Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, September 21, 1842, Image 3

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P alled the 27th d i
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P. 12111 for" ./Elik
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AfsCIK thißaak et!
he ,Philadelphia •hank:
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the:Ma/sit Case Compay.
the,Peaesy4vaaia and Oido ,
the Chesapealse
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rtatku Com von,.
tate noose, in /the Unl in k
.111, 1 28 iii day of Nome*
I stock in. 110. iiktutatae l a
Howl Comfgany. •
the Cumberlaad Valley
Franklin Railroad k.
WrifhIVVIIIP, Tait H i
Railroad Co. -
Cndorao NavigalioaC4 .
Bald Earle and. Spilt e,
ration Ca. .
maaonarhela Na
!Ronan:rake* Brake
A nestle's, Bridgers.,- .
Wilk.harre Bridge ea
:Leuri.elmrr, Bridge Co.',
lii• Beaver BiktaiCs..
Danville Blithe - Co.
Nenroorrk Bride, Co.
Freneb Creek Bridle
Conemaorti 'Brian Oa
P;ftwylkiii sad Poud
Loyal Fianna Sulked.
%titian Bridge Co.
Rot bstorwri Rridee Co.
Tovranda Wilda. Co.
Prarklin arid Aftbelip
Srhesvlkill Bridge4ittil
\Tifllarn!pott Bridge
ton rottaty.
in the G•ttowin TUTPIae
Tin rriclitril,,Ca*dea lr
Chain'Tralitirelild •
Ri•iitorii arid Slarigni‘
Sin% ooarn and.
Gr",hpr.cand - . ' •
Rani inrrioa• CON.
Erie and WaretrOrif.
Sirkininen aed
G p and 'Newport
Wa yne•sbarg, G - •
AI ()mantas. n, Clni •
Lii I le conetoot2-
rerkg and Dappilln.
nra. , ter, fi,lizabetbl
nnsion and WI •
s,..rinnldinna and id.
itin“l and OvroTo.
Imwnington, EPbra t i
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centre and Ir. ,• •
Cm 1 re.
Ynrk reellYStinV
Snr nr House. •
Capt.'s' mud ..-- •
Snttrinettirena and_
Suoidoeluneigt *ad 1"
Bridgewater and WO ,
Pittenants and New
Nrw Atesandria sof •
Belmont and Easini•
ettirlinreh and Balks
Philltittarsa. ll4
Batter and MM-:
Mercer and Mead'
Ander.on's rein.
New Haven.
Pittsburgh and BIM
Ridge Road.
Bethany and Var . _
Robtasown and
Mount Fleasantaal
Soinerstt and -Bed
Hanover and CanW -
Tilitterstown and '
Beitecwste aid e s
Philadelphia , gr o s
Rettoont and Of
Harris Mill and
Phitokelphia t0r... ,
Lewistown and::
Armstrong and 1
Clifford and WP
Indiana and '••• •
Washington and
Washington anf.
Lyronsing and tom
sddletown old
Bellefonte. '
Butter and Kit
klimsbarg and •
Derrmowo sad IL.
York Raven a nd
Abingdon 11111427:1,0
Warren. Ind 1111 ".
Lewisburg •ad
Somerset and ,
Carbondale sad ,•
Somerset sea o s
Lewlshartddd .e
Warren and _
uavll sea 10 !:
ArMstrotig so v g,
Warren spa
Sugar Grp
Brown/ 0 0 06 ' g '
Snowshoe taw
do Lackastalellt`
Jo Butler and Esser 2 _
do Sterling.and P ic "'
do Lenox and
do . ritisharrik
do Bedard
clef Listleasalkorg
do Mad 100. 114 "
and comaloos otos,: .•
tae days
is alliefa-. '
Pa t.
"itandiiikia l o ll ;"'
T EE R. 21,*1342
lreve it is altogether unnecessary,
. uy loafers Should assemble at the
on Sunday
sth and Wood s treets
Could they not divide into
es of six or eight, and station
at different parts of the city 1
think that such an arrangement
uce to their own comfort, and
that of the citizens , the ladies
like to be insulted, in partic—
other of we have to these
et 'mobs,' is that they so much
the coon skin conventions of '4O.
Ted that "we ne'er should look
r like again."
are several other "crowds" about
might with much propriety take
ad vice .
Where is the Tail Mob."
heard nothing about it for six
if treat any person Le a dish of
ysters, who ill tell us who that
•d looking creature is . that may Del
sun shiny day. `'perambulating
,usly" through the streets.—
! he no doul,t imagines
smasher." He. shruild be
exhibited with the Learn cd
know whit so , ne edi;ors we
t!ti ii i 6.; city news, ‘sere it riot
.mkats at ti that five on Market
t or an .411r;ed )lurtierer
1a p die(' fic rI o Cit:c :Drill ar
fllr In p , l - Sll " t 3 man r
inurcler in 1.!1: A n
i;o•S• I g
tlswery. ,
In the
eri diSrh.ttgt
wac seized (1.07 t,
drew n f,c”lrit , g p ;le f
Isn , cl.-r! 'f ,) 'lhi.ll.l, 1•Ip'-
1 , n rlr, A 1,,.c , ~•
',lit by
ship--I'Msbilvgh Forever.
St ackh nis? 77 , mlinson,
It ted as %; e I F
achinery op..r I tl,t
ti=l efioa , ed, ea, li;.; their (1;!-
istru.y a;11.!
wonder :st the crott Lis d
the gre;ileS'. curi, , si is, 111 'oe seen
e IRON S ITA`.! S1111 ) -, P.)lend
Erie, which is i,ow in priwres
pelintendenc€ of Samuel Hurt
e capable of discharong 15e
ties c oo filed to
s laid an l t!le stem ani ster
I ire frame iA to progress of
t!le boltom pti:tliig On.
een pot
vat r hoe
.t half floor
tween Decks clear of
Rater (1, , 2111;
Do (Loadri.l)
at is Tons
ht of vessel
ilers, Coat, Fix
, Outfils, &c
t of Iron required to build her is
, ;di of the b-,t Juniata piled
manufacture(! by Lyon, Shorb,
about forty workmen employ-
her, who are progresing rap-
II be ready to move about twat
he fall following will be cotn-
ors of C:irele,,snP.s.
hue Forne workm,n were en , ra2(i
house in e4fceL, one of iii 0 :111
brick fall, which struck a boy on
as st3r,ding, on the p3vemeht
frequ•nti? nccur; carpenters and
gook out belay" bei - ut e they throw
ngles, &c., from -u'h an elevation
steamboat Sunk.
et to learn that the fine steam
owned by our fellow towns-
Anshutz, was snagged and
n's Slough, on the Mtssissip
• It is supposed that the boat I
11 be a total loss.
R.—The Orleant came along
the accident happened to the
struck the same snag and
lat.:ly. No lives were lost on
:s Doolin's Slough appears to
al spot for steamboats; there
.on but several fine boats are
For the Post.
Sun did'ot "knock a nigger dawn"
It was the Eagle - or the Allegheny,
that utast diobornwl let„whiklbe
• Sam was patting out the
make the correction., Rom.
..._ . .
_ .:4ifith-",44A-si-F-
%BaiaFOß SA- • . - ' - "err
LD—Wiattlitageritifi • stew feriae.]
BA N:AIi( IS A.lrD .NiIIEIH4I.iiGIIVIABIf-:' Dt: c A- W wit -1 . 4,r,... T. „...7...F 424
.. , , ~ , :" . .5z .. ., . ~. *re 10 i , . i i ivf", , ,,,,.. f o g i t fi t Roes ,.. h oj ai *.it s w ies mow noel
1 ------7-7 'l
- '• " ' ' '''' - -• -. ' ' ' '''" -.• , ek!ratriffishoMl ll cuatairriagThaares oftandef attach '
aaacrao ataitif. DT Wl.Liill iltaaltrit, lemellalicli liaolEza. ; _. ; , _ , ~.. n
E . .
