Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, September 27, 1842, Image 1

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„mg__ ,
.., with the eagtq. Ceara i tht ;
iria 'a Spire of steeps/m a
at listeived by
heir boater* bv
they are pot ',severed
1174 is& of tiois li)It
he "Port of Pitlabargb— a q
have the improved 7,
/ impossible for an esphoiee o
• FORMOgdi
LYONS ifornuom - VAmagt;•!-.
AG N Es„
commands -ate reclecifial
...e a choice of a hoat.lo
her it would not tue In Ilea
choose a safety Guard
ight, in preference tootle
-,on—and that they willies
rtion has the unqualified
• /ice bnilderp—gentleaes
-;nod the sal -jest. and " t hy**
•- • -ltif. , a Dural*/ of reriumait;
~,d others=ail of an del' cat
WalPr .r.ret, where
ttmes to ellottit my J.
toe trouble to call.
V A REllol.lsE.—Hattuit kT ,
- • t %trots., Steutiencille,Ohio,it , .
..• ins! known to the puhlic ths
^I , warehouse In Pirtshurztkin
r doors SOlllll of Fifth it.. F
lIP re they will keep troslorti
of rarer, cons . -isting of w
tea and wall paper, and '
. .
n o ilh erlArh they will keep •
and school Itooks.
r‘.l r • ; cusi re assortment of flit
t. v- I tt u€ sold IoW for minium
tecc , :a 0 lltem•al
, • ~.Mxire.h. . Remolds, firm
• • y of paper. I‘e peeleplly
It' ',of& Is fully empower : •
i‘; tile management of tlfeir •
.lAMM •
r W.l.VTED.—Wanted
E. , ff00d, ,, , a quantity of Fialani
of Country Prodeoe
r vr.:42, , at R
1, AR 7' . Commis ,. ion Jilercilint,
c- Li .1 mcr tea A Alairatfactares,
E-q., T.'tislturgh
C of R'd
hrn Q - Cn.
ti,ourne, £- - q , Madieon
nn which I live, in VFilkint •
containir.: one boadned
lacres of which is cleared.
d. There are upon it throe
t. 3 feet by 34; as Appleseebtard
acres of COlit. The
at any upland farm is 1
k ',own OD application to the
AM C. WALL, Pin eta
iietscre Freesia Jima"'
Ptitsberiri. —Cartels
u alware on hay& ir.L OOl,i g
.'touted to order- RePailialt
, attention I)2sd so rildinavi
,ins op Steam 80115 Of War
t.ne 10 call.
E LEA D—The soteCtiterEtg
painters, and Whams . tis
White Lead made of the tics
if not superior to any cdreffi
:4dde..sged to Dunlap
110 Secosd rare!. ridts , blirt b.
-- -
• St.. pat door fres Old Stgo i4
1-tribes respectlally inlouss
and vicinity that be WM
toes of his owu manufactute.lll
witt keep eonslastly on basil
kin& of ladies, misses,
F. of the 'wet' quality. slikit •
the limes He will OW.
/Work—uteb'lPt vAilsF"•
°hared gainers, and WOO ,
- ..:1-stess. silk gaiters, Arce. , 1:
• ,de at the shortest tiotiod.sw
dies veil! please call and esigait
”FC riber feels confident. Ole
to iri
bis line they may .20'
n foffel he pisee—i eS,
‘, Harries I eteiligence 0151 f.
?kel. Street.
LIAM . DIG BY •baving
.s. , _•iness olDicstr Cflorrirstd
Ft reef and 42 Martel atrelf2
Sn the snalerosts Dies 4o
the very liberal -support wr..4,
111 . IIY. is connect: •oo
1 0 assure 'beat that !leg fiell
t.. coatisa2tios of las sale if
r invite their Missals* to .1 7 0 0
which. be hisesis eel__ lllllll te s trop
been ever offered; bow , ps
cif the wadi of list
• t: as be isteadsioarrofille 113.00
; he feels
is mock. either 411
to Lake minket hat OrMX 1 ""
l*Ar el.
USi. Noitzavr,
Mucci Iras frarsh
and Arinpicesst.
lioe at. tborrs
. _,~ _
L_NO 15
E DOLLARS a year, paiiiie in
TWO CENM---for £4111154it the
ar,d by News Baca.
ry and Manufacturer
nt the Fame office, on a denbie
t TWO noLL A IIS a Pear.in ad.
opies. SIX CENTS.
s of ,Ads - ertising.
0.50 One month, .SE.OO
0.75 Two 1110111. T, 45-00
I Three months. 7.00
r.. , -;0 Four month?, 2,011
3,00 I riz months, 10,00
. _
4 00 tone year,
1 Tu - o Squares
t oast° ' =lx mont
rine rear.
r)l,,..rnentr, prororPon.
liner : , 1), ri,LL..r.s 3 year
ct Third t.e , ,,-en Market and Wood
P0511n8.51 ,- .
Waier.4ol door from Wood nt. Frier
jot John Witiock, , :oilecor
Wbo'n h.t 0 reo Fir,. and F.5. ,- 2C,intl
in, R. Jolms!.n,
et ween?lariat and Wood
s, M . tor
IgGY. Fourth, nrzr Ma -k. g ,
-en NI at IC on
r.tr! , 7 , 1::- . Irt
4-• -r .1
he 13r,j;:e
~~, r.
.1 :I r d
1,,(1 (--;tf.1,1
rr • SI•VeI , I
11,1* zr =
neatODTWF .,l e
tell r(I0 fr , 0 John D.Af al on
aet 10
OR .1.1 . I, VA .
res on G null s 1 .
remcrra • rn
tn anti 1.,1,r-!„ S's
p In
!1..1?", :11-1/1
aid l~cme>t it
o ii)
Alornpy , and
& W( 1,7411
I , ; e 1,,r1;
P.. r • 4•.
