrArar. l *".2.4.v•- .., ,J , - , -- --1, - =
Y. , Ifintityp o us t , -. 5- .. - ~., Mithwielim
geita...7. CL• • --' ''''.--.
- - .j.•',..- "1. , 7.` ; - . - _ , '-',...... - .'Flq:',.. ' :''' ,4',,,.•4
It 4 2,1,
Papaw:A : 4a Beaver Picket:
s4eami.gt '
s.turz alk . 1311,111PRLU, Mester,
HAS equaarealamllievinular a, will nia
ty (Sundays exceoteit) leave= Beaver al so'
clock A.W. leaves Pitisbargb at 3 a'clorlt 1 1- cow
sees at ' _ -
- Pennsylvania and Ohio " Line
°r i p la sod Packet - C.lv le
! cialkliet : ' itiiher. and
C mil Ohio, and Creehietile, Penny ise. Leaves
Rimier daily at 6 o'clock P. N. Thigh titaness with
two d.illy lines on the Penstrvirrania can* to Plifladel.
phia, and with toeffew York and Ohio bacon tbe Erie
canal, and New York and Obio line and Ohio canal,Ol
- with strm freleht and passage' boats,
.brigs and
ihoosiers,on the Lakes. Tbe. proprietors of this well
known line wilt be prepared on the ,opening of nastra
lion .to tran.port tnerchandize to any of Ihe interinedi.
ale ports on the Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Ohiniea.,
naafi, to any port on Lake Erie, and tie fipper Lalres3o
and front New York City and Philadelphia.
- McClure 4- Dickey. Eerier, Pa,
- Cobh Wormer k CO., Cleveland, 0.,
Rees 4- Taylor. Warren, 0.,
JAWVa. , " A. VEAZY. Agent,
N 0.60 Water, street, Phial,tam+
W - 71talt
W. B. Bolts, .Master.
RUNS daily (Stindar s excepted,) between PITTS.
BURGH ¢ BEAVER. learint Bearer at 8 A. M.
and ritisirareb at 2 P. M. provided with Evoiss's Safe
ty Guard to prevent Etplosion of Boilers.
This splendid and ra-A • ranui az Steam Bort filmiest
neen crimple; ed expressly for this trade, and tuns in
onnerlion with
CLARKE 4- Co's Pittsburri cad ,Cierie/aatt Live of
Clevelsrad. Ohio_
Or down the Ohio canal to Idas=iton, ¢e. and Erie Ex_
tension Line to Greeniiite
The Canal Floats of this Line are ,towed to and from
Pittsburgh direct, and the hetsinm•s conducted 1-Fl the
mo-t prompt and economical systeir. Having a connec
tion with the Peuhsylvania Canal Lines to Philade!•
phia and Baltimore, and Steamboats running eown the
Ohio river:3lSO, ihrourtt oar Agentsat Cleveland, with
C. M. Reed's Steamboats amine+ , oral Lake Vessels, and
the Troy and Michigan and !filtrate Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal, we are prepared fa, Ilse traospotratio.n
of r,i s tit to and from all points on Ih= canal,t ie. takes
and the Riv.: r, or the Eastern cilies.at prices ZS' low as
any other Hike.
A ll oy to O. JLL.Elitrion, No. 55 Water Ft, or at &Cant.
RIORE 'Richt:a — Ws Landing. Pittsburgh.
Clark, 4- co. Beaver.
Hubbard k Weatherbee, Warren.
Wheeler & Co. Akron:
Thomas Richmond d• Co. Cleveland
J. R. Wick 4- co.. Greenville;
W • C. Malen, Sharon,
E. W. Cun.tingltam. New Castle,
John K irk Youngstown;
John Camphttl Newton Falls-,
Campbell 4- miner. Campltellsiown;
Babcock & Mcßride, Ravenna;
C. 4- D. Rlio•les, Franklin;
H. A. Miller k Co.. Cityalto2a Palls;
Welleman 4- Whitehead, Massillon;
Gurdon Williams. r... Detroit:
K inne, Dark 4- co.. Buffalo;
Cowhen. Richmond, Witham= 4- Co.. New York.
oPp 10
mc BY—A - 0. 1 Corner of Wood trod FT (rat
E. I
• Streets, Pittshm-r,k, has on hand a complete as.
sortmentof Queen-o art- suited to the city or country
A! n. a choice se!ection of pore while and gold
hand DINING AND TEA WAR E. in N.rge or small sets,
or separate pie -r. to suit purchasers-
A cask of 46. 60. or 84 piece seta, superbly painted
and gill English C:dina Triivare.at very tow price:.