~.. ;
;, _ a
amdieole, _
le, , .
BIiSINGOV 'MATSU/441W i1..-- . -Mottee t. herehr • 60 are
... . fence, fa 20 stereo of I
i rx:______________________ : ___.....-......---
4 14 . . - r iii - tto
, I'ENNSYL.V A NIA. gaol- -
2 ' -gbien,litalla hill l P--• LO 11 140 04 1/ Y1 - ill**4 !` °4ll. ' 1111"1112"4:-2: ' Ck e• ' kook of APPOO,IIr-rew-regeh and
2 i wedeoehwthe Ata. da y , i ii rs i b at; thene.Arill i OherrytnaM—the laa r tincommente are a large Dame Num 1
at of Pittshureb.
2 I be publicly , sold' or kasedjew a teratateeeding atine-i elontablimg - lOrmariat.vielifurnisbed.calcuialed for aTa- I
2 ', ty nine years. rot Yeltrilr reat , .troe Or Isis Lots in ibesaid A l Vera arprivate Dwelling:a frame Barn 2B by'6o.stone
• 2 'town oftittatre:land offend properly situated fornand - 1 basegasall. and illabihre, sheds •od oilier out hOO/000011-
2 farnwiwt plirptilea Ind thease _Of o,,ltalliahherpliddity of i able ftar.st tettemeat:--2gateal Gardens sarnotraded with •
2.' mater to propel tnachltlerF on the _said Lot or Lots, the ettrratn:httAes. and *. welt of excellent watei, with a
2 I said sale being made under the
. prortsions and Resold- panto isi at the front door. in relatioa Cottle Pittsbemh
• nod Allfthetty market. thene is no place now 'offered for
10 , By order of the Beard of Commissioners of ate Illinois . sate with more-inducement to those wishing to purchase
-2 1 lions ofthe Law of this State, upon the a tfidect, 1
4 and Michigan Canal. j. si AN s i NG . 5 c0 ..a q ,,4 - ; I near Pittsburgh. the terms wilt .be - made moderate. for
12.1 1 spri 10 Canal Office, Lockport, July 14.1842. further partictihulapply 10 therimprieter at his Clothing
BO ' i RON A lcrt COMMISSION MER NIA NTS.—q.} Itel- -; . ~ . . - - - - LAWRENCE MiTCIRELL.
90 -1- ter would mspectliilly inform hit old ctenconerts aid t 1 . 1 B.: If not sold befolifi-the isft of October -nett. it
50 1 friends. that he has this day associated with him A. Me- will be divided into 10 and 20 sere lots to suit patella
-70 . llwaine. under the firm of S. Keller i•• Co-. and resented . sera. .-., • cep 10
, .
his former business of dealer in Iron and Nails. at his old __ _. .
I mm AI IsTR AT P''••: 'Y
..1. - 0 ~.. . OTIOE.—AII persons indebt
' ''t Front CL, betw ee n Wood and Market FTS. 'A .
3 ; stand, No_ :), ~
50 A renewal of his old euwom, and the patronage of the
townshi ed to the rionie of John Sam, late of Jeffer son
p. deed., are hereby notified to maim paFosent
public generally, is reenertfollf reques ted - 1 to Ilse unders'•ned as soo nas
2 t Pittsburgh, A ptit 8, 1842. SA MORI. KELLER. '
..... .
._..., - . possible, and all having
ALEX'S. II'ILWAIN E. `t ° ""`s`' asl • ll'e•F* l re wtil present them to the same.
• sep 10 . properly authenticated tor settlement. WAL SNEE,
- ; sep 10 Administrator
Merril. it Man.
Etchanee bank.
BR. of GerMantOWlß
Ea , - - -ta.n I ank,
Lancader bank, dig
Bank of Chester CO. p
Fa, met's' bk Burka Co.
Doyl6r-lown bk do
Bk of N America-Phil.
Bk of Northern Libeutk.....°
Commercial bk. of Pa.
Far. Sr Mechanics bk.
Ken-logic* bk.
PidladrlPliia FA.
Senn I.k.
F.OUlilwark bk.
of Penn,..ylvania, 91
Bk of Pena T. par
Map. 4- Mechanics bk-'lB
+.lerhanie.bk. par
Caroyarnensing bk. 13
Girard ba..k. 47,
LT.F.tat PA frank 551
Lumbertner. , % Warren. oa
bk Wasbin.tton, par
Muvers bk of Po; leeite,
Bk of Monivunery Co. par
Mon. 1 , 4 c 813,s o frine, - 2
Erie Bank. 5
liarri,ouirzh book. 6 1 .
• I
Bk. of M n. et
Bk. of Cliaml.erel•urgh, • 6i
Bk of Norll.un , rland. 611
coin tithia bk k co,
Bk Susqueoanea Cu. 9
bk of I kfl3W3 re Co. PI.
Lebanon Lk. •
nirWE aultsc- itter s respectfully call the attention of
(-.ti'ety fu ;A ) itteir Iriend s and the public Feneraity, to weir pre.
111 15 11 T . h j ey . alrle-ESTretita°o4Nai"Stly FgoeenetitainblreaHrintoods-fiktihnedsPititifF;• .
sent assorintent of Paper Buntings, which contains a
s p ip.:‘ , v p,. l , , , ,, k c .
Ni z ,. l o 1 ; 7t riLe t„a r r. o i rn i. n ti ta „, in d ls A , : h a:, of
o c i o r. c . l i iv: e z . 7, I ndigest ion. Cold
targe and extensive variety of patterns of the following
n 11 0 ,1 0 , 1',,,p1.5, p; r . Tbr valuattlei"" .tiC ' s of the ' e Pills ' to rnrTilvi the descriptions, alt upon inspection V , ill he found to he
, "ou ittr It
•• head and stomach from the fool Itnntourap.that Occasion
quaint Y
, or snnerinr and finish.
1,0T:li'l A N.A. : violent pain in the head and fare , is writ known an d usgla:ed Wall Papers, of al! descrlptions, fcr paxring
, highly' recommended. part irotar'y in roe.cir when a vim. ,
and entries,
12i Or'eae- I:atiliS,
lent 'old l'" witted in itn " 6end '" n ' in7 S."Pr.P . Elazed Wall Papers, neat and handsome patterns, for
t te ilc , r i t o tt. 6
145irtan't,'UsiT:17 CAROLINA
pdper rtr ma an entries, I
i e oo a at 3'l cents.
4 through the fare and teeth, they never fail in viv i d- re-
he moat violent cases. even when bleeding and
American Wall Paper, of their own tnanufacJure, for
Ftert:Q l'o 14rok.
Lewiston! a. halls; Freer° and tint, stylra for parlors and
Towanda. 6 1 1 1Bni 6 lit ° s. 17 H CA
N A 2/ I t l o " : - th in dra l wing. have been tried in vain. 'They act as a
it.„I:.IS. roLUmni k i erotic 4 wage and will not prevent the patient from at- .
chambers,on fine satin glazed grounds.
Freallt Walt Papers, Decoration and Frosty patterns, in
...... 2.. tenrl;netn business.
F t, ' 551€ at John TIK)M°Sf " . ' nrf"frv• 153 Uh " I Y plain and rich cniors,gofd and silver paper.
' street. next door to the ••Three Rig Doors." sop 10 Velvet thud Irsitation Borders.
Landscape Papers, in setts, for papering hotels, hails
E IrVM. FTEELF. fsmeretror in H. M'Clockey) Fash- „pd ditties: rooms, at reduced priers.
boa le Root Maker, Liberty SL, 2d door from Fire Sward Prints, Stances, Ornaments, kr.
RI,. of St. t •',. , r, 6 Vi - gin 'Libel' Ti.- SobSerlher re-:eel-tinily informs the'
II irately flied Paper, plain and figured, of diCerent ca
Da, 1:. 1 3,- H. 5'.1,1 1 11 6 i,,, , ,iir that he ha,: rammenced the above business in the kip .,.