11 d Nfirl,l
1 , •
.f l' rth
S;7rrf. Pat,
Ks s ISN: 7 5 . Ott ls: 5 lR-1
& I); I.V/ . ()111 . 11. V ISeleSr.l'
ticr r hn and
NI:iTo Nn 19,
It11131N;41N. \^Drew al Law
%W. A
t 1.10y , 1 cr,
i: ,rf
nr • 11
F. , 19
p-naro ,
1 - NG l (1).. Yu , witire War,
cf Ildssst s.l & Exs tiat,s+ A Vey.
pnrrls7, , !Thrsistiss, rvIII find st Io
P . !re, rl7 loWy ~ . ...311,11ed that
qu, • ;Vy
MS•--lum re,-4 - ed 350c1owcP
used ti,J nor , '.'erheaP M' 'hr do
IS \ 11" HA 11 111 S,
~;, ?. t'itu, a
1,1 Ttlr,ip
d for sa, ai r LT" , E: , EP , h
of F L. SN,.INDI-IN.
1 , 14 i. n,rr i tw-i.l o(xi
Ey.s (Son! Apd :‘';,rop ‘1351.:f3t,0
I 0 11, :ZI.IIrS
ourll - 1 ci . TIP' , d
31.1 ' rrez,L p .;ier r 4.
12, , rt.1 . 1 , 7AC1.1":-7 r coteiosn,t
F.l. SN )1V DEN.
head of lio,cl
pr ev
:11 1,, ()ra g
F I. SNO ()F.\ .
ci -ercd, lot
head of Wood
:No. 184. Li.er , y to-ad of Woe,d
c0n5,1:1 r. Hoes. Fancy Spndel:
Trrilt, 1 , . 7: Tonb:, Rild4;n7,
Snear,,„ fit., jIIFI re-
Lih y s:treet, head of Wood
us; received a small sop
re coed Venison Hams, on retail
ISAAC H UM'S. Agen7,
and Co.nn Merchant
corer Seed. Orchard Grass and
Grass. always on hand and for
.`l4 Ld.ertp slreet, head of Rood.
\A!;, Attorneys at Lair, office
D;amond, to ^ Att or ney'sltow,"
set, between Iklziti,ei and Wood
• LANES, for pren - eedinp in Al.
the late law, for sale at this Office
on the North East corner of Coal
street. Apply to
ARLINGTON, Market, near 41k st
ret.Ws French St: mar Beet i3ned,just
nd for sale at the Deng and Feed
184 Latest y street, head of Wood.
heretofore exielan. between War
' AMIN DOPOTELL istbisfisly
Agent. W ffl i. Digby is antivarige4
the fnin in settling option buidaniss
- BENJ. T.. norzwELL.
Ds. E. MEERITT, nor, o,faen Smith.
Sat, fretsmea. Stand aid Taint Su.,
eep 10 Prrresracy.
JOB SSTON * STOCKTON. Booksellers. Printersamd
Paper Manufacturers. No- 37. Market 21 - sep 1041
OHS ANDERSON. Smithfield Foundry, Water st.
near ibe Monongahela House, Pittstureb. Deg) 10-1 y
LEONARD S. JOHNS. Alderdian,St.etatr street, se.
cond door from Liberty. sep 10—ly
DFL S. IL HOLMES, Office in Second Ettrnel, alert , door
to Mutautly 4 Co': Glass Warehouse sep 10.-I,'
SHLTN K ¢ FINDL AY. Attorneys at Law, Fourth st.,
near the Mayor's Mee. Nils/Kirsh. sep 110—IF
THOS. -HAMILTON', A i torney at Law. Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield sts...ritiyhtirei. sep 10-1!
lIUGH TONER. ApO , IAP.I , at Law. North East corner
of Smithfield and Fourth alreeta. suP 1 0--1 y
lIANNA k TI7P.NBE'LL'S Paper Warehouse, No.
104. Wood M., where may be had a eenerai supply
of writing wrapping. printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, ke, 4-r. sep 10—ly
Tows_.:ENE, ¢ CCi.. Wire Workers and
Afartrfavarers, So. 23 Market street. between 2d
and ;id slreets. sep 10-1 y
EXCHANGE HOTEL. Corner of Penn and SI. Clair
rt tears, by SMITH
rep 10-1 v
IC 'METAL —77 tons sari al for sale by
No. 12 Water street
Grp 13
o 6 L RS. B kGON 16.000 Gra. Bacon
000 Shou:ders, for Fa 'e hg
J. G. 4- A. GORDON,
No 12 Water 5: reef,
y 4S. PATTERSON, Jr.. Birmingham, near Pitl shurch,
.PA . hirer of Locks flin!es and Rolls; To
:rn. Fuller. flill nd Timber Screws; Housen Screw. for
sr . r , 10—Iv
JOHN LOSKEY. Tit a tid Cid' bier, Liber.y
Fll eet br t.ceeu? , h hi aria Virgin alley, side.
JW BUR Vllll.Ol E CO., Whote.- - ale Gropers and
Commission Merchants— Second street, het weea
Vond and izrno Wield s., frotOmrtris. sep 10- 1y
J . G '. E )N, Commission and ForwardMg
%%Mier st . £itisintrfh.. sep 10-1 y
i_r o
/ B Cori.
scp 10
4 ,&.s tin Ins : a rood 31 - 1401 . , received .er S
alid for sale by J. G. - 1. GORDON,
No. 12, Later street
Q l , G . t rz f Air i!.A:zrzES —4O 111,45 New Orleans Su
far. :XI !.! , /S New Orleans: , Mn:asze. - : for snip W
Sep lit
St:c: A (L-7 iiridz prime N. 0_ Safar, reeeiverl per S.
R Maine, arid for sate by 3.G. 4- A. GORDON.
s , r. 10 No. 12, Water street
%CON CASKS.in order. ri n hand and for gale by
_ .s ep 10 J . kA. 43.01100 N. No. 12, Wale?' st
SFr; AR AND MOL %SSES.—L3 bbds and 4h' L. N. 0.
Surnr. 321,1,1 s N. 0. Mtii3F.SPS, fPeeiVed per Seambngt
I WPoller,:ind for sale be J. G. k A. GORDON,
. - -ep 10 No. 12. Water greet
BBI.S LARD OIL for sate by
B. A. FAH S'E.STOCK co.,
ee l , 10coiner of 6th and Woody,.
flI tN•nz
631 I' Ens Gerar,4 - mn Black for stale
s“ , 10 rornPr of fAll and Wood
gto LF•S P Efed Chalk., for g ...re hy
we 1 E. A. F A 1.1 P: ES r orK A- CO.