Toy Traware. plain, and rich painted and gilt, from
1.00 to 85,09 per set
Childrexie Stags of description.
While , China Shaving Maw
Crunite Dining a. d Tea Services, in while and with
splendid American scenery printed in .Idge and Hack.
A largewarirty of Steanitioat Dining and Breakfivt
imported to match. complete,
Fire Pronf stone baking plates tint( dishes, from the
Derhyshire Potieries.
Flint and Green Class, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of eery ize.
Patent Pockets, Tnhs and,Keeters.
:none Pipe Heath.. kr. kr. kr.
All of which are recperi folly offered I n the putt.
tit ort the tOOSI favorable turtnc. Jan 26,1842-1 r
TJ. FOX ALDEN Attorney and CoaalPellor at
• Lary_ ctllr r= hi profe i .sionaJ Cervices to the cit
izen• of Pht.litir2h and hope,. for a-share of public, pat
rona:e. ' He will execui: , all scindf Gr writing with neat
nenc and di.pateb. Ca.ee in bankruptcy attended to on
reagonable term , .-01fire in Smithfield =trees, at the
hon--4, of Mr. T horna. O'Neil. to whom he refer..
nep 70 T. rox. ALDEN-
DAVID CLARK, A g't, fias kip - male Boot Afaker,—
jj removed to No, 34 Market street, between
Second and Third streets, where he waled be happy
to see his old citgonters. and all others who- feel dispos_
ed to patronize him. Be uses nothing hnt fir rate
-.lock. and employs the hest of worknien; and as he gives
its coin‘natit personal attention to business. he trtist.tirat
hewin deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
A Honi;err e =peel fully 'nearing his friends. and the
puhlic that they ran always find +he beat quality of Ice
Creams. los/ether with at: kinds of: eon rectionare and
froity. in their season. at his, P.Slablkjigneat— 11.
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—Parlieg snpplied on the shortest 'twice. with
cakes. or anything in his line.- Also families furnished
with Bread. sup 10
TOILN B. GUTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
on Merchant, No. 106,corace of Weed 4. Fifa ate.
Pittsbarrk: Having been appointed one of the Anct,ion
eersfn, the City of Pitshargb. leaders his services to Joie
hers, Dirinafav firers and dealers. who may be disposed
to make trial of this market- He is prepared to make
advance; on isaninunmenis of all saleable commodities',
and trusts tot:ail:4y correspondents by quick Wm, and
speedy •rilnd favorable returns.
That the various interests orrhielt may he morlided to
hi., shall be adequately prot&-ted, he brings to . the aid
of hia own experience in lansineas and acquaintance with
merchandise general's', the wakes of Mr. fixtrrrs
Frams - rocs; heretofore advantageously known, as an
importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, with
wham a permanent enzmement is made.
!deists. M. Tiernan, Preet. of M. 4 M.
Darlington ¢ Peebles, : I
. Hobert Galway,
.A Jinxes Ai. Cooper.
James May,
C. M. Biddle, Pittsburgh
• Wm 'Robinson. Jr. ?met
of Exchange Bank.
• Hampton, SMith, 4- Co, ,
John D. Davis, : I
• Samuel Churrh,
• J. K.. Moorhead,
• Jas. W. Brown ! • )
• John H. Brown. it Co.
litaith it it matey.
st, hardly 4.ll,Ners,
as iohe S Maine,
.101111 batoeii.
nwif•J. CLEAVER. at 66 Malt stmt. .