I' ;TN.\ I).A. ,:h o p fo rm erly Dern Med by Mr. Henry M'ClP''ke3'• Western merchant: and others are rettpeciful'x invited
Crud lank.. $lOl2l and that he is to w prepared to attend to all orders in his to call and examine I ta:r stock and Pikes- off which last
E'-tern EiChailg r • line of business with despatch and on the most reasonable a literal di.,.„,”„ 1 w ill h p given C o , rash:
f10 , ..d, ly: ta i 1
terms. From Ivo ton. experience in the manufacture of From long ex?erience in the tusines,;. they are alde to
1 Fa-Ilion:00e Riots, he 1 , 4 - Is ronfideri that all articles manufacture papers in a superior manner, and no they
, 111. , 71 , r, I rrnlil his f -- .!,l ii, , .10 , ,t n 11l give satisfaction to his pa , i •t e 4„,,,,,,i ner r in keep up the charaetrr their papers
i amts. A shot e 0 t . ;istitc patronage im. respectfully solicit- h av e u nifortnly sustateed, 'Lev hope to corollate 11. re
ir.:101;111=e• ed. S '" 10 cnive the eacouragement lot het In:an til•••rattv ex:ended.
tjorEft w V: i:ilnrizl;.-11alinn X- 'l'..relmtl. Parer
No 49, Market street. between 3d and 4th
ma toll - act(' t ITT•T+, Sten'Telt ville, (thin. I!! k'' i I ''' is ° PP °r. P itt F•bn rel. S• pt. 19,1542- 1 , ,, ir
1ti.,11). of makimr ',own to ttm pnttlie that thee !lave -- --
opened a pater ma r P honve in Pill,' tire.h. on Wood st., at
Co. 101.11 are diets “.;tll. of Fllll , “.. for the sate of
their ! taper; where they will keep ronslantly on hand. a
zenrral sn;.;0:. •of p.:l, - r. coy'-islina of Ix rllO,l, wrapping.
mina... I, ito.r. tea and wall paper„ - and bonnt't . hinders.
and IfitlerEl.nlre,,..
4:0%,.0.tirch Ak
York !•aii.
For. k Lk. of
rent) ,nle
'tic, 1,10 111 k
‘1 ,, ,11. u
Relmn"i t.k t r
do f'orrPn , v noire,
Colon.! ,, kt , r, I k NeW Lin
14)0 It/i
do P..,!
,r 1.4 of
Z 4114 ,r , k
!. I FF• Z.; SAL .E.- : :rtli o , lFridny It, 2.41
it tort tnl - E. L%IWI - • Itre,flie
V or. Wencer. E-q.. I I rt• f..t.mvirtx propPrly:
c(),nlr,otre ,, at 2
1 . 1,31 vices.
I 1 , 1
1 et
1 I,
11..0 r:,t .
1 } •.
1 r'
r k 1
I , %
F th
j •
'r• sTEvit• o
•• Vl' 3• d rajl.ir VI a 1.:4
't -• ..•. •\ Co t. 41
4 6
11 tt..;.,ANI I.czi•ae
L A tt Ell E 4.V. - . CO., Et -1)..51,5e Brokers.
I , be:otv Mlrket. sea '2O-1%
Mount St. WEary's College.
111,11WNT ST. MARS'S 101.1.Ef:F.. wear Emmett s •
11 burgh, yT d
. -I , z,T t lated in , t-pp. 11103( !OM •TO le
or FrodoroL: counts , . Mot.% tauri. Mount I.
( - 0 . 1,7, Cr w ht: ft from thr' rind 1001,11
h - at ion is unrivalled n point of
o . e:
.ri p in!P lift-S
Cvl: , re war irrorpnratrd awd empowered to eon
0, , 1 at her It , ere., hotpors be fhr Le fi slatbr
in t he Mai! hof February 830.
sitplie. is colnpretien‘irn, endlnariaz alt
tho ,14, , reit. and 12111.7n:4 2v, , utrattlly taught itt
C-1 4'. 1-lied and well cnr. .n teii t 'olle./el.
261 Ii 5
I Lt'ernrylf, I arai evensi7e: lis Readinz Room
aTo 70:CeS 4 10 !Ile Iter=l literary aed geiealifie periodieals:
!: 1., an eieeile.n: Philoznplucal Apparatus eifernical
kc be
658 to.
of Flench.F•panirth. German. and Rook.
either three 4, fon r ti.. rs a week, the
lori , and Moral areriven
,- a Week . ; the lertnre.? nn r — lrcrnirriry 9.1 41 Nati rat
rho there time , a'‘seek; 'those on fli.rory, nn
311.1 Ger/ 1 01v' !Wire a week; and all the other
are kepi lir. , tia:r.: a week, doting the forty five
w.• of the r:chora,tic icor.
T'•e cilar:e for board and iui • ion. including the rnlir."
r .rionlific course !Ile modern languages and
an 02 her t, rancho,: (exrept mn.ir and drawing) aka tvatth.
in tnendint., i•ed and heddmg. and Doctor's salary. l:
SIR!. nr, annum. payahle half t'ear'y in advance. Mu•
~ r drawing (the only exira charges) are each $4O
r -nnum.
annual rommPriePment is held on the laFt Wed-
The FPf=ion of s:adies tw.ins about the
Ig:•: ~~f 4nga=t
fliztant from Baltimore fifty fr
lo•rj , k, VAryklfld, eighteen, and (too Getaystmrgh.Pa
.ffr y, A. Rl. Pre: dent, PreSensor of
moral Phisn.r.onhy and Ithe;nrir.
John MrLo..'ny. A. M. Vire press., prof. of Fi;-
Rey. Palk. Corry. A. M. Pref rt of Studies, prof. of
Greek and Latin, and Instructor in Algebra. 1
Eev. Philip Porgna, D. D, prof. of Theology and of
Sacred Scripture
Rey. Hoitoratus Xnupi. A. 11. prof: of French and
Rev. Thomas McCaffrey. A. %l. Prefect of Dimipline,
adjunct prof. of Lai in and I netructer in Geography.
Carper J. Reiriip, A, M.. Prufess.or of Grammar and
I n•nrocLor in Greek and Lana.
James Clarke. A. M., Graduate of the V. Military
Academy, at tre•t Point, Professor of Mathematics and
Natural Philosophy.
Francis P. Giraud, Graduate of the tEende eentraie des
Arts et Ilarinfactoreteof Paris, Professor of Chemistry
and Geolozy. and 11151 rotlar In French.
Tuloi •in Greek,Latin, English, Arithmetic and other
Bra ',rho.: Relied Wm. Etder.A. M.,
Frant • C. M'Farland, A. Itolland, late of Aston
John Harken, College, England,
Patrick Murphy, Michael G. Martin,
Edward Tonag, Thomas O'Heil,
John C. Ilrady, Henry Carese,
John G . Homsell, • Wm. Andre, Prof. of Husk.
Jatnew-.Dickey, Protein*, of Drawitig and Writing.
Prefects of Discrislise.
Revd Y Th 9 Pal /VOtirre3r... John Hackett,
Joint O'Donnell,
' Mount itt.4(fary'OcOnege. Ser. %h. tie.. Facia 17-3**,
BiumitiMite nyvt lATA IRON NVORKEL--11
anirdTraidiint. idaaaartaver of Ins and {`salt..
Wareham, #425. Woad*, riathargh.
Weenier, .--
Gra .
IMpton, '
Post oilier,
Frembk Columbus,
Lmata ,
*g fiaint!ton,
b!t. Late Erfe,
Par: hl: of caoion.
tif baiia
State bk- 4- Branches
St2te Scrip,
I AD 'auks.
:::;afe Ibk 4-
SUz. w nueletWn
... _
E 5 'VD E subscriber. about closing his boAnass as Arra
vices notice to all those having claims. to present) Ante is's I ntelli Jet Offi:ce.