Fell 10 corm, of COh and Wood at=
Q uG .% it AND mill, otSSES.-6o hlids. N. 0. Suva.,
bhds. do. do.. 100 Jo. Plantation M01n5.:,1., for
sale I.v
-e 1$
n I.t wi-rd in Bdokruptry proceedinizs, printed on
:neil ner.nrld in the form. approved by Ibe Court ',for. sa:e
I the (iniee of ibe Mercury and Democrat. Ep 10
1 , 1 7 H . lIUBB ARD, fastimnal , te boot and
5; a nnfaatnrer. No. 11 , 1, 'l'bird reel, netwern
'.Vona and Sal Wield f,trtet Fots , surgh eep ifl
N. Kz.o:
. other to the corner of Fourth
audeorrry liettverri Stoithite:d and Grant
orert.fl:ls , ury.ll. spp 10
FOR RENT.—Thedwelling and lot cot,tain/na 4
acres. in Allegheny, near the Bearer Road, 'ately
occapiedby Mr. Fae<l:l' Church. Apply at the Merchants
and Marniaclurcrs' blank, to W. H. DENNT.
sep 10 Cashier.
.1.1 AK ER, Na. 9:i, Alai tet street, Pitts.
I"r burgh. beirieeli Fifth and Liberty streets.
1,121. F R 11,fr W TC 11 ES, C LOC KS. BREASTPIN'S
sett I 0
su •,tdv of landreth's Garden Seeds. always on
th:nd . a..a for sale at ills agencv, the Dial..store of
se:. 10 124 Lihrrtc si reel. head or Wood.
DR. DAVID WARD hat his office and residence
on Fourth Street, nearly south oft be Court noose,
second dwelling from RossAreel. He mitt faittifiitly attend
all ra!!s pertaining to FlTOlegFion. ti igtat calla should be
made at the door above the basewent. sep 10
p" (V A 1.. —Matthew .)onrs, Barter and iiair Dress
, r hac removed to Fourth si rent. opposite the May
or,: o r tfir e. a here he wits he happy to:wait upon permanent
or t raft= tent customers. He solicits a share uf public eat
-1,111:trr. Fep 10'
vt,' At. W A RD, DENTIST, Penn Et. three
V doc., L&ow Irwin street, Hours of business, from
, stntil 5 P. s • after which time he will attend
to nn nne except io razes of urinal necessity. He
wori'd further inform those who may tbitik proper to
employ him. hat he expects immeatate payment. 0 , it bout
the necessity on his part of sending in bills. sep 10
I OIIN M'FARL Upkeisterer mid Cabizet
1/3 1, ..1-r_irr, Third st. between wood 4- Market streets,
resr,titul inf Irms his friends and the while that he is
hrrpared to execute all orders for Sofas. Sideboards. Bit
rea 05,Chairs, 'rabies, Bedsteads, Stands, !lair and Fpring
Matt rasses, Curtains, Carpets, all sorla of Ulphoisterinz
Witt, which he will warrant equal .o any made in the
city, and on rcasonabte terms. sep 10
IR Word Street, Pittritsrgit—R. A. Hausman.
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, is now prepared
to receive and sell all hiods Of Goods and Merehauth ie .
at his large and capacious looms, No. 110, North East
Corner of Wood and Fifth Streets. Fitts . burgh.
Regular sales of Dry Goods. Furniture. Groceries and
other articles, oa Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware.. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Faney articl es , on
Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday eye/digs.
Rooks. 4.c., every Saturday earning.
Liberai advances made on Consignments when wanted.
Means. John D. Dario, En-, 1 .
.4 Hanley 4 Smith, I
" Hampton. Smith, 4. co., 1
" P. Lorenz 4. Co.. i
" J. W. Borbritige 4 c 0.., 1
- s. 11 - Lee 4co * I
" Capt. James !Margit'. > . Pittsburgh- .
u C. Ihmsets, en.
.. Jonn M 7 44e1 I
.• Lamm 4- Kienopty.EAß- 43
" J. R. iloortlead4 Co.
.- Jas. P. Stuart. Esq.
.. .RohertGatornY,EpA: 1 .
„!' CaPt-Jus. Nay.
.... . 3isi • Vp3,l4iiljr4. 4- .0.0. j : .
..!‘ lit BRI; ArimM. ' .Wag#l4/11-
s. 'sx.'"ifeory_, •
, 1 ,„„,,,i,,,w ne,. .
"o;:10. -*'
- a" , di :
1185iLle' s
~ co.
' : Plinik;
-Flttskuork sad Beaver Rocket.
SAIIP.f.: ItEarlit#7,L, aster.
HAS commented bar reenter traps, an 4 will ran dai
f.9 (Sundays excepted.) Leaves: Beaver at 80'
clock A. IL, leaves Pittsbargh, at 3 o'clock P : 11. con
nects at Beaver with the
Pennsylvania and Ohio Line
of Freight and Packet Canal boats bet weep leaver, and
Cleveland Ohio, and Gteenviiie, Pennsylvania. Leaves
Beaver daily at 6 o'clock P. al. This line non nects withl4
two daily lints on the Pennsylvania canal to Phibdel.
phia, and with the New York and Ohio line on the Erie
canal. and New York and Ohio line and Obio anal, at.
so with sle;im freight and pate boats, brigs and
schonaers, on the Lakmt. The proprietors of this well
known tine will be prepared on the opening of naviga
tion to transport merchandises° any of the interinedi
ate ports on the Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Ohio ca
nals; to any port on Lake Erie. and the Upper Lakesto
and from New York City and Philadelphia.