New York. was affilefed -with I:4aperia hi u s R i ca
utrawasei - feta. WIW-43riaptaws game Wallow -read-'
attic. greet_ iieNiMl7. fete!. otelivelPttai Can*. %WU
Dare. gala hi Ibe cheat and iaomaeh always viler leaday.,
appetite. seataation of slaking at thealtimieli.
fartedtotwae r , same'. viMil ( OW" iimmisilliiktligrail*
PaWant a. ' night int teineaess. Thalielbad, vostimeirup,
ward or'a toielleokiOnt, eloweir!ittg
Afteglettalai Meet to bie *iv*
1"""Millin0 alireg!fie-WPit oft. U paitirt
stleti mace of t
r ille,WiallielMeatik
t ii t e , - A g g if f; I
"Aka*, `, sito. how satima.l
; I,lv
lIVEL GOODEM Ceteinsted Fenehe Pitts. Them
llns are sthonit teopfamended to the notice of
the ladles - as a site WIWI effrelent remedy in remavian
those complainis peculiar to their sex. train- want of ex-,
erene, or general debility of tbe system They obviate
onMlienommind eonaterari Rygerital and Nervous.
ea:ego* Terse Pinot bare gained : the sanction and
appsobation of the most eminent Pans in the Uni;
led arts, and amny Mothers. Pot side Wbolemle and
/1 41 41 1 -itY SELLERS, Agent.
l&. ADAM, She Xoder. /Ansi
../waits the Lewd /of Nttslistrrik
14ehtiasertber hawing, out the stock of the late
Tlionui - lialTerty,•deceased, has eameeneed business
in the Old :Maud of Mr; R., and is prepared to execute
all deralptions hf work in- his line, in the best spanner
and on the - shortest notine. He beeps cor starkly on hand
nine& assonment ofsboe findings of all deseriptiotia and
olithe hest quality. Be solicits the patrtmaee of the OW
tie and of the era& WM. ADAIR.
sap 10
vprrTssuncEr MANUFACTORY.—sprats
111 +bed AtzZes fir Carriage at . Easters J
The aebczibrra arainnfacture and keeps constantlybon
heed Coach,M and Mliptie Sprints - (warranied,) Juniata
Iron Aalfs, Silverand Bras plated Dash Frans, Brass
and plated Bab Bands. Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Waver kind Brans 'Lamps, Three fold Fteps, Malleable
fron, Door Bandtw and flings. e—kr
, JONES & ent.EMAN.
-- 1/RO - 10 Ft.Clatt sll— near e ille!heny
; ET.-A well finished and cornfortabi* iwoNo
rp hoary, totether with tort htividinen, statle, ear
rbeidhonse, 4-cr. rioes.siss'on _Even inunediatriv.
This ir boort v issituated below the Peohentiary, nrar
the reaidence of Mr. Wm. Batralee. and isa very desirable
resifts:ire.. For terrns inquire of 7. IC. Moorhead. or the
subscriber. G. W. BARNES Union Factory.
NoTien TO CREDITOR.—I'ahr Notice Iliad I
have applied to the huires of the Conrt of Com.
twin Eteas of Venango county, for the benefit of the law=
made for the relief of Insolvent Detente; and that they
have inioninted the fourth Monday of November far the
hearing of me and my rriditors, at the Conrt House, in
the &hough of Franklin—when and where rat 11/217 - 2 -
tend. if you think proper, and show cause, if any you
have. why I should not be discharged.
sett IS-31 WILLIAM XE 1 4 it Nit.
11:.SELLER.S. M. D.. office and dweiline. in Fourth
nPar Ferry StTPPt. sPpl3-1y
STOLEN.: from the shop of the sehsrribei . in Third
4 reet, sometime last week, a -*air of Shears. for
hair.culittug.. They are nearly. or (liaise a foot lour. and
very siim. It i= sappm.47 thiefsold Them somewhere
in the eit v: I will Inv the purchaser city re,deonalde mire
if be - wiii bring them tome. M. JONES
TION--On Saturday.l7lh instant , at 3 o'clock. P..
M. I xifl sett, he order of the Assignee, on the rwrmi-rs„
the fnl'owing described properly. viz A lot of Ground
32 feet front he ahont 100 feet deep, with a substantial
frame hullrling on it. used now Ns a machine shop. eon
taininn a ,t , oorl SI en. Entine and Gearings, Two Circular
Saws and Drams, Si . uwe in Allegheny City. between the
('anal and the Commons, and adjoining the Methodist
Church—formerly onenpied as a looking glass factory,
by T. k.fliPier 4- co_ Terms at sale.
pep 11-7 i J. B. CUTIIRIE, A tic! loneer.