,! Q i.. E i V n E to ß .. .l9 n L o g r oo co d u t n e t a r ;hers A tra gixri nbe_ fp fu . r a n te istied ;,eac to he st. r. b w oo e ist il
1 them for settlement. and those indeided to mate imMerli
-1 ate payment, as the business mast he closed.
I a rer la rnm eei e n nd so ed m , e w r i e. tb p t ev he a nd me vexperience, antages of wishes
1 rep I.s—St DAVID NO C . L 34 A R o K a , , A ket et. st.
charge of a public school. priva te
s te fa w m a i n if ted ' ." for w se lli v7: 7 l
, clerks and hors. mechanics aiters it 1 r 4
2 it OBERT PORTER, Sttarrtep at Law--Office
on the corner of Forth and Smithfield sts. Pep 10 .
done at this office for strangers torah' work and tab. r -.;'.
- 'c
Rat. im ore Pa ul s s, par _ ____ _
k_ourtiry flanks. 3to 6 1 011 K BUTTER WORTH, Auctioneer and efilMiS, , p
coy. ceso• a needing an agent in any thing, will find
DEL 1 iVAR E. 0.7 aloe .111evchant, Louisville, KY.. wilt attend to the
here long experienceand a thorough knotarle&..e of Intsi-
All Bank., par sate of fte.at 8 , 111 , C, Dry Goods,G.oreries. Furniture. S-c
NCW.I E Et-"EY. &c. Re..gtztarsa les eve ,y Tuesday, Thursday. and Fri , N. R.
% 0 '3.1 01... par and 1 day morning.. at 10 o'clock, A. 11. Cash advances made ' ' A tan pa i n t ed PEde stands before the door.
' Ise ) 19
NEW SOCK. on con.ign meots sep,lo
flank of Vire.inia,
Far- bk. of Vitgioia,
Ear 1,,;:e Lank.
Al". 4- NI er. do.
r) bant,s
rEN:s: L:sEE
%I' 11,14,1,
e , trrn
1.010 .-
1 rr•-and
r par
qoLD S,ND SII.Vr.r, par
I , rd iron'
R. . 8.5U5.1! 4N.
lt..nd 'l
Jo-trn IL 110!
In con ceetwn which t hcy {rill keep a full
of blank hooks and school R.onk=.
I-it..wine, an o‘tro,Firencc.nrionero n' Flint faa== Ware.
All of which will nc Full low for ra-h, or eichanffed for
ra!tc htnnerit'Q,rn
Ordero allerim,zrr in br•nt at S leolrovl Ile. or to their
A znnt in ti. K. Rovtiol,l4, for any par! icu'ar
Rit,P Or grinlit t• or Wing,. wilt bf. ororortl iV alter tied 10
11. K filev..ot.i• is folly entricrwerrni to make all needful
enntrirtN in the 11;711187e.tent of their brt.ittr . ...
ATS—W. k NI. Domgr.irs Ininrrn their friends and
EA_ tile pe , die that I her have COMlTSellef'd manufhcW
OW. 14815. and I itr.t they have row ready for sate, at
their S.7 , ere.l 41 7,l'w•riv efrert. britver, Market and 6tis
,teem, at. a-.1.1110.eal of ;he very Feat which they
e aurßßidtn rheape-I and w 0 ,.. reason
ahte er.fugt. T6wr pl Oet fOnS;,I of the veer hest kind ,
viz..—Reacet, Otter. :Celtic ia, CZIFiOrS. short tiai ped, Rug
Fur and :710,
`X. A- N. Itolwrly are 'ncyih Tr-rut:it htel ❑titters•
have had extensive ex-wrienre as icurnevmen in the Lest
e,tahliiihnient= in the country.lt.eir fiats are all r.ot till
flndpr thelr olio in_prrtior • and thev assure the holtlie
!tat notion? 'lll rp• arli , le.s Ott the rocc , -I risa
Sep 10
et TIl• VVil I ho otrerd :Or:ale
fl FTZ, No 141 rct rFrt. Pi; tFinlrgn,
71 en r.ce' a tnl nea , r, in Juniata Iron
ar.,l Resperica:lr inforing hi ,
a , ;el ; 2,414wr,` 1 1. ;hat In aridi , ion to his
rec ,- .1115 - added a la ~^e and choice
G,e.rtrlts. which he offers for sale on the
0,141 (rasp:l,l , lr Ir , illS. Sie 10
AHi FS' F %SI! !f.:ABLE SHOE STorE Xo 8
Fif h streee . one door from the obi stand of .V
Bert-master.--Tne nahcrr Ler rez;leelftine informs the
Ladle. of P 11.1 1 ,1,211 and vicinity that he i= now many.
lariurin: a .niendid a.vortment of all }rind= of Ladies'
an.: C . ,ndren.s . Fan and iVirder Shone. wbicti will
e sold at
He 14 111 a',:o make To order a , y kind of Fancy work that
:nay be wanted; ty ni,h will be made In t..e utast approved
stye, and shoriesi
Ladle= waillii do well in call and try a pair of one sho. ,,
ac the su',ssrriher feels co. fidcnl l hal he ran furnish them
with an anirie=nisei ;or in an now marnfanured
•;; Ftflu street, next door in Harris's ►utellireece
Offire,at.d two doors from Market street.
A.l) 15--3 t
ECIIANICS' Indipendrnt Tronoportation Line to
Philadelphia and Bolunvore. For Transporting
.ifirchandize to and front Pittsburgh, via Tide !rater
and Penaspicania Canes.
The stark of this Line conststs of he first class Spring
Cars, Metal Roofs, and New Decked Tide-Water BOWS,
Cann ma nded by so;.er and experienced Captains.
Merchant:lly this Line are enabled to have their
Goads. shinned as cheap. and with as much d.elnttch.as
by :Inv other Line. One Boat will leave Aatiy from the
foot of Willow street Reit Road on the Delaware, in Tow
of a Steam Goat, which is kept espreisty for that pur.
The Proprietors wilt give their is hole attention, and
respectfully invite Western Merchants to give them a
call, as they will find it much to their adis..ntage.
All goods consitned Witham Heifinar 4- Co. coast
wise or via Delaware and Kt: viten Canal, will be receiv.
ed at their warehouse_foot of Willow street Rail Read.
Philadelpt ia, where goods calk lw put directly
. from the
Vessel into the Boats without additional handling or ex- .
from Philad. to Hotidaysburg. } Proprititors.
From Holiday - gnu - eh to PtUsliurgh.
JAMES DICKEY 4.• Co., Canal Basin, Liberty street,
Hstmt.kag ¢ Risen:lA:Plow street wharf,)
on the Doleware,nt Philadelphia, ;
JOSEPR E. ELDER, Baltimore, 1 Agri"
P. L. PAT - renson, Flo‘lidayshurgh,
JESSE PArreasott. Johnstown,
ttefer to merchants generally liana:bon, the city.
sen 15-4 f.
irt OFFICE-29U Bars Rio; 50 bass Lostaira;
TEES--6O Half chests Y it and Gunpowder:
SUGAR—'3O hhds Odessa;
Tlx—zoo boxes assorted: SO pip
COPPER-700steeas brasier's; • .
200 do Sbeathingeste;
PIO litox--6sao.lpftliS ol l;
HEMP-40 .bales, Itrostria.
srpl7--3to XING '4— ROLlifS. Wood st
dis FOR SAUL—Teen Lois isDetester, One
,See festili Acres P 114 5- 714 ea HeIOW MIL. L' l42
see. 41. 42. Ea, 53.54,181 :Iszatiaisk InCOW "•'- Ain
of Lois i ont kloissesilii Also. Lots sot 26 27.
Loiseet Viciliftektei.,sear ibeseer;;Cester
noimee; Yoe *erase appli to Z. W. ILESIUMMS-
1 . 11 -
zE, MAIL LINE of Sp lerr.l t=lealn Pack
c's from Cm, matt to Si. LoniA.