Or down the Ohio canal to alag , ilon, Ere. and Erie Ex
The Canal Boat; of this Line are towed to and from
Pittsburgh direct, and the hints conducted en the
mo-t prompt and economical systr m. Having s connec
tion with the Penns), Icania Canal Lines to Phi!adel
!Alia and Baltimore, and Steamboats running. down the
Ohio river; also, throulth our Agents at Cleveland, with
C. M. Reed's Steamboats and several Lake Vessels, and
the T rnv and !litchi:an and Bonin Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal. we are prepared Co the transpot tat ion
of Fr, ieht to and from all points on the canal, I In- takes
and the [live r, or the Eastern cities, at prices as !ow as
any other line.
,apply to 0 .M Mart0...N0.55 Waters:, or at Steam.
boot Itiehtfah': . Landing. PittsLorgh,
Clarke A- co. Beaver.
Hub!. ard k rfcatkerbec, Warren.
ffhealer 4- Co Akron:
Thomas Richmond 4- Co. Cleveland
J. G. 4• A. GO n now
7.G .'S• 4. GORDON.
No. 12 Water street
1 S 4
licciure 1• Dickey, Beaver, Pa..
3bn Wormer 4 Co„ Cleveland, 0.,
Rees 4 Taylor. Warren, 0.,
N 0.613 Water street, Pittsburgh
if'. B. BODES, Master.
RUNS daily (Srindart , excepted.) between PITTS.
Sr BE 'NUL leawine Bearer at 8 A. M.
and Pittsbureh at 2P. M. preoidid wigh. Erenas's Safe
ty 17nard to prevent Explosion o 7 Boilers.
This splendid and fata. runaine Steam Boat has just
neon romple; ed expressly for Ibis trade, and runs in
onnert ion with
ctsRKE ¢ Cis Pittsburrk and Cleveland Live of
_ _
Cleveland. oAia.
ten Fion Line to Greenville
J.C. Wick 4- Co_ Greenville;
W. C. PI aten, Stinson,
C. W. Cnniiingliam. New Castle,
John Kirk, Youncstown,
John Camptir II Newton Falls:
Campbell 4- Miller. CamplielLtown;
Babcock 4• Mcßride, Ravenna;
C. 4- D. Rhode., Franklin;
H. A. Miller lr Co., Cuyahoga Falls;
Weltsman 'Ntiiielicad, Massillon;
Gordon Williams. 4- co.. Detroit;
Kinne,Da•is 4- Cs., Ea traio;
Cowing, Richmond. Williams 4- Co., New York
sep 10
HRIGBY—A * O. 121. Center of Wood wad Front
. Streets, Pirrsiti_rgth. has on hand a complete as
sortntertiof 0.11 , Pf1 , W are spited to the city or country
lade. Also. a t.sr.lection of pure white and gold
hand DINING AND TE A WARE. in large or small sets,
or .2enaraie pie-es in Filit purchasers.
A cask of 46, 60. or 84 piece cots. superbly painted
and gilt Ea.ti-it China Teaware, at verc low prices.
TnY Teorvare. plain. and rich painted and gUt, from
1,00 to 4,5,00 per set
Children's Mugs of eceiC iption
White China Shacirt. Mug..
Granite Dinin_ at d Tea ..'.4ercires, in white 7111 d with
splendid American scenery printed in blue and black.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and Breakfa.t
imported to match. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derltrhire Potteries.
Flint and Green Ghs., In all their varieties
Window Glas.., of ev , ry size.
Paient Pocket., TuIK and Feelers.
Stone ripe Fiendc. kt. kr.
All of wt.icil are re=peei fully offered In the put,.
lc or. the most fa:oratoe renno. Jan 26.1542:-lv
IJ. FOX ALDEN -qttoreey and Cowl:setter a t
• Law. C ff 4 rs hi= nrofei-sional services to the cit
izens of Piti•borgh and tropes for a share of pablic pat
rona2e. Ile will execul all kinds r. f writing with neat
n'ess and dispatch. Cases in han#ruplcy attended to on
reasonable term..—Office in Smithfield street, at the
house of Mr. T homas to whom he refer , .
sep 10 T. J. FOX ALDEN.
1:1 AVID CLARK. .Ig't. eaPkionable Boot Maker,—
' tlas removed to No, 34 Market street. between
Second and Third streets, where he woad he happy
to see his old customers. and all Of hrrs who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. He uses nollunz bet first rate
stork. and employs the hest of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal attention to busiaess, be trust.tilat
lie will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
sell 10
. T Alinnker respectfully inform. his friends and the
public that they can alwars find the h.e.t quality of Ice
Creams. tosether with at: kinds of confectionary and
fen its. in their season. at his establishment—No. 11.
Fifth Street, between Wood an 4 Market.
N. B.—Parties supplied on the shortest notice. with
cakes...or anything in his line. A iS3 families furnished
with Bread. s?..p 10
JOHN B. GUTHRI, kllell,lllTer and Commis
sloe M erchant.. a. 1(6, corner of Wood 4- Fift h ate.
pirtr,bisegb: Having been appointed one of the Auction
eers fen the City of Pitsburgb, tenders his services to jot,
hers, marnfact nrers and dealers, who may be disposed
to make trial of this enarket• He br prepared to make
advances on coneignments of all saleable commodities,
and trusts to sati-ty correspondents by quick sales, and
speedy 'and favorable return;.
That the various interests which may be consded to
him, shall he adequwely protected. be brings to the aid
' of his own experience in business and acquaintance with
merchandize gen...ratty. the services of M;. Spitcr.L
FAILMSSTOCK; hermafore adrantateogsty known, as an
Importer and dealer in Hardware and Cutlery, With
whom a permanent engagement is made.
Rrf sit TO
Mimum. M. Tiernan, Freer. of M. et M. 1
" Rank. 1
" Darlington 4. Peebles, I
" Robert Galway. 1'
" James M. Cooper, 1
" James May, 1
.. • R. M. Riddle, Pittsburgh
i. Wm Roliir.am. Jr. Prey'( 1
of Exchange Rank.
Hasunion.Sinith i 4- co, I
• . John D. Davie,
.. Samuel Church, 1
••J. K. Moorhead. ' 1
" Jas. W. Brown 4- co. J
John H. Brown. 4. co.
" Smith 4 It matey.
" irardly 4. El-Jivers,
" John S. Riddle,
" John Dataeli,
DAM J. mamma, reading at 66 Mott street.