100 DUDS. KT LEAF TOBACCO, in store and
for sale by J. G. 4- A GORDON.
seo 11 No 12, Witter st reeL
CANNON'. SHOT AND F-HELLS. —Fir - Rear or Oana
trastrE •III) UT DEOCRAPPIT. 3d Septeinbee, 1841
Seated Pronn:s will he rereived at thin rureau until 3
o'clock._ P. lit_ nc 1511 i (1 , - , nt.er nait. for furnishinz
and drlircrin_,in rb« ncriportion... and at the placea here
in draiannied, the rnllon enn - d,ar and description for
ransvan,Fdiot and Sbella.for the Kiva/ Serviee. or the
Strttea . , viz; Thirty e+,l,-ht in.)] Pnixban pinta. of
aboutf3 Oirt. each. Seventy thirty two Rounder runs of
dl ert. and wriaarde, the. preciaAweetti or each to he de.
terieA44,- ttorearter. - liondred eiert twit leiteffet
Three lrundred eiyht inch .ntirl shn , and izeren IN - mann('
thins - Iwo ronadrr snot. Deliverable a. follows:
10eiziti in. Falxhast gone - Deliverable at
201 pietit .... qi,ii. 1 Sackett's Dar
-100 nicht in: Witt shot • }hor, N. V., nn
20 thirty Vivo pounder puns lor before t he
. 1500 thirty-two pounder shot 1 15th May next
10 eicht, in. Paisiran runs 114diverable at
150 nicht in. shells I Buffalo N. V..
100 eight in. s olid shot on or before
2.; thirty two pounder sons 1 the 15th Bda7
IWthirty-two pounder shot 1 next.
10 eichtin.. Paichan cans 1 Deliverah'e at
150.14.03 t in- shells I Erie Penna.
]OO ei7la ir•.solid shot lnn or hpfn,
20 thirty-two nou nder !runs i the 15th Mar
2.04)0 Ohio two pounder shot next.
Thr,propctsaks must state distinctly the rote per ton (of
Immo e.t mn hundred and forty pounds). for Ihp eves. and
the rate -per potind for the shot and shell. deliverable as
ahove.allto be, snhket tn, and tindereo curb proof and in
spection...lm this Bureau may deem •prnper to authorize;
and none Will he paid for that shall not pan smith in.
spec! ion. as mar he entirely satisfactory.
Bonds. with two apProved sureties, will be-required in
one third the eglimaiedamonnt of the contract. and ten
ner remain of the amorist of all bills wilt be retained a.
rolfuteral Warily foi the faithful performance thrreof
which will he paid only on the sati&fartnry ramptetion of
the contract: and ninety per renttim of all deliveriew will
be nail on bill.properly anthentieated, arrnriithr: to the
prori , iong uf be contract • within thiri v dap; after their
p• e-v. r n let iilTl rot be Nary Are nt,
The ofrprs mn .s•age at what a:;ency the eontracter
may nes . ur pavment tn he made.
Drawinifof the limns will ne furnished from this Ba
rran, and Hwy mast 4* cast and Onisbed to confirm to
in every tespett.
No Wit:blast metal is 'tribe used, and the shot Mlll.l "be
eas=t in sand mould?. rep 12
TO TILE WlSE.—iris now well understood how
mach dMoreleru cretine mind depend for their cure
upon a due aitention to the body, It is now linderStOod .
bow satiable ls that medicine which wit' remove morbid
apcomutitions without weakening the bodily pow * er: it is
now understood that there is . a reciprocal influence be.