T:1 , 14ev,Vendiii, lain run n k lisht dratuzlit =loam ,
Pact , Is /rest !find and -Van!, tr-eil, will run as resu'ar
l'ac::cts. from Cincinnati in Si. I..nnis.. Will leave (1.1
cinnati and Si. Louis erei y Wednesday morning, at 10
l'a , s.nlers from the Cast and West may rely "pan
heir start triz puorlually nrivertised. sep 10
et unotroat: TAKE NOTICE. that we have applied
the Court of Common Pleas of Coo utc
for l he Itertefit of l he lows: enacted for tt , e relief of I osol.
vent Delany:, and that 5:41(1 Court tins appointed the 4+h
ilonday of Ocioter for the hear' ng o us and out credi
tars, at the Coort Hoo=p, in the county aforesaid. W' hen
:Ina where von maw at end if i en t link proper, and show
fathre.ar any you have. vete tee -hon t d not he discharged.
1. oil ER T T. Pflir.ND.Pilishureli, Cabinet Matter
Ilnarwe • STIA.w, Butcher. Liwreoc: vwc.
• PM 17-31
-ship hereio(llr. belgre , 4l M nd S
w o s on day (o.,avve.l by inalail enr1 , ..1 1 . , .11d
Jamr= 31'4' 1 0 ,1 a0ii i,,atilliorizrd I Felt le of he
fir r..to Whom a I ~,cc,aros n 1151 he paid and ~..e.l
1(1.9 for ~..ittement. 7 iMFS
°',"l, 10 JESSE D. 1V11..:.'()N
N, \G!;i W II ' l / 4 MILTON. .I?for.elis 01 IA", 131 VP
iTiL renmvnil litrir OrTier in !Sir r..sl,lener of II 7 , -. 411
einw. on Fou fclno donr= above Smithfi.l•! sep
Irnt lnrer mnry hr irk hnose no flair s oft. 2(111
front. a er/ol MOM ih front. and into
with an eNrePent kitchen; the Ito run, ~ ark I=ti I'o tn . ,.
10 fit inev. This is a t7ond 9:rind for hu.ines,
he for pert and part on a liberal rrf•no .11r
a errn.l properly in the enonl rr O-1, Le lily ni lie '.ken
in part paymet.l. For torsi= nnrl pqrt trulnrs enrin irP at
No 9 Fttlit tt‘t
EPI CA;I I) —Wm. st. WR:G HT . nt. n. vr.r !rota
immtdiattly relimqui_shi. , z hit: 41 rese nt
has determined to resume the practice of hi: prop-span.
H e w ill z ive his al renriou to i he several hranciies (it 'sire!.
rifle and Snr, , ery, in all of which he was regular!) , :rad-
Office and residenre No. 71 Fourth street, one door
alm V P WOOO. aep 17 —2w.
For the Travtsporlalion of V erchoottizr to a, d front
Pitt„,borgk, Baltimore, Philaslarltia, Kew fori,arsd Bos
ton, Tart:lBl,h is the sk,rfe..t
rri Uni.Pd Slates Pnrta; , le (~at tine. is romplaFor: atl
Boats !mill in four sections, earb section ra;vittle 0.
containing. seven tons. and suscepllble of being separate
or detaetted and I ransfer,ed from ( - anal to Rail Brow;
thus, as It were, forming a complete train of Cars, or
presenting the novel appearance of a Boat tilling on land
and 'hereby avoiding the steal delay occasioned 11 re
shipping at the several inclinnS and tenet nal inf F of cri•
nalsand Rail Roads, the expense of transhipment and
the damage abe goods tastain by I renaent handling;-and
rendering it itripterstble to separate IMF of toots on the
tray--owing to the iit.enttar coustrlittion of the Boat
having /oar sepseaLS apartments in which Sond< are stn
led, renders them less ii.tble to &male mods by water or
culterwike than lay any other mode of transmrri
Thesystem of Transportation, as retommeiatied by (ho
Canal Commissioners and 'lately ado, led by the State.
refers particularly to ibis class. of floats .The Brims of
this Line are owned by responsible captains that rut,
them, and is the only Line now in operation free from
monopolies or combination.
Goods consigned to he undersigned ageot. mill I" re
ceived free of commission and shipped ',Oboist &lay at
the lowest rates. Ali charees paid and '4140 inOrtiel ion
promptly attended to. C. A.PirNULTY Jj Co. 4 1.415.
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
F. F. POPE. Agent. 75 Boylo Wharf, Baltimore.
-THOS BORBA MG E, Agentrhila . gyp 16 —ll
Illowastiansua Ramos.
Pittsbe , A! I I -September 2, 1/42-$
THE President and Directors of the Coltmany for
erectior. a Bridle over the Monongahela river, op_
polite Piusbureh, in the county of Allegheny. have decla
red a dividend of four percent_ on the capital stork for
the last six months, woo:Wirth he. paid to the Stockhold
ers or their legal represe_ atEdires,on and after therath toss_
Pelt !OJOH d -rtl AW,Treasurer.
Clair *reef.
Laces and it tabontr,
Wideond -narrow gets.
Lace and Muslin cotton'.
Infants' frock waists.
Ladies, 'French Kid, Mohair-
Lts" te Thread- and Capon
Slat_ k Maher nett for Veil'—very cheap
A large assottoteat,of Nagliftt Siraw Moono - O,
braki .
a Of St VIIII./ 1 34 1 . ,. AO Oat. /Tim*
Of-aketliztit ptk > Moil 7y cra w...l-
a11 ' 14.1 .!!!",17... , ,,
iiiopeeddly imbed total' sedlourebsge,
10146. 1 t 3 _ ' • .„ ,
D ;. tkio4ll:iaaltlPM.llol. 4 n l r o 4o' : • Me..-ritit. -if
_Ate 0 FU $ 41 . 1 4 , -..Tbearbeeitber rifferstitiMille a
. Faux, o r . 1,-, i g ii ii imim. ,.w ' -' : cram F. -ILI. lam tract of land. ft MMettate;se Matintlaelkenieent
. raalmif i dei - ititeemit ia - l i a m*.; Mat is -hen ~, of tire Obi. titer. and ts a poutsectiett or theentottry. '
made tine of the most important ttiseothies in medlielaw AVOnd,Warrantes pond- ell he illivrei- - Tbiet leeselleet, •
ever A„mare.„-.., n a,.,, w bu tt .,4 0 ..b p .,..
..b,,,eater as , relithesold low kir eaViti- Or will lA, 031.111110LAWAtlY
fornilaitan eptieb In the art oftwaihm.. - 1 reopetty.or a small farm anima iliataseet not of lona.
Afterran anstoniapprmatkrn cif yea ' maimed by the nallidie of
il ea
hew in Wiltions.and theillebtsrefirliperlence. drawn lief M - lie. USitwllsit.
• , •
from a widely extended pmetiee , be haMinvemed a pill so .
. - - - .
easy in operation, yin linienineffellfreffect, .so wife in nee. - A ' SAW RIM REMPOT *Mini to itirre'etni . -
and yet so *boron-rip therapeisettek In cordfity, that it will' .t art rearpetent to the rare -ref Em y. fe
radically cure nearly all t boon die Lekree 4 which insari ril; Direttre.arill be faii. f l in prompirs - r_seorinrrso.
ty is beir. The medicine is so nicely:proportioned—its ETISRLE PLCIA, at ar AlirtlC - — Uhitirinnt efieltsicr
component insreditnestrite sw . acirstratefir ailjnined, that Health.—These emnseldiettry - 1 1 1110 an etiatiiiirint elf a.
ii operate npnim theorsans, parts, and rimareis of the sys- plant. Which Vows rperntanenteels,me par ineriiitill ;red
tem withoowerful effitaey. ' 1 ' are therefore twitmr adapted In our reneliiutkir,*ibtre
1 ., hillionstrtiers its eirket I. Mosukirfbl_ it removes medicine etincoeted ft**, Riffle. dre.:... ifi 0, 11ie41 -4. M.