New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia in its most
summated form. The symptoms were prisient head
=be. Emir riehifftY. fever, Amativenen, cruel, heart
burs. paili is tie chest sad stomach Warns alter wan,
impaired appetite, sessation of sinking at the stamarkit
*lma tongue, surasea, with frequent vosskhts, dist:lama
tailtands eight and testleness. - These had . einitinteed sip
wanly( n twelvemonth, when., pn eowsnitiag Dr.Ww.
.ffsans.l4lßehatlnto street; p d sablabling tte Ma ewer"
snermudits sad agreeable mode tit treatment. th e M s
was sto r ely restored to health ht the short
intemonth.prurgntteast tartheimmicistaidehmserd derio
ed. „gladly sans i rdhad okilistUrsewsitheidistaesliate
Fornele„.l and avtiot L - ,
B. SBd.L dead,
rho Wood atateek.below fieenert
asp 0 ,
r..... ; •hrestionly recommended to the notice of
the • : , • suCe and efficient remedy la retnovin
these -, • • peculiar to their vex. Prow want of ex
orcise. or -- ' debility of the system. They obviate
tosfivisetta, and connietact all Hysterical and Nervous
erect" ' These Pdis - have gained the sanction and'
appro of the west eminent. Phyvicians In the !Tai
led Etat and many 'Mothers. FOT vale Whnie=ale and
Retail,. b , -, .R. R. SELLERS, Agent.
sep 10'' : No. i*. Wood Street, below Second.
AkiMIR, Boa and Sipe Neter , Libedy St.,
site tiss brad of sisitkiisid ar., Pitrsilowa..—
The - ' having bought oat the stock' of the -tate
Thongs. itifferty, deceased, has commenced business
in the obratand of air. 11.. and is prepared to esecite
all deseriptkins of work in his linei in the best manner
and on the shiniest notice. Be keeps torstantly on hand
a lame asiontrient ofshoe findings of all demiptions and
of the hod quality. Be solicits the pairoaltee of the Mb'
lie and ofpe trait.
sep 10: -
1 31" sal[ Riles far Oserieres at rasters Prices.
The subscribers manutleture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach,M and Elliptic Spritms (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Auk', Sileerand Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Bub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver, ate Brass Lamps, Three told Fteps, Malleable
iron, Dar Bandies and ninget, kr .4-c.
.10, & en f. EM A !C.
seo 10 St. Ciao et.. two' e Vierheny Srmtze.
rpo LigT.-A well Itakdsed and comfortabl* halsta.
JL ry Wiese. 14,011er - with bark be WINE s, stable, ear.
pos s.
riaeet bowie, ke..7.. : toTtt homerriately.
This puTierts issit - lbw the Peoiteatiary. near
the residere - ntMr.' _ . avid is a sere desirable
residence.. Far ter ms: of .1_ K. Moorhead, or the
suhscritxri G. MINES Union Factory.
sep 10-I.lso
Italie rpl ;ell to the /011_ - s of the Conrt of Corn
mon Pleuief Venango county. for the benefit of the laws
made for the relief or Insolvent Debtors; and that they
have axmlnted the fourth Monday of Noyenther for the
hearing of roe and mp errditors, at the Conrt Ilow , e, in
the R.trough of Franklin—when and where
_v - u may at.
tend, if vou tbint, proper, and show canoe. if you
have. why I should not be ditThaf fed.
sen 13-31 WILLIAM Kl:Afr.ci4.
SELLERS, D .office and dweiho.2 in Fonrrh
. near Ferry street. Pen 13—l0
STOLEN, from the shop of t Ft) rittPi .in Third
street, some time last week. a pair of Shea re, for
trair.COri bag- They are nen , ly.orenit.n font lona. and
eery slim. It is papp t os,d the thief sold them somewhere
in the rite I will pay the purelta:- - er any re.tsonnhlP price
if be will bring liaem lo me. PJ. JONES.
eep 13-31.
TION —On Satordav,l7th instant. at 3 o'clock. P.,
N. I wilt sell, by order of the Assignee. on the prerni- , m." - .
the foi , owtrig done M*4l properte. viz:. A tot of Ground
32 feel front by about 100 feet deep, with a substantial
frame building on it. u-Tri now a a machine shop. con
taining a gond Stem Engine and Clearings, Two Circular
Paws and Drums, situate in- A Illteny City. between the
Canal and the Commons. and adjoining the Methodist
Church—fnemerly occupied as a looting glass factory.
by T. A. Hillier 4- Co. Terms:it-mile.
Pep 11.71 J. B. GUTHRIE, .iutticinver.
00 11111:1S.EY,LEAp TOHACCO. in store and
for sate by 1. 21- A GORDON.
see 13 . • No 33, Water street.
in A NNON, ;S:j14.01" A IMiritgLi.s...—FttitErr os Oa ca .
111 .2,1 water( I,in. I4irtse,4a*.tiPUT, 34 September, 1842
Sealed Piolraeat wiltiviyaiirviet.i al tl.is ltoreau until
o'clock, P. 1/4-.of1"Ii . 15Th 0 - itoher next. for fa r nishine
nod deliveriitg, it, the proportions. and at the places here
in ittiriewattd, the fall/riving number and description for
Cannon,ftliot and Stlelln,for the Naval Service of the
trvisreigr*rit..l7i77 .1 7 1 11irty—e4rbt inch Poi - Khan curs, of
about 63 cwt. each. Sr-venty thirty two rounder cons of
41 cwt. a net iipvt anis. the prerias we'clo of each to lie de
termined hereafter. Five hundred eizlit ine h
Three hundred ei t eht inch solid sho , ard Seven thousand
thirty-two ponndcr shot. Deljaerable an (ellavg:
10 cietti in Falxhan ;tans fleliceralle at
200 eight in. shells I Sackett'a liar
-100 eight in. solid shot bor. N. V., nn
20 thirty tiro ponnder emn. lor before.the
2500 thirty-two pounder shot 115th may nest
10 eight in. raivhan g - uns ) Deliverable al
1511 eight in. shells I }lnflate. N. V..