the mind and the body. ft is r now understood that
purging with the Braqdreth Pills trill reimove - n meta's
chertv,unci even insanity is cured by perseverin.lr using
them: It is now understood how math domenie happi
ness depends upon the heal; by eondil ion of the digestive
Swot tut
'Tit is now well known that the grandieltt Pitts helve'
tweed iltotmnds or hopeless. - and helpless persons, even
wisest the stst physicians had - Pritnowtred'thess beyond
an human weans or relief it is now not onty well
iSnown that the Brandreth Pills so csie.:*htit it is also un
Act - Stood how l hey cure; that it is by their purifying elect
wo ttte bloodtbet they restore the hOdy to health-
The nine-of t.kc medicine is irecomingmoreand more
manifest,it ie recommended daily froM family to
The Etrandrelb Pills remove in sta almost temerreptibte
manner all noxious accumalatiorm and purify and necks*,
rai e the idond,andiheir Maid erects are net corintertman
red by any inconvenienees; heing .croinonhed • entirely or..
rresmaidesthey do not lipase those who u than Air
dancer, and odreAects areas - tertith as they are salts:
Tarr: they are rially aid safety , admith.renid to infancy , .
youth. manhood, and old are. and to women in the MOM
critical and delicate circumstances. They do . not disturb
or-shock the animal funeiangtni Ann, teens* their order
and eetaidk.b they . -
&tidal Dr..*Braitrinities °One,' No- *Zg. - livsea street-
Vutsbunt4 prior, 2.5 44kplaveitimx,with full
iI _ .
. _
my .
". MARX:L-11i'. y place in Pittgborzb where the
int Pillg Can be obtained; la the Locior's ow - a ollfice. Tiro.
9S'SFaod slreei. pip 1O
_ .
1111141114.41;4HUYikirMityz—t.potekientioefida l e;
_eppckfotireeoouloheitisfrietels aodi.lboonblee
svelte; that He bits tostehtiesei the Matihte hoeleelwaLthe
Cftref OtAnb abdi tit r lefty gin-410S
oa bagd! 9 02 .104. OEM,1100016,4F.;: time
and redl stooes. table shatwfor cabiWet ware, ius4 #vcry
Wilde spot/Weisz to the tkosOess. He will 'eraiiato his
Toe* to beweAl eitme, sod :148,e4tr0 orlittibeEkoihmito
pioliaa* set 14
.afriAltdot-4„: - eaa
-Stembea"tievitead :Loa
O vi
_ltcrestris tater. - ny:
,tearWeod todemmidield, is prepared
MC= rirMi 17"11114,11-40.1he
Far *rah Dear Pl.ll ll ttli as Callt of Pitts
rg*„ to k asiirt.d us •
• DAILY 14011Mr1Ia POST
EESabeetibers letvuurnitele orranmenseles Merge
• • tle - Atmeriesin Manufacturer and, Pittsburgh Marra.
ry into out Jountal. hatrectimelembr to pahlirb a daily
paper wits) the title of the Daily *owing •
The brieliag rii.ject elf linattPcsir" wUI be the dissentina
aad,defence of the lioliitical.piiseipiettliglisre here-
Were' been maintained by the Edbora : in their respective
•papesni a 4A:heir IlseseedNiitliiiii -- iditimidatrotatta lie
adva and emmessef those doctrines. .. : •-!
• to polities : tie paper will tio thoroughly
democratic:. yet tie editors hope. bygiving as hoseet,
candid' history of passing Political events, Foreign
and Dames* ishilligetsce,indbrief notices of 'ail mat-
tem antwarreoces that taste property writ bia iheambeire
OfiPaldic mike - their MiPer sudiclent , y in
erruchsg. to7euktfrile Jiro patroasms of the petal:4lr '
respective of party considerations. :
In addition in the political and ;client news that Witt
be found is the .t.litserittg, Irsaa;" the gialerS Mill taste
pains to fartib the taidoesat . community . With
the latest and meet hsteresting COIENUM(2“;
asses from ail parts of the country, and to have prep
red such accounts of the Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous! to Amt Merchants and .13Mdarts1
Men in their several eitliegs.
Tercel.—The Pear wilt be published on a law tutperi
al Sheet of fine
_paper, (inanalketured especially for this
inured) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLAILS
per annom,payable in advance. It will also be sold by
newt boil; at the low rate of TWO CENTS a copy.