.he vitiated and arid bilee. promote. a heal by secretion. they mat be romeorreded, and. Le Wrisher indillisiN/
and soon restore. that all unportaint elk's. to a nasnral Cable Pitts See fbutried teem the orierinte Thal ?helm
condition. and whnleterneamivity, 14 rimpl,,, i ,,,g A nt ., man t4dy in in troth traitket to bar end Diseeettr*reir. -
stoimneb, it la rertlentarly valuable. il cleaners it of ell • rupt butirtors.arui that,taid medicine' times Otte at+4o4 - le
morbid and pernicious Matter. inenettrimil the anpelite. and on Aintree! Principles by ET trasis4 lited p.ovir wqr tie
throush the stomach, 21,11,14 tone and trienr to the whale , It.ell, it trill he olatilfMt that if the onerthotioir be-onst
mmleem ; entirely ezbaristed--einerreverenne In their wee wretredh rg
Drep e p.m. or indisertion. 'that tornientor nf cair rare. ici directions is absolutely certain to deice away - *Moe
find. in ibr. medi rine its meme,4 entirely. A cony. of °revery name from the-body
there pills will endinleffdr cure the Mik inveterate re When we wish to moose. a Swamp or Moan t- to:fee.
of rhronic Deseensia. and when the din e n, t,- p a w in iir. Wily. we drain di of the superabundant wale.= lie nit
earlier innze... 0 few rinses will ernd trate it, and banish : manner if we wish ;restore the body to health weii OW
ail its symnloM.: the palpitation of the heart, eidenime, lee:true itof impurity.
dimness °fright. eructation. wind In the boirefir. mirror'. 1 Wrifker indict irerrstaltis Pith will he found .noe - of
irritation. oppression at the sinmach., emnitrenees fir..', the hest, if not the very hoot Medicine in the world !Or
which afflict the unfortunate sit/Poet- :I . Disorders of the ;en r ri ing out the Creed Perifoire linireinte.j timbres.
mnelmii merolirstne. like those Mastic ileniisms known Obey erne! from the hody all morbid humor. rhe,taptor
by the nnm e of imitent Idris.' i !disease. in an EMIT and ...irennia .. 1 1firmse.: nmi midi. In..
Ca.. 4 rifie an , Usistieniar afrertiona arei cured in a .ttnrt t every day °ME wise mad Pleassrre.divetpe of tvery mime:
time by a prom, nft. of IND: intritnnbie inettit-ine. Tt ran- ig driven from tba hrxtr.
sm. the tsetse's of the stin in he oiiened, femoyes etrece,en. i The above named hifiew retetal,le Pills. bare lava -
res., and fil.pPli incipient disease by pindueing a natural 1 Ilium I , l`4ll , heforethe America. rattile. arcl weep,. ro o - l
eo.- of orisrpiratinn. 1,. I say wit heat u fear of contradiction. that of an the 1" , ", •
The Dichmes and a'l other dieeaSe. 4 m
f the inare or i onst medicines which have Aere rtremehn." psnrt"'" , _ ..!_at
Tans wilt be - en red by the nseofthia'tnePicitte tali hont any j one has elven sneh unitreond slit4 , o , ton. br , 0 1, ;•.:".ir.-4
notions effects. In the disease-sof elilidren they wilt he ; such it ho'd upon the a Testinns of the recipre: - It, 1 'en -
hilidde benefit-1"i. osperially Attrintritte4ime they are get- :le do it?' it insatiable ex neri-rme retire and 41.1 ,, er*. - A
tin.. tenth. at which time infanta saffer the most. 1 '.l in the Aire, n..0.L51 terms. hat it ha. effected some' a 7 . 44,
Pnt not a1..1". in these rtiaeases - are their enentire pre, 1 moet af , MliPhl e cures ever performed by medi,ine !
nor, ies non erfn I. hit many others ha't'e yielded 'to th-lr Hitherto very few of the etninernent tertimon als sll't -l .`"•'
f , ceihte el .- Fs:l"e. Conths. rolds, ronsammlon.diarron't, have been reeoired in favor InhkrisraocOinf,tr me.•.';:cter
Inemorrallnee, opilcrety. paralysis. freattaehe. otedrire. in- I hare been published., as the rnedlehmobtained Its pieeent
Hamm ions or the inters', inea. reel f.A. I he .4 reneria' or rri-oi-h 1
, Lt-Pm et-1.0.61v i,'o- by its own inteliwiL rcon/Mtss than
disease- and mans in the hack - and Ihnbit. are all radically i fr,m extenrive advertising. It mi. Men , tpewsf. r 1 orame
r rvrP4 he A rouse nfthismediclne. l hoccrver to offer the tdlowitteosirtions of the et:Minimum
Rut in those complaints which ate litelffenl to females. touerher with a few extratts fr -m leltersof asse"ts risetel4'
mutientarty ai the inert of life. these i nips possess their l to show that the Cam! , of the Indinn Vesetahletilte if aat
et-sates! sinat lye power: Pin., allutst,iir the whites. rhot- i J confined to any one section. hut is rapidly ettretditt:.2ll
,.,„,i,.,.. or the ..,,, sickness, olvarnekAon of the menses. self to every part of the titian.
I sleet. sick headarlts.hysteriral affections. and all the vl- From time Philadelphia Saturday trenitrut PPM.
'mug severe which aliliefccometY.lll the rtialftelPtipc.
RIO diyalYeetible aeilaairitine aiernmearivitie
pretroary, will he totally dispelled by This median,.
I a there 71'1V I hive an beant fat nc i Rear
anode. b ntl the hue= of health. ahil oathhiorninc the
yoYei ho !adios desire the posseashin ofthis teenanrel
Theo le , Ihvm hnv . nnfrn-..*: ovrnqinnnlty , Dr. FMix'.
Pi/lc, fn. Uwe are one ortlle beat yesdieiirs, or tan - midi.
rr: in ptic'pnr.e. TI/Pv pnriro blood remove all
errintin , zlnd I ., :nrebvc from rico the
bile f ro m he 4,..tvm, and thirt - render. the comprpxinn I
ao-r, rich. and tranyparealy fair. 1
!n ;be nee nf medieine. no a+ tent ion nee,l be paid in
nnr Fllnnl4 there he nnv Aronrt or eztofieni4k to the i
we , lber. Every tbin7 ran be eaten benefe!, and
with !se,
The r mire , , tv , pultik i= parlirntarly caned to one
th3f rnmmna Tnlirrqihre.2, and nn'Pnt
1 • 14. y prnanro.littlr nr nn min. The evs
-IPM Tone nf the =inch:vitt re.onred, and the
c-nrionz briutziti In a otaie of hen!. hr
oily rrilho , “ ans. M 0 , ..ie1, , ,efg,11.1 mripinz ntl,virint
nOtt,. ,I. n frnmmon rern^dieg- Thg in , nrnal , nrArarr7.
pxlr,As r.om th^ t,,llpt to the:intim, 10100 frrttnrnl•
'V 1 9 . j Ire& it ^o+ iloornrrd Iry o,lnt• drawl-
r ut ,01 retr I hns - aro
cenne in lh,ir nno , atinn Heat th,v I , rik thnmgeivet4 with
na ie anti innd har an 111710'nfr
resrl;wonini,. ar /hop hrel triad ran he ?Mitered. if nnnna
..vv •t. .mve nr F.•lic'e wki'l • hi= , iln.lvsnri v. hi, • , TO:11
P[nrrinnre. 2nd hie em inert cnnnn.n in rirart •••• "P'n m
herg of and tnlont have rived
pirr. and nl! unite in rr.naorine. praise to thi?
prs.wrrfn I. n ra , n
Fm pert ifirnteß cee my
ThPRe are nrocenrril nnlrt.,lt,. CetnnnE FET IT. :It
erruTo tlhgr., nhe had
in WI Vl3 r t. r,,,„ hie ne , r , di•Pti a-P . rrts. areomparliPrl with
'lin... , inn..(or th•Ar nze.