10(1 eight in. solid shot on or before
thirty two pounder enna I the 15 , 11 May
2..3fk)thiely Iwo pounder shot I next
10 eie - ht in. Paixban guns
150 eight in. shells
100 rhilit in. anfid shot
thirt v -two pounder guns
2,000 Ittlity two pounder shot
The proposals most stale y the rate per ton (of
went v.t wo hundred anti forte potinds , . for the cut a. anl
the rate per pound for the shot anti shells. deliverable as
above, all to he ani•jr,lto.anti undergo such prone
spection_as thin Bneei-in may deem proper to authorize;
and none will he paid for ;hat shalt not pans such in.
Wel ion as ma, he entirely satisfactory.
Bonds. with two approved sureties, will be reqnieed in
one third the estimated a mon nt of the enntract. and ten
.nercentum of the amouut of an hills will be retained an
collateral security fort lie faithful performance lb - rent'. I
which will Ire paid only on the sal isfari ory mpirt ion of
the rrrntract; and ninety per rent nen or all deliveries will
he pai(l on hills property anllo,o tented, aceording to the
provis-ionsofihe contract. trithin thirty days after 'heir
ve s ientst ion to the Navy Agent.
The offers must state RI what azenry the contractcr
may desire payment to he made_
Drawinesof the mins will iv furnished from this 11n-
mean, and they mast be cast and finished to C 071 1 . 0 ,113 to
them in every respect.
No hot blast metal in to be used, and the shot most he
east in mad monlds: rep 12
TO THE WISE• - 1 1 is now well 11 ndersiood how
much disorders of the mind depend for their cure
upon a due attention tothe body. It is row understood
how valuable is that medicine which will remove morbid
aecurnulations without weakening the bodily power. It is
now understood that . ." there is a reciprocal influence be_
tween the mind and the bode. It is non• understood that
purging with the Brardreth Pills w 1 1 remove a 'melan
.choly, and even insanity is cured by persereringtv using
them: It is now understood how much domestic happi
nes depends upon the healthy condition of the digestive
it is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have
eared thousands of hopeless and helpless persons, even
when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond
all human means of relief. It is now not only well
known that the Brandreth Pit - Iv so cure. hat it is also un
derstood haw they sore; t hat it is by their purifying elect
on the blood that they restore the body to health.
The valise of the medicine is becoming =Dreamti more
manifest, it is recommended daily from family to family,
The Brandreth Pilltsremove in an almost imperceptible
manner all noxious accumulations and purify and invigo•
rate the biood.and their good effects are not counterhalan
tied by any inconveniences; being composed entirety of
vegetables they do not erpcee those who nse them to
danger; and their effects are as certain as they are Mkt
tan; they ate daily and safely adminhiend to infancy.
youth. manhood, and old aye, and to women in the most
critieai and delicate circumstances. They do not disturb
or shock the animal functions, but re .ore their order
and establish their health.
Sold at Dr. Brat-drab's Office, No. WI, Wood street,
Pittsburgh: Price IS cents per-boa. with fall directions.
MACK= -The only place in Pittsburgh where the genii
ine Pills cea be obtained, is the Lector's own office, No.
% Wood* taxeet. Pep 10
iaep in
MARBLE MANUFACTORY= Patrick Canfield re
spectrally acquaints hi,s friends and the public gen•
erally, that he haseonininneed the Marble biLisinwsal the
Korner of Erfth and Liberty sts„ where will he constantly
on head, tomb stones, mantel pieees, monuments, head
and footstones, table slabs for cabinet ware, and every
artieleappertathing to the business. Be will warrant his
work to bereft done, and his charges will be nindernte•
Be.respeet fully asts a share of nubile patn:inage- rep le-
'TAME A. VEAZEY, Firaparating Cosusissurs
teP .v. Agrat far &swivel d - apd
PeametaaniaavatOhjp Line. Baviag seated itte ware
hype. Balm* seaggibed br Binatigbant 4 -,C.. . 85. Sn
lifakprinniet, hawses liyeadaskiSPAt l 4 ol 4+
4fre4ceirtimll Omar* oral tq t#stbasloilvAir
~rtraa_ oorms • -
- ilelool‘'.7 I
DEIS Cebekrated Mae putt,. These
Deiivrra , e at
Erie F•rnna .
on nt I--f - ro
Ihr 15iti May
Far indrUsiting r
. 7uni Doily in (I_4 City off Pitts
Mirk. el or outlet tie
filtlESuhserbers basun! made arransenteids to mete
J the American Ilannfaelerer and Platollwrgh
iv into Otte Journal. havecatteladed to peli r titit a daily
paper with the title of the Alija Arming rose.
'rho leading obaem of rite wilt be tiedisientina•
tion *ad defence of the,pplitieal winelphes thalrbasehere•
Mime been maintained by the Editors, in their respective
vipers, and their best effbrts r.itl still be devoted to the
• saneement and sweets of those deetriaes.
Although, la {yeah% the paper will be tharoasbli
democratic, yet the Editors hope. by giving an boors;
candid history of passing Political events. Foreka
and Dogteeth littelthence. and brief notices of all nat
ters and oecartinces that come properly within the where
ora Public Jogreal, to make their gasper salliciesaiy
creating to entith it to the patronage of the peblie, it
respective of party considerathas.
In addition to the political aed general Awn that will
be found in the s..itsvoteg Pest:o the Edilas will take
pains to furnish the business, tommually with
the latest_ and pont 'Mtn:sting CoNsucanst. lirrimu-
CENCE from ail parts of the country, and to have preps.
red such accounts oft he Markets and the State of Trade
as will be advantageous to our Merchants and 'Ensinees
Men in their several matiop.
Terms.—The Parr will be published en a large hyperi.
al skeet of fine paper, (manufactured especially for this
Jonrivil) at the unusually low rate of FIVE DOLLAES
per annum. payable in advance. it will also be sold by
news_noys at the tow rare of TWO CENTS a copy.
Advertisements will be inserted at the lowest rates
charmed by the other daily papers of the city.