Adaestiatasteata wilt to inserted at "the lowest rates
charged by the caber daily papery of
.. the city.
ills-TWENTY actitne ladsareasaillist to sell - the Post.
who will be engaged on the most liberal term! • • -
Mime 31, tB4. W. E. SMITE. •
Liverpool Commercial Limey)" Peelers, !Who: Week/y.—
TbeSubscribeewortld respectfully inform _arch perr.ons
residing. in this country as are d es irons for vendlng for
heir friends to cove out 'from the aid count ry, that be
continues Ag Hausa to make engagements by which pas
sengers are bit:right out en very moderate term., in First
113 zs Ships, galling from Liverpool weekly, and would
I , FU re persons desirous of coming by the above Line,
that as agents of first reitpectahility are engaged at Li
verpool, there will Jbe no detention whatever at that
a Ino prepared ai all : timer no furnish Sight. Drafts
for any amount tonssist in preparing parnen•e,s for the
voya=. Payable throughout the United Kingdom. and in
cam the parties agreed for .should deciMe coming oat, the
palmate money rhatt be'refnadecr without reduction.
For farther particulars apply it by letter to
JOHN 111311D511 A
30.61. Soh vire. New York.
At Ihe WarPltenrit. f it PLENUM,
SEP 10 N 0.24 Water wee'. Plush:ln:h. Pa.
RV AUCTION—WiII be sold hy roldic Aartioo,
without re/terra, for Cie,. to dose the concern, at the
'tali of the Marlhorosigb Chapel, In &mon, an Tuesday.
the fonnl , day of October next, commencing at nine of
the clock in the forenoon.
All the property of itte United Staten Land Coltman:ly
con=4 in,T or about
140.000 Amts of good and well watered Parming and
Grazing and very ialsableTinsber Land, lying in infer.
MR, McKean and Clearfield counties. in the Slate of
Penib. - vivania.--.on.parta of which there in abandance of
Coill.Lime and Iron Ore, anti iiksim Mill seam;
And of Calor; sanliant tawdry penes' for land sold
tying in said connlien, that are eon
-Oipredertod. •
And f !Leek liand IWO" oat a Farm in the - township'
^r Itradfatd.Ao themoonty oftMeEtan, in said 13tattn .of
Pesnir'finada '
•Thr - iledihdilltlidandifiddlatron- sail anneltaneroeani
lainine from about Moto 5000 acre?.
Farther particulars witt be made known at The sale, or
on inquiry of the subreriber. at No. 12 Long Wbarr—
of Fishers and Baldwin, Merchants' Cow in Boston—or
ofrither of the Truste&.of the said. United Suite; Land
Company. D. R GRIGGS.
Preahlent of the United States Land Co:
Boston. August 30,1840_ . - ' lsen 10)-
BY Igor:Won a- Co. powdon, for sale only b? S. 14.
Wickersham, cosier of Wand street and Virgin
afier Pittsburgh Pa. and H. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Western Penns Icania. • sch 10
FARM FOR SA LR.—The undersigned nfftrs for PI if' a
tract of land situated 4 mile= tionsFreeMsll • la the
diretlion of Kittanning. Buffalo 'township. Armstrong
eon rty.rortainias 100 aeree.6s cleared and under good
fenne; 10 of whim are in meadow— A. good egnare log
hnuteand cabin tiara erected thereon—an apple
otehard of 30 bearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water enovenieni tothe hbuae.
FOB TERMS apply t.lies - ulte.cribers - mi.:idiot t ihe
Sattiorks on the Penoylvaoia Cana/, 1 tulle above Free
DC. WESTON'S %rem; table Expectorant Eynapr,aa
infullilde cure for witoordnii couch- This disease
it mostiv confined to chitdren, and is attended with a
ffocz ring cough s and a deep thrill sound, called a P/1110005
it comes on with difficult breathing. thirst, hoarseness and
rough. with difficult expectoration, The violent exer
tions in enaistaine bloat the fare, whieb tarns perple,aod
the eyes swell and berosee promdarirt.
cement/teflon often dates its origin from this disease,
which has hithertofiaMed the still pf the moat - aide phy
sicians. but now by this staple ,vereetNe medicine this
dirirerAng and liequently'destractrve disorder ran he an
ted inn Lew boys. Thouranda hare fOgnein dun trial 'and
in no case where used according to the direetion bas it
railed, Irosennigtbe viscid 'matter and tanking it easily
expectorated without ouch violent strain' ng as is invaria
bly experienced try little sufferers by every mode of treat
ment that has bretirecommeaded.