ThPc els'. hp ',lli .f M.. R. C. Arp olor
%Vona 0 , 4,1. heroic my.o! , " for the City
n: ran f'nr n-n Itnv• -10
" E'imir T. .V.ll co+ ,,, I hrngSht. .h•-•
cr.nrenE FT.T;wx. P." , in
DR. JOHN 7 nii 'S'peroifir. A rfrl, , ,
rnre for Ilrypnlpro ri,.,.chnier. It or..Pc.
Sommr, enmpinint.nne nI7 glir.prapronftho P •r.
n nPrfori rnre In nnn or rrrn ‘litlinna
horn , P•th Ihe el,c^nterp.gnpogns, ronln.nint, and
other di=ode-c of the toe 4. front the
and iRItIFOOPT rnedirinen made tree at by Phr.teinea and
others in al tempt hie in en.•. Tll4. ielea this
is romp/I.:ed. - tr. were awed in the firer &are amone the
I ndiamt. and ha* never fa iled in a cin‘le ingtaera. is of
f.etirly a rare for one di,nrripr of the', tworPic. in v.sitne or
old. A. it a.ree.•da any thine vv.*. tlicenvered every
molber 01(10'd have it ennetantiv hv;her. and chantd re
tend the knowted"ent it as for re fr.. in her power. and
by thip trpniev en he live. of rhOnsand.. who woul.i
otherwise die if Cher knew not of 'lila medicine.
It is a rto..itive enre for any dr*.n•dpr of the home , . even
in rho vonn-es' child it V. Ti.rfeetiv site. and very olencant
and never f:.ile in the rho.ei4a rnfl n. tire n- Crii"-
rn."r romnlaint, carries off fio m a ny rhildten in
rcarrrirvrts or Ann Taitorrnn. F.,rl
White?and rhortor Co. rni. a 1+411144er the Tneiirio qrwooi.
fir fnr ttrr rnun.cmt child. t hat had vitiTerort vevoretr with
onmninint in itc herivoisi for nrol•lci .1 roar. it oninmon
oorl when the rhitd wan only Iron irpolze nlit. and af.er
'lint 11'0 atnntg were a l'n'a V 5 had. 14siri7 very oriel, orinod
and alirnv until it wan eeary a vg , ar old: ail the met/1.-int,
t hey made non of, did the child they •nt the
Friorifio.nrid thin oirrol hrr i n a very . . nhnrt time. hrint , in_
asst roveral vrnreir
Jane Warnie. Wert Town. ticPil Pr. 1 WP`'nn.4 Indi
an tznerifie on two of her chitdren *hat had a Royer. at
i-et of the Tivrenterv. when ?hi= roinntaint rca= ratting at
Went Tnwn. fro trinrh co that the ri•hotart had to leave
the fartitntion't it rued her chitdrin inure/1 , 10ply: tOrtri
another child in the farm tionw helline.ine to the rr hoot.
with a numher orottwrs, both adults aad thihiren :lent] nd
the neiWtorhollii.
nor yontlfr.cYl hild wr.. horn with the tly.entery. hay.
intr_ the row:T.0;0,o from its MOttll4T who wr: atinrkerl
with the ennintai•ti a Fltott lime before ronfinentettitr'llt
was CIITPd in one day by taking thft ) it pac=ed 2
.roe onantil v of - .lime and blond. alai wan violent!y :Ti
red. at two chivy old we rommenoeli and !aye it the Yoe
oifio which eared it in a very few diaya.-1 VragTow•
William I)arte'e younnoyt child war afSittled in its
bowel, until it waY trwt nia moot Intolit. its flalit *yen' el
" like Mitt'. liwo it intik bad with a vit•tent at
tack of the drfoolerv. pazains lar•it gnantitiee or Hood.
l'ev became very mnrh alarmed, avid pot the sporifio
the erPnine. and cave it aecordint to ditroilan anti' 12
n'etook at night. then I lw nweitie tiatwed thronzh it.; bow
rht and it toat well talmoYl immediately and has been well
ever Riot*.
A voone mant.iviol with TOIVT.11 , T1(1 tirlle•R- 170511R.1.
Ctief.lef ea_ way no bad with the d.Kenta ry that he for
be would certainly tie medirine lip made ewe of
matte him worm., .v 2 Immedintety eared by J. Wes
t men Indian Speeifie.
We enntd mention a thotosnd other em , en hot we deem
it a nnoireciry.
Prora red only by Pr. Joliet We= hilt. on the ennextn”..
tntnnite, rant Whiii.dand, Mai:ol44l i..... Pa.. and may he
had at Jahn Thneipana*.e CrorPrii.No- 153 Liberty ti,,
next done oil ibe *.Tarea. Rif Onfirgi . Well 10 '
AssiGN FE'S NOTICE —The COurt of Common Pleas
of Allft-iteny minty, havinl appointed the ander
Fivied A ssit-,neg. of David •Jewelt. au insolvent debtor, aft
persona indebted to the said insalv.t..or boldine proper
ly beloweine. to him, are requested Wunestiatety to pay and
deliver over all sorb AMP of and property to the
gesi.grice. Att credit nrs of the im4vent. are oh.° request
ed to present their resPeetive arenniats or demands
sap 10 JODPI A WILLS. Assiguea.
W N", A
/1- E. AUSTlttorney of La or. Pitt.hureb„ Pa.
Office in 4th street, opposite Barite's rtuildine-
W amtaat E. A owns, E-1.. win sive his attention to my
unfinished business, and I recotnroW him to theTotrTot
atu of /HT friends. DTER. FORWA D.
It—:t v •
rr ~.s! ATTEICT7OII.-1-An perionsiii 00-fet
eion of any arms. ireontr.rinireti., tole,* or other
Military property helm-gin=td thr 9 tognanoioreattit
Itt tbe been& of the *el*. an Penn. Yor
thittetsl and Blititiasektk feted to r eturn sin - 4,
tiroproir lo zikr on or hefty - it lit driaier *14141,';' the
nth eklienibe Vl* "LeieiollteettO :Woe!
ill *Teen's refelazieteitiOry,Z 4)4
- i da i r r i* 4 ,* ,
..* '
_ ,
rep ill-'
liumsom-volort-.4---.._;•---44---.:.--4.-40514-- m- ..if
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sikr 14-NMVlkwamg • ,amen'
' oaliin
ILl__ ital'iltheil* lietalit__-...
- alawilililllloo* _ .11 , 010040 41 71 1 -
AVANI*4 II6 ' O ; Se= 4 1 4 4 1 . 4111 -'7 4 * Iti.e z
allkelga oooll t - -,z' -
.., , - ....-`..-- ~ ,r;'-'-. -....' -..-.-4<-I.'l'-'_•_':
rndia. Payee/Pelt Pillit--Wit.bro Tsrrlltiit
Vreety.hle Pine are ad.tainineere.r Ise!ehttre in Kew Pne
land a." other porta or the Veiled via;.,. The IN
ietnnt of r•ranncto &Trawl thp tpphtle , by'a %plea. of emit.
rime arlicies meet. arith eenoral renred , otion.
IN Held in an indefttieable hoeinees man. and:emirs an
array Or CUFF.. hv the medicine wa , rae;ed
dence in the virtue: of hi. T'dian Veeemlde Pine.