TW ENTY actire lads are wanted to sell the rout,
who will be engaged on the most 'Merit terms
August 31, llf&
14 4a , _
Liverpool Constcrrial Live of Pedies. Whitt Weekly.—
TheSoltscriber would respectfully inform such persons
residing in this country as are desirous for sending for
'heir friends to rove out from the old country, that he
continues as nvual to make engagements by which tots
songers are brought out on very moderate terms, in First
l'lazs Ships, wtiling from Liverpool weekly, and would
ISFU re per=ons desirous of coming by the above Line,
that as agents of first respectability are engaged at Li
verpool, there will be no detention whatever at that
iie k a 1.9,0 prepared st all limes so furnish Sight Drafts
for any amount to assist in preparing passengers for the
voyage, payable throughout the United Kingdom, ard in
case the parties agreed for should decline coming oat, the
pannige money shall be refunded without reduction.
For Cu rther p t rticalars apply it by letter to
No. 61. South street. New York.
At the Warehouse of DALZELL 4" FLEMING.
No. 24 Water street, Pittsburgh. Pa.
BY AUCTION.—Vitt be told by rubric Auction,
without rtserre, for cash, to ctop.e the concern. at the
'ion of the Mariboroneb Chapel, in Britton, on Tuesday.
the (Dort . day of October next, commencing at nine of
the clock in the forenoon.
All the property oft he "Tailed States Land Company
ronsb4 in_ of about
140.000 ACIDS of eood and well watered Farmine and
rani ne and very valuable Timber hand. lyine in Jeffer
son. McKean and Clearfield ronnti, in the Dale of
Pennsylvania—on parts of avbieh there is abundance of
Coal. Lime and Iron Ore, and mane lkiillsts;
And of Claims against sundry persons for land sold
, ying in said con nties,that are considered good_
Andor Ettock and Tools on a Farm in the townphip
of Brmiford, in the coun'y of McKean, in said Stale of
The land will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, con
taining from ahmat 120 to 5000 acre=,-
Further particulars will he made known at the sate.or
on inquiry of the sithmriber. at No. 12 Lon. Wharf—
nf and Baldwin, Merchants' Row in Boston—or
of either of the Trusteesof the eaid united slate.. Laud
Company. D. It GRIGGS.
President of the United States Land Co.
Boston, Anzusl 20.1840. f'srP 10)
BY 1 orrii4on ¢ Co. L f ondon, for sate only by S. N.
Wickersham, corner of Wood street and Virgin
a!ley Piitsburgh Pa. and 11. Harwood, Beaver Pa. who
is sole agent for Westein Penns . ilvania. se p 10
FAR '.ll FOR S k LE.—The undersigned offers for sales
tract of land sithated 4 rnile74 from Freeport, in the
direction of Kittanning. Buffalo "lownsitin, Armstrong
county. containine 700 ACT5...65 cleare 4 l and under good
fence: 10 of whicn are in meadow— a good sgaare tos
dwelling house an cabin barn erected thereon—an apple
orchard of 30 hearing trees—and a spring of excellent
water convenient to he house.
FOR TERMS apply to the sohsesiberst residing at the
Saltworts oh the Pen tut . vlvanta Canal', 7 nstie above nee.
DR. J. W&s ros's Vegetable Expectorant Syrop,sn
infallible cure for whooping cough. This disease
is mostly confined to children, and is attended with a
„11 - ma ting cough, ♦nd ■ deep shrill sound. palled a whoop;
it comes on with difficult breathing. thirst, hoarseness and
rough. with difficult expectoration. The violent exer
tions in coughing bloat the face, which turns purple,and
the eves well and heroine prominent.
Consumption often dates its origin from this disease,
which has hitherto baffled the skill pf the most able phy
sicians, but now by ibis simplz vegetable medicine this
distressing and frequently destructive disorder can be ta
red in a few days. Thousands base given it a trial and
in no cafe where used according; to the disection has It
failed, 1 - osening the viscid matter and making it easily
expectorated without such violent straining as is invaria
bly experienced by little sufferers by every mode of treat
ment that hasbeen recommended.
Coughs, colds, consumption, asthma, d-c. cored by Dr.
Weston's Indian Cough Medicine, many cases of consump
-110715. some in ti.e.advaneed waward given sp as incura
ble by physicians. have been cured t.y this mextierine with
hir pills and piaster. $1 large bottles, small 50 as. Pills
25 rents. piaster 25 Us. His Strengthening Plaster is the
best in the world for weak barks.pain in 'beside, kr, 4.c.
Jr. J We<ton's Eve Water cures all disorders of the
eves when all other means fait. Price 23 cents. Bea Porn
SUIVP in sold at 121 cis. per box, containing enoskei to
cure 20 corns or more. lie has also a perteetly safe and
hiltily valuable medicine for worsts--price 25 cents per
Pita Esmences are euperier in all otherr, . being at least
times the strength of any that can prehated at any of
the dra=ists, smelt as peppermint...spearmint, easement.
lemon. °Tante, lavender. cloves. fennel, almond, berm,
mot, rosemary, can - away, 4-e, lie. Price 13} cents per
bottle, or 50 ets per care containing 4 bottles, or 7.5 ets
rot boxes containing 6 bottles.
For tale at John Thommion's Grocery 1.53 Liberty
next' door to the “Three Big Dawa.7 stp 10
DR,I. B-TIBBITTS, Respectfally inform tie citi
zens of riushargh and vicinity, that he basretura
ed to the city. Be hopes to abaft the confidence of his
former patrons and the public generally; and strantaa
renewal tea portion of their patronage. in connexion
he would observe, that the operation of Litbatrio, for
breaking the stone in the bladder and allowing Rio sass
of with the urine,) is every where commanding the deep
est interest- Be tenni% to extend the benefit alibis branch
• f his mansion to the misted. Strimores. Dissair 5 of
the Bladder andli.idnesa,-1 1 rhiAl
will likewise receive attention.
Those from At distance wishing Anther isforreatiost
wilt apply pervonally , or , by letter, .orif destel ; taut 14
arxoelliatitel'idarelibm,lort relineil-part-of the xi
. ty,On Tierd. hetweent.Ferryjutd Liberlysto, seys 10
Amt. OS*
l e r" alul i teatil l4l
,ukswil flajert
y. 4""
a" Bs p. 'eT
mai*imary„ tatt4lMrpt"6.