. -
Coughs:m.l4s, toonimption, asthma. *c: raimi by Dr.
Wemon's ndianCa ah bledi6ne manvcafesnfcoauntmp
tionl:,aaetaeleiit.eadvancedstaperacd given op a/Sinatra.
bte by plimiet . ann.have herb cared I.y thitimelicine with
big pill, and ;limner. $1 iargebotties, Fame 50 tit. Pitts
.5 teals. platter 2.'5 ele. a r b , 'Strengthening Piamer it the
in the world for weak hacks, pain in the dide: e.
Jr. J. Wm ton's Eye Wafer amen all dinordera of the
+eyes when all other means fail. Price 25 teats. His Con
Salve is mold at IN etc. per box, containing estoterti to
cure 20 Milli or more. He has alto a peribeetyaire and
biahtyvaluable medicine or wpnas,--priete 25 cents per
,Hi.Drences re parytriOr to off otheriAielovat kiwi 6
times the stren2th of soy tint can be purchased stamp of
1 be di 1 4= 4 . 18 ; Filch as PaPPeriaiat, vearagint.tianasse.
tetpoa.ozaaee,ta.eotier, doom.. feriett, allooot,
'prot,rasfrmary, cam-away. fir. 4.c. Price eelto per
'bottle, or 50 eta per moo .loolfzeioiog 4 toWeit. or 73 eft
1 pm -Loxes cordzioirre . 6 bottles.
?or sake at deekalisomiiiiistimnocery • 153 Libeity
nest door to the t•Tklee rigitotonier , Nl* 10
• -
DR; S. B or . art riti llßlTTs3, itespe
+Rat=h ltd tr y ely ht t t e ttal the t .
ed to the ehy. Be bogeaio, share the ettatitletweaf . Me
fimktrons and the patMe getiertqtyk and !Whitt a,
. ..,
fa portion of their patronage.' 'Tst" cosiiiient
be would otwerae. that - the hnenitharat - Litlitatity, (or
breaking t hes-tone In the teattaer aid 1 1 3 , 0 0 Wiag it le Pm
of the arioe,) is every where eammanitilla litedeeft
ertiatorept. 2 fle holies toirsteamit the bileiie efflitiraiiineh
lleglis P"Tiknil. /10 Ow airles94,, 'Ealicsitreivillapiers. air
the Mader atteiridnewblett nottehiiharty
WM hitearhe receive itheitinti; - • ' •' • ." —' -
;Thane trim a dinattee whatingglnslblei haitatatien
wilt apply personally orr,:thy twit% qw if ilifilit4 via he
aerodatell at Ms dwell aw.is a crtiree jetil or theei
ir 4Se Thus, ihecopei — i FIHOWILIit Uhertirtax. nep - fir
. , •
, _
ti0..141 pirovaltri,noi..ivipee
„op Attenditetait - - avallikater ia /Testa ma
aaikitaillai ciaiir likarbaftity suilbnewlkia
folo T
ApoterailOgillk*Wivta, . - •
v?"..';'.••• - . 4 ibe, Aor - Leil* ithied a la - te.)qad dame
Sidellat eigHer-3lliqii_4‘
' - -
M - 14M11 1 1WM
Pm* the ßeasmosanifa,-, ---
Wary Cl*y sat MA fix *Maki mr,l4lft,
A - pleasant-story in related of leilhemis.
nobleman, that be was lathe bahltniFisit.