From the Phil 'deltoid:a P. iris of thpTimpte
fryizrkes ladle. rereable. Pills _Penn'. ewsosr
well .atisfled by t big time that Ca M 5..% vied theonolilitnli
nand and one mineral Timm 'how= are hellilw
a.innted ns n fPIIPTIO tale In kit, rather ih , ty env. tite. Ott
liens' aft n 'matter of robrme. tr.-crane cnanlicinegn,olve , 6 , .
rote in &rent rr.nrte..r. There are re , v 11 , 2 , •V hnirol44.
however, manor the lar , tr. wentel"itri.e 2110•014.
who hare the le■.t re•lant f>r heir he n tii, t•Y the 1,-
dia. Vegetal.le Pills of tke Xsrfk ;CA/ c.ture
Resod, ' , mid at 19g Rare turret
trepara , ion cr one intimately acquainted with the
henna/ art.
From the (boon thti'v tinme. •
;r,i, ht,itie tt Vorttte F. le PMs.
Of alt the public ativerttned metitcineg (Vibe Aslt +PM
know of none that we can more safely refiimmen4toethe
ill , that flmth heir in, than the nitlQ that are !mitt to the
et , ot (tithe Vorth American or Flealini. !Co_ Mt 410 .
T•emnnt street.Roo n Serest into:lnce! we know of
where then are uwti in fa tniPet. with the hiehrw Imthrat,
Icon; nod no Mutt*, tt.tto than cectecrinc me hentA c o e mj •
rent ithcmcian of the Pitt , recommend then in hi.'h term.. 4
There ,iced to he in 1 mMO r , II V a !treat 4"-nnitnnAtlre ID
the 'ice of track nwittirfnes• a•th•t'a•• nll ledivriminnle-
termed, hot it ilf rr , t i o t t . nipanw to the 11 . eon•
tier•noilein2. them: Tt`el" Pre hocrectn% et•mnintr.
more 1N...al in thin renrect, and the ron.r,onerrt lir that
re•retatoe medicir.e , are now more ext. nsively ased than
Extract of a Tr , fer front Peter Ckcist, ernianktabit. Car.
rt.,' „co.. Md a. 17th. 1,3 R
[fear sir 4'+oni two mnotita 17n_ I hod ttdmiriritsitt
timorp. and ratt.tf4l,"ol3 , afrv - e and ha - a:ld a few tkoae.
of the !odium VcTetaltle Piibr , and Uplift irony !hem I.
found them in t.. fireatrrinr TO pins. br , ,opy alit'
or intniirine I havr ever rt.etl I bad been Izottiret 111 a
ron.illbir five years {tact and dnrin- that thole tiliVt't'Ski'M
y,rieir of MrAirir ,. ..rilhrtat any relief- horn . , Hof the
tooion Vetota4.le Pith.. and by Lakin. !oar. dole . " the
ronwb hecan To leava me: and nowt enj - lv fierier. beeith
than I hare done for years past. After i found them tO.
be a rain:lMF! , medirine. I homodtotoiv too,t to Roltioti?te
for a hr.:lp canoh• i have received en ninth herieduln
nsi Ihe htrliaa Vegetable Pi ia. that t canon? help toot
I.rearninend 111 , -m to every invalid I nee,snd think as welt -
Of The medirinelbal f have sent 'two dozen notes to
invalid friend,. to the Hate of Indiana.
P rt c , TRiST.
From 0. C. Mock. Xes, York..
Mr. Wm. Frriffht —Pear Sir—Yritt Will DIPP!P, In for.
ward ac R. On lig lane ihlo, tnw+e of Ihn iwdism Veeptglide
Piper ae we are :liMnSi out of the artirte and they . tptilltf
to he zettine into t•eneral late here. We have harla =lama
call for, the medicine at present and thud► that have and
wak Very Met. I t of t helm... One eertletrrno Weft
his heiat cured of !trance in linen- - - ot.t tem, and a.ntiter
hng been cured of Drsperdwa, tritely by the n. f . of cimr
Indian Vi..yetatde Pitle.and IS wittinr. von 'raMiath
his case if you think proper. G. f". RT.•CK -
No. I Chatham ffqnare. N. Y
Er?. of a Leflt,frnrs
Dr. IVriffht—Dear Sir—tlav'ott .ftesp 1ir^vr, ,, 4.54.. of
roar moet es,sitent compoonti tostiso retothf• 191%.1..d
not honwino how to .et a fresh moots. ma :lost be Inv
nearly exhausted and wishins to alwstst tons thorn in my
mitt'. I yake this matlowl to otwn a ..nrren. , on4err.r.. wilt!
Th.> nifin nlinded To are tnnil thol of here rinf wr
y otnuch woofed. i wkh to mots st—arttsthet is with cra
for n ron4innt ca nnly. as f thlnk sPry areal qflattlite
could he F old in ini.c.Prtinn r f the rrOn , ry.
Ext. of a tater froza S. Griffith. Stewart: ohm, York C cal It
At, IVm. rfrifht—Derr Tralia.7
Vezetahle by worth, a 041 at h341,4e
stock of pills left by %our Itare4ine, wt tout, tz:n
- -
I am n'eaFed to find they are -nett reser F.:Op.--
who have taged them. =peak in the tilAsn , ertos of them.
Many have too !‘t !mat epli,f from their :Fe anal a.
the cures are finally e. deched. I shall do ion the jaaalee
inform you of the
Ext. of a letter from Wee/liegfes City. -
Xr. War Nei:fit—Dear Sir—Yog w 11 hare the hied.
nr o to fo-semed me es SOOw no powitde. two or Ithreegrees
of the Indian Vegetable Pith.. Thrill*, Woe-for the la.t
three months increased rapidly; thaw -who htty.g.enetatly
remarking. that thee are theism.. Oh they have eves
axed:and my opinion is that they will le a abed nape an
percede all others in this city. TIORERT MC
Washikeciat Qly,'
F . :stray , of a letter fres Lycowiese
Alm Ws. Wright—Dray Sir—On 'else appointad
ar-nt for the =ale of lA' rilthrs lodbin l ireeriah* Pdla
'llia place. we only took one fr. , F5 em laaal: wamid
have laren heifer if eve had taken a dozen
fair trial they have far gar -pealed nor mos , tatt-_.tt'. , e
peetations —ln fart, w r urh, that se here tea-. eVizSrd -
to fend to Idr. Zimmerman ai lainfarvq." thin A
hundred miles from here rot' ion Miami" hal. them *rill
last hit a very short tame the say a.' are thipAn .
.o„re 'bey have treat fairly tempt,. Ia the
lone to our ph yeiriattalo aialte r trial of. ainyit
they have pnrehasetta number tlf Ifotev. And 11 F neitipen•
move lIICM. A for days sh e , Ilene liras: Pee t
SO miter , in eet a hoe of tbfpitiN aiteaytinStioskismose.
re tow: and unable to lira beraelflit the - Itiatt;loS - Ip•Awo
days. my infomm al says sin' waaahktwbefy Ile lOW,
We could mention emery other eimen.!ilitt direvidi !mine! •
eeasary al Ibis time; hat • would merely OOP .43!Iire
season la fast amiroaddag wipes there *ID iiii.njmerd dc!,
inland for Writhi's Ind laa V . lmetMids•Vsun sa d if
r•t a manly or the medicine, yr* email einiddipk.outter
areals which ~till he Of itrosimmat admittiane tad.nitiy
the N. A:Perkin College or Health. %stick - the yolatiess-_
eral:v. Please let na know yoite wires on the tatttkvl; -
any directions relative to Ile same promptly . ate
tended to by . • • •'-
Very respetifulinnor cr,evaln.
- I . l"tinedassalt*• - , P OI r e• -
- leery Flown -1,4 - mondro
rn . Pa
dais:vex for tie safe tef the - above. named.
TAILS Pitts—
10rW Titll3lP/Mll/. CF01.01,,;
:t irirAlt.'"nrXrear, -
P Itecitouis.go; s
Cr.oeMr.dc Wigan,
• Yai •
liagasTixt***,-11.0iktrale*- - -
itikdriViallkdOilksWer4:"." - •
To t ,*
Itelostitato rori !MO*
• - - 1 •
.•-• •