&Mk akstauLmatoc.
„mai* 4 ,0 ,ftostue ,
ovissmow-on..r - woo
*:i.*=0:;.4 3 ; . -.' l
Tilief4ralttlitarrafrif t ; l
_ ~ ii. , "xlie - 141vre.
At Una MOP; Rebespiert, Welt IC • -- ' . ;
de of absorbing and awfal - -Mn4k4, 'I '
'constitution, ;,always eickly, was
, fast under his vigilance and his tersorz:: ,
... ,
seldom slept—he never termed. " ;
red by the acrid humors of his trys •
,„ --
face beeame livid, his eyes streaked - - .
blood. Hoer after hour aqui:trim* - - -
threatened him with ilia band of as -ate „,,
sin-m•cout 'limits gathered rapidly amie
him. Men, insignificank,while Damon tbitt
ed, took the strength of dragons fro* the
blood of that awful,head. lie tetgeedigi
by his hold (war the club of tho,ftwolifine
and the hearts of the women! , , 7;-; ,- •
subiect for female enthusiasm! b , :7
ally fetlocks power and will.
was something, toe, qi mystery isf - - f
austere being; young in years, with - "".
[ hoary cunning and hard heats art rester
ug all tcmptatiun, except 10;1 of governing
mankind; and shaking Europe 4tmi se
her over a cabinet-maker's shop. Thesis'.
gular and ruthless diterminatiorrof purpnee.
whiCh Robespierre had hitherto ehowobbe
gan to desert biol. is energies. no lone
er concentrated upon the downfall of traitie
rivals, wandered wild and indecisive over
that vast field - of enmity and peril which
spread before his gaze. In proportitin Ite
he lota in vigor of action, he gained in do%
quence of word. The coalmen- horror in
which his character is held makes WI illln
just to his talents, as it requires of the
charity of abstract criticism to prai4e dos
orator while sickening at the oxen. But- it
would be difficult to find anywhere, is he
modern literature of the rostrum, spier
sages than some of his speenhis coafaitt i ,
The address delivered to the convention,*
vindication of the Deity, is full el beauty
and justice of thought.
Wut it is natural that those 11 11 10 -1 0 16 4 -
should be so revolted at the want Of: ri. 7 , ,,
mony between the orator tied #teinliiw
-at the character of the butcher orres4tir
that of the theologian—theNefillasmirgw%
the Numq—that even the first passer"
shock the moral taste too much to willies
tice from the intellectual. Robespierre
vindicating, in the midst of massacre, thet
existente of a God of mercy, is like own
own Richard III„ issuing his preclaipatioe
against vice after the murder of his neiplse.
ewe. The sentiments professed by either
may be admirable in ihenpielvea, but flier
only serve to deepen the general abhor."
rence of the character they contrast. No -
man ever bad so complete a command
over an assembly, from the mere force-of
mind an thought, as Robespierre long en
joyed over the convention, audio the last
over the Jacobin club. Fur, unlike most
successful orators, he owed not** -t4
physical advantages; a wretched. person,-
mean features, a discordant voice--boa : in
and indistinct in the low tuna, shrill and
grating in the higher--the words and the
thoughts bad nothing to set them off, It
was this nimis dogmatics; this faculty so
prodigeously improved, which helped
ruin him; for he was eminently a vain neap t
and, like vain men, he attached undue - ha-,
portance to means that obtained niomen. 7
tary applause. Yes, he would speak, bar
would denounce, he would provt, het.
would trust to his eloquence! Ito riroeght.
of words et the ; moment wafiltunthing -
could have saved i him bet,.. ...And of
all his efforts, never obe equ in *
quence his last speech at ,the , : - ernionl.
ifad it been delivered by a man wlipse hie
tory commanded admiration instead of
loathing, it would have been cited as a mak
terpiece of lucid argument, subtle thought.
and fiery and earliest passion; for in mirth
Robespierre had passion, and his cold Jog :
alas ring nut as living priocjples. Out tlite
spirit of the audience was gene; the *peel;
was tpUt. of place ihri4 season.—Pareigil
Quarterly Review.
A Fit st spree.. .
'Never was .druek but once in my Haft
said a chap once in my hearing; 'Aimee
mean to be again. The street seemed to
be very steep; and I lifted my legs atev
ery step as if I was getting up Ita;ua.—
several cart wheels were making pow? •
lotions in my brain, and at one time I
fancied my head was a large tarnin and
carving establishment, the lathes .of whiclt
I was keeping in motion with my own
. ..eis.
I couldn't conceive what was f the reeetie
that the town had turned into such app tank
mous hill; and what made it wtmAtai isalf
that it seemed all the tintegtoOngrketers
and threatened to pitch over en me.
stop. thought I, and I'll hesa i this sad i
yet, OA at least, it shan't bead me. to
turned round to go dawn to get.althe batioi
tom—but bang me if the town didt4 turn)
round with me, heading
_me se* fisals;
and presenting the high binfr,in Ai* A
me. Wall, sure enough, .therelu4 nh,[lPW
flew up and struck me in the : ate Pfettl ;
and as soon as the stars .cltlll*.t.tweir.
I commenced clinshiPg with hptt44' - asitt
knees. The .next thing .I saw was ,a )14
brick house-a:wing full split a:Oita the
corner and I believe it ran elk over me.
for 1 don't retro** illy mare.
•.Perry, sty bql, when is it 49(# pot a
CloCkt ' -
• When jes :,ste
'Very well, sir- now can itit_g#l w 3
en figsbionat& hdy ftesswit l / 4
eaced grittier** - -
`Yethei9 ,ii she makesism* btu
in xx,.lterforse- - .-
404fisarlable hey! Now tell me why
itarritiOiet a fihe trogriet flower?
Ma& ssfeeler
*Ad* r ! I , I,FrFF:= 11 :-,44.,
4002.1) 01 4 0
, -
, e ,
.-..-i, , , , '; . ,: ..,-,..,:.,..::,
J.-41='4 , -, •17 1