- ' ,—.
ieg his wife every New-Year's day' 0
my dear, how old, will it please Irettletr ,
dyship to be this year?' Certain ryirs*
Whigs of Philadelphia, etho seem
read this ae.te =Ante. hare rereatlY.l.
to Lexington. Kentucky, tol.lft,
their thrice defeated canslidate - miittelo-k
Pples it will please him that the 'erhigligg-` ''''' '
ty shall Profess.'derieg the eiteniiik - 7Reia-: -
identiai campaign. And Mr. ClaYilatiment
them a civil answer, not too long Inuits
young whiga to commit to meinory,lW*
down for their guidance six preinte
litical doetriae, which he modestly.
sea to be 'the principle objects wbia
gags the common desire and the: ems
exertions of the whig parte to bringtaim*, 4
lathe government of the United - - . 4, 4teiL,‘
The tatter may be read et liaget 16414
curious' in the Feens3lvintia , Ingniree.or
this. mousing, (Sept. -23 d,- the editor it
which_ diurnal, in introducing it to his MM..
dexs, pays his own party a most left bit
ded compliment. He says that seer Liens
has arrived , for the abandcininent eft&
quibble, of political trick, of all closliki: -
dealing .fanus.faeed policy.' Orilla" news '
for the expiring wl4g party! lioakiettaf
and two dollars a day' are - no longer:..
mean soap front a society and no work ,ot
wages. All political trick is tie bed abur- ,-
doned. Farewell a long farewell It - e'en'
hard cider.—Of the cabin, not one tog i" . fe
left upon another. arid 'that same old come
is, as the southern people say, to 'leave
the world and take a tree.' Double 411.,
ing is to be given up. Whig candidates
' are to have some principles fur the Puhlic,,
eye.' and the Janus-faced policy citAatimg
a Pro-Bank man here and Anti-Baekthere„
Pio-Prohibition ins one State and ;. Anti*
Prohibition in another in another,' lye°
longer, to be indulged in. But most 'eta;
fortunately this promise of retort/ fres - bee* .
so long defered as to have very south- the
appearance of those excellent sentiments_
and praise-worty eulogiums upon nistsur
that used to abeund in last dying speethMi -
and confessions. As the whig party Urn
been hastening to ancribilatirri neat:sinew
they attained power, it If drawing too
largely on , the .eredulity and ignomaen-4
the people to suppose that they win beau
soon duped again by fine promiies. Tamil,.
i ty stares in the Union baiing 'placed-their.;
veto on their performances, it es not likely, ;,
that many will be .found when this Pflitst:V
dential election arrives, se silty as to lot*
for anything better from them. - rot . lal,
leave-the Imioirer audits prefaterm
ish of "aninpetir, and take vip_iiiii_: .
the day" promulgated for the-dirtticrui*4-.:
the faithful. Whether they are:free from
quibble, double-dealing - and :32iinns: '
policy, will soon be -discovered, -
1. 77:1 - First Poixt of W/iiggery. •
'-.A. sound national currency, regulated
by the will and authority of the Phithslek
rr 4
Here is a pretty c.Omn3ent on the or; - ..,'...
posed abandonment of duplicity AO ote
ble dealing . What is a sound cu V.,
One man thinks the notes of apeciepar
ing banks are sound enough, another is sat. -
isfied with anything that he can get eft
and a third regards nothing as soiled but _ .2
the constitutional currency, which is the
only kind of -currency in this count r_
which ir Beyer proteVea for non Oliver& - _.
But this is not the national currency Which .
Mr. Clay supposes to be Tas he awkward,
expresses it} one of 'the principal olects
which engage the common desire and the
common eirttrtion Of - the whig party to
bring al:brit; since it recret t
legal .1,111 rem" hag lone sioce been
.•t'w • tllLrbt
about, the rtutiders .rtour Goviefeitteve -
having been. according to Mr. TY.
stet., 'hard money men,' owing terivittoM/
exerti-ms 'an nation ever bad a hottay
rent.) , than the United States': Wheat
Clay and the whigs pilule of a- nationst
currency. they mean
.not , a carreatty eir -
'money. such as the Constitution- of the
United States declares that Cowes" ARO
have power to 'coin,' but a currency, of
bank notes, payable 01141emaiml perhaps
and perhaps not, to beizAmed by a corp."...
ration which Congress lots net the
to create and which - it cannot instrein t -
Such a currency Mr.tlay -erects to be
lieve, Could be..'reguleted by the will. anti
authority of the natiort:' Whiran absoni
deal • Are banters or finaticeivis more
mons now than they were Twen4.-firs ,
years ago! Does Mr. Clay; do any affair
adherents set iously believe that it is is %kw.:
power of of Congress.or of-the nation to irim- ':,
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